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.beta.-secretase enzyme compositions and methods
Subtilase enzymes
Removal of N-terminal methionine from proteins by engineered methionine aminopeptidase
Cellulase preparation containing nonionic surfactant and method of treating fiber
Recombinant lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase
Regulatory region of the CYP52A2A gene from Candida tropicalis
L-glutamate oxidase
COBRA gene and uses thereof
Surveillance implementation in a voice over packet network
System and method for aggregate portfolio client support
System and method for object-oriented marking and associating information with selected technologica...
Storing and processing partial images obtained from a panoramic image
Interactive horizon mapping
Spatial patches for graphics rendering
Systems and methods for sculpting virtual objects in a haptic virtual reality environment
Isotonic-isometric haptic feedback interface
Flat-panel projection display
Distributed-mass micromachined gyroscopes operated with drive-mode bandwidth enhancement
Method of sensing tilt, tilt sensor, and method of manufacturing same
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Managing user information on an e-commerce system
Automobile web cam and communications system incorporating a network of automobile web cams
Knowledgebase framework system
Method and apparatus for the simulation of complex audio environments
Method, system and computer program product for efficiently utilizing limited resources in a graphic...
Method for providing human input to a computer
Electronic image visualization system and communication methodologies
Method for diagnosis of pain relief probability through medical treatment
Method and system for improved correction of registration error in a fluoroscopic image
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform corresponding to a style of rendition using a packet s...
Protective sleeve for an instrument string and its method of application to an instrument
Hybrid wireless optical and radio frequency communication link
Self-calibrating direct conversion transmitter
Multiple access system and method for multibeam digital radio systems
CDMA receiving apparatus with transmission power control using previous SIR value
Diversity transceiver for a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for coordinating multi-point to point communications in a multi-tone data trans...
Dynamic routing control system and method for radio access network
Method for preventing call collision of packet data in a WLL system
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving video signal
Illumination apparatus
Feedhorn, radio wave receiving converter and antenna
Antenna coupling apparatus, external antenna connecting apparatus, and onboard external-antenna conn...
Conformal microstrip leaky wave antenna
Radar apparatus
Switching method and device on an aircraft radiofrequency landing system
Skier alert system with fallen skier alarm
Unitary core transponder
RFID tags with EAS deactivation ability
System for detecting and releasing a person locked in the trunk of a vehicle
System and method for a removable tuner module
Robot system using virtual world
Two-legged walking robot
Device for controlling robot behavior and method for controlling it
Minute object manipulating apparatus
Method and apparatus for mobile pickup stations
Digital image frame and method for using the same
Weather forecast accuracy verification and evaluation system
Methods and apparatus for broadcasting interactive advertising using remote advertising templates
Online product exchange system
Applications of executable shopping lists
Production planning system
Method and apparatus for reconstructing an image of an object
Manipulating a digital dentition model to form models of individual dentition components
Retrospective correction of inhomogeneities in radiographs
Filter for a radiation emitter and apparatus
Radiation generating apparatus, radiation generating method, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
X-ray measuring and testing system
Radiographic apparatus and method for switching a grid
Image sensing system
Multiple energy x-ray source and inspection apparatus employing same
Method and system for creating three-dimensional images using tomosynthetic computed tomography
Methods and apparatus for multiple image acquisition on a digital detector
Portable system and method for non-intrusive radioscopic imaging
Area exposure dosimetry and area absorbed dosimetry
X-ray diagnostic apparatus with a patient weighting device associated with the patient positioning t...
X-ray detector system having low Z material panel
Full field digital tomosynthesis method and apparatus
Apparatus for monitoring a system with time in space and method therefor
Activation of fibrillation and tachycardia functions
Method of optimizing radiosurgery and radiotherapy with metalloporphyrins
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge for use in the same
Fast invariant matching using template decomposition and synthesis
Registration of nuclear medicine images
Ultrasonic diagnostic device and image processing device
Smart optical sensor for airbag systems
Transparent panel-form loudspeaker
Video encoder, video decoder, video encoding method, video decoding method, and video encoding and d...
Pet toy
Pet bed
Pet carrier
Pet treat bone
Self repairing computer detecting need for repair and having switched protected storage
Template-driven management of telecommunications network via utilization of operations support servi...
Apparatus and method for searching files
Hair dryer
Portion of a jig head
Label recess portion of a bottle
Blade opener for a folding knife
Collapsible and foldable rolling cooler
Popcorn maker
Image transfer apparatus
Method and system for applying XML schema
Apparatus and method for downhole fluid phase separation
System and method for annotating documents
Soccer ball fetch toy
Test pattern compression for an integrated circuit test environment
Method and system of managing credit for the electronic trading of financial instruments
Water monitoring systems
Method of applying parametric oscillators to model dielectric functions
Method for identifying or characterizing properties of polymeric units
Method for determining a shape space for a set of molecules using minimal metric distances
Method and apparatus for analyzing multi-channel chromatogram
Method and system for fabricating a dental prosthesis, and a prosthesis wax model
Method and apparatus for optimizing ventricular synchrony during DDD resynchronization therapy using...
Magnetic resonance imaging for a plurality of selective regions set to object continuously moved
Toner for electrophotography, developer using the same, image-forming process cartridge using the sa...
Multimode polarization maintaining double clad fiber
Reconfigurable optical add/drop filter
Method for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment and system for managing semiconductor manu...
Method of adjusting a center wavelength of modulated sources wavelength grid with the passband of an...
Methods of implementing phase shift mask compliant static memory cell circuits
Junction interconnection structures
Semiconductor device with improved design freedom of external terminal
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing such device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit component, protected against random logic events, and associated method of manufa...
Semiconductor device for restraining short circuiting and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor chip for optoelectronics and method for production thereof
Point source light-emitting diode
Mask pattern correction method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, mask manufacturing method...
Semiconductor chip mounting apparatus and method of mounting semiconductor chips using the same
High density plasma chemical vapor deposition process
System and method for hydrogen-rich selective oxidation
Zeolite films for low k applications
MCP-1 receptor antibodies
Anti-pro792 antibodies
GDNF receptor.alpha.
Genes encoding proteins with pesticidal activity
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Compositions and methods for detection and isolation of phosphorylated molecules
CCL27 polypeptides
Methods and compositions in checkpoint signaling
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Method of producing heteromultimeric mammalian proteins in plants
Proteins, polynucleotides encoding them and methods of using the same
Cholesterol-lowering agents, secondary bile acid production inhibitors, and foods and drinks
DNA sequences coding for a polyol carrier and their use, in particular for the preparation of transg...
27875, 22025, 27420, 17906, 16319, 55092 and 10218 molecules and uses therefor
Method for identifying an agent that modulates type 1 phosphatidylinositol phosphate kinase isoform ...
Methods for screening for substances that bind opioid receptors
Hyaluronan synthase gene and uses thereof
Nucleic acid fragment encoding an NRPS for the biosynthesis of anthramycin
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Benzazepinone alpha vintegrin receptor antagonists
Pull-tab skill tournament poker
Strategy card game
Golh: the golf hybrid sport of golfrisbee
Golf club having an alignment device thereon
Free long distance calls on slot machines
Aquatic fun toy
Panel attachment system
Jelly blocks and jelly letters
Anticipatory high frequency noise compensation in a distributed process control system
Checks for product knowledge management
Check creation and maintenance for product knowledge management
Multi-attribute drug comparison
Methods and apparatuses for selling, distributing and dispensing fabric care products
System and method for electronic communication management
Configurable hierarchical content filtering system
Detection of pump cavitation/blockage and seal failure via current signature analysis
Applying term consistency to an equality constrained interval global optimization problem
Text information analysis apparatus and method
Computer performance estimation system configured to take expected events into consideration
CAM system and program, and method for controlling CAM system
Knowledge repository system for computing devices
Method for boosting the performance of machine-learning classifiers
Pattern detection methods and systems and face detection methods and systems
Advanced programmable closed loop fan control method
Distributed computer network having a rotating message delivery system suitable for use in load bala...
Method and system for displaying group chat sessions on wireless mobile terminals
Computer accounting method using natural language speech recognition
Frame erasure concealment technique for a bitstream-based feature extractor
Plant operating apparatus and method
Food preparation system
Searchable logical document architecture
Method for refining an online marketplace selection for enhancing e-commerce
Modular path planner
Method and system for directory assistance services
Method and apparatus for selecting a most signficant priority number for a device using a partitione...
Method and apparatus for performing priority encoding in a segmented classification system using ena...
System for replacing a cursor image in connection with displaying the contents of a web page
Circuit and method to allow searching beyond a designated address of a content addressable memory
Electronic bulletin board system and mail server
Enhancing application server performance by relocating performance-degrading processing
Systems and methods for distributing personalized information over a communications system
Method and apparatus for routing a set of nets
Photothermographic material and image forming method using the same
Reduction in the noise produced by a rotor blade of a wind turbine
Flexible wire grid polarizer and fabricating method thereof
Method of predicting high-k semiconductor device lifetime
Device of micro vortex for ferrofluid power generator
Integrated EWP-STM spin resonance microscope
Implant with composite coating
Miniaturized multi-gas and vapor sensor devices and associated methods of fabrication
Scratch and mar resistant PDLC modulator
Electrically alterable non-volatile memory cell
Augmented photo-detector filter
Liposome composition for improved intracellular delivery of a therapeutic agent
Injection device providing automatic needle retraction
Self-actuating applicator for microprojection array
Time keeping system and watch
Current switching arrangement for D.A.C. reconstruction filtering
Apparatus and method for analyzing heart-rate variability based on electrocardiogram information
Detection of tachyarrhythmia termination
Adaptive equalizer
Noise canceller
Frequency diverse single carrier modulation for robust communication over in-premises wiring
Distributed cardiac activity monitoring with selective filtering
Biomedical signal denoising techniques
Detection of atrial arrhythmia
Block interpolation filter structure using lookup table
Method and apparatus for processing an amplitude modulated (AM) signal
Method of equalizing a received signal, receiver and receiving station for it
Receiver for a mobile radio terminal
Trace video filtering using wavelet de-noising techniques
Reducing coupled noise in pseudo-differential signaling systems
Method and apparatus for time-division power assignments in a wireless communication system
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, and method of supporting dielectric resonance element
Dual-band bandpass filter with stepped-impedance resonators
Multilayer LC filter
Dual mode band-pass filter
Non-spherical cavity electrophoretic displays and methods and materials for making the same
Electronic floor display with weight measurement and reflective display
Compounds for targeting endothelial cells, compositions containing the same and methods for their us...
Controlled availability of formulation components, compositions and laundry methods employing same
Liquid bleaching composition components comprising amphiphilic polymers
Self-healing polymer compositions
Environmentally benign crop protection agents
Token array and method employing authentication tokens bearing scent formulation information
High dynamic range display devices
Electronic book with multiple page displays
Absorbent article performing color change in response to external stimulus
System and method for formatting data for transmission between an embedded computer and a host compu...
Method and apparatus for NOP folding
Event driven transaction state management with single cache for persistent framework
Apparatus and method for generating graphic presentation of estimated time of completion of a server...
Centralized, requisition-driven, order formulating, e-procurement method using reverse auction
Method for on-line selection of an air conditioning product
Method of selling right associated with games
System and method for embedded audio coding with implicit auditory masking
Method and circuit arrangement for regulating the operating voltage of a digital circuit
Finite impulse response (FIR) filter compiler
Multi-phone programming application
Security enhanced automatic pilot system for air vehicles
Foreign substance prevention unit to protect electro-photographic printer from foreign substances
Studded footwear
Ergonomic systems and methods providing intelligent adaptive surfaces and temperature control
Golf shoe outsole
Golf shoe outsole
Method of conducting business including making and selling a custom article of footwear
Golf balls comprising polyaspartic esters
Sports training apparatus and sports training system
Golf accessory tool
Camera stabilizer
Golf club head
Golf green roller apparatus
Golf putter with extending training rail device and its associated method of use
Golf putter training device and method
Multi-sensor integration for a vehicle
Golf club having replaceable striking surface attachments and method for replacing same
Aeration device
Method and apparatus for finding hidden patterns in the context of querying applications
Method of manufacturing golf club head
System and method for determining freight container locations
Layered cereal bars and their methods of manufacture
Golf training device
Tape dispenser
Tape dispenser
Desktop tape dispenser
Array of fiber optic splicing cassettes
Compensators for liquid crystal displays
Display screen seal
Wearable jacket having communication function, and endoscope system employing wearable jacket
Amino substituted pyridinyl methanone compounds useful in treating kinase disorders
Joint lubrication with P2Y purinergic receptor agonists
Hemostatic compositions and devices
Regulation of plant fertility by modulation of GABA levels in flowers
Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet
Automotive lane deviation prevention apparatus
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Combination vaccine for administration to adolescents
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain r...
Immunogenic peptides from the HPV E7 protein
Antibodies that specifically bind to GMAD
Protease inhibitors
Receptor-type phosphotyrosine phosphatase-alpha
Glypican-1 in human breast cancer
Bone growth compositions and methods
Tissue regrafting
Drug releasing anastomosis devices and methods for treating anastomotic sites
Patch stabilization of rods for treatment of cardiac muscle
SARA proteins
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, compositions, and methods of use
Derivatives of succinic and glutaric acids and analogs thereof useful as inhibitors of phex
Viral and non-viral vectors as vehicles for delivering transgenes for treating bone pathologies
Method for stimulating connective tissue growth or wound healing
Multipotent neural stem cell cDNA libraries
In vivo production of cyclic peptides
Method for improving GPS integrity and detecting multipath interference using inertial navigation se...
Method for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Camera which records positional data of GPS unit
System and method for estimating clock acceleration and location determination
GPS for telephone line records
Power saving operation in a GPS-based asset tracking unit
GPS-based vehicle warning and location system and method
GPS based vehicle warning and location system
Alias sampling for IF-to-baseband conversion in a GPS receiver
Emergency deployable GPS antenna
Tire tread
Synthetic rubber that exhibits low hysteresis
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Method of integrating tire identification into a vehicle information system
Stabilizer for cantilevered tire building drum
Method for preparing elastomer/silica composite
Discontinuous ply for runflat tire construction
Aircraft tire with improved bead structure
Two piece tire with improved tire tread belt
Controlled polymerization
Tire having antenna attached to elastic fiber textile strip and method of mounting antenna assembly ...
Aircraft tire with improved bead structure
Off road tire having variable width puncture preventing pads
Pneumatic tire having a component containing a rubber triblend and silica
Passive tire pressure sensor and method
Head for golf club
Analogs of green tea polyphenols as chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents
Remote center positioner
Metallic cord and pneumatic tire employing the metallic cord
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf club head
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices
Conductive elastomer composition, conductive member using conductive elastomer composition, image-fo...
Golf club head
Method and apparatus for generating, distributing and reconstructing deconstructed video
Direct liquid injection inlet to a laser photoionization apparatus
Golf ball
Golf ball
Pneumatic tire
Heavy duty radial tire
Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing rubber component therefor
Piece of styling and a motor vehicle including such a piece of styling
Radiation-curable compositions for optical fiber coating materials
Coated article having a sealed layered edge to impede corrosion of a coating at the edge and method ...
