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Imaging volume data
Correcting digital images using unique subjects
Circuit for correction of white pixel defects and an image sensor using the circuit for correction o...
Personal authentication system and method thereof
Method and apparatus for segmenting small structures in images
Display of image data information
System and method for determining convergence of image set registration
Enterprise-wide data access techniques
Image analysis systems and devices for use therewith
Image processing method using conditions corresponding to an identified person
Systems and methods for enhancing the viewing of medical images
Image processing device and method for controlling the same
Local change of an image sharpness of photographic images with masks
Method and apparatus for producing a representation of a measurable property which varies in time an...
Liquid crystal process defect inspection apparatus and inspection method
Flow cytometer for differentiating small particles in suspension
Pig sensor arrangement for high voltage coating system
Concentration measuring instrument, concentration measuring contact apparatus, concentration measuri...
Controlling resonant cells of a composite material
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Optical signal-to-noise monitor having increased coherence
Simulation for pulse oximeter
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Optical system for measurement
Systems to view and analyze the results from diffraction-based diagnostics
Method of in-situ monitoring of crystallization state
System and method of broad band optical end point detection for film change indication
Method for determining ion concentration and energy of shallow junction implants
Ellipsometer or polarimeter and the like system with beam chromatic shifting and directing means
System for scatterometric measurements and applications
Apparatus for high resolution imaging of moving organs
Optical imaging of blood circulation velocities
Tissue interrogation spectroscopy
Methods for diagnosing a neurodegenerative condition
Energy management of a video capsule
Advanced synchronous luminescence imaging for chemical and medical diagnostics
Colonic polyp discrimination by tissue fluorescence and fiberoptic probe
Systems and methods for investigating intracranial pressure
Accommodating subject and instrument variations in spectroscopic determinations
Fluid separation methods using a fluid pressure driven and/or balanced approach
Packing made from a film-like laminate and process for production of this packing
Pattern for absorbent paper
Proximity detection circuit and method of detecting capacitance changes
Packet of tissues
Container with non-everting handgrip
Methods for screening and identifying host pathogen defense genes
Topical wound dressing and method of making same
Variable region of the monoclonal antibody against the HBV S-surface antigen and a gene encoding the...
Anti-metasin antibodies and their methods of use
Variable heavy chain and variable light chain regions of antibodies to human platelet glycoprotein I...
Modified cytokine
JTT-1 protein and methods of inhibiting lymphocyte activation
Composition and method for preserving progenitor cells
Nutritional supplements
Peptide Y-2
Anti-allergic complex molecules
Systemic administration of Hypocretin-1
Conjugate for modifying interactions between proteins
Sphingosine kinase enzyme
Foam composite for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Method of determining cytokine dosage for myelosuppressive state
Vapor fraction from seeds of Glycine max (L.)Merr. and composition thereof
Immune system reconstructor composition
Enriched platelet wound healant
Pulmonary administration of dry powder formulations for treating infertility
Alkene oligomerization process
Hot-melt adhesive having improved bonding strength
Method of mechanical softening of sheet material
Apparatus for applying a liquid coating onto an object
Method for improved bond strength in an elastomeric material
Metering drum for an automatic accumulation system
Pre-moistened wipe product
Absorbent articles
Method for wetting and winding a substrate
Personal product emergency kit
Method and apparatus for imaging a paper web
Variable position constant force packaging system and process for using same
Soft paper product including beneficial agents
System and method for controlling the dispense rate of particulate material
Ion triggerable, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Multiple component web
Disposable excreta management device
Method for simulating a dynamic force response and method of calibration
Method of evaluating the performance of a product using a virtual environment
Deactivating a data tag for user privacy or tamper-evident packaging
Player tracking communication mechanisms in a gaming machine
Method and system for photographic gaming
System and method for playing a game including a mortgaging option
Fuel supply system installed inside fuel tank
Fan cooled seal seat
Liquid dispensing device
Motor rotor and manufacturing method thereof
Coupling structure for tandem motor
Electric compressor
Blower muffler and vibration isolation
Rotor and bearing system for a turbomachine
Remote closed system hydraulic actuator system
Heat-dissipating device and a housing thereof
Apparatus for preventing the backflow of gas of scroll compressor
Apparatus and method for increasing the ratio of air to fuel of engine
High pressure pump
Multiphase centrifugal compressor
Reciprocating compressor having anti-collision means
Multi-phase centrifugal supercharging air induction system
Terminal block assembly for a hermetic compressor
Fuel supply pump having inner lubricating groove
Turbocharger with hydrodynamic foil bearings
Strategies for analyzing pump test results
Guitar body
Guitar body
Angelfish guitar body
Soulfish guitar body
Stratofish guitar body
Fast look-up of indirect branch destination in a dynamic translation system
Fault-tolerant computer system, re-synchronization method thereof and re-synchronization program the...
System and method of controlling software decompression through exceptions
Write queue descriptor count instruction for high speed queuing
Method and system for integrating a computer aided dispatch system with an emergency medical dispatc...
Communication system and communication apparatus building the system
Method of transmitting messages between two computers connected to a network and corresponding messa...
