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Method and system of dynamically controlling shaping time of a photon counting energy-sensitive radi...
Multi-dimensional orthogonal resource hopping multiplexing communications method and apparatus
System and method for sound detection and image using a rotocraft acoustic signature
Sharing operational amplifier between two stages of pipelined ADC and/or two channels of signal proc...
Variable quantization ADC for image sensors
Weather shield for underneath a dock leveler
Self-leveling bed support frame
Solid state image pickup device capable of distinguishing between light sources and image pickup app...
Providing selective access to tracking information
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and compositions and treatments using ...
Method for down-regulation of amyloid
Programmer and surface ECG system with wireless communication
Printer-based consumables price searching
Apparatus for guiding continuous fibers
Device and method for reading data stored in a semiconductor device having multilevel memory cells
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for polymerizing olefins
Positive electrode active material, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for produci...
Fuel cell and separator therefor
Protein microarrays on mirrored surfaces for performing proteomic analyses
Preparation of fluorinated acetophenones
High durability touch panel
Biodegradable material based on polymer and cereal flour, method for making same and uses
Cement compositions with improved corrosion resistance and methods of cementing in subterranean form...
Diversity apparatus and method for a mobile communication terminal
Power toothbrush and power source
Nucleic acid-based methods of detecting bacterial o-antigens
Methods for treating high somatic cell counts
Embedded optical coupling in circuit boards
Programmatically serializing complex objects using self-healing techniques
Imidazo[1,2-a] pyridine anxiolytics
Method of making a diffuser assembly
High affinity monoclonal antibody for recognizing the estrogen receptor (ER) and method for creating...
Confidence blanket for randomly-located measurements
Apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Method and system for simulating implied volatility surfaces for use in option pricing simulations
Non-invasive rule-based binary analysis of software assemblies
Method and apparatus for outage measurement
Modified soy products and methods for reducing odor and improving flavor of soy products
Method for schema mapping and data transformation
Aerosol odor eliminator
Tube for use in an anesthetic system
Routing with frame awareness to minimize device programming time and test cost
Germanium MOSFET devices and methods for making same
Method for error correction decoding in a magnetoresistive solid-state storage device
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Load-sharing technique for distributing multi-protocol label switching protocol encapsulated flows a...
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, control pr...
Security analyst estimates performance viewing system and method
High pectin alfalfa
Multi-mode controller
Software defined radio download
Method for providing information concerning broadcast contents for a user
RFID-enabled personal shopping assistant system and method
Method and system for outsourced RFID labeling and tracking
Merchandise management system and information storage medium
Combined hardware and network simulator for testing embedded wireless communication device software ...
Dedicated wireless digital video disc (DVD) controller for video game consoles
System and method for using a label to reduce the power consumption of a light source
Increased data rate transmissions of a wireless communication
Method and apparatus for detecting and locating intrusion in a wireless network
Providing wireless information transportation using dual frequencies
Method for triggering handover of mobile terminal and system thereof
Method for handoff in mobile communication system
Utilizing a same target cell during circuit-switched and packet switched handover
Radio frequency tuner
Radio frequency tuner
Downconverter and upconverter
System and method for transmitting radio signals via cable television broadband networks
Frequency change arrangement and radio frequency tuner
Memory Card With Two Standard Sets of Contacts and a Contact Covering Mechanism
Tracking sales of alcoholic beverages at a venue
System for providing integrated healthcare management services
Method for using coupled FEA analyses of different levels of organization within an entity to analyz...
Airbag, method of manufacturing the same, airbag apparatus and vehicle
Substantially decellularized grafts from umbilical cord vessels and process for preparing and using ...
Nano-crystalline, homo-metallic, protective coatings
Femoral stem for hip prosthesis
System and method for upper extremity joint arthroplasty
Orthopaedic prosthesis having a superparamagnetic material and associated method
Methods of reinforcing an intervertebral disc annulus
Compliant porous coating
Intervertebral disc implant
Lead assembly with porous polyethylene cover
Respiratory triggered, bilateral laryngeal stimulator to restore normal ventilation in vocal fold pa...
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Skin lesion exciser and skin-closure device therefor
Soft tissue conduit device
Apparatus and method for securing tissue to bone with a suture
Apparatus and method for securing tissue to bone with a suture
Speaker box
Combined monitor/television receiver and camera
Communication device
Public-key certificate issuance request processing system and public-key certificate issuance reques...
Bus arbitration apparatus and bus arbitration method
Method and system for providing evaluation of text-based products
Information processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Automated digital voice recorder to personal information manager synchronization
Mobile communication terminal device and variable gain circuit
Wireless communication control apparatus and method, storage medium and program
Video-signal recording and playback apparatus, video-signal recording and playback method, and recor...
Waveguide system, a device for displaying an image using such a system and a method for displaying a...
Apparatus and method for upgrading program
Cryptographically protected paging system
Initializing system memory
Computer system using disk controller and operating service thereof
Memory allocation using mask-bit pattern to encode metadata within memory address
Memory hub bypass circuit and method
Method and circuit for allocating memory arrangement addresses
Methods and apparatus for a dual address space operating system
System and method of descriptively specifying memory placement in a computer system
System and method for identifying TLB entries associated with a physical address of a specified rang...
Access control in a data processing apparatus
Zone boundary adjustment for defects in non-volatile memories
Disk array device capable of backing up and limiting access to a system logical unit
Method and apparatus for generating generic descrambled data patterns for testing ECC protected memo...
