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Antenna unit and radio base station therewith
Method and apparatus for position tracking and communication within a defined locale
Interactive multi-sensory reading system electronic teaching/learning device
Secure transmission system for a digital trunked radio system
Apparatus for compensating phase of receiver and method thereof
Method of estimating a channel, and a radio system
Nutrition and exercise program
Notebook cover assembly with ergonomic support
Method and system for illustrating sound and text
Screened gravity-fed funnel
Prop head bearing
Construction process for composite pile foundation
Diving aid
Subsurface drainage system and drain structure therefor
Intermittent automatic irrigation system
Image feature extraction
Audio speaker system employing an axi-symmetrical horn with wide dispersion angle characteristics ov...
Machine housing component with acoustic media grille and method of attenuating machine noise
Soundproofing assembly and a part comprising a wall which if covered with said assembly
Loudspeaker systems
Modular speaker cabinet
Method and apparatus for selectively executing information recording using a cognizant mode and a no...
Program use authorization method
Multiple trust modes for handling data
History based rights computation for managed code
Methods and apparatus for selecting an insurance carrier for an online insurance policy purchase
Service email system for transmitting advertisement email to a group of terminals only if transfer c...
Virtual postage metering system
System and method for interactive messaging and/or allocating and/or upgrading and/or rewarding tick...
System and method for annuity valuation
System and method for converting information on paper forms to electronic data
Apparatus, system and method for automatically making operational selling decisions
Computers making financial analysis output having property valuations
Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic demand reporting and affectation
Methods and apparatus for processing order related messages
General packet-based payment and transaction method and system
Computer apparatus and methods supporting different categories of users
Method and system for providing performance statistics to agents
Method of expediting insurance claims
Air traffic information display system
System and method for distributing drink supply containers
Buffered message queue architecture for database management systems with memory optimizations and "z...
Method and system of printing identification card (ID) using an inkjet printer
Identifying medium and identifying method for object
System and method for check fraud detection using signature validation
Knowledge based computer aided diagnosis
Apparatus for and method of processing audio signal
Manual controlled scrolling
Haptic interface for palpation simulation
Magnetic field sensing device
Real time brachytherapy spatial registration and visualization system
Automated installation of an application
Method and apparatus for organizing and processing information using a digital computer
Transcoding between content data and description data
Method and apparatus for detecting and supplying power by a first network device to a second network...
Method and system for managing location information for wireless communications devices
Automated third party verification system
Folding portable terminal capable of operating responsive to contents of incoming by being opened
Bar type portable wireless terminal
Wireless local loop system for interfacing with analog communication device
Storing query results to reduce number portability queries in wireless network
Network support for mobile service plan minute exchange by category
Protective case for electronics in a mobile device
Mobile telephone
Echo canceller ensuring further reduction in residual echo
Method and apparatus for automatically initiating a telephone communication
Apparatus and method for providing switching at a telephone cross-connect
Method, system, and storage medium for providing web-based quality assessment, tracking, and reporti...
Call progress tone generation in a communication system
Methods and devices for identifying telecommunications equipment
Geographical call routing for a non-emergency calling service
System and method for call treatment
Methods and apparatus for using AIN techniques to forward answered calls to one of a plurality of vo...
Call completion services for hybrid public/private communications networks
Answering service giving different messages depending on user profile selected by called subscriber ...
Workpiece taking-out apparatus
Cable arrangement for robot arm, and industrial robot utilizing the same
Saddle-type vehicle and engine
Offset joint between structural members in a vehicle frame assembly to facilitate a coating process
Scooter operated manually or automatically
Electric vehicle chassis with removable battery module and a method for battery module replacement
Hydraulic clutch actuation system
Utility vehicle having hydrostatic drive
Vehicle front structure, activation controller for occupant protection apparatus, and method of prod...
User-controllable vehicle safety belt release system
All wheel drive utility vehicle with bogey beam suspension
Engine mounting system for a motorcycle
Electric power steering unit
Control for a hydrostatic power train
Vehicular steering control apparatus
Vehicle for materials handling and other industrial uses
Wheel torque estimation in a powertrain for a hybrid electric vehicle
Storage carts
Multi-motor switched reluctance traction system
Tracked vehicle with improved track drive unit
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine of a vehicle
Self-referencing waveguide grating sensors
Device and method for analyzing samples
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32B81
Inbred maize line PH5CT
Inbred maize line 366C
Soybean cultivar CL431203
Soybean cultivar SG4911NRR
Assessment method
Antibodies to non-shed Muc1 and Muc16, and uses thereof
Secreted factors
Device for monitoring medical equipment
Method of assisting orientation in a vascular system
Accelerative noise filtering method for image data
Quantization error compensation apparatus and method thereof
Methods and apparatus to count people appearing in an image
Adjusted filters
Transcoders and methods
Method of directional filtering for post-processing compressed video
Apparatus and method for adjusting filter tap length of adaptive equalizer by using training sequenc...
Projection type image display device
Television tuner and method of processing a received RF signal
Digital television transmitter identification system using pseudo-random sequences
Controlling on-screen displays
Method and system for using single OSD pixmap across multiple video raster sizes by chaining OSD hea...
Method and/or circuit for implementing a zoom in a video signal
Signal processing apparatus
Video signal processing with two stage motion compensation
Deinterlacer using both low angle and high angle spatial interpolation
Ink container
Printer ink reservoir
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Small footprint keyboard
Computer device having a front bezel for a memory module receptacle
Electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Portion of an electronic mouse
Remote control device
Enforcement architecture and method for digital rights management system for roaming a license to a ...
System and method for intercepting, instrumenting and characterizing usage of an application program...
Import/export utility and a method of processing data using the same
Associating a native resource with an application
Software installation and configuration with specific role for target computer and identity indicato...
Single crystal diamond tool
Method of removing heavy metals from silicate sources during silicate manufacturing
High performance natural zeolite microparticle retention aid for papermaking
Gas generation system
Method for drying and storing activated aluminum fine particles
SOx tolerant NOx trap catalysts and methods of making and using the same
Scintillator compositions of cerium halides, and related articles and processes
Organic lime slurry and method of preparation
Hydrogen generation apparatus and method and fuel cell system
Fuel reforming method and system
System and method for deploying application program components having a service sector
System and method for deploying application programs
Method of stopping internet viruses
Method and apparatus for two-way internet access over a CATV network with channel tracking
Method and system for remotely backing up a computer memory utilizing a global communications networ...
Method and system for transferring data
Bootstrapping technique for distributed object client systems
Cooperative management of distributed network caches
Method and arrangement for accessing information in a mobile communication network
Computerized system for automated completion of forms
Distributed internet based speech recognition system with natural language support
System and method for monitoring incoming communications to a telecommunications device
System and method for recording voice and the data entered by a call center agent and retrieval of t...
Voice-controlled data/information display for internet telephony and integrated voice and data commu...
System and device for integrating IP and analog telephone systems
Method for providing voice-over-IP service
Real time acoustic event location and classification system with camera display
System for facilitating protection of information material and method for producing the information ...
Flow sensing in multiple conduits
Traffic information and automatic route guidance
Implantable medical device with a current generated for infection control
Real-time optimization of right to left ventricular timing sequence in bi-ventricular pacing of hear...
Method and system for locating mobile stations in a mobile communication network
System for providing location-based services in a wireless network, such as locating individuals and...
System and method for accurately computing the position of wireless devices inside high-rise buildin...
Method and apparatus for time and space domain shifting of broadcast signals
Food dispensing cycle and means
Design data validation tool for use in enterprise architecture modeling
Method and system for designing an integrated circuit with reduced noise
Altering a display on a viewing device based upon a user proximity to the viewing device
Partial and start-over threads in embedded real-time kernel
Extending a register file utilizing stack and queue techniques
Multi-level page cache for enhanced file system performance via read ahead
Jumping around the center of k-space in annular sequential steps
Amplifier having a regulation system controlled by the output stage
Semiconductor device, and display device and electronic device utilizing the same
OLED display and touch screen
Organic EL panel
Method for driving an organic electroluminescent display device
Light-emitting display
Metal seal packaging for organic light emitting diode device
Dimensionally stable electroluminescent lamp without substrate
White light light-emitting device
Thin film transistor, display device and their production
Organic semiconductor element, production method therefor and organic semiconductor device
Light polarizing film, a method of continuously fabricating same, and reflective optical film using ...
Organic electroluminescence material and electroluminescence device using the same
Organic light emitting device
Organic electroluminescence element
Hole transport layer and method for manufacturing the organic EL device by using the same
Apparatus for driving light-emitting display
Display apparatus controlling brightness of current-controlled light emitting element
Electrical equipment having light-emitting device with triplet and singlet compounds in the light-em...
OLED structures with barrier layer and strain relief
Display device and method for manufacturing thereof
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Treatment condition decision method, treatment condition decision system, treatment system, treatmen...
VLSI-photonic heterogeneous integration by wafer bonding
Laser-based cleaning device for film analysis tool
Array substrate for in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating ...
Circuit tape having adhesive film semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device which employs an interlayer insulating film of a low mechanical strength and a ...
Method of assembling a ball grid array package with patterned stiffener layer
Pitch change and chip scale stacking system and method
Manufacturing method for an integrated semiconductor structure and corresponding integrated semicond...
Thin film resistors integrated at a single metal interconnect level of die
Trench MOSFET with trench tip implants
Silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS) memory device and methods of manufacturing and operating...
Multiple data state memory cell
Multiple gate semiconductor device and method for forming same
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Stress engineering using dual pad nitride with selective SOI device architecture
High power light-emitting diode package and methods for making same
III-V and II-VI compounds as template materials for growing germanium containing film on silicon
Temperature abnormality detection method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
Portable scent delivery device
Voltage modulated driver circuits for electro-optic displays
Fused pentacyclic polyethers
1,3-bis-(substituted-phenyl)-2-propyn-1-ones and their use to treat disorders
Spiro-rifamycin derivatives targeting RNA polymerase
Rhizoc3 antimicrobial polypeptides and their uses
Modified and stabilized GDF propeptides and uses thereof
Personal care product containing diester quat
Carotene synthase gene and uses therefor
Nucleic acids encoding human TANGO 195
Protective layer for reimageable medium
Height indicator
Cleaning implement
Anti-virus method and system guaranteeing a maximum delay for streaming data
Graphical interface system monitor providing error notification message with modifiable indication o...
System and method for performing remote BIOS updates
Method and apparatus for managing a return stack
Terminal apparatus for acquiring position-related content
Method for transmitting and receiving message of short message broadcasting services in telecommunic...
Pre-notification of potential connection loss in wireless local area network
Wireless communication apparatus, method thereof and wireless communication system employing the sam...
Method and apparatus providing calibration technique for RF performance tuning
Tandem image forming device having a side-by-side arrangement of image forming sections
Method and apparatus for image forming and optical writing device installed therein capable of reduc...
Golf shoe saddle
Golf shoe upper
Golf shoe outsole
Golf ball layers formed of polyurethane-based and polyurea-based compositions incorporating block co...
Rubber compositions and articles thereof having improved metal adhesion and metal adhesion retention...
Shoes having improved ankle support
Footwear and other foot-receiving devices including a wrapped closure system
Replaceable hosel assembly for golf club
Fast acting active protection system
Medical unit in an aircraft
Process for improving the landing of an aircraft
Circular fixed wing VTOL aircraft
Long peptides of 22-45 amino acid residues that induce and/or enhance antigen specific immune respon...
Control of gene expression
Modified HPV E6 and E7 genes and proteins useful for vaccination
Apparatus and method for separating viral particles from cells
Genetic immunization against cervical carcinoma
Supporting disc for a supporting disc bearing of open-end spinning rotors and method of making same
Voltage variable material for direct application and devices employing same
Electromagnetic insulation wire, and method and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Print methodology for applying polymer materials to roofing materials to form nail tabs or reinforci...
Method and apparatus for thermal spray processing of medical devices
Composite materials for fluid treatment
Nonwoven fabric having low ion content and method for producing the same
Incontinence diaper for adults
Power transmission chain with ceramic joint components
Connection assembly comprising a support provided with an opening and a connector housing mounted on...
Dispensing apparatus for receiving a number of differently sized foam canisters
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Power transfer device with contactless optical encoder and color reflective surface
Power roller support structure for toroidal continuously-variable transmission
Vehicle seat assembly with biased headrest
Boot lid for a convertible vehicle
Rear vehicle storage system
Torque transfer mechanism with power-operated clutch actuator
Torque transfer mechanisms for power-operated clutch actuator
Automatic transmission shift range display structure
Regeneration control of diesel particulate filter
Riveting apparatus
Combustion control apparatus for direct-injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Process monitoring system for lithography lasers
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the pre-rotation of a reflecting member
Method and apparatus for polarization mode dispersion monitoring in a multiple wavelength optical sy...
Frequency comb analysis
Handwritten character recording and recognition device
Transmitter optical sub assembly, for instance for high speed optical transceivers
Solid-state laser device
Narrow band electric discharge gas laser having improved beam direction stability
Timing control for two-chamber gas discharge laser system
Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser module, and optical fiber amplifier
Off-peak optical pumping of yttrium orthovanadate
Laser turn-on accelerator independent of bias control loop bandwidth
Device and method for the optically exciting laser-active crystals with polarization-dependent absor...
Methods and devices for forming a high-power coherent light beam
System and method for a passively Q-switched, resonantly pumped, erbium-doped crystalline laser
Optical disc including a plurality of data layers
Optical recording medium and its recording system
Production of tuneable picosecond light pulses in a visible spectral range
Inner drum exposure apparatus
Fabrication and alignment device
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Sole construction for footwear
Electric heating/warming fabric articles
Foamed thermoplastic polyurethanes
Modifiable footwear
Magnetic fluid cushioning device for a footwear or shoe
Article of footwear incorporating a sole structure with compressible inserts
Article having a closure system
Methods for deriving shape of seismic data acquisition cables and streamers employing a force model
Surveilled subject privacy imaging
Service transaction monitoring system, method and device
Steel sheet for inner magnetic shield and method of producing the same, inner magnetic shield, and c...
Gamma-ray spectrometry
Charged-particle beam instrument
Polymer foam plank with densified skin, method and apparatus for producing a densified skin on a foa...
Method of updating encryption keys in a data communication system
Analysing tactical data link messages
Method for acquiring transient electromagnetic survey data
Multi-stage transmission
Butadiene polymers having terminal functional groups
Manufacturing system and method
Model predictive controller with life extending control
Cavernous nerve stimulation via unidirectional propagation of action potentials
System and method for classifying tachycardia arrhythmias having 1:1 atrial-to-ventricular rhythms
Apparatus for detecting amount of toner deposit and controlling density of image, method of forming ...
Data processing method and data processing apparatus
Apparatus for creating acoustic energy in a balanced receiver assembly and manufacturing method ther...
Micro mirror arrays and microstructures with solderable connection sites
Metallocenes containing ligands of 2-substituted indenyl derivatives, process for their preparation,...
Erythromycin A derivatives and method for preparing same
Determining guarding predicate from partition graph based deduction to generate inverse predicate ex...
Active debugging environment for applications containing compiled and interpreted programming langua...
System and methods for constructing personalized context-sensitive portal pages or views by analyzin...
System and methods for spacing, storing and recognizing electronic representations of handwriting, p...
Small form factor web browsing
System for reconfiguring a computer between a high power and high functionality configuration and a ...
Encapsulation of sensitive liquid components into a matrix to obtain discrete shelf-stable particles
Method for manufacturing seamless steel tube
Method for extrusion and extrusion plant, in particular for production of bent extruded products
Adjustable modular merchandise pusher system
Treatment of ungual and subungual diseases
Photovoltaic cell including porous semiconductor layer, method of manufacturing the same and solar c...
SORFC system and method with an exothermic net electrolysis reaction
Carbohydrate-based fuel mixture and method for operating an internal combustion engine using a carbo...
Vascular embolization with an expansible implant
Vapor-lift pump heat transport apparatus
Refrigeration unit
Thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articles prepared therefrom
Light emitting polymer
Atomic layer deposited HfSiON dielectric films wherein each precursor is independendently pulsed
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising doping steps using gate electrodes and res...
Method for edge sealing barrier films
Low cost roofing shingles manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Image forming apparatus and printer having a double-sided printing mode
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Off-axis levelling in lithographic projection apparatus
Adjustable switchpoint receiver
Variable frequency drive for AC synchronous motors with application to pumps
Snow ski binding
Measurement control apparatus including interface circuits
System and method of IP packet forwarding across directly connected forwarding elements
System and method for distributing load among redundant independent stateful world wide web server s...
Communication device and method, and system
Propagating and updating trust relationships in distributed peer-to-peer networks
Method for reconfiguring a router
Reconfigurable query generation system for web browsers
Electric pulse generator and method for generating short electric pulses
Dense allocation for data storage
SQL debugging using XML dataflows
Test stream generating method and apparatus for supporting various standards and testing levels
Storage system making possible data synchronization confirmation at time of asynchronous remote copy
Queueing method supporting multiple client accesses simultaneously
Apparatus and method of supporting configuration of storage system
Load balancing system and method in a multiprocessor system
System and method for distributing application objects
Computer system with file association and application retrieval
Files transfer between a remote home server and a local server
Withdrawal of requests of target number of requests responses received
Method and apparatus for optimizing extent size
Algorithm to find LOB value in a relational table after key columns have been modified
Systems and methods for distributed content storage and management
Transaction-aware caching for access control metadata
Optimizing file replication using binary comparisons
System and method for knowledge asset acquisition and management
Downhole measurement system and method
Target detecting apparatus, target detection method and target detection substrate
Imprinting apparatus with independently actuating separable modules
Dental implant comprising an anchoring head and a screw element
Peptidyl t-RNA hydrolase (PTH)
Porous delivery scaffold and method
Process for affecting the setting and working time of, bioresorbable calcium phosphate cements
Bone tendon bone assembly
Apparatus and method for identification of individuals by near-infrared spectrum
Vehicle mirror system with light piping element
Heat sink assembly incorporating spring clip
Heatsink assembly
Heat exchanger with cooling channels having varying geometry
Small form factor liquid loop cooling system
Embedded probe-enabling socket with integral probe structures
Thermal stratification test apparatus and method providing cyclical and steady-state stratified envi...
Methods for fuel cell coolant systems
Bimetallic plate-fin titanium based heat exchanger
Air-conditioning unit without air-mix door
Automotive air-conditioner operable under cooling, heating or air-mixing mode
Header tank for heat exchanger
Cold plate assembly
Heat exchanger, in particular oil cooler for a motor vehicle
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Keel cooler with fluid flow diverter
Remedies to prevent cracking in a liquid system
Method and apparatus for monitoring air-exchange evaporation in a refrigerant-cycle system
5-Substituted-6-cyclic-5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalen 2-ol compounds which are useful for treating ost...
Method and apparatus for the determination of body composition using bioelectric impedance measureme...
Animal with the mass expression of human gene and test method by using the animal
Mouse model for Type II diabetes
Heterocyclic analogs of diphenylethylene compounds
GlyT2 modulators
Derivatives of indole-3-carboxamide, preparation method thereof and application of same in therapeut...
Acyloxypyrrolidine derivatives, preparation thereof and application thereof in therapeutic
PPAR active compounds
Cycloalkyl inhibitors of potassium channel function
A.sub.1 adenosine receptor antagonists
Substituted arylpyrazines
Antagonists of chemokine receptors
Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same
Substituted 4-amino[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a] quinoxalines
Benzoxazine derivatives and uses thereof
Method of soldering semiconductor part and mounted structure of semiconductor part
Dispersible cocoa products
Orodispersible solid pharmaceutical form
Milking arrangement
Method and an arrangement for filtering milk
Multiplexed ADC for a transceiver
High chair tray adapted to receive receptacles
Waste food disposer activation control apparatus
Device and system for monitoring food
Capture, concentration and quantitation of abnormal prion protein from biological fluids using depth...
Water treatment compositions
Method of preparing poultry drumstick for frying, and food product therefrom
Lamellar liquid crystals in viscous oil product
Method for producing meat products and processed meat products coated with curdlan gel film
Method and device for determination of the time of turning of a cooking product
Conveyor type oven
Use of D-tagatose as a prebiotic food component
Protein and nucleic acid sequence encoding a KRILL-derived cold adapted trypsin-like activity enzyme
Paper packaging material for liquid food and method for production thereof
Poly(hydroxyalkanoate-co-ester amides) and agents for use with medical articles
Therapeutic methods and compositions involving isoflavones
Indolinone combinatorial libraries and related products and methods for the treatment of disease
Modified release pharmaceutical formulation
Method and apparatus for processing a computed tomography image of a lung obtained using contrast ag...
Process for the preparation of 4-(benzimidazolymethylamino) benzamidines
Early diagnosis of stroke
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing program
Methods and apparatus for providing user anonymity in online transactions
Automatic routing and information system for telephonic services
OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal, and e-commerce system
Utilization of the approximate location of a device determined from ambient signals
System and method for authenticating a web page
Method and system for the interactive testing of assembled wireless communication devices
Stream scanning through network proxy servers
Magnet arrangement for loudspeaker
Process for the alkoxylation of monools in the presence of metallo-organic framework materials
Methods and compositions for reducing or eliminating post-surgical adhesion formation
Processes for making surfactants via adsorptive separation and products thereof
Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
Solid-phase array-based biocatalytic transformations
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Solid oxide fuel cell and separator
Unitized fuel cell electrode gasket assembly
Inactive end cell assembly for fuel cells for improved electrolyte management and electrical contact
Methods and compounds for controlled release of recombinant parvovirus vectors
Catalytic reactor
Sample dispenser
Performance enhancing additive material for the nickel hydroxide positive electrode in rechargeable ...
Display for computer-aided diagnosis of mammograms
Antibodies directed to monocyte chemo-attractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Therapeutic anti-cytomegalovirus compounds
Oligomers and polymers containing sulfonite groups and method for the production thereof
Microemulsions for selective molecular separation
Methods for the treatment and prevention of pancreatitis and for induction of liver regeneration
Benzamidine derivatives having anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive activity
Cyclic hemiacetal derivative and use thereof
Azaoxa heterocyclic compound and method of preparing the same
Simplified lamellar clarifier and method for cleaning same
Methods and apparatus for separation of particles
Wastewater treatment method utilizing white rot and brown rot fungi
Micro-fluidic anti-microbial filter
System for inserting and removing frames of a fluid transfer system
Composite matrices with interstital polymer networks
Framed storm drain insert sediment filter
Active air removal system operating modes of an extracorporeal blood circuit
Polyamide membrane with improved hydrolytic stability and method for production thereof
Ergonomic portable computer
Method and apparatus for mass spectrometry
Fluid treatment device and counter mechanism
Device and method for reducing inflammatory mediators in blood
Conserving components of fluids
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine
Combustion engine of vertical shaft type
Router and methods using network addresses for virtualization
Coupling device for a two-part bone-anchored hearing aid apparatus
Power management for a network utilizing a vertex/edge graph technique
Electronic ballast for a fluorescent task lamp
Anode for secondary battery, secondary battery using same and method for fabricating anode
1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane refrigerant compositions comprising fluoroether and uses thereof
Fluorescent task lamp with optimized bulb alignment and ballast
Method and device for controlling flows in a continuous ingot mold
Multiresolution geometry caching based on ray differentials with stitching
Multiresolution geometry caching based on ray differentials with modifications
Background suppression and color adjustment method
Probe reactive chip, sample analysis apparatus, and method thereof
Reconstruction and motion analysis of an embryo
Scanning microscopic method having high axial resolution
Retardance measurement system and method
Measuring method and device for measuring distribution of sensitivity
Method and apparatus for measurement of blood substitutes
Optically similar reference samples
Apparatus and methods using acoustic telemetry for intrabody communications
Dodecagonal three compartment serving plate
Drug therapy for celiac sprue
Methods of preventing or treating brain ischemia or brain injury
Isotropic cleansing composition with particulate optical modifiers
Substituted phenolic composition and process for using same for inhibiting malodours
Anticoagulant composition
Refastenable absorbent garment and method for assembly thereof
System and method for tracking ID tags using a data structure of tag reads
Apparatus and method for deforming sheet material
Method of assembling an expandable absorbent garment
Compressed package having an expansion mechanism
Soft and bulky composite fabrics
Anti-chrondrosarcoma compounds
Apparatus and process for producing a corrugated web and an absorbent article comprising a corrugate...
Low odor binders curable at room temperature
Dispensing system for wipes
System and method for processing currency bills and documents bearing barcodes in a document process...
Automatic electronic device detection
Self-cooling actuator
Scroll fluid machine
Plural compressors
Reciprocating-piston machine with a joint arrangement
Rotary pressure exchanger
Method and apparatus for aligning rotor in stator of a rod driven well pump
Diaphragm pump
Refrigerant supply apparatus
Frameless switched reluctance motor and application as a top drive for a rotary pump
Valve assembly in hermetic compressor
Pump having shape memory actuator and fuel cell system including the same
Integrated air compressor
Piezoelectric actuator and pump using same
Air pump assembly for inflating and deflating an inflatable article
Encapsulated electrically driven compressor
Valve for preventing unpowered reverse run at shutdown
Pump control system
Guitar body
Document processing method and apparatus
Shaped trilobal particles
Methods and compositions for obtaining mature dendritic cells
Method and system for controllably transferring energy from a high voltage bus to a low voltage bus ...
Portable browser device with voice recognition and feedback capability
Device for controlling a start of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for an automated location-based, dynamic notification system (ALDNS)
Planting apparatus and method
Detergent composition
Consumable detergent composition for use in a lipophilic fluid
Washing method
Shower device
Detergent tablets
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Washing machine
Timing circuit cad
Invalidation of instruction cache line during reset handling
System and method for determining intergranular exchange in perpendicular recording media
Voltage tolerant input buffer
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Systems and methods for filling voids and improving properties of porous thin films
High-performance hybrid processor with configurable execution units
Optoelectronic transceiver having dual access to onboard diagnostics
Method for improving TCP performance over wireless links
Magnetic assembly for magnetically actuated control devices
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Method for extending diamond tool life in diamond machining of materials that chemically react with ...
Multipoint server for providing secure, scaleable connections between a plurality of network devices
High definition media storage structure and playback mechanism
Rotatable support for an audio/video equipment
Shelf for supporting an audio/video component
Dimmer switch
Recording medium, recording-medium management method, and recording-medium management system
Methods and apparatus for content protection in a wireless network
System and method for using timestamps to detect attacks
Preventing network reset denial of service attacks
Passive program completion status indicator for an electronic program guide
Optical head device for an optical disk apparatus reading and writing information on an optical disk
Method, apparatus, and system for implementing caching of view custom options in a framework to supp...
Plasma-generated coatings for medical devices and methods for fabricating thereof
Method and device for manipulating small amounts of liquid on surfaces
Cone-beam filtered backprojection image reconstruction method for short trajectories
Monoclonal antibody antagonists for treating medical problems associated with d-amphetamine-like dru...
System and method for simulating system operation
Asynchronous control of memory self test
Dynamic monitoring of resources using snapshots of system states
Data transfer control method, and peripheral circuit, data processor and processing system for the m...
Fast turn-off slow turn-on arbitrator for reducing tri-state driver power dissipation on a shared bu...
Multi-protocol A/V control port with selective modulation
System processing data packets received from remote host to control system operation according to ad...
Fully integrated web activated control and monitoring device
Apparatus and method for angle rotation
Method and system for setting cardiac resynchronization therapy parameters
Pacing therapy for extending atrial refractory period
Method and system for generating and maintaining uniform test results
Wireless user input device providing host link indication
Efficient distributed SAT and SAT-based distributed bounded model checking
Tracked 3X oversampling receiver
Automatic N2 purge system for 300 mm full automation fab
MEMS micro mirrors driven by electrodes fabricated on another substrate
Encapsulated stator assembly for an x-ray tube
Techniques for tuning an antenna to different operating frequencies
Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
Socket for mating with electronic component, particularly semiconductor device with spring packaging...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Packages base which allows mounting of a semiconductor element and electrode-wiring terminals on a m...
Semiconductor package having substrate with multi-layer metal bumps
Wafer bonding using reactive foils for massively parallel micro-electromechanical systems packaging
Integrated stress relief pattern and registration structure
Semiconductor radiological detector and semiconductor radiological imaging apparatus
Electromagnetically shielded circuit device and shielding method therefor
Antitumoral ecteinascidin derivatives
Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
Abnormality determining method, abnormality determining apparatus, and image forming apparatus
X-ray apparatus
Antenna apparatus and method of forming same
Oscillation circuit and radio communication device using the same
Device for separating fluid mixtures
Ink tank for printer
Apparatus and method for inserting blank document pages in a print layout application
Information processing apparatus and method that utilizes stored information about a mountable devic...
Speech output apparatus, speech output method, and program
Information processing apparatus for numerically analyzing incompressible fluid and method therefor
Wireless communication system
Image forming apparatus with first and second openable portions
Lock mechanism, and external apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Image forming apparatus, unit mountable thereto and separating member
Image forming apparatus with a plurality of selectable modes to maintain temperature
Image heating apparatus and heater for use therein
Color image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Signal processing apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Optical rotational position information detecting apparatus
Print layout apparatus and method
Image pickup apparatus provided with image pickup element including photoelectric conversion portion...
Electronic still camera having an image sensor in which reading and clearing is performed sequential...
Fuel cell and method for controlling same
Hydrogenation method for unsaturated block copolymers and hydrogenated unsaturated block copolymers
Biodegradable resin composition, filler therefor and molded article thereof
Method for dissolving saturated polyester solution for decomposing saturated polyester and method fo...
Process of producing a supported mixed catalyst system and polyolefins therefrom
Paper having a cellulosic fiber layer treated with elementary particles
Ultrasound sensor system
Refractometer and method for measuring refractive index
Processes for the preparation of S-(-)-amlodipine
Method for preparing risperidone
Mounting structure for inverter circuit board for light source lamp of image reader
Equalization method and device of the GMMSE type
Code rate adaptive encoding/decoding arrangement and method for a pulse code modulation system
Identification of kinase inhibitors
Method for preparing cyclic olefin polymer having high bulk density and cyclic olefin polymer prepar...
Anhydride polymers for use as curing agents in epoxy resin-based underfill material
Optical compensation sheet and liquid crystal display
Optical sheet assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Flowmeter in-situ calibration verification system
Implantable biventricular cardiac stimulator with capture monitoring by IECG analysis
Toner cartridge
Method and apparatus for multiple-projection, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scanning
Bronchial wall thickening recognition for reduced false-positives in pulmonary nodule detection
Method and apparatus of cross-pollinating a post to computerized bulletin boards
Magnetic field generating apparatus and magnetic field controlling method
Fixing device of image forming apparatus with non-contact temperature sensor
Primary side turn-off of self-driven synchronous rectifiers
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Head gimbal assembly with an integrated mechanical and electrical attachment and a stiff plate
Method and apparatus for controlling track seek servo of disk drive
Settling servo control method and apparatus for hard disc drive and method and apparatus for estimat...
Portable stereo amplifier/speaker pair
Dynamic performance views with a parallel single cursor model
Communicating external expressions using a parallel single cursor model
System and method for validating the technical correctness of an OLAP reporting project
Error correction decoding method and apparatus
Method and system for routing in low density parity check (LDPC) decoders
Safety protocol for industrial controller
Isolation and protection of disk areas controlled and for use by virtual machine manager in firmware
Optical wireless link
Polyethylene resins
Fuel cell with passive water balance
Data processing system using a dual monitor and controlling method of network system thereby
Method for detecting the quick restart of liveness daemons in a distributed multinode data processin...
Method and system to connect and match users in an electronic dating service
Developing roller, developing apparatus, process cartridge, and image formation apparatus
Capacitor for multiple replacement applications
Method of using printed forms to transmit the information necessary to create electronic forms
Specific scene image selecting apparatus, computer program and computer readable medium on which the...
Power steering control device for monitoring reference voltage
Field effect transistor and application device thereof
Semiconductor luminescent device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrical adapter
Bicyclic anilide spirohydantoin CGRP receptor antagonists
Use of a fluorescent protein for detecting interaction between a target protein and its ligand
Guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding protein-coupled receptor protein, BG37
Immunoaffinity isolation of modified peptides from complex mixtures
Protective sleeve for the forearm of a wearer
Heterogeneous reactive ink composition
Frequency conversion with nonlinear optical polymers and high index contrast waveguides
Fuel cell stack and method of warming up the same
Fuel processing system and improved feedstock therefor
Sulfonated copolymer
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Fuel cell stack
Membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell unit
Electrochemical cells formed on pleated substrates
Vehicle hydrogen fuel system
Accommodating intraocular lens system with separation member
Polysilsesquioxane containing polymeric compositions
Packet Combiner for a Packetized Bus with Dynamic Holdoff time
Pigment composition containing ATRP polymers
Space-filling miniature antennas
Apparatus and method for detecting a predetermined pattern on a moving printed product
Feeder, gatherer-stitcher and method for index punching
Sheet processing machine with a sheet decurler
Blade for construction machinery
Three dimensional, real time load frame alignment apparatus and method
Microstrip coil design for MRI apparatus
Magnetic resonance parallel imaging method with K-space sensitivity encoding
High field NMR permanent magnetic structure
Method for shimming a main magnetic field in magnetic resonance
Process for arylating or vinylating or alkynating a nucleophilic compound
Valve arrangement in a hydraulic circuit, use of the same and arrangement for controlling a hydrauli...
Weight-compensating device
Versatile instrumentation for optical measurement of samples
Nectarine tree named `Nectaperle`
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising a mixture of citric and formic acid
Environmentally safe insect repellent composition
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
High alcohol content gel-like and foaming compositions comprising an alcohol and fluorosurfactant
Electric shaver with vibrating head
1-ethoxy-1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4,-nonafluorobutane refrigerant compositions comprising a hydrocarbon and u...
Method and system for improving robustness in a speech system
Mobile device handle
Electric cylinder with guide
Electromagnetic drive device
Putter head
Fusion proteins capable of being secreted into a fermentation medium
Super encrypted storage and retrieval of media programs in a hard-paired receiver and storage device
Funeral urn
Stair climbing wheel system
Garbage can
Sensor opening trash bin with lid
Multicompartment receptacle
Portion of an appliance
Garment steamer
Animal rubber toy
Pet collar tag
Pet collar
Small pet food storage container
Multiple pet food dispenser
Set of attachments for an article of protective sports gear
Shaver and hair trimmer
Chrome plastic bezel for a light ornament
Light box
Wall sconce
Camping lamp
Isotactic propylene copolymer fibers, their preparation and use
Adhesives comprising olefin polymers
Toner, method of making, method of using
Method of manufacturing multilayered ceramic capacitor by spin coating and multilayered ceramic capa...
Water-soluble copolymers based on olefinic sulfonic acids, method for the production thereof and use...
Modified particle, catalyst component for addition polymerization, catalyst for addition polymerizat...
Image forming method and an image forming apparatus
Subpad having robust, sealed edges
Ceramic fiber composite and method for making the same
Photothermographic imaging material
Ink jet light-color ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink j...
Ink composition and inkjet recording method
Nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase
Self-generating foamed drilling fluids
Compositions comprising at least one C1 to C22 substituted C3 to C5 monosaccharide, and their use fo...
Laundry detergent compositions with cellulosic based polymers to provide appearance and integrity be...
Method for making a metal forming structure
Method of placing a material transversely on a moving web
Cosmetic container
Cosmetic container
Visual signal for a feminine hygiene article
Detection of evoked post-stimulation potentials, in particular atrial potentials in an active implan...
Method and system for detecting capture using a coronary vein electrode
System and method for breaking reentry circuits by cooling cardiac tissue
VEGFR-2 and VEGFR-3 inhibitory anthranilamide pyridones
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Stabilized hemoglobin solutions
System and method of implementing a prophylactic pacer/defibrillator
Method for PR-39 peptide regulated stimulation of angiogenesis
System and method of implementing a prophylactic pacer/defibrillator
Combination therapy using a dual PPAR-.alpha./PPAR-.gamma. activator and a GLP-1 derivative for the ...
Cradle for an electronic device
Inkjet printer cradle with compressed air delivery system
Secondary cell
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Systems and methods of loading fluid in a prosthetic knee
Method of preparation of lithographic printing plates
Metal thin film dispersing a super-fine diamond particle, a metal material having the metal thin fil...
Process and apparatus for performing a gas-sparged reaction
Ionic cross-linking of ionic cotton with small molecular weight anionic or cationic molecules
Ink for ink jet recording, ink set for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Ink set for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Method for enhancing gas well secondary recovery operations
Reinforced composite structure
Lipstick container
Lipstick box
Lipstick box
Method and composition for removing hydrophobic soil
Antiseptic composition
Polyamide stick dispensing product and method of use
Method for whitening teeth
Extruding container of applying filler
Ultrasonic miniature air gap inspection crawler
Lipstick case
Lip stick case
Container for lip gloss
Compositions, methods and apparatuses for preserving platelets
Compositions, systems and methods for treatment of defects in blood vessels
Medication tray having a light grid over a surface thereof
Clip for RFID transponder of a security network
Wireless system having a dynamically configured multimodal user interface based on user preferences
RFID electronic seal and system using the RFID electronic seal
Viewing device
Mobile object tracking system
Anti-jamming detector for radio frequency identification systems
Method and system for identifying when a first device is within a physical range of a second device
Method and apparatus for charging batteries
Capacitor with a dielectric including a self-organized monolayer of an organic compound
Safety shut-off system for a powered vehicle
Item tracking and processing systems and methods
Service station car wash
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
Coupled drive multi-position fluid valve apparatus and method
Sensor arrangement
Device control apparatus and method
Depth-resolved fluorescence instrument with angled excitation
Elastic blends comprising crystalline polymer and crystallizable polymers of propylene
Antimicrobial resin composition
Modified asphalt compositions
System and method for managing electronic transmission of color data
Plant promoters and plant terminators
Production method of pyromellitic acid and pyromellitic anhydride
(R)-2-octanol dehydrogenases, methods for producing the enzymes, DNA encoding the enzymes, and metho...
Bissilylamino group-bearing chlorosilane compound and preparation method, and method of preparing bi...
Antireflective film material, and antireflective film and pattern formation method using the same
Polycarbonate resin
Chemical amplification type positive resist composition
Polymerizable fluorinated ester, manufacturing method, polymer, photoresist composition and patterni...
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Radial anisotropic ring magnet and method of manufacturing the ring magnet
Method for the preparation of optical waveguide devices and optical waveguide devices
Integrated solid-phase hydrophilic matrix circuits and micro-arrays
Foldable/collapsible structure
Birdcage waterer
Apparatus for guiding aquatic crustaceans by utilizing their biological tendency responding to brigh...
Controlled dilution system for drinking water and unit therefor
Portable securing rod or pole holder
Device for insertion into an existing beverage holder opening in a boat and receiving and supporting...
Method of generating a transgenic livestock animal
Device for pet animal droppings collection
Fishing reel transmission
Brake operation structure for fishing reel spool
In vivo screening array
Method of predicting mechanical behavior of polymers
Phosphine oxide hydroxyarl mixtures with novolac resins for co-curing epoxy resins
Flame retardant compositions and their use
Colored polymeric resin composition with 1,8-diaminoanthraquinone derivative, article made therefrom...
Supports for oligomer synthesis
(Meth)acrylic resin composition
Phosphine oxide hydroxyaryl mixtures with novolac resins for co-curing epoxy resins
Electroactive polymers
Artificial intervertebral disc replacements with endplates
Electrophotographic endless belt, process for producing electrophotographic endless belt, and electr...
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes
Calcilytic compounds
Method and apparatus for a communication network with nodes capable of selective cluster head operat...
Multisided sharing of dynamic data in a wireless test environment
Method and apparatus for minimizing baseband offset error in a receiver
System and method for selectively utilizing an attenuation device in a two-way radio receiver based ...
Apparatus and method for generating call information data for calls on long duration
Monitoring usage of telecommunications services
Acquisition algorithm in asynchronous CDMA systems
Method and system for synchronizing in a frequency shift keying receiver
Method for selecting an operating mode based on a detected synchronization pattern
Device and method for detecting corruption of digital hardware configuration
Determining measuring uncertainty or error of a PDL-tester
Electronic device having a motor providing vibration and camera adjustment functionality
Radio housing
Radio housing