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Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing semicondu...
Semiconductor packaging apparatus
Methods and devices for multiplexing amplification reactions
Nucleic acid archiving
Preventing tooth decay and infective endocarditis using natural oligopeptides
Methods for the production of multimeric protein complexes, and related compositions
In vivo assay for neurite outgrowth in zebrafish and its application in drug screening
Transgenic mice containing channel activating protease 1 (CAP1) gene disruptions
Transgenic mice containing deubiquitinated enzyme gene disruptions
Transgenic mice containing MSK2 serine/threonine kinase gene disruptions
Transgenic mice expressing human cd20
Methods and vectors for improving nucleic acid expression
Methods to treat conditions associated with insulin signaling dysregulation
Tumor model with chromosomal rearrangement and uses thereof
Non-human animal exhibiting bone metastasis of tumor cells
Cell boundary fault detection system
Bisectional fault detection system
All row, planar fault detection system
Multi-directional fault detection system
Row fault detection system
Method and apparatus for reducing noise corruption from an alternative sensor signal during multi-se...
Genetic markers in the CSF2RB gene associated with an adverse hematological response to drugs
Integrated biosensor and simulation system for diagnosis and therapy
System for and method of providing diagnostic information through microscopic imaging
Compound bone structure of allograft tissue with threaded fasteners
Implant with composite coating
Updating flash memory
Controlling the propagation of a control signal by means of variable I/O delay compensation using a ...
Disk mirror architecture for database appliance
Re-fetch of long operand buffered remainder after cache line invalidation in out-of-order multiproce...
Data relay controller
Adaptive prefetch of I/O data blocks
Address translation using a page size tag
Method and system for caching attribute data for matching attributes with physical addresses
Method and profiling cache for management of virtual memory
Optimally mapping a memory device
Data processing using a coprocessor
Managing a codec engine for memory compression/decompression operations using a data movement engine
System and method for the discovery and use of repetitively accessed data
Thermal transfer recording medium, thermal transfer recording method and recorded article
Locking system for catheter
Program boot method for hard disk controller, hard disk controller and hard disk drive, and control ...
System and method for determining hard disk drive performance
Radial self-propagation pattern generation for disk file servowriting
Magneto optical disc drive having insertion restricting and locking portions
Electrical lead structures having crystalline structures that match underlying magnetic hard bias la...
Method of making a tunnel valve sensor with improved free layer sensitivity
Thin film magnetic head including a heat dissipation layer, method of manufacturing the same and mag...
Integrated interconnect and method of manufacture therefor
Disk drive head suspension with flexure and load beam supported on opposite sides of carriage arm
Head supporting device and disk drive unit using the same
Positioner for a disk drive that offsets the resultant force at the actuator hub to precisely positi...
Ramp for hard disc
Disk head suspension arm having comb receiving portion
Laminated suspension load beam design with dual primary metal layers sandwiching intermediate second...
Magnetic tape cartridge with brake release push rod extending through reel hole wider than only one ...
Recording media cartridge having a locking member for body halves
Magnetic hard disk recording head with self-compensating thermal expansion
Thin-film magnetic head having a high recording density and frequency
Perpendicular magnetic recording system
Disk drive recursively estimating repeatable runout
Two stage detector having viterbi detector matched to a channel and post processor matched to a chan...
Disk drive decreasing head temperature to increase fly-height during seek operation
Adaptively estimating a read access time to a second track based upon the binned radial position of ...
Method of self-servo writing in a disk drive using a spiral pattern
Head-disk interface preconditioning using write current before servo track write
Transformer and lamp system utilizing the same
Pattern retrieving method, pattern retrieval apparatus, computer-readable storage medium storing pat...
Gamma-secretase inhibitors
Adjusting gloss for a print image
Methods and systems for estimating reticle bias states
Process for the polymerization of olefins
Proton conducting electrode, method for preparation thereof and electro-chemical device
Process for preparing pesticidal intermediates
Automatic gain control for digitized RF signal processing
Dispenser with biased cover
Transporting apparatus
Nanophotonic devices based on quantum systems embedded in frequency bandgap media
Device and method for disabling an override hardware pin assertion
Method of separating suspension, in particular for waste water treatment
High-speed router backplane
Cradle for receiving an adapter
Inkjet printer cartridge with uniform compressed air distribution
Field-serviceable solids-handling vertical turbine pump
Pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives and their use as purinergic receptor antagonists
Systems for generating high-power short-pulse laser light
Process for the polymerization of 1-butene
User selectable earth imagery on-line e-commerce and fulfillment system
Method to expand inputs for word or document searching
Smooth operators in optimization of structures
Dynamic navigation system
Video transcoder with drift compensation
Topological vias route wherein the topological via does not have a coordinate within the region
Identifying navigation bars and objectionable navigation bars
Apparatus and methods for combining data
System and method for rapid computation of PageRank
Interface and system for providing persistent contextual relevance for commerce activities in a netw...
Method and system for searching for web content
System and method for searching a plurality of databases distributed across a multi server domain
Method for efficient processing of multi-state attributes
Device and method for enhancing skin piercing by microprotrusions
Carrier phase recovery system for adaptive burst modems and link hopping radio networks
Acidic chemistry for post-CMP cleaning
Apparatus and method for making uniformly sized and shaped spheres
Continuous casting method, continuous casting apparatus and continuously cast steel slab
Memory management apparatus and communication apparatus
Benzotropolone derivatives and modulation of inflammatory response
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP TER Y05`
Method for forming contact having low resistivity using porous plug and method for forming semicondu...
System and method for adjustable disconnection sensitivity for disconnection and occlusion detection...
Bellows with spring anti-gravity device
Gamma camera and CT system
Photosensitive device and method for controlling same
Method and system for analyzing animal digit conformation
X-ray CT system and beam-hardening post-processing method
Method and apparatus for presenting multiple pre-subject filtering profiles during CT data acquisiti...
Operating method implemented through a user interface for a computed tomography examination
Evaluating a multi-layered structure for voids
Moving lens for immersion optical lithography
Systems and apparatus for secure shipping
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Apparatus and process for retrieving information projected image-wise on a reusable storage film
Method of passivating and/or removing contaminants on a low-k dielectric/copper surface
Flow field geometries for improved water management
Wavetable audio synthesizer with left offset, right offset and effects volume control
Parametric ring emitter
Method for transferring selected display output from a computer to a portable computer over a wirele...
Spatial-temporal lesion detection, segmentation, and diagnostic information extraction system and me...
Optical disc, method for manufacturing the same, drive for the same, and samper used to manufacture ...
Tunable capacitors using fluid dielectrics
Liquid crystal display device incorporating a phase difference plate capable of improving viewing an...
Color video camera for film origination with color sensor and luminance sensor
High speed attack rotorcraft
Measuring device
Beverage container
Fry caddy
Handled metal cooking ring disposable between opposed cooking surfaces
Measurement of integrated circuit interconnect process parameters
Heater fan
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Icon for a job manager software application for a document-jobs system user interface
Icon for a work flow software application for a document-jobs system user interface
Electrical rocker switch actuator
Light receiver control
Control function with multiple security states for facilitating secure operation of an integrated sy...
Method and apparatus for time-division multiplexing to improve the performance of multi-channel non-...
Holographic spatial laser beam shaper and method
Shared receive queues
Wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system
Method for the presentation of projection images or tomograms from 3D volume data of an examination ...
Controlled substance detection and identification system
Storage method of substantial data integrating shape and physical properties
Method and system for prevention of piracy of a given software application via a communications netw...
Wine categorization system and method
Network based food ordering system
Systems and methods for scanning information from storage area contents
Food order fulfillment system deploying a universal in-store point-of-sale (POS) for preparation and...
One-way sending time expiring coupon operating method for sale of unsold perishable resources
Methods and devices to curb appetite and/or reduce food intake
Foamed sheet containing a styrenic copolymer
Composition comprising soluble glucan oligomer from saccharomyces cerevisiae is2 inhibiting the swin...
Composition comprising soluble glucan oligomer from saccharomyces cerevisiae is2 for immune activati...
Food-grade sanitizing composition
Process for the heterotrophic production of microbial products with high concentrations of omega-3 h...
Method of inhibiting freeze concentrating of substance in wet material, method of inhibiting deactiv...
Curl-resistant heat-shrinkable packaging
Method of producing a baked egg based foodstuff and the products thereof
Method of producing a deep fried egg based foodstuff and the products thereof
Foods and drinks containing diacylglycerol
Process for producing sugars and acids-rich juice and phytochemical-rich juice
Stable beverage compositions containing tea polyphenols, flavonoids or catechins and methods
Refrigerated dough and product in low pressure container
Instant masa
Microwaveable dough, dough product, and manner of preparing a dough product
Identification card with embedded halftone image security feature perceptible in transmitted light
Active electronic device and electronic apparatus
Interactive context preserved navigation of graphical data sets using multiple physical tags
Message-based system having embedded information management capabilities
Anchored conversations: adhesive, in-context, virtual discussion forums
Image forming apparatus, apparatus for supplying toner and developing apparatus using therefor
Image processing device
Combining a set of images into a single document image file having a version key and a color plane a...
Apparatus and method to automatically collect data regarding assets of a business entity
Method and apparatus for scheduling work orders in a manufacturing process
Coordinate input device detecting touch on board associated with liquid crystal display, and electro...
Mobile wireless communications device comprising a top-mounted auxiliary input/output device and a b...
User-centric consent management system and method
System and method of connection control for wireless mobile communication devices
System and method of using presence information to delay dialing phone calls initiated by a caller t...
Method and system for navigating a display screen for locating a desired item of information
Method and apparatus for a business applications server management system platform
Method and business process to maintain privacy in distributed recommendation systems
Time and work tracker for servers
Allocating network bandwidth
Positional scrolling
User input configurations for a data processing device
Rose plant named `Evera 101`
Rose plant named `Evera 107`
Rose plant named `Evera 116`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Meifaissel`
Bracteantha plant named `Flobrafla`
Torenia plant named `Dancatblue`
Bougainvillea plant named `Beesnees`
Poinsettia plant named `NPCW04098`
Heuchera plant named `TNHEU044`
Shrub rose plant named `Poulcot005`
Photosensitive resin composition, thin film panel including a layer made from photosensitive resin c...
Photoresist for enhanced patterning performance
Polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Positive-tone photosensitivity resin composition
Method for producing compound having acid-labile group
Negative photosensitive resin composition and negative photosensitive element
Uv-curable epoxy acrylates
Compositions for treating subterranean zones penetrated by well bores
Drilling fluids with improved shale inhibition and methods of drilling in subterranean formations
Composite article
Liquid additive for intergrinding cement
Three dimensional printing material system and method
Method for production of an artificial tooth
Use of substantially hydrated cement particulates in drilling and subterranean applications
Locker bag apparatus
Apparatus and method for wireless real time measurement and control of soil and turf conditions
Systems and methods for optimizing crop yield with amino acid chelates and complexes
Method for biosolid disposal and methane generation
Fluorocarbon-grafted polysiloxanes
Polyester resin composition
Water-based coating
Lightweight base coating
Carbon material and flue gas treatment apparatus
Composition and method for making a proppant
Injectant-nonmetallic composite and method
High yield spray application
Mineral insulation element and process for producing it
Production of titania
Process For Manufacturing Sound Absorbing Cement Tile
Method for preparing phthalate polyester polyol-based dimensionally stable spray polyurethane foam
Servicing a wellbore with wellbore fluids comprising perlite
Resilient cement compositions and methods of cementing
Low-density cement compositions, density-reducing additives, and methods of use
Low-density cement compositions, density-reducing additives, and methods of use
Low density fibre-reinforced cement composition
Rose plant named 'Poulset'
Garden bean named H24953
Garden bean named H24956
Modified plants
Promoter molecules for use in plants
Sugar and Lipid Metabolism Regulators in Plants
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Nitrogen-regulated sugar sensing gene and protein and modulation thereof
Limoneira seedless
Transgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits
Culture medium and method for detecting thermonuclease-positive staphylococci
Cornea preservation medium
Fuel cell membrane electrode assembly with sealing surfaces
Adhesives and release liners with pyramidal structures
Modeling an abrasive process to achieve controlled material removal
Liquid crystal displays including two o-plates and two c-plates, with helical arrangement of azimuth...
Steerable segmented endoscope and method of insertion
Endoscope hood
Endoscope and endoscope system thereof
System using a levitating, rotating pumping or mixing element and related methods
Subscription system for GPS information
Determining impact of test operations at a product assembly and test facility with repairable produc...
Adjusting the transmission power of a forward access channel (FACH), and a corresponding network for...
Voicemail system component employment of internet protocol network to store or access one or more vo...
Dynamic fragmentation of information
Cable modem termination system for upstream frequency band
Distributed scheduler for packet switches and passive optical networks
Call data and hardware cache for a dial-up access concentrator
Transporting voice telephony and data via a single ATM transport link
Method and system for providing failure protection in a ring network that utilizes label switching
Network controlled fast cell switching
System for operating an Ethernet data network over a passive optical network access system
Optical fiber communication systems having simultaneous compensation of polarization mode dispersion...
Dynamic passive optical network (PON) using a distributed optical cross connect and dense wavelength...
16 QAM modulator and method of 16 QAM modulation
Current comb generator
Test generator for converting a model of computer component object behavior and stimulus values to t...
Methods and apparatus for providing efficient password-authenticated key exchange
Aerosol method and apparatus, particulate products, and electronic devices made therefrom
Device, method and resistive element for vaporizing a medicament
Method for recycling aluminum alloy wheels
Detector of liquid consumption condition
Oil separator with bi-directional valve mechanism for use with a refrigerant recycling machine
Apparatus and method for vacuum packing products
Rotating label system
Combined tidal vertical flow and horizontal flow wastewater treatment system and method
Fountain solution recycling system for commercial printers
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Nucleic acid encoding recombinant salmon calcitonin, expression vector thereof, and method for produ...
Tyrosine DNA phosphodiesterases (TDP) and related polypeptides nucleic acids vectors TDP producing h...
Human phosphodiesterase IV isozymes
Human ARL-related gene variants associated with cancers
Peptide conjugates for the stabilization of membrane proteins and interactions with biological membr...
MRAM with vertical storage element in two layer-arrangement and field sensor
Methods and systems for selective broadcast enhancement
Poker chip lighter
Poker chip lighter
Poker chip lighter
Detection of reduction variables in an assignment statement
High speed software driven emulator comprised of a plurality of emulation processors with a method t...
Maximum flow analysis for electronic circuit design
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for using connection graphs with potential diagonal edges to model interconnect...
Device, design and method for a slot in a conductive area
Method and system for performing placement on non Manhattan semiconductor integrated circuits
Method and program product for modelling behavior of asynchronous clocks in a system having multiple...
Method for design validation of complex IC
Sharing of functions between an embedded controller and a host processor
Modified gel particles and rubber composition
Inkjet inks comprising multi-layer pigments
Hyaluronan as a cytotoxic agent, drug pre-sensitizer and chemo-sensitizer in the treatment of diseas...
Intracellular formation of peptide conjugates
Solid-fluid composition
Silver halide emulsion, method of preparing the same, and silver halide color photographic photosens...
Chemical rinse composition
Battery containing fibrous material
Coating and developing system and coating and developing method
Instant masa
Chitosan-base antimicrobial thermoplastic polymer blends
Attachment of chitosan to surfaces using rehydration process
Systems and methods for disinfecting and sterilizing by applying steam vapor containing low zeta pot...
Projection optical system inspecting method and inspection apparatus, and a projection optical syste...
Recording ink for ink-jet recording apparatus, and, ink cartridge,ink-jet recording apparatus, ink-j...
Electrically conductive diamond electrodes
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Preparation method of rare earth activated alkaline earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor pre...
Generation of free radicals, analytical methods, bacterial disinfections, and oxidative destruction ...
Control of a feed system of a grinding machine
Apparatus, system, and method for inducing an electrical current for use by an electronic device
Bulb type electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Tooth bleaching process
Materials and methods for the modification of plant lignin content
Method of purifying oocysts using enzymatic digestion of fecal debris
DNA encoding a plant lipase, transgenic plants and a method for controlling senescence in plants
tRNA synthetases, metRS
Ocular solutions
Lysin-deficient bacteriophages having reduced immunogenicity
Analysis and separation of platelet-derived growth factor proteins
Natural herbicide resistance in wheat
Enhanced oil seed protein recovery
Treatment of ocular disease
System and method for monitoring and controlling energy distribution
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Switching system method for discovering and accessing SCSI devices in response to query
Perceptual modeling of media signals based on local contrast and directional edges
Switch fabric with memory management unit for improved flow control
Method of transmitting information through data switching apparatus and apparatus therefor
Computer software interface
Method and system for providing a copy of a printed page
Bougainvillea plant named `Wabag`
Method of treating anemia by administering IL-1ra
Authentication of a wlan connection using gprs/umts infrastructure
Method for producing a structure using nanoparticles
Materials and methods for immobilization of catalysts on surfaces and for selective electroless meta...
Method for inducing a cell-mediated immune response and improved parenteral vaccine formulations the...
Digital camera
Cellular phone
Phone-combined personal digital assistant
Phone-combined personal digital assistant
Phone-combined personal digital assistant
Cellular phone
Mobile telephone
Cellular phone
Complex image player
DVD player
Disk cartridge
Optical disc changer
Rate matching method in mobile communication system
Adaptive memory module
Intellectual property management method and apparatus
System and method for routing information to multiple points within an embedded environment
System and method for traffic shaping based on generalized congestion and flow control
Compositions and methods for detection of Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia chaffeensis antibodies
High wind cable support systems
Front-mounted vehicle brake light
Surface configuration of truck headlamp
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Rear combination lamp for automobile
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Front combination lamp for automobile
Front combination lamp for automobile
Soft glow nightlight
Oil lamp
Five tube fluorescent lamp
Headlight lens
Outdoor lantern with seedy glass
Ceiling fan light kit
System and method for an advance notification system for monitoring and reporting proximity of a veh...
Wireless tire-pressure monitor
Location information erase on SIM cards
Concurrent wireless/landline interface
Message transmitting method using short message service
Communication system for tracking assets
Wireless communication system control apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for performing handoff by varying threshold level
Wireless signal receiving device with prompt wake-up function
Architecture for plugging messaging systems into an application server
Handover between a cellular system and a wireless local area network
Method and system for an atomically updated, central cache memory
Streaming information appliance with circular buffer for receiving and selectively reading blocks of...
Arbitrating and servicing polychronous data requests in Direct Memory Access
Shell extensions for an operating system
System and method for transparent electronic data transfer using error correction to facilitate band...
Method and system for handling an unexpected exception generated by an application
Method for multicasting a message on a computer network
Metered Internet usage
Host feeder setup validation
Cuckoo clock gaming device
Demonstration control adjunct device for printers
Progressive wagering system
High phase order electrical rotating machine with distributed windings
Filling a restocking package using a carousel
Lithographic systems and methods with extended depth of focus
Optoelectronic probe
Inductors for integrated circuits
Nanowire, circuit incorporating nanowire, and methods of selecting conductance of the nanowire and c...
Apparatus and method for photovoltaic energy production based on internal charge emission in a solid...
Periostin-based diagnostic assays
Pyridone compounds as inhibitors of bacterial type III protein secreation systems
Deposition methods
Substrate joining apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Time and frequency synchronization in multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) systems
Device for dispensing fluid and semi-dense substances packaged in flexible sealed sachets
Methods and compositions for synthesis of oligosaccharides using mutant glycosidase enzymes
Composition for the production of chlorine dioxide using non-iodo interhalides or polyhalides and me...
Optical recording medium with address information composed of pits
Secure method of refilling an inkjet printer cartridge
Oligonucleotide probes for the detection and/or quantitation of non-viral organisms
Styrene polymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymerizing
Customizing content provided by a service
System for installing peripheral software during peripheral installation
Method and apparatus for linking designated portions of a received document image with an electronic...
Apparatus and method employing multilayer thin-film stacks for spatially shifting light
Method of offering wall-thickness thinning prediction information, and computer-readable recording m...
Coasting downshift control for automatic transmissions
Control device for a hybrid vehicle
Method and arrangement for a system for manufacturing dental products
Reconfigurable speaker system
Soil fumigant, herbicide, larvacide, ovacide and fungicide
Substituted pyrazole compounds
Albumin-free factor VIII formulations
Use of PDGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy
Compounds and methods for treating transplant rejection
Methanocarba cycloakyl nucleoside analogues
Formulations and methods for treating hypercoagulable states
Fad4, Fad5, Fad5-2 and Fad6, novel fatty acid desaturase family members and uses thereof
Rare limiting barriers for implantable medical devices
Medicinal preparation containing phenylethanoid glycosides extracted from herbaceous plant, Cistanch...
Articulated center post
Surgical clips and methods for tissue approximation
Device for producing an aerosol
OLED display with control
Encapsulation of polymer based solid state devices with inorganic materials
Electro luminescence display device
Road weather prediction system and method
Apparatus and method for monitoring power and current flow
Photoelectric conversion device and method of production thereof
Copolymer composition having pigment like properties
Partial printing of a substrate with edge sealed printed portions
Thermal and compressed air storage system
Vending machine audit monitoring system
Distributed data transmitter
System and method of operating a communication network associated with an MPLS implementation of an ...
Method and apparatus for measuring latency of a computer network
System and method for searching peer-to-peer computer networks by selecting a computer based on at l...
Method and apparatus for administering the operating system of a net-booted environment
Distributed write data drivers for burst access memories
Exposure apparatus, optical projection apparatus and a method for adjusting the optical projection a...
Duplex-system digital-data transmitting method and apparatus
In service programmable logic arrays with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Detection of transmembrane potentials by optical methods
Biomedical aid or implant
Implant placement system
Flat display device
Light source using emitting particles to provide visible light
Under counter dispenser
Post-CMP washing liquid composition
Delivery of diazepam through an inhalation route
Wafer stacking with anisotropic conductive adhesive
Magnetic memory apparatus and method of manufacturing magnetic memory apparatus
MRAM with switchable ferromagnetic offset layer
Flame detector, method and fuel valve control
System and method for enhancing a voice channel in voice over internet protocol
Double dutch auction for establishment and maximization of sales price of generic fungible items
Airport check-in system and method
High dry substance stein hall adhesives and method for preparing high dry substance stein hall adhes...
System for preventing carcass scorching
Multiversion read-commit order concurrency control
Method and system for preventing mutually exclusive content entities stored in a data repository to ...
Method for restricting queryable data in an abstract database
Communicating state information in a network employing extended queries and extended responses
Method of synchronizing distributed but interconnected data repositories
Computer apparatus and method for caching results of a database query
System, representation, and method providing multilevel information retrieval with clarification dia...
Automated decision advisor
Efficient heuristic approach in selection of materialized views when there are multiple matchings to...
Full text search system
Combined digital audio disc player and radio tuner for an automobile
Combined digital audio disc player and radio tuner for an automobile
Ratings control system with temporary override capability and conflict resolution feature
PWM control of a lifter oil manifold assembly solenoid
Integrated power transmission drive and method
Rotational phase adjuster
Method and device for controlling the speed of the valves of an internal combustion engine
Electric motor having suspension mechanism
Mobile chassis and interchangeable vehicle body with waste heat rejection system
Low floor drive unit assembly for an electrically driven vehicle
Drive device for a machine with a traction drive system and a hydraulic work system
Self-leveling and balancing vehicle
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Antitheft system
Method and apparatus for producing sounds that depend on the operation of an internal combustion eng...
Communication system and device under OFDM system
Vehicle navigation system and route guidance method
Power take-off state and engine speed request
Control system for cylinder cutoff internal combustion engine
Vehicle control system and automobile using the same
Vehicle information display apparatus
Device and method for a quality test of a body
Method and system for presenting an image of an external view in a moving vehicle
Contact system for an antenna structure
Vehicle-mounted antenna
Flight safety system monitoring combinations of state values
Method of operating a display system in a vehicle for finding a parking place
Movies on demand (MOD)
Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapon detection system with alarm thresholds based ...
Electromagnet having spacer for facilitating cooling and associated cooling method
Overriding content ratings and restricting access to requested resources
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and a method for producing the same
Laser source comprising amplifier and adaptive wavefront/polarization driver
Thermal barrier coating and process therefor
Method of decorative embossing of a panel for a vehicle
System for dispensing viscous materials
Lightweight solenoid-operated spray gun
Magnetically operated driving tool
Fluid supply assembly
Methods of downhole testing subterranean formations and associated apparatus therefor
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating neuropathic pain and cluster and migraine head...
Data reproduction device
Method for producing maleic anhydride
Semiconductor wafer transport method and semiconductor wafer transport apparatus using the same
Folded path flat-plate antennas for satellite communication
Plasma cutting process and machine
Method for preparing two-layer bicomposite collagen material for preventing post-operative adhesions
Code coverage with an integrated development environment
Context switching for on-the-fly processing of fragmented frames
Transcriptional activator comprising a short hydrophobic activation peptide
Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry and method of planarizing surfaces
Firmware updating
Method and apparatus for finding errors in software programs using satisfiability of constraints
Compiling method with exception handling
Model based test generation for validation of parallel and concurrent software
Efficient I/O retry over QDIO
Clock multiplier selection for a microprocessor with multiple system bus clocking frequencies
Method and system to compute a status for a circular queue within a memory device
Method and apparatus for producing depolarized light
Single focus lens including a front stop
Uniformity correction system having light leak and shadow compensation
Lens collimator and method of producing optical signals with reduced aberrations
Universal security camera
Lens barrel having a lens barrier mechanism
Lens body tube
Reflection type compound prism and optical pickup apparatus employing the same
Zoom lens system
Methods and apparatus for optical disc data acquisition using physical synchronization markers
Zoom lens system
Device including color separation prism
Passively aligned optical elements
Zoom lens system
Bidirectional optical device
Methods and apparatus for evaluating operational integrity of a data processing system using moment ...