Use of microwaves for sensors in the spinning industry
Waterborn film-forming compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Method of preparing an optical polymerizate
Low temperature liquid polythioether polymers
Polishing pad
Polarizing devices and methods of making the same
Connection between a side rail and a structural part of the front of a motor vehicle
Visible-light-responsive photoactive coating, coated article, and method of making same
Vehicle occupancy intruder security system
Synchronous electric machine
Vehicle drive system with generator control
Fuel cell system
Warm-up of fuel cell power plant
Multi-shot molding method and assembly
Method of forming a vehicle trim panel
Adjustable head restraint guide
Vehicle seat adjuster
Fold flat stow in floor seat assembly with collapsible bolsters
Air conditioned cushion part for a vehicle seat
Trim assembly and method of manufacturing same
Vehicle door trim bolster with multi-feel cover and method of making the same
Method of forming a vehicle panel assembly
Automotive seat assembly having a rear latch lockout and spring assist
Engine control system
Variable valve actuating mechanism for internal combustion engine
Engine control device
Exhaust gas purifying system for internal combustion engine
Recording and reproducing apparatus for recording and reproducing information to and from a magneto-...
Optic switching mechanism
Fiber optic vibration sensor
Fiber optic mechanical/thermal tuner and isolator
Distributed feedback laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Hybrid mirror VCSEL
Laser module and production process thereof
Optical head device and optical information apparatus using the same
Optical apparatus and laser display apparatus having laser beam scanner each
Method and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
Movement-direction determination apparatus
Recording and reproducing method for optical recording medium and optical recording medium
System and method for enhancing confocal reflectance images of tissue specimens
Article of footwear including a thematical toe cover
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Insole with improved cushioning and anatomical centering device
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe sole
Portion of a footwear upper
Water shoes
Golf club having a weight positioning system
Vapor permeable retroreflective garment
Fractal structure and its forming method
X-ray generator and slip ring for a CT system
Systems and methods for using non-contact voltage sensors and corona discharge guns
Dual synthetic aperture radar system
System for establishing an attenuation frequency
Flexible, inline, point-of-use air/gas filter/dryer
Method and system for facility security
Light guide for projecting weapons and handtools
Protective shroud for FCC feed nozzles and method for designing such shroud
Precise transport positioning apparatus using a closed loop controlled, non-direct drive or friction...
Device for securing a compressed gas system to a paintball gun
Carpenter's marking device
Image guide coupler switch
Multi-stage planetary gear train
Multi-stage transmission
Hydraulic control apparatus for hydraulically operated mechanical apparatus
Dual connecting and disconnecting apparatus
Control system and control method for hybrid vehicles
Control apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
Shift control apparatus and method for hybrid transmission applicable to hybrid vehicle
Planetary gear
Control device for diesel engine
Method for power adaptation in an electricity network
Power generating unit general monitor/control apparatus
Intravascular electrode line
Responsive electrical stimulation for movement disorders
Methods of optical communication and optical communication systems
Method and device for cooling and electrically insulating a high-voltage, heat-generating component ...
Measurement of critical dimensions using X-ray diffraction in reflection mode
Non-volatile magnetic memory device
Semiconductor storage device and mobile electronic apparatus
Method and system for external clock to obtain multiple synchronized redundant computers
Solid electrolytic capacitor and mounting method therefor
System and method for allocating resources using spot market and derivative market techniques
Tool for estimating a cost of a trade
Method of processing customer transactions
Method and apparatus for enabling individual or smaller investors or others to create and manage a p...
Methods and apparatus for rapid deployment of a valuation system
Methods and systems for electronic order routing (CORS)
Method for managing an electronic-commerce shopping cart
Point-of-sale customer order system utilizing an unobtrusive transmitter/receiver and voice recognit...
Apparatus and method for providing a provider-selected message in response to a user request for use...
Event revenue management system
Processing and management of transaction timing characteristics
System and method for assessing a procurement and accounts payable system
Controlled morphogenesis of copper salts
Method for producing an aqueous hydroxylamine solution devoid of salt
Hydrogen gas generation system
Crystalline compositions of doped aluminum phosphate
Fuel reforming system and control therefor
Hydrogen storage by reversible hydrogenation of pi-conjugated substrates
Aluminum hydroxide and production process thereof
Mixed anion materials and compounds for novel proton conducting membranes
Catalyst and its use in the synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Catalytic device for the implementation of a reaction in a gaseous medium at high temperature
Process for purifying sand
Production of dicalcium phosphate or monocalcium phosphate
Method for the preparation of cathode active material and method for the preparation of non-aqueous ...
High luminescence phosphor particles and methods for producing the particles
Zirconium basic carbonate and methods of making the same
Sr-90/Y-90 radionuclide generator for production of high-quality Y-90 solution
High pressure/high temperature apparatus with improved temperature control for crystal growth
Activated carbon for odor control and method for making same
Charger and image forming apparatus
Electrical contact adapter and toner cartridge using electrical contact adapter and method
Transfer power supply apparatus of an image forming machine
Optical waveguide and method of manufacture
Apparatus to induce stress into a fiber optic cable to detect security fence climbing
Neural network for controlling calls in a telephone switch
Dynamic telephone configuration
Random access memory architecture and serial interface with continuous packet handling capability
System for transporting sub-rate data over a communication network
Activity display for multiple data channels over period of time
Method and apparatus for dual pass adaptive tessellation
System, method, and computer program product for sharing bandwidth in a wireless personal area netwo...
