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Filter element with anti-tracking ribs
Self-contained viscous liquid dispenser with a foaming pump
Convertible cutter for tape dispensers
Method and apparatus for gripping containers
Vehicle sun visor
Tape printing apparatus having impact protector member
Automated manufacturing control system
Golf ball
Trickling alter tank with top side load cell assembly
Inhibition of hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication by RNA interference
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Cogeneration system for a fuel cell
Surface pattern of a paper product
Method of wrapping digital tampons
Web twister removal process
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Method of producing a corrugated tampon applicator
Hair coloring compositions and their use
Process for making unitary fibrous structure comprising randomly distributed cellulosic fibers and n...
Methods for identifying compounds for regulating muscle mass or function using dopamine receptors
Muzzle-loading firearm with pivoting block action
Oxygen diffuser support
Tip-tilt-piston actuator
Power efficient booth recoded multiplier and method of multiplication
Method and apparatus for optical sampling
IP packet access gateway
Radio link control with limited retransmissions for streaming services
Base station transceiver to radio network controller synchronization filtering function
Method and apparatus for packetized supplemental wireless distress signaling
Message waiting indication operable to overcome a border condition between mobile switching centers
Fabric care compositions having reduced fabric abrasion
Compositions with enhanced antimicrobial efficacy against E. coli
Compositions containing antimicrobials and urea for the treatment of dermatological disorders and me...
Non-wax superior gloss polishing composition
Copper phthalocyanine/iodine intermolecular compound and process for the production thereof
Production of dihydronepetalactone by hydrogenation of nepetalactone
Derivatives of dihydronepetalactone and method for preparation
Candle warming apparatus
Mobile wireless communications device comprising multi-frequency band antenna and related methods
Bandwidth-determined selection of interaction medium for wireless devices
Systems and methods for reduced forward link power control delay
Method of manufacturing electronic device
Guide for solid ink stick feed
Method of making an electro-mechanical roll
Capsules utilizing a lubricant
Process for preparing branched polyarylene ethers
Smart front end for a print communication protocol
Circuit board device and design support device
Digital camera
Engine for scooter
Ball mounting method
Integrated circuit for optical encoder
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device, circuit board, electronic instrument, and method for manu...
Constant current circuit used for ring oscillator and charge pump circuit
Pulse modulator for nonradiative dielectric waveguide, and millimeter wave transmitter/receiver usin...
Architecture for an algorithmic analog-to-digital converter
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Optical recording apparatus and control method thereof
Developing device, image forming apparatus, image forming system, sealing member, and method for man...
System and method for assessing compatibility risk
System and method for positioning optical fibers
Process for coating surfaces using hybrid polymer materials
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional structure, method for producing three-dimensio...
Micro electrical mechanical systems
Gray scale fabrication method using a spin-on glass material and integrated optical designs produced...
ISFETs fabrication method
Titanium carboxylate films for use in semiconductor processing
Multi-layered unit including electrode and dielectric layer
Stimuli-responsive composition, and image-forming method and apparatus using the composition
Scintillator crystal, method for making same use thereof
Scintillator crystals, method for making same, user thereof
Method of fabricating an oxide layer on a silicon carbide layer utilizing an anneal in a hydrogen en...
Method of forming copper interconnects
Producing telomerase activators and inhibitors by screening with purified telomerase
System and method for personnel management collaboration
Lavender plant named `Cocpur`
Efficient collocation of evacuated objects in a copying garbage collector using variably filled loca...
Automated system for handling and processing wafers within a carrier
Transmembrane serine protease overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of pyrazolopyrimidinones
Combination of a seating system and a shared sensor
Relay device for use with sensor with identifier
System and method for applying a partial page change
Catcher's chest protector
Method of making a golf ball product from fast-curling reaction injection molded polyurethane
Method and device for controlling household appliances
Semiconductor apparatus and fabrication method of the same
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant permanent voice calls in voice-over-packet systems
Balanced progressive lens
Passively aligned optical-electrical interface
Tool for fine machining of optically active surfaces
High refractive index compositions useful for intraocular lenses and methods for making same
System and method for automated headspace analysis
Thin film optical detectors for retinal implantation and methods for making and using same
Radiation detector and a method of manufacturing the detector
Regulatory sequences of the mouse villin gene--use in transgenesis
Ribozymes targeting bradeion transcripts and use thereof
N-calcium channel knockout animal
Method of producing diacylglycerol and gene for inactivating function of gene which encodes diacylgl...
Flexible sheet for resistive touch screen
Projection screens, methods for forming a projection screen and projection screen kits
Fault-tolerant distributed system for collaborative computing
Mirror sight apparatus for guns
Determining cook-off time of weapon
Device for supporting and for at least contributing to the activation of an actuating element
Bearing arrangement
Linear motion guide unit
Disc spring centering device for squeeze film dampers
Externally pressurized gas bearing and spindle equipment using this
Bearing assembly and method
Counter-rotating antifriction bearing assembly
Thrust bearing
Pivot assembly bearing
Microfluidic accumulating and proportioning component
Condensers and their monitoring
System, method and computer program product for short-range weather adapted, business forecasting
System, method, and device for non-invasive body fluid sampling and analysis
Medical device for overcoming airway obstruction
Context oriented crypto processing on a parallel processor array
Process for the constrained sintering of a pseudo-symmetrically configured low temperature cofired c...
Collar structure for animal leashes
Battery for a mowing machine
Process and composition for high efficacy teeth whitening
Ternary mixtures of biodegradable polyesters and products manufactured from them
Optical film, laminated polarizing plate, liquid crystal display using the same, and self-light-emit...
