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Interferon-.beta. variants and conjugates
Composition and method to promote human hair growth
Recombinant parainfluenza virus expression systems and vaccines
Preparation of deallergenized proteins and permuteins
Diterpene-producing unicellular organism
Heterocycles and uses thereof
Compounds and methods to inhibit or augment an inflammatory response
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in melanoma
PRO1313 polypeptides
Nucleic acids and proteins of insect Or83b odorant receptor genes and uses thereof
Peptides and DNA encoding the peptides useful for immunizations against Coccidioides spp. infections
Electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Sun visor having office work apparatus
Device for actuating a membrane and a vehicle comprising a device for actuating a membrane
Method for automobile safe wireless communications
Method and device for the display of information
Automotive lane deviation prevention apparatus
Vehicle wheel state monitoring device and method
Hierarchical data structure for vehicle identification and configuration data including protected cu...
Rollover judging device
Blended torque estimation for automatic transmission systems
Acceleration limiting for a vehicle
Decorative tree with coordinated visual and sound effects
Method for generating a slide show with audio analysis
System and method for processing time-based media
Apparatus and method for coordinated music playback in wireless ad-hoc networks
Actuator for valve lift controller
Variable valve apparatus of internal combustion engine
Locking device for a camshaft adjuster
Question-answering method and question-answering apparatus
Image reading apparatus having adjustable contact sensor distance
Method and system for flow control between a base station controller and a base transceiver station
Cultivated tomato plant having increased brix value and method of producing same
Local control of electrical and mechanical properties of copper interconnects to achieve stable and ...
Device for packaging and/or dispensing a product and manufacturing methods
Phenol-free decorative laminates and method of producing the same
Inkjet nozzle with CMOS compatible actuator voltage
Guidewires and thin film catheter-sheaths and method of making same
Medical devices having MEMs functionality and methods of making same
Inkjet recording method and apparatus
Recording sheets for ink jet printing
Plasma display panel
Instrument panel assembly
Illuminators using reflective optics with recycling and color mixing
Method and apparatus for purging and disinfecting water
Recyclable carpet comprising hot melt adhesive composition
Method and device for judging the condition of secondary batteries and method for regenerating secon...
Environmental control system for personal computers
Aqueous dispersion, process for producing the same, and use
Polyethylene terephthalate for molding and production the same
Process for preparing 4-aminodiphenylamine
Methods and systems for providing wide-band voice service via a telephone switch system
Calendar heap system and method for efficient sorting
Method and apparatus for detection and decoding of signals received from a linear propagation channe...
Method for changing mobile subscriber service plan
Channel rate and physical channel selection in wireless communications networks
Perfume bottle
Perfume container
Perfume bottle and cap
1,2-substituted 2,3-dehydro-1H-5,9-dioxyacyclohepta[f]inden-7-ones and 7-substituted benzo[b]dioxepi...
Personal communication and positioning system
Web accessible real time system and software for agile and lean manufacturing
Method for dynamically distributing items for changes based on group membership
Image forming device and sheet transport device
Ink jet printer
Phase change ink imaging component with fluorosilicone layer
Ink jet recording ink, ink jet recording ink set, and ink jet recording method and apparatus using t...
Shield for charging device in xerographic printing device having enhanced voltage and current unifor...
Method for merging rendering intents, hints, or tags
Method of blending toners using a high intensity blending tool with shaped risers for decreased tone...
Substrates having increased thermal conductivity for semiconductor structures
Connector for connecting a fibre feeding duct to at least one textile machine
Braking band for a brake disk
Data producing method of data producing apparatus, data producing apparatus, and sheet processing ap...
Throw-away tip
Method for growing single crystal of semiconductor
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method, circuit board, and electronic unit
Fast bistable circuit protected against random events
Image forming device
Nucleic acid analysis device
Titanium-containing interference pigments and foils with color shifting properties
Self-cleaning synthetic body and method for producing the same
Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
Piezoelectric member element and liquid discharge head comprising element thereof
Resistance type oxygen sensor and oxygen sensor device using it and air/fuel ratio control system
CICKb mutation as a diagnostic and therapeutical target
Method and apparatus for performing benefit transactions using a portable integrated circuit device
System and method for providing lifecycles for custom content in a virtual content repository
System and method for information lifecycle workflow integration
Changing the data structure which an application program in a computer system uses to access databas...
Storage system
Bispecific antibodies
Substituted coumarins and quinolines and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis...
2-methylene-19-nor-(23S)-25-dehydro-1.alpha.-hydroxyvitamin D.sub.3-26,23-lactone and 2-methylene-19...
Cycloalkyl substituted polyamines for cancer therapy and methods of synthesis therefor
Finger stalls of a golf glove
Electrical hair care or removal appliance
Holder for coffee pod
Method and apparatus for evanescent filed measuring of particle-solid separation
Optical switch
Internal pluggable optical module
Fluorescence imaging endoscope
Method for producing optically active 3-chloro-2-methyl-1, 2-propanediol taking advantage of microor...
Methods for packaging a plurality of semiconductor dice using a flowable dielectric material
Reconfigurable optical add-drop module, system and method
Optical add/drop multiplexer utilizing variable optical attenuator
Using isotopically specified fluids as optical elements
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Gregorian optical system with non-linear optical technology for protection against intense optical t...
Apparatus for reading a data storage medium
Paper sheets theft prevention ink detector and paper sheets theft prevention ink detection method
Thermally-conductive plastic articles having light reflecting surfaces
Computer light adjustment
Magnetic transfer method
Pistol with lockable manual safety mechanism
Vertical guide unit and stage system with the same unit
Linear sliding guide, in particular for inter-adjustable components of office chairs
Linear motion guide unit
Sink roll bearing having ceramic elements for supporting the roll's shaft
Plain bearing
Sliding bearing for use under high load
Rolling Bearing
Method of compensating torque at cylinder switching on a DOD engine with electric parallel hybrid
Method and apparatus to facilitate software installation using embedded user credentials
System and method for activity or event based dynamic energy conserving server reconfiguration
Transaction-based power management in a computer system
Systems and methods for diagnosing faults in computer networks
Apparatus and method for real-time caution and warning and system health management
Cover for an adhesive roller
Beverage container
Bottle with cap
Clear, stable, dry-and-non-sticky antiperspirant having a select group of polar silicone emollients
Human osteoclast derived cathepsin
Cholenic acid amides and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Flexible auxiliary clip-on for tension mounting to a mating spectacle frame
Glasses, in particular industrial safety glasses
Current balancing circuit
Cross-point RRAM memory array having low bit line crosstalk
Magnetic random access memory device
Precharge arrangement for read access for integrated nonvolatile memories
Local sense amplifier in memory device
Sample and hold memory sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device
Method of communicating information between a transmitter and a receiver using ultrawideband signals
Transceiving filter and communication device
Multi-mode envelope restoration architecture for RF transmitters
Transmission of power and/or signalling between an audio distribution unit and a plurality of remote...
Methods and systems for aligning and maintaining alignment of point-to-point transceivers in a netwo...
Method and arrangement for noise rejection in a receiver circuit
Digital broadband frequency measurement
System and method for correlating and diagnosing system component performance data
Disk drive with disk cartridge
Display organizer
Two shot molded inkjet printhead lid for laser welding
Counting device
Deployable bullets having high voltage electrodes
Hypodermic injection system
Reflector for an electronic flash device and electronic flash device
Structure of embedded lamp having replaceable light bulb
Adjustable lampshade
Vehicle lighting apparatus
Method of producing roof panelling with an integrated lighting system and the panelling thus obtaine...
Projector comprising a glass lens and a plastic lens support and tool for overmoulding the support o...
Vehicle headlamp
Textile product with illuminated fibers manufacturing process
Illuminating device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Lamp having a planar light-emitting source
Electrical connector, LED assembly, and method of assembly therefor
Methods and apparatus for imaging using a light guide bundle and spatial light modulator
Circuit arrangement for controlling illuminating means
LED light set
Anti collision light for aircraft
Backlight driving circuit
Locating device for measuring distances between dots of a light guide plate and method for using sam...
High brightness LED apparatus with an integrated heat sink
Flame simulator for use in an electric heater
Optical communication system with optical output level control function
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Optical waveguide device, coherent light source using the same and optical apparatus having the same
Optical return loss measurement
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Page background detection and neutrality on scanned documents
Image compression method, image restoration method, program and apparatus
Method and structure for generating output data of a digital image including a transparent object
Tonal balancing of multiple images
Methods and apparatuses for generating composite images including warping
Method and apparatus for compressing data and decompressing compressed data
Signal processing apparatus, method of the same, an image processing apparatus and method of same
Methods and apparatus for reduction of high dimensional data
Method and apparatus for coding digital video signal based on grouped zerotree wavelet image coding ...
Image retrieval apparatus and image retrieving method
System and method for locating document areas using markup symbols
Sampling device including transponder for electronic tracking and identification
Body fluid sampling device and methods of use
Fluid containment device
Surgical apparatus and method
Passive sensor technology incorporating energy storage mechanism
Optical device
Handheld interpreting electrocardiograph
Cardiac activity sensing during pacing in implantable devices
System and method for graphically configuring leads
Low pH development solutions for chemically amplified photoresists
Command-cure adhesives
Triazine compounds, polymers comprising triazine structural units, and method
Deep organ access device and method
Computer-aided detection methods in volumetric imagery
Adjustable fishing lure and method of manufacturing the lure
Weedless fishing lure
Animal test chamber
Tethering device
Hummingbird feeder
Animal grooming aid
Multiple function animal furniture system
Spinning reel rotor braking device
Drag adjustment device for a dual-bearing reel
Inkjet recording ink for sublimation transfer and method of dyeing
Expandable thermoplastic resin product, method for manufacture of expandable thermoplastic resin pro...
Electrode material for non-aqueous solvent-secondary cell, electrode and secondary cell
Photoacid generators, chemically amplified resist compositions, and patterning process
Remoistenable pre-applied adhesive
Methods for injecting catalyst into a polymerization reactor
Polyester compositions for calendering
Illumination apparatus for microscope and image processing apparatus using the same
Bacterial delivery system
Stored-value card with whistle
Silicon wafer and process for producing it
Position-tracking system
System and method for wireless data transfer for a mobile unit
Systems and methods for object location notification
Personal care towelette article
Cosmetic or dermatological oil/water emulsions with reduced lipid content
Method of preparing organic peroxyacids
Powder containing physiologically active peptide
Poisoned stake device, method of making and method of using
Biological bioadhesive compositions and methods of preparation and use
Drugs for relieving hemicrania comprising 1-menthol and essential oils
Sustained-release formulations for treating CNS-mediated disorders
Use of bioactive fraction from cow urine distillate (`Go-mutra`) as a bio-enhancer of anti-infective...
