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Retractable applicator system
Methods for identifying novel therapeutics and diagnostics in the p53 pathway
Apparatus and method for three dimensional image reconstruction
Apparatus and method for optical interconnection
Electrophoresis member, production thereof and capillary electrophoresis apparatus
Multiple riser reactor
Method for preparing 6-aminomethyl-6, 11-dihydro-5h-dibenz[b,e]azepine
Perfluoropolyether-modified silane, surface treating agent, and antireflection filter
Process for the production of purified terephthalic acid
Process for the recovery of phosphorus and iodine containing catalyst components
4,4'-dihydroxyphenyl bicyclohexenes
Process for producing foamed body of thermoplastic resin, mold for forming same and foamed body of t...
Methods of manufacturing photomask blank and photomask
Sandwich assays for collagen fragments
Process for stabilizing enzymes with phosphine or phosphite compounds
Methods of reducing fluid loss in a wellbore servicing fluid
Fountain solution concentrates
Surface tension control agent for coating material and coating material containing same
Cationic catalyst system
Garment with embedded data
Image forming method and system
Optimization of a binary tree traversal with secure communications
Ferrite core for RFID application, method of manufacturing the same, and ferrite coil using the same
Sample imaging
DC level wandering cancellation circuit
System for multi-standard RFID tags
Graduated stiffness for electrical connections in tires
Radio frequency identification RFID tag
Control of packaged modules
Antenna system embedded in a support structure for interrogating a tire sensor transponder
Methods and apparatus for facilitating cable locating
Multifunction apparatus
Multiprotocol RFID reader
Lithium primary battery
Battery cell with improved pressure relief vent
Lithium secondary battery
Method for the production of p-hydroxybenzoate in species of pseudomonas and agrobacterium
Personal warming systems and apparatuses for use in hospitals and other settings, and associated met...
Method for treating cancer using p38/JTV-1 and method for screening pharmaceutical composition for t...
Multilayer capacitor
Rawhide pet chew
Hydraulic cushioning of a variable valve timing mechanism
Stabilizing crosslinked polymer guars and modified guar derivatives
Stand-up vertical field MRI apparatus
Method and apparatus for passive shimming of magnets
NMR MAS electret spin rate detection
Power circuit of a coil and probe and NMR spectrometer comprising such a circuit
Low resistance shield
Temperature correction of wigglers and undulators
Magnetic coil design using optimization of sinusoidal coefficients
Dressing on a cylinder or a transfer cylinder as well as printing units of a printing press
Calcium receptor modulating agents
Thiazolyl urea compounds and methods of uses
Denture and process for manufacturing artificial teeth for dentures
Pharmaceutical composition comprising an extract of Elfvingia applanata for the prevention and the t...
Use of a supplemental promoter in conjunction with a carbon-supported, noble-metal-containing cataly...
Arylbis(perfluoroalkylsulfonyl) methane and metallic salt thereof, and methods for producing the sam...
High-temperature gas sensors
Papermaker's forming fabric with machine direction stitching yarns that form machine side knuckles
Vehicle lamp
Coated substrate with high reflectance
Process for producing fluorinated vinyl ether
Color image forming devices for use in color printers
Reverse sitting commode
Manually powered vehicle having improved steering
Mobile terminal apparatus
Support device for hitch mounted accessories
Bicycle shift operating device
Decorative grip and method for manufacture
Release mechanism for trigger shifters
Posture and exercise seating
Bicycle pump valve
Flexibilized resorcinolic novolak resins and method of making same
Apparatus for receiving broadcast data, method for displaying broadcast program, and computer progra...
System for managing traffic patterns using cellular telephones
Route guidance learning device
Mounting apparatus for parameter measuring device
Adjustable gas spring suspension system
Polymer and epoxy resin compositions
Polyisobutylene-based block anionomers and cationomers and synthesis thereof
System, apparatus and method for correcting vision with an adaptive optic
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and metho...
Thin-film battery having ultra-thin electrolyte and associated method
Bifacial elongated solar cell devices
Dye sensitized solar cell and method for manufacturing dye sensitized solar cell
High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
Systems and methods for reducing the influence of plasma-generated debris on the internal components...
Deep fiber network with high speed data and video on demand
Operation of a continuous heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase partial oxidation of at least one orga...
Manufacturing process for storing and transferring evaporation material
Methods and compositions for modulating proteins modified in preconditioning against ischemia/hypoxi...
Benzodiazepine CGRP receptor antagonists
Substituted imidazo[1, 2-a]-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropyridine-8-ones, method for their production and the u...
Method for the synthesis of s-indoline-2-carboxylic acid and application thereof in the synthesis of...
Dye-forming coupler, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and azomethine dye compound
MOS type semiconductor device having electrostatic discharge protection arrangement
Solid state relay and method of operating the same
Solid state relay for switching AC power to a reactive load and method of operating the same
Antenna device
Optical element, optical pickup unit, and optical disk drive unit
Developing cartridge and an electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus that incorporates the developing apparatus
Dynamic lane, voltage and frequency adjustment for serial interconnect
Robust signal transmission in digital television broadcasting
Apparatus adapted for attachment to a wall surface for non-visible containment of audio, video and p...
User interface for an electronic trading system for a computer screen
MP3 player
Snap-in golf tee
Method for producing fluoroalkyl ether
Optical phase modulation
Stateless redundancy in a network device
Image display system, image registration terminal device and image reading terminal device used in t...
