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Pneumatic tire including shoulder grooves
Heads-up display for propeller-driven aircraft
Gas flow simulation method
Tire for automobile
Racket frame
Bus or truck tire having cap/base tread
Electroconductive rubber roller
Golf club
Golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Iron type golf club head
Golf club head
Pneumatic tire
Method of simulating a rolling tire
Chemical feeder
Arrangement for producing a spun thread
Carbamated polyols, and compositions and methods using the same
Colored glass compositions and-automotive vision panels with-reduced transmitted-color shift
Electrodepositable coating compositions and processes related thereto
Peroxide curable compounds based on butyl-like polymer without conjugated aliphatic dienes in its co...
Molded abrasive brush and methods of using for manufacture of printed circuit boards
Gel type vapor release device
Sprayable cookware release composition with reduced heat induced browning
Methods of using settable compositions comprising cement kiln dust
Systems and methods for cutting multi-walled corrugated material
Screw having non-strip drive recess and driver bit for use with the screw
Combining NMR, density, and dielectric measurements for determining downhole reservoir fluid volumes
Melt-spun multifilament polyolefin yarn formation processes and yarns formed therefrom
Methods and drug delivery systems for the treatment of orofacial diseases
Methods and apparatuses for filtering water
Tool organizer system and methods
Cement compositions with improved fluid loss characteristics and methods of cementing in surface and...
Processes for incorporating inert gas in a cement composition containing spherical beads
Cylinder block
Method of building
Wall and partition construction and method using hat-channel members
Plants which synthesize a modified starch, process for the production thereof and modified starch
Single stage denitration
Pyridine-3-sulfonyl compounds as pesticidal agents
Fluorine-modified polyurethane resins containing one or two constituents, method for the production ...
Organosilicone resin emulsion composition and article having coating thereof
Powder comprising silica-coated zinc oxide, organic polymer composition containing the powder and sh...
Sealant composition comprising a crosslinkable material and a reduced amount of cement for a permeab...
Intumescent fire retardant latex paint with mold inhibitor
Subterranean treatment fluids comprising substantially hydrated cement particulates
Method for the production of a plant-based construction material and construction material obtained ...
Hydrous gel and production process and use of the hydrous gel
Capsule and film-forming composition comprising gum arabic
Immunogenic compositions for gram positive bacteria such as streptococcus agalactiae
Spike nail structure
Method for the production of fire-resistant moulded wood fibre pieces
Methods of plugging a permeable zone downhole using a sealant composition comprising a crosslinkable...
Methods of using substantially hydrated cement particulates in subterranean applications
Process for improving dry strength and drainage of paper and paperboard
Method for producing light gypsum board
Adhesive additives and adhesive compositions containing an adhesive additive
Compact optical tracking system for magnetic tape
Laser cleaving method and apparatus for optical fiber cables
Optical modulators operated in parallel push-pull mode
Laser device and opthalmological surgical system
Semiconductor laser device
High power diode side pumped solid state laser
Diode pumped alkali vapor fiber laser
Organic fiber laser system and method
Device and method for inspecting wavelength-variable semiconductor laser, and method for inspecting ...
Pulse laser resonator
Optical recording apparatus with drawing capability of visible image on disk face
Method of recording information to an optical recording medium, information recording apparatus, and...
Optical recording medium and optical recording method by irradiation
Disc apparatus
Beam combining device for multi-spectral laser diodes
Metal detection system with a magnetometer head coupleable to conventional footware and method of us...
Injection-molded footwear having a textile-layered outer sole
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Cushioning sole for an article of footwear
Article of footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe outsole
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Viscoelastic foam layer and composition
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Shock absorbent athletic shoe
Hot in-place asphalt recycling machine
Flexible fluid-filled bladder for an article of footwear
Apparatus for organizing and displaying clothing
Footwear with separable upper and sole structure
Integrated footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a mask slipper
Chaotic privacy system and method
Devices for emitting or receiving signals encrypted by deterministic chaos, and a transmission syste...
Spatially patterned light-blocking layers for radiation imaging detectors
Non-volatile dental compositions containing multifunctional acrylate compounds and lacking an oxygen...
Spring energized desktop stapler
Tractor with improved valve system
Armor module
Drink dispensing system
Quick-mount interlocking attaching system
Method and system for accepting non-harming mail at a home or office
Dense object detection system and method
Dielectric sheet, method for fabricating the dielectric sheet, printed circuit and patch antenna usi...
Matching the edges of multiple overlapping screen images
Energy consumption in electrical drive
Fundamental mistuning model for determining system properties and predicting vibratory response of b...
Suture sleeve
Multipolar pacing method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Contact charger and image forming apparatus
Method and system for 80 and 160 gigabit-per-second QRZ transmission in 100 GHz optical bandwidth wi...
Magnetorheological fluid controlled mud pulser
Semiconductor memory device
Rotatable computer display apparatus and method
Thermally tuned filter having a pre-stressed membrane
Method and device for determining reflection lens pupil transmission distribution and illumination i...
Liquid-crystal display device and colored resin substrate
Liquid crystal display device with alignment layer including a diamine component and treated by UV i...
Inductance element, laminated electronic component, laminated electronic component module and method...
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Methods and apparatuses for identifying remote and local services
Highlevel active pen matrix
Computer input device with angular displacement detection capabilities
Interface for a display screen of a monitor
Algorithm for tree traversals using left links
Translation of object queries involving inheritence
Noise-robust feature extraction using multi-layer principal component analysis
State full test method executor
Dynamic power control apparatus, systems and methods
Deploying multiple enterprise planning models across clusters of application servers
Allocation measures and metric calculations in star schema multi-dimensional data warehouse
Non-additive measures and metric calculation
Method of producing polymer
Polyethylene useful for blown films and blow molding
Bumper beam structure
Thermal-dye-transfer media for labels comprising poly(lactic acid) and method of making the same
Preparation of polyethylene films
Method for fabricating optical fiber preform using extrusion die
Method of preparing ultra-fine grain metallic articles and metallic articles prepared thereby
Plunger molding machine with tapered bore and thermal transfer fins
Spiral-webbed mandrel
Zipper tape for a bag and method of producing the same
Crystalline polymers of propylene having improved processability in the molten state and process for...
Curable thermoplastic elastomeric blend, method of manufacture, and use thereof
Dehydrated mash potato product and process
Scraping assembly for an extrusion die and method of use therefor
Extrusion die and method for forming dual wall corrugated plastic pipe and dual wall plastic pipe ha...
Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, its production method and paste extruded product
Method for spin-drawing of melt-spun yarns
Device and method for manufacturing a curved metal tube or rod
Compositions and methods for imparting improved rheology on pigment based inks and paints
Structures, systems and methods for joining articles and materials and uses therefor
Composition for cleaning and/or treating surfaces
Method for producing defect free composite membranes
Bridged bicyclic amine derivatives useful as CCR-3 receptor antagonists
Low optical overlap mode (LOOM) waveguiding system and method of making same
Inductively generated streaming plasma ion source
Tetraode field-emission display and method of fabricating the same
Scanning probe microscopy probes and methods
Electrospray emitter for microfluidic channel
Surface modified colloidal abrasives, including stable bimetallic surface coated silica sols for che...
Process for sealing electro-optic displays
Meta application system and method
Object-based architecture for supporting network devices
Method and apparatus for breaking down computing tasks across a network of heterogeneous computer fo...
Method and apparatus for integrating a computer application programming language runtime environment...
Computer system dynamically adding and deleting software modules
Data sharing and file distribution method and associated distributed processing system
Time-based monitoring of service level agreements
Configuring a network gateway
Storing and retrieving the visual form of data
Specifying transaction manager type at various application levels
Computer implemented voice over data communication apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for enabling voice over IP support for a network switch
Network communication system with relay node for broadcasts and multicasts
Secure method and system to prevent external unauthorized remotely initiated power up events in comp...
Method and apparatus for non-stop forwarding with labels
Systems and methods for policy-enabled communications networks
Microarray detector and synthesizer
Apparatus and methods for processing mailpiece information in a mail processing device using sorter ...
Information processing apparatus
Performing multicast communication in computer networks by using overlay routing
Integrated digital loop carrier system with virtual tributary mapper circuit
Apparatus and method for interworking between MPLS network and non-MPLS network
Layer 3 switching logic architecture in an integrated network switch
Internet protocol mobility architecture framework
Method and node apparatus for filtering ICMP data frame
Extended computing system
Halftoning method and system providing increased number of densities per basic halftone cell for con...
Polishing device using eddy current sensor
Monitoring of contact hole production
Doping of semiconductor fin devices
Methods of forming strained-semiconductor-on-insulator finFET device structures
Method for producing a device for simultaneously carrying out an electrochemical and a topographical...
Bioactive rhenanite glass ceramic
Antibiotic treated implantable medical devices
System and method for producing a three-dimensional body comprising bone or tissue-compatible materi...
Benzofuran derivatives
Methods for treating or preventing cancer by preventing, inhibiting or arresting cell cycling
Antibacterial agents comprising conjugates of glycopeptides and peptidic membrane associating elemen...
Nucleic acid molecules encoding osteogenic proteins
Dental products comprising bone growth enhancing peptide
Prosthetic knee joint having at least one diamond articulation surface
Method of making an intervertebral disc prosthesis
Syringe and method of using
Near-infrared disguise detection
Tristate electrochromic device
Method, structure, and apparatus for Raman spectroscopy
Photopic detector system having a filter with an interference element, an absorptive element and an ...
Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring
Composite with a low emissivity in the medium and far infrared, and with a low reflectivity in the v...
Temperature control apparatus for a heater using an encoder switch and method thereof
Circuit cooling
Heat dissipation device with tilted fins
Heatsink device and method
Control box
Mold temperature control unit
Heat sink, control device having the heat sink and machine tool provided with the device
Flat tube evaporator with enhanced refrigerant flow passages
EGR cooler
Heat exchanger
Full plate, alternating layered refrigerant flow evaporator
Vehicular atmosphere cleansing method
Memory module cooling
Compact cooling device
Fluidic cooling systems and methods for electronic components
Cooling device for an electrical or electronic unit
System and method for heat dissipation and air flow redirection in a chassis
Computer cooling system and method
Integrated circuit heat dissipation system
Device for the transfer of energy and/or matter between a soluble solid and a liquid
Chemical process for the production of 1,3-diglyceride oils
Tocopherol enriched compositions for reducing IL6 levels
Agent for preventing/ameliorating obesity comprising methylidene hydrizide compound as active ingred...
(-)-1-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions thereof, and uses as a dopamine-r...
C2-disubstituted indan-1-ones and their derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use a...
Hydroxy alkyl substituted 1,3,8-Triazaspiro[4.5]decan-4-one derivatives useful for the treatment of ...
Melanin concentrating hormone receptor ligands: substituted 1-benzyl-4-aryl piperazine analogues
Substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines
Resistant starch prepared by isoamylase debranching of low amylose starch
Methods for manipulating upper gastrointestinal transit, blood flow, and satiety, and for treating v...
Centralized hospital monitoring system for automatically detecting upper airway instability and for ...
Synchronization and calibration of clocks for a medical device and calibrated clock
Benzamide derivatives as antagonists of orexin receptors
Phenylalkyl diamine and amide analogs
Chicken growth hormone releasing hormone receptor
Melanin concentrating hormone receptors
Hop-based udder and teat dips and washes
Ethyl 3-mercaptobutyrate as a flavoring or fragrance agent and methods for preparing and using same
Compositions of solution for sequencing reaction clean-up
Filter device integrating sampled volume control
Process for preparation of imipenem
Sugar-chain asparagine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Novel antimicrobial peptides based on tripeptide repeats
Aircraft cleaner formula
Support for holding a complexed enrichment of degrading bacteria and manufacturing method thereof, n...
Alleles of the mqo gene from coryneform bacteria
Silver halide color photosensitive material
Powder for lower layer of application type of layered magnetic recording medium and magnetic recordi...
Scaffold material for regeneration of hard tissue/soft tissue interface
Projection exposure apparatus, projection exposure method, and method for producing device
Liquid immersion type lens system, projection exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Measuring apparatus
Method for end-to-end control of water quality
Process and compositions for the purification of water
Supported biofilm apparatus and process
Method for sorting and recovering fine particle and apparatus for recovery
Spiral electrodeionization device with uniform operating characteristics
Heat exchanger
Drinking water pitcher having a removable upper reservoir
Dishwasher and corresponding control method
Protein hydrolysates produced with the use of cod proteases
Modular intrusion detection system
Integrated intrusion detection services
System and method for storing events to enhance intrusion detection
ADC with digital error correction
Powering down of DAC and ADC for receive/transmit modes of operation in a wireless device
Comparator offset calibration for A/D converters
A/D converter, D/A converter and voltage source
Photodetector including integration capacitance section and A/D converter circuit
Pipeline ADC calibrating method and apparatus thereof
Microwave intensification system for a conveyorized microwave oven
Composite cooking apparatus
Method for producing .gamma.-linolenic acids from a ciliate culture by adding suitable precursor mol...
Microwave susceptible insulated label and packaging material
Ice cream maker
Process for debittering peanut hearts
Disposable brew basket for electric coffee maker
Herbal, extract having therapeutic activity on injuries, and pharmaceutical composition and health f...
Gelling vegetable protein
Antifungal compositions with improved bioavailability
Utensil holder
Food and vegetable processing device
Thermal recording medium
Thermal-dye-transfer receiver element with polylactic-acid-based sheet material
Slipping layer containing wax mixture for dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer
Thermosensitive recording material
Sublimation thermal transfer recording medium and thermal transfer recording method using the same
Printing plate material
Recording material support, process for manufacturing the same, recording material and process for i...
Thermosensitive recording material, and synthesis method of oligomer composition for the recording m...
Thermal recording material
Direct thermographic materials with improved protective layers
Thermal recording material
Method for connecting a compatibility liner with a source of perishable therapeutic
Securing device for a low profile gastrostomy tube having an inflatable balloon
Primer composition
Gas igniter
Gas igniter
Electro-thermal chemical igniter and connector
Retroviral vectors with foreign-sequence insertion between retroviral primer binding site and retrov...
Igniter for air bag system
Method and plant for the destruction of a fuze mounted on a munition
Industrial ammunition
Servo data detection in the presence or absence of radial incoherence using digital interpolators
Disk storage systems
Disk cartridge and disk drive apparatus
Manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head with magnetoresistive effect element and manufacturi...
High magnetoresistance spin valve sensor with self-pinned antiparallel (AP) pinned layer structure
Multilayer magnetic shields with compensated thermal protrusion
Actuator locking apparatus for hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for embedding a chip in a substrate to form a composite air bearing surface
Disc drive breather filter mounted to a flex circuit bracket
Recording medium drive capable of preventing flexure of base and cover
Method and apparatus for reducing seek acoustics in a disk drive using feedback during large current...
Accurate tracking of coil resistance based on current, voltage and angular velocity
Servo pattern deviation correcting method and disk apparatus using the same
Method to achieve higher track density by allowing only one-sided track encroachment
Process for recording a scrambled MPEG stream
Mounting mechanism for storage device
Giant magnetoresistive element
Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus and magnet...
Gene-targeted animal model of apolipoprotein E4 domain interaction and uses thereof
N-phenyl-2-pyrimidine-amine derivatives
Antibodies to serine protease polypeptides
Imidazo-substituted compounds as p38 kinase inhibitors
Quinazoline and quinazoline-like compounds for the treatment of integrin-mediated disorders
Benzyllactobionamides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation
Organic compounds with biological activity as thrombin inhibitors and use thereof
Intravascular Stent
System for promoting selective tissue in-growth for an implantable medical device
Method for predicting cardiovascular events
Apparatus for treating a blood vessel
Ixodes scapularis tissue factor pathway inhibitor
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Methods of treating lupus based on antibody affinity and screening methods and compositions for use ...
Retroviral vectors including modified envelope escort proteins
System and method for collaborative processing of distributed applications
Methods and apparatus for interactive map-based analysis of digital video content
Delayed-delivery quarantining of network communications having suspicious contents
Translating switch and method
Method and system for monitoring e-mail and website behavior of an e-mail recipient
Method and system for monitoring e-mail and website behavior of an e-mail recipient
System and method for granting deposit-contingent E-mailing rights
Email filtering methods and systems
Process for improving search engine efficiency using feedback
Connector systems for dynamically updating information related to a network and methods for developi...
Method and system for transmitting traffic having disparate rate components
Heads for dermatology treatment
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
Automotive optical touch sensitive switch method
Oxo process
Cobalt flash process
Bridged biscyclopentadienyl ligands and method of preparation
Polypropylene fibers and fabrics
Alkoxylated triazine emulsion compositions for fuel cell reformer start-up
Bulky borate activations
Selectively suppressing catalytic hydrogenation
Multiphase mixing device with improved quench injection
Attrition resistant molecular sieve catalysts
Tube grinder and method for comminuting lumpy grinding stock
Textured-grain-powder metallurgy tantalum sputter target
Archery target
Network control system, and controller, target and consumer for use in the network control system
Maneuvering target tracking method via modifying the interacting multiple model (IMM) and the intera...
Method and apparatus for simultaneously depositing and observing materials on a target
Method and system for optically tracking a target using interferometric technique
Confocal laser microscope displaying target images side by side
Reaction mixtures for target amplification of nucleic acid with mutant RNA polymerase
Clay target thrower
Apparatus and method for reproduction of a source ISA application state corresponding to a target IS...
Motor control apparatus for adjusting target rotation speed of motor in accordance with current cond...
CLCKb mutation as a diagnostic therapeutical target
Mass spectrometric methods for detecting mutations in a target nucleic acid
Immunotherapy of autoimmune disorders using antibodies which target B-cells
Method for determining the binding behavior of ligands which specifically bind to target molecules
Base for a target and sign support
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between a set of source states and a set of target state...
Method, system, and program for determining a number of device addresses supported by a target devic...
Epoxy adhesives and bonded substrates
Detection of DC output levels from a class D amplifier
Integrated PULSHI mode with shutdown
Devices and methods for converting a digital signal into an analog signal
Exhaust gas recirculation system for internal combustion engine
DC-DC CMOS converter
Simplified topology for HID lamps
DC--DC converter and device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp using said converter
DC--DC converter and device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp using said converter
Interface converter having switching ability
Dc converter
System and apparatus for reducing the effects of circuit mismatch in analog-to-digital converters
Synchronized frequency multiplier for multiple phase PWM control switching regulator without using a...
Frequency converter having low supply voltage
DC converter with halt mode setting means
DC-DC converter
DC/DC converter having improved regulation
High efficiency power converter
DC--DC converter
Two-stage voltage regulators with adjustable intermediate bus voltage, adjustable switching frequenc...
Preallocation of client network address translation addresses for client-server networks
Use of unique XID range among multiple control processors
Enzyme isolated from a Bifidobacterium
Dehydrated potato flakes
System and method for providing secure identification solutions
Article identification and tracking using electronic shadows created by RFID tags
Package integrated one-quarter wavelength and three-quarter wavelength balun
Modular daisy-chain flange mount for coaxial connectors
Temperature sensing system for temperature measurement in a high radio frequency environment
Modular, portable data processing terminal for use in a radio frequency communication network
Optical reader comprising illumination assembly and solid state image sensor
Controlled cooking system
Portable radio terminal capable of obtaining good polarization efficiency regardless of position and...
Method and related apparatus for reducing cell phone power consumption
Communication system transmitter or receiver module having integrated radio frequency circuitry dire...
Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus
Best-cell amendment method for amending hysteresis margin according to the degree of congestion
Radio communication system with adjustable output transmission
Method for operating a GSM mobile radio system
Method and device for improving audio quality in a mobile radio network
Control method for information network system, information network system and mobile communication t...
Localization of radio-frequency transceivers
Secret key generation method, encryption method, and cryptographic communications method and system
Method, system, device for proving authenticity of an entity or integrity of a message
Method and apparatus for secure data transmission via network
System providing dynamic quality of service signaling messages in a cable telephony network
Method and system for processing a transaction
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computi...
Method of and a system for distributing digital contents
System and method for production and authentication of original documents
Associating content with households using smart cards
Method and communications system for ciphering information for a radio transmission and for authenti...
Encryption algorithm management system
Method for carrying out an electronic transaction using several signatures
Cryptographic key split binding process and apparatus
Login renewal based on device surroundings
Cryptographic method and apparatus for non-linearly merging a data block and a key
Computing method for elliptic curve cryptography
Tester of cryptographic service providers
External security module for a television signal decoder
IC card terminal unit and IC card duplication method
Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server
Method and apparatus for obtaining consumer product preferences through product selection and evalua...
Microscope with objective lens position control apparatus
Dirt map method and apparatus for graphic display system
Graphics system with just-in-time decompression of compressed graphics data
User input method and apparatus for handheld computers
Goniometer-based body-tracking device
Sensor using electro active curved helix and double helix
Petunia plant named `Danpetbor`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi Three Sie`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecasflirob`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI THREE PS`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yolife`
Bougainvillea plant named `Maudi`
Poinsettia plant named `NPCW04097`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisnovired`
Portulaca plant named `Bodhigyel`
Diascia plant named `Diasroroc`
Petunia plant named `MP221`
Phlox plant named `Junior Bouquet`
Shrub rose plant named `JACfabco`
Bidens plant named `Sunbidesupa`
White oak tree named `AFTO-1`
Lavender plant named `Belpur`
Lavender plant named `Bellav`
Strawberry variety named `Brunswick`
Nectarine tree named: `Polar Light`
Argyranthemum plant named `OHMADLEVA`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunny Yotasha`
Method for effectively embedding various integrated circuits within field programmable gate arrays
Apparatus and method for generating PN states
Air-conditioning system for integrating multiple areas
Home network system and method for exchanging standards in the same
Electrophotographic printer having movable pre-transfer erasing unit
Toner layer blade and a developing unit having the same for an image forming apparatus and a method ...
Optical filter and apparatus and method for monitoring optical channel using the optical filter
Semiconductor laser apparatus, semiconductor laser module, optical fiber amplifier and semiconductor...
Asymmetric channel allocation for a mobile station in a CDMA communication network
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in an NB-TDD CDMA communication system
Optical disc capable of enhancing the performance of disc driver
Temperature detection circuit and temperature detection method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having sense amplifier with increased speed
Method and driver for programming phase change memory cell
Light guide plate with embossments and backlight system using the same
Control device for the actuation of lamps
Light emitting diode multiphase driver circuit and method
Lighting circuit
Ceiling mount electrical fixture
Tool chuck having a light transmitting capability
Laser pointer with external device connector
Illuminated caps for containers and display racks for energizing them
BLU and module using the BLU
LED with an optical system to increase luminance by recycling emitted light
Multiple pattern light source
Methods and arrangements in a telecommunications system
Technology to translate non-text display generation data representing an indicator into text variabl...
System and method for a wireless unit acquiring a new internet protocol address when roaming between...
Communications system and method
Power control in wireless communications based on estimations of packet error rate
Reception antenna of tire pressure monitoring system using radiating leakage coaxial cable
Compact wireless sensor
Hands-free, voice-operated remote control transmitter
Tactile simulator for use in conjunction with a video display
Automated utility meter reading system with variable bandwidth receiver
Geographic database including data indicating wireless coverage and method and system for use thereo...
Method for producing highly functional, hyper branched polyester by means of enzymatic esterificatio...
Scintillation proximity test
Method and apparatus for cover assembly for thermal cycling of samples
Soybean cultivar 4909380
Soybean cultivar S050162
Soybean cultivar 6084016
Soybean cultivar SG1120RR
Device and method for cultivation
Biomass generator
Steady state free precession based magnetic resonance thermometry
Method of estimating doppler frequency shift and method of transmitting data using the same
Process for controlling the gain of a frequency tuner, and corresponding tuner, in particular for th...
Truck acoustic data analyzer system
Flexible hearing aid tip with an integral receiver
Method for in-situ measuring and correcting or adjusting the output signal of a hearing aid with a m...
Hearing aid device wearable in the ear or hearing aid device having an otoplastic wearable in the ea...
Hearing aid system
Anchoring element
Hearing aid system with a hearing aid and an external processor unit
Networked disposal and information distribution apparatus
Valve arrangement and hydraulic drive
Optical information recording medium transparent sheet, process for producing the same, and optical ...
Phosphors containing oxides of alkaline-earth and group-13 metals, and light sources incorporating t...
Adsorbent sheet material for parallel passage contactors
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
On chip capacitor
Inspection pattern, inspection method, and inspection system for detection of latent defect of multi...
Thermoelectric module
Semiconductor apparatus having a built-in electric coil and a method of making the semiconductor app...
Formation of abrupt junctions in devices by using silicide growth dopant snowplow effect
Semiconductor integrated circuitry and method for manufacturing the circuitry
Microelectromechanical system and method for fabricating the same
Compact microcolumn for automated assembly
Manufacturing process for annealed wafer and annealed wafer
Lanthanide oxide dielectric layer
Method for preparing SiC crystal and SiC crystal
Gate dielectric structure for reducing boron penetration and current leakage
Method of fabricating a multi-layered thin film by using photolysis chemical vapor deposition
Manufacturing method for electronic device and multiple layer circuits thereof
Methods of forming field effect transistor gates
Method of dry plasma etching semiconductor materials
Deposition-selective etch-deposition process for dielectric film gapfill
Image information apparatus
Image processing apparatus for performing shading correction on synthesized images
System and method for display grid characterization, calibration, and verification
Method and apparatus for automatically tracing line-structure images
Methodology for color correction with noise regulation
Image locking system for DNA micro-array synthesis
Medical imaging station with rapid image segmentation
Method and apparatus for expanding the use of existing computer-aided detection code
Method for operating a medical imaging examination apparatus
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing
User Authentication
Automatic re-authentication
System and method for extending functionality of a class object
Systems for negotiating buffer size and attribute characteristics in media processing systems that c...
Audio fingerprinting
Code integrity verification that includes one or more cycles
Reducing information reception delays
Exposing multiple network interfaces as a single network interface to a higher level networking soft...
System and method providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
System and method for converting and reconverting between file system requests and access requests o...
Customization of process logic in a software system
Audio segmentation and classification using threshold values
Grammar authoring system
Method and system for displaying and linking ink objects with recognized text and objects
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Quality of service over paths having a wireless-link
Printer driver supporting worldwide single binary font format with built in support for double byte ...
Analytical method and apparatus
Aperture to reduce sensitivity to sample tilt in small spotsize reflectometers
Apparatus for fabricating surface emitting semiconductor laser
Structure, structure manufacturing method and sensor using the same
Modulated reflectance measurement system with fiber laser technology
Polarization state measuring apparatus
Instantaneous polarization measurement system and method
Method and apparatus for measuring polarization
Method and apparatus for detecting gap of liquid-crystal panel and apparatus therefor
Method of noise cancellation in an unpolarized-laser instrument
Densitometry device
Matching dose and energy of multiple ion implanters
Analysis of chemical data from images
Measuring apparatus and measuring chip
Discrete polarization state spectroscopic ellipsometer system and method of use
Discrete polarization state rotatable compensator spectroscopic ellipsometer system, and method of c...
Performing retardation measurements
Smoke detectors particularly ducted smoke detectors
Method and apparatus for direct spectrophotometric measurements in unaltered whole blood
Measuring device
Mask for inspecting an exposure apparatus, a method of inspecting an exposure apparatus, and an expo...
Substrate sensor
Surgical microscope
Method and apparatus for collecting and processing physical space data for use while performing imag...
Biological photometric device
Multistage hemodiafiltration/hemofiltration method and apparatus
Methods for multiple acquisitions with global inversion cycling for vascular-space-occupancy dependa...
Lightweight container
Container shoulder
Roof unit and floor unit for a road vehicle
Large area electron source
Materials having shape-memory
Dispenser for housing a plurality of folded wet wipes
Absorbent structure having enhanced intake performance characteristics and method for evaluating suc...
Flexible carton loading apparatus
Anti-cancer and wound healing compounds
Water-dispersible, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Paper webs having a watermark pattern
Process for making a feminine sanitary napkin or other absorbent article having place and cut wings
System for dispensing plurality of wet wipes
Apparatus for forming a lap seam
Disposable undergarment with body conforming fit and containment pocket
Autosetpoint registration control system and method associated with a web converting manufacturing p...
Stack of fan folded material and combinations thereof
Air conveyance apparatus
Method and apparatus for on-line log diameter measurement and closed-loop control
Low-cost elastic laminate material
Wipes with an edge treatment along a leading edge portion
Pant-like disposable garment for absorbing human discharge
Disposable face mask
Slot machine method with symbol replacement
Apparatus for controlling heat generation and recovery in an induction motor
Integrated pump and ceramic valve
Liquid pressurizing device
Plunger lift tool and method of using the same
Plunger lift tool and method of using the same
Torque controlled pump protection with mechanical loss compensation
Rotor device capable of dissipating heat
Tidal generator system and method
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Electric compressor
Blower having a blower tube incorporating a reduction device for reducing the clear flow cross secti...
Multi-fan assembly
Fan assembly and method
Enclosure for handling hazardous material
Capacity control drive
Water pressure pump
Hot water recirculating system
Reciprocating motor and reciprocating compressor having the same
Scroll-type fluid machine having a path to pass and cool the fluid
Discharge valve assembly for reciprocating compressors
Cartridge to be used with a peristaltic pump
Headstock of a stringed musical instrument
Modified protein kinase A-specific oligonucleotides and methods of their use
Process for the preparation of (S) - or (R) -3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionic acid
DNA molecule for detecting glyphosate tolerant wheat plant 33391 and progeny thereof
Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein
Laundry detergent composition
Alkaline Bacillus amylase
Mutant .alpha.-amylases
Laundry composition
Fabric care compositions
Preparation of DNA-containing extract for PCR amplification
Household liquid dispensing system
Branched primary alcohol compositions and derivatives thereof
Dewaxing kit for immunostaining tissue specimens
Golf club grip
Method of developing optimized optical proximity correction (OPC) fragmentation script for photolith...
Testing a programmable logic device with embedded fixed logic using a scan chain
VLIW computer processing architecture having the problem counter stored in a register file register
Maintaining aggregate data counts for flow controllable queues
Arrangement for automated fault detection and fault resolution of a network device
Integrated memory mapped controller circuit for fiber optics transceiver
Power on sequence and ground fault interruptor for hot plug device
Power on reset circuit
Gate electrode dopant activation method for semiconductor manufacturing including a laser anneal
Tungsten carbide-based annular jewelry article
System for mixed signal synthesis
Golf club grip
Optical scanning system for surface inspection
Golf club grip
Dynamic radial capillary seal
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Britreeda`
Fluid dynamic bearing configured with an orbital ring for higher efficiency
Golf club grip
Calibrachoa plant named `Cal Rostar`
System for trapping flying insects with attractant lures
Transgenic plants expressing temporin peptides
Absorbent articles utilizing breathable composite sheet
Antibodies which activate an erythropoietin receptor
Genes differentially expressed in breast cancer
Biomedical signal analysis techniques using wavelets
Systems and methods for estimating properties of a sample
Monoclonal antibody specific to tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b and use thereof
Apparatus and method for risk stratification of patients with chest pain of suspected cardiac origin
Aggrecanase molecules
14094, a novel human trypsin family member and uses thereof
Pressure compensated hydrophone
Chip coil
Pulsed UV light source
Process producing vinyl polymer having alkenyl group at end, vinyl polymer, and curable composition
Vibration dampening compositions and methods thereof
Coating with improved hiding, compositions prepared therewith, and processes for the preparation the...
Filter apparatus and method with centrifugal separator for removing contaminants from a fluid
Process for gelatines extraction and chromium salts recovery from tanned hides and skins shavings
Apparatus for separating solids from a liquid
Remediation of barium, bicarbonate and alkalinity in ground water
Encapsulated filter cartridge
Apparatus for simultaneous cleaning of a liquid and a gas
Method and apparatus for parallel desalting
Sewage treatment plant
Nanofilter system and method of use
Apparatus for simultaneous cleaning of a liquid and a gas
Method and apparatus for thermal degassing
Information storing medium, unit, process cartridge, developing cartridge, and electrophotographic i...
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information processing apparatus
Aberration measuring apparatus for an optical system utilizing soft x-rays
Stage device and control method therefor, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Illumination apparatus, projection exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
Printing control apparatus and method, and heat transfer printing medium
Radiographic apparatus
Solid state image pickup device and image pickup system
Heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
High energy density secondary battery for repeated use
Function device and method for manufacturing the same, perpendicular magnetic recording medium, magn...
Polishing method and apparatus
Method for fabricating vacuum container and method for fabricating image-forming apparatus using the...
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method for them, and program
Sheet discharging apparatus, and sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus using the shee...
Methods for tissue welding using laser-activated protein solders
Treatment of acne using alkonolamine compositions
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating anxiety disorders
Process for preparing a 5-hydroxy-3-oxo-hexanoic acid derivative
Packaging for a reel of magnetic tape
RF transmitters with saturation detection and correction and methods therefor
Auto Motion: Robot Guidance for Manufacturing
Ring assembly for a covered paint robot
Method for fixing a miniaturized component to a carrier plate
Arc welding robot system having arc welding apparatus
Pressure-sensitive sensor and monitor using the pressure-sensitive sensor
Method and device for the three-dimensional measurement of objects
Three-dimensional shape measuring method and measuring apparatus thereof
Mobile videoconferencing platform with automatic shut-off features
Processing method for playing multimedia content including motion control information in network-bas...
Interface for robot motion control
Method and apparatus to correct static deflection in a handling robot
Pill dispensing system
Injection molding system data management method
Robot hand
Laser welding system and laser welding control method
Transfer chamber for vacuum processing system
Coating system for forming protective layer
Speed reducer for industrial robot
Chat information service system
Route generating system for an autonomous mobile robot
Substrate processing system and substrate processing program
Thermostable reverse transcriptases and uses thereof
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R/ (GlcNAc to GalNAc) .be...
Cytokine inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing convulsions or seizures
Selectable gene marker system based on expression of N-acetyllactosaminide 3-.alpha. galactosyltrans...
Antibodies for apoptosis EI24 protein and methods of use
Assays and therapies for latent viral infection
Method for modulating Nod1 activity, use of a MTP related molecule for modulating Nod1 activity, and...
Method and compositions for treating rosacea
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment and prevention of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis
Rapid, efficient purification of HSV-specific T-lymphocytes and HSV antigens identified via same
DNA vaccines for farm animals, in particular bovines and porcines
Immunogenic composition
Methods of inhibiting angiogenesis with fragments and homologs of troponin subunit I
Gp120 mutants and biological applications
Cleaning product
Oxoalcohol-based detergent
HCV NS2/3 fragments and uses thereof
Crystals of the sodium salt of pravastatin
Process for stabilizing the content of glycated protein of a sample on a matrix material
Device for withdrawing blood for diagnostic applications
Method of making a biosensor
Alertness monitor
Single-chain polypeptides comprising troponin I and troponin C
Sulfonylbenzodiazepinone acetamides as bradykinin antagonists
Laminated optical film, elliptically polarizing plate, and image viewing display
Optical film and display system
Multilayer device and method of making
Liquid crystal display device comprising p-type liquid crystal layer operating in vertically aligned...
Dual-screen liquid crystal display
Uniform illumination system
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
Liquid crystal display device having cholesteric liquid crystal polarizing film and internal retarda...
Damped biphasic energy delivery circuit for a defibrillator
Highly reflective asphalt-based roofing membrane
Formulation and process for compression molded component parts
One-pot process for the preparation of 1,2-benzisoxazole-3-methanesulfonamide
Virtual application of features to electronic messages
System and method of optimizing retrieval of network resources by identifying and substituting embed...
Image forming apparatus with components removable in preselected direction and order
Shared multi-channel parallel optical interface
Optical disc storing both video titles provided with AV functions and video titles with no such func...
Method of providing wider window margin in an eye diagram of a received signal in a transmission sys...
Semiconductor waveguide-based avalanche photodetector with separate absorption and multiplication re...
CMOS process waveguide coupler
Light scattering structures formed in lower layer of strip loaded waveguides
Method and apparatus for designing integrated circuit layouts
Light scattering structures formed in upper layer of strip loaded waveguides
Large effective area high SBS threshold optical fiber
Method and apparatus for determining enforcement security devices in a network topology
Multiple core microstructured optical fibers and methods using said fibers
Methods for processing a group of accounts corresponding to different products
Locking plate for bone anchors
Method and system for modeling a system
Mobile communication terminal
Access annunciator
Magnetic resonance imaging using demodulated k-space segments
Scorpionate-like pendant macrocyclic ligands, complexes and compositions thereof, and methods of usi...
Method of making lithographic printing plate
Method and data processing system providing checkpoint/restart across multiple heterogeneous compute...
Separator for metal halogen cell
Electric vaporiser of fragrances or insecticides, with evaporation intensity adjustment function
Specific gravity-adjustable yarns with low elongation rate and excellent abrasion resistance
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Method of assaying for agonists or antagonist of Dynorphin A binding to the MAS receptor
Aminobutyramide conjugate and a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of neuronal disorders
Pretargeting methods and compounds
Synthetic peptide analogs of Arg-Pro-Pro-Gly-Phe as selective inhibitors of thrombin and thrombin ac...
Histogranin-like peptides, processes for their preparation and uses thereof
Guanosine triphosphate (GTP) binding protein-coupled receptor proteins
Method and apparatus for modeling mass spectrometer lineshapes
Small organic molecules that increase the activity of gelatinase a in ocular cells
CETP inhibitors in combination with antihypertensive agents and uses thereof
Use of inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system
Anti-cancer compounds and methods related thereto
Metalloproteases of the neprilysin family
Modified chimeric polypeptides with improved pharmacokinetic properties
Human protein kinase, phosphatase, and protease family members and uses thereof
Barrier coating of a non-butyl elastomer and a dispersed layered filler in a liquid carrier and coat...
Projection screen and projection display
System and method for characterizing a sample by low-frequency spectra
Doped semiconductor powder and preparation thereof
Radio frequency data communications device
Multipath resistant microwave moisture sensor
Microelectronic device with depth adjustable sill
Apparatus and methods for variably controlled substance delivery from implanted prostheses
System for supply and delivery of carbon dioxide with different purity requirements
System for supply and delivery of high purity and ultrahigh purity carbon dioxide
Marker for remote detection of articles
Zinc glycerolate composition and method for manufacture thereof
Array of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Sutureless occular surgical methods and instruments for use in such methods
High refractive index aromatic-based prepolymers
Light adjustable lenses capable of post-fabrication power modification via multi-photon processes
IOL insertion tool with forceps
Aspherical diffractive ophthalmic lens
Operation microscope
Method and system for quantitative image correction for optical coherence tomography
High refractive index and optically clear copoly (carbosilane and siloxane) elastomers
High refractive index and optically clear copoly (carbosilane and siloxane) elastomers
Ophthalmological surgery colorant and delivery system
Surgical cassette latching mechanism
Cooling system for computer hardware
Method for operating low power programmable processor
Multipurpose functional unit with multiply-add and format conversion pipeline
Dental hygiene device
Autothermal reforming in a fuel processor utilizing non-pyrophoric shift catalyst
Acrylic PSAs with narrow molecular weight distribution
Biological systems for manufacture of polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers containing 4-hydroxyacids
Power supply apparatus in electric vehicle
Bicycle front derailleur
Auxiliary eyewear attachment apparatus
Bicycle seat clamp
Bicycle head cap unit
Portable bicycle
Shift and brake control device
Crank structure for bicycle pedal
Spring assisted folding knife
Ride share contact system
System and method for determining a wheel departure angle for a rollover control system with respect...
Alert system for prevention of collisions with low visibility mobile road hazards
Piezoelectric power generation device and piezoelectric ceramics member used therefor
Rubber compositions for use in tires, comprising a (white filler/elastomer) coupling agent with an e...
Cationically modified comb polymers based on acryloyldimethyl taurine acid
High efficiency process for treating mixed metal waste
Capacitor and method for producing a capacitor
Micropyrolyzer for chemical analysis of liquid and solid samples
Delivery of antipsychotics through an inhalation route
Delivery of drug esters through an inhalation route
Delivery of opioids through an inhalation route
Delivery of sedative-hypnotics through an inhalation route
Delivery of caffeine through an inhalation route
Nanocomposites of silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and boron nitride
High-pressure processing chamber for a semiconductor wafer
Gold powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Method for gasifying organic materials and mixtures of materials
Electroconductive contact unit
Multiple tuned scroll coil
Luminescent device, display device, and display device control method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Polyphasic multi-coil generator
Control system for a wind power plant with hydrodynamic gear
Energy recovery apparatus and method of operating energy recovering apparatus
Power system for a telecommunications facility
Semiconductor integrated circuit device for preventing warping of an insulating film therein
Self-aligned corrosion stop for copper C4 and wirebond
Structure for controlling the interface roughness of cobalt disilicide
Multilayered cap barrier in microelectronic interconnect structures
Semiconductor component having thinned substrate, backside pin contacts and circuit side contacts
CMOS constructions
Toothbrush with a toothpaste container and a dosing trigger
Selective binding agents of telomerase
Kinase inhibitors
Arylsulfonamidobenzylic compounds
Winding devices and a method for preparing a material web
Sleeve-like printing or transfer form and device for chamfering the longitudinal ends of a sleeve-li...
Drives for a printing group
Guiding roller and adjusting method
Post press machine
Protective device for a delivery device
Solid free-flowing phosphonate composition
Dynamic real-time magnetic resonance imaging sequence designer
Magnetic resonance scanner with electromagnetic position and orientation tracking device
Layered wing coil for an electromagnetic dent remover
Distortion-corrected magnetic resonance measurement and magnetic resonance device
Radio frequency resonator system with optimized current distribution in the conducting elements
Method and magnetic resonance system for homogenizing the B.sub.1 field
Pareto-optimal magnetic resonance data acquisition
Superconducting coil system
Polymeric NMR sample tubes and method for using
Method and apparatus to generate an RF excitation consistent with a desired excitation profile using...
Method and apparatus to reduce RF power deposition during MR data acquisition
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a bulged interior bore filled with a mass augmentation
Method and apparatus to correct amplitude modulation in multi-echo magnetic resonance imaging
Magnet assembly of an MRI system with concentric annular ferromagnetic laminations
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Radio frequency shield for nuclear magnetic resonance procedures
Digital filter for NMR an MRI applications
Electromagnetic clutch and manufacturing method of magnetic path forming member therefor
Low cost titanium welding method
(Meth) acrylate-substituted iminooxidiazine dione derivatives
Heteropolysaccharide produced by Pseudomonas sp