Dermatomycosis vaccine
Cosmetics brush
Method for dyeing fabric materials with indigo, other vat dyes, and sulfur dyes
Tachykinin-like polypeptides and use thereof
Antisense strategy to modulate estrogen receptor response (ER .alpha. and/or ER .beta. )
Standardized swallow challenge medium and method of use for esophageal function testing
Single-use medical device
Animal data gathering method and device
Split die and method for production of compacted powder metal parts
Self-contained RF identification apparatus for pallet conveyances
Phased array coils utilizing selectable quadrature combination
Magnetic resonance system with suppression of capacitive coupling between an RF source and the subje...
Article carrying apparatus
Saddle stitcher including card gluers for dispensing personalized printed cards and method therefor
Devices for fixing at least one packing to a cylinder of a rotary printing press and printing group ...
Antibodies that bind receptor protein designated 2F1
Antagonists of interleukin-15
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission antenna arrays for a high speed physical downlink ...
System and method for grouping execution threads
System for manufacturing an optical lens
Method for making opthalmic devices
Ophthalmic spectacle lens for correcting non-conventional refractive error
Process for removing an organic layer during fabrication of an organic electronic device and the org...
Polyester having .pi.-conjugated group in side chain and charge transporting material using the same
Catalyst material and method of manufacturing the same and fuel cell using the same
System and method for controlling an engine in a vehicle
Fuel cell system back-pressure control with a discrete valve
Method and device for deionizing cooling media for fuel cells
Electronic pulse generator and oscillator
Optical compensation plate and deflecting plate using the same
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Selective etching process for cutting amorphous metal shapes and components made thereof
Test head positioning system and method
Magnet system with shielded regenerator housing
Medium voltage vacuum contactor
Capacitance-to-digital modulator with sensor failure-mode detection
Digital optical switch apparatus and process for manufacturing same
Driving method of variable resistance element and memory device
Optical device and movable reflector
Mail sorting and sequencing system
Systems for sensitive detection of G-protein coupled receptor and orphan receptor function using rep...
CGRP receptor antagonists
Successively biaxial-oriented porous polypropylene film and process for production thereof
Article with composite hard coat layer and method for forming composite hard coat layer
Light-receiving element and photoelectric conversion device
Digital CMOS-input with N-channel extended drain transistor for high-voltage protection
Trackball and in-vehicle device controller using the trackball
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for reading out image signals with pixels reduced in a horizontal...
Replacing-type upper cover plate structure of notebook computer
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator with automatically adaptable sensing configuration
Coffee table base
Method of reducing background in fluoresence detection
Semiconductor cleaning composition comprising an ethoxylated surfactant
Full-width array sensing of two-dimensional residual mass structure to enable mitigation of specific...
Pitch extraction methods and systems for speech coding using interpolation techniques
Technique for generating code to implement value objects for use with database systems
Method, system and computer program for managing user authorization levels
Semiconductor test management system and method
Method and system for providing short block length low density parity check (LDPC) codes in support ...
Methods and apparatus for reducing error floors in message passing decoders
Data structure used for skeleton function of a class in a skeleton code creation tool
Multi-layer interconnection circuit module and manufacturing method thereof
Power composite integrated semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of electroless deposition of thin metal and dielectric films with temperature controlled stag...
Fingerprint detection device and method of its manufacture, and apparatus for forming a protective f...
Lead frame and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having metallic plate with groove
Redistributed solder pads using etched lead frame
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, electronic device and method of manufactu...
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and el...
Thin-film structure magnetizable bead detector
Inductor and method of forming the same
Holographic recording medium and holographic recording method using the same
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Source side injection storage device with spacer gates and method therefor
Method for heating a battery in a hybrid electric vehicle
Rear wheel drive power wheelchair
Method for detecting the angular position of a rotor in a brushless electric motor
System monitor in a programmable logic device
Data output driver that controls slew rate of output signal according to bit organization
Circuit for and method of generating a frequency aligned clock signal
Method and apparatus for generating multiphase clocks
Flexible method and apparatus for encoding and decoding signals using a time division multiple frequ...
Intelligent routing switching system
Flash memory architecture for optimizing performance of memory having multi-level memory cells
Configurable packet processor
Incremental compilation for classification and filtering rules
Resource arbitration in accordance with a masked request vector
Data compression and decompression techniques for programmable circuits
Aligning apparatus and method using on-the-fly determination of throughput-profile gradient for curr...
All-optical compression systems
Methods of using 2-methoxyestradiol of high purity
PVA hydrogel
ICOS mutants
IRAK-4: compositions and methods of use
Method for selective solicitation of user assistance in the performance tuning process
Method and apparatus for automated operating systems upgrade
Promotion server using video on demand channel
Method for controlling the adjustment of the valves in a combustion engine with variable valves and ...
Multi-function mirror control switch
Vessel hull transducer modular mounting system
Docking station for a vehicle
Hydrotreating catalyst that contains a nitrogen-containing organic compound and its use
Leave-on compositions for personal care
Nutrient absorption enhancing compositions and methods
N3 alkylated benzimidazole derivatives as MEK inhibitors
Transitional dielectric layer to improve reliability and performance of high dielectric constant tra...
Radio frequency MEMS switch contact metal selection
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and a method of controlling a semiconductor device manu...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming tungsten materials during vapor deposition processes
Metal seed layer deposition
In-situ chemical-mechanical planarization pad metrology using ultrasonic imaging
Device and method to eliminate shorting induced by via to metal misalignment
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing spacer
Low temperature etchant for treatment of silicon-containing surfaces
Low-k dielectric process for multilevel interconnection using mircocavity engineering during electri...
CMP cleaning composition with microbial inhibitor
Controlled growth of highly uniform, oxide layers, especially ultrathin layers
HDPCVD process and method for improving uniformity of film thickness
Selective oxidation methods and transistor fabrication methods
Process for growing a dielectric layer on a silicon-containing surface using a mixture of N.sub.2O a...
Semiconductor processing methods
Material for forming silica based film
System for and method of exchanging server data in packet unit
Systems and methods for providing a storage virtualization environment
Therapeutic quinazoline derivatives
Compound and a composition including such a compound
Pyrimidine derivatives for the treatment of abnormal cell growth
Vinorelbine derivatives
Pyridinone derivatives for treatment of atherosclerosis
3-(cyclopenten-1-yl)-benzyl-or 3-(cyclopenten-1-yl)-heteroarylmethyl-amine derivatives and use there...
Piperidinyl indole and tetrohydropyridinyl indole derivatives and method of their use
1,4-dihydropyridine and pyridine compounds as calcium channel blockers
Heterocyclic amide and imine derivatives, processes for their preparation, compositions comprising t...
Pentafluorosulfanyl compounds
Omega-carboxyaryl substituted diphenyl ureas as raf kinase inhibitors
Processes for preparing 3-substituted 1-(chloromethyl)-1,2-dihydro-3H-[ring fused indol-5-yl-(amine-...
Variable speed, electronically controlled, room air conditioner
Liquid level detection method and apparatus
Apparatus for enhancing absorption and dissipation of impact forces for sweatbands
Methods of treating secretory diarrhea using cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator pro...
Shrink film
Polypropylene polymers
Process for producing aldehyde
Method and apparatus for applying particulate material to a substrate
Ion conductor structural body, process for producing said ion conductor structural body, rechargeabl...
Organic solvents having ozone dissolved therein for semiconductor processing utilizing sacrificial m...
Kallikrein inhibitors and anti-thrombolytic agents and uses thereof
3-sulfonylamino-pyrrolidine-2-one derivatives as inhibitors of factor Xa
Benzamide, heteroarylamide and reverse amides
Inhibitors of the GPIb--vWF interaction, their preparation and use
Crystalline polymorph of a bisulfate salt of a thrombin receptor antagonist
Guanidine mimics as factor Xa inhibitors
Non-peptide inhibition of T-lymphocyte activation and therapies related thereto
Methods for preparing P2X.sub.7 inhibitors
Method of enhancing drainage of lacrimal system with purinergic receptor agonists
Continuously variable transmission
Suspension system for glider exercise device
Exercise expenditure monitor device and method
Elliptical exercise device
Lockout mechanism for exercise equipment
Exercise device for exercising the major muscle groups of the middle and lower torso
Resistance exercise machine with stacked resistance packs
Exercise system for use within a vehicle
Workout equipment
Aromatic sulfenates for type I phototherapy
Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges
Cooling mechanism, cooling apparatus having cooling mechanism, and thermal analyzer equipped with co...
Configurable output buffer and method to provide differential drive
Programmable low-voltage differential signaling output driver
Image-capturing device with light detection capability
Capped poly(arylene ether) composition and method
Thermoelectric devices utilizing double-sided Peltier junctions and methods of making the devices
Lanthanum hafnium oxide dielectrics
Gas blowing nozzle of charged particle beam apparatus and charged particle beam apparatus as well as...
Compensating for variations in the temperature of a probe of a storage device
Organosilicon compounds comprising cyclodextrin radicals
Paramagnetic particles that provide improved relaxivity
Methods of treating vascular diseases characterized by nitric oxide insufficiency
Energy harvesting molecules and photoresist technology
Thermoplastic optical feature with high apex sharpness
System and method for generating optimized binary representation of an object tree
Automatic classification of event data
Data property promotion system and method
Progressive streaming media rendering
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Miniature x-ray source with improved output stability and voltage standoff
Image forming apparatus for a color laser printer for transferring a higher transfer efficiency on a...
Implantable leadless cardiac device with flexible flaps for sensing
Speed sensor instability detection
System and method for calculating real-time voltage stability risk index in power system using time ...
Structure and method of correcting proximity effects in a tri-tone attenuated phase-shifting mask
Multiple-speed automatic transmission having a two-speed input and a Simpson gearset
Spray gun
Traction control system
Apparatus and method for enhancing lift produced by an airfoil
Methods for detecting bacteriophage MS2
System and method for selecting a receiver hardware configuration to detect emitter signals
Self-protecting device for an object
System and method for evaluation using electron beam and manufacture of devices
Method for provisioning a telematics units
System and method for a priority messaging protocol for a shared display device
Queuing far/far service requests in wireless network
Controlling processor load in a wireless telecommunications network node
Method and apparatus for reducing pilot search times utilizing mobile station location information
Method of supporting voice-band modem-to-modem calls in a wireless communication system
Remote control system for a locomotive
Exiting a spreadsheet edit mode during a mouse drag operation
Unified workstation for virtual craniofacial diagnosis, treatment planning and therapeutics
Reagents and methods for identifying gene targets for treating cancer
Redundancy circuits hardened against single event upsets
Optical method measuring thin film growth
Method and system for geophysical data acquisition on an airship
Method for using layout regions to predict single-event effects
Light attenuation in defective pixel in organic EL panel
Electroluminescent devices incorporating mixed metal organic complexes
Aromatic compounds and organic electroluminescent devices made by using the same
Display device and method of its manufacture
Organic electroluminescent element with particular electrode terminal structure
Drive method of light-emitting display panel and organic EL display device
Pixel circuit, display device, and driving method of pixel circuit
Bit cell of organic memory
Methods and apparatus for configuring hardware resources in a pre-boot environment without requiring...
Method and apparatus for making available data that was locked by a dead transaction before rolling ...
Scalable storage system
System and method for preserving post data on a server system
Cache memory managing method for computer system
Method and apparatus for providing remote access to an enterprise network
Process for producing copolyester
IL-1 eta DNA and polypeptides
Process for the preparation of azithromycin monohydrate isopropanol clathrate
Intermediate and process for preparing of .beta.- anomer enriched 21-deoxy,21,21-difluoro-D-ribofura...
Method for producing monosaccharides from biomass and monosaccharide production device
Surface modification of polysaccharide, the modified polysaccharide, and method of culturing and rec...
Functionalized derivatives of hyaluronic acid, formation of hydrogels in situ using same, and method...
Therapeutic targets in cancer
Nicotianamine synthase and gene encoding the same
Treating inflammation using a biological agent that causes cells to release cytokine receptors
Genetic sequences having methyltransferase activity and uses therefor
Nucleotide and oligonucleotide prodrugs
Bifunctional macrolide heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using the same
Compositions and methods for siRNA inhibition of angiogenesis
Nanoparticulate inclusion and charge complex for pharmaceutical formulations
Poly zinc finger proteins with improved linkers
Photolinker Macromolecules, Metallic Substrates and Ligands Modified with Said Linkers, and Process ...
Methods for Rotationally Stabilizing Contact Lenses
Open flame rotisserie utensil having spiral wiener receptacle
Pest-proof bird feeder
Self-cleaning foodstuff conveyors
Functional food composition having effects of relieving alcohol-induced hangover symptoms and improv...
Cheese-like dairy products and process for producing the same
Drip bag
Tie down reinforced infusion bag
Dough composition packaged in flexible packaging with carbon dioxide scavenger and method of prepari...
Process for preparing orange oil
High protein puffed food product and method of preparation
Nut butter and related products and method of making same
Cohesive coating for snack food packaging
Flavor barrier
Controlling for monitoring and controlling pulsators in a milking system
Methods for regulating the condition of mammalian keratinous tissue via topical application of vitam...
Methods for centering disks in a magnetic disk assembly
Storage media data structure system and method
Symbol-level soft output Viterbi algorithm (SOVA) and a simplification on SOVA
Inter layers for perpendicular recording media
Built in full speed nonreturn to zero test method and apparatus for a data storage device controller
Sleeve cone angle measurement system
Shaft cone metrology system and method
Adaptive write unsafe thresholds for self servo writing
Structures for attaching a head gimbal assembly and an actuator arm
Magnetic sensing device including a sense enhancing layer
Solderless electrical connection for testing head gimbal assemblies
Electrical connection for testing head gimbal assemblies
Head gimbal assembly loader
Vibration control of rotating disc
Storage device that pre-fetches data responsive to host access stream awareness
Motor assembly with multifunctional components
Suggested item category systems and methods
Information trading method, information trading system and computer readable recording medium record...
On-demand multi-version denormalized data dictionary to support log-based applications
Plasma display panel
Semiconductor memory device
Method of making a lubrication additive
Electrochemical generator element and corresponding battery
Sharing, managing and communicating information over a computer network
Availability and consistent service semantics in a load balanced collection of services running diff...
Nebuliser device for an inhaler apparatus and inhaler apparatus with such nebuliser device
Sphenoid sinus stent
Arbitrary and expandable high-precision datatype and method of processing
Method and system for presenting a video stream of a video streaming device
Apparatus for removing particles
Compounds and their uses
Input data selection for content addressable memory
Position adjustment and damper mechanism for an optical disk drive
Prosthesis liner or socket with a seal at the distal end
Work transfer apparatus for transfer press
Apparatus and method for estimation of frequency offset in wireless communications
Toothbrush holder
Process for the preparation of thioalkylamine derivatives
Crystalline polymer of higher .alpha.-olefin and process for producing the same
Recording and reproducing apparatus, signal decoding circuit, error correction method and iterative ...
Electrophotographic toner regulating member with induced strain outside elastic response region
Reversible dimmer device of gas discharge lamps and the control method for light adjusting thereof
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives
System and method for generating data sets for testing embedded systems
Assembly directives for the support of multi-language programming
Application distribution system, and distribution server and distribution method thereof
Method and apparatus to invoke a shopping ticker
Unified program for simultaneously displaying graphically-editable graphics presentation and linguis...
Method of forming self-supporting pleated filter media
Formulations for coated diamond abrasive slurries
Fluoropolymer bonding composition and method
Scalable bioreactor culture process and system for the maturation of conifer somatic embryos
Degreasing compositions
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH370
Plants and seeds of corn variety I130248
Remote touch simulation systems and methods
Package of optical films with zero-gap bond outside viewing area
Multilayer infrared reflecting film with high and smooth transmission in visible wavelength region a...
Distal portion of hemostatic forceps for endoscope
Methods and apparatuses for delivering a volatile component via a controlled exothermic reaction
Signal demodulation in a mobile receiver
Method and apparatus for digital channelisation and de-channelisation
Circuit and method for reducing direct current biases
Adaptive pilot filter for a wireless communication system
Arrangement for initializing digital equalizer settings based on comparing digital equalizer outputs...
Channel estimation using linearly constrained filter coefficients
Osmotic delivery system having space-efficient piston
Discount estimating and purchase system and method
Method and system for providing a user-customized electronic book
Associative search engine
Identifier vocabulary data access method and system
Performing lookup operations on associative memory entries
System and method for manufacturing a dental prosthesis and a dental prosthesis manufactured thereby
Collaborative master data management system for identifying similar objects including identical and ...
Woman's shoe
Woman's shoe
Table cover
Coffee maker
Keypad escutcheon
Comestible product dispenser
Watch dial
Radiator tank
Rectangular parallelepiped fluid storage and dispensing vessel
Waterproof cast protector
Cigarette pack for two lengths of cigarettes
Method for compensating and out-of-balance condition of a rotating body
Ultrasound probe
Image formation device enabling switching between color printing mode and monochrome printing mode
Strap pendant with input buttons on strap for controlling attached portable devices
Method and system for frequency up-conversion
Radiation image sensing apparatus and its driving method
Methods and apparatus for radiation detection
Radiation image storage panel
Image evaluation method and microscope
Three-dimensional image display device creating three-dimensional image directly from projection dat...
Dual energy scanning protocols for motion mitigation and material differentiation
Anti-scattering X-ray shielding for CT scanners
Method and system for assembling an X-ray imaging system
Method of assembly and thermal management of CT detector electronics circuits
Combined panoramic and computed tomography photographing apparatus
Linear array detector system and inspection method
Tamper to delay motion and decrease ionization of a sample during short pulse x-ray imaging
Method and apparatus for synchronizing operation of an x-ray system and a magnetic system
Semi-permeable diaphragm sealing system
Systems and apparatus for integrated X-Ray tube cooling
X-ray imaging apparatus with continuous, periodic movement of the radiation detector in the exposure...
System and method for computer-aided detection and characterization of diffuse lung disease
Method for forming a depth image
Method for treating of oils and fats
Phytosterol esterification product and method of make same
Rubber modified styrenic copolymer composition comprising partially hydrogenated elastomers
System and method for managing diabetes
Deaeration process
Egg that is agitated with edible composition, method and device for manufacturing it
Functional component-enriched barley malt rootlets and process for producing the same
Continuous production of masa flour and whole-corn flour for grain-based foods, using a novel precoo...
Soft Wheat Flour With High Bran Content, Process for its Production and Bakery Products Containing I...
Screw type processing device and product using the device
Mineral-containing acidic protein drink
Southern homestyle traditional potato salad deluxe
N grouping of traffic and pattern-free Internet worm response system and method using N grouping of ...
Dot Inversion on Novel Display Panel Layouts with Extra Drivers
Architecture for an application framework
Method for accessing a data processing system
Compositions and methods for identifying modulators of transducisomes, a new class of therapeutic ta...
Chimeric DNA-binding proteins
Novel zebrafish and preparation method thereof
High-level expression of fusion polypeptides in plant seeds utilizing seed-storage proteins as fusio...
Radish cultivar ADS-10
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Soybean Variety 92M52
Soybean Variety XB15E07
Fungal Resistant Transgenic Plants
Prevention of Bt resistance development
Methods for Storing Conifer Somatic Embryo Germinants
Raspberry plant named 'PS-1852'
Dogwood tree named "Appalachian Joy"
Perforated, coated nonwoven mat
Insulated panel for mine safe rooms
Sealing tape for adhesive bonding of vapour barrier films and vapour retarder films, and process for...
Impact resistant polyurethane and poly(ureaurethane) articles and methods of making the same
Fermentation process using specific oxygen uptake rates as a process control
Perforated non-woven fiberglass mat
Board formed from a cementitious material and a facer containing a laminate
Production processes and systems, compositions, surfactants, monomer units, metal complexes, phospha...
Polymorphs of bicifadine hydrochloride
Sprayable mining liner composition
Cationic latex as a carrier for bioactive ingredients and methods for making and using the same
Polymer composition, process for producing the polymer composition, and molded articles for automobi...
Soft vinyl chloride copolymer resin, resin composition and process for preparing the same
Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
Polyurethanes prepared from polycarbonate polyols, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and meth...
Lavatory cleansing devices
Ultra-wideband detector systems for detecting moisture in building walls
Composition and method for roofing material installation
Range finder and method
Polymerizable preparations on the basis of silicon compounds comprising aliphatic and cycloaliphatic...
Ambient curable polymer
Polymer alloy and method for manufacturing polymer alloy
Pharmaceutical formulations
Method for producing baitang soup
Dressed or Multi-Layer High Protein Food Bars Comprising Sugar Alcohols and Having Improved Texture ...
Positive resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Positive resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Gene set used for examination of Colon cancer
Inhibition assay method and device for detection of antibiotics
Synthesis of oligosaccharides, glycolipds, and glycoproteins using bacterial glycosyltransferases
Biological sample discrimination device, biological sample discriminating method, and biological sam...
Calibration procedure for investigating biological systems
Polishing composition for hard disk substrate
Resin suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified positive resist composition containi...
Surfactantless synthesis of amphiphilic cationic block copolymers
Robotic wash cell using recycled pure water
Compositions for delivery of drug combinations
Pharmacologic-functioning water and usage of the same
Transparent thermoplastic antimicrobial molding composition
Dialysates and methods and systems related thereto
Parenteral nutrition composition containing iron
Method for maintaining cerebral hemispheric oxygen saturation during surgery
Bactericidal and virucidal composition containing natural products
Composition to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin
Extract of Nelumbinis Semen for the treatment of depression
Pine needle extract
Method for producing plant extracts enriched with protease inhibitors for regulation of appetite and...
