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Composition of, and process for using, silica xerogel for beer stabilization
Food tumbler
Dulce de leche-flavored fat-based confection, method for making the same and confectionery candies m...
Compositions containing sucralose and application thereof
Process for making stable protein based acid beverage
Scrambled egg snack food
System for tracing animal products
Tubes with elongated cross-section for flooded evaporators and condensers
Heat exchanger package with split radiator and split charge air cooler
Foldable floor heating panel
Radiator structure
Rotatable liquid reservoir for computer cooling
Heat dissipation device
Heat exchanger with integral shell and tube plates
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Heat exchanger device and a method for manufacturing the same
Heat exchange unit
Heat spreader with controlled Z-axis conductivity
Air direction changing system for vehicular air ducts
Shrinkage-free sealing structure of heat pipe
Chip package with embedded component
Semiconductor integrated circuit chip packages having integrated microchannel cooling modules
Method and apparatus for mounting a fan
Heat dissipation device
Heat sink for surface-mounted semiconductor devices
Cooled electronic assembly and method for cooling a printed circuit board
Use of oxyhydroxide compounds for reducing carbon monoxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Footwear upper
Process for improving interfacial adhesion in a laminate
Footwear upper
Methods for determining the relative benefits and/or evaluating quantitative changes of products on ...
Portion of a shoe upper
System for spectral multiplexing of source image to provide a composite image with noise encoding to...
Shoe cushioning system and related method of manufacture
Intelligent footwear systems
Outsole for a shoe
Outsole of a shoe
Shoe sole
Shoe outsole
Footwear upper
Portion of an article of footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe
Shoe and leather care product
User interface-technique for managing an active call
Location based method and system for wireless mobile unit communication
Detection of encephalopathy
Systems and methods for resetting vehicle emission system error indicators
Method and a system for predicting protein functional site, a method for improving protein function,...
System for evaluating a sensor signal
Data abstraction layer for a database
Revision control system for large-scale systems management
Allocating files in a file system integrated with a raid disk sub-system
Method and apparatus for providing an inter integrated circuit interface with an expanded address ra...
General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to support legacy interrupts
Method and system for storing data
Microinstruction pointer stack including speculative pointers for out-of-order execution
System and method for saving power in a wireless network by reducing power to a wireless station for...
Restoring data from point-in-time representations of the data
Apparatus and method to convert data from a first sector format to a second sector format
Apparatus and method to overlay (N) first sectors onto (M) second sectors using a data queue
Collaborative, fault-tolerant, scaleable, flexible, interactive real-time display and processing met...
Mosaic-like user interface for video selection and display
Debugging with set verbosity level during read and analysis of executable code and associated commen...
System and method for managing data output
Rifamycin derivatives
Cyclopamine analogues and methods of use thereof
Synthesis of methotrexate-containing heterodimeric molecules
Derivatives of triazolyl-imidazopyridine and of the triazolylpurines useful as ligandsof the adenosi...
Apparatuses and methods for in-situ optical endpointing on web-format planarizing machines in mechan...
Pyrazolyl-substituted heterocycles and their use as phytosanitary products
Methods of administering/dosing anti-RSV antibodies for prophylaxis and treatment
Multilayer conductive appliance having wound healing and analgesic properties
Alpha-2B-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms
Decomposition and modification of silicate and silicone by silase and use of the reversible enzyme
MRI apparatus
System for monitoring a quench tube of a superconducting magnet in an MRT apparatus
Swing device of industrial robot
Screening method for apoptosis-suppressing or-promoting substance
Assays, antibodies, and standards for detection of oxidized and MDA-modified low density lipoprotein...
Formulations to increase in vivo survival of probiotic bacteria and extend their shelf-life
Process for ex vivo formation of mammalian bone and uses thereof
Safe delivery system for agriculturally active material
Supplemented fibrin matrix delivery systems
Oxygenated albumin for use as blood and blood extender
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis dis...
Regulation of biodegradability of composite biomaterials
pH-sensitive polymeric micelles for drug delivery
Pharmaceutical compositions and dosage forms of thalidomide
Imidazo [2,1-b]-1,3,4-thiadiazole sulfonamides
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Interferon gamma conjugates
Method of transferring large uncured composite laminates
Servo mounting system for direct drive of an aircraft control surface
Aircraft roll disconnect mechanism
Aerodynamic control of a hypersonic entry vehicle
Unitized rotary actuator hinge fitting
Compressor airfoil surface wetting and icing detection system
P. aeruginosa mucoid exopolysaccharide specific binding peptides
Stable cyanine dye phosphoramidites
Engineering single-gene-controlled staygreen potential into plants utilizing ACC synthase from maize
Soybean variety XB06H04
Cotton cultivar 03X179R
Hybrid maize 34A86
Inbred maize line PH4CV
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH779362
Retaining wall system
Method and system to detect stress corrosion cracking in pipeline systems
Method for joining the functional parts of hydraulic or pneumatic working devices, and joining conne...
Double walled containment sumps
Method for preventing and discharging flood
Acoustic generator for distance sounding with a firing mechanism independent of the pressure equilib...
Attachment pin for an exhaust-gas muffler
Methods and apparatus for seabed seismic data acquisition
Methods and systems for managing investments in complex financial investments
Auction method and auction system, and storage medium therefor
Global vendor financing system and method
Electronic imaging capture and billing distribution system
E-ticket validation protocol
Digital contents provision system, server device incorporated in the system, digital contents provis...
Method and apparatus for organizational software license sharing
Method and system for ordering and delivering digital certificates
Transaction processing
Scheme for evaluating costs and/or benefits of manufacturing technologies
Apparatus and method for providing products location information to customers in a store
Method and system for transacted file operations over a network
Assessment engine
Enterlink for providing a federated business to business system that interconnects applications of m...
Object-based machine automation method and system
System and method for validating a network session
Audiovisual reproduction system
System and method for transmitting and receiving secure data in a virtual private group
System and method for optimizing throughput using response time as a metric
Data transfer method
Method and apparatus for discontinuous reception scheme and power saving mode for user equipment in ...
System and method for data packet transport in hybrid wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for impulse radio transceiver calibration
Method to create hierarchical modulation in OFDM
Semiconductor integrated circuit for communication, radio-communications apparatus, and transmission...
System and method for DC offset compensation and bit synchronization
System and method of low power demodulation of continuous phase modulated waveforms
Measuring method, and receiver
Method for controlling connections to a mobile station
Methods and system for retrieving music information from wireless telecommunication devices
Audio system with first and second units having wireless interface, and audio recievers therefor
Apparatus and method for monitoring a trunked radio communications system
Channel access methods and apparatus in low-power wireless communication systems
Push-to-talk handling in a dual processor environment
Communicating medical event information
Method and system for paying for goods or services
Individualized content guide
Method of geographically and financially expanding the business potential and commercial fall-out of...
High speed tool steel
Al--Cu--Mg--Ag--Mn-alloy for structural applications requiring high strength and high ductility
Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Ag-Mn-Zr alloy for use as structural members requiring high strength and high fracture t...
Manganese alloy sputtering target and method for producing the same
Method for changing graphical data like avatars by mobile telecommunication terminals
Financial manager user interface as filed
Image display device
Optical combiner designs and head mounted displays
Data processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium on which program for exec...
Ammonia reclamation system
Method of preparing metal chalcogenide particles
Poly(sialate-disiloxo)-based geopolymeric cement and production method thereof
Digital broadcasting receiver
Sequential color filter
Light emitting device projection methods and systems
Autostereoscopic projection screen
Image display device and adjustment for alignment
Compact portable media reproduction system
Fiducial detection system
System and method for interpretation of visual information
Multiple optical input inspection system
Color image signal processing method for correcting hue turn and color image outputting device and i...
Method for team play analysis
Remote monitoring method and monitor control server
Digitally-generated lighting for video conferencing applications
Method of and apparatus for processing zoomed sequential images
Computer-based video recording and management system for medical diagnostic equipment
High frequency receiver
System to determine distance to a lead vehicle
Virtual beacon system
Communication apparatus, communication system, video image display control method, storage medium an...
Hologram film having identification information recorded thereon and method for manufacturing the sa...
Arrangement for permitting motor vehicle foot pedal release, and motor vehicle incorporating same
Fuel switching for dual fuel engine
Device for absorbing floor-landing shock for legged mobile robot
Single locking collar and sprocket hub apparatus and method
Electrical systems for electric powered vehicles
Apparatus for controlling hybrid vehicle
Vehicle protection against the effect of a land mine
In-wheel motor capable of efficiently cooling motor
Vehicle body stiffener
Three wheel motorcycle conversion assembly
Agricultural applicator configuration for enhanced visibility
Wheel end condition detection system
Electric power steering device and joint
Chassis auxiliary-frame arrangement for improving the safety in a crash
Control system for brake-steer assisted parking and method therefor
Voltage converting circuit for electric vehicles
Child seat safety system for vehicles
Multi-player game system and multi-player game program
Gaming device having alternate outcome presentations
Method and apparatus for cashless gaming
External memory system having programmable graphics processor for use in a video game system of the ...
Information processing terminal
Apparatus for monitoring and controlling use of equipment
Network game system and method for providing continued network games
G cap-stabilized oligonucleotides
DNA immunization against chlamydia infection
Composition for soluble films with a new hydrolyzed polysaccharide
Methods for polymerization of electronic and photonic polymers
Soluble toll-like receptor
Methods for increasing plant cell proliferation by functionally inhibiting a plant cyclin inhibitor ...
Method for the production of calendic acid, a fatty acid containing delta-8,10,12 conjugated double ...
CCT protein expression promoter
Capture moieties for nucleic acids and uses thereof
Method of sequencing by hybridization of oligonucleotide probes
Neutral sphingomyelinase antisense ribozyme and uses thereof
Immobilization of oligonucleotides onto solid supports
Inhibitors against galectins
Chemical inducible promoter used to obtain transgenic plants with a silent marker and organisms and ...
Arabidopsis thaliana derived frigida gene conferring late flowering
Isolated BOS1 gene promoters from arabidopsis and uses thereof
Lipid metabolism regulators in plants
CEP1 gene promoter sequences from Zea mays and methods of use
Tocopherol biosynthesis related genes and uses thereof
Modified Cry3A toxins and nucleic acid sequences coding therefor
Genomically modified cell neutralized to serum-free system
Renal Regulatory Elements and Methods of Use Thereof
Compositions and methods relating to the daptomycin biosynthetic gene cluster
Novel promoters and gene expression method by using the promoters
Expression system of NELL peptide
Targeted glycosaminoglycan polymers by polymer grafting and methods of making and using the same
DNA sequences comprising gene transcription regulatory qualities and methods for detecting and using...
Compound and method of treatment
Colchicoside analogues
Genes encoding human deubiquitinating enzymes
Antisense antiviral compound and method for treating picornavirus infection
Implementing production processes
Method and arrangement for developing core loading patterns in nuclear reactors
Computer aided query to task mapping
Method for high-level parallelization of large scale QP optimization problems
Method and apparatus for configuring a server using a knowledge base that defines multiple server ro...
Computer-executable method for improving understanding of business data by interactive rule manipula...
Adaptive sampling technique for selecting negative examples for artificial intelligence applications
Game board and game thereof
Blackjack with a hedge bet
Apparatus and method of playing cribbage as a casino game and as a slot machine
Lighted hoop
Method and system for the distribution and maintenance of entertainment-related objects and devices
Toy house assembly
Gaming device with a bonus scheme having repeated selection of value sets with option to save values
Casino dice game method and device
Continuous water ride
Hockey goal
System and method for insertion and modification of advertisements
Playing surface for a game and method of using a game playing surface
Automobile communication and registry system
Roadway incursion alert system
HMI device with optical touch screen
Multi-dimensional measuring system
Electrochemical device such as electrochromic or photovoltaic device and electrical connection means...
Electrophoretic media and processes for the production thereof
Electrophoretic displays using gaseous fluids
Neutral white-light filter device
Image display system utilizing light emitting material
Mobile power system
Protective membrane for touch screen device
Wrist watch case, wrist watch with auto time adjusting function by electric wave, and wrist mountabl...
Method and apparatus for real-time digital certification of electronic files and transactions using ...
Photonic crystal waveguides and systems using such waveguides
Hybrid solar lighting systems and components
Systems and methods for monitoring replaceable units
Cable having embedded access points
Environment detection system
Method, program, and system for estimating weather risk
Active control of collaborative devices
Wake-up reset circuit draws no current when a control signal indicates sleep mode for a digital devi...
Guitar and violin hybrid instrument
Portable exerciser for stringed instrument players
Method and apparatus to modify pitch estimation function in acoustic signal musical note pitch extra...
Interchange format of voice data in music file
Handy musical instrument responsive to grip action
Media content search engine incorporating text content and user log mining
Ranking documents based on large data sets
Rotation transfer mechanism and a zoom camera incorporating the rotation transfer mechanism
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Lens unit and compact image pickup module
ND filter and aperture diaphragm apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling cameras and performing optical character recognition of contain...
Manual focus device and autofocus camera
Element layout apparatus, element layout program and element layout method
Method of preparing nanocrystals
Nanostructures produced by phase-separation during growth of (III-V).sub.1-x(IV.sub.2).sub.x alloys
Nanoparticles of rare earth oxides
Microspheres including nanoparticles
Nanoconduits and nanoreplicants
Method for producing nanoparticle layer having uniform easy axis of magnetization, magnetic recordin...
Method of making carbon nanotube patterned film or carbon nanotube composite using carbon nanotubes ...
Integrated circuit chip utilizing dielectric layer having oriented cylindrical voids formed from car...
Bioactive nanocomposites and methods for their use
Vertical FET with nanowire channels and a silicided bottom contact
Nanotube sensor
Nanoscale latch-array processing engines
Botulinum toxin therapy for neuropsychiatric disorders
Carboxylate-gated-nitroxide (CGN) compounds and compositions and methods of use thereof
Stabilized formulations of alpha adrenergic receptor antagonists and the uses thereof
Physiologically active agents containing vicinal dithioglycols and use thereof in various branches o...
Paroxetine controlled release compositions
Spray freeze-dried compositions
Methods and compositions for modulating immune response and for the treatment of inflammatory diseas...
Method and composition for improving sexual fitness
Expression profile of prostate cancer
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of Y2 receptor-binding peptides and methods f...
Modulation of forkhead box O1A expression
Pyridine-3-carboxamide derivatives as CB1 inverse agonists
Benzenesulfonic acid indol-5-yl esters as antagonists of the 5ht.sub.6 receptor
Method of treating of demyelinating diseases or conditions
Derivatives of 3,3-diphenylpropylamines
Coccidiosis poultry vaccine
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleic acid underexpressed in melanoma
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Assay for YKL-40 as a marker for degradation of mammalian connective tissue matrices
System and method of assessment of neurological conditions using EEG
Thermal process for wheels
Tire information detecting device capable of detecting correct tire information
Tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus based on transponder method
Tire inflation pressure sensing apparatus with high reliability and power-saving capability
Electronic key system for entry objects
Public transportation interactive geographical advertisement system having world wide web access
Secure system for the control of the unlocking of at least one openable panel of a motor vehicle
Dual platform location-relevant service
Multi-control telematics in a vehicle
Display device for an assistance or support system for transport means
Vehicle mounted satellite antenna embedded within moonroof or sunroof
System and method for secure communication over packet network
Self-service terminal
Utilizing otherwise unused space on cover or partition sheets
Contents managing system, contents managing method, and program
Bulk card ordering system and methods
Intelligent parcel monitoring and controlling apparatus and method and terminal for executing real-t...
Secure postage payment system and method
Faucet spout
Inline printer assembly
Ballot marking system and apparatus utilizing single print head
Multilayer body with a laser-sensitive layer
Electronic document, genuineness management method for print medium thereof, genuineness management ...
Method and device for the recognition of the origin of encrypted data broadcasting
Zymomonas pentose-sugar fermenting strains and uses thereof
Microorganisms and methods for overproduction of DAHP by cloned Pps gene
B-2-1ctHg.sup.g cotton displaying genetically-controlled naturally-occurring herbicide resistance, m...
Flat lamp
Visually stimulating animal toy
Table lamp
Light shield
Light reflector
Full spectrum horticulture light reflector
Head lamp front cover
Head lamp cover
Base of a lamp stand
Base of a lamp stand
Fishing pole lighter
Hair dryer
Tweezer tips
Nail buffer
Dental floss dispenser
Accessory organizer
Bird feeder
Bulk inventory network system
Adaptive canceller for frequency reuse systems
Vapor-phase growth method for a nitride semiconductor and a nitride semiconductor device
Method of fabricating iridium-based materials and structures on substrates
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Active shift transmission, transmission control unit and automobile
Fluorescent protein
Method and apparatus for providing security for a computer system
Processor, data processing system and method for synchronizing access to data in shared memory
Cryptographic method and cryptographic device
Groove cutting tool
Antenna device for motor vehicle
Sealed prismatic battery
Method for forming cold spot region and discharge lamp with such cold spot region
Technique for Effectively Accessing Programming Listing Information in an Entertainment Delivery Sys...
Communication system, communication control method, and program for implementing the method
Scan and boundary scan disable mechanism on secure device
Method and systems for a radiation tolerant bus interface circuit
Transaction branch management to ensure maximum branch completion in the face of failure
System, method, and user interface for acceptance testing
Data buffering system and method for optical recording device
Nine layer architecture
Address assignment in digital transmission system
Methods and systems for routing mobile vehicles
Multiple bit chalcogenide storage device
Semiconductor device having multiple work functions and method of manufacture therefor
Rope-guiding device
Built-in self-test (BIST) for high performance circuits
Biometric quality control process
Circuit for selectively providing maximum or minimum of a pair of floating point operands
Predicate register file write by an instruction with a pending instruction having data dependency
Method for handling 32 bit results for an out-of-order processor with a 64 bit architecture
Methods and systems for providing navigation within an application
System and method for delivering targeted advertisements using multiple presentation streams
Method for improving performance in a computer storage system by regulating resource requests from c...
Compact multi-axis interferometer
En-face functional imaging using multiple wavelengths
Microelectromechanical system optical apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for enabling a communication resource reset
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple packet data service connections
Correlation method in a communication system and apparatus
Multi-service platform module
Power control method for handling frame erasure of data in mobile links in a mobile telecommunicatio...
System and method for generating triggers based on predetermined trigger waveform and a measurement ...
Method and apparatus for mapping signals of a device under test to logic analyzer measurement channe...
Mast cell-specific signal transducer and cDNA thereof
Preparations for topical skin use and treatment
Polish compositions for gloss enhancement, and method
Nose pack sheet
Cosmetic compositions containing a particular aminosilicone and a conditioner, and uses thereof
Ready-to-use bleaching compositions, preparation process and bleaching process
Electroluminescent phosphor powders, methods for making phosphor powders and devices incorporating s...
Encryption apparatus and method, and decryption apparatus and method based on block encryption
Pet product with device for holding information article
Gate antenna device
Entry location in a content addressable memory
Assembly for precision focus of compact PAR lamps
Multilayer body with a layer having at least one laser-sensitive material
High-pressure processing chamber for a semiconductor wafer
Method of forming polyetherols in the presence of carboxy-modified aluminum-based catalysts
Interlabial absorbent article
Fibrous matrix of synthetic detergents
Dispenser for dispensing two different substrates
Dispenser for multiple rolls of sheet material
Three-piece disposable undergarment with stretchable crotch member and method for the manufacture th...
Guide roller with flanges for a dispenser
Thrombectomy catheter device having a self-sealing hemostasis valve
Specially shaped balloon device for use in surgery and method of use
Flexible delivery system
Fixation device delivery catheter, systems and methods of use
Treatment of stenotic regions
Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives as inhibitors of factor xa
Synthesis of quinones and phenols on solid support
Startup apparatus and technique for a wireless system that uses time domain isolation
Butter maker
Milling machine
Method and apparatus for a monodiameter wellbore, monodiameter casing, monobore, and/or monowell
Conducting polymer nanofiber sensors
Mode detection and safety monitoring in blood pressure measurement
Multi-protocol label switching in a network device
Mechanisms for providing stateful NAT support in redundant and asymetric routing environments
Method and apparatus for managing resource contention in a multisystem cluster
Image sensing apparatus, signal processing method thereof, program, and storage medium
Vapor compression system and method for controlling conditions in ambient surroundings
Flotation swimsuit and method for construction thereof
Method for molding structures
Light element with a translucent surface
Method for synthesizing nanoscale structures in defined locations
Microcavity biosensor and uses thereof
Molecular detection systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis
Methods for detecting an analyte in a sample
Dual oxidases as mitogenic and endocrine regulators
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for biosensor systems and methods for determining the presence o...
Tungsten coated silicon fingers
Methods of forming metal lines in semiconductor devices
Method, system and device for microscopic examination employing fib-prepared sample grasping element
Strained-silicon CMOS device and method
Evanescent nanosensor using an optical resonator
Computer-aided reading system and method with cross-language reading wizard
Continuous time warping for low bit-rate CELP coding
Integrity ordainment and ascertainment of computer-executable instructions with consideration for ex...
Method for making power supplies smaller and more efficient for high-power PCs
Client version advertisement service for overriding default version properties of client
Piezo-electric speaker
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having process cartridge with electrical contacts
Chip level biostable interconnect for implantable medical devices
Complex spatial light modulator
Holding device for an optical element
Methods and devices for automated biopsy and collection of soft tissue
Methods for rapid detection and identification of bioagents in epidemiological and forensic investig...
Envelope gene-deficient Paramyxovirus vector
Stud weld
Electron beam apparatus
Product inspection system and a method for implementing same
Isolated control apparatus incorporating light controlled power semiconductors
System and method for analyzing aerial photos
HBV core antigen particles with multiple immunogenic components attached via peptide ligands
Communication terminal apparatus and communication system
Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used...
Method for adjusting channel interference between devices in a wireless network
Embroidery machine and embroidery system
System and method for determining traffic conditions
Systems methods to selectively control forwarding of electronic mail
Location estimation in wireless telecommunication networks
Content management in a broadband printing system
2D graph displaying document locations of user-specified concept of interest
Rotary rehabilitation apparatus and method
Multichannel receiver for simultaneously receiving a plurality of different channel signals
Bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexer and wavelength division multiplexed ring network using th...
Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determinin...
Wavelength division multiplexing optical switching system
Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing the same
Color image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for adjusting usage of DSP of handheld terminal
Paging indicator deciding method of mobile communication terminal
Display window of a mobile phone
Method and apparatus of processing data according to data types
Method of detecting violation of block boundary and apparatus therefor
Gold-coated nanoparticles for use in biotechnology applications
Methods of treating cachexia with chimeric anti-TNF antibodies
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescence element
Switching element
Circuit materials, circuits, multi-layer circuits, and methods of manufacture thereof
Electroluminescent devices
Organic light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Image display apparatus
Stacked organic electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescence display having recessed electrode structure
Image display apparatus and method of determining characteristic of conversion circuitry of an image...
System for utilizing an incentive point system based on disc and user identification
Internet protocol (IP) television
Rate-1 coding for increasing timing information in recording data
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for testing such a device
Internet facilitated fire alarm monitoring, control system and method
Organic electroluminescent display device
Magnetic element utilizing spin-transfer and half-metals and an MRAM device using the magnetic eleme...
Ferroelectric memory transistor with highly-oriented film on gate insulator
Semiconductor CMOS devices and methods with NMOS high-k dielectric formed prior to core PMOS dielect...
Gas-dispensing device with self-contained gas container having a diffusion membrane
Grommet or fill valve for an aerosol container
Method and apparatus for implementing redundancy enhanced differential signal interface
Method and device for control and diagnosis for the heating of a lambda probe
Method for producing polymers with controlled molecular weight and end group functionality using pho...
Metal complexes that contain perfluoroalkyl, process for their production and their use in NMR diagn...
Polling-based apparatus and system guaranteeing quality of service
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory device
Separate self-synchronizing packet-based scrambler having replay variation
Self-cleaning hair brush
Process for preparing a phosphinoalkanol
Machine tool and detachable/attachable motor
Image forming apparatus with a removable process unit capable of securing rotation transmission accu...
Active pressure relief valves and methods of use
Device for efficient paste dispensing
Method for the continuous production of N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP)
Paper ejection guide of fixing mechanism for image forming apparatus having simple jam clearing stru...
Method for removal of viruses from blood by lectin affinity hemodialysis
Metal halide lamp
Polymer integrated optical transceiver
Apparatus and methods for launching an optical signal into multimode optical fiber
Method for remodulation of a modulated optical signal and device for remodulation and transmission s...
Channel gain control for an optical communications system utilizing frequency division multiplexing
Method for determining the fundamental oscillation frequency in an optical fiber and an application ...
Disk drive apparatus and method of mounting same
Storage system controlling power supply module and fan
Methods for conditional servowriting
Two tape, four reel cartridge and drive for wide magnetic recording tape
Asymmetric disk surface properties in one head disk drives
Front shutter attaching structure and flexible disk drive having the same
Thin film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording and method of manufacturing same
Optical disk and method of recording data to the same
Reduced lubricant accumulating slider
Head actuator assembly for a tape drive
Head stack assembly with locking pins for retaining flex cable
Method and system for providing a dual-stripe magnetoresistive element having periodic structure sta...
Method and apparatus for a side-by-side thin film head with minimal separation between the read and ...
Method and apparatus for a current-perpendicular-to-plane Giant Magneto-Resistance sensor with embed...
Data recording device and memory cartridge of data recording device
Optical information-recording medium
Image forming method using thermal transfer recording material
System and method for remote manipulation of analytic reports
GPS rover station having position dithering for controlling accuracy of secure positions
Methods, servers, mobile stations, and computer program products using GPS referenced time and delay...
MEMS resonator array structure and method of operating and using same
Method and apparatus for receiving a digital audio broadcasting signal
I/Q demodulator and I/Q signal sampling method thereof
Mismatch-dependent power allocation technique for match-line sensing in content-addressable memories
Serving content to a client
Automatic selection of cranial remodeling device trim lines
Image decoding apparatus, recording medium which computer can read from, and program which computer ...
Method and system for recording a monitoring log
Input buffer and semiconductor device including the same
Method for examining a test sample by means of fluorescence spectroscopy, especially fluorescence co...
Semiconductor memory device which compensates for delay time variations of multi-bit data
Shape model generation method and shape model generation system
Systems and methods for removing data stored on long-term memory devices
Optimizing performance of a program or a computer system
Touch panel
Algorithm for the automatic determination of optimal AV an VV intervals
Surface stimulation for tremor control
Sound processing registering a word in a dictionary
Very fast time resolved imaging in multiparameter measurement space
X-ray detecting devices and apparatus for analyzing a sample using the same
Scanning transmission electron microscope and scanning transmission electron microscopy
Solid-state x-ray detector with support mounted steering electrodes
Method and apparatus for phase-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Pattern generating systems
System for visualizing flow and measuring velocity field using X-ray particle image velocimetry
Method and system for CT imaging using a distributed X-ray source and interpolation based reconstruc...
Imaging apparatus and imaging system
Three-dimensional statistic reconstruction of surfaces
Communication apparatus and TV conference apparatus
Peripheral and camera system using the same, for rewriting programs stored in a camera
Lamp for an underwater camera
Camera with motorized film advancement
Miniaturized lens assembly
Solid-state imaging module with frictionally attached shield cap
Image-taking lens apparatus
Fermented coffee beverage
Package drink
Bacterial growth inhibitor or bacteriostatic agent utilizing substances derived from acerola fruit
Organic, ergogenic, isotonic soft drink composition
Phytosterol containing deep-fried foods and methods with health promoting characteristics
Nutrient-fortified, reduced-calorie fruit and/or vegetable food product and processes for making sam...
Stabilizers and Compositions and Products Comprising Same
Methods and apparatus for continuous production of soy beans products
Animal by-product pet treat
Physical process causing the effect of preserving fish or meat food throughout long periods of time,...
Nutrient modified food composition
Food Products, Methods of Producing the Food Products, and Methods of Distributing the Food Products...
Laminate structure for sealing channel leakers
Interactive Hi-Tech doll
Compositions and methods for reducing food cravings
Tongs with encapsulated locking mechanism
Triggerless interactive television
Enabling and disabling cache bypass using predicted cache line usage
System and method for maintaining cache coherency in a shared memory system
Safety controller with hardware memory lock
Control method for storage device controller system, and storage device controller system
Networking interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user ...
Network interface sharing methods and apparatuses that support kernel mode data traffic and user mod...
System and method to control data capture
Programmable unit
Wireless data communications using FIFO for synchronization memory
Memory interleaving
Computer data backup storage device
Switching between virtual ordered writes mode and synchronous or semi-synchronous RDF transfer mode
Dynamic linking element for a spinal attachment system, and spinal attachment system including said ...
Apparatus for use of porous implants
Posterior modular disc replacement system
Tissue Repair and Replacement
Percutaneous Access Devices And Bone Anchor Assemblies
Method and system for providing dynamic orthodontic assessment and treatment profiles
Methods and devices for the treatment of neurological and physiological disorders
Devices, systems and methods useable for treating frontal sinusitis
Method for producing immortalised antibodies-secreting cells
External wearable light therapy treatment systems
Venous valve with sinus
Method for preparing crosslinked polyelectrolyte multilayer films
Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion spacers
End device for a vertebral implant
Space holder for vertebrae or intervertebral discs
Maxillofacial bone augmentation using rhPDGF-BB and a biocompatible matrix
Retinal prosthesis with side mounted inductive coil
Cryptographic authentication for telemetry with an implantable medical device
Methods and systems for classifying mass spectra
System, tools and methods for viewing textual documents, extracting knowledge therefrom and converti...
Method of automatically correcting mask pattern data and program for the same
Method and apparatus for constructing crowns, bridges and implants for dental use
Apparatus, system and methods for dispensing products
Rice hybrid XP316M
Rice hybrid XL723
Methods and compositions for expressing an herbicide-tolerant polynucleotide
Methods and compositions for reducing the expression of a polynucleotide of interest
Oryza sativa LTP promoters useful for modulating gene expression in plants
Genome-wide identification and characterization of gene expression regulatory elements in zea mays f...
Soybean Variety XB06M07
Soybean Variety XB49Q07
Soybean Variety XB03Q07
Soybean Variety XB21N07
Soybean Variety XB25S07
Soybean Variety XB28E07
Soybean Variety XB31M07
Methods and compositions for gene silencing
Production of gamma linolenic acid by a delta6-desaturase
Methods and constructs for producing transgenic plants and methods of recovering expressed proteins
Medical monitoring system having multiple communications channels
Blueberry named 'New Hanover'
Wellbore sealant compositions containing cationic latexes
The Method of Manufacturing Aldehyde-free Engineer Wood Floor
Methods of using wellbore sealant compositions containing cationic latexes
Methods of treating subterranean formations using treatment fluids comprising chlorinated carbohydra...
Methods of Cementing Subterranean Formations Using Cement Compositions Comprising Maltodextrin
Process for separating mixtures
Aromatic dispenser container
Fire resistant sprayable coating composition
Temporary vascular filter guide wire
Method providing self-dispensing additive from buffer blocks for use with a medium in a bullet trap
Composite Bone Graft Substitute Cement and Articles Produced Therefrom
Improved multiple layered membrane with thin fluorine containing polymer layer
Working model suited for extraoral fabrication
Novel catalyst useful for removal of hydrogen suiplhide from gas and its conversion to sulphur. A pr...
Additives comprising chlorinated carbohydrates
Additives Comprising Maltodextrin
Coating, process for producing the same and coated article furnished with the coating
Heat and flame-resistant materials and upholstered articles incorporating same
Method of producing silicon carbide sintered body jig
Stud system and methods related thereto
Methods and apparatus for obtaining positional information
Method, apparatus and system for monitoring hardening and forecasting strength of cementitious mater...
Hyperplaty clays and their use in paper coating and filling, methods for making same, and paper prod...
Process for the manufacture of a bitumen-aggregate mix suitable for road pavement
Diffusion driven water purification apparatus and process
Portable water filtration device
Membrane polymer compositions
Element provided with a fibrin layer, preparation and use thereof
Pharmaceutical formulations
Oral osmotic drug delivery system
Oral osmotic drug delivery system
Oral osmotic drug delivery system
Process for producing yoghurt with controlled texture and consistency
Reduced oil dressing composition and a method for making the same
Porous formed article and method for production thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Microporous composite membrane and its producing method and use
Toner manufacturing method
Substrate, method for producing the same, and patterning process using the same
Manufacturing and cleansing of thin film transistor panels
Treatment and prevention of asthma
Ester derivatives
Protein microarray slide
Novel nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compositions and their uses
Extrapallial fluid of molluscs, methods of obtaining same, formulation and use thereof
Treatment and prevention of liver adverse conditions using gallium
Reduction of reactive oxygen species in chronic wound management
Apparatus and method for treatment of nasal congestion
Compositions and methods for increasing insulin sensitivity
Functional beverage and composition
Natural tea having effects of hangover relief and liver function recovery and method for preparing t...
Immune enhancement by seed oil and/or seed flour
Composition containing an extract of the fruit of schisandra chinensis and process for producing sam...
Anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective factor derivable from a probiotic organism
Therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic agents
Alpha macroglobulin family member
Progenitor Endothelial Cell Capturing with a Drug Eluting Implantable Medical Device
Fatty acid ester blends as carriers for pesticide active ingredients
Antisense oligonucleotide having anticancerous activity
Composition for improving skin, hair and coat health containing flavanones
Catheter with polymeric coating
Progenitor Endothelial Cell Capturing with a Drug Eluting Implantable Medical Device
Treatment of aneurysms with an implantable polymeric, biodegradable device incorporating a MMP inhib...
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Organic electroluminescent device
MRAM integrated circuits, MRAM circuits, and systems for testing MRAM integrated circuits
Multiple bit chalcogenide storage device
Device with scavenging spacer layer
Drug dispenser
Colloidal suspension of submicronic particles as vectors for active principles and method for prepar...
Lens barrel structure and image capture apparatus
System and method for making communication streams available to processes executing under control of...
Vehicle navigation system
Mileage information display system
Plastics additives composition, process, and blends thereof
Method for making memory cards and similar devices using isotropic thermoset materials with high qua...
System and method for efficient input/output of a computer system
Cover support for spas and hot tubs
Method and apparatus for testing tunnel magnetoresistive effect element
Distributed quantum encrypted pattern generation and scoring
Method and apparatus for a multi-use body fluid sampling device with sterility barrier release
Control lever for construction equipment
Solid state pump
Highly cross-linked, extremely hydrophobic nitric oxide-releasing polymers and methods for their man...
Method of preparing 1-acetyl-1-chlorocyclopropane
Multiplex decoding of array sensors with microspheres
PICA system timing measurement and calibration
Image forming apparatus
Diagnostic reagent for hepatitis C virus infection
Method and device for the formation of clock pulses in a bus system having at least one station, bus...
Discharge lamp drive apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of protecting the integrity of a computer program
Substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines
Apparatus and method for the detection and quantification of joint and tissue inflammation
CRH and POMC effects on animal growth
Method for selecting an optimal diet and exercise regimen based on LDL and HDL subclass determinatio...
Diaminopyrroloquinazolines compounds as protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Compounds, their use and preparation
Phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
2-amino-4-functionalized tetralin derivatives and related glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors
Benzothiepine ileal bile acid transport inhibitors
Quinoline 3-amino chroman derivatives
Object detection system: zone matching and programmability
Meteorological observation LIDAR system
Active digital hologram display
Optical scanning apparatus
Semiconductor laser devices
Apparatus for applying optical gradient forces
Diffractive optical element, objective lens module, optical pickup, and optical information recordin...
Low profile optical head
Laser driver and optical disk system
Method of recording information in optical recording medium, information recording apparatus and opt...
Grating-stabilized semiconductor laser
Magnetic advertisement
Transfer apparatus for transferring body side of automotive vehicle and transfer method thereof
Air bag assembly with two piece air bag housing
Hydraulic vehicle seat adjustment with system protection valve
Armrest insert and corresponding assembly for a vehicle
Rear loading roof top transporter
Automatic shift control apparatus and method for manual transmission
Method of connecting shaped parts made of plastics material and metal
Methods for forming wiring and manufacturing thin film transistor and droplet discharging method
Hydraulic tools for setting liner top packers and method for cementing liners
Multi-layered wellbore junction
Apparatus for evacuation of root canal
Minimally invasive access device and method
Method and device for making a composite sheet with multiaxial fibrous reinforcement
Turbine components with thermal barrier coatings
Method of manufacturing a mask blank and a mask, the mask blank and the mask, and useless film remov...
Modular air spinning frame
Rotor cup for an open-end spinning device
Computer-implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for transmitting information be...
Method of learning arithmetic
Measurement system apparatus and method of teachng units of measurement
Simulation and multimedia integration and navigation interface and method
Systems and methods for support of behavioral modification coaching
Visual psychoanalytic unification system and method for dating, mating sequence and relationship pro...
Interactive system and method of Christian devotion
On-line healthcare consultation services system and method of using same
Test lung devices
Interactive Education System for Teaching Patient Care
Video karaoke system
Virtual teaching assistant
Context aware tutorial
Monitoring progress of external course
External course catalog updates
Language capability assessment and training apparatus and techniques
Actuated support platform for video system
Network media access control system for encouraging patient compliance with a treatment plan
Self supportive panel system
Film applicator tool with arcuate edges
Mounted storage device
Transportable forms for concrete buildings and components and methods of manufacture and use of same
Self-trimming interior in-wall receptacle and method therefor
Device and method for determining and detecting the onset of structural collapse
Driving/electric-power generating system for vehicle
Method of operating a lamp containing a fixed phase power controller
Battery, device and charger
Charging apparatus used with a mobile robot
Battery charger with dual use microprocessor
Fixed frequency electrical generation system with induction coupler and use thereof in an aircraft
Power generation controller of vehicle power generator
Alternator rectifier with coil-sensor controlled MOSFETs
Circuit for use with switched leg power supply
Extremely high-speed switchmode DC-DC converters
Linear voltage regulator with selectable output voltage
Switching DC-DC converter with improved stabilization
System and method for controlling input buffer biasing current
Switching power supply, method of operation and device-and-power-supply assembly
Method and apparatus for controlling an engine start system
Control apparatus for electrical generator of motor vehicle
Network generating system and method
Method of operating a radio communications network, terminal and base station
Spread spectrum signal receiver
Adaptive basis functions in a multicarrier communication system
Method for pre-filtering training sequences in a radiocommunication system
Digital rf transceiver with multiple imaging modes
Adjustable chaotic signal generator using pulse modulation for ultra wideband (UWB) communications a...
Receiver system and method for receiving broadcasting
Radio interference indicator
Communication of audio control signals for wireless audio headphones
Home appliance with radio reception function
Local oscillator leakage cancellation in radio transmitter
Utilizing metadata to improve the access of entertainment content
Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
Method for fast call setup in a mobile communication system
Communication system and alignment method of transcoder
Communication system and alignment method of transcoder
Method of printing application data
Plasma display apparatus
Nitride semiconductor laser device having current blocking layer and method of manufacturing the sam...
Nano-electrode-array for integrated circuit interconnects
Systems and methods for aerosol delivery of agents
Aerosol assemblies for spray texturing
Material for controlling diversion of medications
1-(4-sulfamyaryl)-3-substituted-5-aryl-2-pyrazolines and inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2
System and method for testing a data storage device without revealing memory content
Open information based access control method
System and method for automated generation of XML transforms
System and method for remote management of a DSL device
Engine control system for an internal combustion engine having a plurality of cylinders
Methods and systems to interface navigation operations
System and method for enhanced measure-correlate-predict for a wind farm location
Single catalyst low, medium and high density polyethylenes
Sled for transporting a power auger vertically across ice
Optical information recording apparatus, optical information reproducing apparatus, optical informat...