System and method for processing complex computer instructions
Reduced instruction set computer architecture with duplication of bit values from an immediate field...
Method and apparatus for autonomically moving cache entries to dedicated storage when false cache li...
Ink jet recording apparatus and controlling method with selective clock signal supply
Profiling program execution to identify frequently-executed portions and to assist binary translatio...
Fuel cell electrocatalyst of Pt-Rh-Mo-Ni/Fe
Method and process with refractory shelf for hydrodynamic mixing zone
Method of enhancing the activity of FCC catalysts
Separation of isobutene non-reacted during polymerization of isobutene
Producing hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon containing materials when treating a hydrocarbon containi...
Process for making, and use of, anionic clay materials
Preventing network data injection attacks
Method and system for ordering, loading and using access tickets
Security system
Computer program product for transforming streaming video data
Synchronized personal video recorders
Method for controlling an in-flight entertainment system
Content control in a device environment
Web content customization via adaptation Web services
Method and apparatus for continuation-passing in a virtual machine
System, method, and computer-readable medium for displaying keyboard cues in a window
Method, system and program product in a model-view-controller (MVC) programming architecture for int...
System and method for real-time observation assessment
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
System and method for software download to wireless communication device
Architecture for secure remote access and transmission using a generalized password scheme with biom...
Verification system for confidential data input
System and method for automatic digital certificate installation on a network device in a data-over-...
Local and global register partitioning in a VLIW processor
Recording apparatus, recording method, storage medium, program and communication apparatus
Data storage medium with certification data
System, apparatus and method for sharing media
PRO697 polypeptides
Morpholin-acetamide derivatives for the treatment of inflammatory diseases
Ligand for vascular endothelial growth factor receptor
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of STAT3 expression
Fused bicyclic amide compounds and medicinal use thereof
Depsipeptide compound
Human tumor necrosis factor TR21 and methods based thereon
Compounds capable of modulating the activity and stimulating the production of a catalytic antibody
Compounds from Antrodia camphorata having anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity
3-substituted urea derivatives and medicinal use thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting faults in steam generator system components and other continuous ...
Control of rolling or moving average values of air pollution control emissions to a desired value
Knowledge management system and method
Artificial intelligence trending system
Method of fabricating a fractal structure for constructing complex neural networks
Apparatus and method for text segmentation based on coherent units
Picornaviruses, vaccines and diagnostic kits
Cyclic sulfone containing retroviral protease inhibitors
Von Willebrand Factor (Vwf)-cleaving protease
Methods for using amino acids with affinity for the
Prodrugs of 3-(pyrrol-2-ylmethylidene)-2-indolinone derivatives
Fused-ring compounds and use thereof as drugs
3-nitrogen-6, 7-dioxygen steroids and uses related thereto
Long lasting glucagon-like peptide 2 (glp-2) for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and diso...
Binding molecules for human factor VIII and factor VIII-like proteins
Human cAMP-dependent protein kinase beta-catalytic subunit
Fluorometric assay for detecting nucleic acid cleavage
Masp-2, a complement-fixing enzyme, and uses for it
Methods of making decomposable thin films of polyelectrolytes and uses thereof
Method for producing yeast expressed HPV types 6 and 16 capsid proteins
Solid wound healing formulations containing fibronectin
Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses of the fluid channels of a subje...
Decomposition architecture for an MCU
Method and system for dynamic message registration by a service controller
Mobile communication terminal and electro-acoustic transducer used for the same
Method and system for tracking facilities related information
Self-learning intelligent call routing gatekeeper
Instant video- and voicemail messaging method and means
Transaction processing
Current sense circuit in a line powered network element
Method and apparatus for a differential feedback in an active impedence feedback circuit
Low-power reconfigurable hearing instrument
Method and apparatus for non-disruptive telecommunication loop condition determination
Caller controlled network-based timed ring suppression
Method and apparatus for an intelligent telephone prefix dialer
Digital communication translator
Telephone and private branch exchange
System for caller control over call routing paths
Methods and systems for providing dynamic routing key registration
Method and apparatus for performing conferencing services and echo suppression
Method of conference calling supplemental service using intelligent peripheral in intelligent networ...
Vandal proof intercom system for apartment buildings
Caller identification employing a digital content set
Integrated information processing system for geospatial media
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Navigating a UAV with on-board navigation algorithms with flight depiction
Communication device
Roadway travel data exchange network
Fully automated vehicle dispatching, monitoring and billing
Handwritten and voice control of vehicle components
System and method for transportation vehicle monitoring, feedback and control
Wireless vehicle-monitoring system operating on both terrestrial and satellite networks
Wheel lifted and grounded identification for an automotive vehicle
Intelligent selectively-targeted communications systems and methods
Collision prevention system for vehicles
Mobile body communication device
Rumble strip responsive systems
Thematic response to a computer user's context, such as by a wearable personal computer
Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates
Highly concentrated fabric softener compositions and articles containing such compositions
Liquid detergent composition comprising a polymer having a carboxyl group and an alkyleneoxy group
Detergent supply system for a self-cleaning kitchen hood
Liquid detergent composition
Process for producing detergent particles
Aqueous detergent composition containing ethoxylated fatty acid di-ester
Method and apparatus for low temperature pyrometry useful for thermally processing silicon wafers
Method and apparatus for use of reacted hydrogen peroxide compounds in industrial process waters
Helmet reinforcement system
Maintaining pre-computed aggregate views incrementally in the presence of non-minimal changes
Integrated circuit devices having on-chip adaptive bandwidth buses and related methods
Matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization (MALDI) sample plate releasably coupled to a sample ...