Fuel oil additives and compositions
Integrated reformer and shift reactor
Disc device with transport roller bracket restraining detection protrusions away from outer peripher...
Apparatus for filling the case of a lead battery with components for forming a gelled electrolyte
Method and device for analyzing a network of conductors
Systems and methods for toner cartridge conversion
Salicylamide-lanthanide complexes for use as luminescent markers
Frequency hop sequences for multi-band communication systems
Power controls for tube mounted LEDs with ballast
Dihydro-dibenzo[b,e]oxepine based selective estrogren receptor modulators, compositions and methods
5-Phenylbenzylamine compounds, process for their production and intermediates for their synthesis
Integrin-binding peptides
Oxybenzamide derivatives useful for inhibiting factor Xa or Vlla
Sulfamato hydroxamic acid metalloprotease inhibitor
6,7-Oxygenated steroids and uses related thereto
Caspase 1 gene transfer animal
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Regulation of angiogenesis with zinc finger proteins
Heterocyclic compounds having elastase-inhibiting activity and intermediates thereof
Vector for genetically modifying non-human animals
C1 Inhibitor produced in the milk of transgenic non-human mammals
Device for making cheese and corresponding production method
Automated physical training system
Method and apparatus for detecting particles in a gas flow
Apparatus for hanging articles of clothing
Exercise resistance methods and apparatus
Substantially constant-force exercise machine
Device and method for performing push-up exercises
Method and apparatus for vibration dampening of barfeeders
Bipedal locomotion training and performance evaluation device and method
Methods and apparatus for adjusting weight resistance to exercise
Exercise apparatus
System and method for preparing workouts for a plurality of individuals and monitoring individual co...
Near-infrared-absorbing composition and optical material
NIR spectroscopy method for analyzing chemical process components
Near infrared chemical imaging microscope
Apparatus for measuring fruit properties including a function for automatically controlling the inte...
Medical instrument holding and presentation system
Dental impression coping with retention
17-aryl linker derivatised estrogen 3-sulphamates as inhibitors of steroid sulphatase
Noncontact sensitivity and compliance calibration method for cantilever-based insturments
Method to transiently detect samples in atomic force microscopes
Scanning probe microscope
Method and apparatus for a monodiameter wellbore, monodiameter casing, monobore, and/or monowell
Information processing terminal or control method therefor
Valve metal powders and process for producing them
Position detection method and apparatus
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for using wind turbines to generate and supply uninterrupted power to locations...
Silane composition, silicon film forming method and solar cell production method
Microcapsule powder
Method of making heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) inclusive layer
Additive for nonaqueous-electrolyte secondary battery
Conductive polymers substituted with acid labile functional groups for increasing electrical conduct...
Screening method for orthopoxvirus antivirals
Antibacterial agents
Welding gun
Motor driven resistance spot welding gun
Mass spectrometric analysis of complex mixtures of immune system modulators
Gating device and driver for modulation of charged particle beams
Method and apparatus for alignment, comparison and identification of characteristic tool marks, incl...
Flood gun for charge neutralization
Method and system for analyzing the security of a facility
System and method for detecting and jamming emitter signals
Reducing antenna boresight error
System and method for obtaining and utilizing maintenance information
Method of processing seismic data
Luminescent organometallic compound and light emitting device
Organic electronic devices
Organic light-emitting display device
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing a light-emitting device, and electronic equipment
Light emitting module and method of driving the same, and optical sensor
Display device and electronic apparatus
Method, system and article of manufacture for linking a video to a scanned document
Detection of fly height change in a disk drive using head drag
Humidity control in a removable data cartridge
Apparatus for skin treatment
Disk apparatus
Domain manager and method of use
Path routing and provisioning method and apparatus
Gas-discharge display device and its manufacturing method
Magnetic spin based memory with semiconductor selector
Methods of forming ferroelectric memory devices
Flow field plate geometries
Gas delivery and monitoring system
Methods and apparatus for optical switching
Mannosyltransferase polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding them and methods for making and using ...
Acer shirasawanum plant named `MUNN 001`
Hygienic cleansing aid
Conversion processing for XML to XML document transformation
Apparatus and method for automated testing of the quality of voice communications over data networks
Internal combustion engine/hydraulic motor/fluid pump provided with opposite pistons
Data storage and access employing clustering
Sodium channel in dorsal root ganglia
Interstitial fluid collection and constituent measurement
Portable motorcycle lift
Circuit board made of resin with pin
Data transmission and reception within a spread-spectrum communication system
Deeply reduced oxidation catalyst and its use in preparing N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine compounds
Cross-weave cargo restraint system
Compounds and methods to inhibit or augment an inflammatory response
Preparation of polyisocyanates containing uretdione groups
Bipolar plate gas moisturizing apparatus for the fuel cell
Sequence circuit display method of injection molding machine
Position sensing system
Control device for internal combustion engine
Electronic systems
Method and apparatus for supporting measurement of object to be measured
Computerized machine controller diagnostic system
Grid convergence solution computation system
Factorization for generating a library of mouth shapes
Data transfer control system, electronic instrument, and data transfer control method
Method for the production of electrocatalyst powders
Method and apparatus for generating a solid state circuit layout with in-design variability associat...
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Dark quenchers for donor-acceptor energy transfer
Receiver for a spread spectrum system
Electronic ballast with overvoltage monitoring
Thermally developable materials with improved conductive layer
Support for vertically oriented capacitors during the formation of a semiconductor device
Bioanalytical measuring method for determining catalases and peroxidases, as well as conjugates, sub...
