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Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
Wrist and elbow brace
Crystallization of IGF-1
PH-sensitive polymer
Retinoid replacements and opsin agonists and methods for the use thereof
Lfa-1 inhibitors and use thereof
Treatment for neurodegenerative diseases
Redox-active therapeutics for treatment of mitochondrial diseases and other conditions and modulatio...
Treatment and inhibition of disease conditions using flexible heteroarotinoids
Pyrazole modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Substituted carboxylic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes and lipid disorders, their pre...
Benzinidazole Derivative and Use As AII Receptor Antagonist
Process for preparing crystalline form I of cabergoline
Amidomethyl-substituted 1-(carboxyalkyl)-cyclopentyl-carbonylamino-benzazepine-N-acetic acid compoun...
Aspartyl protease inhibitors
Macrocyclic heterocyclic aspartyl protease inhibitors
3-Substituted beta-lactamyl vasopressin v1a antagonists
Agents and crystals for improving excretory potency of urinary bladder
11a, 12-derivatives of tetracycline compounds
Surgical suturing apparatus with needle position indicator
Adjustable vacuum chamber for a surgical suturing apparatus
Surgical suturing apparatus with needle release system
Endoscopic suturing device
Method for Tissue Ablation
Bladder function monitoring methods, apparatuses, media and signals
Attachment apparatus for coupling with an endoscope
A2B adenosine receptor antagonists
Vascularly stabilized peripheral nerve cuff assembly
Intragastric device for treating obesity
Method for suture lacing
Surgical suturing apparatus with detachable handle
Surgical suturing apparatus with a non-visible spectrum sensing member
Quick load mechanism for a surgical suturing apparatus
Surgical suturing apparatus with collapsible vacuum chamber
Surgical suturing apparatus
Surgical suturing apparatus with anti-backup system
Conjugated linolenic acids and methods for commerical preparation and purification
Device for walking or running in place
Toy vehicle
Enclosed vapor pressure rotation device
Drinking straw
Method for communication security and apparatus therefor
Creating chat rooms with multiple roles for multiple participants
System and method for removing rules from a data administration system
Context-based help engine, dynamic help, and help architecture
Approach for re-using business rules
Apparatus and method of controlling single-input-multi-output systems
Intelligent control with hierarchical stacked neural networks
Learning system capable of performing additional learning and robot apparatus
System and method of accelerated active set search for quadratic programming in real-time model pred...
System for multimedia document and file processing and format conversion
System and method for providing session admission control
Complete user datagram protocol (CUDP) for wireless multimedia packet networks using improved packet...
Interactive multimedia apparatus
Steel-pipe sheet pile and coupling structure of steel-pipe sheet piles
Electro kinetic geosynthetic structure
Form for street box in underground storage tank installation
Method and apparatus for riserless drilling
Water treatment method for heavy oil production
Device for protecting dock anchor posts from ice damage
Method for aerating bodies of water
Device and method for locating an underground object
Phthalamide derivative, agricultural or horticultural insecticide, and method of use thereof
Admixture, extrudable hydraulic composition and method for the selection of admixture
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Specific binding members for TGF.beta..sub.1
Anti-CD20 antibodies and fusion proteins thereof and methods of use
Antiviral agents for the treatment, control and prevention of infections by coronaviruses
Amino acid sequences for therapeutic and prophylactic use against diseases due to clostridium diffic...
Concentrated X-ray contrast media can act as universal antigens and can inhibit or prevent allergic ...
Methods for enhancing graft survival by modulating heme oxygenase activity
Antagonists of HMG1 for treating inflammatory conditions
Lactic acid bacteria-containing probiotics products
Bacteriolytic complex, method for producing said complex and strain for carrying out said method
Attenuated human rotavirus vaccine
Membrane-resident steroid receptors and methods of use thereof
Process for the purification of marigold xanthophylls
Anti-obestic composition
Methods and apparatus to prevent colds, influenzaes, tuberculosis and opportunistic infections of th...
Herbal pharmaceutical compositions for prophylaxis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases and t...
Composition for treating diseased liver
Preventives/remedies for infection, anti-endtoxin agents, vaccine adjuvants and growth promoters
Composition for inhibition of microbial growth
Type aircraft
Vehicle wake vortex modifier
Aircraft bolster trays
Horizontal augmented thrust system and method for creating augmented thrust
Electrical generator fluid-flow-coolant filtration
Internet linked environmental data collection system and method
Tandem powered power tilting aircraft
Beam laser atmospheric scattering trajectory guidance
Boundary layer transition model
Finless training projectile with improved flight stability over an extended range
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Pseudo-orthogonal waveforms radar system, quadratic polyphase waveforms radar, and methods for locat...
Digital rights management (DRM) encryption and data-protection for content on device without interac...
Method and system for dispensing virtual stamps
Method and apparatus for tracking status of resource in a system for managing use of the resources
Controller for reducing latency in a group communication network
Methods and devices for controlling facsimile transmissions of confidential information
Selective encryption to enable trick play
Dynamic encryption and decryption of a stream of data
Partial encryption and PID mapping
Method, system, program product and state machine representation for encrypting and decrypting a mes...
System and method for implementing a hash algorithm
Network anti-virus system
Method and arrangement to secure access to a communications network
Secure internet voting system with bootable disk
Apparatus and method for allocating IP addresses to network interface card
Use of various methods to reconstruct experiences of web site visitors
Internet broadcast system
Internet based system for creating presentations
Apparatus for and method of selectively retrieving information and enabling its subsequent display
Teaching method and system
System and method for monitoring usage patterns
Management apparatus, management system, management method, and management program for memory capaci...
