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Dense plasma focus radiation source
Boron coated straw neutron detector
Controlled fusion in a field reversed configuration and direct energy conversion
Method and apparatus for compensating waveforms, spectra, and profiles derived therefrom for effects...
Spot welding system and method of controlling pressing force of spot welding gun
Modular sealed portable digital electronic controller
Magnetic coating, coating method with same and coating apparatus therefor
Hybrid transmission
Method and apparatus for restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibili...
Method and apparatus for providing interface to original equipment engine control computer
Communication arrangement comprising powerful integrated amplitude-modulation means
System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Apparatus and method for storing data
Voice data packet processing system
Method for processing a large amount of intra-calls in a remote control system of a full electronic ...
Method and system for monitoring a selected region of an airspace associated with local area network...
Method for path selection in a network
Asynchronous pseudo SRAM and access method therefor
Semiconductor device incorporating internal power supply for compensating for deviation in operating...
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Multiplexer configuration for programmable logic device
Laser based metal deposition of implant structures
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Surgical retractor system
Detection of peroxidase activity in milk or milk products
Method and system for controlled distribution of contact information over a network
Wheel speed sensor, method for producing the same, terminal and method for welding terminal and elec...
Jewelry bracelet
Ultraviolet water treatment system
Ortho ester-based surfactant, its preparation and use
Water removal in Fischer-Tropsch processes
Emulsifying and separating device for liquid phases
Systems and methods for disinfection
Alum pellets
Use of aqueous binders in producing filter materials
Optical isomer separation method
Method for the treatment of water by ballasted flocculation and gravity separation with variable fun...
Method for removing scale causing chemicals in hot water systems
Ion exchange
Systems for column-based separations, methods of forming packed columns, and methods of purifying sa...
Distributing or collecting device
Method for treating waste-activated sludge using elecroporation
Method for generating photons by sonoluminescence
Low pressure reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes and method for the production thereof
Treated water dispensing system
Collapsible filter element
Dynamic range analog to digital converter suitable for hearing aid applications
Lithium-based active materials and preparation thereof
Organometallic complexes as phosphorescent emitters in organic LEDs
Digital fluid pump
Ratchet wrench having simplified adapter
Impact wrench
Ion implant monitoring through measurement of modulated optical response
System for measuring of both circular and linear birefringence
Structure of an air inflation device
Compressor impeller with stress riser
Apparatus for controlling a linear compressor and preventing the collision of a piston with a valve ...
Peristaltic injector pump leak monitor
Instantaneous and constant fluid delivery system
Leakage monitoring in the hydraulic pressure area of a membrane pump
Refrigerant cycling device
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Motor-driven pump for pool or spa
Well pumping unit driven by linear motor
Mobile communication terminal
Security system of construction machine
Interface for laser eye surgery
High pressure barrier to oil loss by diffusion
Text representation and method
Multilens optical assembly for a diagnostic device
Apparatus and method for the pressure testing of fuel delivery vapor recovery systems
Artificial tear replacement solution
Gelled two phase cosmetic compositions
Method for manufacturing a wire stent coated with a biocompatible fluoropolymer
Monitoring cardiac geometry for diagnostics and therapy
Vision prosthesis for the blind and method for implementing same
Method of modifying harmonic content of a complex waveform
Encoded excitation source Raman spectroscopy methods and systems
Synthetic images for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner using linear combinations of source images
Magnetoresistive element including a yoke that surrounds a conductor, magnetic memory cell and magne...
Thermal enhance MCM package and manufacturing method thereof
Optically-based method and apparatus for detecting and characterizing surface pits in a metal film d...
Method and apparatus for cooling magnetic circuit elements
Switchable capacitor and method of making the same
Test system for bumped semiconductor components
Plasma display device and method of producing the same
Multi-chips stacked package
Wiring structure of a semiconductor integrated circuit and a method of forming the wiring structure
Semiconductor module
Thermal interposer for thermal management of semiconductor devices
Packaging of semiconductor device with a non-opaque cover
Semiconductor leadframe for staggered board attach
Spherical shaped semiconductor device, a flexible printed wiring substrate, and mounting method ther...
Method for controlling the washing step in a blood centrifugation cell
Information retrieving apparatus and method therefor, and memory medium storing program therefor
Image heating apparatus including rotary member with metal layer
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming ap...
Image forming apparatus with a toner replenishing control feature based on stored toner density and ...
Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Image processing apparatus
Optical measuring device
Radiographic apparatus, radiographic method, program, and computer-readable storage medium
Printing control method, apparatus and storage medium therefor, and printing system
System for operating device from remote location and apparatus for use in the system
Communication system, method for a communication system and controller for a communication system
Image reading apparatus and method
Targeted secure printing
Image reading apparatus
Cover for air bag device
Magnetic tape cartridge
Robot apparatus and control method therefor, and robot character discriminating method
Method used by robot for simultaneous localization and map-building
Finishing machine
Person tracking method and apparatus using robot
Camera handling system
Method and system for robot localization and confinement
Moving body, legged mobile robot, and control program
Coupling for cryogenic media
Robotic beverage server
Laser processing apparatus
Laser processing robot system
Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
Method and apparatus for intelligent highway traffic control devices
Transparent heat-resistant resin optical material and film
Intermediate image transfer device for a color image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for user selectable display mode for intelligently enhancing battery life
Control drive with adjustable potentionmeter
Compression molding method and mold clamping apparatus
Method of using a motion sensor with a bicycle sprocket assembly
Air flow monitoring and control system with reduced false alarms
Automated classifier and meat cut fat trimming method and apparatus
Dual water injector for primary and idle relief exhaust passages
Arrangement for securing an implement to a lifting arm
Pyrometer for measuring the temperature of a gas component within a furnance
Hot water only-on-request faucet system
Electronic control unit for two-cycle internal combustion engine with exhaust control valve
Valve system for internal combustion engine
Liquid image formation apparatus and liquid developing device
Installation for scanning a leg or other limb of an animal with a magnetic resonance imaging apparat...
Method and apparatus for anatomically tailored k-space sampling and recessed elliptical view orderin...
Resonant coupling of optical signals for out-of-plane transmission
Object-order multi-planar reformatting
Resonance frequency correction method and vibration speaker
Tri-state integer cycle modulation
Acoustic-propagation-time measuring apparatus
Switching type power converter circuit and method for use therein
System and method for analyzing a region of interest relative to a predetermined event
Data processing terminal, terminal designing apparatus and method, computer program, and information...
Fixed-frequency beam-steerable leaky-wave microstrip antenna
Piezoelectric thin-film resonator, piezoelectric filter, and electronic component including the piez...
System and method for lithography simulation
Dissection of edges with projection points in a fabrication layout for correcting proximity effects
Funds flow system for academic health centers
Method for optimizing the sequence of passive filter configuration in optical mux/demux devices for ...
Optical waveguide device
Systems and methods for a continuously variable optical delay line
Monoamide based catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins
Apparatus for processing electronic drawing data
Liquid crystal display device
System and method for warning an operator of a vehicle if the vehicle is operating in a condition th...
Plasma display panel and method for fabricating the same
Switching device for mode transition of DC plasma torches
Septic tank
Method for joining oxide superconductors and joined oxide superconductor
Gallium nitride vertical light emitting diode structure and method of separating a substrate and a t...
Product and process for transformation of Thraustochytriales microorganisms
Cooling/heating system
Hydrophilic polymer having silane coupling group terminal and lithographic printing plate base
Monitoring physiological parameters based on variations in a photoplethysmographic signal
Land grid array socket
Artificial synapse chip interface for electronic prosthetic retina
Use of botulinum toxin therapy for urinary incontinence and related disorders
Catalyst for use in fuel electrode of polymer solid electrolyte type fuel cell
Method for producing 1 substituted 5-chloro-4 methly pyrazoles
Electroactive catalysis
Adjustable inlay with multizone polymerization
Intraocular implants
One-piece minicapsulorhexis valve
Syringe for visco-elastic solutions
Zinc/air cell assembly
Internal part design, molding and surface finish for cosmetic appearance
Offset printing machine
Method for printing an image on a printing substrate and device for inputting energy to a printing-i...
Sheet-guiding device in a sheet-processing machine
Method of operating a machine processing printing material sheets
Cryogenically cooled phased array RF receiver coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Local coil unit for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Control valves with integrated check valves
Shaft extractor
Aquarium filter having self-priming arrangement
High reliability forensic color marking system
Creeper body
Wheelbarrow bracket
Cover for liquid waste container
Garbage can
Garbage can
Clothes iron
Paint device
Scraper blade
Wet wiper
Glass cleaning device
Upright vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly
Floor tool for a cleaning appliance
Upright vacuum cleaner canister assembly
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Horizontal electronic stimulus delivery apparatus
Shoe for dogs
Catheter and method for mapping a pulmonary vein
Data acquisition method for accelerated magnetic resonance imaging in framework of the parallel acqu...
Method of making a needle and a needle
Water-soluble polymer complexes
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a polynucleotide and optionally an antigen especially for vac...
Cyclized conotoxin peptides
Microspheres for use in the treatment of cancer
Braided stent method for its manufacture
Convertible blood clot filter
Stent delivery apparatus and method
Expandable stent and delivery system
Stent with phenoxy primer coating
Centrifugal dryer, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing app...
Method for extraction of organosulfur compounds from hydrocarbons using ionic liquids
Gas component sensor for gas oxides
Pigmented inkjet ink
Methods of arraying biological materials using peelable and resealable devices
Presensitized lithographic plate comprising microcapsules
Calpain inhibitors and their applications
Ethernet automatic protection switching
Contactless apparatus and card-type device having clock rectifier that is independent of power recti...
Medication compliance system
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and a method of operating an RFID tag
Loss prevention system
Antenna device and communication device using antenna device
Passive RFID transponder/machine-mounted antenna and reader system and method for hidden obstacle de...
Method to address security and privacy issue of the use of RFID systems to track consumer products
ATM network with cash management arrangement
Corrugated pallet
Measurement of protein synthesis rates in humans and experimental systems by use of isotopically lab...
Acrylated natural resins
Selective isomerization and linear dimerization of olefins using cobalt catalysts
Process for producing vinyl chloride-based polymer
Process for α,β-dihydroxyalkenes and derivatives
Removal of propylene glycol and/or propylene glycol ethers from aqueous streams
Parallel primer extension approach to nucleic acid sequence analysis
Resist compositions and patterning process
Positively photosensitive resin composition and method of pattern formation
Optical recording medium
Phosphor and its production process
Sustained release coolant additive composition
Optical fiber having at least one Bragg grating obtained by writing directly through the coating cov...
Embedding hidden auxiliary code signals in media
Configurable software system for automatically storing computer files
Monoclonal antibodies directed against the G3BP protein, and uses
Method for guiding aquatic crustaceans by utilizing their biological tendency responding to bright a...
Bird bath with reservoir
Siphon hose with gallon counter
Soccer practice cage
Implement for collecting animal faeces
Synchronized primary winding current shunting technique for controlling electro-stimulus level
Automatic cat grooming, feeding, and litterbox apparatus
Aquarium overflow system standpipe
Optical source and sensor for detecting living tissue within an animal nail
X-ray examination apparatus and method for forming an X-ray image
Water-soluble fiber and a method for manufacture therefor
Systems and methods for installation and maintenance of proximity sensors
Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system
Method and apparatus for reducing coupling between signals
Heatable incubator hood and process for regulating the tempurature of an incubator hood
Portable audio device with body/motion signal reporting device
Method and an apparatus for processing an auscultation signal
Superconducting quantum interference apparatus and method for high resolution imaging of samples
System and method of extraction of nonstationary sinusoids
Programming system for medical devices
Method for illness and disease determination and management
Pattern recognition apparatus and method using probability density function
Method of symmetrically locating a pattern piece relative to work material having a variable repeat ...
Sheet-recognizing machine
Color matching image data
Method and system for super resolution
Method, computer readable medium and apparatus for converting color image resolution
Removal of block encoding artifacts
Filter for combined de-ringing and edge sharpening
Method, apparatus and recording medium for data compression
Methods and apparatus for improving quality of block-transform coded images
Variable transformation hierarchical image coding
Single-pass guaranteed-fit data compression using rate feedback
Image processor and image processing method for decompressing progressive-coded compressed image dat...
External grating structures for interfacing wavelength-division-multiplexed optical sources with thi...
Coupling mechanism for an optical transceiver housing
Display device comprising an optical waveguide plate and method of operating for the same
Fiber optic connector installation tool
Optical fiber connecting tool, connector holder, connector holder equipped optical connector, and to...
Cladding-pumped optical fiber and methods for fabricating
Wide-band dispersion controlled optical fiber
Large effective area, low kappa, dispersion compensating optical fiber and telecommunication span in...
Method and system for measuring the wavelength dispersion and nonlinear coefficient of an optical fi...
Flexible factory joint for metallic tubes which enclose loosely inside them optical fibers and its m...
PM fiber alignment
Tunable dispersion compensator for optical communication system
Integrateable band filter using waveguide grating routers
Miniature movable device
Lighting apparatus for guiding light onto a light polymerizable piece to effect hardening thereof
LED illuminated pendant
Uniform pupil illumination for optical inspection systems
Vehicular lamp
Rotary motion powered light emitting diodes
Vehicle trailer lighting system
Human powered vehicle safety lighting structures
Lamp display table
Portable worklight assembly
Reflection-diffusion structure adopted for a light guide plate
Tungsten-containing firearm slug
Method for manufacture of a multi-part projectile for gun ammunition and product produced thereby
High velocity forming of local features using a projectile
Packaging material
Product container with locking end cap
Proton conductive membrane having improved thermal stability
Photobleach speckle and laundry detergent compositions containing it
Process for controlling crystal structure of risedronate
Liquid unit dose detergent composition
Scalp cosmetic compositions and corresponding methods of application to provide scalp moisturization...
Skin care device
Consumer product winding control and adjustment
Bristle carrier for electric toothbrush
Hydrodynamic bearing for a spindle motor
Linear guideway with damping means
Plastic bearing, particularly for use in MacPherson strut
Lubricating device
Continuously variable transmission (CVT) assembly and method of axially positioning pulley members o...
Polishing jig for rolling mill backup roll bearing
Mold guiding device
Rolling bearing unit
Bearing or drive assembly with coated elements
Housing for receiving a bearing component and process for manufacturing same
Bearing hub
Transmission main shaft centering device
Information transmission method and encoding/decoding apparatus and encoding-multiplexing/decoding-d...
Information transmission method and encoding/decoding apparatus and encoding-multiplexing/decoding-d...
Carbon cathode of a field emission display with integrated isolation barrier and support on substrat...
Method and system for single ion implantation
Detecting one or more photons from their interactions with probe photons in a matter system
Image heating apparatus
Method for fabricating a tapered optical coupling into a slab waveguide
Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing information to and from an optical storage medium
Tunable optical instruments
Method and apparatus for measuring waveforms and wavelengths of optical signals
Double-side liquid crystal display device and information appliance
LED light source module for flashlights
Image-forming optical system, projection type image display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Projection apparatus with three light source units to output light bundles into an integrating tunne...
Method and system for calibrating projectors to arbitrarily shaped surfaces with discrete optical se...
Method and apparatus for provisioning distribution channels in a communications network
Crosslinked polymer blends that include a luminescent polymer, and devices incorporating same
Light-emitting device
Beverage brewing method and apparatus
Semiconductor processing apparatus having lift and tilt mechanism
Method and apparatus for low-temperature annealing of metallization microstructures in the productio...
System and method of identifying liveness groups within traces stored in a trace cache
Method and system for web management
Methods and apparatus for managing devices within storage area networks
System and method for loading commercial web sites
Decorative sheet for in-mold decorating injection molding, decorative molding and in-mold decorating...
Net-value creation and allocation in an electronic trading system
Color toner, electrostatic latent image developer, image forming method, and image producing device
Blends of ursolic acid/oleanolic acid
Master-slave communication system and electronic apparatus utilizing such system
Dual word line mode for DRAMs
Backlight control device for liquid crystal display
Variable capacitance circuit, variable capacitance thin film capacitor and radio frequency device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of testing the same
Semiconductor device using high-dielectric-constant material and method of manufacturing the same
ZnO system semiconductor device
Method for depositing a film on a substrate using Cat-PACVD
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same, optical module, circuit board, and electronic i...
Method of forming partial reverse active mask
Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor grains
Sheet set apparatus for sealing preparation, output lead wire set apparatus for sealing preparation,...
Digital camera
Transfer device, transfer method and image forming device
Image formation system, method for determining image formation condition and storage medium storing ...
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Image display medium and manufacturing method of the same
Image processing system, image processing method, and image input system
Method and apparatus for implementing anti-counterfeiting measures in personal computer-based digita...
Unsaturated ester substituted polymers with reduced halogen content
Toner processes
Photoconductive imaging members
Method of making photolithographically-patterned out-of-plane coil structures
Residential gateway system having a handheld controller with a display for displaying video signals
Toilet training article containing a foaming agent
Process for the preparation of morpholinones as light stabilizers
Peptide deformylase activated prodrugs
Prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase biosynthesis inhibitors
Nucleic acid sequences encoding human angiopoietin-like polypeptides
Sunscreen compositions and methods of use
Compositions and methods for weighting a breaker coating for uniform distribution in a particulate p...
Method and apparatus for detecting "almost match" in a CAM
Methods of sanitizing a flash-based data storage device
Method and system for processing commonality of semiconductor devices
Automated management system
Method and system for verifying voltage in an electrical system
Interactive method for real-time displaying, querying and forecasting drilling event and hazard info...
Automatic thermostat mode time limit for automatic start and stop engine control
Electric smokeless roaster
Electric clay and earthenware oven for general purpose heating, cooking, and baking in a house, rest...
Oil extraction process and apparatus therefor
Production of a N-aryl-2-lactam and N-cycloalkyl-2-lactam by reductive amination of lactones with ar...
Articles and methods for treating fabrics based on acyloxyalkyl quaternary ammonium compositions
Wallpaper stripping composition
Dual colorants
Control method for moisture meter, control program for moisture meter, record medium recording contr...
Microwave oven cleaner
Methods and apparatus for a variable resistor configured to compensate for non-linearities in a heat...
Telecommunications receiver and a transmitter
Method of transporting frames of information between parts of a network through an intermediate netw...
Method and system for guaranteeing quality of service for voice-over-IP services
Automatic verification of Walsh code orthogonality
Apparatus and method for generating a 90° alternate phase optical pulsetrain
Mirror for an integrated device
Layers of group III-nitride semiconductor made by processes with multi-step epitaxial growths
Method and apparatus for operational low-stress optical fiber storage
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Bonding pad for gallium nitride-based light-emitting device
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method for the same
Position activated mercury switch
Leveling sensor/switch W/hydraulic control valve for vehicle leveling systems
Method of thematic classification of documents, themetic classification module, and search engine in...
Automatic download to print job retention
Adeno-associated virus vector for boosting immunogenicity of cells
Hepatitis B virus vectors for gene therapy
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Kits employing generalized target-binding e-tag probes
Identification of TRP-2 as a human tumor antigen recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Apparatus and method for embedding information for tamper detection and detecting tamper and recordi...
Image recording device
Process, device and use for evaluating coded images
Data processing apparatus and method of processing data
Mining and characterization of data
Table module compiler equivalent to ROM
Engine method
Mono-shaft four-stroke engine
Control apparatus for variable valve actuation system
Controller of cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Engine controller
Control apparatus and method for lock-up clutch of vehicle
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox according to a road profile
Vehicle-sensitive actuation of a seatbelt retractor
Electronic control unit for a vehicle
Target recognition apparatus
Method for calculating the operating time of hydraulic components
Device for distance measurement
Conductive bracket mount for mirror and antenna assemblies
Monitoring system
System and method for providing formatted print pages
Triggering actions in response to optically or acoustically capturing keywords from a rendered docum...
Network-accessible document bulletin board enabling on-demand printing in a networked office environ...
Method and apparatus for detecting and reacting to occurrence of an event
System and method for routing both toll-free and caller-paid telephone calls to call service centers
Method and system for providing the name of the state of a calling party
Fax transmission denial by sensing for CNG tones within a telephone network
Gaming device having a die or dice directly associated with the reels in the primary game
Gaming device having an award distributor and an award accumulator bonus game
Lift and twist control using trailing edge control surfaces on supersonic laminar flow wings
Product selection expert system
Contract handling method and system
System, method, and apparatus for securely providing content viewable on a secure device
Method and apparatus for providing an E-business audit trail in a distributed computing system
Information presentation and management in an online trading environment
Targeted advertisements using time-dependent key search terms
Distributed OLAP-based association rule generation method and system
Canonicalization of terms in a keyword-based presentation system
Secure online purchasing
Method for enabling privacy and trust in electronic communities
Payment system
Method and program for preventing unfair use of software
Restriction canceling apparatus
Secure distribution of digital data
Automated receivables management system
Method and apparatus for surrogate control of network-based electronic transactions
Risk assessment and management system
Computer-implemented securities trading system with a virtual specialist function
Electronic product catalog systems
Coordinating delivery of a gift
Method of collaboration commerce
Method for muscle delivery of drugs, nucleic acids and other compounds
ISOROM portable isometric and passive range of motion device
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction with vasoactive intestinal polypeptide agonists
Antiinflammatory 3-arylthio-3-thiazolyl-alkylamines
Ionophores as cancer chemotherapeutic agents
Pyrazolonaphthyridine derivative
Remedies or preventives for urinary frequency or urinary incontinence and morphinan derivatives havi...
Drug combinations comprising (E)-7-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-isopropyl-2-[meth- yl(methylsulfonyl)amino]...
Novel pyrazolopyrimidines as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Substituted 1-piperidin-4-yl-4-pyrrolidin-3-yl-piperazine derivatives and their use as neurokinin an...
Benzoxazepine derivatives as selective estrogen receptor modulators
Vaginal cream compositions, kits thereof and methods of using thereof
Compositions and methods using hyaluronic acid
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Electrophoretic buffer
Novel nucleic acid sequences encoding melanoma associated antigen molecules, aminotransferase molecu...
Use of triplex structure DNA in transferring nucleotide sequences
Diagnostic and screening methods and kits associated with proteolytic activity
Methods for detecting neurological disorders
3-Aryl-2-hydroxypropionic acid derivative I
Fused ring NK1 antagonists
Substituted aryl-amine derivatives and methods of use
Spiro[isobenzofuran-1,4'-piperidin]-3-ones and 3H-spiroisobenzofuran-1,4'-- piperidines
Piperidino pyrimidine dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
Substituted alkylamine derivatives and methods of use
Use of 5-ht2 receptor antagonists for the treatment of sleep disorders
Biological information arithmetic apparatus, biological information arithmetic method, computer-exec...
Synthesis of triethylenetetramines
Process for producing paroxetine hydrochloride hydrate
Synergistic conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and carnitine combination
Treatment of male sexual dysfunction
Estrogen receptor modulators
CETP inhibitors
5-[4-[2-(N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]thiazolidine-2,4-dione Mesylate salt
N-aryl piperidine substituted biphenylcarboxamides as inhibitors of apolipoprotein b secretion
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Error analysis fed from a knowledge base
Parallel object-oriented decision tree system
Signal processing circuit involving local synchronous behavior
Maximizing mutual information between observations and hidden states to minimize classification erro...
Method and system for selecting optimal commodities based upon business profile and preferences
Arrangement for predicting an abnormality of a system and for carrying out an action which counterac...
Color display product with removable color chips and a method for making same
Assembly for providing information about an individual
Oxygen-containing phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating sa...
Combined poster book system and method
Lottery ticket play action game
Method and apparatus providing electronic concurrent delivery of multimedia content to general purpo...
Methods and apparatuses for transferring data
Differential audio amplification system
Base station apparatus, mobile station, and contents provider
Method for the distribution and transfer of communication and multimedia signals, as well as a signa...
Method and apparatus for remediating wastewater holding areas and the like
Soil bind and revegetation compositions and methods of making and using such compositions
Hydrotropic additive for process water used to condition and stabilize soils and other base material...
Rock bolts with expandable element
Mechanical device for flaring a piling member
Method for construction of piers in soil and a pier construction
Helice pierhead mounting plate and bolt assembly
Articulated pipe jack clamp
Method and apparatus for routing cable in existing pipelines
Temporary support assembly and method of supporting a flexible line
Easily-cuttable tunnel segment structure
Soil remediation with heated soil
Enhanced irrigation valve platform assembly
Signal detecting sensor provided with multi-electrode
Method and system for extracting data from surface array deposited features
Method and system for searching for relationships between base sequences in genes
Apparatus and method for thermally cycling samples of biological material with substantial temperatu...
Rice hybrid RH102
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33M54
Soybean variety XB40E05
Soybean cultivar 4513420
Soybean cultivar SN76208
SAR and pathogen-inducible promoter
Arabitol or ribitol as positive selectable markers
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies
Methods and compositions for stabilizing microtubules and intermediate filaments in striated muscle ...
Fluorescent protein variants and methods for making same
Recombinant DNase B derived from Streptococcus pyogenes
Chemokine PANEC-1 polynucleotides and compositions and methods related thereto
Human monoclonal antibody against coreceptors for human immunodeficiency virus
Purified mammalian cytokines; related reagents and methods
Use of hop acids to inhibit growth of Staphylococcus aureus and prevent toxic shock syndrome
Characterization of gene function using double stranded RNA inhibition
Methods for identifying inhibitors of GADD45 polypeptide activity and inhibitors of such activity
Improvements for nuclear quadrupole resonance measurements
Method and probe for compensating for magnetic noise fields in space volumes, particularly in magnet...
Reception unit for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Nuclear magnetic resonance measuring apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus with an RF antenna unit and a gradient coil unit
Systems, methods and apparatus of a magnetic resonance imaging magnet to produce an asymmetrical str...
Rf coil system for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Detection of spatially repeating signatures
Method for manufacturing an optical waveguide component and an optical waveguide component produced ...
Apparatus for monitoring particles and method of doing the same
Method of sealing two substrates with a non-epoxy or epoxy-acrylate sealant using laser radiation
Method for in-line testing of flip-chip semiconductor assemblies
Flexible organic electronic device with improved resistance to oxygen and moisture degradation
Circuit configuration for off-load switching, switch mode power supply, clocked supply, voltage regu...
Flip chip package structure
Flip chip interface circuit of a semiconductor memory device
Method for designing wiring connecting section and semiconductor device
Low cost programmable CPU package/substrate
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacture therefor
Bipolar transistor and method of producing same
Semiconductor package with photosensitive chip and fabrication method thereof
Scribe line planarization layer
Semiconductor device and method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
NAND flash memory cell row
Method of forming a non-volatile electron storage memory and the resulting device
Semiconductor device including a TCAM having a storage element formed with a DRAM
Magnetoresistance element and magnetoresistance storage element and magnetic memory
Golf ball marker retainer and divot repair device combination
Cushioning element
Self locking hinge
Golf training aid
Method and system for routing mobile vehicles and scheduling maintenance for those vehicles related ...
Ventilated double-walled composite aircraft fuselage shell
Timer setting mechanism for mechanical dereefer
Aircraft flap extension mechanism
High pressure spray system
Threat-resistant aircraft tray
Retractable lifting blades for aircraft
Control system for rotorcraft for preventing the vortex ring state
Flying body for firing from a tube with over-caliber stabilizers
Projectile flight altering apparatus
Projectile diverter
Variable area nozzle for gas turbine engines driven by shape memory alloy actuators
Process for separating and recycling oxygenate(s) to an oxygenate-to-olefin reactor
Modified rubber, process for producing the same, and composition
Training device for and method for training gliding sport athlete
Flashing light system with power selection
Pouch for concealing and containing shoelaces
Tamper resistant institutional shoe and method
Shin-guard, helmet, and articles of protective equipment including light cure material
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper portion
Shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear component
Footwear cleat
Hybrid cascade model-based predictive control system
Heat radiating structure for electronic device
Apparatus and method for attaching a heat sink to an integrated circuit module
Apparatus and process for detecting condensation in a heat exchanger
Servomotor controller
Scroll-type fluid machine having a path to pass and cool the fluid
Fan shroud assembly
Air-to-air heat pump defrost bypass loop
System for aiding in prevention of engine overheating in a vehicle
Thermal interface wafer and method of making and using the same
Method of extending the operational period of a heat-exchanger in a chip tester
Enhanced heat exchanger apparatus and method
Flexible tube arrangement-heat exchanger design
Heat transport system
Cooling apparatus boiling and condensing refrigerant
Electrode design for electrohydrodynamic induction pumping thermal energy transfer system
Shell and plate heat exchanger
Fan holder
Method of providing direct impingement temperature control of a device
Vaporizer for generating feed gas for an arc chamber
Cooling structure for high tension electrical equipment
Near-field intra-cellular apertureless tomographic imaging
Process for the separation of hollow glass microspheres from muds containing them
Heterocyclo inhibitors of potassium channel function
Use of the dextrogyral enantiomer of milnacipran for the preparation of a drug
Method and system for displaying categorized information on a user interface
Method and apparatus for infrared welding of thermoplastic parts
0.75-power computing apparatus and method and program for use therewith
Heteroaryl, heterocyclic and aryl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Human cDNAs and proteins and uses thereof
Graphical user interfaces and methods for retrospectively gating a set of images
Metering nip for moving a media sheet within an image forming device
Curved paddle electrode for use with a neurostimulator
Movable operator station for vehicles
User interface for controlling cropping in electronic camera
Crimp and cut tool for sealing and unsealing guide wires and tubular instruments
Copolymer rubber, and foamed article, vulcanized rubber, profile extrusion molded rubber and hose fo...
Boring method for circuit board
Attaching and detaching mechanism
Apparatus for cooking bacon and the like
Color analyzing apparatus with polarized light source
Motor actuator with torque control
Apparatus and method for inserting data effects into a digital data stream
Clamping device
Door hinge repair apparatus and method
Adjustment of electrical stimulus in a retinal implant
Schema driven management of a component-based application
Vegetable cradle
Personal monitoring system
Process for the preparation of alkyllithium compounds
Methods for the stereoselective synthesis of substituted piperidines
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detecti...
Soft tissue substitute and method of soft tissue reformation
Process for preparing microcrystalline cellulose
Systems, apparatus, and methods for cockpit interface system with digital audio radio management uni...
Speaker cabinet with increased air circulation efficiency
Method and apparatus to improve the protection of information presented by a computer
Method and system for internet hosting and security
System and method for Internet streaming of 3D animated content
Accessing legacy applications from the Internet
Web-based apparatus and method for enhancing and monitoring picture archiving and communication syst...
Database mining system and method for coverage analysis of functional verification of integrated cir...
Collaborative agent interaction control and synchronization system
System of testing the upstream cable modem channel
Object oriented communications system over the internet
System for reconfiguring and registering a new IP address for a computer to access a different netwo...
Server side program interface to service logic execution environment
Order file processes for purchasing on the internet using verified order information
System for automating and improving home design and construction
Cordless telephone-to-sound card interface adapter with hybrid transformer and control circuit
Method and apparatus for recording and automated playback of personal agent greetings in a communica...
Systems, methods and computer program products for automatically pushing a status change message as ...
Dynamic jitter buffering for voice-over-IP and other packet-based communication systems
System and method for integrating WLAN and 3G
System and method of a wireless network operation and maintenance
Dynamic channel allocation in a synthesizer component
Method and apparatus for automatic execution of concatenated methods across multiple heterogeneous d...
Digital data searching apparatus and an image display apparatus
Efficient management and blocking of malicious code and hacking attempts in a network environment
Structure and method to fabricate self-aligned transistors with dual work function metal gate electr...
Blood glucose level control
Implantable, retrievable sensors and immunosensors
Reactive sensor modules using Pade' Approximant based compensation and providing module-sourced exci...
Computed pivotal center surgical robotic system and method
Compositions and methods for detecting Treponema pallidum
Method and apparatus for accessing a contacts database and telephone services
Communicating data using facsimile protocols
Folder type mobile terminal coupling mechanism
Location-based forwarding of a communication
Method and system for facilitating service delivery to users in a communications system
Subscriber interface circuit
Loudspeaker volume range control
Circuit for reducing voltage peak in interfacing with a telephone line
Method and apparatus for producing ringing tones in a communication device
Portable telephone terminal with toll number retrieval function
System for accessing different resources having the same identification code
Method and apparatus for managing incoming and outgoing calls at an endpoint placed on hold
Method of improving conferencing in telephony
Teleconferencing bridge with EdgePoint mixing
Systems and methods for voice and data communications including hybrid key system/PBX functionality
System and method for screening incoming video communications within an interactive television syste...
Interface for a telecommunication system
Language phonetic system and method thereof
Planetarium and point light source for use in same
Computer software and portable memory for an electronic educational toy
Methods for enabling evaluation of typological characteristics of external body portion, and related...
Method for imparting music score reading and keyboard performance skills
Electronically augmented multiplayer sporting game with virtual ball passed by infrared apparatus
Amphibious vehicle
Method and apparatus for automatic generation of query search terms for a program recommender
Indicating device for aerosol container
Delivery of sumatriptan, frovatriptan or naratriptan through an inhalation route
Method and structure to reduce risk of gold embrittlement in solder joints
Computer architecture for an intrusion detection system
Process for producing fluorinated fluorosulfonylalkyl vinyl ether
Computer system for integrating car electronic devices
Voice controller and voice-controller system having a voice-controller apparatus
Dart game score board
Single data line sensing scheme for TCCT-based memory cells
System and method for dynamic reconfigurable computing using automated translation
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimator in wireless fading channels
Method and system for simulating a hydrocarbon-bearing formation
Shrub rose plant named 'Poulcot001'
System for information life cycle management model for data migration and replication
Electric drive control apparatus, method and program therefor
Control system and method for an equipment service vehicle
Computerized automated dynamic control system for single-track vehicles
Electrical load controlling device
Seatbelt usage detection system
Control apparatus for controlling traction motor equipped in vehicle
Transfer case for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle front-body structure
Structure for the front of a vehicle, of the type with control of the deformation for the safeguard ...
Frontal impact energy dissipation zone
Torque transmission system for a vehicle
Steering apparatus for use in an automotive vehicle and equipped with a transmission ratio adjusting...
Multiplex power steering device
Vehicle steering system
Vehicle steering system with an integral feedback control
Power blocks
Rear cushion installation structure of low floor type vehicle
Installation structure of battery unit
Hybrid electric vehicle
Data replication for redundant network components
Two-step curable mixer-suitable materials
Multilayered structures comprising magnetic nano-oxide layers for current perpendicular to plane GMR...
System and method for highly phased power regulation using adaptive compensation control
Efficient charge transfer using a switched capacitor resistor
DC/DC converter
Current limiting circuit with rapid response feedback loop
Power supply circuit and testing device
Interface for supplying power to a load from an electrical power supply network
Reference power supply circuit for semiconductor device
Voltage generation circuit
Digital potentiometer including output buffer
Differential power supply controller and method therefor
Method and apparatus for load sharing in a multiphase switching power converter
Synchronous rectifier circuit and power supply
Method of and apparatus for detecting sensor loss in a generator control system
Device for a battery charger
Cordless power tool system utilizing battery pack connection system with guide rails and guide slots
Rechargeable battery pack with adaptive regenerative energy control and method thereof
Booster circuit for a pre-drive circuit of a brushless direct current single-phase motor
Fuel cell power supply
Hydraulic battery changer
Automatic power factor correction using power measurement chip
Power factor correction circuit with a coil
Electronic profile based education service
Method for estimating examinee attribute parameters in cognitive diagnosis models
Interactive Toothbrush Game
Interactive medical procedure training
Personal fitness system
Seriously funny (SF)
System and method for teaching reading and writing
Novel stimulative triple disposition lettered didactic cue T-shirt/sweat shirt style garment teachin...
Educational tool and method of use thereof
Driving simulator having articial intelligence profiles, replay, hazards, and other features
Method and system for facilitating information exchange
Extension connector for an angle adjustable cymbal stand
MIDI controller pedalboard
Tone generating apparatus, tone generating method, and program for implementing the method
Multiple-chambered exhaust muffler
Ultrasonic horn
Speech-emitting celebration device
Toy gun with glowing projectiles and method of providing glowing projectiles to a toy gun
Novelty jeans
Mailbox design
Strap attachment block for restraining a vehicle wheel
Fifth wheel landing jack leveling device
Scuba diving trolley
Wheeled carrier
Soft boot for glass scraper
Vehicle trim cleaning wheel
Vacuum cleaner
Electric washing machine
Artist brush, cosmetic brush and paint brush cleaning device
Animal leg warmer
Moated animal food dish
Knee pad
Jock cup
Upper body protective ensemble
Cosmetic applicator
Single lever nail clipper
Electronic device incorporating a generic user interface
Arylcarbonylated vapor-grown carbon nanofibers
Synthetic mesoporous material with radially assembled nanotubes
Method for removing harmful components in an exhaust gas
Process for reducing nitrogen oxides
Gas combustion treatment method and apparatus therefor
Caustic solution treatment process
Method for removal of acid gases from a gas flow
Nanoscale particles of iron aluminide and iron aluminum carbide by the reduction of iron salts
Recycle of hydrogen from hydroprocessing purge gas
Process for extracting and purifying naturally occurring zeolite
Apparatus for transferring and loading a reticle with a robotic reticle end-effector
Handling device with a reversible toroidal gripping member
Sealing system for connector
Empty container storage for the intermediate storage of empty ISO containers
Adjustable drink holder for fishing boats
Boat with stabilizer adapted to serve as loading platform
Canoe gunwale
Hybrid-powered underwater scooter
Convertible anchor
Pneumatic boat equipped with a stabilizing flap
Marine vessel coaming structure
Cargo venting system
Drag reduction system and method
Low drag submerged asymmetric displacement lifting body
Pontoon frame and adjustable motor mount
Convertible personal watercraft
3D wavelet based video codec with human perceptual model
Analog signal separator for UWB versus narrowband signals
Detection of duplicate participants in a two-way modem environment
Color projection type display apparatus reusing incident light
Camera device
Image mosaic data reconstruction
Automobile audio-video theater system
Apparatus and method for detecting road white line for automotive vehicle
Illuminating device and projector using it and built-in display unit
Digital watermarking systems and methods
Methods, apparatus and systems for an electronic watermark having resistance to scaling
Bus operation with integrated circuits in an unpowered state
Method and system for embedding binary data sequences into video bitstreams
Television signal transmitter attenuating unwanted signal while maintaining match between circuits
Methods and apparatus for digital content protection
Adapter circuit for audio and video signals
Encoding geographic coordinates in a fuzzy geographic address
Content distribution system, copyright protection system and content receiving terminal
Modified Harvard architecture processor having data memory space mapped to program memory space with...
System and method for relocating pages pinned in a buffer pool of a database system
System and method for automatic site failover in a storage area network
Method and structure for reducing search times
Distributed biohazard surveillance system and apparatus for adaptive collection and particulate samp...
Method for stress and stability related measurements in boreholes
Media recording device with remote graphic user interface
Signal quality metrics design for qualifying data for a physiological monitor
System and method for locating sources of unknown wireless radio signals
Base station time calibration using position measurement data sent by mobile stations during regular...
Secure booting of a personal computer system
Transparent shared memory access in a software development system
Method and apparatus for producing digital images with embedded image capture location icons
Display device with a focus buoy facility
Hybrid write mechanism for high speed and high density magnetic random access memory
Dual mode relaxation oscillator generating a clock signal operating at a frequency substantially sam...
Double-gate flash memory device
Control device for DC motors
Laser system with fiber-bound communication
Method and apparatus for clock synchronization using quantum mechanical non-locality effects
Method of enhancing wavelength tuning performance in an external cavity laser
Traveling-wave lasers with a linear cavity
Apparatus for reducing spacing of beams delivered by stacked diode-laser bars
Excimer laser device and gas for excimer laser
Very high repetition rate narrow band gas discharge laser system
Gas laser electrode, laser chamber employing the electrode, and gas laser device
Semiconductor laser device and optical fiber amplifier using the same
Plane emission type semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
System and circuit for a multi-channel optoelectronic device driver
System and method for stabilizing a laser output frequency
Absolute wavelength calibration of lithography laser using multiple element or tandem see through ho...
Method and system for providing a pulse laser
Apparatus for locking bending mechanism that bends reflex type wavelength selection element
Single polarization fiber laser
Integrated optical unit for use with miniature optical discs
Information recording device
Optical disk device
Optical disk drive and optical disc recording method
Method of manufacturing monolithic inkjet printhead
Method for solving finite element models using time slabbing
Low cost antennas manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials having a conducting wire...
Silicone rubber composition
Cement bonded wood chip product, resin bonded wood chip product, simulated wood product
Metal oxide sintered structure and production method therefor
Optically isotrophic polycarbonate films and a method for the production thereof
Kink-resistant access sheath and method of making same
Process of making a shaped product
Aminoalkyl-benzofuran-5-ol compounds for the treatment of glaucoma
Therapeutic uses of tri-aryl acid derivatives
Lactam-containing compounds and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Medical uses of a selective estrogen receptor modulator in combination with sex steroid precursors
Combination therapy for conditions leading to bone loss
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating arthritic disorders and regulating bone mass
Methods for drug discovery, disease treatment, and diagnosis using metabolomics
Method of systematically delivering SSRIs
Adjustable weight exercise methods and apparatus
Automatic safety shut-off switch for exercise equipment
Abdominal muscle exercise machine