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Liquid container, ink jet recording apparatus, apparatus and method for controlling the same, appara...
Image projection system with a polarizing beam splitter
Toner, production method thereof, and image forming apparatus using same
Multistage continuous preparation of cycloaliphatic diisocyanates
Purification of carboxylic acids by complexation with selective solvents
Method for reutilising plastic receptacles and article produced by said method
Delayed coking process for producing free-flowing coke using a substantially metals-free additive
Labels and labeling process
Tumor therapy with alphavirus-based and high affinity laminin receptor-targeted vectors
Defective recombinant adenoviruses expressing cytokines for antitumor treatment
Methods and compositions for the treatment of defects in lipoprotein metabolism
Use of a compound antagonist of ESM-1 protein for producing a medicine for treating cancer
Use of VEGF inhibitors for treatment of eye disorders
Treatment of autoimmune disorders with antibodies to costimulating polypeptide of T cells
Methods of therapy for cancers characterized by overexpression of the HER2 receptor protein
Ophthalmic compositions containing a synergistic combination of three polymers
Recombinant P. falciparum merozoite protein-142 vaccine
Method and apparatus for analyzing clock-delay, and computer product
Device and method to locally fill gaps in spotbeam satellite systems with frequency re-use
Enhancement to horizontally-structured CAD/CAM modeling
Method and system for a waveform attenuation technique for predictive speech coding based on extrapo...
Account management tool for e-billing system
Data structure used for directory structure navigation in a skeleton code creation tool
Method and apparatus for sensory substitution, vision prosthesis, or low-vision enhancement utilizin...
System and method for determining light source current
Method and apparatus for preventing the transitioning of computer system power modes while the syste...
Toner supplying system for an image forming apparatus
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device including heat treating with a flash lamp
Method for dynamically determining peak output torque in an electrically variable transmission
Tractor with hydraulic speed and steering control for steering at maximum speed
Power control unit for electric vehicle
Apparatus and method for improving dynamic refresh in a memory device
Implantable cardiac stimulation device providing bipolar autocapture and lead impedance assessment a...
Diagnostic systems and methods for predictive condition monitoring
Address search apparatus and method in ethernet switch
Controller based call control for ATM SVC signaling
Dual function clock signal suitable for host control of synchronous and asynchronous target devices
Message durability and retrieval in a geographically distributed voice messaging system
Method and apparatus for supporting access network (AN) authentication
Optimally timed early shock defibrillation
System and method for dynamic ventricular overdrive pacing
Implantable single-chamber atrial pacing device providing active ventricular far field sensing and r...
Single domain ligands, receptors comprising said ligands, methods for their production, and use of s...
Control flow based compression of execution traces
Method and apparatus for recovering data values in dynamic runtime systems
Ordering of high use program code segments using simulated annealing
Maintaining access to a video stack after an application crash
Web site load management
Flash memory and fabrication method thereof
Lag control
Method of forming an epitaxial layer for raised drain and source regions by removing contaminations
Void free interlayer dielectric
Film-forming method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, semiconductor device, method of m...
Plasma treatment apparatus and method for plasma treatment
Post vertical interconnects formed with silicide etch stop and method of making
Nonselective unpatterned etchback to expose buried patterned features
Method for forming an interconnection line in a semiconductor device
Method of processing metal surface in dual damascene manufacturing
Semiconductor devices and fabrication methods thereof
Method of fabricating conductive lines
Method for planarizing a thin film
Polishing method of Cu film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Thermal drill cuttings treatment with weir system
Composite porous membrane and method for producing the same
Filter housing
Entrainment device for a centrifugal rotor
High CTE reaction-bonded ceramic membrane supports
Used paper diaper processing method and used paper diaper processing device
Pump module
Water treatment apparatus
Skimmer with flexible weir gate for spas and pools
Apparatus to increase lateral oxygen transfer in waste water
Method and apparatus for water purification
Wastewater treatment
Tetrahydroquinoline analogues as muscarinic agonists
Beta agonists for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Heterocyclic compound and antitumor agent containing the same as effective ingredient
Microbicidal compositions
RAF-MEK-ERK pathway inhibitors to treat cancer
Benzoxazepines derivatives and their use as AMPA receptor stimulators
Paint roller with shield
Distillation process using microchannel technology
Implantation of tissue bulking devices
Stimuli-degradable gels
Method for treating a subterranean formation
Paint cartridge edger and spreader
Applicators, dispensers and methods for dispensing and applying adhesive material
Systems and methods for skin care
Integral fuel cartridge and filter
Enzymatic press felt treatment
13-transmembrane protein expressed in prostate cancer
Three section pig for radio-pharmaceuticals
Integrated radio front-end module with embedded circuit elements
Method and system for spatial-spectral excitation by parallel RF transmission
Adjustable power amplifier and applications thereof
Broadband degree hybrid microwave planar transformer
System and method for determining the location of a resident during an emergency within a monitored ...
Hazard detection
Electronic apparatus having antenna
Driving mechanism for radio-controlled clocks
Overtube apparatus for insertion into a body
Water treatment system
Structure for thermochromic glazing having a substance contained between two glass substrates
Gas barrier film
Laryngeal mask airway device
Metering system and method for aerosol delivery
Method and apparatus for voice-controlled graphical user interface pointing device
Methods for providing a reliable server architecture using a multicast topology in a communications ...
High speed semiconductor waveguide phase-shifter
Compensation for utterance dependent articulation for speech quality assessment
Fast, scalable pattern-matching engine
Cationic direct dyes
Limonium plant named `Esm Mirlo`
Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording ink set, recording method, print, and ink-jet recording app...
Image format including affective information
Method and system for instantiating entitlements into contracts
Polymer particles containing a cross-linked polymer core and a linear non-cross-linked polymer shell...
Method for corrected spectrophotometer output for measurements on multiple substrates
Printer with integral automatic pre-printed sheets insertion system
Image processing device that controls a printing process based on availability of a consumable resou...
On-line calibration system for a dynamically varying color marking device
Color processing method, color processing device, storage medium, color processing program, and imag...
Raster image path architecture
Hologram recording method and hologram recording apparatus
Optical connector
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Ground fault circuit interrupter with reverse wiring and end-of-life protection
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Optical modulating device, optical transmitting apparatus using the same, method of controlling opti...
Protein fragment complementation assays in whole animals applications to drug efficacy, ADME, cancer...
Method of manufacturing a nozzle plate
Optical materials and optical devices
Preparation method of printing plate material and printing plate material
Method and apparatus for determining diffusible hydrogen concentrations
Hybrid process for depositing electrochromic coating
System and method for wavelength selective switching employing single-element gratings
Sputtering target, sintered compact, electrically conductive film produced by using the same, and or...
Method for reducing density of a system fluid and for performing drilling operations using a reduced...
Rabbiteye blueberry plant named `Vernon`
System and method for decomposition of multiple items into the same table-column pair without dedica...
System and method for using a compressed trie to estimate like predicates
Centrifugal spray processor and retrofit kit
Wound dressing
Method for producing low-odor hydrogel-forming polymers
Semiconductor manufacturing method
Liquid-crystal display and polarizing plate
Raman amplifier and optical communication system including the same
Photoelectric encoder
Optical interferometric pressure sensor
System and method for rapid deployment of a wireless device
High-precision positioning apparatus
Light guide array, fabrication methods and optical system employing same
Method and apparatus providing an electrical-optical coupler
Method and apparatus for an optically clocked optoelectronic track and hold device
Durable EMI/RFI shield between two or more structural surfaces and shield formed therefrom
Method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Bearing arrangement for at least one gearwheel
Thrust bearing assembly
Table device
Linear guide apparatus
Special type bearing device
Bearing locking collar retainer
Bearing with integrated rotation sensor
Plasma processing method
Biometric quality control process
Method and apparatus for processing data traffic across a data communication network
Efficient mounting and dismounting of storage media
Automatic dynamic processor operating voltage control
Method, data processing system, and computer program product for collecting first failure data captu...
Method and device for handling synchronization related information
Providing scalable, alternative component-level views
Absorbent article
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Multifunctional cross-bridged tetraaza macrocyclic compounds and methods of making and using
Method and apparatus for optimizing transmitter power efficiency
Gain monitoring method for optical amplifier and apparatus thereof
System and method for providing electrical system monitoring and diagnosis
Method and apparatus for use in remote diagnostics
Communications bus management circuit
Method and device for generating an internal time base for a diagnostic function for an output modul...
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for enhanced diagnostic test error reporting utilizi...
Disk apparatus with guide mechanism
Packages, packaging systems, methods for packaging and apparatus for packaging
Method for sealing test tubes and the like
Pistol with loaded chamber indicator
Battering ram with explosive discharge
Reversible weapon telescope mount
Method and device for launching free-flying projectiles
Organic electroluminescence display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Microphone housing containing an illumination means
Pocket light
Work light
Firecracker-like light string
Lens for side emitting LED device
LED lighting system
Bimodal replacement traffic light
Beam shaper
Light housing and system for providing a glittering light effect
Optics for controlling the direction of light rays and assemblies incorporating the optics
Illuminating angular display system
Line light source using light emitting diode and lens and backlight unit using the same
Swing arm taillight assembly for a motorcycle
Recessed adjustable low voltage track lighting
Decorative lighting device
Multifunction tool
Optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
System for reading data stored on an information carrier
Heatsinking of optical subassembly and method of assembling
Slide arrangement for cable drawer
Ultra-thin high-precision glass optic
Bar-shaped light guide, illumination unit and image-scanning device
System and methods for rogue can detection
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
Method of compressing digital ink
Picture coding method and picture decoding method
Image processing method, apparatus, and program
Method and apparatus for enhancing a degraded digital image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on...
Method and apparatus for optical inspection of a display
Image processing system and method with dynamically controlled pixel processing
Error resistant scalable audio coding partitioned for determining errors
Spiral centering catheter
Assistive communication device
Physician programmer system with telemetered sensor waveform
Compositions and methods for particulate consolidation
Mixed matrix membrane with mesoporous particles and methods for making and using the same
Polymerizable composition, photopolymerizing method and process for producing lithographic printing ...
Thermoplastic foams made with methyl formate-based blowing agents
Photocurable compositions containing reactive particles
Cranial spinal column support assembly
MRI method for simultaneous phase contrast angiography and invasive device tracking
Fishing weight for use with method feeder
Fishing reel
Tip rod
Clamp-on multi-purpose support plate
Lure organizing device
Ungulates produced by nuclear transfer of G1 cells
Fountain that flows with fluidic material
Method for preparing resin particles, resin particles and apparatus for preparing resin particles
Air bag coating composition
Process for producting imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine derivative
Production method of 2,6-dihalopurine
Processes of making .gamma.,.delta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid and silyl ester thereof, carboxyl gr...
Process for producing a nitrile compound
Process for producing tetrabromobenzoate esters
Process for producing optically active fluorochemical
Permanent magnet package, method for manufacturing same, and method for transporting permanent magne...
Container for glue
Light output device, relay and program for controlling the light output device
Geographical information supply system and method using RFID, and traffic information supply system ...
RFID device tester and method
Docking station and associated method for docking a portable printer
Secure method and apparatus for retrieving network node identifier in wireless networks
Instruction drop-off warning system and method
Federated system for monitoring physical assets
RFID device preparation system and method
RFID tag design with circuitry for wafer level testing
RFID tags with electronic fuses for storing component configuration data
Multiple sheets feeding detection apparatus, sorter, and method of detecting multiple sheets feeding
Information reading apparatus, information reading system, and RFID tag
RFID tag using hybrid non-volatile memory
Portable deployment kit for nested visibility
Single-port fluid manifold
Methods for laundering delicate garments in a washing machine
Infrared-sensitive planographic printing plate precursor
Image recording material and planographic printing plate
Planographic printing method and planographic printing plate precursor used therein
Balloon expandable stent
Method for the production of conjugates and uses thereof for the prevention and treatment of allergi...
Methods for identification, and compounds useful for the treatment of degenerative & inflammatory di...
Method to monitor progression of atrial fibrillation and to detect its susceptibility for terminatio...
Pet tag holder
Cellular phone
Magnetic resonance imaging device
MRI system with RF receiver coils fixed to the housing
Magnetic resonance elastography using multiple drivers
Method for correcting unadjusted printing data on the basis of colormetrically measured reference sh...
Printing blanket having a rigid carrier plate
Adhesive material based on block copolymers having a p(a)-p(b)-p(a) structure
Hydrocarbon reformer performance sensing system
Vaporized fuel purge system
High purity air and gas fractionation system
Gas sensor and method for measuring gas concentration using the same
Multi-element thin-film fuel cell
Integrated fuel cell stack and catalytic combustor apparatus, assembly, and method of use
Electrostatically actuated shutter and array for use in a direct oxidation fuel cell
PEM fuel cell stack with coated flow distribution network
Replaceable fuel cell apparatus having information storage device
Pipe coupling including ball valve
Process for preparing cyclic organohydrogensiloxanes
Bipolar plate for a fuel cell
Pyrroline chromophores
Surface mount heater
Thin film transistors and semiconductor device
Magnetic guiding device
Apparatus for testing an arc fault circuit interrupter
Electron beam generating apparatus and optical sampling apparatus using the same
RF generator with voltage regulator
Identification tag
Unipolar drive chip for cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display element, optically anisotropic film, and production methods of the same
Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates
Beam splitting prism, method of manufacturing beam splitting prism, and all-optical switching device
Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor wafer
Process for treating perfluorides
Method of application protocol monitoring for programmable logic controllers
Tire rotation assisting apparatus
Image layout device
Mass spectrometer
Cell phone booth
Ink jet liquid injector
Weak edge repositioning in a MRC segmentor
Image processing apparatus
Controller area network (CAN) based communication system with multiple bus connected nodes
Optical transmission apparatus
Feedforward spur cancellation approach using low IP amplifier
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Cellular telephone safety system
Multi-port communications integrated circuit and method for facilitating communication between a cen...
Apparatus and method for managing a plurality of kinds of storage devices
Timer system key
Animal training device
Hockey bracelet
Basketball bracelet
Football bracelet
Soccer bracelet
Fountain planter
One-shot fabrication of membrane-based electrochemical cell stacks
NOx measurement apparatus
Reflector assembly with a startup element
Polymer matrix devices for treatment of vascular malformations
Self furling umbrella frame for carotid filter
Implantable intraluminal device and method of using same in treating aneurysms
Combination of CRP and D-dimer for in vitro diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
Diazepan derivatives or salts thereof
1,3,5-Triazine derivatives as ligands for human adenosine-A3 receptors
Finger operable container
Two-phase hair gel
Cheese vat for preparing soft fresh cheese, and cutting frame for a cheese vat
Acellular matrix grafts of collagen and elastic fiber
Trolling motor with diagnostic system
Method and apparatus for communication between inside and outside of transmission medium using trans...
Shared communications network employing virtual-private-network identifiers
Polarization stabilization
MPLS network system
Magnetic pole insensitive switch circuit
Systems and methods that identify normal traffic during network attacks
Sorptive heat exchanger and related cooled sorption process
Assessment of solar energy potential on existing buildings in a region
Clear contactless card
Multi-wire saw
Method and apparatus for recovering water from atmospheric air
Methods for making encapsulated stent-grafts
Planographic printing plate precursor, substrate for the same and surface hydrophilic material
Removable storage method for hydrogen and hydrogen reservoir
Pattern forming method, image forming method, fine particle adsorption pattern forming method, condu...
Method for treating a photovoltaic active layer and organic photovoltaic element
Strained fully depleted silicon on insulator semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Crossbar-array designs and wire addressing methods that tolerate misalignment of electrical componen...
Coupler board for wireless communication with multiple memory devices
Display panel with backlighting structure and selectively transmissive window therethrough
Notebook layout view
Wizard framework
Classifying software and reformulating resources according to classifications
Lightning strike protection system for aircraft fuel tanks made of low electrical conductivity compo...
Integrated circuit including memory cell for storing an information item and method
Molecular memory devices and methods
Read bias scheme for phase change memories
Method, device and image forming apparatus for developing an image using a two-component developing ...
Vision regeneration assisting apparatus
Method of controlling elements used to execute elementary functions of an internal combustion engine
Determining the minimum operation and shutdown time
Control sequencing and prognostics health monitoring for digital power conversion and load managemen...
Exhaust gas recirculation system
Bone cement mixing and delivery system with multiple advancement mechanisms and method of use
Strategies for producing quantized image information
In-line type electron gun and color cathode ray tube apparatus using the same
Near field location system and method
Time division multiple access system and method for using available TDMA slot time to transmit addit...
Method and system for reducing memory faults while running an operating system
Using liquid desiccant as a regenerable filter for capturing and deactivating contaminants
Method for forming overlapping section
Apparatus for supporting the handover of a telecommunication session between a licensed wireless sys...
Method and system for peer-to-peer communication management in wireless communication networks
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
Method for determining a location
High-rate proximity detection with the ability to provide notification
Dynamic power level control on transmitted messages in a wireless LAN
Antenna adaptation in a time division duplexing system
Method and system for managing in-vehicle telephony
Audio system
Intelligent power cycling of a wireless modem
Graphics compression
System for normalizing and archiving schemas
Single action press for manufacturing shells for can ends
Additives and method for reducing odor
Method and machine for replicating holographic gratings on a substrate
Modified IMA cabinet architecture
Computer system and network interface supporting dynamically optimized receive buffer queues
Portable telephone
MP3 player
Projector for computer
Wall-installed type air conditioner
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Methods to minimize contact resistance
Medical device with therapeutic agents
Light-emitting element and iridium complex
Binuclear organometallic complexes and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Organic electronic devices having two dimensional series interconnections
Light emitting device
Method of manufacturing substrate, method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent display device...
Three dimensional polymer memory cell systems
Semiconductor device, light-emitting display device and driving method thereof
Driving circuit of current-driven device, current-driven apparatus, and method of driving the same
Passive matrix light emitting device
Light emitting diode driver circuit
Determination of the number of tandem repeat nucleotides using encoded probe-displaying beads
Coryneform bacteria with altered glucokinase activity in the production of L-lysine
Method for producing L-lysine or L-threonine
Polypeptides having alpha-amylase activity and polypeptides encoding same
Alpha-amylase variants
Nucleotide sequences encoding the gpm gene
Crystal forms of azithromycin
Process for producing chitin derivatives and/or chitosan derivatives having a crosslinked structure
Oxpurine nucleosides and their congeners, and acyl, derivatives thereof, for improvement of hematopo...
Inclusion complex of taxol with 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin
Process for production of proteins as soluble proteins
Albumin fusion proteins
Sirna That Inhibits Wt1 Gene Expression And Uses Thereof
Anti-MicroRna Oligonucleotide Molecules
Linear Dna Fragment For Markerless Deletion, Novel Strain Having Inhibited Formation Of Biofilm And ...
Carohydrate-Ligand Conjugates and Their Application for the Analysis of Carbohydrate-Protein Interac...
Anti-hepatitis a virus antibodies
Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis
Rad51 Expression Inhibitors, Pharmaceutical Agents Containing The Inhibitors As Active Ingredients, ...
siRNA-hydrophilic polymer conjugates for intracellular delivery of siRNA and method thereof
Treatment of diseases by site-specific instillation of cells or site-specific transformation of cell...
Low molecular weight heparin composition and uses thereof
Constrained cis-diol-borate bioconjugation system
Linkers and co-coupling agents for optimization of oligonucleotide synthesis and purification on sol...
siRNA targeting minichromosome maintenance deficient 6 (MCM6)
Method for mutation detection in HIV-1 using pol sequencing
Inspection of data
Beverages containing plant sterols
Method for thawing frozen ground fish meat
Kitchen sink with integrated cutting board
Vortex tube cooler
Rapid ignition air assisted charcoal grill with waste disposal
Food processor with a transmission device
Apparatus and method for forming food products by gradual compression
Food shaping device for forming three-layered foods
Milking Cup Liner
Method, Computer Program Product and Arrangement for Controlling the Milking by a Milking Machine
Providing requested file mapping information for a file on a storage device
Playback graph for data synchronization
Memory reclamation method
Data entry graphical user interface
Techniques for scalably accessing data in an arbitrarily large document by a device with limited res...
Network storage system
Task-based automatic network management system with distributed control and management information b...
Gallium-nitride based ultraviolet photo detector
Baseline wander compensation for perpendicular recording
Magnetic media patterning via contact printing utilizing stamper having magnetic pattern formed in n...
Magnetic writer including an electroplated high moment laminated pole
Thin sul perpendicular magnetic recording media and recording systems comprising same
Communication channel with reed-solomon encoding and single parity check
System and method for application programming interfaces for keyword extraction and contextual adver...
System and method for keyword extraction and contextual advertisement generation
System and method for keyword extraction
Interest-based communities
Configurable interfaces
Integrated aeroelasticity measurement system
Window flow control with common time reference
Airborne reconnaissance system
Multiple compartment pouch and beverage container with frangible seal
Vapor compression air conditioning or refrigeration system cleaning compositions and methods
.beta.-peptoids with antimicrobial activity
Fluorosulfonic acid organic polymers
System and method for providing user defined types in a database system
Electroluminescent display and process for producing the same
Spin based magnetic sensor
Polymer electrolytes and process for their preparation
Unit dose capsules for use in a dry powder inhaler
Method and apparatus for providing customized filters to restrict datasets retrieved from a database
Skin cream
Method for identifying an interrogated object using a dynamic optical tag identification system
Biosensor and related method
Method and device for detecting leaks using smoke
Semiconductor memory card and computer readable program
Method and apparatus for risk management
Electroporation device and method, delivering a modulated signal under continuous control of cell el...
Single-port fluid manifold
Fast port failover in a network switch
Nonvolatile memory device, and its manufacturing method
Retractable, ramped bird feeder
Portable phone
Agent for preventing and/or treating multiple organ failure
Method of forming concavities in the surface of a metal component, and related processes and article...
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating optical semiconductor element and optical semiconductor de...
Method for discontinuous purification of crude acrylic acid by means of crystallization
Fuel cell
Systems and methods for incapacitation using biofeedback
Process for operating a discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for authorizing execution for applications in a data processing system
System and method for ensuring security with multiple authentication schemes
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
Integrating diverse data sources using a mark-up language
Method for generating hints for program analysis
System and method for designing electrical trace lengths on printed circuit boards between impedance...
Method and computer program product for providing a meta-data programming language level interface
Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
Method, apparatus, and program for associating related heterogeneous events in an event handler
Television display device and method of operating a television system
Monitoring motions of entities within GPS-determined boundaries
Photocurable Michael addition polymers
Touch sensor with linearized response
Method and apparatus for filling a dental root canal
Endoscopic instruments
Mounting structure of high-frequency semiconductor apparatus and its production method
Efficient joint equalization/decoding method and apparatus for Complementary-Code-Keying based syste...
Adaptive interpolation for use in reducing signal spurs
System and method for representing an object used in management of multiple network resources
FAQ search engine
Method for estimating coverage of web search engines
Distributed reservoir sampling for web applications
Method and apparatus for building one or more indexes on data concurrent with manipulation of data
Modeling and evaluation metabolic reaction pathways and culturing cells
Micro-optical analysis system and approach therefor
Universal hydraulic solver with techniques for improving the representation of flow data
Blade square
Variable Information Suite dispatch application icon for a display screen
Water gun
Water gun
Disk prosthesis
Network data transfer acceleration system and method
Fishing knife
Extensible markup language rendering and layout
Strainer board with extendable handle
Shoe sole
Multi-purpose tool
Hologram recording medium, recording/reproducing method and recording/reproducing apparatus
Electrophoretic display sheet, electrophoretic display, electric apparatus, and method of manufactur...
Ultrathin lens arrays for viewing interlaced images
Electronic device, dielectric ceramic composition, and method of production of the same
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing printed circuit board
Warm-up of multiple integrated marking engines
Method and system for down-converting and up-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms fo...
Positron emission tomography machine
Silver halide color photosensitive material
X-ray system comprising an X-ray source, a detector assembly, and a shutter
Method and apparatus for target transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner ...
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating cellular damage, such as neural or c...
Inductively-driven plasma light source
Compilation of image information and mammography apparatus for performing biopsy
Methods, apparatus, and software for reconstructing an image
Medical injection system
Device and method for x-ray scatter correction in computer tomography
X-ray filter having dynamically displaceable x-ray attenuating fluid
Multi-layer reflector for CT detector
Process For Producing Enzyme-Treated Tea Extract, Enzyme-Treated Natural Tea Aroma And Enzyme-Treate...
Shea butter alkoxylated phosphate esters
Fat composition
System, method, and apparatus for air-propelled conveyance of workpieces in sanitary environments
Use of Anti-Oxidant Compounds for Muscle Recovery
Composition for improving eye health
Low-Density Non-SBR Chewing Gum
Product packaging and methods of making the same
Light generating edible product
Carotenoid-containing emulsion composition, process for its production, and food and cosmetic produc...
Natural preservatives for preservation of perishable products
Frozen confections and method of manufacturing same
Bioactive Compositions, Natural Methods of Producing Them and Computational Methods for Designing Na...
Low Fat Frozen Confectionery Product
Method and apparatus for invalidating entries within a translation control entry (TCE) cache
System and method for booting embedded systems using removable storage
Algorithm to encode and compress array redundancy data
Method and apparatus for data reconstruction after failure of a storage device in a storage array
Method and apparatus for striping data onto a plurality of disk drives
System and method for persistent and robust storage allocation
Method and system of providing replication
Volume restoration using an accumulator map
Apparatus and method for control of write filter
Processor organizing apparatus and method for organize a pipeline processor
Memory control method, storage device, control program, and readable record medium
System and method for managing metrics table per virtual port in a logically partitioned data proces...
Processor device capable of cross-boundary alignment of plural register data and the method thereof
Processor-based automatic alignment device and method for data movement
Processor-based structure and method for loading unaligned data
Method and system for shredding data within a data storage subsystem
Patient Specific Knee Alignment Guide And Associated Method
Method and apparatus for positioning a multiple piece prosthesis
Devices for disc herniation repair and methods of use
Tendon stripper
Implant Device for the Non-Pneumatic, Adjustable Positioning of a Human or Animal Body Part
Energy delivery system and uses thereof
Implantable Stent with Degradable Portions
Drug eluting stent with a biodegradable release layer attached with an electro-grafted primer coatin...
Method for Standardization of Chemical and Therapeutic Values of Foods and Medicines Using Animated ...
Method of establishing network topology capable of carrying out relay transmission among subnetworks...
Orthopedic device
Methods and Systems For Sub-Pixel Rendering With Gamma Adjustment
Highly collapsible ambulatory assistive walker apparatus
Picture stabilizers
Compounds for the Treatment of Periodontal Disease
Fibrous mats having reduced formaldehyde emissions
Variable vapor barrier for humidity control
Wick holder magnetic retention means
Melting plate candles
Drilling fluid additive and base fluid compositions of matter containing B100 biodiesels; and applic...
Surface-modified non-halogenated mineral fillers
Polymer compositions containing surface-modified non-halogenated mineral fillers
Mixture Composition Containing Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid and Alkene Ether Derivative Based Copolym...
Binder and building material modified with vegetable oils and derivatives thereof
Optical Recording Of The Spatial Shape Of Bodies And Body Parts With Sections That In Part Are Not O...
Method for improving prediction of the viability of potential petroleum reservoirs
Apparatus and methodology for a wall-based support bracket
Method for repairing steel-reinforced concrete structure
Process for the production of paper
Handle for taping knife with enlarged hammer end
Substrate Cleaning Apparatus and Substrate Processing Unit
Removal of scale and sludge in a steam generator of a fabric treatment appliance
Draining liquid from a steam generator of a fabric treatment appliance
Prevention of scale and sludge in a steam generator of a fabric treatment appliance
Compositions produced using an in situ heat treatment process
Method and system for providing potable water
Method and system for irrigation
Seawater desalination system using jet technique
Composite Semipermeable Membrane, Production Process Thereof, And Element, Fluid Separation Equipmen...
Submerged-type electrosorption-based water purification apparatus and method thereof
Oxidation Process for Water Treatment
Maintenance Method, Exposure Method, Exposure Apparatus, And Method For Producing Device
Surface treated electrodeposited copper foil, the production method and circuit board
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process For Producing Difructose Dianhydride lll Crystals
Process for the conversion of glycerol to propylene glycol and amino alcohols
Processes for converting glycerol to amino alcohols
Method for the Preparation of Trans-or Cis-Diammoniumdichlorodihydroxoplatinum(IV) and the Use There...
Germicide composition
Salt and soap compositions
Amino acid compositions
Method and Composition for Administering Bioactive Compounds Derived from Morinda Citrifolia
Method for promoting eye health
Nerve Growth Factor Production Inhibitor and External Preparation for the Skin, Cosmetic, Quasi Drug...
Synbiotic Use
Agricultural or Horticultural Additive
Sulphur-Containing Oils For Controlling Plant Pathogens And Stimulating Nutrient Uptake
Intranasal Administration of Ketamine to Treat Depression
Optical Vascular Function Imaging System and Method for Detection and Diagnosis of Cancerous Tumors
Transdermal System for Sustained Delivery of Polypeptides
Method and composition for treating osteonecrosis and/or avascular necrosis
Means and Methods for Producing a Stabilized Cell of Interest
Method and system for tracking consumer awareness of brand-names
Information processing method, apparatus, program and recording medium
Flat display device including an overflow barrier
Optical device, surface emitting type device and method for manufacturing the same
High speed low power annular magnetic devices based on current induced spin-momentum transfer
Wavelength-tunable excitation radiation amplifying structure and method
Pendant control for a welding-type system
Medico-surgical instruments
Method and apparatus of fixing carbon fibers on a substrate using an aerosol deposition process
Fungicide composition based on halosulphone in particular for packaging
Nectarine tree, `Burnectwentytwo`
System and method to improve harvesting of zombie processes in an operating system
Device and method of controlling exhaust gas sensor temperature, and recording medium for exhaust ga...
Hot-melt adhesive composition for non-wovens
Biochemical measuring chip and measuring apparatus
Antigen-antibody cancer recognition system
Single-port fluid manifold
System and method for shared memory based IPC queue template having event based notification
Disk holding member, disk tray, recording and/or reproducing device, and disk changer
Locally adaptable central security management in a heterogeneous network environment
Pouch for collecting human waste
Portable phone
Phosphoric acid free process for polysilicon gate definition
Crawler bushing and method and device for producing the same
Flowable and meterable densified fiber particle
Wired circuit board assembly
Process for the preparation of toluenediamine
Method and apparatus for changing the direction of fluid flow in fuel cell flow fields
Television set
Apparatus and method for controlling angle fluctuation of a transfer belt in an image forming appara...
Methods and apparatus for regular expression matching
Method for signal extraction in a universal sensor IC
Gimbal with orbiting mirror
Backlight modules and lamp modules in flat panel displays
Propagation and detection of faults in a multiplexed communication system
Optical fiber coupler with low loss and high coupling coefficient and method of fabrication thereof
Device and method for controlling the exterior aspect of fuel rods for nuclear reactors
Partially flexible wound optical fiber bundle having intermediate rigid regions and methods of fabri...
Device and method for controlling the exterior aspect of fuel rods for nuclear reactors
Doped-ring amplifying optical fiber, and an amplifier containing such a fiber
Stable and passive decay heat removal system for liquid metal reactor
Fiber access terminal including moisture barrier plate
Method for identifying pre-candidate cells for a mobile unit operating with a switched beam antenna ...
Optical transducer and method for the simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature in oil an...
Optical fiber coupler having a relaxed alignment tolerance
Method and apparatus for optical isolation in high power fiber-optic systems
Hanger-free movable subframe for tractor-trailers
Air suspension system for a vehicle
Transcutaneous fluid delivery system
Mode change switch for power tool
Height control system and sensor therefor
Process for creating media content based upon submissions received on an electronic multi-media exch...
Recording tape cartridge and drive device thereof
Recording tape cartridge
Self-centering tape guide for reduced edge flange contact in a tape cartridge
Adsorbent breather filter
Demodulation compensation for spiral servo tracks in hard disk drives
Disk servo pattern writing
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and control method thereof, magnetic recording medium, ...
Correlation servo for positioning recording head
Method of compensating for track address discontinuity across servo track writing boundary in hard d...
Disc storage system deck with integrally formed snubbers
Filtering apparatus for disk drive
Apparatuses and methods for improving disk pack balancing in disk drives including methods for cente...
Pedestal defined zero throat writer having a recessed pedestal
Method for making a perpendicular magnetic recording write head with a self aligned stitched write s...
Flexure design and assembly process for attachment of slider using solder and laser reflow
Disk drive suspension with limiter feature
Method and system for providing a stable spin filter
Magnetoresistive element magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic memory
Continued verification in non-volatile memory write operations
Read channel apparatus and method for an optical storage system
Continuous drainage adaptor
Stabilizers for use in substantially light-insensitive thermographic recording materials
Thermal recording material
Genetic polymorphisms associated with coronary stenosis, methods of detection and uses thereof
Gene associated with regulation of energy balance, obesity and diabetes and uses therefor
Melanocortin metallopeptides for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Diagnostic and monitoring methods for cancer
Polycyclic compounds which modulate PPAR.gamma. type receptors and cosmetic/pharmaceutical compositi...
Human and rat PGC-3, PPAR-gamma coactivations and splice variants thereof
Molecular fingerprinting of triglycerides in biological samples by electrospray ionization tandem ma...
Method and apparatus for frequency tuning of a micro-mechanical resonator
Illumination optical device, photolithography machine, and exposure method
Optical pickup apparatus having an improved holographic unit, and optical disk drive including the s...
Ultra-linear signal processing for radar and laser radar
Method and apparatus for controlling write power in an optical drive
Method and apparatus for detecting a moving projectile
Optical pick-up device
Fluorescence based laser alignment and testing of complex beam delivery systems and lenses
Magnetically controlled heat sink
Semiconductor laser and apparatus
Semiconductor laser module and method of assembling the same
Excimer or molecular fluorine laser system with precision timing
Free space optical data link for aircraft
Engine boost pressure control
Hybrid transmission and mode-shift control for hybrid vehicle
Lock for a door of a motor vehicle
Cover module
Stow in floor automotive seat assembly
Hold-open assembly for a recliner seat locking mechanism
Exhaust gas purification apparatus
Transmission oil composition for automobile
System and method of active equalization between power supply systems sharing a rechargeable electri...
Steering assistance method and device for a motor vehicle
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Radiator grille for vehicle
Bumper for vehicle
Method of fabrication of low-loss filter and frequency multiplexer
Universal boxcar with exterior metal surfaces
Passive damping of vibrations in a support structure
Laser projection with object feature detection
Golf club head
Aortic occluder with associated filter and methods of use during cardiac surgery
Guide catheter
Lining ducts
Compositions and composites of cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials and resins, and methods of m...
System and method for microwave non-destructive inspection
Epoxy compound, preparation method thereof, and use thereof
Thin film coil, method of manufacturing the same, coil structure, and method of manufacturing the sa...
Electro-optically inspecting and determining internal properties and characteristics of a longitudin...
Flat needle-punched non woven of natural and/or synthetic fibers
Apparatus and method for performing spinal surgery
Method for refolding proteins containing free cysteine residues
Clamping fixture for coating stents, system using the fixture, and method of using the fixture
Neuroprotective effect of growth hormone
Methods and compositions for identifying morphogen analogs
Methods for assessing risk for cardiac dysrythmia in a human subject
Optical disc labeling device
User interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Animated progress meter for a display screen
Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Portion of an electronic camera
Portion of an electronic camera
Image processing apparatus, image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, camera system, c...
