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Electronic apparatus with rechargeable battery
Battery remaining display apparatus including battery remaining estimation unit
Timed ring suppressor
Patch panels with communications connectors that are rotatable about a vertical axis
Report data capture via billing module
Activating home network devices when 911 indicator
Routing methods and systems using ENUM servers internal and external to a service provider network
Network conferencing using method for distributed computing and/or distributed objects
Multi-user database system and method for resource usage tracking
Automated dialog system and method
System and method for maintaining a personnel directory
Controlling the downloading and recording of digital data
Access to content addressable data over a network
Content delivery method and content delivery system
Authentication, authorization and accounting (diameter) protocol-based accounting method using batch...
Systems and methods for handling time-stamped data
Instant meeting preparation architecture
Method of generating pages in a markup language for selecting products and a software tool
Method, apparatus and system for performing authentication according to challenge-response protocol ...
Individual certification method
System and method for dynamically enforcing digital rights management rules
Method for recording use time of computer system
Boot blocks for software
Partitioning of MP3 content file for emulating streaming
Method for protecting a proprietary file
Workflow data warehousing
Decomposition of tasks into extensible and customizable business activities
Mail arbitrator
Estimating value of a previously-used exhibit
Cost management of software application portfolio
System and method for interactive messaging and/or allocating and/or upgrading and/or rewarding tick...
Content distribution system and method
Produce processor
Apparatus and method for measuring biologic parameters
Method and apparatus for viable and nonviable prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell quantitation
Reclosable packaging
Composition resulting from process for extracting carotenoids from fruit and vegetable processing wa...
Packaged tea drink
Method for producing milk foam or warm milk drinks
Method for reducing the total bacteria count in aqueous dispersions of non-homogeneous two-phase or ...
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Feed supplement and method
Method for reducing acrylamide in corn-based foods, corn-based foods having reduced levels of acryla...
Methods of increasing productivity in older sows while decreasing feed intake
Consumer food testing device
Increased-capacity still for high-quality distillation
Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
Pet bowl assembly
Baby bib with protective neckline
Microwave susceptor system
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor ligand and process for producing the same
WSX receptor agonist antibodies
Osteoprotegerin in milk
Systems and methods for the repartitioning of data
Filtering processor requests based on identifiers
Controlling snoop activities using task table in multiprocessor system
System and method for improving the performance of operations requiring parity reads in a storage ar...
Storage system with journaling
Information processing apparatus control method, information processing apparatus, and storage devic...
Memory subsystem voltage control and method that reprograms a preferred operating voltage
Information processing system, control method for information processing system, and storage system
Method and apparatus for unified exception handling with distributed exception identification
Sharing memory within an application using scalable hardware resources
Method of storing transformed units of data in a memory system having fixed sized storage blocks
Storing location identifier in array and array pointer in data structure for write process managemen...
Systems and methods for memory migration
Methods and systems for locking in storage controllers
Storage system and data processing system
Computer system and storage system and volume assignment method
Storage apparatus and control method thereof
Method for backing up and restoring data
Generating and using checkpoints in a virtual computer system
Memory modules having a memory hub containing a posted write buffer, a memory device interface and a...
Musical tone control apparatus and method
Harmonic analysis
Musical sound generating vehicular apparatus, musical sound generating method and program
Kernel-mode audio processing modules
Motion data generation device, motion data generation method, and recording medium for recording a m...
Drum for striking upwardly and method therefor
Keyboard-type percussion instrument
Percussion instrument and keyboard-type percussion instrument
Automatic player musical instruments and automatic playing system incorporated therein
Electronic bass drum
Effect system
System and method for automatically beat mixing a plurality of songs using an electronic equipment
Groove mapping
Musical performance self-training apparatus
Method and apparatus for image interpretation into sound
Karaoke system which displays musical notes and lyrical content
Percussion detecting apparatus and electronic percussion instrument
Bilaterial drum pedal
Acoustic guitar assembly method and apparatus
Robot for participating in a joint performance with a human partner
Doll and face-licking puppy combination
Non-spill container having a stopper
Reconfigurable infant activity center
3D jigsaw puzzle
Device for use in playing card handling system
Steerable walking rocking horse
System and method for compensating an artist with artist-performed advertising
GUI for subject matter navigation using maps and search terms
Content and quality assessment method and apparatus for biomedical information retrieval
Method and system for mining information based on relationships
Automatic creation of neuro-fuzzy expert system from online anlytical processing (OLAP) tools
Efficient processing in an auto-adaptive network
Distributed classification of vertically partitioned data
Document characterization using a tensor space model
Fast computer data segmenting techniques
Universal quantum computing
Computer-implemented building design and modeling and project cost estimation and scheduling system
Multifaceted system capabilities analysis
CAD (computer-aided decision) support for medical imaging using machine learning to adapt CAD proces...
Data perspectives in controller system and production management systems
Method and apparatus for enhancing electronic reading by identifying relationships between sections ...
Intelligently interactive profiling system and method
Method and system for analysis of intended meaning of natural language
Human-machine interactions
Adaptive fuzzy network system and method
Neural network using spatially dependent data for controlling a web-based process
Method and apparatus for generating time-series data from web pages
System and method for temporal data mining
Identification of the gene and mutation responsible for progressive rod-cone degeneration in dog and...