Electric double-layer capacitor
Information display device
Feedback and control system for radomes
Test apparatus for a waveguide sensing level in a container
Electronic device starter and vehicle tire monitoring system
Lockable slide hammer and gripping apparatus
Fluorous oligonucleotide reagents and affinity purification of oligonucleotides
Method of providing desirable wetting and release characterstics between a mold and a polymerizable ...
Method for hydrophobing textile materials
P450 oxygenases and methods of use
Nucleic acid sequences differentially expressed in cancer tissue
Phosphoramidite activator for oligonucleotide synthesis
Method for labeling DNA and RNA
Amino acid modified polypeptides
Eotaxin: eosinophil chemotactic cytokine
Antibody to an integrin heterodimer and/or a subunit thereof
Regulation of gene expression using single-chain, monomeric, ligand dependent polypeptide switches
Crosslinkable polysaccharide derivative, process for producing the same, crosslinkable polysaccharid...
Method for diagnosing aplasia of corpus callosum
Double-stranded and single-stranded RNA molecules with 5 ' triphosphates and their use for inducing ...
Antisense oligonucleotide against human acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and uses thereof
Antisense oligonucleotides targeting folate receptor alpha, and the use thereof
Use of antisense oligonucleotides or siRNA to suppress expression of eIF-5A1
RNAi probes targeting cancer-related proteins
Lipophilic derivatives of double-stranded ribonucleic acid
Caprazene as novel compound and derivatives thereof, and caprazol as novel compound and derivatives ...
Complement inhibitor
Classifier tuning based on data similarities
Methods for detecting CS198 antigen
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Image developing device
Aqueous sample holder for EPR and MR spectroscopy
Beam combination using interleaved optical plates
Derivatives of dicarboxylic acid having pharmaceutical properties
Apparatus for detecting direction of target using difference in phase of radio wave signals received...
Detection of target sequences by cleavage of non-target nucleic acids
Method for determining a critical size of an inclusion in aluminum or aluminum alloy sputtering targ...
Phenolic resin compositions containing etherified hardeners
Method and apparatus for treating fluids
Methods for determining flow rates of biological fluids
High pressure process and apparatus for the electrocoagulative treatment of aqueous and viscous flui...
Inverted cavity aerator for membrane module
Methods for reducing nitrate demands in the reduction of dissolved and/or atmospheric sulfides in wa...
Method for selective recovery and dewatering sewage sludge by using sludge-coal-oil co-agglomeration
Method and system for treating wastewater containing organic compounds
Hollow fiber membrane for purifying blood
Sanitary filtration plant with helical filter elements
Filter element and filter device having replaceable filter
Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules
Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules
Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules
Accessible well for brine tank
Method allocation scheme for maintaining server load balancers services in a high throughput environ...
Method and system for controlling flow of multiplexed data
Gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure with enhanced light illuminance
Light-emitting diode structure
Switch device, storage control system and trace data obtaining method
Light reflector and barrier for light emitting diodes
Processing data packets in a multiple protocol system area network
Method and apparatus for acquiring and tracking pilots in a CDMA communication system
Information recording carrier and method of reproducing the same
Method and installation for gasifying carbonaceous compounds
Micro-fabricated electrokinetic pump with on-frit electrode
Apparatus and method for sub-ranging conversion for temperature sensing
Three-dimensional tomography
Optical measurement of the chemical constituents of an opaque slurry
Direct conversion receiver using vertical bipolar junction transistor available in deep n-well CMOS ...
System and method for power gating
High-aspect-ratio-microstructure (HARM)
Method and structure to wire electronic devices
Semiconductor protection element, semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Integrated circuit package and method of manufacture
Tape circuit substrate and semiconductor chip package using the same
Manufacturing methods of semiconductor devices and a solid state image pickup device
Semiconductor integrated circuit including anti-fuse and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetoelectronic devices utilizing protective capping layers and methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device including impurities in substrate via MOS transistor gate electrode and gate in...
Metal-oxide-semiconductor device having an enhanced shielding structure
JPEG artifact removal
Image processing method and apparatus for judging image condition and correcting image
Multi-valued image conversion device, multi-valued image conversion program, and multi-valued image ...
Histological assessment
Variational approach for the segmentation of the left ventricle in MR cardiac images
Systems for analyzing microtissue arrays
Ellipsometer measurement apparatus
Cooling fan hub assembly
Air compressor with inlet control mechanism and automatic inlet control mechanism
Oil pump for a reciprocating hermetic compressor
Fuel system with a field modification module for controlling fuel flow
Turbo molecular high-vacuum pump with a circular intake area
Submersible pumping system with sealing device
Gas flow control device
Powder metal scrolls
Index-based scoreboarding system and method
Apparatus and process for downflow fluid catalytic cracking
Partial oxidation using molecular sieve SSZ-71
2-(aminomethyl) arylamide analgesics
Zeolite composite, method for making and catalytic application thereof
Glare resistant displays for automotive vehicles and lenses for such displays
Wearing information notifying unit
Adjustable gun rest apparatus
Method for remote vehicle ignition enablement and disablement via broadband enabled security mechani...
System for transmitting and receiving electronic mail containing location information
Metal-containing neutral and overbased salicylates based on styrenated salicylic acid
Vehicle steering wheel cover having a design of illuminated stripes made of light-transmissive mater...
Group file delivery including user-defined metadata
Programmable logic device and method of testing a programmable logic device
Video surveillance system that detects predefined behaviors based on predetermined patterns of movem...
