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Golf alignment device, method and apparatus
Laser indicator for golf
Register for air conditioning
Methods of making refrigerator storage assemblies
Doctor beam having a corrosion-resistant fiber coated channel
Method for operating a playback unit in a vehicle, for playing back data stored on a data medium
Method and system for providing audio-guided deployment of data processing systems
Method for providing medical service in hospital based on RFID
Vehicle event recorder systems
Radio frequency identification system deployer
Vehicle event recorder systems
Vehicle event recorder systems
Vehicle status monitoring apparatus and method
Low-cost disposable tourniquet cuff apparatus and method
Radio frequency shield for nuclear magnetic resonance procedures
Capsule type endoscope
3,6-Disubstituted azabicyclo hexane derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Mobile telephone and an accessory
Radio Device, transmission and reception directivity control method and transmission and reception d...
Wireless network apparatus and method of channel allocation for respective radios
Establishment of a transcoder-free operation connection
Service discovery in a wireless communication system
Channel assigning method and system for radio base station group
Call admission control device, and call admission control method
Method for controlling calls in a radiocommunication network
Promoter, promoter control elements, and combinations, and uses thereof
Genes encoding several poly (ADP-RIBOSE) glycohydrolase (PARG) enzymes, the proteins and fragments t...
Anti-mouse CD20 antibodies and uses thereof
Method and System for Generating Revenue Using a Multi-Screen Display System
Icon Queues for Workflow Management
Control system using immune network and control method
Medical Devices and Applications of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Polymers
Surface guided knee replacement
Surface guided knee replacement
Joint replacement prosthesis, joint replacement mounting stud and method
Ceramic and polymer prosthetic device
Selectively Expandable Composite Structures for Spinal Arthroplasty
Sutures for use in the repair of defects in the anulus fibrosus
Intervertebral implant with joint parts mounted on roller bodies
Mitral valve device using conditioned shape memory alloy
Method for regulating the power supply of a number of multiple field devices
Active damping control for a switch mode power supply
Synchronous delay-line amplification technique
Precise and process-invariant bandgap reference circuit and method
Accurate high-speed current sources
Current limiting using PWM control
Pulse frequency modulated voltage regulator with linear regulator control
Apparatus and method for fixed-frequency control in a switching power supply
Battery pack apparatus with heat supply and discharge
Vehicular generator-motor system
Charging circuit in uninterruptible power supply system
Apparatus and method for transient and uninterruptible power
Brake fluid pressure control device
Battery charger and battery charging method
Data access program instruction encoding
Aligning IP payloads on memory boundaries for improved performance at a switch
Method for avoiding aliased tokens during abnormal communications
Prioritization of real time / non-real time memory requests from bus compliant devices
Merging write-back and write-through cache policies
Speculative data streaming disk drive and system
Storage and retrieval system for WEB cache
System and method for updating firmware of a storage drive in a storage network
Data transfer method wherein a sequence of messages update tag structures during a read data transfe...
Storage device control apparatus and control method for the storage device control apparatus
Process for removing a coating from a substrate
Mobile scaffolding braking system
Business-to-business remote network connectivity
Quantum junction device as switch and detector
Flexible systems for spinal stabilization and fixation
Cell surface expressed marker of pluripotency
Expandable porous mesh bag device and methods of use for reduction, filling, fixation, and supportin...
Constructs and cells for production of small peptides
Process for fabricating a multi layer circuit assembly
Process for the transfer of a thin film
Process for making a garment with refastenable sides
Shroud for a hydro thrust device
Alignment compensator for magnetically attracted inspecting apparatus and method
Fluid sensing device with integrated bypass and process therefor
Vehicle seat adjustment system including an occupant protection adjustment
Ventilated seat
Slouch rear seat system
Internal combustion engine
Method of programming a tire monitoring system
Tire air pressure monitoring system
Circuit architecture for vehicle headlamp switch
Exhaust emission control device
Shift system for transfer case
Tunable external cavity laser with adjustable cavity length and mode-hop suppression
Apparatus and method of reducing charge roller contamination
Semiconductor laser device and solid-state laser device using same
Waveguide laser
Anodes for fluorine gas discharge lasers
Monolithic wavelength stabilized asymmetric laser
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Ultrafast laser pulse shape measurement method and system
Four-mode stabilized solid-state gyrolaser without blind region
Aryl N-cyanoguanidines and methods related thereto
5-[4-[2-(N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]thiazolidine-2, 4-dione, maleic acid salt, hydrat...
Quinoline derivatives as glucokinase ligands
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors; processes for their preparation and compositions thereof
Thiazole and oxazole derivatives as activators of human peroxisome proliferator activated receptors
Compounds and their use
Multicyclic compounds for use as melanin concentrating hormone antagonists in the treatment of obesi...
Melanin-concentrating hormone antagonist
Dibenzoxazepinone derivatives and uses thereof
Use of growth hormone in low dose
Method and apparatus for performing a self-servo write operation in a disk drive using spiral servo ...
Magnetic devices having a hard bias field and magnetic memory devices using the magnetic devices
Magnetic head with magnetic domain control structure having anti-ferromagnetic layer and plural magn...
Method and apparatus for providing magnetostriction control in a freelayer of a magnetic memory devi...
Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) read head with reactive-ion-etch defined read width and fabrication pr...
Microactuator for a hard disk drive with an integrated gimbal function
Electro-thermal micromechanical actuator for finitely positioning a storage device slider and method...
Slider having transversely separated bearing surfaces and openings to rear bearing surfaces
Features for improved slider attachment
Recording medium having reduced surface roughness
Thin-film magnetic head with nonmagnetic body filled concave portion formed on a pole layer and magn...
Magnetic recording head with anisotropic medium placed between poles
Media selection systems and methods having a coupler for slidably engaging a storage medium in a sto...
Rack-mounted storage library having segmented panel assemblies
Magnetic disk drive with servo bursts and alternating magnetic polarity regions therebetween
Method and apparatus for head control, and disk-drive apparatus
Epoxy resin composition and fiber reinforced composite material using epoxy resin composition
Lumped raman amplifier for adaptive dispersion compensation
System for checking synchronization of AC voltage sources before closing a power circuit breaker
Method for improving the image homogeneity of image data from phase-cycled steady state sequences
Multi-strand steel cable
Multi-phase input dimming ballast with flyback converter and method therefor
Portion of a sandal
Managing water and auxiliary power in fuel cell power plant below freezing temperatures
Process for preparing methylenedianiline and methylenebis (phenylisocyanate)
Method and a central control unit for channel switching in a packet-based wireless communication net...
Method and apparatus for monitoring breeding behavior
FM transmitter cradle for portable audio player
Method for measuring the absorption coefficient and the reduced scattering coefficient of a multiple...
System and method for testing computing devices
Method and assembly for determining a route
Inhaler with vibrational powder dislodgement
FRAM capacitor stack clean
Self-refresh system and method for dynamic random access memory
III-V group nitride system semiconductor self-standing substrate, method of making the same and III-...
Method and system for rebrokering orders in a trading system
Method and system for reducing connections to a database
Registry for on-line auction system
Method and system to transmit data
System and method for managing shared collections
Alignment of unmounted head gimbal assemblies for testing
End effector for head gimbal assembly testing
Fluid dynamic bearing capsule with recirculation paths
Electrical connector device for a disc drive
Shock absorbing device for an enclosure
Head for perpendicular recording with reduced erasure
Method and apparatus for dynamic placement of an integration window in a disk drive having a disk su...
Method and apparatus for providing a temporary utility zone in a disk drive
Disc imbalance compensation during disc drive assembly
Methods of using molecules related to organic cation transporter 3 (oct3) for treating depression, a...
siRNA silencing of filovirus gene expression
Use of GLP-2 for the treatment or prevention, of bone-related disorders
Multi-phase personal care composition comprising a stabilizing perfume composition
Extreme environment surfactant compositions comprising hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxan...
Method of detecting effect of controlling synoviolin activity
Use of plant parts of prickly pear (opuntia) and/or extracts therefrom for the treatment of depressi...
Process for producing a grape seed extract having a low content of monomeric polyphenols
Topical burn composition
Oils/mixtures as deactivants
Methods of treating hematological malignancies
Bone semi-permeable device
Bone delivery device
Antibiotic compositions
Nuclei density and nuclei area methods for determining effects of a botulinum toxin on muscles
Antibodies to a polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid differentailly expressed in stomach, lung and ...
PRO300 antibodies
Termini cysteine-added variants of granulocyte colony stimulating factor
Polypeptide uder-expressed in melanoma
Botulinum toxin in the treatment or prevention of acne
Method for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and effects of aging
1-oxa-3-aza-dibenzoazulenes as inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor production and intermediates for ...
Keratinocyte growth factor-2 polynucleotides
Methods of treating rosacea
Type III secretion pathway in aeromonas salmonicida, and uses therefor
Treatment of respiratory disease
Harbor fence
Inflatable towable float
Flying ski
Retrievable pneumatic buoy system for submarine use
Personal watercraft
Apparatus including vehicle, console and molded canopy
Support assembly for loading and securing a tender
Dehumidifying radome vent
Vessel with a multi-mode hull
Method and installation for telephone inquiry
Autonomous evanescent optical nanosensor
Substrate-supported array having steerable nanowires elements use in electron emitting devices
Low-k dielectric layer based upon carbon nanostructures
Large-area nanoenabled macroelectronic substrates and uses therefor
Polycrystalline silicon layer with nano-grain structure and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for depositing charge and/or nanoparticles
Method of nanopatterning by forming cracks in a coated polymer substrate
Titanium comprising nanoparticles and related nanotechnology
Process for producing gold nanoparticles
Nanodevices, microdevices and sensors on in-vivo structures and method for the same
Fixed-focus camera module and associated method of assembly
Lens moving mechanism and imaging apparatus
System for opening and closing a resealable cartridge
Seat with articulating camera support
Volumetric imaging using "virtual" lenslets
Transformation of Allium sp. with agrobacterium using embryogenic callus cultures
Process for the production of delta5-unsaturated fatty acids in transgenic organisms
Irciniastatins a and b
Hydrazide compounds
Method for assessing cancerous state
Polishing pad and polishing apparatus
Antireflection film composition, patterning process and substrate using the same
Probe set, probe immobilized carrier and gene examination method
Positive resist composition and pattern making method using the same
Positive resist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Positive resist composition, resin used for the positive resist composition, compound used for synth...