Enhanced ARQ with OFDM modulation symbols
Film measurement with interleaved laser cleaning
Switchable color filter
Utility endpoint communication scheme, such as for sequencing the order of meter reading communicati...
Fault monitoring apparatus and method
Program history in a computer programming language
System and method for maintaining text formatting consistency within an electronic document
System for gathering and aggregating operational metrics
System and method for using packed compressed buffers for improved client server communications
Shared and private object stores for a networked computer application communication environment
System and method for digital media navigation and recording
Personal ring tone message indicator
Photonic home area network
Multimedia broadcasting device and a support structure thereof
TV image conversion device for turning computer on or off by means of multimedia remote control
Cable or pipe retrieval and burial apparatus and methods
In situ stabilization of persistent hydrophobic organic contaminants in sediments using coal- and wo...
Storm drain system and method
Marine riser tower
Method of controlling contaminant flow into water reservoir
Fine-grained fill reinforcing apparatus and method
Forklift movable cribbing column
Grout injecting/structure anchoring system
Engineered material buoyancy system and device
Simultaneous development of underground caverns and deposition of materials
Tetrapod control device and method for stabilizing, depositing and retaining windblown particles
Compliant buoyancy can guide
Internal beam buoyancy system for offshore platforms
Multiuse block and retaining wall
Method and kit for detecting, or determining the quantity of, metabolites of fentanyl and metabolite...
Peptide fructose and protein conjugate with the same
Bacterial glycosyltransferase polypeptides involved in antibiotic resistance
Redox polymers for use in electrochemical-based sensors
Method for ligating nucleic acids and molecular cloning
Method of detection and disease state management for renal diseases
Hematology reference control containing an immature granulocyte component
Method for electro-permeabilization of individual cellular and organellar structures and use thereof
Sterialization methods and apparatus which employ additive-containing supercritical carbon dioxide s...
Supercritical carbon dioxide-based cleaning of metal lines
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe sole
Motorcycle footrests
Portion of an article of footwear
Sports equipment conditioning apparatus
Footwear sole
Hosiery having a toe notch and bubble for accommodating a sandal strap
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Outsole of a shoe
Further improved system and methods for computing to support decomposing property into separately va...
Coin feeder
Cash dispensing automated banking machine diagnostic method
System and method for searching and verifying documents in a document processing device
Permanent magnet type rotor and permanent magnet type rotary electrical machine
Methods for voucher and coupon printing
Peer-to-peer distributed gaming application network
Gaming apparatus with novel display technique
Mounting bracket for a gaming machine
Gaming apparatus with a variable display unit and concealing unit to temporarily conceal the variabl...
Biometric gaming access system
Pseudo-random number sequence file for an integrated circuit card
Component for inkjet print head and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid container, liquid using device, printing apparatus, and method of manufacturing liquid contai...
Organic electroluminescent device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Ejecting method and ejecting apparatus
Attachable and detachable continuously supplying ink container
Ink jet device, ink jet ink, and method of manufacturing electronic component using the device and t...
Method for designing a profile die for polymer extrusion
Harness protector and method for producing the same
Soft tactile coating for multi-filament woven fabric
Dimensionally stable polyester yarn for high tenacity treated cords
Die, especially for extruding green ceramic foils
Silicon fixture with roughened surface supporting wafers in chemical vapor deposition
Plastic extruded center tube profile and method of manufacture
Radiation detecting device and method of manufacturing the same
Conductive resin coated steel pipe and extrusion molding method for the steel pipe
Longitudinal shrink films
Extrusion coating compositions and method
Multi-component lacrosse stick head
Method and a device for manufacturing a tool and a tool made by the method
Apparatus for extruding ceramic molding
Extrusion molding apparatus for ceramic molded product
Microcellular foamed fiber, and a process of preparing for the same
Equipment and method for manufacturing honeycomb structural body
Extrusion applicator having rotational operability
Insulated crawlspace vent apparatus, and methods of installing same
Heated compule
Fused ring compounds, and their use as cationic photoinitiators
Continuous fiber of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Structurally chiral materials exhibiting magneto-gyrotropy
Particle beam generator
Methods for the analysis of microcolonies of bacteria and yeast
Rapid identification of conditions, compounds, or compositions that inhibit, prevent, induce, modify...
Ferritin fusion proteins for use in vaccines and other applications
Instrumenting a software program and collecting data from the instrumented software program by type
Scheduling hardware generated by high level language compilation to preserve functionality of source...
System and method for executing tasks according to a selected scenario in response to probabilistic ...
Apparatus and method of generating an XML document to represent network protocol packet exchanges
Self-cooling containers for liquids
Windshield de-icing
Nitride semiconductor device comprising bonded substrate and fabrication method of the same
Ethylenically-unsaturated red anthraquinone dyes
Charge transport monomer, charge transport material, and process for producing the same
Nonaqueous secondary battery
Global load balancing across mirrored data centers
Random number generating circuit
Packet transfer apparatus
Alignment apparatus, exposure apparatus using same, and method of manufacturing devices
Method for determing optical characteristics through a protective barrier
Setting control of bracketing image sensing operation in image sensing apparatus
Display device
Programmable phase shift circuitry
Method of detecting position of mark on substrate, position detection apparatus using this method, a...
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
CPR chest compression monitor
Branch target buffer (BTB) including a speculative BTB (SBTB) and an architectural BTB (ABTB)
Integrated circuit with configuration based on parameter measurement
Method for storage management of storage resource on a storage network
Device for writing and reading data by using cantilever
Charge trapping non-volatile memory with two trapping locations per gate, and method for operating s...
Diffraction grating-based encoded particle
Method for achieving highly reproducible acceleration insensitive quartz crystal oscillators
Microfluidic chip with enhanced tip for stable electrospray ionization
Electrospray emitter for microfluidic channel
Detecting molecular binding by monitoring feedback controlled cantilever deflections
Method for making shaped structures with internally coated cavities
Method for fabricating mesh of tetraode field-emission display
Thermal analyzer with gas mixing chamber
Oxygen delivery agents and uses for the same
Rotationally immobilized dental implant and abutment system
Method and device for determining position of dental implants
System of dental restoration of single stage dental implants and loading with a preformed crown rest...
Compositions and methods involving an essential Staphylococcus aureus gene and its encoded protein
Endosseous dental implant
Topical administration of statins for treatment of bone disorders
Manipulable dental model system for fabrication of a dental appliance
Alumina-zirconia, and methods of making and using the same
System and method for preventing closure of passageways
Methods of screening biological agents
Fluorescent fused-ring triazoles that inhibit cell proliferation and uses thereof
Plastically deformable implant
System for fixing a dental implant
Fluorine-containing material for optical waveguide
Measuring technique
Characterization of clarity and color enhancement agents in gems
Spectral assessment of fruit
Method and device for determination of moisture content and solid state phase of solids using moistu...
Heat dissipation assembly
Method and apparatus for cooling heat-generating structure
Heat dissipating device incorporating heat pipe
Electronic apparatus including printed wiring board provided with heat generating component
Communication device
Fischer-tropsch slurry reactor cooling tube arrangement
Vehicle air conditioning system having door drive mechanism
Slit-type restrictor for controlling flow delivery to electrohydrodynamic thin film evaporator
Optimized heat sink using high thermal conducting base and low thermal conducting fins
Heat exchanger
Plate-type heat exchanger
Low-cost method of forming a heat exchanger with an increased heat transfer efficiency
CPU heat dissipating unit
Heat transfer unit, especially for a motor vehicle
Integral-type heat exchanger
Evaporative heat exchanger and method
MEMS heat pumps for integrated circuit heat dissipation
Manufacturing method of heat exchanger and structure thereof
Apparatus including a thermal bus on a circuit board for cooling components on a daughter card relea...
Simplified mounting configuration that applies pressure force to one central location
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and their uses as anti-cancer agents
Piperidine derivatives and agent comprising the derivative as active ingredient
Substituted tricyclic gamma-carbolines as serotonin receptor agonists and antagonists
Human 5-HT3-C protein
Carboxylic compound and medicine comprising the same
PPAR-activating compound and pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods of preparation
1H-imidazole derivatives having CB1 agonistic, CB1 partial agonistic or CB1-antagonistic activity
Spirosubstituted piperidines as selective melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists for the...
Method for treating obesity
1,8 Naphthyridine derivatives and their use to treat diabetes and related disorders
Substituted imidazo-pyridinones and imidazo-pyridazinones, the preparation thereof and their use as ...
Specific steady-state R-type CA.sup.2+ channel blockers and use thereof
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful for preventing the development of type II diabetes mellitus and sy...
Methods for treating FSH related conditions with GnRH antagonists
Respiratory analyzer for exercise use
Exercise apparatus for lower limb system
Torso exercise methods and apparatus
Apparatus for back therapy and multiple exercises
Foldable transportable multiple function pilates exercise method and apparatus
Adjustable elliptical exercise machine
Exercising machine for working muscles that support the spine
Exercise device with adjustable press arm
Storable exercise apparatus for professional and home use
Elliptical step exercise apparatus
Progresive heart rate monitor display
Low-resistance exercise and rehabilitation chair
Exercise device
Motor/flywheel assembly with shrouded radial cooling fan
Device for exercising abdominal muscles
Dumbbell adjustable in weight
Ski exercising and training apparatus
Collarless barbell sleeve
Exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise equipment with multi-positioning handles
Proprioceptive/kinesthetic apparatus and method
Exercise apparatus and process of manufacture therefore
Omni-directional treadmill
Transportable trampoline system
Floor covering for an animal house
Dairy wastewater treatment
Hymenialdisine or derivatives thereof in the manufacture of medicaments
Antimicrobial compositions formulated for use in cold temperature conditions and methods of use ther...
White, biaxially oriented polyester film
Toilet paper dispenser
Rotary dispenser with extended handle for cream, lotion, gel or liquid
Remote pressure system for portable whipped cream dispensers
Baby bottle package
Plant variety Davidia involucrata named `Aya Nishiki`
Method and installation for continuously preparing caseinate
Method for producing calcium carbonate
Hood intrusion and loss of AC power detection with automatic time stamp
Efficient excitation quantization in a noise feedback coding system using correlation techniques
System and method for monitoring the performance of a heat exchanger
Apparatus and process for manufacturing asphalt
Method for operating storage system including a main site and a backup
Methods in the engineering design and construction of earthen fills
Apparatus and method for digitally controlling plant pot, and method for ordering plant pot deliveri...
