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System and method for supporting multiple certificate authorities on a mobile communication device
Method of continuous casting
Low-temperature-stable preservatives
System and method of presenting altitude visibility information provision system utilizing satellite...
Method of fabricating multi-layered printed circuit board for optical waveguides
Wire rod-forming machine
Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire using the rubber composition
Process for the preparation of cationic azo compounds
LIM mineralization protein splice variants
Imidochromium compounds in catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Method and system for use of a field programmable function within an application specific integrated...
Biologically active composites and methods for their production and use
Polyamide-based composition for flexible pipes containing oil or gas
Laser diode optical transducer assembly for non-invasive spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monito...
Use of vascular endothelial growth factor to treat photoreceptor cells
Method for processing in situ inspection reformer tube data
Transgenic animals and cell lines for screening drugs effective for the treatment or prevention of A...
Process for the synthesis of monochloramine
Impact cushion mechanism for pick up head
Intrinsically bactericidal absorbent dressing and method of fabrication
Computer and mobile communication system
System for software application development and modeling
Method for estimating compliance at points along a beam from bending measurements
Apparatuses, systems and methods for extravasation detection
Method and apparatus for communicating control signals
Generic command interface for multiple executable routines
Method and system for determining availability in networks
Method of and arrangement for minimizing power consumption and data latency of an electro-optical re...
Automated generation of an english language representation of a formal network security policy speci...
Electron donors for chlorinated solvent source area bioremediation
Apparatus for the purification of water
Chip discharging device for machine tool
High side NFET gate driving circuit
Selective separation of iron by treatment with an ion-exchanging resin comprising diphosphonic acid ...
Transgenic mouse for screening therapeutic agents for brain tumors
Lectin protein prepared from Maackia fauriei, process for preparing the same and the use ther...
Modular wireless integrated network sensor (WINS) node with a dual bus architecture
Method and apparatus for transmit pre-correction in wireless communications
Power generating apparatus having a proton conductor unit that includes a fullerene derivative
Heating apparatus of microwave oven and food heating method
Pigment dispersants based on diketopyrrolopyrrole compounds and pigment preparations
Disc cartridge
Method for recycling optical disk, resin composition for forming film, and resin molded article
Compounds and their uses
Chiral integrin modulators and methods of use thereof
UV-curable resin composition for cladding optical fiber
Vehicle and method for controlling brake system indicators
Minimally invasive valve replacement system
Apparatus for microfluidic processing and reading of biochip arrays
Hydrocarbon synthesis process using pressure swing reforming
Anisotropic light scattering element, anisotropic light scattering polarizing plate using the same, ...
Video apparatus having variable OSD graphic data and a method therefor
Apparatus and method for forming a battery in an integrated circuit
Electrically conductive adhesive hydrogels with solubilizer
Method and apparatus for equalizing video transmitted over twisted pair cable
Bushing assembly/support structure arrangement
Method and technique for installing light-weight, fragile, high-temperature fiber insulation
Lightweight sound-deadening board
Electronic information management system for abstracting and reporting document information
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and program for designing semiconductor integrated circuits to optimize clock skews on plural...
Fixing device of image forming apparatus employing electro-photographic process and controlling meth...
Spirocyclic quinuclidinic ether derivatives
Animal model for preeclampsia
Histone deacetylase-8 proteins, nucleic acids, and methods for use
Surface acoustic wave filter, balanced type circuit, and communication apparatus
Compound bone structure of allograft tissue with threaded fasteners
Nanocatalyst anchored onto acid functionalized solid support and methods of making and using same
Toning agents for use in substantially light-insensitive recording materials
Aerated refractory, method for producing high-temperature structural members
Apparatus and method for on-chip ADC calibration
Cooler for electronic devices
Structure connecting heat exchanger to shroud improving workability in assembling or disassembling t...
Heat dissipating device with fan holder
Layered heat exchangers
Heat exchanger plate and a plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger and related exchange module
Heat exchanger
High pressure manifold
Heat transfer pipe and heat exchange incorporating such heat transfer pipe
Refrigeration device and a method for producing the same
Constant temperature refrigeration system for extensive temperature range application and control me...
Aircraft ground support air conditioning unit with cooling air flow control doors
Integrated fixture for transferring heat between higher and lower-temperature loops in a hydronic he...
Method of preparing a polymer under predetermined temperature conditions, and apparatus therefor
Short metal fibers
Cooling structure for electronic devices
Data center cooling
Method and apparatus for cooling a circuit component
Clip for heat sink
Space heater with pretreated heat exchanger
Method of forming heat exchanger tubing and tubing formed thereby
Automotive extrusion-molded product and manufacturing method therefor
Production of foam webs from high-temperature-resistant polysulfones or polyether sulfones
Method of manufacture of inkjet printer head
Method of collecting placental stem cells
Front grille for a vehicle
Light-emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Light-emitting semiconductor device using Group III nitride compound
Square ultra thrust reverser system
Gyrostabilized self propelled aircraft
Correlation tracker breaklock detection
Control device for a cabin system in an airplane
GPS navigation device
Symbol illuminator of game machine
Toroidal propulsion and steering system
Strategy game with geometrical structure
Food recipe game
Sentence forming game and its associated method of play
System and method for playing community hand poker games utilizing dealer qualifying criteria
Game involving multiple communication methods
Article of ready-to-assemble furniture
Educational game for reinforcing rules of etiquette
Roof system for a log building toy
Panel and girder system for construction toy
Roll-on-roll-off remote control truck
Hand-held amusement devices and methods involving same
Maraca with flexible handle
Interactive body suit and interactive limb covers
Palm-size game case
Item vending machine and method
Management of the flow of persons in relation to centers of crowd concentration via priority control
Methods and apparatus for providing reverse drive in a recreational vehicle
Delivery of embedded information in a selected format
Printing cartridge with barcode identification
Avalanche photodiodes with an impact-ionization-engineered multiplication region
Hardmask with high selectivity for Ir barriers for ferroelectric capacitor manufacturing
Self-aligned vertical gate semiconductor device
Trench fet with self aligned source and contact
Method and structure for providing tuned leakage current in CMOS integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device with resistor elements formed on insulating film
Electrical assembly with internal memory circuitized substrate having electronic components position...