Semiconductor junction formation process including low temperature plasma deposition of an optical a...
Absorber layer for DSA processing
Carnation plant named `CFPC Evermore`
Method and circuit to combine cache and delay line memory
Earloop for telecommunications headset
Axially constrained RF probe coil
Memory device for use with cellular telephones
Memory device with release button for use with cellular telephones
Media spooler system and methodology providing efficient transmission of media content from wireless...
Simultaneous screening of multiple analytes
Rotating shaft conical fluid dynamic bearing
Stackable magnetic-plate game piece design
Method for video enabled electronic commerce
Thermally movable plastic devices and toys
Gaming device having an indicator selection with probability-based outcome
Toy cushion for childcare
Self-dispensing bullet trap buffer block
Target game
Optical disc device
Gaming system spacer assembly for a shared symbol display
Graphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal
Graphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal
Video recorder
Digital video disc recorder
Enclosed cabinet for audio/video components
System and method for restoring computer systems damaged by a malicious computer program
Method and system for authenticating and authorizing requestors interacting with content servers
Web site identity assurance
Taking ownership of a part-physical, part-virtual device
System and method for managing network service access and enrollment
Technique for synchronizing deliveries of information and entertainment in a communications network
Method and apparatus for providing interactive media presentation
Geographically specific signal communications receiver
Method and apparatus for determining scope of content domain
Prostaglandin compositions and methods of treatment for male erectile dysfunction
Polyesteramine ingredient and use of same
Indium supplement compositions and methods therefor
Transdermal thermal polymerization
Cruise control warning system
Method for the classification of an occupancy status of a vehicle seat
Process for controlling front or rear spoilers
Personal mobility vehicle control system with input functions programmably mapped to output function...
System and method for detecting a collision using a continuous mode hidden Markov model
Method and system for assisting driver of motor vehicle with deceleration control
Sensor mounting apparatus for minimizing parasitic stress
Restraint system for a mobile machine
Airbag system having multiple collision determining circuits
Adjustable front wheel assembly for vehicles
Power transmission apparatus of four wheel drive apparatus
Power-operated clutch actuator for torque transfer mechanisms
Vibration isolating mount device
Hydrostatic drive apparatus for a road vehicle
Vehicular pedal supporting structure
Steering angle control of independent rear clutches in a four-wheel drive vehicle
Coaxial steering and suspension for motorcycle
Engine governor system
Hybrid vehicle controller
Chassis supported track assembly
System and methods for processing biological expression data
Human emulation robot system
Interstitial microwave antenna with miniaturized choke hyperthermia in medicine and surgery
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Microdischarge devices and arrays having tapered microcavities
Hybrid maize 35A30
Inbred corn line W16090
Hybrid maize 38W21
Hybrid maize 39F59
Mutant allele of tomato
Cotton cultivar DP 408 BGII
Plants having high plant map values
Globulin 2 regulatory region and method of using same
Plant genes encoding pantothenate synthetase
Methods and constructs for plant transformation
Transgenic plants synthesizing high amylose starch
Homogentisate prenyl transferase gene (HPT2) from arabidopsis and uses thereof
Transgenic mouse for targeted recombination mediated by modified Cre-ER
Dressing based on the Teorell-Meyer gradient
Polypeptides and nucleic acids encoded thereby
Programming framework including queueing network
System controlling exclusive access by control programs to system resources
Broken symmetry for optimization of resource fabric in a sea-of-platform architecture
Inter-SCO navigation
Test circuit provided with built-in self test function
Scalable network attached storage (NAS) testing tool
System for finding and removing errors using a serial bus for a microcontroller
Monitoring system and method for monitoring and processing data transmitted between a host and a man...
Generic architecture and system for a programmable serial port having a shift register and state mac...
Method to detect a temperature change by a thermal monitor and compensating for process, voltage, te...
Secure server architecture for web based data management
Ambiguous virtual channels
Apparatus and method for managing memory defects
Edge adapter architecture apparatus and method
Allocating singles and bursts from a freelist
Method and apparatus for decorrelating a random number generator using a pseudo-random sequence
Method of increasing system availability by splitting a system
Element management system with adaptive interfacing selected by last previous full-qualified managed...
Method and apparatus for monitoring tool performance
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Optical waveguide switch and method of manufacturing the same
Interferometric modulator and display unit
High frequency power amplifier and wireless communication module
Test socket, method of manufacturing the test socket, test method using the test socket, and member ...
Matching unit and plasma processing system
Semiconductor device having an alignment mark formed by the same material with a metal post
System, method and apparatus for improved electrical-to-optical transmitters disposed within printed...
Semiconductor device with temperature control mechanism
Structures and methods for heat dissipation of semiconductor integrated circuits
Microelectronic assemblies having compliant layers
Secure digital memory card using land grid array structure
Flipchip QFN package
Optical device, optical module, semiconductor apparatus and its manufacturing method, and electronic...
Field effect transistor with electroplated metal gate
Method of forming a chalcogenide memory cell having a horizontal electrode and a memory cell produce...
Tunable wavelength laser
Thermosetting resin composition
Fully planarized dual damascene metallization using copper line interconnect and selective CVD alumi...
Manufacturing method for short distance wiring layers and long distance wiring layers in a semicondu...
Manufacturing of a semiconductor device with a reduced capacitance between wirings
Ultra-miniature in-vivo electrode used for measuring bioelectrical neural activity
Charging device using a charge roller and image forming apparatus including the same
Charging device, image forming process cartridge, and image forming apparatus including the charging...
Fiber optic damage detection system for composite pressure vessels
Water bottom cable seismic survey cable and system
EMI filter capacitors designed for direct body fluid exposure
Magnetophoretic and electromagnetophoretic displays
Method of thermal printing
Molecular light valve display having sequenced color illumination
Fluorinated polymer
Moisture cured reactive hot melt adhesive with monofunctional reactants as grafting agents
Print media products for generating high quality images and methods for making the same
Aqueous electrodeposition paints and the production and use thereof
Ambulation control apparatus and ambulation control method of robot
Robotic vacuum with removable portable vacuum and semi-automated environment mapping
Mobile system and driving method thereof
Attitude control device of mobile robot
Legged mobile robot
Implant forming method
Aligned particle based sensor elements
Impatiens plant named `Imtralave`
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and manufacturing method therefor
Cobalt oxide particles and process for producing the same, cathode active material for non-aqueous e...
Molecular nanowires from single walled carbon nanotubes
Polymerization employing diacyl peroxide made in aprotic solvent
Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Method for processing a blood product with a bag set having a multi-way connector
Methods and systems for converting waste into energy
Hexa-valent chromium removal from aqueous media using ferrous-form zeolite materials
Fluid tank
Foam removal device
Method of boron removal in presence of magnesium ions
Modular waste water treatment system
Combination depth and phase separation membrane filter
Technique for enhancing the effectiveness of slurried dense media separations
Signal processor with a plurality of kinds of processors and a shared memory accessed through a vers...
Communication apparatus and control method of the same
Communication method and apparatus, server and client on network, and program codes realizing commun...
Secure media on demand system whereby charge is determined in part from the periodicity of an encryp...
Sheet handling apparatus which inserts insert sheets between recording sheets having image formed th...
Toner supplying container with shutter position/detection portion sensor feature and image forming a...
Image forming apparatus capable of accomplishing uniformity in glossiness
Power unit and image forming apparatus provided with same mounted thereto
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using an electrophotographic process
Image forming apparatus
Method and device for forming a derived digital signal from a compressed digital signal
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and storage medium
Stereoscopic image forming apparatus, stereoscopic image forming method, stereoscopic image forming ...
Image-quality determination method, image-quality determination apparatus, image-quality determinati...
Radiological imaging apparatus and method
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the same
Anamorphic converter, lens device using the same, and image-taking device using the same
Light amount control apparatus, photographing apparatus, and filter
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing system
Adaptive method for reducing power consumption in a standby mode of a digital radio communication sy...
Apparatus, and associated method, for reporting a measurement summary in a radio communication syste...
Portable telephone system and communication control method for portable telephone set
Method for assessing the characteristics of a network for mobile telecommunications apparatuses
Method and device for selecting parameters for a cellular radio communication network based on occur...
Method and apparatus for enabling and rewarding wireless resource sharing
Systems and methods for determining signal coverage
Method for securing the operation of a receiver, and a radio apparatus
Frequency tuning of radio transceivers
Communication system and communication device
Optimized method of transmitting multimedia content
Portable radio apparatus
System for the transmission of signals to or between underwater installations
Apparatus and method for assigning a common packet channel in a CDMA communication system
Data transmission method and apparatus in relay transmission type radio network
Radio telecommunications system with improved use of air interface (II)
Facsimile communication method
Local handwriting recognition in a wireless interface tablet device
Converter for radio wave reception and antenna apparatus
Radio antennas
Tri-band antenna for digital multimedia broadcast (DMB) applications
Fluorine-containing bisphenols, their preparation, their precursors and intermediates, and use of th...
Process and device for manufacturing an aromatic alkylene polymer
Method and system for processing waste
Methods and apparatus for removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
Labeling adhesive
Production of a composite material having a biodegradable plastic substrate and at least one coating
Statistical methods for detecting TCP SYN flood attacks
Method and system for information retrieval from query evaluations of very large full-text databases
Multi-mode controller
Cellular telephone download locker
Blocking electronic mail content
System and method of using human resources data to generate printed products
Methods and systems for email attachment distribution and management
Electronic stockroom and catalog
System and method for logical modeling of distributed computer systems
System and method for enabling instant messaging on a mobile device
Method for receiving data using SMS and wireless internet and system thereof
Method and apparatus for a hybrid mobile terminal
System and method of providing mobile phone broadcasting service utilizing CBS
System and method for image analysis of slides
Apparatus for continuous joining and/or welding of material webs using ultrasound
Cover for an air bag device
3,5-dioxa-12-azawurtzitane compound and process of preparing same
Anti-static, anti-smearing pre-stretched and pressed flat, precision-cut striped flexible coverings ...
