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Fast invariant pattern search
Optical coupling arrangement
Electrical power distribution control methods, electrical energy demand monitoring methods, and powe...
Method of regulating an internal combustion engine
Seal force monitor apparatus, system, and method for in-process determination of integrity of sealed...
Determining speech reception threshold
Method and system for configuring a computer system via a wireless communication link
Method and apparatus for controlling creation and management of pages of portal content in a directo...
Trick mode audio playback
Cooperating array of micromirror devices for wireless optical communication
Image forming device
Container, toner container, image forming apparatus, and image forming process
Method for the production of hyperbranched water-soluble polyesters
Injection device used for blow molding hollow plastic bodies, comprising extrusion mandrels that can...
Preparation method of high molecular weight polycarbonate resin
Ring-shaped light emitting unit
Adjustable length belly putter
Putter-type club head
Rubber composition for golf ball
Golf shoe outsole
Method of purifying fischer-tropsch derived water
Universal serial bus interface to mass storage device using speculative write commands
Analyzing, indexing and seeking of streaming information
Method of using non-simultaneous stimulation to represent the within-channel fine structure
Pipe storage and inventory control chest
Methods and systems for predicting fuel sensor performance within a tank during motion
System and method for relative positioning of an autonomous vehicle
Method of inserting and deleting leaves in tree table structures
System and method for multi-destination merge in a storage area network
Performing terminal authentication and call processing in private wireless high-speed data system
Replica routing
Method and system for deterministic ordering of software modules
Using distributed information about lock conversion requests to efficiently manage lock state transi...
Dynamic resource control in a processing system
System and method for providing hardware driver installation
Photo clock
Travel mug
Laser aim scoring system
Hand-writing practicing system
Motivational device for team competitions
Personal computer lesson system using videophones
Device mounting substrate and method of repairing defective device
3D navigation techniques
Methods for improving certainty of test-taker performance determinations for assessments with open-e...
Cryptographic communications using in situ generated cryptographic keys for conditional access
Time-dependent authorization
Method and system for authorizing generation of asymmetric crypto-keys
Methods and apparatus for providing networked cryptographic devices resilient to capture
Secure remote-control unit
Non-linear reproduction control method of multimedia stream and apparatus thereof
Method, system and program product for extracting essence from a multimedia file received in a first...
Method and system for providing access to captured multimedia data from a multimedia player
Networkwide desk sharing with automatic device relocation
System and method for call completion on busy subscribers
Transfer function for messaging platform in public telephone system
Repeating device, telephone set, and recording medium
Web-based CTI system
System and method for optimized distribution of calls to call center resources
Personal communication center performance display and status alert system
Housing assembly of portable electronic device
Locking arrangement for a subscriber terminal device
Charge-all mode for calls in telecommunication network
Voice mail server, mobile station and method for voice mail message transmission
Mail server, and mobile communication terminal
Service mobility and recovery in communication networks
Managing Internet pornography effectively
Amide derivatives as somatostatin receptor 5 antagonists
Tripeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Thiazole derivatives
Methods of decreasing calcification
Treating Androgen Decline in Aging Male (ADAM)- associated conditions with SARMS
Combination and use of drugs
Acid soluble proteins from micellar casein
Detection and stimulus conditioning system for sleep apnea
System and method for monitoring the volume of urine within a bladder
Methods and apparatus for urodynamic analysis
Wireless medical sensor system
Method and device for treating obesity by suppressing appetite and hunger using vibration
Device and method for delivery of therapeutic agents to the dermis and epidermis
Valved Delivery Device and Method
Methods and apparatus for excising tissue and creating wall-to-wall adhesions from within an organ
Mesoderm and definitive endoderm cell populations
Selective androgen receptor modulators
RNA interference mediated inhibition of B7-H1 gene expression using short interfering nucleic acid (...
Methods of treating cancer with HDAC inhibitors
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
Topical compositions of ketamine and butamben and methods of their use
Hydrazone derivative
Cyclohexanesulfonyl derivatives as GlyT1 inhibitors to treat schizophrenia
Treatment of inflammatory disorders
Low-profile, radial nerve splint with interchangeable resilient digit extensor elements and supinati...
Anti-Cytokine Heterocyclic Compounds
Dynamic Ankle Orthesis
Rehabilitation methods
Therapeutic compositions and methods
Sodium channel modulators
Triazolotriazines and pyrazolotriazines and methods of making and using the same
Anti-Cytokine Heterocyclic Compounds
System and method for storing and transferring information tokens in a low network communication
System and method for creating a billing record with a called party's name
System for selectively answering a telephone
Capacity adjustment apparatus for battery pack and capacity adjustment method for battery pack
Apparatus and method for regulating and monitoring a chargeable device with minimal operator interve...
Photoflash capacitor charger and method thereof
System and method for power conversion using semiconductor switches having reverse voltage withstand...
Multi-pulse converter circuits
Electrical circuit for reducing switching losses in a switching element
Switching power supply circuit
High frequency partial boost power factor correction control circuit and method
Power supplying methods and apparatus that provide stable output voltage
Direct current voltage boosting/bucking device
Power supply apparatus
Completely isolated synchronous boost DC-to-DC switching regulator
Method and apparatus for maintaining an approximate constant current output characteristic in a swit...
Low-voltage bandgap reference circuit with startup control
Method and apparatus including low loss DC/DC converter
Circuit for controlling the minimum operating voltage of switching power supply
Over-power protection apparatus with programmable over-current threshold
Vehicular electronic control unit
Document-management device and document-management method
Document-management device and document-management method
View multiplexer for use with a viewing infrastructure and a method of operation thereof
Establishing a secure channel with a human user
Fiber optic pressure sensor
System and method for signal delay in an adaptive voltage scaling slack detector
Rice cooker
Method of operating combination personal data assistant and personal computing device
Graphical user interface
Aerosol generating device and method of use thereof
Aerosol mass spectrometer for operation in a high-duty mode and method of mass-spectrometry
Process monitoring for ferroelectric memory devices with in-line retention test
Device for detecting infrared radiation with bolometric detectors
Space-efficient object models for object-oriented programming languages
System and method for providing lifeline telecommunication service
Portable engine operated machine
Method and apparatus for interactive language instruction
Dual drum type continuous casting device and method for continuous casting
Methods of making a niobium metal oxide
Method for determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a process stream and a spectrophoto...
Monomer addition techniques to control manufacturing of bioabsorbable copolymers
Prosthetic grafts
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Oxygen-fuel burner with integral staged oxygen supply
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Electrochemical sensor
Chip interconnect and packaging deposition methods and structures
Plating solutions for electrochemical or chemical deposition of copper interconnects and methods the...
Method and apparatus for enhancing catalytic activity
Method for evaluating planographic printing plates and quality-control method thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Method for annealing an electrodeposition structure
Method and device for filling volatile liquids into the housing of electric components and for seali...
Alkaline cell with improved anode
Cathode for metal-oxygen battery
Positive electrode for lithium-sulfur battery
Locking leveling support legs for wheelbarrow
Amorphous polyether glycols based on bis-substituted oxetane monomers
Compositions and methods for sirna inhibition of angiogenesis
Method of inhibiting neurotrophin-receptor binding
VEGFR-2 and VEGFR-3 inhibitory anthranilamide pyridines
Pyrazolopyrimidines and related analogs as HSP90-inhibitors
Treatment of cardiovascular and related pathologies
Method and system for improving contrast using multi-resolution contrast based dynamic range managem...
Aminoalkoxybenzoyl-benzofuran or benzothiophene derivatives, method for preparing same and compositi...
Basket catheter with multiple location sensors
Phase shifting of neurological signals in a medical device system
Method and system for naming and binding objects
Superconducting cable and superconducting cable line
Motorcycle mouth guard
Bed for dog
Chew toy for animals
Elongated pet waste collection and disposal tool
Parts washing system
Panel for a dishwashing machine
Hand-held vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Dust collector
Vacuum cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Electric vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner base portion
Handle for a surface-treating appliance
Combined refuse receptacle and caddie
Outdoor park box
Garbage can
Waste container
System and method of enhancing efficiency and utilization of memory bandwidth in reconfigurable hard...
Electromagnetic valve assembly
Radio frequency identification (RFID) based sensor networks
Multi-lingual speech recognition with cross-language context modeling
Method, apparatus, and system for providing multi-language character strings within a computer
CNC machine tool
Intrusion detection method and signature table
MP3 player
MP3 player
MP3 player
Ostomy bag
Digital audio player
Tracheostoma plaster device
Pill extractor punch
Treatment apparatus for endoscope
Treatment apparatus for endoscope
Surgical aiming device
Reflex hammer
Blood pressure monitor
Massage table
Magnetic therapeutic elbow brace
Headset oxygen delivery system
Respiratory gas humidifier
Dye composition for the individual dying of prostheses plastics
Method for generating primate trophoblasts
Use of bacteria endowed with arginine deiminase to induce apoptosis and/or reduce an inflammatory re...
Vaccine composition containing adjuvants
Screening methods to identify agents that selectively inhibit hepatitis C virus replication
Non-toxic immune stimulating enterotoxin compositions
Quantitative, high-throughput screening method for protein stability
Method for treating cancer
Method of enhancing cellular production of molecular chaperon, hydroxylamine derivatives useful for ...
Dicationic 2,5-diarylfuran aza-analogs as anti-protozoan agents
Medicines in controlling Vpr function
Composition and method for modulating dendritic cell-t cell interaction
Process for preparing pyrrolotriazine aniline compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Polymorph of a pharmaceutical
Valve for controlling fluids
Thermal management system and method for MRI gradient coil
System and method of elliptically driving an MRI Coil
Systems, methods and apparatus for inducing electromagnetic mutual inductance in magnetic coils to r...
Offset printing machine
Cleaning device for a longitudinal cutting device and method for cleaning the device
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Flossing device
Patient monitoring device with multi-antenna receiver
Reclamation treatment of bonded particulates
Dual cores for golf balls
Method and device for removing recoverable waste products and non-recoverable waste products
Method for forming fire combustion modified batt
Tape composition and process for internally constrained sintering of low temperature co-fired cerami...
Process for the preparation of pink light-emitting diode with high brightness
Method for producing highly porous metallic moulded bodies close to the desired final contours
Organic photochromic compositions of improved kinetic performance
Electrode material for non-aqueous solvent secondary cell, electrode and secondary cell
Method for forming polysilicon floating gate
High temperature-stabile silicon boron carbide nitride ceramics comprised of silylalkyl borazines, m...
Method and apparatus for microwave phosphor synthesis
Wiring substrate, electronic device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Actuator apparatus for controlling a valve mechanism of a suspension system
Wheeled footboard sport conveyance
Bicycle fork
Bicycle part with a partitioned chamber
Accessories for a collapsible rolling caddy
Eyewear with nosepiece
Circuit on a curved, or otherwise irregularly shaped, surface, such as on a helmet to be worn on the...
Collapsible flotation device
Variable speed power transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Absorbent article with improved liquid-handling ability
Nitrogen-containing heteroaryl compounds having HIV integrase inhibitory activity
N-formyl hydroxylamine compounds, compositions and methods of use
Casing portion for a bicycle control device
Bicycle grip shift control device
Portable compound battery unit management system
Vehicular pedestrian determining system
Method of operating a navigation system
Communication system and methods of estimating channel impulse responses therein
Geranium plant named Hope
Impatiens plant named `Imtralila`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSimmon`
Apple tree named `Mahana Red Braeburn`
Calibrachoa plant named `Balcabrose`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Atlantis`
Euphorbia plant named `Orange Grove`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Midi Twilight`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Maxima`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Ingborg`
Shrub rose plant named `AUSnotice`
Geranium plant named `Balgalbrise`
Hosta plant named `Clifford's Stingray`
Method and apparatus to provide sound on a remote console
Iris recognition and tracking for optical treatment
Pocket tool
Layer configuration with improved stability to sunlight exposure
Fuel cell, electronic device, portable terminal and camera
Bipolar plate assembly, fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems incorporating the same
Hydrogen purification apparatus and method and fuel cell power generation system and method
Process for production of multi-layer electrode or electrode assembly and gaseous diffusion electrod...
Method and apparatus for monitoring fuel cell voltages
Fuel vaporizing device
Fuel electrode of solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cartridge for fuel cells
Membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell
Process for the manufacture of membrane-electrode-assemblies using catalyst-coated membranes
System for determining a gas composition within a shut down fuel cell power plant and method of oper...
Fuel cell system
Drapable diamond thin films and method for the preparation thereof
Use of EP4 receptor ligands in the treatment of IL-6 involved diseases
Detection with evanescent wave probe
Method for accelerating the curing of adhesives
Optical device and liquid-crystal display apparatus
System and method for controlling a fuel cell testing device
Providing a reference voltage to a cross point memory array
Memory array of a non-volatile RAM
Energy conversion systems utilizing parallel array of automatic switches and generators
Flat cathode-ray tube including a transfer foil laminate adhered to a screen panel
Aging circuit for organic electro luminescence device and driving method thereof
Vacuum circuit interrupter including circuit monitoring leakage or loss of vacuum and method of moni...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of controlling magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Electrical switching apparatus and method including fault detection employing acoustic signature
Charge transfer capacitive position sensor
Twin spark pencil coil
Solid dielectric encapsulated interrupter with reduced corona levels and improved BIL
Variable wavelength ultraviolet lamp
Multiphase reduced voltage starter with bypass relays, interphase electrical isolation and shared th...
Method of making interpolymers and products made therefrom
Artificial synapse chip
Device for two-dimensional gas-phase separation and characterization of ion mixtures
Microfluidic system
Magnetic material, method for producing the same, and magnetic recording medium
Perpendicular magnetic recording media, magnetic recording apparatus
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same and product thereof
Lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Developing solution for heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor and method for preparin...
Production of 3-hydroxycarboxylic acid using nitrilase
Method of trivalent chromium concentration determination by atomic spectrometry
Method for analysis of compounds with amino group and analytical reagent therefor
Lead-free low softening point glass
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded articles thereof
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Structure of flexible printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for providing caller identification based responses in a computer telephony env...
Injection mold for light guide body and apparatus for manufacturing light guide body using same
Tomogram creating method
Apparatus and method for creating tool path
Method and system for distributed navigation and automated guidance
Dynamic class inheritance and distributed caching with object relational mapping and cartesian model...
Misting device
Statistical models for improving the performance of database operations
Conductive composite material and electrode for fuel cell using said material formed by thermo-compr...
Bendable display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for achieving prolonged battery life
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Variable accuracy modes in microprocessor simulation
Method and system for determining quotient digits for decimal division in a superscaler processor
Auditing computer systems components in a network
RAID 6 disk array architectures
Free item distribution among multiple free lists during garbage collection for more efficient object...
Assigning sections within a memory heap for efficient garbage collection of large objects
Automatically deploying software packages used in computer systems
Systems and methods for the repartitioning of data
Telecentric lens systems for forming an image of an object composed of pixels
Optical network administration graphical user interface
Fabric retaining clip having crenated-serrated jaw assembly
Cap sheet, roofing installation, and method
Component rejection station
Device and method for investigating predetermined areas of printed circuit boards
Input operating device for accepting a plurality of input operations by one operating member
Method and apparatus for detecting biomolecular interactions
Negative pressure type head slider and disk drive
Open-channel torsion bend section
Head supporting device and disk apparatus
Apparatus for recording information in and/or reproducing information from a ferroelectric recording...
High-frequency module and radio communication apparatus
High repetition rate gas discharge laser with precise pulse timing control
Soft tissue orientation and imaging guide systems and methods
Method and apparatus for enhancing data resolution
Electro-dynamic loudspeaker mounting system
Toner cartridge
Substrate for magnetic recording media using dried thermoplastic norbornene resin and magnetic recor...