Processes for producing toner by treatment with enzyme
Non-Dairy, Non-Soy Food Product and Methods Of Making
Method of inhibiting metal corrosion
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Maintenance liquid for ink jet recording
Oscillating water column energy accumulator
Semiconductor nanoparticle surface modification method
Method and apparatus for producing oxygen enriched water
Surfaces comprising a hydrophilic spacer, covalently bonded to hydrogels
Calibration procedure for investigating biological systems
Positive resist composition
Membrane and electrode assembly, production method of the same and fuel cell employing the same
Aligned emissive polymer blend, film and device based thereon
Electroosmotic micropumps with applications to fluid dispensing and field sampling
Roof venting system for improved interior air quality and hot water and electricity production
Polycarboxylic acid cement dispersant and method for producing concrete secondary product
Fermentation process using specific oxygen uptake rates as a process control
Cement composition having chromium reducer
Connected-screw driver
Relative humidity probe for concrete
Multifunction clips and ground/mounting strap for wiring device
Cement compositions comprising improved lost circulation materials and methods of use in subterranea...
Wick holder magnetic retention means
Aqueous polymer dispersions with high unsaturated flow promoter content
Method of fabrication for synthetic roofing and siding material
Thermoplastic resin composition and injection-molded article thereof
Use of cmc in drilling fluids
Insecticidal fertilizer mixtures
Surface relief ornament coating method, template and coating device used therein, and ornamental pla...
Processing method, processing device and saccharifying method for extrusion cooked beer adjunct
Apparatus for treating flue gas using single-stage gas dispersing tray
Fire retardant coating composition
Device that attaches to a surface
Multi-function composition for settable composite materials and methods of making the composition
Prefabricated wall panel
Engineered lumber studs for interior wall construction
Artificial stone anchoring system and method
Glut, method and apparatus for manufacturing gluts
Printing Program, Printing Method, and Host Apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Mobile printer having an electronic book function and printing method thereof
Spreadsheet grid-like control for a web-based collaboration system
Vriesea plant named 'Stream'
Vriesea plant named 'Energy'
Vriesea plant named 'Style'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhapri'
Gaura plant named 'Gaudros'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhmago'
Gaura plant named 'Gaudpin'
Trident maple tree named 'ABFSS'
Nectarine tree, 'Burnectwentytwo'
Miniature rose plant name 'Poulpah024'
Miniature rose plant name 'Poulpar031'
Method of transducing gene into plant material
Method of accumulating allergen-specific t cell antigen determinant in plant and plant having the an...
Nucleic acids and methods for producing seeds with a full diploid complement of the maternal genome ...
Method of making floating-gate memory-cell array with digital logic transistors
Human cyclooxygenase-2 cDNA and assays for evaluating cyclooxygenase-2 activity
Chrysanthemum plant named `Jeanny Salmon`
Schlumbergera plant named `THOR-PANDORA`
Schlumbergera plant named `THOR-LIVIA`
Astilbe plant named `Beauty of Lisse`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Deklindi White`
Sweet Bay Magnolia named `Perry Paige`
Method and apparatus for authorizing the transfer of information
Methods and systems for managing patient authorizations relating to digital medical data
Method and apparatus for tracking transactions in an enterprise computer network
Method and apparatus for managing location information in a network separate from the data to which ...
Systems and methods for coding information
Feature regulation for hierarchical decision learning
Method and system for presentation of survey and report data
Progress notes model in a clinical information system
Billing modifier module for integrated emergency medical transportation database system
Monte Carlo criticality-mode systems and methods for computing neutron and gamma fluence in a nuclea...
Method of photomask correction and its optimization using localized frequency analysis
Difference correcting method for posture determining instrument and motion measuring instrument
Method for determining diffusivity and molecular weight in a microfluidic device
PPAR Ligands that do not cause fluid retention, edema or congestive heart failure
Dietary supplements containing natural ingredients
Multiple photosensor pixel image sensor
Liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for integrating and monitoring key digital cinema system components as a means ...
Method and apparatus for generating pairwise cryptographic transforms based on group keys
Authentication of remote appliance messages using an embedded cryptographic device
Methods and apparatus for verifying modules from approved vendors
Anonymous authenticated communications
Method and apparatus for generating pairwise cryptographic transforms based on group keys
Computational method, system, and apparatus
Wireless security and access device
Constant modulation for enhancing QKD security
Method for storing a security start value in a wireless communications system
Signal tracing system and method
Selective encryption to enable multiple decryption keys
System and method for a commercial multimedia rental and distribution system
Record medium, record medium manufacturing device, computer readable record medium on which program ...
Method and apparatus for increasing the entropy of a pseudorandom number
Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing...
Dynamic security authentication for wireless communication networks
Key generation performance improvement
Numerical array output device, a numerical array output method, an encryption device, and a decrypti...
Object in, object out technique
Method for creating a workflow
Peer review evaluation tool
Presenting query plans of a database system
Methods and systems for providing a document with interactive elements to retrieve information for p...
Network-based tax framework database
Rapid restoration of file system usage in very large file systems
Generation and use of digital signatures
Computer system with NAND flash memory for booting and storage
System and method for maintaining applications with their current versions
Method and apparatus for implementing a search engine using an SRAM
Private configuration of network devices
Evolving interactive dialog box for an internet web page
Managing a message communication and file system
System and method for mobile wireless electronic data capture and distribution of a merchant card-pr...
Life-cycle management engine
Communications in an item tracking system
Method and apparatus for identifying and processing changes to management information
Method and apparatus for data migration between databases
System and method for searching and retrieving information regarding related goods and services
Methods for routing items for communications based on a measure of criticality
Oven liner
Method for controlling a delta-T cooking process
Oil or fat compositions
Green tea formulations and methods of preparation
Method of chocolate coating soft confectionery centers
Method for preparing isothiocyanate(s) from cruciferous plant material
Fuel cell
Method for producing chewing gum granules and compressed gum products, and a chewing gum granulating...
Nutrient supplements and methods for treating autism and for preventing the onset of autism
Method and apparatus for monitoring the status and transfer of food products
Folding serving tray
Food fryer
Food coating and compressor apparatus
Cooling system for a commercial aircraft galley
Tray driving apparatus for a microwave oven and a microwave oven having the same
Solar powered insect exterminator
System and method for associating a DLPDU received by an interface chip with a data measurement made...
Physical quantity monitoring and control system and portable information terminal used for the same
Multiple channel wireless communication system
Image forming apparatus, method for forming an image, computer-readable storage medium, and computer...
System and method for signal matching and characterization
Flash event detection with acoustic verification
Electronic device having a temperature control system including a ductwork assembly
Vehicle electrical protection device and system employing same
Compact spectrometer
Traffic control sign assembly
Electronic termite detector
Vehicular rearview mirror system with microcontroller
Proximity sensor
Planer reader of non-erasable magnetic media and local permeability
Interconnecting power generation system
Microprocessor based automatically dimmable eye protection device with interruption prevention
Phosphorus-containing urethane(meth)acrylate compounds and photosensitive compositions
Activated carbon, method for production thereof and use thereof
Home entertainment system and method
Structure of hula-hoop
Drawer stop device
Football board game
Lighting system for gaming devices
Inflatable component connector
Method, apparatus, and system for searching based on filter search specification
Artificial intelligence systems for classifying events, objects and situations
Policy-based automation using multiple inference techniques
Dynamic expert system
Methods and architecture for cross-device activity monitoring, reasoning, and visualization for prov...
Fault detection system and method using approximate null space base fault signature classification
Activator bound solid supports for nucleic acid synthesis via the phosphoramidite approach
IL-18 receptors
Method for the direct synthesis of oligorhamnosides, composition comprising oligorhamnosides and use...
Sulfamoyl sulfonate prodrugs
Modified siRNA molecules and uses thereof
Antisense IAP nucleobase oligomers and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding hyperactive nucleoside di-phosphate kinase 2 and uses thereof
Method and means for modulating plant cell cycle proteins and their use in plant cell growth control
Organisms with elevated levels of gallic acid/polyphenol oxidase and methods of generating such orga...
Novel lipoxygenase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Cis/trans riboregulators
Fusion proteins useful for detecting analytes
DNA hybrids and environment cleaning system employing DNA hybrids
Alpha-1-phosphorylated-2-deoxy-2-fluoroarabinoside and process for producing 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-beta...
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33T56
Cellulose synthase promoter and method for modifying cellulose and lignin biosynthesis in plants
Polynucleotide sequences from rice
Nucleic acid molecules encoding cyclotide polypeptides and methods of use
Processes for the production of aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate and disaccharide immunoeffectors ...
Adenovirus vectors, packaging cell lines, compositions, and methods for preparation and use
Chimeric IgE polypeptides and host cells
Compositions and methods for modulating NH2-terminal Jun Kinase activity
Methods of inhibiting manganese-containing superoxide dismutase 2 (MnSOD)
Compositions and methods for binding agglomeration proteins
MicroRNA molecules
DNA encoding hyaluronan synthase from Pasteurella multocida and methods of use
Expression vectors encoding epitopes of target-associated antigens and methods for their design
Identification of oligoadenylate synthetase-like genes
Phytase expression systems and methods of making and using them
Sulfotransferase, its polypeptide and DNA encoding the same
Process for producing .alpha.1,4-galactosyltransferase and galactose-containing complex sugar
P450 enzymes, nucleic acids encoding them and methods of making and using them
Optimized bacterial host strains of Methylomonas sp. 16a
Macromolecular antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols and phosphites
Substituted 5-aminomethyl-1H-pyrrole-2-carboxylic acid amides
Cyclic onium compounds and glucosidase inhibitors
Instructional game for teaching budgeting and finance management to students
Multilayer, white, biaxially oriented polyester film
Perforated bag placemat
Ice confections
Aqueous potassium lactate solution
Cooking process of red bean porridge without a bitter taste
Process for extracting cocoa polyphenols from cocoa beans
Breakfast cereals with decreased soaking and method for decreasing soaking of breakfast cereals
Solid concentrate for broths, bouillons, soups, sauces, (side)dishes, garnishing or seasoning and pr...