Semiconductor work-in-process (WIP) dispatch management methods and systems
Test circuit and method for testing an integrated memory circuit
Interactive method of providing analysis of potency and purity of pharmaceutical compounds
Method and a device for demagnetising objects
Flowmeter specification and ordering system
DC conversion apparatus
Hierarchical method of power supply noise and signal integrity analysis
Power converters having capacitor resonant with transformer leakage inductance
Magneto-optical disk with protective layer, and optical disk device
Optical head
Calibration storage methods for a digital focus and tracking servo system with calibration
Determination of molecular structures using tandem mass spectrometry
Ink disposal in cartridges
Display unit comprising one large and one small display and electronic apparatus
Electrodes, methods, apparatuses comprising micro-electrode arrays
Monoclonal antibodies specific for buprenorphine and metabolites thereof
Circuit arrangement
Desloratadine salts, process for their synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
System for providing a medical device with anti-microbial properties
Protection of the female reproductive system from natural and artificial insults
Enteral formulation
(Pyrimidinyl) (phenyl) substituted fused heteroaryl p38 inhibiting and PKG kinase inhibiting compoun...
Indole derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Amidino compounds useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Automatic microbial air sampling system and method
Reading stand
Continuously variable transmission
Method for monitoring accumulated body fatigue for determining recovery during exercise or activity
Therapeutic exercising apparatus and the method for the neck
Fold-out treadmill
Expander type exercise device
Method and apparatus for a tunable diode laser spectrometer for analysis of hydrocarbon samples
In vivo joint space measurement device and method
Surface proteins from gram-positive bacteria having highly conserved motifs and antibodies that reco...
Multimer forms of mono-and bis-acylphosphine oxides
Process for fabricating a high density multi-layer microcoil
High surface area substrates for microarrays and methods to make same
Programmable logic integrated circuit devices with low voltage differential signaling capabilities
Image signal processing device, digital camera and computer program product that perform white balan...
Wide dynamic range and high speed voltage mode sensing for a multilevel digital non-volatile memory
System and method for establishing a communication path associated with an MPLS implementation on an...
Packet transfer apparatus having network address translation circuit which enables high-speed addres...
Method and system for facilitating location-based services
Network system having a virtual-service-module
Optimization of sample plan for overlay
Method for making a semiconductor structure using silicon germanium
N-substituted tricyclic 3-aminopyrazoles as inhibitors for the treatment of cell proliferative disor...
Ballistic injection NROM flash memory
Ballistic injection NROM flash memory
Statistical method and system for taking performance measurements
System and method for measuring audio processing attributes in a computer system
Methods and systems for analyzing software reliability and availability
Type bridges
Declarative solution definition
Computer system and method for supporting network-enabled devices
Vehicle partition
Embedded digitization system
Nonwoven fabric having improved performance
System and method for highly directional electronic identification and communication and combat iden...
High throughput high-yield vacuum deposition system
Radar system using RF noise
Metal-substituted transistor gates
Contactless power transfer system
Fibers providing controlled active agent delivery
Anti-theft device for motorized vehicles
Method of multiple attenuation
Welding gun having rotational swivel coupling
Glow discharge and photoionizaiton source
High-efficiency radial piezoelectric motor
State monitoring of a container
Service transaction monitoring system, method, and device
Detecting targets in heterologous mixtures
Method and apparatus for secure immediate wireless access in a telecommunications network
Wireless data communication protocol diagnosis system
Methods and systems for controlling handoffs in a wireless communication system
Data-capable network prioritization with reject code handling
Method for allocating wireless resource in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus to select a channel using performance metrics
Method and system for providing supervisory control over wireless phone usage
Dual port wireless modem for circuit switched and packet switched data transfer
Method and system for supporting wireless network services in a network through another network havi...
Coordination of beam forming in wireless communication systems
Precise sleep timer using a low-cost and low-accuracy clock
Method of changing a frequency band of a wireless communication device according to identity of a de...
Method and apparatus for automated personality transfer for a wireless enabled handheld device
Dynamic, live surface and model elements for visualization and modeling
Pipe fitting for liquid or steam
Phosphatases which activate map kinase pathways
Miniature rose plant named `Meivoufal`
Process and composition for producing self-cleaning surfaces from aqueous systems
Organic electroluminescent display device and chemical compounds for liquid crystals
Driving circuit for light emitting elements
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Driving apparatus and method for active matrix organic light emitting display
Light emitting device
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent device and method for fabricating the same
Organic Electroluminescence device suppressing brightness unevenness
Organic EL display panel comprising electrode separator and its manufacturing method
Organic electroluminescent display having two reflecting portions for reducing intensity reflectance...
Reducing undesirable absorption in a microcavity OLED
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `BIG BIRD`
Hosta plant named `Magic Fire`
Poplar tree named `Curly Poplar`
Kalanchoe plant named `KJ 2003 0785`
Kalanchoe plant named `KJ 2003 0852`
Kalanchoe plant named `KJ 2003 0855`
Rose plant named `Evera 131`
Alstroemeria plant named `Lucca`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yojenna`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogwendolyn`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Top`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodiana`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Joy`
Sycamore maple tree named `Tunpetti`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Flash`
RSA cryptographic processing apparatus for IC card
System and methods for a vernam stream cipher
Digital video authenticator
Method for setting up radio bearer in mobile communication system
Mask for protecting a face
Dog bed
Two-handled leash
Washing machine
Electric vacuum cleaner body
Upright vacuum
High-pressure cleaner
Roller wiper
Extendable snow rake
Waste receptacle
Trash can
Trash can
Cart handle
Cart handle
Inter-domain network management system for multi-layer networks
Method and system for evaluating quality of service for streaming audio and video
Digital home electronic device system for checking in advance if selection by user is trustworthy ba...
System and method for constructing a user application's advanced configuration and power interface (...
System, method and computer program product to populate data into spreadsheets and execute functions...
Remote access and retrieval of electronic files
Method and device for increasing security during data transfer
Sugar-derived gellant for hydrogel formation
Method for manufacturing calcium gluconolcatate compositions, processes and uses
Double-stranded RNA (DSRNA) and method of use for inhibiting expression of the AML-1/MTG8 fusion gen...
siRNA targeting survivin
Anti-obesity polypeptides
Process for producing humanized chimera antibody
Processes for preparing of glucopyranosyl-substituted (ethynyl-benzyl)-benzene derivatives and inter...
Compositions and methods for modulating expression of gene products
Process for the preparation of doxifluridine
Native antibiotic resistance genes
Starch esterification method
Vectors and methods for improved plant transformation efficiency
Schizophrenia related gene
Coordinated decrease and increase of gene expression of more than one gene using transgenic construc...
Plant transcriptional activator and uses thereof
Citrus tristeza virus resistance genes and methods of use
DNA encoding insecticidal Cry9Fa Bacillus thuringiensis proteins and recombinant hosts expressing sa...
Novel nucleic acid encoding beta-1,3-glucanase from lily
Real time monitoring of TCP flows
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Quantum lilypads and amplifiers and methods of use
MEMS multi-directional shock sensor with multiple masses
Reactive composite projectiles with improved performance
System and a method of solid storage and dissolution of a catholyte for use in electrochemical cell
Multi-frequency sythesis using symmetry in arrays of coupled nonlinear oscillators
Global laser rangefinder profilometry
Applications of light movable liquid crystal
Optical communication system and method thereof
Imaging optical device, in particular binoculars or telescope
Fresnel lens sheet and rear projection screen
Refractive boundary elements, devices, and materials
Complex optical element and method for manufacturing thereof
Imaging lens system
Image pickup module, method of manufacturing the same, and spacer with infrared ray cut film
Collapsible lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Method and architecture for consolidated database search for input recognition systems
System and method for identifying substrate side
Decoupling of analog input and digital output
Coherent phase data segment layout in data storage device
Predicting loss of frequency lock between a motor control circuit and a motor
System and method for ballizing and measuring a workpiece bore hole
Housing with a rail shaped to reduce impact damage
Perpendicular magnetic recording media with magnetic anisotropy/coercivity gradient and local exchan...
Preventive recovery from adjacent track interference
Method and apparatus for recovery of the association of construct definitions with logical volumes i...
Web page rendering mechanism using external programmatic themes
Plasma display panel having sustain electrode arrangement
Method and system for ensuring accurate font matching in documents
Operator compartment step arrangement for a materials handling vehicle
Systems and methods for modulating autonomic function
Macro-based dynamic discovery of data shape
Chrysanthemum plant named `Frosty Yojeanette`
Variable optical attenuator
Cell-based biosensor for harmful airborne agents
Dual damascene process with dummy features
Transferring data along with code for program overlays
Isolated post-translationally modified mammalian proteins for monitoring and diagnosing muscle damag...
Leash assembly with bag roll in handle
Linear transformation of symbols to at least partially compensate for correlation between antennas i...
Dispenser for supplying portions of pasty masses
Benzoylcyclohexenone derivatives
Separator unit and fuel cell with separator unit
Method for testing an integrated semiconductor memory with a shortened reading time
Consumable authentication protocol and system
Current measurement circuit for transformer with high frequency output
PWM controller with automatic low battery power reduction circuit and lighting device incorporating ...
Phenoxypropylamine compounds
System and method for signaling quality and integrity of data content
System and method for improving backup performance of media and dynamic ready to transfer control me...
Multiple cache communication and uncacheable objects
Method and apparatus for providing updated time at a data processing system
Method and system for job management
Apparatus for automatically generating source code
Method and apparatus for maintaining the status of objects in computer networks using virtual state ...
Complementary adenoviral vector systems and cell lines
Methods for the treatment of thrombosis
Enveloped virus vaccine and method for production
Composition and method for treatment of hypertriglyceridemia
Antibodies to a cathepsin C homolog
Inhibition of apoptosis in keratinocytes by a ligand of p75 nerve growth factor receptor
Peptides and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of the ductal epithelium of a mammary gland for cancer
Pharmaceutical composition containing brevifoliol for use in chemotherapeutic treatment of human bei...
Heterofunctional copolymers of glycerol and polyethylene glycol, their conjugates and compositions
Frequency plan for GPS receiver
Apparatus for reducing auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak CDMA signals
Arrangement for dynamic DC offset compensation
Multi-stage filter circuit and digital signal processing circuit employing the same
Capture verification using an evoked response reference
System and method of printing labels
System and method for presenting independent variable geometric relationships
Method for managing congestion in a network switch
Geographic information systems using digital watermarks
Collection management database of arbitrary schema
System and method of using a pipe advertisement for a peer-to-peer network entity in peer-to-peer pr...
Searching system, searching unit, searching method, displaying method for search results, terminal u...
Audiovisual information management system with multiple user identifications
Intelligent retrieval and classification of information from a product manual
Pattern-based software design
Super-continuum UV source
Superconducting magnet system with quench protection circuit
Film resource manager
Method for determining chemical content of complex structures using X-ray microanalysis
High-resolution magnetoencephalography system, components and method
Sensitivity encoding MRI acquisition method
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of metal layer
Sliding bathroom sink drawer
Gift bag
Vehicle exhaust tip
Raceway with downwardly facing receptacles
Decorative electrical switch
Awning head rod molding
Wall light fixture
Motorcycle mouth guard
Methods and apparatus for type safe, lazy, user-defined class loading
Load balancing technique implemented in a data network device utilizing a data cache
Systems and methods for providing hardcopy secure documents and for validation of such documents
Developer storage device and image forming apparatus
System for determining the position and orientation of a catheter
Method and apparatus for damping an ultrasonic transducer suitable for time of flight ranging and le...