Multifunctional context-activated protides and methods of use
Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of tumor gene Int6
Micro-sample pick-up apparatus and micro-sample pick-up method
Direct-to-digital holography reduction of reference hologram noise and fourier space smearing
Ligands for use in therapeutic compositions for the treatment of hemostasis disorders
Sensor for luminescense-optical determination of an analyte
Remote gaming device
Method and apparatus for reducing scheduling conflicts for a resource
Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
System and method for calibrating a camera with one-dimensional objects
System and method for emulating the operation of a video graphics adapter
Linguistically intelligent text compression
Techniques for quantization of spectral data in transcoding
Methods and systems for preventing socket flooding during denial of service attacks
Method and system for exchanging messages between entities on a network comprising an actor attribut...
Lazy flushing of translation lookaside buffers
VPN enrollment protocol gateway
Print media catalog service
High speed optical disc recording
Method for communicating information bundled in digital message packets
Enhancement of X-ray reflectometry by measurement of diffuse reflections
Optical waveguide device, an optical modulator, a mounting structure for an optical waveguide device...
Method and apparatus for thermo-optic modulation of optical signals
Image forming apparatus and control method for the image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus with separable multiple developer layers and image forming apparatus incorporat...
Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter/defibrillator
Active housing and subcutaneous electrode cardioversion/defibrillating system
Valve flow metering control system and method
Electrostatic chuck for holding wafer
EMI noise filter for eddy current turbo speed sensor
Implantable co-fired electrical interconnect systems and devices and methods of fabrication therefor
System and method for determining an angular position of a rotor and a radial position of the rotor
Method for formulating paint
System and method to estimate the location of a receiver
Polishing processes for shallow trench isolation substrates
Self aligned compact bipolar junction transistor layout, and method of making same
Metal carbide gate structure and method of fabrication
Thin film transistor substrate for display device and fabricating method thereof
Thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Self-aligned bipolar transistor having increased manufacturability
Pressure sensors having spacer mounted transducers
Microscale reaction devices
Monolithic printhead with self-aligned groove and relative manufacturing process
Thin film device provided with coating film, liquid crystal panel and electronic device, and method ...
Method for preventing sidewall consumption during oxidation of SGOI islands
Multilevel copper interconnect with double passivation
Hydrogen free integration of high-k gate dielectrics
Transparent oxide semiconductor thin film transistors
Conductive memory device with conductive oxide electrodes
Human papillomavirus multiplexed assay
Catheter wetting apparatus
Arrangement for the treatment of barrett's esophagus
Water filter assembly for use in an appliance
Hydrophilic membrane and process for making the same
Reinforced hook web
Substituted 1,4-benzodiazepines and uses thereof
Electronic package with integrated capacitor
Hinge for a welding helmet window
Conformable adhesive wound closures
Device for transporting cylindrical objects
Interlocking personal beverage mixing container
Apparatus and method for vein removal
Apparatus, system, and method for exchanging vehicle identification data
Silent zone muting system
Method and apparatus for transferring data over a voice channel
Method and apparatus for sending messages from an MMS system
System and method to interface a local area network with a wide area network
Windowing systems
Illuminated displays for alphanumeric and special characters
Spread illuminating apparatus having light controlling means
Light conductor, lighting apparatus, and liquid crystal display
Ornamental lamp strings assembly
Imitation flame generating apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for curing materials with light radiation
LED lighting system
Liquid crystal display with photodetectors having polarizing plates mounted thereon and its correcti...
Mobile traffic information system
Antimicrobial polypeptides and methods of use
Traffic monitoring
Removal of embedding media from biological samples and cell conditioning on automated staining instr...
Bias-adjusted magnetoresistive devices for magnetic random access memory (MRAM) applications
System and method for automatic load balancing in a data-over-cable network
System and method for providing masquerading using a multiprotocol label switching
Airborne based monitoring
Trunk group implementation in networks
Traffic information collecting and providing system and method utilizing PCS network system
Automatic time setting method of asynchronous mobile communication terminal
Method for transmitting multi-SMS in mobile telephone
Device and method for controlling transmission on reverse link in mobile communication system
System and method for implementing dynamic set operations on data stored in a sorted array
Apparatus and method for correcting signal imbalances using complex multiplication
Apparatus and method for automatic router configuration
Optical disc drive having a control board and driving unit in separate locations
Methods, systems and computer program products for secure firmware updates
Bus clock controlling apparatus and method
Data recovery circuit for minimizing power consumption by non-integer times oversampling
Coatings for modifying hard surfaces and processes for applying the same
Cytokine gene modified antigen-presenting cell/tumor cell conjugate, its preparation and use
Substituted pyridinones
Modified GLP-1 peptides with increased biological potency
System for optimizing anti-fuse repair time using fuse id
Structured document management system and structured document management method
Device and program for structured document generation data structure of structural document
Automated selection and placement of memory during design of an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus to facilitate cross-domain push deployment of software in an enterprise environ...
