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Multilayer edible moisture barrier for food products and method of use
Increasing the HDL level and the HDL/LDL ratio in human serium by balancing saturated and polyunsatu...
Microwave method and system for material inspection
Dual voltage infinite temperature control for an electric cooking appliance
Lactic acid bacteria for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of giardiasis
Purification process comprising microfiltration at elevated temperatures
Water dispersible compositions containing natural hydrophilic water-insoluble pigments, methods of p...
Method and device for use in endoscopic organ procedures
Mold cover lift system for a patty-forming apparatus
Refrigerator shelf retainer assembly
Apparatus and method for mixing a gas and a liquid
Food processing appliance with indicator
Communication system using alias management rules for automatically changing sender alias in a messa...
Method and apparatus for categorizing and presenting documents of a distributed database
Intravascular self-anchoring electrode body with arcuate springs, spring loops, or arms
Optical methods for tissue analysis
Dry fiber optic assemblies and cables
Self-aligned low-k gate cap
Light emitting device comprising film having hygroscopic property and transparency and manufacturing...
Wound dressing
Zone reactor
Diterpenoid compounds, compositions thereof and their use as anti-cancer or anti-fungal agents
Process for continuous production of reactive polymers with in-line post-modification and products t...
Hydrophilic polymer composition
Aromatic prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof
Fragrance alcohol-releasing polysiloxane
Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbons recovery
Porous organosilicates with improved mechanical properties
YKL-40 as a marker and prognostic indicator for cancers
Sensing phage-triggered ion cascade (SEPTIC)
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Fuel cell structures and assemblies
Damage standard fabrication with attached sensor
Catalysts for the conversion of methane to synthesis gas
Catalyst for hydrogen generation and catalyst for purifying of exhaust gas
Supported catalyst and method for preparing the same
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates, compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imagin...
Catalyzed SCR filter and emission treatment system
Light weight plastic trim parts and methods of making same
Sea-based hydrogen-oxygen generation system
Multiply hinged sundeck for pontoon boat
Powerboat with disappearing tunnel
Closure cap
Microneedle drug delivery device
Turbine engine nozzle
Substituted fused bicyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Potent, simplified derivatives of pateamine A
11.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitors
Pest control compositions and methods for their use
Calcium blockers to treat proliferative vitreoretinopathy
Thyroid hormone receptor ligand, medicinal compositions containing the same and use thereof
Fatty acid analogues for the treatment of proliferative skin disorders
Dimeric compounds and their use as anti-viral agents
Selected fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Pyrazole derivatives
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Water-soluble triazole fungicide
Method for differentiating mesenchymal stem cells into neural cells
Magnetic encoder
Fixed-frequency current mode converter and control method thereof
Three state class D amplifier
Low distortion class-D amplifier using sampling of a servo-loop amplifier output
Apparatus and method for a driver with an adaptive drive strength for a class D amplifier
Method and circuit for cascaded pulse width modulation
Sigma delta converter with flying capacitor input
Non-isolated power conversion system having multiple switching power converters
Motor driving apparatus
Blood leak detector for extracorporeal treatment system
Photocatalyst sterilizer
Additive packages for removing oil from solid materials recovered from a well bore
Preparation of porous poly(aryl ether) articles and use thereof
Integrated dual cross flow filtration and ultrasonic transducer assembly
Method of in-pipe activation of running water and in-pipe activator for running water as well as met...
Sack-based processes for recovering oil floating on water
Method for producing a membrane made of bridged polymer and a fuel cell
Dual-action decontamination method
Water purification apparatus and system
Chromatographic separation method
Diffusion promoting device for low flow velocity gradient high performance liquid chromatography
Method to separate stereoisomers
Potable water treatment system and apparatus
Delivery system for a composition
Control and classification of liquids in separating processes
Low-maintenance watermaker
Destructible surfactants and uses thereof
Method for the controlled thickening of low consistency fiber suspensions
Screw conveyor for a decanter centrifuge
System and method for authenticating a storage device for use with driver software in a storage netw...
Storage system and method using interface control devices of different types
Storage system that is connected to external storage
Method and system for receiver detection in PCI-Express devices
Method and system for dynamically assigning domain identification in a multi-module fibre channel sw...
Method and system for synchronizing bit streams for PCI express devices
Apparatus for reducing data corruption in a non-volatile memory
Method and system for enhanced dimming resolution in a light ballast through use of multiple control...
Oriented PIFA-type device and method of use for reducing RF interference
Generation of an ultra-superheated steam composition and gasification therewith
Method of mixing high temperature gases in mineral processing kilns
High efficiency beverage vending machine
Direct production of white sugar from sugarcane juice or sugar beet juice
Active organic electroluminescence display panel module and driving module thereof
Anode active material and battery using it
Method of making a semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for providing a magnetic tunnel transistor with a self-pinned emitter
Film thickness measuring method of member to be processed using emission spectroscopy and processing...
Alignment target with designed in offset
Planarized structure for a reliable metal-to-metal contact micro-relay MEMS switch
High density memory array having increased channel widths
Post passivation interconnection schemes on top of the IC chips
Inspection methods and structures for visualizing and/or detecting specific chip structures
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit package with laminated power cell having coplanar electrode
RF and MMIC stackable micro-modules
Vertical offset structure and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory device with reduced soft error rate (SER) and method for fabricating same
Single-crystal silicon semiconductor structure
Storage nodes of a semiconductor memory
Organic photosensitive cells having a reciprocal-carrier exciton blocking layer
Apparatus for inspecting three dimensional shape of a specimen and method of watching an etching pro...
