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Linking addressable shadow port and protocol for serial bus networks
System and method for arbitrating access between common access requests on a bus
Regulating real-time data capture rates to match processor-bound data consumption rates
Fiber-free shaped parts
Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, method, and medium, and three-dimensional shape data recording...
Wall surface panel capable of generating minus ions utilizing natural volcanic ash soil
Gas supply for electrostatic filter and electrostatic filter arrangement
Mushroom variety named 'Broncoh'
Method and system for detailed construction estimating
Thermoplastic polymer composition
Solid pigment preparations comprising surface-active additives based on alkoxylated bisphenols
Water compatible sterically hindered alkoxyamines and hydroxy substituted alkoxyamines
Polymers for paper and paperboard coatings
Coal tar enamel coated base sheets
Sheet-form molding
Polymers with urea groups and silyl groups and production and use thereof
Liquid composition for metachromatic members, and metachromatic member set making use of the same
Therapeutic lotion for dermatitis
Rain-fast bioactive compositions
Composite materials and techniques for neutron and gamma radiation shielding
Methods and apparatus for removal and destruction of ammonia from an aqueous medium
Caliper cover
Microtunneling systems and methods of use
Board, packaging material and package as well as production and uses thereof
Structural panel utilizing a lath and frame member and method for making the same
Moment frame links wall
Method, system and article of manufacture for a modular room
Method for automatically mapping of geometric objects in digital medical images
Color management of halftone prints
Method and device for rendering an image for a staggered color graphics display
Footwear with longitudinally split midsole for dynamic fit adjustment
Protective covering for footwear
Magnetically operable studs for footwear
Tennis shoes
Navigating a resource browser session
Sandal having a variety of lacing styles
Inner sole savers
Data reception storage device
Point of sale systems and methods
Pen-based transponder identity verification system
Film production staff administration system
Programmable radio transceiver
Medical device
Foot sensor apparatus, method & system
Transducer for embedded bio-sensor using body energy as a power source
Embedded bio-sensor system
Portable type radio equipment
Image reproduction apparatus
Method of operating a portable electronic device and portable electronic device
System and method for providing telecommunication services
Timing control configuration and method for mobile communications systems
Radio transmission-enabled portable digital data storage device and method
Wireless node location mechanism featuring definition of search region to optimize location computat...
Resource management apparatus and a method of resource management therefor
Method and apparatus for call set up in a mobile communication system
Method for decide cdma frequency hard handoffs
Millimeter wave communication system
Method of inserting a communication module into a wireless communication system
Bougainvillea plant named 'Beesnees'
Bougainvillea plant named 'Maudi'
Hosta plant named 'Independence'
Bougainvillea plant named 'Wabag'
Embryo preferred promoter and method of using same
Promotion of somatic embryogenesis in plants by PGA37 gene expression
Broccoli type adapted for ease of harvest
Antibody composition-producing cell
Expression of plasminogen and microplasminogen in duck weed
Fatty acid desaturases and mutant sequences thereof
Nucleic acid sequences to proteins involved in tocopherol synthesis
Novel Bt toxin receptors from lepidopteran insects and methods of use
Soybean FGAM synthase promoters useful in parasite control
Master activators of pathogen responsive genes
Clubroot resistant brassica oleracea plants
Promoter molecules for use in plants
System and sequential culture media for in vitro fertilization
Light-emitting element driving device
Spectrometer system for optical reflectance measurements
Low modulus substrate for flexible flat panel display
Permanent magnet for particle beam accelerator and magnetic field generator
Inverter circuit for lighting backlight of liquid crystal display and method for driving the same
High-voltage discharge lamp operating device
Driving voltage controller for light-emitting source
Lamp frequency control system for display and method for controlling lamp frequency
Light source, projector, and method of driving arc tube
Method and apparatus for single-ended conversion of DC to Ac power for driving discharge lamps
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Current-driven pixel circuit
Electroluminescent display
Driving an EL panel without DC bias
Light emission device and power supply therefor
Flat panel display device
Capacitive load driving circuit for driving capacitive loads such as pixels in plasma display panel,...
Electro-optical device, method of checking the same , and electronic apparatus
Method and arrangement for the plasma-based generation of intensive short-wavelength radiation
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Inductively coupled plasma reactor for producing nano-powder
Systems and methods for treating, diagnosing and predicting the occurrence of a medical condition
Polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding these and their use for the prevention, diagnosis or treatme...
Dynamic database access via standard query language and abstraction technology
Pharmacy benefits calculator
System and method for text segmentation and display
Method of making ceramic dental restorations
Anti-adhesion device
Cement-directing orthopedic implants
Form-fitting bioabsorbable mesh implant
Expansible rod-type prosthesis and external magnetic apparatus
Hip prosthesis
Polymeric acetabular cup
Prosthetic joint with annular contact bearing surface
Glenoid anchor
System and method for blocking and/or retaining a prosthetic spinal implant
Lateral-approach artificial disc replacements
Intervertebral disk implant
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Crossbar spinal prosthesis having a modular design and related implantation methods
Artificial expansile total lumbar and thoracic discs for posterior placement without supplemental in...
Interspinous spacer
Remote method for controlling power on an information handling system
Multiple server in-rush current reduction
Current measuring circuit for measuring drive current to load
Battery power measuring system and method for a battery-backed SRAM
In-rush current management
Apparatus for reducing the power consumption of a PFC-PWM power converter
Method and apparatus for maintaining an approximate constant current output characteristic in a swit...
Switching mode regular for SFP ethernet adaptor
Voltage regulator combining a series type regulator with a shunt type regulator having a constant cu...
Battery charging method, battery charging circuit, and portable electronic device having a battery
Overvoltage and backflow current protection for a battery charger
Method and apparatus for current delegation to a plurality of loads
Method for determining the amount of charge which can be drawn on a storage battery, and monitoring ...
DC power source unit with battery charging function
Storage battery charging station
Battery charger
Charging of devices by microwave power beaming
North-south pole determination for carrier injection sensorless position sensing systems
Variable winding generator
Programmable load transient compensator for reducing the transient response time to a load capable o...
Motor vehicle telephone system
Method and apparatus for controlling ringer characteristics for wireless communication devices
Method and apparatus for synchronizing databases in portable communication devices
Data storage for a portable computer device
Device and a method for operating an electronic utility device from a portable telecommunication app...
Pentanoic acid derivatives
Therapeutic ion channel blocking agents and methods of use thereof
Light modulation apparatus using a VCSEL array with an electromechanical grating device
Latch mechanism
Lens assembly with externally adjustable lens spacing, and method for its assembly
Apparatus for positioning an optical element in a structure
Transmission/reception apparatus, transmission/reception method, and transmission/reception system
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens driving mechanism and image capture apparatus
Lens barrel mechanism
Two-group zoom lens
System and method for data forwarding in a programmable multiple network processor environment
Method for classifying a random process for data sets in arbitrary dimensions
Microstrip antenna having mode suppression slots
Synthesis of elastomeric poly(carborane-siloxane-acetylene)s
Low-cost, no-fragment explosive access tool for soft metal containers
Frame component container
System and user interface for generation and processing of software application installation instruc...
Method for constructing service providing system
Information processing apparatus
Application programming interface with inverted memory protocol for embedded software systems
Parsing messages communicated over a data network
Digital computer utilizing buffer to store and output data to play real time applications enabling p...
Optical pulse train generator
Radio-controlled timepiece and control method for a radio-controlled timepiece
Device transfer techniques for thin film optoelectronic devices
Gas/oil well monitoring system
Coated article with niobium zirconium inclusive layer(s) and method of making same
Methods and apparatus for unattended pickups and deliveries
Building automation system
Gate drive circuit, which makes the gate-charge flow back to the load and the main power source
Power source apparatus
Flexible MEMS transducer and manufacturing method thereof, and flexible MEMS wireless microphone
Terahertz interconnect system and applications
Data broadcast receiving apparatus and method
System for controlling access to resources in a storage area network
Disk drive caching initial host requested data in non-volatile semiconductor memory to reduce start-...
Method and system for managing interdependent resources of a computer system
Systems and methods for processor memory allocation
Read priority caching system and method
Memory controller that controls supply timing of read data
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage device
Method and apparatus for livelock prevention in a multiprocessor system
Circuit and method for improving instruction fetch time from a cache memory device
Method and apparatus for controlling line eviction in a cache
Built-in self test circuit for testing cache tag array and compare logic
Scalable disc array controller
Computer systems, disk systems, and method for controlling disk cache
Lock acquisition among nodes of divided cluster
Methods for rotationally stabilizing contact lenses
Artificial lung of membrane type
Method and apparatus for producing a sterile fluid
Method and system for desalinating water
Contamination control for engines
Method and plant for thickening sludge derived from water treatment by flocculation-decantation with...
Method of purification of molecules using unbranched terminal alkyldiols
Methods and apparatus for packing chromatography columns and chromatography column
Method and installation for the thermal hydrolysis of sludge
Flushing adapter for filter
Under the counter filter installation
Self-diluting feedwell including a vertical education mechanism
Aquaculture water quality ecology system
Replaceable filter cartridge with support element and liquid filter with such a filter cartridge
SSF/x slow sand filter
Device and method for controlling infusion of a liquid in an extracorporeal blood circuit
Novel clock gene promoter
Method for producing temporarily cross-linked cellulose ethers
Constimulating polypeptide of T cells, monoclonal antibodies, and the preparation and use thereof
Novel human membrane protein and polynucleotides encoding the same
Dna molecules encoding ligand-gated ion channels from drosophila melanogaster
Compositions and methods for binding agglomeration proteins
Method of producing antisense oligonucleotide
Process for preparing alkylglycosides
Pharmaceutical compositions and medical treatments comprising notch ligand proteins
Method of support-based chemical synthesis
Pharmaceutical compounds
2' ,5' -Oligoadenylate analogs
GFAP-based gene therapy for treatment of retinal diseases
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Modulation of glucose-6-phosphatase translocase expression
Low temperature responsive nucleotide sequences and uses thereof
Antisense modulation of interleukin 12 P35 subunit expression
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Deprotection of phosphorus in oligonucleotide synthesis
Interaction of Smad6 with Hox proteins and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for regulating T cell subsets by modulating transcription factor activity
Antimicrobial 2-deoxystreptamine compounds
Recombinant plasmid and a method of controlling the effects of Yersinia pestis
Apparatus and method for educational game hoop
Reading book including partially electronic page display
Instructional shoelaces system and method of use
Method of analyzing question responses to select among defined possibilities and means of accomplish...
