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Topography directed patterning
Method of patterning a film
Ultra compact ion mobility based analyzer apparatus, method, and system
High density interconnect system for IC packages and interconnect assemblies
Financial transactions with dynamic personal account numbers
System and method for the manufacture of fuel, fuelstock or fuel additives
Power management for a handheld measurement system
Socket-like communication API for C
Efficient storage and search of word lists and other text
Global server load balancing
Cache isolation model
Systems and methods for controlling power in an electrosurgical probe
Image capturing apparatus
Method for route recovery in wireless network of tree topology
Method and apparatus for forwarding packets
Automatic determination of connectivity problem locations or other network-characterizing informatio...
Switch and method for supporting internet protocol (IP) network tunnels
Portable multiplicity counter
User registration in a communication system
Topology aware route control
Host-level policies for global server load balancing
Packet manager interrupt mapper
Method and apparatus for enabling and disabling a test mode of operation of an electronic memory dev...
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for prefabricating an information page
System and method for data format transformation
Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
Automatic software production system
System and method for controlling the visibility and use of data in a programming environment
Predicate-based test coverage and generation
State as a first-class citizen of an imperative language
Management tree management in a mobile handset
Distributing and synchronizing objects
Highly componentized system architecture with loadable virtual memory manager
Method of aligning nanotubes and wires with an etched feature
Thermoset material made from siloxane-acetylene polymer containing metal-acetylene complex
Motor battery systems
Mercaptophenyl naphthyl methane compounds and synthesis thereof
Multi-photon polymerizable pre-ceramic polymeric compositions
Electrical assemblies using molecular-scale electrically conductive and mechanically flexible beams ...
Multi operational system apparatus and method
Fault detection and diagnosis
Methods and intermediates for the synthesis of porphyrins
Process for preparation of alkoxysilanes
Metal oxide and metal fluoride nanostructures and methods of making same
Storage device with multi-level structure
Effect pigments that are surface-modified with LCST and/or UCST polymers
UV-stabilised particles
Key lock structure
Test apparatus to determine the shear strength of a composite sandwich beam under a high hydrostatic...
Reactive binders for porous wall-flow filters
Data communication cable comprising filling matrix and method of fabrication
Space frames and connection node arrangement for them
Method for producing catalyst for production of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid
Method for the reinforcement of a wall region of a three-dimensional attachment
Ink channel extrusion module for a pagewidth printhead
Method for manufacturing weather strip and molding device for weather strip
Inhibiting software tampering
Charge member, charge apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Vascularly stabilized peripheral nerve cuff assembly
Steroid eluting pacing tip electrode
Memory with charge storage locations
Method for controlling fluid flow in a rotational atherectomy device
Method and apparatus for optimizing operation of a power generating plant using artificial intellige...
Wheel slippage detection for drivetrain control
Semiconductor conductive layers
Electro-acoustic converter and electronic device using the same
Laser etched fiducials in roll-roll display
Image processing method and system for microfluidic devices
Power output device, and hybrid vehicle equipped with the power output device
Hybrid electrically variable transmission with geared reverse mode using single motor/generator
Apparatus and method for controlling automatic transmission
Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission for automotive vehicles
Flashlight with replaceable housing
Fastener having a vaned shaft
Control device made of impact resistant material
Hydraulic system and a method of operating a hydraulic pump
Immunoliposome-nucleic acid amplification (ILNAA) assay
Method for producing a variable flow of melted material and articles therefrom
Hybrid plasma-cold spray method and apparatus
Neutron detector using lithiated glass-scintillating particle composite
Charged particle beam apparatus
Low cost millimeter wave imager
Method and device for imaging test objects by means of millimeter waves, in particular for inspectin...
System and method for acquisition and reconstruction of contrast-enhanced, artifact-reduced CT image...
Direct conversion energy discriminating CT detector with over-ranging correction
Universal remote terminal unit and method for tracking the position of self-propelled irrigation sys...
Transmitter apparatus, receiver apparatus, transmission method, reception method and program
Pet foot apparel
Shoe ventilation and shock absorption mechanism
Footwear sole with antenna
Modular shoe
Shoe sole construction
Resin molding and worked item therefrom
Temperature regulating cellulosic fibers and applications thereof
Article of apparel incorporating a flocked material
Sole for footwear
Expandable shoe having screw drive assemblies
Dermabrasive device
System and method for footwear packaging
Device for the care of footwear
System and method for foot assessment
Textile composite material comprising activated carbon fibres and production thereof
Semiconductor device, display device and method for manufacturing thereof, and television device
Imaging apparatus for IR four-wave mixing polarization microscopy
High pulse-energy, eye-safe lidar system
Laser range finder
Measurement method and measurement apparatus using tracking type laser interferometer
Self-compensating laser tracker
Seismic exploration
Focus control device and method of adjusting focus gain prior to focus-servo operation
Optical pickup and disc drive apparatus
Write based power adaptive control system
Apparatus and method for calibrating laser power in an optical disk apparatus
Laser and environmental monitoring system
Apparatus and method for stabilizing the frequency of lasers
Unipolar quantum cascade laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser device
Laser system
Optical mounting scheme for waveguide lasers and waveguide laser incorporating the same
Complex-coupled distributed feedback semiconductor laser
3R recovery system
Illumination device, image display device, and projector
Optical network system and method for supporting upstream signals propagated according to a cable mo...
Electrocoat composition imparting sweat resistance and methods for using the same
Coating compositions suitable for use as a wood stain and/or toner
Surface deformation electroactive polymer transducers
Rubber composition and process for preparing the same
Method and apparatus for recognizing speech in a noisy environment
Golf club head
Golf club head and golf club
Heavy duty radial tire with belt reinforcing rubber layer having axially inner and outer rubber port...
Golf club head
Heavy duty tire
Tire for motorcycle
Iron-type gold club head
Wood-type hollow golf club head
Tire sealing and inflation device
Apparatus, method and program for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure
Vehicle tire with tread having at least three annular regions each provided with axial grooves
Golf ball
Tread depth sensing device and method for measuring same
Tire sidewall
Pneumatic tire with tread having degradable tread filler
Tire for automobile
Tire sidewall
Sidewall element
Tire for motorcycle
Flexible molding device for manufacturing a sunken groove in a tire tread
Tire for automobile
Tire for automobile
Sidewall element
Multi-mode global positioning system for use with wireless networks
Method and system for data detection in a global positioning system satellite receiver
Ultra-tightly coupled GPS and inertial navigation system for agile platforms
Method and system for all-in-view coherent GPS signal PRN codes acquisition and navigation solution ...
Operating GPS receivers in GPS-adverse environment
GPS apparatus holder
Methods for producing humanized antibodies and improving yield of antibodies or antigen binding frag...
Compositions of orthogonal lysyl-tRNA and aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase pairs and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for modulating adipocyte function
Enhancing neurotrophin-induced neurogenesis by endogenous neural progenitor cells by concurrent over...
Instrument for compression or distraction
Selectively expandable composite structures for spinal arthroplasty
Unicondylar knee implant
Antibodies specific for sclerostin
Assay methods for suppressor of fused modulation of hedgehog signaling
Oligodendrocytes derived from human embryonic stem cells for remyelination and treatment of spinal c...
Compositions and methods for promoting myocardial and peripheral angiogenesis
Promoters exhibiting endothelial cell specificity and methods of using same
Peptide having ability to activate cancer-related gene
Mammalian cytokines; related reagents
Purification of microbial cell fermentation homogenates
Increasing gamete production with a gene switch
Anatomical measurement tool
Particulate materials
Cohesive demineralized bone compositions
Method of screening an antibody for activity in clearing an amyloid deposit
Beta secretase polypeptides
1-alkoxy 1H-imidazo ring systems and methods
Method for treating cervical cancer
Inhibitors of papilloma virus
Headlight, taillight and streetlight detection
Method for measuring actuator velocity during self-servo-write
Interior rearview mirror assembly
Steering matrix feedback for beamforming
Optical module and optical system
Low power DC-DC converter with improved load regulation
Hierarchied calibration circuit
High speed iterative decoder
Extra-vehicular threat predictor
Vehicle dynamics control apparatus
Lane departure warning method and apparatus
Rate adaptation
Device for detecting a road traveling lane using an edge histogram
Electronic irrigation system software
Battery-operated riding rotary mower
Golf swing training device and method
Putter training device
Device for placing material on or beneath the soil surface and method for doing the same
Process for production of fiber-reinforced plastic tubing
Shock absorber spacing device
Shoe for ladies with multi high heels
Printing cartridge bearing indicia
Computerized article customization system and method for use thereof
Sole construction for an athletic shoe
Ink reservoir
Cell modeling for integrated circuit design with characterization of upstream driver strength
Framework for lengthy Java Swing interacting tasks
Inspected secure communication protocol
Multiple electrical plug with light indicator
Implicit links search enhancement system and method for search engines using implicit links generate...
System and method for resolving conflicts detected during a synchronization
Method and apparatus for enabling authentication of e-mail messages
Method, system, and computer readable medium for delaying the configuration of a shared resource
Methods of treating respiratory conditions
Dermatological composition
Injection vehicle for polymer-based formulations
Inkless reimageable printing paper and method
EphB receptor-binding peptides
In vitro sorting method
Carotene synthase gene and uses therefor
Beta secretase genes
Substituted sulphonamide compound and uses thereof
Substituted phenyl indoles
Analgesics, anaesthetics, antifoulants, aversants, irritants, incapacitants and compositions contain...
Trihydroxy polyunsaturated eicosanoid derivatives
Dielectrophoretic displays
Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays
Low-pass filter
Multi-layer resonator for magnetic resonance applications with circuitry allowing equal magnitude cu...
Multi-layer resonator for magnetic resonance applications with the resonator structure itself allowi...
Detector for atrial fibrillation and flutter
Time encoding and decoding of a signal
Kalman filter for channel estimation in OFDM systems
Adaptive noise filtering and equalization for optimal high speed multilevel signal decoding
MB-OFDM transmitter and receiver and signal processing method thereof
Equalizer and equalization method
Guard interval and FFT mode detector in DVB-T receiver
System, method, and apparatus for combining information from an implanted device with information fr...
Formulations for coated microprojections containing non-volatile counterions
Magnetic recording medium and apparatus and method for reading data from the magnetic recording medi...
Connectorized nano-engineered optical fibers and methods of forming same
Three-dimensional structured printing
High performance multi-level non-volatile memory device
Nanostructured dielectric composite materials
Nano-composite and compositions therefrom
Hyperbranched polymer modified biopolymers, their biobased materials and process for the preparation...
Coupling light of light emitting resonator to waveguide
Flash memory with deep quantum well and high-K dielectric
TFT, electronic device having the TFT, and flat display device having the TFT
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices based on cubic boron nitride/diamond composite structures
Low-profile mattress
Intelligent fluid sensor for machinery diagnostics, prognostics, and control
Inkjet printhead with low voltage ink vaporizing heaters
Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive device having a free layer stabilized by an in-stack b...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Actuator module of wireless communication terminals
Method and system for managing instant messaging status
Aggregation of data from external data sources within an implantable medical device
Instant messaging session invite for arranging peer-to-peer communication between applications
Wirelessly controlled motorized vehicle system
Wireless automotive data link connector
Device for measuring permeate flow and permeate conductivity of individual reverse osmosis membrane ...
Management of mobile-device data
System, method and computer program product for providing content to a terminal
Method and system for connecting a wireless USB host and a wired USB device
Data sending/receiving device and digital certificate issuing method
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting data transmission parameters and controlling H-ARQ pr...
Edge incremental redundancy memory structure and memory management
Cable to wireless conversion system for in-home video distribution
System and method for selecting message settings on a messaging client
Display screen with checkbox image for a touch-based user interface
Golf club head
Endometriosis warming/cooling pad
Protection against denial of service attacks
Method and system for customer support
Viterbi path generation for a Dynamic Bayesian Network
Method for generating optimized constraint systems for retimable digital designs
Centralized selection of peers as media data sources in a dispersed peer network
Method for sharing source code over a network
Method for providing computing-environment control of a resource to be accessed by program code
Automated safe secure techniques for eliminating undefined behavior in computer software
Network service processing method and system
Shredded panties
Shredded swim suit
Companion escutcheons with touch pads
Hair fiber dispenser
Intelligent medical image management system
Optical module
Methods of forming printed circuit boards having optical functionality
Optical element and display with transparent tensioned supporting films
Refractive index matching tape adhering device
Sub-wavelength ultrasound characterization of composite material
Data storage format for encoding a bit stream on or in a surface
Method and apparatus for extending processing time in one pipeline stage
Apparatus for localizing a focal lesion in a biological tissue section
Device for activating personal protection means
Lubricant application device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Method, medium, and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment d...
Method, medium, and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment d...
Medium for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determination
Method and system of conducting electronic commerce utilizing a consolidator
User characteristic influenced search results
Land software tool
Method and apparatus for load balancing over virtual network links
Method and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determinat...
System, method and computer program product for administering securities funded by a municipal arbit...
Carrier detection applicable for SISO, MIMO, MISO, and SIMO communications
Dynamic frequency selection in a wireless communication network
Apparatus and method to adjust and filter current DAC signals
Methods and systems for electronic affiliate compensation
System and method for interaction of graphical objects on a computer controlled system
Augmented search with error detection and replacement
Context-aware processes for allowing users of network services to access account information
Method and apparatus for management and representation of dynamic context
Controlling user-access to computer applications
Methods and systems for identifying an image as a representative image for an article
Systems and methods of synchronizing indexes
Color preservation for spatially varying power conservation
Printing a greeting card using a mobile device
System and method for prioritizing electronic mail and controlling spam
Optical device and method of converting WDM signals into an OTDM signal and vice versa
Optical pulse regeneration device, installation comprising one such device and use of same
Method and interface for consolidating price levels on a trading screen
System and method for providing a linear spread
High speed network interface with automatic power management with auto-negotiation
System for converting TV content to interactive TV game program operated with a standard remote cont...
Methods of replacing railway half ties
Carrier for holding test samples
Voting scheme for analog signals
System and method for a trading interface incorporating a chart
System and method for displaying money management information in an electronic trading environment
System and method for chart based order entry
Myocardial perfusion imaging method
Methods of treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds
Materials and optical devices based on group IV quantum wells grown on Si-Ge-Sn buffered silicon
Portal for distributing business and product information
System and method for risk management using average expiration times
System and method for improved distribution of market information
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
Sliced crossbar architecture with no inter-slice communication
Separation of metal nanoparticles
Method for synthesis of colloidal nanoparticles
Process for preparing dispersible sulfate, preferably barium sulfate nanoparticles
Method for making conductive nanoparticle charge storage element
Metal ion modified high surface area materials for odor removal and control
Method for focusing patterning nano-sized structure
Imaging member
TFT, flat panel display device having the same, method of manufacturing TFT, method of manufacturing...
Tool consisting of plastic material
Ceramic material made from siloxane-acetylene polymer containing metal-acetylene complex
Apparatus for piezoelectric layer-wise pump and valve for use in local administration of biological ...
Isoindole-imide compounds, compositions, and uses thereof
Alkynyl-containing tryptophan derivative inhibitors of TACE/matrix metalloproteinase
GLP-1 exendin-4 peptide analogs and uses thereof
Method for treating non-insulin dependent diabetes using thiazolidinediones with glucagonlike peptid...
Controlled release arginine .alpha.-ketoglutarate
Nutraceutical composition comprising soluble keratin or derivative thereof
Method of using a fovea type pointer in a video conferencing system including at least two 2-dimensi...
Scalable moderated audio conferencing for multicast and unicast endpoints and gateways
System and method for very low frame rate video streaming for face-to-face video conferencing
Methods and apparatus for conducting conference calls using a conferencing system adapted to operate...
System and method of conferencing endpoints
Semiconductor memory device comprising one or more injecting bilayer electrodes
Organic thin film transistor
Electrochemical device including a channel of an organic material, a gate electrode, and an electrol...
Integrated circuit comprising an organic semiconductor, and method for the production of an integrat...
Organic semiconductor composition, organic semiconductor element, and their manufacturing method
Circuit structure with a double-gate organic thin film transistor device and application thereof
Light-emitting device, film-forming method and manufacturing apparatus thereof, and cleaning method ...
Composite emitting device
OLED display with electrode
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Pixel circuit, method of driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Signal line driving circuit and light emitting device
Display drive device and display device
Organic polymer light-emitting element material having gold complex structure and organic polymer li...
Organic electroluminescent device
Reversibly reducible metal complexes as electron transporting materials for OLEDs
Difluoropyridine-based compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
Electroluminescent complexes of Ir(III) and devices
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Apparatus and Method
Detection unit including an RF transceiver system and a pet detector
Systems and Methods for Correction of Inhomogeneities in Magnetic Resonance Images
Article transport apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining virtual visibility
Vocabulary-independent search of spontaneous speech
Financial activity based on tropical weather events
Graphical user interface for financial activity concerning tropical weather events
System and method for containerized data storage and tracking
Distribution of binary executables and content from peer locations/machines
Data storage and retrieval systems and related methods of storing and retrieving data
Instruction for conditionally yielding to a ready thread based on priority criteria
Preventing unauthorized distribution of media content within a global network
Semiconductor chip with redistribution metal layer
Pelargonium plant named `Amri Trared`
Tecoma plant named `Mnstapbe`
Bergenia plant named `Lunar Glow`
Strawberry plant named `DrisStrawFive`
Phormium tenax Plant Named `PHOS2`
Kiwi plant named `Skelton A16`
Chrysanthemum Plant Named `Frosty Yoigloo`
Grapevine `Sheegene-12`
Erysimum plant named `Jenny Brook`
Anthurium plant named `Antholodoj`
Anthurium plant named `Anthcimwi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sunno Yellow`
Saxifraga plant named `Rocklarwhi`
Diascia plant named `KLEDB06039`
Viola plant named `Sunviopapu`
Hypericum plant named `Esm Kalua`
Aster plant named `Yohazy`
Kalanchoe Plant Named `Patrice`
Alternanthera plant named `Mai Tai`
Viola plant named `Sunviolabu`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yocupertino`
Method and apparatus for making hollow, sealed dog toy with fabric cover and concealed loop hold
Toy with spring-loaded, pop-off appendage assemblies
Erector set for artistic structural designs
Magnetic top toys
Toy with elongated light source
Method and multi-purpose apparatus for calling turkeys
Animal toy with floatation device
Sculpture method utilizing new means of simulating, viewing, and displaying sporting, undersea and o...
Activity device
Wheelie bar apparatus for a model vehicle
Indented golf ball
Hanging bird toy
Cat spa
Washing machine
Washing machine
Garment steamer
Vacuum cleaner
Tool for a domestic appliance
Tool for a domestic appliance
Vacuum cleaner part
Handle for cleaner
Steam mop frame
Triangular steam mop frame
Combined dish rack and cutlery holder
Clothes peg
Clothes peg
Golf cart
Cart conversion attachment
Fan cooled winch
Casket shell corner
Polynucleotide encoding an IL-29 polypeptide
Functional antibodies that specifically bind to the Chemerin receptor
Inhibition of immune complex formation
Primate embryonic stem cell line
Phosphorus-containing hepatitis C serine protease inhibitors
Nucleoside transport inhibitors
2'-C-methyl-3'-O-L-valine ester ribofuranosyl cytidine for treatment of flaviviridae infections
Boron-containing small molecules
Pyradazine compounds as GSK-3 inhibitors
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Purine derivatives
Pyrimidyl sulphone amide derivatives as chemokine receptor modulators
Aminoindazole derivatives as medicaments and pharmaceutical compositions including them
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
Fluorous tagging and scavenging reactants and methods of synthesis and use thereof
Isothermal operation of heterogeneously catalyzed three phase reactions
Processes for making detergent range alkylbenzenes
Process for removal of oxygenates from a paraffin stream
Toluene disproportionation process utilizing mild sulfiding during startup
Cracking 1-ethers over unmodified .gamma.-alumina
Process for the double bond hydroisomerization of butenes
Process for the formation of a superior lubricant or fuel blendstock by ionic liquid oligomerization...
Method of separating dimethylnaphthalene isomers
Aerosol lubricant and dispensing method
Process to enhance oxidation stability of base oils by analysis of olefins using A.sup.1H NMR
Gasoline and diesel production from pyrolytic lignin produced from pyrolysis of cellulosic waste
Process for steam cracking heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Continuous process for converting natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons
Process for making cyclohexylbenzene
Feed pretreating
Method for the direct conversion of a charge containing olefins comprising a minimum of four or five...
Methods of producing alkylated hydrocarbons from an in situ heat treatment process liquid
Methods to produce lung surfactant formulations via lyophilization and formulations and uses thereof
Long chain (C22-C50) polyunsaturated hydrocarbons, derivatives, synthesis and uses thereof
Supported catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes and dienes
Broad band light absorbing photocatalyst, process for producing thereof, broad band light absorbing ...
Semi-synthetic bleaching earth
Recovery of gold from potassium iodide-iodine etching solution
Method for processing organic solvent-containing air
Composition comprising a metal hydroxy salt, its preparation and use as catalyst or sorbent
Transition metal-doped oxide semiconductor exhibiting room-temperature ferromagnetism
Multi-functional substantially fibrous mullite filtration substrates and devices
Emission control system
Method of treating a catalytic reactor system prior to reactor servicing
Seeded boehmite particulate material and methods for forming same
Microporous crystalline zeolite material, zeolite ITQ-32, preparation method thereof and use of same
Complex oxide materials and cathode materials for lithium ion battery
Production of tetrabasic lead sulfate from solid state reactions for the preparation of active plate...
Method and apparatus for processing organic material
Supramolecular complexes as photocatalysts for the production of hydrogen from water
Grille arrangement for a drive unit enclosure
Method and apparatus for detecting object
Levitating platform
Front suspension arms
Vehicle and four-to-three wheel conversion method
Two-wheel vehicle with a tilt mechanism and stability mechanism
Drive force distribution device and method for distributing drive force
Seat belt device
Planing boat with airbag system
Saddle-ride type vehicle
Control system for a steer-by-wire vehicle
Method for triggering a coupling unit
Transmission ratio variable steering device
Front structure for vehicle
Infinitely variable transmission with power branching, with electric selector
Electrically driven vehicle
Method for monitoring the performance reliability of a control unit and diagnostic device
Method and device for the control of starting driving or switching processes on a motor vehicle
Method of CVT control in a vehicle for adapting its noise characteristics with permanent and transie...
Methods and systems for network failure reporting
Anti-icing apparatus and method for aero-engine nose cone
Ducted air power plant
Acoustic pulsejet helmet
Fluidic chevrons and configurable thermal shield for jet noise reduction
Shrouded nozzle arrangement
Vertical tail unit for aircraft and aircraft equipped with same
Aircraft with a modified gear, and method of producing the gear
Aircraft attitude control configuration
Design methods and configurations for supersonic aircraft
Method and apparatus for tempering gaseous and/or liquid media in transportation vehicles, particula...
Stealth attack fighter bomber
Adjustable fittings for attaching support members to fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduit...
Kite control device
Wirelessly controlling unmanned aircraft and accessing associated surveillance data
Anti-vibratory device with rotary compensation weights
Method and device for producing an optical link using light flashes
Gas activated emergency vision device
Methods and systems for implementing location based noise abatement procedures
Acoustic device for use on office partitions
Method for in-situ measuring of acoustic attenuation and system therefor
Stethoscope cover incorporated into an isolation garment
Compressor discharge muffler
Turbomachine nozzle cover provided with triangular patterns having a point of inflexion for reducing...
Pressed assembly for passive valve installation
Exhaust pipe with profiled inner tube, and method of making an exhaust pipe
Interior member for cab of work vehicle and method for forming same as well as wall member
Movable baffle columns for use with air handling units
Portable electronic apparatus with improved audio quality through a curved and sloped surface of a h...
Marine muffler with angularly disposed internal baffle
Loudspeaker system providing improved sound presence and frequency response in mid and high frequenc...
Process for producing loudspeaker diaphragm, loudspeaker diaphragm produced by the process, and loud...
Downhole acoustic source
Multiple suppression in angle domain time and depth migration
Speaker set and electronic product incorporating the same
Speaker set for electronic product
Mixed-flow exhaust silencer assembly
Compositions and methods for the management of hyperproliferative dermatological conditions
Skin cleansing composition comprising a polyoxyethylene alkylether sulfate, ether carboxylic acid-ty...
Composition and method to augment and sustain neurotransmitter production
Method for treating or inhibiting intestinal inflammation
Ketone-steroid extracts from the Cissus Quadrangularis plant and methods thereof
Melanocortin receptor templates, peptides and use thereof
Use of myxoma virus for the therapeutic treatment of cancer and chronic viral infection
Synergistic mixtures of 1,2-alkane diols
VEGF receptor antagonists
Feline immunoglobulin E molecules and related methods
Prostate cancer specific internalizing human antibodies
Natural composition based on Chilean monofloral honey extract from native vegetable species for bact...
Antimicrobial chelates
Methods and compositions for using aleveolar macrophage phospholipase A2
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Bacillus subtilis var. chungkookjang producing high molecular weight poly-gamma-glutamic acid
Cleaved serum response factor in cardiac diagnosis and therapy
Ink for printing on a game ball
Apparatus and method for fair message exchanges in distributed multi-player games
Footwear products including data transmission capabilities
Universal mobile gaming docking station and controller
Methods of providing a marketing guidance report for a proposed electronic game
Game machine, game program, and information storage medium
Program, information storage medium and game system
Game system and game program
Game control method
Bowling game apparatus with pin toppling device and ball detector
Portable data entry device with a detachable host PDA
Sliding electronic device assembly
System and method for tracking animals using bar coding
Tools for evaluating and reporting canopy integrity
Method and system for discovering a power source on a peripheral bus
Methods and apparatus for collecting media consumption data based on usage information
Above ground water storage system and method
Apparatus and methods for remote installation of devices for reducing drag and vortex induced vibrat...
In situ conversion process utilizing a closed loop heating system
Subsurface drainage system and method of installing the same
Low temperature monitoring system for subsurface barriers
Method and device for pipe splitting
Aquifer replenishment system
Pile with an extended head and working method of its operation
Wave attenuation system
Method of forming a trenchless flowline
Automatic universal multi-purpose ground stand
Adjustable aluminum trailer bunk for trailers
Wave energy converter
Method of manufacture and installation flowable thermal backfills
Pipelaying vessel
Automatic spotter with electronic control system for pile driving and continuous flight auger drilli...
Oxidation of organic compounds at high pH
Frequency multiplexed architecture
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Spread spectrum modulator and demodulator
Methods and systems for handling underflow and overflow in a software defined radio
Method of data burst transmission
Method and system for broadband predistortion linearization
Radio communication apparatus for feeding back radio link quality information
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access ...
Method and apparatus for transmit power control in wireless data communication systems
Antenna communication method for a chip card and associated device
Method and system for dynamic collection of flight test data
Remote-controlled motion apparatus with sensing terrestrial magnetism and remote control apparatus t...
Method for providing kiosk service offerings in a personal area network
Method and arrangement in a radio communication system
Amplifier circuit
Electroabsorption duplexer
Animal identification and entry control system
Radio wave receiving device and radio wave receiving circuit
Telematic method and apparatus with integrated power source
Highly adaptable proxy traversal and authentication
Motion estimation and compensation in video compression
Lawful interception of multimedia calls
Method and system for mobile communications
Portable device including display unit and keypad unit
Systems and methods for peer-to-peer collaboration to enhance multimedia streaming
Multimedia synchronization method and device
Multimedia document annotation
Multimedia content navigation and playback
Internet protocol compliant private branch electronic exchange and a method expanding the number of ...
Method for terminating attach procedure in mobile terminal
System and method of collecting, correlating, and aggregating structured edited content and non-edit...
Adaptive communication application programming interface
Wireless connection establishment method, its system and radio device control terminal used in the s...
Method for sending message that recommends viewing digital multimedia broadcast and mobile terminal ...
File recording method and file recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for multimedia communication over packet channels
System and method for automatic recovery from fault conditions in networked computer services
Method for efficient image distribution and management
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Utilizing service information in digital video broadcasting
Network address translation gateway for networks using non-translatable port addresses
Footwear with GPS
Method and apparatus for detecting water leaks
Panoramic video
Security system for network address translation systems
Analysis of business innovation potential
Systems and methods for trading and originating financial products using a computer network
Method and apparatus for an application crawler
System architecture for wide-area workstation management
E-mail messaging system and method for enhanced rich media delivery
Transfer server of a secure system for unattended remote file and message transfer
Method, proxy and system to support full-page web browsing on hand-held devices
Architecture, systems and methods to detect efficiently DoS and DDoS attacks for large scale interne...
User interface systems and methods for viewing and manipulating digital documents
Light guide optical device
Key derivation functions to enhance security
Method and device for measuring, determining and controlling flatness of a metal strip
Methods for interactively displaying product information and for collaborative product design
System, method and article of manufacture for updating content stored on a portable storage medium
Network communication apparatus for providing a user with a paging message
Vibrating gyroscopic sensor and method of adjusting vibrating gyroscopic sensor
Convective accelerometer with "positive" or "negative" inertial mass
Dynamic knee balancer with pressure sensing
Electromagnetic coil array integrated into flat-panel detector
Methods for interactively displaying product information and for collaborative product design
Facilitating simulated purchases of items by virtual representations of participants in computer-bas...
Updating machines while disconnected from an update source
Information processing method and apparatus maintaining consistency of shared data
Keystone correction derived from the parameters of projectors
Methods and apparatus for providing touch-sensitive input in multiple degrees of freedom
Modeling and video projection for augmented virtual environments
Late reverberation-based synthesis of auditory scenes
Digital signal processing methods, systems and computer program products that identify threshold pos...
Ly6h polypeptide
Structure of protein kinase C theta
Cellulose synthase encoding nucleic acids and uses thereof
Soybean cultivar S060296
Soybean variety XB29M08
Soybean variety 90Y40
Soybean variety XB40U08
Apparatus and method of moving micro-droplets using laser-induced thermal gradients
Surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) systems and methods of use thereof
Media gateway and automatic telephone call redirecting service system
Low-power mixed-mode echo/crosstalk cancellation in wireline communications
Single ended DMT test method for determining ADSL capability of cables
Apparatus for canceling intersymbol interference in semiconductor memory device and method thereof
Testing a data-processing system with telecommunications endpoints
Apparatus and method for generating a data distribution route
Message notification instant messaging
Single ended analog front end
Method and apparatus for providing end-to-end call completion status
Apparatus for protecting multi-function products from surge voltage
Internet protocol telephone mounting apparatus
Mobile communication device having speaker unit
Mobile phone for capturing and printing images
Sliding-type hinge
Telephone handset
Automated digital voice recorder to personal information manager synchronization
System for and method of automated quality monitoring
Network facsimile apparatus
Constant current line circuit with class features
Television and adjustment method for the same
Automobile drive recorder
Method and apparatus for scaling image block
Managing a video encoder to facilitate loading and executing another program
Video data processing method and apparatus for processing video data
Method and apparatus for pinpointing common path distortion
Projection systems and processes for generating images with increased brightness uniformity
Optoelectronic process and a device for inspection of an area of revolution of a receptacle
Bi-directional scanning and imaging with scanning compensation
Managing bursts of data
Methods and apparatus for facilitating network splicing
Wide-area site-based video surveillance system
Method and its apparatus for classifying defects
Method for the transmission of additional information when using a method for compressing data by me...
Packaged microelectronic imagers and methods of packaging microelectronic imagers
Method and system for wavelength-dependent imaging and detection using a hybrid filter
System for and method of reproducing multimedia contents in mobile communication terminal
Heat-treated steel wire for high strength spring
Ferromagnetic alloy for induction cooking
Silver alloy excellent in reflectance maintenance property and method for producing an optical recor...
Electrical contact material comprising a cobalt-nickel-iron alloy
High-purity Ru powder, sputtering target obtained by sintering the same, thin film obtained by sputt...
Solders with intermetallic phases, solder bumps made thereof, packages containing same, and methods ...
High-strength, soft-magnetic iron-cobalt-vanadium alloy
Pt-base bulk solidifying amorphous alloys
Monolithic metallic glasses with enhanced ductility
Alkaline storage cell and hydrogen storage alloy for negative electrode of alkaline storage cell
Intermediate segment of an articulated arm comprising a screw and nut transmission
Cable guide for an articulated joint
Work conveying method and conveying apparatus employing the conveying method
Industrial robot with portable emergency stop unit
Apparatus and methods for a robotic beverage server
Obstacle detection device of autonomous mobile system
Dual arm substrate transport apparatus
Robot confinement
Handling robot system
Characterization and classification of pose in low dimension
Robot cleaner
Mobile storage unit with holding brake and single status line for load and drive detection
Systems and methods for the automated pre-treatment and processing of biological samples
Occupancy change detection system and method
Unmanned tactical platform
Methods for increasing stearate content in soybean oil
Soybean Cultivar S070152
Soybean Cultivar 6214260
Soybean Cultivar S070150
Soybean Cultivar 7811336
Soybean Cultivar 7821295
Soybean Cultivar 7925118
Soybean Cultivar 7429331
Method For Batching And Grading
Meat based food product comprising lactobionic acid
High Rebaudioside-A Plant
Modified PYY (3-36) Peptides and Their Effects on Feeding Behaviour
Antioxidant Food Composition and Methods and Uses Thereof
Method For Implementing Unified Authentication
Process that produces two-dimensional symbols from words
Door Breach Training System
System for delivering an educational program to a remote site and for monitoring participation there...
Educational Device and Method of Use
Forcible Entry Training Device
Method and Apparatus for Developing a Proper Tooth Brushing Technique
Device for Checking Anesthesia and Ventilation Units
Remote Observation System and Method of Use
System and method for interactive education
Robotic game system for educational competitions
Motilide compounds
Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines
Antisense antiviral compound and method for treating arenavirus infection
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae for diagnostics and thera...
Orthogonally protected disaccharide building blocks for synthesis of heparin oligosaccharides
Diagnostic assay for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and genetically related disorders
Negatively charged minor groove binders
Methods and kits for detecting SARS-associated coronavirus
Conditional disruption of dicer1 in cell lines and non-human mammals
Method of treating or preventing an IL-1 related disease or condition
Chemically modified oligonucleotides
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Nav1.8 gene
siRNA targeting complement component 3 (C3)
siRNA targeting inner centromere protein antigens (INCENP)
Methods of manufacture of 2'-deoxy-.beta.-L-nucleosides
Regulation of gene expression using chromatin remodelling factors
Sorghum aluminum tolerance gene, SbMATE
Maize variety PHW5F
Alteration of plant embryo/endosperm size during development
Small Breast Epithelial Mucin Gene Promoter
Methods and Compositions for Improved Cattle Longevity and Milk Production
Promoter Mutations that Increase Amyloid Precursor Protein Expression
Fluorinated Carbohydrates and Their Use in Tumor Visualization, Tissue Engineering, and Cancer Chemo...
Restricted software and hardware usage on a computer
Remote control for digital entertainment content
Electronic mouse
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a display screen
Transitional cursor user interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Novel substituted aryloxy alkylamines and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibito...
Crosslinked Polyalkyleneimine Hydrogels with Tunable Degradation Rates
Glp-1 Pegylated Compounds
Heteroaryl-Ureas and Their Use as Glucokinase Activators
Pessary Device
Device for Preventing Dilation of an Anatomical Lumen or Body Object
Device and method for treating a vessel
Methods and apparatus for neuromodulation and physiologic modulation for the treatment of obesity an...
System and Method for Incentivizing a Healthcare Individual Through Music Distribution
Methods for Controlling Stem Cell Differentiation
Methods and Compositions for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia
Octanol Formulations and Methods of Treatment Using the Same
Therapeutic and carrier molecules
Dual variable domain immunoglobulin and uses thereof
Ultrasonic System for Grading Meat Tenderness
Method and system for intuitive coding to enter text expansions
Perturbing latent semantic indexing spaces
Workflow auto generation from user constraints and hierarchical dependence graphs for workflows
Performance data mining based on real time analysis of sensor data
Analysis of impact of change in an organizational entity
Optimization of time-critical software components for real-time interactive applications
Diagnostic method and system
Method of configuring a product
Method, device and computer program product for learning correlation matrix
User support apparatus
Strategies for providing novel recommendations
System and method for optimizing project subdivision using data and requirements focuses subject to ...
Manufacture data analysis method and manufacture data analyzer apparatus
Method and system for expression evaluation
User interface method and apparatus
Expert knowledge combination process based medical risk stratifying method and system
Method and device for the generation of a classification tree to unify the supervised and unsupervis...
Decomposing installation of distributed services
Fuzzy lookup table maintenance
Methods and systems for managing offers and requests in a network
Network media access control system for encouraging patient compliance with a treatment plan
Multiple progressive jackpots for a gaming device
Elevated hand-held merry-go-round
Swing covering accessory
Puck-deflecting training device with vertical and horizontal deflecting members and method
Utilizing metadata to improve the access of entertainment content
Program episodes recording
Plastic expandable utility shed
Hybrid whistle
Method of playing a poker-type game
Archery target and related method of manufacture
Illuminatable aerodynamic disc or saucer
Multiple player participation game
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Method for playing a game of ball
Folding electronic instrument
Tension equalizer
Holding device for a stringed instrument
Music instrument
Adjustable drum pedal assembly
Beater holder with adjustment feature
Automatic page sequencing and other feedback action based on analysis of audio performance data
Fingering guide for string instrument (finger finder)
Electronic musical apparatus and lyrics displaying apparatus
Waveform generating device
Apparatus and method for synthesizing a plurality of waveforms in synchronized manner
Tempo detection apparatus and tempo-detection computer program
Audio power meter
Violin thumb pad
Adjustable strap for a guitar
Method and apparatus for optimizing sound output characteristics of a bass drum
Electronic musical instrument keyboard apparatus
Metronome and system for maintaining a common tempo among a plurality of musicians
Method and apparatus for classifying mood of music at high speed
Tempo detection apparatus, chord-name detection apparatus, and programs therefor
Method and apparatus for keyboard instrument learning
Method and system for maximum residency replacement of cache memory
Method and system for proximity caching in a multiple-core system
Method, apparatus, and a system for efficient context switch
Data processing system and method for efficient communication utilizing an Ig coherency state
Multi-processor data coherency
Data processing system and method for selectively updating an invalid coherency state in response to...
Computer systems with lightweight multi-threaded architectures
Data processing device in vehicle control system
Systems and methods for an improved tailgate device
Methods and arrangements for hybrid data storage
Systems and methods for providing data modification operations in memory subsystems
Method and system for obtaining data stored in a data store
Remote backup and restore operations for ISB protocol systems
System and method for pre-provisioning storage in a networked environment
Method for defragmenting of virtual volumes in a storage area network (SAN)
Method and apparatus for supporting different modes of multi-threaded speculative execution
Apparatus and methods for power management and spin-up in a storage system
Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on t...
Method of monitoring multiple computer system calls using one routine and non-executable configurati...
Apparatus for generating target addresses within a circular buffer including a register for storing ...
Apparatus and method for loading food articles
Food supplements comprising, as a health component, sargahydroquinoic acid or derivative thereof
Blender with crushed ice functionality
Production of a shell-like formed consumable item from a fat-containing mass
Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
Acid activated montmorillonite based filtration aid
Open top meat skinning device
Apparatus and method for producing sandwich cookie having dissimilarly-sized base cakes
Compositions of polyol granules and processes of manufacture
Method for producing granulated bean paste, or "miso"
Dairy product that does not contain emulsification salts and process for making same
Proficiency beverage
Process for the preparation of tomato extracts with high content in lycopene
Method of deflavoring whey protein using membrane electrodialysis
Container for retort pouch food
Use of flocculating agents for separating the solid residue in hydrolysed fermentation substrates
Assay for species sources
Use of tryptophan rich peptides
Texturizing lactic bacteria
Microwave intensification system for rapid, uniform processing of food items
Device For Stimulating An Udder During Milking
Autonomous storage for backup, restore, and file access
Adaptive orchestration of composite services
Method and system for task based management of multiple network resources
Method for detecting fraudulent internet traffic
Hierarchical system configuration method and integrated scheduling method to provide multimedia stre...
Information processing system, mobile phone and information processing server
Replication of deduplicated storage system
Low power subsystem for portable computers
Method and apparatus for power management
Fault-detecting computer system
Methods and apparatus to identify graphical elements
Method and apparatus for managing calendar information from a shared database and managing calendar ...
Export to excel
Logical representation of a user interface form
System and method of displaying map image
Web usage overlays for third-party web plug-in content
Method and apparatus for generating memory models and timing database