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Pedalling force or chain tension detector and devices using said detector
Method and apparatus for parallel execution of conduits during simultaneous synchronization of datab...
Adaptively configurable class-A/class-B transmit DAC to transceiver emission and power consumption c...
System and method of preventing aircraft wingtip ground incursion
Phase locked loop
System and method for ESD protection
Image forming apparatus
Narrow beam antenna
Antenna device for vehicles and vehicle antenna system and communication system using the antenna de...
Broadband antenna structures
Electronic key system operable with charge capacitor power
Dielectric resonator device, communication filter, and communication unit for mobile communication b...
Electric potential sensor, and image forming apparatus
MRI system utilizing supplemental static field-shaping coils
Manual interface combining continuous and discrete capabilities
Apparatus to simulate MR properties of human brain for MR applications evaluation
Capturing designer intent in reticle inspection
Method for facilitating legitimate use of digital content
Apparatus for generating random numbers
Techniques for granting shared locks more efficiently
Method and mechanism for partition pruning
Integrated manufacture of side-polished fiber optics
FIber optic apparatus for switching electrical loads
Dispersion compensating optical fiber and dispersion compensating optical fiber module
Backhaul in cellular mobile communications network
Water-absorbing agent and its production process and use
Tetrahydrofuran derivatives and their use as NK-1 antagonists
Methods and apparatus for allocating, costing, and pricing organizational resources
Method and apparatus for relaying packets based on class of service
Device for a transparent pipe intended for optical counting and measuring
White balance correcting device
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Electrical device having PTC conductive polymer
Epitaxial semiconductor wafer and a manufacturing method thereof
Tablet manufacturing method and tablet
Process for the production of grain oriented electrical steel strips
Method for producing semiconductor crystal
Optical connector and backplane assembly
Cooking double boiler
Method of and apparatus for dividing a web of wrapping material
Dual lock apparatus
Use of DHEA derivatives on keratinous substances
Pyrrolopyrimidinone derivatives, process of preparation and use
Method for reducing the inflammation and inducing an analgesic effect and compounds thereof
Clostridial toxin derivatives able to modify peripheral sensory afferent functions
Inhalation nebulizer
Removal of salts in the manufacture of phenolic compound
Semi-transmitting reflective plate, reflective plate, semi-transmitting polarizer, reflective polari...
R-enantiomers of pyranoindole derivatives and the use thereof for the treatment of hepatitis C virus...
Acrylic-halogenated polyolefin copolymer adhesion promoters
Polymer and curable composition
Purification of macrocyclic oligoesters
Biaxially stretched film and production method thereof
All terrain vehicle mount assembly for a utilitarian accessory
Quick release assembly for bicycle wheels
Mobile speedometer system and associated methods
Dynamic content delivery responsive to user requests
Bimetallic catalyst for producing polyethylene resins with bimodal molecular weight distribution, it...
Exercise device
Exercise device with an adjustable magnetic resistance arrangement
Telescoping suspension fork having a quick release wheel axle clamp
Drive system
Collapsible cross-arm dolly
Quick-mount disc brake rotor
Handlebar grip for bicycle
Drive roller for belt in an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Pentafluorobenzenesulfonamides and analogs
Pyrazole compositions
Multilayer plastic substrates
Electrode materials with high surface conductivity
Single crystalline phase catalyst
Method of preparing multilayered piezoelectric ceramic material
Method and equipment for removing volatile compounds from air
Method of preparing a synthetic fuel from coal
Method of making fluorovinyl ethers and polymers obtainable therefrom
Use of a supplemental promoter in conjunction with a carbon-supported noble-metal-containing catalys...
1-diphenylmethyl-pyrazole derivatives as opioid receptor ligands
Suppressing lithography at a wafer edge
Substituted pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines and methods for their use
Inhibitors of apoptosis
Printing machine with regulated monitoring of settings and method of controlling a printing machine
Radio frequency identification tags on consumable items used in printers and related equipment
Printer description file format generator
Parallel magnetic resonance imaging techniques using radiofrequency coil arrays
Cathode-ray tube, cathode-ray tube apparatus, image display apparatus, and coil unit
Methods and apparatus for imaging systems
Dental camera with mouthpiece
Mixed masked (poly)isocyanates
Dual check-relief valve
Chip fabrication procedure and simulation method for chip testing with performance pre-testing
Milling tool holder with threaded plug
Motion converter
Configuration for making contact with a slot angle piece
Apparatus for expressing milk
Piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducer
Implantable device for treating atrial fibrillation and method of using same
Impedance spectroscopy method for monitoring ischemic mucosal damage in hollow viscous organs
Fibrin material and method for producing and using the same
Fused pyrazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for modulating or inhibiting ERAB...
Catheter tip
Annuloplasty devices and related heart valve repair methods
System and method to effect the mitral valve annulus of a heart
Flared stent and method of use
Expandable medical device with tapered hinge
Implantable stent
Stent securement system
Tissue opening locator and everter and method
Support frame for an embolic protection device
Method and apparatus for placing a medical agent into a vessel of the body
Method for manufacturing dielectric ceramic layer and internal polar layer of multiple layer ceramic...
Hybrid phthalocyanine derivatives and their uses
Alkali/transition metal halo- and hydroxy-phosphates and related electrode active materials
Oxygen-absorbing resin composition and packaging container, packaging material, cap or liner materia...
Photosensitive member having layer containing fluorine resin particles and resin fine particles and ...
Low-temperature fabrication of thin-film energy-storage devices
Electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method
Dye mixtures of fiber-reactive azodyes and use thereof
Conductive polishing article for electrochemical mechanical polishing
Lithium secondary battery
System and method for aligning data in a network environment
Product warranty registration system and method
Method of and system for monitoring behavior of group of persons, and computer program product
Anticollision protocol with fast read request and additional schemes for reading multiple transponde...
RFID tag wide bandwidth logarithmic spiral antenna method and system
Method of recovering and decoding of Manchester coded data
Wireless local area network (WLAN) channel radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag system and meth...
Peel bar for selective label application
Method of and system for producing high-resolution 3-D images of 3-D object surfaces having arbitrar...
Process for producing mixture of dihydroxydiphenylsulfone isomers
Method for producing aminocarbazoles
Cytolysis of target cells by superantigen conjugates inducing T-cell activation
Process for producing (3R,5S)-(E)-7-[2-cyclopropyl-4-(4-fluorophenyl)-quinolin- 3-yl]-3,5-dihydroxyh...
Process for producing vinyl chloride-based polymer
Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer materials with compositional gradient, and processes for preparing ...
Methods and compositions for treating gastritis
Ultraviolet curable resin composition and photo solder resist including the same
Gas generating composition
Acetal compound, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Curable composition for forming low bleeding gel type cured product
Bifunctional phenylene ether oligomer, its derivatives, its use and process for the production there...
Carbon nanotube thermal interface structures
Optical processor
Fishing reel
Fishing reel
Apparatus for preventing backlash of spool used in baitcasting reel
Excrement container
Pet step and method
Portable calf pen and method of use
Fishing leader holder and method
Enhanced filtration and water conditioning system for a bait tank
Dual fishing pole holder
Normalization apparatus for panel detector PET scanners
Method for improving strength of elastic strand
Method of producing a bio-based carpet material
Thermosetting resin compositions containing maleimide and/or vinyl compounds
Thin, thermoset, polyurethane-covered golf ball with a dual core
Transparent film
Transfer resistant anhydrous cosmetic composition
Method for moving charged particles
Soft tissue products containing selectively treated fibers
Dialyzers for blood treatment and processes for production thereof
Catheter with multilayer tube
Ethylene-styrene copolymers and phenol-triazole type complexes, catalysts, and processes for polymer...
Compounds and methods for modulating cell adhesion
Method for prediction of bone fractures by osteocalcin measurements
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Automatic system for monitoring person requiring care and his/her caretaker
Method for inserting cochlear electrode and insertion tool for use therewith
Ceramic cardiac electrodes
Apex locating system
Measurement of electrophysiologic response
Methods for processing electrocardiac signals having superimposed complexes
Method and system for terminating an atrial arrhythmia
Real-time localization, monitoring, triggering and acquisition of 3D MRI
Method of detecting organ matter shift in a patient
System and method for wireless voice control of an interventional or diagnostic medical device
Methods and device for non-invasive analyte measurement
Low-cost method and apparatus for non-invasively measuring blood glucose levels
System and method for time-domain multiplexed communication in ultrasound applications
Sensory monitor with embedded messaging elements
Patient isolation unit
Deflection mechanism for a surgical instrument, such as a laser delivery device and/or endoscope, an...
Syringes and injectors incorporating mechanical fluid agitation devices
Cervical dilation monitor
Universal diagnostic platform
Document format identification apparatus and method
Image search apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
Method of estimating and correcting camera rotation with vanishing point location
Pixel processing system for image scanning applications
System and method for reduced codebook vector quantization
Insertion of noise for reduction in the number of bits for variable-length coding of (run, level) pa...
Palettized image compression
Modification of detected quantization step size from the encoded bitstream based on a region of inte...
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and storage medium
Wavelet inverse transform method and apparatus and wavelet decoding method and apparatus
Document matching and annotation lifting
Specific point detecting method and device
Pen-based handwritten character recognition and storage system
Resolution dependent image compression
System, method, and apparatus for orienting images
Method and apparatus for generating part programs for use in image-measuring instruments, and image-...
Investigation device and investigation method
Image processing method, system and examination apparatus for extracting a threadlike structure in a...
Image processing apparatus and program storage medium
Method and system for print quality analysis
System and method for three-dimensional shape and size measurement
Cladding for high temperature optical component and method of making same
Optical fiber sealing
Compact packaging of multiple fiber lasers
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
CMOS-compatible integration of silicon-based optical devices with electronic devices
Optical interconnection circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
Optical fiber of complex index profile
Holey optical fibres
Air blown fiber (ABF) cable with low composite coefficient of thermal expansion
Waveguide-type optical device and optical switch
Variable bending radius H-tree distribution device
Optical fiber coupler and method for making same
Node device of optical ring network
Electrode configuration for piano MEMs micromirror
MEMS waveguide shuttle optical latching switch
Optical switch
Method for providing variable optical attenuation
Fiber sheet and manufacturing method therefor
Diffraction device using photonic crystal
System and method for sub-pixel electronic alignment
Fusion splicing device and fusion splicing method
Universal remote control system
Detection of content display observers with prevention of unauthorized access to identification sign...
Avoidance of interference between items of electrical apparatus
Remote control
Zoom lens and camera having the same
Electronic camera with compression
Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
Image sensor with built-in steganographic and watermarking functions
Color wheel
Image correction using individual manipulation of microlenses in a microlens array
Image reading apparatus and method
Color image pickup device
Remote control network system for remotely controlling a plurality of electric apparatus such as hom...
Demodulator for demodulating digital broadcast signals
Television signal transmitter including a bandpass filter without tracking error
Apparatus for processing luminance signal
Color difference signal processing
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
System and method for providing a variable character size in an on-screen display application
Method and apparatus that reduces jitter in a display by providing temporal hysteresis
Display control apparatus and method
Illumination systems and methods
Methods and apparatus for controlling illumination
Pre-configured light modules
Electric fire assembly
Light emitting diode with improved efficiency
Surface light source device
Distributed light illumination system
Optical wave guide
Backlighting device
Light bar mounting arrangement
Active night vision system for vehicles employing anti-blinding scheme
Decorative lighting display with changeable shades and bulbs
Adjustable light fixture mounting assembly
Foldable ceiling lamp
LED lighting assembly with improved heat management
Balloon for lighted sign comprising an inflatable envelope with self-regulated internal pressure
Lighting module for a vehicle headlight
Backlight module and heat dissipation structure thereof
Light distribution control device, blind, partition, curtain, tent and illuminator
Luminaire louvre with double-walled side reflectors
Methods and apparatus of disseminating broadcast information to a handheld device
Multi-layer protocol reassembly that operates independently of underlying protocols, and resulting v...
Method for transformation of interface definitions and intermediate format tables thereof
High yield reticle with proximity effect halos
Design method of logic circuit using data flow graph
Differential line pair impedance verification tool
LSI development support system
Semiconductor circuit designing apparatus and a semiconductor circuit designing method in which the ...
XML user interface for a workflow server
Automatic forms handling system
Method and system for providing a tamper-proof storage of an audit trail in a database
Method and system for altering a sequence number assignment pattern while preserving integrity and h...
System and method for qualifying requests in a network
Method for availability monitoring via a shared database
System and method for management, creation, storage, search and delivery of rich media optimized for...
System and method to facilitate selection and programming of an associated audio/visual system
Systems and methods for remote access to a display-based bulletin board in a shared user environment
Method and system for providing distributed functionaltiy and data analysis system utilizing same
Free space collection in information storage systems
Method for establishing a virtual hard drive for an emulated computer system running on a host compu...
Apparatus and method for validating a database record before applying journal data
Agricultural boom section
Handle for a tugging cart
Toilet swab
Toilet swab
Optical connector end-face cleaner
Dish-washing machine
Beauty appliances washer using ultrasonic waves
Cover or coat for dogs and other animals
Star wheel for novelty device
Bird feeder with gridwork
Protective face shield frame
Protective glove
Hair styling apparatus
Tanning solution sprayer
Lamp support arm
Lighting fixture
Portion of lamp housing
Portion of lamp housing
Lamp housing
Projectile launch detection system utilizing a continuous wave radio frequency signal to confirm muz...
Firearm laser training system and method facilitating firearm training with various targets and visu...
Downhole surge pressure reduction and filtering apparatus
Anti-chop electronic firing control for paintball markers
Rocket motors with insensitive munitions systems and projectiles including same
Double fire attachment and method for semi-automatic firearms
Gun shot digital imaging system
Bullet with spherical nose portion
Miniature MEMS-based electro-mechanical safety and arming device
Floating barrel handgun method of recoil elimination
Laminated firearm weapon assembly and method
Apparatus for exterior evacuation from buildings
Methods of processing and synthesizing electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof to fo...
High speed radiographic imaging assembly
Bandage, methods of producing and using same
Process description apparatus and method, and process classification method
Method of interactive optimization in circuit design
Event-driven and logic-based data transformation
Method and system for implementing rules and ruleflows
Method for training a neural network
System and method for representing and incorporating available information into uncertainty-based fo...
Method for analysis of biological systems
Computer-aided method of transmitting teaching materials
Dicing saw blade positioning apparatus and methods independent of blade thickness via constrained bi...
Retrofit fluorescent light tube fixture apparatus
Plant-fiber containing composition for anaerobic bioremediation
Co-flow anode/cathode supply heat exchanger for a solid-oxide fuel cell assembly
Autothermal hydrodesulfurizing reforming method and catalyst
Water recirculation in fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for treating synthesis gas and recovering a clean liquid condensate
Carbon monoxide adsorption for carbon monoxide clean-up in a fuel cell system
Alkyd-lactone copolymers for medical applications
Method for determining the presence or absence of respiring cells on a three-dimensional scaffold
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic carrier or composition for topical application
Photostabilizers, UV absorbers, and methods of photostabilizing a sunscreen composition
Method and apparatus for quantifying an "integrated index" of a material medium
Cosmetic and dermatological preparations comprising increased electrolyte concentrations
Air supply and exhaust system for buoyancy compensator
Apparatus for and method of installing segmented concrete pilings in new construction
Buoyancy compensator
Treatment of rock surfaces
Service mapping method of enterprise application modeling and development for multi-tier service env...
Method and apparatus for defeating a mechanism that blocks windows
License management system and method for commuter licensing
System and method for automatically adjusting merchandise pricing at a service-oriented interface te...
Method, system and program product for evaluating a computational processing capacity migration betw...
Dynamic allocation and pricing of resources of web server farm
Method and system for remote operator interface with a self-service financial transactions terminal
Data interpreter for RBOC bills
Electronic bill presentment and payment system with bill dispute capabilities
Computer method and system for intermediated exchanges
Method and apparatus for new accounts program
Systems, methods and computer program products for producing narrative financial analysis reports
Method and apparatus for advertising over a communications network
Enhanced security features for an automated order fulfillment system
Method and apparatus for facilitating and tracking personal referrals
System and method for measuring and managing performance in an information technology organization
Agent reactive scheduling in an automated manufacturing environment
Method and system for sharing transmission revenue between mobile operators and content providers
Video information generating apparatus, video communication terminal, video distribution server, and...