Team-based, computer-implemented accountability program
Method, apparatus, computer program product, and system for aiding in literacy
Portable aesthetic component comparison system, decorator design tool, retaining stud, and method
Firearms training simulator simulating the recoil of a convention firearm
Multimedia recorder
Prayer/study aid
System and method of integrating levels of educational programs
Method and system for generating and processing an assessment examination
Worksheet wizard
Process of relaying a story having a unique plot
Learning methods employing multiple sensory pathways
Insert for use with a remote control base
Interactive virtual characters for training including medical diagnosis training
Systems and methods for developing correct mechanics of a swimming flip turn
Prayer reminder device
Interactive language learning system and method
Speech instruction method and apparatus
Process for creating and printing customized document at end user computer and printer
Transgenic mouse with a targeted deletion of Elovl4 gene
Monitoring and tracking system and method
Touch screen ordering system for fast food sales
Automated food service system for remote recreational facilities
Automated quality assurance method and apparatus and method of conducting business
Formable styrenic resin particle, and pre-formed particle and foamed molding using the same
Method for increasing muscle mass and strength through administration of adenosine triphosphate
Sulfur-containing proanthocyanidin oligomer compositon and process for producing the same
Yeast-origin promoter and vector and expression system using the same
Espresso-based, edible composition and method to form same
Production of liquid center filled confections
Confectionery made from herbal mixtures
Processed foods, and manufacturing system and manufacturing method for the processed foods
Method of manufacturing plant finished product
Process for the preparation of nutritive preparation based on vegetable matter and the product prepa...
Aromatized wine-based drink
Effervescent drink product and method of creation
Gel-type drink composition
Low carbohydrate pasta
Multicolored flow divider
Manufacture of baked dough products
System and process of determining a biological pathway based on a treatment of a biological specimen
Compounds and methods for immunotherapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis
Adjustable arch support orthosis including variably tensioned arch curve and method of utilizing ort...
Plate for athletic shoe
Cushioning for athletic shoe
Method and apparatus for improved shoe construction
Ice spike for mountaineering
Argyranthemum plant named 'Supa538'
Gaillardia plant named 'Baltorflam'
'HW616' Pear
Aconitum plant named 'Royal Flush'
Geranium plant named 'Fisum Pink'
Campanula plant named 'Bencamp 46'
Hydrangea plant named 'Bela'
Deutzia plant named 'Duncan'
Iris plant named 'Mainestream Tempest'
Coreopsis plant named 'Crème Brulée'
Lantana plant named 'Balandgold'
Methods in transmission of files in a data communication network
Enhanced PDE selection
Cable detector with decimating filter and filtering method
Method and system for synchronizing location finding measurements in a wireless local area network
Method for detection of photolithographic defocus
Vehicle communication path tracing system for long range remote communication with a vehicle
Television guide system
Optical disk with error detection code and optical disk apparatus
Vehicle occupant presence and position sensing system
Telephone emergency response system and method
OLED display having thermally conductive backplate
Display device with desiccant coating
Matrix-type triode organic electroluminescent display
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display and fabricating method thereof
Thiazepinyl hydroxamic acid derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Method for calibrating an inertial measurement unit
Apparatus and method for managing mobile communication network using TMN in IMT-2000 system
Method and apparatus for digital duty cycle adjustment
Human monoclonal antibodies to the islet cell antigen IA-2
Systems and methods for correlation in an air traffic control system of interrogation-based target p...
Active night vision with adaptive imaging
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus
System for arbitrating clock synchronization among networked devices
Secure integrated device with secure, dynamically-selectable capabilities
Electrochemical machining tool assembly and method of monitoring electrochemical machining
Telemetry system with transmitter holding position assignment
Systems and methods for filtering images
System and method for standoff detection of human carried explosives
High-density polycrystalline lutetium silicate materials activated with Ce
Method for vaporizing a fluid using an electromagnetically responsive heating apparatus
Methods, systems and computer program products for carrier drop detection using a variable threshold
Power line monitoring and interrupt method and apparatus
Monitoring and annunciation device for equipment maintenance
Methods and apparatus for target angle heel effect compensation
Focal spot position adjustment system for an imaging tube
System to present focused radiation treatment area
X-ray inspection system
Ray-by-ray fourier image reconstruction from projections
Communication network having minimized roundtrip contention delay
Method and apparatus for presenting multiple pre-subject filtering profiles during CT data acquisiti...
Digital return path for hybrid fiber/coax network
Enhanced method and apparatus to identify and connect a small diameter lead with a low profile lead ...
Integrated synchronous memory and memory configuration having a memory module with at least one sync...
Redundancy architecture for repairing semiconductor memories
Microelectromechanical mirrors and electrically-programmable diffraction gratings based on two-stage...
Electronic battery tester with automotive scan tool communication
Rotating user interface
Method and system for increasing ease-of-use and bandwidth utilization in wireless devices
System and method for traffic channel dormancy in wireless communication socket mode
Mobile wireless presence and situation management system and method
Data passing method and apparatus for wireless communication system
Wireless software upgrades with version control
Coupon systems and methods of use of coupons within a group communications system
Method and system for improving data quality in large hyperlinked text databases using pagelets and ...
Place specific buddy list services
Computer system and method with internal use of networking switching
High power space transformer
Wafer test space transformer
Filter arrangement with a linear phase characteristic, and method to develop such a filter arrangeme...
Dual band QWIP focal plane array
Integration capacitor using a photodetector as the bottom plate of the capacitor
Integrated circuit devices including raised source/drain structures having different heights
CMOS device having retrograde n-well and p-well
Ferro-electric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric memory cell with angled cell transistor active region and methods for fabricating the ...
Elevated photo diode in an image sensor
Pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor with Schottky electrode including lanthanum and boro...
Nitride semiconductor substrate production method thereof and semiconductor optical device using the...
Voltage-driven power semiconductor device
Vertical component with high-voltage strength
Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
Low doped base spacer for reduction of emitter-base capacitance in bipolar transistors with selectiv...
Three-dimensional quantum dot structure for infrared photodetection
Ratchet wrench
Phase center measurement of electronic warfare antennas using GPS signals
Safety device for an injection syringe
Device for opening and distributing a bundle of filaments when producing a nonwoven textile web
Elastic strand laminate
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Separator of proton exchange fuel cell and its manufacturing method
Underbalanced well completion
Method of manufacturing multilayer microwave couplers using vertically-connected transmission line s...
Integrated composite structural conduit formed in place
Interposer providing low-inductance decoupling capacitance for a packaged integrated circuit
Composite particles and method for preparing
Sole plate for turbine and power generating plant equipment
Weather strip for a vehicle door
Downhole sealing tools and method of use
Providing a low pressure condition in a wellbore region
Resonator-type microelectronic pressure sensor that withstands high pressures
Thermal-sprayed metallic conformal coatings used as heat spreaders
Process for making a garment having hanging legs
Use of spatiotemporal response behavior in sensor arrays to detect analytes in fluids
Reticulated absorbent composite
Optical semiconductor module
Semiconductor laser device, optical pickup and fabrication method of semiconductor laser device
Laser with reflective etalon tuning element
Method for automated design of orthotic and prosthetic devices
Method and apparatus for optical head and optical information reproducing
Apparatus and method for generating high-order harmonic X-ray, and point-diffraction interferometer ...
Optical recorder and laser power control method
Surface emission semiconductor laser device
Superposing diffraction optical element homogenizer optical system
External cavity laser
Antireflection coating for ultraviolet light at large angles of incidence
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Zigzag slab laser amplifier with integral reflective surface and method
Semiconductor laser device with a strain reduction cushion function, semiconductor laser module, and...
Means for in-place automated calibration of optically-based thickness sensor
Method and apparatus for perforating a well
Zoom dot sighting system
Contact hole standard test device, method of forming the same, method testing contact hole, method a...
Method and apparatus for treating underground pipeline
One hand actuated "C" clamp
Combination staple gun and cap feeding device
Shift control system of automatic transmission
Automatic transmission for motor vehicles
Capacitors including metalized separators
Head suspension for disk drive
Disk drive head with radially spaced read and write elements on respective protrusion pads
Semiconductor optical amplifier with reduced effects of gain saturation
Image display medium, image display, device and image display method
Automated system for extracting and combining tool trace data and wafer electrical test (WET) data f...
Method for processing manufactured parts
Nuclear power station having a gas-injection device for a coolant
Reflective liquid crystal display panel and device using same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing ...
Display device
Semiconductor memory device including a double-gate dynamic random access memory cell having reduced...
Current control device
Transport agnostic authentication of wireless devices
Methods and arrangements for providing a mark-up language based graphical user interface for user id...
Distributed variable synchronizer
File propagation tool
Method for segmenting non-segmented text using syntactic parse
Creation and use of virtual device drivers on a serial bus
Microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
Method and apparatus for capturing images
Input device with pattern and tactile feedback for computer input and control
Method and system for the direct manipulation of information, including non-default drag and drop op...
Toolholder assembly
Manipulation system for manipulating a sample under study with a microscope
Porous optical materials
N-aryl-carbamic acid ester-derived and valeric acid ester-derived cross-linkers and conjugates, and ...
Methods for patterning polymer films, and use of the methods
Method to manufacture Indium Nitride quantum dots
Memory module having a memory module controller controlling memory transactions for a plurality of m...
Image processing apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
ATM edge node switching equipment utilized IP-VPN function
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing of semiconductor integrated circuit
High voltage level shifting IC with under-ground voltage swing withstanding capability
Programmable differential internal termination for a low voltage differential signal input or output...
Exposure apparatus
Compositions and methods for increasing growth hormone levels
Surgically implantable knee prosthesis having keels
Method of adjusting a drill bushing for a dental implant
Dental implant
Purine inhibitors of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase
Amino substituted dibenzothiophene derivatives for the treatment of disorders mediated by NP Y5 rece...