Microwave detection apparatus
Cantilever and straddle x-ray tube configurations for a rotating anode with vacuum transition chambe...
Compiling method, apparatus, and program
Wide scanning x-ray source
Combined pet carrier and gym bag
Nuclear imaging
Pet helmet
Automated laminate inspection method
Telephone conferencing device
Badge for displaying multiple and interchangeable pieces of information
Bird feeding apparatus
Casingless food production methods, systems, and associated wrappable coverings
Conveyor chain
Amino-acid iodine complex
Method for production of archidonic acid
Browning agent
Method and apparatus for making a hand held food product
Food oven
Method for controlling a cooking process
Device for achieving a temperature controlled heating of solid food by indicating a temperature chan...
Pasteurized uncooked batters and refrigerated ready-to-bake batters, and the methods of manufacturin...
Uht treated 100% non-dairy whipping cream
Low pH aerated products
Process for producing a frozen aerated composition
Method and device for treating milk, in particular breast milk
Apparatus for the selectively shrinking a film wrapped around a product
Preparation of a beverage suitable for consumption
Tea process
Grape extract, dietary supplement thereof, and processes therefor
Balanced vegetable oil composition
Oil-in-water type emulsion
Cream compositions and food foams made therefrom
Fat compositions for use in food
Edible emulsions
Novel frankfurter configuration
Antimicrobial and anticancer lipopeptides
Method and System for a Customer to Place an Order with a Human Order Taken in a Customer-Selected L...
Internet friendly proxy server extending legacy software connectivity
Subpixel Rendering Filters for High Brightness Subpixel Layouts
Conversion of a sub-pixel format data to another sub-pixel data format
Use of polymeric microparticles in building material mixtures
Lighting assemblies
Novel wax emulsion coating applications
Transmission adjusting balance device for a dental molding powder mixing machine
Use of a derivative of aspartic acid as a collector in froth flotation processes
Stable microemulsion concentrate for delivery of a bioactive biocide/disinfectant/fungicide/fragranc...
System and method for forming labels
Multilayer resin film, a resin-coated metal sheet, a method of manufacturing a multilayer resin film...
System and method for forming gloss and matte transparent labels from a common film and emulsion set
Compositions for impregnating paper products and natural fabrics and methods, processes and assembla...
Abradable dry powder coatings on piston assembly components
Fiber dispersant-containing systems
Polymer, a method for producing the polymer, and a cement admixture using the same
Novel polymer and cement admixture using the same
Plants synthesizing a modified starch, a process for the generation of the plants, their use, and th...
Hydro-seeding mixture
Tire having tread including glass fibers and particles having Moh's hardness of at least 5
Method and apparatus for downhole artificial lift system protection
Resist curable resin composition and cured article thereof
Fragrance composition
Solid pesticide compositions with extended stability
Adapter for mounting a faceplate of a first style to an electrical outlet cavity of a second style
Combining NMR and density measurements for determining properties of reservoir fluid
Process for the preparation of (3r,3as,6ar)-hexahydrofuro [2,3-b] furan-3-yl (1s,2r)-3-[[(4-aminophe...
Method for the production of hydrogen-containing gaseous mixtures
Modified pigment products and black matrixes comprising same
Actively heated aluminum baffle component having improved particle performance and methods of use an...
Automated water processing control system
Fold protection for spiral wound filter element
Filter housing
Low water recovery rate desalination system and method
Portable purifier for potable liquids
Substrate holding apparatus, substrate holding method, and substrate processing apparatus
Method of storing labile species
Microporous composite membrane and its production method and use
Binding molecules capable of neutralizing rabies virus and uses thereof
Reductase gene and use thereof
Composition for measuring residual chlorine concentration
Method of cleaning cover glass having spacer
Sulphur-containing oils for controlling plant pathogens and stimulating nutrient uptake
Process for the recovery of alkoxysilanes obtained from the direct reaction of silicon with alkanols
Plants containing a heterologous flavohemoglobin gene and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for making porous agarose beads
Traditional chinese medicine preparation for cardio-cerebral blood vessel diseases and its preparing...
Administering pharmaceutical compositions to the mammalian central nervous system
Transfer factor preparations and associated methods
Treatment of aspirin resistance with radix salviae mitiorhizae, its extract and composition
Compositions for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, skin allergic conditions and acne
Method for treatment of cartilage disorders with centella extract
Method for lowering blood pressure in pre-hypertensive individuals and/or individuals with metabolic...
Novel peptide compositions and their use in particular in the preparation of pharmaceutical composit...
Method for producing an in vitro expression library
Granular controlled release agrochemical compositions and process for the preparation thereof
Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Formulations comprising antisense nucleotides to connexins
Formulations comprising antisense nucleotides to connexins
STAT3 agonists and antagonists and therapeutic uses thereof
Pharmaceutical composition comprising alpha-lipoic acid for inflammatory diseases
Genes overexpressed by ovarian cancer and their use in developing novel therapeutics
Hiv polynucleotides and polypeptides derived from botswana mj4
Method and apparatus for post-processing of a 3D image data record, in particular for virtual colono...
