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Phase change memory cell with electrode
Electrophoretic particles, production process thereof, and electrophoretic display device using elec...
Toner, developer, toner container and latent electrostatic image carrier, and process cartridge, ima...
Carbon black and rubber composition containing same
Papermaking chemical, method for manufacturing same, and paper containing same
Self-sealing tire for a vehicle wheel and process for producing the tire
System and method for focused navigation using option type filters
Broadband reflective polarizer for liquid crystal display using overcoating method
Discharge lamp with high color temperature
SCR with a fuse that prevents latchup
Low cost symbol error correction coding and decoding
Method and apparatus for multiple step Viterbi detection with local feedback
Designing an integrated circuit to improve yield using a variant design element
Systems, methods, and apparatus to perform statistical static timing analysis
Parametric-based semiconductor design
Systematic approach for applying recommended rules on a circuit layout
Method for estimating aggregate leakage of transistors
Receiver circuit for on chip timing adjustment
Method, system and storage medium for determining circuit placement
Defining statistical sensitivity for timing optimization of logic circuits with large-scale process ...
Design structure for monitoring cross chip delay variation on a semiconductor device
Predictable repeater routing in an integrated circuit design
System for simplifying layout processing
Pattern inspection system using image correction scheme with object-sensitive automatic mode switcha...
Semiconductor apparatus having conductive layers and semiconductor thin films
Web service archive
Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating malignant glioma
Slow cooker
Powder coating composition
Application of loading ledges
Sequence-determined DNA encoding AP2 domain polypeptides
Drive for valve operating control systems in motor vehicles, preferably camshaft adjusters
Developer cartridge including developer filling port cap and recycling method thereof
Drill cuttings conveyance systems and methods
Automatic digital-imaging based bar code symbol reading system supporting pass-through and presentat...
Combination air freshener and hand lotion dispenser
Silicon rubber comprising an extender oil and process to prepare said extender oil
Decorative articles with portions in relief and methods of making same
Cooling apparatus for fuel cell and fuel cell system having the same
Bottle cap
Process for winding a web substrate
Bionic body armor
Firearm ammunition projectile
Device for delivery of oxidizing agents to barrier membranes
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Nozzle for a nasal inhaler
Recording apparatus, file management method, program for file management method, and recording mediu...
Method and apparatus for regenerating message data
Dynamically varying a raid cache policy in order to optimize throughput
Infection-based monitoring of a party in a communication network
Disk array device, method for controlling the disk array device and storage system
Rotation policy for SAN copy sessions of ISB protocol systems
Method and system for memory leak detection
Article of manufacture and system for storage pool space allocation across multiple locations
Document mark up methods and systems
Method and apparatus for gathering programs watched data
Processing data-stream join aggregates using skimmed sketches
Method for traffic engineering in a multi-homed virtual private local area network service
Pneumatic infrared detector
Method and apparatus for load sharing and overload control for packet media gateways under control o...
OAM echo messaging to verify a service-based network distribution path
Obtaining data rates for mobile stations based on a forward link of a cellular system
Data mirroring in a service
Device for locally controlling one or more parameters of a connection to be set up, for an element o...
Method and apparatus for grooming traffic demands according to mileage based tariffs
Method and apparatus for establishment and management of voice-over IP virtual private networks in I...
Effective control algorithm for optical polarization mode dispersion compensators
Facilitated security for handoff in wireless communications
Method of controlling load sharing between in-cell and soft handoff users
Method and apparatus for discriminating speech from voice-band data in a communication network
Scripting engine having a sequencer table and a plurality of secondary tables for network communicat...
Management of tiered communication services in a composite communication service
Centralized internet protocol/multi-protocol label switching connectivity verification in a communic...
Implementing a microprocessor boot configuration prom within an FPGA
Flow-based method for tracking back single packets
Process for making a low molecular weight gelatine hydrolysate and gelatine hydrolysate compositions
Animal food supplement compositions and methods of use
Organoleptic compounds and their use in perfume compositions
Process for producing granular anionic surfactant
Hydroxamic acid derivatives and the preparation method thereof
Fragrance bottle and cap
Method for the production of a solid fragrance concentrate
Mobile wireless communications device comprising multi-frequency band antenna and related methods
Context conflict resolution and automatic context source maintenance
Instant messaging communications channel for transporting data between objects executing within a ma...
Information processor and information processing method for cooperative operation of job processor
Image scanner
Fusing apparatus having a segmented external heater
Process for coating fluoroelastomer fuser member layer using blend of two different fluorinated surf...
Pressure roll for fusing operation
Titanyl phthalocyanine photoconductors
Imaging members having undercoat layer with a polymer resin and near infrared absorbing component
Colorant compounds
Colorant compounds
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and storage medium
Image forming device, pattern formation method and storage medium storing its program
Inter-separation decorrelator
Color data accuracy calculating method, color data accuracy calculating apparatus, color processing ...
Decoding apparatus, decoding method and program product therefor
Illegal communication detector, illegal communication detector control method, and storage medium st...
Constraint-optimization system and method for document component layout generation
Engine with cooling water passage formed inside crank case
Circuit and method for controlling an oscillation loop
Method for producing ferrite material and ferrite material
Optical writing device and method of manufacturing the same
Ferrite magnetic material and ferrite sintered magnet
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Coffee maker
Large universal mount with tilt for a flat panel display
Four-cycle internal combustion engine and vehicle
Frame for vehicle
Thermal head, method of manufacturing the same, and thermal printer
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Bicyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Tantalum and niobium billets and methods of producing the same
Ni based alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to supercritical water environments containing in...