Treatment of insulin resistance syndrome and type 2 diabetes with PDE9 inhibitors
Benzofurylpiperazines and benzofurylhomopiperazines: serotonin agonists
Substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
Production of pancreatic islet cells and delivery of insulin
Adiponectin gene therapy
Instrument for applying a surgical fastener particularly for the transoral treatment of gastroesopha...
Adjustable gastric implant
Cell assay, method and reagents
Polyglycerol and lactose compositions for the protection of living systems from states of reduced me...
Murine monoclonal anti-idiotype antibody 11D10 and methods of use thereof
Method for measuring the content of fat/oil in multi component system
Insulin secretion promoter
Scooper having ice cream removing device
Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method
Ice cream freezer
User authentication in a mobile communications network
Inhalation composition containing lactose pellets
Method and system for mapping a network for system security
Integrated sensor cable for ranging
Disk drive employing a modified rotational position optimization algorithm to account for external v...
Recorder and transmitter
GMR read sensor with an antiparallel (AP) coupled free layer structure and antiparallel (AP) tab end...
Hard bias magnetic structure including a conductive layer and a transition layer and a seed layer
Magnetic recording head
Disk drive actuator impact rebound crash stop with bias tab and pusher and crash stop faces
Head gimbal assembly including dampening for air bearing vibration
Head suspension with chip as structural element
Recording medium cartridge having cartridge memory with fragile portion
Tape cartridge with rear wall extended surface positioned in region of reference surface formed arou...
Method of depicting a pattern with electron beam and disc-like substrate and magnetic recording medi...
Spring disk clamp utilizing wedged retaining ring
Method of mounting magnetic disk device, cabinet for magnetic disk device, and magnetic disk device
Magnetic recording/reproducing device
Disk drive having first and second seek operating modes for controlling voice coil motor temperature...
System and method for writing HDD depending on direction of head skew
Method and apparatus providing spiral servo control for skewless read/writes in a hard disk drive
Data recording system with servo pattern having pseudo-random binary sequences
Selecting physical cylinders in a disc drive employing discs with pre-written servo patterns
Thromboxane B2 metabolite methods for optimizing aspirin dosage
Monoclonal antibody
Rotary pump with exclusively hydrodynamically suspended impeller
Growth factor homolog ZVEGF4
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Methods and materials for evaluating cardiovascular conditions
High viscosity embolizing compositions
Profiles for information acquisition by devices in a wireless network
Method for monitoring and controlling force applied on workpiece surface during electrochemical mech...
Method of applying a covering for boards
Turbine vibrator
Adaptive optic lens system and method of use
Ink tank and ink-jet printer using the same
Pediatric immobilizer
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface
Attachable/detachable variable spacing probing tip system
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Reversing or preventing premature vascular senescence
Isothiazole derivatives, process for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical composition includi...
Remedial agent for chronic articular rheumatism
Method of treating of demyelinating diseases or conditions
Processes for preparing 6-hydroxy-3,4-dihydroquinolinone, cilostazol and N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-chlor...
Preventive or therapeutic agents for gastric or esophageal regurgitation
Compounds with antibacterial and antiparasitic properties
Fuze explosive ordnance disposal circuit
Method of treating epoxy resin-cured product
Pressure vessel with impact and fire resistant coating and method of making same
High voltage converter for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for dynamically biasing switching elements in current-steering DAC
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring co...
Tangentially fed media filter method and apparatus
Phase-locked loop filter with out of band rejection in low bandwidth mode
IR-coated halogen lamp using reflective end coats
Refrigeration unit using ammonia
Internal combustion engine exhaust gas purification system
Hydraulic ratchet wrench with double-action hydraulic cylinder piston drive
Variable speed pump control
Device for ventilation and/or air circulation
Linear compressor with aerostatic gas bearing passage between cylinder and cylinder liner
Reciprocating fluid pump employing reversing polarity motor
Compressor diagnostic and recording system
Apparatus with piston having upper piston extensions
Air conditioning system
Apparatus and method for providing secure communication on a network
Method for making secured personal identity card and procedures for validation and obtaining secure ...
Apparatus, method and system for generating a unique hardware adaptation inseparable from correspond...
Optical head
Optical library and optical storage system
Function executing apparatus and menu item displaying method therefor
Method and apparatus for adaptively coding a data signal
Hardware-efficient CRC generator for high speed communication networks
Frame system for an information handling apparatus
Vehicular radio wave receiver and information displaying apparatus with radio wave receiver
Method and arrangement for influencing a vehicle in dependence upon a travel path
System and method for determining an amount of control for operating a rollover control system
Method and apparatus for generating DTMF tones using voice-recognition commands during hands-free co...
Protective apparatus for sensitive components
Outboard motor
Sprinkler provided with a built-in mechanism for dispensing detergent
Multi-layer software architecture for hardware control
Use of EEPROM for storage of security objects in secure systems
Method and apparatus for identifying processing units to a network using network addresses obtained ...
Using and generating finite state machines to monitor system status
Implantable cardiac stimulation device including a system for and method of automatically inducing a...
Method and apparatus for using a rest mode indicator to automatically adjust control parameters of a...
Low phase noise frequency converter
Suspendable industrial electrical liquid heater
Probe card and contactor of the same
Semiconductor device having radiation structure
Semiconductor device manufacturing method having a step of applying a copper foil on a substrate as ...
