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Wafer with optical control modules in dicing paths
Espresso maker
Methods for making conforming shielded form for electronic component assemblies
Childproof and accident-proof rotating percussion handgun
Fluorescent lamp luminaire
Illumination system for use with display signage
Illuminated display having two single-colored light sources
Illumination device for simulation neon lighting
Illumination system
Lighting device
Illumination sensing device for portable terminal
Retrofit LED lamp for fluorescent fixtures without ballast
Reflector with de-coupling interface layer
Light collective optical system
Lamp with heat dissipating capability
Sliding flexible track lighting
Fixing structure
Power-generating illumination device for a bicycle
Accessory light
Light guide plate, and backlight module and liquid crystal display comprising the same
Surface light source device and display device
Surface light source equipment and apparatus using the same
LCD displays with light redirection
Surface light source unit with buffering means, and liquid crystal display with the unit
Luminous materials
Contents editing apparatus with frequency adjustment
Method for locking and releasing a camera in a portable terminal
System and method for calculating instantaneous placement corrections to achieve towed implement pla...
Calibration techniques for imaging devices
Digital television broadcast signal receiver
Detection of grooves in scanned images
Method and configurations in achieving high energy operation for photonic band gap (PGB) fiber with ...
Apertured fiber optic stub for control of multi-mode launch condition
Optical device
Method and apparatus for locating a localized temperature change in a workspace
Optical fiber structure and method of manufacturing same
End-surface closely arranged multicore optical fiber and manufacturing method thereof
Hybrid waveguide
Light emitting diode structures
Secure fiber optic network cassette assembly
Telecommunication rack unit tray
Radius limiter and arrangement
Optical receiver, optical transmitter and optical transceiver
Downhole optic fiber wet connect system and method
Optical circuit board
Adaptive optical signal processing with multimode waveguides
Optical waveguide, optical device, and manufacturing method of the optical waveguide
Filing system and method for avoiding filing of identical document data
Multi-resolution color contact-type image sensing apparatus
Method and device for dividing target image, device for image recognizing process, program and stora...
Language recognition method, system and software
Pattern-matching system
Method, apparatus, system, and program for image processing capable of recognizing, reproducing, and...
Apparatus and method for processing video data
Method of generating a sequence of matrix factors for a transformation matrix
Image-processing apparatus for compressing binary-format image data
System and process for automatic exposure correction in an image
Method for detecting streaks in digital images
Method and apparatus for video image interpolation with edge sharpening
Test system and test method using virtual review
Method and apparatus for automatically generating a site model
Pressure pulse/shock wave therapy methods for organs
Cardiac rhythm monitoring device
Operation error detection device, equipment including the device, operation error detection method a...
Method and system for subject-adaptive real-time sleep stage classification
Method and apparatus to detect and monitor the frequency of obstructive sleep apnea
Device for determining latency between stimulus and response
Method and system for providing current industry specific data to physicians
Interface cable
Methods useful in the treatment of bone resorption diseases
Device for sharpening the blade of a manual cutting tool
Shrink film
Sushi roll with design
High modules crosslinked polyethylene with reduced residual free radical concentration prepared belo...
Removable polyurethane PSA
S-S'-bis-(.alpha., .alpha.'-Disubstituted-.alpha.''-acetic acid)--trithiocarbonates and derivatives ...
Methods of degrading filter cakes in a subterranean formation
Composite semipermeable membrane, production process thereof, and element, fluid separation equipmen...
Nonaqueous liquid electrolyte
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes
Methods of isolating zones in subterranean formations using self-degrading cement compositions
Radiation curable compositions
Polyepoxide, (cyclo)aliphatic polyamine and solid polyisocyanate
Anionic copolymers prepared in an inverse emulsion matrix
Polymeric co-initiators
Impurity reduction in Olefin metathesis reactions
Fracturing fluids comprising degradable diverting agents and methods of use in subterranean formatio...
System and method for generating three-dimensional density-based defect map
System for detecting position of capsule endoscope in subject
Radiolucent skull clamp with removable pin load applicator
Systems and methods for correcting a positron emission tomography emission image
Self-cleaning hair brush
Collapsible feeder
Multifunction aquarium cleaning device
Animal treat method
Transgenic avians containing recombinant ovomucoid promoters
Animal waste collection and disposal system
Laser waterfowl repellent
Method for purifying electroluminescent material, electroluminescent material and electroluminescent...
Conductive microparticle, process for producing the same and anisotropic conductive material
Heat resistant coated member, making method, and treatment using the same
Ambipolar organic thin-film field-effect transistor and making method
Method and apparatus for forming oxynitride film and nitride film, oxynitride film, nitride film, an...
Biaryl compound and use thereof
Press-bonding anisotropic conductive resin composition and elastomeric anisotropic conductor
Process for producing 3-chloromethyl-3-cephem derivatives
Amorphous cefuroxime axetil and preparation process therefore
Optimized liquid-phase oxidation
Shopping receptacle with in-built scanner
Resonator use in the print field
Biometrics for radio frequency payment transactions
Biometric security using a fob
Health club exercise records system
Smart thermal imaging and inspection device for wheels and components thereof and method
Reading method, responder, and interrogator
Packing material, tag, certificate, paper money, and securities
Handheld RFID reader with display
Tracking apparatus and method, as for an exhibition
System and method for secure networking in a virtual space
Portable interactive islamic prayer counter
Form factor and input method for language input
Apparatus for recording data on motion picture film
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Electronic data connector of data storage cartridge and associated read/write device
Methods and apparatus for use in surveillance systems
Systems and methods for forecasting container density
Systems and methods for inputting graphical data into a graphical input field
Receptor modulated cancer protocols
Antitumoral compounds
Compounds with sulphonamide group and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds
Compounds for use in weight loss and appetite suppression in humans
Pharmaceutical compositions based on fluorenecarboxylic acid esters and soluble TNF receptor fusion ...
Multivalent antibody constructs
Method for the treatment of cachexia
Thermoplastic polymer composition comprising a hyperbranched polymer and articles made using said co...
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of CD44
Compositions comprising lactobacillus plantarum strains in combination with tannin and new lactobaci...
Aluminum effect pigment blends
Hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxane surfactants
Threaded nut extension
Liquid absorbing member and ink jet recording apparatus
Gas sensor
Method for producing vegetable oil fuel
Device containing a light emitting diode for treatment of barrier membranes
Ink composition and inkjet recording method
Blockade of T cell migration into epithelial GVHD target tissues as an approach to achieving anti-tu...
Polymerizable composition and lithographic printing plate precursor
4-alkyl-/4-alkenyl-/4-alkynyl methyl/-1-aryl-cyclohexylamine compounds
Long life lithium batteries with stabilized electrodes
Break-away positioning conveyor mount for accommodating conveyor belt bends
Base cradle for a communications headset
Non-destructive single seed or several seeds NIR analyzer and method
High efficiency balanced detection interferometer
Method or x-ray device for creating a series of recordings of medical x-ray images of a patient who ...
Method and apparatus for monitoring electronic transmission of an image
Fiber optic sensor device for measuring chromophoric compounds in biological fluid
Method of managing workloads in a distributed processing system
Light fixture
Light fixture
Light guiding member
Cosmetic product
Shaving razor
Protective mask system
Cooking glove
Hummingbird window feeder with ant moat
Calf pen feeder bucket
Washing machine
Washing machine
Washing machine
Sterilizing vacuum cleaner
Dirt collection bin for a vacuum cleaner
Wiping cloth used for mop
Grid pattern for sink grids and rinse baskets
Soleplate for an iron
Portable tire hoist
Religious display device
Display board
Programmable data encryption engine for advanced encryption standard algorithm
Triazole PPAR modulators
Hood for use with a radioisotope generator
In-the-field adaptation of a large vocabulary automatic speech recognizer (ASR)
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Fused heterocyclic compound
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Mobile phone
Anti-distortion electromagnetic sensor method and system
Method for supporting an MRI examination by means of positioning and checking MRI accessory implemen...
Magnetic resonance imaging device with sound-absorbing means
Magnetic resonance imaging scanner with booster iron
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a gradient coil unit with integrated passive shim devices
Short element TEM coil for ultra-high field MR
Regularized species separation
RF coil assembly and method for practicing magnetization transfer on magnetic resonance imaging and ...
Integrated optical link for MR system
Injection locking type or MOPA type of laser device
Method for producing a proof for a printing process having more than four printing inks
Method of operating a press
Optical disk including a preventing structure for preventing surfaces of the optical disk and other ...
Handling cache misses by selectively flushing the pipeline
Ophthalmic apparatus
Transparent oxide electrode film and manufacturing method thereof, transparent electroconductive bas...
Composition for forming a conjugated polymer pattern and process of forming a conjugated polymer pat...
Silicon based optically degraded arc for lithographic patterning
Substrate and collector grid structures for integrated series connected photovoltaic arrays and proc...
Solid polymer fuel cell with reactant air humidified by a processed water tank
Honeycomb type solid electrolytic fuel cell
Metal separator for fuel cell and its production method
Electrochemical cell having protection against creep
Extended catalyzed layer for minimizing cross-over oxygen and consuming peroxide
Ion conductive copolymers containing one or more hydrophobic oligomers
Transparent conductive film, method for producing same and method for forming pattern
Apparatus and method for controlled particle beam manufacturing
Exterior component disposed on front surface of radar device of vehicle
Transition-metal complexes with tridentate, nitrogen-containing ligands
Electronic power control for cooktop heaters
Obtaining tandem mass spectrometry data for multiple parent ions in an ion population
Radiation image sensing apparatus and its driving method
System and method of ion beam control in response to a beam glitch
Disinfecting device utilizing ultraviolet radiation
Thermal isolation for an active-sidewall phase change memory cell
Electronic component and method for its assembly
Wall detector
Doubly-anchored thermal actuator having varying flexural rigidity
Driving technique for activating liquid crystal device
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Rangefinder with reduced noise receiver
Automatic wafer edge inspection and review system
Optical films for controlling angular characteristics of displays
Hybrid circuit breaker device
Method and apparatus for operating a magnetic actuator in a power switching device
Solderless electrical connection for testing head gimbal assemblies
Vibration control of rotating disc
Method for treating pain with prolactin antagonists
Rat model of diabetic nephropathy
Apparatus, system and method for monitoring, recording and billing for individual fixture and unit w...
Image pick-up apparatus
System and method for controlling 3D viewing spectacles
Image forming device, layouter, and renderer
Image reading apparatus
Privacy-enhancing, glare-reducing display screen shield
Data distribution server and terminal apparatus
Wavelength tunable laser device
Monolithic optical autocompensation read-out circuit for precise reflection measurements of distance...
IIC bus communication system capable of suppressing freeze of IIC bus communication due to a noise a...
Test pattern compression for an integrated circuit test environment
Direct logic diagnostics with signature-based fault dictionaries
Generating test patterns having enhanced coverage of untargeted defects
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Bathtub brush
Optical fiber/glass tube fusion-spliced structure, optical fiber assembly including the structure, a...
Characterizing organic materials in a thin film
Paint compositions
Process for production of an olefin oxide
Optimized method for LID biosensor resonance detection
Distributed model compilation
Electronic Book having electronic commerce features
Providing authorized access and request-initiated translation of data files
Apparatus and method for sharing configuration data among a plurality of devices
System and method to deflect email threads to a blogging system
Web portholes: using web proxies to capture and enhance display real estate
System and method for providing security to an application
System and method for testing the upstream channel of a cable network
Inter-network and inter-protocol video conference privacy method, apparatus, and computer program pr...
Dual phase shift photolithography masks for logic patterning
Method for management of dynamically alterable lifecycles in structured classification domains
Method and apparatus for locating a cleaner bandwidth in a frequency channel for data transmission
Scanner unit for an optical position measuring device
Inductive component and use of said component
On demand calibration of imaging displays
Method for extending the display of a 2D image of an object region
Method for expanding the display of a volume image of an object region
Medical image recording apparatus, medical image correcting method and recording media
Magnon laser
Micro-actuator, vibration canceller, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with the same
Multilayer capacitor
Passive mode-locked semiconductor laser diode, and optical clock signal extracting device
Optical fourier systems and methods for medical image processing
Image compounding based on independent noise constraint
Two-dimensional photonic crystal
Two-dimensional photonic crystal having air-bridge structure and method for manufacturing such a cry...
Method and apparatus for control of skin perfusion for indirect glucose measurement
MRI method
MRI detector for implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for detecting cardiac repolarization abnormality
Turbo machinery speed monitor
Optical air data system
Method and apparatus for cleaning a photoactive and/or hydrophilic surface
Electroconductive cellulose-based film, a method of producing the same, an anti-reflection film, an ...
5-Beta-sapogenin and pseudosapogenin derivatives and their use in the treatment of dementia
Format-agnostic system and method for issuing certificates
Anti hepatitis C virus antibody and uses thereof
Control of the luminous intensity of power LEDs by using the photoelectric effect characteristics of...
Method and apparatus for reducing leakage in a direct conversion transmitter
Solid states of pantoprazole sodium, processes for preparing them and processes for preparing known ...
Plastic optical fiber and production method thereof
Inline downhole heater
Method and apparatus for optical signal processing using an optical tapped delay line
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and belt unit
Integrated global layout and local microstructure topology optimization approach for spinal cage des...
Computer program for water treatment data management
Techniques to associate media information with related information
Robust index storage for non-volatile memory
Method and system for communicated client phase information during an idle period of a data bus
Portable electronic device with interface reconfiguration mode
Combination rechargeable, detachable battery system and power tool
Stabilizing guide wire apparatus for use with implantable device
Antenna interface unit
Optical system and optical apparatus including the same
Substrate holding technique
Optical scanning apparatus
Image processing system and method for processing image data using the system
Image processing apparatus and method and recording medium
Document recognition device, document recognition method and program, and storage medium
Image processing method and device for resolution conversion of compressed moving image data
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image search apparatus, image search method, program, and storage medium
Density determination method, image forming apparatus, and image processing system
Image forming apparatus with loop detection and conveying speed control based thereon
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling thereof
Image forming apparatus detachably mounting a process cartridge having developing roller movable to ...
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
Sheet reverse conveyance device and image forming apparatus having such a device
Image processing device, control method therefor, and program
Distribution device for two-phase concurrent downflow vessels
End face sensor and method of producing the same
Surface mount hermetic package for power semiconductor die
Electronic component device
Semiconductor module and power conversion device
Wiring board, semiconductor device using the same, and method for manufacturing wiring board
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Piezoelectric element and method for manufacturing
Field emission device, display adopting the same and method of manufacturing the same
Eddy current sensor
Radio frequency integrated circuit tag and method of using the RFIC tag
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording that has a structure to suppress protrusion of an...
Resistive heater for thermo optic device
System and method for collection, aggregation, and composition of metrics
Method for intelligently selecting a wireless communication access point
Performing message and transformation adapter functions in a network element on behalf of an applica...
DRAM remote access cache in local memory in a distributed shared memory system
System and method for managing memory or session resources used for movement of data being copied in...
Semiconductor memory asynchronous pipeline
System and method for dynamic sizing of cache sequential list
Advanced processor translation lookaside buffer management in a multithreaded system
Reconfigurable global cellular automaton with RAM blocks coupled to input and output feedback crossb...
Secure networking using a resource-constrained device
Systems and methods for a distributed file system with data recovery
System and method for managing failover in a data storage environment
Method and system for integrating cores in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Customized execution environment
Method and apparatus for supporting asymmetric multi-threading in a computer system
System and method for conversion of generic services' applications into component based applications...
Acceptor compounds useful for making hyperpolarizable organic chromophores
Genetic loci associated with phytophthora tolerance in soybean
Apparatus and method for all-solid-state fluorescence lifetime imaging
Combined raman spectroscopy-optical coherence tomography (RS-OCT) system and applications of the sam...
Signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining the cerebral state of a patient using generalized spectral entr...
Automatic baroreflex modulation responsive to adverse event
Automatic capture verification using electrocardiograms sensed from multiple implanted electrodes
Gastric treatment/diagnosis device and attachment device and method
Method and devices for stimulation of an organ with the use of a transectionally placed guide wire
Solid freeform fabrication of structurally engineered multifunctional devices
Method of coating a medical device using an electrowetting process
System and method for authenticating digital content
Method for providing computer-based authentication utilizing biometrics
Remotely authenticated operation method
Portable video karaoke
Video camera
Shift register and electronic apparatus
Analog circuit for an autofocus microscope system
Method and apparatus for automatic pixel clock phase and frequency correction in analog to digital v...
Picture encoding method, picture encoding apparatus and picture recording medium
Telecommunications jack assembly
Fast cyclic redundancy check (CRC) generation
Method for cryogenic tissue ablation
Transparent file restore
Method for vacuum-assisted tissue ablation
Arrangement for automated fault detection and fault resolution of a network device
Diagnostic kit, device, and method of using same
Lamp array for thermal processing exhibiting improved radial uniformity
Variant subtilisin enzymes (subtilases)
Apparatus and method for weighing crop on board a harvester
Intelligent selectively-targeted communications systems and methods
System and method for predicting travel time for a travel route
Draw manager
Vehicle control
Vehicle navigation with integrated curve warning
Selective hydrodesulfurization and mercaptan decomposition process with interstage separation
Process for reducing the naphthenic acidity of petroleum oils or their fractions
Method for high-temperature short-time distillation of residual oil
Gasoline sulfur reduction in fluid catalytic cracking
Advanced processor with use of bridges on a data movement ring for optimal redirection of memory and...
Self-tightening cover for pump
Manual bulk liquid pump control and distribution system
Heat-dissipating mechanism for a motor
Knockdown pump containment assembly apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for using an electrical machine to transport fluids through a pipeline
Brushless motor having a circuit board having a central hole and escape holes
Device having a getter structure and a photomask
Diagnostics for identifying a malfunctioning component in an air compressor system onboard a locomot...
Systems and methods for segmenting and protecting a storage subsystem
Radiology device
Method for producing a can base and a lever ring
Enhanced adhesion of polyethylene terephthalate to paperboard
Mascara brush
Toilet seat hinge
Toilet seat hinge
System for managing glucose levels in patients with diabetes or hyperglycemia
Sensor for analyzing a sample by utilizing localized plasmon resonance
Apparatus with a combination of a point light source and a single lens
System for and method of investigating the exact same point on a sample substrate with multiple wave...
Method and apparatus for improved ellipsometric measurement of ultrathin films
Biochip reading apparatus and biochip reading method
Particle measuring method and particle measuring apparatus
Reflected light measuring apparatus and reflected light measuring method
System and method for PDE-based multiphase segmentation
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Hearing aid with a control element
Face plate connector for hearing aid
Method of current management in a battery powered device and battery powered device
Hearing aid with pull cord
Frequency synthesizer
Method and apparatus for managing faults in storage system having job management function
Method of booting an operating system
Virtual machine control method and virtual machine system having host page table address register
Device for exchanging and/or docking functional modules
Mixing and settling method and device in solvent extraction processes to recover high-purity product...
Method for determining the intraperitoneal volume and device for peritoneal dialysis
Method for recycling of oil based drilling fluid contaminated with water and water contaminated with...
Portable degasser, flare tank and fluid storage system
Self-cleaning chlorine generator with pH control
Dispensing system
Swimming pool cleaner debris container
Method of and apparatus for cleaning runoff water
Water treatment system
Partial modulation via pulsed flow modulator for comprehensive two-dimensional liquid or gas chromat...
Connector for analytical devices
System and method for rapid chromatography with fluid temperature and mobile phase composition contr...
Universal water purifier unit assembly device
Self-draining oil filter adaptor
Ion processing element with composite media
Method of and apparatus for converting biological materials into energy resources
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater
Devices and method for augmenting a vertebral disc
Inorganic bone graft materials using animal bone and method for preparing thereof
Vacuum filter bag with odor removing effect
Separation process using microchannel technology
Methods of thermoforming non-self-supporting polymeric films and articles made therefrom
Preferential oxidation reactor temperature regulation
Electron multipliers and radiation detectors
Topical use of probiotic Bacillus spores to prevent or control microbial infections
Use and preparation of crosslinked polymer particles for inkjet recording materials
Method for making a grip of a golf club
Compression resistant nonwovens
Pulverulent polymers crosslinked on the surface
System and method for drying a fuel cell stack at system shutdown
Negative electrode having intermetallic compound that occludes/desorbs lithium as an active material...
Multi-layer coated porous materials and methods of making the same
Composite elastic web
Electrocatalyst powders, methods for producing powder and devices fabricated from same
Polymerization process
Substractive single label comparative hybridization
Liquid crystalline thermosets from ester, ester-imide, and ester-amide oligomers
36P6D5: secreted tumor antigen
Cyclic nitro compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and uses thereof
Apparatus and methods for simultaneous operation of miniaturized reactors
Method of oxidising hydrocarbons to acids
Information handling system including a circuitized substrate having a dielectric layer without cont...
Electrode for electrochemical capacitor
Method for recognizing video signal timing of analog input
Method for detecting link spam in hyperlinked databases
Systems and methods for creating customized applications
Adaptive email in-basket ordering
Remote configuration of automatic response settings
Central console for monitoring configuration status for remote devices
Ultrasonic device for tissue ablation and sheath for use therewith
Therapeutic ion channel blocking agents and methods of use thereof
Noninvasive blood pressure monitoring system
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Method and system for organ positioning and stabilization
Method for sequence determination using NMR
Blends of poly(ester amide) polymers
Implantable pressure transducer system optimized for anchoring and positioning
High viscosity embolizing compositions
Antibody fragment-polymer conjugates and uses of same
Catalytic anti-factor VIII allo-antibodies
Methods and systems for indentifying and monitoring S-nitrosothiols in biological samples
Substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines as potassium channel activators
Cyclopentapyridine and tetrahydroquinoline derivatives
Heterocyclic compounds
Pet chew toy for holding consumable treats
Soy proteins and/or soy derivatives with zero-valent iron compositions and use for environmental rem...
Method of cancer screening; method of cancer treatment; and method of diabetes treatment
Helical heat exchange apparatus
Brazed headerless core assembly for a modular heat exchanger
Liquid cooled thermosiphon for electronic components
Multi-type fins for multi-exchangers
Anti-vibration tube support with locking assembly
Radiator mounting system
Handle arrangement with integrated heat pipe
Computer rack cooling system with variable airflow impedance
Mechanical assembly to support orthogonal airflow devices in a normal airflow slot of a server chass...
Cooling system for electronic equipment
Heat sink backplate module, circuit board, and electronic apparatus having the same
Thermally conductive shelf
Computer system having controlled cooling
Cooling system
Fixture for attaching a heat sink to a heat generating device
Cold plate structure and method for cooling planar arrays of processors during assembly and test all...
Image acquisition/output apparatus and ophthalmology picture system using the same
Salt form of dopamine agonist
Method and device for wetting a medical implant or transplant
Adjustable transluminal annuloplasty system
Implantable brace for a fracture and methods
Enhanced bonding layers on native oxide surfaces
Type II chi-conotoxin peptides (noradrenaline transporter inhibitors)
Spirocyclic derivatives
Probe microscope system suitable for observing sample of long body
Switching circuit apparatus having a series conduction path for servicing a load and switching metho...
Brushless reactance sensors for indicating angular position
Asperity data storage system, method and medium
X-ray analysis apparatus
Prognostic processor system for real-time failure analysis of line replaceable units
Dendrimer fluid purification agent and article
Method and structure for improved alignment in MRAM integration
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Transmit-mode phased array coils for reduced SAR and artifact issues
Apparatus and method for tracking a molecule or particle in three dimensions
Consistent sampling for network traffic measurement
Image sensing apparatus with white balance control and image sensing method therefor
Method and apparatus for managing peer-to-peer search results
Display device
Method and system for redirecting data requests in peer-to-peer data networks
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Adapting a plurality of measurement cartridges using cartridge controllers
Integrated system noise management--clock jitter
Interoperability of vulnerability and intrusion detection systems
Method and apparatus for monitoring handling of a firearm
Torque-limited electric servo system for deploying a vehicle snow chain traction system
Encoder with a combined position and index track
Portable water heater
Apparatus and method for extracting petroleum from underground sites using reformed gases
Method and equipment for producing horticultural and fuel peat and a fuel peat product
Al.sub.2O.sub.3-Y.sub.2O.sub.3-ZrO.sub.2/HfO.sub.2 materials, and methods of making and using the sa...
Systems and methods for disinfection
Heat treatable coated article with diamond-like carbon (DLC) and/or zirconium in coating
Compositions and methods for forming coatings of selected color on a substrate and articles produced...
Photoresists comprising polymers derived from fluoroalcohol-substituted polycyclic monomers
Method for electrical doping a semiconductor material with Cesium
Selective heating using flash anneal
Outdoor weatherable photopolymerizable coatings
Method and apparatus for performing spectroscopy downhole within a wellbore
Solar distillation loop evaporation sleeve
DOC and particulate control system for diesel engines
Modular projectile system
Piezoelectric stun projectile
Continuous feed cap system
Protective curtain for vehicle suspension components
Methods and apparatus to provide training against improvised explosive devices
Antisense antiviral compounds and methods for treating a filovirus infection
Propellant and a method and device for producing the same
Corrosion-resistant metal surfaces
Ruggedized radiation detector
Composite dipole array systems and methods
Networked multiband waveguide intrusion detection and localization sensor
Convectively cooled x-ray tube target and method of making same
Non-invasive monitoring of the effectiveness of electronic security services
Footwear and clothes fastening and transforming system
Method for creating coopertition
Flexible member energy conversion device
Shoe outsole
Footwear toe cap
Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems
Inbound transition control for a tail-sitting vertical take off and landing aircraft
Air intake structure for aircraft engine
Engine airframe J-seal damper
Device for connecting in flight an aircraft to a refuelling device of a tanker aeroplane
Catalyzed decomposing foam for encapsulating space-based kinetic objects
Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods
Non-protruding seat track apparatus
Door handle lock assembly with automatic lock and retract
Brake condition monitoring
Enabling services on a UAV
Speed control system for a vehicle
Golf ball positioning dispenser for putting practice
V-shaped golf club
Handle/grip and method for designing the like
Proximity detection using wireless signal strengths
Method for transmitting and receiving message of short message broadcasting services in telecommunic...
Biofeedback electronic stimulation device
Method for rating an entity
System and method for group positioning of market information in a graphical user interface
User interface for semi-fungible trading
Use of statistics on views in query optimization
Customized indexes for user defined data types
Radially expanding and context-dependent navigation dial
Social accounting system in text discussion system
Microprocessor with improved data stream prefetching
Collapsible front-end translation for instruction fetch
Selection of ISA decoding mode for plural instruction sets based upon instruction address
Data transmission ports with data-integrity transaction controlling unit and method for performing t...
Wireless access modem having downstream channel resynchronization method
Audiovisual information management system with preferences descriptions
Detecting computer worms as they arrive at local computers through open network shares
Tropospheric volume elements enriched with vital elements and/or protective substances
Apparatus and method for treating discharge gas
NOx reduction catalyst having excellent low-temperature characteristics
Denitrification catalyst regeneration method
Process for producing barium sulfate, barium sulfate and use thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Attenuated influenza NS1 variants
Method of bonding a fluoropolymer to a silicone layer
Displays with low driving voltage and anisotropic particles
Screening assays for antioxidants and antiproliferative compounds
Nucleic acids encoding PRO1375 polypeptides
Recombinant chondroitinase ABC I and uses thereof
Methods of inducing ovulation using a non-polypeptide camp level modulator
Forming a chemically cross-linked particle of a desired shape and diameter
Substituted anilinopyrazoles
Methods for application of a tag onto a media article
High voltage device with low on-resistance
CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor device and driving method of semiconductor device
CCD with improved substrate voltage setting circuit
Polycrystalline silicon liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
System and method for measuring germanium concentration for manufacturing control of BiCMOS films
Lithographically fabricated holographic optical identification element
Method of magnetic tunneling junction pattern layout for magnetic random access memory
Magnetic memory device having uniform switching characteristics and capable of switching with low cu...
Spin transfer MRAM device with magnetic biasing
Crack protection for silicon die
Semiconductor MOS transistor device and method for making the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof
Adjusting die placement on a semiconductor wafer to increase yield
Semiconductor device with pad electrode for testing and manufacturing method of the same
Electronic device, method for manufacturing electronic device, contact hole of electronic device, me...
Circuit substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Dicing die-bonding film
Electronic component comprising a semiconductor chip and a plastic housing, and method for producing...
Discharge lamp and illumination apparatus with gas fill
Display device and method including electtro-optical features
Electronic circuit, method of driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Data driver circuit for display device and drive method thereof
Image display device
Pixel circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic phosphorescent light emitting device
Encapsulated organic luminescent display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Device manufacturing method and device
Organic thin film transistor having circular organic semiconductor layer and flat panel display incl...
Double-sided display
Thin film transistor array panels for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the sa...
Planar gated field emission devices
Display device with specific pixel configuration and manufacturing method thereof
Multicolor light-emitting device
Electroluminescent device with barrier layer structure, method for manufacturing the same, and elect...
OLED device having improved light output
Transparently securing data for transmission on financial networks
Creation method for characters/words and the information and communication service method thereby
Notebook computer with replaceable battery unit
Video conference data transmission device and data transmission method adapted for small display of ...
Scheduling of automated tests in a telecommunication system
Apparatus and method of simulating telephone "in use" signals in a line in a telephone ring system
Test device for data services
Technique for independent ground fault detection of multiple twisted pair telephone lines connected ...
Systems and methods for providing 9-1-1 services to nomadic internet telephony callers
Method for detecting echo path changes in echo cancellers
Cell phone holder headband
Resonance chamber of a cellular phone
Mouse enabled phone
Reverberation removal
Ensuring EAS performance in audio signal encoding
System and method for updating message trust status
Method and apparatus for changing a sound source of a supplementary service using a ring back tone o...
Apparatuses for adaptively controlling processing of speech signal and adaptively communicating spee...
Integrated communication system and method
Electronic mail distribution system for integrated electronic communications
System and method for correcting call detail record files
Methods and apparatus for returning a call over a telephony system
System and method for voice-over-packet calling with PSTN backup
Reducing mercury emissions from the burning of coal
Activated carbon as mercury release control agent in gypsum calcination
Process for production of dense soda, light soda, sodium bicarbonate and sodium silicate from soluti...
Hydrophobic fumed silica
Organometallic compounds and their use as precursors for forming films and powders of metal or metal...
Process and apparatus for the production of sulphur oxides
Method for preparing a hybrid aluminosilicate polymer and the polymer resulting from this method
Boron-containing molecular sieve CHA
Process for recovering lead oxides from exhausted batteries
Positive active material composition for rechargeable lithium batteries
Production of a GaN bulk crystal substrate and a semiconductor device formed thereon
Astilbe plant named `Delft Lace`
Nierembergia plant named `KLENC06134`
Astilbe plant named `Verspink`
Plum.times.cherry interspecific hybrid tree named `Nadia`
Calibrachoa plant named `USCAL1413-8`
Lobelia plant named `Golden Torch`
Astilbe plant named `Verswhite`
Astilbe Plant Named `Verssalmon`
Astilbe plant named `Verslilac`
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0004`
Pear tree named `Todd`
Geranium plant named `Sandrine`
Brunnera Plant Named `Silver Lining`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dekromanov`
Nemesia Plant Named `NAKNEM001`
Oak tree named `QSSTH`
Astilbe plant named `Valery`
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argylem`
Argyranthemum frutescens plant named `Argymip`
Oak tree named `QNSTG`
Nemesia plant named `Naknem002`
Process for the production of hydrocarbons
Bicyclo[2.2.1] heptane derivative
Olefin oligomerization process
Biosynthetic gene cluster for the production of a complex polyketide
Treatment of cancers
Murine ZCYTOR17 ligand polypeptides
Single-chain antibody acting against 37 kDa/67 kDa Iaminin receptor as tools for the diagnosis and t...
Transgenic toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) mice
Soybean cultivar 6636454
Soybean cultivar 6736054
Plants and seeds of corn variety I291741
Plants and seeds of corn variety I281779
Inbred maize line PHEJW
Means and method for reducing magnetic cross-talk in biosensors
System and method for single event authorization control of transactions
Methods and apparatuses for differentiating users in multi-player web-based entertainment environmen...
Formatting value-bearing item indicia
Authentication of consumable items
Method for anonymous purchase of goods by not providing identifying information to a non-host entity
Synthesis subband filter for MPEG audio decoder and a decoding method thereof
Information retrieval system using attribute normalization
Method and system for caching role-specific fragments
Method for controlling flow of radius protocol
Load balancing technique implemented in a data network device utilizing a data cache
Server apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, delivery system and delivery program
Method and apparatus for encrypted communications to a secure server
Device-type authentication in communication systems
Dynamic ECMAScript class loading
Demonstrating proof of concept of a project with requirements component providing weights on importa...
Method, system and computer program product for security in a global computer network transaction
Copy protection method and system for digital media
Digital rights management
Storage management system and method using performance values to obtain optimal input/output paths w...
Systems and methods for managing semantic locks
Backup method for a copy pair using newly created logical volume via virtual server device
Aggregating data from difference sources
Secure token access distributed database system
Determining the impact of a component failure on one or more services
Systems and methods for automated classification and analysis of large volumes of test result data
Method for determining correlation of synchronized event logs corresponding to abnormal program term...
System and method for testing of interconnects in a programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for a file format for storing spreadsheet compactly
Automatic generation of document summaries through use of structured text
Method and system of calculating focus on an item
Storage domain GUI
Method and system for automatically providing network-transaction-status updates
Methods and apparatus for load balancing storage nodes in a distributed network attached storage sys...
Enhance browsing of messages in a message queue
Efficient and scalable event partitioning in business integration applications using multiple delive...
Broadband content jukebox with profile-based caching
Leasing a configured camera system
Strategies for sanitizing data items
Process for maintaining ongoing registration for pages on a given search engine
Method and apparatus for detecting smoke and smothering a fire
Food slicing device
Food tray with non-slip inserts
Controlled cavitation device with easy disassembly and cleaning
Shirred casing
Method of manufacturing a food container
Coated degradable chewing gum with improved shelf life and process for preparing same
Natural red pigment and food product and food material containing the pigment
Methods for washing carcasses, meat, or meat products with medium chain peroxycarboxylic acid compos...
Method for preparing a heated flavored beverage
Production of multi-grain, whole-grain, soft and crunchy sheeted snacks
Non-dairy, non-soy food product and methods of making
Galleria mellonella derived composition for detecting peptidoglycan, a method for use thereof, and a...
Listeria monocytogenes bacteriophage and uses thereof
Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing chimeric glucose transporters
Method for the oxidative cleaning of food processing equipment
Aqueous disinfectants and sterilants including transition metals
Method for extracting oil from plant material
Speed cooking oven with slotted microwave antenna
Cooking apparatus having a microwave generator
Accessory drive system and method for a hybrid vehicle with an electric variable transmission
Pedestrian protection automotive hood hinge assembly
Off road vehicle with air intake system
Hydraulically driven vehicle
Heat exchanger for motorcycle use and manufacturing method thereof
Utility vehicle and assembly of engine and transmission for utility vehicle
Self-synchronizing hydraulic system
Power transmission device with clutch control system
Seat belt retractor and seat belt apparatus
Transmission arrangement, use of said transmission arrangement and a vehicle provided with said tran...
Transmission unit
Multi-speed transmission
Electric motor/generator and method of cooling an electromechanical transmission
Vehicle steering apparatus
Antilock system for a permanently excited electric motor drive
Inverter and a drive system using the inverter
Driver control input device for drive-by-wire system
Airbag development control apparatus
Vehicle detector and vehicle detecting method
Safety device for a motor vehicle including a front-end structure
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive cardiac procedures
Self-calibrating orienting system for a manipulating device
Apparatus and method for correcting location information of mobile body, and computer-readable media...
Immunogenic compositions comprising human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) glycosylated and ung...
Natural immunostimulant compositions, methods for obtaining the same and pharmaceutical formulations...
Detection of human immunodeficiency virus
Methylation markers for diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer
Human papilloma virus immunoreactive peptides
Method for regulating immune function using the FOXP3 protein
Ztnfr14, a tumor necrosis factor receptor
Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) receptor 3 (R3) agonists and their pharmacolo...
Intravascular delivery of nucleic acid
Substituted quinobenzoxazine analogs and methods of using thereof
Benzoimidazol-2-yl pyrimidines and pyrazines as modulators of the histamine H.sub.4receptor
Resistance-repellent retroviral protease inhibitors
Effectors of innate immunity
Isolated soluble corticotropin releasing factor receptor type 2 (sCRFR2)
Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of JAK and other protein kinases
Histone deacetylase inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Process for the preparation of Z-5-carboxymethylene-1,3-dioxolan-4-ones
Device and method for amplifying suction noise
Animal ear protection apparatus
Convertible folded horn enclosure
Vehicle exhaust systems
Muffler for an exhaust gas system
Base station and radio terminal
Pulse signal generator for ultra-wideband radio transception and radio transceiver having the same
Method and apparatus for channel estimation in radio systems by MMSE-based recursive filtering
Digitally convertible radio
Programmable radio transceiver
Impedance matching circuit with simultaneous shielding of parasitic effects for transceiver modules
Radio video transmission system and method
Wireless access point setup and management within wireless local area network
Digital radio broadcasting receiver and method of receiving digital radio broadcasting
Method and apparatus for tuning radio frequency
Radio frequency excitation arrangement including a limiting circuit
Wideband image rejection mixer
Apparatus, and associated method, for notifying a user in a radio communication system of a commerci...
Combined base transceiver station and base station controller data call
Software defined radio computing architecture
Beamforming using subset of antenna array
Reducing power consumption in a radio device by early receiver shut down
Federated multiprotocol communication
HARQ protocol with synchronous retransmissions
Radio apparatus for performing automatic retransmission
Horn with internal light signal
Electronic keyboard instrument
Textured sound generating panels having increased efficiency in converting vibrational energy to sou...
Structure for musical instrument body
String instruments
Precision double acting truss for stringed musical instruments
Fret and fingerboard for stringed instruments
Compression adjustable strap
Self adjusting drum lug assemblies
Fiber Bragg grating tuner
Musical note reading method and written exercises
Method for teaching music
Sound data encoding apparatus and sound data decoding apparatus
Electronic musical instrument
Simple music performance system, music data supplier and computer program installed in the music dat...
Dictionary-based compression of melody data and compressor/decompressor for the same
Music reproduction device, method, storage medium, and integrated circuit
Automatic music transcription apparatus and program
Method and apparatus for playing in synchronism with a DVD an automated musical instrument
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method, program, and recording medium
Transcending extensions of traditional East Asian musical instruments
Copper alloy sputtering target and semiconductor element wiring
Wear-resistant copper-based alloy
Precipitation-strengthened nickel-iron-chromium alloy and process therefor
Cell seeded models for medical testing
Determining illumination of models using an ambient framing abstractions
Method and computer program product for controlling a configuration of a printer
Image processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium for removing noise from stereoscopic image pa...
Circuit and method for error test, recordation, and repair
User interface system, scene description generating device and method, scene description converting ...
Gun support for hunters
Crossbow device mount
Mahjong game system and mahjong ranking list display method
Electronic gaming machine
Peripheral information and digital tells in electronic games
Closable containment berm wall support
Drainage channel installation device
Segment for a rehabilitating pipe
Pre-sloped trench drain system
Apparatus for controlling movement of flowable particulate material
Automatically disabling input/output signal processing based on the required multimedia format
Stand alone multimedia printer with user interface for allocating processing
H.323 user, service and service provider mobility framework for the multimedia intelligent networkin...
Call control element constructing a session initiation protocol (SIP) message including provisions f...
Multimedia storage systems and methods
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing multimedia information services over a...
MBMS PtP and PtM channel change
System and method for request, delivery and use of multimedia files for audiovisual entertainment
Paradigm in multimedia services creation methodology, and new service creation and service execution...
Hyaluronic acid oligosaccharide fractions and drugs containing the same
Therapy-enhancing glucan
Peptides and methods for cell death regulation
Detection of Anaplasma platys
MDA-7 proteins and methods of use thereof
Mammalian sweet taste receptors t1r3
Diagnostic test kit for determining a predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer, materials and me...
Adapter gene
Immune stimulating and controlling composition comprising bacterial chromosomal DNA fragments and no...
Optimized multi-epitope constructs and uses thereof
Peptides and nucleic acid sequences related to the Epstein Barr Virus
Cell death-inducing fused gene acting specifically on cancer and gene product thereof
Nucleic acid sequences of human Rif1
TWEAK receptor
Modulation of endothelial lipase expression
RNAi modulation of RSV and therapeutic uses thereof
Compositions and their uses directed to IL-4R alpha
siRNA targeting KRAS
Transcription factors
Eukaryotic translation initiation factor gene regulatory elements for use in plants
Plants and seeds of corn variety I291273
Substance that Specifically Recognizes PD-1
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Ester Derivatives of Hyaluronic Acid for the Preparation of Hydrogel Materials by Photocuring
Method for synthesizing oligosaccharides and glycosylation
Fluoridation Process
Novel process for preparing sucrose-6-esters
Compositions and methods for producing cellular labels for nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
Pharmaceutical Compositions Primarily for the Treatment and Prevention of Genitourinary Infections a...
Method for characterizing sugar-binding interactions of biomolecules
Ablation catheter with sensor array and discrimination circuit to maximize variation in power densit...
Adherent Multi-Sensor Device with Empathic Monitoring
Energy Management for Adherent Patient Monitor
Tracking and Security for Adherent Patient Monitor
Injectable Device for Physiological Monitoring
Adherent Multi-Sensor Device with Implantable Device Communication Capabilities
Data Collection in a Multi-Sensor Patient Monitor
Injectable Physiological Monitoring System
Systems and methods for avoiding neural stimulation habituation
Business process automation in a health plan organization
Cyclopropyl Amide Derivatives 978
Thiophene and Thiazole Substituted Trifluoroethanone Derivatives as Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhib...
2-(Phenylamino) Benzimidazole Derivatives and Their Use as Modulators of Small- Conductance Calcuim-...
PARP Modulators and Treatment of Cancer
Frequency Stimulation Trainer
Method and apparatus for conducting peripheral vascular disease procedures using a novel anchor ball...
Therapeutic angiogenesis for treatment of the spine
Computer implemented method for analyzing a collaborative space
Interactive learning system based on template-template structure
Editing process for an explanatory model
System and method for a logical-model based application understanding and transformation
Calculating web page importance based on a conditional Markov random walk
System and method for selecting parameters for data mining modeling algorithms in data mining applic...
Integration of workflow and rules
Container lid with disc shaped media and method of use
Table game having an elevated platform
Method for playing poker
Blackjack game with press wager
In car entertainment unit including printer
Health education board game
Construction set utilizing magnets
Advanced aperture framework balloon display