Wafer burn-in and test employing detachable cartridge
Rapid sample multiplexing
Method for integration of microelectronic components with microfluidic devices
Generic detection and elimination of marco viruses
Sheet-like packs
Methods of administering and enhancing absorption of pharmaceutical agents
Process for the manufacture of interpenetrating polymer network sheeting and useful articles thereof
Simple link protocol providing low overhead coding for LAN serial and WDM solutions
Asynchronous debug interface
Limit interface for performance management
Managing multiple processor performance states
Information communication apparatus and method, information communication system, and memory medium
Method and apparatus for interrupt signaling in a communication network
Controlled release preparation of insulin and its method
Pro1278 polypeptides
PRO1306 nucleic acids
System and method for measuring charge/mass and liquid toner conductivty contemporaneously
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than...
Pixel cell voltage control and simplified circuit for prior to frame display data loading
Integrated process tube and electrostatic shield, assembly thereof and manufacture thereof
Flip-chip device having conductive connectors
Structures and methods for integration of ultralow-k dielectrics with improved reliability
Solder pad configuration for use in a micro-array integrated circuit package
Layered resistance variable memory device and method of fabrication
Pinned electronic package with strengthened conductive pad
Test buffer design and interface mechanism for differential receiver AC/DC boundary scan test
Method and apparatus for updating a microcode image in a memory
Shared cache wordline decoder for redundant and regular addresses
CAM modified to be used for statistic calculation in network switches and routers
Methods of sanitizing a flash-based data storage device
Web-to-phone account linking using a linking code for account identification
System and method for providing a framework for network appliance management in a distributed comput...
System and method for structure subset generation for multiple databases
Method for coupling physical and geometrical calculation programs to a data processing system
Method of estimating crop yields
Monitor wafer purchase and controls database
Multi-phase separation system
Instruction execution control for very long instruction words computing architecture based on the fr...
Speech information processing method, apparatus and storage medium performing speech synthesis based...
Toner supply container, toner supplying apparatus, and driving force transmitting mechanism
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Seal member, developing apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image fixing device with phase controlled heaters
Image forming apparatus with control of transfer charge
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method and storage medium
Communications equipment that carries out communication within network having plural pieces of commu...
Image reading apparatus and illumination apparatus
Information recording/reading apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Image reading device
Print system and data transfer apparatus and method
Welding device
Adjustable keyboard tray
Apparatus for emitting pulses of light and systems employing such apparatus
Method and apparatus for internet-based interactive programming
Apparatus and method for correcting location information of mobile body, and computer-readable media...
Method and apparatus for developing a software program
Home network system and control method thereof
Systems and methods for the automated pre-treatment and processing of biological samples
Accelerometer to monitor movement of a tool assembly attached to a robot end effector
Articulate and swapable endoscope for a surgical robot
Environmental control incubator with removable drawer and robot
Buckling arm robot
Unified frame for semiconductor material handling system
Self-locating device and program for executing self-locating method
Monitor electronic apparatus system, monitor method, program and recording medium
Voltage and turbine speed control apparatus for a rotary atomizer
Mobile robot with 360 degrees endless rotation type decoupled turret
Apparatus and method for cleaning flat objects in a vertical orientation with pulsed liquid jet
Process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system
Folding knife having a biased blade
High density optical disk having capacity of 25GB
Resonant converter and control method thereof
Printed circuit board and method for installing printed circuit board onto electro-conductive housin...
Scatterometry by phase sensitive reflectometer
Antenna matching circuit, mobile communication device including antenna matching circuit, and dielec...
Communication apparatus
Speaker apparatus
High efficiency planar magnetic transducer with angled magnet structure
Method and system for determining occurrence of slips leading to falls
Database management system for implementing independent database actions in response to events of in...
Method and system for providing interactive testing of integrated circuits
Error response test system and method using test mask variable
Causing a transaction to fail at a predetermined transaction state
Dynamic and scalable parallel processing of sequence operations
Method and mechanism for reducing client-side memory footprint of transmitted data
Communication protocol
Mechanism for automatically configuring a network resource
Solid catalyst component for olefin polymerization
Door with structural components configured to radiate acoustic Energy
Network routing apparatus
Display apparatus capable of indicating a picture-in-picture function in monitor
Method for driving liquid crystal display device
Surface discharge type plasma display panel having an isosceles delta array type pixel
Pickup truck
Power supply control device for an image forming apparatus
Component mounting apparatus and component mounting method, and recognition apparatus for a componen...
Optical device, surface emitting type device and method for manufacturing the same
Wireless channel setting method for mobile communication system and mobile communication control app...
Semiconductor light-emitting device and semiconductor light-emitting device
Compositions and methods for identifying modulators of transducisomes, a new class of therapeutic ta...
Substituted pyridyl amine catalysts and processes for polymerizing crystalline polymers
Data storage media utilizing a substrate including a plastic resin layer, and method thereof
Pyrrole derivatives as pharmaceutical agents
Materials for use in intraocular lens system
Dispensing device
Slot type planar antennas
Punching device
Drive of a printing group
MRI tunable antenna and system
Method and apparatus to generate a circular polarized RF field independent of subject asymmetry
Stapedial prosthesis and method of implanting the same
Portable handheld exercise apparatus which can be attached to a multiplicity of body parts
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and its control method
SQUID Detected NRM and MRI at Ultralow Fields
NMR probe circuit with nodal impedance bridge
NMR CryoMAS Probe for High-field Wide-bore Magnets
Multilayer capacitor
Fusion protein capable of binding VEGF
Methods and apparatus for regulating the flow of matter through body tubing
Vascular anchoring device
Tubular vascular implants (stents) and methods for producing the same
Apparatuses and methods for heart valve repair
Methods for obtaining hemostasis of percutaneous wounds
Method and apparatus for providing posterior or anterior trans-sacral access to spinal vertebrae
Electrosurgical instrument and method of use
Catheter with bifurcated, collapsible tip for sensing and ablating
Apparatus and method for treating venous reflux
Hydrophilic urinary catheter having a water-containing sachet
External urinary catheter
Pad for use with continent ostomy port
Perfusion balloon angioplasty catheter
Method and kit for detection of tat protein with anti-tat oyi antibodies
Method for determining the mechanism of HIV RT inhibitors
Methods for determining plasma free drug concentration by direct measurement of binding affinity of ...
Material and methods for the production of sperm and analysis thereof
Recombinant multivalent viral vaccine
Ink set, ink cartridge, ink jet printer and recording method
Inkjet ink, production method of inkjet ink, inkjet ink set and inkjet recording method
Method and apparatus for measuring and evaluating local electrical characteristics of a sample havin...
Electric device having nanoscale wires and gaps
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Article of footwear
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Apparatus and method for fitting shoes
Ratchet-type buckle and snowboard binding
Makeup counseling apparatus
Portable slit lamp
Method and system for ordering customized cosmetic contact lenses
Apparatus and method for custom cosmetic dispensing
Intelligent station using multiple RF antennae and inventory control system and method incorporating...
Anti-collision interrogation pulse focusing system for use with multiple surface acoustic wave ident...
Communications architecture for a security network
Inventory system with image display
Chip coil and printed circuit board for the same
Operating and evaluation circuit of an insect sensor
Luggage device with built-in load determination
Locally storing biological specimen data to a slide
Verifying financial services card transactions using tags
Portable information carrier with transponders
Matrices for drug delivery and methods for making and using the same
Electrically switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
Door facing
Method and system for managing computer security information
System and method for caching and validating user and command specific server response messages
Menu-assisted control method and device
Autonomous eclone
Method and system for collaborating among interconnected client terminals
Universal data editor
Computer system for managing performances of storage apparatus and performance management method of ...
Method and system for maintaining a communications protocol session
Methods, systems and computer program products for server based type of service classification of a ...
Method and system for client-side caching
System and method for managing insurance of valuables having unpredictable fluctuating values
Method for polling a call log
Systems and methods for information exchange and synchronization using DTMF over telephone communica...
Data access arrangement utilizing a serialized digital data path across an isolation barrier
Single telephone number access to multiple communications services
Methods and systems for routing signalong messages to the same destination over different routes usi...
Ruggedized, compact personal information appliance
Information apparatus, picture display method, and picture transmitting method
Business process for disseminating pilot weather data by voice
Overmolded lens on leadframe and method for overmolding lens on lead frame
Remote power amplifier linearization
Ultra wide band base band receiver
Apparatus for providing a multi-mode interface between a baseband receiver and radio frequency circu...
Process for the transmission of analog and digital information
Digital FM radio system
Method for setting a R-P link in mobile communication system
Public wireless/cordless internet gateway
Systems and methods for proximity control of a barrier
Methods and apparatus for transmitting data in a radio communication system including signaling allo...
Communication apparatus
Transfer of overlapping routing area control information in a radio access network
Radio method and device having a frame structure
Antenna diversity structure for use in a radio frequency integrated circuit
System and method for extraction of C-V characteristics of ultra-thin oxides
System, method and apparatus for tuning an RF volume coil
Electron tube for communication
Method and apparatus for an ambient energy battery or capacitor recharge system
Managing packet transmissions between a device in a limited connectivity network and a device residi...
System and method for delay-based congestion detection and connection admission control
Printing more or less of a web page
Pay-by-card method and pay-by-card system for home delivery service
Purse and method for purchasing a customized purse
Error correction of data across an isolation barrier
Antiviral agents
Method and apparatus for compressing attachments to electronic mail communications for transmission
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of garbage collection using stack trace cache
Specializing write-barriers for objects in a garbage collected heap
Processing software images for use in generating difference files
Switching between containers
Document management method and document management system
Method and apparatus for file management
Apparatus and method for dynamically verifying information in a distributed system
Method and apparatus for object oriented storage and retrieval of data from a relational database
Programmable use of data extracted from common presentation files
Database optimization apparatus and method
Method and system for providing a unified data exchange and storage format
System and method providing automated margin tree analysis and processing of sampled data
Method of in-situ treatment of low-k films with a silylating agent after exposure to oxidizing envir...
Threshold voltage roll-off compensation using back-gated MOSFET devices for system high-performance ...
Defect diagnosis for semiconductor integrated circuits
Integrated circuit design for signal integrity, avoiding well proximity effects
Process for proliferation and differentiation of rat ascinar cells
Mu-Opiod receptor splice variant polypeptides
Tripeptide of Fc.gamma.RIIA
Neuropilin antisense oligonucleotide sequences and methods of using same to modulate cell growth