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Model-based synthesis of band moire images for authenticating security documents and valuable produc...
Manufacturing system and process for personalized greeting cards
Method and system for generating and authenticating documents having stored electrostatic pattern in...
Individualized security document
Tactile scratch media apparatus and method
Medium management system, image formation apparatus, print medium, medium management method, and pro...
Apparatus, methods and systems for anonymous communication
Hybrid parallel/serial bus interface
Charging network, charging agent apparatus and charging method
Interleaving of information into compressed digital audio streams
Method and system for processing a message
Method and system for remotely testing a wireless device
Method and arrangement for optimizing the re-establishment of connections in a cellular radio system...
Tool-less snap-in modular replaceable keypad for wireless communication device and method of assembl...
Image processing device image processing program and image processing method
Angle variable mechanism and desktop apparatus
Sound information providing system
Method of providing status information within an ACD
Tandem switch migration method
System and method for facilitating targeted marketing over a telecommunications network
Extending a call to a telecommunications terminal through an intermediate point
Call transfer system, method and network devices
Enhanced call pickup
Method and system for driving an indicating element on a terminal
Log analysis system, method and apparatus
Data processing system and method
Method and apparatus to automatically commit files to WORM status
System for integrating security and access for facilities and information systems
Apparatus and program product for storing fibre channel information on an infiniband administration ...
Method, apparatus and program storage device for determining an optimal number of tasks during reorg...
System and method for utilizing asynchronous client server communication objects
Method and apparatus of visual representations of search results
Automatically determining management information base modules for a device
Trusted storage systems and methods
Segmentation and processing of continuous data streams using transactional semantics
System and method for digital watermarking of data repository
Information providing method, information providing system, and information server apparatus
System and method for providing identity hiding in a shared key authentication protocol
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Method and apparatus for construction and use of concept knowledge base
Executing unmanaged content in a managed execution environment
Message based file system
Buoyancy clamp and method of application
Composite matrix fastener apparatus, system and method
Soil stabilization and anchorage system
Chemical injection using an adjustable depth air sparging system
Fluid and nutrient delivery system and associated methods
Apparatus for controlling movement of flowable particulate material
Subsea well communications apparatus and method using variable tension large offset risers
Method and system for auction or sales of deliverable prepared food via the internet
Table of botanical ingredients and method of preparing a table useful for blending combinations ther...
Frozen food package and method of use
Induction cooking mat for maintaining temperature in food and drink
Slow-cooking method and oven
Methods and compositions for production of flavonoid and isoflavonoid nutraceuticals
Methods for heat-stabilizing proteins with specific binding activities
Moleculary imprinted polymers for extraction of components from foodstruffs
Compositions and methods for alleviating hypertension or preventing a rise in blood pressure
Method for producing a water-alcohol solution and products based thereon
Sulfonylated heterocycles useful for modulation of the progesterone receptor
Osteoprotegerin in milk
Extruded, highly cooked, non-sticky starch products
Mint composition
Methods of using a cholesterol-lowering preparation, food supplement and foodstuff
Treatment of autism using probiotic composition
Use of hydrogenotrophic acetogenic strains for preventing or treating digestive disorders
Device and method for sterilization
Electronic menu display system employing a plurality of portable menus, each including an electronic...
Holder for pet food bowls and dishes and a kit for making said holder
Nemesia plant named `KLENH08448`
Nemesia plant named `KLENH08454`
Heucherella plant named `Tapestry`
Helleborus plant named `Alexia`
Caladium plant named `White Star`
Aster plant named `DASKAT`
Caryopteris plant named `White Surprise`
Peach tree named `Sweetstar`
Peach tree named `Sweetlove`
Peach tree named `ASFPBF0492`
Nectarine tree named `Nectafine`
Nectarine tree named `Nectatop`
Nectarine tree named `Nectabelle`
Nectarine tree named `Nectavista`
Apricot tree named `ASFCOT0404`
Apricot tree named `ASFCOT0405`
Apricot tree named `ASFCOT0406`
Apricot tree named `ASFCOT0409`
Lead-free solder ball
High-hardness palladium alloy for use in goldsmith and jeweller's art and manufacturing process ther...
Cast, heat-resistant austenitic stainless steels having reduced alloying element content
Stainless steel for high-pressure hydrogen gas
Precipitation hardenable high temperature shape memory alloy
Technique for increasing the compliance of lead-free solders containing silver
High burring, high strength steel sheet excellent in softening resistance of weld heat affected zone...
Technique for increasing the compliance of tin-indium solders
Method for manufacturing metal nanoparticles
Method for producing a magnesium-lanthanum praseodymium cerium intermediate alloy
Oxidation resistant high creep strength austenitic stainless steel
Nickel-rhenium alloy powder and conductor paste containing the same
Solder alloy for bonding oxide material, and solder joint using the same
Group I-III-VI quaternary or higher alloy semiconductor films
High fracture toughness aluminum-copper-lithium sheet or light-gauge plate suitable for use in a fus...
Fe-based amorphous alloy strip
Soft magnetic alloy powder, compact, and inductance element
Chemically compatible, lightweight heat pipe
Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
Self-tuning active engine mount for vehicles with active fuel management engine
Acceleration/deceleration induced real-time identification of maximum tire-road friction coefficient
Remote control system and remote control method
Transmission structure for an electrically operated bicycle
Amphibious surface vehicle with synchro-phased rotary engagement devices
Resilient aerodynamic trailer skirts
Fuel tank arrangement for a vehicle
Control handle for a crop sprayer
Electric power steering device
Power transmission structure
Hands-free powered mobility device
Agricultural header presence sensor with traction control
Steering system for an agricultural or industrial utility vehicle and method for operating a steerin...
