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User interface for a portion of a display screen
Image for a portion of a display screen
Retractable highlighter
Apparatus and method for controlling a device in a home network based upon a batch command that is g...
Method and apparatus for reducing latency in an interactive information distribution system
Approach for managing and providing content to users
Remote system controller and data center and methods for implementing the same
Method, system and computer program for identification of data and translation of data between stora...
Techniques for dynamic rule-based response to a request for a resource on a network
Method, system and program for oscillation control of an internal process of a computer program
Methods and apparatuses for use in asset tracking during file handling
Data processing system and method
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery using storage based journaling
Exclusive access control apparatus and method
Mandatory access control (MAC) method
Data distributing apparatus and terminal apparatus for data distribution
Automated document production from a search environment
Service descriptor for a multitier compute infrastructure
Customizable database-driven menu structure for a portable computing device
Managing hardware and software configuration information of systems being tested
Method, system and computer program product for a lightweight directory access protocol client appli...
Apparatus and method for delivery of metadata on ATVEF transport B enabled platform
Illumination system providing light of Gaussian distribution, projection system, and method of formi...
Quantum dot/quantum well light emitting diode
Lighting apparatus for vehicle
System for providing pathway indications through unlit areas
Lamp module
Illumination apparatus and method
Readily repairable lamp including a light emitting diode (LED)
Reflector lamp
Automatic directional control system for vehicle headlights
Lighting apparatus having means for compensating for failure of lighting on a bend
Tail light structure
Signaling assembly
Light distribution control device
LED lighting system with helical fiber filament
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Backlight module
Fastening system for fixing a light source on a counterpart of a motor vehicle headlight, and a meth...
Decoration tree with inserted articles
Light emitting diode light source
Method for cancellation of the effect of charge feedthrough on CMOS pixel output
High dynamic range image sensor cell
Viewfinder of photographing apparatus and camcorder having the same
Imaging apparatus suppressing an occurrence of color moire
Small-sized image pickup device having a solid-state image pickup element and a lens holder mounted ...
Imaging device, automatic focusing method and recording medium on which a program is recorded
Method for motion pixel detection with adaptive thresholds
Selection methodology of de-interlacing algorithm of dynamic image
Compressed timing indicators for media samples
Video signal recording and reproduction device and video signal reproduction device
Image displayer with facilitated channel setting process
Frame-interpolated variable-rate motion imaging system
Television receiver and electric apparatus control method
Filter device
Systems and methods for encoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Video steganography
Method and system for guiding a vehicle with vision enhancement
Cantilever beam MEMS variable optical attenuator
Optical fiber lateral scanner for a miniature optical fiber probe
Weak coupling bridge for optical fiber cores
Optical circuit in which fabrication is easy
Method and apparatus for integrated optical fiber sensing with nanometer precision
Microduct cable system having reduced thermal expansion force
Low strain optical fiber cable
Dispersion-shifted fiber for optical parametric amplifier
Optical fiber clad-protective terminations
Method of processing optical fiber
Photonic crystal structure for mode conversion
Backlight module with reflection member
Optical delay element
Method and apparatus for the integration of a VCSEL flex with a parallel optical transceiver package
Cross-connect fiber optic cables and associated cross-connect sections
Method of manufacturing multi-channel optical attenuator
Extended lifetime excimer laser optics
Optical protection switching using 2 by 2 switching functions
Optical component and optical transmitter-receiver for use in two-way optical communication
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including database modeling
Methods, functional Data, and Systems for image feature translation
Imaging of biometric information based on three-dimensional shapes
Method and apparatus for analysis of variables
Digital video segmentation and dynamic segment labeling
Multimodal high-dimensional data fusion for classification and identification
Method and apparatus for compressing data and decompressing compressed data
Coding and decoding of video data
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processi...
Signal encoding method and apparatus and decoding method and apparatus
Adaptive filter
Group average filter algorithm for digital image processing
System and method for detecting obstacle
Position and orientation sensing with a projector
Method and system for advanced edge-adaptive interpolation for interlace-to-progressive conversion
Image sensors including offset adjustment and related methods
Recording/reproducing system
Program, image managing apparatus and image managing method
Parallel pattern detection engine
Method and system for controlling the quality of a reticle
Variable-pitch cam mechanism for tension devices
Analyte testing device
Needle-guide device, particularly for ultrasound probes
Medical risk assessment method and program product
Apparatus and method for delivery of an aerosol
Flush catheter with flow directing sheath
Implanted surgical drain with drain holes for monitoring internal tissue condition
System for culturing human cells and tissues
Event detection and transmission system
Megavoltage imaging system
Vibrator damping
Physically-based, probabilistic model for ultrasonic images incorporating shape, microstructure and ...
Prospective abnormal shadow detecting system
Method and apparatus for high resolution coherent optical imaging
Method and apparatus for generating a template for arrhythmia detection and electrogram morphology c...
Outer hair cell stimulation model for the use by an intra--cochlear implant
Diffuse optical tomography system and method of use
Methods, systems and computer programs for deconvolving the spectral contribution of chemical consti...
Electronic instrument system with multiple-configuration instrument modules
Mobile internet protocol on a signaling channel
Wavelength tunable laser with dispersive element
Method and apparatus for performing soft-handoff in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception within an OFDM communication system
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a unit using neighbor lists
Dynamic gain control of audio in a communication device
Method and apparatus for optimal multiple beam transmit weightings for beam to beam handoff in a swi...
Apparatus and method for antenna attachment
Rapid channel quality based power control for high speed channels
Method of selective need-based control message augmentation
Mobile communication station with three states of active, dormant, and semi-dormant having the capab...
Method and apparatus for mitigating the effect of transmission errors in a distributed speech recogn...
Providing assistance to a subscriber device over a network
Server-based navigation system having dynamic transmittal of route information
System and method for determining a presence state of a user
Encryption key rekeying apparatus and method
Sequential coordination of test execution and dynamic data
Method and apparatus for turbo decoding block codes
Method and apparatus for dynamic extension of device management tree data model on a mobile
Inflatable display apparatus
Gyrostabilizer for small boats
Loop ballast exchange system for marine vessels
Personal watercraft center keel
Underwater chain stopper and fairlead apparatus for anchoring offshore structures
Foldable rigid frame attachment system for portable inflatable pontoon boats
Umbilical anchoring clamp
Method of operation for a self-protecting wave energy conversion plant
System and method for significant dust detection and enhancement of dust images over land and ocean
Game call striker
Heated stuffed animal
Steering system for movable toy vehicles
Dollhouse kit
Toy car racing apparatus
Electronic device having touch sensor
Method and apparatus for virtual control of operational scale models
Enhanced system and method for wireless transactions
System and method for using a wireless enabled portable computer system as a wireless modem
Freezer drawer support assembly
Open top meat skinning device
Housing for receptable filling
Microorganism Pediococcus pentosaceus EROM101, having immune enhancement, anticancer and antimicrobi...
Process for the preparation of malted cereals
Methods for processing crustacean material
Draught alcoholic beverage
Process for drying high-lactose aqueous fluids
Charcoal flap assembly for gas grills
Formulation and process to prepare a pre-formed filing unit
Method for high throughput screening of antioxidants at near ambient temperatures
Isolation and confirmation of analytes from test devices
Method and apparatus for weighing divided portions
Cooking apparatus and method therefor
Applications of Raman scattering probes
Vorticity control in a gas turbine engine
Reverse shoulder prosthesis
Hydrogenated copolymers of unsubstituted and substituted conjugated dienes
Solid state process to modify the melt characteristics of polyethylene resins and products
Methods of making imide-modified polyester resins
Crosslinking of silicones presence of functionalized silicones
Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid fibers with high strength, fibers with high strength and high modulus of el...
Bridged bi-aromatic catalysts, complexes, and methods of using the same
White opaque film having low transparency and improved dielectric strength
Image-guided fracture reduction
Method and apparatus for volume scoring calcification concentrations of a CT scan
Combination fishing accessory device
Detection of odors using insects
Ovo activation of an egg in the shell
Multiple function animal bed
Selective bird feeder
Bird feeder
Bioelectric simulating fishook and lure and method of using same
Hook stabilizing device for a fishing lure
Device and a method for sampling of milk
Jetter cup holder
Fence-covering system
Apparatus for training a dog to heel
Filter housing arrangement
Stabilized milk product containing juice
Channel letter lighting system using high output white light emitting diodes
Permeable membrane diaphragm of different layers for electroytic cells
Polymer, resist composition, and patterning process
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fractions having narrow molecular weight distributions and ...
Carbonyl compound scavenger and method of quantifying carbonyl compound using the same
Adhesive, method of connecting wiring terminals and wiring structure
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Protecting catalytic sites of metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Expandable styrene resin particles, expandable beads, and foamed article
Radiation curing silicone rubber composition, adhesive silicone elastomer film formed from same, sem...
Elastomeric compositions
Fluid resistant silicone encapsulant
Method for producing allyl compound, and ether or ester compound produced thereby
Storage tank for easily polymerizable compound and method of storage
Filterable surfactant composition
Method for producing halogen-substituted aromatic aldehyde
Transition metal complexes, ligands, catalysts for olefin polymerization, and process for production...
Filters of electronic displays
Substrate for magnetic recording medium
Immunogen adherence inhibitor and method of making and using same
System and method of managing information for an implantable medical device
Real-time retail marketing system and method
Creating and using documents with machine-readable codes
Information-holding unit
Three port RF interface chip
Transducer for embedded bio-sensor using body energy as a power source
Aperture masks for circuit fabrication
Radio-frequency identification apparatus, systems, and methods
System and method for using mobile collectors for accessing a wireless sensor network
Shopping cart
Systems and methods for capturing workflow information
Navigation and coordination during emergencies
System and method for authenticated detachment of product tags
Article locating and tracking apparatus and method
System for monitoring hygiene appliances
System and method for authenticating wireless device with fixed station
Attachment of RFID modules to antennas
Time-based warehouse movement maps
System and method for carrier identification in a pneumatic tube system
System and method for task scheduling based upon the classification value and probability
Adeno-associated virus vectors and uses thereof
Composition for reducing the appearance of scars
Implantable or insertable medical devices containing radiation-crosslinked polymer for controlled de...
Polymers containing bioactive glass with antimicrobial effect
Superconductive device comprising a refrigeration unit, equipped with a refrigeration head that is t...
Method of and an apparatus for recovering heat in a fluidized bed reactor
Method and thermally active multi-phase heat transfer apparatus and method for abstracting heat usin...
Assembly and method of radiant/structural floor system
Heat dissipation device
Tube bundle heat exchanger comprising tubes with expanded sections
Monolithic tube sheet and method of manufacture
Device for climate control of a driver's bed
Scroll fluid machine
Metal hydride canister apparatus
Liquid cooling system and an electronic apparatus applying the same therein
Polypeptide formulations and methods for making, using and characterizing them
Indole-type derivatives as inhibitors of p38 kinase
3-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane derivatives
System and method for speech recognition-enabled automatic call routing
Toll free calling account recharge system and method
Behavioral adaptation engine for discerning behavioral characteristics of callers interacting with a...
Bluetooth.TM. hands-free kit structure
Local routing system and method
Portable electronic device
System and method for implementing and accessing call forwarding services
Hinge device for portable terminal using the same
Dynamic routing for a telephone conference call
Method and apparatus for wireless transmission of messages between a vehicle-internal communication ...
Method for providing subscriber-based ringback tone in flexible paging mode
Telephone call/voice processing system
Method for providing a subscriber-based ringback tone sound
System and method for enhanced origination services for toll free telephone calls
Automatic detecting when an agent is available
System and method for determining the transmit power of a communication device operating on digital ...
Monitoring and control of an adaptive filter in a communication system
Systems and methods for far-end noise reduction and near-end noise compensation in a mixed time-freq...
Power feeding system for telephone terminal in LAN
Headset cellular telephones
Membrane singlet delta oxygen generator and process
Polypeptide encoded by a nucleotide sequence of a nontypeable strain of Haemophilus influenzae genom...
Interferon-like protein Zcyto21
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Rapid isolation of osteoinductive protein mixtures from mammalian bone tissue
Cross-reactive displacing antibodies from collagen-binding proteins and method of identification and...
Methods and materials for control of insects such as pecan weevils
Identification of Candida cell surface proteins and their uses
Sendai viral vectors comprising foreign genes inserted between the R1 and R2 Loci
Peptides as solubilizing excipients for transforming growth factor beta proteins
CYP1B1 nucleic acids and methods of use
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibit...
Composition for treatment of skin and method for stabilizing the composition
End-capped polymers and compositions containing such compounds
Mirrored oral-product container
Printing processes employing intermediate transfer with molten intermediate transfer materials
Fabric-cleaning compositions
Image processing device executing image processing on input image and processing method for the same
Iridescent pigment having high brilliance and high chroma
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mona Lisa Salmon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Eurobelle Golden`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Tatyana`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Noa`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dekproud`
Diascia plant named `KLEDI04016`
Erysimum plant named `Lemon Zest`
Stachys plant named `NPN 001`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yosonoma`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoorchard Lake`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yokilleen`
Mandarin tree named `Tango`
Method for improving fuel economy in hybrid vehicles
Dual rotor motor for a hybrid vehicle transmission
Vehicular electrical equipment unit heating and cooling system and hybrid vehicle
Vehicle hood assembly
Truck cab suspension control
Engine-supporting structure for a motorcycle, and methods of using same
Method of operator presence control on walk behind powered equipment
Control system of self propelled industrial machine
Component arrangement for an all terrain vehicle
Transmission case housing a transmission mechanism for transmitting power to dirigible wheels
Steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Steering unit for an electric vehicle
Compact truck tailgate and general purpose utility ladder
Apparatus for reducing drag on unpowered vehicles
Low speed discoidal electric motor
Control device for motorized power steering device
Control apparatus for variable-cylinder engine, and control apparatus for automotive vehicle includi...
Vehicle radar-based side impact assessment method
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium polymer secondary cell
Electrolyte for lithium-sulfur batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries comprising the same
RF-enablement of products and receptacles therefor
High molecular weight cationic polymers obtained by post-polymerization crosslinking reaction
Sulfonated carbonaceous materials
Forced air fuel cell power system
Image forming method, a photoreceptor used for the apparatus, and an image forming unit
Toner, method for forming image using the toner, and process cartridge
Mammalian EPO mimetic CH1 deleted mimetibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Fused pyrrolocarbazoles
Pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted thienothiophene monomers and conducting polymers
Catalytic reduction of emissions from internal combustion engines
Secondary battery including improved cap assembly and plug for the secondary battery
Positive-electrode material for lithium secondary battery, secondary battery employing the same, and...
Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
Enclosed nickel-zinc primary battery its anode and production methods for them
Nonaqueous electrolytic secondary battery and method of producing anode material thereof
High voltage laminar cathode materials for lithium rechargeable batteries, and process for making th...
Metallic nickel powders, method for preparing the same, conductive paste, and MLCC
Method of forming a scribe line on a passive electronic component substrate
System for predicting three-dimensional structure of protein
Method and system for multi-path routing of electronic orders for securities
Method and apparatus for the generation and distribution of random bits
Anonymous electronic transactions
Method, apparatus, and system for designing and planning a shared satellite communications network
Information providing apparatus, item sales data processor, storage medium storing computer program ...
Capacity monitoring process for a goods delivery system
Real-time process for defining, processing and delivering a highly customized contact list over a ne...
Computer network system for shopping and method therefor
Method and computer program product for managing an internet trading network
Method of providing customer services
User interface and methods for online print service
Systems and associated methods for wireless services for package tracking during delivery
Method of determining optimal asset allocation utilizing asset cash flow simulation
Method and apparatus for generating a sale offer to selected individuals over electronic network sys...
Electronic spread trading tool
Information processing method and apparatus for billing
Flow probe connectivity determination
System and method for secure communication between electronic devices
System and method for dynamically adjusting data values and enforcing valid combinations of the data...
System and method for generating user interface code
Key management protocol and authentication system for secure internet protocol rights management arc...
Auxiliary power unit starting apparatus for an electric bicycle
Charger/cradle combination device for portable terminal
Method for producing a preparation based on fibrinogen and fibronectin as well as protein compositio...
Peptides effective in the treatment of tumors and other conditions requiring the removal or destruct...
Amidino derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Method of treating peripheral neuropathy
Fused pyrazole derivatives and methods of treatment of metabolic-related disorders thereof
Prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof
Transcription factor polypeptide that regulates Chondromodulin-I expression
Purine analogs having HSP90-inhibiting activity
Method for reading out a surface detector
Low coherence interferometry for detecting and characterizing plaques
Device for tissue characterization
Catheter lead placement system and method
Channel-selective blanking for a medical device system
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranial stimulation for optimal control of neurological di...
Adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus and method and human-factored interface ther...
Catheter hub
Absorbent article having perception of depth
Reduced calorie fat compositions
Complete-cycle methods for protecting glassware from surface corrosion in automatic dishwashing appl...
Process for purifying a contaminant-containing lipophilic fluid
Method for the production of surface active agent mixtures
Paper product
Paper product
Paper product
Paper product
Papermaking belt and product produced therefor
Paper product
Process for preparing low molecular weight olefin (CO)polymer and polymerization catalyst used there...
Methods for producing fluids from acidized and consolidated portions of subterranean formations
Golf ball having dual core and thin polyurethane cover formed by rim
Photothermographic material
Viscoelastic surfactant fluids and related methods of use
Storable water-silica suspensions and methods
Zirconia particles
Method of removing sulfur odors from packages
Colored roofing granules with increased solar heat reflectance, solar heat-reflective shingles, and ...
Toner, developer using the same, toner container using the same, process cartridge using the same, i...
Toner, method for preparing the toner, and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Compositions and methods for treating diverticular disease
Blends of aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters with ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers
Semi-synthetic taxanes with antitumor and antiangiogenetic activities
Composite stacking sequence optimization for multi-zoned composites
Medical container loading system and method for use with fluid containers, syringes and medical inje...
Dual use syringe
Disposable lighter holder with retracting device
Ultraviolet treatment unit and septic tank system
Inner ankle protector
Electric steam iron
License plate dustpan
Pet throw toy
Garbage sack
Toys for animals
Bag retainer
Billboard for a pressure washer
Bag holder
Foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Waste container
Laundry basket
Cover for electronics of motorized hand truck
Cleaning device
Ironing system
Ironing board
Cordless iron
Electromagnetic valve
System and method for automatically processing a user's request by an automated assistant
Spelling and grammar checking system
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Cosmetic method and composition for enhancing attractiveness
Cartilage/Bone inducing materials for preparation
Cleaning machine for cleaning a surface
Test method
Container for flowable products
1,1,1,3,3,-pentafluorobutane refrigerant or heat transfer fluid compositions comprising hydrofluoroc...
Thin film strips
Formulations for topical delivery of bioactive substances and methods for their use
.alpha.-Isomaltosylglucosaccharide synthase, process for producing the same and use thereof
Method and composition for treating periodontal disease
Cosmetic compositions comprising silicone gels
Method and process for the production of collagen preparations from invertebrate marine animals and ...
Solar cell electrolysis of water to make hydrogen and oxygen
Vacuum assisted affinity chromatography device and method
Heavy hydrocarbon composition with utility as a heavy lubricant base stock
Method for passing a fluid through a moving bed of particles
Method for monitoring the course of a process using a reactive gas containing one or several hydroca...
Fluorene compound and organic luminescent device using the same
Desulfurization and sorbents for same
Transalkylation of aromatic fluids
Process for the preparation of 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Decoration-used mold unit
Flagstick reflector
Behind the ear earpiece for a hearing aid
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Blood glucose meter
Monitor for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Ultrasonic probe
Skin treatment article
Baby food thermos
Acupressure clip
Control device
Control device
Control device
Control device
Control device
Control device
Control device
Control device
Cleaning pad
Pedestal mail box
Flow control valve for refrigeration system
Compositions and methods for using polymeric suds enhancers
Laser/arc hybrid welding process for ferritic steels
Pharmacologically active polypeptide glycoconjugates
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Antiviral compositions
Compositions for alleviating inflammation and oxidative stress in a mammal
14171 protein kinase, a novel human protein kinase and uses thereof
Adenovirus comprising a gene coding for glutathione peroxidase
Expression system
Treating anemia in subjects by administration of plasmids encoding growth hormone releasing hormone
Compounds useful as anti-inflammatory agents
Five-membered heterocyclic alkanoic acid derivative
Nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel dicationic "reversed amidines"
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
NK1 antagonists
Compounds for inhibition of HIV infection by blocking HIV entry
Compositions and methods for modulating apoptosis in cells over-expressing Bcl-2 family member prote...
Modified polypeptides stabilized in a desired conformation and methods for producing same
Systems for differential ion mobility analysis
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Humanised antibodies
Modified cellulose synthase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana confers herbicide resistance to plants
Immunoassays for anti-HCV antibodies
T1R taste receptors and genes encoding same
Genes encoding insect odorant receptors and uses thereof
Polyamide nucleic acid derivatives, and agents, and processes for preparing them
Functionalized compositions for improved immobilization
Methods for the preparation, isolation and purification of epothilone B, and X-ray crystal structure...
Dioxin analogues and methods and kits for searching out dioxins-decomposing organisms or enzymes or ...
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Compositions and methods for the production of betaine lipids
Methods and means to modulate programmed cell death in eukaryotic cells
Methods and materials for improving plant drought tolerance
Soybean cultivar 5726085
Soybean variety XB005B06
Soybean variety 0137335
Inbred maize line PH8PG
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119149
System and method of sorting materials using holographic laser steering
Method and apparatus for screening combinatorial libraries of semiconducting properties
RF coil system for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for vibration-related artifact reduction
Cold mass support structure and helium vessel of actively shielded high field open MRI magnets
RF surface coil for use in MRI with reduce sensitivity close to the conductors
Magnetic resonance cylindrical body coil and method for generating a homogeneous RF field
Coil arrangement for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Digital magnetic resonance gradient pre-emphasis
Memory device row and/or column access efficiency
Countercurrent stripping pipe
Ultracapacitor audio amplifier
Image display apparatus
Medium voltage vacuum circuit interrupter
Control system for at least one vacuum interrupter gap
Method and apparatus for detecting foreign body on object surface, and optical disk apparatus
Substrate transfer device
Vehicles fault diagnostic systems and methods
Apparatus for generating power from passing vehicular traffic
Field emission display and manufacturing method thereof
Dual-plunger energy switch
Method and device for measuring surface potential distribution
Optical device
Flexible waveband aggregator and deaggregator and hierarchical hybrid optical cross-connect system
Electrical pulse transformation using optical delay lines
Image forming apparatus that performs different control operation modes with exchange unit mounted t...
Tone reproduction curve (TRC) target adjustment strategy for actuator set points and color regulatio...
Image forming device that prevents reverse transfer and color mixture
Electric device capable of being controlled based on data transmitted from cellular phone
Operation equipment for vehicle
Passenger detection device
Apparatus for automatically adjusting direction of light axis of vehicle headlight
Method, computer program product and use of a computer program for stabilizing a multiphase flow
Speaker authentication by fusion of voiceprint match attempt results with additional information
Speech recognition system, program and navigation system
Method for configuring a programmable logic controller using an extensible markup language schema
System and method for synchronizing multiple instrumentation devices
Scan-path circuit, logic circuit including the same, and method for testing integrated circuit
Multi-purpose digital scale for travelers
Displacement detection apparatus
Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor device, and portable electronic apparatus
Ignition coil having center core
Method of reading out signals from higher and lower photosensitivity regions of a solid-state image ...
Profiling complex surface structures using height scanning interferometry
communication semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
Communication network having adjustable response timeouts and method therefore
Non-aqueous electrolytic solution with mixed salts
Direct epoxidation process
Method and system for controlling an optical switch using dynamic compensation
Hollow optical waveguide by omni-directional reflectors
Optical steering element and method
Device for shaping of an optical radiation flux
Multi-stage production
Providing mappings between logical time values and real time values
Efficient detection of multiple assertions in a bus
Low cost flexible network accessed storage architecture
Antenna amplifier, in particular for a magnetic resonance antenna
Pavement material microwave density measurement methods and apparatuses
Two-port non-reciprocal circuit device and communication apparatus
Systems and methods for a capacitively-loaded loop antenna
Objective lens drive device
Speaker apparatus to be mounted on a vehicle
Blood withdrawal system
Antigen ORF Rv2430c and a method thereof
Capillary active test element having an intermediate layer situated between the support and the cove...
Cutlery drawer insert
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Bi-directional release mechanism for a torque fuse device
Ossicular replacement prosthesis
Broadband optical via
Method of preventing optical fiber failure in high power application
Method for controlling attenuation of an optical element
Implantable cable having securely attached ring contacts and method of manufacturing the same
Image formation apparatus having a plurality of units and assembling method thereof
Method and associated system for recording and retrieving fabrication and/or fitting data associated...
Explosive device detection based on differential emissivity
Controlled transport through multiple reversible interaction point membranes
Environmentally friendly coating compositions for coating metal objects, coated objects therefrom, a...
Preparation of polytrimethylene ether glycol and copolymers thereof
Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Printing system, data processing system and method for confirming job process result
Facsimile apparatus and color information communication method using same
Image processing apparatus
Color processing method and apparatus for generating a conversion condition for converting data in a...
Method of making correction for color sensor output values in color image forming apparatus, and col...
Data communication apparatus and method
Projection optical system and projection exposure apparatus
Media data processing apparatus and media data processing method
Image display apparatus, image display method, and program
Cooling device, and apparatus and method for manufacturing image display panel using cooling device
Device for identifying types of sheet materials
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge and discharge preventing mechanism
Image forming apparatus with adjustment of belt member
Image forming apparatus when a maximum developing bias voltage |V| max and surface potential Vd of a...
Dialogue control apparatus for communicating with a processor controlled device
Isotactic propylene copolymers, their preparation and use
Lead having varying stiffness and method of manufacturing thereof
Methods and apparatus for calibrating programmable material consolidation apparatus
Semiconductor member, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
Thin film plate phase change ram circuit and manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having fuse and capacitor at the same level and method of fabricating the same
Resistor tuning
Stack type semiconductor apparatus package and manufacturing method thereof
Trench capacitor power supply system and method
Miniature RF and microwave components and methods for fabricating such components
Display substrate having non-uniform reflectivity in a high transmittance region and non-uniform ref...
Circuit board structure with embedded selectable passive components and method for fabricating the s...
Optical pickup device and optical recording medium driving apparatus
High frequency module
Robotic system for optically inspecting workpieces
Manufacturing design and process analysis and simulation system
Data recording medium, recording medium recording and/reproducing apparatus, and recording or reprod...
Networked conditional access module
Storage system and control method thereof for uniformly managing the operation authority of a disk a...
System and method for caching results
Folding for a multi-threaded network processor
Multipurpose functional unit with multiplication pipeline, addition pipeline, addition pipeline and ...
Distributed global clock for clusters of computers
Remote data mirroring
Yield-related polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
Asymmetrically placed cross-coupled scintillation crystals
Delivery of quasi-periodic pulses of EM energy utilizing the principle of beating-wave amplification
Cardiac rhythm management system selecting between multiple same-chamber electrodes for delivering c...
Methods and apparatus for scheduling, serving, receiving media-on demand for clients, servers arrang...
User interface and method for inputting password and password system using the same
Suspending scenario generation method, server device, and program therefor
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for creating a working opening through an incision
Methods and apparatus for characterizing polynucleotides
Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy
Method for dispensing household liquids
Low-chlorine, polyolefin-substituted, with amine reacted, alpha-beta unsaturated carboxylic compound...
Process for preparing an overbased detergent
Crystallization of IGF-1
Communications system and program
Apparatus and method for detecting leaving of cellular telephone
System for analyzing vehicle and driver behavior
Integrated sensing system
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
Apparatus and method for discerning a driver's intent and for aiding the driver
Method of transmitting signaling messages in a mobile telecommunications network
Method for creating user-defined computer operations using arrows
Systems and methods for controlled transmittance in a telecommunication system
Related web contents synchronization and presentation system and method
Method for formatting text by hand drawn inputs
Combined hydrotreating and process
Combined hydrotreating process and configurations for same
Medium-pressure hydrocracking process
High conversion hydroprocessing
Carpet, stainproofing agent for carpet and method for treating the carpet
Computer system with two debug watch modes for controlling execution of guarded instructions upon br...
System and method for facilitating programmable coverage domains for a testcase generator
Fluid power unit having closed circuit
Reciprocating pump
Apparatus and method of dispensing photosensitive solution in semiconductor device fabrication equip...
Surgical irrigation pump and tool system
Low odor binders curable at room temperature
Method for reducing undesirable odors generated by paper hand towels
Dispenser capable of dispensing sheet-like articles
Apparatus for increasing tail adhesion of wet rolls
Container for wipes
Multicomponent fiber including elastic elements
Expandable material for use in a garment
High-speed sheet feeding without grip pliers
Apparatus and methods usable in connection with dispensing flexible sheet material from a roll
Imaging system using diffuse infrared light
Retardance measurement system and method
Determination of irradiation parameters for inspection of a surface
Modulated scatterometry
Method of analysis of multiple layer samples
Optical interrogation systems with reduced parasitic reflections and a method for filtering parasiti...
Calibration mechanism for an optical module of a sheet-fed scanner
Analyte recognition for urinalysis diagnostic system
Energy conversion and storage films and devices by physical vapor deposition of titanium and titaniu...
Heating element movement bonding method for semiconductor components
Deposition method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip with test pads and tape carrier package using the same
Buffer (seed) layer in a high-performance magnetic tunneling junction MRAM
Lateral semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
High performance MEMS packaging architecture
Low-k B-doped SiC copper diffusion barrier films
Composition for forming a porous film prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of an alkoxysilane usi...
Multi-mode integrated circuit structure
Stacked chip semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Selective deposition of solder ball contacts
Flexible wiring board for tape carrier package having improved flame resistance
Die-level process monitor and method
Substrate supports for use with programmable material consolidation apparatus and systems
Compliant walled combustion devices
Hearing aid system and hearing aid for in-situ fitting
GFSK receiver
Quality of service using virtual channel translation
System, method, and software for a virtual host bus adapter in a storage-area network
Ring filter element for a liquid filter
Method for calculating the turbulence factor for a decanting centrifuge
Method for absorbing an ion from a fluid
Filter assembly with slip thread
Systems, methods and apparatuses for pumping cassette-based therapies
Fluid treatment apparatus
Fluid-gas separator
Method for treating organic wastewater containing aminopolycarboxylic acid
Apparatus for purifying water
Impulse-responsive rotary actuator for storm drain barrier not disabled by immersion
User friendly dispensers
Storm water runoff treatment system
Process for producing aqueous dispersion of purified polytetrafluoroethylene
System for wastewater treatment
Apparatus for processing alkaline solution
Liquid filter assembly for use with treatment agent; and, methods
Combination trickling filter and overflow tank for secondary treatment of wastewater, and associated...
Method for providing safe, clean chlorinated recreational water
Semiconductor circuit for DC-DC converter
Converter for direct current-to-direct current downward conversion
Device for power factor correction in forced switching power supply units
Voltage source converter
Treatment of pancreatitis using alpha 7 receptor-binding cholinergic agonists
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibit...
CCR9 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Method for treating myolytic disease and method for screening antimyolytic agent
Process for producing 1,2,3-Triazole compounds
Test component and method of operation thereof
Polymer transfer apparatus, methods, and composite webs
Method for rapid thermal cycling of biological samples
Vaporizing fluidized organic materials
Cathode for air assisted battery
Silver halide emulsion, method of preparing the same and silver halide photosensitive material using...
Compositions and methods for protein isolation
Devices and methods for biomaterial production
Electromagnetic wave shielding material
Chromatographic assay device and methods
Forming thin hard mask over air gap or porous dielectric
Multiple component spunbond web
High temperature calcination of selectivated molecular sieve catalysts for activity and diffusional ...
Substituted tetrahydrobenzothienopyrimidinamine compounds useful for treating hyper-proliferative di...
Plasticized polypropylene thermoplastics
Polymerization process and control of polymer composition properties
High density polyethylene and insulation compositions for wire and cable
Process for the production of diaminodiphenylmethane and its higher homologues
Polymer-supported phosphorus ligands for catalysts
Spam checking for internetwork messages
Permanent heart assist system
Fluid pump
Monoamine, diamide, thiol-containing metal chelating agents
Peptide-based multimeric targeted contrast agents
Smart drug delivery system
Carbon monoxide improves outcomes in tissue and organ transplants and suppresses apoptosis
Apolipoprotein gene involved in lipid metabolism
Nonpeptide substituted spirobenzoazepines as vasopressin antagonists
Substituted quinazoline compounds useful as p38 kinase inhibitors
Water containing soluble fiber
Gas magazine of a toy gun
Bioactive spinal implants and method of manufacture thereof
Irrigation solution and methods for use
Modification of medical prostheses
Compliant tissue sealants
Adhesive N,O-carboxymethylchitosan coatings which inhibit attachment of substrate-dependent cells an...
Method of forming a tetraode field display including a composite mesh element
Self-condensing pH sensor
Optical position sensing device
Method and device for monitoring position of radioactive materials in vehicles
Radar transponder
Method and apparatus for implementing alterations on multiple concurrent frames
Content delivery network (CDN) content server request handling mechanism with metadata framework sup...
Programmable inter-virtual channel and intra-virtual channel instructions issuing rules for an I/O b...
Memory module having a memory controller to interface with a system bus
Multiple power levels for a chip within a multi-chip semiconductor package
System and method for visual application development without programming
User transparent continuous compilation
Flexible surface mold and method of use
Glazing element and laminate for use in the same
Heat radiation shielding component dispersion, process for its preparation and heat radiation shield...
Multi-state NROM device
Integrated optical MEMS devices
Compatibilizing surfactant useful with slurries of copper particles
Azabicyclic, azatricyclic and azaspirocyclic derivatives of aminocyclohexane NMDA, 5HT.sub.3, and ne...
Fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing
Self-aligned gated rod field emission device and associated method of fabrication
Flexure stage
Graphical user interface for displaying and navigating in a directed graph structure
Slot machine shaped toaster
Systems and methods for distributing trusted certification authorities
System and method for viewing and controlling a presentation
Method and system for making resources available
XGL and dynamic accessibility system and method
Rules customization and related methods
Condenser optic with sacrificial reflective surface
Method of welding three-dimensional structure and apparatus for use in such method
Optical SSB modulator
Tissue spectrometer with improved optical shutter
Component concentration measurement method and device
Implantable pulse generator for providing functional and/or therapeutic stimulation of muscles and/o...
Neural stimulation system providing auto adjustment of stimulus output as a function of sensed press...
Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with improved installation characteristics
Implantable medical device including self-bootstrapped therapy pulse output circuit switches
Redundantly tied metal fill for IR-drop and layout density optimization
Transport belt and image formation device using the same
Plastic optical components and an optical unit using the same
Boron ion delivery system
Compact imaging spectrometer utilizing immersed gratings
Removal of noise from seismic data using radon transformations
Method and apparatus to coherently combine high-power beams in self-imaging waveguides
Method and apparatus for generating an alert message
Resistance welding tip with improved cooling system
Welding guns with mechanical interface
Method for imaging a concealed object
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
QWIP with enhanced optical coupling
Screening method and apparatus
Enhancement magnetizer for magnetic resonance imaging screening
Footwear sole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe sole
Disposable and non-disposable foot cap
Demonstration kit for marketing a product or system
Aerogel/PTFE composite insulating material
Desynchronizer having ram based shared digital phase locked loops and sonet high density demapper in...
System and method for maintaining a stable synchronization state in a programmable clock synchronize...
Fixing apparatus and image formation apparatus using same
Alternating current power strip with network repeating and management
Speech recognition status feedback of volume event occurrence and recognition status
System and method for remote discovery and configuration of a network device
Master electronics card with an adaptive bandwidth circuit
Apparatus and method to convert data payloads from a first sector format to a second sector format
Virtual address bar user interface control
Interpretive simulation of software download process
Wireless communication method and system with controlled WTRU peer-to-peer communications
Mobile provisioning tool system
Customized signature messaging service
Initial downlink transmit power adjustment for non-real-time services using dedicated or shared chan...
Wireless network with multi-device class communication capability
Pluggable external wireless receiver module for a sewing machine
Method for inputting destination data through a mobile terminal
Displaying complementary content sources
Combining a browser cache and cookies to improve the security of token-based authentication protocol...
Method and apparatus for customizing travel directions
Multi-protocol network interface card
Method and apparatus for minimizing the number of power amplifiers required under multiple transmiss...
Method of incorporating magnetic materials in a semiconductor manufacturing process
Semiconductor device and magneto-resistive sensor integration
Lens for optical recording and reproducing system
Router using measurement-based adaptable load traffic balancing system and method of operation
Per call interactive high speed packet data activation
Apparatus and method for compensating gain of an automatic gain controller
Method and apparatus for detecting a position of a folder in a rotation touch phone having a camera
Storage medium having object-oriented program
Memory test circuit and test system
Pattern size correcting device and pattern size correcting method
Fingerprint recognizing display and operating method thereof
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Packaging apparatus for optical interconnection on optical printed circuit board
Subscriber interfacing device in communication-broadcasting convergence FTTH
Color image forming system and method of forming color image using the system
Disposable protective bib
System for microorganism control
Methods and apparatus for controlling refrigerators
Non-hydrogenated canola oil for food applications
Pesticide formulation
Food metering and dispensing device
Domestic pasta machine
Process for subjecting to actinic radiation and storing an oxygen scavenger, and a stored oxygen sca...
Process for selectivity extracting bioactive components
Continuous-range hydrogen sensors
Methods to increase nucleotide signals by Raman scattering
Pre-mixes of GLP-1 and basal insulin
Polymeric compound and organic luminescence device
Stabilized white-light-emitting OLED device
Light-emitting material comprising orthometalated iridium complex, light-emitting device, high effic...
Electro-optical device with active matrix type EL display
Organic EL device and liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Circuit for driving pixels of an organic light emitting display
Driving circuit of display and display device
Portable NMR device and method for making and using the same
Pet kennel
Garment warming device
Floor scrubbing pad adapted for use on a floor scrubbing machine
Portion of a suction nozzle for a floor care appliance
Portion of a suction nozzle for a floor care appliance
Abrasive wipe
Scuff remover on a shoe
Double bucket
Clothes rack
Trash receptacle with liner basket
Bag holder
Rectangular trash can with single lid
Tool cart
Shopping cart
Roll container
Cart handle
Shopping cart
TyrA genes and uses thereof
Ecdysone receptors and methods for their use
System and method for collecting vehicle road-use and parking fees and for monitoring vehicular regu...
Parking system for sending messages
Secure system for electronic voting
Wireless communication of context sensitive content, systems methods and computer program product
Telecommunication method for a wireless network