Compounds, Compositions and Methods for the Treatment of Beta-Amyloid Diseases and Synucleinopathies
Systems, Methods and Devices for a Skull/Brain Interface
Multipurpose rings
Method for Deploying A Device For Gastric Volume Reduction
Micro Diaphragm Pump
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Novel 3,9-Diaza-Spiro[5,5]Undecane Derivatives and Their Use as Monoamine Neurotransmitter Re-Uptake...
Eyeglass frame
Color image for a portion of a display screen
Portion of a display screen showing a user interface
Portion of a display screen showing a user interface
Edible fruit product in the shape of a flying saucer
Write-access control system
System and method for fuzzy multi-level security
Systems, methods and computer program products for string analysis with security labels for vulnerab...
Projection of trustworthiness from a trusted environment to an untrusted environment
Method and system for a single-sign-on mechanism within application service provider (ASP) aggregati...
Methods, systems, and computer program products that centrally manage password policies
Method and apparatus for facilitating single sign-on of an application cluster
Securing applications and operating systems
Topology based proximity validation for broadcast content
Media program timing and identity delivery method and system
Optical storage media with embedded security device
System for creating a dynamic OGSI service proxy framework using runtime introspection of an OGSI se...
Implementation of alias preserving structural subtyping with precise types using transparent adapter...
Managing application customization
Dynamic update of changing data in user application via mapping to broker topic
System and method for employing object-based pipelines
Injectable meclizine formulations and methods
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis and Its Complications
Self-assembled proteins and related methods and protein structures
Antithrombotic Compound
Plad Domain Peptides With Increased Serum Half Life Due To Conjugation To Domain Antibodies
Soybean variety 4282159
Plastid transformation using modular vectors
Heterogenous carrageenan manufacturing process with recovery of alkali
Process for preparing purine nucleosides
Actin regulatory elements for use in plants
Efficient protein expression system
Regulators of apoptosis
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of breast c...
Methods and compositions comprising Renilla GFP
Methods and reagents for molecular cloning
Enhanced inserted yellow fluorescence protein and its application
RNAi modulation of ApoB and uses thereof
High efficacy antisense RI.sub..alpha.PKA poly-DNP oligoribonucleotides
Kinase suppressor of Ras inactivation for therapy of Ras mediated tumorigenesis
Carbonate and carbamate prodrugs of thiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines
C-linked glucuronide of N-(4-hydroxybenzyl) retinone, analogs thereof, and method of using the same ...
Method and composition for the treatment of adenoviral ocular infections
Compositions and methods for treatment of neovascular diseases
Gene regulation in transgenic animals using a transposon-based vector
Human diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 (DGAT2) family members and uses therefor
Truncated 1,3-1,4-.beta.-D-glucanase
Form liner with connection regions having a plurality of linear segments for creating a realistic st...
Marketing, design, and construction techniques for buildings
Utility knife with rear gyre pivot structure
System having a power tool and an AC/DC hand portable wet/dry vacuum that share a battery pack
Two-gang recessed dual voltage electrical box
Installation device for plumbing elements
Concrete panel construction system
Tool incorporating a light line generating device
System and Method for Virtual Information
Method and System for Adaptive Equipment Notifications
Automatic Feeding/Phlegm Extractor Device
User Interface for Insulin Infusion Device
Filled Polystyrene Compositions and Uses Thereof
Process for the Preparation of a Spreadable Dispersion
Food compositions incorporating additional long chain fatty acids
Method for modification of pectin and application thereof
Device and Method for Heating Food Products
Super critical fluid extraction and fractionation of bran extraction materials
Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method
Zinc powder or zinc alloy powder for alkaline batteries
Method for manufacturing low-oxygen copper
Screening electronic service requests
Voice-based multimodal speaker authentication using adaptive training and applications thereof
Sliding/hinge apparatus for sliding/rotating type mobile terminals
Locking mechanism
Hinge guide apparatus of swing-type portable terminal
Speakerphone with a cellular phone connection
Press-to-connect for wireless communications systems
Method and system for invoking push-to-service offerings
Protective cover for electronic device
Tone detector and method therefor
System, methods, and computer-readable medium for tracking, reconciling, and reporting on DTMF data ...
Method for NPA split processing
Method and system for connecting calls
Caller treatment in a SIP network
Dynamic feature and function availability for software PBX
Inmate management and call processing systems and methods
Billing for telecommunication calls over decentralized packet networks
Method of managing a connection release, corresponding system and device
Using a voice extensible markup language browser to implement an advanced intelligent network intell...
Method of analyzing mass analysis data and apparatus for the method
Computational methods and systems for multidimensional analysis
Positioning device and method
Hand-held fluorescence polarimeter
Inbred maize variety PHH9H
Inbred maize variety PHH5G
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119148
Soybean cultivar 6929431
Soybean cultivar 5826056
Soybean variety XB52Q07
Soybean variety XB35X07
Wheat plants having increased resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
Brassica INDEHISCENT1 sequences
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi
Method and apparatus for locating foreign objects in the ear canal
Geometry and view assisted transmission of graphics image streams
Placement information estimating method and information processing device
Method of operation for parallel LCP solver
Communication device
Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
Vehicle lighting methods and apparatus
World wide web registration information processing system
System and method for delivering real time remote buying, selling, meeting, and interacting in a vir...
