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Air cleaner for engines
Vehicle automatic distance control system and method
Front end module
Antivibration link
Dual stage passenger air bag module
Industrial vehicle
Externally-developed airbag device
Snowmobile having an adjustable ski stance
Snowmobile ski
Torque platform transport device
Method and apparatus for efficiently cooling motorcycle engines
Interoperability of vulnerability and intrusion detection systems
User verification system, and portable electronic device with user verification function utilizing b...
Apparatus and method for extending a cable modem data service over wireless links
System and method for delivering representative media objects of a broadcast media stream to a termi...
Wireless transceiver system for computer input devices
Universal microphone for secure radio communication
Onboard-equipment control apparatus and onboard-equipment control system
Passive entry system
Speaker arrangement for communication terminal
Portable terminal, response message transmitting method and server
Low cost method for receiving broadcast channels with a cellular terminal
Multimedia broadcast/multicast service (mbms) support in utran
Mobile communication method, mobile station and radio network controller
Method and control member for controlling access to a radio communication cellular system through a ...
Method of suppressing frequency-shift keying (FSK) interference
Apparatus and method for improved performance in a digital radio
Pipelined analog to digital converter
Radio transmission unit
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors in combination with hypothermia and/or radiotherapy for the trea...
Method and apparatus for measuring frequency-resolved states of polarization of a working optical ch...
Rolling bearing unit with sensor
Voice transmission apparatus with UWB
Communication system using short range radio communication headset
Method and apparatus for detecting free fall
Nonhuman model animal unresponsive to immunopotentiating synthetic compound
Gene regulation II
Animal model, cells, and treatment for malignant melanoma
Incentive based health care insurance program
Enhanced-functionality prosthetic limb
Surface treatment for implants
Prosthesis with feature aligned to trabeculae
Modular hip prosthesis
Implant and a method for treating an implant surface
Stabilized intervertebral disc barrier
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Intervertebral disc with monitoring and adjusting capabilities
Artificial intervertebral disc having a slotted belleville washer force restoring element
Intervertebral disc replacement prothesis
Facet arthroplasty devices and methods
Method and apparatus for spine joint replacement
Meniscal repair scaffold
Modifying fluid flow in a body vessel lumen to promote intraluminal flow-sensitive processes
Implantable prosthetic device
System method and apparatus for localized heating of tissue
Method and system for displaying altering and producing a copy of an image
Image editing apparatus and recording medium
Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
Radio communication system, radio base-station apparatus, mobile radio-station apparatus, radio zone...
Data recording and/or reproducing apparatus, method, and system and recording medium
Reception apparatus
Multilayer phase-change type optical disc capable of recording and reproducing information at high t...
Ferrodielectric non-volatile semiconductor memory
Switching power supply using controlled negative feedback in series with a switching device and resp...
Switching power supply circuit
Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
Display device and design method for display device
Multiple-screen simultaneous displaying apparatus, multi-screen simultaneous displaying method, vide...
Apparatus for controlling an electronic equipment for vehicles
Graphic user interface for digital networks
Apparatus and method for controlling display of electrical program guide
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Address generator for generating addresses for testing a circuit
Systems and methods to perform defect management to block addressable storage media
Efficient microcode entry access from sequentially addressed portion via non-sequentially addressed ...
Integrated circuit with multiple microcode ROMs
Apparatus and method for facilitating memory data access with generic read/write patterns
Reader for standards and codes stored in electronic form
Automotive computing systems
Memory matrix and method of operating the same
NVRAM control protocol
Data storage apparatus, computer apparatus, data processing apparatus, and data processing method
Interleave address generation device and interleave address generation method
Method and apparatus for re-accessing a FIFO location
DRAM supporting different burst-length accesses without changing the burst length setting in the mod...
Mapping data masks in hardware by controller programming
System and method for controlling prefetching
Data streaming mechanism in a microprocessor
Runahead allocation protection (RAP)
System and managing method for cluster-type storage
Musical performance data search system
Tone generator apparatus sharing parameters among channels
Drum head securement device
Method of determining the fret positions for a fingerboard
Portable travel guitar
Method and system for remotely configuring and monitoring a communication device
Camera apparatus and method including blur detection feature
User selectable focus regions in an image capturing device
Lens moving mechanism for an imaging device and method thereof
Method to control the relative position between a body and a surface
Developing method and developing unit
Harness system for attaching camera to user
System, method and article of manufacture for tracking and supporting the distribution of content el...
Method and system for creating a website for a healthcare provider
Use of persona object in electronic transactions
Load planning tables for a parcel shipping system
Method for auditing a database and system for carrying out such method
Player-centric method and apparatus for creating, distributing, and consuming content
Automated financial scenario modeling and analysis tool having an intelligent graphical user interfa...
Parts management information system and parts management method, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for creating a marketing initiative
Computerized-interactive shift trade recording system
System for aiding to make medical care schedule, and program storage device readable by the system
Transactional computer system
Method and apparatus for operating a neural network with missing and/or incomplete data
Model selection for decision support systems
Controlled capacity modeling tool
Genotic algorithm optimization method and network
Method of controlling production of a gaseous product
System for utilizing seismic data to estimate subsurface lithology
Method and device for evaluating a driving style
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for performance analysis using semantic knowledge
User information inferring system
Computer system and method with adaptive N-level structures for automated generation of program solu...
Robot with sensor
Robot apparatus, and load absorbing apparatus and method
Curved surface machining method and an apparatus thereof
Transfer device
Nonwoven fabric having engaging function
Davit system for lifting boats, jet skis, motorcycles and the like
Self-contained drive-on boat docking apparatus, method and kit for creating such apparatus
Vessel, provided with a gang plank for coupling to an offshore pole structure
Self-deploying safety brace spring
Multi-wall cylindrical structure, method of making such structure, and apparatus for carrying out su...
Recycled irrigation water treatment system
Porous dike intake structure for fish diversion
Mine door system including an air pressure relief door
Beach restoration and regeneration systems, methods and compositions
Attachment element
Method for salvaging offshore jackets
Method for repairing in-ground tunnel structures
In-situ process for detoxifying hexavalent chromium in soil and groundwater
Method of forming a mat of erosion control blocks
Equipment for drilling vertical boreholes
Reinforcing wrap for plastic pipe
Filament wound structural light poles
Transition metal doped ferromagnetic III-V nitride material films and methods of fabricating the sam...
High-purity fluorine gas, production and use thereof, and method for analyzing trace impurities in h...
Method and apparatus for producing carbon nanotubes
High temperature decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
Method for manufacturing aluminum oxynitride (AlON) powder and other nitrogen-containing powders
Process for the preparation of ammonia
Process for total environmental remediation of a phosphorus contaminated site
Method for producing lithium hexafluorophosphate
Slot discharge non-thermal plasma apparatus and process for promoting chemical reaction
Apparatus for plasma-chemical production of nitrogen monoxide
Conversion of petroleum residua to methane
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Method for improving insulin resistance
Corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Adipocyte complement related protein zacrp13
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin receptor molecules and uses thereof
Method for producing TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Methods and apparatus for using controlled heat to regulate transdermal and controlled release deliv...
Health food and preparation having an anti-obesity effect
Rewritable thermal label of a non-contact type and method for using the label
Transfer set in particular for delivering a mixture of liquids for medical purposes
Internal expansion syringe adaptor
Method and apparatus for selecting storage capacity of data storage media
System and method for performing write operations in a disk drive using a write stack drive
Transferring compressed audio via a playback buffer
Computer chassis drawer guide
Precise positioning actuator for head element, head gimbal assembly with the actuator, disk drive ap...
Recording medium drive capable of avoiding damages of recording medium
Lead conductor member for thin-film magnetic head and head gimbal assembly, using temporarily connec...
Suspension having spring with preferential bending in weldment-free zone
Head suspension for disk drive having a recess between a flange contact face and a boss
Self-correcting disc head slider
Sandwich diamond-like carbon overcoat for use in slider designs of proximity recording heads
Recording media cartridge
Magnetic head having multilayer heater for thermally assisted write head and method of fabrication t...
High-density media storage system
Library apparatus for charging or discharging a plurality of cartridges at the same time
Magnetic tape apparatus with capstan motor configuration
Head position demodulating method and disk apparatus
Fractional-rate feedforward RRO compensator
Flexible BPI and TPI selection in disk drives
Write velocity identification in a PRML system
PR/SET-domain containing nucleic acids, polypeptides, antibodies and methods of use
Methods for producing polypeptide binding sites, monoclonal antibodies and compositions thereof
Human stanniocalcin-alpha
Lentiviral packaging cells and uses therefor
IL-2 selective agonists and antagonists
Dynamic classification of sections of software
Signal lamps and apparatus
Image forming apparatus having intermediate transfer belt and primary transfer roller
Method and system for fabricating a dental coping, and a coping fabricated thereby
Semiconductor memory device
Dual-purpose compartment for a hybrid battery and fuel cell powered device
Method for devulcanizing rubber with an amine
Method for preparing acetylene alcohols and their secondary products
Use of alternate thiol accelerators for crosslinking rubber in asphalt
Intermediate transfer unit having a primary transfer member and a secondary transfer roller
Pour-on formulations
4-hydroxypiperidine derivatives having analgesic activity
Non-invasive, miniature, breath monitoring apparatus
System and method for controlling activity of temporary files in a computer system
System and method for specifying integrated circuit probe locations
Network device application programming interface
Inhibitors of complement activation
Integrated circuits having post-silicon adjustment control
Method of controlling release of antimicrobial agents in chewing gum
Begonia plant named 'Bbeva'
Game information storage medium and game system using the same
Aluminum alloy for rapidly cooled welding and welding method therefor
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and, deterioration-preventing agent for non-aqueous electroly...
Enhanced interface for a medical device and a terminal
Sample plate for matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization mass spectrometry
Semiconductor device having multi-layer oxygen barrier pattern
Semiconductor light emitting device with stacked light emitting elements
Disposable device with removable radio module
Keypad backlighting of mobile terminal
Providing debugging capability for program instrumented code
Facilitating the use of aliases during the debugging of applications
Document builder classes and methods
Model checking with layered localization reduction
Controlling the propagation of a digital signal by means of variable I/O delay compensation using de...
Rendering controls of a web page according to a theme
System and method for adaptive performance optimization of data processing systems
Application program interface that can maintain similar look and feel of a displayed image regardles...
System for incrementally computing the maximum cost extension allowable for subsequent execution of ...
Animation on-object user interface
Enhanced virtual machine instructions
Worldwide number format for a spreadsheet program module
Remote object activation in a distributed system
System and method for dynamically updating a site map and table of contents for site content changes
Independent tool integration
Method for optimizing performance of software applications within a computer system
Remote monitoring apparatus using a mobile videophone
System and method of specifying and editing alt attributes
Encryption key for multi-key encryption in programmable logic device
Skate boot
Composite shoe
Anti-skid boot having crampon
Catheter deliverable foot implant and method of delivering the same
Airflow adjusting device of air cushion shoe
Sole for shoes
Environmental protection paper slippers
Stowable overshoes traction soles
Null-packet transmission from inside a firewall to open a communication window for an outside transm...
Method and system for providing travel services
Technique for effective navigation based on user preferences
Primers for detecting food poisoning bacteria and a use thereof
Functional animal muscle protein concentrate composition and process
Textured protein and process for producing processed food using the same
Aminoacid derivatives of dicarboxylic acids as flavor ingredients
Microwave egg pasteurization method and apparatus
Process for preparing high liquid oil, no trans, very low saturates, regular margarine with phosphol...
Dressings comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water a...
Method of reducing trans fat levels in food products and food intermediates and products and interme...
Ultra high pressure homogenization process for making a stable protein based acid beverage
Acid beverage composition and process for making same utilizing an aqueous protein component
Acid beverage composition utilizing a protein and a vegetable oil and process for making same
Healthy Carbonated Beverages/Soda
Yogurt-cheese products, and methods of making the same
Edible film
Dips comprising emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water lipid
MCC/hydrocolloid stabilizers and edible compositions comprising the same
Satiety enhancing food compositions
Encapsulated organic solution particles
Method and device for producing milk foam or warm milk drinks
Method of correcting frequency error
Transmission rate matching apparatus and method for next generation mobile communication system
High accuracy receiver forward and reflected path test injection circuit
Method and arrangement for reducing frequency offset in a radio receiver
Apparatus and method for retransmitting data according to radio link protocol in mobile communicatio...
Modular system and radio handset for communicating between originating and destination entities
Electronic device having power saving function and extension unit
Method and apparatus for registering a mobile device
Radio receiver having a variable bandwidth IF filter and method therefor
Method for selection of a receiver tuning frequency
Method, and associated apparatus, for communicating packet data in a radio communication system
Asymmetric frequency allocation for packet channels in a wireless network
Automotive radio with live rewind on plural channels
Alloy for bonded magnets, isotropic magnet powder and anisotropic magnet powder and their production...
System and method for providing a realistic audiovisual representation of a game among widely separa...
Interactive gaming device capable of perceiving user movement
Text entry within a video game
Telephone gaming device
Designated position detector and game controller utilizing the same
Methods and systems for synchronizing data streams
Mobile telephone
Image communication system
Video recording apparatus
Multi-pass dark frame subtraction
Terminal and method for transporting still picture
Apparatus for producing real-time anaglyphs
Summarizing videos using motion activity descriptors correlated with audio features
Apparatus and method for synchronization of audio and video streams
Image processing apparatus and method for realizing panorama/waterglass functions
Optical projection apparatus, transmission type screen, and projection type image display apparatus
Method and system for automatically scanning television channels
Method and apparatus for modulating video signals
High impedance digital full line video clamp
Apparatus for separating a luminance signal and a chrominance signal from an NTSC composite video si...
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Apparatus and method for processing image, and an image processing program
Inbred sunflower line H1063R
Rice cultivar R031001
Inbred corn line PHC5H
Inbred corn line MV8735
Inbred corn line E24018
Method of conveying BNYVV resistance to sugar beet plants
Genetically modified plants with enhanced resistance to fungal diseases and a method of production t...
Pesticidal toxins and genes from Bacillus laterosporus strains
Nucleic acid molecules from rice encoding RAR1 disease resistance proteins and uses thereof
Bioluminescent assays and bacterial strains useful therein
Rapidly degrading GFP-fusion proteins and methods of use
Method of determining dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene expression
Genes involved in the molecular paths of tumor suppression and/or resistance to viruses
Method for measuring a shape of a foot
Range of motion walker boot
Chassis construction for an article of footwear
Apparatus, system, and method for engaging toes in footwear
Sports boot
Device for mutually adjusting or fixing part of garments, shoes or other accessories
Timing control method for operating synchronous memory
QoS-sensitive path selection in ATM network
Connection management system and graphical user interface for large-scale optical networks
System and method for regulating emails by maintaining, updating and comparing the profile informati...
Policy gateway
System and method for providing network services using redundant resources
Map-information providing system using computer network
Database store for a virtual heap
Providing a useable version of a data item
Automatic document archiving for a computer system
System and method for retrieving data from a database using a data management system
Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering annotations for non-modifiable electronic content
System and method for an interactive web-based data catalog for tracking software bugs
Interactive vending machine to view customized products before they are purchased and internally tra...
Invasive microwave antenna array for hyperthermia and brachytherapy
Method and apparatus for imaging absorbing objects in a scattering medium
Imaging system for medical diagnosis
Long base, stretched fiber-optic Bragg network extensometer and production method for same
Methods and systems for multi-modality imaging
Magneto-resistance effect element, magnetic memory and magnetic head
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetron drive boosting transformer
Self-adjusting alarm system
Light-emitting device, electronic equipment, and method of manufacturing thereof
Method and apparatus for secure authorization and identification using biometrics without privacy in...
System and method for forwarding electronic messages
Ultra-fast adder
System for controlling drivetrain components to achieve fuel efficiency goals
Method and apparatus for terahertz imaging
Method and apparatus for making signs
Dual airflow environmental module to provide balanced and thermodynamically adjusted airflows for a ...
Ordered sets printing with automatic dual trays sheet feeding
Method of embedding color information in printed documents using watermarking
Method for controlling modulation of X-ray tube current using a single topogram
Method and apparatus for selecting a reconstruction projection set
Method and apparatus for reducing interference in an optical data stream using data-independent equa...
Non-coherent DP-MOK reception process with combination of multiple paths and corresponding receiver
Peak detector circuit
Reduced rank adaptive filter
Photoelectric conversion element and solid-state image sensing device, camera, and image input appar...
Support frame for semiconductor packages
Structure and method for latchup suppression utilizing trench and masked sub-collector implantation
Integrated semiconductor memory with wordlines conductively connected to one another in pairs
On-p-GaAs substrate Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y pin photodiode and on-p-GaAs substrate Zn1-xMgxSySe1-y avalanche...
Gallium nitride materials including thermally conductive regions
Semiconductor light emitting device including photonic band gap material and luminescent material
Resonant cavity III-nitride light emitting devices fabricated by growth substrate removal
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting element
Opto-electronic device integration
Light emitting diode
Semiconductor light-emitting device having a semiconductor light-emitting element mounted on a subst...
Semiconductor light emitting element with improved light extraction efficiency
Light emitting device
Transistors having buried p-type layers beneath the source region
Wiring, TFT substrate using the same and LCD
Apparatus and method for photovoltaic energy production based on internal charge emission in a solid...
Method of forming chalcogenide comprising devices
Trencher guidance via GPS
Preparation of syndiotactic polybutadiene, rubber composition and tire with rubber component
Method of molding a tire and mold therefor
Two-piece tire with improved tire tread belt and carcass
Pneumatic tire having an outer layer of a fluorinated silane coating
Tire sensor and method of assembly
Means of manufacturing plural optimized cogged drive belts
High strength, high carbon steel wire
Golf ball
Golf club shaft
Golf ball
Golf ball
Disk volume virtualization block-level caching
Method and system for transferring files from primary system to secondary systems
Clock synchronization with removal of clock skews through network measurements in derivation of a co...
Physical device placement assistant
Method and system for secure computational outsourcing and disguise
Portable sensing light
Selection of mathematical objects from the history screen on a handheld device
Turbo decoder and turbo decoding method
Fuel cell block
Dermatological compositions and methods
Polyhalogen-substituted cinnamic acids and cinnamic acid derivatives and a process for the preparati...
Method for preventing spoilage of food with bacteriophage
Image adjusting method, image forming apparatus and memory product
Device for filtering the intake air of internal combustion engines
Method and system for assembling and utilizing components in component object systems
Isoquinoline derivatives and methods of use thereof
Method and apparatus for remotely deriving the velocity vector of an in-flight ballistic projectile
Method and apparatus for using acoustic signals to identify disk drives that are likely to fail
Method and apparatus for adaptively selecting the wiring model for a design region
Method for searching for dip angle using tilt-compensated electronic compass
Buxus plant named 'Peergold'
Apparatus and methods for intelligently caching applications and data on a gateway
Pipe flushing device for large drains
Semiconductor device for reducing photovolatic current
Carbon nanotube memory cell for integrated circuit structure with removable side spacers to permit a...
Linear minimum mean square error equalization with interference cancellation for mobile communicatio...
Field emission display having carbon-based emitters
Methods and apparatus for supporting and implementing computer based animation
Dynamically generating multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships based on object attribute ...
Catalyst composition comprising ruthenium and zirconium and processes therefor and therewith for pre...
Anti-tack spandex fibers containing antimicrobial agents therein and fabrics made therefrom
Polishing composition
Poison resistant lean NOx catalyst
Water treatment method and apparatus
Coating structure having corrosion resistance
Titanium dioxide, preparation and use
Process for applying a lead-free coating to untreated metal substrates via electrodeposition
Catalytic decomposition of perfluoro-compound
Production of bodies of refractory borides for use in aluminum electrowinning cells
Method for the preparation of a high-porosity adsorbent loaded with crystalline hydrous zirconium ox...
Surface hardness of articles by reactive phosphate treatment
Concrete mix water
Composition and process for treating the surface of aluminiferous metals
Phosphate-containing catalyst composition for the preparation of polyesters, and related processes
Non-chrome rinse for phosphate coated ferrous metals
Catalytic decomposition of perfluoro-compound
Modification of molecular sieve catalyst for reduced methane production during conversion of oxygena...
Crosslinkable creping adhesive formulations
Method and composition for producing zinc phosphate coatings on metal surfaces
High-strength, flaw-tolerant, oxide ceramic composite
Method and apparatus of expanding web searching capabilities
Drive device for a light-emitting component
Single chip ballast control with power factor correction
Charged-particle beam accelerator, particle beam radiation therapy system using the charged-particle...
Focus voltage amplifier
Digital device for correcting the image formed on the screen of a cathode ray tube
Auxiliary coil driver circuit for a cathode ray tube
Remote controlled intelligent lighting system
LED power control methods and apparatus
High intensity discharge strobe lamp assembly and method for producing attenuated-EMI strobe illumin...
Method of driving lamp and driving circuit therefor
Ballast device having active ballasting circuit and method thereof
Flashlight control circuit
Method and apparatus for the zonal transmission of data using building lighting fixtures
Boost controller capable of step-up ratio control
Image forming apparatus
Lighting installation with regulation of light emission devices
Stacked structure display device
Semiconductor device
Light-emitting device
Device and method for sign illumination
Compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Bulb type electrodeless discharge lamp and electrodeless discharge lamp lighting device
Honeycomb optical window deposition shield and method for a plasma processing system
Anti-aging skin care composition and uses thereof
Method and system for generating low jitter NRZ optical data utilizing an optical pulse stretcher
Optical interleaver
Composite diamond window
Structure of a lens barrel
High magnification, four-group zoom lens
Objective lens for endoscope
Projector with spectral filter
Method and apparatus for combining light paths of multiple colored light sources through a common in...
Wavelength dispersion compensating apparatus
Polarizer to improve contrast for liquid crystal display from down view angle
Optical polarized light source device and method of making same
Front-end circulator for an optical device
System and method for increasing the contrast of an image produced by an epifluorescence microscope
Broad spectrum ultraviolet inspection systems employing catadioptric imaging
Optical repeater having independently controllable amplification factors
Method and apparatus for controlling exposure of a surface of a substrate
Electrophoretic display and manufacturing method
Electrophoretic display with a bi-modal particle system
Optical device
Method of guiding a vehicle to a position
Method and apparatus for detecting a target material in a sample by pre-screening the sample for pie...
Gun control system
Method for self-organizing software
Method of inlining a VHDL function call into Verilog
System and method of designing, testing, and employing graphical computer code
System and method for detecting program hazards in processors with unprotected pipelines
Object oriented apparatus and method for providing context-based class replacement in an object orie...
System and a method for communication between an ICE and a production microcontroller while in a hal...
Method for generating and visualizing a task-oriented step representation
Milking claw top
Protein and lipid sources for use in aquafeeds and animal feeds and a process for their preparation
Gaseous blend of CO2 and Ox and its use for biological burden reduction
Method for injecting fluid into meat products
Apparatus and method for extending food dough
Frozen ice confection
Apparatus and method for packaging products
Food container and methods of forming and using thereof
Fish chum system and process for making same
System for interconnecting wall blocks
Universal mower blade
Fluid treatment system and radiation sources module for use therein
Mass separator with controlled input
Method for reducing water concentration in a multi-phase column reactor
Large capacity acid or base generator and method of use
Method for reducing harmful organisms in currents of water
Method and apparatus for preparing slurry for CMP apparatus
Dual-cell mechanical flotation system
Method of cleaning membranes
Multifunctional filter
Ozone treating apparatus
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Acquired resistance genes in plants
DNA encoding a plant deoxyhypusine synthase, a plant eukaryotic initiation factor 5A, transgenic pla...
Method for producing a transgenic plant having modified transport of substances
Transcription factors of cereals
Noval modified MSP-1 nucleic acid sequences and methods for increasing mRNA levels and protein expre...
Regulatory sequences capable of conferring expression of a heterologous DNA sequence in endothelial ...
Helicokinin-receptor from insects
Cellulose acylate film and method for producing the same
Hydroxyalkyl starch derivatives
Method for the production of cellulose carbamate moulded bodies
Novel human seven transmembrane proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Ribosome structure and protein synthesis inhibitors
Histamine receptor h3 ordinary activity mutant and utilization thereof
Salts of nateglinide
Low molecular weight heparin salt with triethanolamine useful as therapeutic-antitrombotic agent of ...
Novel branched sialo-sugar molecules and antiviral agents using the same
Diagnosis of a person's risk of developing atherosclerosis or diabetic retinopathy based on leucine ...
RNA interference mediating small RNA molecules
Ceramide analogs, process for their preparation and their use as antitumor agents
Glaucoma therapeutics and diagnostics
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Nucleic acids from cassava encoding starch branching enzyme II (SBEII) and their use
Promoter sequences providing male tissue-preferred expression in plants
Proteinase inhibitor, precursor thereof and genetic sequences encoding same
Apparatus comprising polymers
Method for making a molecularly smooth surface
Method for large scale production of recombinant DNA-derived TPA or K2S molecules
Features for use with advanced set-top applications on interactive television systems
Geranium plant named 'Fisum Dark Salmon'
Geranium plant named 'Genstared'
Taxus plant named 'Geers'
Corylus plant named 'Red Majestic'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Cevyking Dark'
Artemisia plant named 'Golden Phoenix'
Dahlia plant named 'Cocos'
Diascia plant named 'Sumdia 01'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yellow Yomankato'
Rose plant named 'Kolgian'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zalsacrea'
Miniature rose plant named 'SAVared'
Alstroemeria plant named 'Zaprijul'
Campanula plant named 'PKMh02'
Color conversion filter substrate and organic multicolor light emitting device
Memory element formation with photosensitive polymer dielectric
Biphenyl derivatives and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
Long lasting coatings for modifying hard surfaces and processes for applying the same
Receive processing with network protocol bypass
Water heater and control
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic information to a user via a visual display
User interface for creating, viewing and temporally positioning annotations for media content
Shift control apparatus for an automatic transmission
Multi-speed transmission and integrated drive transfer mechanism
Method for wireless capability discovery and protocol negotiation, and wireless device including sam...
System and method of assigning and reclaiming static addresses through the dynamic host configuratio...
System and method of pipeline data access to remote data
Method and apparatus for finding nearest logical record in a hash table
Context free grammar engine for speech recognition system
System and method for robust video coding using progressive fine-granularity scalable (PFGS) coding
Combinations for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Process if making fine fiber material
Switchable circuit devices
Enkephalin conjugates
Method for robust voice recognition by analyzing redundant features of source signal
Low-impact analyzer interface
Apparatus and method for low power routing of signals in a Low Voltage Differential Signaling system
Fast arbitration scheme for a bus
Projection apparatus and phototaking apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus for session reconstruction and accounting involving VoIP calls
Generation and measurement of timing delays by digital phase error compensation
Semiconductor device for low voltage protection with low capacitance
Ionene polymers and their use as antimicrobial agents
Dental implant packaging system
Systems and methods for moving and/or restraining the tongue in the oral cavity
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Everter and threadthrough system for attaching graft vessel to anastomosis device
Method and medical system for the postdischarge surveillance of a patient
2-amino-3, 4 heptenoic compounds useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Cryotherapy method for detecting and treating vulnerable plaque
Circumferential ablation device assembly and methods of use and manufacture providing an ablative ci...
System and method for delivering therapeutic gas to a patient
Notch filters in planar inverted-F antennas for placing a plurality of antennas in close proximity
Method and apparatus for providing a location based appliance personality
Liquid heater
Method and apparatus for dual-outlet vapor dispenser
Electronically controlled timepiece, and power supply control method and time correction method ther...
Portable computers
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for remote data calibration of a RFID tag population
Traffic control sign
Real-time residential energy monitor
Electronic apparatus including a device for preventing loss or theft
Apparatus and method for monitoring power and current flow
Apparatus and method for forming a high pressure plasma discharge column
System for generating energy from the waves of the sea
Process for producing aryl—aryl coupled compounds
Semiconductor package with heat sink
Heat sink with fins and manufacturing method thereof
Temperature controlled reaction vessel
Pseudo isothermal catalytic reactor for exothermic or endothermic heterogeneous chemical reactions
Heating system and process for influencing air flows in a heating system
Earth loop installation with sonic drilling
Hybrid cooling system and method for cooling electronic devices
Radiator with seamless heat conductor
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Water-cooler radiator module
Method and apparatus for gas temperature control in a semiconductor processing system
Cooling of electronics and high density power dissipation systems by fine-mist flooding
Thermal storage unit and methods for using the same to heat a fluid
Elongate extension handle for ratchet wrench
Methods for improving contrast based dynamic range management
Method for improving breast cancer diagnosis using mountain-view and contrast-enhancement presentati...
Method and apparatus for automated image correction for digital image acquisition
Extracting shape information contained in cell images
System and method for auto-adjusting image filtering
System and method for enabling simultaneous calibration and imaging of a medium
Direct method for the correction of pressure induced scrambling of polarized fluorescence intensitie...
Examination of scattering properties of biological tissue
High availability fan system
Linear actuator, and pump device and compressor device using the same
Pump for inflating and deflating an inflatable object with a rotatable nozzle assembly
Fan motor bracket and baffle assembly
Bidirectional air pump assembly for inflatable objects
Method for manufacturing a turbocharger assembly having a thermally decoupled flange
Two-way mounting air pump with an inflation mode and a deflation mode
Vacuum generator with flow switching means for varying suction capacity through a plurality of nozzl...
Fuel container for a motor vehicle
Oil pump system
Mammalian haemoglobin compatible with blood plasma, cross-linked and conjugated with polyalkylene ox...
Combination of a nonionic silicone surfactant and a nonionic surfactant in a solid block detergent
Laundry detergent compositions with fabric care
Alkaline, protease VapK suitable for laundry detergent, VapK gene, recombinant expression vector, an...
Method and apparatus for controlling a massively parallel processing environment
Removable disk storage array emulating tape library having backup and archive capability
Optical transceiver with memory mapped locations
Methods for translating and reading optical disks
Selecting a device driver for a peripheral device adapted to operate on a network and simplifying se...
Colored printing ink for contact lenses
Soybean variety 91M91
Multiple fluorescent natural dye compound from a marine organism
Chandra: a Th1-specific protein
Device and method for investigating the flowability of a physiological fluid sample
Method and system for compressing and dehydrating wet natural gas produced from low-pressure wells
Display device of reduced size including a point light source provided at an end of a display area
Image pickup apparatus
Image forming apparatus including two image bearing members and featuring a variable dot image
Character provision service system, information processing apparatus, controlling method therefor, a...
Industrial machine management system and method
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Semiconductor device, radiation detection device, and radiation detection system
Image forming apparatus, developing unit and storage medium
Ink-jet head, its driving method, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Information recording apparatus and method for recording information on recording medium
Printing apparatus and method for printing an image
Control system and units removably attachable to the same
Sheet feeder which separates sheets with variable speed and/or direction blown air and image forming...
Print server, method, and system capable of handling different kinds of data
Media reader for a removable digital storage medium
Tube milling head
Preparation of paroxetine involving novel intermediates
Projector with consumable component having memory device
Mobile unit and method of controlling a mobile unit
Sequential selective integration of sensor data
Robotic system
Systems and methods for controlling a legged robot based on rate of change of angular momentum
System and method for reconfiguring an autonomous robot
Work-piece processing system
Electric device having charging function
Manual operating unit for robot
Mobile work robot
Mobile robotic system and battery charging method therefor
Method for controlling a library apparatus, program and units
Anthropomorphic robot
Apparatus for thermal treatment of substrates
Apparatus and method for allocating channel between MSC and IWF unit in CDMA mobile communication sy...
Cleaning product
Straight-through dishwasher with a carriage which is driven in opposite directions
Method of controlling a physical variable in an electronically commutated motor, and motor for carry...
Scanning system with calibrated detection and method
Welding torch with variable power trigger
Leg prosthesis
Change-speed system for utility vehicle
Image projection lighting device
Altitude compensating trailer brake system
Tail suspension test apparatus
Kickdown member for pedal assembly
System and method for electronic actuation of axle driving apparatus
Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
Navigational instrument, method and computer program product for displaying ground traffic informati...
Sensing mechanism for hitch articulation angle
Electrically insulated switching element drive circuit
Linear displacement transducer with improved accuracy
Light driven, integrated optical device
Digital servo system with error signal integrity testing
Multilayered oscillating device with spine support
Pivoting platform having a piezoelectric drive
Coaxial inductor and dipole EH antenna
Broadband dual-polarized microstrip array antenna
Device for non-contact transmission of electrical signals and/or energy
Magnetic resonance imaging magnetic field generator
Method and apparatus to reduce RF power in high field MR imaging incorporating multi-phase RF pulse ...
Data management for seismic acquisition using variable compression ratio as a function of background...
Method and apparatus for fabricating waveguides and waveguides fabricated therefrom
Pogo contactor assembly for testing of and/or other operations on ceramic surface mount devices and ...
Method of manufacturing an optical fiber having coatings of distinct kinds
Compact optical delay lines
Optical communication arrangement
Optical fiber coupler having a relaxed alignment tolerance
Automatic discovery and use of column correlations in tables
Query optimizer cost model
Method and system for registering pre-produced webs with variable pitch length
Methods for identifying an agent that interacts with an active site of acyl carrier protein synthase...
Inorganic particle-containing composition, transfer film comprising the same and plasma display pane...
Nitrogenous heterocylic compounds
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having thin film transistor and capacitor
Thin plate stacked structure and ink-jet recording head provided with the same
Lumbar support for car seat
Recording medium conveying device and image forming apparatus including the same
Method of bonding metal plates, apparatus therefor and hot strip mill
Pressure transducer with capillary tube for high pressure measures
Gas turbine control apparatus and gas turbine system using the same
Knee brace
Method and apparatus for detecting oscillations in cardiac rhythm with electrogram signals
Surround-sound processing system
Built-in antenna and mobile terminal incorporating same
Ceramic heater
Ink-jet head having passage unit and actuator units attached to the passage unit, and ink-jet printe...
Lactone bearing absorbable polymers
Graded composition gate insulators to reduce tunneling barriers in flash memory devices
Noble metal catalyst
Control of start-up combustor for fuel cell power plant
Proton-conducting polymer with acid groups in side chains, preparation method thereof, polymer membr...
Membrane technology to reduce nitrogen in natural gas
Hydrogen purification module
System and method for controlling methanol concentration in a fuel cell
High refractive index polysiloxane prepolymers
Apparatus and method for treating glaucoma
Blue blocking lens
Body for an oral-care appliance
Bimodal polyolefin
Polymerization process
Optical element and optical device using the same
Printing devices with a plurality of print heads and method for using a printing device
Printing machine with equilibrium or equalization of moments or torques
Image file bit depth expansion and subsequent manipulation
Digital image optimization through multiple on-press selections
System-on-a-chip controller
Synchronization of components for printing
Methods for auto-separation of texts and graphics
Simplified tone scale correction
Convex printing table
System and method of simulated increase in image resolution
System and method for the dynamic thresholding of grayscale image data
Color cross reference selection system and method
Edge detection and sharpening process for an image
Apparatus and techniques for computerized printing
Method and apparatus for controlling charging of droplets
Methods and apparatus for smoothing text outlines
Method for conditioning inkjet fluid droplets using laminar airflow
Flexographic printing on containers
Variable data print job system
Systems for the provision of printing services
Methods and apparatus for media selection in cluster printing systems
Simple and inexpensive high-capacity output catch tray for document production machines
Apparatus and method for manipulation of sleeves on a cylinder
Reverse upsampling method and system
Methods and apparatus for remotely controlling a document output device
Method and apparatus for applying and removing imageable materials
Methods and apparatus for providing printing services by assigning a telephone number to a printer
Methods and apparatus for requesting and receiving a print job via a printer polling device associat...
Method and and apparatus for imaging with multiple exposure heads
High frequency deformable mirror device
Imaging system with media carrier storage position
Remote monitoring of consumables for a computer to plate imaging system
Method and apparatus for imaging with multiple exposure heads
Method and apparatus for highlighting graphical objects
Edge treatment of flexographic printing elements
Methods and apparatus for receiving excessive inputs in a VCT system
Reagents for assaying Bacillus anthracis lethal factor protease
Multi-functional auto detailing system
Dish-washing machine
Faux bangs hair dressing accessary
Hair fastener
Combined palm-held liquid and lotion applicator and cover
Cigarette pack with a hinged lid
Scale lamp
Form insert for forming a joint in coping
Retaining wall block
Building block
Section of a flood barrier system with hook brackets for protecting building perimeter
Door facing
Electrophoresis cassette holder
Dual container assembly
Surgical retractor blade
Ceiling fan blade iron
Ceiling fan light kit
Foundation vent
Bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture and method of making same
Flexible stent
Expandable stent with radiopaque markers and stent delivery system
Wound closure system and methods
Method and device for calibrating an image pick-up device sensitive to magnetic fields and for imagi...
Use of R-enantiomer of N-propargyl-1-aminoindan, salts, and compositions thereof
Oxazolidinone piperazinyl derivatives as potential antimicrobials
Methods for identifying compounds that inhibit CD38 activity
Coated lithium electrodes
Treatment of crude oils
Solid electrolytic capacitor and a fabrication method therefor
Separation media, multiple electrospray nozzle system and method
Room temperature crosslinking, one component silicone rubber formulation with hydrophobic silica
Method for providing a cathartic effect
Distributed computing system
Auto hang tag with radio transponder
Smart dosing device
Poly (meth) acrylamide with a high stereoregularity and process for producing the same
Polyurethane composition
Solvent composition for dissolving plastic
Plated substrate for hard disk medium
System for analyzing compound structure
Stabilized optical pulse generator
FLP-mediated gene modification in mammalian cells, and compositions and cells useful therefor
Mice models of human prostate cancer progression
Reel unit for spinning reel
Apparatus for preventing backlash of spool used in baitcasting reel
Rotor for a spinning reel
Retractable leash assembly with a quick connect coupling assembly
Article for grooming an animal
Method for incorporating baking soda into kitty litter box liner and liner
Scrobiculate and other fishing floats, demountably attachable fishing lures and kits for assembling ...
Multiple action buzz blade fishing lure
Remote surgery support system
Graft polymerization, separators, and batteries including the separators
Method and system for display of cardiac event intervals in a resynchronization pacemaker
Patient medical parameter user interface system
Electrosurgical method and apparatus with dense tissue recovery capacity
Compressing and decompressing an image
Apparatus for reproducing an information signal stored on a storage medium
Method for monitoring matched machine overlay
Magnification of information with user controlled look ahead and look behind contextual information
Image encoder and image decoder
Image compression
Information storage using tables and scope indices
Methods and apparatuses for handwriting recognition
Database engines for processing ideographic characters and methods therefor
Color transformation for processing digital images
Imaging for a machine-vision system
System and method of signal processing for use in reading data
Compact solid-state variable optical delay line with a large continuous tuning range
Reflecting wedge optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer
Passive connectivity of waveguides for optical components
Creating large bandwidth line defects by embedding dielectric waveguides into photonic crystal slabs
Peelable buffer layer having a preferential tear portion and methods of manufacturing the same
Methods for fabricating an aligned optoelectronic waveguide circuit
Tri-state optical systems and methods
Arrayed waveguide gratings with improved transmission efficiency
LCD backlight unit having 40° half power angle without a polarizing sheet
Vehicular marker lamp
Gutter system with built-in ropelights
Connecting assembly of a high mounted stop lamp
Illuminated pole-suspended flag and method of illuminating
Magnetically attached lighted sign
Analog control of light sources
Plasma lamp head
Temperature-to-color converter and conversion method
Spread illuminating apparatus with light scattering means
Illumination system using filament lamps
Lamp with LED substrates supported by heat conductive post, and method of making such lamp
Illuminated novelty confection
LED symbol signal
Under the bed night light
Remote control assembly comprising a signal light and a spotlight
Target jumper
Aerating base plate for a flowerpot
Merchandise display
Use of a U-groove as an alternative to using a V-groove for protection against dicing induced damage...
Method for dicing wafer stacks to provide access to interior structures
Apparatus and method for using a wearable computer in collaborative applications
Agents for preventing and treating thrombocytopenia
Photo-activated pro-fragrances
Polymeric structures and method for making same
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
Method and system for registering pre-produced webs with variable pitch length
Tampon wrapper with improved opening means
Surface pattern for an embossed paper product
Computing system in which a plurality of programs can run on the hardware of one computer
Method and system for secure information handling
Resource policy management using a centralized policy data structure
Customer service maintenance automation
Motor bearing for submersible motors
Retainer for rolling bearings
Bearing apparatus for a driving wheel of vehicle
Mounting of the bearing unit for a wheel hub in a suspension system of a motor vehicle
Bushing joint
Lubricant reservoir for gas bearing
Cartridge style fluid dynamic bearing with conical or spherical bearing elements
Low cost fluid dynamic bearing motor
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Linear-motion device and ball screw
Seismic isolation bearing assembly with a frame unit for supporting a machine body thereon
Systems for allocating multi-function resources in a process system and methods of operating the sam...
Retractable anchor device and method of mounting the anchor device
Practice projectile with smoke signature
Dual electrooptic waveguide interferometer
Flip-chip image sensor packages
Highly sensitive imaging camera for space applications including detection of ultrahigh energy cosmi...
Method and apparatus for controlling the termination of processes in response to a shutdown command
Method and apparatus for detail routing using obstacle carving around terminals
System and method for managing personal information
Automated data integrity auditing system
Efficient retrieval of uniform resource locators
Benzamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases mediated by cytokines
Process for making microcapsules involving phase inversion