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Distinctive call waiting based on a redirecting number
Feedback to calling communication device on call connected with intelligent network signaling
Customized alerts for incoming data messages
System and method for identifying redirected calls
System and method for interfacing plain old telephone system (POTS) devices with cellular devices in...
Systems and methods for call processing
Calling party ringtone selection in telephone system
System and method for managing incoming telephone calls
Method of managing trunk and querying and ascertaining ring-back sound to provide ring-back sound in...
Personal data sharing system in telephone network
Call forwarding methods and apparatus
System and method for identifying a callee of an incoming telephone call
Personal dial tone service with personalized call waiting
Incoming call indicator
Method and apparatus enabling a calling telephone handset to choose a ringing indication(s) to be pl...
Urgency of call indication to called party through distinctive notification
Distinctive call waiting alert and management device
Telephone incoming signal discriminator
Telephone identification calling apparatus and procedures
Voice over internet protocol telephone system and method
System and method for identifying and announcing a caller and a callee of an incoming telephone call
Apparatus and an accompanying method for use in a long-haul echo control device for detecting change...
Technique for use in an echo canceller for providing enhanced voice performance for mobile-to-mobile...
Antihalation compositions
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for making a printing plate
Photosensitive resin composition
Low-temperature curable photosensitive compositions
Low-temperature curable photosensitive compositions
Photoresist composition for deep UV and process thereof
Resist material for liquid immersion lithography process and method for forming resist pattern using...
Sheet with anti-counterfeit functions and manufacturing method for same, article, authentication car...
Genes for controlling floral development in orchid
Cellulose synthase encoding polynucleotides and uses thereof
Glycopegylated erythropoietin
Functional device and method for producing the same
Proteins capable of binding to female sex hormones and process for producing the same
Films having multilayer heterostructure, process for producing the same and optical devices using th...
Low-glycemic alcoholic beverages and methods for making same
Nanoparticulate compositions of tubulin inhibitor compounds
Compositions comprising azelastine and methods of use thereof
Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
Manufacturing process of rare earth activated alkaline earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor
Sensor and image pickup device
Sewer system
Methods for removing metals from water
Method and device for the purification, especially desalination, of water
Materials and methods for processing non-aqueous mixtures
Sewage treatment apparatus and method thereof
Method of preparing granulated sugar from an aqueous sugar solution containing monovalent and polyva...
Pleated multi-layer filter media and cartridge
Water condenser
Mono azo dyes
Gallium nitride compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Composites and composite membranes
Electrical connection structure, production method thereof, and electric wiring method
Apparatus for preparing a fluid for a medical procedure
Free atom aqueous solution producing apparatus, free-atom aqueous solution producing method, and fre...
Method and apparatus for metal removal ion exchange
Cross flow filtration materials and cartridges
Method and apparatus for treating water or wastewater to reduce organic and hardness contamination
Black ink for inkjet recording
Apparatus for treating a fluid to increase oxygen concentration and reduce surface tension
Chemically-impregnated silicate agents for mercury control
Audio system conducting digital signal processing, a control method thereof, a recording media on wh...
Keyboard musical instrument having easily installable optical position transducer with coupler for c...
Hybrid wind instrument selectively producing acoustic tones and electric tones and electronic system...
Music tuner
Ring mute
Portable pedal extension, step, footrest, and briefcase for small pianists
Electrophoretic dispersion, electrophoretic display device, method of manufacturing electrophoretic ...
Process for the preparation of highly purified, dialkyl phosphinic acids
Production process for product of dehydration reaction and apparatus used for the production
Non-aqueous coating material which is thermally hardenable or hardenable in a thermal manner and by ...
Facing material with controlled porosity for construction boards
Material for treating acidic waste water
Organic-inorganic composite
Low dust wall repair compound
Method and system for treating exhaust gas from cement manufacturing equipment
Panel-mounted, low voltage terminal
Apparatus for capping wide web reclosable fasteners
Method and apparatus for monitoring substances
Apparatus for moving objects
Cement compositions containing coarse barite, process for making same and methods of cementing in a ...
Apparatus for casting dental prosthesis
Jointing compound or plaster for construction elements and its method of preparation
Method for applying asbestos digestion chemical to asbestos-containing materials
Method for the controlled radical polymerisation of acrylic acid and the salts thereof, polymers thu...
Flame retardant rubber composition, rubber articles and wire covering materials
Use of water-soluble polymers as auxiliary drying agents for the production of polymer dispersing ag...
Antimicrobial preparations for building materials
Crosslinking of carboxylated nitrile polymers with organo functional silanes: a curable plasticizer ...
Water-swellable clay mineral laminated powder, dye/water-swellable clay mineral complex and composit...
Fire extinguishing mixtures, methods and systems
Load leveling and electrolysis system
Rocker paddle switch with articulated cam driver
Drilling and cementing with fluids containing zeolite
Glycol-functional siloxane mixture
Mid-kiln injection of waste-derived materials
Depth stop device
Modular radiant heat panel system
Multi-tiered image clustering by event
Wireless digital image capture device with biometric readers
Integral spacer dots for touch screen
Effects module for a camera and printer assembly
Digital copier with image scanner apparatus and offline image data and control data interface
Method of setting background picture in image printer having display unit
Work area transform in a graphical user interface
Data processing device, print setting processing method, storage device for storing computer-readabl...
Data processing apparatus, print setting processing method, storing medium storing computer-readable...
Ornamental medicine alarm timer slipper
Shoe footbed system and method with interchangeable cartridges
Shoe footbed system with interchangeable cartridges
Removably attachable decoration for footwear
Method and apparatus for having video in a two-way radio
Method for communications and game device
Portable radio device
Apparatus and method for controlling battery power in a digital multimedia broadcasting terminal
Apparatus and method for a full-duplex speakerphone using a digital automobile radio and a cellular ...