Computing system with operational low power states
Technique and electronic circuitry for quantifying a transient signal using threshold-crossing count...
Tissue electroperforation for enhanced drug delivery
Precision release agent management system
Process cartridge having a guide member with a flexible portion
Image forming device for improved belt cleaning
Closed loop control of nip pressure in a fuser system
Wrinkle prevented thermal fixing device and image forming apparatus
Optical packet routing network system based on optical label switching technique
Lithographically built optical structures
Polymer optical waveguide
High density fiber optic cable
Fiber optic drop cables and preconnectorized assemblies having toning portions
Visual display with electro-optical individual pixel addressing architecture
Optical module, and optical transmission device
Viscometer tube
CMOS image sensor having prism and method for fabricating the same
Optical sensor with co-located pressure and temperature sensors
Process for the preparation of racemic citalopram and/or S-or R-citalopram by separation of a mixtur...
N-alkylated GABA compounds, processes for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Guide roller for a stamping machine
Rotating grate for the combustion of slag producing fuel
Method and system for managing risks
Device for treating food wastes
Artificial ore and coating material or refractory block containing the artificial ore
Method for multiple lift stacking using mobile conveyor system
Dual-mode transmitter
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Practical orbit raising system and method for geosynchronous satellites
Voice activated alerting system for aircraft crew
Forward pivoted full flying control tail boom
Aircraft excessive fuel dumping ejection parallel to flight direction
Arrangement of a safety and information device on at least one passenger seat in a passenger cabin o...
Arrangement in catapult
Lamp monitoring and control unit and method
Anti-inflammatory androstane derivative
Well fluids and methods of use in subterranean formations
Off-line teaching device
Laser-welding teaching device and method
Method for positioning a welding robot tool
Robot remote control system
Automated biological plate spreader
Method of manipulating and assembling automotive frame, chassis, and body
Semiconductor-manufacturing apparatus equipped with cooling stage and semiconductor-manufacturing me...
Method and device for attaching support sections for rubber seals to automobile body parts and corre...
Tactile feedback laser system
Link drive mechanism and industrial robot using the same
Coating plant and associated method of coating an object
Robot cleaner and a method for controlling the same
Actuating device, particularly for an articulated arm
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for wet and dry cleaning
Remote service center
Hand and handling robot
Method and apparatus for controling the advance movement of a joining tool
Surgical camera robot
Procedure and means for replacing and procedure for repairing a section of a pipe in the primary cir...
Apparatus for and method of aligning a structure
Structurally integrated antenna aperture and fabrication method
Structurally integrated phased array antenna aperture design and fabrication method
Data detection for local probe data storage devices
Fiber optic cable sensor for movable objects
Use of wicking means to manage fluids on optical level sensing systems
Optical transducer for detecting liquid level and electrical circuit therefor
Device for the detection of substrates stacked with a specific spacing
Method and apparatus for reducing crosstalk interference in an inline Fabry-Perot sensor array
Design and fabrication methodology for a phased array antenna with integrated feed structure-conform...
Method and system for determining location by implication
Method for measuring material level in a container using RFID tags
Proximity sensing based on antenna impedance variation
Apparatus and method for shutting down fuel fired appliance
Method and apparatus for measuring a parameter of a fluid flowing within a pipe using an array of se...
Folding knife with device to aid in opening
Soft propylene-based resin composition
Substrate holding device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
Dishwasher having spray arms and a circulation pump
Knife handle
Large cutlery tray
Image forming apparatus
Spectrometer for measuring inelastically scattered light
Hepatitis C viral antigen immunoassay detection systems
Male fertility assay method and device
Non-anaphylactic forms of allergens and their use
Device and method for sample collection
Specific and sensitive nucleic acid detection method
Antibodies to hepatitis C virus asialoglycoproteins
Derivatives, conjugates, and antibodies for detecting ecstasy-class analytes
Digital spectral identifier-controller and related methods
Conserved motif of hepatitis C virus E2/NS1 region
Hepatitis C receptor protein CD81
Oxazole compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Hetero cyclic metallocene compounds and use thereof in catalyst system for producing olefin polymers
Dental material storage and delivery system and method
Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomers and polymers, anti-reflection film materials and resist c...
Metal 8-hydroxyquinoline-functionalized polymers and related materials and methods of making and usi...
Polymers containing oxygen and sulfur alicyclic units and photoresist compositions comprising same
Polymer electrolyte
Thermoplastic norbornene resin based optical film
Thermoplastic norbornene resin based optical film
Process for synthesis of organometallic compounds
Olefin polymerization catalyst and polymerization process
Nonaqueous secondary cell
Dual display liquid crystal display device, method of operating the same, and mobile communication t...
Display unit and electronic apparatus including a backlight disposed between two display surfaces
Plane light source structure for planar display
Method for producing a bioactive bone cement and bone cement kit
Device and a method for contacting a liquid with a gas
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Liquid crystal display device
Method for detecting a propensity of an individual to respond effectively to treatment of interferon...