File access method in storage-device system, and programs for the file access
Implementation of a pseudo-LRU algorithm in a partitioned cache
Storage system providing file aware caching and file aware remote copy
Device, system and method for pre-caching media content for home entertainment devices and gateways
Use of arachidonic acid for enhanced culturing of fish larvae and broodstock
Food compositions and methods of preparing the same
Hypoallergenic dietary companion animal composition containing hydrolyzed poultry protein
Dietary supplement for renal dialysis patients
Method for producing histidine by fermentation with E. coli
Method for the production of phospholipids
Non-synthetic biodegradable starch-based composition for production of shaped bodies
Manufacture of retinoids
Grilling component
Food warming device and methods for its manufacture
Microwaveable cooking container and microwave oven
Method for producing koji feed composition using oils
Container for cooking pasta in a microwave oven
Dimetalhydroxy malate fortified food matrices
Method for making sweet cookie dough having an imprinted surface
Method for calibration of milk meters in a milking system
Construction material based on gypsum
System and method for constructing modular wall structures
Device for holding and positioning construction materials
Cationic carbonate pigment for ink jet coating ink receptive layer
Multifunction clips and ground/mounting strap for wiring device
Artificial stone and formation therefor
Antifungal paints and coatings
Nutritional additive for animals
Masking material
Pretreatment of biomass for ethanol production
Gas absorbing material
Partial boiling in mini and micro-channels
Flame-retardant silicone rubber
Low dust wall repair compound
Aqueous composition
Copolymer having at least one alkoxy-or hydroxy-polyalkylene glycol grafted function, and use thereo...
Systems and methods for predicting the bending stiffness of wood products
Ink jet ink and recording material
Joint compounds using thickeners prepared from raw cotton linters
Petroleum hydrocarbon binder with reduced polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content
Process for producing a refined product of polyoxyproylene fatty acid isopropanolamide surfactant
Water-soluble film of polyvinyl alcohol
Solvent-containing coating material and the use thereof
Polyolefin macromonomer, graft polymer obtained from the polyolefin macromonomer, and use thereof
Building element
Methods and apparatus for obtaining positional information
Preservative compositions and methods for mushrooms
In situ thermal processing of a tar sands formation
In situ recovery from lean and rich zones in a hydrocarbon containing formation
Humidifier with reverse osmosis filter
Method and system for cleaning semiconductor elements
Dyes incorporating annionic and cationic groups
Multi-unit, distributive, regenerable, in situ desalination method
Fluid conveyed material collection system
Process and compositions for the disinfection of waters
Premixed amiodarone parenteral solution and method for making the same
Tea brewing system
Functional surface coating
Modified silane compounds
Optical information recording medium
Method and apparatus for metal removal by ION exchange
Nebulizer with plasma source
P-channel power MIS field effect transistor and switching circuit
Method of synthesizing zirconium phosphate particles
Methods and compositions for delivery of catecholic butanes for treatment of tumors
Methods and compositions for delivery of catecholic butanes for treatment of diseases
Aqueous dispersion comprising stable nanoparticles of a water-insoluble thiazole derivative and exci...
Methods and compositions for delivery of catecholic butanes for treatment of obesity
(Polyalkoxy)sulfonate surface modifiers
Morinda citrifolia based compositions and methods for inhibiting xanthine oxidase
Method for producing foods from culture of Bacillus natto
Juice recovery process
Plating apparatus and plating method
Pellicle for photolithography and pellicle frame
Nanocontact printing
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Method and apparatus for tooth whitening
Site-specific labeling of affinity tags in fusion proteins
Process for the preparation of L-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine by aerobic fermentation of a microorgan...
Silicone-containing ocular lens material with high safety and preparing method thereof
Method for producing L-biopterin
Thermoplastic injection molding method for capping a tubular filtration medium
Disposable, sterile fluid transfer device
Method and system for merchant processing of purchase card transactions with expanded card type acce...
Centralized control of software for administration of a distributed computing environment
Method and apparatus for interfacing a public switched telephone network and an internet protocol ne...
Tetraploid perennial ryegrass variety T3
Meadow fescue variety AMF107
Inbred corn line PHEED
Floribunda rose plant named "Meinusian"
Rosa hybrida / Floribunda rose plant varietal denomination cv. 'Meizebul'
Peach tree named 'Galactica'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Resomee White'
Photosensitive resin composition, and photosensitive element, method for forming resist pattern and ...
Resist composition and method of forming resist pattern using same
Sulfonium salts, radiation- sensitive acid generators, and positive radiator-sensitive resin composi...
Process for refining crude resin for electronic material
Method for producing an exposed substrate
Chemically amplified positive photoresist composition for thick film, thick-film photoresist laminat...
Chemically amplified positive photoresist composition for thick film, thick-film photoresist laminat...
Chemically amplified positive photoresist composition for thick film, thick-film photoresist laminat...
Composition for coating a photoresist pattern
Laser marking of documents of value
Photosensitive resin composition, method for preparing the same, and dry film resist comprising the ...
Photosensitive resin composition, thin film panel made with photosensitive composition, and method f...
Photoresist formulation for high aspect ratio plating
Compact fluorescent lamp, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and luminaire
Magnetic random access memory, and production method therefor
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory device
Flash memory with low tunnel barrier interpoly insulators
Single ply paper product, method for manufacturing, and article
Fuel cell and method of manufacturing same using chemical/mechanical planarization
System and method for improved volume measurement
Systems and methods of subpixel rendering implemented on display panels
Preparation for the relief of disease
System and method for populating a computer-aided design program's database with design parameters
Fusion protein arrays on metal substrates for surface plasmon resonance imaging
Semiconductor structure, semiconductor device, communicating device, integrated circuit, and process...
Rose plant named `BOTA 2802`
Event routing model for an extensible editor
Two-stroke engine
Data transfer scheme using re-direct response message for reducing network load
Fused DNA sequence, fused protein expressed from said fused DNA sequence and method for expressing s...
Ethylenedicysteine (EC)-drug conjugates, compositions and methods for tissue specific disease imagin...