Automated container storage and delivery system
Multi-level shipping instructions in manufacturing systems
Energy management system for an appliance
Method, a system, and a device for detecting and for reducing energy leakage from an energy treatmen...
System and method for integrating electrical power grid and related data from various proprietary ra...
Continuous digital background calibration in pipelined ADC architecture
Method for converting A/D, and an A/D converting apparatus
Method for setting an A/D converter
Domino asynchronous successive approximation ADC
A/D converter
Slipping layer containing a branched olefin for a dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer
Image receiving material for electronic photograph
Recording paper and label paper using the same
Multilayer film
Heat-sensitive recording material
Catheter grip
Precombustion chamber ignition device made of a material with high thermal conductivity for an inter...
Cartridge munition, particularly one of medium caliber
Methods and systems for controlling a height of munition detonation
Disk drive having a two-stage actuator for suppressing a flying-height fluctuation
Carriage arm assembly for locating magnetic head, and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
System and apparatus for assembling hard disk drive integrated lead suspensions to arm electronics c...
Disk drive
Head slider having pads formed on rail surfaces
Flying type thin-film magnetic head
Inductive head and magnetic disk apparatus
Write head design with improved bump to control write saturation
Magnetic thin film sensor based on the extraordinary hall effect
Breather filter at down-stream of re-circulation filter
Disk drive to implement a seek operation utilizing a deceleration velocity profile that mathematical...
Positioner for positioning head on a disk
Compensator for a synchronous sampling time-base servo system
Magnetic tape, magnetic tape cartridge, magnetic tape drive, and method for recording data on magnet...
Multi-channel magnetic tape system having optical tracking servo
Systems and methods for efficient writing of low-RRO phase-burst servo patterns
Method for improving servo performance in a disk drive having tracks with mini servo wedges
Load/unload operation control method and storage apparatus
Brushless motor and disk drive apparatus
Disk drive employing multiple index marks
Method and apparatus for determining embedded runout correction values using feedback
Method and apparatus for determining embedded runout correction values when self-servo writing or pa...
Disk drive using a timer to arbitrate periodic serial communication with a power driver
Balancing a rotatable body in multiple planes using invertible balancing plugs
Head stack assembly including a trace suspension assembly backing layer and a ground trace for groun...
Track identification codewords having multiple bit error correction capability and generalized gray ...
Method and system for controlling MRAM write current to reduce power consumption
Detection of fly height change in a disk drive using head drag
Disk drive for optimizing write current settings relative to drive operating characteristics and amb...
Method and apparatus for providing a user selectable start-up current in a disk drive
Methods and compositions for cellular and metabolic engineering
Substituted benzopyran derivatives for the treatment of inflammation
Visual function disorder improving agents
Carbamate derivatives, process for producing the same and use thereof
Device and a method for an infrared image analyzing autofocus
16-hydroxyestratrienes as selectively active estrogens
Heterocyclic compounds
2,4-dioxo-3-quinazolinylaryl sulfonylureas
Halo-alkoxycarbonyl prodrugs
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis and use
Region of factor IXa protease domain that interacts with factor VIIIa and methods therefor
Peptides containing the motif IGD and their use as cell migration modulators
Originating a billed transaction for an origin telephony device
Handheld laser scanner
Object identification uses prediction of data in distributed network
Virtual private network mechanism incorporating security association processor
Electronic identifier payment systems and methods
Self-contained business transaction capsules
Value driven integrated build-to-buy decision analysis system and method
Method and system for accurately reporting battery capacity
Content protection ticket system and method
Data security system and method
User authorization management system using a meta-password and method for same
Method and system for providing content delivery to a set of participating content providers
Systems for an integrated data network voice-oriented service and non-voice-oriented service converg...
Systems and methods for staging transactions, payments and collections
System for providing cardless payment
Initial product offering system
System and method for advertising with an internet voice portal
Auto-configuration of hardware on a portable computing device
System and method of exchanging identification information for mobile stations
Apparatus and accompanying methods for providing, through a centralized server site, a secure, cost-...
Multicasting in ATM-networks
Use of pseudonyms vs. real names
User-identifier translator and linking apparatus for XML-based services and corresponding method
Method of receiving selected mail at Internet mail device
Parsing of nested internet electronic mail documents
System and method for preventing delivery of unsolicited messages on an SMS network
Local bit select circuit with slow read recovery scheme
Multi-core communications module, data communications system incorporating a multi-core communicatio...
System and method for distributed real-time search
Semiconductor device
Electric heat therapy technique and instrument
Vertical skein of hollow fiber membranes and method of maintaining clean fiber surfaces while filter...
System and method for providing temporary stimulation therapy to optimize chronic electrical perform...
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with differing sized anode and cathode...
Display methods for liquids having optical effects
Method for preparing a halogenated olefin
Monolith catalytic reactor coupled to static mixer
Azo compound and process of producing the same, and novel compound and process of producing azo comp...
Method of dispersing an insoluble material in an aqueous solution and an agricultural formulation
Composition containing a cross-linkable matrix precursor and a poragen, and porous matrix prepared t...
