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Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Methods and apparatus for reducing output current oscillations of a driver provided with circuitry t...
Radio frequency power amplifier module
Receiver circuit having an optical reception device
System and method for providing an improved standby mode for infrared data transceivers
Multi-channeled measuring method and apparatus for measuring spectrum of terahertz pulse
Frequency scanned array control system
Optical amplifier
Semiconductor storage device
Switched capacitor DRAM sense amplifier with immunity to mismatch and offsets
Transmitter/receiver for bidirectional communications
Multi-fibre arrangement for high power fibre lasers and amplifiers
Receiver circuit and radio communication terminal apparatus
Enhanced gain selected cell phone booster system
Methods for anastomosis of a graft vessel to a side of a receiving vessel
Gas generation system with pressurized reactant reservoirs
Strip retailer and sign holder
Molded foam vehicle energy absorbing device and method of manufacture
RF welding device
Receiver assembly for firearm
Firearm projectile
Exterior mirror having lamp and exterior rear-view mirror having lamp
Automobile wheel lighting system
Vehicle spoiler with stop lamp
Car lamp structure
Fiber optic darkfield ring light
Compact, high-efficiency illumination system for video-imaging devices
Thin direct-lit backlight for LCD display
Detachable display having an electro-luminescent light source
Light source device and light polarizing element
Backlight device of liquid crystal display device and method fabricating the same
LED light engine for backlighting a liquid crystal display
Planar light source device
Light guide plate structure of backlight module
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display and backlight module thereof
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Replaceable lamp header
Floor care appliance with an electro luminescent switch panel
Device for controlling lighting for the interiors of automotive vehicles and method for controlling ...
Optical wave length division multiplexing module and communication system using the same
Substrate assembly for supporting optical component and method of producing the same
Method and apparatus for connecting optical transmission module and core position detection method f...
Multi-tube fiber optic cable and system and method for making the same
Fiber optic cable thermal protection device and method
Image fiber
Optical fibers with reduced splice loss and methods for making same
Optical fiber with a lens
Optical waveguide
Optical communication system
Optical elements having programmed optical structures
Color converter and color converting method
Image processing system, projector, image processing method, and information storage medium
Systems and methods for providing spatially-varied demosaicing
Foreground detection
Document processing method, recording medium having recorded thereon document processing program, do...
Character input device, character input method and character input program
Image recognizing apparatus and method
Image processing based on degree of white-background likeliness
Document rendering with substituted matching text
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing images
Method of and system for image processing and recording medium for carrying out the method
Methods and systems for digital image characteristic adjustment using a neural network
Method and device for recording of information
Optical device
Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system
Adapter for endoscope and endoscope
Density/solute monitor of multi-modalities and signal processing scheme
Pressure-based system and method for determining cardiac stroke volume
Ultrasound catheter devices and methods
Method and apparatus for enhancement of chest compressions during CPR
Therapeutic probe, method and system
Endoscope image sensing method and apparatus
Broad spectrum solar cell
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal deposition of hydrogels
Degradable polyacetal polymers
Stabilizing a nucleic acid for nucleic acid sequencing
Process for wafer level treatment to reduce stiction and passivate micromachined surfaces and compou...
Propylene polymer resin with improved properties
Electroactive fluorene copolymers and devices made with such polymers
Method and apparatus for the characterization and analysis of the shape of molecules and molecular c...
Locking storage systems for fishing rods
Floating bait container
Timed food-filled toy dispenser
Transgenic mouse lacking PAPP-A activity
Anti-squirrel bird feeder
Animal excretions disposal material and a manufacturing method therefore
Apparatus and a method for restraining an animal during washing and/or grooming of the animal
Compound binding to leukocytes and medicinal composition containing the compound in labeled state as...
Resin-coated steel pipe excellent in mechanical strength such as sliding property
Packer fluid
Method of manufacturing microdevice having laminated structure
Controlling solids flow in a gas-solids reactor
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist...
Supported activator
Catalyst and process for selective hydrogenation
Catalyst and process for selective hydrogenation
Photoreactive hot-melt adhesive composition
Metallocene-produced very low density polyethylenes or linear low density polyethylenes as impact mo...
Process for producing contact product; catalyst component for addition polymerization; process for p...
Polymer film and method for producing the same
Process for preparing 2-aminopyridine derivatives
Bronsted acidic room temperature ionic liquids each having a N-protonated lactam cation and method f...
Method to prepare compositions comprising yeast treated with electromagnetic energy
Stabilization of immunoglobulins at low pH
System and method for tracking installed equipment and deploying spare parts
Card assembly with vertical magnetic stripe
Visitor badge and visitor business card photo identification system and method
Apparatus and method for handling linerless label tape
pFET nonvolatile memory
Communications within population of wireless transceivers based on common designation
Jamming device against RFID smart tag systems
Generating a reliability analysis by identifying casual relationships between events in an event-bas...
Temperature tracking and monitoring system used for commodities transportation
Systems and methods for using radio frequency identification tags to communicating sorting informati...
Chip scale package with micro antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Radio frequency identification tag and method of making the same
Bar code interrogation system
RFID verifier
Wireless communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, methods of forming a wireles...
Urinous wet alarm
Solid electrolyte and battery employing the same
Ink and ink set for inkjet, and inkjet recording method
Peptide-based conditioners and colorants for hair, skin, and nails
Constituents and methods for protecting fuel cell components, including PEMs
Low amounts of high molecular weight polymers for enhancing viscosity of aqueous/aqueous biphasic li...
