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Controller, image processing apparatus, and method of controlling execution of program
Fuser roll edge wear smoothing system and method
High precision-heating and fusing apparatus
Method and apparatus for automatically combining a digital image with text data
Color printing
Calibration system for a scanner for recording images from sheets
Segmentation method and system for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
Structure for scheduler pipeline design for hierarchical link sharing
Functional fluids containing alkylene oxide copolymers having low pulmonary toxicity
Shrub rose plant named `JACloose`
Test vector manager, method of managing test vectors and a test tool employing the manager and the m...
Reliable non-repudiable Syslog signing and acknowledgement
Short message service encapsulation of supplementary service requests for IMS
Methods and systems for controlling services provided to shared plan subscribers
Process for manufacturing an apparatus that protects features during the removal of sacrificial mate...
Articles made of PMMA molding compound
Three-dimensional cell to tissue development process
Abnormality determining apparatus, image forming apparatus, copying machine, and information obtaini...
Meta- and para-aramid pulp and processes of making same
Method of reconstructing a bituminous-surfaced pavement
Container for discharging plural contents, a dispenser using the container, and a process for produc...
Cyclotron equipped with novel particle beam deflecting means
Polarizing liquid crystal film and method for manufacturing the same, light guide plate integrated w...
Adhesive composition
Copolymer and photothermographic material containing the same
Planarization method for multi-layer lithography processing
Aqueous fluorescent ink, image recording method and recorded image
Cosmetic preparation in gel form
Laser machining apparatus, and apparatus and method for manufacturing a multilayered printed wiring ...
Optical element fabrication method, optical element, exposure apparatus, device fabrication method
Method and apparatus for monitoring mercury in a gas sample
Mercury monitoring system and calibration
Polysaccharide structure and sequence determination
Mixed polymer superabsorbent fibers
Vaccine against streptococci
Method of treatment and agents useful for same
System and method for robust reversible data hiding and data recovery in the spatial domain
Faucet spout
Information security architecture for remote access control using non-bidirectional protocols
Automated, modular approach to assigning semiconductor lots to tools
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Changing images in digital-image senders
Hand drawing capture via interface surface
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Printed-matter issuing managing system, printed-matter verifying device and contents managing device
Storage system for randomly named blocks of data
Apparatus and method for searching data of structured document
Sending radio station, receiving radio station, radio communication system, and radio communication ...
Videophone video and audio transfer system, mobile communication terminal, and videophone video and ...
Foldable portable radio
Electromagnetically transparent decorative metallic surface
Combined global positioning system receiver and radio
Security alarm device
Wind powered global positioning tracking device
Brake pipe control system with remote radio car
Method for the fabrication of a biosensor comprising an enzyme electrode arrangement
Analytical instruments, biosensors and methods thereof
Washable marker ink composition
Ion-conductive electrolyte and cell employing the same
Method of applying adhesive to electrochemical cell components
High efficiency fluid movers
Sink side touchless foam dispenser nozzle assembly
Assembly of pneumatic tire and rim, and a noise damper used therein
Method and apparatus adapted for recovery and reuse of select rinse fluid in a non-aqueous wash appa...
Cleaning device and method
Microelectronic packages and methods therefor
Silicone resin for drilling fluid loss control
Storage stable cyclic ketone peroxide compositions
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Benzopyran compounds, process for preparing the same and their use
Benzimidazole compounds having nociceptin receptor affinity
Apparatus and method for sensing water within a fuel-water separator assembly
Manually-operable multi-well microfiltration apparatus and method
Automated packing system and method for chromatography columns
Apparatus having rotary activated Baccillus contractor for purifying sewage and wastewater and metho...
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater
Debris gathering device for swimming pools
System for filtering stormwater-carried debris flowing through a gutter inlet into a catch basin
Apparatus for continually skimming off a top layer of a body of liquid
Internal combustion engine blow-by gas ventilation system
Method of operation of, and protector for, high voltage power supply for electrostatic precipitator
Method and apparatus for anaerobic digestion of biomasses and generation of biogas
Incubation treatment of sludge for pathogen reduction prior to digestion
Method for producing a silicon wafer
CMP metal polishing slurry and process with reduced solids concentration
Micro optical bench structure
Electrode for phase change memory device and method
Laser apparatus and laser annealing method
Gap-fill depositions in the formation of silicon containing dielectric materials
Method for forming semiconductor devices having reduced gate edge leakage current
Microetching composition and method of using the same
Method of fabricating micro-needle array
Plasma etching method and plasma etching apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling etch selectivity
Method for cleaning substrate processing chamber
Manufacturing method for a semiconductor device
Radiometric calibration from a single image
Information viewing/listening system, information player, and information provider
Method and apparatus of displaying bit stream data, method and apparatus for generating bit stream d...
System and method for dynamically adjusting a thread scheduling quantum value
Plant centromere compositions
Enhanced drug delivery in transdermal systems
Lytic peptide prodrugs
Solid support having ligand immobilized thereon by using photocleavable linker
System and method for compressing information in a communications environment
Bandwidth sharing in advanced streaming format
Local area network with a bridge terminal for transmitting data between a plurality of sub-networks
Method and apparatus providing smooth adaptive management of packets containing time-ordered content...
Combining narrowband applications with broadband transport
System and method for routing data packets in a 1xEV-DV wireless network
Technique for group-based routing update with limited per neighbor/adjacency customization
Graceful shutdown of network resources in data networks
Frequency controller for a monolithic clock generator and timing/frequency reference
Adaptive threads assignment for receiving packets
Phase-locked/frequency-locked loop and phase/frequency comparator therefor
Flash with consistent latency for read operations
Differential amplifiers using asymmetric transfer characteristics to suppress input noise in output ...
Systems and methods for protection of electrical networks
Method and apparatus for phase-shift null-burst-pattern
Angelicae sinensis extracts useful for treatment of cancers
Dietary supplement formulation for controlling inflammation and cancer
Energy generating composition
Immune potentiating compositions of cancer cells
System and method for selecting an item in a list of items and associated products
Intelligent media caching based on device state
Glass antenna for vehicle
Electronic control system and method having microcomputer monitoring prohibiting function
Systems and methods for dynamic re-configurable speech recognition
Technique for detecting truck trailer for stop and go adaptive cruise control
Systems and methods for representation of a flight vehicle in a controlled environment
Method and system for providing assistance to vehicles with damaged wheel components
Method and device for optically detecting the open state of a vehicle door
Multi-accessory vehicle audio system, switch and method
Vehicle tire pressure monitor
Embroidery sewing machine
Ankle foot orthosis
Flexible tether member connecting a knee brace to a boot
Heel-supporting protective boot
Stretching apparatus and associated method
Robot-like electronic device
Collapsible cart for paint spray pump
One trip cemented expandable monobore liner system and method
Return to neutral for dual hydrostatic transmission
Air conditioning system
Orthotic insert and method of manufacture thereof
Impact attenuating devices and products containing such devices
Closed loop vacuum cleaner
Bed having a chair egress position
Orthopedic device
Orthopedic device
Retaining Fabric Having Pockets
Orthotic apparatus and method of operation
Footwear with Bridged Decoupling
Arrays of nano structures for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Nanocrystalline silicalite for catalytic naphtha cracking
Composition for preparing nanoporous material
Metal nanoparticle photonic bandgap device in SOI method
Photodesorption in carbon nanotubes
Nanoparticulate compositions having lysozyme as a surface stabilizer
Magnetoresistive medium including nanowires
Reversibly adaptive rough micro- and nano-structures
Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticle probes for intracellular molecular imaging and monitoring
Technetium-99m-labeled organic germanium nanocolloids, method of preparing the same and use thereof
Process and apparatus for producing single-walled carbon nanotubes
Process for functionalizing carbon nanotubes under solvent-free conditions
Method for continuous fabrication of carbon nanotube networks or membrane materials
Nanostructured titanium monoboride monolithic material and associated methods
Quartz-based nanoresonators and method of fabricating same
Chemical and particulate filters containing chemically modified carbon nanotube structures
Functionalized, crosslinked, rubber nanoparticles for use in golf ball cores
Surfactant incorporated nanostructure for pressure drop reduction in oil and gas lines
Picture composition guide
Photographing system
System and method for image capturing
Focus detection system
Taking lens
Covert wide-angle camera adapter
Stage apparatus and camera shake correction apparatus using the stage apparatus
Optical apparatus including efficiently arranged shake correction means
Method to control image stabilizer
Avoiding image artifacts caused by camera vibration
Optical apparatus
Image editing device and image editing method
Underwater housing for a monitoring device
Motion sensor with LED aiming aid
Image-taking apparatus
Taking lens system
Harness system for attaching camera to user
Image-taking lens unit
Automated fundus imaging system
System and method for generating and communicating digital documents
Multimedia video and audio wireless transmitting device
Multimedia speaker system for digital media player
Touch-screen remote control for multimedia equipment
Broadband certified mail
Real-time mobile conferencing solution
Universal multimedia optic disc player and its application for revocable copy protection
Integrating steganographic encoding in multimedia content
Fuzzy associative system for multimedia object description
Method and system for generation, storage and distribution of omni-directional object views
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving multimedia data
Eyeglass with multimedia functions of music playing and remote communication
Location based messaging
Compounds Which Have Activity at M1 Receptor and Their Uses In Medicine
Pyrrolidine(thi)ones Substituted by Heterocyclic Substituents in The 3-Position
Ion Channel Modulators
Inhibitors of thapsigargin-induced cell death
Treatment or Prevention of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (Ohss) Using a Dopamine Agonist
Combination of Polychitosamine and Fibrate for the Prevention and Treatment of Hyperlipidemia
Quantitative Evaluation and Image Analysis of Choroidal Neovascular Membrane and Other Retinal and S...
Corneal Viewing Chamber
Novel inhibitors of lysyl oxidase
Use of 2,5-Dihydroxybenzenesulphonic Acid in the Production of Medicaments for the Treatment of Angi...
Cross-linked collagen and uses thereof
Glucose meter system and monitor
System and Method for the Management or Control of Cardiovascular Related Diseases, Such as Hyperten...
Novel heterocyclic analogs of diphenylethylene compounds
Method For Activating Efferent Sympathetic Nerves Innervating Adipose Tissues To Improve Obesity And...
Methods and Compositions For Treating Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders
Regulator of Physiological Function of Ghrelin and Use Thereof
Solid Amorphous Dispersions of An Mtp Inhibitor For Treatment of Obesity
Cycloalkane-Substituted Pyrazoline Derivatives, Their Preparation and Use as Medicaments
1,1,3-Trioxo-1,2,5-Thiadiazolidines and Their Use as Ptp-Ases Inhibitors
Integrated privilege separation and network interception
Flying merchandise
Modular presentation apparatus having integral air processing apparatus
Method of playing a game of war
Play area cover
6-5-4 casino table poker game
Reel spinning slot machine with superimposed video image
Stairway to heaven
Dual-wheeled remotely controlled vehicle
Lottery game card having a Sudoku game
Leg mounted turkey pan call with opposing sound ports
Soccer game table
Methods and apparatus for processing an instant message
Systems and methods for treating, diagnosing and predicting the occurrence of a medical condition
Question answering system, data search method, and computer program
Method for creating and using a treatment protocol
Optimization of spatio-temporal pattern processing for seizure warning and prediction
It resource event situation classification and semantics
Methods and apparatus to abstract events in software applications or services
Method, system, and program for defining and managing complex contingent rules, and exceptions there...
Strategic method for process control
Canonical model to normalize disparate persistent data sources
Method and apparatus for evaluating robustness of proposed solution to constraint problem and consid...
Clustering technique for cyclic phenomena
Method for controlling risk in a computer security artificial neural network expert system
Path determination facilitation method
Technique for classification of small collections of high-value entities
Computation linguistics engine
Detection methods and systems using sequenced technologies
System and method for identifying manufacturing data deviations
Method and system for fuzzy clustering of images
Systems and methods for producing a dynamic classified image
System and method for performing probabilistic classification and decision support using multidimens...
Digital watermark processing apparatus, and digital contents distribution system using the apparatus
Postal shipping label
Mailpiece fabrication system
Medication marking system
Method for the control of a pipe inspection system and for the evaluation of the inspection data
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Suppression element for vortex-induced vibrations
Active control releasable ballast system for use with dive equipment
Pipe conveyor system
Wastewater effluent shield
Drainage channel
Access control for digital content
PIN recovery in a smart card
Method for establishing a new user interface via an intermingled user interface
System and method for single sign on process for websites with multiple applications and services
Method for automatic identification control and management
Computer platforms and their methods of operation
Enterprise system having a smart distance among artifacts, and apparatus and method for providing th...
Registry/repository based private market generator
Patient encounter electronic medical record system, method, and computer product
Method and apparatus for recommending selections based on preferences in a multi-user system
Search method and system and system using the same
System and method for meter enabled payment functionality
System for anonymous purchase of goods by providing a plurality of non-activated account numbers
Method for clustered data transmission
Method and system for authorizing use of a transaction card
Basket creation process for actively managed ETF that does not reveal all of the underlying fund sec...
Method and apparatus for a fair exchange
Driver amount and count selection processing for financial processing in a relational database manag...
Bidder-side auction dynamic pricing agent, system, method and computer program product
Price charting system and technique
Auction redemption system and method
Method and system for the analysis and association of patient-specific and population-based genomic ...
Proteome epitope tags and methods of use thereof in protein modification analysis
Inverted orientation for a microplate
Impedance measurement system with incorporated internal measurement drift compensation networks
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH307
Plants and seeds of corn variety I018140
Plants and seeds of corn variety I286350
Rapamycin assay
Inbred corn line PHA9G
Soybean cultivar 6035184
Soybean cultivar 26170838
Lettuce cultivar 40-0501220-B
Acquired resistance genes in plants
Methods for generating resistance against CGMMV in plants
Human .alpha. synuclein expressing transgenic mice
Isolation, selection and propagation of animal transgenic stem cells
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and phosphoglycerate mutase regulatory sequences for gene e...
Chemically synthesized artificial promoter for high level expression of transgenes and a method for ...
Matrix-targeted fusion polypeptides for tissue regeneration and wound healing
Variants of the TRP channel family member, LTRPC3G
Apparatus and method for detecting displacement of a movable member of an electronic musical instrum...
Waveform processing apparatus with versatile data bus
Game controller simulating a musical instrument
Sound responsive light system
Portable trumpet stand
Pad assembly for woodwinds, particularly flutes
Guitar pick
Tremolo mechanism for guitar
Locking tailpiece
Locking bridge
Shank flange for piano
Musical tone apparatus and method for manufacturing or altering musical tone apparatus
Methods, apparatus, and systems for producing hydrogen from a fuel
Production of tetrabasic lead sulfate from solid state reactions for the preparation of active plate...
Process for preparation of non-hazardous brominating agent
Process for manufacture of silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Method for the removal of NO.sub.x and catalyst therefor
Method of decarbonating a combustion fume with extraction of the solvent contained in the purified f...
Low temperature fired, lead-free thick film heating element
Hydrocarbon conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-47B
Method of forming an N-type doped single crystal diamond
Solution and method for scavenging sulphur compounds
Chemical composition and method
Low temperature reforming process for production of hydrogen from methanol
Method and device for regulating the speed of a vehicle
Slope-limited retarding control for a propelled machine
Method and arrangement for interpreting a subjects head and eye activity
System and method for detecting occupant
Hardware independent mapping of multiple sensor configurations for classification of persons
Method for generating a firing decision for a restraining system
Programmable temperature compensated tilt switch and method of operation
Electronic control for a hydraulically driven generator
Deck cross-member and method of manufacturing a deck cross-member
Fluid misting apparatus
Machine control pedestal
Working vehicle with a speed maintaining apparatus
Arrangement in a four-wheel drive motor vehicle
Vehicle control unit and vehicle
Lawn mower having an engine disposed rearwardly of a driver's seat
Electric motor and gear drive assembly for driving a vehicle wheel
Dual lever steering control mechanism
Multi-wheel vehicle
Engine fuel efficiency improvements
Method and device for active radial control of wheel pairs or wheel sets on vehicles
Handsfree system and incoming call answering method in handsfree system
System and method for distributing network communication signals
Isolation of transmit and receive signals in full-duplex communication systems
Use of public switched telephone network for capturing electronic signatures in on-line transactions
Method and means for increasing inherent channel capacity for wired network
Method and apparatus for executing tasks in voice-activated command systems
Method, system, and computer program product for providing web-based quality assessment, tracking, a...
Wireless communication terminal and mobile type wireless communication terminal
Best practices learning for agents in a communication system
Portable folding communication unit
Apparatus, and an associated method, for selectably and automatically redirecting a telephonic call ...
Mobile phone with camera device and internal printhead
Speed activation of pre-determined call-forwarding number
Speaker position optimizing device for mobile communication terminal and method thereof
Distributed processing in conference call systems
Method and application for automatic tracking of mobile devices for computer network processor syste...
Picture phone monitor system
Processing of enterprise messages integrating voice messaging and data systems
Apparatus and methods for telecommunication authentication
VoiceXML and rule engine based switchboard for interactive voice response (IVR) services
Determining phase-encoding direction for parallel MRI
Apparatus of nuclear magnetic resonance measurement for continuous sample injection
Apparatus and Method for Performing In-Vitro Dnp-Nmr Measurements
Methods and systems for performing real-time wireless temperature measurement for semiconductor subs...
Support of deep power savings mode and partial good in a thermal management system
Substrate processing system managing apparatus information of substrate processing apparatus
Scanner optimization for reduced across-chip performance variation through non-contact electrical me...
Method and apparatus for integrating a surface acoustic wave filter and a transceiver
Lensed tip optical fiber and method of making the same
Methods for the determination of film continuity and growth modes in thin dielectric films
Multi-layered copper line structure of semiconductor device and method for forming the same
Semiconductor device
Electrical interconnection structure formation
High capacity thin module system
Pad arrangement of driver IC chip for LCD and related circuit pattern structure of TAB package
Stackable ball grid array
Semiconductor wafer and dicing method
Semiconductor device including semiconductor memory element and method for producing same
Method of manufacture of a PCRAM memory cell
High performance system-on-chip using post passivation process
Magnetic random access memory
Transistor structure and method for making same
Method for forming a device having multiple silicide types
Dual-gate semiconductor devices with enhanced scalability
Methods and compositions for controlling efficacy of RNA silencing
Tango 405 polypeptides and uses thereof
Equine P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 and uses thereof
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising crosslinked polyamine polymers
Methods for treating Alzheimer's disease using hydroxyethylene compounds containing a heterocyclic a...
Pyrimidine compounds
Aminopyrazine derivatives and compositions
Methods of using ziconotide to treat overactive bladder
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Cytokine zcytor17 ligand polynucleotides
Method for the improvement of transport across adaptable semi-permeable barriers
Acoustic transducers for tubulars
Vehicle exhaust system support structure
Variable area nozzle including a plurality of convexly vanes with a crowned contour, in a vane to va...
Cleaning appliance
Hand held drain cleaning apparatus
Indicator for a fuse
Methods and apparatus for providing security in a caching device
First-time startup device warranty user interface notification
Arithmetic logic unit with merged circuitry for comparison, minimum/maximum selection and saturation...
System and method for reconciling transactions between a replication system and a recovered database
Method for fast reverse restore
Planning and scheduling modification of a configuration
Method and apparatus for producing a fingerprint, and method and apparatus for identifying an audio ...
Apparatus and method for producing a numeric display corresponding to the volume of a selected segme...
Methods and systems for determining a presence of macro and micro defects on a specimen
Method, system, and computer program product for rack position determination using acoustics
Thermostat display system providing adjustable backlight and indicators
In-gun power supply control
Footwear outsole
Footwear upper portion
Method and apparatus for simplified e-commerce shopping via home shopping terminals
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Heat radiation device for memory module
Fixing means for heat dissipater
Wiffle tree components, cooling systems, and methods of attaching a printed circuit board to a heat ...
Heat dissipation assembly
Counterflow microchannel cooler for integrated circuits
Cooling-fan-free system module
Method and system for dissipating thermal energy from conduction-cooled circuit card assemblies whic...
Side-wall heater for thermocycler device
Storage tank for hot water systems
Vehicle energy management system
Heat-exchanging device
Cooling apparatus and electronic equipment
Hydraulic reservoir with integrated heat exchanger
Semiconductor chip heat transfer device
Water heater
Heat exchanger apparatus for a recirculation loop and related methods and systems
Free-weight exercise monitoring and feedback system and method
Exercise device with a safety lock
Cross-crawl chair
Integrating personal data capturing functionality into a portable computing device and a wireless co...
Back support for an exercise device
Pivotal display for stationary exercise bicycle
Circuit and program for processing multichannel audio signals and apparatus for reproducing same
Injectable calcium phosphate cement
Substituted biaryl compounds as factor XIa inhibitors
50 Human secreted proteins
Non-simultaneous frequency diversity in radio communication systems
Method of manufacturing knitted fabrics
Fast hardware processing of regular expressions containing sub-expressions
Substituted thienyl and furyl acylguanidines and methods of their use as beta-secretase modulators
Nonintrusive inspection method and system
Monitoring of atrial activation
Toner cartridge
Inhibitors of the bitter taste response
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device including top gate thin film transistor and method f...
Process for the polymerization of 1-butene
Nonaqueous electrolyte for battery
Software method for emulating a serial port between applications for enabling communications by mobi...
Rail system for use in a vehicle
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack and operating method thereof
Devices and methods for preventing distal embolization using flow reversal in arteries having collat...
Securement latches and associated aircraft galley carts and methods
Polymer composite membrane and method of making the same
Catalyst extrudates based on copper oxide and their use for hydrogenating carbonyl compounds
Obtaining a destination address so that a network interface device can write network data without he...
Rotary anode as well as a method for producing a cooling element of a rotary anode
L-shaped bracket for dual band cellular/GPS antennas
Crawler frame mounting structure for construction machinery
Benzylated PDE4 inhibitors
Aryl and heteroaryl compounds, compositions, and methods of use
Hydroxybenzoate salts of metanicotine compounds
Substituted 2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-phthalimides and -1-oxoisoindolines and method of reducing T...
Dihydroxypyrimidine carboxamide inhibitors of HIV integrase
Processes and intermediates for resolving piperidyl acetamide stereoisomers
Imidazopyrazine tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a CLASP-2 transmembrane protein
Modulators of antiestrogen pharmacology
Purification, cloning and biochemical characterization of XendoU, endoribonucleasic activity involve...
Human GIL-19/AE289 proteins
Reduction in bacterial colonization by administering bacteriophage compositions
Modified Vaccinia Ankara virus variant
Methods for eliciting an immune response using cytolysin and hemolysin fusion proteins
Retractable needle medical device for injecting fluid from a pre-filled cartridge
Method of separating optically active dihydroxy-heptenoic acid esters
Organic colloidal dispersion of iron particles, method for preparing same and use thereof as fuel ad...
Internal tip seal for attachment/motor for surgical instruments
Electronic camera
Mixed initiative interface control
Battery for a mobile device
Valve manifold
Zone-based rendering of resource addresses
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Cipher strength evaluation apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Memory storage disk handling system having a servo-driven elevator pin
Roll stock cradle structure
Feedback reducing receiver mount and assembly
System and method suitable for treatment of a patient with a neurological deficit by sequentially st...
Apparatus and method for upgrading software of a wireless mobile station
Method for generating a net analyte signal calibration model and uses thereof
Fiber pattern printing
Method and apparatus for dropping a launch vehicle from beneath an airplane
Cosmetic agent containing at least one copolymer having N-vinyllactam units
Trisubstituted heteroaromatic compounds as calcium sensing receptor modulators
Automated teller machine
Devices and methods to stimulate therapeutic angiogenesis for ischemia and heart failure
Wood preservative composition
High speed titanium alloy microstructural conversion method
Systems and methods for time corrected lightning detection
Gas heater, a gas supply apparatus and a method of providing gas
Method for preparing metallic membrane
Content providing method utilizing client storage areas to provide content over a network in accorda...
Pre-writing teaching aid and method to assist beginning writers in creating letters
Adjusting ballistic valve timing
Systems and methods for processing input data before, during, and/or after an input focus change eve...
Portion of a brush
Method for producing unsaturated vicinal diol compound
Debugging port security interface
Nucleic acids encoding B7-2 fusion proteins
Interspecific tree named `Plumsweet X`
Substituted N-phenyl-phenoxy nicotinic acid-(thio)amides and their use as herbicides
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing authentication in a computer environme...
Stiffener for flip chip BGA package
Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor
N-TRADD active site and uses thereof
Method for reducing data loss and unavailability by integrating multiple levels of a storage hierarc...
Debris sensor for cleaning apparatus
Insecticide transpiration apparatus
Lantana plant named `Chapel Hill Yellow`
Game chip
Methods and apparatus for integrating external applications into an MPEG-4 scene
Method for identifying data characteristics for flash memory
Stabilized aerosol dispersions
Hafnium alloy target and process for producing the same
System and method for identifying and segmenting repeating media objects embedded in a stream
Method and apparatus for automatically managing capabilities in a virtual printer group
Hard disk drive with humidity control using membrane electrode assembly
Scalable display of internet content on mobile devices
Method and apparatus using geographical position to provide authenticated, secure, radio frequency c...
Aster plant named `Vibrant Dome`
System for optimizing distribution of information employing a universal dictionary
Software program for managing and protecting data written to a hybrid solid-state disk drive
Power distribution among servers
Red phosphor and method of preparing the same, and red light emitting diode, white light emitting di...
Process for the manufacture of hydrocarbons
Method and system to shut down and control computer radios
Active sensor circuitry for operating at low power and low duty cycle while monitoring occurrence of...
Force-resisting devices and methods for structures
Display apparatus
Processes for lifting spent catalyst into a regenerator in an oxygenate to olefins reaction system
Breathable absorbent article
Composite voice service terminal apparatus, and method for using the same
Methods and systems for end-user extensible electronic mail
Epilation device
Detection of unauthorized access in a network
Distributed document sharing
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Granulysin peptides and methods of use thereof
Mammalian T1R3 sweet taste receptors
Composition and sugar refining process
Sugar cane juice clarification process
Process for carrying out pre-hydrolysis of a biomass
Covered sauce pan
Key-shaped clip design for permitting key rings and the like to be attached thereto
Combined shirt/jacket and suspenders
Method and apparatus for creating a well-formed database system using a computer
Covered bubbler head for a drinking fountain
Irrigation unit having a control system and a data storage unit
Automatic cord length measuring device
Aerial refueling system
Landing gear door assembly
Waterfowl decoy kite
Self-expanding stent
Multi-phase converter with balanced currents
Voltage supply insensitive bias circuits
Nickel-hydride battery life determining method and life determining apparatus
Method for detecting the connection between the energy storage mechanism and the electrical system o...
Power circuit
Driver with control interface facilitating use of the driver with varied DC-to-DC converter circuits
Optimal feedback control of switch-mode power converters
System and method for controlling a point-of-load regulator
Soft-start circuit and method for low-dropout voltage regulators
Method and circuit for controlling an electric power plant
DC bus short circuit compliant power generation systems using induction machine
System and method for precharging and discharging a high power ultracapacitor pack
Voltage detection circuit, overcurrent detection circuit, charging current control system, and volta...
Combined LDO regulator and battery charger
Apparatus for monitoring the voltage of a battery pack having a plurality of battery cells connected...
Remaining capacity calculation method for secondary battery, and battery pack
Apparatus for monitoring the voltage of a battery pack having a plurality of battery cells connected...
Rechargeable batteries
Method and apparatus for monitoring battery back-up power in an alarm system
Solar generator panel for an electric or hybrid vehicle
Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamic management of security parameters during...
Probabilistic technique for consistency checking cache entries
Method for designing an automated speech recognition (ASR) interface for a customer call center
Method and system for optimizing coding gain
Methods, systems, and computer program products for routing traffic between nodes in a network that ...
System and method for managing performance of communication lines of a communication network
Method and system for automatically tracking the rerouting of logical circuit data in a data network
Coaxial connector having detachable locking sleeve
Wire management system
Device and method to provide air circulation space proximate to insulation material
Taping knife with offset handle
Learning system based on biological curve and learning curve of user and method therefor
Ultrasound Training Mannequin
Breathing Manikin
Method of motivating
Surgical training aid apparatus
Educational buckle toy
Sports instruction system and method
Method and system of using drill progression, skill mastery, and color progression in tennis instruc...
Foreign Language Voice Evaluating Method and System
Learner-Controlled Foreign Language Learning Processing Method and System
Money Storage Device with Separately Interactive Virtual Teller
Baseball batting instruction system and method
Teaching material having identification unit and teaching-material communication system
Foldable Dry Erase Board
Positioning jig device for vehicle body frame
Carbon fiber composite transfer member with reflective surfaces
Portable and stowable safety device
Covering and securing structure for a covering body
High speed marine vessel
Table mount for boat
Two piece view port and light housing with integrated ballast and high intensity discharge lamp
Hydrogyro ship stabilizer and method for stabilizing a vessel
Hinge mechanism
Planing pontoon boat hull
Water gun amusement devices and methods of using the same
Toy soft dart launcher
Dome-shaped structure
Display changing in a portable electronic device
System and method for generating multiple independent, synchronized local timestamps
Image recorder, image supplying method and program
Recording medium having recorded thereon a data structure capable of linking and reproducing audio d...
Systems, methods and devices for determining and assigning descriptive filenames to digital images
Method and device for defining quality modes for a digital image signal
Image processing techniques for a video based traffic monitoring system and methods therefor
System and method for detecting and correcting defective pixels in a digital image sensor
Adding code commentary to source code during software debugging
Methods and readable media for using relative positioning in structures with dynamic ranges
Navigational interface for mobile and wearable computers
System and method for consolidating associated buttons into easily accessible groups
Interactive formatting interface
Desk pen holder and tape dispenser
Clip, button and collar on pen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a display screen
Electronic mouse
Computer input device
Distributed capability-based authorization architecture using roles
Zero overhead exception handling
Method and apparatus for efficient performance monitoring of a large number of simultaneous events
Inter process communications in a distributed CP and NP environment
Voice activated system and methods to enable a computer user working in a first graphical applicatio...
Automatic layout of content in a design for a medium
Distributed server functionality for emulated LAN
Systems and methods for switching internet contexts without process shutdown
Weather information delivery systems and methods providing planning functionality and navigational t...
Internet linking from audio and image content
Bi-directional communication between a web client and a web server
Contribution processing device and method, contribution accepting device and method, program storag...
Computer network method for conducting payment over a network by debiting and crediting telecommunic...
Contact identifier for message types
Method of providing routing protocol in sensor network
Subscriber card, a subscriber unit, and an exchange for concentrating internet frames
Methods, apparatus, and systems for accessing mobile and voice over IP telephone networks with a mob...
Client-server architecture for the delivery of broadband services
System of automatically fetching contents present on network
Computer file management system
Method and system for flexible sectioning of XML data in a database system
Method and apparatus for bidding on broadcast service requests and offers from nearby devices
System and method of target tracking using sensor fusion
Method and apparatus using hard disk drive for enhanced non-volatile caching
Method of processing a context for execution
Method for determining a timeout delay in a network
Data buddy
Kids cell phone button that calls the closest parent or relative
Method of forming low-K interlevel dielectric layers and structures
Low voltage electron source with self aligned gate apertures, and luminous display using the electro...
Method for producing methanol, dimethyl ether, derived synthetic hydrocarbons and their products fro...
Rewritable thin image display sheet, image display, and image display system
Method of producing circuit board
Information processing apparatus connected to home TV set in use
Golfer's head movement monitor device and method
Putter training apparatus and method of use
Surface treated product, surface treatment method, and surface treatment apparatus
Spine tilt monitor with biofeedback
Method for manufacturing in-mold coating product
Method for producing semiconductor crystal
Fast-curing modified siloxane compositions
Reaction product of polyamine and acyclic carbonate
Method of and apparatus for strengthening edges of one or more glass sheets
Display apparatus and electronic apparatus
Flow measurement using NMR
Ingestible gastrointestinal device
Treatment of natural polymer based materials and the products based thereon
Production of oriented material or composite material through centrifugal burning
Method for making compact chemical reactors
Composite injection molding component
Self-opening closure for composite packagings or for container or bottle nozzles for sealing with fi...
Preceding vehicle following cruise control system
Seat folding system with radio frequency limited targeted zones for verifying operator presence
Junction box assembly
Electrical connector and method of producing same
Regenerative braking system for motor vehicles
Visor assembly incorporating an electronic control module
Mount structure for fuel tank
Vehicle seat component having air bag guide and trim cover with release seam
Sliding member and production process thereof
Hydraulic shock absorber
Belt molding structure for motor vehicles
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Method for measuring amount of toner, method for image formation, toner amount measuring apparatus, ...
Non-linear compensation of timing jitter
Diffusion and laser photoelectrically coupled integrated circuit signal line
Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
On-chip lenses for diverting vertical cavity surface emitting laser beams
RF laser
Semiconductor laser and the method for manufacturing the same
Cr.sup.3+-doped laser materials and lasers and methods of making and using
Laser control apparatus and control method thereof
Green coherent light generating device using even nonlinear crystals
Apparatus as tuning filter
Laser wavelength locker
Laser power reduction without mode change
Optical storage system having integrated laser driver signal processor
Method for determining relationship between difference of object lens location and driving control e...
Memory compiler redundancy
Integrated optical dual amplifier
Arrangement for and method of increasing pixel symmetry, especially for image projection arrangement...
Method for producing an optical device, optical device, image display apparatus, and head-mounted di...
Beam alignment in spectroscopic microscopes
Fast particle generating apparatus
Fabricating method of gate structure
Process of making a container from polyester polymer particles having a small surface to center intr...
Tapered hollow pole extruder
Apparatus for extruding polymers employing microwave energy
Substituted azetidinone compounds, processes for preparing the same, formulations and uses thereof
Homotrimeric extended OBG3 globular head and uses thereof
Modification of feeding behavior
Polynucleotides and expression system of a novel human G-protein coupled receptor
Chordin-like molecules and uses thereof
Ultrasonic picture processing method and ultrasonic picture processing apparatus
Fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Benzodioxepine derivatives
Substituted dihydropyrano indole-3,4-dione derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibi...
Modulators of the glucocorticoid receptor and method
Tri-heterocyclic compounds and a pharmaceutical comprising them as an active ingredient
Binding assay employing IGS4, a human G-protein coupled neuromedin receptor
Neuropeptide receptor modulators
Method for detecting whether an organism is homozygous or heterozygous using labelled primers and RF...
Print managing apparatus, device driver registering method, and device driver registering program
Method of creating core-tile-switch mapping architecture in on-chip bus and computer-readable medium...
Information processing apparatus, software renewal method for the same, program carrier signal and s...
Energy-efficient parallel data path architecture for selectively powering processing units and regis...
Efficient coding of digital media spectral data using wide-sense perceptual similarity
Soil cultivation implement control apparatus and method
Method and system for improving the efficiency and reliability of a power grid
Seismic data processing method and system for migration of seismic signals incorporating azimuthal v...
Energy management system and method to monitor and control multiple sub-loads
Printing roll having a controllable heat-absorbing internal surface
Toner cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of detecting amount of residual developer
Image forming apparatus having a detachably mountable image forming unit
Encoding, decoding and communication method and apparatus
X-ray generating method and x-ray generating apparatus
Method of blind channel searching and estimation using a fast Fourier transform mechanism
Eye monitoring and reconstruction using CDR and sub-sampling ADC
Background calibration technique for pipelined A/D converters using simplified histogram-based testi...
Apparatus and method for determining a parameter in a wet gas flow
Linear position sensor
Versatile strain sensor employing magnetostrictive electrical conductors
Intensity modulated fiber optic static pressure sensor system
Selective potting for controlled failure and electronic devices employing the same
Computer-enabled, networked, facility emergency notification, management and alarm system
Method and device for detecting fumigants in air samples
Temperature sensor that achieves a fast response in an exhaust gas environment
Fiber optic differential pressure sensor
Sensor system and methods for improved quantitation of environmental parameters
Tunable cavity filters using electronically connectable pieces
Dual-chopper amplifier and its usage as readout circuit for capacitive sensors
Apparatus and method for detecting deformability of cells using spatially modulated optical force mi...
Procedure for deriving reliable information on respiratory activity from heart period measurement
Polyethylene resins
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and battery
Event handling with action instances for event-driven software application
Separator for fuel cell including a terminal of a cell voltage monitor
Acrylic-acid-based homopolymers comprising taurine modified for the treatment of water
Combination dental flosser and pick
Electron-emitting device, electron-emitting apparatus, image display apparatus, and light-emitting a...
Flat bracket for dual band cellular/GPS antennas
Organic electroluminescence element and method for driving the element
Factor VIII glycoforms
Animal restraint
Image forming apparatus and fixer fluid applying roller
Tongue stabilizer for laryngoscope blade
System and method for aligning a quadrature encoder and establishing a decoder processing speed
Masonry sealing compositions comprising semi-crystalline ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer emulsions
Industrial engine completion inspection method
Method and apparatus to support booting despite deficient resources
Method and system for a real time adaptive system for effecting changes in cognitive-emotive profile...
Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications
Serverless peer-to-peer multi-party real-time audio communication system and method
Apparatus and method for immediately creating and controlling virtual reality interactive human body...
Laparoscopic simulation interface
Plum tree named `Black Majesty`
Biocidal polyurethane compositions and methods of use
Hibiscus plant named `Antong Two`
Methods, apparatus, and program products for configuring components in networked computing environme...
Aerosol generator for drug formulation
Method and apparatus for vaporizing a compound
Steam turbine rotor and steam turbine plant
Jack attachment face
System and method for providing a secure environment for performing conditional access functions for...
Block copolymers with acidic groups
Method of and apparatus for non-destructively measuring moisture content of dried objects
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor integrated circuit
Light emitting devices
Garment having protective inflatable devices
Voltage presence indication device and electrical apparatus comprising such an indicator
Packet data processing apparatus and method of wideband wireless local loop (W-WLL) system
Method and system for identifying a visitor at a website server by requesting additional characteris...
Method of ascertaining an efficient frontier for tax-sensitive investors
Method for recording/reproducing dye-based recordable DVD medium and apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device having insulating film
Fabric treatment compositions comprising ester quats and fatty amides and methods for treating fabri...
Method and apparatus for forming a coating
Sheet moisturizing device and image forming apparatus
Multispectral imaging biometrics
Flat panel speaker system with a coated diaphragm
Dual mode touch system
Console system suitable for use in an interior cabin of a vehicle
Display device and method of fabricating the display device
Semiconductor device comprising a light emitting element and a light receiving element
Laser processing unit, laser processing method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for disposing material by droplet ejection, display device, method for manufacturing display ...
Liquid crystal optical element and process for its production
Decorative light system
Ink printer having improved release agent application control
Information sharing in a smart space
Method and system of monitoring respiratory signal by radio
Database for antenna system matching for wireless communications in portable information handling sy...
Aligning Radio Base Station Node Transmission Timing on Multiple Transmit Paths
Method and Apparatus for Managing Downlink Discontinuous Reception Operation in a Wireless Communica...
Location Estimation of Wireless Terminals Through Pattern Matching of Signal-Strength Differentials
Method of Providing a Service on a Downlink Shared Channel
System and method for communicating location information
Increasing sensitivity of radio receiver
Diagnostic and Therapeutic use of a Plasma Membrane Atpase
Systems and methods to provide a product to a customer before a final transaction term value is esta...
Method and process for producing personalized ornamental bulbs
Biomimetic Synthetic Nerve Implant Casting Device
Patellar Components
Medical implantation device for spine
Posterior Total Joint Replacement
Sintered Coatings For Implantable Prostheses
Intravascular Stent
Systems and Methods for Inducing Intelligible Hearing
Bone Screw, In Particular for Osteosynthesis
General purpose memory compiler system and associated methods
Storage subsystem and storage controller
Translation look-aside buffer supporting mutually untrusted operating systems
Autonomically adjusting one or more computer program configuration settings when resources in a logi...
Maintaining spatial locality of write operations
Systems and methods for avoiding base address collisions
Storage system and data backup method for the same
Multi-site remote-copy system
Storage system and replication creation method thereof
Remote copy system
Retaining shadow copy data during replication
Method for mirroring data between clustered NAS systems
Apparatus, system, and program for automatic backup of related data
Free item distribution among multiple free lists during garbage collection for more efficient object...
Disk drive and method for performing realtime processing and non-realtime processing simultaneously
Size-based interleaving in a packet-based link
Arrangement and method for update of configuration cache data
Memory controller
Method for providing secure access to IMS multimedia services to residential broadband subscribers
Method for making a multi-compartment microwavable package having a permeable wall between compartme...
Integrated sensing system approach for handheld spectral measurements having a disposable sample han...
Assessing the risk of a major adverse cardiac event in patients with chest pain
Continuous production of an instant corn flour for snack and tortilla, using a neutral enzymatic pre...
Tongs for Handling food
Liquid flavor beverage system
Web packaging pasteurization system
System and method for distributed multipoint conferencing with automatic endpoint address detection ...
Methods for cluster-based multi-party conferencing in ad-hoc networks
Video conferencing system with dynamic call management and set-up
Method and apparatus for utilizing the social usage learned from multi-user feedback to improve reso...
Method for determining user uniqueness in e-mail campaigns
Network connecting device, server device, terminal device, system, receiving method, character input...
Content organization and storage method for storing holographic search database
Technology management system using knowledge management disciplines, web-based technologies, and web...
Apparatus and method for parametric group processing
Interface system for accessing data in a database
Co-clustering objects of heterogeneous types
Method for searching documents for ranges of numeric values
User interface methods and systems for selecting and presenting content based on user navigation and...
Dynamically updated search results based upon continuously-evolving search query that is based at le...
Optimized rule based constraints for collaborative filtering systems
Method of remotely monitoring an internet web site
Method and apparatus for overlaying flat and tree based data sets onto content addressable memory (C...
Multi-mode signal modification circuit with common mode bypass
LPC filter for removing periodic and quasi-periodic interference from spread spectrum signals
Slice voltage compensation
Device arranged for carrying out a bioelectrical interaction with an individual and a method for on-...
Methods and systems for detecting noise in a position sensor using minor shifts in sensing frequency
Aluminum trilactate powder and method for preparation
Bone replacement material with orthophosphate
Surface coating comprising bioactive compound
Polymeric composition for seals and gaskets
Agent for treatment of cisplatin-resistant cancer