Novel gene
Angiogenesis using hepatocyte growth factor
Use of a parathyroid hormone peptide analogs for the treatment of viginal atrophy
Method and system for introducing a gene into a human stem cell
Human trophoblast stem cells and use thereof
Thermostable reverse transcriptases and uses thereof
Expression profile of prostate cancer
Interleukin-8 homologous polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Transposon-based vectors and methods of nucleic acid integration
Ocular delivery of polymeric delivery formulations
RTVP-GliPR-like compositions and methods for the detection, treatment and prevention of prostate can...
Novel composition and methods for the treatment of immune disorders
Compositions comprising immunoreactive reagents and saponins, and methods of use thereof
Use of apotosis inhibiting compounds in degenerative neurological disorders
Means and methods for the recruitment and identification of stem cells
Methods of treating skin and mucosal tissue atrophy using compositions including tensioning polymers
Extracorporeal blood treatment system using ultraviolet light and filters
System and method of active neuro-protection for detecting and arresting traumatic brain injury and ...
Treatment with omega-3 fatty acids and PPAR agonist and/or antagonist and a combination product ther...
Substituted sulfonylaminoarylmethyl cyclopropanecarboxamide as VR1 receptor antagonists
Aporphine and oxoaporphine compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Heterocyclic compounds as inhibitors of factor VIIa
Quinazoline protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Substituted aryl 1,4-pyrazine derivatives
(R)-8,9-dichloro-2,3,4,4a-tetrahydro-1H,6H-pyrazino[1,2-a]quinoxalin-5-one for controlling IOP and t...
Use of alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists
Hexahydrodiazepinones as dipeptidyl peptidase-iv inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabe...
Estrogen receptors
Pharmaceutical Compositions of Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitor
Use of cytisine for enhancing physical performance
Therapies and compositions for controlling the stress mechanism and for stabilizing hemostasis in an...
Peptide yy analogs
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displ...
Pyroglutamic acid derivatives and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA...
Protein inhibiting aggregation of beta amyloid peptide
Molecular optical air data systems (MOADS)
Real-time, high frequency QRS electrocardiograph
Image forming apparatus with moveable cleaning or transfer member
Efficient quantum computing operations
System and method for coordinated remote activation of multiple software-based options
High frequency fixing apparatus
Methods and systems for display and analysis of moving arterial tree structures
Low frequency feedback controlled audio system
Increased data storage in optical data storage and retrieval systems using blue lasers and/or plasmo...
Inverter control device for driving a motor and an air conditioner
Switching power supply
3 Dimensional slab rendering system method and computer-readable medium
Device and method for identifying a component surrounded by an outer package
Tunable antenna circuit, particularly for contactless integrated circuit reader
Ferromagnetic object detector
Active device for damping the vibrations of a vibrating element
Variable-frequency high frequency filter
Resonator, filter, communication apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Support frame for container trailer
Multiple cavity/compartment package
Miniature electrically operated solenoid valve
Composite piston
Method of making difluoromethane, 1,1,1-trifluoroethane and 1,1-difluoroethane
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Dispatch method and system
Stacked adhesive optical sensor
System and method for lithography simulation
Method for VLSI system debug and timing analysis
Security access based on facial features
System and method providing configuration services for communications devices
Scalable storage and processing of hierarchical documents
Tunable add/drop node for optical network
Hex tube light homogenizer splitter
Polymers having low levels of long chain branching and methods of making the same
Electronic device with a source region and a drain region of a reset transistor and driving method t...
Crosslinked polymer
Inhibition of complement activation
Network support for mobile handset screen customization
Tray for dental impression material
Method of facial coding monitoring for the purpose of gauging the impact and appeal of commercially-...
Method and apparatus for detecting acoustic oscillations in cardiac rhythm
FEC enhanced system for an optical communication network
PICA system detector calibration
Hardware self-sorting scheduling queue
Interference cancellation method and receiver
Machine and method for inspecting ferrule of optical connector
Video signal processing circuit, viewfinder apparatus, television camera, and image monitor apparatu...
Digital radiograph analyzer and methods
Door lock and operation mechanism
Transmission cable structure for GHz frequency band signals and connector used for transmission of G...
Battery charger with protection circuitry
Magnetic rotation transmitting device, hermetic stirring unit, and electric furnace
Semiconductor device
Enhanced visibility heat alert safety device for hot surfaces
Installation of cured in place liner with inner impermeable layer and apparatus
Piling apparatus and method of installation
Hydro-pneumatic tensioner with stiffness altering secondary accumulator
Apparatus, systems and methods for erecting an offshore wind turbine assembly
Apparatus and method for horizontal subsea connection
Floating construction for launching pipelines even in low-depth conditions
Cradle for item transportation and storage, especially watercraft storage
Vessel provided with a device for removing and/or installing a sub-structure of a drilling or produc...
Synthetic fuel plant
Human orphan G protein-coupled receptors
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 10, the encoded polypeptides and met...
Methods of treating inflammation using antibodies to M-CSF
Ion channel
Control system and apparatus for use with laser excitation of ionization
Benzoxathiepine derivatives and their use as medicines
G protein-coupled receptor antagonists
Sulfonamide derivatives
Phosphinic pseudopeptide derivatives for the selective inhibition of the C-terminal active site of a...
Nucleic acid molecules encoding a transmembrane serine protease 9, the encoded polypeptides and meth...
Yeast cells engineered to produce pheromone system protein surrogates and uses therefor
Detecting receptor oligomerization
Treatment of rosacea
Method of using an adenoviral vector encoding a retinoblastoma protein to treat hyperproliferating c...
Apparatus and method for inserting an intra-aorta catheter through a delivery sheath
High-Q pulsed fragmentation in ion traps
Mycobacterial proteins, microorganisms producing them and their use for vaccines and the detection o...
Protective composite yarn
Glove having molded rubber palm pattern with a portion that rolls over fingertips
Amplifying medium for solid-state dye lasers
Shadow mask for cathode ray tube
Multilayer optical coating
Tag interrogation with observable response signal
High linearity doherty communication amplifier with integrated output matching unit
Systems for protecting internal components of an EUV light source from plasma-generated debris
Liquid ink and recording apparatus
Use of ammonia for etching organic low-k dielectrics
Diagnosing system for an x-ray source assembly
WISP polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Polythiophenes, block copolymers made therefrom, and methods of forming the same
Mechanical enhancement of dense and porous organosilicate materials by UV exposure
Pure carbon isotropic alloy of allotropic forms of carbon including single-walled carbon nanotubes a...
Variably impregnated flexible graphite material and method
Membrane electrode assemblies with hydrogen peroxide decomposition catalyst
Fuel cell manifold seal with rigid inner layer
Vacuum assisted startup of a fuel cell at sub-freezing temperature
Apparatus and method for dynamic control of an enthalpy wheel in a fuel cell system
Thin film supporting substrate for used in filter for hydrogen production filter and method for manu...
Combustible gas detection system
Clamp apparatus
Method of producing a fragile substrate container
Noble metal-containing supported catalyst and a process for its preparation
Covalently bonded catalyst carrier and catalytic component
Single cell for a solid oxide fuel cell
Fuel cell assembly
Proton conducting membranes for high temperature fuel cells with solid state "water free" membranes
Fuel cell using non-linear positive temperature coefficient material
Fuel cells
Hard masking method for forming patterned oxygen containing plasma etchable layer
Distributed power generation system, and power supply system and power supply method utilizing the s...
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Animal accident reduction systems, methods, and apparatuses
Processes to prepare small molecular thiophene compounds
Method and apparatus for forming a thin semiconductor film, method and apparatus for producing a sem...
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Antireflective member and electronic equipment using same
Automatic lens design and manufacturing system
Delivery system for post-operative power adjustment of adjustable lens
High refractive index polymeric siloxysilane compositions
IOL Implantation
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymers
Reactive yellow dyes useful for ocular devices
Accommodating intraocular lens
Bifocal multiorder diffractive lenses for vision correction
Semiconductor laser structure
Oral care appliance (electric tongue)
Peach tree named `Galactica`
Ageratum plant named `Agalib`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Pink Morning`
Canna plant named `Balcanyel`
Impatiens plant named `Butly Laver`
Impatiens plant named `Butly Saley`
Phygelius plant named `YAPCOR`
Method for controlling the stability of emulsions
Minimally compliant, volume-efficient piston for osmotic drug delivery systems
Exercise methods and apparatus
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Apparatuses and methods for vision assistance
Treadle scooter
Carrier rack system
Hub clutch device for bicycle
Hybrid ventilated garment
Wheeled shovel
Bicycle computer enclosure
Earth handling apparatus operable by an all terrain vehicle (ATV)
Product selection and training guide
Video encoding
Force feedback devices using fluid braking
Stop list generation systems and methods based upon tracked PCD's and responses from notified PCD's
Flexible shaft with a helically wound data cable supporting a smooth outer sleeve for eddy current p...
Microwavable metallic container
Molded safety seat
Heat treatment system using superheated steam
Method for recording and reproduction on a magneto-optical recording medium
Systems for correcting slow roll
Apparatus and method for solution plasma spraying
Process for the direct conversion of lactones into unsaturated ketones or aldehydes
Porous material formation by chemical vapor deposition onto colloidal crystal templates
Highly heat-resistant inorganic fiber-bonded ceramic component and process for the production thereo...
Precision polysilicon resistor process
Combinatorial chemical synthesis
Riser reactor system for hydrocarbon cracking
Porous sintered composite materials
Electrophoretic display and process for its manufacture
Methods for making microporous ceramic materials
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having metal silicide
Dispensing container
OB fusion protein compositions and methods
Heterocyclic arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Substituted amine derivatives and methods of use
Cell-based drug screens for regulators of gene expression
Substituted amine derivatives and methods of use
Substituted arylamine derivatives and methods of use
Nuclear hormone receptor drug screens
Osteoprotegerin binding proteins
Method and device for reducing vibrations on rotating parts, and vibration-damped rotating part
Sheet-guiding device for a printing machine
Packing for a sheet-guiding cylinder in a processing machine
Turning bar
Device for fixing a cover on a cylinder of a printing unit
Device for conveying empty rolls
Sheet-processing machine having a suction air producing device
Device for feeding or removing a printing plate including a pivotal plate storage device having a li...