Catalyst for polymerization of norbornene
Gamma three protease
Method of detecting native proBNP
Preparing method of IC card and IC card
Method for bending workpieces
Akrion solvent hood robot arm, non-warp modular design
Teaching data preparing method for articulated robot
Capsule type micro-robot moving system
Spelling robot
Display system
Hose conduit element for a paint robot
Automated decoring system and decoring device
Sidewall system for a casting mold
Pose estimation based on critical point analysis
Device and method for controlling robot
Image for a portion of a display screen
Amplifying diversity signals using power amplifiers
Process for producing superconductor
Uses for amino acid anticonvulsants
Cardiovascular anchoring device and method of deploying same
Optical printed circuit board system having tapered waveguide
On-fiber tunable coupler and high speed switch for telecommunication applications
Light-enhancing component and fabrication method thereof
Apparatus for optical measurements on low-index non-solid materials based on arrow waveguides
Ferrule assembly for optical fibres
Optical fibre sealing assembly
Laser diode module
Electro-optical subassemblies and method for assembly thereof
Image forming device having a cleaning member for cleaning an image formation surface
Cleaning unit, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and toner
Conductive rubber member
Treatment of conditions through electrical modulation of the autonomic nervous system
Image processing system to control vehicle headlamps or other vehicle equipment
Digital device configuration and method
System and method for content filtering using static source routes
Enhanced fiber nodes with CMTS capability
Method and system for providing subgroup conversation during a teleconference
Combined sidetone and hybrid balance
Electronic watermark insertion device, detection device, and method
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Method and system for generating a user-accessible internet-based mobile messaging log
Linking internet documents with compressed audio files
System and method for providing electronic vouchers
Virtual directory
Method for determining e-mail address format rules
System, computer program product and method for exchanging documents with an application service pro...
Method and apparatus for providing drawing collaboration on a network
System and method for providing a gauge table
Object persister
Methanol manufacture using pressure swing reforming
Process for the catalytic synthesis of biaryls and polymers from aryl compounds
Process for preparing and olefinic hydrocarbon mixture
Integrated process for synthesizing alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, and olefins from alkanes
Separation of 1-butene from C.sub.4 feed streams
High temperature elastomers from linear poly (silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Selective ether cleavage synthesis of liquid crystals
Optical element and scanning optical system having the same and image forming apparatus
Optical deflector
Optical scanning system and image forming apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
Scanning and detecting a number of images
Image processing apparatus and method, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Image processing method, apparatus therefor and storing medium
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of developing means
Image filing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, and control system, cartridge and memory medium for the same apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
Recording material discrimination device, image forming apparatus and method therefor
Image forming apparatus with magnetic member in feeding supply tube/screw assembly
Apparatus for issuing commodity codes for commodity model names
Communication device for enabling facsimile transmission using e-mail and control method therefor
Memory control apparatus executing prefetch instruction
Surface acoustic wave device and process for fabricating the same
Combination laptop and pad computer
Method for biological identification using high temperature superconductor enhanced nuclear quadrupo...
DNA molecules encoding cartilage-derived morphogenetic proteins
Busulfan immunoassay
Method to increase fibronectin
Photodiode array with a plurality of depressions
Semiconductor photodetector with internal reflector
Method for using a chip carrier substrate with a land grid array and external bond terminals
Light emitting device having integrated rectifier circuit in substrate
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor device with inductive component and method of making
Substrate engineering for optimum CMOS device performance
Dual-sided substrate integrated circuit package including a leadframe having leads with increased th...
Method and structure for an organic package with improved BGA life
Non-corrosive conductivity sensor unit for measuring conductivity of a fluid
Pad surface finish for high routing density substrate of BGA packages
Coaxial waveguide microstructures having an active device and methods of formation thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Wavelength monitor, optical module, and optical module packaging method
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Master carrier for magnetic transfer
Electronic circuit device
Electric potential sensor
Batch processing of interrupts
Method and apparatus for extending the range of the universal serial bus protocol
System for extending length of a connection to a USB device
Wireless USB hardware scheduling
Method of defending software from debugger attacks
Control method and circuit for stopping clock signal
Software control using the controller as a component to achieve resiliency in a computer system util...
Assisted memory device for reading and writing single and multiple units of data
Efficient LDPC code decoding with new minus operator in a finite precision radix system
Converging error-recovery for multi-bit-incrementing gray code
Content validation for interactive dynamic documentation web site
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including a ...
Integrated information communication system using internet protocol
Infiniband TM work queue to TCP/IP translation
Work queue to TCP/IP translation
Predictably defining input/output configurations for environments employing fabrics
Anatomical visualization and measurement system
Subcutaneous cardiac stimulator device having an anteriorly positioned electrode
Apparatus and method for defibrillation of a living subject
System and method for determining patient posture based on 3-D trajectory using an implantable medic...
System and method for determining patient posture based on 3-D trajectory using an implantable medic...
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual segmentation and examination with optic...
Cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure and for defibrillating and/or pacing/sensing
Alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated decay: computational methods and gene regulation
Subscriber characterization system
Method and apparatus for notifying users of filtered e-mail using a set top box
Network configuration manager
Facilitating single sign-on by using authenticated code to access a password store
Authenticated firewall tunneling framework
Disk management interface
Techniques for performing malware scanning of files stored within a file storage device of a compute...
Secure self-organizing and self-provisioning anomalous event detection systems
Digital video disk player
Digital video disk player
Enclosure for a handheld computer
Control panel for an electronic cutter
Fittonia plant named `Red Angel`
Fittonia plant named `White Angel`
Method and apparatus for removing standing water from flat and contoured surfaces and textured and p...
Optoelectronic transceiver having dual access to onboard diagnostics
Thermal flux laser annealing for ion implantation of semiconductor P-N junctions
Methods and apparatus for tristate line sharing
Lettuce variety designated `PX 237`
Piezoelectric lighter
Crush ring to seal the counter plate on hydrodynamic bearing
Zero insertion force printed circuit assembly connector system and method
Method and apparatus for treatment of atrial fibrillation
Apparatus for delivery of ocular implants
Hybrid inorganic/organic low k dielectric films with improved mechanical strength
Video surveillance system in which trajectory hypothesis spawning allows for trajectory splitting an...
Branched primary alcohol compositions and derivatives thereof
Valve train for internal combustion engine
Method for airbag inflation control
Movable access points and repeaters for minimizing coverage and capacity constraints in a wireless c...
Device for presenting information to mobile
Vehicle tracker including input/output features and related methods
Electronic compass system
Information system in a motor vehicle with driving-style-dependent production of information to be o...
Regulation of human protein kinase-like protein
Antisense modulation of bcl-x expression
Chemical compounds
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Interactive multimedia for remote diagnostics and maintenance of a multifunctional peripheral
Techniques for retrieving multimedia information using a paper-based interface
Document revision support program and computer readable medium on which the support program is recor...
Method and system for filtering and selecting from a candidate list generated by a stochastic input ...
Display of follow-up information relating to information items occurring in a multimedia device
Rich media event production system and method including the capturing, indexing, and synchronizing o...
User interface and method to facilitate hierarchical specification of queries using an information t...
Image configuration method
Unification of a programming language and a definition language
Method and apparatus for accelerating program execution in platform-independent virtual machines
Method and system for deploying an asset over a multi-tiered network
Systems, methods and computer program products for controlling and visualizing processes
System and method for scheduling digital information transmission and retransmission on a network du...
System and method for reminders of upcoming rentable media offerings
Electronic apparatus and connection mode setting method
Path sealed software object conditional access control
Method of and personal computer for displaying content received from a content delivery server using...
Synthesis of layers, coatings or films using collection layer
Method for adding heat to a reactor system used to convert oxygenates to olefins
Heavy aromatics processing
Information providing device for vehicle
Apparatus for variable displacement type compressor
Retractable drum fan
Fan array fan section in air-handling systems
Air compressor oil recirculation system
Microfluidics and small volume mixing based on redox magnetohydrodynamics methods
Vent for reducing seal pressure in pump assembly
Automatic oil pump, with a valved pumping piston and a valved driving piston unit
Sealing structure of pump
Electric compressor
Axial bearing arrangement for a hermetic compressor
Assembling mechanism of discharge pipe for hermetic compressor and method thereof
Piston pump for high viscous materials
Magnetically driven gear pump
Liquid pump
Dry suction fitting assembly
Water circulating system having thermostatically controlled bypass valve
Method of assembling a balanced high speed generator rotor
Dual capacity compressor
Fuel supply apparatus for engine and method thereof
Electrochemical scale inhibition
Optical spectroscopy pathlength measurement system
Near-infrared spectroscopic tissue imaging for medical applications
Portable surface plasmon resonance imaging instrument
Enhancing the tonal and color characteristics of digital images using expansive and compressive tone...
Method for analyzing fingerprint images
Backlight etching process
Image processing method
Dry etching method, fabrication method for semiconductor device, and dry etching apparatus
Method for fabricating a mask, method for fabricating a patterned thin film and a micro device
Process for oxide fabrication using oxidation steps below and above a threshold temperature
Method of forming silicon-containing insulation film having low dielectric constant and low film str...
Sequential deposition/anneal film densification method
Removable amorphous carbon CMP stop
Use of phoslon (PNO) for borderless contact fabrication, etch stop/barrier layer for dual damascene ...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Laser thermal annealing of lightly doped silicon substrates
Active matrix substrate, electro-optical device, electronic device, and method for manufacturing an ...
Light emitting diode and method of the same
Thyristor-based SRAM
Ferroelectric capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric element and method of manufacturing ferroelectric element
Semiconductor device with isolated storage capacitor and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having bonding pad above low-k dielectric film
Systems and methods for testing microelectronic imagers and microfeature devices
Process-oriented modulized plant for TFT-LCD fabrication
Thermally enhanced flip chip package and method of forming
Power supply device for electric discharge machining
Oscillating device
CMOS high impedance circuit
Telecommunication system, speech recognizer, and terminal, and method for adjusting capacity for voc...
Binaural adaptive hearing aid
Method for treating an effluent in three biological steps
Wastewater treatment system with membrane separators and provision for storm flow conditions
Method and system for nitrifying and denitrifying wastewater
Passive treatment of wastewater and contaminated groundwater
Process for reducing sludge derived from the treatment of wastewater by oxygenation and mechanical a...
Backwash system and method for waste water treatment system
Polymer purification
Method for reducing hydrogen sulfide emissions from wastewater
Hydraulic or pneumatic drive system, method, and apparatus for a fluid screening system
Electrodeionization device and methods of use
Method and apparatus for purifying-water
Process for treatment of aqueous environments containing a water-soluble polymer
Separating a hydrocarbon production stream into its oil, water and particle constituents
Neovascularization promoting membrane for bioimplants
Method for suppressing growth of mycobacteria in metalworking fluids
Chemical mixing, replenishment, and waste management system
Environmentally compatible processes compositions and materials treated thereby
Polymer substrate coated with weak cationic-exchange functional layer
Feeding tray for multiwell test apparatus
Digital-to-analog converter with switched capacitor network
Sine wave generation circuit and uninterruptible power supply system using the same
Predictive digital current controllers for switching power converters
Charge pump-based PLL having dynamic loop gain
Offset compensating apparatus and method of digital/analog converter
AC/DC converter with power factor correction
Dual mode buck regulator with improved transition between LDO and PWM operation
Wafer dicing/die bonding sheet
Human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein O as a new drug target and subunit vaccine candidate
Scanner including calibration target
Martial arts focus target in the shape of a face
Method of treating or inhibiting the development of brain inflammation and sepsis
Indolinones substituted by heterocycles, the preparation thereof and their use as medicaments
Indoles as NAALADase inhibitors
Amino ceramide-like compounds and therapeutic methods of use
4-thio coumarins
Dimer poly-quaternary ester compounds
Combination of a CB1 receptor antagonist and of sibutramine, the pharmaceutical compositions compris...
Antibacterial agents
Providing account usage fraud protection
Three dimensional plated deck
Rotationally retractable propeller
Towline fuse and strain energy dissipation device
Valve structure, bladder, and hull portion for inflatable boats
Fishing pole holder
Kayak ballast system
Wind-powered linear motion hydrogen production systems
Apparatus for varying vessel hull geometry and vessels made therewith
Tie-down kit for supporting boat cover
System for transfer of a fluid product, particularly liquefied natural gas, between a transport vehi...
Containers and methods for containing pressurized fluids using reinforced fibers and methods for mak...
Multi-purpose support plate
Self-propelled platform for watercraft
Hydraulic steering apparatus for an outboard engine
Undersea vehicle
Underwater surveillance system
Applying filler extruding container
Combined device comprising a venous blood reservoir and a cordiotomy reservoir in an extracorporeal ...
Monolithic implants with openings
Air cleaning apparatus and method for cleaning air
Roof lining of a vehicle and a method for producing same
Hydrophilic fibers containing substantive polysiloxanes and tissue products made therefrom
Antimicrobial silver ion complex resinates
Use of native gellan gum
Monolith coating apparatus and method therefor
Both-sided ink jet recording sheet
Selective carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst, method of making the same and systems using the same
Liquid fuel-housing tank for fuel cell and fuel cell
Electrode for fuel cell and manufacturing method therefor
Self-diverting foamed system
Low residue cleaning composition comprising lactic acid, nonionic surfactant and solvent mixture
Chemical-mechanical polishing slurry for polishing metal films
Orally administered small peptides synergize statin activity
Combinations of drugs for the treatment of neoplastic disorders
Use of benzopyranones for treating or preventing a primary brain cancer or a brain metastasis
Method for drying and using swarf in golf balls
Method of producing macroporous cross-linked polymer particles
Water-borne resin treatment for fibrous materials, process of treating, and product produced thereby...
Polymer microspheres containing latent colorants and method of preparation
Compounds in the form of homodimeric or heterodimeric pro-drugs; process for obtaining these pro-dru...
Perfluoropolyether benzotriazole compounds
Selective sorbents for purification of hydrocartons
Disposable garment with system for reducing humidity
Light emitting device, electronic equipment and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method for enhancing electrode surface area in DRAM cell capacitors
Method and device for non-destructive analysis of perforations in a material
Systems and methods for imaging a sample
Anti-glare film
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Unsolicited electronic mail reduction
Memory bound functions for spam deterrence and the like
Lightweight heat sink
Heat dissipation structure
Heat collector
Redundant liquid cooling system and electronic apparatus having the same therein
Integratied liquid cooling system for electrical components
Electroosmotic pump apparatus that generates low amount of hydrogen gas
Processing apparatus for continuously conveying heat pipes
Systems to cool multiple electrical components
Toroidal low-profile extrusion cooling system and method thereof
Liquid cooled heat sink with cold plate retention mechanism
Heat exchanger of a multiple type
Heat exchanger
Shell-and-tube type heat exchanger and method for production of (meth) acrylic acid by use of the ex...
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Recuperator construction for a gas turbine engine
Cooling element
Zone control of space conditioning system with varied uses
Humidifier for fuel cell using high conductivity carbon foam
Turbine shroud asymmetrical cooling elements
Heat sink for printed circuit board components
Case structure for sensor structure attachable to and detachable from a shoe
One-piece shoe construction with improved ventilation
Footwear pieces
Footwear outsole including star shapes
Module for lighted garments, shoes or accessories
Emulsion impregnated rawhide chews
Water vapor breathable, liquid water resistant material
Portion of a shoe outsole
Heel portion of a shoe
Portion of a shoe upper
Diagnostic system for a data acquisition system
Translation of object queries involving inheritence
Systems and methods for transporting a product using an environmental sensor
System and method for distributing selected objects from a source database to a destination database
Method and system for detecting conflicts in replicated data in a database network
Method for administering message attachments
Medical system architecture with modalities for acquiring examination images, linked with a communic...
System and method for managing calendar items
Changing instruction set architecture mode by comparison of current instruction execution address wi...
Power management for an integrated graphics device
User transparent software malfunction detection and reporting
Automatic generation of presentations from "path-enhanced" multimedia
System for formatting and processing multimedia program data and program guide information
Cleaning brush for inanimate surfaces
Device for storing and cleaning medical instruments
Cleaning cart
Self-propelled brushless surface cleaner with reclamation
Ear covers
Suction muffler for a reciprocating hermetic compressor
Determination of the impedance of a material behind a casing combining two sets of ultrasonic measur...
Image forming material
Temperature sensor
Use of moulding compounds for producing treatment devices
Energy-beam-curable thermal-releasable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for producing cu...
Pharmaceutical formulation
Rapidly disintegrating tablet comprising an acid-labile active ingredient
Waterproof/breathable technical apparel
Electronically addressable microencapsulated ink and display thereof
Receptor-mediated gene delivery using bacteriophage vectors
Methods and compositions for treating flaviviruses and pestiviruses
Iminobenzoxazines, iminobenzthiazines and iminoquinazolines for controlling invertebrate pests
Biaryl heterocyclic compounds and methods of making and using the same
2-Phenylbenzofuran derivatives, a process for preparing them, and their use
Amidoacetonitrile compounds
Methods of treating mesothelioma with suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid
Substituted 5-aryl-2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2h-benzotriazole UV absorbers, compositions stabilized therew...
Display comprising blended mixture of different uniform domain sizes with the ratio of smallest to l...
Magnetic resonance imaging device with sound-absorbing means
Method and apparatus for high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance imaging having radiation compatible radiofrequency coils
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Automated projection spectroscopy (APSY)
Coil arrangement for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method of and apparatus for nuclear quadrupole resonance testing a sample
Method of reconstructing an mr image
Mr. imaging method
Randomized ordered k-space sub-sets for shared pre-pulses in mri
Systems and methods for image reconstruction of sensitivity encoded MRI data
Synchronizing controllers linked by a communications network
Integrated process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system
Apparatus for mounting semiconductors
Micro manipulator
Marking robot
Moving body, legged mobile robot, and control program
Method for controlling parallel kinematic mechanism machine and control device therefor
Method and apparatus for friction agitation processing
Correction data checking system for rebots
Mushroom-shaped pet chew toy scent training device and method of training therewith
Gearshift mechanism for electromotive toy car
Use of human plasma hyaluronidase in cancer treatment
Oral fludara of high-purity formulation with quick release of active ingredient
Composition and method for the repair and regeneration of cartilage and other tissues
Biphenyl derivatives substituted with an aromatic or heteroaromatic radical, and pharmaceutical and ...
Water-based emulsifier wax gels including free sphingoid bases and oil in-water emulsion including t...
Expression technology for proteins containing a hybrid isotype antibody moiety
Major neutralization site of hepatitis E virus and use of this neutralization site in methods of vac...
Chimeric retroviral gag genes and screening assays
Synthetically expedient water-dispersible IR dyes having improved lightfastness
Electronic equipment, display control method, recording medium and program
In vitro formation of congophilic maltese-cross amyloid plaques to identify anti-plaque therapeutics...
Platelet-derived growth factor D, DNA coding therefor, and uses thereof
Antibodies that bind to cancer-associated antigen CD46 and methods of use thereof
Method of rapid production of hybridomas expressing monoclonal antibodies on the cell surface
Animal product free media and processes for obtaining a botulinum toxin
Identification of a novel domain in the tumor necrosis factor receptor family that mediates pre-liga...
Glass as sintering aid and open-pore molded body and method for manufacturing same
Compounds that bind to growth hormone receptor
Canard fin unit
Gas-powered tip-jet-driven tilt-rotor compound VTOL aircraft
Lift system for an aerial crane and propulsion system for a vehicle
Aerodynamic fairing system for airship
Device for assembly of a shroud placed between an aircraft engine air intake and a pylon
Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods
Aircraft store ejector rack systems and methods
Airflow control devices using current
Airflow control devices with planar surfaces
Virtual sensor mast
Nested latch thrust reverser
C-type LECTIN transmembrane antigen expressed in human prostate cancer and uses thereof
Nucleic acids encoding dipeptidyl peptidases
Temperature sensitive mutant of bacteriophage T4 endonuclease VII
Thermus thermophilus nucleic acid polymerases
AAV DNA comprising helper virus sequences
Compositions and methods for using a solid support to purify RNA
Solanum bulbocastanum late blight resistance gene and use thereof
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Coffee mannanase
Methods and means for delivering inhibitory RNA to plants and applications thereof
Brachytic2 (BR2) promoter from maize and methods of use
Non-dehiscent sesame variety S28
Antimicrobial polypeptides
Enzymes responsible for the metabolism of cis-zeatin
Genes encoding enzymes for lignin biosynthesis and uses thereof
Fungal beta-glucuronidase genes and gene products
Soybean cultivar 0509252
Potato cultivar FL 2049
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH306
Synthesis and screening of ligands using X-ray crystallography
Wave diffuser apparatus and method
Submarine pipeline spoiler
Self-elevating offshore structure
Elongate element tensioning member
Element for forming ground covering, restraining and reinforcing structures
Wall structure for retaining soils
Method and system to effectuate multiple transaction prices for a commodity
Method and system for the creation and communication of notes concerning an auction participant or i...
Securitization of sales participation certificates
Systems for exchanging an obligation
Electronic content rights with and-or expression
Retail transactions involving distributed and super-distributed digital content in a digital rights ...
System and method for determining computer access with electronic payment mechanism
System and method for an automated system of record
Apparatus and method of communicating changes in states of contractual responsibilities
Online value bearing item printing
Computerized system and method for providing cost savings for consumers
System and method for performing ratio planning
Method for transmitting a transferable information packet
System and method for determining the probable existence of disease
Method of facilitating access to IP-based emergency services
Personal device, terminal, server and methods for establishing a trustworthy connection between a us...
Methods and systems for providing security for accessing networks, methods and systems for providing...
Technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent network-distributed advertising and fo...
Component development with autonomous and compiled components to implement and consume services with...
Information processing system, portable electronic device, access apparatus for the portable electro...
Method and apparatus for protection of electronic media
Radio reception apparatus symbol timing control method, and symbol timing control program
Method to improve CMFB phase margin of variable-output-bandwidth mixer
Radio signal receiving device
System for dynamically tracking the location of network devices to enable emergency services
Wireless intelligent personal server
Cellular docking station
Apparatus and method for performing radio environment reporting on a reverse common signaling channe...
System and method for controlling handover
Efficient and stable radio resource allocation
Method and system for initiating mobile station re-paging at an interval based on paging slot cycle
System and method for the transfer of digital data to a mobile device
Implantable medical device with slotted housing serving as an antenna
Method for determining the position of one vehicle with respect to another vehicle, in particular fo...
Method and apparatus for high availability distributed processing across independent networked compu...
Adjustable tuning tube for a clarinet
Portable cellular phone
Drum-mounted striker-type percussion attachment
Voice converter with extraction and modification of attribute data
Drum with modulated acoustical air vent
Colored music notation system and method of colorizing music notation
Method and apparatus for evaluating and correcting rhythm in audio data
Magnesium alloy producing negative potential
Lead-free solder, and connection lead and electrical component using said lead-free solder
Head mounted display device
Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls
Image generation system and program
Method for representing image-based rendering information in 3D scene
Reverberation processor based on absorbent all-pass filters
System and method for remotely experiencing a virtual environment
Business alliance identification in a web architecture Framework
System, method and computer program product for collecting information about a network user
System, method and article of manufacture for advanced information gathering for targetted activitie...
Method and system for client-server interaction in interactive communications using server routes
Method and apparatus for booting the operating environment of an autonomous subsystem in a computer ...
Conversion of data for two or three dimensional geometric entities
Device for evaporating a liquid
Mullite-rich calcined kaolin compositions and methods for improved casting rates in cast ceramic bod...
Method for producing alkali metal catalyst and use thereof for the side-chain alklation of alkyl aro...
Combination of a guard bed and a copper-containing catalyst bed
Ion-specific radiodecontamination method and treatment for radiation patients
Reducing NO.sub.x emissions with a staged catalyst
Method of producing electron emitting device using carbon fiber, electron source and image forming a...
Acid gas enrichment process
Method and apparatus for metal removal by ion exchange
Stabilized ammonium nitrate granules
Process for the isolation and purification of zirconium peroxosulfate and uses thereof
Method for producing hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen
Oxide powder for dielectrics, method of manufacturing oxide powder for dielectrics, and multi-layer ...
UV visual light beam combiner
Color video codec method and system
Video encoding method
Apparatus, and associated method, for forming a compressed motion vector field utilizing predictive ...
Method and apparatus for internet, intranet, and local viewing of virtual microscope slides
Mask defect analysis for both horizontal and vertical processing effects
Methods for analyzing defect artifacts to precisely locate corresponding defects
System and method for associating postmark information with digital content
Evaluating method, generating method and apparatus for three-dimensional shape model
Caller information providing apparatus and transmitting method in mobile communication network
High-definition hyperspectral imaging system
User interface for a system and method for head size equalization in 360 degree panoramic images
Method and system for image scaling
Robot apparatus
Displacement method of knot sizing
Automated selection of optical systems
Method and system for programmable field statistic for picture cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
Method and system for downloading, storing and displaying coupon data using the horizontal overscan ...
Ink jet ink composition and method for security marking
Display strip
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Motorized semi-trailer
Thermal management systems and methods
Method and apparatus for providing hybrid power in vehicle
Travel drive for heavy goods vehicles
Engine arrangement for off-road vehicle
Drive system for off-road vehicle
Engine starter mechanism arrangement for snow vehicles
Charging a fluid accumulator while operating a hybrid vehicle powertrain including an engine and a p...
Device to prevent the formation of solid matter due to projections on an air outlet
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Rack-and-pinion steering system for motor vehicles
Drive power transmission control device
Wheel creep control of hydraulic hybrid vehicle using regenerative braking
Vehicle hood structure
Dual fuel cell stacks connected in series electrically and in parallel for gas flow
Bicycle internal gear shifting hub
Axial gap electrical machine
System for controlling a valet mode of a vehicle
Method and device for identifying and eliminating the risk of rollover
Absolute steering angle detection device and absolute steering angle detection method for electric p...
Rattle cage fishing lure
Games grid board
Method of playing a group participation game
Multi-spin slot game with win multiplier
Selection of targets for attachment
Game system having a plurality of game machines for competing for card data
Video game apparatus, method and recording medium for obtaining data from a URL as random numbers
Game balls with cover containing post crosslinkable thermoplastic polyurethane and method of making ...
Method of detecting flaws in the structure of a surface
Process control system and method
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and data processing program
Novelty implements for providing user enjoyment
Method for hands only weaving
Multifunctional cylindrical sliding block jigsaw puzzle
Board game
Gaming system and method of operation thereof
Method of playing a card game
Eyewear providing colored light therapy
System for storing and displaying audio/video works
Installation and drainage system for synthetic grass
Optical remote controller pointing the place to reach