Arrangement for automated teller machine communications based on bisync to IP conversion
System and method for providing quality of service transport at an air interface of a telecommunicat...
Retrieving voice-based content in conjunction with wireless application protocol browsing
System and method for establishing a conference call
Integration of internet sources into an electronic program database list
Internet-based database report writer and customer data management system
Configurable reliable messaging system
Passion crucifix
Unibody dual mop bucket
Vacuum cleaner housing
Litter scoop
Pet toilet
Tooth-shaped chew toy for pets
Bird cage cover
Animal cage
Hockey glove
Hockey glove
Hockey glove
Glove with enhanced cuff
Cosmetic container
Dental flosser with bendable head
Razor handle
Spray tanning delivery device
Replaceable component for a liquid and lotion applicator
Light holder
Secure multi database system including a plurality of database devices
Methods and systems for providing a response to a query
Memphis: multiple electronic money payment highlevel integrated security
System and method for production and authentication of original documents
Tokenless identification system for authorization of electronic transactions and electronic transmis...
Bidder system using multiple computers communicating data to carry out selling fixed income instrume...
Method and system for dynamically controlling overtime in electronic auctions
Incentive points redemption program carried out via an on-line auction
Installation of black box for trusted component for digital rights management (DRM) on computing dev...
Derivatives trading methods that use a variable order price
Modular system for detecting, filtering and providing notice about attack events associated with net...
Electronic shelf label
Normalized rotation on a website of display items
Methods and systems for customer lifecycle definition and categorization
Reservation method offering an alternative event
System, method and computer program product for facilitating real estate transactions
Method and apparatus for matching pets to appropriate pet products and supplies
Apparatus and method for tracking and managing physical assets
Hydrocarbon conversion processes using non-zeolitic molecular sieve catalysts
Integration of a methanol synthesis system with a methanol to olefin reaction system
High purity olefinic naphthas for the production of ethylene and propylene
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH268
Soybean variety XB43R04
Arabidopsis argos, a novel gene involved in organ development
Plant male tissue-preferred promotor, regulatory regions and methods of use in mediating plant male ...
Maize chloroplast aldolase promoter compositions and methods for use thereof
Disease resistance in Vitis
Environmental stress resistance gene
Methods and compositions to modulate expression in plants
Histamine receptor H3 modified transgenic mice
Attenuated vif DNA immunization cassettes for genetic vaccines
Ecdysone receptors and methods for their use
Antibody to mammalian cytokine-like polypeptide-10
Nuclear protein
Human genes of chromosome 11q13.3
Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-17 and BMP-18 compositions
Method of concentrating proteins from serum
Speaker apparatus and sound reproduction apparatus
Integrated air induction system
Moveable animated display device
Solid body electric guitar having the capability of producing acoustic guitar sound
Waveform adjusting system for music file
Musical instrument stand with a neck lock assembly
Compact keyboard apparatus with accurate detection of key pressing speed
Snare drum adjustable dampening device
Solid body acoustic guitar
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons for fullerene synthesis in flames
Method of manufacturing powder
Catalyst for purification of exhaust gases and process for purification of exhaust gases
Graphite fine carbon fiber, and production method and use thereof
Indole compounds useful for the treatment of cancer
Sintered object of silicon monoxide and method for producing the same
Porcelain composition, composite material comprising catalyst and ceramic, film reactor, method for ...
Inorganic solid electrolyte and lithium cell component
Electrical insulating vapor grown carbon fiber and method for producing the same, and use thereof
Neutral self-setting calcium phosphate paste
Catalyst for autothermal reforming of hydrocarbons with increased water gas shift activity
Panel structure for car body hood
Use of a fender and a hood in combination with an air bag, fender retaining and support means, a fen...
Wheelchair capable of absorbing road shock
Transmission apparatus of all-terrain vehicle
Hub drive and method of using same
Electrically powered bicycle
Cover supporting structure for light vehicle
Personal transport vehicle, such as bicycle
Multi-component isolation unit for a snowmobile
Front end structure of vehicle
Radiator support structure
Vehicle control apparatus and method
Speed controller for a vehicle
Vehicle cruise control system for switching vehicle cruise control state using windshield wiper oper...
System for reducing powertrain reaction torque
Electric motor driving system, electric four-wheel drive vehicle, and hybrid vehicle
Power transmission apparatus for automobile
Power take-off unit for four-wheel drive vehicle
Portable communication device
Circuit arrangement for the analogue suppression of echoes
Systems, methods, and devices for an enhanced on-hold interface
Third party coaching for agents in a communication system
Desk sharing with automatic device relocation
Billing data interface for conferencing customers
Determining whether a telephony call is permitted based on permission data
Method and system for releasing a voice response unit from a protocol session
Realcall message delivery system with echo cancellation
System for and method of detecting a connection of a text telephony (TTY) device to a mobile phone
End-to-end network testing
ISDN alarm notification system
Impedance blocking filter circuit
Radio communication device and printed board having at least one electronically conductive correctio...
Wireless facsimile adapter and system for printer and all-in-one devices and methods using the same
Communication system, hold control method therefor, telephone set, control method therefor and recor...
System and method for magnetic resonance imaging
Gradient coil apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging system
Wirelessly coupled magnetic resonance coil
Magnetic resonance system with suppression of capacitive coupling between an RF source and the subje...
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy using microstrip transmission l...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Biphenylcarboxylic amide derivatives as p38-kinase inhibitors
Cytarabine monophosphate prodrugs
Method for performing lawfully-authorized electronic surveillance
Service notification on a low bluetooth layer
Hardware message buffer for supporting inter-processor communication
Flexible horizontal stack display and editor
Dynamic resynchronization of clocked interfaces
Trusted storage systems and methods
Apparatus and method for invalidation of redundant branch target address cache entries
Lawful communication interception--intercepting communication associated information
Technique for encapsulating a query definition
Method for the prediction of air traffic events, especially for assistance in decision-making for ai...
Method, apparatus, and machine-readable medium for providing indication of location service availabi...
Apparatus and method for making measurements in universal mobile telecommunications system user equi...
Liquid toner electrophotographic printing systems and methods
User interface for television schedule system
Image analysis of the golgi complex
Personal noise monitoring apparatus and method
Multi-service queuing method and apparatus that provides exhaustive arbitration, load balancing, and...
Therapeutic methods using electromagnetic radiation
Protective body armor
Vibration dampening material and method of making same
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of an article of footwear
Configurable heat sink with matrix clipping system
Memory heat sink
Modular, scalable thermal solution
Dual exhaust energy recovery system
Heat dissipation device
Stacked low profile cooling system and method for making same
Radiation module capable of resisting reverse flow of hot fluid
Method for operating an air conditioner, and air conditioner for a means of transport
Heat exchanger for high-temperature applications
Monolithic system and method for enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Radio communication system and method, radio communication apparatus and method, and program
Estrogen receptor modulators
Diphenylmethyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Pyrazole compounds as transforming growth factor (TGF) inhibitors
Electromagnetic wave transmitter, receiver and transceiver systems, methods and articles of manufact...
Method and apparatus for optimizing power efficiency in light emitting device arrays
System and method for tracking inventory
Inhibitors of Hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, and compositions and treatments using ...
Method and device for analyzing a periodic or semi-periodic signal
Fixing device, image forming apparatus using the same and process cartridge
Hinge pin
Treatment of movement disorders by brain stimulation
Horizontal vacuum chamber seal control device
DRAM having SRAM equivalent interface
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition
Manufacturing process for the preparation of .alpha.,.alpha.-branched alkane carboxylic acids provid...
Vehicle-based navigation system with smart map filtering, portable unit home-base registration and m...
Electrolyte film electrode union, fuel cell containing the same and process for producing them
Open channel solid phase extraction systems and methods
Estimating power amplifier non-linearity in accordance with memory depth
Electronic communication, and user interface kit
Apparatus and method for generating data useful in indexing and searching
Pipe coupling including first and second coupling members
Therapeutic methods using cyclosporine components
Degradable porous materials with high surface areas
Acryloyldimethyltaurine acid-based grafted copolymers
Production of tubular fuel cells, fuel cell modules, base elements and ion exchanger membranes
Electromagnetic energy coupling mechanism with matrix architecture control
Toothbrush with kinetic plate
Work vehicle
Process for making a non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitor
Antibodies immunospecific for a novel human G-protein coupled receptor family
Pyrazole-amine compounds useful as kinase inhibitors
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine derivatives and their use as neurotransmitter modulators
Inhibitors of p38
Compositions and methods for preventing infection
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
CC chemokine receptor 5 DNA, new animal models and therapeutic agents for HIV infection
Self-renewing pluripotent hepatic stem cells
RNA detection assays
Enhanced circulation effector composition and method
Non-drip silicone elastomer composition, crosslinkable by polyaddition, and its uses for making join...
Process for electrochemical deposition of tantalum and an article having a surface modification
Collaboration engine: adding collaboration functionality to computer software
Machining tool, especially a milling tool
Inline air handler system and associated method of use
Content-recognition facilitator
Workflow code generator
Method and device for adjusting the phase for flat screens
Fungicidal mixtures comprising R-metalaxyl
Task-oriented processing as an auxiliary to primary computing environments
Antimicrobial polymeric surfaces
Cable retractor for an electronic device
Providing a secure hardware identifier (HWID) for use in connection with digital rights management (...
Propenecarboxylic acid amidoxime derivatives, a process for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceuti...
Kink resistant endovascular graft
Method and apparatus for providing conditional customization for generating a web site
Process for narrowing short-chain branching distribution in two-step ethylene polymerizations and pr...
High density maze capacitor
Method and apparatus for increasing accuracy for locating cellular mobile station in urban area
Assembly and method for containing, receiving and storing fluids and for dispensing gas from a fluid...
Powder press
Storage media storing data related to smart card, smart card system and smart card application loadi...
System and method for dynamic resource configuration using a dependency graph
Intelligent network scanning system and method
Method of manufacturing high power density fuel cell layers with micro structured components
Test plug and cable for a glucose monitor
Fiber-optic channel selecting apparatus
Dummy fill for integrated circuits
Robot apparatus
Echinacea purpurea plant named `Sparkler`
Method and apparatus for automated training of language learning skills
Learning system with learner-constructed response based methodology
Mission adaptable portable cart/utility table arrangement
Passive terrain navigation
User interface for adaptive video fast forward
Aerosol dispensing cabinet
Medicament dispenser
Metalothermic reduction of refractory metal oxides
Manufacturing processes of catalyst layer for fuel cell
Integrated connection assembly for global positioning system (GPS) receiver and personal digital ass...
Induction heating system and method
Vehicle traveling state determining apparatus
Ferroelectric capacitor and semiconductor device having a ferroelectric capacitor
Techniques for generating serial presence detect contents
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
System and method for exchanging programs in aircraft computers
System, apparatus, and method for testing identification tags
Plasma display panel having priming discharge cell
Systems, methods and computer program products for backup and restoring storage volumes in a storage...
Method for event triggered monitoring of managed server health
Internet search engine with critic ratings
Transparent windshield wiper assembly and method of cleaning a windshield
Calibrating an analog-to-digital converter using a test signal with a precise DC voltage
Multiple-sampling circuit for measuring reflected voltage and discharge time of a transformer
Constant voltage generator and electronic equipment using the same
DC/DC converter and program
High PSRR, fast settle time voltage regulator
Uniform converter output voltage distribution power system
Current sensing circuitry for DC-DC converters
Power supply for power factor correction and driving method thereof
Variable reluctance generator
Multi-battery automatic charging circuit with individual regulator
Pulse frequency modulation for induction charge device
Retractable cord power adapter and battery pack
Auxiliary power source and method for operating the auxiliary power source, as well as circuit arran...
System and method for safely and efficiently capturing power currently produced by already available...
Method of diagnosing a motor vehicle battery based on parameters related to an electric quantity sup...
Hybrid-electric vehicle having a matched reactance machine
Image communication system for compositing an image according to emotion input
Interactive Radiological sciences clinical training system
Embodiments of the invention
Sports Training Simulation System and Associated Methods
Video analysis system of swing motion
Method and Setting for Social Conflict Resolution
A Configurable Multi-Lingual Presentation of an Ancient Manuscript
System administrator training system and method
Astrological horoscopes
Manicure training device
Mannequin head sensor
Method and simulator device for training a pilot of a vessel
Dynamic certification of components
Robot apparatus
Image processing apparatus for robot
Very early setting ultra-high strength cement
Multi-layered sports board
Watercraft docking system and propulsion assembly
Ice shelter modular seating system
ROV retrievable sea floor pump
Fuel cell hose
Method and apparatus for maneuvering a watercraft
Catnip encased pet toy
Method and system for segmentation, classification, and summarization of video images
Efficient block transform including pre-processing and post processing for autostereoscopic displays
Automatic detection and tracking of multiple individuals using multiple cues
Recording media protecting mechanism
Portable media device
Zoom lens and a camera providing the same
Broadcast receiving system and method, and medium storing a broadcast reception control program
Method and apparatus for modulating video signals
Wireless extension for cable television signals
Optimized structure for digital separation of composite video signals
Channel equalizer and digital television receiver using the same
Apparatus and method for processing predetermined program data
Digital camera for use by right-handed and left-handed people
Image pickup element drive control method and image pickup device
Displacement sensor
Electronic camera with backlight correction capability
Identifying a kernel structure using an element and a variable offset of the structure from debuggin...
Versioned project associations
Methods and systems for compiling and interpreting one or more associations between declarations and...
Method and system for localizing Java.TM. JAR files
External resource files for application development and management
Resolution independent theming
System and method of testing a plurality of memory blocks of an integrated circuit in parallel
Fault containment and error recovery in a scalable multiprocessor
Testing distributed services by using multiple boots to timeshare a single computer
Data redundancy system and method
Power supply system
Method and apparatus for operating a server system including determining the power supplied by one o...
Quality of phone service system
Systems for providing message waiting notification updates in a cellular communication network
High speed interprocess communication
Method and apparatus for volume replication management at planned and unplanned link down
Storage access keys
Integrated semiconductor memory chip with presence detect data capability
Obtaining search results for content addressable memory
Method and apparatus for improving buffer utilization in communication networks
System and method for provisioning network access devices
System for real-time communication between plural users
Method and apparatus for determining a quality metric of a measurement of a fluid parameter
Fluid regulation
System and method of classifying tachyarrhythmia episodes as associated or disassociated
Pattern measurement method, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, pattern measurement appara...
Location of subscriber terminal in packet-switched radio system
Backscatter absorption gas imaging systems and light sources therefore
Smart component-based management techniques in a substrate processing system
System and method for monitoring wafer furnace production efficiency
Semiconductor device
Multi-chip package structure
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductors containing perfluoroether acyl oligothiophene compounds
Silver-selenide/chalcogenide glass stack for resistance variable memory
Method of selective post-growth tuning of an optical bandgap of a semi-conductor heterostructure and...
Device and method for thermally treating semiconductor wafers
MOS transistor and method of manufacture
Etchant for etching nitride and method for removing a nitride layer using the same
Flexible MEMS transducer manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for forming a planarizing pad having a film and texture elements for planarizat...
Technique for forming a gate electrode by using a hard mask
Semiconductor processing methods of forming and utilizing antireflective material layers, and method...
Method of depositing dielectric materials including oxygen-doped silicon carbide in damascene applic...
Multiple etch-stop layer deposition scheme and materials
Interconnect structure for an integrated circuit and method of fabrication
SONOS memory with inversion bit-lines
Method of purifying fischer-tropsch derived water
Sealable topcoat for porous media
Castable golf ball components using acrylate functional resins
Golf shoe with sole profile
Pitching practice apparatus
Golf club set and golf club shaft set
Golf swing training method and apparatus
Distance marker for a golf course, and a golf course
Mold for golf ball
Exercise and golf, baseball and other sport training apparatus
Use of thermoplastic polyamide molding compositions with reduced formation of solid deposits and/or ...
Non-wood fiber plastic composites
Extrusion blow molded container, apparatus and method
Use of hyperbranched polyurethanes for producing printing inks
Minimized differential SAR-type column-wide ADC for CMOS image sensors
Process for the preparation of pure gabapentin "Form II"
Method and apparatus for controlling visual enhancement of luminent devices
Detection and identification of threats hidden inside cargo shipments
Vessel sealer and divider having elongated knife stroke and safety cutting mechanism
Syringe plunger driver system
Method and apparatus for measuring characteristics of core-annular flow
Method of manufacturing jaw assembly for vessel sealer and divider
Facial image processing methods and systems
Driving-force distribution control system for four-wheel-drive vehicles
Vehicular neutralizing apparatus
Vehicular communications apparatus and method
Semiconductor device
Fuel cell drive system
Filler material for use in welding of Mg-contained aluminum alloy die-cast members, welding method, ...
Automotive map pocket having an electroluminescent lamp and method of making the same
Instrument panel having flexible steering wheel column closeout
Intake port structure for internal combustion engine
Vibration damping engine mount for internal combustion engine
Intake device of multi-cylinder engine
Engine start control system and engine start control method
Magnetic beverage holder
Imaging apparatus and method
Optical antenna
Optical resonator
Collimation assembly for adjusting laser light sources in a multi-beamed laser scanning unit
External-cavity lasers
Sub-scanning interval adjusting apparatus for multi-beam scanning unit
Laser processing device
Method and apparatus for calibration of near-field scanning optical microscope tips for laser machin...
Semiconductor laser diode with current restricting layer and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor thin film decomposing method, decomposed semiconductor thin film, decomposed semicondu...
Optical head and optical disc apparatus for focusing a collimated laser beam
Method of fabricating semiconductor laser
Player with two read heads for double-sided optical discs
Method for forming images and silver halide color photographic photosensitive material
Spatial optical modulation element and spatial optical modulation method
Polymeric material, containing a latent acid
Method for measuring the thickness of a mail item
Particle size distribution analyzer
Method for preparation of a solid titanium catalyst for olefin polymerization
Chopped radiation source
Biodegradable aliphatic polyester grafted with poly(ethylene glycol) having reactive groups and prep...
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Isotropic pitch-based materials for thermal insulation
System and method for concurrent operation of multiple radar or active sonar systems on a common fre...
Device for the ultrasound measuring of cylindrical test models
Shaft for roller wheel
Crosslinked polymer compositions
Stable, water-soluble quantum dot, method of preparation and conjugates thereof
Reference image generation from subject image for photolithography mask analysis
Training and therapy device for dogs and hoofed animals
Enabling mobility for point to point protocol (PPP) users using a node that does not support mobilit...
Trip indicator and electrical switching apparatus employing the same
Method and system for detecting path failure and performing input/output recovery in a multi-path in...
Hydrogel composition for measuring glucose flux
Method for excision of plant embryos for transformation
Living olefin polymerization processes
Lubricant-supplying apparatus for dry-lubricated aluminum-clad wire drawing, and method of supplying...
Method and apparatus for using synchronous CDMA in a mobile environment
Bi-directional data flow in a real time tracking system
Method of avoiding flush due to store queue full in a high frequency system with a stall mechanism a...
Method for improving texture cache access by removing redundant requests
Circular DNA vectors for synthesis of RNA and DNA
Electrophotographic image-receiving sheet and process for image formation using the same
Activating a data tag by load or orientation or user control
Hybrid fastener apparatus and method for fastening
Self forming, thermodynamically stable liposomes and their applications
Solidago plant named `Dansolitlem`
Agglomerated particles for aerosol drug delivery
Nasal cannula retainer
Structurally embedded intelligent power unit
Method for the direct esterification of sorbitol with fatty acids
Method of a non-metal barrier copper damascene integration
Memory device and method of making the same
System on a chip having a non-volatile imperfect memory
Light emitting diode
Processes for removing organic layers and organic electronic devices formed by the processes
System for redundant storage of data
System for aiding the preparation of operation and maintenance plans for a power generation installa...
Cross-triggering of processing devices
Transgenic disease resistant banana
Media content distribution system and method
Communication system and method
Data reading device with multiple verification functions and verifications system thereof
Radio-frequency based catheter system and method for ablating biological tissues
Electromyograph for the detection of electromyographic signals on moving subjects
Candle radio
Systems and methods for interactive game play
Headset with radio communication function and communication recording system using time information
Method and computer-readable medium for controlling operations of a dual-dialer state machine
System for managing frequency resources in multiple radio access networks and method thereof
Multi-mode handset services
Code-division-multiple-access mobile communication system accommodating increased number of mobile s...
Method for checking a radio module into a cellular radio network
Direct conversion radio apparatus
Mobile radio receiver with improved real-time precision
Array antenna transmission/receiver
Method and apparatus for wireless communication
Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum sharing
CD9/CD81 double-deficient non-human animal
Artery-and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
Selecting animals for parentally imprinted traits
Identification of a jak2 mutation in polycythemia vera
Marker for undifferentiated state of cell and composition and method for separation and preparation ...
System and method in a computerized environment for charting pediatric growth
Multi-sensory speech enhancement using a clean speech prior
Reduction of the noise content of molecular diagnostic signals
Gender specific implant and packaging
Maxillary sinus bone augmentation with resorbable bone pack
Spinal disc annulus reconstruction method and deformable spinal disc annulus stent
Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc replacement
Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc replacement
Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc replacement
Mechanical apparatus and method for artificial disc replacement
Lateral expandable interbody fusion cage
Artificial bone
Method of repairing a bone joint
Artificial cornea
Centralized storage management method
Method for a workload-adaptive high performance storage system with data protection
Masking parity information associated with a ternary content addressable memory
Storage device, backup method and computer program code of this storage device
Method and control apparatus for controlling startup of multiple IDE.sub.--HDDs
Bi-directional return register stack recovery from speculative execution of call/return upon branch ...
Disk array apparatus and control method for disk array apparatus
Storage control system and storage control method
Control of multiple groups of network-connected storage devices
Implementation of PCI express
Method for optimizing system performance by transferring a stack in a real time operating system
Apparatus having an inter-module data transfer confirming function, storage controlling apparatus, a...
Method and apparatus for mitigating the effects of malicious software in a communication network
Device for applying a food spread
Vacuum-packed diaper feeding kit
Cooking apparatus having a contamination preventing unit
Product simulating probe and method
Chicken chain
Waist chain and related method
Acid whey texture system
Milk beverage
Method of thermally treating flour for hygienic purposes
Method for conducting a cooking process with a cooking process probe
Remote copy system
Automated provisioning of computing networks according to customer accounts using a network database...
System and methods of updating compact discs and graphical user interface for updating same
High performance storage access environment
Metadata-aware enterprise application integration framework for application server environment
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for managing replication of back-up object
Data replication among storage systems
Automatically generated objects within extensible object frameworks and links to enterprise resource...
Write control method, structured document management apparatus, structured document edit apparatus, ...
Technique for effectively controlling communication links to an information assistance service
Alternative means for public telephone information services
System and method for controlling data sessions in a wireless network
Tire tread
Tire building drum having expandable center section and independently expandable bead lock assemblie...
Tire curing bladder
Three-dimensional sipes for treads
Pneumatic tire having tread with axially adjacent block chamfer and rib chamfer
Overmolded grip
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Asymmetric truck racing tire
Conductive belt
Golf club head
Head for golf club
Wood type golf club head
Method for tire rolling simulation
Vehicle tire
Iron type golf club head
Hermetically sealed, weldable connectors
Application-layer anomaly and misuse detection
Golf ball and golf ball paint
Body movement monitoring system and method
Method of particle formation
Automated assessment of programming language coverage by one or more test programs
System and method utilizing an interface component to query a document
Independent update and assembly of web page elements
General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to manage data integrity
System and method for automatically creating URLs for accessing data sources and data targets
System and method for network vulnerability detection and reporting
Method and apparatus for notifying administrators of selected events in a distributed computer syste...
Systems and methods for assessing and modifying an individual's physiological condition
4-pyrrolidino-phenyl-benzyl ether derivatives
Bicyclic pyrazolyl and imidazolyl compounds and uses thereof
Regulation of human serine-threonine protein kinase
Sterol carrier protein-2 from the mosquito, Aedes aegypti
Alternatively spliced isoform of acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 (ACC2)
Interventions to mimic the effects of calorie restriction
Therapeutic agents as cytokine antagonists and agonists
Reversible heat-sensitive paper and methods for writing information
Method of producing a thermosensitive recording medium
Projectile wad for ammunition cartridges
Method and apparatus for temporarily giving copy permission for reproducing digital signals
Copy controlling method and system of digital contents
TMR head structure with conductive shunt
Depositing a pinned layer structure in a self-pinned spin valve
Top-pinned magnetoresistive device having adjusted interface property
Slider-level reader isolation measurement technique for advanced GMR heads
Head assembly including a variable device for adjusting an inclination of a slider
Arm-suspension-pivot bearing integral design
Disk cartridge
Thin film magnetic head and manufacturing method for creating high surface recording density and inc...
Flexible disk drive
Interleaved repeatable runout estimation
Magnetic disk apparatus and position control method for magnetic head slider thereof
Apparatus and method for protecting a disk drive in a hardcopy device
Information playback method and apparatus
Magnetic transfer master medium, magnetic transfer method, and magnetic transfer master medium formi...
High-speed write driver
Method of stiffening an actuator comb and coil assembly
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording GMR read back sensor
Methods and apparatus for facilitating the delivery of e-mail using a packet data service or a short...
Multiple-band antenna with shared slot structure
Method and apparatus for capturing and decoding an image of a remotely located bar code
Multi-angle laser scanner
Photonic crystal device and methods
Dispersion-managed optical soliton transmission system
Method, system and module for monitoring a power generating system
Apparatus for optically coupling a light source with an optical waveguide
Optical switch having a reflective component
Nonintrusive method for the detection of concealed special nuclear material
Frame filtering of fibre channel packets
Method for modeling optical fiber amplifiers
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and optical device including the same
NMR MAS probe with cryogenically cooled critical circuit components
Method and means of multi-activation of ions and atoms with nmr and epr
Field emission gun and electron beam instruments
Nuclear cargo detector
Logging tool with response invariant to changes in borehole pressure
Method for determining the cut-off wavelength of an optical fibre as well as a device suitable for t...
Spiral-shaped lamp for UV curing of coatings and bonding for a digital versatile disk (DVD) or compa...
Apparatus and method for deriving a digital image correction factor in a receiver
Insulated gate semiconductor device
Conductive member and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Thermal image recording apparatus
Audio frequency response processing system
Negative electrode current collector, negative electrode using the same, and non-aqueous electrolyti...
Metal-carbon composite powders
Methods for stabilizing ingredients within cosmetics, personal care and household products
Method and system to compensate for scanner system timing variability in a semiconductor wafer fabri...
Optical waveguide device, optical and electrical elements combined device, method of driving the sam...
Material for gland packing and the gland packing
Antenna configuration and radar device including same
Constant angular grinding tool
Polyurethane containing a polyol composition comprising a highly branched polysaccharide, mix and pr...
Methods of preparing dendritic cells with flt3-ligand and antigen
Alleviating timing based congestion within circuit designs
Wearable retracting animal leash
Optical fiber ribbon that is easily branched into individual optical fibers and optical fiber cable ...
Lubricated razor blade edge sanitizer and sharpener
Administering devices in dependence upon user metric vectors with optimizing metric action lists
Power generating and propelling system of vessel
Method of screening for therapeutics for infectious diseases
Sensitivity enhanced biomolecule field effect transistor
Hosta plant named `Hollywood Lights`
Scheme for filtering documents on network using relevant and non-relevant profiles
Inhalation device
Sealed battery and method for manufacturing sealed battery
High density stepped, non-planar flash memory
Distributed configuration storage
Light-emitting diode structure with electrostatic discharge protection
Electroluminescent devices with electrode protection
System and method for efficient multi-master replication
Methods and systems for scheduling and buffer balancing
Embedded sequence checking
Elevation of oil in monocot plants
Pre-delivery drug identification system
Cochlear implant drug delivery device
Methods for stabilizing proteins
C3b/C4b complement receptor-like molecules and uses thereof
Methods of prevention of infection with HIV/AIDS, venereal disease and influenza
Modified release compositions comprising tacrolimus
Pharmaceutical formulation comprising a pyrimidine-a-one derivative coated with an enteric polymer
Phosphoepoxides, method for making same and uses
Treatment of menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea or endometriosis
Novel nutraceutical compositions and use thereof
Compositions which can be used for regulating the activity of parkin
Lymphoid chemokines in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of inflammatory disease
Biomass hydrolysate and uses and production thereof
Natural lycopene concentrate and method for production thereof
Method and means for improving bowel health
Veterinary composition and method of using same
Composition containing as the active ingredient componantes from salvia sclarea seed
Diet supplement for causing rapid weight loss, controlling appetite, managing stress, supporting rel...
Copolymers of amino acids, methods of their production, and uses thereof
Phosphorus-containing polymers for optical signal transducers
Pharmaceutical raw material
Antimicrobial composition useful for preserving wood
Glycopegylated erythropoietin formulations
Remodeling and glycoconjugation of peptides
Pre-moistened eraser and cleaner for white board
Process for preparing L-amino acids using improved strains of the Enterobacteriaceae family
Amorphous insoluble cellulosic fiber and method for making same
Functional Water
Taste potentiator compositions and beverages containing same
Method and apparatus for treating meat products with a treatment liquid containing carbon monoxide
Agent for promoting osteogenesis and/or inhibiting bone resorption
Method for producing pellets of liquid-crystalline polymer or pellets of liquid-crystalline polymer ...
Manufacture of fully recyclable foamed polymer from recycled material
Method of polishing GaN substrate
Methods and systems for producing electricity and desalinated water
Method and apparatus for purifying a pigment dispersion, pigment dispersion, ink set, droplet-ejecti...
Technique for extending biological sugar chain via introduction of glycosyltransferase gene
Plants having modified growth characteristics and method for making the same
Manipulation of plant polysaccharide synthases
Insect-specific protease recognition sequences
Method for disease control in MON89788 soybean
P15 hairpin constructs and use
Soybean polymorphisms and methods of genotyping
Use of mixed duplex oligonucleotides to effect localized genetic changes in plants
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Zinc finger-based drug-dependent gene regulation system
Genetic screen in drosophila for metastatic behavior
Microcomputer and computer system
Extensible framework supporting deposit of heterogenous data sources into a target data repository
Method and system for defining sets by querying relational data using a set definition language
Automated database blocking and record matching
Pharmaceutical dispensing system
Device and method for multi-phase radio-frequency ablation
Control of arbitrary waveforms for constant delivered energy
Method and apparatus to control delivery of high-voltage and anti-tachy pacing therapy in an implant...
Dilation enhancer with pre-mediated contact lenses
Transmitter system for wireless communication with implanted devices
Multi-orientation low profile dual outlet volatile dispenser
Advanced cosmetic color analysis system and methods therefor
Improved Bichromatic Display
Fluid sampling components
System and method for controlling a plurality of electronic devices
Sausage in a textile casing and methods for the automated production of the same
Food service products comprising polyester compositions formed from 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobut...
Method of stabilizing 1,4-dihydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
Retort containers comprising polyester compositions formed from 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutaned...
Foam-paperboard laminates, articles incorporating same and methods of making the same
Myoglobin blooming agent, films, packages and methods for packaging
Hydrophobic coatings comprising reactive nano-particles
Mineral-bound starch compositions and methods of making the same
Interconnected confectionery products and method of making and marketing same
Luminous candy
Thermostable capsule and process for producing the same (as amended)
Canola protein isolate functionality II
Compositions containing protein and DAG oil and methods for making them
Textured food product
Cake composition with an emulsifier
Method for making a spice sugar cube
Compositions and methods for producing a salty taste in foods or beverages
Compositions and methods for producing flavored seasonings that contain reduced quantities of common...
Method of preserving a fish meat product
Radio data communications method, server, and radio network controller
Software defined radio (SDR) architecture for wireless digital communication systems
Method of receiving a signal and a receiver
Automatic signal extraction and analysis from time-frequency representation
Prioritized-routing for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer, mobile radio access system based on battery-power l...
Method and apparatus for synchronizing frequency hopping transceivers
Radio communication apparatus used in CDMA communication system and power consumption control method...
Unified architecture for CDMA network and method of operation
Automatic gain control and low power start-of-packet detection for a wireless LAN receiver
Router device, datagram transfer method and communication system realizing handoff control for mobil...
Cellular phone set and incoming call notification control method used therein
Scheme for realizing path selection using optimum path selection threshold in radio communication
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power associated with a transmitting unit
Coaxial antenna system
Hosta plant named `Cathedral Windows`
Hosta plant named `Lonesome Dove`
Gaura plant named `SME-2`
Verbena plant named `Balazdapima`
Petunia plant named `Petlavve`
Petunia plant named `Petlavgr`
Petunia plant named `Petrowhi`
Petunia plant named `Dancas 110`
Diascia plant named `Balwhispum`
Dahlia plant named `Baldelhon`
Cuphea plant named `FLAMENCO TANGO`
Apple tree named `GRE-1198`
Cynara plant named `22BD`
Peach tree named `IVORY DUCHESS`
Peach tree named `SNOW DUCHESS`
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argydupea`
Method of sealing a plug with a food sauce dispensing cartridge
System and method for dynamic key assignment in enhanced user interface
Simultaneous multi-threading processor circuits and computer program products configured to operate ...
SQRT calculator capable of reducing error
Finite impulse response filter
Method and apparatus for entering information into a portable electronic device
Dynamically managing and reconfiguring wireless mesh networks
Wavelet edge map based apparatus and method for edge enhancement
Hand/eye calibration method using projective invariant shape descriptor of 2-dimensional image
Device for regenerating data from signals transmitted through plural antenna
Initialization method for VDSL including tone space adjustment
Optical recording medium having read-only storage area and writeable storage area and recording/repr...
Semiconductor memory device with data input/output organization in multiples of nine bits
High voltage generators having an integrated discharge path for use in non-volatile semiconductor me...
Integrated circuit memory devices having hierarchical bit line selection circuits therein
Integrated circuit having a non-volatile memory with discharge rate control and method therefor
Shear-resistant modular fluidic blocks
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine and mammography
Method to recover the exposure sensitivity of chemically amplified resins from post coat delay effec...
Laser guides for X-ray device
Aqueous based metal etchant
Probe device and display substrate testing apparatus using same
Minimizing the effect of directly converted x-rays in x-ray imagers
Sample inspection apparatus
Radiation detector and method of manufacture thereof
Imaging system and methodology
Polarized reticle, photolithography system, and method of forming a pattern using a polarized reticl...
Method of processing silver halide materials
Positive-working chemical-amplification photoresist composition
Dyed photoresists and methods and articles of manufacture comprising same
X-ray inspection systems with improved radiation attenuation shielding
Lithographic apparatus and a method of compensating for thermal deformation in a lithographic appara...
System for disposing a proximity sensitive touchpad behind a mobile phone keypad
Method and system for locating a dependent
Programmable low noise amplifier and method
Powered door object detection system and method
Method and system for enhancing data quality
Method of enhancing performance of cerium doped lutetium orthosilicate crystals and crystals produce...
Reflective organic layers
Dynamic phantom for radiation therapy
Holographic data-storage medium
Laminating double-side circuit board, manufacturing method thereof, and multilayer printed circuit b...
Electrostatic capacitive touch pad
Usability evaluation support apparatus and method
Method and system for determining and monitoring dispensing point flow rates and pump flow capacitie...
Controlling method for manufacturing process comprising determining a priority of manufacturing proc...
Roller for supporting an imaging belt in a printing apparatus
Image sensor method and apparatus having hardware implemented edge detection processing
Imaging tomography apparatus having an attached patient support with a movable backrest
Channel estimation and spatial processing for TDD MIMO systems
Traffic generation apparatus suitable for use in communication experiments
Signal processing resource for selective series processing of data in transit on communications path...
Method and apparatus for analysis of elements in bulk substance
Multivariate control of semiconductor processes
Impurity-based waveguide detectors
Semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and methods relating to wavelength conditioning of illumination hybrid
Utilizing information redundancy to improve text searches
Information research initiated from a scanned image media
Generating and searching compressed data
Searching tool and process for unified search using categories and keywords
System and method for predicting additional search results of a computerized database search user ba...
Method and system for multi-function satellite positioning system receivers
Method for measuring GPS air sensitivity and mobile terminal having function of measuring GPS air se...
GPS navigation with integrated phase track filter
Generic satellite positioning system receivers with selectable inputs and outputs
Vehicle burglar alarm system with GPS recognition
Operation scheme for programming charge trapping non-volatile memory
Two-layered conductive film having transmitting and expanding electrical signal functions
Analyzer for measuring multiple gases
Tailoring domain engineered structures in ferroelectric materials
Polyurethane-modified copolymers, method for their production and the use thereof
Recombinant Plasmodium vivax merozoite protein-1 p42 vaccine
Polyalkylene oxide-modified single chain polypeptides
Use of substituted 2-phenylbenzimidazoles as medicaments
Digital switching cross-connect module
Toner transfer technique
Process for the continuous production of an olefinic oxide
Secondary battery
Recognition of a state machine in high-level integrated circuit description language code
Bilayer coating system for an electrically conductive element in a fuel cell
Preparation of phthalic anhydride
Enzyme degradable curable resin compositions
Bag for packaging liquid biological substances, having an integrated cannula
Method for removing static electricity in fingerprint-reading apparatus, fingerprint reading apparat...
Method for detecting targets and determining their distance via an HPRF radar system
Production method for silicon single crystal and production device for single crystal ingot, and hea...
Cosmetic compositions containing a fructan, a polysaccharide and a beneficial agent, and uses thereo...
Method, system, and computer program product for automatic insertion and correctness verification of...
Pet restraint system for a vehicle window
Anti-bow roller tube arrangement
Method to preserve cells
System and method for generating a model of the path of a roadway from an image recorded by a camera
Utilization of spillover steam from a high pressure steam turbine as sealing steam
Micromirror array device and a method for making the same
Adhesive mixture for transdermal delivery of highly plasticizing drugs
Inhaler for multiple dosed administration of a pharmacological dry powder
Device for washing nasal cavities and collecting catarrhal matter
Transistor structures and transistors with a germanium-containing channel
Programmable output driver turn-on time for an integrated circuit memory device
Magnetic random access memory
Display device with reduced deterioration of emission layer
Radioiodinated benzamines and method of their use as radioimaging
Content syndication platform
OLED efficiency by utilization of different doping concentrations within the device emissive layer
Method of forming wirings for tile-shaped elements, structures of wirings for tile-shaped elements, ...
Electronic circuit, electro-optical unit, and electronic apparatus
Method of driving display device
Display device
Electro-optical device and driving method of the same