Device movable along body surface
Upper frame for construction equipment
Piping fixing structure
Accessory drive system and method for a parallel electric hybrid vehicle
Accessory drive system for a hybrid vehicle
Hybrid powertrain for homogeneous charge compression ignition engine operation
Access control device and electronic device
Systems and methods extending an existing programming language with constructs
Categorization of summarized information
Method and system for concurrent error identification in resource scheduling
General-purpose computer and copyright management method for use therein
Virtual distributed security system
Content-duplication management system, apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and comp...
Partner web site to assist in offering applications to a web hosting community
Computer program, method, and apparatus for managing reservation of it resources
Systems and methods for flow signature formation and use
Electronic item management and archival system and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for auditing utility poles
Incremental-click analysis of keyword searching
Computer-implemented method and system for managing keyword bidding prices
Using MD4 checksum as primary keys to link transactions across machines
Access management system, access administration apparatus, access administration program, access adm...
Decoration solar panel bridge supplying power sources
Toy building set
Puppet theater and theater combination
Smoke production system for model locomotive
Tantalum amido-complexes with chelate ligands useful for CVD and ALD of TaN and Ta205 thin films
Low-density, high r-value translucent nanocrystallites
Catalyst for nitrogen oxide removal and exhaust gas treatment method
Catalyst carrier and fuel cell using the same
Method for manufacturing LiMnPO.sub.4
Li-B-Mg-X system for reversible hydrogen storage
Method for producing alkaline earth metal oxides
Process for producing lithium-containing composite oxide for positive electrode for lithium secondar...
System and process for gas sweetening
Cadmium telluride production process
Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for prepar...
Morphological control of carbon nanotubes
Method for separation and recycle of pure sulfur dioxide from a gaseous mixture in is cycle with ion...
Carbon nanotube arrays
Catalyst composition for use in a lean NO.sub.x trap and method of using
Treatment of engine exhaust using molecular sieve SSZ-75
Phosgard, a new way to improve poison resistance in three-way catalyst applications
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using boron-containing molecular sieve CHA
Method for processing waste copper liquid to produce high copper content sludge
Process for recovering isolated uranium from spent nuclear fuel using a highly alkaline carbonate so...
Conversion of data for two or three dimensional geometric entities
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key data
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for determining position and orientation
Optical display device
Method and apparatus for progressively deleting media objects from storage
Support tabs for protecting a circuit board from applied forces
Multi-connector assembly
Substrate-guided optical device particularly for vision enhanced optical systems
Acute pharmacologic augmentation of psychotherapy with enhancers of learning or conditioning
Total knee arthroplasty through shortened incision
Pneumatic boat lift
Personal mobility vehicle lift
Container for waste materials
Container for waste materials
Container for waste materials
Liner for a paint tray
Mop bucket
Boot wiper
Hamper stand
Floor nozzle for canister vacuum cleaner
Dryer console
Laundry appliance door
Floor finish applicator
Multi-purpose parts washer with stainless steel plate
Pet waste and accessory storage device
Device for grooming the coats of animals
Accessory for an animal collar
Pet carrier
Method and system for demarcating a portion of a media file as a ringtone
Communication system and method, and information processing apparatus and method
Location mapping for key-point based services
Intuitive real spatial aiming-based system, identification and communication methods for identifying...
Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information process...
Compact image projector having a mirror for reflecting a beam received from a polarization beam spli...
Method and system for dissemination of paperless transaction receipts in non-networked environments
Secure communications within and between personal area networks by using private and public identifi...
Analysis system
Signal processing apparatus and methods
Single chip multimode baseband processing circuitry with a shared radio interface
Power link margin for high-speed downlink packet access
Mobile communication system, radio base station, transmission power control method used therein, and...
Non-circular paging areas
Radio communication system and base station thereof
Handoff method comprising network control apparatus that receives data packets from both the core ne...
Data acquisition system and mobile terminal
Dynamic creation, selection, and scheduling of radio frequency communications
L1/L2 GPS receiver
Radio frequency signal transceiver device capable of enhancing transmission and reception performanc...
Method and system for increasing data transmission rates
Method for transmitting messages by radio while using a repeater
Method and apparatus for packet transmission in carrier-sense-multiple-access network
IP mobility mechanism for a packet radio network
Technique for adaptive data rate communication over fading dispersive channels
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Signal processing apparatus and methods
Full duplex network radio bridge with low latency and high throughput
System and method for continuous data analysis of an ongoing clinical trial
Methods for producing antibody
Isoxazolyl urea derivatives as kinase modulators
Pyrazinyl hydroxyacrylamide compounds having an inhibitory effect on the activity of histone deacety...
Apo-2 receptor polypeptides
Indoles are cannabinoid receptor ligands
Alpha-ketoamides and derivatives thereof
Metabolically stable alkoxyalkyl esters of antiviral or antiproliferative phosphonates, nucleoside p...
Methods of gene transfer to astrocytes with mokola virus pseudotyped lentivirus vectors
Aminoglycoside treatment for lysosomal storage diseases
Isolated recombinant vaccinia virus complement control protein (hrVCP) polypeptide
Apo-2 receptor polynucleotides
Compositions and methods for identifying antigens which elicit an immune response
Universal readout for target identification using biological microarrays
Measuring method using whole blood
Methods of identifying compounds for producing insulin sensitization
Method for raising or isolating an antibody to DCRS5
Methods for the detection and diagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi infection
Acoustically transparent debris barrier for audio transducers
Tubular loudspeaker
Acoustic chamber as part of adapter
Respiration stimulation
Data receiving apparatus having digital contents copy protection function and method for controlling...
Transmission error resistant reader station
Deterring theft of media recording devices by encrypting recorded media files
Content output apparatus, content output method and content acquisition apparatus
Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
Method of encrypting and transmitting data and system for transmitting encrypted data
System and method for generating a non-repudiatable record of a data stream
Information-processing system and method, information-transmission-processing apparatus, and informa...
Method of exchanging secured data through a network
Check authorization system and method
Method and apparatus for managing cryptographic keys
Group admission control apparatus and methods
Method for securely creating an endorsement certificate utilizing signing key pairs
Local authentication of mobile subscribers outside their home systems
Apparatus using a time division multiple access bus for providing multiple levels of security in a c...
Secure encryption system, device and method
Star pattern partial encryption method
Slice mask and moat pattern partial encryption
TM leveling methods
Optofluidic microscope device
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH365545
Cotton variety 04Z353
Cotton variety 04P011
Anther-specific expression promoter in plant and application thereof
Luminescent compounds having a functionalized linker arm used in the bioconjugation and labeling of ...
Antibodies that bind to a member of the IL-6/G-CSF/MGF family
Anti-human DLL4 antibodies and compositions
Non-invasive method of determining oxygen concentration in a sealed package
Method for attaching a compensator assembly to a firearm
Systems and methods applying density altitude to ballistic trajectory compensation for small arms
Quick coupling particularly for the stock of a portable weapon
Firearm grip, particularly of a gun
Packet filtering in a NIC to control antidote loading
Controlling access to name service for a domain name system
Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
Methods and apparatus for local network address acquisition, analysis and substitution
System for ubiquitous network presence and access without cookies
Method and system for securing network access to data stored in a data storage system
Method and apparatus for inexpensively monitoring and controlling remotely distributed appliances
System and method for provisioning personalized data into mobile device
System, computer program product and method for storing information in an application service provid...
Domain name acquisition and management system and method
Dynamic content assembly on edge-of-network servers in a content delivery network
Hybrid credit card transaction system
Auction method, auction system, and program product therefor
Method and system for detecting fraud in a credit card transaction over the internet
Method and system for providing advertising through content specific nodes over the internet
Method and system for providing advertising through content specific nodes over the internet
Internet system for connecting healthcare providers and patients
Concatenation of containers in synchronous digital hierarchy network
Method and apparatus for testing software
Method and apparatus for reducing e-mail spam and virus distribution in a communications network by ...
Techniques for determining physical data layout of RAID devices
Apparatus and method for communicating with semiconductor devices of a serial interconnection
Scalable computer system
Geometric routing in wireless networks
Public service message broadcasting system and method
Programmability for XML data store for documents
Method of determining geographical location from IP address information
Weather information in a calendar
Method, system and computer-readable media for repairing corruption of data record references
Credit authorization system and method
Apparatus and methods for providing a national portal for electronic services
User interface for an electronic trading system
System and method for identifying an individual
Light source apparatus and method for driving the same
Organic electro-luminescence display apparatus
Electroluminescent display device
Organic light emitting apparatus
Stacked OLED structure
Organic electroluminescent element array
OLED with protective electrode
Organic electroluminescent display device
Triazole derivatives and use thereof in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)
Multilayered electrode and organic light emitting diode having the same
Organic EL element provided with an electrode in a liquid state and method for producing the same
Organic thin film transistor, flat panel display apparatus having the same, method of producing the ...
Electronic device having an active layer including inorganic semiconductor fine particles covered wi...
Insulating organic polymer, organic insulating layer formed using the insulating polymer, and organi...
Bistable nanoparticle-polymer composite for use in memory devices
Light-emitting device
Electronic device including a field effect transistor having an organic semiconductor channel
Organic light-emitting device including transparent conducting oxide layer as cathode and method of ...
Polymer optoelectronic device and methods for making the same
Unified distributed architecture for a multi-point video conference and interactive broadcast system...
Converged conferencing appliance methods for concurrent voice and data conferencing sessions over ne...
Method for allocating a communication right, communication conference session server and communicati...
Methods for treating oral cancers with herbal compositions
Coated vaginal device for delivery of anti-migraine and anti-nausea drugs
Methods of treating vascular inflammatory pathology using anti-TNF antibodies and fragments thereof
9,10-.alpha.,.alpha.-OH-taxane analogs and methods for production thereof
Methods of treating chemotherapy-induced diarrhea/mucositis using glucagon-like-peptide-2(GLP-2)anal...
Method and arrangement for associative memory device based on ferrofluid
Nanoparticle generator
Light strips for lighting and backlighting applications
Fabrication of ultra long necklace of nanoparticles
High work function transparent conductors
Photochemical synthesis of bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles
Production of metal nanoparticles
Electrohydrodynamic spraying system
On-chip microplasma systems
Current constricting phase change memory element structure
Methods and device for biomolecule characterization
Material composition for producing a coating for a component made from a metallic base material, and...
Compositions containing shape-conforming materials and nanoparticles that absorb energy to heat the ...
Method of image filtering based on selected pixels in different blocks
Motion-activated night light with swivel lens
Hard disk drive
LCD television receiver
Method for identifying extender text table of electronic program guide in digital TV
Method for identifying extender text table of electronic program guide in digital TV
Method and apparatus of providing and receiving video services in digital audio broadcasting (DAB) s...
Apparatus and method for remote DLL linking of software upgrades for a wireless mobile station
Control method for digital image processing apparatus for convenient movement mode and digital image...
Apparatus and method for a collision-free parallel turbo decoder in a software-defined radio system
Decoding apparatus including a filtering unit configured to filter an image based on comparison of d...
Digital broadcasting transmission capable of improving receiving and equalizing performance and sign...
Efficient parallel cyclic redundancy check calculation using a novel table lookup approach
Method of filtering an image by performing an averaging operation selectively based on at least one ...
Method for creating feedback message for ARQ in mobile communication system
Method of image filtering based on comparison of difference between selected pixels
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and m...
System and method for risk grid display in an electronic trading environment
System and method for money management in electronic trading environment
Method and apparatus for a fair exchange
Memory device with reduced standby power consumption and method for operating same
System and method for providing and displaying information content
System and method for prioritized data delivery in an electronic trading environment
System and method for smart hedging in an electronic trading environment
System and method for changing order priority levels in an electronic trading environment
Method and apparatus for establishing multiple bandwidth-limited connections for a communication dev...
Methods for promoting erythropoiesis
Methods of promoting hematopoietic and mesenchymal cell proliferation and differentiation
Peptides for detection of antibody to Ehrlichia ewingii
Networked computing using objects
Finding text on a web page
Method and system for add-in module for obtaining shipping information
Order management system and method for electronic securities trading
Scoring items
Feeble ring tones
Portable interactive communication systems
Designating, setting and discovering parameters for spreadsheet documents
Method and system for providing media content over a computer network
System and interface for monitoring information technology assets
System and method for interacting with data using visual surrogates
Server for engineering an automation system
Systems and methods for providing subscription-based personalization
Difference control for generating and displaying a difference result set from the result sets of a p...
Presentation of differences between multiple searches
Indication of exclusive items in a result set
Systems and methods of enhancing leads
Presenting sponsored content on a mobile communication facility
Cryptographic module for secure processing of value-bearing items
System and method for managing aggregated accounts
Pay yourself first system
Method of enhancing electronic communications with contextually relevant content
Context-aware and location-aware systems, methods, and vehicles, and method of operating the same
Content processing device, content processing method, control program, and storage medium
Impedance transformer and applications thereof
Enhanced polar modulator for transmitter
Digital divider for low voltage LOGEN
Context aware computing devices and methods
Method and system for discount debit card
Smart tray for dispensing medicaments
Frequency selective passive component networks for implantable leads of active implantable medical d...
Integrated skin-mounted multifunction device for use in image-guided surgery
Microfabricated light collimating screen
Method and apparatus for removing uneven brightness in an image
System, method and apparatus for small pulmonary nodule computer aided diagnosis from computed tomog...
Medical intelligent server architecture
Stationary x-ray digital breast tomosynthesis systems and related methods
Method for correcting x-ray scatter in projection radiography and computer tomography
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Projection objective and method for optimizing a system aperture stop of a projection objective
Methods and systems for determining a critical dimension and overlay of a specimen
Image display device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Positron emission detectors and configurations
Photoresponsive polymer, built-up type diacetylene polymer, crystal of ammonium carboxylate, and met...
Radiation imaging apparatus, apparatus control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing ...
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting PARP
Pet food container
Device and method for a graphical user interface
Multiple-user voice-based control of devices in an endoscopic imaging system
Image-based computational mechanical analysis and indexing for cardiovascular diseases
Acoustically-powered wireless defibrillator
Device and system for visual three-dimensional presentation of ECG data
Radiation ablation tracking system and method
Method and apparatus for location determination using mini-beacons
Image forming apparatus with transferring member to transfer toner image onto the recording medium
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming system
Image forming apparatus provided with an electrophotographic photosensitive member
Development apparatus, process cartridge and image formation apparatus, including dust prevention sh...
Resin composition for optical material, resin film for optical material and optical waveguide using ...
Scheduler design to optimize system performance using configurable acceleration engines
Timing driven force directed placement flow
Design structure and system for identification of defects on circuits or other arrayed products
Graphical syntax analysis of tables through tree rewriting
Application performance acceleration
Apparatus and method for data migration in a storage processing device
System for low power operation of wireless LAN interfaces
Techniques for clustering a set of objects
Trimmer comb
Razor protector
Venous access port assembly
Grip for writing instrument
Writing instrument
Safety pin
Corner protector
Pry tool
Auxiliary handle for a shovel
Study desk
System and method for operating an electrochemical analyte sensor
Optical determination of ph and glucose
Method and apparatus for monitoring the power level of two or more optical transmitters
System and method for automating document search and report generation
System and method for managing account receivables
Method, system and message structure for electronically exchanging medical information
Method and system for predicting amino acid sequences compatible with a specified three dimensional ...
Methods, systems, and software for identifying functional biomolecules
Method and apparatus for monitoring polyolefin production
Medical image output system, medical image transferring apparatus and program
Film thickness predicting program, recording medium, film thickness predicting apparatus, and film t...
Test device and method for circuit device and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing of a semiconductor device
Failure alarm device and failure alarm method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor optical device
Alignment and alignment marks
Method and device to quantify active carrier profiles in ultra-shallow semiconductor structures
Load-lock apparatus, device manufacturing apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Substrate for a display device, liquid crystal display device having the same and method of manufact...
Method and apparatus for biasing a floating node in an integrated circuit
Method of wafer level transient sensing, threshold comparison and arc flag generation/deactivation
System with multi-location arc threshold comparators and communication channels for carrying arc det...