Registration network for an optical sensing device
Method and system for cooperatively backing up data on computers in a network
Standard operating procedure automation in database administration
Sharing of NAS information between PoPs
Chip debugging using incremental recompilation
Server-side XML-based development environment for network device management applications
Computer graphic display visualization system and method
Methods and apparatus supporting configuration in a network
Optimizer of interdependent information
Autonomic computing algorithm for identification of an optimum configuration for a web infrastructur...
Incorporation of spreadsheet formulas of multi-dimensional cube data into a multi-dimensional cube
Systems and methods for the implementation of a core schema for providing a top-level structure for ...
System management infrastructure for corrective actions to servers with shared resources
System and method for comprehensive automatic color customization in an email message based on cultu...
Method of and apparatus for taking back-up and checking alteration of data, and computer product
Searching electronic mail and messages
Electronic credentials verification and management system
Automated news rack inventory and alert management system
Local area-networked system having intelligent traffic control and efficient bandwidth management
Internet based time distributed message network system and personal mobile access device
Method of and system for supporting voice over internet protocol (VoIP) media codecs on a voice proc...
Grouping failures to infer common causes
Method and system for rapid dissemination of public announcements
Distributed web services network architecture
Method and system for use with the internet
Multi-tiered structure for file sharing based on social roles
Method and system for providing and billing internet services
Multi-stage supply chain management system with dynamic order placement
Converged home gateway
System and method for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and facsimile over internet protocol (FoIP...
Subsurface installation of tubing
Treatment of environmental contaminants
Wave attenuator and security barrier system--adjusting
Wave attenuator and security barrier system--connector
Method and apparatus for spot repair of pipe
Connecting profiled element for connecting sheet piles to carrier elements
Ribbed module for wave energy dispersion
Support grid platform for supporting vehicles over ecologically sensitive terrain
Retaining wall
Method for increasing sales of vehicles at an automobile dealership using a hand held scanner and a ...
Response systems and methods for notification systems for modifying future notifications
Marking machine user interface supplementation via added, attached portable electronic device
Hybrid Bermudagrass plant named `Emerald Dwarf`
Poinsettia plant named `Dueearlyglory`
Agapanthus Plant Named `Senna`
Baptisia plant named `Starlite`
Hybrid Tea Rose Plant Named `Meitroni`
Grandiflora rose plant named `BAInce`
Phlox plant named `Pina Colada`
Petunia plant named `DANCASBIF1`
Spathiphyllum plant named `ZOE`
Epipremnum Plant Named `NJOY`
Cordyline plant named `Coral`
Cordyline plant named `Paradise`
Bracteantha plant named `KLEBB07391`
Heliotropium plant named `KLEHA07520`
Pelargonium plant named `KLEPZ07202`
Cordyline plant named `Pink Joy`
Calibrachoa plant named `DANOA37`
Verbena plant named `KLEVP06349`
Curcuma plant named `Curzena`
Sweetpotato plant named `Murasaki-29`
Joint tactical radio system (JTRS) software computer architecture (SCA) co-processor
Collision avoidance system and a method thereof
Image forming system and image forming apparatus
Radio telephone apparatus and method for controlling amount of electric current consumption thereof
Container unit, mesh network, and system reporting container events
Intersystem cell reselection from GERAN to UTRAN
Communication apparatus and method for reconfiguring communication apparatus
Ranging and positioning system, ranging and positioning method, and radio communication apparatus
Using wake-up receivers for soft hand-off in wireless communications
RF-controlled power saving communication system
Wireless reception apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for detecting radio frequency transmission power levels
Adaptive power amplifier linearization in time division duplex communication systems
High resolution radio frequency medical imaging and therapy system
Two-step channel selection for wireless receiver front-ends
Estimation of asymmetries between inphase and quadrature branches in multicarrier transmission syste...
Equalizer training method using re-encoded bits and known training sequences
Channel qualification for an adaptive frequency hopping method by means of bit or packet error rate ...
Method and device for transferring data over GPRS network
Frequency self-organizing radio network system and method
Use of orthogonal or near orthogonal codes in reverse link
Adult stem cell lines
Recombinant baculovirus and virus-like particle
Interferon-beta-1a-immunoglobulin fusion proteins and uses
Purified pol DNA, a recombinant DNA construct for expression of HIV pol polypeptide sequences and a ...
Process for the isolation of calliterpenone
Herbal composition for treating cancer
Receptor that binds trail
Tumour necrosis factor binding ligands
Peptide epitopes of apolipoprotein B
Method of vaccinating subjects receiving immune modulating therapy
Anti-allergic complex molecules
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing overweight or obesity with zinc-charged protein ...
Fragrance release system
Derivatized polysaccharide polymer
Antibodies against West Nile Virus and therapeutic and prophylactic uses thereof
Uses of bispecific antibody coated dendritic cells pulsed with antigens and GM-CSF in immune regulat...
Tube-wave seismic imaging
Borehole apparatus and methods for simultaneous multimode excitation and reception to determine elas...
