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Transmission of service data to services controlling the processing of a communication connection in...
Conservative garbage collectors that can be used with general memory allocators
Wireless broadcast service quality indicator and method
Ball retrieval device for ball games, particularly for tennis rackets
Do-drop golf putter
Golf training device
Hand-held device for marking a golf ball
Golf club weight training device
Composite structure lighting protection
Method and system for regulating fluid flow over an airfoil or a hydrofoil
Slotted aircraft wing
Adaptive flap and slat drive system for aircraft
Dual conduction heat dissipating system for a spacecraft
Plottner rotor kite
Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging
Laminar flow nacelle for an aircraft engine
Low sonic boom inlet for supersonic aircraft
Slotted aircraft wing
Parachute supported aircraft with controlled wing collapse and inflation
Gene expression analysis of pluri-differentiated mesenchymal progenitor cells and methods for diagno...
High-quality SGOI by oxidation near the alloy melting temperature
In-situ-etch-assisted HDP deposition using SiF4
Method for forming a low thermal budget spacer
Trench DMOS device with improved drain contact
Maskless middle-of-line liner deposition
Index tunable thin film interference coatings
End point detection for sputtering and resputtering
Cap device
Method for process line testing
Method of shipping and storing removable tread belts for very large tires
Endless elastomeric track with corrosion resistant cables
Power transmission belt
Pneumatic tire having a component containing high trans styrene-butadiene rubber
Tire tread with anti-puncture pads
Starch-modified aqueous adhesive dip, treated yarns therewith and tire having component of rubber co...
Refrigerant hose
Tire tread
Shoulder tread for a tire
Cascading orifice mixer
Tire tread
Golf ball
Studless tire having tread including fibers oriented in thickness direction
Golf ball
Golf ball
Golf club head
Pneumatic radial tire
Heavy duty tire
Tubeless pneumatic tire with carcass having butyl-based inner topping rubber layer
Electroactive polymers
Golf club shaft
Pneumatic tire
Container for explosive device
Systems of recording piston rod position information in a magnetic layer on a piston rod
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure and program for judging decompressi...
Photocatalytically-activated self-cleaning article and method of making same
Ink bag recording apparatus incorporating the same
Downhole sealing tools and method of use
Feedforward control system for an elastic material
Door safety guard
GMR magnetic sensing element having an antiferromagnetic layer extending beyond the track width and ...
Disposable pant having an inward crotch seam and method of making same
Fuel property determination system
Vehicle driving force control
Low profile antenna for remote vehicle communication system
Fuel cell system and its startup control
Vehicle headrest apparatus
Crankcase emission control device
Start-up control of in-cylinder fuel injection internal combustion engine
Headlamp for vehicle
Headlamp for vehicle
Optical information recording medium including a substrate, a recording layer, a layer of acrylic ad...
Method and apparatus for evaluating automotive window regulators
Portable coordinate measurement machine with integrated line laser scanner
Bidirectional, co-located laser and detector
Method of surveying a track
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Method of controlling working conditions of a laser working machine and a computer-readable storage ...
Waveguide laser resonator
Electrophotographic image-forming apparatus and charging voltage control method thereof
Waveguide laser
Laser oscillator, optical communication method and system
High peak-power kilohertz laser system employing single-stage multi-pass amplification
Integrated memory mapped controller circuit for fiber optics transceiver
Pumping light source for laser-active media
Semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor laser and optically pumped semiconductor device
Generation of optical filaments by use of phase plate
Optical recording medium
Collapsible bootjack
Side element of a shoe upper
Alkylated fluorochemical oligomers and use thereof in the treatment of fibrous substrates
Footwear upper
Use of thrombin-derived peptides for the therapy of chronic dermal ulcers
Portion of a shoe midsole
Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat and cure infections of the human respiratory system by patho...
Strap for footwear
Swimming flipper with blade and footwear structure
Nonisocyanate polyurethane materials, and their preparation from epoxidized soybean oils and related...
Automatic, universal boot binding for board sports
Fragrant ornament
Fluid valve and actuator for inverted fluid reservoir
Integrated radar, optical surveillance, and sighting system
Test circuit having parallel drive segments and a plurality of sense elements
Field emission device
Method and compositions for temporarily incapacitating subjects
Lanthanide oxide / hafnium oxide dielectrics
Enzymes having high temperature polymerase activity and methods of use thereof
Materials and methods for detection and characterization of nucleic acid sequence variability
Advanced air cleaning system and method
Controlled dispensing of material
Nail magazine for nailing gun
Ergonomically curved weapon sling
Lawn chair screen and cover
Fiber optic articles, assemblies, and cables having optical waveguides
Fiber optic article with inner region
On-chip optical interconnection circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
X-ray tube with liquid-metal fluid bearing
Method and system for remotely managing communication of data used for predicting malfunctions in a ...
Methods and apparatus for generating drawings from computer generated models
Method for assessing the reliability of technical systems
Method of determining the elastoplastic behavior of components consisting of anisotropic material an...
Dynamically reconfigurable internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for reforming high-voltage electrolytic capacitors
Magneto-optical storage medium and optical disk drive
Self-regenerative xerographic coatings
Writing control method and writing control system of semiconductor storage device, and portable elec...
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Displaying information to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
Multi-layer graphical user interface
Scalable computing system for managing annotations
Customizing forms in an electronic mail system utilizing custom field behaviors and user defined ope...
Technique for producing through watermarking highly tamper-resistant executable code and resulting "...
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
System and method for automatic detection and configuration of network parameters
Method and system for a reporting information services architecture
Document summarizer for word processors
Supercritical carbon dioxide to reduce line edge roughness
Tissue engineered uterus
Method of manufacturing ink jet heads
Net structure and method of making
Process for producing a polyethylene coating on a substrate
Process of forming oil-absorbent bodies
Dyeing textiles using nanoparticles
Multi-state NROM device
Manipulation of live cells and inorganic objects with optical micro beam arrays
Quinoline derivatives as anti-inflammatory agents
CCR-3 receptor antagonists
C-glycoside compounds for stimulating the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans
Antibodies against type a botulinum neurotoxin
Double stranded nucleic acid biochips
Nanocomposite negative resists for next generation lithographies
Water-swellable material comprising coated water-swellable polymers
Membrane scaffold proteins
Antibodies to mitogenic oxygenases
Synthesis, compositions and methods for the measurement of the concentration of stable-isotope label...
Magnetic implement having a linear BH loop
Method, system, and product for a java-based desktop to provide window manager services on UNIX
Method and system for providing multiple levels of help information for a computer program
Rules-based configuration problem detection
Method and apparatus for a distributed firewall
System and method to measure latency of transaction information flowing through a computer system
Method and system for accessing externally-defined objects from an array-based mathematical computin...
System and method for extending a programming language to include multiple dissimilar object systems
Software analysis framework
System and method for specifying a computer-implemented process using different programming methodol...
System and method for creation and use of strong passwords
Securing cached data in enterprise environments
Injection methods to reduce nitrogen oxides emission from gas turbines combustors
Dynamic heat sink engine
Fabric article treating system and method
Hinge coupling three buoyant-slat pool cover sections
Method of forming a buffer dielectric layer in a semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing ...
Atomic layer-deposited LaAlO3 films for gate dielectrics
Method for producing insulated gate thin film semiconductor device
Polymers blends and their use in photoresist compositions for microlithography
Corrosion-resistant coated copper and method for making the same
Opposed terminal structure having a nitride semiconductor element
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof
Organic compositions
Carotenoid-loaded liposomes
System and method for generating high pressure hydrogen
Fertilizer compositions and methods of making and using same
Drip irrigation system
Lever-mechanism motor or pump
Single and multiple sinewave modulation and demodulation techniques, apparatus, and communications s...
Deriving location information about a communicating entity
Linked network switch configuration
Gigabit switch with fast filtering processor
Apparatus and method for controlling a demultiplexer and a multiplexer used for rate matching in a m...
Built-in testing methodology in flash memory
Magnetic spin based memory with inductive write lines
Image processor for high-speed printing applications
Two-dimensional antenna array
Parallel plate wave-guide structure in a layered medium for transmitting complementary signals
Gigabit switch with frame forwarding and address learning
Exposure apparatus
Single Ku-band multi-polarization gallium arsenide transmit chip
Molecular detection systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis
Programmable magnetic data storage card
Force scanning probe microscope
Stent coating device
Methods of agonizing and antagonizing FabK
Metallic implant and process for treating a metallic implant
Method of making structured ceramic coatings and coated devices prepared with the method
Implant having attachment and hole-insert parts, and method for producing such an implant
Staphylococcal immunotherapeutics via donor selection and donor stimulation
Drill measurement stops
Devices for defining and marking tissue
Regulation of human prostasin-like serine protease
Method of installing a dental implant
Zoom optical system
Method and device for insulating electro-technical components
Automotive control module housing
Heat sink structure with embedded electronic components for semiconductor package
Semiconductor module with vertically mounted semiconductor chip packages
Captive socket actuator
Integrated power supply and air inlet unit
Cooling air guide
Electronic equipment
Cooling article involving evaporation of water from a polymer absorbent
Integrated injection-pumping fixture for transferring heat between higher and lower-temperature loop...
Heat control system
Reversible grooved tubes for heat exchangers
Heat exchanger, in particular exhaust gas heat exchanger for motor vehicles, and method for producin...
Systems and apparatuses for stabilizing reactor furnace tubes
Heat exchanger and a method for producing a heat exchanger
CTE-matched heat pipe
Increased thermal capability of portable electronic device in stationary or docked mode
Geothermal heating and/or cooling apparatus and method of using same
Air conditioner for vehicle
Casing for a heat exchange system
Cooling flange
Bicyclic compounds
Phosophoinositoglycan binding proteins
Human histamine receptor of the H3 subtype
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1211 daltons
Substituted phenylpropionic acid derivatives
N-benzoylureidocinnamic acid derivatives, processes for preparing them and their use
3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane derivatives
1,2,4-thiadiazole derivatives as melanocortin receptor modulators
Amidoheterocycles as modulators of the melanocortin-4 receptor
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of central and peripheral nervous system disor...
NK1 antagonists
Aryl boronic acids for treating obesity
Phaseolamin compositions and methods for using the same
Regulation of human serine-threonine protein kinase
Ruminal fluid inoculation of calves
Ice cream machine with specialized motor
Fusion proteins incorporating lysozyme
Transgenic animals secreting proteins into milk
Digital isolation system with hybrid circuit in ADC calibration loop
Heat reversible recording medium, heat reversible recording label, heat reversible recording member,...
Heat-sensitive recording sheet and the use thereof
Mobile communication terminal apparatus including moisture detection
Method for storing and retrieving digital data to/from a tape recording medium through a digital int...
Retaining device for expansion cards
Apparatus having a self-pinned abutted junction magnetic read sensor with hard bias layers formed ov...
Exchange coupled film having improved current-carrying reliability and improved rate of change in re...
Multilayer permanent magnet films
Bottom spin valve sensor having a lead overlay (LOL) structure fabricated thereon
Reduction of contact noise in single-ended magnetoresistive read elements
Actuator having doped silicon arms and method of making the same
Disk drive actuator arm assembly having a portion of the arm at a greater distance from a disk recor...
Assembly for facilitating latch installation
Disk drive with read IC chip and write IC chip mounted respectively on suspension and arm
Head-gimbal assembly of hard disk drive
Write/read head supporting mechanism and write/read system having a flexible grounding member
Negative pressure type rotary head drum unit and magnetic tape drive using the same
Linear magnetic tape head with tape contact area projected minimal height above non-rotating contour...
Hard disc drive cover-integrated gasket
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording tape drive with tape guide assembly having dampening disk
Method and apparatus for partial self-servo writing using servo wedge propagation
High precision servo track writing with position error signal feedback
Disk drive and method for improved disk rotation control
Internal disk drive temperature estimation
Disk drive employing off-line sector verification and relocation of marginal sectors discovered duri...
System and method for processing track identification data in a disk drive
Indazole peptidomimetics as thrombin receptor antagonists
Labelled glutamine and lysine analogues
Methods for the inhibition of neointima formation
Methods and deoxyribonucleic acid for the preparation of tissue factor protein
Botulinum neurotoxin eluting stent
Human serine protease
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Regulation of human mrp5-like protein
Implantable medical device such as an anastomosis device
Device and method for performing end-to-side anastomosis
System and method for facilitating hemostasis of blood vessel punctures with absorbable sponge
Distributed extract, transfer, and load (ETL) computer method
Watermark encoded video, and related methods
System and method for dynamic allocation of capacity on wireless networks
System and headphone-like rear channel speaker and the method of the same
Fuzzy logic voting method and system for classifying e-mail using inputs from multiple spam classifi...
Sensor assembly
Polyisobutene composition
Thermoplastic copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoromethyl vinyl ether and medical devices e...
Process for preparation of graft polymers
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Coating of copper and silver air bridge structures to improve electromigration resistance and other ...
Assay system for simultaneous detection and measurement of multiple modified cellular proteins
Method for measuring 3-dimensional orientation of a photoactive moiety
Regulation of human PLC delta-1
Microelectronic device for electrochemical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Gas diffusion substrate
Making invisible logos using hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings
Use of Emu Oil and its various fractions as a carrier for antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral m...
Non-aqueous injectable formulations for extended release of somatotropin
Capacitor and production method therefor
Suction wet jet mop
Method and system for hardware simulation
Synthetic peptides that inhibit leukocyte superoxide anion production and/or attract leukocytes
Anti-inflammatory compounds and uses thereof
Modulators of Rho C activity
Selective inhibitors of the urokinase plasminogen activator
Amide-containing compound having improved solubility and method of improving the solubility of an am...
Urea substituted imidazoquinoline ethers
Quinazoline derivatives for treatment of tumours
System and method for implementing a flexible data-driven target object model
Method and digital camera for indicating when image data has been captured for a three-dimensional t...
Single array banked branch target buffer
Method of and system including a host database for determining connections between a host and a targ...
Combustion type power tool facilitating cleaning to internal cleaning target
Method of using pre-applied underfill encapsulant
Composite material
Post-modification of a porous support
Ultrafiltration membrane, device, bioartificial organ, and methods
Apparatus for the removal of heavy metals from acidic wastewater and chemical solutions
Process for removing arsenic from drinking water
Device for filtering diesel fuel that is intended to supply a diesel engine and a diesel fuel supply...
Portable ultraviolet water purifier
Thlaspi caerulescens subspecies for cadmium and zinc recovery
Activated carbon filter
Method of use of a high pressure solid removal system
Device and process for treating cutting fluids using ultrasound
System and method for in-well aeration
First flush rainwater diverter and collection system
Real time call trace capable of use with multiple elements
In-order delivery of frames during topology change
Impedance matching of differential pair signal traces on printed wiring boards
Fiber optic cable retention and guide clip
Manufacturing methods and systems for rapid production of hearing-aid shells
Managing power on integrated circuits using power islands
System and method for dynamic multi-objective optimization of machine selection, integration and uti...
Light-modulating element, display element, and exposure element
Series connected OLED structure and fabrication method
Exposure head, exposure apparatus, and application thereof
Free-cavity, double-diffusing indirect lighting luminaire
Ink-jet image forming method
Method and computer system for screening of medical cases
Picture signal contrast control
Image processing apparatus and image processing program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Method, program product, and device for detecting branch point of random line pattern
Method and apparatus for component recognition
Method of assaying shape and structural features in cells
Method and device for automatic detection of a graduated compression paddle
Method for supporting cell image analysis
Method for improved contrast mapping of digital images
Method and system for extracting spine geometrical data
Signal processing method and device
Method and apparatus for increasing signal to noise ratio in a photoacoustic film thickness measurem...
Reagent-less whole-blood glucose meter
Optical measurement system and method
Image pickup device
Imaging lens and illumination system
Simultaneous multiwavelength TPSF-based optical imaging
Cure accelerator system for phenolic resins
Folded medical cover for use in operation rooms and method for folding said cover
MEMS scanning mirror with trenched surface and I-beam like cross-section for reducing inertia and de...
Chemical pump and method of discharging chemical solution
Proportioning pump including integral orifice
Fluid balanced pump
High pressure fuel supply pump with an intake valve member and a discharge valve member aligned alon...
Multistage sealed coolant pump
Closed-loop piezoelectric pump
Pump as a pressure source for supercritical fluid chromatography
High pressure fuel pump with multiple radial plungers
Hydraulic drive system and method using a fuel injection control unit
Downhole jet unit for testing and completing wells
Gas pressure driven fluid pump having compression spring pivot mechanism and damping system
Method and system intended for fine proportioning of fluids injected into a pumping installation wit...
Device for prevention of backward operation of scroll compressors
Material feeding container for two-cylinder thick matter pumps
Pressure reducing valve
Control device for at least one consumer, such as a camshaft adjuster, automatic transmission and th...
Oscillating device for adjusting the displacement of a fluid pump
Method for jet formation and the apparatus for the same
Fan casing with built-in motor poles
Fan motor
Method and apparatus for improving yield by decommissioning optional units on a CPU due to manufactu...
Intra-instruction fusion
Method and apparatus for processor code optimization using code compression
Address generators for mapping arrays in bit reversed order
Small card adaptor and host apparatus for insertion of the same
Apparatus and process for power recovery
Low emission fuel for use with controlled temperature combustion, direct injection, compression igni...
NOx reduction composition for use in FCC processes
CO oxidation promoters for use in FCC processes
MAGE-A3 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Combination of bryostatin and paclitaxel for treating cancer
Navigation system, route searching method, and map information guide method
Cooperative element location system
Method and apparatus for locating a wireless device
Method and device for automatic control of illumination devices
Method and apparatus for magnetic actuation of variable pitch impeller blades
Integrated light and accessory assembly
Road status data providing system
Liquid cleaning composition containing an anionic polyacrylamide copolymer
Process for making laundry detergent composition having granular cyclodextrin for removing malodor f...
Method for manufacturing a tissue factor-based prothrombin time reagent
Reclosable packaging for scoopable products and method of manufacture
Process for synthesizing protein using cell-free protein synthesis system
α-helical protein based materials and methods for making same
Composition of koji of rice bran and non-propagating lactic acid bacteria, methods of use, and manuf...
Optical coupling device having silicon optical bench and optical fiber with angled end face
Optical module, optical element attachment method, and receptacle-fitted optical module
Optical fiber and method for producing the same
Optical signal encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
Polarization-maintaining optical fiber and polarization-maintaining optical fiber component
Optical cross connect switch with axial alignment beam
Optical receiver photonic integrated circuit (RxPIC) system
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Synchronous optical regenerator using intensity modulation and phase modulation by the crossed kerr ...
Optical communication system
Optical fiber holder and optical fiber holding method
Photonic device with segmented absorption design
Low slope dispersion shifted optical fiber
Process to create artificial nerves for biomechanical systems using optical waveguide network
Earloop for a communications headset
Self-adjusting earloop for an over-the-ear headset
Head end receiver for digital data delivery systems using mixed mode SCDMA and TDMA multiplexing
Motor state counting
Multi-chip semiconductor package with integral shield and antenna
Configurable virtual output queues in a scalable switching system
Network switch for routing network traffic
System and method for ad hoc network access employing the distributed election of a shared transmiss...
Computer controlled display device
Apparatus and method for direct manipulation of electronic information
Decoupled spring-loaded mounting apparatus and method of manufacturing thereof
System and method for interfacing to different implementations of the intelligent platform managemen...
System for monitoring network for cracker attack
Dynamically controlling packet processing
Method of operating an apparatus intended to permit access to services
Disc cartridge, disc recording medium unit and disc recorder and/or reproducer
Nucleic acids that control seed and fruit development in plants
Analyzing a bit error rate of a communication link
Message based power management
Power management for clustered computing platforms
Self-synchronous transfer control circuit and data driven information processing device using the sa...
Dynamically redistributing shareable resources of a computing environment to manage the workload of ...
Coherence-free cache
Tracking deferred data transfers on a system-interconnect bus
Event delivery
Data transfer engine of a processor having a plurality of modules
System and method for extending the ITU Q.922 LAPF virtual circuit disconnect logic to prevent unsyn...
Method and system for providing SNA access to telnet 3270 and telnet 3270 enhanced services over wid...
System for monitoring and reporting performance of hosts and applications and selectively configurin...
Integrated capacitor
Resistor process
Hybrid interconnect and system for testing semiconductor dice
Probe sheet, probe card, semiconductor test equipment and semiconductor device fabrication method
Anisotropic conductivity connector, conductive paste composition, probe member, and wafer inspection...
Probe card for high speed testing
Plant cultivating method, cultivating device, and its lighting device
Incandescent bulb and incandescent bulb filament
Semiconductor multi-package module having inverted second package and including additional die or st...
Tape carrier package having stacked semiconductor elements, and short and long leads
Semiconductor package including organo-metallic coating formed on surface of leadframe roughened usi...
Semiconductor device having a shielding layer
Gate contacting scheme of a trench MOSFET structure
Sheet beam-type testing apparatus
Antibodies to aggrecan-degrading metalloprotease and diagnostic methods using same
Expression of core-glycosylated HCV envelope proteins in yeast
Whole cell assay systems for cell surface proteases
Intervertebral spacers
Surface acoustic wave device and communication apparatus
Molecule separation device and method combining multiple filtration media
Liquids dumping device
Microbicidal air filter
Display device with frame reduction, display control method thereof, and storage medium
Remotely controllable user interface display apparatus and method of controlling same
Sheet treating apparatus, method of mounting sheet treating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Image forming system with temporary storage trays between sheet storage units and image forming appa...
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus which controls transferring timing to the paper according to a change of pro...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including two developer carrying members wherein potential differences betwe...
Developer supply container detachably mountable to image forming apparatus detecting the amount of d...
Storage control method for a memory provided in a removable cartridge in an image forming apparatus
Image reading system
Median filter
Optical unit, exposure unit and optical devices
Lens apparatus, camera system, and camera
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Insertion tool for placement of electrode system inside the cochlear lumen
Thermal treatment equipment and thermal treatment method
Optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Processing photoreactive materials with open optical waveguides
Composition comprising fluorinated, radiation-curable dyes for surface energy control
Subsurface fibre optic cable network installation
Optical junction apparatus and methods employing optical power transverse-transfer
Integrated optical multiplexer and demultiplexer for wavelength division transmission of information
Method for fabricating polymeric optic waveguide grating
Substituted thiophenes: compositions, processes of making, and uses in disease treatment and diagnos...
X-ray diagnostic device with filters and a beam sighting mirror mounted on a common rotatable disk
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Mobile robot
Automated manufacturing system
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Article handling system and method and article management system and method
Working robot, actuator and control method thereof
Robot controller and robot system
Robotic welding cell unit
Method and device for producing a connecting area on a production part
Method and device for the positionally precise mounting of a hinged flap on a part
Protective device
Noise elimination method, apparatus and medium thereof
Optical laser guidance system apparatus and method
Carriage robot system and its controlling method
Method of controlling movement of mobile robot
Control device of legged mobile robot
Multi-axis robot provided with a control system
Programmable load forming system, components thereof, and methods of use
Robot device
Industrial robot
Robot for transfer of glass
Nuclear quadrupole resonance based inspection system using a highly resonant and compact magnetic st...
Measuring device for measuring harvested crop throughput
Methods and devices for high power, depolarized superluminescent diodes
Sensor slip fit apparatus and method
Movement reversal device, particularly for a dishwasher
Simplified relational database extension to DBM hash tables and method for using same
Heteroaryl, heterocyclic and aryl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4.
Scanning device including a partly plastic high-NA objective system
Highly integrated microwave outdoor unit (ODU)
Method and device for attenuating light as a function of intensity
Video camera pivoting apparatus, a pivoting video camera apparatus, and a monitoring system with a p...
Predictive control boost current method and apparatus
Safety system for machine tools
Combination battery, light bulb, and fuse tester
Circuit arrangement and method for an illumination device having settable color and brightness
High intensity discharge lamps with electronic control of dimming
Lamp having integral voltage controller
Silver halide photographic material
System, method and apparatus for evaluating tissue temperature
Gear shift device for bicycles
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Hydraulic fan drive system employing binary control strategy
Compact preservation and refrigeration system for perishable substances
Control system for plant
Through-the-earth communication system
Implantable cardioverter/defibrillator with housing electrode and lead detection and switching circu...
Waste toner collecting apparatus using OPC drum
Disk drive apparatus having particular clamping device
Method of speech recognition using time-dependent interpolation and hidden dynamic value classes
Sound control unit and sound system
Precision phase retardation devices and method of making same
Waterproof roofing barrier
Method and apparatus for filling honeycomb panels with fiber insulation
Unified voice and data networking having demarcation lines
Techniques for automatically delegating address spaces among dynamic host configuration servers
Techniques for transferring a serialized image of XML data
Mechanism for uniform access control in a database system
Dynamic optimization for processing a restartable sub-tree of a query execution plan
Providing a consistent hierarchical abstraction of relational data
Method and apparatus for accelerating hardware simulation
Accessory detection system
System and method for charging a photoconductive member to an operating voltage while isolating a co...
Guide-wire mounted balloon modulation device and methods of use
Substrate for use in a liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display using the same
Liquid crystal display device comprising a unit cover with bonded flexible cable
LCD driving system with low power requirements
Inspection device and inspection method
Video encoding apparatus and method and video encoding mode converting apparatus and method
Video data compression apparatus and method of same
Optical element, optical pickup unit, and optical disk drive unit
System for managing environmental audit information
Lead generation system using buyer criteria
Method of designing rubber composite
Image forming apparatus with horizontal structural members
Belt device and image forming apparatus using the same
High withstand voltage semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Coupling factor 6 inhibitor and potentiator and use thereof
Formulation for controlled release of drugs by combining hyrophilic and hydrophobic agents
Combined regulation of neural cell production
Methods of detecting molecules expressing selected epitopes via fluorescent dyes
Puncture and cut resistant surgical glove with macrosphere capture devices
Temperature control device and arrayed waveguide grating optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexe...
Data transmission system using equalized data streams indicative of lengths of time
Method, system and program for the transmission of modbus messages between networks
Data transfer control device, electronic equipment, and data transfer control method
Network-based system for configuring a measurement system using configuration information generated ...
Chemical dispensing system for a portable concrete plant
Safety network system, safety slave, and communication method
Systems and methods to port controller state and context in an open operating system
System and method for providing information to a portable terminal
System for programming customizable vehicle features
Serial-to-parallel conversion circuit, and semiconductor display device employing the same
Multi-junction waveguide circulator using a single control wire for multiple ferrite elements
Apparatus for the production of radio frequency B1 fields for NMR using current sheet antennas
Process and apparatus for cutting or welding a workpiece
Method for surface treating a die by electron beam irradiation and a die treated thereby
Virtual gauging method for use in lithographic processing
Electron beam writing equipment and electron beam writing method
System and method of ensuring legitimacy of a sensor signal received from a rotor position sensor in...
Delivery of solid chemical precursors
Exposure apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Method for manufacturing rear-projection type screen having sheets with protrusions integrally forme...
Acid-sensitive polyacetals and methods
Method and apparatus for monitoring equivalent series resistance and for shunting a fuel cell
Method of operating a fuel cell power source
Direct secondary alcohol fuel cells
Hydrogen-permeable membrane and manufacturing method of the same
Methods of operating a compression ignition engine and a vehicle system
Membrane electrode assemblies and method for manufacture
Metal separator for fuel cell and production method therefor
Conductive composition for solid polymer type fuel cell separator, solid polymer type fuel cell sepa...
Method of operating a fuel cell system under freezing conditions
Accommodating intraocular lens having T-shaped haptics
Precision ultrasound measurement for intraocular lens placement
Method for determining the power of an intraocular lens used for the treatment of myopia
Coating composition comprising an acetal-functional binder
Methods and apparatus for molding plastic parts
Printing press dryer having an excimer radiant heater
Printing group of an offset rotary printing machine
Method and device for exposing a printing form, printing unit and printing press having the device
Processes for the preparation of carbapenem-type antibacterial agents
Transit system
Thermostat-controlled containment cell for samples intended for NMR measurements and method for impl...
Open magnet device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus comprising it
Superconductivity magnet apparatus
Diagonal-arranged quadrature MRI radio frequency array coil system for three dimensional parallel im...
Radio-frequency coil apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer using split magnets
MRI apparatus provided with RF coils having non-parallel sensitivities for forming images while util...
Method and apparatus for driver circuits for use in magnetic systems
Use of collagenase in the preparation of neural stem cell cultures
Motor controller incorporating an electronic circuit for protection against inrush currents
Power transmission chain having links with lateral spacing elements
Link plate for a silent chain
Hydraulic tensioner of the hollow piston type with a screw-type retaining device
Hinge assembly
Cutting guide for plasma torch
Effect pigment
Method of, system for, and computer program product for scoping the conversion of unicode data from ...
Board-mounted manifold valve
Servicing device and furthermore expendable material and a capacitive sensor therefor
Semiconductor circuit designing method, semiconductor circuit designing apparatus, program, and semi...
Tissue discrimination and applications in medical procedures
Use for deferiprone
C-nitroso compounds and use thereof
Butyrylcholinesterase variant polypeptides with increased catalytic efficiency and methods of use
Mutant possessing uracil phosphoribosyl transferase activity
Detecting and treating reproductive tract disorders
Lower cradle and wheel bracket arrangement for golf cart
Nonaqueous electrolyte composition for improving overcharge safety and lithium battery using the sam...
Electrochemical method for producing ferrate(VI) compounds
Process for preparing an aqueous or non-aqueous solution or dispersion of a polythionphene or thioph...
Gas sensor and method for use thereof
Method for metal coating the surface of high temperature superconductors
Recovery of metal values from cermet
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of producing the same
Compound having anti-viral activity
Method of classifying and counting nucleated bone marrow cells
Photosensitive composition
Inkjet ink, ink set and inkjet recording method
Protected containers
Oil-in-water emulsifiers
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising sulfonic/hydrophobic amphiphilic polymers
Secure printer cartridge
Multiple self-checkout system having integrated payment device
RFID rag and method of user verification
Apparatus for electronically determining whether a tax for a product has been paid
Foldable mobile station with non-cylindrical hinge
RFID tire belt antenna system and method
Electronic device with communication capability
Flat antenna architecture for use in radio frequency monitoring systems
Surveillance systems and methods
RFID readers and tags transmitting and receiving waveform segment with ending-triggering transition
Networked RF tag for tracking freight
Materials and construction for a tamper indicating radio frequency identification label
Key control system using separated ID and location detection mechanisms
Integrated circuit for a transponder
Identification device detection using multiple signal combination
Optical recording method and optical recording medium
Process for energy recovery in processes for the preparation of aromatic carboxylic acids
Process for producing of an aminoalkylsulfonic acid and a method of salt exchange for a salt thereof
Use of an ionic halide free copper catalyst for the production of dialkyl carbonates
Hemoglobin mutants with increased soluble expression and/or reduced nitric oxide scavenging
Process for preparing of aromatic oligomers
Addition curing silicone rubber composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive rubber sheet
Propylene alpha-olefin polymer blends
Styrene resin composition and process for producing the same
Polyolefin series resinfilm, composition for preparing the same, process for preparing the compositi...
Photoresist stripping composition and cleaning composition
Hybridized olefin copolymer additives
Layered double hydroxides supported nanopalladium catalysts for Heck-, Suzuki, Sonogashira-, and Sti...
Process for producing catalyst for α-olefin polymerization and process for producing α-o...
Selective para-xylene production via methylation of toluene with methanol in the presence of modifie...
Microwave dielectric composite composition
Method of producing infectious reovirus
Resin for toner binder and toner composition
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist...
Polyester resin, molded product made thereof and process for production of polyester resin
Polyester resin, polyester resin composition, and sheet, film and hollow molded container obtained t...
Chemical-mechanical planarization controller
Method of establishing communications in an all optical wavelength division multiplexed network
Plated component for use in an outdoor environment
Use of fats derived from palm trees to increase dermal hydration
Litter scoop having disposable covering
Bird perch assembly
Animal stall soil agitator
Egg harvester
Trolling board storage device
Fishing rod holder mount
Handle with grip for comfortably holding articles by hand
Projecting patient image data from radioscopic imaging methods and/or tomographic imaging methods on...
Surgical robotic tools, data architecture, and use
Deep dish disposable container
Laminate film-foam flooring composition
Flame retardants with high halogen content and low viscosity
Carbodiimides with carboxyl or carboxylate groups
Method of curing a fuser member overcoat at low temperatures
Alkoxysilacycloalkanes, process for their preparation and their use for the polymerization of olefin...
Pegylated T20 polypeptide
Photocrosslinked hydrogel blend surface coatings
Planographic printing plate precursor
Hearing test apparatus and method having automatic starting functionality
Attachable surgical accessory instrument
Non-cylindrical acoustic wave device
Urethral profiling device and methodology
Lane marker projection method for a motor vehicle vision system
Image scaling in the compressed domain
Methods for generating composite images including positioning grid
Methods and arrangements to enhance correlation
User selected background noise removal for scanned document images
Suppression of ringing artifacts during image resizing
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Coding method and apparatus for input image data and a recording medium performing such method
Adaptive encoding and decoding of bi-level images
Method and apparatus for video compression using microwavelets
Wavelength division multiplexing receiver for wavelength tracking
Assembly apparatus for an optical transceiver
Continuously variable attenuation of an optical signal using an optical isolator
Cable easy access tape with perforated, peelable sections
Measuring the position of passively aligned optical components
LED signal with side emitting status indicators
Light integrating column
Self-contained light-emitting means for a vehicle
Rear view mirror assembly
Auxiliary trailer lighting system
Structure for holding lamp wire in liquid crystal display device
Adjustable desk lamp
Housing forming method and housing structure
Single battery housing assembly
Automatic firearms with a detachable breech lock
Remote aiming system with video display
Versatile M1911-style handgun and improved magazine for rifles and handguns
System and method for active protection of a resource
Variable weight expandable baton
Self-contained beverage dispensing apparatus
Method for programming the shattering of projectiles and tube weapon with programming system
Polymer blends for use in making medical devices including catheters and balloons for dilatation cat...
Stopcocks and methods of manufacture thereof
Fabrication of printed dining plates
Pillow and pillow cover
Dicing and testing optical devices, including thin film filters
Transgenic plants containing ligninase and cellulase which degrade lignin and cellulose to fermentab...
Coated, slow-absorbing textile constructs for sutures and tissue engineering
Modification of collagenous materials and medical treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of fibrotic co...
Method for growth of human conjunctival tissue equivalents for research, clinical ocular surface tra...
Layered aligned polymer structures and methods of making same
Prevention of regression in thermal ciliary muscle tendinoplasty
Universal modular surgical applicator systems
Removable disk drive apparatus
Disk tray moving device and disk recording and/or reproducing device
Integrated low power channel select filter having high dynamic range and bandwidth
Database diagnostic system and method
Diagnostic tool security key
System and method for detecting an anomalous condition
Direct conversion turner
Circuit arrangement for switching a mobile radio transmitter between two modulation modes
Linearized amplifier having a bypass circuit
Electronic apparatus and design method
Self-configuring repeater system and method
Optical receiver
Continuously cast magnesium containing, aluminum alloy sheet with copper addition
Cycloalkyl-substituted aryl-piperazines, piperidines and tetrahydropyridines as serotonergic agents
Bis(3-alkoxyalkan-2-OL) sulfides, sulfones, and sulfoxides: new surface active agents
Methods for modulating expression of exogenous genes in mammalian systems
Therapeutic cellular stent
Therapeutic and diagnostic agents comprising a SOCS box
Biocompatible polymers including peptide spacer
Pharmaceutical compositions for the oral delivery of pharmacologically active agents
Methods for diagnosis of lung cancer
Osteoclast secreted chemokine and uses thereof
Half-rate clock and data recovery circuit
Clothes treatment for dry wrinkle resistance utilizing an aminosilicone containing a sterically hind...
Unit dose oral treatment products, kits and methods
Electrolysis cell for generating chlorine dioxide
Foam dispensing article
Process for making a fibrous structure comprising cellulosic and synthetic fibers
Method of producing a shaped tampon
Fabric article treating device comprising more than one housing
Stain removal methods and products associated therewith
Sanitary napkin with embossment pattern
Surface pattern of a paper product
Surface pattern for a disposable fibrous nonwoven material
Integrated circuit device that stores a value representative of a drive strength setting
Memory device having programmable drive strength setting
System for providing data backup and restore with updated version by creating data package based upo...
Connector that enables aggregation of independent system resources across PCI/PCI-X bus and interloc...
Method and apparatus for recording and monitoring bus activity in a multi-processor environment
Structure and process for distributing SCSI LUN semantics across parallel distributed components
Engine control system for outboard motor
Play-free rotary mounting
Cylindrical roller bearing
Fluid lubricated bearing device
Sealing device for linear guide apparatus
Bearing device for an axle
Wheel bearing device
Center bearing bracket and support
Retainer with rotationally symmetric pockets
Electrically conducting ceramic bearings
Rotary bearing with lubricant passage arrangement, and threaded drive with rotary bearing-supported ...
Guiding module for rolling-element
Roller type linear guideway
Bearing unit, and motor using same
Connection arrangement comprising a fifth wheel
Strip winding and unwinding device with automatic centering
Screw conveyor for the transport of flowable substances and/or lumps of material
Roller cone bits with reduced packing
Ball screw
Multiple pulse cartridge ignition system
MK38 small caliber dearmer aiming device
Fire control adjustment system
Cut away vest
Multi-mode optical imager
Fragmentation of ions by resonant excitation in a high order multipole field, low pressure ion trap
Hardware accelerated compression
Pacemaker mode switching based upon atrial conduction time
Smoke producing system
Handwriting layout analysis of freeform digital ink input
Method and structure for variable-length frame support in a shared memory switch
Sign ballast capacitor assembly
Composition for microstructured screens
Compact fused disconnect switch
Precision ferrule connector assembly
Commonplace object with a surface that comprises a data track
Tunable compensation of chromatic dispersion using etalons with tunable optical path length and non-...
Flip-chip package integrating optical and electrical devices and coupling to a waveguide on a board
Method and apparatus for distinguishing materials
Optical coupling element and optical device
Data health monitor for financial information communications networks
Light emitting device, method of driving a light emitting device, element substrate, and electronic ...
Light-emitting device, liquid-crystal display device and method for manufacturing same
Light emitting device, semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the devices
Organic electroluminescence panel having a substrate and a sealing panel sealed by adhering an inorg...
Electroluminescent copolymers with multi-functional monomers and methods for use thereof
Polymeric materials for electroluminescent devices
Thermosensitive transfer film and method of manufacturing display device
Liquid dispensing device
Liquid dispensing device
Extending ladder and associated manufacturing methods
System and method for processing a preform vacuum vessel to produce a structural assembly
Antibodies to a novel EGF-receptor related protein (ERRP)
Liquid detection sensor and liquid detection apparatus
Heparanase specific antibodies and their use in research and medical applications
Contact assemblies, methods for making contact assemblies, and plating machines with contact assembl...
Gene expression with covalently modified polynucleotides
Apparatus and method for maintaining hierarchical directory structure and transmitting changes in sa...
Optimized disk storage defragmentation with swapping capabilities
Color metallic pigment and resin composition containing color metallic pigment
Microfluidic detection device having reduced dispersion and method for making same
Multilayer ceramic capacitor
Semiconductor device
Molecular sieve layers and processes for their manufacture
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Interferometers for optical communications utilizing photo-sensitive materials
Electric lamp lamp vessel provided with a light-absorbing coating and method of preparing such a lig...
Image forming apparatus with controller that applies preliminary transfer bias to transfer member ba...
Detection of DNA damaging agents
Wine preservation system using a central vacuum
Home automation contextual user interface
Portable videophone unit
Power supply unit having multiple power supply outputs
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same comprising thin film containing low concen...
Actuator, its manufacturing method and printing head
Vehicle braking system master cylinder
Pan handle
Toner processes
Photoconductive imaging members having pyrolized polyacrylonitrile hole blocking layer
Electrostatic grounding for drum maintenance unit
Black component generation
Pressure control architecture for fluid tanks having fluid level sensing
Ink jet apparatus
Color printing
Process for producing ink jet recording head
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Electronic copying machine
Progress indicator for a touch-based user interface for an image processing office machine
Portable electronic apparatus and method for providing visual and/or audio information
System and method for dynamically generating viewable graphics
Desk pad organizer system
Multi-task promotional apparatus
Timing reference for scheduling data traffic on multiple ports
QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service with cached status array
System, method and data structure for simulated interaction with graphical objects
Method and apparatus for high impedance grounding of medium voltage AC drives
Method, apparatus, signals and codes for establishing and using a data structure for storing voxel i...
Process for preparing detergent granules with an improved dissolution rate
Foam composite
Open-loop diversity technique for systems employing four transmitter antennas
Bandwidth-efficient modulation in communication systems
Method and apparatus for setting up a call over a packet-based transport network
Dynamically controllable biological/chemical detectors having nanostructured surfaces
Distinct sampling system and a method of distinct sampling for optimizing distinct value query estim...
Method for estimating clock skew within a communications network
Assignment of number to mobile station that allows connection to the mobile station of call that emp...
Scheduling of calls with known holding times
Acoustic beam forming with robust signal estimation
Mobile radio telecommunication system with improved uplink resource allocation
Method of setting up an application initiated call to a mobile station within a CAMEL network, and a...
Instant presence system for a guaranteed call connection
Methods and apparatus for control of optical switching arrays that minimize bright state switching
Compounds and use thereof to modify transport across cell membranes
Aerosol can holding and operating device
Delivery of beta-blockers through an inhalation route
Pulp molded container
System and method for acetic acid recovery during terephthalic acid production
Preparation of fatty hydroxamate
Aqueous dispersion
Method for assaying protein—protein interaction
Maskless photolithography for using photoreactive agents
Color toner, method for manufacturing the toner, and image forming apparatus and method using the to...
Adhesive tape for wrapping purposes
Method and system for extracting hydrocarbon fuel products from plastic material
Integration of ALD tantalum nitride for copper metallization
Biologic electrode array with integrated optical detector
Use of deep-level transitions in semiconductor devices
Carrier of catalyst for production of epoxide, catalyst for production of epoxide, and method for pr...
SiAlON containing ytterbium and method of making
Cleaning substrates having low soil redeposition
Beneficiated water reducing compositions
Method and apparatus for ink jet printing
Connecting material and connecting method
Pigment dispersants based on diketopyrrolopyrrole compounds and pigment preparations
Antifouling coating
Cover-integrated gasket
Hydraulic cementitious composition with improved bleeding resistance
Genes encoding denitrification enzymes
Retroreflective article comprising water-borne acrylic topcoats
Systems and methods for topical treatment with nitric oxide
Water-soluble or water-dispersible (co) polymers of hydroxyalkyl (meth) acrylates, a process for the...
Aqueous coating compositions
Multi-component kit and method for pretreatment, resurfacing, and restoration of plastic material
Method for purifying N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-pyrrolidone
Protective coating on positive lithium-metal-oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
Friction control compositions
Templating of solid particles by polymer multilayers
Electrodeless low-pressure discharge lamp operating device and self-ballasted electrodeless fluoresc...
Discharge lamp, method for producing the same and lamp unit
Method of removing mercury from exhaust gases of coal fired power plants and associated apparatus
Integrated flat panel workstation system
Organic compound decomposing method
Modular LNG process
Lighting method of ultra-high pressure mercury lamp