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Wireless communication device having intelligent alerting system
Image forming substrate, electron-emitting substrate and image forming apparatus
Management server device and terminal device for a contents providing system
Methods and system for optimizing a campaign
System for enhancing a query interface
Light emitting element drive device and mobile device using the same
Backlight driving system for a liquid crystal display device
Cathode ray tube device and a television set using the same
Control circuit and method for controlling an electrical signal over a load such as a deflection cic...
Illumination control apparatus and failure detecting apparatus
PFC and ballast control IC
LED lamp with color and brightness controller for use in wet, electrically hazardous bathing environ...
Method and device for identifying the type of discharge lamp
Electronic circuit and method of supplying energy to a high-pressure gas-discharge lamp
Primary side current balancing scheme for multiple CCF lamp operation
Electronic ballast having resonance excitation for generating a transfer voltage
LED buck regulator control IC
Microwave lamp power supply that can withstand failure in high voltage circuit
Applications of halogen convertor control IC
Method and apparatus for lamp heat control
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
Display device
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Display device and electronic apparatus
Active matrix OLED pixel structure and a driving method thereof
Light emitting device and drive method thereof
Adhesive sealant composition
Optical component
Apparatus and methods for generating multiple exit-pupil images in an expanded exit pupil
Four-port PM circulator
Scanning microscope, method for scanning microscopy, and bandpass filter
Optical amplifier and optical transmission system using it
Raman amplifier
Multi-stage optical amplifier and broadband communication system
Conformal retro-modulator optical devices
Low-voltage electromechanical device including a tiltable microplatform, method of tilting same, arr...
Coupling configuration for optically coupling an optical conductor to an opto-receiver
Projection objective
Night vision and audio signal reduction system
Cam mechanism of a lens barrel
Light scanning unit
Controlling system with fixed frequency driver for controlling an electrochromic element and method ...
Silicon-on-sapphire display with wireless interconnections and method of fabricating same
Silicon-on-sapphire display apparatus and method of fabricating same
Hardware supported software pipelined loop prologue optimization
Method and apparatus for using and storing objects
Break board debugging device
Graphical program with various function icons and method for conversion into hardware implementation
Automated output of user guide
Viewing restricting method and viewing restricting apparatus
Electronic identification system and method with source authenticity
System and method for accessing directory service via an HTTP URL
Enabling intra-partition parallelism for partition-based operations
Storage sub-system having expanded data read
Method, system, and article of manufacture for managing storage pools
Systems and methods for organizing and validating data in documents
Method and apparatus for performing fault detection using data from a database
System for and method of network booting of an operating system to a client computer using hibernati...
Communication resource system
Lid with a filter and the filter therefor
Microporous filter media, filtration systems containing same, and methods of making and using
Affinity binding-based system for detecting particulates in a fluid
Apparatus and method of particulate removal from liquids
Flow control suction barrier apparatus and system
Fuel tank with water trap
Filter assembly
Potable water treatment plant and method of maintaining same
Screen assembly for combined sewer overflow weir
Portable, refillable water dispenser serving batches of water purified of organic and inorganic poll...
Medical fluid pump
Filter element with end face inlets and discharge outlets
Pre-separation of feed material for hindered-bed separator
Drained water recovery system and method for operating the same
Methods and systems for improved dosing of a chemical treatment, such as chlorine dioxide, into a fl...
Production method of 2-deoxy-L-ribose compound
Raw cotton linters composition, method of making, and uses thereof
Material having crosslinking structure and method for forming the same
Identification and mapping of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human genome
Purification method
B7-like molecules and uses thereof
Polypeptide binding to human syntaxin 1a
Certain aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate compounds and their use
Modulation of kallikrein 6 expression
Antisense modulation of TFAP2C expression
Method and reagent for the treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of vascular endothe...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of TGF-beta and TGF-beta receptor gene expression using short i...
RNA interference mediated inhibition of TNF and TNF receptor gene expression using short interfering...
Pancreatic islet microRNA and methods for inhibiting same
Glycoalkaloid compositions and various uses thereof
Gene products differentially expressed in cancerous cells and their methods of use II
Blood substitutes
Process for the isolation of glycolipids
11-C-substituted erythromycin derivatives
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a PANG6 polypeptide
Cloning system for construction of recombinant expression vectors
Vector for screening for modulators of IgE synthesis, secretion and switch rearrangement
Methods of DNA purification and purified DNA
Method for the recombinant production of 1,3-propanediol
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing p...
Mitofusins, Fzo Homologs and functional derivatives thereof
Recombinant L-N-carbamoylase from Arthrobacter aurescens and method of producing L-amino acids there...
Inhibitors of human plasmin derived from the kunitz domains
Interactive computer system for providing television schedule information
Portable telephone apparatus and audio apparatus
Radio communication system using timeout control with flexible timeout interval setting
Data communication radio network
System and method for channel allocation in a multi-band wireless network
Communique wireless subscriber device for a cellular communication network
Method of and apparatus for predistorting a transmit signal
Method and system for doubling the spectrum efficiency in a radio transmission system by transmittin...
Display terminal
Method for estimating the bit error rate in a radio receiver and corresponding radio receiver
Method for transmitting data from an interrogating device to portable objects
Method and device for synchronizing mobile radio receivers in a mobile radio system
Method and apparatus for improving received signal quality in an impulse radio system
Radio communication system
Compounds for eliciting or enhancing immune reactivity to HER-2/neu protein for prevention or treatm...
Phototherapeutic wave guide apparatus
Molecules of the CARD-related protein family and uses thereof
Nectarine tree named 'Spring Pearl'
Rose plant named 'POULfl001'
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Fisupnic Burgy'
Campanula plant named 'PKMp02'
Ground cover rose plant named 'Meirameca'
Dianthus plant named 'Devon Yolande'
Calathea plant named 'Indri'
Campanula plant named 'Purple Sensation'
Upper housing portion of a floor care appliance
Pelham bit
Kitchen grip mitt
Protective helmet
Razor handle
Palm-held liquid and lotion applicator
Lighting fixture having a square grid cell with arcuate cross-members
Lamp canopy
Night light
Light fixture
Flashlight with translucent housing
Auxiliary lamp for an automobile
Vehicle light lens
Vehicle tail lamp
Assembled window frame extrusion with glazing bead
Frame of window/door shutter (II)
Fiberglass pool
Semiconductor device and display apparatus
Organic EL circuit
Matrix analog system for the reproduction of images
Luminescence device and display apparatus
Functional ceramic layers based on a support layer produced with crystalline nanoparticles
Method of differential encoding a precoded multiple modulus encoder
Multi-channel video pump
Reflector apparatus for a tubular light source
Apparatus for measuring a mass flow
Vehicle headlamp
Indicator lamp comprising an optical device for recovering and distributing the light flux towards a...
Universal automated yoke for lighting fixtures
Lighting unit with discharge lamps, particularly for spotlights and the like
Backlight module for homogenizing the temperature of a flat panel display device
Light modulating device and exposure apparatus using the same
Light fixture
Illuminated device
System and method for providing a uniform source of light
AFS for LED headlamp
Vehicle lamp
Light source device
Method for content-aware redirection and content renaming
Mobile printer system
Method for continuously processing electronic messages throughout a transition between online and of...
Method and apparatus for monitoring work vehicles
Luminescent signaling displays utilizing a wireless mobile communication device
Criteria for base station selection, including handover, in a wireless communication system
Electronic device and method of operation
Wireless base station and method for maintaining same
Police-emergency system with wireless communication
Method for extracting an illuminate zone from a photosensor matrix
Method of making a semiconductor device with exposure of sapphire substrate to activated nitrogen
Radiation sources and radiation scanning systems with improved uniformity of radiation intensity
Process for removing chromide coatings from metal substrates, and related compositions
Pressure assisted liquid supply assembly
Multi-domain low twist angle liquid crystal cells and methods of production thereof
Antibandit shutter
Deflector, method of manufacturing deflector, and charged particle beam exposure apparatus
Reconfigurable spear gun
CT detector fabrication process
Gunstock incorporating a storage magazine
Reversible one-way clutch for planetary transmission
Optical waveguides and integrated optical subsystems on-a-chip
Cooling device, electronic apparatus, display unit, and method of producing cooling device
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electro-optic modulator, the production method therefor and the block for implementing same
Micro-mirror device including dielectrophoretic liquid
Liquid crystal display device
Integrated passive components and package with posts
Aircraft vehicular propulsion system monitoring device and method
Voltage tunable coplanar phase shifters with a conductive dome structure
Image forming apparatus featuring a developer carrying member with a controlled operation time and r...
Eddy-current probe
Hardware-accelerated anti-aliased graphics
Method and apparatus for high-performance rendering and hit-testing of a window tree
System and method for employing non-alpha channel image data in an alpha-channel-aware environment
Icon for a display screen
Portion of a keyboard
Portion of an audiovisual communication device
Cash dispensing automated banking machine diagnostic device
System and method of enhancing alignment marks
Human methionine aminopeptidase type 3
Direct, externally imposed control of polypeptides
Method of manufacturing the multi-tip probe, a multi-tip probe, and surface characteristic analysis ...
Blind modulation cancellation by addition of modulated signal
Method and apparatus for determining a multilayer switching path
Image communication method, apparatus, and system
Flat panel display
RFID-controlled smart range and method of cooking and heating
Method and arrangement for reducing printer errors during printing in a mail processing device
Targeting of molecules to large vessel endothelium using EPCR
Bifurcation graft deployment catheter
Intrasaccular embolic device
Anastomosis occlusion device
Fluid-assisted medical devices, systems and methods
Medical device with sensor cooperating with expandable member
Oxybenzamide derivatives useful for inhibiting factor Xa or viia
3-mercaptoacetylamino-1,5-substituted-2-oxo-azepan derivatives useful as inhibitors of matrix metall...
Tibial distraction device
Staphylococcus peptides for bacterial interference
2-Aminotetralin derivatives for the therapy of glaucoma
N-substituted tetrahydropyridines and their use as pesticides
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 inhibitor compounds
Method for treating gastric disorders using optically pure (-) pantoprazole
4-substituted-picolinic acid amide derivatives useful as fungicides
Digital PWM input D class amplifier by PWM negative feedback
Soft-switching power converter
Frequency converter having low supply voltage
Rotor driving apparatus with temperature adjustment of elastic supporting portion
Device for controlling the position of interface of separated liquids in a centrifugal separator
Feed and control system for an internal combustion engine fed with two different fuels
Method and adapting a hearing aid, and hearing aid with a directional microphone arrangement for imp...
System and method of generating an optimal three-step defibrillation waveform for use in an implanta...
Mixtures of imidazoline quaternary ammonium and alkyl quaternary ammonium compounds
Process for making throughdried tissue by profiling exhaust gas recovery
Actuator for well-head valve or other similar applications and system incorporating same
Computer assembly
Apparatus for heating baby formula pot and method of operating the same
High-power multi-device liquid cooling
Hydrofluoroether as a heat-transfer fluid
Heat exchanger and vehicle heating or air-conditioning system including same
Method and apparatus for vaporizing fuel for a reformer fuel cell system
Aftercooler bypass means for a locomotive compressed air system
Foot measurement system and method
Blood sugar level measuring apparatus
Intelligent cooling fan
Method of controlling a reciprocating linear motor
Hurricane and power outage fan
Buoyancy pump device
Dual pump
Air pump having air cylinder/manual dual charging mode
Safety device to limit pressure in an axial-piston compressor housing
Adjustable crankpin throw structure having improved throw stabilization means
Valve plate structure
Air conditioning systems for vehicles, comprising such air conditioning systems, and methods for dri...
Guitar body
Reconfigurable instruction set computing
Human-computer interface including haptically controlled interactions
Disk apparatus
Methods and apparatus for clock domain conversion in digital processing systems
System and method for user authentication with enhanced passwords
Microcomputer with universal serial bus interface circuit and method of controlling the same
Method of enhancing network transmission on a priority-enabled frame-based communications network
Emergency communication system
Cordless/wireless automatic detection and suppression system
Communication navigation system and server apparatus and terminal apparatus therefor, communication ...
Vehicle theft detection device and method
Large area marking device and method for printing
Method and system for pulling information from a mobile vehicle within a mobile vehicle communicatio...
Peripheral bus switch to maintain continuous peripheral bus interconnect system operation
Controller for portable electronic devices
Method and apparatus for the addition and removal of nodes from a common interconnect
Foldable chair
Frame assembly for a bicycle
Crush ring to seal the counter plate on hydrodynamic bearing
Integrated circuit cells
Function block architecture for gate array and method for forming an asic
Disc guide device for disc player
Tray locking apparatus of optical disk drive and optical disk drive adopting the same
Pattern coated adhesive article
Antibodies to heregulin 2
Technique for payload-independent frame delineation engine for optical data transport
Method and apparatus for communicating configuration data for a peripheral device of a microcontroll...
Method and apparatus for smoothing current consumption in an integrated circuit
Arbiter for an input buffered communication switch
Method and apparatus for performing modular division
Implantable cardiac stimulation device including a system for and method of automatically inducing a...
High density chip level package for the packaging of integrated circuits and method to manufacture s...
Unmolded package for a semiconductor device
Low-loss coplanar waveguides and method of fabrication
Leadframes for high adhesion semiconductor devices and method of fabrication
Wafer level MEMS packaging
Semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
Wiring board comprising granular magnetic film
Circuit board for connecting an integrated circuit to a support and IC BGA package using same
Glass ceramic sintered body and wiring board using the sintered body
Thermally enhanced component substrate: thermal bar
Lead-less surface mount reed relay
High-frequency circuit device and high-frequency circuit module
Semiconductor device including a diffusion layer
Extender for universal serial bus
Monitoring apparatus, management method and program therefor, and management apparatus and managemen...
Image forming apparatus
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Electric contact member applying voltage to charger, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Method and device of generation of one reference event from a frame of information
Light scanning optical system, optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image-processing method, image-processing device, and storage medium
Auto-calibration method and device for wafer handler robots
Robot device and method of controlling the same
Control device and footstep determination device for legged mobile robot
Process and device for handling objects
Robot arm having an integrated drive device
Measuring system
Robotic cylinder welding
Offline programming device
Apparatus for molding and assembling containers with stoppers and filling same
Method for transmitting CDMA short data bursts
System and method for reallocating a traffic channel in soft handoff state
Child's bowl with lid and cutlery
Prokaryotic collagen-like proteins and uses thereof
Systems and methods for blood glucose sensing
a-c current transformer functional with a d-c current component present
Traveling gear for an agricultural working machine
Lightweight apparatus for screeding and vibrating uncured concrete surfaces
Vehicle photosensing control system
Multiple insert delivery systems and methods
Remotely operated manhole cover for a tanker
Automatic case packaging system
Electronic photographing apparatus
Light source drive, optical information recording apparatus, and optical information recording metho...
Information recording apparatus and method, and information recording system
Positioning apparatus
Hybrid triple-mode ceramic/metallic coaxial filter assembly
Apparatus and method for improving microwave coupling to a resonant cavity
Procedure and device for radiating and detecting the plurality of frequencies of electronic markers
Obtaining MRI images using sub-sampling in a vertical field MRI apparatus
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting font size in an electronic program guide display
Catheter system
Systems, methods and apparatus for bi-directional optical transceivers
Method and apparatus for splitting or combining optical beams with A Y coupler with reduced loss and...
Optical receiver with high dynamic range
Apodised complex filter
Apparatus for thermal compensation of an arrayed waveguide grating
Adjusting device for a stator for an optical disk drive motor
Composite integrated circuit device having restricted heat conduction
Image recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Mass analyzing method using an ion trap type mass spectrometer
Resin composition and method for producing the same
Cyclohexyl derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Manufacture method of semiconductor device with gate insulating films of different thickness
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Video access method and video access apparatus
Semiconductor device having internal voltage generated stably
Apparatus and method for administration of IV liquid medication and IV flush solutions
CGRP receptor antagonists
Ethylene polymers
Bicycle rack holder
Liquid delivery apparatus for bicycle
Annular chain guide for bicycle front derailleur
Tire status monitoring apparatus
Bicycle frame
Microstrip antenna array with periodic filters for enhanced performance
Recording medium storing 3D image processing program, the program, 3D image processing method and vi...
Protocol controller for a medical diagnostic imaging system
Convertible flashlight-headlamp
Method for producing macrocyclic ketones
Human powered vehicle
Rubber composition for a tire comprising a reinforcing inorganic filler and an (inorganic filler/ela...
Child's bicycle
Receiver hitch mounted bike rack with anti-rattle mechanism
Transfer device having casing with elastic member
Oxetane compounds containing styrenic functionality
Low-resistance contact to silicon having a titanium silicide interface and an amorphous titanium car...
Method for the production of thin-walled steel components and components produced therefrom
Plant for the treatment of residue
Hydrogen purification devices, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to increase a permeability of the formation
Smoothing method, smoothing circuit and image output apparatus
Method and apparatus for presenting images in a data processing system
Gamut mapping preserving local luminance differences with adaptive spatial filtering
System and method for clam farming
Three-dimensional phase contrast imaging using interleaved projection data
Use of selective antagonists of the α1B-adrenergic receptor for improvement of sexual dysfunct...
Compositions, methods and devices for maintaining an organ
Heparin compositions and methods of making and using the same
Methods of treating central nervous system disorders using viral vectors
Designs for left ventricular conduit
Device and method for treating ischemic heart disease
Detachable device with electrically responsive element
Method and system for selectively monitoring activities in a tracking environment
Charge transport material including a poly-3,3"-dialkyl-2,2′:5′2"-terthiophene
Heating apparatus which has electrostatic adsorption function, and method for producing it
Thiol compounds, their production and use
Chemical amplifying type positive resist composition
Transfer sheets
Apparatus and method for integrated photonic devices having high-performance waveguides and multicom...
Transgenic zebra fish embryo model for hematopoiesis and lymphoproliferative disorders
Fluoropolymer compositions, optical devices, and methods for fabricating optical devices
Apparatus and method for developing an anatomic space for laparoscopic hernia repair and patch for u...
Device and method for delivery of long wavelength laser energy to a tissue site
Thermometer implants
Multi-modal cardiac diagnostic decision support system and method
Biological data observation apparatus
Method and apparatus to enhance ultrasound contrast imaging using stepped-chirp waveforms
Imager cover-glass mounting
Eccentric dilation balloons for use with endoscopes
Pincerlike instrument for endoscope
Hydraulic urinary incontinence treatment apparatus
Method of deriving spectral sensitivity characteristics for color image inputting device and apparat...
Variable length coding unit and variable length decoding unit
Use of a scanner to determine the optical density of calcined coke as a measure of coke quality
Block coding/decoding method and apparatus for increasing code rate
Automated discovery, assignment, and submission of image metadata to a network-based photosharing se...
Personal authentication system using fingerprint information, registration-and-authentication method...
System, method and apparatus for pattern recognition with application to symbol recognition and rege...
Method for determining attitude of an object
Image processing method and apparatus
Optical routing mechanism with integral fiber input/output arrangement on MEMS die
Matrix switch of optical waveguide type and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate for mounting optical component and method of manufacturing the same
System and devices for routing and managing data cables from a telecommunications enclosure
Photonic crystal fibres
Wide band dispersion-controlled fiber
Single mode optical fiber, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus for manufacturing the sam...
Butt joined electronic assembly and module
Illumination device for simulation of neon lighting
Cartridge magazine system
Biodegradable bicomponent fibers with improved thermal-dimensional stability
Wood treatment composition and method of use
Mattress with transparent cover
Tampon having an oval form after expansion and process for producing the same
Complex motion toothbrush
Process for the hydration of olefins
Combination ink set/image-recording element for ink jet printing
Ink set composition, and an apparatus and method of forming images having reduced gloss differential
Polymerizable isolation barriers with enhanced tissue adherence and methods for forming and using su...
High speed method of making plastic film and nonwoven laminates
Continuous process for producing bis(3-hydroxypropyl) terephthalate
Ply-twisted yarns and fabric having both cut-resistance and elastic recovery and processes for makin...
Method and apparatus for remotely placing a computing device into a low power state
Peripheral device with shared bus interface and operating method thereof
Systems, method and computer program products for cluster workload distribution without preconfigure...
Dustproof structure for a sleeve bearing
Foil bearing
Linear guide plain bearing
Toothpick for light treatment of body structures
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device by transferring a layer to a support with curvature
Method and system for multidimensional database management
Data processing method using record division storing scheme and apparatus therefor
Low-temperature grown high quality ultra-thin CoTiO3 gate dielectrics
Catalytic devices and method of making said devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Display apparatus having electroluminescence elements
Projection optical system, projection type image display apparatus, and image display system
Use of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) for the topical treatment of cellulite
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
Back panel and/or spacer for display apparatus and display apparatus using the same
Polythiophene xerographic component coatings
Substrate with external member
Compression molded door assembly
Article support apparatus with movable display panel
Water wax emulsion cleaner and waxer
Cleaning implement with interchangeable tool heads
Endothelin antagonist
System and method for effecting recovery of a network
Time division multiplexed rake finger for W-CDMA
Method and apparatus for operating polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell below the freezing point o...
Magnetic storage element, recording method using the same, and magnetic storage device
Polymorphism detection
Highly doped III-nitride semiconductors
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of facilitating layout modification
Error detection in dynamic logic circuits
Method and system for simulating resist and etch edges
Method for synthesizing domino logic circuits
Circuit design point selection method and apparatus
Circuit for modifying stored data
Method for forming consumable electrodes from metallic chip scraps
Glyphosate tolerant plants
Method and apparatus for comparing actual use data with contract data
Display system
Controller of hybrid vehicle
Thermal compensating desmodromic valve actuation system
Valve timing controller
Forced opening and closing type valve operating system
Method for sharing a device for non-operating system uses by generating a false remove signal to div...
Transmission detector for a window body, in particular the windshield of a motor vehicle, and a clea...
Fuser oil contamination prevention and clean-up method
System and method for communicating map data for vehicle navigation
Hydraulic shovel concurrently used for crane operations
Apparatus and method for tire monitoring system
Trap circuit arrangement
Method and system for reprinting pages
Multimedia projector-printer
System and method for associating documents with multi-media data
Mobile telecommunications device with stylus having printhead tip
Virtual flip chart method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for content management and control
System and method for personalizing an electrical device interface
Auto thumbnail gallery
Systems and methods for data interchange among autonomous processing entities
Method and apparatus for proofing a scan job
Methods for voucher and coupon printing
Apparatus and method regarding dynamic icons on a graphical user interface
Systems and methods for providing image data encapsulated in a page description language
Printer driver extension and related method
Image printing via a proof sheet
Information processor, method for processing information and memory medium for storing program reada...
Image rendering apparatus with print preview projection mechanism
Physical object with memory tag and apparatus for use with such objects
Printing system for predicting printing error through preliminary inspection of printer driver and m...
Hand-held germicidal lamp with safety features
Glass composition with low visible and IR transmission
Genes and polynucleotides associated with ultraviolet radiation-mediated skin damage and uses thereo...
Light-stable colored transparent composite films
High margin notification method and apparatus
Fixed satellite constellation system employing non-geostationary satellites in sub-geosynchronous el...
Liquid crystal display device
Bio-metric smart card, bio-metric smart card reader, and method of use
Conductive film forming composition, conductive film, and method for forming the same
Apparatus and process for generating energy
Process and apparatus for producing a substrate having a coating resin layer
System and method for generating and maintaining software code
Methods and devices for polarised NMR samples
Signal receiving method and device for a magnetic resonance imaging system
Digital filter for NMR an MRI applications
Medical System
Optimized channel controller for NMR apparatus
Initiator system for acid dental formulations
RF power control system including watchdog circuit
Method and apparatus for performing priority-based admission control
Method of wave diagnostics of the oil-and-gas-deposit
Discrete multitone modulation with reduced peak-to-average ratio using unloaded subchannels
Communications network
Image processing computer system for photogrammetric analytical measurement
Selector switch for supervisory remote control system
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, formed article of the same and composite formed article of the ...
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Computer detecting an activation factor due to a selection by a slidable switch when the computer is...
Method, apparatus, and computer program for reducing plate material waste in flexography plate makin...
Methods and systems for exchanging reachability information and for switching traffic between redund...
Process for production of inorganic filler-containing polyolefin resin composition
Meter register
Viterbi decoding for SIMD vector processors with indirect vector element access
Methods and apparatus to support conditional execution in a VLIW-based array processor with subword ...
Skin-enhancing glove and method of manufacture
Fuel cell anomaly detection method and apparatus
Tantalum barrier layer for copper metallization
Thin film magnetic memory device including memory cells having a magnetic tunnel junction
Screen for cathode ray tube and method for manufacturing the same
Enterprise information filtering system, enterprise information filtering method, and storage medium...
Detection of hanging wires in digital color images
Effective transfer of images captured by a digital camera to a remote location
Post rip image rendering for image alignment
Display device and method for determining an area of importance in an original image
Position identification pattern
Color OLED display with improved power efficiency
Method and apparatus for printing documents that include MICR characters
Printable shelf label
Correction of redeye defects in images of humans
Method for real-time remote diagnosis of in vivo images
Multi-level halftoning providing improved texture uniformity
Color error diffusion
Printing method
System and method for gamut mapping control
Stereoscopic display system with flexible rendering of disparity map according to the stereoscopic f...
Customizing a digital imaging device using preferred images
Decoder system capable of performing a plural-stage process
Physical object with memory tags and apparatus for writing and using such objects
Scanner with removable image guides
System and method for communicating with printers using web site technology
Method for defining a job ticket in a pre-press workflow system
Automated disk drive library with removable media powered via contactless coupling
Reference -switch hysteresis for comparator applications
Resonant converter
Switching power supply apparatus
Electronic component, in particular regulator for generators in motor vehicles
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Battery charging status indication circuit
Integrated high-voltage switching circuit for ultrasound transducer array
Temperature adaptive refresh clock generator for refresh operation
DC/DC converter employing synchronous rectification
Switching power supply controller and switching power supply
Synchronous rectification for low voltage motor drive
Photoflash capacitor charger and method thereof
Charging apparatus and charging method
Apparatus for improving protection of a battery pack in a very low power state
Self-diagnosis system for an energy storage device
Battery charger
Universal battery charger for cellular telephones and other battery operated devices
Voltage fluctuation compensating apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling output voltages and frequencies of turbine/alternator on common...
Medical device battery pack with active status indication
Multi-modal address book
Flexible probe for measuring moisture content in soil
Gaming device having a re-triggering symbol bonus scheme with a bonus symbol accumulator
Semi-permanent connection between a bus bar and a connector contact
Electronic video poker games
Rupture testing for gloves
Gaming machine display including an outer symbol display having a display window and an inner symbol...
Novel analogs of choline for neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement in neurodegenerative disorder...
New heterocyclic or benzenic derivatives of lipoic acid, their preparation and their use as medicame...
Triazine compounds and their analogs, compositions, and methods
EP4 receptor agonist, compositions and methods thereof
Bazedoxifene acetate formulations
Crystalline polymorph of bazedoxifene acetate
Bazedoxifene ascorbate
Verification of translation
Combination of dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate with a glucocorticosteroid f...
Methods and reagents for treating neurodegenerative diseases and motor deficit disorders
Implantable lead system with seed electrodes
2-Pyrrolidinone derivatives substituted at position 4 for reducing the extracellular glutamate level
Isoquinoline derivatives and methods of use thereof
Isotropic cleansing composition with particulate optical modifiers
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Method for optimizing state guarantee fund coverage for insurance transactions
Cost projections for diagnoses
Systems and methods for treating obesity
Renal nerve stimulation method and apparatus for treatment of patients
Renal nerve stimulation method and apparatus for treatment of patients
Methods and devices for percutaneous, non-laparoscopic treatment of obesity
Ppar alpha selective compounds for the treatment of dyslipidemia and other lipid disorders
Preparation of trans-fused 3,3a,8,12b-tetrahydro-2H-dibenzo[3,4:6,7]cycloh- epta[1,2-b]furan derivat...
11-Beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitors as anti-obesity/anti-diabetes compounds and 1...
Tetrahydro-indazole cannabinoid modulators
Agonist and antagonist ligands of the nociceptin receptor
Adamantylglycine-based inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV and methods
Substituted heteroaryl- and phenylsulfamoyl compounds
Antidepressant azahetorocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-6H-5-oxa-1-aza-phenanthrene
Antidepressant piperidine derivatives of heterocyclefused benzodioxans
Methods and compositions for treating platelet-related disorders
Bicyclic heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
Construction materials containing surface modified fibers
System and method for secure communications.
Laminated composite, information recording medium, and member of imparting forgery-preventing charac...
Medication marking system
Labeling apparatus and method of making same
Compact hands-free adapter for use with a cellular telephone
Method for automated retune of telecommunications data in a wireless network using lucent equipment
Method and device for registering and connecting collect calls with intelligent network services
Prepaid wireless telephone account regeneration in a wireless access protocol system
Mobile communication unit with bone conduction speaker
Method and apparatus for phantom battery feed
Method and apparatus for compensating for an echo signal component in telecommunication systems
Method and apparatus for minimizing the telephony ring voltage power supply requirements of an integ...
Method and system for scheduling inbound inquiries
Method and apparatus for automatically directing calls by an invisible agent in a switch
Apparatus, method and system for message-based intelligent tandeming of incoming calls to applicatio...
Electronic device and method for operating
Apparatus and method for network-initiated real-time multi-party communications
Virtual telephone
Origin device billing according to caller
Management system and method, and data processing apparatus
Automated system for cooking and method of use
Directory delivery system and method for a digital subscriber line modem
Hands-free car kit
Method and system of controlling promotional call-ins
Collaborative screensaver
Interface engine providing a continuous user interface
Document management system
Method for network adaptive error control FolP
System and device for switching operating system
System adds additional new routes and default routes to a routing table to allow concurrent access t...
Method and apparatus for selecting internet-based broadcast sources
Secure remote access to enterprise networks employing enterprise gateway servers
Internet system
Method, system and service for conducting authenticated business transactions
System and method for automated credit matching
Quality assurance system and method
System and method for enabling instant messaging on a mobile device
Data communications system including a local beacon
System and method for ordering and delivering media content
Facsimile services in mobile networks
Computer network-based auto-attendant method and apparatus
System and method for foreign agent control node redundancy in a mobile internet protocol network
Integrated customer web station for web based call management
Method, system and devices for wireless data storage on a server and data retrieval
Method for managing multimedia platform resources and multimedia platform for implementing it
Scenario editing device capable of automatically supplementing scenario on the basis of received add...
System for encrypting data from multiple multimedia applications and method thereof
Searching multi-media databases using multi-media queries
Honey based wound dressing
(1R, 2S, 5R)-3-1-menthoxyalkan-1-OL cooling sensate
β-1.3-1.6 glucan (Aureobasidium medium)
Polysaccharide-polypeptide conjugate
Self-replicating RNA molecule from hepatitis C virus
Polyamide-polyether block copolymer
Temperature-responsive polymer compound and process for producing the same
Compositions and methods for use in targeting vascular destruction
Pharmaceutical emulsions for retroviral protease inhibitors
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising 33-epi-chloro-33-desoxy-ascomycin solid dispersions
Solid formulation of glucosamine sulphate
N-terminally chemically modified protein compositions and methods
Use of exendins for the reduction of food intake
Materials and methods for providing nutrition to neonates
Stable spray-dried protein formulations
Laminin chains: diagnostic uses
Unhydrolyzed jojoba protein products having high simmondsin concentration and methods of producing t...
Preblend of microcrystalline cellulose and lactase for making tablets
Targeting pharmaceutical agents to injured tissues
Diagnosis and treatment system for reward deficiency syndrome (RDS) and related behaviors
Sealing medium for composite packaging materials
Hinge assembly for deploying the petals of a sectored mirror of an optical space telescope
Delta kite with flight stabilizing, air-passing ring structure
Laser-tethered vehicle
Validating keying material by using a validation area of read-only media to prevent playback of unau...
Security module, security system and mobile station
Establishing initial PuK-linked account database
Initializing, maintaining, updating and recovering secure operation within an integrated system empl...
Method of achieving multiple processor agreement in asynchronous networks
Method for printing digital works
Repository with security class and method for use thereof
Method and apparatus for the secure identification of the owner of a portable device
Extended key preparing apparatus, extended key preparing method, recording medium and computer progr...
Computer readable medium having a private key encryption program
Method and apparatus for authenticating an hierarchy of video receiving devices
Apparatus and method for generating multiple scrambling codes in asynchronous mobile communication s...
Extraction of multiple single keys from a compressed key
Method and device for cryptographic processing with the aid of an elliptic curve on a computer
Process and device for the generation of codes, for example channeling codes for CDMA applications
Encrypted and watermarked temporal and resolution layering in advanced television
Method for securing safety of electronic information
Manufacturing trusted devices
Apparatus for receiving downhole acoustic signals
Speaker unit for low frequency reproduction
Muffler assembly
Method for simultaneously making a plurality of acoustic signal sensor elements
Self-scoring method and apparatus for early self-screening of neurological disease
Skiing exercise device
System for monitoring repetitive movement
Method and apparatus for tutorial, self and assisted instruction directed to simulated preparation, ...
Hair swatch display device, and display system equipped with at least one such device
Pneumatic generator system for simulating operating conditions of an aircraft
Reading and writing center
Linking external applications to a network management system
Optimizing an outer join operation using a bitmap index structure
System and method for selectively providing information to a user device
Geometric model database for use in ubiquitous computing
Location confirmation system and information transmitting method for use in the system
Small-scale, integrated vehicle telematics device
Method and apparatus for automatically generating a SCADA system
Transient event mapping in the heart
Markers for interventional devices in magnetic resonant image (MRI) systems
Location specific reminders for wireless mobiles
Mobile location explorer and methods therefor
Calibration of positioning systems
Bi-directional switched RF amplifier, waterproof housing, electrostatic overvoltage protection devic...
Gridless IC layout and method and apparatus for generating such a layout
Mobile valet
System and method for handling load and/or store operations in a superscalar microprocessor
TLB lock and unlock operation
Optical device
Network system transmitting data to mobile terminal, server used in the system, and method for trans...
Reduction of differential resolution of separations
High density random access memory in an intelligent electric device
Semiconductor wafer inspection system
Multi-level process data representation
Method for manufacturing a FBG having improved performances and an annealing-trimming apparatus for ...
Bumping process to increase bump height and to create a more robust bump structure
Electronic component with flexible bonding pads and method of producing such a component
Semiconductor device with an L-shaped/reversed L-shaped gate side-wall insulating film
MEMS and method of manufacturing MEMS
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing partial SOI substrates
Trenched semiconductor devices and their manufacture
Field effect transistor structure with self-aligned raised source/drain extensions
Magnetic memory element and memory device including same
Color filter with resist material in scribe lines
Hybrid integrated circuit device
MEMS based charged particle deflector design
Alkyl group VA metal compounds
Method for forming low dielectric layer of semiconductor device
Laser thermal annealing method for forming semiconductor low-k dielectric layer
Method for stabilizing high pressure oxidation of a semiconductor device
Methods of cleaning surfaces of copper-containing materials, and methods of forming openings to copp...
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacturing optical wave guide
Nano-particle preparation and applications
Decoupling capacitor for high frequency noise immunity
Integrated biological and chemical sensors
Advanced thermobaric explosive compositions
Method and apparatus for playing a game of golf
Golf club and golf pin stand
Sports training apparatus
Leg mounted turkey pan call with opposing sound ports
Light-decorative puppet luminous flux driving device
Weights for model and racing cars
Toy Shopping cart
Color-changing and multi-colored electroluminescent cable
Display signs comprising a flat panel loudspeaker
Board game with nesting pieces
Episodic delivery of content
Chess game
Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game
Universal lottery game ticket and a lottery game and a method of playing the lottery game using the ...
Microcellular foam dielectric for use in transmission lines
Polyimide foams
Pultrusion with plastisol
Production of shaped rubber body
Extended range variable bore ram packer for a ram type blowout preventer
Method for producing flat cables
A/D conversion circuit, temperature-sensor circuit, integrated circuit, and method of adjusting the ...
Ramp generator for image sensor ADC
Self-hardening calcium phosphate materials with high resistance to fracture, controlled strength his...
Methods of enhancing radiation effects with metal nanoparticles
Pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation method and apparatus with improved dosing
Pyrazole derivatives and their use as gastrin and cholecystokin receptor ligands
Methods of screening agents, conjugates or conjugate moieties for transport by a PEPT2 transporter
Real-time scheduler
Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating same
Next-nearest-neighbor sequence determinants of antisense DNA
Operand file using pointers and reference counters and a method of use
Fixing member, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Visceral fat determining device with a weight-measuring function
Method, system, software, and signal for performing events for related programs
Catalyst system for ethylene (co)-polymerization
Driving circuit and method of driving an organic electroluminescence device
Multistage autozero sensing for a multilevel non-volatile memory integrated circuit system
High temperature stable thermal interface material
Reflection type liquid-crystal display apparatus
Mold for forming a medical balloon
Optical disk and method of producing the same
Secondary polymer layered impregnated tile
Endo-tracheal tube securement system
Hydroxyaryl phosphine oxides, glycidyl ethers and epoxy compositions, composites and laminates deriv...
Homeodomain protein code specifying progenitor cell identify and neuronal fate in the ventral neural...
Cheese ripening process
Axial valve
Apparatus and method for separately boring precisely aligned opposing screw holes in individual fram...
Automatic translation of text files during assembly of a computer system
System and method for encrypted communications between electronic devices
Anti-theft device for a vehicle and method for activating the anti-theft device
Hinged armature valve
Method and apparatus for allocating processor resources in a logically partitioned computer system
Animal control apparatus with ultrasonic link
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
Method and system for multi-threaded object loading and unloading
Modified titanium dioxide and a method for its preparation
Methods of modulating processes mediated by excitatory amino acid receptors
Method of acknowledging receipt of data packets
Spectroscopic system and method using a ceramic optical reference
Metabolic calorimeter employing respiratory gas analysis
Protein Rim2
Mandrel for supporting a stent and method of using the mandrel to coat a stent
Process for polymerization of olefins
Motorcycle gas tank mailbox
PRO1184 antibodies
Transmyocardial revascularization system and method of use
Oxazin(ethyl)one compounds used as fungicides
Service processing apparatus and service execution control method
Configurations and methods for making capacitor connections
Sulfurylase-luciferase fusion proteins and thermostable sulfurylase
Rapid measurement of time-averaged blood flow using ungated spiral phase-contrast MRI
Structure of handgrip and method for fabrication of same
Precision brain blood flow assessment remotely in real time using nanotechnology ultrasound
Computer-aided probability base calling for arrays of nucleic acid probes on chips
Apparatus and method for providing real-play sounds of musical instruments
Repair of address-specific leakage
Soft tissue repair tool
Method of improving access to services provided by a plurality of remote service providers
Knowledge model-based indexing of information
System method and article of manufacture for building, managing, and supporting various components o...
Elastic sensor mesh system for 3-dimensional measurement, mapping and kinematics applications
Graphics system using sample masks for motion blur, depth of field, and transparency
Object visibility control for ray tracing
Shape-intrinsic watermarks for 3-D solids
Rotary force feedback wheels for remote control devices
Image display apparatus, image display method, measurement apparatus, measurement method, informatio...
Coordinate designation interface
Method of generating test scripts for systems having dynamic behavior
Imidazole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Capacitor strobe charging device utilizing current detection to determine malfunction, and strobe an...
Method, system, and program for mapping objects in different language formats
Bioanalysis systems including optical integrated circuit
Oscillatary neurocomputers with dynamic connectivity
Debris sensor for cleaning apparatus
Echinacea purpurea plant named 'Fragrant Angel'
Integrated circuit (IC) having IC floorplan silhouette-like power supply net, and sea of supply (SoS...
Life sciences business systems and methods
Inhaler device
Automated respirator fit testing method and system
Intermetallic compound superconductors and alloy superconductors, and method for their preparation
Single ion conductor cross-linked polymeric networks
System and method for pendant bud for serially chaining multiple portable pendant peripherals
Real-time operating parameter selection in a vehicular transmission
Multi-function television
Gallium nitride semiconductor light emitting device having multi-quantum-well structure active layer...
Graphical user interface for compliance monitoring in semiconductor wafer fabrication and method of ...
Vertical liquid level measuring device
Halogenated elastomeric compositions having improved stability and green strength
Internal display-mounted antenna for mobile electronic equipment and mobile electronic equipment inc...
Projector control markup language
Substance testing devices with photo identification
Occupant detection system in a motor vehicle
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle