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Nemesia plant named `Kirine-9`
Oxadiazoline ligands for modulating the expression of exogenous genes via an ecdysone receptor compl...
Description language for an extensible compiler and tools infrastructure
Method for supplying an internal combustion engine with conditioned combustion gas, device for carry...
Method and system for application partitions
Device and a method for continuous casting
Methods and systems for position sensing of components in a manufacturing operation
Method and apparatus for backlit signs with light emitting diode modules
Use of methyl benzoic acid ester in perfume compositions
Therapeutic and diagnostic methods and compositions based on jagged/notch proteins and nucleic acids
Mailbox crown
CaSR antagonist
Washing machine and dryer having being improved duct structure thereof
Method and apparatus for measuring gas concentration levels in liquids
Polyol polyester synthesis
Alfalfa sprout powder based supplement
Synergistic phytoceutical compositions
Process for enriching extracts of natural theanine
Relax cosmetic having a temperature effect
Carbohydrate ruminant feed energy supplement and method
Enzyme treatment of foodstuffs for Celiac Sprue
Monoclonal antibody against human hepatoma and use thereof
Methods and compositions for dual phototherapy
Matrix protein composition for dentin regeneration
Use of HMGB fragments as anti-inflammatory agents
Therapeutic composition and method of supporting the immune system
Multi-cavity injection molding apparatus splitting melt near nozzle front
Thermoplastic spine board with ergonomic features
Mounting device for a cradle for a mobile communications device
Method and system for reducing synchronization waits when allocating sequenced identifiers in a mult...
Optical information recording medium
Method and apparatus for generating a code in an asynchronous code division multiple access mobile c...
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Fluid pressure cylinder
Hand-held scanner
Ligands and catalyst systems thereof for ethylene oligomerisation to linear alpha olefins
Integrated process for aromatics production
Hydrothermal treatment of phosphorus-modified zeolite catalysts
Process for increasing production of benzene from hydrocarbon mixture
Solid acid catalyst and method of using same
Switch assembly
Mobile phone
Methods for assisting recovery of damaged brain and spinal cord using arrays of X-Ray microplanar be...
Sugar chain asparagine derivatives, sugar chain asparagine, sugar chain, and processes for producing...
Crushing control apparatus for shearing crusher
Device for holding a dressing on a cylinder including a holding member and bow in the channel
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of anemia
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Fuchsia plant named `Kiefucor`
Substituted heterocyclic compounds for treating multidrug resistance
Material and process for precisely controlled polymeric coatings
Polymer, process for producing the polymer, and curable composition containing the polymer
Polymer, process for producing the polymer and curable composition containing the polymer
Compact toothbrush with floss
Method and device for determining refractive components and visual function of the eye for vision co...
Decompression-compensating instrument for ocular surgery, instrument for ocular surgery provided wit...
Foldable angle-fixated intraocular lens
Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase
Reactive yellow dyes useful for ocular devices
Method for manufacturing solar cell module having a sealing resin layer formed on a metal oxide laye...
Light emitting device and sealing material
Inexpensive organic solar cell and method of producing same
Antifreeze cooling subsystem
Catalytic coatings and fuel cell electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies made therefrom
Method of purifying a dispersion of ionic fluoropolymer
Plasma immersion ion implantation process using an inductively coupled plasma source having low diss...
Vacuum encapsulation having an empty chamber
Device for detecting a defined filling level of a medium in a container
Systems and methods utilizing an aperture with a reactive atom plasma torch
Method of measuring luminance of image display apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, method a...
Vertically-aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method for purging an optical lens
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Control of micromirrors with intermediate states
Reflective display device having viewable display on both sides
Fault management of high temperture superconductor cable
Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing indus...
Permanent three-pole independent pole operation recloser simulator feature in a single-pole trip cap...
Embossed mask lithography
Method and apparatus for preventing instabilities in radio-frequency plasma processing
Photo-caged fluorescent molecules
Pulse welder and method of using same
Semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for fast flip-flop
Video information display system and display apparatus applicable to the same
Zoom lens unit, imaging device and photographing device
Electronic apparatus
Inverter power source control for high frequency heater
Golf watch
Ultraviolet laser-generating device and defect inspection apparatus and method therefor
Digital home network and method for creating and updating such a network
Image forming apparatus including a process cartridge formed with a hole
Cleaning system
Head cover for golf club
Head cover for golf club
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Method for separation of substances by extraction or by washing them with ionic liquids
Polyethylene pipe having better melt processibility and high resistance to stress and method of prep...
Device for integrating demultiplexing and optical channel monitoring
Method and apparatus for scheduling communication using a star switching fabric
Wavelength demultiplexing unit
Optical correlator system and supporting method and apparatus
Printing system
Position-based capacity reservation in a mobile wireless system
Methods and systems for three-dimensional motion control and tracking of a mechanically unattached m...
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for expanding the functionality of database applications
Apparatus for classifying or disambiguating data
Performing computationally intensive calculations within a database server that provides a recovery ...
System, method and storage medium for bus calibration in a memory subsystem
Method and system for ROM coding to improve yield
Call back structures for user defined DOMs
Tilting movement optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using th...
Method and apparatus for generating carousels
Wave power assembly
Device for confinement of a plasma within a volume
Shielded treatment room and device suitable for recording images on the basis of magnetic resonance
MRI apparatus with means for noise reduction
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus provided with means for preventing closed loop circuit formatio...
Permalloy loaded transmission lines for high-speed interconnect applications
Method and system for determining hardware configuration of medical equipment using RF tags
Wideband receiving antenna device
Optical head, information storage apparatus, optical head design apparatus, and optical head design ...
System and method for performing a virtual endoscopy
Automated method and system for the detection of lung nodules in low-dose CT images for lung-cancer ...
Disc drive failure prediction
Fixing device of image forming apparatus
Suspension for head slider having higher resistance to vibration
Band pass filter having resonators connected by off-set wire couplings
DC-DC converter of multi-output type
Bone cancer pain management utilizing ultrasound
DC converter
Systems and methods for automatically optimizing stimulus parameters and electrode configurations fo...
System and method for remotely controlling logging equipment in drilled holes
Apparatus and method for acquiring oximetry and electrocardiogram signals
Panel bending and testing device
Photoacid generating polymer, its preparation method, top anti-reflective coating composition compri...
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified resist composition containing the sam...
Techniques for efficient integration of text searching with queries over XML data
Cutlery set
Use of optical sensor in motion picture film projector lamphouse to detect state of projector to pre...
Removal of inorganic elements from wood chips
Compounds and methods for cytoprotection
Resonator with adjustable capacitor for medical device
Clear walled containers with lenticular inserts
Energetic atomic and ionic oxygen textured optical surfaces for blood glucose monitoring
Tunable wavelength optical transmission module
Reducing the temperature sensitivity of optical waveguide interference filters
Electronic/photonic bandgap device
Resistance heater
Cardiac pacing/sensing lead providing far-field signal rejection
Gas flow method for detection of preform defects based on transient pressure measurement
Autonomous tracking wireless imaging sensor network including an articulating sensor and automatical...
Crosslinked, water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethanes
Plated base plate for suspension assembly in disk drive
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Integrated circuit including external electronic components with low insertion loss
Power supply
Optical recording apparatus using scanning mirror for generating two-dimensional beam
Systems and methods for non-destructive mass sensing
Point diffraction interferometer and exposure apparatus and method using the same
Job processing system, network system, control method, and storage medium
Document registration system, method thereof, program thereof and storage medium thereof
Secured printing system
Image processing apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium product
Transmitter apparatus and method for selectively converting and transmitting still image files in re...
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical scanning system and image forming apparatus using the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Optical information reproducing apparatus having a servo control circuit
Picture taking apparatus and method of controlling same
Information processing apparatus capable of displaying maps and position displaying method
Image compression method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus, for limiting access to stored information to a system administrator, and...
Image processing apparatus and method therefor
Image heating apparatus with discharge occurring between a charge eliminating member and a pressure ...
Information searching apparatus and method, information searching program, and storage medium storin...
Control apparatus and method thereof
Secure printing with authenticated printer key
Image processing method, device and storage medium therefor
Filtering device
Easy moulding filter element support tube
Package substrate, integrated circuit apparatus, substrate unit, surface acoustic wave apparatus, an...
Synthetic method and novel chemical compounds
Methods of treating eye disorders with modified chimeric polypeptides
MVA expressing modified HIV envelope, gag, and pol genes
Method for purifying pluri-differentiated mesenchymal progenitor cells
Retroviral vectors comprising a functional splice donor site and a functional splice acceptor site
Antigen delivery compositions and methods of use
Substituted 6-membered N-heterocyclic compounds and method for their use as neurological regulator
Indazolyl-substituted pyrroline compounds as kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic inhibitors of ERK2 and uses thereof
Substituted pyrazolo [1,5-A] pyrimidinyls and pharmaceutical uses therefore
Protein kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
Chemical compounds
Bonding pads for a printed circuit board
Semiconductor device with a barrier film which contains manganese
Radiation detectors
Semiconductor device having a multilayer wiring structure
Methods and systems for inspecting a specimen using light scattered in different wavelength ranges
Electron-emitting apparatus
Group III nitride compound semiconductor light-emitting device
Test method of semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Interconnect for testing semiconductor components
Systems and methods for providing illumination of a specimen for inspection
Display methods and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for bi-stable actuation of displays
Ceramic container and battery and electric double layer capacitor using the same
Printed wiring board having edge plating interconnects
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces
Electronic device having wiring substrate and lead frame
Lead frame having a lead with a non-uniform width
Aluminum/ceramic bonding substrate
Controller with agent functionality
Universal shopping cart and order injection system
Asynchronous unconscious retrieval in a network of information appliances
Method and device for storing linked lists
Optimized scalable network switch
Embedded transport acceleration architecture
Providing both wireline and wireless connections to a wireline interface
Methods, circuits, and systems for utilizing idle time in dynamic frequency scaling cache memories
Digital content security system
Decoupled architecture for data ciphering operations
Service clusters and method in a processing system with failover capability
Boundary scan cell and methods for integrating and operating the same
Document builder for interactive dynamic documentation web site
Method and system for formal unidirectional bus verification using synthesizing constrained drivers
Data path synthesis apparatus and method for optimizing a behavioral design description being proces...
Method and system of network management software architectures for mobile broadband wireless network...
Service gateway for interactive television
Cardiac stimulation devices and methods for measuring impedances associated with the heart
DWF12 and mutants thereof
Plants transformed with polynucleotides encoding broad-spectrum delta-endotoxins
Identification and characterization of an Anthocyanin mutant (ANT1) in tomato
Low-pressure chamber for scanning electron microscopy in a wet environment
Spectroscopic apparatus
Automated microscopic image acquisition compositing, and display
System and method for simulating cellular biochemical pathways
Aggregating and pooling health related information in a communication system with feedback
Systems and methods for distributed administration of public and private electronic markets
Security mode switching via an exception vector
Method and system for enforcing a communication security policy
Battery for video camera
Management of trusted flow system
Audio/video adaptor
Reducing network configuration complexity with transparent virtual private networks
Audio/video selector
Establishing a virtual private network for a road warrior
Video camera
Method for intrusion detection in a database system
Video camera
Methods and systems for intrusion detection
Network camera
Osteospermum plant named `KLEO04110`
Nemesia plant named `Confetti Frosted Pink`
Power conversion integrated circuit and method for programming
Public key media key block
Method for the printing of homogeneous electronic material with a multi-ejector print head
Thermal imager utilizing improved radiometric calibration technique
Distributed Bragg reflector systems and methods
Media asset management system
Method and apparatus for clustered SSL accelerator
Method and system for transferring status information between a media player and an accessory
Method for manufacturing place & route based on 2-D forbidden patterns
Detergent pack
Configurable locomotive
Mobile energy management system
Vehicle tracker including input/output features and related methods
Location based information system
Vehicle stopping system and method
Closed pedal deceleration control
Hierarchical system and method for on-demand loading of data in a navigation system
Bar code symbol ticketing for authorizing access in a wireless local area communications network
Expression of human serum albumin (HSA) in monocot seeds
Compositions and processes for reducing NO.sub.x emissions during fluid catalytic cracking
Preparation of highly pure methyl tert-butyl ether
Photoresist compositions comprising diamondoid derivatives
Fuel components and their selective manufacturing methods
Recycling oxygenate-rich streams in oxygenate-to-olefin processes
Assignable director authority for control of streaming digital content
Turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Liquid delivery system
Apparatus for delivering fuel from a tank to an internal combustion engine
System and method for assigning a voucher to a player in a player tracking system
Network gaming system
Tissue roll dispenser cover
High-resolution ophthalmic imaging system
Apparatus for performing twin entangled co-incident photon enhanced Raman spectroscopy and an inspec...
Method and apparatus for measuring polarization
Rotating or rotatable compensator system providing aberation corrected electromagnetic raadiation to...
Diffuse reflectance readhead
System for sequentially providing aberation corrected electromagnetic radiation to a spot on a sampl...
Generalized measure of image quality in medical X-ray imaging
Multi-step method for etching strain gate recesses
Fabrication methods of semiconductor integrated circuit device and photomask
Method of oxidizing member to be treated
Oxidizing method and oxidizing unit for object to be processed
System and method for forming a gate dielectric
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor ...
Process for making encapsulant for opto-electronic devices
Passivation structure for ferroelectric thin-film devices
Integrated circuit having independently formed array and peripheral isolation dielectrics
Method of forming super-paramagnetic cladding material on conductive lines of MRAM devices
Self correcting multiple-link fuse
Chalcogenide-based electrokinetic memory element and method of forming the same
System and method for coupling internal circuitry of an integrated circuit to the integrated circuit...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor chip package
Liquid crystal display panel with marks for checking cutting precision by visual inspection
Methods and tangible objects employing machine readable data
Encapsulated photonic crystal structures
Metrology tool recipe validator using best known methods
Periodic broadcast and location of evolving media content with application to seminar and stroke med...
Multi-copy, multi-media, non-redundant messaging
Method for downloading a web page to a client for efficient display on a television screen
Authoring tool for remote experience lessons
System and method for providing targeted programming outside of the home
Dynamic compression in a hearing aid
Instrument with an interface frame and a process for production thereof
Switch device, storage control system and trace data obtaining method
Storage system
Methods and apparatus for maintaining statistic counters and updating a secondary counter storage vi...
High-pressure spin-on filter assembly
Blister protection for spiral wound elements
Supported biofilm apparatus and process
Supported biofilm process
Method for treating wastewater
Oil spill recovery method using surface-treated iron powder
Method and apparatus for kidney dialysis
Dynamic membrane wafer assembly and method
Distributing or collecting device
Microorganism-removing filter medium having high isoelectric material and low melt index binder
Process for microwave alternative destruction-adsorption
Polymer control system
Method of separating suspension, in particular for waste water treatment, and an apparatus for perfo...
Gutter lining method and insert apparatus incorporating porous non-woven fiber matting
Oil skimmer and method of operating same
Cancer chemoprotective food products
Sorbent for use in process of solid phase extraction
Process for the preparation of polymers from polymer slurries
Material supply system in semiconductor device manufacturing plant
Substituted indolealkanoic acids
Antibodies binding to human TSLP Polypeptides
Substituted 1,2,4-oxadiazoles, compositions and methods of use
Process for reducing the formaldehyde content of a gas
Amido compounds and their use as pharmaceuticals
1,2,4-triazole derivatives, compositions, process of making and methods of use
2-iminoimidazole derivatives (2)
6-[(4,5-Dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)amino]-7-methyl-1H-benzimidazole-4-carbon- itrile and its preferred...
Nitrogen-containing heteroaryl derivatives
Inhibitors of glutaminyl cyclase
1-acyl-pyrrolidine derivatives for the treatment of viral infections
Protease inhibitors
Preparation for improved dietary utilisation
Statin-like compounds
Compounds and methods for treating tumors, cancer and hyperproliferative diseases
Cyclohexyl sulphones
Elastomeric functional biodegradable copolyester amides and copolyester urethanes
Polynucleotides and polypeptides of Anaplasma phagocytophilum and methods of using the same
Tilt helm
System for attaching fenders and the like to boats
Self-tacking swivel base
Inflatable mooring station
Floating vessel for producing hydrocarbons and method for producing hydrocarbons
Ground anchors with compression plates
Shark repellent system
Boat construction with stowable seat
Mounting system and method for rigidly attaching a water sports towing frame to a vessel
Side-reinforced multi-layered sports board
Forward osmosis pressurized device and process for generating potable water
Embolism protection devices
Apparatus for altering the body temperature of a patient
Unexpanded perlite ore polishing composition and methods
Filter arrangement; sealing system; and methods
Metal oxide catalysts
Device for producing expanded plastic moulded parts in an injection moulding process, using compress...
Modified catalysts and process
Fastener products
Process for stripping volatile substances from dispersion comprising polymer particles and process f...
Composite metallic materials and structures and methods of making the same
Benzotriazole-1-yl-N-oxy phosphonium coupling agent
Staged alkylation in microchannels
Diffusion media, fuel cells, and fuel cell powered systems
Local vascular delivery of mycophenolic acid in combination with rapamycin to prevent restenosis fol...
Absorption enhancers
Coated/treated metal silicate absorbent particles
Personal care compositions comprising coated/treated metal silicate absorbent particles
Immobilized bioactive hydrogel matrices as surface coatings
Fuel cell
Electrochemical fuel cell comprised of a series of conductive compression gaskets and method of manu...
Apparatus and method for making a forming structure
Screening method for candidate drugs
Method of detecting Lawsonia intracellularis antibodies
Degradation and detection of TSE infectivity
Biochemical and immunochemical assay device
Chemical mechanical polishing compositions and methods relating thereto
Stimulation of bone growth with thrombin peptide derivatives
Ketone compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
Azlactone telechelic polymer
Wound dressing
Method of making closure housing for sealing
Cable and article design for fire performance
Ultraviolet reflecting compositions
Alignment insensitive D-cache cell
Method and apparatus for applying a parametric search methodology to a directory tree database forma...
Method and apparatus for performing a research task by interchangeably utilizing a multitude of sear...
Method and apparatus for performing a research task by interchangeably utilizing a multitude of sear...
User collaboration through discussion forums
Indirect disposable email addressing
Vibration-resistant mounting bracket for heat exchangers
Normal-flow heat exchanger
Scraper blade and method for scraped-surface heat exchanger
Mounting system and method for scraped surface heat exchanger blades
Fin structure, heat-transfer tube having the fin structure housed therein, and heat exchanger having...
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat spreaders with vias
Heat spreader for display device
Apparatuses and methods for cooling electronic devices in computer systems
Heatsink device of video graphics array and chipset
Heat sink
Apparatus for performance testing of heat dissipating modules
Heat sink and its fabrication method
Heat dissipating device for electronic component
Spring activated energy transducer generating A/C electricity from natural forces-frictionless magne...
Outsole of a shoe
Footwear outsole
Footwear with a scallop design
Portion of a shoe upper
Accessory wall panel
Method and system for voice on demand private message chat
Collecting appliance problem information over network and providing remote technical support to deli...
Network fault isolation
Method of data transfer in mobile and fixed telecommunications systems
System and method for fast, reliable byte stream transport
Method, system, and program for transferring data directed to virtual memory addresses to a device m...
Apparatus and method for correcting previously sent messages in a real-time messaging system
Scheduling the recording of television programs
User interface for interactive television systems
System, method, and computer program product for conveying a status of a plurality of security appli...
Anti-theft device for computer apparatus and a method for protecting computer apparatus thereby
Elapsed time indicator
Canister contents indicator
Cleaning tablet
Cleaning tablet
Jet cleaning machine
Cleaning cloth
Mailbox indicator flag
Apparatus for filtering ultrasonic noise within a fluid flow system
Apparatus for filtering ultrasonic noise within a fluid flow system
Method for filtering ultrasonic noise within a fluid flow system
2150, human protein kinase family member and uses therefor
Amylolytic enzyme extracted from Bacillus sp. A 7-7 (DSM 12368) and washing and cleaning agents cont...
Cultures of GFAP nestin cells that differentiate to neurons
Amidoacetonitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Fabric care composition comprising polymer encapsulated fabric or skin beneficiating ingredient
Methods for protecting allogeneic islet transplant using soluble CTLA4 mutant molecules
.beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of hepatitis B
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Polypeptides that bind HIV gp120 and related nucleic acids, antibodies, compositions, and methods of...
PRO1483 polypeptides
PRO1693 polypeptides
PRO4389 polypeptides
PRO9742 polypeptides
PRO4407 polypeptides
PRO1571 antibodies
PRO19646 antibodies
Rear electrode structures for electrophoretic displays
Backplane design for display panels and processes for their manufacture
Electro-optic displays
Magnetic resonance imaging scanner with booster iron
Active decoupling of MRI RF transmit coils
Nuclear Magnetic resonance probe coil
Apparatus and method for circulated flow nuclear magnetic resonance measurement
Inter-Subject Coherence in Dt-Mri
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Method For Generating A Homogeneous Magnetization In A Spatial Examination Volume Of A Magnetic Reso...
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus
Method and apparatus for quick modern reconnect
Rate modelling
Communication system control method
Telephone call messaging device
Method and apparatus for improved paging receiver and system
Telephone directory information modifying apparatus
Speaker identification during telephone conferencing
Method and apparatus for communicating with one of plural devices associated with a single telephone...
Method, system and medium for plug-and-play downloading of speed dial lists
Method for exchanging signaling messages in two phases
Echo canceller
Architecture and method for intercepting communications in a communications network
Automated device behavior management based on preset preferences
Method of cellular connectivity reporting
Electronic device
Method, apparatus and program for providing user-selected alerting signals in telecommunications dev...
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing automated customer service via an inte...
Text-to-speech synthesis system and associated method of associating content information
System for and method of facilitating sales activities, and program generator for generating a progr...
Generation of chlorine dioxide
Method for producing titanium oxide
Viscosity-modifying silica materials that exhibit low cleaning and abrasive levels and dentifrices t...
Ink jet recording paper
Manganese oxide composite electrodes for lithium batteries
Method and apparatus for chemical synthesis
Process for the removal of contaminants from gas streams
Exercise and training device for acoustic guitar players
Devices for altering an acoustic property of stringed instruments, stringed instruments comprising s...
Stringed instrument tuning device
Method and system for synthesizing electronic transparent audio
Creating realtime data-driven music using context sensitive grammars and fractal algorithms
Method and apparatus for karaoke scoring
Multiple channel metronome
Apparatus and method for designating various segment classes
Joystick gain control for dual independent audio signals
Apparatus and method for installing unit on a stringed musical instrument
Controlling fading and surround signal level
Audio generation system manager
PRO9859 polypeptides
PRO4503 polypeptides
Human leucine-rich repeat containing protein expressed predominately in bone marrow, HLRRBM1
Mammalian MDM2 binding proteins
BTLA nucleic acids
Modified leukotoxin gene and protein
Herbicide-tolerant plants through bypassing metabolic pathway
Soybean variety XB35K05
Soybean variety XB21S05
Soybean Cultivar 4929388
Soybean cultivar 4328386
Soybean cultivar M061422
Soybean cultivar 01JR123480
Soybean cultivar BA922834
Soybean cultivar 5420128
Soybean cultivar 26082635
Regulation of quinolate phosphoribosyl transferase expression
Inbred maize line PH5TG
Inbred corn line PHENE
Rice hybrid XL723
Method and system to synchronize mobile units to a base transceiver station
Peak suppression of multi-carrier signal with different modulation
Coherent tracking for FM in-band on-channel receivers
Human/machine interface for a machine vision sensor and method for installing and operating the same
Broadcast service method of mobile communication system that selects a channel
Receiver and wireless LAN apparatus in which a received signal is correlated to a reference symbol
Received response characteristics storing method and radio apparatus utilizing the same
Low cost planar double balanced mixer
Portable radio terminal and AFC control method
Radio receiver with diversity receiving function
Radio frequency integrated circuit having reduced receiver noise levels
Radio frequency circuit with integrated on-chip radio frequency signal coupler
Cost accounting during data transmission in a mobile radiotelephone network
Providing services in communications networks
Method for managing radio resources and radio system
Location-based services that choose location algorithms based on number of detected access points wi...
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in wireless RF systems
Arc detection and handling in radio frequency power applications
Wirelessly loaded speaking consumer product container method and system
Method of controlling operation of animal training device
Electronic sales system
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for constructing and executing computerized transacti...
System for pricing financial instruments
Method for optimal winner determination in combinatorial auctions
Methods and systems for supplying customer leads to dealers
System and method for controlling access to location information
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computi...
Instantaneous price quotation system for custom manufactured parts
System and method for conversion from graphical business process representations to structural text-...
Shipping address automation method
Automatic enforcement of service-level agreements for providing services over a network
Asynchronous user-authorized advertising
System and method for granting deposit-contingent e-mailing rights
Information-presenting apparatus, information-presenting method, information-processing apparatus, i...
Apparatus and methods for provisioning services
Method for displaying web user's authentication status in a distributed single login network
Smart card mating protocol
Test schedule estimator for legacy builds
Method for securely loading and executing software in a secure device that cannot retain software af...
Method and system for preventing capture of electronic digital content
Mechanism for discontinuing power to an implement drive during machine reverse travel (no power in r...
Saddle-straddling type motor vehicle
Two-wheel battery-powered vehicle for one person
Vehicle frame assembly and method for same
Removable cooling fan kit for a motorcycle engine
Hood assembly method and apparatus
Engine governor system
Snowmobile four-cycle engine arrangement
Heavy duty low rise motorcycle
Damping force controller of shock absorber for motorcycle
Active vehicle hood system and method
Vehicle soft impact detection
Disposition structure of engine functional components for vehicle
Actuation device
Electro-hydraulic power steering assist system for an automobile
Motor vehicle steering device
Battery vehicle and method of controlling the same
Locomotive power train architecture
AGV control system and method
Throttle limiting for an internal combustion engine
Grounding rod driving system
Catch basin having selectable port position
Reconfigurable barrier system
Pipe reinforcement system and method
Underwater inspecting and repairing system
Concrete form with keyway and clamp with base engaging the keyway
Multimedia display device
Accessing IP multimedia subsystem
Methods and systems for creating, distributing and executing multimedia telecommunications applicati...
Multimedia communication management system with line status notification for key switch emulation
Method and apparatus for quality assurance in a multimedia communications environment
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing digital data, such as audio/video (A/V) data, and control...
Memory cards including a standard security function
Methods for multimedia content repurposing
Portal using model view controller
Battery pack with case for multimedia phone
Portable multimedia player
Two-way shipping label construction
Method and system for message routing based on privacy policies
Hierarchical reference data management system and method
Dynamic software update system, method and program product
Toy system
Set Of Equipment For Secure Direct Information Transfer Over The Internet
System and method for drawing and manufacturing bent pipes
Very short term load prediction in an energy management system
Virtual data entry device and method for input of alphanumeric and other data
Method and apparatus for producing three dimensional shapes
Neural cortex
Swarming agents for distributed pattern detection and classification
Enhanced artificial intelligence language
Incremental reduced error pruning
Method, system and program product for automated testing of changes to externalized rules
Identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with si...
Methods for and applications of learning and inferring the periods of time until people are availabl...
Bath accessory holder and scoop
Interchangeable fan assembly for cold-air inflatable displays
Drop turn target
Educational game
Hoop with weighted member
Off-line remote system for lotteries and games of skill
Entertainment monitoring system and method
Pogo ball
Exercise apparatus and method
Electrical box assembly for recessed mounting of high and low voltage components
Electrical box assembly for recessed mounting of high and low voltage components
Radio signal receiver
Image display apparatus
Highly maneuverable powered airship
Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources
Aircraft spraying conversion kit for use in extinguishing fires
Methods of making optically clear structural laminates
Target tracking device for a flight vehicle
Optical fiber assembly wrapped across gimbal axes
Method and device for piloting an aircraft
System and method for gyro enhanced vertical flight information
Printer, system, method and computer program for printing
Adjustable fixing mount
Lighting apparatus
Stable platform for image capturing
Driving apparatus and light amount adjustment apparatus
Driving device and light amount controller
Lens retraction mechanism and method of the same
Anti-shake apparatus
Digital camera using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
Imaging device
Process for providing event photographs of an event for inspection selection and distribution
Use of arrays of atomic force microscope/scanning tunneling microscope tips to scan nanocodes
Strain sensors based on nanowire piezoresistor wires and arrays
Heat pipe having operating fluid including carbon nanocapsules
Nanocrystals with linear and branched topology
Selective growth of ZnO nanostructure using a patterned ALD ZnO seed layer
Nano-imprint system with mold deformation detector and method of monitoring the same
Method of forming nanostructures on ceramics
Nanostructured materials for hydrogen storage
Electron cyclotron resonance plasma deposition process and device for single-wall carbon nanotubes a...
Functional bimorph composite nanotapes and methods of fabrication
Surface treatment of nanoparticles to control interfacial properties and method of manufacture
Nano-chem-FET based biosensors
Nano-particle metal treatment composition for creating a ceramic-metal layer
Nanoparticles for targeting hepatoma cells
Process for making polymers comprising derivatized carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Compositions including nanoparticles having a rutile-like crystalline phase, and methods of making t...
Carbon nanotube binding peptides
Devices having horizontally-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same
Nano-drive for high resolution positioning and for positioning of a multi-point probe
Shoe Outsole Made Using Composite Sheet Material
Article of footwear having an upper with thread structural elements
Article of footwear having an upper with thread structural elements
Article of footwear having an upper with thread structural elements
Medical Bandaging Product
Gripping Device and Method
Apparatus for preventing or minimizing tendinitis
One piece brace liner having multiple adjustment zones
Hemostatic agents and devices for the delivery thereof
Systems and methods for wound area management
Therapeutic sleeve for applying compression to a body part
Methods of repairing longitudinal bone defects
Infrared heating devices & therapy for chronic lower back pain
Vehicle seat having a flat floor position
Angio capable portable x-ray fluoroscopy unit with sliding C-arm and variable pivot
Pleated bed sheets providing more room for the legs and feet of a user
Boot for applying medicines
Gauge for pipe bending machine
Methods and systems for reverse-circulation cementing in subterranean formations
Anthropomorphic robot
Balancing tube game and apparatus
Level steer in-line skate
Training equipment
Exercise device
Ambulation assistance device
Photoresist trimming process
Paper trimmer
Releasable skate retarder for railway cars
Debris collection system for a planer
Progressive safety device
Foot activated dispenser
Protection device for roof openings
Control method for discharge lamp
Stabilizer control device
Fuse and truck cable assembly for a rail vehicle third rail current collector
Key-less entry system
Boarding environment controlling system, boarding environment controlling apparatus, and boarding en...
Automobile steering lock with an alarm unit
Method and apparatus for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure and threshold changing program
Tire maintenance system
Method of detecting undersized, oversized, underinflated or overinflated tires
LED turn signal and error detecting method
Vehicle safety warning device
Trailer detection circuit for a vehicle park assist system
Motor-vehicle seat-back storage compartment
Audio system for an automobile
Diagnosis of network fault conditions
Method for displaying calibration-required data
Stegotext encoder and decoder
Digital watermarks as a gateway and control mechanism
Secure robust high-fidelity watermarking
Additional information embedding method and it's device, and additional information decoding method ...
Apparatus of a baseline DVB-CPCM
Quick reference to printer setting information
Intermediates and enzymes of the non-mevalonate isoprenoid pathway
Surface based translation system
Retaining microfluidic microcavity and other microfluidic structures
Method for manufacturing tape wiring board
Water-in-oil bituminous dispersions and methods for producing paving compositions from the same
Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with IFN-gamma inhibitors
Recombinant poxvirus comprising at least two compox ATI promoters
Methods of delaying development of CEA-associated tumors using anti-idiotype antibody 3H1
Lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
High strength ream wrap
Packaging insert and method
Process for transforming pre-used asphaltic roofing shingles into products
Draw resonance resistant multilayer films
Electrolyte-electrode joined assembly and method for producing the same
Fluid product dispensing device
Tunable micro-lens arrays
DNA-based analog neural networks
Method and apparatus for characterizing the electric field of periodic and non-periodic optical sign...
Clustering based load adaptive sleeping protocol for ad hoc networks
Host-initiated data reconstruction for improved RAID read operations
Method and structure for replacing faulty operating code contained in a ROM for a processor
Two node virtual shared disk cluster recovery
Method and apparatus for performing bus tracing with scalable bandwidth in a data processing system ...
Text mining server and program
Tissue resurfacing
Electronic scalpel to cut organic tissues
Soft saturation detection for power amplifiers
Method and device for the mask welding of moving plastic films by lasers
Module for a laser measuring device
Fabrication of low leakage-current backside illuminated photodiodes
Position-measuring device
Equalizing optical wavelength routers
Microelectromechanical device with reset electrode
Projection unit for a head-up display
Biological growth plate scanner with automated image processing profile selection
Optical scanning apparatus and its optical element, method and apparatus for positioning and fixing ...
Composition and method for making ceramic filters
Time interval processing and annotation in presence systems
Monitoring the flow of a data stream
Efficient retrieval of desired information from agents
Security system for a data communications network
Bioreactor forming a rigid vessel
Lux expression in eukaryotic cells
System and method for managing browser sessions in single and multi-server workflow environments
Device, system, and method of virtual machine memory mapping
Front-end device independence for natural interaction platform
Memory, processing system and methods for use therewith
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device control method
Sense amplifier circuitry and architecture to write data into and/or read from memory cells
Semiconductor memory device
Gain tilt compensators and their systems
Image forming device
Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling initial time slot gain in a wireless communicati...
Programmable gain amplifier with self-adjusting offset correction
Power supply device, method, program, recording medium, network analyzer, and spectrum analyzer
Cross-path calibration for data acquisition using multiple digitizing paths
Analog delay elements
Method and system for analyzing loop interface failure
Integrated memory having a test circuit for functional testing of the memory
Protective mask
Pair of stylized fingerless gloves
Helmet with mouth guard
Cattle waterer
Vented wildlife feeder top
Housing for a convertible blower/vacuum
Pool vacuum
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner body
Laundry tub drain lint trapper
Floor scrubbing brush adapted for use on a floor scrubbing machine
Method and device for inactivating viruses
Radiation curable ink compositions suitable for ink-jet printing
Methods and apparatus for analyzing polynucleotide sequences by asynchronous base extension
RFID test interface systems and methods
Read authentication method and system for securing data stored on RFID tags
IC tag administration device, robot including the IC tag administration device, and IC tag administr...
Method and apparatus for providing awards using transponders
Remote detection employing RFID
RFID tag
Passive RFID-based electronic seal
Roll of RFID labels
RFID tag with enhanced readability
Method for forming radio frequency antenna
Method and apparatus for transferring and processing transaction data
Creating and using documents with machine-readable codes
Non-contact electric inductance circuit for power source
Counting biological agents on biological growth plates
Method and system for engineering change implementation
Methods and devices for retrieval of a medical agent from a physiological efferent fluid collection ...
Medical implant having a curlable matrix structure
Bifurcated guidewire and methods of use
Intravascular stent with expandable coating
Device, system and method to affect the mitral valve annulus of a heart
Endovascular cryotreatment catheter
Electrophysiology catheter for mapping and/or ablation
Methods and instruments for interbody fusion
System and method for inducing hypothermia with control and determination of catheter pressure
Catheter apparatus for percutaneous coronary intervention capable of accurately positioning stent an...
Interactive interface resource allocation in a behavioral synthesis tool
Receiving device
Decorative dentifrice holder
Twist element for a bearingless rotor
Process for preparing cationic rhodium complexes
Fuel cell system with a control unit
Bipolar battery and a method for manufacturing a bipolar battery
Developing device having a voltage application member for applying varied voltages
High voltage transformer for controlling inductance leakage
Method and device for treatment of varicose veins
Implantable devices for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen
Multilayer composite vascular access graft
Factor IXa specific antibodies displaying factor VIIIa like activity
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Portable fitness device
Simultaneous acquisition of chemical information
Control panel for exercise equipment
Play and training equipment
Treadle assembly of an exercise equipment
Exercise dumbbell methods and apparatus
Exercise equipment resistance unit
Multi-purpose exercise methods and apparatus
Vibrating device for exercise equipment
Torso exercise methods and apparatus
Stretching and exercise apparatus
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Abdominal and torso strengthening apparatus
Method and apparatus for searching a filtering database with one search operation
Media storage and management system and process
Method and system for flowing data to an arbitrary path defined by a page description language
Information model mapping with shared directory tree representations
Methods and apparatus for statistical data analysis and reduction for an enterprise application
System and method for gradually bringing rolled in data online with incremental deferred integrity p...
Method for recording, identification, selection, and reporting network transversal paths
Parts list system which generates and manages a parts list simply and effectively
System for issue identification, prioritization, and resolution and associated method
System and method for the development and deployment of service elements
Data management mechanism for project planning
Method, system and program products for sharing state information across domains
Order and accounting method and system for services provided via an interactive communication networ...
Systems and methods for interfacing location-base devices
Systems and methods for utility meter data collection
Refastenable absorbent garment
Alignment systems and methods for lithographic systems
Position sensor
Apparatus and method for GFP frame transfer
Backpressuring using a serial bus interface and a status switch cell
Wire communications systems and methods employing single and multiple sinewave modulation and demodu...
Coaxial cable communications systems and methods employing single and multiple sinewave modulation a...
Systems for managing production information
Electronic device with dual slide actuator that extends and retracts a connector
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method of the same
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimally invasive network monitoring
Method and apparatus for a capacitor with flexible bus
Computer component protection
Methods for haplotyping genomic DNA
Aspartate carbamyltransferase as herbicidal target
Method for identification of genetic markers
Compositions and methods for determining canine gender
Hsp60 from arthrobacter
Process for preparing N6 substituted aminopurine ribofuranose nucleosides
Method of treating corneal transplant rejection
Method of treating corneal transplant rejection in high risk keratoplasty patients
Rna Capable of Suppressing Expression of Klf5 Gene
Induction of Cellular Senescence by Cdk4 Disruption for Tumor Suppression and Regression
Rna Amidates and Thioamidates for Rnai
Method for Chromatographic Separation of a Nucleic Acid Mixture
Oligomeric Compounds That Facilitate Risc Loading
Cosmetic Use of Polysaccharide Compounds Containing Non-Polymer Siloxane Graft(S)
Cell adhesion and extracellular matrix proteins
Continuous Process for the Assembly of Macromolecular Substances and the Subsequent Capture and Isol...
5-hydroxytryptophol (5-HTOL) derivatives, antibodies, immunoassays and detection of recent alcohol c...
siRNA targeting dual specificity phosphate 5 (DUSP5)
siRNA targeting serine/threonine kinase 12 (STK12 or aurora B kinase)
Adenine modified silica-based catalyst, a process for the preparation and use there for the producti...
Diagnosis and Prediction of Parkinson's Disease
Novel porcine pancreatic amylase gene promoter and transgenic pigs expressing heterologous digestive...
Nucleic acid molecules and other molecules associated with plants
Nucleotide sequences and polypeptides encoded thereby useful for modifying plant characteristics
Composition to Reduce Adhesion Between a Conformable Region and a Mold
Glass ceramic and method of producing the same
Radiation detector and radiation imaging apparatus and method for producing radiation detector
Apparatus and method for treating wastewater using contact media
Group III-nitride light emitting device
Balloon catheter having an external guidewire
Custom-length self-expanding stent delivery systems with stent bumpers
Stent with covering and differential dilation
Gas separating method
Clamp structure of an external electrode lamp
Semiconductor storage apparatus
Dark field imaging device for the spatially-resolved dark field imaging of a sample and examination ...
Method and system for performing functional verification of logic circuits
Manufacturing method of semiconductor and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Modular light bar
Axial piston machine having a device for the electrically proportional adjustment of the volumetric ...
Contact material, composite sintered contact component and method of producing same
Hollow toothbrush adapted for fluid draining
Antenna diversity receiver
Oral composition comprising isomalt and remineralizing enhancing agent
Coriolis flowmeter
Communication apparatus
Method for debugging flowchart programs for industrial controllers
Determining processing times at stations in an assembly system
Sewing machine
Embroidery data processing device
Method and system for recovery of hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-bearing information
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a separator to separate a printing medium from a ...
Care device with wireless data communication
Surface acoustic wave element and manufacturing method thereof
Stroke segmentation for template-based cursive handwriting recognition
Mobile phone operation based upon context sensing
Left-corner chart parsing
Controlled-content recoverable blinded certificates
System and method for reporting hierarchically arranged data in markup language formats
Lasso select
Undoing changes in a software configuration management system
Printing tree-described documents
System and method for whiteboard scanning to obtain a high resolution image
Content-based characterization of video frame sequences
Accelerated culture system for intestinal epithelial cell monolayers
Fluorochemical oligomeric polish composition
Dispersions containing bicomponent fluoropolymer particles and use thereof
Microscope device
Pixel-shifting projection lens assembly to provide optical interlacing for increased addressability
Illumination system having a plurality of light source modules disposed in an array with a non-radia...
Apparatus for deflecting or inverting moving webs
Endoscope electronics assembly
Method and apparatus for registration of virtual endoscopic images
Spinning disk evaporator
Hexanary-feedback contention access method with pdf-based multi-user estimation for wireless communi...
Adaptive state transition control
Packet shaping for mixed rate 802.11 wireless networks
Wireless communication system using an impulse signal train, a wireless transmission apparatus, a wi...
Enhanced uplink packet transfer
Wireless communication system and transmit power and data rate control method therefor
Iterative detection in MIMO systems
Method of selecting of a path to establish a telecommunication link
Multiuser detection for wireless communications systems in the presence of interference
Wireless receiving device
Communication system for rebroadcasting electronic content within local area network
Time acquisition in a wireless position determination system