Modified Whey Protein For Low Casein Processed Cheese
Method of reducing manganese in defatted soy isolate
Method of manufacturing particulate ice cream for storage in conventional freezers
Method for producing nucleation of solid phase from a supercooled liquid
Slowly digestible starch product
High-Potency Sweetener Composition for Treatment and/or Prevention of Autoimmune Disorders and Compo...
Data communication device and method of processing transmitted data
Radio communication system for vehicle
Radio communication system, and apparatus, method, and computer program for said radio communication...
Optimizing data transfer in radio system
Data distribution terminal, menu server, and distribution reservation system using them
Mobile terminal and remote locking program storage medium
Mobile telephone system capable of effectively utilizing GPS information even if direct reception by...
Transmit and receive antenna switch
RF transceiver with compact stacked mixer design for multiple frequency conversion
Non-frequency translating repeater with downlink detection for uplink and downlink synchronization
Communications system using separate receive and transmit frequency hopping hopsets
Speaker arrangement for communication terminal
Adjusting a receiver
Transport of encoded information across a core network
Hardware assist system and method for the timing of packets in a wireless network
Digital radio communication system for multi-application
Receiver for a position-finding system with improved sensitivity
Group global positioning system
Method and system for employing RFID tags in automated applications
Method of determining axial alignment of the centroid of an edge gripping end effector and the cente...
Vision system
Self-running robot having pressing sensing function and control method thereof
Angular movement detector and networks of angular movement detectors for controlling movement of an ...
Blank modular book to be enclosed in an artistic case to be filled out in writing by the members of ...
Rolled electroactive polymers
Method and apparatus for enabling platform configuration
Method and apparatus for facilitating use of hypertext links on the world wide web
Actuator thermal protection in haptic feedback devices
System and method for authoring multimedia contents description metadata
System and method for delivering last mile computing over light from a plurality of network edge loc...
Method and device for connecting networks
Method and system for tracking content rental
Multimedia user interface
Electric field shark repellent wet suit
Self-contained electrotherapy
Mine ventilation
Adjustable outlet riser
Load-bearing pressurized liquid column
Inline compensator for a floating drill rig
Device capability based discovery, packaging and provisioning of content for wireless mobile devices
Three dimensional display and pocket calendars
Information delivery
Pointing device with integrated audio input
System and method for music creation and rearrangement
Menu-driven voice control of characters in a game environment
Use of extracts of Ginkgo biloba for preparing a medicament intended to treat sarcopenia
Composition containing a marine-derived inorganic substance and chitin/chitosan, and method of produ...
Pharmaceutical composition inducing cancer cell differentiation and the use for treatment and preven...
Readily dispersible dietary fiber composition
Throat lozenge for the treatment of Streptococcus Group A
Antibodies against tumor surface antigens
Compositions and methods for promoting myocardial and peripheral angiogenesis
IL-16 antagonists
Medicament containing a tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 (TIMP-2) as an osteoanabolically ac...
Cell lines with latent immunodeficiency virus and methods of use thereof
Infectious cDNA clone of North American porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus a...
Long chain alcohols provided in edible oils
Stent coatings containing self-assembled monolayers
Method and apparatus for expanding audio data
In-line early reflection enhancement system for enhancing acoustics
System and method for automatic classification of music
Elongated linkage connected pedal unit and cymbals apparatus
Substituted pyrrolines as kinase inhibitors
Anti-CCR1 antibodies and methods of use thereof
Dihydroxypyrimidine carboxamide inhibitors of HIV integrase
Methods for treating HIV infected subjects
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethlamino sulfonyl urea derivatives useful as retroviral prote...
Hybrid interferon/interferon tau proteins, compositions and methods of use
Substituted pyrazolo[4,3-e]diazepines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, use as medical p...
Neuroprotection and neuroegenisis by administering cyclic prolyl glycine
Erythropoietin dosing regimen for treating anemia
Extracellular matrix signaling molecules
Detection of drug-resistant human immunodeficiency virus
DNA sequence of the LTR region of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)
Reflective color wheel
Image display screen having wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles and projection television in...
Display system with clock dropping
Method for correcting for distortion of projected image, program for correcting image distortion, an...
Television tuner for both analog and digital signal
Display apparatus and control method of picture thereof
Method and apparatus for sending and receiving and for encoding and decoding a telop image
Digital DC restore methods and apparatus
Apparatus and method for generating coefficient data, apparatus and method for processing informatio...
De-interlacing method, apparatus, video decoder and reproducing apparatus thereof
Method for transforming one video output format into another video output format without degrading d...
Apparatus for and method of detecting whether incoming image signal is in film mode
Stand for digital camera
Device and method for displaying data in mobile terminal equipped with camera
Image sensing apparatus having image signals generated from light between optical elements of an opt...
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium, and image processing method
Autofocus adaptor
Method for improving fuel economy and performance when deactivating cylinders with vehicle cruise co...