RTD receptor
Sialidase inhibitors for the treatment of cardiovascular disease
System and method for dynamic mirroring of a network connection
Web-based system for managing software assets
Database system including center server and local servers
Flat display device
Radiation-emitting chip and radiation-emitting component
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric substance thin film and ferroelectric memory using the ferroel...
Positioning device for microscopic motion
Antibodies to JTT-1 protein and cells secreting such antibodies
Elevated microwaveable carton and susceptor portion and methods
Electrode for use in lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Method of securing programmable logic configuration data
Semiconductor device manufacturing
Materials handling vehicle
Transtracheal oxygen stent
Collection management system
Aglaonema plant named `Calypso`
Skincare composition against free radicals
Optical transmission systems including optical protection systems, apparatuses, and methods
Grease composition and rolling apparatus
Yellow Star Seedless
Method and system for changing the executable status of an operation following a branch mispredictio...
Interface for an enterprise resource planning program
Concurrent PPRC/FCP and host access to secondary PPRC/FCP device through independent error managemen...
Transaction breakdown feature to facilitate analysis of end user performance of a server system
Catalyst composition
Unsaturated ester as perfuming ingredient
Method and device for checking the error-free function of modules in a bus system comprising a centr...
Disk cartridge
Apparatus and method for refurbishing used cartridges for ink jet type imaging devices
Hoof trimming stall
Parent unit for babyphone
Microcapsule well treatment
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
Olefin polymerization process with improved operability and polymer properties
Method, system and apparatus for transferring toner images to both sides of a recording medium
Image processing device, printing control device, image processing method, and recorded medium
Sequences of hepatitis C virus genotypes and their use as therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Power supply system and liquid crystal display device having the same
Disk drive having a servo control system optimized for faster determination of repeatable runout cor...
Recording apparatus having discoid record mediums
Interconnect structure having multiple layers of traces for electrical connection to a tape head ass...
Hydrodynamic bearing and disk recording/reproducing apparatus having a vent inside a fixed shaft
Plastic spacer and disk clamp assembly
Patterned magnetic recording head with termination pattern having a curved portion
Head for perpendicular recording with a floating trailing shield
Sliders bonded by a debondable encapsulant comprising different polymers formed via in situ polymeri...
Disk device and slider
Disk device
Permalloy sensor having individual permalloy resist pattern runners with lengths perpendicular to a ...
Method to make abutted junction GMR head without lead shunting
Magnetoresistive element, magnetoresistive head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Self-pinned spin valve sensor with stress modification layers for reducing the likelihood of amplitu...
Exchange coupling film and magnetoresistive element using the same
Spin valve sensor having a nonmagnetic enhancement layer adjacent an ultra thin free layer
Adaptive domain stabilization for magnetic recording read sensors
Magnetic tunnel junction device and its method of fabrication
Disk drive coupling apparatus for rigidly coupling a disk drive to a chassis of a computer
Storage stable thyroxine active drug formulations and methods for their production
Device and method for fecal testing
Calcium-independent phospholipase A2 induces ischemic ventricular arrhythmias and decreases infarcti...
Quinazolinone and benzoxazinone derivatives and uses thereof
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting 6-heterocyclylmethyl quinoline and quinazoline derivatives
Opioid receptor antagonists
Lactam tachykinin receptor antagonists
Thia-and oxazoles and their use as ppars activators
Substituted 3-(benzoylureido) thiophene derivatives, processes for preparing them and their use
Bicyclic heterocycles for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases
Alstroem syndrome gene, gene variants, expressed protein and methods of diagnosis for Alstroem syndr...
Pyrrolidines as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Phenol derivatives and method of use thereof
Sertraline hydrochloride form II and methods for the preparation thereof
Method for removal of flux and other residue in dense fluid systems
Attenuating filter for ultraviolet light
Confocal microscope apparatus
Array refracting element and exposure device
Controller for data recorder
Optical disk apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatus for detecting a pre-pit signal
Optical pick-up apparatus
Optical recording method and medium
Semiconductor laser device and optical disc drive
Semiconductor laser device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Short wavelength diode-pumped solid-state laser
Waveguide laser
Tension-controlled fiber optic tuning and isolating device
Optical element, optical module, and optical transmission device
Adaptive correction of wave-front phase distortions in a free-space laser communication system and m...
Laser printer
Road surface state estimating system and road surface state measuring apparatus
Apparatus, systems and methods for printing dimensionally accurate symbologies on laser printers con...
Method and apparatus for activating alternative virtual private network protocols
Method and apparatus for high performance branching in pipelined microsystems
Processor, data processing system and method for synchronzing access to data in shared memory
Software management method for a storage system, and storage system
Allocating cache lines
Method and apparatus for multistage volume locking
Information storing method for computer system including a plurality of computers and storage system
Integrated circuit memory device having write latency function
Flexible queue and stream mapping systems and methods
Nonvolatile memory
Method and apparatus for mirroring data stored in a mass storage system
Remote copy system maintaining consistency
Virtual ordered writes
Process, apparatus, and system for storing data check information using standard sector data field s...
Method and device for distributing objects in a heterogeneous group of data storage devices
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing a memory by storing external objects in...
Sparse matrix paging system
Efficient mapping of signal elements to a limited range of identifiers
Alignment and ordering of vector elements for single instruction multiple data processing
Method and apparatus for determining the write delay time of a memory utilizing the north bridge chi...
Transmitter delay and phase adjustment
Wireless communication module, wireless communication apparatus having wireless communication module...