System time clock capture for computer satellite receiver
Pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
System and method for formatting text according to linguistic, visual and psychological variables
Optical disc and manufacturing method for the same
Table driven method for calculating arithmetic inverse for use in cryptography
Soy base and related method of manufacture
Preparation of phosphorus-containing compounds useful in the preparation of biphosphine ligands
Piping structure of fuel injection pipes for engine
Radio device
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Assaying apparatus, kit, and method for lipids and associated enzymes
Cosmetic composition
Peptide derivative, and pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, process for producing the same, an...
Heat-peelable adhesive sheet
Phosphonites, use thereof as ligand in transition metal complexes and method for production of nitri...
Load matched power generation system including a solid oxide fuel cell and a heat pump and an option...
Airbag cover
Waste toner transfer apparatus and electrophotographic printer adopting the same
Biochip image analysis system and method thereof
Connecting circuit for lamp modules
Millimeter wave oscillator using fiber Bragg grating
Polarization splitting grating couplers
Optical communication module, optical communications apparatus, and manufacturing method thereof
Optical fiber composite electrical power cable
Method for the production of an optical fibre, preform, and an optical fibre
Multi-clad doped optical fiber
Optical fiber preform producing method, optical fiber production method, and optical fiber
Optical element with periodic structure
Fixture for system for processing fiber optic connectors
Optical fiber enclosure system
Resin liquid for optical fiber coating layer
Fiber coating having a low refractive index
Fiber detector apparatus and related methods
Fiber and wire communication system
Dynamic power optical splitter
Devices and methods for dynamic dispersion compensation
Modulation scheme for tedons
System and method for re-allocating storage area network resources
Selection methods
Method for the preparation of a viral vector by inter-molecular homologous recombination
PN7718 nucleic acids and use thereof
Betaines as adjuvants to susceptibility testing and antimicrobial therapy
Quinuclidines-substituted-multi-cyclic-heteroaryls for the treatment of disease
Zinc finger binding domains for nucleotide sequence ANN
Targeting cellular entry, cell survival, and pathogenicity by dynein light chain 1/PIN in human cell...
Phosphinoamidite carboxylates and analogs thereof in the synthesis of oligonucleotides having reduce...
Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation and hyperactive immune conditions
Ribozyme mediated inactivation of the androgen receptor
Modulators of leukocyte activation, Hck compositions and methods of use
System and method for affinity marketing in a wireless network
Disk drive estimating a sinusoidal error in a wedge time period due to eccentricity in disk rotation
Adjusting track density by changing PES algorithm when servo writing a disk drive from spiral tracks
Servo writing a disk drive by overwriting a harmonic frequency fill pattern in the servo burst area
Magnetic recording apparatus
Disk drive employing a velocity profile and back EMF feedback to control a voice coil motor
Magnetic shield for the drive housing of a recording drive
Spindle motor for hard disk drives
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus including the same
Thin-film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly with thin-film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparat...
Head supporting assembly, head driving assembly, and disk drive apparatus
Composite head arm assembly with thermal control of gram load
Low stiffness gimbal for disk drive head suspensions
Hard disk drive actuator latch utilizing a fluid channel to deliver torque to a latch lever
Piezoelectric microactuator for improved tracking control of disk drive read/write heads
Thin film piezoelectric element; actuator, head support mechanism, and disc recording and reproducin...
Magnetic head having a flux-guide regulating film regulating a magnetic domain of a flux guide
Magnetic sensing element having no variation in track width and capable of properly complying with t...
Magnetoresistive film with nickel iron alloy soft magnetic layer having face and body-centered cubic...
CPP GMR read head
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Disk cartridge with disk cleaning structure
Industrial ammunition
Modular warhead for units of ammunition such as missiles
Two piece jet engine igniter assembly
Epoxy/acrylate based primer coating compositions and their use in the optical field
Surgical method and apparatus using dual irrigation paths
Thermal donor for high-speed printing
Modeling system for retrieving and displaying data from multiple sources
System and method for programmatically creating graphical program code in a graphical program
Hardware debugging in a hardware description language
Universal deployment tool
Method and apparatus for implementing a parallel construct comprised of a single task
Automatic gain control for digital demodulation apparatus
Cycling event and auto-trigger memory handling
System and method for moving graphical objects on a computer controlled system
Image exchange with image annotation
Match line sensing amplifier for content addressable memory
Pointer based binary search engine and method for use in network devices
Method for automatically producing optimal summaries of linear media
Automated engraving of a customized jewelry item
Methods and apparatus slow-starting a web cache system
Load-shift carry instruction
Technique for obtaining a single sign-on certificate from a foreign PKI system using an existing str...
Platform independent on-line project management tool
Method and apparatus for routing groups of paths
Detection of a class of viral code
Method for restoring or increasing photosensitivity in hydrogen or deuterium loaded large diameter o...
Mobile terminal
Superconductor layer and method of manufacturing the same
Process for interpreting faults from a fault-enhanced 3-dimensional seismic attribute volume
CD metrology method
Database interpolation method for optical measurement of diffractive microstructures
Motion-based visualization
High impedance fault detection
Engine operation without cam sensor
Method for determining and maintaining dialog focus in a conversational speech system
Systems and processes for call and call feature administration on a telecommunications network
Policy based routing system and method for caching and VPN tunneling
Paper document satchels
Pacemaker for bilateral vocal cord autoparalysis
Methods and systems for generating enhanced thumbnails
Indexing methods, systems, and computer program products for virtual three-dimensional books
One-to-one direct communication
Direct-type backlight unit with diffusion film for flat panel liquid crystal display
Cholesteric liquid crystal optical bodies and methods of manufacture and use
Optical device
Laser doppler velocimeter
Double sided magnetic tape
Thermal dissipating capacitor and electrical component comprising same
System and method of measuring fat content in target organ and recording medium of recording fat con...
All-optical wavelength converter based on Sagnac interferometer with an SOA at asymmetric position
Light generating device having polarized light emitting waveguide plate
Image forming apparatus having developer amount detector
Methods and apparatus for communication
Waveform synthesis
Apparatus and process for securing, analyzing and sorting materials, and sorted products
Confocal scanner system and method
Linear motor, moving stage system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Device for inspecting element substrates and method of inspecting element substrates using electroma...
Endoscope image filing system and endoscope image filing method
Method of and preventing focal plane anomalies in the focal plane of a projection system
Expendable beam transmissometer
Stationary computed tomography system with compact x ray source assembly
System and method of x-ray flux management control
System and method of determining a center of mass of an imaging subject for x-ray flux management co...
Method and arrangement for medical X-ray imaging
System to generate therapeutic radiation
Scanning system and calibration method for capturing precise three-dimensional information of object...
Automatic selection of the log-subtraction decomposition parameters for dual energy chest radiograph...
Method and apparatus for imaging samples
Correction of defective pixels in a detector
Ultrasonic position indicator
Bone densitometer providing improved longitudinal studies
Anti-vibration technique
Method for creating and operating cyber-conference including paper presentations and system for the ...
Process for the brightening of sodium hydrogensulfate
Synthesis of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Process for preparing a diamond substance
Method for preparing aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate, method for improving yield of aluminum sulf...
Liquid ferric sulfate manufacturing process
Water wall boiler for air and oxygen fired Claus sulfur recovery units
Method and apparatus for producing ozone
Direct hydrogen peroxide production using staged hydrogen addition
Shaped microcomponent via reactive conversion of biologically-derived microtemplates
Flaky .alpha.-alumina particles and method for producing the same
Alumina particles, production process thereof, composition comprising the particles and alumina slur...
System for diagnosing reagent solution quality and emissions catalyst degradation
Aluminum hydroxide, made via the bayer process, with low organic carbon
Material demonstrating negative or low thermal expansion coefficient and method for manufacture ther...
Furnace and steam reforming process
Nitrogen-containing metal powder, production process thereof, and porous sintered body and solid ele...
Alloy steel and article made therefrom
System and method to perform DC compensation on a radio frequency burst in a cellular wireless netwo...
Method and apparatus for retransmitting received satellite signals inside a structure
Method for processing radio waves, and audio system utilizing the method
Radio reception apparatus, signal processing timing control method, and signal processing timing con...
Radio switching system providing service restraining move of mobile subscriber, and mobile switching...
Method for determining a position of a wireless communication antenna
CDMA cellular system in which different channel is allocated
High integrity radio access network client reallocation in a wireless communication network
Data transmission method and radio system
Cellular phone including a display revealed by removing a removable operation unit
Correcting misalignment between data and a carrier signal in transmitters
Method for cooking food by burning denatured ethanol, and applicance for implementing said method
Method for preventing overheating of microwave oven
Use of a chicory flour for preparing a food dough
Waxy wheat products and processes for producing same
Purified product of green tea extract and packaged beverage of high-catechin content with the purifi...
Food products comprising fat and a starch-containing matter and process for their manufacture
Vegetable article, product containing the same and process for producing vegetable article
Use of germ flour of certain fruits for the manufacture of food products useful for the treatment of...
Process for treating meat
Addition of comminuted meat trimmings to meat muscles
Meat analogue of authentic appearance
High protein and high fiber food products
Beverage thickener system, beverage and method
Polyester and polyamide compositions of low residual aldehyde content
Process for production of transesterified oils/fats or triglycerides
Use of lupin conglutin for the treatment of type II diabetes
Process for defoaming a composition
Hydrophobically modified poly(acrylic acid) [PAA] and process of preparation thereof
Self-expanding device for the gastrointestinal or urogenital area
Infant teething and feeding apparatus
Maize multidrug resistance-associated protein polynucleotides and methods of use
Home server and internet service system
Method and related apparatus for reordering access requests used to access main memory of a data pro...
Data processing system
Management of frozen images
Host-independent incremental backup method, apparatus, and system
Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
Microprocessor with protection circuits to secure the access to its registers
Disk control system and control method of disk control system
Double data rate synchronous SRAM with 100% bus utilization
Method and apparatus for a multi-channel high speed framer
Apparatus and method for partitioning and managing subsystem logics
System for addressing a data storage unit used in a computer
Apparatus and method of creating a mirroring map for use with different pieces of data
Mapper circuit with backup capability
Method of using a plurality of virtual memory spaces for providing efficient binary compatibility be...
Method and system for performing virtual to physical address translations in a virtual machine monit...
Page handling efficiency in a multithreaded processor
System and method to automatically stack and unstack Java local variables
System and method for migration of a version of a bootable program
Automatic mobile device scalable synchronization based on battery state
Method and system for copying backup data
System and method for data multiplexing
Optical disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus and aberration adjustment method
Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and method for using them
Information recording/reproducing method, with recorded sub-data
Information transmission system and method, transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, data proces...
Receiving apparatus and power control method
Information input/output system and information input/output method
Microphone circuits having adjustable directivity patterns for reducing loudspeaker feedback and met...
System and method for interactively utilizing a user interface to manage device resources
Speaker device
Method and system for communication between application programs and a network
Methods and apparatus for embedding data and for detecting and recovering embedded data
Fingerprinting of data
Information processing apparatus using class-classification adaptive processing
Optical switch and display unit
Radio transmitters with temperature compensated power control profiles and methods of operating same
Wireless communication device with two internal antennas
Speaker assemblies and mobile terminals including the same
Mobile terminals, methods, and program products for generating a magnetic heading based on position
Individual authentication apparatus, individual authentication method, and computer program
Sales activity management system, sales activity management apparatus, and sales activity management...