Remote copy with WORM guarantee
Web site identity assurance
Binding compounds for IL-27
Methods for reducing TGF-.beta. production and for promoting repair of liver damage
Segmented spine
Anti-fouling coatings containing silica-coated copper
Weldable compositions comprising a conductive pigment and silicon and methods for using the same
High-power pulsed magnetron sputtering
Foam in place composite one-piece hard/soft panel
Vehicle part with integrated impact management feature and method of making same
Engine exhaust gas purification device
Engine exhaust gas purification device
Rare earth magnet, method for manufacturing the same, and motor using rare earth magnet
Power connector for a printed circuit
Interior lining part
Vehicle body floor structure
Seat track assembly for a motor vehicle having an integrated position sensor
Console and object holder assembly for a vehicle
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Self-seeded Fabry-Perot laser device for wavelength division multiplexing system
Optical filtering device and method
Laser oscillator
Multi-beam semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device and its manufacturing method
Laser noise cancel circuit and optical disk device
Monolithic, side-pumped, passively Q-switched solid-state laser
Optical pickup
Distinguishing optical disc types
Method and apparatus for controlling the intensity of a laser beam used to record/reproduce data to/...
Optical recording system with a built-in jitter detector
Medium and method for providing a desirable direct overwriting characteristic for optical data recor...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Optical apparatus for tracking a magnetic tape
Optical scanner with curved mirror and method of manufacturing the same
Mirror and coil laser beam projection apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Cyclic phosphate diesters of 1,3-propane-1-aryl diols and their use in preparing prodrugs
Cycloalkyl derivatives having bioisosteric carboxylic acid groups, processes for their preparation a...
Phenyl-piperazine derivatives as serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Dog melanin-concentrating hormone receptor
Oligonucleotides of the OB-R isoforms and methods of diagnosing body weight
Highly absorbable taste and odor free organic nutritional supplement made from food by products and ...
Compositions for removal of toxins
Urinary diagnostic system having a retrievable sensing device
Twist machine for whole body exercise
Method and apparatus for modifying the exit orifice of a satiation pouch
Multilayered color compositions and associated methods
Thermosensitive recording medium
Systems for regulating voltage to an electrical resistance igniter
Connector for an igniter cable
Reverse flow disk drive and head suspension for same
Disc drive turbulent wind management
Screw attachment from exterior of disk drive enclosure for motors with mount bracket screw bolt patt...
Hard disk drive with connector assembly
Diffractive position sensors and control systems
Spin valve structure with Si seed layer and reduced PtMn antiferromagnetic layer thickness
Method and apparatus for improving spiral-based position correction system stability via kernel freq...
Magnetic head with electro-lapping guide
Heating/cooling based system for obtaining a disc drive servo signal
Actuation device and method for high density hard disk drive head
Disk drive implementing wear prevention in a high frequency access band of tracks
Actuator latch with variable retention force
Longitudinal media with soft underlayer and perpendicular write head
Inductive write head driven only by an ampere wire
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for writing tracks on a disk based on an available ...
Multiple-element antenna with floating antenna element
Method and circuit for statistical estimation
Needle with fiberoptic capability
Upgrade of optical amplifier site to a digital optical network site in an optical transmission netwo...
Filter for cooling water in a light water cooled nuclear reactor
Multilevel pulse position modulation for efficient fiber optic communication
Device for holding field termination load adapter for optical connectors
Glass bonded fiber array and method for the fabrication thereof
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
Apparatus and method for forming a fiber optic faceplate
Round multi-fiber cable assembly and a method of forming same
Method for the acquisition of moving objects through nuclear magnetic resonance tomography
Entrance intercom specific color panel module
Managing reusable software assets
Systems and methods for providing enhanced vision imaging with decreased latency
Multispectral biometric sensor
Disposable and trimmable wireless pressure sensor
Waste toner system for an image forming device
Peripheral component with high error protection for stored programmable controls
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and negative electrode for the same
Fuel cell and method of assembling the same
Method of and system for starting engine-driven power equipment
4-Alkoxy cyclohexane-1-amino-carboxylic acid esters and method for the production thereof
Image display device
Amusement articles possessing microbe-inhibiting properties
Lead air control apparatus of stratified scavenging two-cycle engine
Synthesis of phosphono-substituted porphyrin compounds for attachment to metal oxide surfaces
Site-specific recombination in eukaryotes and constructs useful therefor
Bowel management system
Class coalescence for obfuscation of object-oriented software
Slotted cylindrical tube rotary valve assembly
Isolated human dehydrogenases, nucleic acid molecules encoding these human dehydrogenases, and uses ...
Tumor antigen
Independent server diagnostic port
Diagnostic apparatus for variable valve control system
Universal routine for reviewing and exercising software objects
Composites for removing metals and volatile organic compounds and method thereof
Method for treating lesions caused by estrogen deficiency with extract of cucumber
Third party document storage and reuse
Humidifier with parallel gas flow paths
Using high-k dielectrics in isolation structures method, pixel and imager device
Manufacturing test for a fault tolerant magnetoresistive solid-state storage device
Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Flat lamp structure with electrodes disposed on outer surface of the substrate
Bioacoustic control system, method and apparatus
Adapter unit having an ergonomic grip for a personal digital assistant
Methods and compositions for therapeutic intervention in cardiac hypertrophy
Cyanoacrylate adhesive applicator swab
Process to extract quassinoids
Pyrimidine compounds
Methods and kits for diagnosing and treating b-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Composition for coating support for preparation of cell sheet support for preparation of cell sheet ...