Transmission antenna diversity
Radio frequency signal receiver for controlling bias current and method for controlling bias current
Direct conversion receiver having a subharmonic mixer
Passive mixer
Single chip GSM/EDGE transceiver architecture with closed loop power control
Radio frequency scan
System and method for providing wireless services to aircraft passengers
HSDPA wireless communication system
Handover control in radio communication system
Evaluating lost communication links with mobile stations
Controlling power output of a transceiver
System and method for improving battery life of a mobile station
Wireless network connected pulse oximeter
Determining RFID tag location
Synchronizing a channel codec and vocoder of a mobile station
Secure Real Estate Info Dissemination System
Systems, methods, and computer program products for enabling an advertiser to measure user viewing o...
System and method for enabling radio operations on a wireless computing device
Two-tier backup mechanism
Plasma display panel, its manufacturing method, and its protective layer material
Semiconductor laser
Magnetic memory structure using heater lines to assist in writing operations
System and method for interchangeable modular hardware components for wireless communication devices
Methods and compositions for screening of human borna disease virus
Advanced food and/or drink organization and/or handling system
Functionalized main chain polymers
Secure video card methods and systems
Method and system for executing batch jobs by delegating work to independent service providers
Overhead guard for a materials handling vehicle
Collateral ventilation bypass trap system
Nemesia plant named `Inupyel`
Pesticidal compositions from prunus
Method and system for synchronizing optical clocks
Java Bytecode instruction for determining hashcode values
Miniature rose plant named `KORoskin`
EP.sub.4 receptor antagonists
Use of identification codes in the handling and management of communications
Methods and systems for screening input strings intended for use by Web servers
Physical incremental backup using snapshots
Information terminal and information terminal control method
System and method to send predicted application streamlets to a client device
High gloss polyethylene articles
Method of making an electrolytic cell
Oncokinase fusion polypeptides associated with hyperproliferative and related disorders, nucleic aci...
Odorant compounds
Header compressed packet receiving apparatus and method
Bicycle hub with spacer and detachable freewheel
Machine tool with 5 machining axes with a continuous grinding tool profilling system
Cargo cart system incorporating a portable container cradle
High availability network security systems
Waveguide interface
Fish attracting apparatus and method
Whimsical piglet novelty
Portable telephone
Optical disk having a projection with lateral inclined surface
Vented vacuum bandage with irrigation for wound healing and method
Alcohol free non-foaming mouthwash
Tapping screw having function of holding female screw shavings
Cable with recyclable covering layer
Cell structure for electrochemical devices and method of making same
Thermoplastic flame retardant resin compositions
Screen for fiberizing bushings and method
Printer and image forming method providing selectable path for recording medium
Method and apparatus for dynamic adjustment of an active sensor list
System and computer software products for comparative gene expression analysis
Hepatitis C virus assays
Flat panel display in which a digitizer is integrated
Process for preparation of Gabapentin
Method for producing an edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device
Complementary transistor comparing circuits for time-to-threshold A/D conversion in digital imaging ...
Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Process and apparatus for manufacturing lithium or lithium alloy thin sheets for electrochemical cel...
Continuous extrusion apparatus
Method for molding rubber product
Laser alignment method and apparatus
Ink cartridge and printer using the same
Process for dimerizing light olefins
Lubricant for magnetic recording medium and use thereof
Method of preparing an alkyl aromatic product
Adjustable putting green for golf practice
Golf ball for putting practice
Golf ball with improved directional stability in putting stroke
CMOS transistor junction regions formed by a CVD etching and deposition sequence
Location-based identification for use in a communications network
Wireless machine post-launch configuration and option upgrade
Methods and apparatuses for reducing infant mortality in semiconductor devices utilizing static rand...
Method and apparatus for computing equivalent capacitance
Method and apparatus for designing systems using logic regions
Universal script editor
Mail processing system and method of delivering mail items to delivery location therein
Method for detecting map matching position of vehicle in navigation system
Method, system and article of manufacture for identifying regularly traveled routes
Position sensing system for moveable member
Method and system for processing graphics in a supervisory control system
Managing information relating to firestopping systems
Control logic implementation for a non-blocking switch network
Method and apparatus to authenticate a user's system to prevent unauthorized use of software product...
Registration apparatus and method, as for voting
Method of electronic settlement with a mobile terminal
Method of providing visitation services between remotely located parties
Cool ice data wizard security service
Voice and video greeting system for personal advertisement and method
On-demand address pools
Method and apparatus for channel optimization during point-to-point protocol (PPP) session requests
User debugger for use on processes running in a high assurance kernel in an operating system
Multipurpose lexical analyzer
Translation and transformation of heterogeneous programs
System and related methods for reducing source filter invocation in a development project
Method and apparatus for indexing video programs
Image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Method of YC separation of YC separation filter
Method of using control loops in a broadband cable tuner
Meta-application architecture for integrating photo-service websites for browser-enabled devices
Tuner integrated circuit and television tuner using the same circuit
Multi-channel tuner apparatus
Projection TV with improved micromirror array
Automatic image convergence for projection television systems
Shade assembly for display screen
Consumer level device for automatically transferring digital images to an internet-based service pro...
Image processing device and image processing system
Image-capturing lens, image-capturing device and image capturing unit
Generation of metadata for acquired images
Time-varying video watermark
Methods for registration of three-dimensional frames to create three-dimensional virtual models of o...
System and method having removable storage medium with data compression
System and method for capturing adjacent images by utilizing a panorama mode
Modularized web page editing system and method thereof
Whiteboard scoreboard
Building automation system facilitating user customization
Teaching method for riding a bicycle
Device for representing the lung, the volume of the lung, and respiration characteristics of the lun...
Method and receiver for the simultaneous detection and evaluation of at least two electro- magnetic ...
Interactive audio puzzle solving, game playing, and learning tutorial system and method
Method for developing a curriculum
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Golf assessment and improvement system
Golf assessment and improvement system
Dental hygiene tutorial toy
Hybrid intelligence in medicine
Methods, devices, and computer program products for providing a karaoke service using a mobile termi...
Multiple-channel learner-centered whole-brain training system
Optical module for recognizing page of electronic book
System and method of preparing for essay examinations
Methods for improving certainty of test-taker performance determinations for assessments with open-e...
Test replication through renaming
Display apparatus and video wall having the same
Building automation system facilitating user customization
Social error prevention
Quick release blade and knife
Method of manufacturing a compressible structural panel with reinforcing dividers
Finger positionable hanger for drywall
6-Cycloamino-2-quinolinone derivatives as androgen receptor modulator compounds
Arylalkylamine vanadium (V) salts for the treatment and/or prevention of Diabetes mellitus
Biphenyl-pyrazolecarboxamide compounds
Selective peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Cyclopentyl derivatives
Methods and Compositions for the Treatment of Alopecia and Other Disorders of the Pilosebaceous Appa...
Association between agomelatine and a thymoregulatory agent and pharmaceutical compositions containi...
Modified transferrin fusion proteins
Process for the preparation of aryl fused polycyclic lactams
Phase Shifting of Neurological Signals in a Medical Device System
Iontophoresis device
Methods and systems for modulating the vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve) to provide therapy for neuro...
Process for the preparation of 1,2,3,4,8,9,10, 10a-octahydro-7bH-cyclopenta[b][1,4]diazepino-[6,7,1-...
(2S,4s)-4-fluoro-1-[4-fluoro-beta-(4-fluorophenyl)-I-phenylalanyl]-2-pyrro- lidinecarbonitrile p-tol...
Benzofurans and benzothiophenes
Pharmaceutical composition for treating fatty liver or hepatic disease
Novel 4-cyano, 4-amino, and 4-aminomethyl derivatives of pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridines, pyrazolo[1,5-c]py...
Heteroaryl-substituted pyrrolo'2,3-b1 pyridine derivatives as crf receptor antagonists
3-Aminopiperidines and 3-aminoquinuclidines as inhibitors of monoamine uptake
Infusion preparation containing (2r)-2-propyloctanoic acid as at the active ingredient
Separation methods
Monoclonal antibodies to gastrin hormone
Systems and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Methods and systems for placing an implanted stimulator for stimulating tissue
Inducing neurogenesis within a human brain
Regulation of neurotrophins
Closed-loop micro-control system for predicting and preventing epilectic seizures
Retention member for connector system
Adaptable rack mountable power distribution apparatus
Dynamic load balancing between multiple locations with different telephony system
Closed loop control of battery power limits based on voltage
Method and apparatus for charging batteries in a system of batteries
Dual battery and monitor arrangement
Battery control circuit and electronic device
Vehicle-mounted electrical generating system in which field current of electric generator supplying ...
Alternated duty cycle control method for half-bridge DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for generator control
PFC pre-regulator frequency dithering circuit
DC/DC converter with inductor current sensing capability
Charging and monitoring apparatus and method of charging a battery and monitoring the power level th...
Downlocking and/or upgrading integrated circuit
Linear regulator
Switching regulator having soft start circuit
Current averaging circuit for a PWM power converter
Constant-voltage circuit, semiconductor device using the same, and constant-voltage outputting metho...
Device and method for low-power fast-response voltage regulator with improved power supply range
Multiple-time programmable resistance circuit
DC power source unit with battery charging function
Photochromic eyeglass frames and their method of making
Method and apparatus for annotating images
Printing in a framework
Image processing apparatus and image processing system
Multi-function printer
Method for formatting and producing custom-printed indicia
Printing system and printing method
Office document matching method and apparatus
Moving a graphic element
Secure optical disk and method for securement of an optical disk
Cryptographic countermeasures against connection depletion attacks
Printer accessory
Method and system performing concurrently mark-sweep garbage collection invoking garbage collection ...
Air-laid absorbent sheet with sinuate emboss
Methanol and ethanol production for an oxygenate to olefin reaction system
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Delivery system for supplemental wood preservative and/or metal corrosion inhibition treatment
"C" section structural connectors
Chopper stabilized analog multiplier
Parameter selection in a communication system
Single-ended transmission for direct access test mode within a differential input and output circuit
Apparatus for selecting satellite TV channels using a channel selection unit for VHF and UHF channel...
Method of limiting brewer operation to authorized substances
Removable personal digital assistant in a dual personal computer/personal digital assistant computer...
System and method for controlling networked devices and accessing, manipulating and viewing internet...
Interactive inventor's menus within a software computer and video display system
Software modem for communicating data using encrypted data and unencrypted control codes
Adjustable support system for nasal breathing devices
Spray cap for an aerosol container
Fast search algorithm for data sorting in chained lists
Reconfigurable simulation structure
Astrological tarot and alpha-numerology
Behavior modification system
Writing board structure
Nemesia plant named `Intraibana`
Robotic assembly
Biosensor substrate structure for reducing the effects of optical interference
Poinsettia plant named `ATN VR2`
Security with authentication proxy
Dynamic server page engines
Habit cessation aide
Method, computer readable medium, and node for a three-layered intrusion prevention system for detec...