USSD-facilitated call setup for push to talk over cellular (PoC) services
Method and apparatus for transmitting SMS message between mobile communication network and WLAN and ...
Mobile terminal apparatus and transmission power control method
Method for managing radio resources and radio system
Radio resource control method in mobile communication system, and mobile communication system
Radio controller, server and mobile communication method
Radio communication apparatus or mobile station
Method for performing dual mode image rejection calibration in a receiver
Radio-controlled timepiece
Receiver circuit unit for radio controlled toys
Wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for manipulating pre-sterilized components in an active sterile field
Method and user device for reproducing a data file
Synchronizer, method of synchronizing signals and MIMO transceiver employing the same
Variety of Dahlia named 'HAM02'
Variety of Dahlia named 'Ham01'
Peach tree named 'Carolina gold'
Inbred corn line PHAPT
Inbred corn line PHEJW
Inbred corn line phene
Soybean variety XB27J06
Soybean variety XB26R06
Soybean variety XB29N06
Soybean variety XB28T06
Soybean variety XB16W06
Soybean variety XB47Q06
Soybean variety XB18C06
Lettuce variety designated "Sturgis"
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Epitope identification and modification for reduced allergenic activity in proteins targeted for tra...
Expression cassettes for seed-preferential expression in plants
Enzymes involved in triterpene synthesis
Transposon genes of rice, transformed plant and method of use
High-efficiency spectral purity filter for EUV lithography
Apparatus and method for manufacturing thin film electrode of hydrous ruthenium oxide
Nano-crystalline, homo-metallic, protective coatings
Implementation of fast data processing with mixed-signal and purely digital 3D-flow processing boars
Graphical interface for receiving eyeglass prescription information
Method for altering a protocol in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Sheet-shaped medium, method and apparatus for determination of genuineness or counterfeitness of the...
Memory device with applications software for releasable connection to a host computer
Healthcare personal area identification network method and system
SQL-based Naïve Bayes model building and scoring
Automated extension for generation of cross references in a knowledge base
Intelligent query re-execution
User interface system for maintaining organization related information for use in supporting organiz...
Automatic hierarchical classification of temporal ordered case log documents for detection of change...
Nuclear decommissioning insurance financial product and method
Integrated interactive service to a plurality of medical diagnostic systems
Projection electron beam lithography apparatus and method employing an estimator
Biometric quality control process
Method of identifying changes in biopolymers
Method and system for analyzing site-specific growth factors limiting production
Semiconductror fabricating apparatus
Method for modeling an implant and an implant manufactured by the method
Programming system for medical devices
Method and apparatus for a data source device with shared storage for a plurality of clients
Information providing system, information providing method, information processing apparatus, inform...
Personal digital assistant
Arrangements enabling an audience to replay a presentation
Personal medication dispenser
Folding digital scale
Optical storage medium
CYT28 serpentine receptor disruptions, compositions and methods relating thereto
Delta opioid receptor disruptions, compositions and methods related thereto
Novel culture systems for ex vivo development
Method and system to edit and analyze longitudinal personal health data using a web-based applicatio...
Computer systems and methods that use clinical and expression quantitative trait loci to associate g...
Novel enhanced multiple viscosity liner
Adjustable knee tibial trial insert
Modular total elbow prosthesis, instruments and associated method
Mobile bearing total elbow prosthesis, humeral component, and associated method
Glenoid prosthesis and method of implanting same
Metallic prosthetic implant for use in minimally invasive acromio-clavicular shoulder joint hemi-art...
Intervertebral implant with conformable endplate
Articulating spinal disc prosthetic
Spinal plug for a minimally invasive facet joint fusion system
Implant device used in minimally invasive facet joint hemi-arthroplasty
Minimally invasive facet joint hemi-arthroplasty
Minimally invasive facet joint fusion
Methods of promoting healing of cartilage defects and method of causing stem cells to differentiate ...
Implantable vascular device comprising a bioabsorbable frame
Medical implant systems
Medical device for thermally affecting tissue having an inflatable circumferential stiffening member
LVTSCR charge pump converter circuit
Power supply circuit with control of rise characteristics of output voltage
Solar modules with a transparent polyurethane front side and a process for producing same
Power savings in a voltage supply controlled according to a work capability operating mode of an int...
Adaptive dual-slope frequency controller for adjusting power conversion
Switching mode voltage regulator and method thereof
Voltage regulator and electronic device
System and method for communicating with a voltage regulator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Hot swap power delivery circuit
Underload tapchanging voltage regulators for ease of field replacement and for improved operator saf...
Method for reducing the cost of voltage regulation circuitry in switch mode power supplies
Boost switching power supply
Method and apparatus for a hybrid battery configuration for use in an electric or hybrid electric mo...
Battery energy balance circuit and battery charging bypass circuit
Rechargeable toothbrush having a sealed position and an open position for exposing a contact element...
Automotive power supply system designed to ensure stability in charging storage batteries
Power source device for electric motor
Apparatus for controlling power factor compensation in inverter control circuit and method thereof
Electric power steering apparatus
Method of soft-starting a switching power supply having time-based pulse triggering control
Method and apparatus for streaming data using rotating cryptographic keys
Adjustable routing device for routing jumpers from jumper raceways
Gaming device having a game with a functional refractive light display
System for and method of capturing a player's image for incorporation into a game
Dual compression contact and interposer connector comprising same
System to provide a player with the ability to reserve a wild indicia for use in one or more subsequ...
Field effect transistor memory cell, memory device and method for manufacturing a field effect trans...
Method for producing self-assembled objects comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions...
Carbon fiber for a fuel cell having catalytic metal supported thereon
Method and system for remote wireless video surveillance
Method and system for determining state-of-health of a nickel-metal hydride battery using an intelli...
System and method for diagnosing aircraft components for maintenance purposes
Intelligent multi-media display communication system
Mesh network mobile unit with positioning system
Pixel arrangement for organic electronic devices
Imaging system monitored or controlled to ensure fidelity of file captured
Data acquisition and display system and method
Concentric phased arrays symmetrically oriented on the spacecraft bus for yaw-independent navigation
GPS carrier phase measurement representation and method of use
Method and system for projecting dynamic parking availability based on an ongoing survey for remote ...
Reporting regulator for managing a gas transportation system
System and method for monitoring the operational condition of a motor vehicle
Test patterns for optical measurements on multiple binary gratings
Variable ratio torque converter
Uninterruptible power system
Mobile electrical power source
Efficiently supporting interrupts
Method for storing data in a write-once memory array using a write-many file system
Method for backing up power supply of disk array device and system thereof
Method and apparatus for mapping memory addresses to corresponding cache entries
Circuit for recording digital waveform data and method of doing the same
Mapping of hosts to logical storage units and data storage ports in a data processing system
Caching for context switching applications
Masterless building block binding to partitions using identifiers and indicators
Method and system for supporting multiple cache configurations
Burst write in a non-volatile memory device
Method for measuring memory latency in a hierarchical memory system
Reading data provided to a remote storage device
Techniques for improved transaction processing
Method, system, and program for restoring data in cache
Backup system and method thereof in disk shared file system
Memory arbiter with intelligent page gathering logic
Method and system for providing a multi-channel interleaver/deinterleaver using SDRAM
Method and system for scheduled activation of system information tables in digital transport streams
Memory configuration for a wireless communications device
Method and apparatus for aligning memory write data in a microprocessor
Security for logical unit in storage subsystem
Directory-based cache coherency scheme for reducing memory bandwidth loss
Method and apparatus for recommending selections based on preferences in a multi-user system
Tracking and gesture recognition system particularly suited to vehicular control applications
Skateboard rail
Bobble head shaker
Levitating ball toy
Flying device for IR flying target representation
Casino card game
Infant feeding and entertainment support
Helical ramp life-preserver
Rail car with cantilevered articulation
Articulated bending mechanism for legged mobile robot and the legged mobile robot
Adaptive TV program recommender
Automated assistant for organizing electronic documents
Device controller
Event based system for use within the creation and implementation of educational simulations
Dynamical methods for solving large-scale discrete and continuous optimization problems
System, method and computer product for incremental improvement of algorithm performance during algo...
Method and apparatus for multidomain data analysis
Semiconductor device having a pair of heat sinks and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for training using a human interaction simulator
Methods of treating medical conditions by neuromodulation of the sympathetic nervous system
Human G-Protein Chemokine Receptor (CCR5) HDGNR10
Treating wasting disorders with selective androgen receptor modulators
Fused cyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor funct...
Salts of N-[2-({(3R)-1-[trans-4-hydroxy-4-(6-methoxypyridin-3-yl)-cyclohex- yl]pyrrolidin-3-yl}amino...
Salts of N-(4-fluorobenzyl)-N-(1-methylpiperidin-4-yl)-N'-(4-(2-methylprop- yloxy)phenylmethyl)carba...
Methods and compositions for treating diseases associated with excesses in ACE
Azaindoles as inhibitors of c-jun n-terminal kinases
Heterocyclic aspartyl protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutical use of substituted amides
Combination therapy using an 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitor and an antihyperte...
Substituted biaryl quinolin-4-ylamine analogues
Indazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods for mediating or inhibiting cell prolif...
Agent for treating eye diseases
Treatment of inflammatory, non-infectious, autoimmune, vasculitic, degenerative vascular, host-v-gra...
Methods and compositions for therapeutic treatment
Methods and compositions for treating pain
Methods for preventing and treating alzheimer's disease
Compositions and methods of using Alpha-fetoprotein growth inhibitory peptides
Wireless breach detection
Gastric stimulation anchor and method
Instantaneous ultrasonic measurement of bladder volume
Wireless breach detection
Musical personal trainer
Title of the invention n-cyclohexylaminocarbonyl benzensulfonmide derivatives
Novel proteins and nucleic acids encoded thereby
Compositions and methods for treating alzheimer's disease and related disorders and promoting a heal...
Novel carboxylic acids and derivatives for the treatment of and preventing diabetes and dyslipidaemi...
Use of methyl pyruvate to increase cellular energy production downstream of glycolysis for the PARP-...
Cathepsin cysteine protease inhibitors
Asymmetric synthesis of substituted dihydrobenzofurans
Compositions for treating or preventing obesity and insulin resistance disorders
Thiophene carboxanmides as inhibitors of the enzyme ikk-2
Novel compounds
Combination of an dpp-iv inhibitor and a ppar-alpha compound
Azabicyclo derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Safety mountaineering rope and manufacturing method therefor
Methods and systems for screening input strings intended for use by web servers
Evidence-based security policy manager
System and method of inserting advertisements into an information retrieval system display
Module-by-module verification
Method and system for remote automation of object oriented applications
Method, system, and program for implementing a remote method call
System and method for isolating applications from each other
Method and apparatus for polling multiple sockets with a single thread and handling events received ...
Methods and apparatus for monitoring a lower priority process by a higher priority process
Generic application server and method of operation therefor
Code image distribution in a multi-node network of processors
Externalized classloader information for application servers
Method and apparatus for initializing romized system classes at virtual machine build time
Diagnostic tool for a plurality of networked computers with incident escalator and relocation of inf...