Inlet metallic foam support coupled to precious metal catalyst for application on 4 stroke platforms
Muffler of scroll compressor
Exhaust apparatus of an internal combustion engine
Muffler for an exhaust system
Loudspeaker diaphragm
Patient-friendly stethoscope
Method and apparatus for cement bond evaluation using transversely polarized shear waves
Expandable acoustic chamber for computer systems
Person monitoring
Vibration reduction structure of reciprocating compressor
Method and apparatus to determine pressure in an unfired cylinder
Sensor arrangement for the detection of collisions
Speedometer and motor vehicle arrangement
Adaptive traction control system
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
Vehicle drive control device
Fuel cutoff algorithm
Vehicle steering system for setting steering reaction without using difference between target and ac...
Moving body system and moving body
Vehicle-installed remote control unit
Active lane assistant
Dust fender for riding type work vehicle
Power-operated clutch actuator for torque couplings
Electric power steering system equipped with worm gear clearance compensator
Pedestrian protection air bag system
Swing arm support structure in a motorcycle, and motorcycle incorporating same
Moveable additional axle assembly for attachment to skid steer loader
Vehicle with actively adjustable axle system
Snow lubrication device for snowmobile
Motorcycle air intake component cooling system
Method and apparatus for timing reading
Self-centering mobile
Crib shield system and other breathable apparatus
Ultrasonic counter-current screw extractor for uranium recovery and process therefore
Dissolving metal particles from supported catalyst using ultrasonic energy, solvent and etchant
Method for increasing bulk conductivity of a ferroelectric material such as lithium tantalate
Boron-substituted lithium compounds, active electrode materials, batteries and electrochrome devices
Fiber containing carbon, substrate and electron emission device using fiber containing carbon, elect...
High solids materials processing
Electrolytic orthoborate salts for lithium batteries
Fuel processing system and its shutdown procedure
Method for avoiding the agglomeration of pellets treated at high temperatures
ITQ-27, new crystalline microporous material
Process for the preparation of a hydrogen-rich stream
Vapor grown carbon fiber, and production method and use thereof
Zinc-containing zeolite with IFR framework topology
Zeolite, process for producing the same, adsorbent comprising the zeolite, heat utilization system, ...
Ammonia SCR catalyst and method of using the catalyst
CO.sub.2 removal from gas using ionic liquid absorbents
Coin display book
Arm for wafer transportation for manufacturing semiconductor wafers
Steam mop
Duster connector
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Engine blower
Food waste drying machine
Canine communication device
Pet bed
Pet bed
Pet bed
Wildfire extinguishing system
Mascara container
Nail clippers
Trimmer comb
Hair clip
Hair clip
Cosmetic applicator
Carbon-carbon bond creation method comprising the coupling of a transferable group and an acceptor g...
Hydroxypivalyl hydroxypivalate ester plasticizer composition and method of preparing the same
Process for the production of alkylbenzene
Apparatuses and methods for separating butene-1 from a mixed C.sub.4 feed
Isoparaffin-olefin alkylation
Method for enantioselective preparation of sulphoxide derivatives
Synthesis of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Upgrading drip oil
Trimerisation of olefins
Process for C8 alkylaromatic isomerization
Production of propylene from steam cracking of hydrocarbons, particularly ethane
Process for producing cumene
Process for producing cumene
Process for producing ethylbenzene
Process for producing ethylbenzene
Gasoline production by olefin polymerization with aromatics alkylation
Process for preparation of 2,6-dialkyltetralin
Acetylene removal methods and apparatus
Acylthiols and component thiol compositions as anti-HIV and anti-retroviral agents
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a shared epitope between the human immunodeficiency virus type ...
Humanized anti-beta7 antagonists and uses therefor
Kv10.1, a novel voltage-gated potassium channel from human brain
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Production of vaccines
Transfection kinetics and structural promoters
Taste receptors of the T1R family from domestic cat
Transcription amplification system for molecular imaging
Reactions on a solid surface
Antigens encoded by alternative reading frames from pathogenic viruses
Embryonic stem cells derived from human somatic cell--rabbit oocyte NT units
Mobile apparatus, and control method thereof, control program and supervisory system therefor
Method and device for controlling a plurality of manipulators
Robotics visual and auditory system
Vehicle having an articulator
Information communication device, information communication system, and computer program product for...
TLS tunneling
Public key certification providing apparatus
Method for processing encrypted data for first domain received in a network pertaining to a second d...
Method and apparatus for encrypting data
Laser autocalibration for QKD systems
Method for setting an encryption key for logical network separation
Replaceable sequenced one-time pads for detection of cloned service client
Digital media-playing device and a method of playing digital media therein
Dual encryption protocol for scalable secure group communication
Data processing with a key
Multiprocessor conditional access module and method for using the same
Apparatus and method for performing transparent output feedback mode cryptographic functions
Method of and apparatus for transferring data
Apparatus and method for performing transparent cipher feedback mode cryptographic functions
Apparatus and method for circuit operation definition
System and method for selecting electronic documents from a physical document and for displaying sai...
Document transformation system
Methods and apparatus for parsing a content address to facilitate selection of a physical storage lo...
Address mapping table and method of storing mapping data in the same
Device and method for changing instruction description, and storage medium storing program for chang...
Method and system of memory management
User created tags for online social networking
Packet buffer management apparatus and method
System and method for providing access to consistent point-in-time file versions
Method and system for testing remote I/O functionality
Providing application-layer functionality between one or more database clients and one or more datab...