Digital evidential camera system for generating alteration detection data using built-in encryption ...
Apparatus and method for template instantiation with a cross compiler
Software instrumentation method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for a web application processing system
System and methods for integration of custom classes into pre-existing objects models
Apparatus, system and method of automatically assigning mnemonics in a user interface
Electronic content storage
Secure customer interface for web based data management
Latency reduction in providing interactive program guide
Reducing stack memory resources in a threaded computer system
Method and apparatus for deciding display information
Automatic message-based module invocation
Multithreaded processor with efficient processing for convergence device applications
Element manager common gateway architecture system and method
Single segment data object management
Method and system for dynamically loading data structures into memory with global constant pool
System and method for controlling the creation of stable disk images
Debugging support using dynamic re-compilation
Interrupt processing apparatus, system, and method
Methods and apparatus for making particles using spray dryer and in-line jet mill
Portable television/cellular phone device
Portable entertainment system
System and method for controlling a home entertainment system
Live-action interactive adventure game
Moving banner display improvements
Adjustable swing seat
Playground play surface
Amusement device that senses odorous gases in a bathroom
Hoop-type amusement device
Modular construction system and method of constructing toy structures
Thermally movable plastic devices and toys
Educational doll
Battery-powered illuminated ice cube
Liquid reactive materials and method for using same in games and other applications
Word building and spelling card game
Infant activity necklace
Reconfigurable modular play and exercise structure for animals
Capacitor interconnect design
Apparatus and method for using a wearable computer in testing and diagnostic applications
Substituted azole acid derivatives useful as antidiabetic and antiobesity agents and method
Prolonged release microspheres for injectable administration
Descendants of bacteria devoid of N terminal formylation useful for the production of proteins and p...
Production of human parathyroid hormone from microorganisms
Production and use of novel peptide-based agents for use with bi-specific antibodies
Dynamic volume adjustment in a slot machine
Inbred corn line PH8JR
Inbred maize line PHB6V
Inbred maize line PH77P
Celery named ADS-5
Cotton cultivar PM 2266 RR
Soybean variety XB32Y04
Soybean cultivar SN79525
Plant raffinose saccharide biosynthetic enzymes
Reagents for labeling biomolecules having aldehyde or ketone moieties
Energy transfer dyes
Microbial swollenin protein, DNA sequences encoding such swollenins and method of producing such swo...
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions
Process for protein extraction
Congener independent detection of microcystin and nodularin congeners
Method of filtering viruses from a factor VIII solution
Human medical treatment by aerosol inhalation of immunoglobulin A
Surface and its manufacture and uses
Pancreatic islet cell growth factors
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Electrocatalyst powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Articles with spores exhibiting antagonistic properties against pathogens and/or spores forming micr...
Methods for laundering delicate garments in a washing machine
Web accumulator having limited torque disturbance
Process for making high purity fatty acid lower alkyl esters
Cleaning composition and device for electronic equipment
Elastomeric nonwoven laminates and process for producing same
Process for making directly esterified fatty acid isethionate using group 4 metal based, particularl...
Disposable absorbent article having backsheet strips
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Cleaning sheet
Smolder pot with temperature control function
Rapid method for estimation of Chemical Oxygen Demand
Food compositions with high solids content, a method for its preparation as well as the use of carra...
Method for cooking a pizza
Method of improving dough and bread quality
Pizza box apparatus
Food press with pivotal strainer plate
Hydrophilic substance dispensing device
Insect trap
Receiving apparatus
Device for mobile terminal
Method of initializing hyper-frame numbers during an establishment of a new radio bearer in a wirele...
Location area update in a communication system
Cell load control method and system
Transfer of optimization algorithm parameters during handover of a mobile station between radio netw...
Determining a multi-module dependent parameter at a telecommunication node
Technique of providing information to mobile devices
Method of controlling filter bandwidth in a radio receiver for a duplicative broadcast signal
Frequency converter and communication device
System and method for protecting devices from interference signals
Wireless transmission method and wireless transmission apparatus
Processing method for a broadband digital radio receiver signal and corresponding radio reception ar...
Acoustic signal transfer device
Method and apparatus for scheduling switched multibeam antennas in a multiple access environment
Decoding techniques for multi-antenna systems
Transmission of urgent messages in telemetry system
User equipment having improved power savings during full and partial DTX modes of operation
Time division multiple access radio systems
Radio communication system using wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA)
Radio interface for a small wireless installation in the 2.4 GHZ ISM band
Method of improving the mechanical strength, particularly the strength "at young ages" of cement mat...
Titanium dioxide pigment composition
Photoconductive imaging members
Heat reflection footwear device
Long wearing composition for making up eyes, skin, and lips
Coating composition, paper product having flexible coating and method for manufacturing a paper prod...
Catalyst for the manufacture of acrylonitrile
Pressure swing catalyst regeneration procedure for Fischer-Tropsh catalyst
Liner wear detection
Poly(trimethylene dicarboxylate) fibers, their manufacture and use
Production of catalyst coated membranes
Substituted dihydro 3-halo-1h-pyrazole-5-carboxylates and their preparation and use
Scuff resistant ionomers compositions
Charge transport compositions and electronic devices made with such compositions
Method and apparatus for analyzing mixtures of gases
Cross-linkable nylon compositions for coating applications, processes using such compositions, and a...