Wafer with semiconductor chips mounted thereon
Hot plate and method of producing the same
Semiconductor manufacturing/testing ceramic heater, production method for the ceramic heater and pro...
Wafer chuck for use in edge bevel removal of copper from silicon wafers
Method for fabricating multilayer interconnect and method for checking the same
Method for electroless plating a contact pad
Method of copper/copper surface bonding using a conducting polymer for application in IC chip bondin...
Method of forming buried wiring in semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing a substrate with embedded capacitor
Field effect transistor with electroplated metal gate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface acoustic wave filter and filter device
Multi-image reproducing and recording apparatus with appended information
Editing-function-integrated reproducing apparatus
Information processing method and apparatus
Process cartridge whose sealing tape is removed when mounted to image forming apparatus and image fo...
Developer supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Remanufacturing method for toner supply container
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Optical free-space communication apparatus
Data transfer apparatus and its control method
Rotary sonotrode allowing continuous welding over a large width
Bonding method for a plurality of components, bonding method for container and lid member, and ultra...
Process for the preparation of Citalopram intermediate
Reduced complexity multi-turbo multi-user detector
Backlight unit, liquid crystal display module using the same, and method of selecting viewing angle ...
Web research tool
Culture-vessel adaptor and culture treatment apparatus
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Apparatus for photoelectric measurement of an original
Precision material-handling robot employing high-resolution, compact absolute encoder
Process for Fabricating an Improved Mat
Laser beam machining method
HCV replicase complexes
Computing method of engine intake air amount and air fuel ratio control method and apparatus using t...
Power converter with dynamic current limiting
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
Automatic drive adjustment of ultraviolet lamps in photo-ionization detectors
Architectural preset rotary and preset slide control and non-preset controls
Electrosurgical generator and system
Active muscle assistance device and method
Throttle device for internal-combustion engine
Photoconductor drum and drive shaft gear portions of an image forming apparatus
Coordinate input apparatus and control method thereof, and computer readable memory
Multi-mode electromagnetic target discriminator sensor system and method of operation thereof
Transformer for high-voltage X-ray generator
Inverter transformer and inverter circuit
Speaker having magnetic member installed on diaphragm
Probe for NMR apparatus using magnesium diboride
Circular pole piece, laminate block manufacturing method, and MRI system
Superconducting magnet for MRI
Ultrawide bandwidth system and method for fast synchronization using sub-code spins
Multiple exposure technique to pattern tight contact geometries
Photo reticles using channel assist features
Automatic media alignment nip release mechanism
Method, system, and apparatus for speech recognition
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer readable program, and stor...
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
High-speed cable assembly
Deck screws suitable for use with composite lumber
Side door structure of vehicle
Ignition apparatus for engine
Estimation of oil-diluting fuel quantity of engine
Compression ignition internal combustion engine
Loop hanger for seat belt
System, method and computer program product for programmable fragment processing
Periodontal medicament delivery tray
Methods for maintaining laser performance at extreme temperatures
Characteristic control device for control subject
Manufactured article recovery system
Tire condition monitoring apparatus
Device for closing a chain, particularly a bicycle chain
Walking asistant bicycle
Front derailleur for a bicycle
Cable safety system
Durable, open-faced retroreflective prismatic construction
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Sport ball with self-contained dual action inflation mechanism
Folding riding vehicle
Programmable high-speed motor torque controller
Untreated diffusion media with mesoporous layer and devices incorporating the same
Machine direction yarn stitched triple layer papermaker's forming fabrics
Method and apparatus for performing rapid isotopic analysis via laser spectroscopy
Method for forming pi-type assistant electrode
Manufacturing methods for electron source and image forming apparatus
Spring-loaded tube squeezing device
Systems and methods for comparing documents containing graphic elements
Gradient non-linearity compensation in moving table MRI
Method and apparatus for producing a dental product
Hydromechanical transmission with differential steer
VCT mechanism incorporating camshaft bearing journal
Lock pin with centrifugally operated release valve
Shank installation structure and cutters
Means for auxiliary manual operation
Selective heteroaryloxy- acetamides-based herbicides
Super high speed viterbi decoder using circularly connected 2-dimensional analog processing cell arr...
Local memory with indicator bits to support concurrent DMA and CPU access
Flexible recipe modeling and recipe cluster management system
Method and apparatus for displaying physiological patient data
Device for checking the neck of a container for the presence of an incline
Personal warming systems and apparatuses for use in hospitals and other settings, and associated met...
System for treating eye and nerve diseases in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Stent delivery system and low profile stent
Retrieval catheter
Tissue ablation device assembly and method for electrically isolating a pulmonary vein ostium from a...
Intravascular balloon occlusion device and method for using the same
Balloon occlusion device and methods of use
Introducer and hemostatic valve combination and method of using the same
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Portable vehicle lift
Resin composition and three dimensional object
Methods of detecting immobilized biomolecules
Transmitter and a method for transmitting data
Radio frequency identification for advanced security screening and sortation of baggage
Method and apparatus for efficiently querying and identifying multiple items on a communication chan...
Inventory control system
Selectable reflector arrays for SAW sensors and identification devices
Surface acoustic wave identification tag having enhanced data content and methods of operation and m...
Low maintenance hygienic toilet seat
Kit for rapidly diagnosing upper respiratory conditions
Method of treating cured rubber
Production of quaternary ammonium salt of hydroxycarboxylic acid and quaternary ammonium salt of ino...
Process for producing polyolefins
Hollow filler-containing silicone rubber and method of production
Crystallization process and apparatus therefor
Automated walk-thru cattle sprayer
Centrifugal brake apparatus of bait cast reel
Pet bed
Spinning reel with rear adjustable drag, adjustable handle length and universal pivot handle grip
Ballistic fishing lure with pontoons
Handle attachment structure for fishing reel
Fish strike signaling apparatus
Bobber with automatic hook set device
Apparatus and method for semi-automatic classification of volume data
Artificial intervertebral disc with reliable maneuverability
System and method for selecting data to be corrected
Method for generating, organizing table codes either code is highest code level or code is linked to...
World Trade Center 9/11 building monument memorial lamp
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Square multi-LED spider marker light for vehicle
Arrow shaped tile set
Rollable ridge vent
Rollable ridge vent
Retaining wall block
Landscape edging block
Interlocking decorative garden enclosure module
Interlocking decorative garden enclosure module
Window frame member
Sectional overhead door
Sectional overhead door
Garage door cover
Therapy apparatus
Spa shell
Nursing bottle
Tapered table top
Method and system for enabling a network function in a context of one or all server names in a multi...
Method for broadcasting addressed data to a plurality of users
Method and apparatus for transferring data between a client and a host across a firewall
Process for changing the appearance of stone, concrete, or hard surfaces by applying microorganisms
Obligately symbiotic thermophile symbiobacterium toebii SC-1 producing thermostable L-tyrosin...
Proteins with changed epitopes and methods for the production thereof
Flocculation of cell material
Circuit and method for detecting mirror signal for optical disc apparatus
Combination clock radio, weather station and message organizer
E-plane omni-directional antenna
Electronic apparatus having an antenna with variable dielectric to optimize radio communications at ...
Antenna with variable directional pattern
Microstrip-to-waveguide power combiner for radio frequency power combining
Arrangement for saving energy in transmitter
Variable gain amplifier
Permeable and elastic pavement blocks
Exhaust gas purification device of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for using barrier phases to limit packet disorder in a packet switching system
Display device
Printer server, method for processing data and storage medium
Print ordering method, printing system and film scanner
External antenna
Ignition coil device and method of manufacturing the same
Image adjusting method and image forming apparatus
Smart facsimile machine pick-up
Device and system for phase conjugate conversion and wavelength conversion
Deactivated electro-optic material and method of forming the same
System and method for optically sensing defects in OPC devices
Processes for producing racemic piperidine derivative and for producing optically active piperidine ...
Optically active polymer of chiral alkoxy-substituted phenylacetylene
Advanced microelectronic connector assembly and method of manufacturing
Optical interlink between an optical transducer and optical data port
Method of and apparatus for reading
Recording medium and coded image reader apparatus
Optical memory and logic using cross-switches
Growing degree unit meter and method
Mounting apparatus for an electronic device
Card payment method for service charge concerning to physical distribution or transportation
Architecture for the rapid creation of telephony services in a next generation network
Method and system for providing controllable enhanced call service features at mobile locations
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor and a printer including a capping mechan...
Method for parity analysis and remedy calculation
Information apparatus with phone function, ring history processing method and program
Method of fabricating organic electroluminescence display device
Head-mounted display
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Active matrix type display apparatus method for driving the same, and display element
Simulated stained glass modular electroluminescent articles
Sound-scale generation device and time-announcing clock
Driving circuit and display comprising the same
Ganglioside-KLH conjugate vaccines plus QS-21
Light-emitting device and optical transmission unit
Guide for solid ink stick feed
Warning light for an image producing machine
Method and apparatus for reducing the intermediate alphabet occurring between cascaded finite state ...
Hybrid electrophotographic development with toner induction charged via AC induced conductivity
Image coding apparatus and method
System for automatically installing digital printers on a network
Imaging apparatus with multiple local clocks for readout from a large number of photosensors
Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method
Increased temporal flexibility when performing/applying/reverting calibration for a printer output d...
Method for imaging multiple sets of an electronic document on one or more image forming devices
Valve for aerosol container
Atomization device with lateral actuation
Devices and methods for treatment of incontinence
Apparatus and technique for measuring permeability and permeant sorption
Flexible rubber curb
Ambulatory hairdryer
Targeted timed reset fault indicator
Neutrophil inhibitors
Determination of layer thickness or non-uniformity of layer thickness based on fluorophore additives
Construction of environmental and water-permeable paving
Mobile recycle bin stacker
Apparatus and method of separating medium-sized materials from garbage for collection
Seasoning recovery and recycle
Imaging apparatus, imaging optical unit, and imaging system
Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Microscan guidance
Printer-incorporated electronic still camera and printing method for optical printer
Method and device for detecting and analyzing the reception behavior of people
Image sensing method, image sensing apparatus, lens control method therefor, and storage medium
Electronic endoscope system with color-balance alteration process
Solid-state image pickup element including a thinning method to discharge unnecessary image data
System and method for establishing and controlling an on-demand teleconference by a remote computer
Solid state image pickup device and its driving method using two different periods
Photoelectric converting device
Electronic equipment for loading thereon a recording medium employing a solid-state memory element
Systems and methods for time slicing a focal plane to compensate for dim targets in an optical track...
Ferroelectric memory device and control method thereof
Decentralized power management system for integrated circuit using local power management units that...
Computing environment having secure storage device
Method of self-synchronization of configurable elements of a programmable unit
Microprocessor employing a fixed position dispatch unit
Partial block data programming and reading operations in a non-volatile memory
Formulations of steroid solutions for inhalatory administration
Method of determining therapeutic activity and/or possible side-effects of a medicament
Diagnostic method for detecting dysplastic epithelial tissue
Oxygen carrier system, artificial oxygen carrier, and reducing agent
System configured for applying multiple modifying agents to a substrate
Multi-step process for etching photomasks
Interactive printer
Method of referring to digital watermark information embedded in a mark image
Routing networks for use with watermark systems
Network traffic data collection and query
Efficient implementation of an index structure for multi-column bi-directional searches
Method and system for automatic association of a signed certificate with a certificate signing reque...
CAM phaser and DOD coordination for engine torque control
Method and device for equalizing the filling of the cylinders of a multi-cylinder internal combustio...
Engine valve actuation control and method
Outboard motor
Internal combustion engine with hydraulic device for adjusting the rotation angle of a camshaft in r...
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing control device
Diamond 129 facets
Cascaded hidden Markov model for meta-state estimation
Sound critical points retrieving apparatus and method, sound reproducing apparatus and sound signal ...
Sound actuated display device incorporating vibratory-rotary motion converter
Web-based network monitoring tool
Multiportal device and method for percutaneous surgery
Game oriented promotional card
Method of playing single or multiple hand twenty-one card game
Method for ophthalmic administration of medicament
Regulation of human serine-threonine protein kinase
Prostaglandin compounds for the treatment of obesity
Methods for treating dermatological and other health-related conditions in a patient
Compositions and treatments for inhibiting kinase and/or HMG-CoA reductase
Metabolites of (+)-(2S,3S)-3(2-methoxy-5- trifluoromethoxybenzylamino)-2-p- henyl-piperidine
Sulfonamides and uses thereof
Amide derivatives as kinase modulators
Anti-neurodegenerative agents
Tetracyclic lactam derivatives and uses thereof
New derivatives of amidines, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical comp...
Methods and compositions for the non-surgical removal of fat
Compositions and methods for inhibiting bone resorption
Urea antagonists of P2Y1 receptor useful in the treatment of thrombotic conditions
Oligoribonucleotides for the treatment of irritative or inflammatory skin symptoms through RNA inter...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of interleukin and interleukin receptor gene expression using s...
Self-serve patient check-in and preventive services kiosk
Method and system for providing medical decision support
Restrictive and/or obstructive implant for inducing weight loss
Apparatus and method to inject fluids into bone marrow and other target sites
High-Aspect-Ratio Microdevices and Methods for Transdermal Delivery and Sampling of Active Substance...
Method and system for processing neuro-electrical waveform signals
Disease risk evaluation tool and method
Seizure therapy method and apparatus
Aminosterol compounds useful as inhibitors of the sodium/proton exchanger (NHE), pharmaceutical meth...
Pyrrolidine and thiazolidine compounds
Novel human lipase and polynucleotides encoding the same
Process for decreasing adiposity using vitamin A as a dietary supplement
Methods of using rapid-onset selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for treating sexual dysfunction
Method of increasing endogenous adiponectin and leptin production
Cyclohexylurea compounds
Medicine for prevention or treatment of diabetes
Dihydrobenzofuranyl alkanamine derivatives and methods for using same
Network access using reverse proxy
Goal based system utilizing an activity table
Intelligent control for process optimization and parts maintenance
Model-free adaptation of a process controller
Method and apparatus to discover services and negotiate capabilities
Self validating security documents utilizing watermarks
Methods and systems for verification of interference devices
Document monitoring method
Techniques to prevent leakage of fluorescing signals through print media or indicia tape
Desktop printable file folder blank and filing system
Coin displaying book
Fullerene derivatives and their metal complexes
Method of routing HTTP and FTP services across heterogeneous networks
Conversational networking via transport, coding and control conversational protocols
Point to multi-point communications system
Device and method for swapping out a part of a service logic program
Method and system for skills-based planning and scheduling in a workforce contact center environment
Method of creating scripts by translating agent/customer conversations
Radio communication device comprising a power extraction unit
Private wireless network integrated with public wireless network
Hierarchical call control with selective broadcast audio messaging system
Method and apparatus for controlling a network device
Calling party announcement apparatus
Method, system and telecommunication node for alternative prepaid support
Method and apparatus for impairment diagnosis in communication systems
Method and apparatus for detecting echo cancellers
Method and device for suppressing noise in telephone devices
Cordless telephone-to-sound card interface adapter having a hybrid transformer circuit
Multi-media communication system having programmable speed dial control indicia
Fault tolerant telephony control
System and method for observing calls to a call center
Integrated chat client with calling party choice