Context-aware systems and methods location-aware systems and methods context-aware vehicles and meth...
Method of verifying metadata of a migrated file
Controlling the Number of Iterations in Image Reconstruction
MR-Compatible Blood Sampling System For PET Imaging Applications in Combined PET/MR Imaging System
MRI Phase Visualization of Interventional Devices
NMR probehead with a plurality of resonator systems for simultaneous measurement of a plurality of s...
Display with multiple emission layers
Organic light emitting display
Pixel circuit
Power supply and driving method thereof and apparatus and method for driving electro-luminescence di...
Display device, light emitting device, and electronic equipment
Logic gate, scan driver and organic light emitting diode display using the same
Color organic OLED device
Flat panel display having specific configuration of driving power supply line
Method for processing a multi-colour image
Display device and method of making display device
Digitally synchronized integrator for noise rejection in system using PWM dimming signals to control...
Organic electroluminescent device
Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Phosphor, phosphor paste, and vacuum ultraviolet excited light-emitting device
Copper gate electrode of liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Assembly of a semiconductor die attached to substrate with oxazoline derivative bearing an electron ...
Dry etching method and diffractive optical element
Luminescence device and display apparatus
Organic electroluminescence element and silicon compound
Display module
Method and device for establishing a conference call between a plurality of user terminals of a comm...
System and method for communicating data during an audio conference
3D video conferencing
Dial up telephone conferencing system controlled by an online computer network
Compositions and methods for increasing the oral absorption of antimicrobials
Compounds for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Modified anti-TNF alpha antibody
Anti-TNF antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
TRAIL receptor-2 polypeptides and antibodies
Surface-activation of semiconductor nanostructures for biological applications
Functionalized nanoparticles and methods of use
Durable optical element
Reactors for producing inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulfide hollow nanoparticles and nanotube...
Controlled synthesis of highly monodispersed gold nanoparticles
Supported catalysts having platinum particles
Reading inhibit agents
GLP-1 pharmaceutical compositions
High-breakdown-voltage semiconductor apparatus
Display image for a mobile phone
Memory card
Front cover for a handset
Cellular phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Front cover for a handset
Method and apparatus for collecting information for use in a smart antenna system
Distributed dynamic routing
Finite impulse response digital to analog converter
Methods and systems for characterising and optimising immersion lithographic processing
Method and system for optical distance and angle measurement
Thermally and electrically conductive interface
Method and apparatus for removing a liquid from a surface of a substrate
Coinjection molding apparatus and related hot-runner nozzle
Folding chair
Telephone recording and storing arbitrary keystrokes sequence with replay with a single stoke
System for dynamically pushing information to a user utilizing global positioning system
Phenyl substituted carboxylic acids
Crystal of human beta secretase having monoclinic space group symmetry C2 and methods for crystalliz...
Multi-service access platform for telecommunications and data networks
Real time binding analysis of antigens on a biosensor surface
Differentially protected orthogonal lanthionine technology
Epoxy resin, SMA copolymer and bis-maleimidetriazine resin
Method of generation and method of detection of interband phase difference solition and interband ph...
Idea service for automatic file naming and storing
Method, system, and computer program for translating information for compatibility with an informati...
Content distribution system
Configurator using markup language
Methods and systems for operating multiple web pages in a single window
System and method for monitoring user interaction with web pages
Using hyperbolic trees to visualize data generated by patent-centric and group-oriented data process...
Systems and methods for performing international money exchanges
Interlinking sports and television program listing metadata
System and method for securing transactions in a contact center environment
Electronic program guide with blackout recording features
Data tag creation from a physical item data record to be attached to a physical item
Planer antenna structure
Substrate, device and method for forming a guidance structure in the substrate, and positioning meth...
Optical proximity correction in raster scan printing based on corner matching templates
Image processing system and medical examination apparatus for correlating features in medical images
Method for stabilizing the size of a focal spot of an X-ray tube, and X-ray tube comprising such a m...
Dual energy X-ray source
System and method for improved field of view X-ray imaging using a non-stationary anode
Automatic material discrimination by using computer tomography
Method and apparatus for inspecting circuit boards
System and method for laminography inspection
Aluminum nitride single-crystal multi-layered substrate
Photo timer and radiographic apparatus
Multi-functional antibodies
Crystals of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase/oxidized inosine monophosphate thiomidate intermedia...
Active hardmask for lithographic patterning
Photosensitive composition, pattern-forming method using the photosensitive composition and compound...
Resist composition
Ferroelectric thin film formation composition, ferroelectric thin film and method of fabricating fer...
Imaging arrangement and method
Pet hair broom
Pet treat
Pet treat
Method and system for a user-following interface
System, method, and apparatus for storing, retrieving, and integrating clinical, diagnostic, genomic...
Device and method for measuring blood flow in an organ
Method of establishing communication between two or more real world entities and apparatuses perform...
Apparatus and method for communicating an input signal in polar representation
Development device with dispenser chamber inside bulkhead, and process cartridge and image forming a...
Toner, developing device and developing method using the same
Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method and device for reconstructing and representing multidimensional objects from one-dimensional ...