Artificial disc prosthesis
Spinal disc replacement
Ball and dual socket joint
Method and apparatus for implant stability
Transosseous core approach and instrumentation for joint replacement and repair
Radial head implant apparatuses and methods
Knee joint prosthesis
Knee prosthesis
Modular total ankle prosthesis apparatuses, systems and methods, and systems and methods for bone re...
System and method for replicating orthopaedic implant orientation
Joint prosthesis with infinitely positionable head
System and method for managing patient care
Volume visualization using tissue mix
Shoes employing monitoring devices, and associated methods
Methods to adapt search results provided by an integrated network-based media station/search engine ...
Transgenic mice containing chordin gene disruptions
Transgenic mice containing tryptase gene disruptions
OGR1 gene disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Use of glucose-6-phosphate isomerase and antibodies thereto for the diagnosis and therapy of arthrit...
Transgenic mice containing anaphylatoxin C3a gene disruptions
Proteases and methods for producing them
Chair back construction
Apparatus and method for accessing and performing a function within an intervertebral disc
Apparatus and method for secure data storage
Skin cleansing device
Mask creation with hierarchy management using cover cells
Spectacle lens manufacturing method and spectacle lens supply system
Method for providing software to an implantable medical device system
Wireless vacuum extraction monitoring
Method for remotely controlling a spectral measurement device utilizing predicted service life or a ...
Method and system of product development process for chemical compositions using high volume modelin...
System and method for detection and analysis of audio recordings
Prescription data processing system for determining new therapy starts
Healthcare information network
System and method for identification and notification of elevated over-the-counter medication sales ...
Information coding and retrieval system and method thereof
Extended-Secure-Digital interface using a second protocol for faster transfers
Using a rules model to improve handling of personally identifiable information
Portable wireless access to computer-based systems
Method and radio communication system for the transmission of useful information as a service to sev...
Channel assignment based on service type and wireless communication environment
Load balancing on shared wireless channels
Method of operating a base station of wireless communications network, base station of a wireless co...
Vehicle stereo system
Cell selection and inter-frequency handover
Multi-radio unification protocol
Power efficient channel scheduling in a wireless network
RF collaboration method to reduce RF interference with wireless adapter
Communication device, image-pickup device, storage medium and communication method
Antenna communication method for a chip card and associated device
Communication apparatus having a SIM interface compatible with radio isolation
Cellular mobile radio network and method for setting up a base station of a cellular mobile radio ne...
Table position sensing for magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic nanoscale particle compositions, and therapeutic methods related thereto
Radio-frequency-based catheter system with improved deflection and steering mechanisms
Coated substrate assembly
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Group radio control
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system including a distributed digital radio service and associated...
Process for selecting banana clones and banana clones obtained thereby
Contaminant removal by ferns via foliar-application and excised/ground fronds
System and method for detection of a rogue wireless access point in a wireless communication network
System and method for reliable acknowledgment between a mobile station and a base station in a wirel...
Seamless integrated network system for wireless communication systems
System and method for base station initiated call setup
System and method for on-line insertion of line replaceable units in wireless and wireline access sy...
Base station system supporting multi-sector/multi-frequency assignment for seamless call service
Apparatus and method for controlling duplication structure of base station transceiver subsystem in ...
Antenna transmission and reception system
Data transmission method in base station of radio system, base station of radio system, and antenna ...
Stream-oriented interconnect for networked computer storage
Lockbox imaging system
Method and apparatuses for providing uniform electron beams from field emission displays
Intrusion detection system and method thereof
Magnetic device and method of making the same
Magnetic storage device, writing method for magnetic storage device and manufacturing method for mag...
Food quality and safety monitoring system
System and method for providing composite variance analysis for network operation
Bulk-solidifying high manganese non-ferromagnetic amorphous steel alloys and related method of using...
Process and apparatus for producing inhalable medicaments
Selection of printing conditions to reduce ink aerosol
Hydrocarbon fuel reforming catalyst and use thereof
Methods for treating prostate cancer with herbal compositions
System and method for tracking inventory
Hydrangea plant named `RIE 03`
Methods and materials relating to novel prothrombinase-like polypeptides and polynucleotides
Component installer permitting interaction among isolated components in accordance with defined rule...
Using introspection for access of class resource bundle information for messages
"Constrained geometry" metallocenes, method for the production thereof and use of the same for the p...
Multi-threaded fragment patching
Slide-in structure
Approach for implementing policy constraints in applications
Optical wiring substrate, method of manufacturing optical wiring substrate and multilayer optical wi...
Dual use block/stream cipher
Method and apparatus for communicating an animal control signal
Flame retardant phosphonate additives for thermoplastics
Monoclonal antibody, its immunoreactive fragment and hybridoma
Work vehicle cooling system
Process for manufacturing friction material suitable for use as brake lining
Radiation-curable coating composition for optical fibers comprising all-in-one oligomeric system
Block copolymers and process for their preparation
Cationic polymer composition and its use in conditioning applications
Photorefractive composite
Halogen-substituted amino dicarboxylic acid derivatives as medicaments for treating cardiovascular d...
High temperature reactant recycling for PEM fuel cell humidification
Soluble magnesium complexes useful for the production of polyolefin catalysts and catalysts prepared...
Automated retirement of interactive applications using retirement instructions for events and progra...
Compression-cutting assembly and method
Method for calibrating a marking system to maintain color output consistency across multiple printer...