Directional solidification of a metal
Method for converting coordinate values of map data
Capacitor anode assembly
Process for intra-uterine fertilization in mammals and device for implementation thereof
Infant casket
Development of new selective estrogen receptor modulators
Modified Ziegler catalyst, process for preparing it and process for preparing poly-1-olefins in its ...
Heart shaped pedometer
Intravascular stent device
Electrical and electronic component cabinet for a refrigeration compressor
Sequences encoding novel human thyroid peroxidase proteins and polypeptides
Method of detecting broadcasting table change
Compositions for electroporation
3-amino-3-arylpropan-1-ol-compounds, their preparation and use
Recording medium, playback apparatus and recording/playback apparatus thereof
Switch/network adapter port coupling a reconfigurable processing element to one or more microprocess...
Fluid control valve
Pressure gage for an expandable gas or fluid distribution system
Mobile device handle
Method and apparatus for reducing access delay in discontinuous transmission packet telephony system...
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Clamping device
Cooling ceiling
Polymeric compositions comprising quantum dots, optical devices comprising these compositions and me...
Diagnosis of diseases associated with gene regulation
Methods and compositions for detecting target sequences
Human tyrosine hydroxylase promoter and uses thereof
Vectors for animal cells and use thereof
Method for expression of small antiviral RNA molecules within a cell
Method to enhance hematopoiesis
Method for treating glaucoma
DNA-vaccines based on constructs derived from the genomes of human and animal pathogens
High molecular weight polysaccharide fraction from Aloe vera with immunostimulatory activity
Imine-forming polysaccharide adjuvants and immunostimulants
Heteropolycyclic inhibitors of protein kinases
Reversible inhibitors of SAH hydrolase and uses thereof
Treatment of human multiple myeloma by curcumin
Aminoindazole derivatives as medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions including them
3-ether and 3-thioether substituted cyclosporin derivatives for the treatment and prevention of hepa...
Card domain containing polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids, and methods of use
Aperture for a radar detector
Calibrachoa plant named `Balcabpurp`
Use of cationic surfactant as activity enhancer in deodorants and oral care
Pressure-sensitive adhesive label for hard disk drive
Heat dissipation assembly and method for producing the same
Non-fiber extract of psyllium with anti-tumorigenic effects and method for identifying the same
Flat panel display comprising semiconductor layer with heterogeous lines
Electrically insulating resin composition and a DC electric wire or cable both coated therewith
Method and apparatus for measuring a low power signal
Fiberizing bushing with improved screen
Toner cartridge
Wireless ECG system
Assays using amyloid precursor proteins with modified .beta.-secretase cleavage sites to monitor .be...
Method for statistical language modeling in speech recognition
Hepatitis C virus genotype, and its use as prophylactic, therapeutic and diagnostic agent
Lighting apparatus for discharge lamp
9-hydrazone and 9-azine erythromycin derivatives and a process for making the same
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens system and camera incorporating the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup device having zoom lens system
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Audio signal processing apparatus
Image sensing apparatus and method for adaptively embedding a watermark into an image
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Eye tracking using image data
Method for digital data compression
Recording apparatus and method with selection of first tuner or second tuner for receiving image dat...
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling an image forming operation of primarily transferr...
Induction heating apparatus with rotatable magnetic flux suppressing member
Finite element method library, finite element method program, and storage medium
Directory server tracking tool
Document management method, system, and storage medium thereof with priority assignment indicative o...
Automatically selecting fonts
Anti-aging and wound healing compounds
Bone targeting compounds for delivering agents to the bone for interaction therewith
Method for manufacturing a wafer level chip scale package
Copper-containing C4 ball-limiting metallurgy stack for enhanced reliability of packaged structures ...
Hafnium-containing material for film formation, method for producing the same, and method for produc...
Surface mount multi-channel optocoupler
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
GaN system semiconductor light emitting device excellent in light emission efficiency and light extr...
Submount and semiconductor device
Memory element and memory device
Semiconductor device having a multi-chip stacked structure and reduced thickness
Fan out type wafer level package structure and method of the same
Semiconductor device and stacked semiconductor device that can increase flexibility in designing a s...
Multilayered substrate for semiconductor device
Cell driving type piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator and method of manufacturing the same
Film bulk-acoustic resonator filter having unbalanced-balanced input/output structure
Dielectric waveguide filter with inductive windows and coplanar line coupling
Methods and systems for determining a thin film characteristic and an electrical property of a speci...
Wavelength detecting apparatus, laser apparatus, and wavelength detecting method
Optical deflector having neutral surface of bending in movable member in different plane from neutra...
Thin film capacitor, high-density packaging substrate incorporating thin film capacitor, and method ...
Elasto-plastic sockets for Land or Ball Grid Array packages and subsystem assembly
Operating pedal supporting device in automobile
Pedal support structure for a vehicle
Efficient use of detectors for random number generation
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location with an optical reader having a dedicated memor...
Distributed storage management platform architecture
Power management system for bridge circuit
Low latency FIFO circuit for mixed clock systems
SDIO controller
Non-volatile memory with concurrent write and read operation to differing banks
System and method for processing subpicture data
System and method to asynchronously test RAMs
Optical waveform for use in a DWDM optical network and systems for generating and processing same
Set top to internet device communication and use
Mobile station ciphering configuration procedure in an unlicensed wireless communication system
Server visualization and control
System and method for thermal monitoring of IC using sampling periods of invariant duration
Real-time collaboration client
Microwave antenna having a curved configuration
Peak selection in multidimensional data
System and method for determining post-collision vehicular velocity changes
Continuous process for the preparation of fructopyranose sulfamate derivatives
Fiber-optic sensing system
Anatomical visualization and measurement system
La placian electrode