Gradient-based image restoration and enhancement
Guidance of invasive medical devices by wide view three dimensional ultrasonic imaging
Queuing of conflicted remotely received transactions
Second state machine active in first state machine SHIFT-DR state
Double flared female hozel
Valve cover
Insulation barrier for electrical power equipment
Electrical plug adapter
Talking clock
Exercise towel
Cube string animal chew
Systems and methods for generating secure documents from scanned images
Method for prefetching non-contiguous data structures
Method for document viewing
Method and apparatus for controlling a peripheral via different data ports
Automatic discovery of classification related to a category using an indexed document collection
System and method for electronically processing document images
Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Mask manufacturing system, mask data creating method and manufacturing method of semiconductor devic...
Cell boundary fault detection system
Automatic speech recognition system for people with speech-affecting disabilities
Electromagnetic interference immune pacing/defibrillation lead
Electromagnetic interference immune pacing/defibrillation lead
Concavity of an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for optimizing ventricular synchrony during DDD resynchronization therapy using...
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging device
Zinc oxide optical waveguides
Producing fluidic waveguides
Serial routing of optical signals
Methods of generating planar double gate transistor shapes and data processing system readable media...
Method, apparatus, and computer program of searching for clustering faults in semiconductor device m...
System, method and apparatus for improved electrical-to-optical transmitters disposed within printed...
Liquid crystal display and fabrication method thereof
Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating ...
Liquid crystal display device and method for making the same
Analog/digital conversion using successive approximation and redundant weighting
Method to manipulate selectivity of a metal oxide sensor
Acoustic devices using an AlGaN piezoelectric region
Accessible chip stack and process of manufacturing thereof
Interconnect structure and method of fabrication of same
Method to form a nonmagnetic cap for the NiFe(free) MTJ stack to enhance dR/R
Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, and manufacturing methods for them
Wing gate transistor for integrated circuits
Efficient transistor structure
Production process for a semiconductor component with a praseodymium oxide dielectric
Ferroelectric capacitor and semiconductor device
Integrated circuitry
Light-emitting diode device and production method thereof
Vertical structure LED and fabricating method thereof
Sintered diamond having high thermal conductivity and method for producing the same and heat sink em...
Utility of phylloplanins as antibiotics, selective fungicides and for enhancing microbial resistance...
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Assay employing a g-protein coupled receptor that is activated by CCK-8S
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV292720
Full-length interferon gamma polypeptide variants
Peptides and supported peptides for treating skin diseases
Methods for identification of modulators of OSGPR114 or OSGPR78 activity, and their use in the treat...
Method for detection of MIP-4 and CCRL2 binding and activity modulating agents
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119135
Corn inbred 3B703
Methods of altering the sensitivity of a xylanase to a xylanase inhibitor
Genes from Propionibacterium freudenreichii encoding enzymes involved in vitamin B.sub.12 biosynthes...
Signal peptide for producing a polypeptide
Humanized anti-TGF-beta antibodies
Methods of reducing bone absorption comprising administering an antibody that binds OBM
Multivalent immunoglobulin-based bioactive assemblies
Methods for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells expressing PSCA
Method and system for multiple instant messaging login sessions
File sharing using near real time messaging
Location-based novelty index value and recommendation system and method
Wireless communication protocol
Device and method for communicating teletype information in a vehicle communication system
Method of providing location service for WLAN user
Method and system for adapting a wireless link to achieve a desired channel quality
Method and system for initiating a communication with a network entity to communicate information re...
Pre-paid wireless interactive voice response system
System and method for providing personal and emergency service hailing in wireless network
Methods utilizing a debugging proxy
Wireless communications system reducing unnecessary retransmission by means of a correlation value o...
Two-dimensional conditional random fields for web extraction
System and method of monitoring and controlling application files
Clustered hierarchical file services
Search circuit having individually selectable search engines
Search interface server and storage management
Computer implemented system for managing and processing supply
Methods and systems for segmenting relative user preferences into fine-grain and coarse-grain collec...
Method and apparatus for organizing data sources
Tactical and strategic attack detection and prediction
System and method for auto-routing jog elimination
System and method for auto-routing jog elimination
Performant relevance improvements in search query results
Defect filtering optical lithography verification process
Controllable surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Light polarizing film, a method of continuously fabricating same, and reflective optical devices usi...
Security case and method of manufacture
Temperature stabilization for substrate processing
Structured composite compositions for treatment of subterranean wells
Structures of the proton exchange membranes with different molecular permeabilities
High strength hot rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
Composite material
Left heart implantable cardiac stimulation system with clot prevention and method
Combined volatile and non-volatile memory device with graded composition insulator stack
Applications of semiconductor nano-sized particles for photolithography
Imaging member having nano-sized phase separation in various layers
Method for manufacturing a composite tire of polyurethane tread and radial carcase
Lift-off patterning processing employing energetically-stimulated local removal of solid-condensed-g...
Nano-composite energetic powders prepared by arrested reactive milling
Fiber reinforced spoolable pipe
Methods and apparatus for determining formulation orientation of multi-layered pharmaceutical dosage...
DC-offset compensation loops for magnetic recording system
OFDM reception apparatus and OFDM reception method
Method and apparatus for detecting respiratory disturbances
Registration of electro-anatomical map with pre-acquired image using ultrasound
Basket catheter with improved expansion mechanism
Method and apparatus for adjusting cardiac event detection threshold based on dynamic noise estimati...