Macrocycles useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Rear lamp set with built in safety sensors
Methods of preparing substituted tetracyclines with transition metal-based chemistries
Process for producing fast-setting, bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Accurate sampling technique for ADC
ADC with reduced quantization noise and programmable bit resolution
7,8,9,10-tetrahydro-6H-azepino, 6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-pyrido and 2,3-dihydro-2H-pyrrolo[2,1-b]-quinazol...
Preventive or therapeutic medicines for diabetes containing fused-heterocyclic compounds or their sa...
1-[alkyl], 1-[(heteroaryl)alkyl] and 1-[(aryl)alkyl]-7pyridinyl-imidazo[1,2-alpha]pyrimidin-5(1H)-on...
Compounds useful as modulators of Melanocortin Receptors and pharmaceutical compositions comprising ...
Compounds, their preparation and use
Farnesyl transferase inhibiting 6-heterocyclylmethyl quinolinone derivatives
Substituted anilinic piperidines as MCH selective antagonists
2-amino-pyridine derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
Pyrrolidone carboxamides
Sertraline oral concentrate
Methods of treating androgen deficiency in men using selective antiestrogens
Human ion channel proteins
Method for diagnosing or monitoring carbohydrate metabolism disorders
Pyridino and pyrimidino pyrazinones
Insulin-mediated glucose uptake monitor
Cassette for stapler
Conductive seal as well as a method and apparatus for its production
Prosthetic components with partially contained compressible resilient members
Grin-lens arrangement
Optical disk medium having a predetermined change in the tilt of the surface
Information recording method and optical recording medium therefor
Electro-optic Q-switch
Frequency-converted laser apparatus with frequency conversion crystals
Multiplex laser-light source and exposure system
Directly modulated optical module and method for driving semiconductor laser included therein
Laser driver circuit for burst mode transmission and manufacturing method
Laser driver circuit for burst mode transmission
Mold type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser element
Vertical-cavity surface emitting laser diode and its manufacturing method
Adjustable flow guide to accommodate electrode erosion in a gas discharge laser
Multi-function combat laser for the dismounted soldier
Optical bench for diode-pumped solid state lasers in field applications
Microfluidic sorting device
ROM error-correction control
Optical disk apparatus having a plurality of drawer detection sensors
Near-field optical head system with integrated slider and laser
Filter regeneration control
Sonic weld sunroof trim ring
Rear vehicle storage system
Ultrathin structural panel with rigid insert
Method and system for preventing the formation of an electric arc in a connector which is inserted i...
Method and system for re-learning a key
Programmable appliance remote control
Method and system for suppressing echoes and noises in environments under variable acoustic and high...
Driving assist system
Yarn withdrawal nozzle for an open-end rotor spinning arrangement and method of making same
Screws of cortical bone having a trailing end configured to cooperatively engage an implant
Screws of cortical bone and method of manufacture thereof
Compositions and methods for systemic inhibition of cartilage degradation
Methods of directly selecting cells expressing inserts of interest
Methods of identifying morphogen receptor-binding analogs
Compounds useful for inhibiting Chk1
Thienopyridine derivatives, their production and use
Crystal and process for producing the same
PRO788 polypeptides
Anti-pro 1017 antibodies
Antibody or antibody fragments specific for a protein of the TGF-.beta. family
System for marketing leisure activity services through prepaid tickets
Multidirectional amusement device
Waterslide with level equalization conduits coupling between run-out lanes
Laser head adjustment device for laser putter
Golf training apparatus
Golf putting alignment system
Golf putter
Golf ball
Spring operated record player organ
Keyboard musical instrument having keys regulated with stable key balance pieces
Sound source circuit and telephone terminal using same
Mobile telephone capable of displaying world time and method for controlling the same
Method for operating a magnetic resonance apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus for implementin...
Electrical power distribution control systems and processes
Computerized method for integration and facilitating single source access to user community messagin...
Path predicting method for contents delivery apparatus
System and method for concealment of data loss in digital audio transmission
System and method for tracking trailers
Network location signature for disambiguating multicast messages in dual-IP stack and/or multi-homed...
Anonymous location service for wireless networks
Method and apparatus for reducing first copy out times using uniqueness identifiers
Method and apparatus for controlling an input or output device over the internet
Device identification and control in network environment
Multi-bank content addressable memory (CAM) devices having staged segment-to-segment soft and hard p...
Method and apparatus for reliable failover involving incomplete raid disk writes in a clustering sys...
Structured document processing system and structured document processing method
System for encrypting data files of application programs
Techniques for partial loading of a configuration associated with a configuration model
Form data files generator
Method and system for incremental actions relating to notify and target models
Method, system, and program for utilizing impact analysis metadata of program statements in a develo...
Delegation-based class loading of cyclically dependent components
Super-region instruction scheduling and code generation for merging identical instruction into the r...
Network processor which defines virtual paths without using logical path descriptors
System and method for monitoring software queuing applications
Application programming interface for connecting a platform independent plug-in to a web browser
Physical key security management method and apparatus for information systems
Method and apparatus for determining characteristics of MOS devices
Algorithm for full-chip resistance extraction
Access cell design and a method for enabling automatic insertion of access cells into an integrated ...
Broadcasting receiver
TV having OSD function and control method of the same
System for displaying graphics in a digital television receiver
Video signal processor and video signal processing method
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Video encoder and image processing system using same
Method, apparatus and recording medium for image processing
Method and system for providing a video signal
Method and apparatus for performing tone scale modifications on a sparsely sampled extended dynamic ...
Content adaptive video processor using motion compensation
Visual tracking method by color information