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Transgenic animals producing low-lactose milk and newly identified human small intestinal extracellu...
Automatic ice cream scooper
Edible spread composition and packaged product
Correcting for errors that cause generated digital codes to deviate from expected values in an ADC
Glass paneling with a sublimated image and process for making the same
Imaging system
Method for fluorescent image formation, print produced thereby and thermal transfer sheet thereof
Slipping layer for dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, image processing method, and image processing apparatus
Integrated recording and labeling with optical recording device
Sublimation thermal transfer image receiving medium
Locking luer fitting
Disc cartridge, and disc recording and/or reproducing device using the same
Disk-drive enclosure having pair-wise counter-rotating drives to reduce vibration and method
Method and apparatus for providing magnetostriction control in a freelayer of a magnetic memory devi...
Magnetic sensor
Magnetic head with side shield and manufacturing method thereof
Actuator including a coil and a wrap-around support supporting a tang
Rotating disk storage device and latch method thereof
Head slider having a leading pad inlet edge with inlet recesses, head suspension assembly, and disk ...
Apparatus and method for preventing excessive thermal pole tip protrusion in slider of a hard disk d...
Method and apparatus for providing a pole tip structure having a shape for preventing over saturatio...
Management of data cartridges in multiple-cartridge cells in an automated data storage library
Compensating for non-linear thermal expansion when writing spiral tracks to a disk of a disk drive
Algorithm to detect the touch down of the flying head on disk
Multiple section read/write head
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Current sensor
Head position control method, head position control device, and disk device
Self-aligned non-volatile memory cell
Situation sensitive memory performance
Flash memory cell arrays having dual control gates per memory cell charge storage element
Method for non-volatile memory with background data latch caching during program operations
Current sensing method and apparatus particularly useful for a memory array of cells having diode-li...
On-chip data grouping and alignment
Non-volatile memory with background data latch caching during program operations
Method for cache page copy in a non-volatile memory
Method for generating soft bits in flash memories
Disk drive demodulating a time-based servo pattern
Compensating for thermal expansion when writing spiral tracks to a disk of a disk drive
Magnetic disk drive and method for efficiently determining and storing RRO compensation values using...
Low-temperature metal-induced crystallization of silicon-germanium films
Electrical connector
Signaling to a peripheral via irregular read operations
Method of high-performance flash memory data transfer
Method for using dual data-dependent busses for coupling read/write circuits to a memory array
Tissue engineered cellular sheets, methods of making and use thereof
Methods relating to treatment of atherosclerosis
System and method for coating implantable devices
Heparin-like compounds, their preparation and use to prevent arterial thrombosis associated with vas...
Hydroxamic acid derivative and MMP inhibitor containing the same as active ingredient
Methods for the preparation of pyrrolotriazine compounds
Method for the production of pyrrolidine-1,2-dicarboxylic acid-1-(phenyl(-amide))-2(phenyl(-amide)) ...
Substituted benzene derivatives or salts thereof
Methods employing and compositions containing defined oxidized phospholipids for prevention and trea...
Human CDR-grafted antibody and antibody fragment thereof
Prosthetic cardiac valves and systems and methods for implanting thereof
Artificial valve with center leaflet attachment
System and method for recovering from a software processing error
Method and device for authenticating a user on a remote server
System and method for integrating spreadsheets and word processing tables
Method of communications and communication network intrusion protection methods and intrusion attemp...
System for and method of securing fingerprint biometric systems against fake-finger spoofing
Apparatus and method of input and finger print recognition on a handheld electronic device
Methods and apparatus for use in establishing session initiation protocol communications for virtual...
Portable electronic device with keyboard
Method and system for tracking user performance
System and method facilitating page indexing employing reference information
Methods and systems for enabling analysis of communication content while preserving confidentiality
Server, system and method for providing access to a public network through an internal network of a ...
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for intercepting, examining and controlling code, dat...
Magnetic brake assembly
Guanidinopyrimidinone compounds and phase change inks containing same
Conductive polymeric compositions for lithium batteries
Rubber composition containing organofunctional silane
Aqueous inks containing colored polymers
Hydrophobation of melamine foam
Organometallic transition metal compound, biscyclopentadienyl ligand system, catalyst system and pro...
Enzyme detection technique
Methods and apparatus for preparing arrays comprising features having degenerate biopolymers
Unitized membrane electrode assembly and process for its preparation
Casing shoes and methods of reverse-circulation cementing of casing
Surfactant compositions, cleaning compositions containing same, and methods for using
Method for perfusing an organ and for isolating cells from the organ
Filter element
Syntactic tunnel core
Method and apparatus for thermal development with development medium remover
Battery and mobile device charger
Two-pass method for implementing a flexible testbench
Sub-millimeter wavelength camera
Primary-side controlled flyback power converter
Method and apparatus for implementing soft switching in a class D amplifier
DC converter with independently controlled outputs
Digital-analog converter capable of easily extending resolution
Method for operating a frequency converter circuit
Distributed power supply system with separate SYNC control for controlling remote digital DC/DC conv...
Methods using four-layer filter for PCR sample preparation
Low cost grease removal system
Oil and vapor recovery system
Method of making and using modified anion exchange materials with metal inside the materials
Hollow fiber membrane and method of producing the same
Water quality purification cartidge
Filter device
Ion separation and gas generation
Acid mine water demineralizer
Silica gel bonded with cucurbituril
Water-contaminant separation system
Remote control pool skimmer
Ultrasonic solution separation apparatus
Self-propelled floating device for cleaning water surfaces
Apparatus for draining at least one sink
Apparatus for the continuous separation of biological fluids into components and method of using sam...
Centrifugal separator of heavier particulate materials from light particulate materials in a slurry ...
Baroreceptor activation for epilepsy control
Method and device for managing cluster membership by use of storage area network fabric
Method and device for processing the frequency shift of the carrier frequency of a signal modulated ...
Method for linear optoacoustic communication and optimization
Data-directed frequency-and-phase lock loop
Distributed sensing in an optical fiber using brillouin scattering
Hearing aid, training device, game device, and audio output device
Method and system for detecting a fiducial in digital projection images
Computer-assisted detection method for diaphragm edges caused in an image by a diaphragm
System and method for rendering an oblique slice through volumetric data accessed via a client-serve...
Automated processing of dynamic cardiac acquisition data
System and method for filtering noise from a medical image
Patient monitoring apparatus
Framework of validating DICOM structured reporting documents using XSLT technology
Method for characterizing a digital imaging system
Vision system to calculate a fluid volume in a container
Arrangement for the optical distance determination of a reflecting surface
Automated ellipsometer and the like systems
Polarisation fluorometer
Differential optical technique for chiral analysis
Three-dimensional position measurement method and apparatus used for three-dimensional position meas...
Optical method for the characterization of laterally patterned samples in integrated circuits
Analysis of retinal metabolism over at least a portion of a cardiac cycle
Multipurpose sensor port
Multilumen catheter
Switch valve for an extracorporeal blood circuit and circuit including such a switch valve
High solids fabric crepe process for producing absorbent sheet with in-fabric drying
Container for cosmetic products
Bleached, mechanical paper pulp and the production method therefor
Surface treatment with texturized microcrystalline cellulose microfibrils for improved paper and pap...
Storage and transportation of aluminium strip
Liquid crystal material filling method and liquid crystal material filling apparatus
Ultrasonic reactor and process for ultrasonic treatment of materials
Multi-purpose adhesive composition
Method and apparatus for the production of nonwoven web materials
Method of detecting the presence of an insult in an absorbent article
Process for the destruction of microorganisms on a product
Shear-calendering process for producing tissue webs
Shear-calendering processes for making rolled tissue products having high bulk, softness and firmnes...
Enhanced multi-ply tissue products
Absorbent garment
Vapor barrier attachment for eyewear
Electric motors for powering downhole tools
Multi pumping chamber magnetostrictive pump
Baffle plate assembly for a compressor
Control valve for variable capacity compressor
Variable capacity fluid pump for an engine
Cover for lift stations
Method and apparatus for controlling a magnetic bearing device
Small size gear pump
Sump draining apparatus having easily replaceable sensor and mount therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancing fluid velocities in pipelines
Two piece separable impeller and inner drive for pump
Gas well de-watering apparatus and method
Hydraulic machine having pressure equalization
Stringed instrument plectrum
Computer emulator employing direct execution of compiled functions
Method and system using hardware assistance for continuance of trap mode during or after interruptio...
Trusted biometric device
Switch prefetch in a multicore computer chip
System and method to facilitate reset in a computer system
Oxygen-containing diesel fuel, process and catalyst for producing same
Oxygen-containing diesel fuel, process and catalyst for producing same
Derivatives of polymers for permanent modification of hydrophobic polymers
FCC process using mesoporous catalyst
Process for reducing the naphthenic acidity of petroleum oils
System and method for manipulating and automatically updating enterprise application deployment desc...
Method for correcting a mask pattern, system for correcting a mask pattern, program, method for manu...
Programmable logic device design tool with support for variable predriver power supply levels
Multi-modal handwriting recognition correction
Bezel interface for small computing devices
VOD transaction error correlator
Methods and devices for diagnosis of appendicitis
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds, compositions and methods of use
Method for detection and recognition of fog presence within an aircraft compartment using video imag...
Light sensor embedded on printed circuit board
Method for controlling an agricultural machine system
On-vehicle terminal system
Method and apparatus for remote vehicle communication
Systems and methods for identifying and collecting banned waste
Electronic control system used in security system for cargo trailers
System and method for managing emissions from mobile vehicles
Concentrated neutral detergent composition comprising an alkanesulfonic acid salt, a polyoxyalkylene...
Antifouling detergent for hard surfaces
Strain relief device for a glass fiber cable
Fiber optic racksaver
Fiber optic furcation device including expansion chamber
Devices and methods for measuring forces exerted by ferrules of optical connectors
Microstructured transmission optical fiber
Optical fiber device
Single-mode optical fiber
Optical fiber and optical fiber device
White light-emitting device using fluorescent fiber
Optical switch and optical switch array
Apparatus and method for identification of optical cable
Assembly and method for mounting a fuel assembly having a predefined orientation within a nuclear re...
Method for recognizing step movement sequence of control rod drive mechanism of nuclear reactor
Recognizing background in a multicolor image
Method of forming trench gate field effect transistor with recessed mesas
Trench-gate field effect transistors and methods of forming the same
Dew resistant coatings
Tissue stabilizer and methods of use
Populating online forums
Integrated memory mapped controller circuit for fiber optics transceiver
Assigning region attributes in a drawing
Selective inhibitors of ERK protein kinase and uses thereof
Method for collection of biventricular histograms
Video game pick stylus
Media device
Memory scanning system and method
Methods and apparatus for network communications via a transparent security proxy
Methods, systems, and computer program products for user authorization levels in aggregated systems
Method and apparatus for selectively targeting specific cells within a cell population
Method for optimized setting of light power at the object plane in the case of reflected light micro...
Methods for increasing stearate content in soybean oil
Translation control elements for high-level protein expression in the plastids of higher plants and ...
Characterizing sequential cells using interdependent setup and hold times, and utilizing the sequent...
Method for clock synchronization validation in integrated circuit design
Adjusting input power in response to a clock frequency change
Methods and apparatuses for security visualization
Asynchronously loading dynamically generated content across multiple internet domains
Measuring the internal clock speed of an integrated circuit
Static random access memory (SRAM) compatible, high availability memory array and method employing s...
System and method for providing execute-in-place functionality
Method for communicating with an I/O adapter using cached address translations
Unified controller having host and device functionality
Web browser as web service server in interaction with business process engine
Automatic testing equipment instrument card and probe cabling system and apparatus
Semiconductor device
Packaging having an array of embedded capacitors for power delivery and decoupling in the mid-freque...
Tri-level inverter
System for assembling electronic components of an electronic system
Multilayer wiring board for an electronic device
Light emitting device
Electronic apparatus having a core conductive structure within an insulating layer
Semiconductor device including a lateral field-effect transistor and Schottky diode
Semiconductor device
Microelectronic imagers with optical devices and methods of manufacturing such microelectronic image...
Sulfur-containing phenolic resin, process for preparing the same, phenol derivatives having thioethe...
Methods for forming CMOS devices with intrinsically stressed metal silicide layers
Grafted seed layer for electrochemical plating
Cleaning apparatus and electrophotographic image forming apparatus provided therewith
Polarizing, photochromic devices and methods of making the same
Antiglare antireflective film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Absorbent article
Processes for preparing difunctional compounds
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave device, and communications equipment
Biological fluid filtration method and apparatus
Ozone on-line injection, reuse, and destruction system
Device for mixing and distributing a gas and a liquid upstream from a granular bed
Boiler feed water deaerator method and apparatus
Assembly to separate liquid from a multiphase flow
Receiving apparatus, program notifying method, recording medium, and program with determination of w...
Database construction apparatus and method
Speech recognition dictionary creation method and speech recognition dictionary creating device
Analysis method, program for performing the method, and information processing apparatus
Wireless terminal device, wireless communication method, and computer program
Image heating apparatus including a retractable pressure belt with deviation control
Image forming apparatus featuring pull-out developing and sheet feeding devices
Recording material discrimination device, image forming apparatus and method therefor
Image forming apparatus capable of counting consumable consumption amount, and control method and co...
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Information reproducing method and information reproducing device
Image processing apparatus and method for generating and displaying playlist for image data
Image processing apparatus, method, program and storage medium
Method, apparatus and storage medium for enhancing document image, method, apparatus and storage med...
Color appearance space to CMYK mapping
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Display device
Adjusting method of image reading apparatus and image reading apparatus
Catalyst compositions for producing polyolefins in the absence of cocatalysts
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Poly(trimethylene therephthalate) continuous manufacturing process
Mixtures of bleaching agents
Toner and developer, toner container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming ...
Method and device for producing oxygen
Aminocarbonyl-derivatives as novel inhibitors of histone deacetylase
Water-stop structure of sheathed wire
Covered slat and method of making
Optical planar wavelength selective filter and method of manufacture
Microlenses for optical assemblies and related methods
Mounting for vehicular road wheel
Optical interconnect structure in a computer system and method of transporting data between processi...
Signaling gateway with multiple IMSI with multiple MSISDN (MIMM) service in a single SIM for multipl...
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus having the same to which storage trays having various...
Waveguide configuration
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
System and method for evaluating heart failure based on ventricular end-diastolic volume using an im...
Method of decorating large plastic 3D objects
Direct smelting plant and process
Method for electrowinning of titanium metal or alloy from titanium oxide containing compound in the ...
Method and apparatus for melting titanium using a combination of plasma torches and direct arc elect...
Liquid crystal display module
Macrocyclic peptides active against the hepatitis C virus
Calculated values in system configuration
Methods for isolating molecular mimetics of unique Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B epitopes
Determining prognosis of colon or breast cancer by measuring TTK expression
Detection of colon or breast cancer by measuring TTK polypeptide expression
Detection of colon or breast cancer by measuring TTK polynucleotide expression
Containers for pharmaceuticals, particularly for use in radioisotope generators
Positioning device for a test element
Aspherical lens and process for the production thereof
Method and apparatus for measuring heart related parameters
Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Method and system for monitoring network connected devices and displaying device status
Startup techniques for a digital flowmeter
Device comprising a polarization-independent micro-resonator
Apparatus and method for breaking up and merging polygons
Feature optimization using interference mapping lithography
Approach for routing an integrated circuit
Multi-dimensional analysis for predicting RET model accuracy
Method and mechanism for implementing DFM aware cells for an electronic design
System and method for customizing collapse feature for editors
Method and system of integrating out-of-view and topology overview information with primary view, us...
Scalable traceback technique for channel decoder
Techniques for operating semiconductor devices
Method for identifying a counterfeit security document
Method and system for user registration using sensor with identifier
Process for control of polymer fines in a gas-phase polymerization
Digital battery
Portion of sunglasses
Semiconductor storage apparatus
Device providing privacy and shade for a display
Light control device and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display
Semantic classification and enhancement processing of images for printing applications
Single-event-effect tolerant SOI-based inverter, NAND element, NOR element, semiconductor memory dev...
Apparatus and method for the removal of water from ethanol
Methods for stimulating a dorsal root ganglion
Polymeric material with resistant structure and method of making the same
Collapsible patient isolation pod
Superconducting magnet and MRI apparatus using the same
Memory cell device with circumferentially-extending memory element
System and method for signal processing for a workpiece surface inspection system
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Water resistant switch assembly
Power-on reset circuit
High solids preparation of crosslinked polymer particles
Method and device for separating a reinforcing-plate fixed to a reinforced semiconductor wafer
N-acylsulfonamide apoptosis promoters
Polarizing element, method of manufacturing polarizing element, method of evaluating exposure appara...
Apparatus and method for controlled particle beam manufacturing
High contrast optoacoustic imaging using nanoparticles
Liquid ink and recording apparatus
Constituent part for fuel cell
Fuel cells evaporatively cooled with water carried in passageways
Systems for controlling operation of a fuel cell electricity generating system responsive to detecti...
Method for improved selectivity
System and a method for manufacturing an electrolyte using electro deposition
Solid oxide fuel cell systems having temperature swing reforming
Autooxidation internal heating type steam reforming system
Process for preparing liquid hydrocarbons
Fuel cell separator
Drive control of power system including fuel cells
Reactor having improved heat transfer
Microchannel apparatus comprising plural microchannels and methods of conducting unit operations
Ion-conductive copolymers containing one or more ion-conducting oligomers
Method of making metal-coated carbon surfaces for use in fuel cells
Nickel-substituted and mixed nickel-and cobalt-substituted chromium oxide compositions, their prepar...
Microfibrous entrapment of small reactive particulates and fibers for high contacting efficiency rem...
Catalytic reactor
Method and apparatus for reforming fuel
Flexible structures for sensors and electronics
Method of implanting an accommodating intraocular lens
Input Terminal Emulator for Gaming Devices
IC Package Having IC-to-PCB Interconnects on the Top and Bottom of the Package Substrate
Semiconductor-on-diamond devices and associated methods
Activated chemical process for enhancing material properties of dielectric films
Reagents and methods for use in cancer diagnosis, classification and therapy
Bicycle head light
Bicycle tail light
Vehicular data recording device
Method and apparatus for converting human power to electrical power
Automatic speed changing device
Bicycle sprocket
Bicycle derailleur motor unit assembly
Transmission with internal protective shield and bicycle incorporating same
Bicycle bottom bracket assembly
Slidable door
Molded assembly to combine a steering tube made of resin blended with carbon fiber composites and a ...
Bicycle caddie
Skateboard carrier for bicycle
Bicycle electric cable tensioning assembly
Powder filling method, powder filling device, and powder filling nozzle
Bicycle crank arm assembly
Bicycle pedal assembly
Method for making a light weight high performance target
Reaction systems for making N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine compounds
Flame retardant compositions
Smoking articles and filters with carbon fiber composite molecular sieve sorbent
Method for manufacturing rhenium-containing alloy powder, rhenium-containing alloy powder, and condu...
Smokable rod for a cigarette
Method for making a double-walled thermostructural composite monolithic component and resulting comp...
Labile bromine fire suppressants
Magnetic head slider material, magnetic head slider, and method of manufacturing magnetic head slide...
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Structure and method of integrating compound and elemental semiconductors for high-performance CMOS
Frequency synthesizer for RF pulses, MRI apparatus and RF pulse generating method
MRI test fixture
Method and probe for compensating for magnetic noise fields in space volumes, particularly in magnet...
Guide body, manufacturing method thereof, and electromagnetic valve device
Permanent magnetic male and female levitation supports
Switchable birdcage coil
High frequency coil device
Dividing wall separating the RF antenna from the patient chamber in an MR scanner
Magnetic resonance imaging method and system
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of conveying the magnetic resonance imaging apparatu...
Cylindrical magnetic resonance antenna
Cooled NMR probe head with flexible cooled connecting conduit
Measurement apparatus and method
Method and composition of preparing polymeric fracturing fluids
Dental materials based on multicyclic allyl sulphides
Single-component polyorganosiloxane compositions which crosslink into silicone elastomers
Nail-treatment device
Nail-treatment device
Nail-treatment device
Nail-treatment device
Pedicure spa
Teething mitt
Support for arms via hands
Restraint mitt
Sling for leg support
Medical apparatus
Cartridge for use in solid imaging
Dental implant
Dental implant
Disposable dental handpiece
Ultrasonic dental tip
Casing for electrostimulator with light emitting device
Vaginal instrument
Tongue depressor
Liquid dispensing syringe
Irrigation device assembly
Eyewash device
Randomized chain system
Numerical display module for trail vehicles
Spindle structure
Vectors comprising guinea pig CMV regulatory elements
Compounds modulating c-kit activity
System for product selection
Electric gripper
Encryption system and method for encrypting/decrypting sensitive data
Stuffed toy
Optical transceiver
Automated inspection system and method
System and method for displaying an image stream
Chest wound seal for preventing pneumothorax and including means for relieving a tension pheumothora...
Kv1.5 potassium channel inhibitors
Sliding board in particular ski or a snowboard and a method for production thereof
Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
Multi-phase, silicon-containing electrode for a lithium-ion battery
Film covered battery
Anode and battery
Positive electrode material for lithium secondary battery and process for producing the same
Method of making electrochemical device
Semiconductor lead frame, semiconductor package having the same, and method of plating the same
Method for manufacturing an electric conductor for electrodes
Filter system for electrochemical air separation device
Ink jet recording method and ink jet image
Memory with resistance memory cell and evaluation circuit
Nitric oxide-blocked cross-linked tetrameric hemoglobin
Sensor element for determining gas components in gas mixtures, and method for manufacturing it
Method and apparatus for mine and unexploded ordnance neutralization
Toner for developing electrostatic image, production method thereof, resin particle dispersion, and ...
Packing apparatus for an automated manufacturing system of lithium secondary battery
Personal computing device having single-cell battery
Method for producing positive cathode material for lithium battery, and lithium battery
Make-up counseling apparatus
Secure commercial transactions system
Pixel array with flexible circuit layout having respective scan and data line profiles with predeter...
Cosmetic container
Method of washing a surface with a surfactant composition
Vial for test strips
Cosmetic dispenser with frictional swivel action
Methods for the preparation of fispemifene from ospemifene
Operating system (OS) abstraction layer
Process for the preparation of alkylidenecyclopentanone derivatives
Apparatus and method for preventing collision of vehicle at crossroads
Microwave transponder
Image formation device and cartridge which uses verification data stored in a memory of the cartridg...
Mode processing in portable reading machine
Virtual short circuit for providing reference signal in RFID tag
Radio frequency identification pharmaceutical tracking system and method
Radio frequency identification device with visual indicator
Interface antenna
RFID transmitter for tires and method of manufacture
Magnetic material sensing device, magnetic material sensing method, and image forming apparatus
Method for assessing sensitivity of a rice blast fungus to a scytalone dehydratase inhibitor
Process for humidifying synthesis gas
Film lamination method and lamination-apparatus
Gas generator for occupant restraining device for vehicle
Antenna apparatus
On-line analysis of polymer properties for control of a solution phase reaction system
On-line raman analysis and control of a high pressure reaction system
Process for producing substituted aniline compound
Resin compositions
Therapeutic agent for glomerular disease
Semiconductor base and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor crystal manufacturing method
Detachable suction-based holder
Spool braking device for dual bearing reel
Flexible animal training electrode assembly
Aquatic egg collection research system and related devices for implementing the system
Multi-tier feeder
Device for and a method of automatically supplying feed and/or drink to an animal
Automated egg injection machine and method
Grid connector and bait basket
Automatic fishing hook setting device and method of use
Non-human transgenic mammal comprising a modified MSP-1 nucleic acid
Transgenic non-human animals for producing chimeric antibodies
Optical imaging system having an illumination source between object and image
Method and device for visually supporting an electrophysiological catheter application
Instrument guiding stage apparatus and method for using same
Methods and apparatuses for analyzing polynucleotide sequences
Magnetic recording media with non-magnetic support and radiation cured layer
Card sheet construction with opposing registered cut lines
Injection molding thermosetting resin composition into reinforcing fiber substrate
Phase change inks
Methods of enhancing uniform placement of a resin in a subterranean formation
S-(.alpha., .alpha.'-disubstituted-.alpha.''-acetic acid) substituted dithiocarbonate derivatives fo...
Graftable hindered amine light stabilizers
Functionalized polymers and improved tires therefrom
Soft pellicle for 157 and 193 nm and method of making same
Bioactive keratin peptides
Use of polyoxypropylene and polyoxyethylene terpene compounds in emulsion polymerization
Biopolymeric array scanning devices that focus on the far side of an array and methods for using the...
System and method for controlling fluid flow
Communication device
Automatic repeat request (ARQ) scheme
System and method for enabling balanced resource utilization
Method and apparatus for dynamically prioritize network faults based on real-time service degradatio...
System and method for reducing transient responses in a phase lock loop with variable oscillator gai...
System for controlling an electrostatic stepper motor
Method and apparatus for manufacturing and probing printed circuit board test access point structure...
Cartesian loop transmitter and method of adjusting an output level of such transmitter
Communication device
Method for retransmitting a speech packet
Rapid prototyping apparatus
Discrimination of components of audio signals based on multiscale spectro-temporal modulations
Gas monitoring using electrochemical cell and method of operating
Local metadata embedding solution
Vision-based occupant classification method and system for controlling airbag deployment in a vehicl...
Information presentation method and information presentation system
Method and device for processing and for searching for an object by signals corresponding to images
Method, apparatus, computer program, computer system, and computer-readable storage medium for repre...
System and method for two-pass interpolation for quarter-pel motion compensation
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for im...
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium that allow settin...
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and device for processing and for searching for an object by signals corresponding to images
Apparatus and method for letter recognition
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
Cable holder
Optical fiber and optical transmission line and optical communication system including such optical ...
Optical inspection of optical specimens supported by a work holder
Lighting system enabling combination of several light beams
Heat dissipation structure of backlight module
Lighting system and method
Illumination unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
Planar light source and image display
Light guide method of double-layer light guide plate and keypad structure using the double-layer lig...
Backlight unit
Striplight and system with high-power light-emitting diodes for an automatic fault detection system
Optical module for a motor vehicle headlight provided with an optical deviation element
Room lamp
Light-emitting device and illuminating apparatus
Combination light device with insect control ingredient emission
LED light source module in tube
Back light module and light mixing apparatus thereof
Anti-Missile system and method
Reserve battery with set back mechanism for delayed battery activation
Sealing band for projectile, sub-caliber projectile and ammunition equipped with such a band
Universal KE projectile, in particular for medium caliber munitions
Non-lethal ammunition
Magazine aligner for pistol magazine loaders
Target direction indication and acoustic pulse analysis
Optical sight having obscured reticle illumination
Ring airfoil style paintball and launcher
Cartridge apparatus
Method and system for characterizing nanoparticles in a gun-shot residue
Trigger controlled release of controlled numbers of projectiles at each of controlled number of inst...
Shell loading system
Firearm magazine
Magazine doubler
Polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer article
Electrochemical test strip kit for analyte determination
Non-transparent microvoided biaxially stretched film, production process therefor and process for ob...
Resin-based panels having thin or brittle veneer layers and methods of making same
Card laminate
Apparatus and method of wafer dicing
Dicing tape attaching apparatus and dicing tape attaching method
Chip and method for dicing wafer into chips
Method of manufacturing devices, positioning method, dicing method and dicing apparatus
Fiberglass ceiling grid system
Laminate with improved properties
Trickle vent
Additives for increasing the separation yield of tall oil soap from black liquors
Plastic optical fiber sensor
Ball penetrometer for soft soils testing
Method and apparatus for gasifying carbonaceous material
Process for generating synthesis gas using catalyzed structured packing
Gas assisted bonding of polymers and polymer composites
Polyester compositions, methods of manufacturing said compositions, and articles made therefrom
Methods for producing epithelial flaps on the cornea and for placement of ocular devices and lenses ...
Light-activated adhesive composite, system, and methods of use thereof
Method and topical composition for the treatment of hyperpigmented skin
Composition for treating hair
Particulate metal oxide
Bispidon-derivated ligands and complexes thereof for catalytically bleaching a substrate
Detergent or cleaning agent
Method for producing submicron polytetrafluoroethylene powder and products thereof
Cosmetic or dermatological preparations comprising oligopeptides for lightening the skin of age mark...
Cosmetic compositions containing a particular aminosilicone and a thickener, and uses thereof
Encapsulated fragrance chemicals
Eyewear with radiation detection system
Fused ring NK.sub.1 antagonists
System and methods for business process modeling
Methodology for scheduling, partitioning and mapping computational tasks onto scalable, high perform...
System and method of workload-dependent reliability projection and monitoring for microprocessor chi...
Selective power-down for high performance CPU/system
Tamper resistant software encoding and analysis
Light detecting and angle of view compensation for optical devices and method
Partially entrapped frame having a removable lens
Methods and DNA constructs for high yield production of polypeptides
Levels of Pin1 in normal and cancerous tissue
Treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibody combinations
Placental alkaline phosphatase to control diabetes
Antiangiogenic agents
Method for universal enzymatic production of bioactive peptides
Treatment with anti-ErbB2 antibodies and anti-hormonal compounds
Refurbishment of sputtering targets
Cosmetic container
Compositions comprising calcium citrate malate and methods for making the same
Organic catalyst with enhanced enzyme compatibility
Antiperspirant compositions
Nutritionally enhanced plants
Process for controlling fecal hair excretion and trichobezoar formation
Method for producing a corrugated stretch laminate
Liquid hard surface cleaning composition
Folding system and process for a continuous moving web operation
Sprayer shroud
Paper product
Casting of non-ferrous metals
System and method for identifying bugs in software source code, using information from code coverage...
Semiconductor device with dielectric structure and method for fabricating the same
Catalyst for the production of methyl isopropyl ketone
Exhaust gas treatment catalyst
Mixed metal oxide catalysts for the production of unsaturated aldehydes from olefins
Light-emitting semiconductor device of improved efficiency
CMOS with dual metal gate
Catalyst composition
Catalyst composition for the selective conversion of alkanes to unsaturated carboxylic acids, method...
Polishing composition and method for high silicon nitride to silicon oxide removal rate ratios
Methacrylate amide acetals in coatings
Method to increase carotenoid production in a microbial host cell by down-regulating glycogen syntha...
Polymer-based capacitor composites capable of being light-activated and receiving direct metalizatio...
Inkjet ink
Ink jet printing apparatus having a programmed controller that minimizes banding artifacts
Ryanodine receptor polypeptides
Method, system, and computer program product for managing foreign holidays for a computer applicatio...
Method and system for managing shared-library executables
Method and system for visualization of threaded email conversations
Certificate reissuance for checking the status of a certificate in financial transactions
System for managing boot-up of target computers
Wheel axle bearing unit
Wedge-type bearing assembly
Bearing arrangement for the input shaft of a forward axle in a tandem axle drive
Rolling bearing assembly having an improved resistance to electric corrosion
Displacement measuring apparatus and load measuring apparatus of rotating member
Center bearing assembly having an adjustable pneumatic support member
Bearing assembly for downhole mud motor
Method of lubricating roller bearing
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Sealed rolling bearing
Sealing device for a rolling contact bearing
Tilt pad bearing assembly
Thrust bearing
Spindle motor structure and hard disk drive employing the same
Systems, methods and apparatus of an extending column
Sliding bearing and method for the manufacture thereof
Firearm stock with ammunition store
Location determination of low power wireless devices over a wide area
Interrogation system employing prior knowledge about an object to discern an identity thereof
High security display system for firearms
Method of making a projectile in a trajectory act at a desired point at a calculated point of time
Magazine for an automatic shell firing weapon mounted on a gun carriage
Systems and methods for condition and location monitoring of mobile entities
Transconductor and filter circuit
Multi-finger z-actuator
Energetic neutral particle lithographic apparatus and process
Method and system for identifying a peripheral device by a high priority device-specific notificatio...
Liquid crystal display device
Light fixture trim
Optical unit featuring both photoelectric conversion chip and semiconductor chip wrapped with flexib...
Limited play optically-readable medium with liquid crystals and methodology therefor
Optical pumping method for gain-media with polarization sensitive absorption
Malonamides as orexin antagonists
Combined laser source having deflection member
Isoquinoline compounds and medicinal use thereof
Contrast enhancement films for direct-view displays and fabrication methods therefor
Fluoro substituted 2-oxo-azepan derivatives
Optical micro-spectrometer
Method and apparatus for fabricating crack-free Group III nitride semiconductor materials
Optical sheet, electric-field-controlled panel, lighting apparatus, liquid crystal display, and meth...
Fibre optic cable coupler
Method for forming p-type semiconductor region, and semiconductor element
Angular light guide with fringed portion
Phase change materials and associated memory devices
Optical interferometric pressure sensor manufacturing method
Display device and driving method of the same
Electronic device and driving method
Organic electroluminescent device
Phosphorescent light-emitting device with doped iridium-complex
Order receiving process for manufacturing a semiconductor display device
Evaluation method and manufacturing method of light-emitting element material, manufacturing method ...
White organic electroluminescent device
Organic electroluminescent device
Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing same
Inorganic thin film electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
Plastic molded body containing a fluorescent dye
Plastic boiler without flange
Pad support for a beverage maker, foam unit and beverage maker comprising such a pad support, and me...
Lacrosse pocket having runners with pre-sewn apertures
Color-stable superabsorbent polymer composition
Polymorphic forms of (S)-1-cyanobutan-2-yl (S)-1-(3-(3-(3-methoxy-4- (oxazol-5-yl)phenyl) ureido)phe...
Anti-tumour polycyclic carboxamides
Neurostimulation therapy usage diagnostics
Animal model for identifying agents that inhibit or enhance CTLA4 signaling
Data migration method and system
Method, apparatus and system for transforming, converting and processing messages between multiple s...
Method and apparatus for implementing service requests from a common database in a multiple DHCP ser...
Maintaining and using information on updates to a data group after a logical copy is made of the dat...
Method and system for discovery of remote agents
Methods for detecting Bacillus thuringiensis cryET33 and cryET34 polypeptides
Authenticating fingerprints for radio frequency payment transactions
Smartcard transaction method and system using smellprint recognition
Smartcard transaction method and system using voiceprint recognition
Speckle-based two-dimensional motion tracking
Piezoelectric transformer and the method for manufacturing the same
Aerogel composite with fibrous batting
Semiconductors bonded on glass substrates
Perovskite-based fuel cell electrode and membrane
Moisture barrier coatings for infrared salt optics
Projector, its control method, and display device
Display device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Laser doping processing method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Fabrication of nonpolar indium gallium nitride thin films, heterostructures and devices by metalorga...
Electrode device for organic device, electronic device having electrode device for organic device, a...
Semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
Method of producing an organic EL light-emitting device
Laser oscillator
Image display apparatus
Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Drive laser delivery systems for EUV light source
Pull tab on tear strip on plastic cover plastic cover,including break tab feature,and related appara...
Container and lid with multiple chambers and related methods
Pull tab on tear strip on plastic cover plastic cover, including break tab feature, and related appa...
Container lid for wet or dry applications
Container lid having gasketless liquid seal
Pull tab on tear strip on plastic cover
Methods, Systems and Computer Program Products for Measuring Critical Dimensions of Fine Patterns Us...
High-frequency tissue imaging devices and methods
Imaging by time reversal beamforming
Medical imaging facility, in particular for producing image recordings in the context of a treatment...
Method For Reducing Motion Artifacts In Highly Constrained Medical Images
Manipulation of focused heating source based on in situ optical measurements
Spectroscopic diagnostic method and system based on scattering of polarized light
Apparatus and method for a directional receiver
Microtubular honeycomb carbon material obtained by heat-treating cellulose fiber, production method ...