Metod of modulation of interaction between receptor and ligand
Agonistic Binding Molecules to the Human OX40 Receptor
Extract of nelumbins semen for the treatment of depression
Method of treating inflammation disorders using extracts of passion fruit
Use of an extract of Aloysia/Verbena/Lippia triphylla/citriodora for the treatment of chronic and/or...
Ellagic acid food supplement prepared from pomegranate seed
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist
Pharmaceutical composition useful for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
Efficient method for producing compositions enriched in total phenols
Nutritional composition which promotes weight loss, burns calories, increases thermogenesis, support...
Nutritional composition for increasing creatine uptake in skeletal muscle
Pharmaceutical compositions containing bulbophyllum and their use for treating illnesses
Compositions and methods for the treatment of muscular dystrophy
Formulations for the treatment of arthritis conditions
Disinfecting teat care compositions
Structure of GaN light-emitting diode
Colur reduction in canola protein isolate
Compound semiconductor substrate, epitaxial substrate, processes for producing compound semiconducto...
Titanium dioxide complex having molecule distinguishability
Solid polymer electrolyte, solid polymer fuel cell and method for manufacturing the fuel cell
Rouge free pharmaceutical water for injection (wfi) water system
Pharmaceutical formulations
Delivery and formulations of mast cell stabilizers
Method for producing porous moulded bodies containing alginate
Topical depigmenting formulations comprising an extract of bellis perennis
Effect of porcine sheath proteins on the regeneration activity of periodontal ligament
Method for delivering particulate drugs to tissues
Process for reducing contaminants in condensate resulting from the conversion of bauxite to alumina
Process for reducing contaminants in condensate resulting from the conversion of bauxite to alumina
Vacuum treatment apparatus and vapor deposition apparatus
Multi-sensor system for fluid monitoring with selective exposure of sensors
Phthalocyanine compounds used in inks
End-of-faucet filter
Magenta metal complex azo compounds and inks and their use in ink-jet printing
Mask forming and removing method, and semiconductor device, an electric circuit, a display module, a...
Polishing composition
Bioactive whey protein hydrolysate
Bermuda grass named 'RJT'
Viola plant named 'LORD PRIMROSE'
Nemesia plant named 'CONFETTI FROSTED PINK'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Meitelov'
Seed specific USP promoters for expressing genes in plants
Transgenic plant-derived siRNAs for suppression of influenza virus propagation in mammalian cells
Production of antibodies in transgenic plastids
Ryegrass pollen-specific promoters and expression constructs
Modified starch, uses, methods for production thereof
Genes controlling plant cell wall formation
Soybean event MON89788 and methods for detection thereof
Targeted dna insertion in plants
Methods and compositions to enhance plant breeding
Identification of the genetic determinants of the polymorphic CYP3A5 expression
Transgenic animal having fatty acid desaturase and method of producing the same
Non-transgenic rodent model of Alzheimer's disease
Animal models for demyelination disorders
User accessibility to electronic paper
Mobile authorization using policy based access control
External dosimeter patch
Medical dispensing container
Apparatus and method for mirroring and restoring data
Method and system for automatically updating contact information within a contact database
Self-monitoring and trending service system with a cascaded pipeline with enhanced authentication an...
Enhanced VPD (Vital Product Data) structure
Method and system for synchronizing mobile devices
Handling futile collections in the train algorithm through selective extension of the collection set
System and method for managing the synchronization of replicated version-managed databases
Method for handling of different versions of a document in a computer system
SYOR system
Delphinium flower color crossing method
Method and kit for simulating a restaurant
Packaging methods
Administration of HCV protease inhibitors in combination with food to improve bioavailability
Compositions for removing cooked-, baked- and burnt-on soils
Novel lipases and uses thereof
Heated-sealed sterilised product package packaging material for the same and use of the packaging ma...
Impervious, chemically stable thermoplastic tubing and film
Fat and oil composition
Micro-molecular hyper-saturation of conventional cooking oils for high altitude and confined space a...
Process for the Preparation of an Edible Dispersion Comprising Oil and Structuring Agent
Maillard reaction compounds of cysteine and a sugar having meatlike flavour
Method of preparing a cheese flan
Vanilla-flavored compositions and delivery systems therefor
Food grade antioxidant and flavorant from roasted wheat malt
Variable geometry end-fitting for meat stuffer
Continuous method and system for producing wet cured ham
Method for determining quality of milk and presence of mastitis
Bathochromic mono- and bis-acylphosphine oxides and sulfides and their use as photoinitiators
System and method for imprint lithography to facilitate dual damascene integration in a single impri...
Crystal structure of cytochrome P450
Non-destructive inspection of downhole equipment
Method and apparatus for enhancing an image
Segmented collimator assembly
Method for producing and applying an antiscatter grid or collimator to an x-ray or gamma detector
Correction coefficient calculating method for X-ray CT systems, beam hardening post-processing metho...