Steam turbine power plant
R-FE-B based rare earth permanent magnet material
Enabling ports on a module received in a slot in a chassis
Bio-monitoring apparatus
Photocleavable bioreactive agents
Organic compounds for electroluminescence and organic electroluminescent devices using the same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing thereof
Laser irradiating apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
Vehicle drive assist system
Electronic device and method of driving the same
Driver chip and display apparatus having the same
Semiconductor display device and manufacturing method thereof
Display device, viewing angle control device, electronic display device, and multiple image display ...
Display device
Display device and method of manufacturing thereof
Light emitting device
Lens meter for measuring refractive power distribution
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Electrophoretic system with multi-notch filter and laser excitation source
Flat panel display device
Display device
Enabling netlist for modeling of technology dependent BEOL process variation
Steel product with a high austenite grain coarsening temperature
Method for removing organic electroluminescent residues from a substrate
Method for planning a security array of sensor units
Assembly structure for assembling a first plastic shell and a second plastic shell
Process for selectively extracting procyanidins
Enhanced growth of adult stem cells with Dkk-1
Oxytetramethylene glycol copolymer and method for producing the same
Ankle prosthesis including tibial component having peripheral wall for preventing the formation of b...
Optical non-invasive blood monitoring system and method
Cradle for an electronic device
Heat generating roller, fixing equipment, and image forming apparatus
Pregnant shaped stand
Rogue AP roaming prevention
Enhanced identification protocol for RFID systems
Fixture for drilling pocket holes in workpieces of different thicknesses
Mobile phone
Method of producing nitrile compounds from ethylenically-unsaturated compounds
Web page viewing apparatus
System and method for reselecting antennas in a cellular mobile communication system using multiple ...
Rising security barrier
Processor and method for device-specific memory address translation
System, article and method for tracking an inventory
Waveguide polarization beam splitters and method of fabricating a waveguide wire-grid polarization b...
Separator for fuel cell
Stress-induced bandgap-shifted semiconductor photoelectrolytic/photocatalytic/photovoltaic surface a...
Device for aligning substrate with mask and method using the same
Correction tape dispenser
Recycling of ionic liquids produced in extractive distillation
Image forming apparatus including fixer having fixing roller and methods of manufacturing the same
Electrocardiogram monitoring and cardiac therapy pulse delivery system and method
Method and apparatus for converting between data sets and XML documents
Touch/proximity-sensing using reflective optical sensor and a light pipe for specularly reflecting l...
Moving imager camera for track and range capture
Systems and methods for the drilling and completion of boreholes using a continuously variable trans...
Self-healing passpoint-facilitated method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for the construction of spatial representations
Photolytic artificial lung
Image projection lighting device displays and interactive images
Method and apparatus for controlling a TX power amplifier
Mass spectrometer system including a double ion guide interface and method of operation
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Text structure for voice synthesis, voice synthesis method, voice synthesis apparatus, and computer ...
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Image processing device and image processing method
Image forming apparatus capable of removing toner from a toner removing member
Image fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus including a tray for carrying a process cartridge
Cartridge detachably mounted to an image forming apparatus including a lock member engagable with a ...
Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor
Photoelectric conversion device and image pickup system using the photoelectric conversion device
Exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus, method applied to the apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Droplet shape measuring method and apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a belt curling correction feature
Microstructured arrangement for the bubble-free filling with a liquid of at least one system for dra...
Surface acoustic wave device
Optical microresonator
Cytokine protein family
Polyamide-oligonucleotide derivatives, their preparation and use
Recombinase polymerase amplification
Stable retrovirus and methods of use
Serum-free medium for producing retroviruses
Cyclopropyl fused indolobenzazepine HCV NS5B inhibitors
Therapeutic pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridines and indazoles
Silicon oxycarbide, growth method of silicon oxycarbide layer, semiconductor device and manufacture ...
Hardmask for improved reliability of silicon based dielectrics
Method of making an integrated circuit
Key sheet
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Charged beam apparatus and method that provide charged beam aerial dimensional map
Semiconductor device and method having capacitor and capacitor insulating film that includes preset ...
Guard ring structure for improving crosstalk of backside illuminated image sensor
Integrated capacitor structure
Front-end processing of nickel plated bond pads
Semiconductor device
Structure for joining a semiconductor package to a substrate using a solder column
Semiconductor device with via hole for electric connection
Stacked microelectronic devices and methods for manufacturing microelectronic devices
Semiconductor package substrate having contact pad protective layer formed thereon
Electronic component, semiconductor device, methods of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and el...
Electron emission device and method for manufacturing the same
Multithreaded microprocessor with register allocation based on number of active threads
Publish-subscribe event notifications
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant time synchronization mechanism in a scaleable multi-processo...
High performance integrated circuit with low skew clocking networks and improved low power operating...
Method for increasing file system availability via block replication
Method, system, and apparatus for creating an architectural model for generating robust and easy to ...
Data processing circuit with multiplexed memory
Digital storage element with enable signal gating
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multipl...
Delayed processing of site-aware objects
System and method for asynchronous backup of virtual disks in a distributed storage array
Storage apparatus having virtual-to-actual device addressing scheme
2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds and their uses
Transgenic mammals
Methods of introgressing nucleic acid molecules associated with soybean cyst nematode resistance int...
Polypeptides and polynucleotides relating to the .alpha.- and .beta.-subunits of glutamate dehydroge...
Communications in a system comprising a computer and a haptic interface device
Micro CT scanners incorporating internal gain charge-coupled devices
System and method for performing a three-dimensional virtual examination of objects, such as interna...
Ion sources, systems and methods
Baroreflex modulation to gradually decrease blood pressure
Medicated sleeve
Stent mandrel fixture and method for minimizing coating defects
Digital television translator with PSIP update
Authentication on demand in a distributed network environment
Apparatus and method for applying revision information to software
Cross domain authentication and security services using proxies for HTTP access
Hosts file protection system and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for ciphering playback mode information for recording on record medium
Video tele operation microscope
Combined video camera and disc recorder
User centric product files distribution
Washing a corded lettuce head
Thermal imager having sunlight exposure protection mechanism
Quick connect lightable rod
System and method for loading hierarchical data into relational database systems
Snowboarding santa figurine
Detergent supply apparatus of washing machine
Process for washing colored keratinous fibers with a composition comprising at least one nonionic su...
Method of dyeing the textile article from medicinally rich herbs
Low foaming carpet-cleaning detergent concentrate comprised of ethylene oxide adduct and without pho...
Process for forming a low density detergent granule
Vehicle based intelligent network interactivity
User interface for a computer display
System and method for measuring machine rolling resistance
Assembly for and a method of feeding and milking animals, a feed platform, a milking pre-treatment d...
System and method for remote emissions sensing including calculation and calibration techniques comp...
System and method for adaptive motion sensing with location determination
System, method, and apparatus for capturing telematics data with an active RFID tag
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Forward vehicle brake warning system
Systems and methods using enhanced vision to provide out-the-window displays for a device
Intelligent vehicle fleet systems and methods
Method for determining estimated vehicle dynamics parameters
Engine control apparatus
System for indicating, recording and evaluating driving data mode of vehicle for fuel economy
FGF-5 supported and binding peptides
Coding system and decoding system using a multiplexed code string
Apparatus and method for receiving packet data control channel in a mobile communication system
Method and system of enhanced messaging
Reformatting columns of content for display
Reaction information display system
Method and system for making resources available
Methods and apparatuses for controlling the appearance of a user interface
Enhanced visualization and selection of multi-layered elements in a containment hierarchy
Methods and apparatus for design entry and synthesis of digital circuits
Tiered programming television delivery system
Electronic program guide system with advertising messages in pop-ups
Application programming interface (API) for accessing and managing resources in digital television r...
Optically aligned pulse oximetry sensor and technique for using the same
Method and devices for transmitting data between a central control device of a passenger protection ...
Transducer health diagnostics for structural health monitoring (SHM) systems
Classifying a work machine operation
Biometric client-server security system and method
Advanced processing based on a complex-exponential-modulated filterbank and adaptive time signalling...
Method and system for filtering a table
System and method for determining the functionality of a software application based on nodes within ...
Systems, methods and computer program products for improving placement performance of message transf...
Method and apparatus for automatically provisioning data circuits
Method of recovering reallocation sectors in data storage system and disc drive using the same
Web page zoom feature
Center console arm rest
Portion of an embossed shelf edge in shelf unit
Flange headed screw
Hard hat sun shade
Process for isomerization of a C7 fraction with co-production of a cyclic molecule-rich fraction
Self purging expansion joint
Molecular sieve-containing catalyst for cracking hydrocarbons and a method for preparing the same
Remote control method and apparatus, remote controller, and apparatus and system based on such remot...
Method and apparatus for transferring control in a computer system with dynamic compilation capabili...
Programming a digital processor with a single connection
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Electronic control for pool pump
Variable displacement radial piston pump
Piezoelectric fluid pump
Electric motor with circulator pump
Priming pump for a circuit subjecting said pump to an outlet pressure greater than an inlet pressure
Shock absorber with electronic control
Slotted axle assembly
Spring element for rail vehicles
Trailing arm suspension with optimized I-beam
Seat assembly
Cut resistant paper and paper articles and method for making same
Fluid end for a plunger pump
Disposable lid and handle combination for container
Cup holder tray
Fluid handling cassette having a spectroscopic sample cell
Method of and apparatus for detecting diseased tissue by sensing two bands of infrared radiation
Method of and apparatus for detecting diseased tissue by sensing two bands of infrared radiation
Method of and apparatus for detecting diseased tissue by sensing two bands of infrared radiation
Catheter head
System and method for displaying an image stream
Near-infrared spectroscopic analysis of blood vessel walls
Plasmon resonance structure with metal nanoparticle layers
Polarization duobinary optical transmitter
Method for segmenting a medical data set
Energy subtraction processing method and apparatus
Method and optical system for measuring the topography of a test object
Scent delivery device and method of simulating scent in a virtual environment
Method for stabilizing and precisely locating pointers generated by handheld direct pointing devices
Presenting panoramic images with geometric transformation
Method and apparatus for maintaining SIP contact addresses
Method to control access between network endpoints based on trust scores calculated from information...
Decoding method, medium, and apparatus
Video combining apparatus and method
Method and detecting carrier shift amount in digital transmission signal, method of correcting carri...
Pressure resistant static and dynamic expeller shaft sealing
Fast handling of state change notifications in storage area networks
Dental instrument cleansing apparatus
Storm water filtration system
Fuel module
Water skimmer
Apparatus for hydrate-based desalination using compound permeable restraint panels and vaporization-...
Separator device
Hydrophilic mixed matrix material having reversible water absorbing properties
Mobile bioremediation systems
Waste collection system
Composite adsorbent block for the treatment of contaminated fluids
Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (sealing)
Polyazole-based polymer films
Reactor and method for anaerobic wastewater treatment
Closed sulfur circulation system
Integrated cogeneration wastewater sewage and waste polar fats/ oils/ greases/waxes (FOG) waste trea...
Activated sludge process using downflow sludge blanket filtration
Power protecting apparatus and method for power amplifier
Multi-channel power converter with switching frequency modulation circuit for power saving
Power converter for doubly-fed power generator system
Over-power protection circuit for power converter
Linear-predict sampling for measuring demagnetized voltage of transformer
Class D amplifier
Systems and methods for correcting errors resulting from component mismatch in a feedback path
Electronic device package
Bulk material cooler for cooling hot materials to be cooled
N-substituted pyrazolyl-amidyl-benzimidazolyl c-Kit inhibitors
Anticancer compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Heterobicyclic pyrazole derivatives as kinase inhibitors
Therapeutic agent for diabetes mellitus
Inhibitors of TACE
Medicinal composition
Acetylenic aryl sulfonate hydroxamic acid tace and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Cyclopropanated macrocyclic ketones and lactones
Blockade of sodium channels by phenol derivatives
Systems and methods for controlling and forming polymer gels
Connector for a peripheral device
Apparatus for chemiluminescent assays
Lutzomyia longipalpis polypeptides and methods of use
Combinatorial methods for preparing electrocatalysts
Heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet and method for producing heat-sensitive transfer image...
Power generating system
Method for monitoring textile fiber quality, analysis and identification of paper, wood, grains, foo...
pH-buffered alkylene carbonate nail polish and paint remover
Implantable self-inflating attenuation device and method for treating ocular pressure spikes
Fabric yoga straps
Method of placing a tubular membrane on a structural frame
Protein detection system
Microelectronic circuit structure with layered low dielectric constant regions and method of forming...
Self-crosslinking vinyl acetate-ethylene polymeric binders for nonwoven webs
Electrospun nanofiber-based biosensor assemblies
Compositions and methods for inhibiting protein on surfaces
Antimicrobial agent
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4a serine protease
Process for forming an emulsion using microchannel process technology
Soluble rage protein
Crosslinkable polysaccharide derivative, process for producing the same, crosslinkable polysaccharid...
Dielectric material
Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same
Optical antenna array for harmonic generation, mixing and signal amplification
Methods for forming layers within a MEMS device using liftoff processes to achieve a tapered edge
Fast path message transfer agent
Techniques for authenticating email
Network domain reputation-based spam filtering
Methods and systems for routing messages through a communications network based on message content
Method of, and system for, replacing external links in electronic documents
Methods and apparatus for controlling wireless network operations associated with a flow control pro...
Data management systems for collision repair coaching
Systems and methods for providing item sales and delivery service
System and method for associating aerial images, map features, and information
System and method for accessing information processor services from a mobile communication device
Dynamic self-configuration for AD HOC peer networking
A/D converter
ADC system, video decoder and related method for decoding composite video signal utilizing clock syn...
Focus-detector arrangement of an X-ray apparatus for generating projective or tomographic phase cont...
Process and apparatus for irradiating product pallets or containers
System and method for multilabel random walker segmentation using prior models
Fiber optical illumination system
Device for the heating of a liquid
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge and image forming method wherein lubr...
Method and apparatus of image forming and process cartridge included in the apparatus
Image-forming apparatus
Extruded porous substrate having inorganic bonds
System and method for monochromatic x-ray beam therapy
Method, system and computer program product for computer-assisted furnishing of materials in elevato...
Construction machine
Method and apparatus to optimize engine warm up
Sample analyzer
Method for generating a control output for a position control loop
Method of sorting regulated drug waste
Single ended synchronization agents
Data processor for modifying and executing operation of instruction code according to the indication...
Storage controller super capacitor adaptive life monitor
Tapered bone fusion cages or blocks, implantation means and method
Efficient method for preparing 3-aryloxy-3-arylpropylamines and their optical stereoisomers
Diagnosis and treatment of human dormancy-related sequellae
Composition comprising Melissa leaf extract for anti-angiogenic and matrix metalloproteinase inhibit...
Integrin heterodimer and an alpha subunit thereof
Identification of a family of secreted proteins in vascular endothelium
Chimeric DNA-binding proteins
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising unacylated ghrelin and therapeutical uses thereof
Pharmaceutical compounds
Substituted 3-amino-pyrrolidino-4-lactams
Method for preparing enantiomerically pure 4-pyrrolidinophenylbenzyl ether derivatives
2-aminoquinoline derivatives
Substituted 3-alkyl and 3-alkenyl azetidine derivatives
Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase inhibitors
Energy recovery unit
Modular rackmount chiller
Heat pipe incorporating outer and inner pipes
Heat exchanging device
Heat exchanger assembly
Heat dissipating member
Air-conditioner housing
Heat exchanger and fin material for the heat exchanger
Apparatus for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack by mixing cooler air flow with re-circulat...
Method and apparatus for cooling an equipment enclosure through closed-loop liquid-assisted air cool...
Cooling apparatus with discrete cold plates disposed between a module enclosure and electronics comp...
Fluid circulator for fluid cooled electronic device
Hand-held portable electronic device having a heat spreader
Cooling device and electronic apparatus
System for cooling a heat-generating electronic device with increased air flow
Valve metal powders
Biosensors based on directed assembly of particles
Biomimetic approach to low-cost fabrication of complex nanostructures of metal oxides by natural oxi...
Process for manufacturing a non-volatile memory structure via soft lithography
Method of forming conductive pattern, thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the same
Straight edge clamping device
Cooling and molding water tank for a plastic complicated profile
Polycarbonates containing low levels of methyl salicylate prepared by a melt polymerization in a rea...
Polycarbonates containing low levels of methyl salicylate prepared by a melt polymerization in a rea...
Elastic member, process for manufacturing thereof and mass production process thereof, process cartr...
Ink jet head manufacturing method and ink jet head manufactured by the manufacturing method
Contoured capacitive touch control panel
Supercritical fluid-based cleaning compositions and methods
Wireless semiconductor device having low power consumption
Portion of a footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Method for making textile substrates having layered finish structure for improving liquid repellency...
Polarized total internal reflection illumination optical system by rotary annulus light
Beam homogenizer and laser irradiation apparatus
Head gimbal assembly method with solder fillet formed by laser irradiating a shaped solder mass
Disc drive suspension including a load beam that has an insular region at which a laser weld is form...
Optical head having dual optical paths
Tracking error detector
Optical head and optical information apparatus for recording or reproducing information on an inform...
Method and device for controlling the amplitude of the wavelength spectrum of ultra-short light puls...
Femtosecond laser processing system with process parameters, controls and feedback
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method and method for manufacturing semiconductor dev...
Method and system for stabilizing operation of laser sources
Semiconductor laser micro-heating element structure
Semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
Automatic power control filter circuit and optical disc device
Semiconductor laser apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor laser apparatus, and optical pi...
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Pump laser integrated vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
Optical transmitting /receiving module
Beam homogenizer and laser irradiation apparatus
Optical transmission apparatus and method
Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
Vehicle roof-lining comprising integrated lateral airbag modules for the head
Airbag apparatus
Operation information display for industrial vehicle
Automatic tumble and slide vehicle seat assembly
Vision improving system for a head restraint
Silicon carbide semiconductor device
Termite resistant and fungal resistant oriented strand board and methods for manufacturing
Magnetic bearings
Magnetic device to reduce reversal current in current-driven magnetic reversal and magnetic memory u...
Method of coating a substrate by a thermal application of the coating material
Optical sheet, backlight and liquid crystal display apparatus
Organic compound and metal ion synergistic disinfection and purification system and method of manufa...
Transportable contaminated remains pouch
Single or multi-layer printed circuit board with improved via design
Light emitting diode
Neuroprotective macrocyclic compounds and methods for their use
Reducing protein A leaching during protein A affinity chromatography
Devices and techniques for a posterior lateral disc space approach
In vivo assay and molecular markers for testing the phenotypic stability of cell populations, and se...
Use of CXCL6 chemokine in the prevention or repair of cartilage defects
Methods and apparatus for advertising in gaming device
Method of collecting information for a geographic database for use with a navigation system
Wind energy harnessing apparatuses, systems, methods, and improvements
Putter head
Golf club device
Golf putter
Method and system for adaptive vision modification
Online marketplace for moving and relocation services
System, method, and computer program product for providing location based services and mobile e-comm...
Data-processing apparatus, data-processing method and program
Method and system for content similarity-based message routing and subscription matching
Bus arbitration system
Apparatus, system, and method for overriding resource controller lock ownership
Apparatus, system, and method for copy protection
Archive and restore system and methodology for on-line edits utilizing non-volatile buffering
Recovering from abnormal interruption of a parity update operation in a disk array system
Test buffer design and interface mechanism for differential receiver AC/DC boundary scan test
Fully-buffered memory-module with error-correction code (ECC) controller in serializing advanced-mem...
Multi-modal content presentation
System and method for automatically populating appointment fields
Methods and systems for indicating invisible contents of workspace
Application clippings
Programmable event driven yield mechanism which may activate other threads
Cleaning appliance
Dehydrogenation of liquid fuel in microchannel catalytic reactor
Process, method, and device for the production and/or derivation of hydrogen utilizing microwave ene...
Process for metals recovery from spent catalyst
Production of titania
Production of titania
Process for treating compression ignition engine exhaust gas
Catalyst structure for treating NO.sub.x containing exhaust gas from a lean burn engine
Multi-stage system for selective catalytic reduction
Method for the reduction of NO.sub.x and NH.sub.3 emissions
Apparatus and method for CO.sub.2 recovery
Method for removing acid gases and ammonia from a fluid stream
Method for the removal of No.sub.x and N.sub.2O from the tail gas in nitric acid production
Method for absorbing hydrogen using an oxidation resisant organic hydrogen getter
Method for making silicon carbide whiskers
Growth of nanostructures with controlled diameter
Carbon black
Process for the production of sulfur from sulfur dioxide
Method for the preparation of metal oxides in nanometric particle form
Method for forming nanostructured carbons, nanostructured carbons and a substrate having nanostructu...
Sodium hydrogencarbonate crystal particles having low caking property and process for producing them
Process for producing carbon nanotube reinforced composite material
Method for making a flat-top pad
Method of inhibition of vascular development using an antibody
26199, 33530, 33949, 47148, 50226, 58764, 62113, 32144, 32235, 23565, 13305, 14911, 86216, 25206, an...
Fire retardant material and textile article comprising ammonium polyphosphate particles and melamine...
Azepinoindole and pyridoindole derivatives as pharmaceutical agents
Vaginal health products
Neurodegenerative protein aggregation inhibition methods and compounds
Microscopic dynamic mechanical analyzer
Water treatment method and water treatment apparatus
Liquid crystal display device without bad pixel and method for removing bad pixel therefrom
Nanoporous laminates
Method for fabricating crystalline silicon thin films
Cationic fibrous sanitizing substrate
Low permeability nanocomposites
Optical broadband emitters and methods of making the same
Dielectrophoretic heat engine and method of energy conversion
Electron emission device with auxiliary electrode and manufacturing method thereof
Field emission display (FED) and method of manufacture thereof
Programmable logic devices comprising time multiplexed programmable interconnect
Memory array using mechanical switch, method for controlling the same, display apparatus using mecha...
Trench gate type MOS transistor semiconductor device
High voltage metal oxide semiconductor transistor and fabricating method thereof
Thin film transistor substrate
Cobalt silicide schottky diode on isolated well
Dielectric isolation type semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Transistor epitaxial wafer and transistor produced by using same
Zener diode and method for production thereof
Microelectronic package optionally having differing cover and device thermal expansivities
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device, wiring substrate forming method, and substrate processing apparatus
Use of supercritical fluid for low effective dielectric constant metallization
Through via in ultra high resistivity wafer and related methods
3D IC method and device
Alignment error measuring mark and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Proximity sensitive defect monitor
Method of manufacturing surface mount type crystal oscillator
RFID tag
Polishing pad surface shape measuring instrument, method of using polishing pad surface shape measur...
Apparatus and method for optical amplification in indirect-gap semiconductors
Techniques and devices for characterizing spatially non-uniform curvatures and stresses in thin-film...
High frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for determining local deviations of a main magnetic field of a magnetic resonance device
Rotor drive apparatus and methods utilizing center-fed radial-outflow gas
Rf trap tuned by selectively inserting electrically conductive tuning elements
Methods for Arbitrary Shape Selective Excitation Summed Spectroscopy and Applications of Same
Cancellation of ringing artifacts and far field interference in nuclear quadrupole resonance
Method for magnetic resonance imaging using inversion recovery with on-resonant water suppression in...
Method for acquiring measured data
Method and apparatus for hoisting and skinning animals
Program for projecting an image onto a character in a game, game machine incorporating the program, ...
Light-emitting fibers intertwined in grass related to a player's or game object's position
System and method for analyzing data
Location information for avoiding unwanted communications systems and methods
Device access based on centralized authentication
Method and apparatus for allowing a remote site to interact with an intermediate database to facilit...
Method and apparatus using buffer pools and arrays of buffer pointers for sharing memory in a multip...
Method and system for accelerated access to a memory
Resource allocation unit queue
Method and apparatus for starting up and maintaining of multiple networked computing systems
System and method to locate and correct software errors within a protocol stack for wireless devices
Method for cache correction using functional tests translated to fuse repair
Graceful recovery from and avoidance of crashes due to notification of third party applications
Interface workbench for high volume data buffering and connectivity
Method and apparatus for recognizing a digitized form, extracting information from a filled-in form,...
Reusable voiceXML dialog components, subdialogs and beans
Creating a voice response grammar from a presentation grammar
Generic framework for runtime interception and execution control of interpreted languages
Location based software flashing system
Security system
Positioning aid for stringed musical instrument
Percussion instrument and noisemaking device
Musical instrument
Combination chimes and faith building message system
Enhanced resonator for banjo or other musical instrument
Golden ratio air vent holes
Effects pedal retaining unit and pedal board system
Music display device and method
Electronic musical instrument system
Method and device for storing main information with associated additional information incorporated t...
Apparatus and method for providing music file search function
Chord-name detection apparatus and chord-name detection program
Keyboard apparatus
Computer program functional partitioning method for heterogeneous multi-processing systems
Method and system for auto parallelization of zero-trip loops through induction variable substitutio...
Strategy for referencing code resources
Distributed counter and centralized sensor in barrier wait synchronization
Scheduling threads in a multiprocessor computer
Thread dispatch for multiprocessor computer systems
Autonomous management of system throughput
System and method for reconstructing client web page accesses from captured network packets
System and method for providing multiple embodiments of abstract software modules in peer-to-peer ne...
Method and apparatus to isolate changes in remoting system clients
Method and apparatus for providing and integrating high-performance message queues in a interface en...
Method and system for using DLPI to negotiate advanced interfaces
Programmable object model for extensible markup language schema validation
Method for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital media distribu...
Method and apparatus for pervasive authentication domains
Intrusion detection using a network processor and a parallel pattern detection engine
Method and apparatus for the automatic determination of potentially worm-like behavior of a program
Probabilistic mechanism to determine level of security for a software package
Methods, apparatus and computer programs for processing alerts and auditing in a publish/subscribe s...
Portion of a display screen showing a transitional user interface
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Display apparatus
Image processing device forming an image of stored image data together with additional information a...
Computer with status display module
Method and apparatus for distributed load multiplexing of multiple encoded signals over a shared com...
Action analysis method and system
Monitoring system for monitoring surroundings of vehicle
Adaptive template object classification system with a template generator
Method and device for detecting three-dimensional information
Method and apparatus for scene learning and three-dimensional tracking using stereo video cameras
Sampling images for color balance information
Method, device, and program for image conversion, method, device and program for texture mapping, an...
System and method for controlling a digital video recorder on a cable network
Transmitting portable terminal
Navigation screen system and method for remote control
Method to automatically enable closed captioning when a speaker has a heavy accent
Interactive television program guide with selectable languages
Transmission unit particularly for driving the screw feeders and auxiliary user devices of mixing tr...
Water-soluble tetrazolium compounds
Nucleic acids encoding ara h 3 polypeptides
Identification of a novel BHD gene
CYP19A1 polymorphisms
Protein kinase (NPK-110)
Polypeptides comprising growth hormone receptor extracellular domain and glycosylphosphatidylinosito...
Transcription factor having zinc finger domain
Cellulose-type material
Isolated nucleic acids encoding resistance polypeptides and uses thereof
Methods and means for delivering inhibitory RNA to plants and applications thereof
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Disease resistance factors
Soybean variety XB28E07
Soybean variety XB31R07
Soybean cultivar 6345184
Soybean variety 4175567
Soybean cultivar S06-02JR409114
Rice hybrid XP316M
Sampling device for introduction of samples into analysis system
Apparatus for making a drainage element
Stabilizer for in-ground members, assemblies including the same, and method of installation
Placing elements in piles
System for treating wastewater
Portion of a mop handle
Paint tray
Paint bucket liner
Paint bucket liner
Paint bucket liner
Paint brush holder
Collapsible over the sink dish drainer
Trash can receptacle
Sport helmet shaped lid for receptacle
Wheeled support for a refuse sack
Automatic trash can
Automated trash can
Receptacle for waste management
Trash can
Garbage can
Garbage can
Transport gripper
Combined spacing cone and collar
Method and apparatus for key management in distributed sensor networks
Fixed client identification system for positive identification of client to server
Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
Data processing apparatus and method
Digital watermarking system using scrambling method
Time stamping method employing a separate ticket and stub
Secure authentication and authorization for transaction processing
Method to store encrypted data
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Content processing apparatus and content protection program
Mobile node, an ad hoc network routing controlling method and an ad hoc network system
Device and method for calculation on elliptic curve
Method and apparatus for controlling access to storage media
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording method, and recording apparatus
Terrestrial broadcast copy protection system for digital television
Invoicing management method of a service transmitted per time unit
Data-processing arrangement comprising confidential data
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yogigi Pink`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Evita`
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0005`
Aglaonema plant named `TWYAG0009B`
Anemone plant named `Little Princess`
Rose plant named `Esm Alandaluz`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunparabeni`
Strawberry plant named `DrisStrawThree`
Hosta plant named `Neptune`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Power Bronze`
Hydrate-based desalination using compound permeable restraint panels and vaporization-based cooling
Method for producing 1-butene
Method for preparing styrenic olefins
Using a catalyst having two different zeolites for transalkylation of a C9+ aromatic feed
Method for the production of polyisobutene
Process for obtaining a butadiene homopolymer in the presence of monoolefin(s) with 4 carbon atoms
Oxygenate conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-74
Production of synthesis gas blends for conversion to methanol or Fischer-Tropsch liquids
Processes for making higher octane motor fuels having a low reid vapor pressure from naphtha boiling...
Sequence analysis of the tetravalent rotavirus vaccine
Method of producing polyvalent antigens
Production of attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccines involving modification of M2 ORF2
Modulators of TNF receptor associated factor (TRAF), their preparation and use
Isolated/cloned human NT2 cell lines expressing serotonin and GABA
Human neuronal attachment factor-1 antibodies
Encapsulated liquid cleanser
Methods of investigating, diagnosing, and treating amyloidosis
Osteoinductive materials
Reduction of breast density with 4-hydroxy tamoxifen
Antifungal remedy formulation for external application
Interferon-like protein ZCYTO21
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 and IL-29
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28A cysteine mutants
Antibody against G-protein coupled receptor showing selective affinity for ATP and uses therefor
Nucleic acids coding for adhesion factor of group B streptococcus, adhesion factors of group B strep...
Oligomeric ketone compounds
Contrast agents
On-probe sample cleanup system and method for MALDI analysis
Deep water lift system remote pendant
Soft quay mooring system
Ski storage compartment for a watercraft
Retractable pontoon boat cover
Conductor pipe string deflector and method
System and method for removal of sea-state bias in satellite altimetry data
Movable deck to mitigate effects of shock
Overload protection device comprising an electric switching unit
Gait generation device for legged mobile robot
Data storage system and log data output method upon abnormality of storage control apparatus
Radar apparatus
Method and system of positioning
Mobile terminal with plural antennas
Microwave demulsification of hydrocarbon emulsion
Network system, radio communication device, radio communication method, and computer program for the...
Network service information providing system and network service information providing apparatus and...
Method, system and computer program for planning a telecommunications network
Method for transmitting packet data in communication system
Multi-path interference removing for wireless relay system apparatus and method using by same channe...
Service area determination method for determining whether a mobile terminal is in the service area o...
Over-current protection in linear regulators
Efficient RF amplifier topologies
Method and apparatus for dynamic gain and phase compensations
Method of and apparatuses for cell selection in a mobile communications system
Direct cellular communication
Method and system for transmission of carrier signals between first and second antenna networks
Method and apparatus for managing ring tones in a mobile device
Method for providing RF shielding for a nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus
Precision of localization estimates
Method and apparatus for developing standard architecture compliant software for programmable radios
Printed matter for joint reading by a visually impaired and a sighted person
Remote operation support system and method
Color palette providing cross-platform consistency
Consumer representation rendering with selected merchandise
Sales support system
System and method of image display simulation
Physical distribution business management method, physical distribution business management system, ...
Methods and system for continuous replenishment planning of consignment inventory
Flexible event correlation aggregation tool
Dynamic security price and value comparator and indexer
Computer-implemented securities trading system with virtual currency and virtual specialist
Method and apparatus for solving concisely expressed combinatorial auction problems
Method for providing aggregation of trading on multiple alternative trading systems
Merchant cash payment systems and methods
Updating usage conditions in lieu of download digital rights management protected content
Method and apparatus for the distribution of digitised information on demand
Consumer-controlled limited and constrained access to a centrally stored information account
Apparatus and method for business process tracking and business process tracking program, and record...
Registering device and method, information processing device and method, providing device and method...
System and method for unified registration information collection
Deferring error reporting for a storage device to align with staffing levels at a service center
Method and system for conducting an on-line survey
Access to content addressable data over a network
Crawler tractor
Vehicle with high voltage line
Suspension system in fuel cell electric vehicle
Auxiliary power unit for moving a vehicle
Heat exchanger system
Vehicle occupant restraint apparatus
Operator control station for controlling different work machines
Closed center steering system
Wheeled conveyance
Vehicle side impact crash detection for deployment of curtain and side airbags
Vehicle power steering assembly and method for assembling the vehicle power steering assembly
Vehicle backbone
Fuel tank assembly and straddle-type vehicle having the same
System and method for performing interventions in cars using communicated automotive information
Work comfort evaluating device and work comfort evaluating method
Driving assist apparatus and method for vehicle
Apparatus and method for predicting a breaking distance of a vehicle
Air induction system with resonator bypass valve
Fuel cell system with muffler
Muffler outlet part for a motorcycle muffler
Sound attenuation panel comprising a resistive layer with reinforced structural component
Molded motor silencing system having a vibro-acoustic material
Air filtering device for protection suits
Method and apparatus for integrated wireless communications in private and public network environmen...
System, method, and device for providing communications using a distributed mobile architecture
Method for maintaining product and maintenance business system for product
Computer network method for conducting payment over a network by debiting and crediting utilities ac...
Interactive, computer network-based video conferencing system and process
System and method for sending electronic messages based on time zone information
High performance IP processor
Transaction flow and ordering for a packet processing engine, located within an input-output hub
Combined personalized traffic and weather report and alert system and method
Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
Wireless network communications
Transport of caller identification information through diverse communication networks
Internet controlled telephone system
Transport of DTMF tones over VOATM/VOIP networks
Method and apparatus for interfacing a public switched telephone network and an internet protocol ne...
Methods for monitoring audio and images on the internet
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive...
Release link trunking for IP telephony
Multifunction data port providing an interface between a digital network and electronics in resident...
Bill payment system and method
Bill payment service
Method for customer recognition and management
Apparatus and method for performing impedance synthesis in a transmitter
Subscriber line interface circuitry with common base audio isolation stage
Transceiver with integrated hybrid circuit
Method and arrangements for wireless communication between a vehicle and a terrestrial communication...
Systems and methods for prerating costs for a communication event
Wireless mail notification system for a mailbox
Method for re-establishing telephone calls after unintended termination
Telephone message forwarding method and device
System and method for maintaining an online point-of-interest directory
Mobile terminal and system for providing total status information thereof at one time
Hands-free telephone apparatus
Service for providing speaker voice metrics
System and method of call classification with context modeling based on composite words
Method and apparatus for using a personal digital assistant to interface with a communication statio...
Host-client utility meter systems and methods for communicating with the same
Gapless delivery and durable subscriptions in a content-based publish/subscribe system
Personalized platform for accessing internet applications
Mulling and sealing system for compound fenestration units
Methods and structures for sealing air gaps in a building
Stud system for insulation of concrete structures
Multi purpose door rack
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material
Plastic pegboard assembly
Support for hunting implements and accessories
Dual drive winch system
Angle sander
Clay plaster
Non-lead jacket for non-metallic sheathed electrical cable
System and method for managing mobile workers
Percutaneous Access for Neuromodulation Procedures
Ribbon Electrode
Generating output data based on patient monitoring
Sustained Release Formulation and Dosing Schedules of Leukotriene Synthesis Inhibitor for Human Ther...
Novel 8-Sulfonylamino-3 Aminosubstituted Chroman or Tetrahydronaphtalene Derivatives Modulating the ...
Cell permeable bioactive peptide conjugates
mTOR GLS and ELS, their small molecule mimetics and competitive inhibitors
Method For Producing Aminoalcohol Derivative Having Biphenyl Group
Sensor Driven Gastric Stimulation for Patient Management
Gastric Stimulation Systems and Methods Utilizing a Transgastric Probe
Methods and Apparatus for Electrical Stimulation of Tissues Using Signals that Minimize the Effects ...
Substance mixture
Thiazole Derivatives and Use Thereof
Thiazole Derivatives and Use Thereof
Synephrine derivatives useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Sustained release formulations of nalbuphine
Androgen Receptor Modulator Compounds and Methods
Nuclear receptor binding agents
Heterocyclic Compounds, Compositions Comprising Them and Methods of Their Use
siRNA targeting 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 2 (AGPAT2)
Biological Information Monitoring System
Implantable Microphone for Treatment of Neurological Disorders
Using symbolic evaluation to validate models that have incomplete information
Method, system, and computer program for determining ranges of potential purchasing amounts, indexed...
General Purpose set theoretic processor
Method for filtering content using neural networks
Method and apparatus for adaptively determining weight factors within the context of an objective fu...
Medical risk stratifying method and system
Amusement ride track with motion base
Collapsible structures
Modular lift assembly having telescoping member
Card game
Game simulating the catching of fish by plug casting
Expressive eyes with dilating and constricting pupils
Fixed-odds sports lottery game
Gaming machine
Game system capable of evaluating the correlation of user operation on a game machine with displayed...
Apparatus for ropeboarding
Puzzle machine and method of operating same
Projected score area calculator and method of use
Method and system for predicting understanding errors in a task classification system
Methods and systems for routing requests using edge network elements
Non-drip spout
Non-drip spout
Non-drip spout
Non-drip spout
Controller for vehicle AC generator
Power manager for an electrical power generator
Method for generating a reading signal of a sense element comprised into at least a phase of a multi...
DC-DC converter having a diode module with a first series circuit and a second series with a flywhee...
Input current or voltage limited power supply