Weighted exercise ring and system
Treadmill Cross Training Conversion
Rocking type exercising apparatus
Custom Exercise video website
Interferon Produced In Plastids
Root-Preferred Regulatory Elements
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Heart Disease
Method for Obtaining Biodiesel, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Fuels Tax Credits and Treatment
Method for Obtaining Biodiesel, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Fuels Tax Credits and Treatment
Water Toxicity Detecting Apparatus and Method Using Sulfur Particles
Method and System for Location-Based Wireless Network
Toner paddle
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, fixing apparatus and toner
Electrophotographic marking systems with release agents
Image forming apparatus and guide unit, transport unit used therein
High-capacity toner cartridge and toner agitator
Toner, toner conveying apparatus and method, and image forming apparatus
Image forming device having a plurality of carrier removing members
Method and printing machine used for printing with the use of toner
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively reducing unevenness of density and col...
Device and method for spooling a cartridge toner seal
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus for printing photographic image and method for printing ...
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Image forming apparatus, a toner counter and a calculation method of toner consumption
Adjustment mode control method and apparatus for performing the same
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively recycling image forming unit
Method, program and apparatus for image processing capable of effectively performing image transmiss...
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner processes
Toner and method of manufacturing toner
Toner compositions
Photosensitive element having reinforcing particles and method for preparing a printing form from th...
Resin composition, molded component, electrophotographic transfer film and image-forming apparatus
Image Forming Apparatus
Rotary member, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Prosthetic foot with tunable performance
Surgical power console with locking speed control
Orthotic brace
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Recumbent elliptical exercise apparatus with adjustment
Exercise device with flexible support elements century challenge America basketball game
Drill bit dresser
Printer with serially arranged printhead modules for wide format printing
Aromatherapy chair for natural bodily relaxation, rejuvenation and healing
Foot for optical or photographic supports
Two person RUV with ergonomic seating and feet placement
Method for steering mud motors and retrieving measurement while drilling devices
Upper-completion single trip system with hydraulic internal seal receptacle assembly
Fitted deck for boat, yacht or ship
Application of waistbands to garments
Foot pressure detection device
Safety stirrup
Intelligent footwear systems
Ball of foot shoe inserts
Measurement device
Compression garment
Bevelled Foam
Clubfoot Orthotics
Ambidextrous ankle support
Wearable device
Equilateral Foot Bed and Systems Having Same
Ski boots and other shoes and method for improved balance
System and method for installing a wind turbine at an offshore location
Foam deck composite surfboard
Transparent surfboard with shark locating and repelling system
Power system for watercraft
Apparatus and method for laying down, abandoning, and recovering a pipe on the sea floor
Method and apparatus for disposal of cuttings
Marine payload handling craft and system
Boat window system
Apparatus including vehicle, console and molded canopy
Unsinkable hull structure and a method for the manufacturing thereof
Guest positioning assembly
Boat fender mount
Waterborne vehicle
Boat steering system
Mechanism to hold and release
Self-repairing technique in nano-scale SRAM to reduce parametric failures
Carbon nanotube (CNT) multiplexers, circuits, and actuators
Electrochromic device based on nanocrystalline materials
Method of making packets of nanostructures
Conductive carbon nanotube tip, probe having the conductive carbon nanotube tip, and method of manuf...
Nanometer scale restructuring of alumina carrier surface and catalysts for the production of alkene ...
Method for making electronic devices using metal oxide nanoparticles
Nanoparticle complexes having a defined number of ligands
Multilayer electroactive polymer composite material comprising carbon nanotubes
Microchemical nanofactories
Method for producing nanocomposite magnet using atomizing method
Photonic crystals with nanowire-based fabrication
Optical system, finder optical system, relay type finder optical system, eyepiece optical system, an...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Electronic device, photographing control method, and photographing control program
Illuminating device for photographing and camera
Digital camera, image capture method, and image capture control program
Image-capturing device having multiple optical systems
Imaging device having an optical image stabilizer
Image sensing apparatus with camera shake correction function
Determining maximum exposure time to limit motion blur during image capture
Film canister device for use in a film package assembly and a method for loading a camera therewith ...
Exposure apparatus, exposure and developing system, and method of manufacturing a device
Camera system and camera body
Wireless imaging apparatus and its control method
Lens cover apparatus for camera
Imaging device
Retractable lens system
Stabilized ascorbic acid derivative
Substituted aryl-amine derivatives and methods of use
Albumin fusion proteins
Albumin fusion proteins
High-velocity hunting slingshot
Blower/vac debris collection system with collection bag on movable wheeled cart
Backplane connector
Communications plug
Methods for providing communications services
Methods, systems and computer program products for segmented presentation of service order status in...
Technique for accelerating file deletion by preloading indirect blocks
Method and system for generating personal/individual health records
Dispatch application utilizing short message service
Method and system for creating a billing record with a called party's name
Method and apparatus for measuring data transport quality over an internet protocol
System for overvoltage suppression for construction equipment
Line synchronous air core motor
Gaming device providing an opportunity to receive awards which vary with different non-max bets
Gaming device having a selection game with building awards
Methods and systems for providing directory printing
Compact, modular storage system
Three dimensional animated figures
Foil balloon for enabling customized design to print on either side and method of manufacturing same
Frame assembly for a child swing
Orbital walker with activity table
Force feedback mechanism for gamepad device
Ball drop amusement game
Play facility for remote-control system
Electromechanical toy
Plush toy with elastomeric extremities and its method of fabrication