Device for detecting edges of sheet-shaped materials
Type font
Plasma cutting apparatus and control unit thereof
T-gib dynamic balancer weight guide
Tool pack assembly
Apparatus for and a method of an intermittent feeding of a strip shaped blank to a press
Light emitting device having selenium-based fluorescent phosphor
Generator of time-variable magnetic fields of a magnetic resonance device and magnetic resonance dev...
Q-factor switching method and apparatus for detecting nuclear quadrupole and nuclear magnetic resona...
RF coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimizing gradient coil and rf coil coupling
Method and apparatus to improve signal-to-noise ratio without compromising field-of-view for simulta...
Computer readable magnetic resonance method calculating on-line gradients during imaging
Mobile magnet actuator
Superconductor cables and magnetic devices
Method and apparatus for quadrature detection and MRI system
Method and system for reducing coupling in magnetic resonance RF coil arrays
Probe head for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Methods and devices for hyperpolarising and melting NMR samples in a cryostat
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus having moving magnets
Method and system for image artifact reduction using nearest-neighbor phase correction for echo plan...
Parallel imaging based on expanded unfolding technique
Shielding apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Capacitance and transmission line measurements for an integrated circuit
Systems, methods and apparatus of an actively shielded superconducting magnet drift compensation coi...
Method and system of MR imaging with variable readout gradient filtering
PRO1312 polypeptides
Compounds and methods for fluorescent labeling
Sequences of an I.sub.h ion channel and use thereof
Humoral testing unit and a humoral testing apparatus
Angiogenically effective unit dose of FGF-2 and method of use
Compositions for separating molecules
Use of glycuronic polysaccharides and oligosaccharides as phytosanitary products and/or fertiliser
Serum-free medium for mesenchymal stem cells
Seat mounting rail, particularly for a commercial aircraft
Electrical loop flushing system
Ultrasonic mouth washing tool
Device for testing and/or treating ears
In-store self-checkout machine
Artificial fish eye
Artificial fish eye
Eyewash unit
Filter block
Foot bath
Suture needle
Device for holding up a beating heart
Surface pattern for a pantiliner
Knee brace
Specimen cup
Opposing dental model base
Dental model base with a plurality of indexing pins
Portable multi media player
Dimerdiol derivatives and composition of matter including the dimerdiol derivatives
Grid type electrostatic separator/collector and method of using same
Defect-free semiconductor templates for epitaxial growth
Device for collecting statistical data for maintenance of small-arms
Sprocket for a silent chain and method of manufacturing the same
Pivoting chain guide and tensioner assembly
Trigonometry calculator
Tool coupling for rotating tool
Underdrain for filtration membrane
Method and apparatus for the storage and redistribution of electrical energy
Kavalactone profile
Thickened quaternary ammonium compound sanitizer
Benzene and naphthylene derivatives and their use as UV screening agents
Combination toilet bar composition
Diglycosidase isolated from microorganisms
Use of odorants to alter blood flow to the vagina, and article of manufacture thereof
Sunscreen compositions
Hair wax product with reduced density
Foam inserts for handbags
Nasal aromatherapy dispenser clip
Organoleptic compositions: use of 3-mercapto alkanoic acid esters as flavor ingredients
Voice communication concerning a local entity
Method and apparatus for configuring the read-range of an RFID label or tag
Method and apparatus for embedding digital watermarking into compressed multimedia signals
Embedding auxiliary signals with multiple components into media signals
Communication management system and method
Methods and systems for real-time, interactive image composition
Contractile unit having a position sensor means
System having a screen and an external power supply unit
Portion of a drawer of a service cart
Child supporting apparatus for attachment to a shopping cart
Table saw cart
Garbage can
Basketball basket container
Electronic steam iron
Handle for a cleaning appliance
Dirt separation module
Vacuum cleaner separation module
Vacuum cleaner
Hand operated powered scrubbing device with an on-board cleaning solution tank
Portable electric blower
Washing machine
Golf ball fetch toy
Canine shoe
Bird snuggery
Finger portion of a golf glove
Cookware handle holder
Mechanical embossing texture differentiation between chemically restricted areas and non-restricted ...
Remote control
Water tank filter and purifier
Two-level operating system architecture
Printing with credit card as identification
Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method thereof and optical communication apparatus
System and method of dynamic service composition for business process outsourcing
Absorbent structures comprising coated super-absorbent polymer particles
Coloring composition for image formation and method for improving ozone resistance of color image
Aqueous polymer blend composition
Fabric treatment compositions comprising organically modified particles
Polymer composition
Image-forming method and developer
Thermocrosslinkable resin dispersion
Photothermographic material and image forming method using the same
Fuels compositions for direct injection gasoline engines
Phenolically blocked polyurethane prepolymers
Thermosensitive lithographic printing plate
Photopolymerizable composition
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Thin-layer-covered golf ball with improved velocity
Decorative bottle accessory