Fusion proteins of interferon alpha muteins with improved properties
Pesticide formulations with substituted biopolymers and organic polymers for improving residual acti...
Inhibition of viral gene expression using small interfering RNA
Sequences upstream of the carp gene, vectors containing them and uses thereof
Method for detecting Nipah virus and method for providing immunoprotection against Henipa viruses
Operation of control system for ensuring availability of purchasable items in networked machines
System and method for dynamic browser management of web site
Plasma display panel having light absorbing layer to improve contrast
Semiconductor device having group III nitride buffer layer and growth layers
Ferroelectric capacitor stack etch cleaning methods
Semiconductor device having a gate with a thin conductive layer
Factory preset temperature warming appliance
Electrode for use in lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Forehead support for facial mask
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler providing consistent delivery
Method and system for deriving data through interpolation in a database system
Dataconferencing appliance and system
Mapper compiler
Bug killing device
Personalized photo greeting cards
Antibodies and methods for generating genetically altered antibodies with high affinity
Cyclemaster synchronization in a distributed bridge
Optical recording medium, stamper for producing optical recording medium, recording/reproducing appa...
Communications between modules of a computing apparatus
Method of preventing parturient hypocalcemia in animals and compositions used therein
Classification of cellular network drive test results
Tribological materials and structures and methods for making the same
Organoborane amine complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Compact disposable finger-mount toothbrush
Catalytic process for the preparation of epoxides from alkenes
Fuel cell vehicle
Memory circuit
Dampening mechanism for an image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for directionally drilling a borehole using a continuously variable transmission
Seat belt force sensor system
Exposure apparatus
Cross-monitoring sensor system and method
Process for the preparation of sodium fosphenytoin
Ground control unit for cable locating
Externally powered negatively refracting photonic bandgap medium
Slip ring laser illuminator for speed domes
Photonic MEMS and structures
Functional sheet having reinforcing material
Dynamic time metered delivery
Optical transport network
Optical switch
Mode converter device using omnidirectional reflectors
Optical module and method for fabricating the same
Fiber fuse stopper
Optical systems utilizing optical fibers transmitting high power signal and a method of operating su...
High frequency test fixture
Optical fiber distribution apparatus
Optical fiber array, optical fiber positioning method and optical fiber positioning plate
Scalable and exchangeable erbium doped fiber amplifier for DWDM
Method for preventing data loss in a hard disk drive by projecting reduction in helium concentration...
Method, system, and program for storing data in a storage medium
Method and apparatus for providing combined radial and timing multislot self-servowrite propagation
Apparatus, method and system for fabricating servo patterns on high density patterned media
Method for formatting a magnetic recording disk with patterned nondata islands of alternating polari...
Mechanism for locking out improperly inserted cartridge
Method and apparatus for providing a free layer having higher saturation field capability and optimu...
Method and apparatus for testing tunnel magnetoresistive effect element
Using a genetic algorithm to select a subset of quality metrics as input to a disk drive failure pre...
Downloading system
Disc cartridge having deeper concave portion continuous with shutter opener/closer groove
Method for producing a transducer slider with tapered edges
Head slider having extension rails to provide uniform flotation and magnetic disk device including t...
System and method to provide a ramp having a location which is transitioning from a first grade to a...
Domain wall free shields of MR sensors
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal donor
Heterocyclic compounds, which are inhibitors of the enzyme DPP-IV
Neurokinin antagonists for use as medicaments
Derivatives of GLP-1 analogs
Analogues of GLP-1
Derivatives of 4,4'-dithiobis-(3-aminobutane-1-sulfphonates) and compositions containing same
Polycyclic azaindole compounds
Spirocyclic compounds useful as modulators of nuclear hormone receptor function
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
System and apparatus for measuring displacements in electro-active materials
Multi-beam scanning device and image forming apparatus using the scanning device
Frequency converter using optical excitation surface plasma and its method
Ring zonal phase correction lens and optical system and optical head device
Repeatable ESD protection utilizing a process for unshorting a first shorting material between elect...
Exposure apparatus of an optical disk master, method of exposing an optical disk master, and wavefro...
Controller for data recorder
Optical disc medium and data recording method and apparatus
Optical recording medium
Recording device, reproduction device, and recording/reproduction device
Holographic recording/reproducing apparatus and reproducing apparatus for holographically recorded i...
Optical disk, method of playing optical disk, and optical disk drive
Optical information recording medium and information recording method using the recording medium
Stretched-pulse Raman fiber lasers and methods of operating the same
Fabry-perot laser generating mode-locked channel and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for compensating for temperature characteristics of laser diode in optical comm...
Enhancing fiber-optic sensing technique using a dual-core fiber
Multi-input wavelocker for controlling laser wavelengths of multiple lasers
Printer cartridge modification
Exterior accessory module for vehicular modular door
System for implanting an implant and method thereof
Latent heat storage material, latent heat storage unit containing the material, processes for produc...
Method of fabricating a polysilicon layer
Inductance part and electronic apparatus therewith
Device having reflective and transmissive properties
Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
Device for grinding of clothing in a textile machine
Reinforcement piece for a motor vehicle, and the use of such a piece as an antenna
Isolated antibodies to a secretory membrane protein
Methods for modulating IKK.alpha. activity
Composite bone fasteners
Monomer protein with bone morphogenetic activity and medicinal agent containing the same for prevent...