Non-contact cardiac mapping, including moving catheter and multi-beat integration
Method for compensating for gain ripple and group delay characteristics of filter and receiving circ...
Digital broadcasting receiver, driving method thereof, and self-diagnosis method thereof
Quadrature modulation compensation
Planar filter, semiconductor device and radio unit
Methods for driving electro-optic displays
Inhibitors of the 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 enzyme
Process for oxidizing organic compounds
Indole derivatives as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and sleep disor...
Derivatives of triazoly-imidazopyridine useful as ligands of the adenosine A.sub.2a receptor and the...
Low bake, low VOC conductive primer
Rubber composition and tire comprising same
Hemiasterlin derivatives and uses thereof in the treatment of cancer
Acetamides and benzamides that are useful in treating sexual dysfunction
Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) chimera and methods of use
Charged particle, microcapsule, electrophoretic device, electro-optical device, and method of formin...
Polyhydroxyalkanoate-containing magnetic structure, and manufacturing method and use thereof
Compounds that stimulate glucose utilization and methods of use
Eponemycin and epoxomicin analogs and uses thereof
Selectively conjugated peptides and methods of making the same
System and method for processing formatted text documents in a database
Monitoring transactions by non-account holder
Supply planning system and method utilizing constrained and unconstrained explosion and implosion of...
Spectral parameter substitution for the frame error concealment in a speech decoder
Method for evaluating the quality of data collection in a manufacturing environment
Image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus
Image forming device having charging roller and cleaning member
Charger, process unit and image forming apparatus
Cycle indicator for fluid distribution systems
Programmable power transition counter
Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
Methods and apparatuses for dynamic power estimation
Methods, systems, and computer program products for postponing bitmap transfers and eliminating conf...
Method and apparatus to perform automated task handling
Conflict management during data object synchronization between client and server
Sulfur-containing composition for golf equipment and method of using same
Print roll cartridge with an ink supply core for a camera system
Method and apparatus for forming a face structure for a golf club head
Single panel golf club grip
System and method for remote automated play of a gaming device
Polarizing beam splitter
Backlight for liquid crystal display
Method for determining the efficiency of a vaporizer in a decontamination system
Valve control system for a rotating multiplex fluorescence detection device
Acrylic-based thermally conductive composition and thermally conductive sheet
Transparent electrode for the radiofrequency ablation of tissue
Medical instrument having a medical guidewire
Therapeutic solution drop dispenser
Rotatable multi-port therapeutic delivery device
Ozone treatment apparatus using ozone gas
Tennis elbow support comprising tendon pad
Anastomosis system
Safety eyewear
Adjustable mask
Hermaphroditic electrical connector
Reflective polarizers containing polymer fibers
Interferometric measuring device
Voltage control circuit for endoscope
Electrostatic discharge event and transient signal detection and measurement device and method
LED package with converging optical element
Prevention of transgene escape in genetically modified perennials
Detection of HPV
Compositions and methods of use of standardized mixtures for determining an amount of a nucleic acid
Tetrol steroids and esters
HPV E6, E7 mRNA assay and methods of use thereof
Heterodimeric chain synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs
Intervertebral implant and related methods
Biodegradable polymer systems
Modified delivery device for coated medical devices
Therapies for chronic renal failure
Method and device for delivering medicine to bone
Site specific incorporation of keto amino acids into proteins
Electrostatic coating of a device
Biomimetic composition reinforced by a polyelectrolytic complex of hyaluronic acid and chitosan
Nucleic acid constructs cells transformed therewith and methods utilizing same for inducing liver re...
Regeneration and repair of neural tissue using postpartum-derived cells
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Light activated gene transduction using long wavelength ultraviolet light for cell targeted gene del...
Fastener retention system
Cysteine engineered antibodies and conjugates
Occupant protecting apparatus
Storage apparatus
Fuel cutoff valve
Submount for light emitting diode and its manufacturing method
Method of forming a low temperature-grown buffer layer, a light emitting element and method of makin...
Method and system for GPS position measuring and frequency error detecting method
Method for positioning using GPS in a restrictive coverage environment
Seismic measuring system including GPS receivers
Mitigation of array factor distortions for GPS and broadband reception
Moldable heat shield
Three layer composite panel from recycled polyurethanes
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Valve structure and control techniques
Recliner mechanism
Exhaust manifold for four-cylinder engine
Air bag door and chute
Hidden key cylinder
Bumper for vehicle
Steering control device
Modular convertible top
Apparatus and method for controlling an internal combustion engine
System and method for displaying vehicle location information
System and method for tire pressure monitoring
Driving device
Distribution of motor heat sources
Fuel cell control system and method
Enabling safe use of high power laser for laser marking in a free space environment
Triplexer transceiver using parallel signal detection
Systems and methods for optical pumping using depolarizing filters
Scalable thermally efficient pump diode systems
Frequency stabilised gas laser
Apparatus for driving light emitting element and system for driving light emitting element
Tunable laser apparatus and methods
Tuneable laser
Nonlinear polarization pulse shaping model locked fiber laser at one micron with photonic crystal (P...
Method for making an optical disc having a track pitch smaller than a recording beam diameter
Optical disk recording and playback device
Semiconductor laser module, optical amplifier, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor laser m...
Precision laser machining apparatus
Tunable laser-based process monitoring apparatus
Apparatus for supporting optical component, and laser scanner and image forming device having the sa...
Light scanning device, and image forming apparatus using the light scanning device
Integrated fire exit alert system
Light emitting device and optical device using the same
Portion of a footwear upper
Pedicure footwear
Aqueous polyolefin dispersions for textile impregnation
Millimetre-wave detection device for discriminating between different materials
Multiuse dryer and method of drying multiple items
Roll top boot
Footwear sole
Eyeglass frames with detachable ornaments
In-line skate
Shoe sole
Rail mount for vertical foregrips
System and method for rendering 3-D images on a 3-D image display screen
Flat-aperture waveguide sidewall-emitting antenna
Signal processing methods for ground penetrating radar from elevated platforms
Apparatus and method for voltage contrast analysis of a wafer using a tilted pre-charging beam
Power system for managing power from multiple power sources
Ion implantation system and control method
Thermal infrared signage method with application to infrared weapon sight calibration
Method and apparatus for generating a focused beam using duality modulation
Flash memory having a high-permittivity tunnel dielectric
Bioweapon-detecting fibrous-network products and methods for making same
Protein detection system
Systems and methods for identifying a substance
Detecting special nuclear materials in suspect containers using high-energy gamma rays emitted by fi...
Method for diversifying the chemical composition of proteins produced in vivo by genetically disabli...
Vehicular automatic transmission
Planetary gear type multistage transmission for vehicle
System and method for turbo compressor recirculation valve control
Intravascular electrophysiological system and methods
Pacing method
Restricting unit for restricting a supporter of developers in an image forming apparatus
Organic photoconductor, process cartridge and image forming apparatus both employing the same
Optical near-field generator and recording apparatus using the optical near-field generator
Process cartridge in image-forming device
Hybrid thin film heterostructure modular vibration control apparatus and methods for fabrication the...
Optical waveguide devices
Methods of operating bandgap engineered memory
Polarization-independent electro-optical (EO) switching
Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
Humidity tolerant electro-optic device
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
High fidelity loudspeaker
Memory device having a threshold voltage switching device and a method for storing information in th...
Optimizing compiler transforms for a high level shader language
Non-compile pages
Facilitating target acquisition by expanding targets
Application sharing single document sharing
XSD inference
Method and system for tracking software components
Automated extensible user interface testing
Adhesion of a metal layer to a substrate by utilizing an organic acid material
Thermoplastic resin foamed article
Display device and driving method thereof
Coin counter and voucher dispensing machine and method
Video poker game with a bet doubling option
Ink jet print head and ink jet printing apparatus having a plurality of slits formed in a heater sub...
Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head
Powered garden or lawn edging assembly
Honeycomb extrusion die
Device and method for the manufacture of a sausage skein with any geometrical external contour
Center heated die plate with two heat zones for underwater pelletizer
Device for manufacturing a granular product by extrusion and cutting
Method for adjusting the transfer of printing ink
Photonic crystal surface states
Photonic crystal surface states
Method for mounting anisotropically-shaped members
Method of making a molecule-surface interface
Optoelectronic device and method of fabricating the same
Methods utilizing scanning probe microscope tips and products therefor or produced thereby
Method and device for manufacturing extremely fine particles and porous materials by controlled low ...
Surface nanopatterning
Light modulator
Fastener and fitting based sensing methods
Semiconductor components and assemblies including vias of varying lateral dimensions
Cooling system for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
Thin film transistor comprising novel conductor and dielectric compositions
Submicron particle removal
Ionizing radiation stable thermoplastic composition, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Compositions of chemical mechanical planarization slurries contacting noble-metal-featured substrate...
Reconfigurable garment definition and production method
Studio light
Dynamic interception of calls by a target device
Method to segregate suspicious threads in a hosted environment to prevent CPU resource exhaustion fr...
Methods and computer program product for optimizing binaries with coding style formalization
Method for inlining native functions into compiled java code
Creating and executing a graphical program with first model of computation that includes a structure...
Method and system for developing software using nodes
Automatically routing nets according to current density rules
Method and system for transforming content for execution on multiple platforms
Portable monitoring unit
Double barrier system for an in situ conversion process
Vehicular air conditioner
Multi-layer ligand exchange thermochromic systems
System and method for creating a networked infrastructure distribution platform of fixed and mobile ...
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Biaxially oriented copolyester film and laminates thereof
Microspheres having a high index of refraction
Films for electrochemical components and method for producing the same
Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescence device employing the same
Precursor compositions and methods for the deposition of passive electrical components on a substrat...
Titanium oxide-based sol-gel polymer
Light emitting assembly
Weight determining systems and methods for vehicular seats
Dynamic bus parking
Systems and methods for end-to-end resource reservation authentication
Storage system and communication control method
Weighted queuing scheme for managing datagrams within a network device using single port double buff...
Method for determining treatability of a wood product
Transmission device
Programmable metering behavior based on table lookup
Detecting network evasion and misinformation
Control plane security and traffic flow management
Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
Fail-safe module integral with a sedation and analgesia system and method
Distributed architecture for statistical overload control against distributed denial of service atta...
Memory controller configurable to allow bandwidth/latency tradeoff
Code generator and device for the synchronous or asynchronous and permanent identification or encodi...
Trick play for multicast streams