System for hydrogen generation
Method of applying a laser beam around the circumference of a catheter
Oral treatment of hemophilia
Use of 4-(2-Flurophenyl)-6-methyl-2-(1-piperazinyl)thieno(2,3-D)-pyrimidin- e for treating of urinar...
Calcitonin gene related peptide receptor antagonists
Amino acid derived prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof
Semen collection apparatus
Mixed structures resulting from the incorporation of a biological macromolecule, especially of DNA, ...
Narrow-band UVB-emitting phosphor
Hydrostatic transmission vehicle and hydrostatic transmission controller
Light activated tooth whitening apparatus
Separator plate for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same
Secondary battery and electrolyte used therefor
Magnesium compound, olefin polymerization catalyst, and method for producing olefin polymer
Testing and repair methodology for memories having redundancy
Coated optical fiber and optical fiber coating system including a fast-gelling primary coating
Low frequency electronic ballast for gas discharge lamps
Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels
Endovascular graft coatings
42-O-alkoxyalkyl rapamycin derivatives and compositions comprising same
Use of Russell's viper venom-induced plasma factor Xa activity to monitor the activity of factor Xa ...
Meta-benzamidine derivatives as serine protease inhibitors
Nucleic acids encoding factor X analogues having a modified protease cleavage site
1-(amino)indanes and (1,2-dihydro-3-amino)-benzofurans, benzothiophenes and indoles as Edg receptor ...
Container for sliceable ice cream
Molecular wire injection sensors
Method and system for providing an active routing antenna
Image sensing apparatus, image processing apparatus and method, and image processing system
Method of inspecting a mask or reticle for detecting a defect, and mask or reticle inspection system
Distributed trust mechanism for decentralized networks
System and method to provide routing control of information over data networks
Computer network payment system
Display unit and power save controller
Creating description files used to configure components in a distributed system
Conductive isostructural compounds
Water-soluble phthalocyanine compound-containing ink for ink jetting, ink jet recording method and m...
Indication systems and methods
Apparatus and processes for the mass production of photovoltaic modules
Growth of reduced dislocation density non-polar gallium nitride by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Azo dye compound
Animal water dispensers and the like that resist fouling and method of maintaining same
Composition for maintaining organ and cell viability
Integrated circuit identification
NROM memory cell, memory array, related devices and methods
Process for controlling performance characteristics of a negative differential resistance (NDR) devi...
Thin films for magnetic device
Catalyst for selective NO.sub.x reduction using hydrocarbons
Fuel cell catalyst electrodes
Artificial low-density lipoprotein carriers for transport of substances across the blood-brain barri...
Zwitterionic compounds and photovoltaic cells containing same
Modular manipulation system for manipulating a sample under study with a microscope
Multilayer circuit carrier, panel, electronic device, and method for producing a multilayer circuit ...
Method for measuring the microrelief of an object and optical characteristics of near-surface layer,...
Memory array incorporating memory cells arranged in NAND strings
Paper object processing device and paper object processing method
Connector housing
Electronic mouse
Data input device and method for detecting an off-surface condition by a laser speckle size characte...
Real-time rendering system and process for interactive viewpoint video
Space tool feedback by changing the displayed visual appearance of objects to be moved before deleti...
Ordering decision nodes in distributed decision making
Magnetically actuated microelectromechanical systems actuator
Flow of streaming data through multiple processing modules
Portable computing device-integrated appliance
Optical waveguide circuit component and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and systems for diagnosing machinery
Implantable medical device with a capacitor that includes stacked anode and cathode foils
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor cathode materi...
Ballistic direct injection flash memory cell on strained silicon structures
Polymer memory cell operation
Controller for an optical disk drive, semiconductor integrated circuit and optical disk drive
Method for X-ray reflectance measurement
Connection piece for hearing device support hook
Light diffusing fiberoptic coupling
Backpack hunting blind
Smart cementing systems
Metal matrix composite articles
Process and system for converting carbonaceous feedstocks into energy without greenhouse gas emissio...
High intensity photic stimulation system with protection of users
Methods for detecting bacteriophage MS2
Light weight portable scanning electron microscope
Film thickness and composition measurement via auger electron spectroscopy and electron probe microa...
Systems and methods for inspecting coatings, surfaces and interfaces
NROM flash memory with a high-permittivity gate dielectric
Electromagnetic radiation emitting bulb and method using same in a portable device
Automatic equalization of video signals
System and method for identification and quantification of sonar targets in a liquid medium
Passivation for improved bipolar yield
Method to selectively increase the top resistance of the lower programming electrode in a phase-chan...
Liquid crystal display with notch formed in pixel electrode
Yttria-coated ceramic components of semiconductor material processing apparatuses and methods of man...
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Method to improve water-barrier performance by changing film surface morphology
In plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Anti-stiction technique for thin film and wafer-bonded encapsulated microelectromechanical systems
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor (TFT) device structure employing silicon rich silicon oxide passivation layer
Liquid crystal display having a horizontal electric field and capsulated pads and method of fabricat...
Wireless communication systems for masks or helmets
Method and computer program product for monitoring integrity of railroad train
Power supply for tetherless workstations
System and method for facilitating investment account transfers
Automatic quality of service based resource allocation
Modified soft output Viterbi algorithm for truncated trellis
Software-delivered dynamic persistent data
Method and system for short message service exchange and teleconferencing
Method for adjusting channel interference between access points in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for coherently combining power control commands to initialize communication
Power control for partial channel-state information (CSI) multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) sys...
Portable information terminal, a control method for a portable information terminal, a program of a ...
Building security and access protection system
System and method for the dynamic improvement of internet browser navigability
Methods, systems, and programming for computer display of images, text, and/or digital content
Expression cloning in filamentous fungi
Slide acqueous volume controlling apparatus
Distributed multi-drop base station/repeating unit using extension of analog optical transmission in...
System and method for network performance testing
Sphingosine kinase inhibitors
Optical cable with easily removable inner sheath
Method for managing recording and reproduction of multi-dubbed audio stream
Image forming apparatus controlling charge of toner and method thereof
Method of providing information on errors of hard disk drive, hard disk drive therefor and informati...
Apparatus and method for testing semiconductor memory devices, capable of selectively changing frequ...
Embedded micro computer unit (MCU) for high-speed testing using a memory emulation module and a meth...
Decoding device having a turbo decoder and an RS decoder concatenated serially and a method of decod...
Method for upgrading data
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Apparatus and a method for controlling a priority access and channel assignment call in a mobile tel...
System and method for providing a messenger service capable of changing messenger status information...
Contents downloading system and method thereof
Semiconductor memory element and its lifetime operation starting device
Luminescent device and process of manufacturing the same
Electroluminescent element
Universal host for RG or RGB emission in organic light emitting devices
Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Display device having a double sided display panel
Light emitting device and method for fabricating light emitting device
Active matrix organic light emitting display panel
Electro-luminescence display and drving method thereof
Display device
Display apparatus
Self light emitting type display device
Display apparatus driving method using a current signal
Display device
Driving method for improving display uniformity in multiplexed pixel
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI THREE CAMAN`
Raspberry plant named `Moutere`
Chrysanthemum plant named `PPP PAD WH05`
Agrostis plant named `Green Twist`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Applause Orange Bicolor`
Malus `Summer Wonder`
Peach tree named `Spring Princess`
Viburnum plant named `Duvone`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GGX 1084`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Purpink`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Purpink`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisupnic Salmdeep`
Pentas plant named `NAKPEN002`
Pentas plant named `NAKPEN003`
Information security using digital holography
Error resilient digital video scrambling
Authenticated ID-based cryptosystem with no key escrow
High throughput AES architecture
Security key distribution using key rollover strategies for wireless networks
Method and system to support a trusted set of operational environments using emulated trusted hardwa...
Image processing system utilizing digital watermarks in predetermined regions
Constructions of variable input length cryptographic primitives for high efficiency and high securit...
Practical non-malleable public-key cryptosystem
Projector with enhanced security camcorder defeat
Milk sampling and testing
Superconducting filter device
Magnetic alignment marking of hard disks
Disc flutter compensating suspension
Planar optical device for generating optical nanojets
Electric lamp with outer bulb and associated support body
Blue organic electroluminescent device and display using same
Nonvolatile programmable crystal oscillator circuit
Interface for facilitating facsimile transmissions via wireless communications networks
Peach tree named `Diamond Candy`
Methods and compositions for applying pharmacologic agents to the ear
CD28 mimetics for blocking T cell mediated immune reactions
Nitrosated and/or nitrosylated cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitors, compositions and methods of us...
Method and apparatus enabling voice-based management of state and interaction of a remote knowledge ...
Enhanced subsurface membrane interface probe (MIP)
Electrical bandage protector
UV photochemical option for closed cycle decomposition of hydrogen sulfide
Alpha or beta emitters attached to fragments in radioimmunotherapy
Display panel with phosphorescent and fluorescent pixels
Received radio wave transmission equipment and mobile body identification system
Image forming apparatus
Powered toothbrush
Transport method and transport apparatus for semiconductor wafer
Electrolyte composition, lithium battery using the same, and method of manufacturing the lithium bat...
Semiconductor integrated circuit and test system for testing the same
Apparatus of driving lamp and liquid crystal display device using the same
Surface acoustic device
Method and system for importing HTML forms
Advanced JAVA rich text format generator
Circuit comparison by information loss matching
Method of compiling bytecode to native code
Resource sharing with sliding constraints
Slider bar scaling in a graphical user interface
Generation of a hardware interface for a software procedure
GPS receiver with calibrator
GPS system for receiving and processing GPS signal and traffic information signal
Catalyst treatment useful for aromatics conversion process
Olefin metathesis
Channel equalizer of single carrier receiver and equalizing method thereof
Face recognition system and method
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Psycho-physical state sensitive voice dialogue system
System and method for providing recommendation of goods and services based on recorded purchasing hi...
Method and system for matching complex customer requirements with provider solutions
Image recording apparatus and test pattern for evaluating recorded image
Universal transfer apparatus and method to use same
Efficient multi-line narrow-band large format holographic filter
In-ground telescope with a stationary primary objective mirror having movable collectors
Arithmetic circuit integrated with a variable resistance memory element
Semiconductor memory device having different synchronizing timings depending on the value of CAS lat...
Optical disc system and related detecting methods for analysis of microscopic structures
Method for selecting representative endmember components from spectral data
Optical waveguide based surface profiling apparatus
Miniaturized focusing optical head in particular for endoscope
Beam switch structures and methods
Ion-reduction-blackened extra-mural absorbing media adapted for inclusion in image-conducting optica...
Flame retardant UV cured buffered optical fibers and buffer composition
Vacuum insulated heater assembly
Method and apparatus for determining cerebral oxygen saturation
Method of determining properties relating to an underbalanced well
Electronic device environmental effect prediction
Method and apparatus for accurately modeling digital signal processors
Intermediary driven electronic marketplace for cross-market trading
Semiconductor device including a prediction circuit to control a power status control circuit which ...