Prepreg, a composite and their uses
Novelty figurine and carabiner storage assembly
Advertising/promotional display system with integral sound generating means
Pet chew toy
Proximity-coupled folded-J antenna
CDMA communication system with pilot power control unit
Method and apparatus for providing additional information to a selective call device about a broadca...
Semiconductor integrated circuit for audio system
Limited automatic repeat request protocol for frame-based communications channels
Short range RF communication for jet engine control
Method and radio system for digital signal transmission
Stuck microphone deselection system and method
Techniques for correcting for phase and amplitude offsets in a MIMO radio device
Circuit arrangement for increasing a supply voltage
Tuner for reception of a broadband radio frequency signal
Direct-conversion receiver system and method, especially a GPS receiver system with high pass filter...
Radio channel allocation for national security and emergency preparedness calls
Method for controlling a radio access bearer in a communication system
Vertical dynamic beam-forming
Method and apparatus for peripheral vehicle position calculation
MP3 Player with Digital Rights Management
Cache memory, processing unit, data processing system and method for assuming a selected invalid coh...
Embedded symmetric multiprocessor system with arbitration control of access to shared resources
Data processor with a built-in memory
Memory system having data inversion and data inversion method for a memory system
Tracking cells for a memory system
Persistent snapshot methods
Method of maintaining a plurality of snapshots, server apparatus and storage apparatus
Data migration method and a data migration apparatus
Persistent snapshot management system
Secure mode for processors supporting interrupts
Content addressable memory with error detection
Designating an object for destruction
Suture anchor with insert-molded suture eyelet
Electromechanical Adjusting Instrument
Prosthesis and method for deployment within a body lumen
Methods And Apparatus For Treating Aneurysms And Other Vascular Defects
Implantable medical device with bioabsorbable coating
Methods and devices for intervertebral augmentation using injectable formulations and enclosures
Rehydration and restoration of intervertebral discs with polyelectrolytes
Intervertebral disc augmentation and rehydration with superabsorbent polymers
Artificial intervertebral disc having an articulating joint
Devices for intervertebral augmentation and methods of controlling their delivery
Methods and devices for intervertebral augmentation
Hybrid femoral implant
Gradient porous implant
Implant device for osseointegration to endure weight
Experiment analysis system
Speech modeling and enhancement based on magnitude-normalized spectra
Utterance state detection apparatus and method for detecting utterance state
Intermediate modulator for wireless communication devices
Method and system for rapid channel acquisition across heterogeneous radio access technologies
Mobile terminals, methods and computer program products incorporating podcast link activation contro...
Roaming system, mobile communication system, and mobile communication control method
Method for Handling Periodic PLMN Search in RRC Connected Mode in UMTS System
Method of adjusting a power level of communications over a channel in a wireless communications netw...
Method for tracking users in a communication network
Methods, application server, and terminal for directive person identification and communication
Controlling reconfiguration in a cellular communication system
Method of operating a multi-camp mobile communication device while engaged in a call and receiving a...
Radio modem terminal for mobile communication
Method and apparatus for operating a mobile communication device coupled with an external power supp...
Novel design for a wireless network device
Multiple Selectable Field/Current-Voltage Pads Having Individually Powered and Controlled Cells
Apparatus and method for providing location-based advertisement information in a broadband wireless ...
Acknowledgement signaling for automatic repeat request mechanisms in wireless networks
Protocol for controlling an execution process on a destination computer from a source computer
Providing highly automated procurement services
Gas discharge panel and manufacturing method for the same
Aiding in a satellite positioning system
Group III-nitride light emitting device
System and method for solving a large system of dense linear equations
System and method for transferring data to and from a magnetic shift register with a shiftable data ...
Lanthanide doped TiO.sub.x dielectric films
Cooking appliance including combination heating system
Semi-Interpenetrating polymer network electrolyte, process for producing the same and battery using ...
Controlled-grain-precious metal sputter targets
Storage system for powdered pharmaceuticals, and inhaler equipped with this system
Herbal skin formulation
Power supply control circuit for memories, method thereof and apparatus equipped with memories
Electrical lead body including an in-line hermetic electronic package and implantable medical device...
Method and apparatus for controlling network traffic
Methods, systems and media for managing functional verification of a parameterizable design
Token dispensing device with decreased loading on a token dispensing disk
Pliable handle
Mission planning system with asynchronous request capability
Screw drain plug
Method for performing authenticated handover in a wireless local area network
Immunopotentiator for mammary gland of dairy cows containing lactoferrin as an active ingredient
Cosmetic composition comprising a block copolymer
IgA1 protease fragment as carrier peptides
Displacement sensor
Distributed radar detection for WLAN
Resilient electrical cables
Volatile substance-controlling composition
Use of H2S-containing offgas streams for preparing sulfur-containing products
Fuel cell assembly and method for making the same
Electrochemical fuel cell stack having a plurality of integrated voltage reversal protection diodes
Electrolyte for lithium ion rechargeable battery and lithium ion rechargeable battery including the ...
Toner image fixing apparatus having concentrated area heating
Method for reducing angular blur in radar pictures
N-phenylarylsulfonamide compound, pharmaceutical composition comprising the compound as active ingre...
Distributed current sources for folding ADC amplifier stages
Modular tower
Damping device for rails
Combination valve and regulator with vented seat for use with pressurized gas cylinders, particularl...
Pagewidth printhead with flexible ink delivery extrusion
Prosthetic components with contained compressible resilient members
Net structure and method of making
Apparatus and systems for providing location-based services within a wireless network
Apparatus for turf aerification
Golf club rest
Shoe cleaning apparatus