System, method, and computer program product that corrects measured data
Cassette interface module
Illumination system, particularly for EUV lithography
Image sensing apparatus and method using radiation
Image detector for x-ray devices with rear-contact organic image sensors
Distributing software via distribution files
Automatic analysis in virtual endoscopy
Next process-determining method, inspecting method and inspecting apparatus
Methods and software for improving thresholding of coronary calcium scoring
Soap dispenser
Lotion bottle
Toaster oven
Razor caddy
Deterministic error recovery protocol
Gun sight
Gun sight
Putter head
Precision tossing game
Package for orally dillutable medication
Method of refreshing a memory device utilizing PASR and piled refresh schemes
TV, lantern, AM, FM, weather alert radio
Expanded inverted index
Clustering web queries
Two-engine speech recognition
System and method for simulation of virtual wear articles on virtual models
Searching and recording media streams
Method and system for suppression of features in digital images of content
Dosage form comprising liquid formulation
Apparatus and method for digital image correction in a receiver
Receiver having decisional feedback equalizer with remodulation and related methods
Efficient subband channelizer and subband combiner with oversampled subbands
System and method for decreasing cross-talk effects in time-domain-modulation (TDM) digital subscrib...
Variable EGM filtering and fixation prediction
Cardiac stimulation system and method for discriminating sinus from non-sinus events
Tape dispenser
High purity fluoropolymers
Fluoroelastomers with improved permeation resistance and method for making the same
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-c]-quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Flexible polymer window
High efficiency optical devices
Imaging system for thermal transfer
Capacitor based force sensor
Treatment process for a gaseous medium containing contaminating particles
Global positioning apparatus and method for using a temperature compensated oscillator to perform a ...
GPS receiver devices and compensation methods therefor
System and method for navigating within a display having different display sections
Creation and delivery of customized content
Virtual hardware machine, methods, and devices
Method and system for global constant management for memory
Process for the preparation of 1-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-5-isobenzo...
DC/AC inverter
System and method for monitoring and reporting aircraft quick access recorder data
Method and system for backing up programmable logic controllers over network
Material classification system and methods
Exercise load intensity evaluation device and exercise equipment
Card-type wireless communication device
Systems and methods for electron charging particles
Image forming device, color calibration method and its program
Microcomputer using a shared counter
Clock data recovery circuitry and phase locked loop circuitry with dynamically adjustable bandwidths
System and method for providing a power control device for a computing unit
Method and system for resistance seam welding of a foil and at least one foil support of a fuel cell...
Elimination-free powder coating crosslinking agents
Retardation plate, process for producing the same, and optical film
Pressure indicator gel system and method therefore
Electrophotographic photoreceptors with novel overcoats
Receiver device
Bucky paper as a support membrane in retinal cell transplantation
Method and apparatus for animal positioning
Graphical user interface with logic unifying functions
Spherical catalyst for olefin polymerization
Content delivery network service provider (CDNSP)-managed content delivery network (CDN) for network...
Testing device for seal bodies
Techniques for managed code debugging
Processor with instructions that operate on different data types stored in the same single logical r...
Preparation and use of carbohydrate-based bicyclic ring structures with antimicrobial and cytostatic...
OSNR monitoring method and apparatus using tunable optical bandpass filter and polarization nulling ...
Valve system and method for aerosol delivery
Inhalation device and method
Boosted substrate/tub programming for flash memories
Diode having vertical structure and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma display panel
Telephone systems
Presenting a collection of media objects
Automated targeted and proportional investment management systems and methods
Fast, simple radiation detector
Monitoring and managing farms
Production method for processed soybean food products and apparatus for thermal deaeration of soybea...
Method for making a novelty frozen food product
Compositions containing at least one polyol and inulin characterized by reduced tendencies of the at...
Method for producing a composite dough-based product
Cereal package
Tea bag package
Methods of using an oxygen scavenger
Device for the production of an extruded profile
Method of dispensing blended food products
Device for thermal treatment of flour for hygenic purposes
Dispensing device and method for rapidly heating and delivering a flowable product
Covered dishware
Birdcage with water and feeder assembly
Method of recording and reproducing digital multimedia broadcasting contents
Display panel and display device
Light emitting device
Flexible electroluminescent material
Active-matrix organic electroluminescent display panel and fabricating method thereof
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Luminescence device and display apparatus
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Cellular phone
Light-emitting diode
Common memory device and controlling method thereof
Apparatus for and method of supplying power with power saving function
Apparatus and method for precision binary numbers and numerical operations
Digital photo printer
Portable telephone having indicating image designs displayed thereon
Portable phone
Portable telephone
Method for controlling overload in digital mobile communication system
Low loss contact structures for silicon based optical modulators and methods of manufacture
Optical signal transmission system including a splitter and a mixer
GIPs, a family of polypeptides with transcription factor activity that interact with goodpasture ant...
System and method for saving user-specified views of internet web page displays
Method and system for controlling selective wireless communication access
System and method for management of resources in emergency situations
Wireless device attachment and detachment system, apparatus and method
Wireless trusted point of access to a computer network
Media gateway appliance
Program for self-adjusting power at a wireless station to reduce inter-channel interference
Wireless transceivers, methods, and computer program products for restricting transmission power bas...
Location applications for wireless networks
Wireless channel selection program
Transmission channel selection method
Methods of forming electronic devices including high-k dielectric layers and electrode barrier layer...
Integrated circuit containing polysilicon gate transistors and fully silicidized metal gate transist...
Mechanically latchable tiltable platform for forming micromirrors and micromirror arrays
Semiconductor device, electro-optic device, integrated circuit, and electronic apparatus
Micromechanical structural element having a diaphragm and method for producing such a structural ele...
High sensitivity mechanical resonant sensor
Printhead nozzle with reduced ink inertia and viscous drag
Complex process modeling and simulation system and method
Method of DMO calculation for use in seismic exploration
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Ballistic laminate structure in sheet form
Magnetic recording medium, the manufacturing method and magnetic recording apparatus using the same
Metal strip product
Metal strip product
Method for forming silicon-containing insulation film having low dielectric constant treated with el...
Highly absorbent products and process of making such products
Ammonium perchlorate-containing gas generants
Input character processing method
Electron emission material, method of manufacturing the same, and electron emission element includin...
System and method for template matching of candidates within a two-dimensional image
Sensor measurement method and system with universal data concentrators
Pilot indicator for predicting changes in the speed of rotation of the main rotor of a rotorcraft
On-line system and method for processing information relating to the wear of turbine components
Optoelectronic semiconductor device
Control apparatus and method for vehicle
Multi-resolution controller
Image formation apparatus and method for decreasing density unevenness
Channeled dielectric re-recordable data storage medium
Virtual calling card system and method
Method and system for creating a table version of a document
Word processor for freestyle editing of well-formed XML documents
Systems and methods for enhanced stored data verification utilizing pageable pool memory
System and method to facilitate design-time component discovery
System and method for computer hardware identification
Apochromatic unit-magnification projection optical system
Molecular rectifier device
Electrical measurements in samples
Organosilicon compounds, preparation method and uses thereof
Aqueous compositions based on polychloroprene
Coated article with dual-layer protective overcoat of nitride and zirconium or chromium oxide
UV-absorbing lipid vesicles
Composition for forming a transparent conducting film, solution for forming a transparent conducting...
Recreational vehicle
Fabric article treating apparatus with safety device and controller
String predicate selectivity estimation
High level executable network abstract machine
Methods and apparatus for safety controls in industrial processes
Seek window verify program system and method for a multilevel non-volatile memory integrated circuit...
Position detecting method and apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Microwave moisture analyzer: apparatus and method
Microfabricated microconcentrator for sensors and gas chromatography
Method and apparatus for the separation and collection of particles
Diagnostic devices containing porous material
Pharyngeal wall treatment
Live capture automated milking apparatus and method
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Anticancer compounds and methods
Haptotactic peprides
Thromboplastin reagents
Bioactivated diagnostic imaging constrast agents
Antenna array including virtual antenna elements
Pressure-balanced battery for downhole tools
Method for producing polytetrahydrofurane having a low color indices
Adhesive tape applying method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for estimation of phase offset between communication channels
Workpiece conveyor for press line
Animal training method
Split roller and modular conveying assemblies formed therefrom
Efficient utilization of shared buffer memory and method for operating the same
Biaxially oriented polyester film and laminates thereof with copper
Antibacterial agents
High silica chabazite, its synthesis and its use in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Process for purifying (meth)acrylic acid and process for producing (meth)acrylic esters
Method for producing cellulose acetate film
Mono- and bis-hydrazone pigments
Polymerization catalysts for producing polymers with low levels of long chain branching
Hot melt adhesive
Antacid and laxative tablets
Method for packing solid catalyst
Switching apparatus, electric field applying method and switching system
Optical system with reduced back reflection
Calving enclosure
Animal enrichment system
Pet waterer
Pest-proof and self-cleaning pet feeding system
Combined animal information tag and system
User interface for computed tomography (CT) scan analysis
Image reconstruction method and computer program product
Catalytic polymerization process
Heat-shrinkable packaging films with improved sealing properties and articles made thereof
White, steam-sterilizable and extrusion-coatable polyester film
Butyl-type rubber with high hardness
UV/visible light and anaerobic curable composition
Polymerization catalyst
Process for producing solid catalyst component and catalyst for .alpha.-olefin polymerization, and p...
System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
Zoom lens assembly
Solid immersion lens and sample observation method using it
Digitally imaged lenticular products incorporating customized elements
Assessing mark for microlens
Polarizing filter and producing method thereof
Diffractive optical element and also optical arrangement comprising a diffractive optical element
Interferometric PPM demodulators based on semiconductor optical amplifiers
Heat dissipation structure for optical engine
Transmissive-diffractive light modulator
Scanning device including an objective lens formed of two materials
Digital micromirror device with simplified drive electronics for use as temporal light modulator
Lens barrel
Sensor unit for automatically switching of lighting devices and coupling medium for a sensor unit
Acoustic flow noise cancellation using a reference hydrophone
Concave tapered slot antenna
Contact impedance test circuit and method
Electrical current transferring and brush pressure exerting interlocking slip ring assembly
Systems and methods for providing increased computer security
Magnetic rotating motor generator
Electrical power generators
Thermal camouflage tarpaulin
Rail based electric power generation system
Ultraviolet ray measuring method and ultraviolet ray measuring device
Apparatus for measuring radiation and method of use
Photon energized cavity and system
GaP/silicon tandem solar cell with extended temperature range
Process for production of semiconductor substrate
Process for the production of crystalline xylose from sugar cane bagasse, crystalline xylose obtaine...