Weighted absolute difference based noise reduction method and apparatus
Audio reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for deinterlacing interleaved video
Method and system for generating reference signals with improved correlation characteristics for acc...
Transmitter identification system
Method and apparatus for an integrated high definition television controller
Shifting letterbox video to prolong display life
System, method, and apparatus for displaying streams with dynamically changing formats
Bad editing detection device
Device for receiving video signals and a method of controlling one such device
Apparatus and method for controlled movement of pixel imaging device
Fusion night vision system
Object activity modeling method
Apparatus and method for displaying three-dimensional image
Method of detecting and measuring a moving object and apparatus therefor, and a recording medium for...
Representation and coding of panoramic and omnidirectional images
Gas operating system for firearm simulators
Pseudo-cuneiform tactile display
Hammer head training target
Phlebotomy training device
Mobile Game Download to a Cellular Phone Via a Down Load Module by an Internet Access
Construction layout and angle measurement tool
Mixing rod with U-shaped member
Circuit selectable receptacle
Method for fabricating cellular structural panels
Wall patch
Combination tool for cutting and rolling
Pneumatic mud stamp
Electrical connection box
Framing system
Wall scrubber for blown insulation
Electrical box mounting plate
Radio receiver and method for detecting carrier waves
Radio-Receiver Front-End and A Method For Frequency Converting An Input Signal
Universal radio module
Method for Managing Resources in a Communication System and Equipment for Carrying Out Said Method
Other-cell interference-based uplink control
Frequency Channel Assigning System, Base Station, Control Station, Inter-System Common Control Appar...
Method and system for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
Spectrum utilization in a radio system
Method and apparatus for radio connection setup in a mobile communication system
System for transmitting two-way radio communications via computer networks
Tuned directional antennas
Machine for intraoperative radiation therapy
Visual indicator for electrosurgical instrument fields
Mobile station and method of a navigation system
Method for payment processing, billhead for payment processing, billhead generation facility and fac...
Image data conversion system and method
Capacitor with battery form factor housing
Data storage apparatus
Stopwatch and watch
Optical disk apparatus and method for recording and reproducing an optical disk
Apparatus and method for searching transmission signal from neighboring base station
Increased laser output energy and average power at wavelengths below 35 nm
DS-CDMA integration spreading coherent receiver
Oversampling D/A converter and method for shaping nonlinear intersymbol interference in an oversampl...
X-ray micro-target source
Method for activating a hearing device
Optical amplifiers
Method and apparatus for estimating a channel based on channel statistics
Combined printing press
Epindolidione pigments
Substrate for ink jet head, ink jet head using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Mounting structure for engine cover
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a plasma
Molded weather strip
World timepiece
Article storage structure for scooter-type vehicle
Method and apparatus for measuring the surface of a golf green
Golf putting practice device
Golf putter
Multi-layer golf ball
Synthetic grass with resilient granular top surface layer
High voltage sensor device and method therefor
Compositions and processes for format-flexible, roll-to-roll manufacturing of electrophoretic displa...
Nonvolatile semiconductor static random access memory device
System, method and program product for house automation
Method and apparatus for vibration detection, method and apparatus for vibration analysis, lithograp...
Systems, methods, and software applications for modeling the structure of enterprises
System and methodology that facilitates client and server interaction in a distributed industrial au...
Methods and systems for communicating with service technicians in a telecommunications system
Optimistic reads in a multi-node environment
Device and method for writing data in a processor to memory at unaligned location
Program, method and apparatus for disk array control
Self-timed reliability and yield vehicle with gated data and clock
Generic layer for virtual object resolution
Gas lighter
Stand for an electrical appliance
Nail file
M-shaped nail file
Helmet for hockey goalie or the like
Rigid mask for skiing and snowboarding
Batter's helmet
Batter's helmet
Cat scratcher
Drum washing machine
Drum washing machine
Drum washing machine
Drum washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Separator plate for cabinet of drum type washing machine
Refuse collection cart
Forklift truck
System and method for securing signals
Elliptic scalar multiplication system
Digital signature and authentication method and apparatus
System and method for securing access to memory modules
Power line communication device and method of using the same
Forward multiple scrambling code generating method and apparatus
Device and method for producing an encoded audio and/or video data stream
Integration of secure identification logic into cell phone
Method and apparatus for time-based charging for broadcast-multicast services (BCMCS) in a wireless ...
Data distribution system
Kalanchoe plant named `Mona`
Ipomoea plant named `Emerald Splash`
Petunia plant named `PET0605`
Myosotis plant named `Baby Blue`
Verbascum plant named `Gold Nugget` Arctic Summer)
Cortaderia plant named `Evita`
Impatiens plant named `Bodlizorgnov`
Petunia plant named `PET0606`
Lantana plant named `Liberty Bell`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovail`
Coreopsis plant named `Strawberry Lemonade`
Impatiens plant named `Boddblorgbi`
Ipomoea plant named `IP059`
Osteospermum plant named `GG DEL PWN06`
Impatiens plant named `Imdohopi`
Soft handover method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service in a CDMA mobile communication syste...