Autonomic graphical partitioning
Delay estimation using edge specific miller capacitances
Distributed infiniband verification protocol
Method and apparatus for detection and isolation during large scale circuit verification
System and method for building a test case including a summary of instructions
Method for generating reusable behavioral code
Window display device and method, and a recording medium recording a window display control program
Novel fluorosilane condensation products, their preparation and use for surface modification
Method for the preparation of olefin polymerization catalysts
Composition to reduce adhesion between a conformable region and a mold
Substituted 5-oxo pyrazoles and [1,2,4]triazoles as antiviral agents
Substituted 5-carboxyamide pyrazoles and [1,2,4]triazoles as antiviral agents
Method to reduce adhesion between a conformable region and a mold
Supplied air helmet having a knitted face seal
Novel imidazopyrazines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Pure-chirality carbon nanotubes and methods
Supplied air helmet having face seal with differentiated permeability
Frictionally engaged supplied air helmet face seal
Novel regulatory regions
Photoactivatable two-stage protective groups for the synthesis of biopolymers
Deprotection and purification of oligonucleotides and their derivatives
Human SDF-5 protein and compositions
Process for the preparation of crystalline form II of clarithromycin
Preventives/remedies for neurodegenerative diseases
Rapid two-step synthesis of anti-coagulants
5-nitro-nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Composition comprising triterpene saponins and compounds with angeloyl functional group, methods for...
Chalcomycin derivatives
Metabolites of certain [1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-ij]quinoline derivatives and methods of preparation and ...
Blood factor domains
Acetylated protein
Metabolically inert antifolates for treating disorders of abnormal cellular proliferation and inflam...
Red and near infrared flourescent phyotochrome
Methods and materials for the synthesis of organic products
Docosahexaenoic acid producing strains of Yarrowia lipolytica
Cytokine designated 4-1BB ligand and human receptor that binds thereto
Plants made insect resistant by transformation with a nucleic acid encoding a modified Cry1Ab protei...
Gibberellin 3β-hydroxylase genes of rice and uses thereof
Transgenic plants carrying neoxanthin cleavage enzyme gene
Carbon dioxide compatible non-aqueous crosslinked fracturing fluids and methods for their use
Extractive methods for purifying sucralose
Derivatives of hyaluronan
Glucosamine and method of making glucosamine from microbial biomass
Oligonucleotides having alkylphosphonate linkages and methods for their preparation
Antisense antibacterial cell division composition and method
Method of treating HIV infection and related secondary infections thereof
Mutations of the 5′ region of the human 5-HT1A gene
HCV variants
Genetic sequences encoding dominant-negative chalcone synthase and uses therefore
Transgenic animals for producing specific isotypes of human antibodies via non-cognate switch region...
Methods and compositions utilizing an alternative splice variant of the sigma-1 receptor
Genes from the 20Q13 amplicon and their uses
Use of the RTX secretion system to achieve heterologous polypeptide secretion by Vibrio cholerae ...
Tumor necrosis related receptor, TR7
Trichothecene-resistant transgenic plants
Connection box stabilizer
Tool having an adjustable curved working surface and a method for using the tool
Metal framing strut with coiled end portions
Educational tools and methods for demonstrating enhanced performance characteristics of a textile pr...
System and method for automatically administering a test, analysing test results and formulating stu...
Apparatus for enhancing visualization of mechanical stress
Ski training apparatus and method
Verbal-visual framework method
System and method for teaching spelling
Initial teaching alphabet for teaching phonetics
System and method for programmatically evaluating and aiding a person learning a new language
System and method for performing programmatic language learning tests and evaluations
Method, apparatus and kit for demonstrating the use of absorbent products
Method of student course and space scheduling
System and method for providing educational content over a network
Method and apparatus for customizing lesson plans
Systems and methods for creating and providing educational materials
Study aid
Infant speech and language development chair
Apparatus for practicing ophthalmologic surgical techniques
Rosary keepsake Urn
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
System and method for assessing psychological traits
Early speech development system
Computer workstation resource usage monitoring system
Indole derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Film comprising a gas barrier layer
Processed tomato products and process for preparing the same
Edible fat/oil composition
High PUFA oil compositions
Active oxygen eliminator derived from natural substance and use thereof
Unique method of baking Parmesan cheese and creating a variety of resulting products
Novel compositions comprising carotenoids
Foaming ingredient and products containing the ingredient
Apparatus for and method of making a frozen confectionery product
Shaped snacks made from baked dough crumbs
Cooking oil antioxidant composition, method of preparation and use
Yeast-cream-dosing device and method
Formula digestible milk
Method of processing food patties
Tumbler for marinating food product
Method for preparing dried alpha-rice by vacuum drying
Capsule with sealing means
Antimicrobial solutions and process related thereto
Immersion tube antimicrobial treatment
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast si...
Interactive television program guide with selectable languages
Program guide display controller and television receiver
Automatic taxi manager
Method for generating an animated three-dimensional video head
Image processing system and method for image segmentation using intensity contrast and depth contras...
Image coding method and apparatus and image decoding method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Image comparison apparatus, image comparison method, and program for causing computer to execute ima...
Digital noise reduction techniques
Method of correcting image data picked up from photographic film
Mobile video system
Assembled housing of a rear projection television
Equipment and techniques for increasing the dynamic range of a projection system
Method and device for compensating picture quality of projection type display
Display device with cooperative color filters
Digital/analog common tuner
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32B33
Inbred maize line 413A
Soybean cultivar 4442112
Soybean cultivar 2386009
Soybean variety XB64C04
Soybean cultivar 0491717
Soybean cultivar 94115826
Method of inducing gene expression in plant and the plant treated thereby
Commercial production of proteases in plants
Transgenic bioluminescent plants
Methods of enucleating an avian oocyte or zygote using two-photon laser scanning microscopy
Parallel computer network and method for telecommunications network simulation to route calls and co...
System and method for providing learning material
System and method for feature location and tracking in multiple dimensions including depth
Spatial referenced photographic system with navigation arrangement
Method for as-needed, pseudo-random, computer-generated environments
Optical fiber probe for position measurement
Servo controlling device and method
Compound angled pad end-effector
System, methods and apparatus for managing a weapon system
Image transmission device and method, transmitting device and method, receiving device and method, a...
Dynamic controller for controlling a system
Method and apparatus for mapping platform-based design to multiple foundry processes
System and method for handling out-of-order data supplied by a real-time feed
Method and system for allowing customization of remote data collection in the event of a system erro...
Logical volume mount manager
Entry locking for large data structures
System and method for integrating directory servers
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
Embedded database for computer system management
Method of linking on-line data to printed documents
Server system and method for automatic storage and retrieval system
Information intermediary apparatus, information management apparatus, and information communication ...
Automatically creating mailing address directory in an image communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for scalable handling of non-tree structures in parser tree reconstruction
Graph algorithm for common neighborhood analysis
Automatic generation of programmable logic device architectures
Asynchronous messaging using a node specialization architecture in the dynamic routing network
Multimedia search system
System and method for providing multimedia messaging service (MMS) ringing images on mobile calls
Multimedia augmented call coverage
Mobile education center
Annotations for multiple versions of media content
Portable multimedia player
Method of combining multimedia files
Carriageable multimedia receiver
Water screen
Apparatus and method for efficiently fabricating, dismantling and storing a porous tubular windblown...
Vibration-proof construction method
Composite masonry block
Shoring device
Guide device in an offshore drilling installation
Flexible grid and predominantly concrete mat employing same
Channel element for road drainage gutter
Method for producing purpose-made blocks, a device therefor and a purpose-made block
Method for preparing toothpaste using a specific sorbitol syrup, and sorbitol syrup
Calibration standards, methods, and kits for water determination
Mutant-type lipases and applications thereof
Disposable cutting sheet
Meat label
Method for freezing edible marine animals
High lignan flaxseed product and product by process
Kinetic beverage for delivery of physiologically active substances
Steam heater
Method and apparatus for processing vegetables
Process for antimicrobial treatment of fresh produce, particularly mushrooms
Soybean phosphopeptide calcium and method for producing thereof
Methods and compositions for control of coccidiosis
Methods of diagnosing and treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and SIBO-related con...
Dendrimer fluid purification system and method
Method for treatment of aqueous streams comprising biosolids
Continuous feeding and decompressing device and method
Automated laterally offset retractable food dislodgement or guiding mechanisms and associated method...
Methods of operating a food waste disposer having a variable speed motor
Food grade conveyor
Marinating food tumbler apparatus
Excisable pharmaceutical label
Reflective display
Apparatus and method for printing an information-based indicia program (IBIP) postage in a printer d...
Method and apparatus for orienting magnetic flakes
Method and apparatus for encoding paper with information
Wristband/label assembly business form and method
Duplex carton label/packing list
Foil-form soldering metal and method for processing the same
Creep resistant magnesium alloy
Electric resistance-welded steel pipe for hollow stabilizer
Vehicular audio system and electromagnetic transducer assembly for use therein
Methods and apparatus for use in detecting seismic waves in a borehole
Assembly and method for aircraft engine noise reduction
System and method for preparing, executing, and securely managing electronic documents
Secure software distribution and installation
Self-authentication of value documents using digital signatures
System and method for interfacing a software process to secure repositories
Remote system to configure management center of point of sale terminals
Method for providing real-time conversations among business partners
Workflow integration system for enterprise wide electronic collaboration
System and method for maintaining customer privacy
Method for obtaining a black box for performing decryption and encryption functions in a digital rig...
System and methods providing secure delivery of licenses and content
Method and apparatus for delivering electronic data through a proxy server
Universal merchant platform for payment authentication
System and method for merchant function assumption of internet checking and savings account transact...
Electronic purchase system and method thereof
System for computing probability distribution of loan losses
Investment portfolio construction method and system
Personal financial management system, method and program using a graphical object-oriented programmi...
Method for linking accounts corresponding to different products together to create a group
Method and apparatus for displaying higher color resolution on a hand-held LCD device
Image processing method, video game apparatus and storage medium
Automated system for playing casino games having changeable displays and play monitoring security fe...
Networked gaming devices using bonus token to effectuate bonus awards
Bayesian scoring
Wireless transmission apparatus
Portable terminal device with power saving information processing
Vehicular, hands-free telephone system
Method for controlling beam formation in a mobile radio communication system and a base station ther...
Variable diversity transmission in a radio communications system based on characteristics of a recei...
Hardware structure for a transmission/reception device for mobile radio applications, and method for...
Method to perform downlink power control in packet switching cellular systems with dynamic allocatio...
Locating method and system
Method and system for transmitting, receiving and collecting information related to a plurality of w...
Method and device for managing mobile telephone messages
Weather radio with channel acquisition system
Radio frequency tranceiver
Method and apparatus for securely enabling a radio communication unit from standby mode
AGC circuit of an FM receiver that reduces interference while maintaining high reception sensitivity
Security device for guarding a vehicle
Method of generating ring tones using melody and communication terminal apparatus
Data transmission method
In-band adjacent-channel digital audio broadcasting system
Adaptive equalization of digital modulating signal recovered from amplitude-modulated signal subject...
Ligands and catalyst systems thereof for ethylene oligomerisation to linear alpha olefins
Settling aids for solids in hydrocarbons
Membrane separation for sulfur reduction
Method and apparatus for treating oxygenate-containing feeds and their use in conversion of oxygenat...
Anoxic reaction apparatus and process for obtaining an anoxic reaction therein
Process for pyrolysis of hydrocarbon
Exposure device
Forensic visualization and recording apparatus
Camera with movable lens barrel
Optical element retracting mechanism for a photographing lens
Waterproof case for portable device
Zoom lens barrel
Camera system with computer language interpreter
Image sensing apparatus
Three way video camera base
Camera actuator
Aziridine derivatives and their preparation methods
Process for preparation of benzylpiperidine compounds
Isolation of lectins
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-5
HIV inhibiting N-aminoimidazole derivatives
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
ATM inhibitors
Compositions of CPG and saponin adjuvants and uses thereof
Glucagon-like peptide-2 and its therapeutic use
Vaccinia virus MVA-E3L-knockout-mutants and use thereof
KCNQ5, a novel potassium channel
Redirection of cellular immunity by receptor chimeras
Stress-responsive induction of a therapeutic agent and methods of use
Deoxyribonuclease, gene encoding same and use thereof
Inactivation of West Nile virus and malaria using photosensitizers
Method of vaccination comprising linear and circular expression elements
Polynucleotides encoding a novel human G-protein coupled receptor splice variant HGPRBMY29sv1
14815, a human kinase family member and uses therefor
Method and apparatus for computing a primary path while allowing for computing an alternate path by ...
Environment adaptation for speech recognition in a speech communication system
Controlling a destination terminal from an originating terminal
Digital radio communications apparatus
Context transfer systems and methods in support of mobility
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for facilitating a billing point of interconnection in a telec...
Mobile computing devices having rotationally exposed user interface devices
Foldable satellite receiver assembly
Sound producing device for an electronic instrument such as a telephone
Programmable subscriber line circuit partitioned into high voltage interface and digital control sub...
Double talk, NLP and comfort noise
Echo canceler coefficient update apparatus and method
Telephone line interface circuit and method
Telephone set and response method to incoming call
Telephone wire distribution center
DTMF signal transmission method and communication apparatus
Portable ramp
Bulk item cart
Mechanic's creeper with tool trays
Garbage can
Trash can
Paint brush clip
Portion for a floor cleaner foot
Feature of an upper portion of an upright vacuum cleaner
Cabinet for drum type washing machine
Upper housing of a floor care appliance
Combination wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Water filter vacuum cleaner
Body of vacuum cleaner
Backpack canister vacuum cleaner
Pressure washer
Shoe for dogs
Show blanket for horses
Reversible, waffled saddle pad
Pet feeding station
Occupant classification sense element
High-voltage electrical equipment case arranging structure
Snow removal flap
Electric servo-assisted steering system for motor vehicles
External shaft low floor drive axle assembly
Vehicle protection apparatus at collision time
Slew rate revlimiter
Weight classification system
Control device for vehicle power steering
Power distribution control apparatus of four-wheel drive vehicle
Method for measuring the absolute steering angle of steering shaft for vehicle
Motorcycle including a unique frame and drive unit
Method and system for guiding and positioning a self-propelled vehicle with sequential barcodes
Driver's cab for a work vehicle
Vehicle occupant sensing system having sensors with formed terminals
Flow controlling apparatus
Power transmission arrangement of a working vehicle and transmission for the working vehicle
Running mower
Methods and system for providing a public key fingerprint list in a PK system
Data watermarks created by using an uneven sampling period
Apparatus and computer-recording medium for evaluation support of encryption algorithm strength
System, method and article of manufacture for providing cryptographic services utilizing a network
Location-based security for a portable computer
Object oriented mechanism for dynamically constructing customized implementations to enforce restric...
Remote control communication including secure synchronization
User-assisted programmable appliance control
System and method for services access
Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and providing medium
Method and apparatus for synthesizing or modifying a copy protection signal using a lowered signal l...
Storage medium and method and apparatus for separately protecting data in different areas of the sto...
Image data protection technique
Persistance and recovery of security keys
Client controlled data recovery management
Apparatus and methods for inserting and detecting electronic watermark
System for processing an information signal
Detachable cleat system
Cleat for footwear
Step-in snowshoe binding system
Sole for article of footwear for sand surfaces
Disposable shoe insert
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
High heel shoe cushion system
Article of footwear having an upper with a polymer layer
Composite insoles with natural pile layer
Calcium carbonate imaging technique
Pneumococcal surface protein C (PspC), epitopic regions and strain selection thereof, and uses there...
Human anti-factor IX/IXa antibodies
Antibody reactive with a protein having pre-B cell growth-supporting ability
Insulin/IGF/relaxin family polypeptides and DNAS thereof
Melanocortin metallopeptide constructs, combinatorial libraries and applications
Resorbable structure for treating and healing of tissue defects
Swollen hydrogel for sphincter augmentation
Fat-binding polymers
Composition for the treatment of diseases which affect animals' hooves
Compositions and formulations of 9-nitrocamptothecin polymorphs and methods of use therefor
Colon cleansing composition and method
Peptide and osteogenetic accelerator
Essential downstream component of the wingless signaling pathway and therapeutic and diagnostic appl...
Color and shape changing polymeric ribbons and sheets
X-ray guided drug delivery
Subsea system for processing fluid
Solar charged, electrically driven watercraft
Motorized hydrofoil device
Watercraft storage apparatus and method
Barge arrangement, barge unit and tug unit
System for controlling streamers
System and method in water-craft
Multi-hulled vessel
Fishing float for positioning, detecting fish catch and lighting
Tab mechanism
Sugar maple tree named 'BAKrise'
River birch tree named 'WHIT XXV'
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named 'WEKblunez'
Strawberry plant named 'Clancy'
Pekin lilac tree named 'SunDak'
Nemesia plant named 'Nemhswhi'
Senecio plant named 'Sunsenerapi'
Felicia plant named 'King Fisher'
Mint plant 'Kushal' for late transplanting
Gaura plant named 'Gautalwhi'
Osteospermum plant named 'Sunny Elizabeth'
Artichoke plant named 'BCA 3-21'
Gentiana plant named 'Marsha'
Lily plant named 'Dordogne'
Heuchera plant named 'Caramel'
Apple tree named 'Nicogreen'
Strawberry plant named 'Sabrosa'
Geranium plant named 'Balfanimfro'
Method for making fine and ultrafine spherical particles of zirconium titanate and other mixed metal...
Low thermal expansion materials
Porous pellet adsorbents fabricated from nanocrystals
Silver selenide film stoichiometry and morphology control in sputter deposition
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide
Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies
Method for producing a porous carbon article and an article produced thereby
Method and apparatus for production of precipitated calcium carbonate and silicate compounds in comm...
Removing NOx, SO2, and Hg from a gas stream using limestone regeneration
Hydrogen generator utilizing ceramic technology
Constant force golf swing training device, method of swing plane training and internet operation the...
NMR teaching method and apparatus
Information input/output device for visually impaired users
System and method for compressed domain beat detection in audio bitstreams
Electronic interactive toy for promoting learning in a child
Multiple source proxy management system
Remote saving method of the search information on the internet
Method and system for changing a collaborating client behavior according to context
Method and system for obtaining images from a database having images that are relevant to indicated ...
Method and system for operating a network server to discourage inappropriate use
Controller having a restart engine configured to initiate a controller restart cycle upon receipt of...
Electronic commerce personalized content delivery system and method of operation
Methods and apparatus for enabling/disabling calling forwarding service
Method, system and article of manufacture for linking a video to a scanned document
Speech-enabled server for internet website and method
Methods and systems for communicating signaling system 7 (SS7) user part messages among SS7 signalin...
Method and system for enabling a script on a first computer to communicate and exchange data with a ...
Method and system for hitless wireless roaming in a mobile environment
Frame construction method, frame construction device and data transfer system capable of accommodati...
Method and apparatus for providing a single system image in a clustered environment
Method and system for routing calls from a standard telephone device to a voice over internet protoc...
Method and apparatus for emulating read/write file system on a write-once storage disk
Method of sharing images allowing third party print orders via a web site
Communicating ancillary information associated with a plurality of audio/video programs
System and method for managing expiration-dated products utilizing an electronic receipt
View templates for HTML source documents
Information distribution system
Efficient high-speed Reed-Solomon decoder
System and method for coordinating travel itineraries
Method for processing error code of compressed image in transmission
Method and system for controlling an electronic device
Superscalar RISC instruction scheduling
Navigation system with updating segments
Smart bookmarks
Method and system for developing traffic messages
Locating device resources on a global scale
Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
Magnetic apparatus, installation method for magnetic apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging diagn...
OLED display having thermally conductive layer
Organic light emitting diode with improved light emission through substrate
Amalgam low pressure mercury UV lamp
Organic EL panel
Organic thin film transistor comprising buffer layer
Electrode patterning in OLED devices
Semiconductor polymers and devices thereof
Semiconductor memory cell and semiconductor memory device
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent device
Light emitting signaling apparatus
Light emitting device display circuit and drive method thereof
Display and driving method thereof
Electroluminescence element and a light emitting device using the same
Organic light-emitting device with reduction of ambient-light-reflection by disposing a multilayer s...
Organic electroluminescence device with carrier transport multilayered body and organic electrolumin...
OLEDs with mixed host emissive layer
Display unit
Organic electroluminescence device with organic compound layer containing lower than 500 PPM of a ha...
Display unit
System and method for managing data flow in a conference
Real-time chat and conference contact information manager
E-mail with voice / phone conference feature
Regulation of gene expression through manipulation of mRNA splicing and its uses
Sensor and method for measuring the areal density of magnetic nanoparticles on a micro-array
Surface acoustic wave hydrogen sensor
Sound intelligibility enhancement using a psychoacoustic model and an oversampled filterbank
Performance measurement system
System and method for providing concurrent data transmissions in a wireless communication network
Remote control system in mobile communication terminal and method thereof
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast si...
Apparatus and method for upgrading software
Method for displaying reservation guide/confirmation screen in a TV
System and apparatus for adjusting a clock speed based on a comparison between a time required for a...
Integrated circuit buffer device
Portable computer system and control method for reducing power consumption therein
Bus system and path decision method therefor
Imaging system providing dynamic viewport layering
Identifying and reporting on frequent sequences of events in usage data
Mobile communication apparatus including transceiving multi-antennas and mobile communication method
Safety system to detect and annunciate the loss of occupancy detection in transit systems
Liquid crystal display comprising a frame having first and second hooking members for coupling with ...
Vehicle parking assistances system
Antenna unit and card processing system
Ground based security surveillance system for aircraft and other commercial vehicles
Vehicular blind spot identification and monitoring system
On-vehicle video camera
Bicycle display with changing color attributes
Vehicle information display and communication system having an antenna array
Liquid-activated lighted ice cube
Automobile entry detector for a garage
Light-emitting unit and illuminator utilizing the same
Light emitting diode
Light guide plate with convex portions having low radius of curvature tips, or low surface roughness
Planar light source device and image reading device
Backlight module
Network streaming of multi-application program code
Distributed computing component system with diagrammatic graphical representation of code with separ...
Method for detecting the three-dimensional position of a medical examination instrument introduced i...
Moiré correction in images
Image data compression employing multiple compression code tables
Method for antiscatter stationary grid artifacts detection and attenuation in digital radiographic i...
Data transmission scheme and system for image reconstruction
X-ray micro-target source
Power supply for an X-ray generator
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system using the same
Radiographic apparatus, radiographic method, program, computer-readable storage medium, radiographic...
Nonintrusive inspection system
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of x-ray images
Method and device for determining the type of fluid in a fluid mass in an object
Method and apparatus for the spatially-resolved determination of the element concentrations in objec...
Methods and apparatus for performing a computed tomography scan
Correction of CT images for truncated or incomplete projections
Methods and apparatus for artifact reduction in cone beam CT image reconstruction
Advanced exposure techniques for programmable lithography
Telematics system
Medical implantable system for reducing magnetic resonance effects
Vibrational therapy device used for resynchronization pacing in a treatment for heart failure
Electrically-conductive patterns for monitoring the filling of medical devices
Imaging apparatus, and toner and process cartridge used in the imaging apparatus
Proximal coupler for optical fibers
Identification of virtual raster pattern
Temporal image comparison method
Method and system for improving the spatial resolution for strain imaging
Speaker system, mobile terminal device, and electronic device
X-ray laminography inspection system and method
Method and system for frequency up-conversion with a variety of transmitter configurations
Optical waveguides on glass substrates and lasers formed therefrom
Case for portable equipment
Ultra high frequency imaging acoustic microscope
Transferring TFT method with adhesive layer
Production server architecture and methods for automated control of production document management
FCC catalyst injection system having local data access
Decoder an decoding method
Turbo encoder with reduced processing delay
Processor emulator transferring data with emulation controller continuously without interruption
Recovering from failed operations in a database system
Cardiac rhythm management system with arrhythmia prediction and prevention
Package handling system
Non-invasive in vivo determination of body fluid parameter
Method of tissue modulation for noninvasive measurement of an analyte
Optically integrated device
Metropolitan photonic switch
Fiber Bragg grating compression sensor system
Method for homogenizing the imaging produced from a magnetic resonance measurement
Method for presentation of images
Method for aligning a lattice of points in response to features in a digital image
Data management system, data management method, and program
Method for optimizing test order, and machine-readable media storing sequences of instructions to pe...
Data output processor and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Chip structure
Adjusting a sampling protocol in an adaptive control process
Semiconductor test board having laser patterned conductors
Optical metrology tool having improved contrast
Low RC structures for routing body-bias voltage
Solid state image pickup device capable of draining unnecessary charge and driving method thereof
Method and device for heat dissipation in semiconductor modules
Semiconductor package with crossing conductor assembly and method of manufacture
Electronic component and semiconductor device, method of making the same and method of mounting the ...
Lead frame and method of producing the same, and resin-encapsulated semiconductor device and method ...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Low cost dielectric isolation method for integration of vertical power MOSFET and lateral driver dev...
Photoelectric detection device and method for its production
LDMOS transistor
Structure and method to fabricate FinFET devices
Semiconductor memory device for reducing damage to interlevel dielectric layer and fabrication metho...
Data transmission in non-reliable networks
Mechanism for reducing power consumption of a transmitter/receiver circuit
Techniques for navigating in mobile applications
Speaker recognition using dynamic time warp template spotting
Method and system for a computer controlled racing network
Wireless sensor and control transmitter system
Remote controlled system with computer-based remote control facilitator
Method and apparatus for sending battery capacity level between radio communication devices
Inter-system monitor function
Location based service request system
Method for enhancing mobility in a wireless mesh network
Wireless communication handover method and apparatus
Method of computer-assisted design of integrated circuit chips, and library of delay time values for...
System for managing data objects
Logical architecture for business-to-employee web services
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
Computer-implemented system and method for project development
Systems and methods for generating concept units from search queries
Inverse inference engine for high performance web search
Utilizing information redundancy to improve text searches
Identifying items relevant to a current query based on items accessed in connection with similar que...
Pseudo-random one-to-one circuit synthesis
Communication device that provides enhanced services
Method of detecting path timings and CDMA receiving apparatus using the same
Method of fabricating holographic contact lens
Detection of patient mortality by an implantable medical device
System and method suitable for receiving gigabit ethernet signals
Block based channel tracking using weighted recursive least squares
Sample rate doubling using alternating ADCs
Frequency converter
Sustained-release preparation
Chocolate composition as delivery system for nutrients and medications
Cyanovirin conjugates and matrix-anchored cyanovirin and related compositions and methods of use
Particles for inhalation having sustained release properties
MR-compatible devices
Polymethine compounds, method of producing same, and use thereof
Switching of two-particle electrophoretic display media with a combination of AC and DC electric fie...
Electrophoretic display with dual mode switching
6,11-4-Carbon bridged ketolides
Substituted hydrazine derivatives
Antiproliferative agents
Amines that inhibit a mammalian anandamide transporter, and methods of use thereof
Antagonists of melanin concentrating hormone effects on the melanin concentrating hormone receptor
Insulin conjugates and methods of use thereof
Process for preparing perfume film chips
Potassium glyphosate formulations
Thermal recording material and production method thereof
Platelet glycoprotein Ibα fusion polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Hormone-sensitive lipase mediated male infertility
System and method of providing evaluation feedback to a speaker while giving a real-time oral presen...
Method and apparatus for morphological modeling of complex systems to predict performance
System and method for processing operation data obtained from turbine operations
Failure prediction apparatus and method
Electronic test program with run selection
System and method for advertising a currently airing program through the use of an electronic progra...
Method and apparatus for monitoring power quality in an electric power distribution system
Error correcting memory and method of operating same
System and method for providing global self-service financial transaction terminals with worldwide w...
Decentralized management of composite digital services