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Alignment mark structure
Frequency measuring device, polishing device using the same and eddy current sensor
Direct non contact measurement
Polarizing member, optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Exposure system and method with group compensation
Method and apparatus for forming pattern on thin substrate or the like
Method for scalable architectures in stackable three-dimensional integrated circuits and electronics
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including magnetoresistive effect device and method of manuf...
Method of measuring and controlling concentration of dopants of a thin film
Integrating tool, module, and fab level control
Testing system, a computer implemented testing method and a method for manufacturing electronic devi...
Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging
Microscopic imaging apparatus and method
Method for tracking grain
Method and system of evaluating performance of a crop
Method and system of evaluating performance of a crop
Method and apparatus for improved inspection classification of attributes of a workpiece
Speech coding apparatus and speech decoding apparatus
Method for presenting advertising in an interactive service
Engineering process for procuring components/peripherals
Method for encoding and decoding objects with reference to a road network
Storage device system having bi-directional copy control function
Computer file management system
Method and apparatus for automatically adapting a node in a network
Page-view recording with click-thru tracking
System and method for re-ordering memory references for access to memory
Computer system and method for fetching, decoding and executing instructions
Handling interrupts during multiple access program instructions
Portable computing device communication system and method
Method and system for isolation of a fault location in a communications network
Method for automatically searching for and sorting failure signatures of wafers
Data structure embodied in a computer readable medium for communicating signaling system seven (SS7)...
Content provider for pull based intelligent caching system
Method and system for verifying and authenticating signed collectibles
Poll scheduling for emergency calls
Method and apparatus for processing a communication signal based on the geographical location of a c...
System for streaming broadcast signals from automobiles
Method and system for storing prospect lists in a computer database
Secure encryption of data packets for transmission over unsecured networks
Data processing system and method for archiving and accessing electronic messages
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a configuration domain...
System and method for providing internet broadcasting data based on hierarchical structure
Method for redirecting packetized data associated with a destination address in a communication prot...
Duplicate private address translating system and duplicate address network system
Methods for using defective programmable logic devices by customizing designs based on recorded defe...
System and method for an interoperability framework
Information distributing method and information distributing system
Secure terminal provided with a smart card reader designed to communicate with a server via an inter...
Firewall for real-time internet applications
Process for providing event photographs for inspection, selection and distribution via a computer ne...
Developing photoresist with supercritical fluid and developer
Multi-point auto-focus digital camera including electronic zoom
Image photographing system having timer function, and medium
Method and computer program product for determining an area of importance in an image using eye moni...
Superimpose-plate for view finder
Light emitting semiconductor device and photographic illumination apparatus employing same
Interactive virtual reality photo gallery in a digital camera
Method, system, and apparatus for providing access to asynchronous data in a spreadsheet application...
Intelligent pre-caching on a network
Methods for formatting electronic documents
Scalable video summarization
System and method for displaying a layout of GUI properties panel
Method and system for controlling a tabbed pane in a graphical user interface of a data processing s...
Method for displaying controls in a system using a graphical user interface
Method to identify geometrically non-overlapping optimization partitions for parallel timing closure
System and method for determining wire capacitance for a VLSI circuit
Electronic circuit design
Dynamic setting of breakpoint count attributes
Computer system with watchpoint support
Software installation and validation using custom actions
Method and system for cross platform, parallel processing
Method and apparatus for automated network polling
Wait utility and method
Simplified device drivers for hardware devices of a computer system
Method, system, and program for performing workflow related operations using an application programm...
Method and system for capturing in-service date information
Recall of previous program channel
Multimedia messaging system and method for controlling message procedures
Impedance adapter preamplifier device for electronic tube audio frequencies able to be inserted on l...
Automatic content analysis and representation of multimedia presentations
Multimedia content delivery through WLAN coverage area
Weighted term ranking for on-line query tool
System for digital stream transmission and method thereof
System and method for dynamic assistance in software applications using behavior and host applicatio...
Latch type high definition multimedia interface connector socket
IC card
Electronic device
Multimedia copy control system and method using digital data recording medium and optical disc repro...
Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligent ATM cable modem and hybri...
Human methionine synthase reductase: cloning, and methods for evaluating risk of neural tube defects...
IKK-αproteins, nucleic acids and methods
Nucleic acids encoding JTT-1 protein
Genes for Niemann-Pick type C disease
Transgenic plants
Transgenic zoysiagrass with reduced shade avoidance
Methods and means for modification of plant flowering characteristics
Δ4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Glyphosate-resistant plants
Insect viruses and their uses in protecting plants
Soybean cultivar 907012
Soybean cultivar 0509251
Soybean cultivar 0509214
Soybean cultivar 917013
Soybean cultivar 4238491
Soybean cultivar S040124
Computer method and apparatus for uniform representation of genome sequences
Hybrid maize 33N29
Ratio-based oligonucleotide probe selection
High efficiency electrostatic air sampler
Welding helmet
Helmet liner
Pet food dispenser
Hummingbird feeder
Swing along pivoting bird feeder
Enclosure for a clothes refresher
Clothes dryer
Pool skimmer
Nozzle assembly for an upright vacuum cleaner
Grill scraper
Combined broom, brush and dustpan
Container for garbage
Gas station refuse container
Foldable leaves bagger
Creeper with tool trays
Sanitary article for shopping cart handles
Pallet container
Coin bank
Method and apparatus for facilitating efficient authenticated encryption
Random keystream generation apparatus and method for use in an encryption system
System for producing a printable security device image and detecting latent source image(s) therefro...
System and method for efficiently storing and processing multimedia content
Information recording apparatus and method, and information reproduction apparatus and method
Data administration method
Method and apparatus for detecting processing stages applied to a signal
Device and method for scrambling/descrambling voice and data for mobile communication system
Data processing method and system of same portable device data processing apparatus and method of sa...
Standards compliant watermarking for access management
Encoded reference signal for digital watermarks
Method and apparatus for optimizing networking potential using a secured system for an online commun...
System and methods for managing digital creative works
Method and apparatus for self-authenticating digital records
Method and apparatus for providing secure processing and data storage for a wireless communication d...
Secure mutual network authentication and key exchange protocol
Managing database for reliably identifying information of device generating digital signatures
Account-based digital signature (ABDS) system
Data signal with a database and a compressed key
User access to a unique data subset of a database
Credential authentication for mobile users
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Zesty Yovanessa'
Campanula plant named 'PKMh03'
Nectarine tree named 'Viking Pearl'
Variety of Pelargonium plant named 'Pacdo'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Poulren013'
Nemesia plant named 'Sumnem 02'
Petunia plant named 'Balsundalav'
Shrub rose plant named 'Poulcot003'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yobrunswick'
Bidens plant named 'Big Sunlight'
Camellia plant named 'Classic Pink'
Petunia plant named 'Dandopink'
Astrantia plant named 'Moulin Rouge'
Shrub rose plant named 'Poulcot006'
Heliotrope plant named 'Balhelbabim'
Floribunda rose plant named 'Poulfl003'
Geranium plant named 'Grafire'
Chrysanthemum plant named 'Yoniagara Falls'
Angelonia plant named 'Balangbawi'
Argyranthemum plant named 'OHMADMADE'
Viola plant named 'Sunviobuho'
Cylic oligomer traction fluid
Blends of quinone alkide and nitroxyl compounds and polymerization inhibitors
Dual pressure catalytic distillation hydrogenation column system for the front end of an ethylene pl...
Process for liquid phase hydrogenation
Process for catalytic dehydrogenation and catalyst therefor
Catalyst pretreatment with dimethyl ether in an oxygenate to olefins reaction system
Method and apparatus for transporting data using label switching
Device and method for transferring unbundled network elements between local exchange carriers
SAS application service
TracM-task and resource automation for call center management
System, a device, a computer program product and a method for allocating resources to users
Facsimile apparatus for outputting a melody when receiving a call from a specific party
Transmit/receive arbitrator
Digital access arrangement circuitry and method having current ramping control of the hookswitch
Double talk activity detector and method for an echo canceler circuit
Method and apparatus for active latency characterization
System and method for providing power over a home phone line network
Telephone system with controllable ringing voltage
System and method for subliminal time domain duplexing
Communication headset and method
Integral board and module for power over LAN
Emergency communication system
Method and apparatus for partitioning billing charges for calls handled by a wireless subscriber uni...
System and method for associating a contact with a call ID
Changing characteristics of a voice user interface
Method and system for selectively dedicating resources for recording data exchanged between entities...
Load balancing and dynamic control of multiple data streams in a network
Interferometric technique for quantitating biological indicators
Method and apparatus for applying fine-grained transforms during placement synthesis interaction
Blade shape designing method, program thereof and information medium having the program recorded the...
Method and configuration for determining a sequence of actions for a system which comprises statuses...
Hebbian synapse circuit
System and method for knowledge amplification employing structured expert randomization
Interface between vendors and customers that uses intelligent agents
Creating collaborative application sharing
Apparatus for manipulating a vehicle body panel
Steerable endoscope and improved method of insertion
Robot controlled by wireless signals
Storage cell mounting and alignment for cartridge system libraries
Robot control apparatus
Enhancements to mechanical robot
Method for applying flowable materials
Product contact sensor for an article handler
Store and forward architecture
Aminoalcohol derivatives
Inhibitors against the activation of ap-1 and nfat
Indole compounds useful as serotonin selective agents
Agent for treating interstitial cystitis
Substituted N-sulfonylaminobenzyl-2-phenoxyacetamide compounds as VR1 receptor agonists
Adjustable knee brace
Knee brace having an adaptable thigh pad
Apparatus and methods for controlling pressurization of a body cavity
Novel therapeutic use of low molecular weight heparins
Biologically active compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of urinary incontinence
System and method for magnetic-resonance-guided electrophysiologic and ablation procedures
Trandsdermal compositions and methods for treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
Self-contained real-time gait therapy device
Anti-cytokine heterocyclic compounds
2-Thiopyrimidinones as therapeutic agents
Pharmaceutical use of substituted 1,2,4-triazoles
Intervertebral disc annulus stent
Aminated isoflavonoid derivatives and uses thereof
Substituted biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid arylamide analogues
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising dihydropyridinone compounds and an immunoregulatory or an ant...
Furan or thiopene derivative and medicinal use thereof
Therapeutic avenanthramide compounds
Gaming device having a symbol display
Method of making an angled conductor electrical connector
Electrical connector terminal position assurance polarization
Electrical wedge connector
System and method for providing user-selected information to a paging-capable device
Ethernet wide area network and method
Unrecognized number identifier
Configurable hot-swap communication
System and methods of subpixel rendering implemented on display panels
Systems and methods for providing a configurable user interface on an imaging device
Image processing system, image processor and image processing program
Hydraulic clutch control of vehicle power train
Method for automatically starting an internal combustion engine
Method for monitoring the tire pressure on vehicles
Methods and apparatus for producing a three-state single wire control
Device for detecting object in front of vehicle
Timing advancement for exhaust valve in internal combustion engine
Electro-hydraulic engine valve actuation
Fully variable mechanical valve gear for a piston-type internal combustion engine
Knocking control apparatus and knocking control method for internal combustion engine
Method and system for slow materialization of scrollable cursor result sets
Method and apparatus for improving querying
Digital image processing apparatus
Capturing and encoding unique user attributes in media signals
Digital authentication with analog documents
Orientation sensing device with processor
Encoding information in codes identifying beginning of regions of data
Using embedded steganographic identifiers in segmented areas of geographic images and characteristic...
Fiber channel switch
Strap for footwear
Portion of a footwear upper
Shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Closure mechanism for apparel
Use of human embryonic stem cells for drug screening and toxicity testing
Expression modulating sequences
Starch branching enzymes
Recombinant respiratory syncytial viruses with deleted surface glycoprotein genes and uses thereof
Chlamydia trachomatis polynucleotides and vectors, recombinant host cells, DNA chips or kits ...
Transdiffentiation of transfected epidermal basal cells into neural progenitor cells, neuronal cells...
Compositions and methods for treating female fertility
Mouse disease model for evaluation of prophylactic and therapeutic treatments of Chlamydia
Carotene hydroxylase and method for producing xanthophyll derivatives
Purified and isolated platelet calcium channel nucleic acids
G-CSF and albumin fusion protein
Synchronization of planning information in a high availability planning and scheduling architecture
Automatic and secure data search method using a data transmission network
Method for the synchronization of two digital data flows with identical content
System for reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions from asphalt cement production
Oral administration form for pyridin-2-ylmethylsulfinyl-1H-benzimidazoles
Carrier for cell culture
Actuated tether
Mobile robot
Origin adjusting device of industrial robot
Robot for use with orthopaedic inserts
On-the-fly robotic stacking system for flat glass
Device for cutting free the colon of a slaughter animal
Automatic reference position teaching method, automatic positioning method, and automatic carrying m...
Moving distance sensing apparatus for robot cleaner and method therefor
Device for tracing movement of mobile robot and method thereof
Device and method for applying and/or packaging a product
Ash fusing system, method of operating the system, and gasification fusing system for waste
Miniature microphone
In-the-ear hearing device
Heating device, fixing device, image forming apparatus and heating method
System and method for pipeline reliability management
Fault detection and classification based on calculating distances between data points
Decoding apparatus and method, and storage medium storing decoding processing program of the same
Image forming apparatus having speed control of primary and secondary image transfers
Image forming apparatus
Method of improving stability and communication efficiency of IrDA communication between host device...
Positioning stage device
Information processing apparatus, information processing methods and print systems
Image exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus
Multifunction apparatus and method of identifying device attached thereto
Electric part, optical part, and processing apparatus
Image sensor and image reading apparatus
Leadframe and semiconductor package made using the leadframe
Direct attachment of semiconductor chip to organic substrate
Leadframe, plastic-encapsulated semiconductor device, and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Power semiconductor module and method for producing it
Semiconductor device having heat dissipation layer
Method for packaging electronic modules and multiple chip packaging
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device containing a dummy wire
Semiconductor device
Alloy type thermal fuse and wire member for a thermal fuse element
Phase-change optical information recording medium, and optical information recording and reproducing...
Method for early evaluation in micropipeline processors
System and method for transferring data over an external transmission medium
Cascading content addressable memory devices with programmable input/output connections
Storage device control unit and method of controlling the same
Soybean cultivar 0491732
Providing security for external access to a protected computer network
Method and apparatus for detecting denial-of-service attacks using kernel execution profiles
Apricot tree named 'Suaprinine'
Long oligonucleotide arrays
Architectures for high-resolution photomask phase metrology
Methods and circuits for programming of a semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a breakdo...
Endo-beta-1,4-glucanase from bacillus
Method for data communication between a vehicle and a remote terminal
Extensible navigation systems
Vehicle navigation system adapted to improved system upgrade procedure
Vehicle navigation system
Electronic programmable speed limiter
Method and apparatus for determining the order of execution of queued commands in a data storage sys...
Method of allocating access rights to a telecommunications channel to subscriber stations of a telec...
Method and apparatus for adding user-defined execution units to a processor using configurable long ...
FCC process and apparatus with automatic catalyst recycle control
Air conditioner and method of controlling the same
Air pump assembly with switching pipe
Automated plunger catcher and releaser and chemical launcher for a well tubing method and apparatus
Uni-directional impeller, and impeller and rotor assembly
Pumping system for controlling pumping speed during discharge pressure fluctuations
Wave energy conversion system
Method and device for conveying media
Gear pump with gears having curved teeth and method of feeding elastomeric material
Compressor provided with torque limiter
Rotary fluid machinery
Multi pumping chamber magnetostrictive pump
Integrated turbocharger lubricant filter system
Refrigerant pump with rotors in bearing
Valves for a diaphragm pump
Compressor valve plate
Eccentric screw-type pump
Diecasting machine and plunger lubricating method
Tissue interface device
Balancing planarization of layers and the effect of underlying structure on the metrology signal
Device and nondestructive method to determine subsurface micro-structure in dense materials
Adaptive contrast enhancement method using time-varying nonlinear transforms on a video signal
Information processing apparatus, image input apparatus, method of controlling image processing appa...
System and method for efficient compression of raster image data
Laser annealing method and laser annealing device
Hearing aid having acoustical feedback protection
Housing for a hearing aid or hearing device respectively
System and method for time division multiplexed switching of data using a high-speed packet switch
Rotatable machine or centrifuge with driving motors in a simple casing
Skimmer device for discharging liquid from a centrifugal drum
Blood separation systems and methods using a multiple function pump station to perform different on-...
System for composting-free disposal of organic wastes
Filter rings
Static device and method of making
Method and apparatus for enhancing wastewater treatment in lagoons
Method of use for aldehyde removal
Stormwater pretreatment and disposal system
Porous silica microsphere scavengers
High-performance liquid magnetizer
Motor driving apparatus
Controller for a wound-rotor induction motor
Inductive measurement system and method
DC/DC converter using bipolar transistor, method of manufacturing the same and DC power supply modul...
Power factor correction device for switching power supplies
Class D audio amplifier and method for compensation of power supply voltage influence on output audi...
Digital signal processing device and audio signal reproduction device
Heat-settable resins
Sputtering target and method for making composite soft magnetic films with a sintered target
Purine derivatives, preparation method and use as medicines
Antibiotic compounds
Antibodies to monocyte-colony inhibitory factor (M-CIF)
Ultraviolet-curable polyurethane compositions
Method for cross-linking a polymer article
Process and apparatus for making supported catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Vacuum sealed microdevice packaging with getters
Method and system for creating visualizations of future weather conditions
Method and apparatus for accessing a database through a network
Variable expiration parameter of a wireless communication device based upon signal strength
Object selection using hit test tracks
Methods of treating inflammatory bowel disease using cholera toxin B subunit
Wound healing compositions and methods of use
High drug loaded injectable microparticle compositions and methods of treating opioid drug dependenc...
Recording method for printing using two liquids on recording medium
Use of biodegradable microspheres that release an anticancer agent for treating gliobastoma
Method for treating neurological conditions and inducing immunosuppression with cephaibols
NMR spectrometer with a common refrigerator for cooling an NMR probe head and cryostat
Nmr apparatus
MRI apparatus
Message based network configuration of domain name purchase
Optical devices having flakes suspended in a host fluid to provide a flake/fluid system providing fl...
High capacitance energy storage device
System for geophysical prospecting using induce electrokinetic effect
Medication reminder apparatus
Fingerprint-actuated padlock
Apparatus for forward beamforming using feedback of multipath information and method thereof
System for efficiently providing coverage of a sectorized cell for common and dedicated channels uti...
Local bus bridge
Feature usage based target patching
Method and apparatus for preserving dependancies during data transfer and replication
Deploying Java applications in resource constrained environments
Method and system for configuring an electronic device
Custom assembly to extend a wizard
Method and system for configuring an electronic device
File deployment system and method
Information processing and control
Process execution management based on resource requirements and business impacts
Cooperative threading in a managed code execution environment
Method, controller, program product and services for managing resource element queues
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamically tuning amount of physical processor ...
Bluetooth TDI and winsock interface
System and method for parallel asynchronous execution of commands
Method and system for recording and replaying input-output requests issued by a user-mode program
Computer method and system for executing post-processing logic depending on function exit type
User-aware video display
Automatic Re-Authentication
Method and apparatus for obtaining and verifying credentials for accessing a computer application pr...
Negotiating secure connections through a proxy server
Apparatus, system, and method for simulated access to restricted computing resources
Natural feel polymers
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for making a printing plate
Pressure sensitive adhesives comprising silicon compounds
Method for revealing crystalline defects and/or stress field defects at the molecular adhesion inter...
Substrate for and a process in connection with the product of structures
Metal non-oxide coated substrates
Method of patterning surfaces while providing greater control of recess anisotropy
Toughened polymer compositions
Patternable low dielectric constant materials and their use in ULSI interconnection
Dental etch solutions
Manufacturing and conditioning of solid solution organic pigments
Moisture activated reinforcement string and tear opening tapes for corrugated and cartonstock contai...
Process for providing a coated paper, a resin coated paper, a polymeric film, and a flexible or infl...
Thermal transfer image recording composite sheet
Noble metal preparation and use thereof for production of noble metal decorations by means of direct...
Soft gel composition of low permeability
Emulsion type modifier for improving properties of pressure sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesives
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Encapsulant with fluxing properties and method of use in flip-chip surface mount reflow soldering
Developing method and image forming method
Energy activated electrographic printing process
Lamp bracket for cold cathode lamps
Debug information provided through tag space
Layout for a semiconductor memory device having redundant elements
Systems and methods for facilitating testing of pads of integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for implementing decode operations in a data processor
Intelligent crosstalk delay estimator for integrated circuit design flow
Thin film magnetic memory device suppressing internal magnetic noises
Atropisomers of asymmetric xanthene fluorescent dyes and methods of DNA sequencing and fragment anal...
Method for producing magnetic memory device
Object orienting and sorting apparatus
Fastener stacking and removal system
Thermoformable web support apparatus and support device for a heated plastic sheet
System and method for pulverizing and extracting moisture
Winding tube and method for the production thereof
Push nut press tool for wheeled rollout carts
Illumination systems utilizing multiple wavelength light recycling
Process and device for hydrolytically obtaining a carboxylic acid alcohol from the corresponding car...
Method for removing oil spills
Method of assaying the susceptibility of biofilms to anti-microbial agents
Cellulose filled thermoplastic composites
Latent metallocene catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Massager and method of using same
System and method for capturing and storing web site visitor profile information in a data warehouse
Magnetometer having an electromechanical resonator
Linear optical sampling method and apparatus
Telecommunications transport network comprising elements having a performance monitoring facility an...
Service creation and negotiation in a wireless network
Space time spreading and phase sweep transmit diversity
Method and product for mitigating pet malodors
Stable water in oil aminophylline emulsions
Modification method of surface layer of molded resin article, and modification apparatus of surface ...
Thermoplastic structures for the storing and transporting of organoleptic sensitive products
q protein variants and their use in the analysis and discovery of agonists and a...
Substituted 3-aryl-5-aryl-[1,2,4]-oxadiazoles and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of ...
Pharmaceutically active compounds and methods of use
Polysiloxane polymers, method for their production and the use thereof
Pen with paper dispenser
Ink stick for phase change ink jet printer
Printing device, method of instructing printing, and device for instructing printing
Color printing
Systems and methods for manipulating the airflow produced by fluid ejector carriage motion
Print line segmentation
Emulsion aggregation toner having novel surface morphology properties
Toner processes
Semi-transparent power monitor integrated with a light producing module
Mobile device and method for determining location of mobile device
Peripheral unit management system, method and program recording medium therefor
Camera provided with touchscreen
Horizontal transporting system
Interface system between controller IC and driver IC, and IC suitable for such interface system
Method and system for redirection to arbitrary front-ends in a communication system
Display device
Apparatus for forming barrier ribs on substrate for flat panel display with oscillation mechanism fo...
Providing fluorocarbon layers on conductive electrodes in making electronic devices such as OLED dev...
Driving apparatus for a display panel
Apparatus and method of assembling head unit, of positioning liquid droplet ejection head, and of fi...
Exposure assemblies, printing systems and related methods
Liquid crystal display element
Spatial light modulator
Light modulator using near-field
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, method for forming a colored layer, and method for man...
Optical device
Bioreactor and bioprocessing technique
Light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Dental adhesive
Functionalized zeolite compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device using metal nitride as insulating film
Piezoelectric thin-film element and a manufacturing method thereof
Method of producing lead zirconate titanate-based thin film, dielectric device and dielectric thin f...
Geranium plant named 'Baldescarim'
Methodology for JEDEC file repair through compression field techniques
Technique for synchronizing clocks in a network
Triterpenoid derivatives
Non-linear symmetric sweep spectral-spatial RF pulses for MR spectroscopy
Design and use of advanced zinc chelating peptides to regulate matrix metalloproteinases
Lectin ss3939 DNA and polypeptides
Steroidal antiestrogens and antiandrogens and uses thereof
Survivin-binding proteins, encoding nucleic acids, and methods of use
Irreversible non-steroidal antagonist compound and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer
Sports racquet
Method for producing an organic electroluminescence display element
Fiber laser with cladding-to-core energy migration
Device and system for phase conjugate conversion and wavelength conversion
Optical display system and optical shifter
Shaped plastic lenses and method for making the same
Process for preparing optically active dihydropyrones
Underfill integration for optical packages
Moral standard protecting system in voice and/or text communication and interactive game system usin...
Method and apparatus for pilot estimation using prediction error method
Method, system and signal for carrying overhead information in a transport network employing photoni...
Non-intrusive inspection impulse radar antenna
Method and apparatus for determining relative movement in an optical mouse
Lubricant retention assembly
Oil-damped sealed rolling bearing
Bearing assembly and method of manufacturing a bearing assembly
Rolling bearing apparatus for swing arm
Multi-layered aluminum-base bearing
Hydraulic fluid dynamic bearing incorporating an asymmetric journal bearing
Method and system for configuring an interconnect device
Resource sequester mechanism
Material display
Polymer buffer layers and their use in light-emitting diodes
Non-aqueous inkjet ink set
Imaging process and products providing durable assemblages
Plant sugar transport proteins
Copolymerization of olefins
Polarization independent waveguide optical isolator and circulator
Method of sharpening cutting edges
Wear and thermal resistant material produced from super hard particles bound in a matrix of glasscer...
Honeycomb structure and method for producing the same
Integrated process for the preparation of phenol from benzene with recycling of the by-products
Surface pattern for a disposable fibrous nonwoven material
Fragrance bottle
Two step hair coloring compositions delivering deeper, long-lasting color
Process for making a fibrous structure comprising cellulosic and synthetic fibers
Melt processable starch composition
Fabric color care method for rejuvenating and/or restoring color to a faded fabric
Process for preparing tablets
Pyropheophorbides and their use in photodynamic therapy
Treating prostate cancer with anti-ErbB2 antibodies
Enhanced in vitro synthesis of active proteins containing disulfide bonds
Rotatable and removable auxiliary eyewear system with snap alignment
Telecommunication system for the bidirectional transmission of data and voice signals
Detergent compositions comprising benefit agents
Automated system for coating the human body: virtual motion
Coatings having low volatile organic compound content
Method for making multilayer golf ball
Surface-active compositions comprising a mixture of diphenyl ether and o-phenyl pheno
Perfumed detergent shaped bodies
Polyurethane compositions for golf balls
Electrochromic rearview mirror assembly incorporating a display/signal light
Disposable contact lens reminder clock
Apparatus and method for reducing program selection time in multi-changer of optical disk
System for detecting failures in a loudspeaker assembly
Mode control for audio amplifier coupling
Optical disc drive which can firmly fix its tray module within its housing
Image forming apparatus
Sheet post-process apparatus and waiting tray
Through-the-earth radio
Multi-mode amplifier system
Image-rejection mixer having high linearity and high gain
Communication card and communication device
Thermal therapy device and therapy system using the same
Method for treating and distributing water generated in a self-contained water using unit
Biocide-polyester concentrates and biocidal compositions prepared therefrom
Firearm receiver system with belt-feed capability
Scent containment system for hunting blinds
Deployable rigid system for crash energy management
Wiring box for artistic lamp
Headlight with a housing that is provided with fixing claws
Anticollision light for aircraft
Light-emitting diode module for a vehicle headlamp, and a vehicle headlamp
Headlamp adjuster
Lamp device for a motor vehicle illuminating gantry points
Two circuit LED light bulb
Apparatus to transfer optical signals between a rotating part and a stationary part of a machine
Array waveguide grating
Method and apparatus for writing apodized patterns
Image sensing apparatus with image quality mode setting and digital signal processor
Contact sensing device
Pattern-collating device, pattern-collating method and pattern-collating program
Wheelchair detection using stereo vision
JPEG packed block data structure for enhanced image processing
Adaptive variable length decoding method
Overflow error diffusion
Enhancing the tonal characteristics of digital images using expansive and compressive tone scale fun...
Method and apparatus for increasing spatial resolution of an image
Video decoding device and method using a deblocking filtering step
Method for determining the condition of an object by magnetic resonance imaging
Imaging element for electronic endoscopes and electronic endoscope equipped with the imaging element
Micromirror device
Bioelectric signal detector and massage machine
System and method for accessing the coronary sinus
Vascular device for valve leaflet apposition
Irrigating fluid
Method and apparatus for investigating layers of tissues in living animals using a microscope
Golf balls including solution blended polymeric composite and method of making same
Magnetic recording medium
Compatible blend of polycarbonate with vinyl (co)polymer
Controlling particle size in HIPS using metal carboxylates
Addition of polar polymer to improve tear strength and processing of silica filled rubber
Dual cure reaction products of self-photoinitiating multifunction acrylates with cycloaliphatic epox...
Process for production of butyl rubber
Radiographic image acquisition apparatus with pulsed laser light marker
Apparatus and method for interstitial laser therapy of small breast cancers and adjunctive therapy
Fluorescence image display apparatus
Fishing pole with bite alert system
Animal feeding and watering device
Method of adjusting a size of a feed gate and a position of a brood gate of a feeder assembly
Bird feeder
Snap N lap pet food dish holder
Transportable animal washing apparatus
Retrieval and collection device
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Transgenic transchromosomal rodents for making human antibodies
Estimating current density parameters on signal leads of an integrated circuit
Radiance library forecasting for time-critical hyperspectral target detection systems
Method of reducing nitrogen oxide in hybrid inflator
Colorless and transparent polyimidesilicone resin having thermosetting functional groups
Method for producing benzoxazine resin
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Alicyclic methacrylate having oxygen substituent group on α-methyl
Method of recovering polymerization inhibitor and method of producing acrylic acid
Process for producing purified (meth)acrylic acid
Varnish for laminate or prepreg, laminate or prepreg obtained with this varnish, and printed circuit...
Labeled protein and its producing method, labeling compound to be used in the method, and method for...
Substituted benzopyran derivatives against arrhythmia
Antimicrobial resin composition
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and process for producing the same
Sensor arrangement
Stock shelving system
Non-reusable identification device
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Method and apparatus to detect a plurality of security tags
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
Security tag with three dimensional antenna array made from flat stock
Dispenser with material-recognition apparatus and material-recognition method
Methods and systems for providing firmware to a printing device
Central access control system
Methods for field programming radio frequency identification devices that control remote control dev...
Method and apparatus for simulation processor
Tissue treatment device and method
Cosmetic compositions with improved thermal stability and wear
Polymerizable compositions in non-flowable forms
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Steering wheel assemblies for vehicles
Selective etching of substrates with control of the etch profile
Compounds, compositions, and methods
Polymerizable composition and compound therefor
Films comprising isotactic propylene copolymers
Nuclear factor κB inducing factor
Use of monochloroflosequinan in the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Apoptotic compounds
RFRP-3 and DNA thereof
Preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute with a transparent overwrap
Preserving a hemoglobin blood substitute with a transparent overwrap
X-ray diagnosis apparatus having a plurality of image acquisition modes
Focusable and steerable micro-miniature x-ray apparatus
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Pet restraint
Laked azo red pigment and processes for preparation and use
Capillary condensation method and apparatus for determining porosity characteristics of a sample
Reducing interrupt latency while polling
System and method to dynamically select and locate server objects based on version information of th...
System, method and software for creating, maintaining, navigating or manipulating complex data objec...
Optimized external trace formats
Debugging apparatus and method
Methods of fragrancing a surface
Phased array knee coil
Thin film electromagnet and switching device comprising it
Workpiece processing system and method of reconfiguring a workpiece processing system
Method for reducing vibrations in rotating components
Printing unit
Method for regulation of a web elongation in a rotary print machine
Method and device for controlling the drive units in a printing machine
Combining reception method and apparatus
Hydrocracking process
Methods for improving flow through fluidic channels
Electrodes comprising mixed active particles
Enhanced selectivity of zeolites by controlled carbon deposition
Polyacetal resin composition and moldings
Method for purifying a melamine melt
(Meth)acrylate esters, starting alcohols for the preparation thereof, processes for preparing both, ...
Support element for a heddle frame
Digital video system
Power transmission device
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus with elliptical foot motion
Pair of bicycle bar grips
Bicycle suspension member
Adjustable handlebar mounting device for mounting a handlebar on a bicycle frame
Benzoxazinone derivatives, their preparation and use as medicaments
Bicycle electrical generator hub
Method and apparatus for updating unfinished destinations specified in navigation system
Bicycle rear view mirror
Ring-opened azlactone photoiniferters for radical polymerization
Integrated wireless transceiver and audio processor
Memory controller-adaptive 1T/2T timing control
Multipurpose multiply-add functional unit
Multipurpose functional unit with multiply-add and logical test pipeline
Multipurpose functional unit with combined integer and floating-point multiply-add pipeline
Vision prosthesis
Hydraulic configuration for intraocular lens system
Method and device for liquefying hydrogen
Method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell by printing processes
Honeycomb structure and assembly thereof
Magnetically modified electrodes containing at least one catalyst component that mediates a subatomi...
Fuel cell voltage control
Waveguide dielectric resonator electrically tunable filter
Coating composition using a polyester resin composition for forming a paint film on a substrate
Contact arrangement for a vacuum switch tube
Mass spectrometer
Charged-particle multi-beam exposure apparatus
Electronically commutated motor operable directly from AC power network
Transmission line termination
Light emitting device
Alignment strategy optimization method
Electrochromic devices based on lithium insertion
Computer controlled display device
Method and device for energy-saving leak testing of a fuel tank system, in particular of a motor veh...
Methods of identifying agonists and antagonists of mammalian NPFF receptor
Orthologues of human receptors and methods of use
Method of inhibiting hair growth
Solid electrolyte containing insulating grains for gas sensor
5-layer co-extruded biaxial-oriented polypropylene synthetic paper and its production process
Information recording media, manufacturing technique and information recording method
Production of heterologous proteins from Zygosaccharomyces bailii
Charge amplifier for piezoelectric pressure sensor
Alerting a care-provider when an elderly or infirm person in distress fails to acknowledge a periodi...
Radio frequency identification parts verification system and method for using same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Optical multi/demultiplexer, optical multi/demultiplexing method, and optical filter
Stepped reflector plate
Glow plug, glow plug mounting structure, and glow plug manufacturing method
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device, and process for manufacturing the semiconductor device
Electronic device and method of fabricating the same
Fuel electrode for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell, solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell and meth...
Catalyst compositions and polyolefins for extrusion coating applications
Method of optical measurements for determining various parameters of the patient's blood
Distribution of processing activity in a multiple core microprocessor
Partition exchange technique for operating a data warehousing system
Generating a description of a configuration for a virtual network system
Method and system for providing operations, administration, and maintenance capabilities in packet o...
System and method for transmitting audio or video data using multiple levels of protection
System and method for malicious code detection
String binders
Control of diameter of fiber insulation on conductors
Coated nonwoven fiber mat
High-selectivity electromagnetic bandgap device and antenna system
Bouncing mode operated scanning micro-mirror
Device for use in an audio signal processing system
Integrated telecoil amplifier with signal processing
Tunable optical filter
Fixing station and method for the uniform fixing of toner images on a carrier material with the aid ...
Self-contained illumination device for medicine containers
Digitally controlled variable frequency HF emphasis circuit for use in video displays
Illumination apparatus having front and side illumination units
Acoustic correction apparatus
Device for rotating with a multisided socket
Endoscope provided with a section for bending the endoscope
Tone-control circuit and method for conditioning respective frequency bands of an audio signal
Potentiometer providing a high resolution
Testing system for printing press circuit board controllers
Electrosurgical generator apparatus
Sample analyzer
Digital ballast
Digital potentiometer with resistor binary weighting decoding
Method for advanced imaging in augmented reality
Method to dynamically optimize the power efficiency of a display backlighting system based on the ou...
Antagonists of the magnesium binding defect as therapeutic agents and methods for treatment of abnor...
Perpendicular blade aviation snips