Phosphate transport inhibitors
Reducing PEM fuel cell hard freeze cycles
Feed mixer for a partial oxidation reactor
Method of making open cell material
Molded touch fasteners and methods of manufacture
Portable lumbar traction device
Grain threshing device
RF return optical transmission
Simulating program instruction execution and hardware device operation
Nasal masks
On-line measurement and control of polymer product properties by Raman spectroscopy
Alpha-olefin/propylene copolymers and their use
High impact polymer compositions
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer made with a non-single-site/single-site catalyst combination, its ...
Olefin polymerization process to produce branched polymer compositions
Polypropylene films
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising an amphoteric surfactant an alkoxylated cetyl alcohol and a p...
Vasoconstrictor cannabinoid analogs
Compositions and methods comprising long-chain, straight-chain 2-amino-3-hydroxyalkanes
Inhibitors of cathepsin S
Method and apparatus for encoding image data in accordance with a target data size
Method and apparatus for using a frequency difference to adjust a target bit for bit counting
Method, system, and program product for feedback control of a target system utilizing imposition of ...
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
Martial arts focus target in the shape of a face
Method of regulating a target system using a frequency comparison of feedback and reference pulse tr...
Bax-responsive genes for drug target identification in yeast and fungi
Method for controlling the performance of a target system
Method and apparatus for target object extraction from an image
Device for irradiating a target with a hadron-charged beam, use in hadrontherapy
System, method and equipment for reading information on a target
Laser shock peening target
Applicator for distributing a substance onto a target surface
Linear sweeping magnetron sputtering cathode and scanning in-line system for arc-free reactive depos...
Tantalum sputtering target with fine grains and uniform texture and method of manufacture
Bull's eye target device
System for controlling gas turbine by adjusting a target exhaust temperature
Conductive materials with electrical stability and good impact resistance for use in electronics dev...
Conductive carbon filled polyvinyl butyral adhesive
Class D amplifier
Monolithic class D amplifier
Operational transconductance amplifier input driver for class D audio amplifiers
Amplifier circuit
Time driven wavelength conversion-based switching with common time reference
Gateway for connecting telecommunications networks and a corresponding method
Soft-switching techniques for power inverter legs
Switching power supply circuit
Non-isolated DC-DC converters with direct primary to load current
Frequency converter and radio communication apparatus
Combined AC-DC to DC converter
Switching-bursting method and apparatus for reducing standby power and improving load regulation in ...
Analogue to digital converter
Analog to digital converter calibration via synchronous demodulation
Drive apparatus, control method for the drive apparatus, storage medium storing a program controllin...
Five-level feed-back digital-to-analog converter for a switched capacitor sigma-delta analog-to-digi...
Audio reproducing device and method, audio amplifier, and integrated circuit for audio amplifier
Dual-mode PFM boost converter
Method and apparatus to switch operating modes in a PFM converter
Bi-directional multi-port inverter with high frequency link transformer
DC to AC inverter with single-switch bipolar boost circuit
Converter with synchronous rectifier with ZVS
Composition containing calcium carbonate particles dispersed in sulfur for removing nitrate nitrogen
Recycled tire pipe fluid purification process and apparatus for liquids including stormwater
Method of separating liquid from liquid laden solid material
Process for cleaning wash water
Method and apparatus for generating a sterile infusion fluid
High performance continuous reaction/separation process using a continuous liquid-solid contactor
Modified hollow-fiber membrane
Filtration apparatus
Blood conditioning device
Method for removal of impurities in cyclic siloxanes useful as precursors for low dielectric constan...
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Centrifuge having multiple rotors
Determining stimulation levels for transcranial magnetic stimulation
Data migration method and a data migration apparatus
iSCSI storage management method and management system
Integrated service management system
Semiconductor production system
Data logging by storage area network devices to a reserved storage area on the network
Method and system for monitoring events in storage area networks
Method and system for monitoring embedded disk controller components
Packet switching apparatus including cascade ports and method for switching packets
Moving platform position determination system and method
Beamformer for multi-beam broadcast antenna
Tuner of the type having zero intermediate frequency and corresponding control process
Method for estimating the frequency shift of a CPFSK signal
Analog FSK modulator for a radio transmitter
Dual boundary pressure zone three dimensional microphone and hearing aid
Method for reducing distortion in a receiver
Hearing aid device attachable to an eyeglasses bow
Hearing aid having second order directional response
Multi-coil coupling system for hearing aid applications
Behind-the-ear hearing aid
In situ processing of hydrocarbon-bearing formations with automatic impedance matching radio frequen...
Methods and apparatus for fastening a set of heatsinks to a circuit board
Integrated power modules with a cooling passageway and methods for forming the same
Liquid cooling system
Centrifugal fan type cooling module
Systems, apparatus and method for reducing dust on components in a computer system
System for airflow management in electronic enclosures
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with heat emission system
Heat dissipating housing with interlocking chamfers and ESD resistance
System for stripping and rectifying a fluid mixture
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger having air drying device
Plate fin for heat exchanger and heat exchanger core
Heat exchanger
Cooling arrangement for an offshore wind energy installation
Heat dissipating device
Heat sink
Apparatus and method for cooling engine coolant flowing through a radiator
Method for determining binocular balance and disorders of binocularity of an individual or clinical ...