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Method for applying metal features onto barrier layers using electrochemical deposition
Semiconductor processing apparatus
Centrifugal swing arm spray processor
Method of submicron metallization using electrochemical deposition of recesses including a first dep...
Method and apparatus for thermally processing microelectronic workpieces
Applying filter information to identify combinations of electrodes
3-thia-4-arylquinolin-2-one derivatives
Method for synthesizing epothilones and epothilone analogs
Photocleavable isotope-coded affinity tags
Non-Hazardous oxidative neutralization of aldehydes
Embossed absorbent article
Scanning magnetic microscope having improved magnetic sensor
Opposed orthogonal fusion system and method for generating color segmented MRI voxel matrices
Selectively configurable probe structures, e.g., for testing microelectronic components
Process for duplicating remote control command codes
Method and apparatus for managing a firewall
Espresso coffee machine
Coffee pot
Radiographic image conversion panel
Luminous countertop
Organic light-emitting diode and material applied thereto
Element substrate and light emitting device
Optical waveguide evanescent ribbon coupler
Vacuum cleaner with light guiding element
Controlling pulse energy of an optical amplifier by controlling pump diode current
Method of producing digital images of objects using planar laser illumination beams and electronic i...
Ophthalmoscopy lens system
System and method of measuring and controlling temperature of optical fiber tip in a laser system
Analogs of terpene trilactones from Ginkgo biloba and related compounds and uses thereof
Production method for optically active N-aryl-.beta.-amino acid compounds
Method of and apparatus for composing a series of partial images into one image based upon a calcula...
Seamless tiled display system
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Security element
Analog modulation of optical signals
Pantropic neurotrophic factors
Flexible and durable fixing members and apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Bullet shaped letter opener
Mortar deployment and storage system
Firing pin assembly
Apparatus and method for removing the slide of a semi-automatic pistol
Mirror sight apparatus for guns
Single thrust-journal bearing cup fluid dynamic bearing motor
Thrust bearing assembly
Thrust needle roller bearing
Sensor-holding lid for a wheel hub bearing
Rolling bearing
Bearing assembly and method
Slidable fastener bearing assembly
Sliding guide apparatus
Slider for a holding track of a window lifter
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly
Synthetic resin composites and bearings formed therefrom and method
Bearing and screw compressor
Bearing assembly
Sealing unit for a wheel bearing
Metal forming device including bearing with sintered anti-friction bearing surface
Hydrodynamic bearing apparatus and stage apparatus using the same
Hydrodynamic bearing system for a rotary bearing of spindle motors
High speed rolling element bearing anti-cavitation cage
Bearing and screw compressor
Spin-forming method, spin-forming apparatus, and catalytic converter
Dynamic spindle usage leveling
Storage system
Determining maximum drive capacity for RAID-5 allocation in a virtualized storage pool
System and method for expanding processor functionality
Methods and apparatus for managing temporary capacity in a computer system
Method of activating management mode through a network for monitoring a hardware entity and transmit...
Repairing applications
Method and apparatus for delivery of targeted video programming
Thick-film conductor paste for automotive glass
Alkoxylated phosphite ester and process therefor
Methods of ortho alkylation
Purification of fluorinated alcohols
Computer-implemented method for matching paint
Liquid phase synthesis of methylene lactones using oxnitride catalyst
Method for achieving primerless windshield sealant adhesion over a carbamate clearcoat
Lamination through a mask
Herbicidal heterocycles
Toughened, glass filled polyamide compositions and blends having improved stiffness, and articles ma...
3-Hydroxycarboxylic acid production and use in branched polymers
Toner used with electrophotography
Process for the production in continuous of hydrocarbons from synthesis gas in slurry reactors and f...
Oxidation process in fluidized bed reactor
Photocatalytic composition
Reading devices and assay devices for use therewith
Gels from controlled distribution block copolymers
Ethylene oxide sterilization process indicator inks
Flat fluorescent lamp and backlight unit using the same
Lubricant for improved surface quality of cast aluminum and method
Tuyere cooling system
Comfortable and dry absorbent article
Contextual relevance engine and knowledge delivery system
Storage and display carton
Aerosol dispenser
Adjustable, self-correcting web substrate folding system
Product dispensing package
Container and a cap
Product dispensing package
Container and a cap
Product dispensing package
Electric furnace
Magnetoelectric generator
Spark plug having noble metal tip
Vehicle identification code storing device and method for storing vehicle identification code
Method and system for converting digital samples to an analog signal
Method and apparatus for tessellation lighting
System and method for multi-sampling primitives to reduce aliasing
Light modulating engine
Microphone system
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine having exhaust-gas recirculation
Method for determining defective actuators in an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for diagnosing performance of air-conditioning systems
Methods and compositions for delivering macromolecules to or via the respiratory tract
Fused heterocyclic succinimide compounds and analogs thereof, modulators of nuclear hormone receptor...
Temperature controlling device for aerosol drug delivery
Bio-synthetic photostimulators and methods of use
Hetero-bridge substituted 8-arylquinoline pde4 inhibitors
Oxadiazole derivatives and drugs containing these derivatives as the active ingredient
Dispersible macromolecule compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Method and system for cold gas spraying
5-Aryltetrazole compounds and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of phenethylamine derivatives
Method for producing oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steel tube
Enhanced triaxial tester with volume change device for measurement of flow properties of dry cohesiv...
Packaging device integral with an applicator
Applicator for liquid cosmetic compositions
Methods of treating fungal infections using lupeol
Multiphase sunscreen compositions
Mascara comprising solid particles
Preparations of the W/O emulsion type with an increased water content, and comprising cationic polym...
Compositions for reducing UV-induced inhibition of collagen biosynthesis in human skin
Use of polyguanidine compound for treating or shaping the hair, especially for straightening or perm...
Prevention of crystal formation in toothpaste
Acrochordon alleviation
Aqueous composition comprising oligomeric esterquats
Method for preparing a two-phase water-absorbent bioadhesive composition
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
Compositions for golf equipment
UV-absorbing ink composition for ink-jet printing
Dendrite elongation inhibitor for melanocyte and skin preparation for external use containing the sa...
Method and device for delivery and confinement of surface cleaning composition
Device for dental care and whitening
Methods and devices for the treatment of skin lesions
Inkjet printer incorporating an ink transfer roller
Cleaning composition, pad, wipe, implement, and system and method of use thereof
Print data compression method and printer driver
Control method of optical fiber amplifier and optical transmission system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor storage device
Predistortion digital linearizer and gain controlling method thereof
Frequency offset detector for AFC under rayleigh fading
Frequency threshold audio activity detector
Direct conversion receiver with DC offset compensation and method thereof
Integrated fieldbus data server architecture
Disc array device and diagnostic control method thereof
Medical guide tubes
Apparatus for culturing cell/tissue
Polysaccharide-based polymers and methods of making the same
Functionalized, absorbable, segmented copolyesters and related copolymers
Method for operating a gas generation device in a fuel cell system
Hydrogen generator
Apparatus and method for stack temperature control
Partial oxidation reformer-reforming exchanger arrangement for hydrogen production
Method of operating a fuel cell power plant
System for sono-catalytic production of hydrogen
System and method for monitoring cardiac function via cardiac sounds using an implantable cardiac st...
Plasticizers for plastics
Telecommunication system comprising ATM core network
Methods and systems of network management
Method for recycling vinyl polymer-based articles
Method of dividing a semiconductor wafer utilizing a laser dicing technique
Adhesive sheet for dicing
Method, instruments, and kit for autologous transplantation
Method and apparatus for rapid deployment chest drainage
Production method of decorative film
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Infrared sauna
Abrasive sheet alignment dispenser
Auto-loading firearm mechanisms and methods
Muzzle load assembly
Compact swirl augmented afterburners for gas turbine engines
Inverted aerosol dispenser
Tactical reticle for a weapon aiming device
Apparatus and method for locking a firearm to prevent unauthorized use thereof
Adjustable rifle scope mount
Device to separate propellant charge modules
Liquid filled less lethal projectile
Body armor for protecting the lower body
Detachable pistol firing assembly
Electric discharge weapon
Transflective color recovery
Vehicle headlight
Light projector
Transparent substrate for area light emitting device, a method for producing transparent substrate, ...
LED lamp heat sink
Device for oral UV photo-therapy
Integrating chamber cone light using LED sources
Illuminated gas tank or shell
High light density fluorescent luminaire
Heat dissipating apparatus for lighting utility
Illuminated cover for a brake caliper
Vehicle headlight
Light release ring for vehicle lights
Steering isolator for an opto-electronic assembly focusing apparatus
Low modal birefringent waveguides and method of fabrication
Systems and methods for fiber distribution hub administration
Method and system for automated simulation of cable failure in a network
Method and apparatus for adjusting filter device
Diffractive optical element and optical device using the same
Image processing apparatus and method generating binary image from a multilevel image
Real-time correction of phase distortion
Representation of shapes for similarity measuring and indexing
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image data
Making the apparent speed of elements imaged at different speeds approximately the same for image re...
Apparatus and method for labeling rows and columns in an irregular array
Method and apparatus for detecting and fixing incorrect date tags on digital images
Method of digital image data compression and decompression
Image processing decompression apparatus and method of using same different scaling algorithms simul...
Efficient spatial scalable compression schemes
Compression of images using object maps
Method of performing fast bilateral filtering and using the same for the display of high-dynamic-ran...
Detection of cardiac arrhythmia using mathematical representation of standard .DELTA.RR probability ...
Systolic function monitoring utilizing slope of measured impedance
Anti-tachycardia pacing based on multi-site electrograms
Apparatus and method for detecting pulse wave
Cuff for blood pressure monitor
Pulsimeter, control method for pulsimeter, wristwatch information device, control program, and recor...
Liable cardiac muscle diagnosing apparatus and liable cardiac muscle analyzing method by magnetic fi...
Personal cervical cell collector
Quick-release torquer apparatus for delivering and maintaining a medical guideware
Automatic apparatus for controlling the childbirth labor
Aluminum/magnesium 3D-Printing rapid prototyping
Pyrimidine derivatives for the treatment of abnormal cell growth
Pacing methods and devices using feedback controlled timing
Solution polymerization process utilizing preassembled bimetallic Ziegler-Natta catalyst
Coumarin endcapped absorbable polymers
Photothermographic imaging material and method for forming image
Photothermographic material
Aqueous coating composition comprising non-crosslinkable oligomer(s) and dispersed polymer(s)
Amphiphilic copolymers useful especially as emulsifiers
Catalytic polymerization process
E2, E4, Z8-undecatrienoic acid and ester and carboxamide derivatives thereof, organoleptic uses ther...
Life extension in hard disk drives through vibration dampening using pre-stressed polymer springs
Textile finishing composition and methods for using same
Crosslinkable elastomeric composition, tire including a crosslinked elastomeric material, and proces...
Method of binding particles to binder treated fibers
Method for cross-linking polyacrylates
Aqueous adhesive compositions for bonding elastomers
Photothermographic material and image forming method
Photothermographic material
Pour-on application method and devices
Quick release harness
Illuminated collar
Distributor of mixes consisting of agglomerated ceramic or stone material for filling a mold
Inbred miniature swine and uses thereof
Wireless boundary proximity determining and animal containment
Pet treat dispenser assembly with clicker
Method of expanding grazing range and an animal feed supplement for use therein
Reducing ungulate pressure on post-burn areas in mosaic burns
Polyester production method, polyester composition, and polyester fiber
Fishing release apparatus
Desiccant cartridge having desiccant cap
Suture material for surgery, processes for its production and the use thereof
Optical logic gate based optical router
Desulfurization process
Multitube reactor, vapor phase catalytic oxidation method using the multitube reactor, and start up ...
Liquid crystal orientation agents and liquid crystal display device with the use thereof
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and sheet, and laminate
Spherical silica-titania-based fine particles surface-treated with silane, production process theref...
Positive resist composition
Herbicide compositions and weedkilling method using the same
Drycleaning method using dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether
Modified asphalt compositions
Process for the preparation of (pyrimidin-2-yl) methyl ketones
Low corrosive integrated process for preparing dialkyl carbonates
Apparatus for fluorescence subtracted Raman spectroscopy
Systems and methods for manufacturing control using radio frequency identification
System and method for testing telematics software
Adjustment of the detection, transmission and/or reception parameters of an RFID reader as a functio...
Wake up device for a communications system
Apparatus for securing drawer contents
Launch monitor
Method, terminal and computer program product for adjusting power consumption of a RFID reader assoc...
Impedance matching network and multidimensional electromagnetic field coil for a transponder interro...
Method, apparatus and computer program product for intuitive energy management of a short-range comm...
Non-contact IC tag system
Method for administering insulin to the buccal region
Boom breakaway system
Method of manufacturing electroluminescence panel
Separation of plant oil triglyceride mixtures by solid bed adsorption
Axle driving apparatus
Methods and devices for measuring total polar compounds in degrading oils
Apparatus for measuring oil oxidation using fluorescent light reflected from oil
Vapor sensor and materials therefor
Motor and display unit
Apparatus and methods for downhole determination of characteristics of formation fluids
Diamine terminated primary amine-aldehyde sulfur converting compositions and methods for making and ...
Mixing apparatus
Photoprotective UV-screening compositions comprising (phenylsulfonyl) acrylonitrile-substituted sila...
Water resistant, wear resistant, and decorative cosmetic for hair
Swaging head assembly
Handpiece for treatment of tissue
Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms
Device for packaging and applying a cosmetic or care product
Multi-layered, UV-cured polymer electrolyte and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
Amperage control for protection of battery over current in power tools
Punched electrode and rechargeable lithium battery using the same
Pressing device for lithium batteries
Rechargeable lithium battery and method of fabricating same
Negative electrode and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Measurement device for determining oxygen activity in molten metal or slag
Anti-inflammatory compounds
Conductive elastomer composition and method of producing same
Nitrided valve metal material and method of making same
Electrode material for rechargeable lithium battery, electrode structural body comprising said elect...
Programmable sub-surface aggregating metallization structure and method of making same
Toner, method for forming image using the toner, and process cartridge
Image-forming method and developer
Methods for diagnosing a mucin production associated disease condition
Photothermographic material
4-aryl quinols and analogs thereof as therapeutic agents
Process for production of modified carbon black for rubber reinforcement and process of production o...
Active material for battery and method of preparing the same
Earth penetrating apparatus and method employing radar imaging and rate sensing
High discharge current lithium secondary battery and method of manufacture
Method for the deposition of an electrocatalyst layer
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery
Solid electrolyte battery
Method for the fabrication of an electrocatalyst layer
Monomers, conjugated polymers and electronic devices using such polymers
Multilayer microporous membrane
Non-aqueous electrolyte solution and non-aqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery using the sa...
Fabrication of titanium and titanium alloy anode for dielectric and insulated films
Chilled beverage dispenser with cradle evaporator
Treatment of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Methods and apparatus for accessing and stabilizing an area of the heart
Dynamic software code instrumentation method and system
Composite metal wood club
Snap locking underdrain block
Peripheral support apparatus and method
Electromagnetic valve
Optoelectronic device and process for acquiring symbols, such as bar codes, using a two-dimensional ...
Exhaust system for enhanced reduction of nitrogen oxides and particulates from diesel engines
Tool holder
Interface pads with proportional valves
VCT closed-loop control using a two-position on/off solenoid
Phaser with a single recirculation check valve and inlet valve
Device for collecting statistical data for maintenance of small-arms
Compactor service and monitoring system
Graphic for a portion of a computer display screen
Digital audio player
Centerplayer of home theater system
Media player
Nasal cannula
Introducer cannula and cannula straightener
Sanitary article
Absorbent garment
Elongated garment cover for concealing urostomy or ileostomy pouch
Handle for surgical suction-irrigation device
Air motor handpiece
Interbody fusion device
Blood pressure monitor
Wrist brace
Valve arrangement for controlling hydraulic fluid in an axial piston machine
Continuous flow type centrifuge having rotor body and core body disposed therein
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer and method for operation thereof
Coil arrangements
Multifrequency power circuit and probe and NMR spectrometer comprising such a circuit
Method for implementation of a magnetic resonance examination of a patient
Dipole shim coil for external field adjustment of a shielded superconducting magnet
Method and apparatus for discrete shielding of volume RFcoil arrays
Antenna arrangement and coupling method for a magnetic resonance apparatus
NMR spectrometer with flowthrough sample container
Method and apparatus for vibration-related artifact reduction
NMR spectrometer and NMR probe
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus probe
Field coil assembly for an electromagnetic clutch for a compressor
Thermal management apparatus and uses thereof
Active-passive electromagnetic shielding to reduce MRI acoustic noise
Nuclear magnetic resonance system
Method and control device for determining the position of a local coil on a patient table of a magne...
Magnet for NMR analyzer and NMR analyzer using the same
Microfluidic device with multiple microcoil NMR detectors enabling fluidic series communication
Cryo head with a plurality of heat exchangers for cooling the RF coils or resonators
Apparatuses for enabling operation of adjacent coil loops with a magnetic resonance system
Method for producing N-phosphonomethylglycine
Control method for guiding the movement of materials to be transported
Vehicular steering control device
Conveyor unit for conveying flat objects
Printing cylinder with clamping channel and rotatable spindle clamping mechanism
Automatic reel changer comprising a reel stand and a method for disposing of residual reel casings
Method and apparatus for controlling the web tension and the cut register of a web-fed rotary press
Printing group including cylinders supported for movement
Device for producing folded products
Washing and cleaning device for cylinders, especially printing form cylinders and offset blanket cyl...
Method and apparatus for cleaning and erasing printing surfaces, in particular printing surfaces of ...
Method for operating a printing group and utilization of printing ink
Pharmaceutical compositions of fibrinolytic agent
Polynucleotides encoding a neurotrophic factor receptor
Pentafluorobenzenesulfonamides and analogs
Tamper evident syringe assembly
Modified pertussis toxin
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
CCR4 antagonists
Recycling method for magnetic field generator
Method of making capacitor element used for solid electrolytic capacitor
Composition for preparing porous dielectric thin film containing saccharides porogen
Process for the production of ceramic bearing components
Method and apparatus for decomposition of substance contained in gas
Permanent magnet and method for preparation thereof
Solid electrolyte battery
Low-friction, high-dispersion synthetic resin composition containing fine particles of RB ceramic or...
Process for preparation of particles
Latching rack system for vehicles
Ride along quick release doll carrier and doll helmet
Bicycle control apparatus that sets a bicycle transmission to a predetermined gear ratio
Bicycle seat attachment
Combination multipurpose trailer and rooftop storage container and method therefor
Spoked wheel for a bicycle and method for its manufacture
Method of forming an illuminated design on a substrate
Lighting system for a bicycle
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Floating armature electric motor and method of assembly
Image display apparatus, method, and program for automotive vehicle
Navigation system and navigation method for movable body, program storage device and computer data s...
Electronic publication distribution method and system
Privacy compliant multiple dataset correlation and content delivery system and methods
Bicycle shift control lever
Bicycle shift control lever
Bicycle shifter
Customized lenses
Sealing pores of low-k dielectrics using C.sub.xH.sub.y
Method for removing metal ions from polymers or polymer solutions
Acrylic composition for use in coating applications and a method of forming the same
Hygienic treatments of structures in body cavities
Method and system for implementing multiple high precision and low precision interpolators for a gra...
Methods of obtaining ophthalmic lenses providing the eye with reduced aberrations
Injectable bag intraocular lens system, inserting device for use therewith, method for inserting an ...
High refractive index polymeric siloxysilane compositions
Hydrophilic biomedical compositions
Eye aspirating device and method of use
Polarization-sensitive vision prosthesis
Methods of producing intraocular lenses
Intraocular multifocal lens
Method and mold to control optical device polymerization
Alcohol fueled direct oxidation fuel cells
Method and apparatus for electrochemical compression and expansion of hydrogen in a fuel cell system
Hydrogen passivation shut down system for a fuel cell power plant
Warm-up apparatus for fuel cell
Solid electrolyte fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
Fuel cell
Electrocatalyst powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Carbon fiber electrode substrate for electrochemical cells
Operation method for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method and apparatus for multiple mode control of voltage from a fuel cell system
Devices having compliant wafer-level input/output interconnections and packages using pillars and me...
Soil moisture sensor
Reactor for decomposition of ammonium dinitramide-based liquid monopropellants and process for the d...
Atomic clock
Plasma immersion ion implantation apparatus including a plasma source having low dissociation and lo...
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Method of enlarging a travel of piezoelectric sensor and MEMS switch employing the same
Surface wave plasma processing system and method of using
MEMS RF switch integrated process
Lancing device
Color correcting polarizer
Projection screen and projection system containing same
Rear projection screen with shifted lens
Harmonic wireless transponder sensor and method
System and method for analyzing activity of a body
Plasma display device having improved luminous efficacy
Display device and driving and controlling method therefor
Scanning optical printhead having exposure correction
Display device comprising plasma discharge switching element with three electrodes
Controller and method to mediate data collection from smart sensors for fab applications
Controlling a hydraulic hybrid vehicle powertrain having an internal combustion engine and a hydraul...
Optical wiring board, optical bus system, and method of manufacturing optical wiring board
Replaceable unit monitor reader with auto polling capabilities
Process unit, photoconductive unit, developing unit, and image forming apparatus
Developer cartridge, developing apparatus using the same, and image forming apparatus
Optical coupler type filter and wavelength stabilizing apparatus of light source using the same
Measurement-based admission control utilizing effective envelopes and service curves
Secure in-band signaling method for mobility management crossing firewalls
Indole derivatives useful for the treatment of diseases
D-enzyme compositions and methods of their use
Profiling frequencies of receptor heterodimers
Apparatus and method for ion production enhancement
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Molecular antigen arrays
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives useful as serine protease inhibitors
5-.beta.-sapogenin and pseudosapogenin derivatives and their use in the treatment of dementia
Ion source and mass spectrometric apparatus
Methods of modulating localization and physiological function of IP3 receptors
Electrode employing nitride-based semiconductor of III-V group compound, and producing method thereo...
Output overvoltage protection circuit for power amplifier
Thermistor having symmetrical structure
Security system using a transmitting signal of a wireless communication terminal and a method for us...
Systems and methods for non-destructively detecting material abnormalities beneath a coated surface
Semiconductor circuit and method of fabricating the same
P-channel field-effect transistor with reduced junction capacitance
Method for a high-speed writing system and high -speed writing device
Optical disc player having a carriage control system relying upon a multiplied periodic signal and a...
Filtering method and apparatus for removing blocking artifacts and/or ringing noise
Image processing apparatus and surveillance camera system utilizing the same
Tile base
Fluid separation method and system
Methods and apparatus for facilitating a currency exchange transaction
Electro-optical device, method of checking the same, and electronic apparatus
Moisture indicator for a diaper
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Method and system for providing a return data path for legacy terminals by using existing electrical...
Dynamic adjustment of noise separation in data handling, particularly voice activation
Watermark detection
Turbo decoder employing simplified log-map decoding
Method and apparatus for storing and displaying digital objects associated with an electronic televi...
Power balancing for downlink fast power control using central processing
Measuring device
Methods for making pluralities of air diffusers from a single blank
Air duct containing an organic liner material
Spout assembly for dispensing liquid from a nozzle
Vane pump with integrated shaft, rotor and disc
Clipper for automatic netting packaging machine
Multiple movable carriages with multi-radius tracks and tilted rollers
DC power source apparatus
Programmable power supply
Electrical connectors for electro-dynamic loudspeakers
Planar ribbon electro-acoustic transducer with high SPL capability and adjustable dipole/monopole lo...
Heat generating apparatus using electromagnetic induction
Startup and operational techniques for a digital flowmeter
Optical pickup
Toner cartridge
Method and apparatus for predicting acute response to cardiac resynchronization therapy at a given s...
Dielectric slit die for in-line monitoring of liquids processing
System and method for non-contact forming of parts to a fluid sensor assembly
Amplification type positive resist composition
Resist polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Ethylene, higher alpha-olefin comonomer and dienes, especially vinyl norbornene and polymers made us...
Bridged carbocyclic compounds and methods of making and using same
Organic compositions
Coextruded, hot-sealable and peelable polyester film having high peeling resistance, process for its...
Coextruded, hot-sealable and peelable polyester film, process for its production and its use
Alkylation of a diphenylamine compound in ionic liquid
Charge dissipation modifiers for olefinic interpolymer compositions
Handheld diagnostic instrument
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating upper respiratory illnesses
Identification of oligonucleotides for the capture, detection and quantitation of West Nile virus
Forms of soluble pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent glucose dehydrogenase
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Conserved motif of hepatitis C virus E2/NS1 region
Process for obtaining HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors of high purity
Dishwasher rack assembly
Biodegradable compounds including poly(lactic acid) polymer compositions and products
Device for shaping a food product
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzo...
Servo methods and systems using existing data structures and optical masks
Sensor device
Device and method for determining the position of a working part
Sensor system with variable sensor-signal processing
Porous gas sensors and method of preparation thereof
Transconductance circuit for piezoelectric transducer
Adaptive integrated circuit for magnetoresistive sensors
Integrated sensor system for measuring electric and/or magnetic field vector components
Sensor system for measurement of one or more vector components of an electric field
Method and device for correcting guiding errors in a coordinate measuring machine
Method and device for preventing collision of vehicles
System and methods for providing automatic adjustment of operating setpoints for a monitoring device
Morphologically deforming toy
Telerobotic system with a dual application screen presentation
Mobile robot having obstacle avoidance function and method therefor
Robot cleaner
Robotic paint applicator and method of protecting a paint robot having an explosion proof electric m...
Position-recognizing system for self-moving robot
Storage system for wafers and other objects used in the production of semiconductor products
Device for removing and disposing a stack of flat products
Robotic grip and twist assembly
Robot control apparatus
Vacuum actuated end effector
Dynamic carosel robotic workcell
Liquid handling robot for well plates
Double-layer glass spacer forming method
Process for controlling industrial robots, and related robots, systems and computer programs
Network-based robot control system and robot velocity control method in the network-based robot cont...
Controlling a robot using pose
Device, program, recording medium and method for correcting taught point
Method for calibrating a non-contact sensor using a robot
Functional particle and preparing/plasma-treating method of the same
System and method for automated filament testing of gas discharge lamps
Diversity type transmitter having system for controlling the delay time of each of plural transmissi...
Generating image data
Method for chemically stabilizing waste materials containing multivalent oxyanions
Method and device for treating particulate material
Method and an electrowinning cell for production of metal
Method and apparatus for mapping pulses to a non-fixed layout
Optical fiber sensors based on pressure-induced temporal periodic variations in refractive index
Optical grating coupler
Programming and manufacturing method for split gate memory cell
Swiped aperture capacitive fingerprint sensing systems and methods
Wide steering-range motionless optical beam steering device, and methods of manufacture
Fixing mechanism for use in image forming apparatus
Skin electrode with a by-pass element
Dynamically configured 3-D object creation system
Window pane and a method of bonding a connector to the window pane
Bonding tool for ultrasonic bonding and method of ultrasonic bonding
Method of and apparatus for testing a wire bond connection
Method for tube end preparation and milling head therefore
Retention means for snap-in spring
Method for manufacturing steel spring leaves
Process for the chemical and thermal treatment of steel parts to improve the strength properties the...
Process for producing stainless steels for spring having a high strength and an excellent fatigue re...
Apparatus having extended prestressing and sleeve retaining devices for prestressing countersunk fas...
Bedspring assembly with novel border wire and method of forming the latter
Method of induction hardening of gear teeth
Induction hardening of gear teeth
Composite metal spring material, method of making, and spring members formed therefrom
Carburized low silicon steel article and process
Method of forming hard steels by case hardening, shot-peening and aging without tempering
Method for forming metal compression-spring gemstone mounting
Pump head
High-strength coil spring and method of producing same
Metal compression-spring gemstone mountings
Method for manufacturing a high-strength spring
High strength spring
Method for producing by continuous heat treatments oil-tempered steel wires for springs having high ...
Gear making process
Female terminal
Domestic water treating device including permanent magnet means
Storage medium holding program and information processing apparatus and information processing metho...
Image processing apparatus and method
Information reading apparatus
Image displaying apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus and its method and server apparatus
Cooperatively creating an electronic album among client computer terminals over a network through a ...
Annealed optical information recording medium and optical information recording/reproducing apparatu...
System, device, and method for inputting image, and storage medium therefor
Laser oscillation apparatus, exposure apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing method, semicond...
Information processing apparatus and its control method, computer program, and storage medium
X-ray CT image taking apparatus and X-ray CT image taking method
Face detection and tracking in a video sequence
Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium
Image forming apparatus to which a sheet discharge device can be detachably mounted
Polluted air treatment method and system
Low flow phase separator with intermittent pumping
Liquid degassing system and liquid degassing method
Heating tower apparatus and method with isolation of outlet and inlet air
Flocculation apparatus for treating colloidal suspensions
Bituminous froth inclined plate separator and hydrocarbon cyclone treatment process
Process for recovery of nutrients from wastewater
Apparatus and method for the removal of solids and floatables from a wastewater stream
Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) based wastewater treatment process
Surface acoustic wave device
Viral polymerase inhibitors
FXIII detection for verifying serum sample and sample size and for detecting dilution
Heating device
Semiconductor device with a solder creep-up prevention zone
Electronic apparatus
Hermetic passivation structure with low capacitance
Semiconductor package and substrate having multi-level vias
Semiconductor device having a multilayer interconnection structure and fabrication process thereof
Photo-thermal induced diffusion
Low-k dielectric film with good mechanical strength that varies in local porosity depending on locat...
Transfer-molded power device and method for manufacturing transfer-molded power device
Wedge shaped uniform energy megasonic transducer
Method for preparing an optical device using position markers around an optical lens and a light bar...
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of manufacturing the same
Chip-type noise filter, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor package
Method of co-simulating a digital circuit
System and method for configuring and performing application backups and restores in diverse environ...
Method and system for implementing SLICE instructions
System and method for activating and downloading executable files for a line card without requiring ...
DMA acknowledge signal for an IDE device
Use of a signal line to adjust width and/or frequency of a communication link during system operatio...
Monitoring processing modes of coupling facility structures
Systems and methods for providing a distributed file system incorporating a virtual hot spare
Reducing equivalence checking complexity using inverse function
Agent program environment
Request queue management
Method and apparatus for improving specificity of atrial tachycardia detection techniques in dual-un...
Pegylated non-hypertensive hemoglobins, methods of preparing same, and uses thereof
Treatment of humans with colloidal silver composition
Iron compositions
Rapidly soluble drug composition
Interactive information aggregator for an interactive television system
Digital broadcast receiving device
Personal computer internet security system
Intrusion detection accelerator
Dedicated applications for user stations and methods for downloading dedicated applications to user ...
On-the-fly redundancy operation for forming redundant drive data and reconstructing missing data as ...
Video surveillance system with rule-based reasoning and multiple-hypothesis scoring
TO-packaged optic-fiber receiving interface and method
Optical measurements in fluids using distributed sensor networks
Supply chain visibility for real-time tracking of goods
Flexible cable sleeve apparatus
High pressure barrier to oil loss by diffusion
Memory device with release button for use with cellular telephones
Headset with spring loaded microphone
Piezoelectric lighter
Apparatus and method for sealing boxes
Method and apparatus for zero-copy receive buffer management
Bicycle front fork assembly
Method and apparatus for forming grooves within journals and on flat plates
Computer controlled display device
High-power fused collimator and associated methods
Optical waveguide device
Method of connecting an optical element to a PLC
Waveguide including a plurality of waveguide segments
Method and system for measuring the wavelength dispersion and nonlinear coefficient of an optical fi...
Fiber optic cable and plug assembly
Repeater and Raman amplification repeating system
Optical media management channel
Optical communications using multiplexed single sideband transmission and heterodyne detection
Optic semiconductor module and manufacturing method
Optical transmission system for compensating for transmission loss
Procedure and means for replacing and procedure for repairing a section of a pipe in the primary cir...
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission system
Fiber delivery system with enhanced passive fiber protection and active monitoring
Warewashing composition for use in automatic dishwashing machines, comprising a mixture of aluminum ...
Fabric care compositions comprising cationic starch
Process for producing immunoglobulins for intravenous administration and other immunoglobulin produc...
Endoglucanase enzyme NCE5 and cellulase preparations containing the same
Thickener comprising hydroxyalkylated polyhydric alcohol ether compound and high-viscosity liquid de...
Liquid detergent composition
Process for producing detergent molecules comprising an ether linkage from butadiene
Multi-phase laundry tablets and methods for producing them
Roll over stability control for an automotive vehicle having an active suspension
Decouplable image projection device for use with docking stations
Movable personal computer using system in a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration of multiprocessor system
System and method for managing navigation information
Wheel position indicator
Providing status data for vehicle maintenance
Apparatus and method for the variable rate application of substances to land
Portable multi-tracking method and system
Method for displaying marine vessel information for an operator
Motor vehicle decal display system
Method of measuring homocysteine
Method for separating cells using immunorosettes
HIV integrase inhibitors
Simultaneous imaging of cardiac perfusion and a vitronectin receptor targeted imaging agent
Method for producing a modified peptide
Signature capture terminal
Head support device and it's driving method, and drive disk using same
System for adjusting a clock frequency based on comparing a required process times and a worst case ...
Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Protocol test device including a network processor
Back out provision for failed programmable hardware update
Information terminal device
Broadband system with intelligent network devices
Content providing system and terminal used therein
Method and system for generating multi-dimensional motion profiles
Method of generating control commands in a distributed mass data storage library network
Cross USB drive
Method and a system for evaluating aging of components, and computer program product therefor
Heater fan
Remote updating of printer settings on a client device in a networked environment
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing failure recovery of network secure comm...
Apparatus for feed contacting with immediate catalyst separation
Alkylene oxide-lactone copolymers
Method for producing C.sub.13-alcohol mixtures
Supercritical hydrocarbon conversion process
Method for creation and management of virtual volumes for DBMs
Implementation of an efficient instruction fetch pipeline utilizing a trace cache
Method for backing up and recovering data in the hard disk of a computer
Capo for a stringed musical instrument
Guitar body
Guitar headstock
Vacuum producing device
Integrated turbo/drag/regenerative pump with counter-rotating turbo blades
Fluid pump for medical purposes and measuring chamber therefor
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Portable air compressor
Vacuum pump having main and sub pumps
Integrated high vacuum pumping system
Turbocharger with air-cooled magnetic bearing system
Variable geometry turbine
Peristaltic pump with roller pinch valve control
Fan monitoring for failure prediction
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Device for controlling the actuating shaft of means for recirculating a cooling fluid in vehicle eng...
Centrifugal compressor having a flexible coupling
Reciprocating-piston machine with a driver
Cryogenic fluid delivery system
Sealed type electrically driven compressor
Pulse fuel pump for a diaphragm carburetor
Peristaltic pump with ganged tubes
Method to transfer fuel in a fuel system for a gas turbine engine
Vehicle lean and alignment control system
Steering damper and backup lock beam attachment
Vehicle seat with dual independently adjustable supports
Portable device for dispensing skin treatments
Inspection system by charged particle beam and method of manufacturing devices using the system
Brake system and suspension for use therewith
Suspension system for a vehicle
Method for adaptation of a level of a vehicle with an air suspension element
Movable loading bridge having an inflatable flexible body
Suspension isolator equalizer
Lightweight mobile lift-assisted patient transport device
Aluminum hanger and hanger assembly
Steering column lock apparatus and method
Driving unit, exposure apparatus using the same, and device fabrication method
Independent and integrated compact air-bump stops
Load-variable engine control system
Device for determining on board weight of tractor-trailers and method
Power tool
Hermetically sealing a container with crushable material and reactive multilayer material
Transflective liquid crystal device
Sheet fed continuous motion printing system
Apparatus for molding a beverage container with optimized base
Semi-solid concentration processing of metallic alloys
Tongue lock for stackable containers
Short-circuiting device for an electric railway system having a conductor rail for supplying power t...
Process for manufacturing a film-type packaging material
Use of bile acid derivatives conjugated with metal ion chelated complexes for the diagnostic assessm...
Method and apparatus for ultrafiltration utilizing a peripheral access dual lumen venous cannula
Access disconnection system and methods
Methods for determining whether to provide an inhibitor of sympathetic nervous system activity to a ...
Optimized sensor geometry for an implantable glucose sensor
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion
Systems and methods for monitoring gastrointestinal system
Parameter compensated physiological monitor
Method and apparatus for imaging of tissue using multi-wavelength ultrasonic tagging of light
Alignment of ellipsometer beam to sample surface
Method and apparatus for adjusting illumination angle
Differential evaluation of adjacent regions for change in reflectivity
Optical probes and probe systems for monitoring fluid flow in a well
Multiple beam ellipsometer
Measuring apparatus
Position sensor, method for detecting horizontal and vertical position, alignment apparatus includin...
Detecting location of edge of media sheet
Method and apparatus to reduce spotsize in an optical metrology instrument
Methods and apparatus for measuring refractive index and optical absorption differences
Apparatus and method for evaluating semiconductor material
Edge bead removal inspection by reflectometry
Automated scanning method for pathology samples
Defect detection method and its apparatus
Apparatus and method to enhance a contrast using histogram matching
Halftone controller circuitry for video signal during on-screen-display (OSD) window
Scalable and perceptually ranked signal coding and decoding
Image processing apparatus, method, and program for processing a moving image
Method and system for segmenting magnetic resonance images
Methods and apparatus for displaying diagnostic data
System and method for editing digital images
Specular reflection in captured images
Drug sample identification peripheral
Leg joint assist device for legged movable robot
Highly quenchable Fe-based rare earth materials for ferrite replacement
Azeotropic compositions of cyclopentane
Electricity generating and air conditioning system
Hearing-aid remote control
Acoustical switch for a directional microphone
Hearing aid with digital compression recapture
Cushioning device for use with a hearing aid
Thickness measuring systems and methods using a cavity resonator
Signal frequency splitter and frequency shift key decoding apparatus using the same
System and method for controlling data paths of a network processor subsystem
Frame-pull flow control in a fibre channel network
Method of managing a storage area network
Apparatus and method for distance extension of fibre-channel over transport
Patient-specific template development for neurological event detection
Variable speed waste removal system
Skimmer construction
Chromatography system with gradient storage and method for operating the same
Compact water filter for cleaning pool water
Blow molded septic tank and method of manufacture
Dry cycle anaerobic digester
Method and apparatus of removing nitrogen
Method of reclaiming brine solutions using an organic chelant
Method and apparatus for improving swimming pool skimmer efficiency
Settling tank and method for separating a solids containing material
Interlinked culture chamber for biologicals
Electrodialysis method and apparatus for trace metal analysis
Computerized design method and apparatus for drainage systems
Digital to analog converter
Digital to analog converter
Soft switched zero voltage transition full bridge converter
Power amplifier control using a switching power supply
Method for transmitting an analog data stream with prevention of secondary minima, and circuit arran...
Switching converter having a controllable load element
Signal converting apparatus for integrating analog-to-digital converter and digital-to-analog conver...
Electronic throttle control unit for engine
Heater drive circuit
Zero-voltage-switching single-switched resonant DC link with minimized conduction loss
Switching power supply circuit
Point of load sine amplitude converters and methods
Power amplification device
Signal processing device and class D amplifier that can reduce radiation noise even if the number of...
Power supply rejection for pulse width modulated amplifiers and automatic gain control
Recovery from clipping events in a class D amplifier
Power amplification circuits
Constant frequency duty cycle independent synthetic ripple regulator
Adhesive tape
Methods for processing semiconductor devices in a singulated form
System and method for backup which synchronously or asynchronously stores additional information dep...
Determining target operating frequencies for a multiprocessor system
Mobile archery target
Chimeric target molecules having a regulatable activity
Synthetic molecules that specifically react with target sequences
Fe-Co-B alloy target and its production method, and soft magnetic film produced by using such target...
Remote control target drone
Detection device and method for throttle opening degree, and compensation device and method for targ...
Target for cathode discharging arc ion plating and method of manufacturing the same
Optical projection of a thermal target
Method and apparatus for performing target search on optical storage disc
Method of controlling an optical disk drive by calculating a target frequency of a DPLL signal
Method for achieving a target bit rate in a multi-carrier data communication system
System, method and computer program product to automatically select target volumes for a fast copy t...
Composition having antibacterial and antifungal properties
3,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octanes and their use in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Crystalline forms of [R-(R*,R*)]-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-.beta.,.delta.-dihydroxy-5-(1-methylethyl)- -3-p...
Inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Biologically active macrolides, compositions, and uses thereof
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Agonists of beta-adrenoceptors
Sulfonamides, sulfamates and sulfamides as gamma-secretase inhibitors
Anti-inflammatory medicaments
Phototreatment device for use with coolants and topical substances
Terminal block probe and probe kit
InGaN diode-laser pumped II-VI semiconductor lasers
Trace based method for design navigation
Use of an adsorbent in solid foam form for the purification or separation of gases
Autoselective regenerating particulate filter
Composition for thermal insulating layer
Blowing agent introduction systems and methods
Polyamine analogs that activate antizyme frameshifting
Interconnect for solid oxide fuel cells
High-temperature compliant compression seal
Preparation and use of mixed mode solid substrates for chromatography adsorbents and biochip arrays
Recording medium, process for production thereof, and ink-jet recording method employing the medium
Membrane-electrode assembly for polymeric membrane fuel cell
Photolithographic solid-phase polymer synthesis
Method of fabricating silicon-based MEMS devices
Method of using viscoelastic vesicular fluids to enhance productivity of formations
Fused tricyclic heterocycles useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders
Copolyetherester compositions containing hydroxyalkanoic acids and shaped articles produced therefro...
Modifying the surface of polymer substrates by graft polymerization
Synergistic antimicrobial compositions and methods for reducing biofilm formation
Low moisture absorptive circuitized substrate, method of making same, electrical assembly utilizing ...
Minimizing electronic mailbox congestion
System and method for using dynamic random access memory and flash memory
Sampling responses to communication content for use in analyzing reaction responses to other communi...
E-mail system providing filtering methodology on a per-domain basis
Method and apparatus for ensuring data consistency amongst a plurality of disparate systems having m...
System and method for calculating expected approval rates
Systems and methods for utilizing a tracking label in an item delivery system
Backlight control for a handheld computing device
Hyperkey access to network-based services
Data security system and method for separation of user communities
System and methods for the automatic discovery, notification and installation of firmware upgrades
Data security system and method responsive to electronic attacks
Noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system
Hemodialysis system and method
Heart homing conjugates
ASD closure device with self centering arm network
Prodrugs of thrombin inhibitors
Endovascular prosthesis, system and method