Method to reduce photoresist pattern collapse by controlled surface microroughening
Method of forming a thin film by plasma CVD of a silicon-containing source gas
Embossing processes for substrate imprinting, structures made thereby, and polymers used therefor
Apparatus and method for image processing and storage medium for the same
Detecting and identifying hazardous substances contained in mail articles
Computerized adaptive imaging
Method and arrangement for FPN correction in an image signal from an image sensor
Nonlinear filtering for events in SPR sensing
Method for measuring gap of liquid crystal cell
Compact spectroscopic ellipsometer
Simultaneous 4-stokes parameter determination using a single digital image
Sample orientation system and method
System and method for processing information in a pulse oximeter
Surface inspection apparatus
Surface plasmon excitation device and microscope including the same
Measurement system with separate optimized beam paths
Psychological state assessment device, psychological state assessment method
Method and apparatus for analyte sensing
Environmental monitoring and reporting system for EPA cluster rule 010094
Tooling system
Integrated appliance container for support during assembly transport and display
Method for making integrated circuit aluminium panels
Tissue roll dispenser
Magnetic altitude adjusting mechanism
Oilless air motor assembly for hydraulic pumps
Compressor motor-end bearing having oil leakage path
Streamlined unobstructed one-pass axial-flow pump
Horizontal type compressor
Dual pump transmission
Fan with driving gear
Long life fan motor
Shape memory alloy wire driven positive displacement micropump with pulsatile output
Pump and method
Multi-stage reciprocating vacuum pump and method of operating the same
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Cement slab leveling apparatus
Method of generating compressed air, and compressor arrangement for implementing the method
Portable, battery-powered air compressor for a pneumatic tool system
Methods and apparatus for production of hydrocarbons
Hermetic compressor
Hermetic compressor
Apparatus and system for developing LSI
Instruction processor emulator having separate operand and op-code interfaces
Semiconductor device having transferred integrated circuit
Two catalyst process for making olefin
Process for upgrading naphtha
User authentication system and methods thereof
Disk holding apparatus, and disk apparatus
Vehicle-mounted multimedia device
System and method for tracking VoiceXML document execution in real-time
File translation
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for creating asides within an electronic document
Acquiring a form using a proxy applicant and delegation data
Error correction for flash memory
Method and/or apparatus for performing static timing analysis on a chip in scan mode with multiple s...
Outage predictor for communication link
System and method for network error rate testing
Method and apparatus to coordinate groups of heterogeneous measurements
Personal electronics device with a dual core processor
Method of, and apparatus for, recording/reproducing data to/from recording medium having copyright m...
Pipelined multiply-accumulate unit and out-of-order completion logic for a superscalar digital signa...
Method, system and program product for caching data objects
Engine piston-pin sliding structure
Data recording apparatus and data recording method
Methods and compositions for extracting proteins from cells
Topical compositions with outer phase and preparation method
Aza-benzazolium containing cyanine dyes
Engineered proteins, and methods of making and using
Communication device interface
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional audio display
Sampling to a next hop
Motor state counting
Polymer conjugates of proteinases
Clock data recovery circuitry associated with programmable logic device circuitry
Test circuit for and method of identifying a defect in an integrated circuit
Binding content to a portable storage device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM) system
Network policy management and effectiveness system
System and method for computer virus detection utilizing heuristic analysis
Method and apparatus for preventing buffer overflow security exploits
Prevention of operating system identification through fingerprinting techniques
System and method for providing key management protocol with client verification of authorization
Authorization services with external authentication
Method and system for preventing unauthorized server interference in an internet protocol network
Entity authentication in a shared hosting computer network environment
Data transmission system, apparatus and method for processing information, apparatus and method for ...
Technique for reverse transport of data in a hybrid fiber coax cable system
Method for delivering transport stream data
Optimized delivery of web application code
Image rescue system including direct communication between an application program and a device drive...
Chlorine dioxide gel and associated methods
Amino acid modulated extended release dosage form
Method for determining the efficacy of an anti-cancer treatment using image analysis
Method for applying an in-painting technique to correct images in parallel imaging
Arrayed ultrasonic transducer
Methods for SEM inspection of fluid containing samples
Reversible male sterility in transgenic plants by expression of cytokinin oxidase
Gene controlling flowering time of plants and method for manipulating flowering time of plant using ...
Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation
Method for preparing a sterile transgenic carp
Method for identifying an agonist of neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS-1), for therapy of CNS disorders
Initializing an output memory circuit of a scan cell
Distributed tap controller
Reset circuit for resetting two clock domains
Control circuit for self-compensating delay chain for multiple-data-rate interfaces
System using fairness logic for mediating between traffic associated with transit and transmit buffe...
Multi-level ring peer-to-peer network structure for peer and object discovery
Reconfigurable, virtual processing system, cluster, network and method
System and method for transaction processing with delegated commit feature
Distributed simulation system having phases of a timestep
Method for automatically obtaining an operational sequence of processes and a tool for performing su...
System and method for reducing pain associated with cardioversion shocks generated by implantable ca...
EMI detection for implantable medical devices
Wireless private branch exchange (WPBX) and communicating between mobile units and base stations
Data synchronization across an asynchronous boundary using, for example, multi-phase clocks
Processing servo data having DC level shifts
Electro-optic waveguide device capable of suppressing bias point DC drift and thermal bias point shi...
Tunable laser with magnetically coupled filter
Semiconductor slider with an integral spin valve transistor structure and method for making same wit...
Optical deflector array
Low cost antenna devices comprising conductive loaded resin-based materials with conductive wrapping
Mechanically reconfigurable vertical tester interface for IC probing
Light source
Semiconductor device including ladder-shaped siloxane hydride and method for manufacturing same
Dual damascene copper interconnect to a damascene tungsten wiring level
Semiconductor package
Electronic circuit device with reduced breaking and cracking
Stud electrode and process for making same
Optoelectronic semiconductor device and light signal input/output device
Electron beam lens for micro-column electron beam apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Printed wiring board and its manufacturing method
Method and structure for fabricating a halftone mask for the manufacture of semiconductor wafers
Surface barriers for copper and silver interconnects produced by a damascene process
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
Data processing apparatus
Network system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and control program
Information providing method, information providing system, terminal apparatus, and storage medium s...
Image forming apparatus with a first toner and a light permeable second toner
Image forming apparatus
Developing unit, developing cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatu...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a power controlled flux generator as a function of a detected temperatu...
Developing apparatus
Image processing system and method, memory card, and storage medium
Photonic crystal optical element and manufacturing method therefor
Image processing apparatus, method and storage medium therefor
Imaging method and apparatus with exposure control
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing method and apparatus
Television broadcast receiving apparatus, television broadcast receiving method, and television broa...
Facsimile apparatus, control method of facsimile apparatus, and computer-readable memory medium stor...
Process for selective aromatics disproportionation with increased conversion
Method of using carbide and/or oxycarbide containing compositions
Process for hydrogenation of aromatics in hydrocarbon feedstocks containing thiopheneic compounds
Method of preserving symmetrical routing in a communication system based upon a server farm
System monitoring service using throttle mechanisms to manage data loads and timing
Method and apparatus for communicating on a communication network
Method and apparatus for blocking contents of pornography on internet
Method for controlling insulin pump through internet
Method for inhibiting use of mobile communication terminal having memory where card information is s...
Data distribution system and method, and electric equipment to be used therefor
Network access with delayed delivery
Method and apparatus for telephonically accessing and navigating the internet
Policy based mobile IP
Remote agent access method to a VoIP contact center where high QoS is not supported
Method for sending dual-tone multi-frequency signal using voice over internet protocol
Mode shifting communications system and method
Quality-of-service monitor for voice-over-Internet-protocol calls
Communication control method of internet facsimile and internet facsimile
Programmed wireless sensor system
Method of providing a home health care service and system for providing a home health care service
Methods of using deacetylase inhibitors to promote cell differentiation and regeneration
Multiple probe power systems and methods for ultrasonic welding
Malonamides and malonamide derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Process for the preparation of inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Plasma reduction processing of materials
Semiconductor memory device and test method therefor
Zoom lens
Display device having an additional light source unit
Cutlery implement
Irradiation and filter device for treatment of blood
Feature optimization using enhanced interference mapping lithography
Detection of apoptotic products
Polyethylene glycol-derivatized biomolecules and their use in heterogeneous detection methods
Polynucleotides for use as tags and tag complements, manufacture and use thereof
Carbamyloxy compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Polymerisation and oligomerisation catalysts
Transflective LCD using multilayer dielectric film transflector
In-plane switching liquid crystal display comprising compensation film for angular field of view usi...
Extraction of imperfection features through spectral analysis
Dual-purpose surface-treating blade assembly
Neurostimulation site screening
FES stimulator having multiple bundled leads
High temperature spiral snake superconducting resonator having wider runs with higher current densit...
Device and method for forming an image composed of a plurality of sub-areas
ROI selection in image registration
Method for dynamic characterization of density fields in a compound structure
Medical image processing apparatus with a function of measurement on a medical image
Image processing method and image converting apparatus
Electroacoustic transducer and electronic apparatus
Lithography laser with beam delivery and beam pointing control
Head support device and disk drive using the same
System and method for tape drive control
Method and device for photothermal examination of microinhomogeneities
Bi-level iso-surface compression
Apparatus and method for designing proteins and protein libraries
High pressure mercury lamp with vented reflector and image projection apparatus
Video display apparatuses and display methods thereof
Apparatus for iterative hard-decision forward error correction decoding
Data block location verification
Scheme for authentication and dynamic key exchange
Dynamic memory management of unallocated memory in a logical partitioned data processing system
Adaptive granularity refinement in detecting potential data races
Method and system for monitoring and transmitting utility status via universal communications interf...
Method and system for provisioning facility-based displays in support of repairing outside network f...
Method, system, and storage medium for utilizing excess and surplus inventory
Flow rate determination
Cosite interference rejection system using an optical approach
Flexible open ring optical network and method
Optical fiber having reduced residual stress discontinuity
Coupled optical waveguide resonators with heaters for thermo-optic control of wavelength and compoun...
Tunable dispersion compensator
Ultrafast optical communications system with multiplexer and demultiplexer
Integrated dual waveguides
Active-matrix organic light emitting diode display
System and method for recording and reporting consumer monetary commentary
Communicating using a partial block in a frame
Method and apparatus for risk management
Mobile telephone set capable of altering key layout thereof and mobile telephone system including th...
Image sensor system using CMOS image sensor and image sensor apparatus using CMOS image sensor
Illumination device and display device using the same
Capacitance measurement circuit
Driver system for MOSFET based, high voltage, electronic relays for AC power switching and inductive...
Infuser augmented vertical wind turbine electrical generating system
Variety of four-leaf clover and a method for breeding the same
Melanoma differentation associated gene-5 and vectors and cells containing same
Microbial conversion of glucose to para-hydroxystyrene
Method of producing recombinant proteins
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Electrophotographic toner
Process for producing negative-charging electrophotographic photosensitive member, negative-charging...
Proteomic screening for redox state dependent protein--protein interactions
Containment system
Printed product incorporating inorganic semiconductors
3-D object creation system using multiple materials in multiple layers
On-demand call blocking service
Method for forming domain-inverted structure and optical element with domain-inverted structure
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing hexagonal image grids
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Color filter substrate and method for fabricating the same
Circuit for driving display
Display system
Display device and method of driving the same
Compact waveguide isolator
Technique to improve the gain and signal to noise ratio in CMOS switched capacitor amplifiers
Image display apparatus
Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus, and their manufacturing method
Method for producing toluol derivatives
Conditional Rabi oscillation readout for quantum computing
Field induced THz wave emission microscope
Thin-film deposition methods and apparatuses
Composite oxygen ion transport element
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell having an integral, electrically-conductive, res...
Method and apparatus for controlling a gas-emitting process and related devices
Fiber structures including catalysts and methods associated with the same
Electrochemical system and methods for control thereof
Metal quinoline complexes
Acoustic wave RFID/biosensor assemblies
Portable vapor diffusion coefficient meter
Intraocular lens positioning
Multi-focal intraocular lens, and methods for making and using same
Short corridor progressive addition lenses with reduced unwanted astigmatism
System and method for processing thread groups in a SIMD architecture
System and method for encoding packet header to enable higher bandwidth efficiency across PCIe links
Deadlock Avoidance in a Bus Fabric
Embedded heat pipe in a hybrid cooling system
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mona Lisa Cream`
Calla lily plant named `Picante`
Osteospermum plant named `Wesosora`
Rose plant named `Evera 141`
Zoysiagrass plant named `6136`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Serginho`
Osteospermum plant named `Lanavalia`
Osteospermum plant named `Lanapal`
Osteospermum plant named `Lanaflo`
Osteospermum plant named `Lanaca`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Jeanny White`
Alstroemeria plant named `Natalie`
Aconitum plant named `Cloudy`
Helleborus plant named `HGC Jacob`
Phygelius plant named `Passionate`
Phlox plant named `USPHLOTM6`
Myosotis plant named `Unforgettable`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dekpeso`
Kalanchoe plant named `Taylor`
Phlox plant named `David's Lavender`
Carnation plant named `Classica`
Use of polyacrylate-modified polysiloxanes as levelling agents in coating compositions
Biological systems for manufacture of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers containing 4-hydroxyacids
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Light pipe containing material
Vehicle side mirror apparatus
Folding bicycle
Foldable pedal assembly
Bicycle control device
Cord termination and adjustable clasping mechanism
Bicycle parking rack
Shift and brake control unit for a bicycle
Shift and brake control unit for a bicycle
Hoist with detachable power and control unit
Exercise bicycle
Exercise methods and apparatus
Instant fastening system, instant socket and portable electronic device
Optical recording medium and method for optically recording data in the same
Grounding of electrical structures
Method and apparatus for control of mobility-based ion species identification
Methods of making intermediates from polyhydroxyalkanoates
Compositions containing oxetane compounds for use in semiconductor packaging
Intimate physical mixtures containing macrocyclic polyester oligomer and filler
Electrode and battery using the same
Photoluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating sam...
Electrode for use in hydrogen generation
Producing high-resolution, real-time synthetic meteorological conditions from radar data
Sitosterolemia susceptibility gene (SSG) polypeptides
Printing machine
ROPS canopy of hydraulic shovel
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and high-frequency coil unit used in the same
Magnetic resonance apparatus with an RF antenna unit and a gradient coil unit
Split-shield gradient coil with improved fringe-field
MRI system with wireless identification capability
Compositions and methods for detecting protease activity
Random-primed reverse transcriptase-in vitro transcription method for RNA amplification
Cyanocobalamin low viscosity aqueous formulations for intranasal delivery
Blockade of T lymphocyte down-regulation associated with CTLA-4 signaling
Retrovirus-like particles made non-infectious by a plurality of mutations
Ordered molecular presentation of antigens, method of preparation and use
Her-2/neu fusion proteins
Therapeutic using a bispecific antibody
Tetrahydropyranyl cyclopentyl tetrahydropyridopyridine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into ocular tissues
Reciprocating movement platform for the external addition of pulses to the fluid channels of a subje...
32-bit vendor-extended-type vendor specific attribute
Transmit-only and receive-only Bluetooth apparatus and method
System and methods for global access to services for mobile telephone subscribers
Changing user identities without closing applications
Security and software testing of pre-release anti-virus updates on client and transmitting the resul...
Remote incremental program verification using API definitions
Method for determining scope and cause of memory corruption
System for reducing the number of programs necessary to render an image
Generated code from graphical user interface
Method and system automatic control of graphical computer application appearance and execution
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for administering the implementation of product chan...
Rapid mobility network emulator method and system
Digital control device and program
Tool for removing an object from a workpiece
Process of forming multilayered structures
System and method for voice/data messaging application
Valve island with non-active area venting between components
Electromagnetic valve
Computer including HI-FI stereo
Winch handle
Stand-up counterbalance lift truck
Vehicle leveling device
Rectangular trash can with central ridge
Apparatus to suspend gloves for drying
Household bucket
Cleaning implement
Floor cleaning device
Windshield wiper blade cleaner
Scrubbing glove
Floor cleaner base portion
Vacuum cleaner base portion
Vacuum cleaner base
Floor cleaner handle portion
Vacuum cleaner with tools
Floor cleaning machine
Drum washing machine
Hydraulic rotor and sprayer for pressure cleaner system
Pet toy
Compounds and methods for lowering the abuse potential and extending the duration of action of a dru...
Memory sharing in a distributed data processing system using modified address space to create extend...
Pet identification tag with internal cavity for transponder capsule
Method and apparatus for the setting or adjustment of a cardiac pacemaker
Methods, apparatus, and systems for multiple stimulation from a single stimulator
Anti-alphabeta3 humanized monoclonal antibodies
Biological bioadhesive compositions and methods of preparation and use
Local delivery of rapamycin for treatment of proliferative sequelae associated with PTCA procedures,...
FM transmitter cradle for portable audio player
Hot and cold beverage maker
Polymers and electrochemical cell therewith
Boron-containing compound, ion-conductive polymer and polyelectrolyte for electrochemical devices
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Anode for battery
Functional trithiocarbonate RAFT agents
C10 carbamoyloxy substituted taxane compositions
Substituted 5-aminomethyl-1H-pyrrole-2-carboxamides
Methods and compositions for inhibiting GRB7
Method of forming a damascene structure with integrated planar dielectric layers
Leak site odorization for gas leak detection
Ink jet recording medium and ink jet recording method
Biosensor, biosensor array and method for detecting macromolecular biopolymers with a biosensor
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
Diarylbutadiene-substituted diorganopolysiloxanes and photoprotective compositions comprised thereof
Diarylbutadiene-substituted methyltrialkylsilanes and photoprotective compositions comprised thereof
Method and kit for treatment of tissue
Applicator dispenser of a paste cosmetic product, typically a mascara
Portable lipstick carrying case
Intelligent incoming call management during cordless intercom mode
Personal emergency communication system
Self operating opening mechanism for use in a hand-held electronic device
Tracking network problems in a wireless telecommunication system
Secure transaction modem storing unique indicia
Telescopic structure for a telephone apparatus
Eyeglasses with wireless communication features
Active audio compressing in telecommunication
System and method for transformation and analysis of messaging data
Anti-howling circuit detecting howling from effect of predicted echo signal
Wireless communication device with strategically positioned antenna
Method and apparatus for entertaining callers in a queue
Method and apparatus for reducing echo in a communication system
"Pull" architecture contact center
System and method for providing a service to a customer via a communication link
Negotiated routing in telephony systems
Aminoheteroaryl compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Loosely coupled database clusters with client connection fail-over
Method for evaluating semiconductor device
Consumable goods management system
Selective printing after consumable exhaustion
Design of a two interconnect IC chip for a radio frequency identification tag and method for manufac...
Sending a script to a virtual machine for immediate interpreting
Method and system for identifying lost or stolen devices
Method and apparatus for RF access to system ID and fault information
RFID tag and method of user verification
Real-time self-networking radiation detector apparatus
Organic field-effect transistor, method for structuring an OFET and integrated circuit
Collimating signals
Radio and optical identification tags
Indicia reader with synchronized light source and associated methods and computer program product
Manufacture of RFID tags and intermediate products therefor
Self-checkout system
systems and methods for account number generation and provisioning
Antireflection film and making method
Process for producing light-emitting phosphor
Phosphor for white LED and a white LED
3-5 group compound semiconductor, process for producing the same, and compound semiconductor element...
Sulfonium salt photinitiators and use thereof
Masterbatch and production method of oxygen-absorbing molded article
Blends of polycarbonate and sulfone copolyesters
Process for producing olefin copolymer
Device for satinizing and embossing flat materials
Expandable animal kennel
Magnetically-attractable non-clumping animal litter
Litter dump apparatus and method
Device for feeding poultry in particular fattening poultry, preferably broilers
Animal feeding device and method
Method of performing an animal related action on an animal and a device for performing said method
Fishing lure device and associated method of manufacture
Revolving lock rod storage holder
Abnormal shadow detecting system
Voxel center smoothing
Skull clamp with load distribution indicators
Self controlled image guided device and method for inserting a needle in an animal body for effectin...
Thermal interface materials and method of making thermal interface materials
Overmolded electronic assembly with insert molded heat sinks
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Process for production of water-soluble (meth)acrylic polymers, water-soluble (meth)acrylic polymers...
Tire components including thermoplastic-elastomeric block copolymers
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Positive working thermal plates
Compositions and methods for improving fracture conductivity in a subterranean well
Shoulder prosthesis with anatomic reattachment features
Bituminous compositions
Interactive wireless device communication system for meetings and conferences
Fluorescent and colored proteins, and polynucleotides that encode these proteins
Detection of molecular interactions by reporter subunit complementation
Method and arrangement for predicting perioperative myocardial ischemia
Method for measuring blood urea level by reverse iontophoresis
Probe for optical measurement instrument for living body and optical measurement instrument for livi...
Method for controlling the position of a permanent magnetically supported rotating component
Method and apparatus for the detection and ligation of uterine arteries
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Pelvic floor implant system and method of assembly
Kink resistant introducer with mapping capabilities
Apparatuses and methods for titrating drug delivery
Systems and methods for applying audible acoustic energy to increase tissue perfusion and/or vasodil...
Application system with function for preventing modification
Method for watermarking computer programs
Navigating a UAV
Shading noise filter
Lens defect correction
Screening method for overlapping sub-images
Spread spectrum signal demodulation method and apparatus
Low-power signal processing using MEMS
Image code estimation
Image compression/decompression system employing pixel thinning-out and interpolation scheme
Simplified predictive video encoder
Method for performing motion estimation with Walsh-Hadamard transform (WHT)
Image encoding/decoding method, apparatus thereof and recording medium in which program therefor is ...
Matching binary templates against range map derived silhouettes for object pose estimation
Knowledge-based hierarchical method for detecting regions of interest
Color data image acquistion and processing
Controlling processor-based systems using a digital camera
Bidirectional optical add-drop multiplexer
System and method of wavelength add/drop multiplexing having client configurability
Waveguide devices with low loss clads and tunable refractive indices
Flexure arrangements
Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
Frame having offset inner door section
Tapered optical fibre with a reflective coating at the tapered end
Multichannel array waveguide diffraction grating multiplexer/demultiplexer and method of connecting ...
Apparatus for stabilizing laser wavelength
Filter module
Optical collimator-use lens component, optical collimator, and method of assembling these
Multimode fiber optical fiber transmission system with offset launch single mode long wavelength ver...
Solder seals within a switching system
Wavelength selector switch
Indicator light apparatus of marine vessel
Medical device with partially transparent housing
Capsule endoscope with electroluminescence light source
Light-emitting diode illumination system for an optical observation device, in particular a stereomi...
Compact, high-efficiency, high-power solid state light source using a single solid state light-emitt...
Illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting in the shape of a toroid
Light conductive rod elements and light-delivery tool including a base for introducing light into a ...
Lamp standard
Backlight using surface-emitting light sources
Direct-type backlight unit structure
Planar light source device and display device using the same
Backlight unit
Light fixture and lens assembly for same
Industrial up light reflector
Tailcap and bulb holder for a flashlight
Convertible flashlight
Method for paperless attachment of supplementary forms to a world wide web application
Computer system suitable for communications of structured documents
Method and apparatus for visually emphasizing numerical data contained within an electronic document
Apparatus and method for automatically authenticating a network client
System and method for automated network element database population
System and method for distributing portable computer virus definition records with binary file conve...
Image forming device that automatically updates shortcut key database when network data is received
Data relay system, data relay method, data relay program, information processing method, and informa...
System and method for adaptively selecting and delivering recommendations to a requester
Removable card system with downloadable agent for communicating with a digital television receiver o...
Automated security tool for storage system
Netlist database
User interface for editing documents containing markup language
Method and apparatus for range finding with a single aperture
Auto-adapting tube fitting
Recoil reduction adapter
Method for inventory control for medical products
Process for the coating for metallic implant materials
Hydrogen purge control apparatus
Syngas catalysts and their method of use
Compositions containing fast-leaching plasticizers for improved performance of medical devices
Method and apparatus for providing on-demand computer diagnostics
Diagnosis of fault conditions in embedded systems
Speech section detection apparatus
Variable gain control circuit and receiver apparatus using the circuit
Spurious ratio control circuit for use with feed-forward linear amplifiers
Image copying apparatus and image copying method
Infrared remote control receiver (IRCR) having semiconductor signal processing device therein
Variable lightwave functional circuit and variable lightwave functional apparatus
Variable lightwave functional circuit and variable lightwave functional apparatus
Enhanced multi-channel audio surround sound from front located loudspeakers
Receiver and method for generating a control signal
Transmitting circuit device and wireless communications device
Injection locking type or MOPA type of laser device
Temperature and jitter compensation controller circuit and method for fiber optics device
Raman amplifier and raman pumping method
Optical disk reproducing device and optical disk reproducing method
Polycarbonate polyester molding composition
Release compositions and articles made therefrom
Method for the topical treatment and prevention of inflammatory disorders and related conditions usi...
Apparatus for controlling and/or measuring additive concentration in an electroplating bath
Method of coloring porous material
UV LED light projection method and apparatus
Stabilized sunscreen composition having a particulate inorganic sunscreen
Method and apparatus for facilitating secure extension of an application
Networked digital video recording system with copy protection and random access playback
Merging a hardware design language source file with a separate assertion file
External data interface in a computer architecture for broadband networks
Apparatus and method for dynamically building a context sensitive composite icon
Method and system for testing websites
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Multi-rate viterbi decoder
Transparent consistent active replication of multithreaded application programs
Function control for a processor
Global network monitoring system
Rapid-melt compositions methods of making same and methods of using same
Memory card
Context-dependent operation of computer devices
Eyeglasses-retaining device and methods of use
Bis(3-alkoxypropan-2-ol) sulfides, sulfoxides, and sulfones: new preparative methods
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Method of N-terminal cleavage using an aminopeptidase
Universal G-protein coupled receptor reporter constructs
Tetravalent etanercept
Colloidal metal compositions and methods
Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis in cancer cells
Method for lowering serum glucose
Electrode joint locking system
Detergent product
Processes for foreshortening fibrous structures
Multilayer scrub pad
Disposable diaper
Product container
Wipes dispensing container
Ultra-bright light engine for projection displays
Catalyst for producing both end-hydroxyl group-terminated diols, process for producing the catalyst,...
Catalyst composition for the selective conversion of alkanes to unsaturated carboxylic acids, method...
Toner compositions
Process for tempering rapid prototype parts
Method of improved high K dielectric--polysilicon interface for CMOS devices
Permanent fixation of dyes to surface-modified inorganic particulate-coated media
Powder coating composition
Substituted dihydro 3-halo-1H-pyrazole-T-carboxylates, their preparation and use
Composition comprising titanium and aluminium and polyester production
Liquid water impermeable reinforced nonwoven fire blocking fabric, method for making such fabric, an...
Methods for producing full-color organic electroluminescent devices
Thermal imaging process and products made therefrom
Plant vitamin E biosynthetic enzymes
Thermal imaging processes and products of electroactive organic material
Polymer underwater pelletizer apparatus and process incorporating same
System and method for unloading bulk powder from large bulk containers
Reinforced nonwoven fire blocking fabric, method for making such fabric, and articles fire blocked t...
Package sealing means and photonic device packages so formed
Insulated power cable
Inkjet ink set
Reconfiguring logical settings in a storage system
Dynamically setting routing information to transfer input output data directly into processor caches...
Management system for multimodule multiprocessor machines
Event protocol and resource naming scheme
Secure inter-node communication
HTTP multiplexor/demultiplexor
Method and management port for an indirect loop protocol associated with an interconnect device
System and method for accessing remote screen content
Live preview for reformatting document text
Speed verification of an embedded processor in a programmable logic device
Determination of grain sizes of electrically conductive lines in semiconductor integrated circuits
Hardware mechanism for receiving frames from a link
Method, system, and program for using a virtual environment to provide information on using a produc...
Bearing having embedded hard particle layer and overlay and method of manufacture
Double-split cage
Fluid dynamic bearing unit
Linear guide device
Ball linear guide and manufacturing method thereof
Linear guide bearing apparatus
Clutch release bearing and method of assembly
EL lighted articles
EL lighting for safety orange garments
Ballistic tracer platform for shotgun ammunition
Automatic primer feed mechanism
Data-driven color coordinator
Flexible sheet for resistive touch screen
Method for predicting degree of corrosion of weather-resistant steel
Oxygen generators in ink cartridge environment
Systems and methods of generating control signals
Electro-optical reader with improved laser intensity modulation over extended working range
Apparatus for directing an optical signal from an input fiber to an output fiber within a high index...
Optical element, optical unit, and image-taking apparatus
Optically retro-reflecting sphere
Compact fast catadioptric imager
Method for obtaining optically active epoxide
Fabricating polymers for optical devices
Process for the preparation of aminoalcohol derivatives and their further conversion to (1R,4S)-4-(2...
Methods and apparatus for measurement of a dimensional characteristic and methods of predictive mode...
Systems and methods for facilitating use of agreement information via an agreement modeling system
Photoluminescent compounds
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Gas barrier substrate
Oligofluorenlylene compounds
Filament wound bat and winding and molding method therefore
Compounds for dual photodiagnosis and therapy
Device for radiation therapy
Method and apparatus for immersion lithography
Preparation of compounds useful for the detection of hypoxia
Substituted 3,4-dihydropyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidines
Electronic transaction verification system
System and method for reallocating blocks in checkpointing bitmap-based file systems
Data recovery in a distributed system
Partially replicated distributed database with multiple levels of remote clients
Fault-tolerant queue with autonomous client operation
Method and apparatus of indexing web pages of a web site for geographical searchine based on user lo...
Method for manufacturing spandrel glass film with metal flakes
Downhole clock synchronization apparatus and methods for use in a borehole drilling environment
Super conducting cable conductor with rebco-coated conductor elements
Electrooptic modulator employing DC coupled electrodes
Ferroelectric capacitors having oxidation barrier conductive layers and lower electrodes disposed in...
Exhaust gas catalyst and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor processing silica soot abrasive slurry method for integrated circuit microelectronics
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing thereof, and method of manufacturing base material
Heat activated membrane introduction apparatus and method for screening materials
Heterolayered ferroelectric thin films and methods of forming same
Methods and devices for high throughput crystallization
Composite veneered cast glass-ceramic dental construct
Color OLED display with improved power efficiency
Organic electroluminescent light emitting display device
Full color organic light-emitting device having color modulation layer
Method and apparatus for electroluminescence
Thin film device provided with coating film, liquid crystal panel and electronic device, and method ...
Metal chelate containing compositions for use in chemiluminescent assays
Production process of light emitting device
Antireflective layer, antireflective film and image display unit
Method and system for determining positions on a document
Method and system for context-specific mask inspection
Printing device and printing method
Image forming apparatus
Programmable frequency divider
Delay line for a ring oscillator circuit
4-substituted or unsubstituted-7-hydro-1,4-thiazepine-7-[bicyclic or tricyclic heteroaryl] substitut...
Composite construction
Piezoelectric ink jet head
Method and tools for the production of a braking band for a brake disk
Cooker with latching drip tray for selectively opening and closing grease dispensing apertures in co...
Method of editing/restoring electronic information
Steganographic method for covert audio communications
Method for printing and verifying authentication documents
Protection against unintentional file changing
Electronic mailing system
Key sharing system, public key cryptosystem, signature system, key sharing apparatus, encryption app...
Signal transmission apparatus and signal transmission method
Private retrieval of digital objects
Method, device, and system for secure motor vehicle remote keyless entry
Multiprime RSA public key cryptosystem
Reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
Distribution goodness-of-fit test device, consumable goods supply timing judgment device, image form...
Image forming apparatus
Hologram retention method
Display medium driving method
Reimageable paper
Imaging members with crosslinked polycarbonate in charge transport layer
Treatment for ultrasonic welding
Method and system for making and using an electrical connection between a conductor and a circuit bo...
Laser locating and tracking system for externally activated tags
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Continuous feed printer
Spatial memory assessment and associated methods
Rate-based scheduling method and system
Previewing a framed image print
9-aminoacridine derivatives and process for the preparation thereof
Antiallergic agent
Removable coating compositions
Anti-static cleaning wipes
Carpet cleaning composition with citrus
Amine detection method and materials
Compositions for eliminating human and animal excrement smells and a method for use therein
Optimal channel sounding system
Forming electrical contacts to a molecular layer
Multi-user applications in multimedia networks
Multimedia data relay system, multimedia data relay apparatus, and multimedia data relay method
Multimedia box for entertainment
Aerosol impingement baffle
Cable insulation stripping machine
Apparatus and method for testing fuel flow
Tablet encapsulating machine
System for removing snow and ice from a surface
Mounting structure, module, and liquid container
Prevention of and recovering from a catalyst bed slumping in a gas-agitated multiphase reactor
Process for producing a thermoplastic film using plastic bottle recyclate
Hydrogen bubble reduction on the cathode using double-cell designs
Method of improving crop yields
Anti-DOTA antibody
Input/output byte control device using nonvolatile ferroelectric register
Semiconductor laser device
Method, system, and article of manufacture for implementing metal-fill with power or ground connecti...
Apparatus, generator, and method for clock tree synthesis
Extended model checking hardware verification
Method and apparatus for accelerating test case development
Methods and apparatus for transforming sequential logic designs into equivalent combinational logic
System and method for design and implementation of integrated-circuit digital filters
Method and circuit for parametric testing of integrated circuits with an exclusive-or logic tree
Method and apparatus for multi-level scan compression
System debugging device and system debugging method
Electro-optical device, wiring substrate, and electronic apparatus
Method for preparing lithographic printing plates
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and image forming meth...
Performed pavement warning assembly method
Polarization phase difference plate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Enhanced photophysics of conjugated polymers
Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same
Insulating film composition having improved mechanical property
Display comprising a cholesteric liquid-crystal in hardened gelatin and method for making the same
Water-color ink composition
Clear personal care compositions containing visible capsules
Polysaccharide fibres
Aircraft engine sensor network using wireless sensor communication modules
Universal output device control
Network printing system having automated selection of a destination printer
Method and system for processing print jobs
Projector systems with reduced flicker
Shieldless, high-speed electrical connectors
Therapeutic Substituted Cyclopentanes
Polymorphs of an androgen receptor modulator
Carbamate compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
6-Substituted 2-quinolinones and 2-quinoxalinones as poly (adp-ribose) polymerase inhibitors
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Metabolite derivatives of the HDAC inhibitor FK228
Pharmaceutical treatments and compositions
Method and System for Allocating Resources in a Video Game
Method and System for Allocating Resources in a Video Game
Photoreactive regulator of protein function and methods of use thereof
siRNA targeting hypoxia-inducible factor 1
siRNA targeting ras-related nuclear protein
Molecular profiling of cancer
Chimeric Human Growth Hormone Derived From The Placenta And Pituitary Isoform And Processes For Obta...
Diagnostic and therapeutics for diseases associated with 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 7 ...
Single nucleotide polymorphisms sensitively predicting adverse drug reactions (adr) and drug efficac...
TAAR1 transgenic animal
Wearable ambulatory data recorder
Apparatus and method for performing a bypass procedure in a digestive system
Nasal drug delivery
Wearable ambulatory data recorder
Novel heteroaryl substituted piperidine derivatives which are L-CPT1 inhibitors
Therapeutic Agents
Novel weight reduction composition and uses thereof
Polypharmacophoric agents
Agent for Suppressing Body Fat Accumulation
Diphenylamine derivatives
Therapeutic drugs for arthritis
Dissolution of arterial cholesterol plaques by pharmacological preparation
Serotonin transporter (SERT) inhibitors for the treatment of depression and anxiety
Hexahydro-cyclooctyl pyrazole cannabinoid modulators
Octahydrophenanthrene hydrazinde derivatives useful as glucocorticoid receptor modulators
New compounds for the treatment of neurological, psychiatric or pain disorders
Method and device for producing and sending a television program by means of ip-based media, especia...
Method and apparatus for use of hidden decoupling capacitors in an integrated circuit design
System and method for managing a spreadsheet
Method and apparatus for using fire decoder to correct burst errors in a real-time communications sy...
Techniques for detecting and correcting errors using multiple interleave erasure pointers
Reproduction apparatus and method for reproducing a composite coded data piece
System and method for coordinating cluster state information
Method and apparatus for discovering client proximity using race type translations
Datacast file transmission with meta-data retention
Incremental bottom-up construction of data documents
Configuring image storage devices to enable imaging services
System and method for the targeted distribution of discount coupons over a network
Method and apparatus for correlating and tracking passengers and baggage for a trackable passenger t...