Hyaluronan (ha) esterification via acylation technique for moldable devices
Thermolabile hydroxyl protecting groups and methods of use
Alternative splicing factors polynucleotides, polypeptides and uses thereof
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding SRF-type transcription factor proteins
Xylose isomerases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Halogenated aminoquinolines and methods for forming DNA triplexes
Human signal peptide-containing proteins
Method for the production of amyloid-beta peptide using ubiquitin
Lepidoptera voltage-gated calcium channels
Mutants of biotin binding protein
Phosphonate compounds
A1 adenosine receptor agonists
Antisense antiviral compounds and methods for treating a filovirus infection
Modulation of apolipoprotein (a) expression
Compositions and methods for regulating autolytic processes in bacteria
4'-thio-L-xylo furanosyl nucleosides, precursors thereof, preparation and use thereof
Dynamic, dual-mode wireless network architecture with a split layer 2 protocol
Radio transceiver on a chip
Apparatus and method for re-transmitting erroneous packet data
Method for transmitting signals in a communication device
Direct tuning of radio receiver integrated circuit
Compensation of filters in radio transmitters
Radio-parameter control in mobile radio communications system
Method and system for receiving audio broadcasts via a phone
Mobile station and method for allocating finger thereof in CDMA communication system
Highly bandwidth-efficient communications
Interference detection method and interference avoidance system for wireless communication links
Apparatus, and associated method, for multicasting data in a radio communications system
Handheld mobile communications device with a detachable printing mechanism and a dispenser interface
Antenna assembly
Dual band, bent monopole antenna
Direction finder and locator
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Method of making a low profile balloon
Apparatus and method for using electrostatic force to cause fluid movement
Low friction, abrasion-resistant bearing materials
Fluid supply media
Zeolite-containing drilling fluids
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic airflow
Patient support pad with repositionable pressure source
Hydromassage antimicrobial whirlpool bathtub
[6,7-Bis(2-methoxy-ethoxy)-quinazolin-4-yl]-(3-ethynyl-phenyl)amine hydrochloride polymorph
Quinazoline derivatives
Sulfonamide substituted xanthine derivatives
Modulators of acetylcholine receptors
Substituted-3-indolyl-4-piperidino-alkyl heterocycles for the treatment of depression
Fungicidal triazolopyrimidines, methods for producing the same, use thereof for combating harmful fu...
Sliding plate filter with segmented sealing ring
Refrigerator with treated water
Low spillage replaceable water filter assembly
Effluent treatment system
Activity enhanced dispensers
Ultrasonic transducer system
Method for emptying a blood circuit of an apparatus for the extracorporeal treatment of blood
Measurement of fluid pressure in a blood treatment device
Hindered-settling fluid classifier
Filter assembly with vented filter element
Fluid containment apparatus, and method of using same
Cyanide and formate destruction with ultra violet light
Method of forming metal line layer in semiconductor device
Method for fabricating nitride-based compound semiconductor element
CMP composition containing organic nitro compounds
Method of fabricating an integral capacitor and gate transistor having nitride and oxide polish stop...
Semiconductor device having T-shaped gate structure comprising in situ sidewall spacers and method o...
Method of forming copper sulfide layer over substrate
Semiconductor device having a fully silicided gate electrode and method of manufacture therefor
Method for manufacturing metal structure having different heights
Partial plate anneal plate process for deposition of conductive fill material
Method for forming metal wiring of semiconductor device
Method of forming contact hole and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming metal line in semiconductor device
Method of producing ceramic multi-layer substrate
Method of designing low-power semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated circuitry and a semiconductor processing method of forming a series of conductive lines
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for implanting ions in a semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for controlling oil of air conditioner
Electronic apparatus having energy-saving cooling system
Reciprocating pump having a ceramic piston
Fitted assembly bellows pump
Molded disposable pneumatic pump
Pump for transporting heat-exchange medium for a multi-tube reactor
Radial piston pump with eccentrically driven rolling actuation ring
Transfer device for information carriers
Method and system to allocate resources within an interconnect device according to a resource alloca...
Resource management
Promotion of somatic embryogenesis in plants by PGA37 gene expression
Nucleic acid transfer vector for the introduction of nucleic acid into the DNA of a cell
Method for reducing phytate in canola meal using genetic manipulation involving myo-inositol 1-phosp...
Mitochondrial creatine kinase antibody
Pacemaker passive measurement testing system and method
Apparatus and method for improved morphology discrimination in an implantable cardioverter defibrill...
Rules based real-time communication system
Dynamic, automated double-ended system and method for testing and qualifying metallic telecommunicat...
Round-robin arbiter with low jitter
Cache line cut through of limited life data in a data processing system
Dynamic unknown L2 flooding control with MAC limits
Virtual reassembly system and method of operation thereof
System and method for managing wireless vehicular communications
Apparatus and method for rate adaptation control
Wind turbine driven generator system for a motor vehicle
Cooling apparatus of a vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Apparatus, method and computer program product for executing command
Substrate conveyance apparatus
Robot controller
Robot controller having portable operating part
Positioner for arc welding and arc welding robot system having the positioner
Arc welding robot
Charging voltage measuring device for substrate and ion beam irradiating device
Belt-type fixing device
Current mode logic scheme and circuit for matchline sense amplifier design using constant current bi...
Coarse wavelength division multiplexing system
Double diffraction grating with flat passband output
Optical switching using light bullets
Electrical rechargeable battery
Electroluminescence display device and method of manufacturing the same
Connector for flexible printed circuit
Emergency lighting fixture having adjustable reflector and lamp assembly
Swimming or diving goggles
Image forming device
Method and composition for relieving symptoms of arthritis and gout using fruit of miracles
Recording method and recording apparatus capable of reducing streaks and unevenness in image density
Phosphor and method for production thereof and plasma display device
System for keeping calender rolls of a paper machine clean
Manufacturing method of silicon carbide single crystals
Water base ink for ink-jet recording
Fluorescent water base ink for ink-jet recording
Pull-on disposable wearing article
Retained impinger handgrip assembly
Stackable hat storage units with multiple mounting elements
Non-destructive testing of in-service wooden beams
Piercing method for manufacturing of seamless pipe
Nozzle assembly
System and methods for providing an organic electroluminescent device
Hand held oral irrigator
Tooth mobility measuring apparatus
MEMS based handheld fiber optic connector cleaner
Plasma processing method
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Back-flow valve and trigger for a cleaning machine
Cylinder cutoff control apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method for the production of membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells
Wireless access point repeater
Handheld toothbrush
Discharge method for electrophotographic process unit detachable from imaging apparatus and image fo...
Wireless communication
Compounds and therapeutic uses thereof
Foreign matter removing device
System and method for interrupt handling
Artificial heart valve attachment apparatus and methods
Hook for attaching to a corporeal lumen and method of manufacturing
Nucleic acid enzyme for RNA cleavage
Radially expandable stent
Layered product and medical supply comprising the layered product
Advanced endovascular graft
Expandable stent having a dissolvable portion
Medical device delivery system
Prosthesis delivery systems and methods
Apparatus and methods for delivery of braided prostheses
Balloon catheter for multiple adjustable stent deployment
Temporary vascular filters
High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Rapid exchange dilation catheter for non-vascular applications
Mono control lift and tilt mechanism for horizontal blinds
Biologically active vasopressin agonist metabolites
Wafer level packaging technique for microdevices
Apparatus for and method of forming seals in fuel cells and fuel stacks
Cosmetic or dermatological composition contacting at least one natural or recombinant spider silk or...
Method for the production of polymers
Electronic device including tetrahedral antenna and associated methods
Arrangement in connection with a patient circuit and an absorber means
System and method for detecting EAS/RFID tags using step listen
Method for associating an asset with a monitoring device
Systems and methods for refilling printing cartridges
Transverse-roller-belt sorter with automated guide
Apparatus and method using ATP return cycle length for arrhythmia discrimination
Method and apparatus for impedance signal localizations from implanted devices
Portable biological data measuring apparatus
Alarm activated acoustic measuring signals for patient monitoring
Apparatus for measuring electrical impedance
Needle dislodgement detection
Method of combining spatial models
Method and device for image surfing
System and method for synthesis of bidirectional texture functions on arbitrary surfaces
Image information summary apparatus, image information summary method and image information summary ...
Mean filter device and filtering method
2D FIFO device and method for use in block based coding applications
Method and apparatus for image processing to detect changes in a scene
Method for using a JPEG engine to assist in efficiently constructing MPEG I-frames
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and computer-readable...
Orthogonal heterodyne optical signal-to-noise-ratio (OSNR) monitoring method and apparatus
Optical fiber connector disassembling tool
10/100/1000Base-T small-form-factor-pluggable module
Three-dimensional optical waveguide and optical communication system
LED lighting system
Optical integrating chamber lighting using multiple color sources
Road marking system
Lamp assembly having flexibly positioned rigid plug
Cover removal tab for optical products
Backlight assembly
Apparatus to illuminate an automobile grill
Interior illumination lamp
Vehicle searchlight
Precision light emitting device
Illumination system for illuminating an electronic device with multicolored light
Portable light modification device
Light source and projector
Flashing light cable
Flat lighting fixture
Themes for flashlight inserts
LED flashlight with switch element in side surface
Fire extinguisher kit, device and method of using same
Bullet-resistant hand-held defensive object
Belt-fed machine gun
Gun barrel safety lock with hand ratcheting wrench
Ultrahigh speed imaging assembly for radiography
Submucosa gel compositions
Cord blood and placenta collection kit
Methods for managing host adapter settings
Portable communication device having adjustable amplification and method therefor
Through-the-earth radio
Method and device for evaluating and improving the quality of transmission of a telecommunications s...
Thermally developable materials containing anionic polymer overcoat
Composition for dyeing human keratin materials, comprising at least one fluorescent dye and at least...
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibers comprising a cationic poly(vinyllactam) and at least...
Fixation element insertion device
Method and apparatus for a curling iron shield
Control and communication infrastructure (CCI) for selecting a transport mechanism to transport data...
High performance hybrid magnetic structure for biotechnology applications
Heterologous G protein coupled receptors expressed in yeast, their fusion with G proteins and use th...
Application protocol offloading
Method and system for adaptively setting a data refresh interval
Communication network and method therein
System and method for enabling the originator of an electronic mail message to preset an expiration ...
Network attached memory and implementation thereof
External locking mechanism for personal computer memory locations
Exhaust manifold heat shield
Proportioning device
Corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant component and method for manufacturing same
Support structure in crank mechanism and component constituting crank mechanism
Wheel support bearing assembly
Pressure screw assembly primarily used with an axially guided locking ring to permit controlled axia...
Wheel support bearing assembly
Dynamic bearing device
Linear guide
Circulation unit of rolling element with lubrication system
Ball screw device and linear motion device
Method of making a bearing ring for a large roller bearing
Container illuminated by handle/strap
EL lighted garment with reduced glow up
Methods for preventing photodamaged skin by administering selegiline or desmethylselegiline
UVA (> 360-400) and UVB (300-325) specific sunscreens
Pharmaceutical composition for prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation and/or hypersensiti...
Osmotic device containing pseudoephedrine and an H1 antagonist
Composition for symptomatic relief of vaginitis
Application of phytosterols (and their isomers), folic acid, cyanocobalamin and pyridoxin in dieteti...
Methods to improve immunogenicity of antigens and specificity of antibodies
System, method, and product for providing a wavelength tunable excitation beam
Use of SMBus to provide JTAG support
Secure sockets layer proxy architecture
System and method for peer-level communication with a network interface card
Communications system for improving transmission rates and transmission distances of data signals ac...
Printing adjustment system and method
Compensator with photochemically cured barrier layer and process
Apparatus and method for illumination of an optical platen
Method for producing lysine derivative
Process for production of optically active 3-hydroxypentanenitrile
Optical routers and redundancy
Medium for recording optically readable data, method for making same and optical system reproducing ...
Apparatus for direct-to-digital spatially-heterodyned holography
Uniform deposition of organic layer
Compositions and methods for enhancement of major histocompatibility complex class I restricted anti...
Apparatus and method for deposition of an electrophoretic emulsion
Electroplating apparatus with segmented anode array
Indole derivatives
Optical device
Biaxial piezoelectric motor
Organometallic compound, its synthesis method, and solution raw material and metal-containing thin f...
Method for manufacturing electroluminescent device
Process of preparing planographic printing plate
Photosensitive composition, planographic printing plate and processing method of planograhic printin...
Printing plate material, roll of a printing plate material and printing method
Perpendicular magnetic discrete track recording disk
Printing medium comprising aerogel materials
Application roller and image forming apparatus
Optical disc apparatus for processing data according to different optical disc standards to achieve ...
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Group-III nitride semiconductor stack, method of manufacturing the same, and group-III nitride semic...
Alumina/zirconia ceramics and method of producing the same
Method of producing silicon wafer and silicon wafer
Throw-away tip
Xerographic charging device having three pin arrays
Printed circuit board
Variable glossmark
Job scheduling system for print processing
Automatic detection of character encoding format using statistical analysis of the text strings
Real time detection of ink stick jams in phasing printing systems
Reduced representations of video sequences
Rotational cable shortening device
System and method for project designing and developing a procurement and accounts payable system
System and method for tracking print system utilization
Electrophotographic media with carboxylic acid polymer
Packaging for food products
Liquid electrophotography printer having exhaust system with oxidative catalyst filter
Controllable release of a volatile substance
Dye solutions for use in methods to detect the prior evaporation of anhydrous ammonia and the produc...
Monitoring system for an optical transmitter
Monolithic waveguide/MEMS switch
Active/passive monolithically integrated channel filtering polarization splitter
Link adaption in enhanced general packet radio service networks
System for flexible embedded Boundary Scan testing
Self-tunable phase lock loop
Locking mechanism using a predefined lock for materialized views in a database system
Device for determining the size distribution of aerosol particles
Automatic currency processing system having ticket redemption module
Protective film for polarizing plate
Electronic appliance
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and molded member made of the same
Bottlewash additive comprising an alkyl diphenylene oxide disulfonate
Method and assembly for static elimination of cleaning object in clearing apparatus
Composite for building material, and method of manufacturing building material using the same
Methods of forming metal nitride, and methods of forming capacitor constructions
PLL and method for providing a single/multiple adjustable frequency range
Pigment dispersing agent, pigment composition and pigment dispersion
Synthetic fuel production method
Vinylidene fluoride copolymer resin film
Colloidal silica binder system
Information processing apparatus, print management apparatus, print management system and method, me...
System and method for automating investment planning
Recombinant poliovirus for the treatment of cancer
Bioluminescent protease assay
Identity preserved container
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Previewing digital audio clips
Recording medium, recording medium recording method, output control method, reproducing apparatus, r...
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Starch composition and the use thereof in wet-end of paper preparation
Methods, systems and articles of manufacture for abstract query building with selectability of aggre...
Valve controller
Arrangement for adjusting the angle of rotation of a camshaft relative to a crankshaft
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing controller
Electromechanical valve actuator for internal combustion engines and internal combustion engine equi...
Audio signal processing for speech communication
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Control device for engine driven vehicle incorporating generator
Method of timed shift to neutral in apparent stationary modes
Driveability rating method and system
Image processing apparatus and method
Modeling method for a vehicle steering system
Localization of high speed vehicles using continuous transmit waves
Method and apparatus for enhanced nano-spectroscopic scanning
Vertically aligned nanostructure scanning probe microscope tips
Methods of making, positioning and orienting nanostructures, nanostructure arrays and nanostructure ...
Neodymium-carbon nanotube and method of preparing high 1,4-cis-polybutadiene using the same
Carbon nanofiber-dispersed resin fiber-reinforced composite material
Nanocrystal structures
Method for selective enrichment of carbon nanotubes
Ropes comprised of single-walled and double-walled carbon nanotubes
Imaging apparatus with interchangeable lens apparatus, the lens apparatus having a memory for storin...
Thermal development apparatus and thermal development process
Optical apparatus
Device driver setting profile lock-down
Method and device for drawing and formatting image