Treatment of plasma damaged layer for critical dimension retention, pore sealing and repair
Metal and alloy silicides on a single silicon wafer
Insulating layer between bumps of semiconductor chip, and display panel using the same with anisotro...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Microelectromechanical systems using thermocompression bonding
Stacked integrated circuit package system
Semiconductor device package
Inductively coupled integrated circuit and methods for use therewith
Analysis of agonist-activity and antagonist-activity to cytokinin receptor
Glucose dehydrogenase and process for producing the dehydrogenase
Lipid remodeling of GPI-anchored proteins
Articles of manufacture and methods for modeling Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolism
Nucleic acid encoding 238P1B2 useful in detecting cancer
Compounds and methods to enhance rAAV transduction
Methods of modulating apoptosis using inhibitors of brain-localized protein kinases homologous to ho...
Antibody drug conjugate metabolites
Method of treatment using adiponectin variants
Methods compositions and articles of manufacture for modulating bone growth
Maize variety PH926
Pearl millet line 53-1-1 with PP3 gene and all derivatives produced by any method
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer
.DELTA.12 desaturase gene suitable for altering levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous ...
Differential expression of molecules associated with acute stroke
PRO polypeptides for diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis
Modification of chemical forces of bone constructs
Polypeptides from non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae
Anti-TAT188 antibodies
Antibodies to IL-17 polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Proteinase K resistant surface protein of Neisseria meningitidis
Migrating configuration information based on user identity information
System for facilitating thread-based message prioritization
Instant message method to provide a delayed alarm/reminder
Method of retracting an instant message
Controlling instant messaging settings based on calendar application entries
Real time environmental measurement and reporting system for navigable waterways and method of use
Method and system for providing an acoustic interface
Processes, circuits, devices, and systems for branch prediction and other processor improvements
Method and apparatus for host messaging unit for peripheral component interconnect busmaster devices
Variable configuration apparatus
Wireless-interface module and electronic apparatus
Null deepening for an adaptive antenna based communication station
Automatic configuration of network devices
Female receptacle data pin connector
Notifying stations for portable electronic devices and methods
Wireless communiction device, wireless communicatin method, and computer program
Method and apparatus for reassigning objects to processing units
Method and apparatus for customizing the display of multidimensional data
Shortcut sets for controlled environments
Configuring software agent security remotely
User interface having a search preview
Alternative search query processing in a term bidding system
Search device
Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method and retrieval program
Method and system for detection of authors
Crawlable applications
Query-based text summarization
Method and system for identifying keywords for use in placing keyword-targeted advertisements
Automatic gain control for a tuner
Convolutive blind source separation using relative optimization
Signal noise filtering in a serial interface
Polyester toner compositions
Solar heat responsive exterior surface covering
Magnetomotive optical coherence tomography
Antiproliferative agents
Amide derivatives
Antibodies against SARS-CoV and methods of use thereof
Anti-TrkB monoclonal antibodies and uses thereof
Treatment of aqueous compositions containing contaminants
Fused heteroaryl derivatives and their use as p38 kinase inhibitors
Heterotricyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Huntingtin gene
Peptides for targeting the prostate specific membrane antigen
Protected catalytic composition and its preparation and use for preparing polymers from ethylenicall...
Bot identification and control
Features such as titles, transitions, and/or effects which vary according to positions
CAN controller system
Data processing apparatus having trace and prediction logic
Automated tagging of syndication data feeds
System and method to facilitate translation of communications between entities over a network
Source indicators for elements of an aggregate media collection in a media sharing system
File system group consistency point
System and methods for asynchronous synchronization
Auction insurance system
System, method, and computer program product for predicting a weather-based financial index value
Tax scorecard reporting system
Golf shoe outsole
Golf club head with insert having indicia therein
Vertically curved face putter with multiple horizontal contact facets
Golf club face assistance device
Reel mower grass basket support
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Gear driven sprinkler with top turbine
Methods for treatment of age-related macular degeneration
Optimized expression of HPV 52 L1 in yeast
IL-1.beta. binding antibodies and binding fragments thereof
IL1-.beta. Binding antibodies and fragments thereof
Introduction of metal impurity to change workfunction of conductive electrodes
Display device having crystal grain boundaries providing superior driving and luminance characterist...
Dry cleaning of silicon surface for solar cell applications
Method for forming an improved T-shaped gate structure
Thermal management substrates
CMOS integration scheme employing a silicide electrode and a silicide-germanide alloy electrode
Trench memory with self-aligned strap formed by self-limiting process
Two-layer film for next generation damascene barrier application with good oxidation resistance
Selective application of word line bias to minimize fringe effects in electromagnetic fields during ...
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving thereof
Gallium nitride material devices and thermal designs thereof
Thin film transistor and thin film transistor substrate including a polycrystalline semiconductor th...
Curing methods for silicon dioxide thin films deposited from alkoxysilane precursor with harp II pro...
Post deposition plasma treatment to increase tensile stress of HDP-CVD SIO.sub.2
Impurity control in HDP-CVD DEP/ETCH/DEP processes
Technique for locally adapting transistor characteristics by using advanced laser/flash anneal techn...
Tungsten nitride atomic layer deposition processes
Substrate release methods and apparatuses
Selective implementation of barrier layers to achieve threshold voltage control in CMOS device fabri...
Method of making three dimensional NAND memory
Epitaxial substrate for field effect transistor
GPS assistance messages in cellular communications networks and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for estimating local oscillator frequency for GPS receivers
Bit synchronization method and system for a GPS
Antenna for WWAN and integrated antenna for WWAN, GPS and WLAN
GPS database to manage risk for financial transactions
Apparatus and method for controlling robot arm, and robot and program
Method and apparatus for using rotational movement amount of mobile device and computer-readable rec...
Robot system and method for reposition and/or removal of base plates from cathode stripping machines...
Behavior control apparatus, behavior control method, and program
Method and apparatus for controlling vibration using accelerometer
Active human-machine interface system without a force sensor
Method, system, and apparatus for remote interactions
Gripping device for a robot or a gantry loader
Method and apparatus to correct static deflection in a handling robot
Friction stir welding apparatus and method of operating same
Tubular handling apparatus and a drilling rig
Hollow core fiber optical gyro
Semiconductor device
Passenger inspection system and methods for using the same
Resins and adhesive formulations therewith
Use of thermoplastic elastomers in a composition and compositions thereof
Golf clubs and golf club heads having fluid-filled bladders and/or interior chambers
Tubular cut pile knit fabric for paint roller covers
Metal-substituted transistor gates
Kit systems for granulated decontamination formulations
Apparatus and methods for handling interactive applications in broadcast networks
Real-time human collaboration monitoring and intervention
Processing architecture for automatic image registration
Fault filter for seismic discontinuity data
Method for interpolating seismic data by anti-alias, anti-leakage Fourier transform
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Partially shorted microstrip antenna
Polyphenylene-poly(aryl ether sulfone) blends, articles and method
System and method using a scale for monitoring the dispensing of a beverage T cell proliferation agent, method for producing activated T c...
Illumination and detection architecture
Method of generating fluorine gas using coruscative reaction
Service life indicator for chemical filters
Handheld breath tester housing and mouthpiece
Automatic transmission for automotive vehicles
Product information management system
Model-based torque converter control
Methods and apparatus for non-invasive implantable pressure sensor calibration
Control systems and methods associated therewith
Protection process and control system for a gas turbine
Optimisation of the design of a component
Temperature regulated implant
Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Bradycardia pacing in a subcutaneous device
Shielded electrode assembly for effective nerve sensing and stimulation
Neural interface system with embedded id
Image forming apparatus and recovery roller
Color image forming method and color image forming apparatus
Optical modulator
Optical transmission system
Optical component and light emitting device using the same
Open ear hearing aid system
Dimer poly-quaternary ester compounds
Preparation for the prophylaxis of restenosis
Homogeneously formulating microdosed active principles
CpG DNA adjuvant in avian vaccines
Modulation of immunostimulatory properties of oligonucleotide-based compounds by optimal presentatio...
Topical treatment of prevention of ocular infections
Pharmaceutical composition comprising FGF18 and IL-1 antagonist and method of use
Methods and compositions for healing and repair of articular cartilage
Wound dressings with anti-microbial and chelating agents
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Peptides having a high cysteine content
Precise data-race detection using locksets
Layered software development and implementation using files
Connecting alternative development environment to interpretive runtime engine
Software key labeling on software keyboards
Method and system for creating temporary visual indicia
Systems and methods for creating and managing graphical user interface lists
Controlling multiple map application operations with a single gesture
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Generator system
Applying effects to a merged text path
Virtual distributed security system
Method of playing a slot machine game in which the award value for a winning symbol combination is b...
Gaming device having an electronic funds transfer system
Method and apparatus for operating multiple games on a network of gaming devices
Method of providing free games on a slot machine device
Gaming device including player selectable wild symbols
Electrochemical cell structure and method of fabrication
Method for control of the thickness of extruded film
Blends of EPDM and metallocene plastomers for wire and cable applications
Lacrosse head with increased strength and playability characteristics
Extrusion process, apparatus and product
Vehicle door glass blocker and breaker
Methods and apparatus for sorting cells using an optical switch in a microfluidic channel network
Miniaturized microparticles
Nanowire structures and electrical devices
Antimicrobial filtration article
Spin microscope based on optically detected magnetic resonance
Wireless network interference mitigation
Magnetic control of surface states
Coded linear magnet arrays in two dimensions
System and method for separating attached field emission structures
System and method for controlling field emissions
System and method for attachment of objects
System and method for affecting field emission properties of a field emission structure
Method for defining field emission structures using non-regular patterns
System and method for coding field emission structures
Transparent electrode and preparation method thereof
High frequency ultrasonic transducer and matching layer comprising cyanoacrylate
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Halogen containing-polymer nanocomposite compositions, methods, and products employing such composit...
High performance rock bit grease
System and method for controlling movement of an object
Blood-brain barrier targeting antibodies
Dynamic consolidation of powders using a pulsed energy source
Method and device for manufacturing extremely fine particles and porous materials by controlled low ...
Antibodies that bind to the C35 polypeptide
System and method for containing portlets
System and method for propagating security information in a web portal system
Post production visual alterations
System and method for software component plug-in framework
Cross-platform event engine
System and method for application server with overload protection
Dynamic workflow documentation system
Method and system for thread abstraction
Software analysis framework
Software development tool using a structured format to generate software code
Method, system and program product for recording and replaying target service interaction data
Runtime component hosting
Self-steaming benefit composition
Fluid-dynamic renewable energy harvesting system
Semiconductor film and manufacturing method thereof, light receiving element using semiconductor fil...
High strength multilayer laminates comprising twisted nematic liquid crystals
Semiconductor element, method for manufacturing the semiconductor element, electronic device and met...
Visible-light-responsive photoactive coating, coated article, and method of making same
Method of forming an electronic device using a separation-enhancing species
Organic electroluminescent element and display
Method of preparing electrode
Integrated mobile resource system
Cooling system and method for wind turbine components
Illumuniated hummingbird feeder
method and apparatus to convert low temperature thermal energy to electricity
Real-time packet traceback and associated packet marking strategies
Bridges performing remote reads and writes as uncacheable coherent operations
Detection of routing loops based on time-to-live expiries
Method and apparatus for mapping one catalog into another catalog
Speculative code motion for memory latency hiding
Method and apparatus to initiate point-to-point call during shared-channel delivery of broadcast con...
"Always-on" telemetry system and method
Method and system for detecting wireless access devices operably coupled to computer local area netw...
Providing an abstraction layer in a cluster switch that includes plural switches
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Image signal processing device, digital camera and computer program product for processing image sig...
Apparatus for and method of using an intelligent network and RFID signal router
Interface circuit
Inertia lock apparatus
Portable identity card reader system for physical and logical access
Attack correlation using marked information
Working method by focused ion beam and focused ion beam working apparatus
Protection of polymer surfaces during micro-fabrication
Process of forming a curved profile on a semiconductor substrate
Arrays formed of encoded beads having ligands attached
Thermal analysis equipment
Method for manufacturing field emission substrate
Direct customer ERP access
Capillary-channel probes for liquid pickup, transportation and dispense using stressy metal
Microfluidic device, method for testing reagent and system for testing reagent
Ceramic particle group and method for production thereof and use thereof
Expandable devices and methods for tissue expansion, regeneration and fixation
Dental filling material
Fugetactic proteins, compositions and methods of use
N-(heteroaryl)-1-heteroarylalkyl-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic us...
Methods and devices for separating liquid components
Apparatus and method for preventing adhesions between an implant and surrounding tissues
Facet repair and stabilization
Implantable and sealable medical device for unidirectional delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Device and process for producing fiber products and fiber products produced thereby
Measuring technique
Circuit device, circuit module, and outdoor unit
Electronic control apparatus
Heatsink method and apparatus
Electronic device
Cooling arrangement to cool components on circuit board
Method and system for providing cooling of components in a data storage system
Apparatus and method for limiting noise and smoke emissions due to failure of electronic devices or ...
Multilayer braze-able sheet
Metal plate for producing flat tube, flat tube and process for producing the flat tube
Plate type catalytic reactor
Methods and apparatus to facilitate cooling syngas in a gasifier
LED lamp with a heat sink assembly
Plate heat exchanger
Modular heating and/or air conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Patterned structure for a thermal interface
Heat extractor for magnetic reader-writer
Heat exchange for medical use
Heat exchanger with tube core, in particular for a supercharged internal combustion engine
Evaporator for capillary loop
Temperature regulator
Liquid cooling system
Therapeutic device
Aerobic Resistance Exercise Device
System and method for measuring flexibility
Resistance chair with wheels
Exercise machine having rotatable weight selection index
Elliptical exercise machine with integrated anaerobic exercise system
Exercise machine having rotatable weight selection index
Resistance system for an exercise device
Cross training exercise device
Elliptical exercise equipment with stowable arms
Methods and systems for providing a distributed database store with correlation service
Integrated circuit package system with stacking module
Exercise apparatus
Exercise equipment apparatus and method of use in tractor-trailers with sleepers
Hand-grip accessory
Magnetorheological fluid with a fluorocarbon thickener
Exercise apparatus
Environmental sensor including a baffle
Isolation of immunoglobulins
Breast pump
Bathroom dispenser and organizer
Molecular markers of plant embryogenesis
Edible mix and method of making the same
Thermal transfer receiving sheet, production method thereof and image forming method using the sheet
Image-recording material support, method for producing the same, and image recording material
Infusion hub assembly and fluid line disconnect system
Method and apparatus for compounding medications
Method and apparatus for retaining gas cylinders
Injection of treatment materials into a geological formation surrounding a well bore
Apparatus for chemical detection training
Compressed air regulator apparatus situated in canister and method for regulating compressed air the...
Fluorophore embedded/incorporating/bridged periodic mesoporous organosilicas as recognition elements...
Launching apparatus and assembly
Shielding for structural support elements
Buffer management system and method
Dual-layer free layer in a tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) element
Image processing method, recorder, ink jet recorder, printer driver, image processor, imaging system...
Magnetic recording heads with bearing surface protections and methods of manufacture
Suspension assembly having recessed actuator with simplified lead connection
Head suspension
Base plate having stepped portion to restrict rotation of shipping comb carrying head stack assembly...
Ramp for polyoxmethylene resin hard disk drive
Limiter structure with reduced vertical extent for low profile disk drive suspensions
Multi-level, multi-track magnetic recording head
Air bearing surface with shallow center channel
Abs through aggressive stitching
Disk drive with air channel
Self-servo-write using ramp-tracks
Head position control method, head position control device, and magnetic recording evaluation appara...
Portable device with freefall detection or audio processing subsystem and freefall detection or audi...
Management of data cartridges in multiple-cartridge cells in an automated data storage library
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Circuits, systems, and methods for calibration of bias across a magneto-resistive sensor
Correcting errors in disk drive read back signals by iterating with the Reed-Solomon decoder
Thiophene derivatives
Compounds having CRTH2 antagonist activity
Pyrimidine compound having benzyl(pyridylmethyl)amine structure and medicament comprising the same
Hydroxyalkyl substituted pyrido-7-pyrimidin-7-ones
Biaryl nitrogen-heterocycle inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Pyrimido [4,5-B] -Oxazines for use as DGAT inhibitors
Inhibitors of Akt activity
3,4-dihydro-2h-benzo[1,4]oxazine and thiazine derivatives as CETP inhibitors
Contraception method
Drug-eluting stents coated with non-nucleotide P2Y.sub.12 receptor antagonist compound
N- or C- terminally modified small peptides
Using domain name service resolution queries to combat spyware
Recommendation of related electronic assets based on user search behavior
Method and device for efficiently ranking documents in a similarity graph
Apparatus and method for filtering and selectively inspecting e-mail
Adhoc secure document exchange
Method for provision of an address in a data network
Private routing control numbers
Methods, systems, and computer program products for short message service (SMS) spam filtering using...
Photonic sensors, xerogel-based sensors and nanosensors
Disposable absorbent article having interactive graphics
Process for the preparation of N-phosphonomethylglycine and derivatives thereof
Stabilized deuteroborane-tetrahydrofuran complex
Use of a residual oligomer recyclate in the production of macrocyclic polyester oligomer
Cyclooctene monomers and polymers, and water purification articles and methods utilizing them
Insulating film for semiconductor integrated circuit
Optical tube assembly having a dry insert and methods of making the same
Display element
Ferroelectric Durability
Lowered exotherm thermoset compositions
Liquid detergent composition comprising an acrylic polymer/ propylene glycol ether of methyl glucose...
Immunoassay test device and method of use
Method of determining that an organ is not suitable for transplantation and using it for testing sub...
Manufacturing method of lamination body of electrolytic body and particle, lamination body of electr...
Water blocking layer and wicking reservoir for PEMFC
Flow shifting coolant during freeze start-up to promote stack durability and fast start-up
Polymer electrolyte membrane and polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising same
Fuel for fuel cell, fuel cell and application thereof
Composite article and fabrication method
Helmet antenna array system
Polymeric formulations for drug delivery
Highly plastic granules for making fast melting tablets
Device for tattooing and method of using the same
Multiple step printing methods for microbarcodes
Process for removal of paint from plastic substrates
Bangle bracelet
Network virus activity detecting system, method, and program, and storage medium storing said progra...
Detecting probes and scans over high-bandwidth, long-term, incomplete network traffic information us...
Information access system, information distribution device, information access device, information d...
System and method for uniform data transfer from different interfaces of input/output devices
Prodrugs of piperazine and substituted piperidine antiviral agents
Alkene piperidine derivatives as antiviral agents
Human immunodeficiency virus gp41 mimetibody polypeptides
Human antibodies interacting with HIV gp41
Aerial work platform assembly using composite materials
Switching regulator and electronic device therewith
Circuit and method for generating a PWM control signal for a class-D amplifier
Self-driven synchronous rectifier
Power converter
Reception system for multiple-tuner television enabling to automatically connect each tuner to at le...
Burst mode operation in a DC-DC converter
Asymmetrical interleaving strategy for multi-channel power converters
Flyback constant voltage converter having both a PWFM mode and a PWM mode
Dual-transformer type of DC-to-DC converter
Coding method for digital to analog converter of a SAR analog to digital converter
Switching circuitry
Delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter circuit having reduced sampled reference noise
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Circuit and method for driving a junction field effect transistor
Measurement of the current of a frequency converter
Multi-element resonant converters
Digital to analogue converter
Light emitting apparatus with current limiting
Low volume filtration column devices and methods of filtering therewith
Integrally-layered polymeric membranes and method of use
Control unit
Process for the purification of antibodies
Electrostatic coalescer device and use of the device
Enhanced sampling device
Composite membrane
Apparatus and methods for separating liquid from a waste product
Methods of treating water
Batch filtration system for preparation of sterile fluid for renal replacement therapy
Quantitative detection of lead in water
Dewatering process
Coagulant-enhanced pre-filtration system
Semi-continuous chromatographic method and corresponding device for the separation of binary and mul...
Filler used for separating optical isomers and process for separating optical isomers with the fille...
Materials and methods for processing non-aqueous mixtures
Method and system for redundant secure storage of sensitive data by using multiple keys
Method and system for file retrieval using image virtual file system
Input output control apparatus with a plurality of ports and single protocol processing circuit
Storage system, disk control cluster, and its increase method
Storage system and storage control method comprising router and switch communication with RAID modul...
Frequency modulation-frequency shift keying demodulator
Pilot tones for optical signal wavelength identification and power measurement
Hearing device and method for wind noise suppression
Method for identifying a hearing aid
Method and device for visualizing a sequence of tomographic image data records
Systems and methods of classification utilizing intensity and spatial data
Scanner metamerism correction
Image sensor and method for controlling image brightness distribution therein
Method and apparatus for generating a color reference for a print image
Method for testing and controlling workflows in a clinical system and/or components thereof
System and method for comparing images with different contrast levels
Method and system for learning spatio-spectral features in an image
Methods and apparatus for BIS correction
Virtual endoscopy with improved image segmentation and lesion detection
System and method for detecting and matching anatomical structures using appearance and shape
Image diagnosis supporting system and method
System and method for detecting solid components of ground glass nodules in pulmonary computed tomog...
Distance transform based vessel detection for nodule segmentation and analysis
System and method for linking current and previous images based on anatomy
Method of analysing a representation of a separation pattern
Method of analysing separation patterns
Cardiac CT system and method for planning left atrial appendage isolation
Optical sensor device for detecting wetting
Optical detection and analysis of particles
Surface plasmon resonance sensor capable of performing absolute calibration
Apparatus and methods for concentration determination using polarized light
Pellet sorting by diameter measurement
Recursive-reflective photoelectric sensor
Automated ellipsometer and the like systems
Fluorescence detection apparatus
Flying mobile on-board ellipsometer, polarimeter, reflectometer and the like systems
Inspection systems and methods for extending the detection range of an inspection system by forcing ...
Surgical imaging device
Frequency resolved imaging system