Method of distinguishing between adult and cinched car seat occupants of a vehicle seat
Vehicle steering apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting improper installation of child seat in a vehicle
Passive wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle using operating input torque to wheel
Magnetic wheel for vehicles
Deadband regenerative braking control for hydraulic hybrid vehicle powertrain
Suspension system for a truck cab
Vehicle hood assembly and method of elevating vehicle hood
All-terrain vehicle glove compartment
Vehicle body structure for motorcycle
Steering ski for snow vehicle
Rear drive assembly for a snow bicycle
Brake caliper support structure for motorcycle
Active anti-tip wheels for power wheelchair
Method for operating a power-assisted hydraulic steering system in a motor vehicle
Clutch for steer-by-wire steering system
Power plant mounting apparatus
Low load floor motor vehicle
Motor vehicle with lowerable drive unit
Apparatus for controlling rigidity of vehicle body
Plants and seeds of corn variety I226211
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119163
Plants and seeds of corn variety I133314
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives with microorganisms
Method of manufacturing a stellate cell death factor
Method for the manufacture of recombinant unhydroxylated collagen polypeptide fibres, and recombinan...
Methods of production of proteins
Methods for production of proteins
Enzyme-mimicking polymers
Derivatives of magainin and methods of production thereof
Overhead rest assembly
Method and device for adapting the seat row arrangement in passenger planes according to need
Cooled insulation surface temperature control system
Flying vehicle-launching apparatus and method
Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fix...
Hybrid drive powered lift platform
Method and device for planning a trajectory
Fire shield method
Positive lock seat device
Method and apparatus for preventing spoofing of network addresses
Communications system for transmitting, receiving, and displaying an image and associated image acti...
Methods for expansive netboot
Data communications
Network connection apparatus
Computerized method and system for managing the exchange and distribution of confidential documents
System and apparatus for credit transaction data transmission
System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network
Browser-based arrangement for developing voice enabled web applications using extensible markup lang...
Collapsible cart which functions as a transportable carrying box
Garbage can with step opening lid
Receptacle with square shape in plan
Rotary dryer
Dish rack
Portion of a cleaning implement
Abrasive wipe
Brush portion of spot cleaner
Lower portion of spot cleaner
Rear portion of spot cleaner
Central portion of spot cleaner
Design for a spot cleaner
Base for an upright extractor
Vacuum cleaner
Shoe mounted cleaning accessory
Tube cleaning machine
Cat scratching post
Margarita-styled hummingbird feeder
Hierarchy-based method and apparatus for detecting attacks on a computer system
Automating commerce on a broadcast programming distribution network
System and method for analyzing work activity and valuing human capital
Apparatus for visualizing information in a data warehousing environment
Postage metering system including a printer having dual print heads
Postal system intranet and commerce processing for on-line value bearing system
Rule-based system for determining price adjustments in a product catalog
Method and system for authenticating accounts on a remote server
Electronic wallet system with secure inter-purses operations
Method and system for automatically harmonizing access to a software application program via differe...
Method and system for submitting bids
Systems and methods for matching desired purchases and sales of mis-matched items
System and method for wagering-based transferable financial instruments
Presentation of optimum portfolio
Process for producing low-molecular olefins by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons
Conversion of oxygenate to olefins with staged injection of oxygenate
Process for producing a hydrocarbon component of biological origin
Gas agitated multiphase reactor with stationary catalyst solid phase
Geranium plant named `Fisruby`
Grandiflora rose plant named `WEKsproulses`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `WEKearman`
Raspberry plant named `Marcela`
Printer interface
Mobile printer
Ski goggles
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Front security knob for a computer memory module
Portion of an electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Electronic mouse
Portions of a connector plug and receptacle pair
Portion of a connector plug
Stapler with clear window
Separate client state object and user interface domains
Methods and system for managing computational resources of a coprocessor in a computing system
Spin-yielding in multi-threaded systems
Processing data
AIGaInN single-crystal wafer
Process for recovering arsenic from acidic aqueous solution
Method for preparing composite flexible graphite material
Catalytic partial oxidation process using a catalyst system having an upstream and a downstream part
Electrically conductive fibers of Ti4O7 and Ti5O9
Sintered body for thermistor devices, thermistor device and temperature sensor
Method for preparation of magnetic spinel ferrites from layered double hydroxide precursors
Method to produce an anti-swelling mica
Arrangement for accessing an IP-based messaging server by telephone for management of stored message...
System and method for dynamic queuing in an automatic call distributor
Method and system for transmitting a message to a telephone station
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting and caller identification
Managing caller identifiers at a communication device
Faster modem method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for a telephone user interface control for enabling and disabling a web interfa...
Connection-based bandwidth utilization
Actionable communication reminders
Method for selecting wireless path of portable communication terminal, portable communication termin...
Mirror mounted mobile telephone system
Method and system for extending backup battery life in primary line customer premises-equipment
Message playback concurrent with speakerphone operation
Flexible ring-tone service
Method for operating and translating SCCP global titles
Method and system for identifying telemarketer communications
Multi-modal callback
Method and system for providing the name of the state of a calling party
Shimming with MRI gradient
Arterial spin labeling with pulsed radio frequency sequences
Organic electroluminescent display device having plural carrier transportation layers
Design for an organic light-emitting display that eliminates deterioration of the emission layer due...
Electroluminescent silylated pyrenes, and devices made with such compounds
Dual panel type organic electroluminescent device and method of fabricating the same
Pyrene derivative, light emitting element, and light emitting device
Organic light-emitting device
Electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent materials and devices made from such materials
OLED display and touch screen
Method and apparatus for driving display panel using pulse width modulation
Image-forming device
Electroluminescent device including a programmable pattern generator
Active matrix organic electroluminescent device and fabricating method thereof
Attachment of organic molecules to group III, IV or V substrates
Organic semiconductor device
Glucagon-like insulinotropic peptides, compositions and methods
2-amino-4,5-trisubstituted thiazolyl derivatives
Foam, method of forming the foam, print cartridge including the foam, and printing apparatus includi...
Set of icons for display screen
Generated image for a portable telephone
Facsimile machine
LCD monitor
Slider device for a resealable closure for a flexible container
Method for processing access-request message for packet service
System boot using NAND flash memory and method thereof
Portable storage apparatus and method for freely changing data bus width
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and information processing program
Advanced microcontroller bus architecture (AMBA) system with reduced power consumption and method of...
Fast fourier transform apparatus
Method, apparatus, and computer program for evaluating noise immunity of a semiconductor device
Method of modifying low frequency components of a digital audio signal
Bur for preparing metal substrates
Dual elevation weapon station and method of use
Use of electrodes to cancel lift effects in inertial sensors
Antenna system
M-GAL: a Gal gene switch-based suite of methods protein analyses and protein expression in multicell...
Radiation-hardened SRAM cell with write error protection
Extensible object previewer in a shell browser
System for processing at least partially structured data
System and method for managing data privacy
Automatic flight management in an online marketplace
Task concurrency management design method
Method of processing images for digital subtraction angiography
Security screening system and method
Computed tomographic scanner using rastered x-ray tubes
Measurement apparatus and method for determining the material composition of a sample by combined X-...
Radiation imaging apparatus
CT detector having an optical mask layer
Hand operated device for controlling characteristics of an MRI image, and the like
Methods and apparatus for pulsed radiation image acquisition
Radiation detectors and methods of detecting radiation
Scintillator crystals, method for making same, use thereof
Amorphous selenium flat panel x-ray imager for tomosynthesis and static imaging
X-ray examination apparatus including a dosimeter
Cyclic fluorine compounds, polymerizable fluoromonomers, fluoropolymers, and resist materials contai...
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Method for printability enhancement of complementary masks
Pet kennel
Mobile support structure for diagnostic equipment
Method and apparatus for a parallel correlator and applications thereof
Word sequence output device
Method and apparatus for evaluating ventricular performance during isovolumic contraction
Endoscope structures and techniques for navigating to a target in branched structure
Optical sampling interface system for in vivo measurement of tissue
Image forming device for performing calibration by patch pattern
System and method for fiber optics based direct view giant screen flat panel display
Variable general purpose compression for video images (ZLN)
Disk drive system employing effective disk surface stabilization mechanism
Memory card drive and portable memory card drive
Energy storage device
Capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Star-shaped shade for a lighting fixture
Global navigation column for a browser-based user interface for an image processing-office machine
Snap lock socket connector
Snap lock oval base connector
Campfire cooking griddle
Camouflage pattern for sheet material
Hair brush
Bristled portion of a brush
Precise phase shifting using a DLL controlled, multi-stage delay chain
Computerized system, method and program product for managing an enterprise storage system
Media player with instant play capability
Body-worn data storage device
Developing apparatus featuring a developer carrying member with an elastic surface layer
Relative and absolute calibration for dosimetric devices
System and method for identifying optimized blood signal in medical images to eliminate flow artifac...
Method and apparatus for speaker verification using a tunable high-resolution spectral estimator
Method and system for monitoring component consumption
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Computer-aided modeling and manufacture of products
Method for mapping higher brain function and headgear for mapping higher brain function
Methods and apparatus for mapping internal and bulk motion of an object with phase labeling in magne...
Apparatus and method for pattern delivery of radiation and biological characteristic analysis
Configuring a MIMO communication
System and method for shared integrated online social interaction
Instant messaging session invite for arranging peer-to-peer communication between applications
Messaging mechanism employing mailboxes for inter processor communications
Regular-pulse excitation speech coder
Efficient communication with passive devices
Smart BLUETOOTH interface gateway to mate a non-BLUETOOTH wireless device with a BLUETOOTH headset
Interconnect system and method for multiple protocol short message services
Wireless terminal location using apparatus and methods employing carrier diversity
Location estimation of wireless terminals based on combinations of signal strength measurements and ...
Wireless communication terminal and handoff judgment method
Proximity triggered job scheduling system and method
Cell phone feature for downloading information via a telecommunications network
Providing access to information of multiple types via coordination of distinct information services
Software expiry before delivery
Apparatus and method for providing dynamic multilingual web pages
Method and apparatus for automatically using a predefined peer-to-peer group as a context for an app...
Clustering hypertext with applications to WEB searching
Method and apparatus for providing geographically authenticated electronic documents
Electronic activity and business system and method
Dynamically generating multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships based on object attribute ...
Method and apparatus for learning a probabilistic generative model for text
Apparatus and method for receiving RF signal free of 1/f noise in radio communication system
System and method for terrestrial high-definition television reception
System for direct acquisition of received signals
Electrophoretic display
Active substance combinations comprising insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Agents for combating plant pests
Arthropodicidal anthranilamides
Reverse-turn mimetics and method relating thereto
Compounds for enzyme inhibition
Furosemide modulators of HM74
Intradermal incorporation of microparticles containing encapsulated drugs using low frequency ultras...
System and method for transferring information in a computer system
Computer operating booting system making use of multi-buttons
Apparatus and method for handling BTAC branches that wrap across instruction cache lines
Seamless user interactions for portable storage devices
Self-healing tree network
Data acquisition system providing dual monitoring of sensor data
Location based communications system
Radio human-machine interface using knobs and menu picks
Image forming apparatus
Self-characterizing and self-programming optical transmitter
Personal cell sampling kit
Planar inorganic device
Sensor for determining concentration of fluid sterilant
Power feeding method and apparatus
Ablation device with clear probe
Adjusting method for endoscope systems
Method and apparatus for displaying endoscopic images
Abrasive cleaning article and method of making
Surgical microscope drape with removable lens assembly
Decorative article
Bandages pouch
Method of constructing a synthetic polynucleotide
Integrated low k dielectrics and etch stops
Integrated stacked capacitor and method of fabricating same
Method of forming a floating metal structure in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device with a toroidal-like junction
Chemical mechanical polishing process for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Reflection type liquid crystal display device with a passivation layer directly on the pad electrode
Oxygen plasma treatment for enhanced HDP-CVD gapfill
Multi-layer gate stack
Method to selectively remove one side of a conductive bottom electrode of a phase-change memory cell...
Integrated circuit containing polysilicon gate transistors and fully silicidized metal gate transist...
Method of depositing an amorphous carbon layer
Crystallization mask, crystallization method, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor inclu...
Method for improving GPS integrity and detecting multipath interference using inertial navigation se...
GPS location finding device
Method and apparatus for determining location of a remote unit using GPS
Handheld GPS jammer locator
GPS receiver with encrypted data transmission
Method for extended coherent data demodulation for GPS receivers
GPS receiver having a phase lock loop hold off
Portion of a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Preparation of oligomeric cyclocarbonates and their use in ionisocyanate or hybrid nonisocyanate pol...
Polarization based interferometric detector
Method of defense-in-depth ultrasound intrusion detection
Apparatus and method for investigating or modifying a surface with a beam of charged particles
Contact hole standard test device, method of forming the same, method of testing contact hole, metho...
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Methods and apparatus for increasing and extending oil production from underground formations nearly...
Composite material containing tungsten and bronze
Apparatus and method for upper and lower beak treatment
Pin fastener for achieving metal-to-metal connections
Fluid level sensing apparatus and method for a spray applicator
Chemical/biological hazard trigger with automatic mail piece tagging system and method
Manually actuated fastener driver with fastener cap reservoir and advancement mechanism
Perforating gun quick connection system
Chemical injection well completion apparatus and method
Electric rotating machine
Clutch-purpose hydraulic servo
Vibration damper for dampening vibrations at low frequencies
System and method for determining equivalency factors for use in comparative performance analysis of...
Adaptive modeling of changed states in predictive condition monitoring
Methodology for temporal fault event isolation and identification
Eddy current inspection method and system
Implantable cardiac stimulation device with automatic evoked response sensing electrode configuratio...
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and electrophotographic print
Otoplasty for behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
Polarizing optical element and display device including the same
Process for erasing chalcogenide variable resistance memory bits
Atomic probes and media for high density data storage
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Method and apparatus for a reflective spatial light modulator with a flexible pedestal
Data card reader
Equality of extensible markup language structures
Ink thickness rendering for electronic annotations
Light weight file I/O over system area networks
Cache slot lock for multi-thread file request
Systems and methods for diffusing clipping error
Position sensing assembly with sychronizing capability
Method of removing particle of photomask using atomic force microscope
Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Photocurable compositions for articles having stable tensile properties
Cobalamin conjugates for anti-tumor therapy
Light sensitive media for optical devices using organic mesophasic materials
NAND memory array incorporating capacitance boosting of channel regions in unselected memory cells a...
Imaging member having inorganic material filler surface grafted with charge transport moiety
Conductive material and manufacturing method thereof
Compositions and methods for treating hyperimmune response in the eye
System and method for authentication of network users
Method and apparatus for supporting data communication between program components
Computer multi-tasking via virtual threading using an interpreter
Method and computer program for producing a regulator or controller
Method, system, and program for processing objects in a distributed computing environment
System for executing virtual machine instructions
Application integration model for dynamic software component assembly within an application at runti...
Portable user interface for presentation of information associated with audio/video data
Dynamic adaptation of GUI presentations to heterogeneous device platforms
System for customizing web page
Automaton synchronization during system verification
Resource management during system verification
Apparatus of remote server console redirection
Locating potential sources of memory leaks
Multi-level undo of main-memory and volatile resources
System and methods for failover management of manageable entity agents
Regeneration, pretreatment and precipitation of oxides of manganese
Modular heated cover
Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
Coating stack comprising a layer of barrier coating
Method and apparatus for doping semiconductors
Ventilator system and method
Power supplies for projectiles and other devices
Apparatus and method for bending and/or tempering glass
Energy management system, method, and apparatus
Packaging diaper with deceptive outward appearance
Providing a reliable operating system for clients of a net-booted environment
Position detection method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus
System health monitoring
Interface device with stored data on transmission lines characteristics
Image pickup apparatus with image evaluation
Gamma reference voltage generator
CMOS input buffer and a method for supporting multiple I/O standards
Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam