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Electronic component including reinforcing member
Electronic paper display device and method of preparation the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid droplet discharging method, and liquid droplet discharging apparatus
Navigation apparatus, navigation system, method thereof, program thereof, and recording medium there...
RF meter reading system
Network facsimile apparatus that transmits e-mail indicating transmission control information throug...
DSL data collection system
Public safety access point (PSAP) administration system and method for safely modifying data in a PS...
System and method for volume indication during a communication session
Phrase-based indexing in an information retrieval system
Directory server views
Communications network
Broadband wireless communication system
Collaborative environments in a graphical information system
Facsimile apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Communications network
Method for transmitting data from a participant device in a session in an internet protocol (IP) sys...
Hand-off method using edge nodes in mobile ad-hoc network
Voice over internet protocol system having dynamic gain control function and method thereof
Surveillance system and surveillance method
Proximity alarm system for articles
Airport safety system
Method and apparatus for a multifunction radio
Reception of signals in a device comprising a transmitter
Method and system for generating three-dimensional antenna radiation patterns
Radio frequency signal coupler, coupling system and method
Method for handling inter-RAT measurement and report in a dual-mode user equipment
Radio communication terminal apparatus and radio communication base station apparatus
Auto-configuration of spectrum use by wireless pre-planned or ad hoc networks
Reception in dedicated service of wireless communication system
Method of selecting transport channel parameters, radio system, controller, user equipment and base ...
Radio communications system, radio network controller and base station
Reception apparatus and method of a mobile station in an mobile communication system
Method of separating an exposed thermal transfer assemblage
Random copolymers of ethylene and 4-vinylphenyl esters and method for preparing the same
System and method for authentication and authorization using a centralized authority
Trust information delivery scheme for certificate validation
Component naming
System and method for sharing items in a computer system
Hierarchical arrangement of modified class loaders and token driven class loaders and methods of use
Managing entity-relationship data for data objects persisted in a relational database
System and method for applying a machine-processable policy rule to information gathered about a net...
Server resource allocation based on averaged server utilization and server power management
Processor having inactive state of operation and method thereof
Compounds derived from polyanhydride resins with film-forming, UV-absorbing, and photostablizing pro...
System and methods for improved emission control of internal combustion engines using pulsed fuel fl...
Light fixture
High bay LED light fixture
LED light fixture
Hanging lamp support
Light fixture
Light fixture
Light fixture
Light fixture
Hanging lamp support
Hanging lamp support
Lamp support
Hanging lamp support
Table lamp
Lamp shade
Verticle fin LED lamp fixture
Safety light bracket design
Lighting fixture element
Hair clip
Electric shaver
Magnesium-containing carrier component and application to olefin polymerization
Pulsed terahertz spectrometer
Method of making RFID devices
Metal ear tag with electronic identification device
Trackable, identifiable foreign material exclusion device
Transport and delivery system for valuable items
Image forming apparatus
Transparent, electrically conductive, coated polyester film, process for its production, and its use
Baggage check-in using short message service
Reader application markup language schema
Digital image capturing and processing system employing coplanar illumination and imaging stations w...
Digital image capturing and processing system employing a plurality of coplanar illuminating and ima...
Electronic wallet
Glycolipids and analogues thereof as antigens for NK T cells
Needle tip guard for percutaneous entry needles
Dumbbell supporting apparatus
Automatic liquid injection system and method
Product and process for liquefaction of mucus or sputum
Lubricious composition
Systems, methods and devices for removing obstructions from a blood vessel
Intraluminal stent and graft
Stent with variable features to optimize support and method of making such stent
Intravascular stent
Treatments for a patient with congestive heart failure
Sutureless heart valve attachment
Devices and methods for disc replacement
Non-aqueous washing machine and methods
Detection systems for power equipment
Intraluminal guidewire with hydraulically collapsible self-expanding protection device
Method for generating intuitive quasi-eigen faces
Brightness control apparatus and method for a video display appliance
Method for process substitution on a database management system
Processing data objects
System and methods for efficiently managing incremental data backup revisions
System and method for customizing a portal environment
Method and apparatus for space efficient identification of candidate objects for eviction from a lar...
Hybrid object placement in a distributed storage system
Concurrent read and write access to a linked list where write process updates the linked list by swa...
Slave replica member
Information processing apparatus and method, information recording medium, and computer program
Method for computing payment discounts to achieve budget-balance in exchanges
Method and system for automated bid advice for auctions
Compliance monitoring method and apparatus
Method and system for regulating the production of a second form of energy, generated from a first f...
Systems and methods for providing enhanced volume-weighted average price trading
System and method for facilitating reciprocative small business financial information exchanges
Method and device for evaluation of financial derivatives using sparse grids
Method and apparatus for an incomplete information model of credit risk
Fixed rate financing instrument offering a dividend or partially guaranteed by third party to issuan...
Method for determining the risk associated with licensing or enforcing intellectual property
System of hedge fund ratings
Apparatuses and processes for calculating options
System and method for implementing foreign exchange currency forwards
DBS feature extension architecture
Fuel Staging System
Automated synchronized service intervals for vehicles
Integrated antenna in display or lightbox
Motor vehicle and control method of motor vehicle
Method and device for estimating the total mass of a motor vehicle
Acousto-mechanical vehicle characterization system and method
Audio system for use with a vehicle
Optical laser guidance system apparatus and method
Method for controlling vehicle
Method and apparatus for reconstructing an accident using side satellite lateral acceleration sensor...
Information reproduction and recording apparatus and information transfer module
Sound reproduction system and method based on physical and mental states of a drive
Multi-tasking apparatus and method in portable terminal wherein controller switches to standby mode ...
Measuring tape device with function of music player
Mobile communication terminal and method for controlling operation thereof
Audio reproducing apparatus and music selection method
Buddleja plant named `Miss Ruby`
Control apparatus and a control method thereof
Control for an engine having a variable valve-driving unit
Apparatus for and method of controlling intake operation of an internal combustion engine
Phaser for controlling the timing between a camshaft and a timing gear
Hybrid vehicle system having engine with variable valve operation
Controller for plant using PWM algorithm
Combustion engine comprising a control cam
Control valve for a device changing the control times of an internal combustion engine
Three-dimensional-model processing apparatus, three-dimensional-model processing method, and compute...
Method and apparatus for software-based allocation and scheduling of hardware resources in a wireles...
Method and apparatus automatic pause and resume of playback for a popup on interactive TV
System and method for customizing layer based themes
Packet classification
Process, system, or method for the determination of the percentage of area of a parcel of land avail...
Task oriented log retrieval utilizing a self-learning search tool
Performing a multiple table join operating based on generated predicates from materialized results
Dynamic look ahead predicate generation
Systems, methods and computer program products for data processing
Systems for schema-facilitated device capability discovery
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
On-line organization of data sets
System and method for handling item listings with generic attributes
Having a single set of object relational mappings across different instances of the same schemas
EGVII endoglucanase and nucleic acids encoding the same
Woodcrafted soup kiosk
Print control method, apparatus and program for displaying a preview image
Digital pen calibration by local linearization
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
Methods for audio watermarking and decoding
System and method for customizing user interfaces on a document processing device
Diagnostic and prognostic compounds and method
Functional assays that use the T1R2 taste receptor to identify potential taste modulators
Animal model and cell-line expressing modified chlorine channel
Method for producing biomass
Apparatus and method for injecting substance into cell
Anti-inflammatory compounds and uses thereof
Protein kinase C epsilon as modulator of anxiety, alcohol consumption and self-administration of dru...
Apparatus for evaluating semiconductor wafer
Gas diffusion vacuum device
Theatre light apparatus incorporating LED tracking system
Apparatus and method for cleaning substrate
Method and apparatus for simultaneous high-speed acquisition of multiple images
External speech processor unit for an auditory prosthesis
Method for manufacturing high pressure discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp manufactured usi...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Wafer and method of producing a substrate by transfer of a layer that includes foreign species
Lamp bulbs for discharge lamps made from aluminosilicate glass, discharge lamps made with same and m...
Interlabial pad
Kalman filter approach to processing electromagnetic data
Cell differentiation inducer, benzamide compounds
Energy storage device having a separator blocking parasitic ions
Delivery systems for functional ingredients
Friction loss reduction in viscoelastic surfactant fracturing fluids using low molecular weight wate...
Cartilage implant
Agent for oxidative treatment, particularly in transparent gel form
Methods for producing ligand arrays
Electron transfer dissociation for biopolymer sequence mass spectrometric analysis
Damascene phase change RAM and manufacturing method
Back-to-front via process
Devices, systems, and methods for dispensing disinfectant solutions comprising a peroxygen and trans...
Electrode configurations for plasma-dome PDP
Method and apparatus for spectral-beam combining of fiber-amplified laser beams using high-efficienc...
Correction ink for micro defect of color pattern, color filter, method for correcting micro defect o...
Transparent electroconductive film, method for manufacture thereof, and touch panel
Toner for developing latent electrostatic image, container having the same, developer using the same...
Process for making aminoalkylphenyl carbamates and intermediates therefor
Well bore treatment fluid
Liquid crystal device and electronic device having liquid crystal molecules aligned at reflective el...
Plasma display device
Apparatus and method for post mount guide
Battery charger that employs current sharing to simultaneously power an application and charge a bat...
Quantized data-dependent jitter injection using discrete samples
Storing downloadable firmware on bulk media
Apparatus, system, and server capable of effectively specifying information in document
Method and apparatus for quantifying the timing error induced by an impedance variation of a signal ...
Method of semiconductor device and design supporting system of semiconductor device
Light emitting diode
Field spike monitor for MRAM
Recycling of asphaltic concrete
Reactor filled with solid particle and gas-phase catalytic oxidation with the reactor
Process for producing a golf ball with deep dimples
Universal fishing bait based on fibrous collagen and the procedure for its preparation
Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and sheet therefor
Fluorovinyl ethers and polymers obtainable therefrom
Method and system for the inspection of integrated circuit devices having leads
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic memory device and method for fabricating the same
Method to tighten set distribution for PCRAM
Vehicle take-off control apparatus and method
System and method for a pumping torque estimation model for all air induction configurations
Method and system for controlling a flowrate of a recirculated exhaust gas
Planetary gear train and driving unit having the same
Bridle catheter with umbilical tape
Disposable inhaler
Method of fabricating an organic field transistor
Method of contacting an electrical conductor and flexible element for providing an electrical contac...
Multilevel structured surfaces
High availability of resources in telecommunications network using synchronized redundancy mechanism
Method and apparatus for quality-of-service based admission control using prediction of scheduling g...
Method, apparatus and system for granular policing based on multiple arrival curves
Intelligent selective flow-based datapath architecture
Method and apparatus for providing voice path assurance testing through a packet network
Method of flow control for HSDPA and HSUPA
Packetizing telecommunications switch
Server component redirection of new media path portion between packet-switched and circuit-switched ...
System and method for determining the physical topology of a network having multiple subnets
Stationary forced premature detonation of improvised explosive devices via wireless phone signaling
Network interworking through message translation
Resin composition and multi-layer structures
Snapping ring for perfume bottle
Snapping ring for perfume bottle
Flow-rate-regulated burst switches
Variable frequency tampers for coated stocks used in paper feed trays
Sheet feeding device and image forming device with linked rotatable guide members
Photoreceptor member
Polyarylate containing member
Hologram recording method and hologram recording apparatus
Hologram recording method and device
Method and apparatus for automatically determining image foreground color
Corner sharpening of text and line art in a super resolution anti-aliasing image path
Machine translation using non-contiguous fragments of text
Saddle-riding type vehicle with fuel pump
Ground fault circuit interrupter with end-of-life protection
Tape printing apparatus, data processing method for tape printing apparatus, printing system, data p...
Image scanning device with a pivotable automatic document feeder
OPC simulation model using SOCS decomposition of edge fragments
Wafer bonding of thinned electronic materials and circuits to high performance substrates
Piezoelectric element, actuator device, liquid-jet head, and liquid-jet apparatus
VUV-excited device with blue-emitting phosphor
Information display sheet
Electronic assemblies comprising ceramic/organic hybrid substrate with embedded capacitors
Texture control of thin film layers prepared via laser induced thermal imaging
Planographic printing plate material
Production method for electroluminescent element
Apparatus and method for the purification of nucleic acids
Methods for hermetic sealing of post media-filled MEMS package
Method for manufacturing wiring, thin film transistor, light emitting device and liquid crystal disp...
Conductive emulsion for preparing surface for powder coating
Material system for tailorable white light emission and method for making thereof
Multi-party electronic transactions
Smartcard transaction method and system using signature recognition
Imaging method and image forming apparatus
Parallel merge/sort processing device, method, and program for sorting data strings
Global dynamic persistent information architecture
Systems for distributing data over a computer network and methods for arranging nodes for distributi...
Method for performing tree based ACL lookups
System and method for context-based searching and control of an integrated communications center
Process for the purification of duloxetine hydrochloride
Electro-nerve stimulator system and methods
Topsheet for absorbent article
Gripping portion of a grill brush handle
Getter precursors for hermetically sealed packaging
Rhodium and iridium complexes
Light emitting device having light reflector with plurality of openings
Fine-grained rare earth activated zinc sulfide phosphors for electroluminescent displays
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a film in contact with a debonded layer
Hand-supportable planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) device for producing a planar laser i...
Optical transceiver and optical connector
Method for the production of optically active 3-alkylcarboxylic acids and the intermediate products ...
Method for the production of optically active carbonyl
Device for examining rotor drilled holes
Method for optical chassis measurement
Broadband hybrid two-stage optical amplifier
Disc drive apparatus
Test probe with hollow tubular contact with bullet-nosed configuration at one end and crimped config...
Device for holographic reconstruction of three-dimensional scenes
System and method for implementing real-time adaptive threshold triggering in acoustic detection sys...
Persistent archives
Composite magazine for chambering ammunition in a firearm
Shell stripper assembly
Linear motion guide unit
Linear unit with tolerance compensation
Flange sleeve and method for the production thereof
Bearing with IC tag and seal for the same
Wheel support bearing assembly
Journal bearing backing ring
Center bearing assembly for rotatably supporting a shaft at varying angles relative to a support sur...
Wheel support bearing assembly
Precision machine tool
Enhanced thermal deformation resisting bearing of electric motor
Aircraft navigation light
Methods and devices for enabling a mobile network device to select a foreign agent
Repeated conflict acknowledgements in a cache coherency protocol
Upper-level protocol authentication
Method for the acceleration of the transmission of logging data in a multi-computer environment and ...
Fabric care composition
Visual indicia for a diaper
Methods and compositions for administering therapeutic and diagnostic agents
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Methods of producing pancreatic hormones
Concrete cleaning and preparation composition
Audio restoration apparatus and audio restoration method
Benzo[b]furane and benzo[b]thiophene derivatives
Capillary perfused bioreactors with multiple chambers
3D tissue constructs on the basis of colloidal crystals surface modified by sequential layering
Dicing saw blade positioning apparatus and methods independent of blade thickness via constrained bi...
Projectile height of burst determination method and system
Method, device, and computer program for determining range to a target
Lighting apparatus
Illumination device, light irradiation apparatus using the same, and method for producing photoreact...
Illuminating devices using small PT sources including LEDs
Helicoidal system for recessed light fixture assembly
LED lamp with a heat dissipation device
Window unit for an aircraft with shading and lighting functions
System for providing illumination
Illuminated visor vanity
Elliptical optical module with light shield for a motor vehicle
LED headlight for a motor vehicle
Bumper assembly with fog lamp bezel
Backlight module
Backlight unit
Optical deflector element and light source device
Thin backlight with flipped light emitting diode
Light source device, display device, and terminal device
Planar light source and liquid crystal display using the same
Carrier with a cable channel for an electric lamp
Photopolymerization apparatus
Secure fiber optic network keyed connector assembly
Cable retaining system
Optical wireless transmission system
Light emission control for forming two-dimensional and three-dimensional images
Fractional coverage louver device for a light guide screen
Optical depolarizers and DGD generators based on optical delay
Photonic integrated circuit device and elements thereof
Micro movable element and optical switching device
Method and apparatus for resonant coupling in photonic crystal circuits
Aluminum alloys for armored cables
Optical fiber
Wavelength division multiplexing module
Optical fiber containing alkali metal oxide
Method and apparatus for the correction of nonlinear field of view distortion of a digital imaging s...
Image compression device, image compression method, image compression program, compression encoding ...
Image compression device, image output device, image decompression device, printer, image processing...
Header-based processing of images compressed using multi-scale transforms
Imaging apparatus and imaging method for compressing image data to a fixed length
Luminance preserving color quantization in RGB color space
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on...
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on...
Image comparison by metric embeddings
Method, process and computer program to automatically create a customized three-dimensional nail obj...
Interface for compressed video data analysis
Device and method for mapping and tracking blood flow and determining parameters of blood flow
Methods for adaptively varying gain during ultrasound agent quantification
Modular apparatus for diagnostic ultrasound
Pulse oximeter with alternate heart-rate determination
Catheter with formed guide wire ramp
Tissue separating catheter assembly and method
System and method for measuring and reporting changes in walking speed
Cortical sensing device with pads
Process and apparatus for the polymerization of propylene
Sequentially terminated elastomers
Siloxane monomers and oligomers
Method of producing dicarboxylic acids
Printable snap-breakable polymer sheet
System and method for detecting drifts in calibrated tracking systems
Method and CT system for detecting and differentiating plaque in vessel structures of a patient
4D imaging with a C-arm X-ray system
Fishing pole, anti-wrap line guide for a fishing pole, and fishing rod
Arm support for use with a fishing rod
Foldable fish-trap
Animal litter having the property of detecting diabetes in felines
Theft deterrent system hook
Steam fog generator for vehicle
Liquid silicone rubber coating composition, curtain airbag and making method
Chemically amplified resist composition and manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit...
Room temperature-curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Fluorine-containing amide compound and method for preparing the same
Process for producing pyromellitic acid
Process for producing methionine
Optically-active bis(alkynylphosphino) ethane-borane derivative and process for producing the same
Method for bonding semiconductor chip
Systems and methods for monitoring open stock merchandising
Radio frequency identification based sensor reader
Identification band using a conductive fastening for enhanced security and functionality
Method of annotating an item with electronic data and apparatus therefor
Homodyne RFID receiver and method
Wireless communication device interconnectivity
Communication device locating system
Passive wireless keyboard powered by key activation
Detection of data cartridges in an automated data storage library
Catalytic scriabine reaction
Pyrrolotriazine kinase inhibitors
s-Triazine compounds bearing at least one para-aminobenzalmalonic salt substituent and photoprotecti...
Apparatus and method for creating three-dimensional caricature
Linoleum cutter
Color composition and inkjet recording method
Use of microfluidic systems in the electrochemical detection of target analytes
Ambient-temperature molten salts and process for producing the same
Micro-reservoir osmotic release systems and microtube array device
Lithium anode, method of manufacturing the same and lithium battery using the lithium anode
Thin film transistor with plural channels and corresponding overlapping electrode
System and method of use for agent delivery and revascularizing of grafts and vessels
Compositions and methods for enhancing delivery of therapeutic agents to cells
Ion channel modulating compounds and uses thereof
Imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine antagonists of gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor
Use of amidomethyl-substituted 2-(4-sulfonylamino)-3-hydroxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-chromen-6-yl-compounds i...
Hybrid magnetic-based and impedance-based position sensing
Glucuronide metabolites and epimers thereof of tigecycline
Folding bag construction
Apparatus and method for transferring samples from a source to a target
Vacuum regulator
Actuator assembly
Housing for a modem
Consistent rigidity construction arrangement for a machine tool
Process for the synthesis of hydrogenofluoromethylenesulphonyl radical derivatives
Burning oven
Polymer grafting by polysaccharide synthases
Coupling assembly for animal management systems
MRI data acquisition using propeller k-space data acquisition
Sensor array for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging systems and method
NMR system and method having a permanent magnet providing a rotating magnetic field
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Method for adjustment of a shim device of a magnetic resonance apparatus
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method of making a flame retardant poly(arylene ether)/polyamide composition
Method for evaluating anti-contamination level on a surface of optical recording medium, the apparat...
Accelerated organoborane amine complex initiated polymerizable compositions
Release liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet employing the same
Various methods and apparatuses for a multiple input-voltage-level voltage-regulator and a multiple ...
Threaded frusto-conical interbody spinal fusion implants
Devices and methods for protecting against distal embolisms
2-amino-3,4-dihydro-pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives useful as inhibitors of .beta.-secretase (BA...
Imaging lens
C-purine nucleoside analogs as inhibitors of RNA-dependent RNA viral polymerase
Liquid crystal display module and an assembly method therefor
Process for preparation of carvedilol
Methods of forming a plurality of capacitors
NROM memory cell, memory array, related devices and methods
Conformable interface materials for improving thermal contacts
System and process for controlling the coding bit rate of streaming media data employing a limited n...
Random access read/write media format for an on-demand distributed streaming system
System and method for transferring a compressed data file to a peripheral device
Method and system for re-synchronizing end points when an intermediary detects that the end points m...
Automatic protocol determination for portable devices supporting multiple protocols
Method and system for intercepting, analyzing, and modifying interactions between a transport client...
Error detection in web services systems
Task sequence integration and execution mechanism with automated global condition checking and compe...
Integrated timeline and logically-related list view
Using structures and urgency calculators for displaying information to indicate both the importance ...
Photo browse and zoom
System and method for multiple input multiple output wireless transmission
Apparatus and method for downlink spatial division multiple access scheduling in a wireless network
Multisided synchronization of execution in a wireless test environment
Methods and systems for language translation
Online intelligent multilingual comparison-shop agents for wireless networks
Wireless computer peripheral device
Watchdog device that provides and interrupts power to a network device in response to a lockup error...
Power control using erasure techniques
Method and apparatus for accelerating CPE-based VPN transmissions over a wireless network
Wireless network device with a signal detection function and switching method for the same
System and method for operating a parking facility
Gestural use of wireless mobile phone devices to signal to remote systems
Methods and devices for concentration and purification of analytes for chemical analysis including m...
Self-referencing biodetection method and patterned bioassays
Rapid bacterial quantification
Methods and systems for comparing currents using current conveyor circuitry
Security techniques for electronic devices
System and method for coordinating automated and semi-automated trading tools
Method and system for quantity entry
System and method for coordinating automated and semi-automated trading tools
Method and system for quantity entry
Set top box
LCD monitor
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Communication device
Mobile phone
Bluetooth headset
Speaker for home theater
Set of buttons for a handset
Front cover of a handset
Front cover for a handset
Rear panel for a handset
Combination of display and set of key buttons for a handset
Display image for a mobile phone
Cellular phone with a dynamic display on the screen thereof
Display image for a mobile phone
High-breakdown-voltage semiconductor apparatus
Coated composites of magnetic material and quantum dots
Use of IL-12 and IL-12 antagonists in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Cartridge for the preparation of beverages
Cartridge system for the preparation of beverages and method of manufacturing said system
Combined container, activity tray and mailer
Food waste disposer with foreign object detector
Cake batter separator
Cutting board system
Method for improving body weight gain and feed conversion efficiency in animals
Nutrient supplements and methods for treating autism and for preventing the onset of autism
Process for producing rice flour and use thereof
Process for preparing hybrid proteins
Compositions of oxo-terpene derivatives and process for preparing the same
Non-protein foaming compositions and methods of making the same
Beverage thickener system, beverage and method
Use of a novel source of fiber for captive wild browser diets
Gas-barriering coated film
Flow path switchover device for particulate transport
Method and device of enabling a user of an internet application access to protected information
Residential Flat Plate Concealed Sprinkler
Wet-grinding gypsum with polycarboxylates
Drywall Mud Pump With Improved Connection Between The Piston And The Rod
Reactor for Preparing Hydrogen Compounds
Large Particle, High Mineral Purity Delaminated Kaolins and Methods of Preparing and Using Same
Doped thermionic cathode and method of making doped thermionic cathode
Natural Fibre Thermoset Composite Product and Method For Manufacturing the Same
Dark, Flat Element Having Low Heat Conductivity, Reduced Density And Low Solar Absorption
Low Embodied Energy Wallboards and Methods of Making Same
Refractory Materials
Organosilicon Compounds and Their Use In Crosslinkable Compositions
Polyglycolic Acid Resin Particle Composition and Process for Production Thereof
Occludator, face bow, occlusion-confirming system and temporomandibular joint-reproducing system
Organic recycling with a pipe-cross or tubular reactor
Building board
Methods and materials for the production of L-lactic acid in yeast
Ultra-low residue, high solids, wet cake products and methods of making same
Invert drilling fluids and methods of drilling boreholes
Metallic soaps of modified tall oil acids
Flame-retardant resin composition and flame-retardant resin-molded article
Aqueous dispersions of polyurethane-addition polymer hybrid particles especially for use in coating ...
Model predictive control of air pollution control processes
Water-Soluble Azo Compound, Ink Composition and Colored Article
Fuel Cell System and Operation Method Thereof
Silver Halide color photographic light-sensitive material and color image-forming method
Optimization of West Nile Virus Antibodies
Gene Sms 14
Transcription factor modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Transcription Factor Modulating Compounds and Methods of Use Thereof
Polynucleotide Capture Materials, and Methods of Using Same
Process for Selective Oxidation of Olefins to Epoxides
Breath test device and method
Water Treatment Method for Heavy Oil Production
Reduced inductance in ball grid array packages
Flow or windage control for a cantilevered head assembly
Maintaining data integrity in a data storage system
Soft Output Bit Threshold Error Correction
Reduced State Soft Output Processing
Navigation-assisted fitness and dieting device
Server and vehicle-mounted navigation apparatus, vehicle employing the same, and meteorological info...
Navigation with satellite communications
Navigation wheel having discrete switches
Virtual view tree
Navigation system
Methods and systems for dynamically rearranging search results into hierarchically organized concept...
System and method for URL virtualization and mapping
Dynamic multi-dimensional scrolling
Facility search apparatus and method
Fixing Device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using this fixing device
Toner Composition and Method
Image forming apparatus with a plurality of development devices
Image forming apparatus and a method thereof for supplying toner
Apparatus for forming image-quality evaluation image
Developing device adjustment method
Developing device, image forming device and method of assembling developing device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Powder container for use in an image forming apparatus having an opening which faces horizontally
Developer holding member, method of producing a developer holding member, developing apparatus and i...
Endless belt and image forming apparatus
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus and image density control method
Toner supply device, image forming apparatus and toner supplying method
Guide element for guiding a cleaning apparatus of a printing press
Printing blanket having a dimensionally stable carrier plate, a method for producing a printing blan...
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Communication system with two antennas and two receivers
Security cover
Disc drive unit
Vacuum bandage packing
Bimaterial intraocular implant and process for making the implant
Quinol compound and pharmaceutical composition
Method for forming semiconductor device and method for forming photovoltaic device
Hydrogen generator
Catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Method for forming a chemical microreactor
Fuel cell assembly and method for bonding a separator and an electrolyte layer of a fuel cell assemb...
Fuel compositions
Fuel cell system
Membrane electrode assembly for a tube-shaped fuel cell and tube-shaped fuel cell
Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack
Acid-base proton conducting polymer blend membrane
Solid polymer membrane for fuel cell with polyamine imbibed therein for reducing methanol permeabili...
Fuel cell and method for manufacture thereof
Cell for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell with improved gas flow sealing
Symmetrical, bi-electrode supported solid oxide fuel cell
Integral multi-stack system of fuel cell
Methanol fuel cells
Platinum-free chelate-catalyst material for the selective reduction of oxygen and method for product...
MgO-based tunnel spin injectors
Bipolar transistor, BiCMOS device, and method for fabricating thereof
Birefringent optical film, laminated polarizing plate, liquid crystal display and image
Method for determining acceptability of proposed color solution using an artificial intelligence mod...
Thermoset polyimides for microelectronic applications
Fuel cell system built as a system in which a fuel cell and an electric device are provided in paral...
Method for electrically discharging substrate, substrate processing apparatus and program
System with server based control of client device display features
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor substrate therefor
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Methods and apparatus for optical analysis of samples in biological sample containers
Apparatus and method for defect inspection
Discharge of MEM devices having charge induced via focused beam to enter different states
Aluminum fluoride films for microelectromechanical system applications
SLM addressing methods and apparatuses
CGRP receptor antagonists
Process for the synthesis of perindopril and its pharmaceutically acceptable salts
DMOS transistor with a poly-filled deep trench for improved performance
Nitride semiconductor wafer and method of processing nitride semiconductor wafer
Mobile communications terminal having key input error prevention function and method thereof
Moving/guiding apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Laser amplifiers with high gain and small thermal aberrations
Beam splitters for, for instance, high efficiency spectral imagers
Zoom lens system and imaging device
Magneto-resistance element and thin film magnetic head with improved heat reliability
System and method for token-based PPP fragment scheduling
Optical transmission system
Image forming apparatus, method of recommending replacement of rotatable member, method of cleaning ...
Power transmitting apparatus, power switching apparatus, and driving apparatus of multi-function mac...
Real life implementation of modern portfolio theory (MPT) for financial planning and portfolio manag...
Third party authentication of files in digital systems
Formal dress
Architecture and method for improving efficiency of a class-A power amplifier by dynamically scaling...
Antenna apparatus
Optical microscopy with phototransformable optical labels
Fuel cell system
Light emitting device with microlens array
Cartridge for coating film transfer tool
Catalysts for olefin polymerization
High precision chromatic dispersion measuring method and automatic dispersion compensating optical l...
Online storage medium transfer rate characteristics determination
Method and apparatus for evaluating paths in a state machine
System and method for interactive distribution of selectable presentations
Electrical wire interconnect system risk assessment tool
Automated management of development project files over a network
Method, system, and computer medium for dynamically counting down to an online auction end time
Techniques for crawling dynamic web content
Impact analysis in an object model
Vector-matrix multiplication
Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Turbogenerator/motor controller
Permanent magnet structure with axial access for spectroscopy applications
Low mutual inductance matched inductors
Circuit arrangement and method for supplying power to a transponder
Solid-state image pickup device and radiation image pickup device suitable for use in a flat panel d...
Defect inspecting apparatus
Light source apparatus, method for adjusting the same and method for producing the same
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Method and system for utilizing flexible members in a head gimbal assembly to reduce impact of opera...
Micro-actuator with integrated trace and bonding pad support
Micro-actuator including side arms having back-turned extensions, head gimbal assembly and disk driv...
Surface-emitting laser light source using two-dimensional photonic crystal
3D image segmentation
Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
System, method, and computer program product for sending remote device configuration information to ...
Coating liquid for intermediate layer in electrophotographic photoconductor, electrophotographic pho...
Vinyl chloride resin composition
(Meth) acrylic ester compound and use thereof
Method of treating diseases and conditions associated with an altered level of amyloid beta peptides...
Logic analyzer systems and methods for programmable logic devices
Folding knife with finger guard
Cleaning composition comprising a branched ester and an organic solute
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage material having a packing machine...
Open system architecture for surveillance systems with efficient bandwidth management
Apparatus for making high-sensitivity measurements of various parameters, and sensors particularly u...
Method and system for providing an energy efficient exchange of information in wireless networks
Wellhead with non-ferromagnetic materials
Systems and methods for thermal sensing
Operational amplifier
Flash fixing device, image forming device using the same, and flash lamp light emission control meth...
Apparatus and process for extracting arsenic in vacuum
Apparatus and method for detecting laser dropout
Information recording carrier and information reproducing apparatus for the same
VCSEL with integrated lens
Electro-optic gap-cell for waveguide deployment
Semiconductor chip module
Light scattering optical resonator
Optical cable for communication
Fiber optic cable having a dry insert and offset cavity
Image-forming device and developing cartridge with information member for use therein
Image holding member and image forming apparatus
Developer with developer level control, and image forming apparatus having same
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Transfer belt and full color image-forming apparatus equipped therewith
Modular housing with housing plates
Coatings comprising self-assembled molecular structures
Arrangement for welding workpieces by means of an ultrasonic device
Printing apparatus, data processing method for printing apparatus, and printing system
Image heating apparatus
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Optical power control apparatus, optical beam scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and optic...
Structure using photonic crystal and surface emitting laser
Image forming apparatus and control method for same
Method and system for viewing scalable documents
Access control apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Resolution conversion method and device
Image forming apparatus with toner content detection and image density detection
Image heating apparatus with detection of an abnormal state of heater element groups
Developing recovery container
Fluid distribution tray and method for the distribution of a highly dispersed fluid across a bed of ...
Single phase unidirectional surface acoustic wave transducer and improved reflectors
Bone restorative carrier mediums
Conductor structures including penetrable materials
Dielectric memory and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having a fuse and method of forming thereof
LSI package provided with interface module
Si power device mounted on a substrate including arrangements to prevent damage to connection layers...
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Structure and method for bond pads of copper-metallized integrated circuits
Wiring glass substrate for connecting a semiconductor chip to a printed wiring substrate and a semic...
Tiled construction of layered materials
Integrated circuit devices including compliant material under bond pads and methods of fabrication
Radio frequency IC tag and method for manufacturing same
Microwaveable radio frequency identification tags
Liquid crystal display apparatus and cooling device
Displacement measuring method, displacement measuring instrument, displacement measuring target and ...
Optical display systems and methods
Single chip USB packages with contact-pins cover
Printed wiring board and a method of manufacturing the same
Optoelectronic system and method for its manufacture
Semiconductor device
Seamless mobility management with service detail records
Method of generating a performance model from a functional model
Presence tracking and name space interconnection techniques
Auto-generation of configuration and topology models
Interface method, system, and program product for facilitating layering of a data communications pro...
General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to implement flow control
Self-timed processor
Microcontroller unit (MCU) with suspend mode
Method for recognizing and verifying FIFO structures in integrated circuit designs
Determining networks of a tile module of a programmable logic device
Method and system for configuring network processing software to exploit packet flow data locality
Avians expressing heterologous protein
Miniature resonating marker assembly
Method for digitally rendering skin or like materials
Dynamic StO.sub.2 measurements and analysis
Methods for obtaining quick, repeatable and non-invasive bioelectrical signals in living organisms
Nonvascular implantable defibrillator and method
Shielded electrode for nerve sensing
Method for biometric authentication through layering biometric traits
Transgenic plants overexpressing a plant vacuolar H + -ATPase
Transgenic plants having transformed plastid genomes and progeny thereof
Plant transformed with polynucleotide encoding lepidopteran-active Bacillus thuringiensis .delta.-en...
Apparatus and method for coating and drying multiple stents
Distributed firewall system and method
Labeling gateway for compartmented multi-operator network elements over a heterogeneous network
Method and system for controlling software loads on a third-party mobile station
Automated method and system for monitoring local area computer networks for unauthorized wireless ac...
Risk profiling for optimizing deployment of security measures
Content management method, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and recording medium
Audio video shelving unit
Multi-media phone system monitor
Media device and cradle arrangement
Cycling shoe with an adjustable strap
Imaging system providing automated fulfillment of image photofinishing based on location
RF grounding of cathode in process chamber
Generic DMA IP core interface for FPGA platform design
Method for verifying and choosing lithography model
Lube base oil and lubricating oil composition
Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates
Liquid detergent compositions with visibly distinct beads
Method and device for a proactive cooling system for a motor vehicle
Cargo container handling system and associated method
Electromagnetic device for converting mechanical vibrational energy into electrical energy, and manu...
Technique for operating a vehicle effectively and safely
Vehicular anti-theft security system
Trailer alarm
System and method for wireless remote control of locomotives
Remote management system of dynamic state data of work machine
Method for providing information and system for providing information
Control for musical equipment
Brace bar for sound board of a guitar
Condensate scavenging system and method for in-ground vehicle lifts
Method and system for improving pump efficiency and productivity under power disturbance conditions
Method and apparatus for controlling multi-fluid flow in a micro channel
Suction distribution and disconnection system for a submersible pump
Aliquot correction for feeding set degradation
Ocean wave power recovery and conversion spar buoy engine
Reversible submerged motor
Bi-directional reversible submersible motor
System for dispensing paper rolls with conductive tubes
Method of deinking recycled paper employing centrifigal cleaners
Device for the measurement of glucose concentrations
Reduction in scattering from a turbid medium by photo-bleaching
System for detecting position of capsule endoscope in subject
Beam chromatic shifting and directing means
One dimensional measuring unit having a dielectric block
Optical fluid level encoder
Imaging system for emulation of a high aperture scanning system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method as well as computer program
Image processing apparatus and print control apparatus
Hearing aid
Porous sintered composite materials
Device for recovering drinking water from condensate as well as a method and a deep-drawing die for ...
Device for collecting clarified water for a basin and corresponding basin
Upflow filtration and method apparatus for stormwater treatment
Chromatography column distribution system
Chromatography columns
Method for purifying fluid and static mixer
Flow-through removal device and system using such device
Dual stage ultrafilter devices in the form of portable filter devices, shower devices, and hydration...
Liquid medium treatment method and device
Pressurized biological waste water purification process
Reversed endcapping and bonding of chromatographic stationary phases using hydrosilanes
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fibre membranes
Storm drain filter with variable flow capacity
Apparatus for disinfecting fluid using ultraviolet radiation
Dual-train wastewater reclamation and treatment system
Horizontal vibratory centrifuge apparatus
Stable oxidizer composition for use in formulations
Uninterrupted flow pump apparatus and method
Method for purifying wastewater
Method of issuing an interim mail address and system for doing the same
Method, system, and storage medium for providing autonomic identification of an important message
Histone deacetylase inhibitors
Antibodies to tumor necrosis factor receptors 6.alpha. and 6.beta.
Peptide fragments of the harp factor inhibiting angiogenesis
Method and apparatus for automated handling of medical devices during manufacture
Mechanism for generating wave motion
Retrievable IVC filter
Method and device for monitoring platelet function
3,6-dihydro-2-oxo-6H-1,3,4,-thiadiazine derivatives
Thiazoline derivative and use of the same
Image-forming method using heat-sensitive transfer system
Calculation of ADC and DAC errors in LSI chip
Analog error correction for a pipelined charge-domain A/D converter
Acoustic intrusion detection system
System and method for implementing traffic management based on network resources
Method and apparatus for treating hoof problems
Sheathless anastomotic ring applier device
Methods of treating musculodegenerative disease with an antibody that binds growth differentiation f...
Hemostatic mistura of ipomoea balatas leaves, methods of preparation and use thereof
Crystallization of carboxyltransferase domain of Acetyl-CoEnzyme A Carboxylase 2 with a ligand
Placental stem cell and methods thereof
Method for determining metabolic type
Sustained release GLP-1 receptor modulators
Benzofuran and benzothiophene-2-carboxylic acid amide derivatives
Certain arylaliphatic and heteroaryl-aliphatic piperazinyl pyrazines and their use in the treatment ...
Quinoline derivatives as H3R inverse agonists
Sulfonamide compound
Imidazol-2-one compounds useful in the treatment of various disorders
Tube walker for examination and repair of steam generators
Heat exchanger and airflow therethrough
Heat exchanger, especially oil cooler
Air conditioning device and method
Airflow-guiding device
Electronic device
Electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method providing metallic thermal interface between metal capped module and heat sink
Apparatus for enclosing electronic components used in telecommunication systems
One chip camera with color sensing capability and high limiting resolution
Spectroscopic catheter system with widely tunable source and method of operation
Surgical tools facilitating increased accuracy, speed and simplicity in performing joint arthroplast...
Delivery system for bone growth promoting material
Methods of diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
Substituted methyl aryl or heteroaryl amide compounds
Oscillator for atomic force microscope and other applications
Systems, methods and apparatus for respiratory support of a patient
Multilayer interconnect structure containing air gaps and method for making
Optical device, system, and method of generating high angular momentum beams
Self-contained portable broadband communication system
Low-noise monolithic microchip lasers capable of producing wavelengths ranging from IR to UV based o...
Agenda replicator system and method for travelers
Child seat for a motor vehicle
Discrete magic angle turning system, apparatus, and process for in situ magnetic resonance spectrosc...
Comparator feedback peak detector
Dynamic memory word line driver scheme
Synchronization of remote units for a communication network
Node device configuring ring network and data frame control method
Discovering diagnostic port functionality in a distributed system
Method and apparatus for adaptive power control for spread-spectrum communications
TCP engine
Gigabit ethernet adapter supporting the iSCSI and IPSEC protocols
Subscription-based services
External cavity tunable compact Mid-IR laser
Sending-receiving system, sender apparatus, sending method, receiver apparatus, receiving method, re...
Automatic migratable services
Systems, devices, and methods for initiating recovery
Methods and systems for validating a system environment
Processing secure metadata at wire speed
Segmented virtual machine
Integrating enterprise support systems
Information enhanced audio video encoding system
System and method for synchronizing login processes
Advanced translation context via web pages embedded with resource information
Method for monitoring computer user input
Simple catalytic DNA biosensors for ions based on color changes
Deck plank and method of production
System for the production of extruded aluminum profiles
Vacuum packaging films patterned with protruding cavernous structures
Cross-grade spin welding apparatus and method
Material and method for three-dimensional modeling
Covering for bulletproofing a wall
Armor assembly for a truck
Memory enhanced ammunition cartridge and method of making and using the same
Pneumatic paintball gun
Paintball gun assembly
Washing device for spray guns and their components equipped with separate automatic and manual washi...
Surge chamber assembly and method for perforating in dynamic underbalanced conditions
Data bearing record based capture and correlation of user image data at a card reading banking syste...
Reading of image data bearing record for comparison with stored user image in authorizing automated ...
Surfboard manufacturing apparatus
Methods and equipment for depositing coatings having sequenced structures
DLC-1 gene deleted in cancers
Integrated sensing display
Methods and apparatus for controlling IP applications during resources shortages
Inspection method, system, and program product
Article of footwear with a sole structure having fluid-filled support elements
Sporting boot
Recreational binding with adjustable suspension interface