Implantable medical device having biologically active polymeric casing
On-line localized business referral system and revenue generation system
Cryptographic randomness register for computer system security
Method, system, and program for processing transaction requests during a pendency of a delayed read ...
System, computer program, and method for network resource inventory
Streaming announcements to agents of an ACD
Method and apparatus for a distributed call servicing community
Methods and systems for integrating process modeling and project planning
System and method for post-analyzing, and sequentially visualizing plurality of predefined metrics i...
Method and system for parallel processing of database queries
Soliciting information based on a computer user's context
Intelligent agent system and method for evaluating data integrity in process information databases
System and method for inter-domain mobility management
Processing multimedia calls in a packet-based network
Portable multimedia projection system
Detachable zoom lens assembly
Pattern forming method and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device
Camera exterior part and camera with lens barrier
Two-way interactive system, terminal equipment and image pickup apparatus having mechanism for match...
Lens driving device and imaging device
Fundus camera
Photographic apparatus
Bearing insert and service tools
Rolling bearing arrangement for an electromotor
Hydrodynamic plain bearing and method of lubricating and cooling the bearing
Dynamic pressure bearing device, and manufacturing method and assembly jig thereof
Clip-chain module of rolling unit
Electric motor with self-adjusting bushing structure
Hydrodynamic journal foil bearing system
Compliant linear bearing
Steering column with improved housing
Turbofan engine comprising an spicyclic transmission having bearing journals
Bearing for fuel pump, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel pump
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus
Fluid trap for oil migration
Rotary member and production process
Connection device for mutual connection of two objects
Center bearing assembly including a support member containing a rheological fluid
Bearing structure for blade assembly of cooling fan
Macrocomposite guideway and gib produced therefrom
Method of and system for composing, delivering, viewing and managing audio-visual presentations over...
Mobile telephone having a redial function relating multiple redial numbers to a selected redial numb...
Communication system capable of speech and facsimile communication
Methods and systems for landline access to wireless networks
Method for establishing a call connection through a call forwarding service in telecommunication net...
Call routing apparatus
Portable telephone
Adaptive thresholds in acoustic echo canceller for use during double talk
Mobile phone with elastic hinge
DC holding circuit
Wide keypad and wide keypad mounting structure for preventing ESD
Method and apparatus for creating a presence monitoring contact list with dynamic membership
Programmable feature queues
Methods and apparatus for authenticating and authorizing ENUM registrants
Transmission of charging signals on a data transmission path
Automatic message accounting record creation system and method
Unit of ammunition with one or more warhead casings
Entirely combustible inductive primer
Vehicle trim panel and method of reducing BSR
Filter for determining cross-correlation, receiver, and method of equalizing signals
Method and device for non-invasively optically determining bulk density and uniformity of web config...
Multi-screen spectroscopic imaging device
Method and apparatus for monitoring WDM channels and for analyzing dispersed spectrum of light
Thermo-electrically cooled surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy sensor system
Phenylalainine ammonia lyase polypeptide and polynucleotide sequences and methods of obtaining and u...
Method and system for minimizing the appearance of image distortion in a high speed inkjet paper pri...
Optical connection sleeve, optical module and optical communication module
Half-round total internal reflection magnifying prism
Methods of fabrication for flip-chip image sensor packages
Optical mount substrate, optical module, optical transmitter-receiver, optical transmitter-receiver ...
Optical switch, optical-fiber-arraying-member, production method thereof, and arraying method of opt...
Phenanthrene compounds
White light-emitting OLED device having a blue light-emitting layer doped with an electron-transport...
Information playback apparatus
Bumper guard for a sports racquet
Catcher's leg guard
Method and apparatus for sharing data structures between assembly language programs and high-level l...
Artificial vertebral disk replacement implant with a spacer
Contact assemblies, methods for making contact assemblies, and machines with contact assemblies for ...
Image generating system and program
Method and apparatus for tutorial, self and assisted instruction directed to simulated preparation, ...
Wearable light device with optical sensor
Method and apparatus for an active standby control system on a network
Network-based photomask data entry interface and instruction generator for manufacturing photomasks
Method and apparatus for providing high capacity, long loop broadband ADSL service
Quality of service (QOS) mechanism in an internet protocol (IP) network
In-building code division multiple access wireless system and method
Technique to enable support for symbolic link access by windows clients
Internet telephony system
Method and business process to maintain privacy in distributed recommendation systems
Facsimile machine and communication method
Competition judging system
Digital camera with image file transmission
Flags handling for system call instructions
Method for producing recombinant cells for detecting HIV
Method and system for creating and maintaining an index for tracking files relating to people
Data recovery method and apparatus
XML-based system and method for collaborative web-based design and verification of system-on-a-chip
Method and apparatus for object-oriented access to a relational database management system (RDBMS) b...
Energy minimization for data merging and fusion
Technique for navigating components of a model having complex relationships
Travel control method of electric vehicle
Steering angle correction device
Breath alcohol detection system with identity verification
Vehicle and system for controlling return and retrieval of the same
Motor for hybrid vehicle
Power outputting apparatus and vehicle equipped with same
Two-speed transfer case with ball-ramp clutch and single motor activator/shift system
Screw drive vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus for spreading aggregate material on a road berm
Occupant detecting apparatus capable of improving detection accuracy
Motorcycle suspension having trail adjustment
Small vehicle with power steering assembly
Apparatus for controlling a power-assisted steering gear in response to vehicle speed
Device and method for operating a vehicle
Electronically-controlled rear drive module for all-wheel drive system
Snowmobile with a turbocharged four-stroke engine
Turbine generator regenerative braking system
Side mounted condenser for a skid steer loader
Fan induction blower box
Acoustical heat shield
Sound absorbing device for fuel tank
Method and device for utilization of a stethoscope as a neurological diagnostic tool and percussion ...
Gas turbine exhaust passage and damper system for same
Dual ramp rate dielectric breakdown testing methodology
Bending actuators and sensors constructed from shaped active materials and methods for making the sa...
Optical film with sharpened bandedge
Polarizing filter and optical device using the same
Method and apparatus for improved ultraviolet (UV) treatment of large three-dimensional (3D) objects
Production of a zeolite-containing solid
Enhanced atomic layer deposition
Light emitting device incorporating a luminescent material
Thermal insulation systems
Process for producing aligned carbon nanotube films
Method of forming flow-fill structures
High-temperature sintering of soot bodies doped using molecular stuffing
Iron and sole plate for an iron
Cordierite body
Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric capacitor and a fabrication process thereof
Projecting film and manufacturing method thereof
Plasma display device having barrier ribs
Plasma display device having barrier ribs
Key sheet
Image displaying with multi-gradation processing
System and method for driving an electro-optical device
Circuit and method for driving self light-emitting display device
Microencapsulated electrophoretic display with integrated driver
Plasma display device having barrier ribs
Group III-nitride on Si using epitaxial BP buffer layer
Thin film formation method, display, and color filter
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Photoelectric conversion device, radiation detection apparatus, image processing system, and driving...
Residual feedback to improve estimator prediction
Apparatus and method for synchronizing software between computers
Dynamic trap table interposition for efficient collection of trap statistics
Method for dynamically identifying pseudo-invariant instructions and their most common output values...
Graphical user interface, data structure and associated method for cluster-based document management
Recording of user-driven events within a computer application
Use of conceptual diagrams to support relationships between launchpads and its wizards
Pseudo random optimized built-in self-test
Verifying data in a data storage device
System and method for system surveillance using firmware progress code
Checkpointing a superscalar, out-of-order processor for error recovery
Method and apparatus for generating a virtual clock in a data processing system
System and method for power management in a server system
Device for absorbing floor-landing shock for legged mobile robot
Ni-based single crystal super alloy
Modified sintered RE-Fe-B-type, rare earth permanent magnets with improved toughness
Method for treating and activating sea water and polluted water into drinking water
Power surfboard
Methods and apparatus for drilling with a multiphase pump
Water sport implement leverage system
Anchor for anchoring to underwater structures
Multi-mode ship for transporting vehicles
Waveless hull
System and method of frequency synthesis to avoid gaps and VCO pulling in direct broadcast satellite...
Display driver circuit, electro-optical device, and display drive method
Multi-monitor, auxiliary monitor, and monitor supporter
Balancer apparatus of engine
Bearing test method, bearing test device, bearing monitoring device and storage device
Network facsimile system and supervising server therefor
Core for motor, motor furnished to the core and method for manufacturing the motor
Solar cell module and roof equipped with power generating function using the same
Engine valve train device
Disk drive
Image forming apparatus and sheet detecting unit incorporated in the image forming apparatus
Engine control device
Gaming device having value selection bonus
Overmolded electrical connector
Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods for their identification, design and use
Gastrointestinal proliferative factor and uses thereof
Gastrointestinal proliferative factor and uses thereof
Treatment of conditions through modulation of the autonomic nervous system during at least one prede...
Methods of repairing tandemly repeated DNA sequences and extending cell life-span nuclear transfer
Methods for generating neuronal cells from human embryonic stem cells and uses thereof
Pluripotent embryonic-like stem cells, compositions, methods and uses thereof
Novel compounds
Novel compounds
Regulation of human hematopoietin receptor-like protein
Enzyme-deficient c3 botulinum protein species and their use to promote neuronal growth and neuronal ...
Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with a new human 5-ht6 receptor
59079 and 12599, protein kinase family members and uses therefor
Regulatable growth of filamentous fungi
Small molecule and peptide arrays and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for selecting siRNA of improved functionality
Drug discovery assays based on the biology of chronic disease
Methods of identifying lead compounds that modulate toxicity of neurotoxic polypeptides
Hydrophobic biomolecular structure
Porous calcium phosphate networks for synthetic bone material
Novel derivatives of pyridilethanol (phenylethyl) amines as inhibitors of cholesterol biosynthesis, ...
Preparation and use of imidazole derivatives for treatment of obesity
Nitrogen-containing compounds
NK1 and NK3 antagonists
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor antagonists
1,4-disubstituted piperidine derivatives and their use as 11,betahsd1 inhibitors
Tetrahydronaphthyridine derivatives
Use of creatine analogues and creatine kinase modulators for the prevention and treatment of glucose...
2-(6-{2-[(2R)-2-methyl-1-pyrrolidin-1-yl]-ethyl}-2-naphthalen-2-yl)-2H-pyr- idazin-3-one salts and t...
Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor antagonists and compositions and methods related thereto
Bicyclic-substituted amines having cyclic-substituted monocyclic substituents
Novel biaromatic compounds which activate PPARy type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositi...
Protein hydrolysate rich in tripeptides
Combination of atypical antipsychotics and 5HT-1B receptor antagonists
Combined use of a GLP-1 compound and another drug for treating dyslipidemia
Novel compounds, their use and preparation
Methods and compositions using stearoyl-CoA desaturase to identify triglyceride reducing therapeutic...
Composition for relieving discomfort
Remote interview system for job seeker and employer
Method and device for adapting/tuning signal transit times on line systems or networks between integ...
System and method for predicting burn-in conditions
Method for analyzing wafer test parameters
Wafer processing apparatuses and electronic device workpiece processing apparatuses
Wafer-interposer assembly
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Film for copper diffusion barrier
Package structure with a heat spreader and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, semiconductor module and hard disk
Semiconductor differential interconnect
Seal ring structure for radio frequency integrated circuits
Structure and method for ultra-small grain size polysilicon
Transistor with nitrogen-hardened gate oxide
Double-gate fet with planarized surfaces and self-aligned silicides
Divot reduction in SIMOX layers
Reduction of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) scratches with sacrificial dielectric polish st...
Semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with vertical control gate sidewalls and in...
Lateral diode with multiple spacers
Signal sharing circuit with microelectric die isolation features
Multipurpose universal carrying bag
Hat with ball marker
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Counterweighted golf club
Trailer-mounted crane apparatus
Architecture for a hydraulic circuit
Dragless flight control system for flying objects
In-flight refueling system, alignment system, and method for automatic alignment and engagement of a...
Aircraft engine nacelles and methods for their manufacture
Airship and method of operation
Oriented polymer hinge pins in modular plastic conveyor belts
Methods of fabricating FIT firing chambers of different drop weights on a single printhead
Radiator plate rapid cooling apparatus
Integrated heat dissipating device with curved fins
Ceramic heat sink with micro-pores structure
System and method for dissipating heat from an electronic board
Electronic device
Cooling assembly for electronics drawer using passive fluid loop and air-cooled cover
Clearing of vapor lock in a microchannel cooling subsystem
Computer system
Process for evaporating a solution and an evaporator for use in the process
Solar radiation compensation method for a vehicle climate control
Outflow prevention device
Systems and methods for controlling local environment
Heat collector with mounting plate
Cooling device
Bi-level heat sink
Portable augmented silent cooling docking station
Heat pipe having an elastic sealing member
Venturi fan
Air-ventilator with high efficiency thermal exchanger and air filter
Evaporator and refrigerator
Sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with truncation error cancellation in a multi-bit feed...
ADC background calibration timing
Colloidal silica composite films for premetal dielectric applications
Pravastatin pharmaceutical formulations and methods of their use
Electric liquid volatile dispenser
Inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Database query optimization apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus and method of cleaning the same
Pipelined digital circuit for determining the conformational energy of a folded protein
Self-calibrating, multi-camera machine vision measuring system
Method of and system for auditing the energy-usage of a facility
Multi-band spectral audio encoding
Fluoroalcohol leaving group for non-metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts
D/A converter circuit, organic EL drive circuit and organic EL display device
Calculation of radiation emitted by a computer system
Error correction device and error correction method
Frame for electrical and electronic equipment housing cabinets and a frame joining structure
Flame retarding compounds
Continuous multistage thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion system
Plant-on trim elements and methods
Argyranthemum plant named 'Supa3047'
Tool device, system and method for teaching reading
Portable telephony apparatus with music tone generator
Song-matching system and method
Swimming exerciser
Method and apparatus for creating a lesson plan complying with academic standards
Educational audio/visual clock
Personal organization tool
Pocket calendar
Method of branching flow of game
Input/Output Interface and device abstraction
Golf club fitting system and method
Linked portable and video game systems
Positive-return gambling
Gaming machine with refract symbol
System and method for providing game advice to a user of a gaming application
Tetrahydrocarbazoles, a process for the preparation of those compounds, and the use thereof
Bio-identical hormones and method of use
Nitric oxide manipulation of muscle satellite cell activation
Herbal-based composition for treating acute and chronic myeloid leukemia
Ozone generator and light source for enclosed spaces
Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer resin composition of improved long-run workability, and its shaped ...
Flameless candle with air intake chamber and air outflow chamber
Conservation method of ink for ink-jet recording and image forming method
Method for durability treatment of a pumpable material as well as a device therefor
Perfume bottle
Uplink timing synchronization and access control for a multi-access wireless communication system
System and method for optical scanning
Mass spectrometers on wafer-substrates
Satellite-based location system employing dynamic integration techniques
Retrieval and manipulation of electronically stored information via pointers embedded in the associa...
Method and apparatus for a fast process monitor suitable for a high availability system
Method and apparatus for computing the shortest path between nodes based on the bandwidth utilizatio...
Method and apparatus for controlling reverse link interference rise and power control instability in...
System and method for preventing dropped calls
CDMA power control for paging and initial traffic channel power
Enhanced private parameter capability in IS-41 messages
Method for transmitting data packets, method for receiving data packets, data packet transmitter dev...
System for statistically multiplexing real-time and non-real-time voice and data traffic in a wirele...
Synthesis of noble metal, sulphide catalysts in a sulfide ion-free aqueous environment
Formulations containing an anticholinergic drug for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary d...
Membrane lipid compositions
Randomizer systems for producing multiple-symbol randomizing sequences
Automated document formatting tool
Imide/amide hydrogen storage materials and methods
Method of manufacturing the densely fitted multi-layer carbon nano-tube
Method for synthesizing extremely high-temperature melting materials
Method of obtaining a carbon fiber fabric by continuously carbonizing a cellulose fiber fabric
Oil separator for pumps overflowing with oil
Processing system, evacuating system for processing system, low-pressure CVD system, and evacuating ...
Cash dispensing automated banking machine with improved user observation capabilities
In situ thermal recovery from a relatively permeable formation using gas to increase mobility
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to produce oxygen containing format...
Process for reclaiming rubber-metal waste
Method and system for processing character edge area data
Method of assembly for modular computer keyboards
Developer seal member and developing apparatus using the seal
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Sequential full color display and photocell device
Pre-cast drive-down water separation pit system
Toner and image forming method using the toner
Tack labels and plastic containers with such tack labels
Thermostable peptidase
Human secretory type phospholipase A2
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Glycosyl sulfotransferase-3
Multi-functional chimeric hematopoietic receptor agonists
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof for decreasing body mass
Nucleic acid and protein sequences of bovine epidermal growth factor
Delivery system for porcine somatotropin
Soluble recombinant botulinum toxin proteins
Method for increasing hematopoietic progenitor cells by stem cell factor
Use of Galectin-3 to promote the re-epithelialization of wounds
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Ghrelin analogs
Seventeen amino acid peptide (Peptide P) for treating ischemia and reperfusion injury
Method of reducing leakage current in electronic devices having carbon nanotubes
RRAM circuit with temperature compensation
Nitride based semiconductor structures with highly reflective mirrors
Exposure method utilizing optical proximity corrected exposure patterns, an apparatus for generating...
Phase shift mask, and exposure method and device manufacturing method using the same
Implementing method for buffering devices
Method and apparatus to optimize an integrated circuit design using transistor folding
Method, apparatus and program product for automatic placement and routing of integrated circuit
System and method for using IDDQ pattern generation for burn-in tests
Block based design methodology with programmable components
Generating a check matrix for error correction
Techniques for automatic eye-degradation testing of a high-speed serial receiver
User available body scan chain
Signal measurement apparatus and method
Method for parametrizing an integrated circuit and an integrated circuit therefor
Serial data interface
Method and apparatus for no-latency conditional branching
System and method for preserving internal processor context when the processor is powered down and r...
Formation of enediynes by reductive coupling followed by alkyne metathesis
Process and composition for enhancing the action of vitamin a on the cellular activity of an individ...
Stable wetting concentrate
Pharmaceutically active plant preparation for the treatment of migraine
Compositions for prevention and treatment of symptoms associated with ethyl alcohol consumption
Formulation for insulin and glucose control
Microfibrillated and/or microcrystalline dispersion, in particular of cellulose, in an organic solve...
Hard capsule
Miniature reduced mercury HID lamp
SiAlON containing ytterbium and method of making
Absorbent webs including highly textured surface
Lubricating compositions
Method of measuring analyte using dry analytical element
Sewage sludge treatment
High-molecular gelling agent precursor for electrolyte
Carboxyester-modified vinylic polymeric compositions
Optical recording medium
Carbon-carbon initiators for use in golf balls
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Tricyclic compounds protein kinase inhibitors for enhancing the efficacy of anti-neoplastic agents a...
Method for fabricating nanoscale patterns in light curable compositions using an electric field
Decorative cosmetic preparations
In-situ monitoring of proximity and contact between a slider and a disc in a disc drive
Paper coating slip containing polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid
Formulations of hair cosmetics
Treating copper surfaces for electronic applications
Crosslinkable biomaterial compositions containing hydrophobic and hydrophilic crosslinking agents
Regenerable antimicrobial polymers and fibers with oxygen bleaches
Reinforcement implants for tissue sutures
Oriented thermoplastic vulcanizate
Liquid metal contact microrelay
Red phosphors for use in high CRI fluorescent lamps
Backlight device and liquid crystal display
Recirculation of reflected source light in an image projection system
Microprocessor cache design initialization
Facility for highlighting documents accessed through search or browsing
Electronic compass system
Vehicle information system
Method and system for querying in a moving object database
Extensible database framework for management of unstructured and semi-structured documents
Method and apparatus for identifying an unknown work
Robot audiovisual system
Method which uses a non-volatile memory to store a crypto key and a check word for an encryption dev...
Method for verifying the use of public keys generated by an on-board system
Emulsion products and imagery employing steganography
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus, and a method for receiving digital broadcasts
Audio tone controller system, method, and apparatus
System and method for teaching music
Recovery force adjustment device for a paddle of a cymbal stand
Support base for instrument components
Combination carrying case and instrument stand base
Strummable electric harpsichord
Intermedin and its uses
Machine dishwasher rinsing agent
Process for production diphtheria toxin
Application of glucose transport mutants for production of aromatic pathway compounds
Method and system for monitoring personal computer documents for sensitive data
Secure password entry
Visualization of firewall rules in an auto provisioning environment
System and method for managing application specific privileges in a content management system
User interface having a cycling display of content representations
Video deblocking
Smart car radio
User specified transfer of data between applications
Methods, systems, and media to enhance browsing of messages in a message queue
Interface and related methods for dynamically generating a filter graph in a development system
Grid non-deterministic job scheduling
Product packaging and installation mechanism
System and method for generating embedded resource updates for output device
System, apparatus, and method for identifying authorization requirements in component-based systems
Duplicate merge avoidance in parallel development of interdependent semi-derived artifacts
System and method for storing and reporting information associated with asserts
Method and system for graph analysis and synchronization
Capacitance modeling
Method for VLSI system debug and timing analysis
Online service switching and customizations
Noisy operating system user interface
Inorganic matrix compositions, composites and process of making the same
System and method for reconfiguring a system coupled to a host computer through a split bridge
Method and system for transparent compressed memory paging in a computer system
Method and system for configuring terminators in a serial communication system