Method for modifying an integrated circuit
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Reflex-type screen
Light control material for displaying color information, and images
Method and apparatus for irradiating a target
Method and arrangement for reducing noise
Signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-optical cavity
Planar optical waveguide
Body member of a powder container
Layered multiple description coding
Systems and methods for positioning teeth
Semiconductor device with memory function and method of manufacture
Receptor linked protein tyrosine phosphatases
Method and apparatus for correcting motion in image reconstruction
Multi-row detector x-ray CT apparatus and method for creating tomogram
X-ray microscopic inspection apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing laminography images using a fixed x-ray source
Method and apparatus for determining a dynamic range of a digital medical image
Method for automatic construction of 2D statistical shape model for the lung regions
Method for automated analysis of digital chest radiographs
Photosensitive resin compositions
Glucose 6-oxidases
Multi-pixel electron microbeam irradiator systems and methods for selectively irradiating predetermi...
Optical memory plate or panel
Cassette insertion opening structure and radiation image reading apparatus
Radiographic-image recording medium containing shock-resistant member
Digital television with subscriber conference overlay
Method and apparatus for wideband conferencing
Washing machine for shavers
Flip-top dental floss dispenser cap
Bed for domestic pet
Sole washing device
Comb cleaning apparatus
Dish washer
Dish washer
Electric washing machine
Floor treatment device
Wand handle
Waste can
Collapsible bag holder
Trash receptacle
Trash receptacle
Waste container
Blow molded universal lid
Electronic part conveyor table
Receiving device for use in digital television
Digital broadcasting receiver and channel information registration processing method in digital broa...
Image forming device
Precision timing generation
Image processing apparatus and method, and image pickup apparatus
Image processing device
Object measuring apparatus, object measuring method, and program product
Method and apparatus for conveying image attributes
Method and device for secure transmission of JPEG encoded images
Network support for electronic passports
Operator guiding system
Program signal blocking system
Multi-mode video processor
Method for manufacturing rice flour having good rheological and sensory characteristics, rice flour ...
Process for the preparation of a rehydratable ingredient suitable as soup ingredient or as snack foo...
Flour formulations for making gluten-free food products
Rice-based snack chip and method of making same
Aerated products with reduced creaming
Coffee drink composition
Cattle feed preparation
Coated fat-based confectionery products
UV-Curing Anti-Fingerprinting Coatings
Methods and algorithms for cell enumeration in a low-cost cytometer
Method for producing lactic acid with high concentration and high yield using lactic acid bacteria
Device and method for analyte sensing
Interactive computer simulation enhanced exercise machine
Heat-insulating container and apparatus for producing the same
Composition for preventing and treating hepatoma
Heat sealable polyvinyl chloride films
Device and method for management of operating materials and/or supplies of an analyzer and analyzing...
System and method of communicating video content
Limited knowledge of configuration information of a FICON controller
Apparatus and method for direct memory access in a hub-based memory system
NAS with WORM function
Workload-adaptive storage system with static allocation
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Cache residency test instruction
Virtual USB flash memory storage device with PCI express interface
System and method for goal-based scheduling of blocks of code for concurrent execution
Virtual USB card reader with PCI express interface
Memory control method and memory control apparatus for pipeline processing
Multiprocessing system employing address switches to control mixed broadcast snooping and directory ...
System and method for handling memory requests in a multiprocessor shared memory system
Management of I/O operations in data storage systems
System and method for improving performance in computer memory systems supporting multiple memory ac...
Method and system for repairing a redundant array of disk drives
Role-based portal to a workplace system
Intervertebral devices and methods
Posterior Articular Disc and Method for Implantation
Intervertebral anulus and nucleus augmentation
Adjustable bone prostheses and related methods related applications
Methods and Systems for Designing Animal Food Compositions
Methods for identifying discrete populations (e.g., clusters) of data within a flow cytometer multi-...
Shoe-based weight measuring system
System and method for estimating life expectancy and providing customized advice for improving life ...
System and method for integrated learning and understanding of healthcare informatics
Method and system for gesture recognition to drive healthcare applications
Method, system and computer program product for generating an electronic bill having optimized insur...
Fine structure body, process for producing the same, and Raman spectroscopic method and apparatus
Systems and Methods for Motion Adaptive Filtering
Exercise device with body extension mechanism
Ultrasound system with protocol-driven user interface
Magnetic resonance tomography method and apparatus with motion correction
Electrostimulation system with electromyographic and visual biofeedback
Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles
Method, system and medium for ordering and marketing eyeglasses via a network
Dynamic security system
Test system for medical systems
Semiconductor integrated circuit design tool, computer implemented method for designing semiconducto...
Object delivery authentication
Time proof server, terminal, and time proving method
System to monitor, detect and analyze chemical, radiation and/or biological threats
Diagnostic and therapeutic use of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein for neurodegenerative disea...
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Recombinant DNA constructs and methods for controlling gene expression
Inbred Corn Line PHCER
Herbicide-resistant sunflower plants, polynucleotides encoding herbicide-resistant acetohydroxyacid ...
Genomic plant sequences and uses thereof
Methods and compositions to modulate expression in plants
Engineering broad spectrum virus disease resistance in plants based on the regulation of expression ...
Modification of fatty acid biosynthesis using recombinant diacylglycerol acyltransferase sequences f...
Delta-9 elongases and their use in making polyunsaturated fatty acids
Plants having modified growth characteristics and method for making the same
Broccoli type having curds with detached florets
Precursor for a door
Carpenter's level
Hold-down connectors and wall systems
Shaping paste, their use as well as procedure for the production of a ceramic body
Erosion resistant barrier with varying permeabilities
Composite structural material and method of making same
Method of making solar cell with antireflective coating using combustion chemical vapor deposition (...
Controlling the pressure within an annular volume of a wellbore
Joints For Multi-Component Molded Articles
Decorative effect coating compositions and methods of making and applying same
Decorating material
Solar cell with antireflective coating with graded layer including mixture of titanium oxide and sil...
Denture base, method of preparing denture bases, and a denture base component
Adhesive composition
Methods of sequentially injecting different sealant compositions into a wellbore to improve zonal is...
Zeolite compositions for lowering maximum cementing temperature
Method for applying reference markings to wallboard during manufacture
Process for preparing a polymer dispersion
Process for lightening plasterboards
System and method for fabricating a three-dimensional metal object using solid free-form fabrication
Microporous breathable elastic films, methods of making same, and limited use or disposable product ...
Optimized relaxivity and specificity hepatobiliary MRI contrast agent
Hair growth promotor composition
Hair restorative compositions and methods for treating damaged hair and safely chemically treating h...
Low-alcohol beer or beer-like refreshment beverages containing palatinose
Vaccine delivery
Hybrid synthesis of core/shell nanocrystals
Liposomes useful for drug delivery
Carriers having biological substance
Method for selecting antimicrobial agent and utilization thereof
Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing same, display device, method of modifying an oxide fil...
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Plating method and apparatus
Rework process for photoresist film
Sprayable high viscosity thixotropic surface cleaners
Cardio myopeptidin, the production and the use thereof
Water-base ink composition, inkjet recording method and recorded matter
Process for the production of fine chemicals
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Nanoparticles for protein drug delivery
Metal nanostructures and pharmaceutical compositions
Methods and compositions for treating proliferative diseases
Particulate drug-containing products and method of manufacture
Ophthalmic preparation containing menthyl ester of indomethacin
Antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal nutritional supplement: a combination of natural or neutrac...
Comprehensive nutraceutical agent for treatment/ prevention of Parkinson's disease
Hydrogen Cyanamide Pesticide Formulations
Silver-based inorganic antibacterial agent dispersion
Imatinib combinations for head and neck cancers
Nitric oxide as an anti-viral agent, vaccine and vaccine adjuvant
Cancer treatment
Extracts of durian fruit for use in skin care compositions
Method for preparing drug eluting medical devices and devices obtained therefrom
Chimeric toxin receptor proteins and chimeric toxin receptor proteins for treatment and prevention o...
System and methodology facilitating data warehousing of controller images in a distributed industria...
Electron emission device and driving method thereof
Ferroelectric random access memory device and method for driving the same
Process control by distinguishing a white noise component of a process variance
Handle for a lifting device
Manually-operable resuscitators
Breath actuated inhaler
Kalanchoe plant named `Fiveranda Orange`
Vegetable substitute for lanolin
Method and system for online payments using sensor with identifier
Haemopoietin receptor and genetic sequence encoding same
Methods and compositions for detection and analysis of polynucleotides using light harvesting multic...
Execution on a machine, the start of an auxiliary downloader when storage of new software memory fai...
Methods and systems for dynamically creating user interfaces
System and method for automatic pricing of remotely hosted applications
Portal site for serving data monitored and observed and method of using data monitored and observed
Schizophrenia related gene
Hardware-based HDL code coverage and design analysis
Method for distributed update of firmware across a clustered platform infrastructure
Switch circuit and composite high frequency elements
Electromechanical device having a plurality of bundles of fibers for interconnecting two planar surf...
Developing device used in image forming device
Sheet for optical-semiconductor element encapsulation and process for producing optical semiconducto...
Chemical amplification type resist composition
Gas inflation/evacuation system and sealing system incorporating a compression sealing mechanism for...
Method for preparing a catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Uneven-counter-rotational coil based MRI RF coil array
Image forming apparatus and belt unit therefor, and image forming system
Display device with light emitting elements
Hepatitis C virus-derived peptides capable of inducing cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses
Techniques for generating software application build scripts based on tags in comments
Discharge lamp stabilization system
Hydroaminomethylation of olefins
Method and system for accelerated data encryption
System, method and apparatus for federated single sign-on services
System, method, and apparatus for automatically selecting mobile device profiles
Method and system for enhanced security using location-based wireless authentication
Wireless telecommunications unit attachable to and detachable from an external unit
LCD backlight duration proportional to amount of information on the LCD display screen
Magnetic head driving circuit and magnetic disk device
Magnetic head with high reliability of the data protection, magnetic disk apparatus including the ma...
Staggered spin-up disable mechanism
Disk drive servo writing using stylus to sense vibration between an actuator arm and a servo writer ...
Method and apparatus for servo information writing in a disk drive
Piezoelectric crystal actuator and techniques for hysteresis reduction
Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
Combined media library cell array and storage device utilizing a media holder adapted to receive a c...
Plastic spacer and disk clamp assembly
Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive u...
Stitched shielded pole structure for a perpendicular magnetic recording write head
Recording medium cartridge
Magnetic head supporting mechanism
System and method for hard drive damage prevention by providing reinforcing material to corners of a...
Magnetic head positioning mechanism with longitudinal piezo-electric elements
Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic head
High HC reference layer structure for self-pinned GMR heads
Thin film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive
Magnetoresistive effect element, a magnetic head, and a magnetic reproducing apparatus therewith
Digital recording apparatus and copyright protection method thereof
On-screen calibration system and operating method thereof
Removable operating device for a flexible endoscopic probe for medical purposes
Coupling mechanism for connecting a catheter to a medical infusion line
Aliphatic copolyester resin, a preparation method, an aliphatic polyester resin composition, uses th...
Huntington's Disease Treatment
Benzimidazolone histamine H.sub.3 antagonists
1,4-diazabicycloalkane derivatives, their preparation and use
Quinazoline derivatives and drugs
Compounds active at the glucocorticoid receptor II
3-phenylpropionic acid derivatives
Compound useful for the treatment of neuropathic pain
Lactam derivatives as antagonists for human 11cby receptors
Cytokine binding domain of cytokine receptors
Arylcycloalkyl derivatives having branched side chains, processes for their preparation and their us...
Amide linker peroxisome proliferator activated receptor modulators
Smooth muscle controller
Method and apparatus for supercritical ozone treatment of a substrate
Wavelength locker with liquid crystal tunable filter generating transmitted and reflected outputs
Coherent laser radar apparatus
Method and system for improved defect sensitivity for inspecting surfaces
Versatile method and system for single mode VCSELs
Semiconductor laser device and its manufacturing method
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser, optical module, and optical transmission device
Semiconductor laser light emitting apparatus and solid-state laser rod pumping module
Dual wavelength optical analyser
Microstructured optical fibre with cladding recess, a method of its production, and apparatus compri...
Scanning device and method of scanning an optical beam over a surface
Image forming apparatus
Fast multi-line laser confocal scanning microscope
System, method, and product for dynamic noise reduction in scanning of biological material
Data recording apparatus and associated method of imparting data to a recording medium by irradiatin...
Laser diode management apparatus and method
Multi-level optical recording medium, multi-level recording method, and multi-level reproduction met...
Disc-shaped recording medium, disc driving device and disc producing method
Laser apparatus
Filter regeneration in engine exhaust gas purification device
Interior vehicle trim panel
Stow in floor seat assembly with automatic lateral displacement
Vehicle control apparatus
Trainable transceiver
Illuminated touch switch
Driving assist system for vehicle
Portable pneumatic compression riveter
Inhibiting wellbore deformation during in situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing format...
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Wireless wastewater system monitoring apparatus and method of use
Curable film-forming composition exhibiting improved resistance to degradation by ultraviolet light
System and method for using XML to normalize documents
Automatic process and design method, system and program product
Method and apparatus for overlay management within an integrated executable for a heterogeneous arch...
System, method and computer program product for replacing a constant in a code segment
System and method for range check elimination via iteration splitting in a dynamic compiler
Dynamic allocation of computer resources based on thread type
Pet toy having omnidirectional reflectivity
Robot system
Determining pallet case configurations for placement by a robot
Multiple-choice question database enhancement
Reference card creation system and method
Method and tool for surveying an individual or a plurality of individuals and collecting and display...
Data Transformation And Analysis
Motion simulating device
Masonry arrangement sample panels
Vocational assessment testing device and method
Math 'N More
Attitude reaction monitoring
Method and apparatus for developing a person's behavior
Cardiopulmonary patient simulator
Cardiopulmonary patient simulator
Cardiopulmonary patient simulator
Celestial compass
System and method for media delivery
Auxiliary operation system of handheld electronic device
System and Method for Delivering Information to Optimize Information Retention
Systems, methods and apparatus for monitoring exams
Systems, methods and apparatus for monitoring exams
Apparatus and method for demonstrating the efficacy of a consumer product to produce a consumer-desi...
Wire grid polarizer and method for producing same
RF receiving apparatus and method for removing leakage component of received signal using local sign...
Adaptive bearer configuration for broadcast/multicast service using received response information
Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system...
Quasi-circulator for antenna multi-coupler system
Multifunctional radio
Method of managing resources in a cognitive radio communication system
System and method for controlling handover
Adaptive bearer configuration for broadcast/multicast service
Method and system for selective deactivation of a main display
Endoscopic surgery device for the haemostatic insertion and recovery of a plug at the surgical site
Audio Identification System And Method
Collectible holders having radio frequency identification tags and systems and methods for using the...
Radio controlled model
Complex coefficient transversal filter and radio communication system employing the same
System and method for reducing data loss over radio frequencies to roving digital receivers
Load Balancing Network Access Requests
Client-server bidirectional synchronization via browser plug in for an XM radio system
Method and apparatus for defect correction in a display
Manufacturing process for a flex connector of an electrical system
Personal digital assistant with internal printer and user interface
Electroluminescent conjugated polymers containing phosphorescent moieties and the application thereo...
Method for guiding wireless communication device into communicable range and wireless communication ...
Method and apparatus for an ADC circuit with wider input signal swing
Oval cross section metal tube producing device and producing method
Tape path roller guide and method for making
Extruder for making curved metal workpiece
Method for manufacturing high-pressure piping part and structure thereof
Film for lamination and laminated member using the film
Conductive resin composition and process for producing the same
Flexible travel bag with integrated support to protect bag from wear
Apparatus and method for computing and outputting golf ball putting instructions
Automatically operable safety shield system for syringes
Thematic vehicle interior
Shoe support system
Golf products and packaging for golf products with color traveling coating
Deflecting magnetic field shield
Method for photolithography in semiconductor manufacturing
Tag-along microsensor device and method
Optical diffraction element
Increased accuracy gas energy meter
Attitude angle processor and attitude angle processing method
Method for monitoring a set of semaphore registers using a limited-width test bus
Device-level address translation within a programmable non-volatile memory device
License-based cryptographic technique particularly suited for use in a digital rights management sys...
Low-density parity-check codes for multiple code rates
Channel processor using reduced complexity LDPC decoder
Method and system for providing placement based configurations in programmable logic devices
Personal ambulatory wireless health monitor
Topology modeler
System and method for continuous delivery schedule including automated customer notification
Methods of providing a registry service and a registry service
Method for updating and preserving data when performing a software upgrade
Object search and retrieval service for an ad hoc data communication system
Apparatus and method for using storage domains for controlling data in storage area networks
Method and apparatus for forwarding traffic between locally attached networks using level 3 addressi...
System and method for speech activated navigation
Billing method and system for collaboration solutions
Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network
Internet automatic electric data system
Authorized units music distribution system
Methods and systems for providing mobile location management services in a network routing node
Adaptive content delivery
Printing system for updating printing characteristics with a printing consumable
Time display system, method and device
Method and system for managing erroneous attenuation of signal
System and method for multicast communications using real time transport protocol (RTP)
Mobile computer communication scheme supporting moving among networks of different address systems
Architecture for linking multiple internet protocol telephony devices having a common telephone numb...
Auto block and auto discovery in a distributed communication system
System and method for establishing and controlling access to network resources
Insect proof food dish
Kit, apparatus and method for use in cooking over an intense heat source
Serving utensil on retractable tether
Campfire rotisserie
Gastrointestinal sleeve device and methods for treatment of morbid obesity
Method for high pressure treatment of substances under controlled temperature conditions
Delivery of trefoil peptides
Wine aging method and system
Metal complexes of alpha amino dicarboxylic acids
Method for reduction of acrylamide in roasted coffee beans, roasted coffee beans having reduced leve...
Method and a packaging for packaging and freezing food substances
Nutrition bar and process of making components
Method for making instant masa
Packaged beverages
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorpor...
Real time detection of antigens
Modular cooking oven and related methods
Open law commentary on the internet
2-Hydroxymethyl-3,4,5-trihydroxy-1-benzilpiperidine derivatives as inhibitors of glucosylceramide
Substituted phenylpiperidines with serotoninergic activity and enhanced therapeutic properties
Beta-agonists, methods for the preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Opioid receptor antagonists
Amino nicotinate derivatives as glucokinase (GLK) modulators
Triazole ppar modulators
Benzopyran derivatives, method of production and use thereof
Novel biaromatic compounds which activate PPARy-type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositi...
Use of a fatty acid composition comprising at least one of epa and dha or any combinations thereof
Stable pharmaceutical formulations containing escitalopram and bupropion
Iontophoresis device
Microdevices for tissue approximation and retention, methods for using, and methods for making
Bioprosthetic device
Single fold system for tissue approximation and fixation
Method for querying collated data sets
Combination growth factor therapy and cell therapy for treatment of acute and chronic diseases of th...
Acylated and non-acylated imidazo[2,1-b]-1,3,4,-thiadiazole-2-sulfonamides, and uses thereof
Peptide agonists of GLP-1 activity
Artificial auditory tube
Shunt system with coating and flow restricting component exerting a passive and essentially constant...
Method for shunting toxic substances from a brain ventricle to the sinus system
Methods and compositions for treating a renal disease condition in a subject
Apparatus and method for releasing tendon sheath
Implantable stimulator
Handicapping in a Bayesian skill scoring framework
Bioactive peptides and peptide derivatives of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone-rela...
Inositol compounds and uses of same in the treatment of diseases characterized by abnormal protein f...
Novel compounds
Methods of Hormonal Treatment Utilizing Ascending-Dose Extended Cycle Regimens
Novel heterocyclic compounds as pSTAT3/IL-6 inhibitors
Carbostyril derivatives for accelerating salivation
Prevention and/or reduction of photoreceptor degeneration with retinoids
Electrical power contacts and connectors comprising same
Communication plug with balanced wiring to reduce differential to common mode crosstalk
Method and system relating to bandwidth utilization
Triggering email/PIM events based on SMS headers and content
Bio-phonetic multi-phrase speaker identity verification
Rechargeable flashlight and battery assembly for single-handed intermittent and continuous operation
Power circuit for battery
High-frequency power supply device
Battery container for an electric vehicle
Battery charger with protection circuitry
System and method for charging a battery
Alternator with rectifier bridge in particular for motor vehicle
Converter with start-up circuit
Switching regulator and method for changing output voltages thereof
Switching power converter employing pulse frequency modulation control
Control circuit for DC-DC converter in semiconductor integrated circuit device
Power supply circuit
Hybrid digital-analog switched power supply
Apparatus and method for flywheel current injection for a regulator
Method for regulating the time constant matching in DC/DC converters
Circuit and method for generating level-triggered power up reset signal
Switching circuit
Voltage regulator with prevention from overvoltage at load transients
Galvanically isolated delivery of power to high voltage circuits parts
Method and apparatus for measuring battery depletion in implantable medical devices
Workflow optimization for high thoughput imaging enviroments
System and method for assembly of multiple format digital files
Driver that presents context sensitive information about device features
Printer controller, printer control method and storage medium
Network terminal device and method for managing equipment by using web technology
Intelligent network diagram layout
Multitasking graphical user interface
Intrusion event filtering
Mechanism for controlling if/when material can be printed on a specific printer
Method and system for auxiliary display of information for a computing device
Device and method for reducing glass flow during the manufacture of microchannel plates
Traffic noise barrier system
Method for producing hydrocarbons having a modified carbon skeleton
Semiconductor laser and process for manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for producing an IC identification number
Word line driver circuits for use in semiconductor memory and driving method thereof
Food container
System and method for securing data through a PDA portal
System for monitoring and controlling fuel cell-based power generation units
System and method of a web browser with integrated features and controls
System for computer-aided monitoring of the use of licenses
Pharmaceutical formulation of fluticasone propionate
Temporary aqueous aerosol paint composition and method for preparing the composition
Heart model
Multi modal speech cueing system
Calla lily plant named `Purple Heart`
Mobile videoconferencing platform with automatic shut-off features
Self-adjusting portals with movable data tag readers for improved reading of data tags
H.sub.2 plasma treatment
Device independent authentication system and method
Method and system for hosting a web site on a digital camera
System methodology for automatic local network discovery and firewall reconfiguration for mobile com...
Extension of formulas and formatting in an electronic spreadsheet
Method and arrangement for developing rod patterns in nuclear reactors
Process and composition for removing residues from the microstructure of an object
Surface mount MELF capacitor
Portions of master door locking components of cluster box mail delivery receptacles
Solid titanium catalyst component for olefin polymerization, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and...
Business systems management: realizing end-to-end enterprise systems management solution
Annulus-reinforcing band
Dual-release compositions of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor
Process for the production of glycine enriched NaCI crystals with improved flow
Composition for inhalation therapy and methods for use
Pharmacological activities of Curcuma longa extracts
Bifunctional molecules and their use in the disruption of protein-protein interactions
Inhibitors of the interaction between HMGB polypeptides and toll-like receptor 2 as anti-inflammator...
Cancer specific radiolabeled conjugates regulated by the cell cycle for the treatment and diagnosis ...
2,7-substituted octahydro-1H-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrazine derivatives as ligands for serotonin receptors
Methods and devices for epithelial protection during photodynamic therapy
Biologically absorbable coatings for implantable devices based on poly(ester amides) and methods for...
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Chimeric mouse model for endometriosis
Sharpening apparatus
Non-transferable anonymous credentials
Board design aiding apparatus, board design aiding method and board design aiding program
Mark forming apparatus, method of forming laser mark on optical disk, reproducing apparatus, optical...
Communication systems for use with magnetic resonance imaging systems
System and method for monitoring and controlling an aquatic environment
Interrupt redirection for virtual partitioning
Electric cylinder with guide
Speech output apparatus
Method and system for processing software dependencies in management of software packages
Tool mounting device for turning center
Frequency converter for different mains voltages
Stem cells that transform to beating cardiomyocytes
Compositions comprising anti-CCR5 antibody
Single LTR lentivirus vector
DNA immunization against Chlamydia infection
Identification of the gene causing the mouse scurfy phenotype and its human ortholog
Antiviral and antibacterial activities of extracts from eight plants
Pseudomonas avr and hop proteins, their encoding nucleic acids, and use thereof
Methods for identifying inhibitors
Modulation of endogenous gene expression in cells
Methods of inducing mucosal immunity
Therapeutic application of pro-apoptotic benzodiazepines
Method for preventing damage to or rejuvenating a cellular blood component using mitochondrial enhan...
Derivatives of 2-arylimino-2,3-dihydrothiazoles, their preparation processes and their therapeutic u...
Pyrazole derivatives
Inhibition of chronic myelogenous leukemic cell growth by liposomal-antisense oligodeoxy-nucleotides...
Expressing gp140 fragment of primary HIV-1 isolate
FHIT proteins and nucleic acids and methods based thereon
Pre-stressed tie rod and method of manufacture
Antenna selection diversity apparatus and reception method
Device for carrying thin wafers and method of carrying the thin wafers
Plastic sheet manufacturing method and plastic sheet manufacturing apparatus
Isoxazole-containing thiourea inhibitors useful for treatment of varicella zoster virus
Method of producing polarizing film, polarizing film and image display device using the same
Embolic filters having multiple layers and controlled pore size
Electroluminescent display device
Process for increasing ethylene incorporation into random copolymers
Information sending method and information sending apparatus, information receiving apparatus and in...
Electrode geometries for efficient neural stimulation
Analysis of the alternans cycle to cycle and/or the variability of the ventricular repolarization wa...
Isoxazole-and isothiazole-amine compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
Derivatised carbohydrates and their use in solid delivery systems
Weight measurement apparatus, method of eliminating noise and method of designing digital filter
Stick resistant cooking utensils
Compounds, their preparation and use
Imidazolic compounds and use thereof as alpha-2-adrenergic receptors
Solid-state form of celecoxib having enhanced bioavailability
System and method for controlling ink concentration using a refractometer
Conveyor belt modules with embedded spherical rollers retained in the modules
Brush filament bundles and preparation thereof
Photoelectric conversion apparatus which avoids certain shading effects
Sensor device for automatic exposure and automatic focus
Exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Exposure method and apparatus
Optical system in exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device
Image communication and processing with common performance of processing of a file preparatory to fu...
Color image processing apparatus
Method for detecting and controlling home position of image reader
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Magnetic film, multilayer magnetic film, method and mechanism of magnetization inversion of magnetic...
Radiographic image capturing apparatus, radiographic image display apparatus, and methods thereof