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System and method for application-transparent synchronization with a persistent data store
Method for rebalancing free disk space among network storages virtualized into a single file system ...
Method, system, and program for archiving files
Processes for producing a fluororesin powder having curable functional groups and its coating compos...
Metallic ink and capillary marker
Regulatory element from a sugarcane proline rich protein and uses thereof
Biological fluid analysis device
Piezoelectric element, fabrication method for the same, and inkjet head, inkjet recording apparatus ...
Compositions for thin-film capacitance device, high-dielectric constant insulating film, thin-film c...
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry
Surgical procedures and instruments
Piezoelectric element
Manufacturing method of airtight container, manufacturing method of image display device, and bondin...
Low-temperature fabrication of glass optical components
Vehicle allocation processing apparatus, system, method, and program, and recording medium recording...
Manufacturing system and controller, controlling method, controlling system, and control program for...
Image display unit
Double side probing of semiconductor devices
Methods and apparatus for a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent display device and organic electroluminescent dis...
Mounting structure, electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing electr...
Electro-optic device having multi-layer conductive layer, method of manufacturing the same, and elec...
Liquid crystal display device
Exposure apparatus
Image display device and electronic apparatus using same, and image display method of same
Driving circuit and display device
Laser shock peening
Tilted media for hard disk drives and magnetic data storage devices
Cover plate for wall mounting electrical apparatus
Ceramic circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Handle for an apparatus for preparing a hot beverage
HTTP redirector
Array antenna and radio communication apparatus using the same
Method and system for managing high-availability-aware components in a networked computer system
Rotational position detector and recording-reproducing unit utilizing the same
Counting scheme with automatic point-of-reference generation
Internet facsimile machine with communication management recording function
Small size antenna, surface mounting type antenna and antenna device as well as radio communication ...
Variable matching circuit, variable resonance circuit, variable phase-shifting circuit and variable ...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive films and laminates made by using the same
Method for smooth trap suppression of small graphical objects
Show-through compensation apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for determining a location of data in an open specification environment
Polycarbonates and photoconductive imaging members
Photosensitive member having vision pigment deletion control additive
Phase change inks containing trans-1,2-cyclohexane bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Purgeable print head reservoir
Inkjet recording device and inkjet recording method
Drop emitting apparatus
Carrier bead pickoff device
Xerographic fusing apparatus with a temperature-sensitive positioning mechanism for a heating elemen...
Non-iterative method of calculating image skew
Recording medium and hologram reader
Method and apparatus for variable data document printing
Spring loaded holders
Magnetic securement device magnetically attached to a sheetrock fastener
Method and system for alert delivery architecture
Connection architecture for a mobile network
System and method for aggregating information to determine users' locations
Calendar stepping mechanism
Print processing system and method with image advisor service
Organizer cover with external concealment flaps
Environment aware message delivery
Polymer mixture of hydrogels with different pH value
3,5-Disubstituted-[1,2,4]-oxadiazoles and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosi...
Security bar with multiple internal rolling bars and electronic monitoring
Methods and apparatus for a computer network firewall with multiple domain support
Dynamic bandwidth allocation in a reservation system
Internet protocol security framework utilizing predictive security association re-negotiation
Transmission of voice in packet switched networks
Remote control of functions via wireless transmission of text-based messages
Packet switching access platform
Multiple pump parametric apparatus having no idler broadening
Method and apparatus for reducing repetitive motion injuries in a computer user
Reconfigurable plasma antenna with interconnected gas enclosures
Feminine hygiene kit
Iterative resequencing
Indicating device
Orally administered liquid compositions
Weighing baled material
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Carrier and developer for latent electrostatic image development, container housing developer, image...
Multilayer, corrosion-resistant finish and method
Mobile apparatus and process for treating infectious waste
Fence rolling apparatus and methods
Enclosure for refuse and recyclable containers
Juice extractor with bottom loading strainer tube
Apparatus for cleaning toner cartridges
Protein biopolymer markers indicative of insulin resistance
Identification of molecular sequence signatures and methods involving the same
Topoisomerase type II gene polymorphisms and their use in identifying drug resistance and pathogenic...
Powered device interface circuit
Mounting apparatus for ball grid array device
Method and apparatus for configuring a programmable logic device
Data structures for representing the logical and physical information of an integrated circuit
Integrated logic circuit and hierarchical design method thereof
Method of selecting cells in logic restructuring
Predicting EM reliability by decoupling extrinsic and intrinsic sigma
Reflective liquid crystal display of high aperture ratio, high transmittance and wide viewing angle
Antistatic properties for thermally developable materials
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Water soluble contact lens blocking composition
Polyurethane composition containing a property-enhancing agent
Terminated conductive patterned sheet utilizing conductive conduits
Arsenic sulfide compounds and derivatives thereof for the treatment of malignancies
Methods for making foamed elastomer gels
Putter-type golf club head with an insert
Fiberglass non-woven catalyst
Cyclodextrin grafted biocompatible amphilphilic polymer and methods of preparation and use thereof
Hydrophobically modified polyethylenimines and polyvinylamines for wrinkle-resistant finishing of te...
Rylene derivatives and their use as dyes
High molecular weight polymers containing pendant salicylic acid groups for clarifying bayer process...
Solid bleach-fixing composition for silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material, and m...
Production of a textile floor covering having more than one layer, using an aqueous polymer dispersi...
Adhesive security tape that allows to detect unauthorized broaching of a package
(Meth) acrylic acid type polymer and unsaturated polyalkylene glycol type copolymer, and methods for...
M-phenylenediamine derivatives as coupler components for the coloring of keratinic fibers
Method of producing low molecular weight chitin/chitosan and method of producing an osteoconduction ...
Method for evaluating optical information medium and optical information medium
Rapidly disintegrating methylcellulose tablets
Pectate lyases
Immobilizing objects in the body
Wound care device
Process for the production of diglycerides
Dimmable metal halide lamp and lighting method
High efficacy lamp in a configured chamber
High lumen output fluorescent lamp with high color rendition
Process for the polymerization of olefins
Environmental bioremediation using shell as an electron donor
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Inkjet recording apparatus
Radionuclide labeling of vitamin B.sub.12 and coenzymes thereof
Method and apparatus for continuous fractional analysis of metallic mercury and water-soluble mercur...
Method and apparatus for removing particulate and vapor phase contaminants from a gas stream
Magnesium aluminum silicate structures for DPF applications
Metal halide lamp and automotive headlamp apparatus
Dual spiral fluorescent lamp
Digital document storage
Information source monitor device for network information, monitoring and display method for the sam...
MHC complexes and uses thereof
Diagnosis of coeliac disease using a gliadin epitope
Computer and program recording medium
Method and apparatus for prioritizing a high priority client
Superposition of data over voice
Switch queue predictive protocol (SQPP) based packet switching technique
Method and apparatus for processing information
Data management method
Ink with cohesive failure and identification document including same
Cellular radiotelephone system with remotely programmed mobile stations
Information and internet access kiosk
Nucleotide sequences for transcriptional regulation in corynebacterium glutamicum
Method for treating non-woven webs
Positive pressure fresh meat packaging system
Transgenic plants resistant to Sclerotinia and Phoma lingam
Process for the selective modification of carbohydrates by peroxidase catalyzed oxidation
Snow removal machine with system for applying a surface treatment material
Expression in plants of starch binding domains and/or of protein-fusions containing starch binding d...
Brassica or helianthus plants having mutant delta-12 or delta-15 sequences
Siloxane resins with oxetane functionality
Method and system for network load balancing with a compound data structure
System and method for appending server-side glossary definitions to transient web content in a netwo...
Interleaving of information into compressed digital audio streams
Wireless music device and method therefor
Copying a portion of a database structure associated with a query
Method and system for improving response time for database query execution
Database system, server, query posing method, and data updating method
Engine control apparatus
Air amount calculator for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing regulating apparatus with improved phase control response
Control apparatus
Exhaust reductant generation in a direct injection engine with cylinder deactivation
Method and device for controlling the opening of an intake valve of an internal combustion engine
Valve control to reduce modal frequencies that may cause vibration
Dynamic valve timing adjustment mechanism for internal combustion engines
Valve train for internal combustion engine
Apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Pneumatically actuated valve for internal combustion engines
Indirect variable valve actuation for an internal combustion engine
Intake valve cleaning method for a direct injection engine with computer controlled intake valves
Valve lifter guide
Gearbox comprising two rotatable disks which are arranged inside each other and are connected by mea...
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine valve actuation
Deposit removal for internal combustion engine
Solenoid spool valve
Article of jewelry
Multifunctional printer and method for displaying image data to be transmitted
Image pickup system
On-vehicle information provision apparatus
Method and system for a software release process
Server apparatus and method to distribute media data
Autogenerated play lists from search criteria
Multiple waveguide coaxial ceiling loudspeaker
Cargo container having an audio system
Substrate element with integrated antenna structure
Device for detecting and evaluating objects in the surroundings of a vehicle
Process for updating map data and navigation system
Vehicle safety system
Prompting apparatus for fastening seatbelt
Method and apparatus for determining the location of a node in a wireless system
Spiral wrap golf club grip
Using photographer identity to classify images
Multi-layer conductor with carbon nanotubes
Touchscreen with conductive layer comprising carbon nanotubes
Touchscreen with one carbon nanotube conductive layer
Reporting link layer status information using heterogeneous network handover module in mobile commun...
Method of creating and distributing sponsor-imprinted content used to catalyze consumer engagement w...
Systems and methods for measuring the effectiveness of in-store display advertising
System and method for posting available time slots to a network hub
Tire air pressure monitoring system
Production of radio frequency ID tags
Direct conversion radio station operable pursuant to a coded squelch scheme and associated method
Hands-free device for a mobile telephone
Communications device, system and method
Wide bandwidth transceiver
Radio communication system
Wireless high-speed data network planning tool
Method and apparatus for implementing a handoff between radio access networks deployed under differe...
Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system
Wireless communication network security method and system
Connection system base part and adapter part for connecting mobile radio terminals
Low noise amplifier with constant input impedance
Radio frequency circuit for multi-mode operation
Apparatus and methods for packaging antennas with integrated circuit chips for millimeter wave appli...
Radio wave receiving system, imaging system and radio wave receiving method
Battery coupled to adapter and tip
Wind turbine generator system
Configurable heating pad controller
Negative voltage regulator
Control circuit for monitoring and maintaining a bootstrap voltage in an N-channel buck regulator
Over-current detection circuit in a switch regulator
DC power source unit with battery charging function
Educational Battle Game And Method Of Teaching The Periodic Table Of The Elements
Order evaluation system for use in a healthcare location
Rules-base patient care system for use in healthcare locations
Using predictive models to continuously update a treatment plan for a patient in a health care locat...
Phlebotomy training device
Gun practice device using laser indicator
Authenticating method and apparatus
Impact resistant polyureaurethane and polyureaurethane prepolymer having low NCO/OH ratio
Glass fiber forming compositions
Convertible roof fabric attachment
Piston ring having wear resistant composition
Instrumentation guide for orthopedic surgery
Multiple material golf club head
Lock with internal retainer
System and method for estimating quantization error in sampled data
Vehicle front structure
Drive mechanism for selectively opening and closing a closure panel manually or automatically
Engine fuel injection control device
Collapsible table arrangement for vehicles
Method of manufacturing, 100% grained with non-shut-off condition two shot interior component
RF excited gas laser
Solid laser apparatus
Tuneable laser
Recording layer determination apparatus for determining whether recording layer of recording medium ...
Efficient optical coherence tomography (OCT) system and method for rapid imaging in three dimensions
Optical transmitter with SBS suppression
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Driver circuit and method for driving an electronic component
Systems and methods for using cascoded output switch in low voltage high speed laser diode and EAM d...
Laser diode arrays with replaceable laser diode bars and methods of removing and replacing laser dio...
Method of removing acid component in deteriorated acetate film
Polypharmacophoric agents
Process for the preparation of 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 10a-octahydro-7bH-cyclopenta[b] [1, 4]diazepino...
Substituted benzoxazinones and uses thereof
Substituted diaryl heterocycles, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Gastric band introduction device
Oxazole-aryl-carboxylic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Cannabiniod receptor ligands and uses thereof
1,2,4-oxadiazole derivatives as hPPAR alpha agonists
System and method for providing common event format using alert index
Product identity data
Subscriber identity module verification during power management
Generic attribute database system
Apparatus and method to provide one-click logon service for wireless devices
Automatic routing and information system for telephonic services
Customer-oriented telecommunications data aggregation and analysis method and object oriented system
Public switched broadband network
Multi-sourced extensible publishing and editorial system and related methods
Methods and apparatus for dynamically allocating bandwidth between ATM cells and packets
On-line tension measurement in an optical fiber
Reflective display device using photonic crystals
Apparatus for detecting light-transmissive sheet-like body
Multispectral imaging chip using photonic crystals
Glass compositions
Laser processing robot system
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
Operating device
Manufacture of web superabsorbent polymer and fiber
Decladding method and decladding device for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing
Transgenic plant-based vaccines
Production of foreign nucleic acids and polypeptides in sprout systems
Methods and devices for treating dural puncture
Storage and delivery vessel for two-part medicament
Method for the mass production of immunoglobulin constant region
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides
Combined use of ribavirin and interferon beta in demyelinating diseases
Combined treatments comprising synthetic peptide copolymers for preventing graft rejection
Gram positive bacterial mutants and methods of generating and using such mutants
Gene markers for lung cancer
Kinase sequences useful for developing compounds for the prevention and/or treatment of metabolic di...
Hibiscus anthocyanins for inhibiting cancers
White peony extract for improving the duration and quality of sleep
Plastic tote of cedar-filled material
Method for treating infectious diseases
Compositions of natural products and use thereof
Compositions and methods for the treatment of allergic rhinitis
Antiviral preparations obtained from a natural cinnamon extract
Slimming soap
Diet supplement for burning additional calories, providing sustained energy, supporting weight loss,...
Combined effects of nutrients on proliferation of stem cells
Sterile sampling device
Metabolite transporters
Method for purifying succinic acid from fermentation broth
Sulfonated aryl sulfonate matrices and method of production
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Detection and recognition of analytes
Method for forming concavo-convex pattern, method for manufacturing master disk, method for manufact...
Todd J. Tocco self replenishing condensation to hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen from any type of refr...
White pigment for water-based ink and process for producing the same
Culture media and methods of making and using culture media
Soft tissue processing
Palliative effects of morinda citrifolia oil and juice
Hydrate-based reduction of fluid inventories and concentration of aqueous and other water-containing...
Mobile desalination plants and systems, and methods for producing desalinated water
Spacer element for guiding flow media
Method and apparatus for a water filter backflush
Reverse osmosis filtering assembly
Electrolytic cell for producing charger anode water suitable for surface cleaning or treatment, and ...
Cleaning method and a cleaning device for cleaning an edge portion and back face of a wafer
Inks containing water-soluble perylene dyes and their use in ink-jet printing
Rose named 'Her Ice'
Hybrid tea rose plant named 'Meizoele'
Inbred corn line KW7U203
Novel brassica plants
Methods for production of chitin and chitosan
Genes upregulated in a tomato plant having an increased anthocyanin content phenotype
Resistance to soybean aphid in early maturing soybean germplasm
Non-autonomous transposon gene of rice transformed plant and method of use
Promoters and utilization thereof
Benzoate inductible promoters
Method for identifying herbicidally active substances
Methods for producing a hybrid seed product
Nucleic acid construct, metabolic disordered non-human animal and use thereof
Method for cloning of the rat by nuclear transfer
Method of determining xenograft responses
Mammal prolactin variants
Multimodality imaging of reporter gene expression using a novel fusion vector in living cells and an...
Methods and compositions for defining gene function
Method for optimizing search for spinal cord stimulation parameter settings
Device for muscle stimulation
Enzymes involved in triterpene synthesis
Atlas reporting
Personal Mobile Computing Device Having Antenna Microphone and Speech Detection for Improved Speech ...
Integrated global layout and local microstructure topology optimization approach for spinal cage des...
Multipiece implants formed of bone material
Fully porous prosthetic hip stem
Insert for a cotyloid implant cup for a joint prosthesis, cotyloid implant and joint prosthesis
Leaflike shaft of a hip-joint prosthesis for anchoring in the femur
Procedure for the treatment of cuff tear arthropathy
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Anatomic total disc replacement
Minimally invasive apparatus to manipulate and revitalize spinal column disc
Convex spinal fusion interbody spacer
Implant for stabilizing a bone graft during spinal fusion
Bone implants with integrated line locks
Intervertebral ligament having a helical bone fastener
Hydrophilic polymeric coatings for medical articles
Nanoporous stents with improved radiolucency
Nanoporous stents with magnesium leaching
Mechanism for ring buffering in an arbitrary-action tracing framework
Rebuilding of dynamic maps and data managed thereby
Method and apparatus for caching storage system
Memory system
Methods and systems for pre-merge read of configuration data from a foreign volume group inserted in...
Configurable memory system
Cache entry selection method and apparatus
Mechanism for selectively blocking peripheral device accesses to system memory
Data I/O system using a plurality of mirror volumes
System and method for allocating spare disks in networked storage
Scalability management module for dynamic node configuration
Data distribution, analysis and methods using integrated entertainment appliances
Starch/carboxylated polymer composites
Defoaming agents devoid of emulsifiers, method for producing said agents and use thereof
Full length polynucleotide coding chicken type II collagen and the use of it
Agent for adsorbing protein from protein-containing liquids in the foood sector
Toxic agent sensor and detector method, apparatus, and system
Method of preparing a heat-treated product
Detection of antigen specific immunocomplexes
Method for screening of a lipase having improved enzymatic activity using yeast surface display vect...
Biodegradable and compostable material
Multipurpose dry mix applicable in sweet and savoury food applications
Process for the preparation of confectionery products containing floral material
Extraction of compounds from dairy products
Ink jet printing of snacks with high reliability and image quality
Packaging, unit comprising such a packaging and a food product, and sheet for the production of said...
Package for pasta, machine and method for obtaining said package
Production of edible substrates
Perimeter enhancement on edible products
Collagen hydrolysate
Food blending apparatus and method of use
Mobile serving unit
Method of using locality statistics characteristic to enhance gamma corrections
Spatio-temporal video noise reduction system
Post-synchronizing an information stream including lip objects replacement
Synchronization of chroma and luma using handshaking
Method and device for determining the spacing between a first and a second signal sequence
Docking station assembly for transmitting digital files
Multi-modal reproducing apparatus and digital camera
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method using plural photoelectric conversion sections per pi...
Image pickup apparatus capable of making effective depiction by reducing pixel signals
Image processing and inspection system
Digital video signal processing apparatus of mobile communication system and method thereof
Wire loop height measurement apparatus and method
CMOS light sensing cell
Methods and devices for analyzing crystalline content of precipitates and crystals without isolation
Reduced complexity interconnect for two dimensional multislice detectors
Radiation monitor
Flexible composite radiation detector
Enhanced homologous recombination mediated by lambda recombination proteins
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Drawer for X-ray detectors
Compositions based on semicrystalline thermoplastic resins and block copolymers, resulting materials...
Organic nucleating agents that impart very high impact resistance and other beneficial physical prop...
UV-transparent pressure sensitive adhesive
Continuous hydrosilylation process
MEMS based space safety infrared sensor apparatus and method
Method and magnetic resonance tomography apparatus for producing phase-coded flow images
Packet switching node
Microscope with position detection of changers of optical components
Method of instrument standardization for a spectroscopic device
Method and apparatus for high speed data dumping and communication for a down hole tool
Magnetic resonance apparatus having a hollow interior with a gradient coil disposed therein
High sensitivity atomic magnetometer and methods for using same
Tunable laser fluid sensor
M. haemolytica outer membrane protein P1pE as a vaccine or vaccine component against shipping fever
Paramyxoviruses comprising modified transcription start sequence
Latent reactive blood compatible agents
Amino acid free stable aluminum/zirconium antiperspirant solution
Drug-polymer coated stent with blended phenoxy and styrenic block copolymers
Methods of feed purification for olefin polymerization
Through-air dryer assembly
Method of making paper using reformable fabrics
Convertible dispenser for sheet material
Absorbent article with time-delayed absorbent binder composition
Incontinence garment having pleated extensible liquid retention layer
System and method for gain control of audio sample packets
System and method for automatically generating an alert message with supplemental information
Pre-paid telephone calling card having an associated pre-recorded personal greeting
Method for transmitting data in a telecommunications network and switch for implementing said method
System and method for providing shared line appearances in a distributed call routing network
Network system and method for automatically interfacing with communication apparatus of different st...
Transfer roller with resistivity range
Heating tower apparatus and method with wind direction adaptation
Olefin trimerization using a catalyst comprising a source of chromium, molybdenum or tungsten and a ...
Mixed metallocene catalyst systems containing a poor comonomer incorporator and a good comonomer inc...
Detecting apparatus for cold cathode lamp
Heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by .alpha..sub.4 integrins
Method and apparatus for algorithm fusion of high-resolution electrocardiograms
Three hybrid assay system
Atraumatic laser tip for atrial fibrillation treatment
Check valve and fuel cell system using the same
Method for producing dialdehydes and or ethylenically unsaturated monoaldehydes by hydroformylating ...
Method for manufacturing a wiring board
Impact tool
Oral care implement
API communications for vertex and pixel shaders
Reduction in power consumption in CDMA receiver terminal when signal is received in transmission div...
Gelatinous elastomer compositions and articles for use as fishing bait
Work transfer method for transfer press and work transfer apparatus for transfer press or press
Optical fiber with quantum dots
Piston arrangement
Substrate for volatile delivery systems
Skin care compositions
Recycled waste as air entrainment admixtures
Sesquiterpene oxides as perfuming and flavoring agents
Air freshener and method
Substituted heterocyclic compounds for treating multidrug resistance
Substituted 1-benzoyl-3-cyano-pyrrolo [1,2-a] quinolines and analogs as activators of caspases and i...
Composition for removal of odors and contaminants from textiles and method
Hair color compositions and methods for coloring hair
Substrate for liquid crystal display,liquid crystal display having the same,and having pixel apertur...
Epilator case
Cradle conversion system
Optical media pick and process
Non-contact shuttle valve for flow diversion in high pressure systems
Sulfamides as gamma-secretase inhibitors
Lubricious coating
Insulating glazing and method for making same
Quantitative lateral flow assays and devices
Apparatus and method for MALDI source control with external image capture
Microluidic valve having two revolving valve elements
Method and apparatus for reformatting dialed numbers
Fluid sampling device, tubular sampling coupon, and system and method for sampling equipment and flu...
Method and apparatus for transmission and reception of data
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
Selective illumination of regions of an electronic display
Method and apparatus for noise shaping in direct digital synthesis circuits
Wireless communication terminal and voltage controlled oscillator therefor
Method and gateway for controlling call routing
Apparatus, method, and kit for probing a pattern of points on a printed circuit board
Method and system for recirculating fluid in a well system
Systems and methods for testing a device-under-test
Structure and material for assembling a low-K Si die to achieve a low warpage and industrial grade r...
Portion of cleaning sheet
Method of manufacturing a circuit board and its manufacturing apparatus
Method of annotating an item with electronic data and apparatus therefor
Safety cover for post brackets, column base connectors, and the like
Plaque to display quarters
Lift-up laptop computer workstation
Dry erase display unit
Card assembly with vertical magnetic stripes
Refrigerated display case
Appliance display unit
Use of ladostigil for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Anti-reflective structures
Optical amplifier
Multiple stage Raman optical amplifier
Segmented electrodes for poling of ferroelectric crystal materials
Micro mirror unit and method of making the same
Micromirror systems with electrodes configured for sequential mirror attraction
Optical switch
Sensor apparatus for extraction machinery for milking mammals
Computer rack mounting system
Nanotube-organic photoelectric conversion device and methods of making same
Genes regulating circadian clock function and photoperiodism
Plant amino acid biosynthetic enzymes
DNAs coding for flavone synthases, methods of using flavone synthase DNAs, and plants, flowers, and ...
DNAs coding for flavone synthases, methods of using flavone synthase DNAs, and plants, flowers, and ...
Conversion of sucralose-6-ester to sucralose
Process of making an alpha-anomer enriched 2-deoxy-2,2-diflouro-d-ribofuranosyl sulfonate and use th...
Hyaluronate synthase gene and uses thereof
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering ...
R2D2: an enzyme of RNA silencing
Method for precipitating nucleic acid with visible carrier
High-throughput methods for detecting DNA methylation
System and method for source code analysis
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while restricting access to the drug by patients for whom...
Vacuum storage system and method
Outdoor cooking apparatus
Device, system and method for fluid additive injection into a viscous fluid food stream
Food peeler
Method of controlling temperature of fuser of image forming apparatus
Iris recognition method and system using the same
Apparatus and method for providing security in a base or mobile station by using detection of face i...
Apparatus and method for transmitting data between transmission systems using dissimilar phase clock...
Method for managing system resources in network system in which digital interface is used for connec...
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing optical disk
Compatible optical pickup and method of aligning optical axes therein
Apparatus and method for generating write pulse appropriate for various optical recording media
Method and system for managing resources in wireless communication systems
Over-the-air card provisioning system and method
Spatio-temporal processing for communication
System and method for providing telephonic content security service in a wireless network environmen...
Apparatus for using a modified queue to facilitate group communications
Wireless local access network system detection and selection
Method and apparatus for adaptive wireless information handling system bridging
Efficient frame retransmission in a wireless communication environment
System and method for channel assignment with adaptive modulation in wireless communications
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
Ink jet printhead assembly with modular printheads
Liquid crystal display device
Coil component and method of manufacturing the same
Filter chip and filter device
Magnetic sensor having a closed magnetic path formed by soft magnetic films
Body shape for remote controller
Parametric compression/decompression modes for quantization matrices for digital audio
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Rebate processing system and method offering selectable disbursement options
System and method for outside plant construction pit scheduling tool and log
Sales data processing system, portable electronic terminal, and home delivery receiving method
Methods and systems for automatically modeling a relationship between a configurable product and a p...
System and method for accessing local services with a mobile terminal
Extracting information from input data using a semantic cognition network
Methods, systems and computer program products for segmented presentation of service order status in...
Data abstraction model driven physical layout
Inference control method in a data cube
Automated multi-line labeling of a time axis
Data-space tracking with index data-spaces and data data-spaces
Method and system for native-byte form handling
Aryl or heteroaryl fused imidazole compounds as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents
Photocurable endoprosthesis system
Catheters having laterally deployable needles
N-substituted-2-oxodihydropyridine derivatives
Bioabsorbable blends and surgical articles therefrom
Phthalimide carboxylic acid derivatives
Electronic ballast having resonance excitation for generating a transfer voltage
Chimeric GB virus B (GBV-B)
Random peptides that bind to gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) transport receptors and related methods
Development of thermoplastic composites using wet use chopped strand (WUCS)
Transition metal complexes, ligands, polymerization catalysts for olefins, and process for productio...
Method for using asymmetric OPC structures on line ends of semiconductor pattern layers
Light source apparatus, its manufacturing method and apparatus, reflector focal position-locating me...
Signal transmission device, signal transmission method, electronic device, and electronic equipment
Multiple-frequency common antenna
Machine tool probe
Detection of bodies
Broadband coupler technique for electrical connection to power lines
Endpoint event processing system
Multilayer capacitor
Solenoid assembly
Coating and a seal consisting of said coating
Pilot transmission schemes for a multi-antenna system
Jaw crusher
Differentiation-suppressive polypeptide serrate-2 and methods of use
Valve arrangement and hydraulic drive
Recessed lamp mount
Time synchronization schemes wherein at least one data message associates a hardware pulse with a fu...
Image forming apparatus, part detachable device and image forming apparatus main body that switches ...
Automatic conditioning of data accumulated by sensors monitoring supply chain processes
Networking applications for automated data collection
Polthiophenes and devices thereof
Wireless communication medium and method of manufacturing the same
High conductivity inks with low minimum curing temperatures
Methods for applying crystalline materials
Multi-account card with magnetic stripe data and electronic ink display being changeable to correspo...
Systems and methods for tracking pharmaceuticals within a facility
Check accepting and cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Data recording medium, reading device, recording device, and methods thereof
Packaging incorporating volume-measurement capability using RFID tags
Item finding using RF signalling
Monitoring and alarm system
Management and distribution of surgical supplies within an RFID enabled network
Article management system
Pressure measurement and relief for microwave-assisted chemical reactions
MOS transistor having a work-function-dominating layer
Stabilized gas emulsion containing phospholipid for ultrasound contrast enhancement
Process for producing polymerizable polybranched polyester
Epoxy resin composition
Photo radical generator, photo sensitive resin composition and article
Electrooptic compounds and methods for making
Photothermographic material
Orthoester compositions and methods of use in subterranean applications
Molecular actuators, and methods of use thereof
Deflection plate weight sensor for vehicle seat
Method for controlling a shiftable clutch in the drive train of a 4-wheel drive motor vehicle
Motorcycle with a rear-mounted radiator
Roll-related reactive system
Engine compartment cover for work machine
Method for controlling a wheel drive system of a hybrid vehicle
Combined palm-held liquid and lotion applicator and cover
Eye template
Portion of lighting fixture
Light fixture
Lighting fixture crystals
Outdoor lantern
Light fixture
Container for mascara
Back rag
Cuticle nipper
Cover for a hand dryer
Hand dryer
Halogen searchlight with power station
Object bridge for providing access to operations-level control of a data processing system
Method of inducing anergic T helper cells
Removal of toxic/hazardous chemicals absorbed in building materials
Process for the production of L-amino acids by fermentation using coryneform bacteria
Oxidizing enzymes
Recovery method for immobilized biocatalysts
Cooler and umbrella assembly
Transponder for tire condition monitoring apparatus
Radio frequency voltage controlled oscillator
High frequency power amplifier module, and wireless communication system
Self-powered power bus sensor employing wireless communication
Radiation shielded module and method of shielding microelectronic device
Direct epoxidation process
Catalyzed diesel particulate matter filter with improved thermal stability
Particulate burning catalyst
Stable pharmaceutical formulation of paroxetine hydrochloride and a process for preparation thereof
Refractory articles
Dielectric composition comprising powder of glass containing copper oxide useful for light transpare...
Surface treated pigments
Amino phosphoryl treated titanium dioxide
Dental molding, in particular an artificial tooth
Apparatus for destroying dividing cells
Signal transmitting cable
Interferometric modulators having charge persistence
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Titanium white paint for ice surfaces
Enzymes involved in triterpene synthesis
Sulfonimide-containing poly(arylene ether)s and poly(arylene ether sulfone)s, methods for producing ...
Polymeric/oligomeric methacrylate functionalized amide acetals in coatings
Processes for the bioconversion of a fermentable carbon source to 1,3-propanediol by a single microo...
Aqueous developable photoimageable compositions for use in photo-patterning methods
Handheld computer console emulation module and method of managing a logically-partitioned multi-user...
Analytical virtual machine
Method, system and program product that utilize a configuration database to configure a hardware dig...
Maintaining screen and form state in portlets
Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for comparing series of cells
Method and system of modifying data in functional latches of a logic unit during scan chain testing ...
Bus interface module
Method for and system producing shared usage of intercommunication fabric error logging registers in...
Targeted fault tolerance by special CPU instructions
System and method for processor thread acting as a system service processor
Method and apparatus for controlling clocks in a processor with mirrored units
System and method for selectively executing a reboot request after a reset to power on state for a p...
Rack equipment application performance modification system and method
Process for preparing optically active 3-hydroxypyrrolidine derivatives by enzymatic hydroxylation
Photosensitive optically variable ink compositions useful for ink jet printing
Optical reading device and portable communication equipment having the optical reading device
Writing pixels to last fractional pixel positions of tracks of optical discs
Fiber optic rotary joint and associated alignment method
Optical scanner apparatuses and optical scanning methods
Printing web page images via a marked proof sheet
Exposure apparatus
Enhanced light-scattering display
Imidazole derivatives, production method thereof and use thereof
Optically- and electrically-addressable concentrators of biological and chemical materials
Internet-linking scanner
Distributed concurrency control using serialization ordering
Method, system, and program for optimizing database query execution
Method and system for recovering data in a plurality of systems
Method and apparatus for using faceted metadata to navigate through information resources
Magnetic iron oxide particles and magnetic toner using the same
Display panel assembly, display panel case, display panel module, projection display device, and coo...
Light guide device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for forming thin-film, apparatus for forming thin-film, method for manufacturing semiconducto...
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Bioluminescence regenerative cycle (BRC) for nucleic acid quantification
Hard coat film
Driving circuit and display device
Mobile unit with dual panel display
Level conversion circuit and serial/parallel conversion circuit with level conversion function
Light-emitting device and electronic instrument
Tag clip with card carrier
Time and date management apparatus
Apparatus, method and system for maintaining call control at a gateway mobile switching center utili...
Dynamic grouping of wireless terminal
Methods and apparatus for design, adjustment or operation of wireless networks using pre-frequency-a...
MEMS mirror with amplified motion
Micromechanical latching switch
Flip-chip alignment method
Stateful failover protection among routers that provide load sharing using network address translati...
Ring type fiber optic protection
System and method for compressing a data table using models
Method of timing calibration
Systems and method for transporting multiple protocol formats in a lightwave communication network
Differential authentication entity validation scheme for international emergency telephone service
Call category for a call that terminates at announcement server component
Control of the transmission power of a CDMA based system
Weather alert notification to mobile station upon weather alert occurrence during a time period
Wireless base station supporting multiple hyperbands
Network speech-to-text conversion and store
Inhalation device
Method of sludge recycling
Accelerated weathering test method
Golf ball having dual core and thin polyurethane cover formed by RIM
Process for preparing a silica/rubber blend which includes dispersing silica, asilica coupling agent...
Apparatus for making a multi-walled tubular structure
Process for preparation of a microbial agent
Apparatus for processing perfluorocarbon
Method of producing a design on a terracotta container having a glazed surface portion
Selecting a magnetic memory cell write current
Programmable element latch circuit
Method and system for implementing a circuit design in a tree representation
Logic circuit optimizing method, logic circuit optimizing device and logic circuit composing device
Interchangeable integrated circuit building blocks
Structured document edit apparatus, structured document edit method, and program product
Isolation testing circuit and testing circuit optimization method
Fixing functional errors in integrated circuits
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device mounting chip having tracing function
Preventing damage of storage devices and data loss in a data storage system
Filter circuit with automatic adjustment of cutoff frequency via average signal values
Portable ironing pad assembly
Discharge lamp for dielectric barrier discharges, with overhanging discharge electrode sections
Production method of toner, toner, and toner producing apparatus
Imaging system
Water-based pigment dispersions, the production thereof and the use of the same
Adhesive based on biodegradable acrylates
Image-forming color toner, developing agent, image-forming apparatus, toner container, image-forming...
Resin curable with actinic radiation, process for the production thereof, and photocurable and therm...
Field effect transistor
Production method of polyamide
Bumper system incorporating thermoformed energy absorber
Angularly adjustable tree stand
Inner wall lining of the bellows of a connection between two hinge-linked vehicles or vehicle parts
Method of and apparatus for automatically packaging encased product
Plasmid maintenance system for antigen delivery
Polypeptides obtained from gram negative microbes
Methods to treat autoimmune and inflammatory conditions
Fabrication method of multisensors chips for detecting analytes
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Reproduction equipment, reproduction equipment specifying equipment, reproduction equipment specifyi...
Watermark embedding functions in rendering description files
Image processing apparatus for determining specific images
Universal computing device
Method for applying a digital watermark to an output image from a computer program
Signature capture via interface surface with coded marks
Transform domain watermarking of image signals
Apparatus for searching document images using a result of character recognition
Systems and methods for facilitating information retrieval in a telecommunications environment
Dynamic-content web crawling through traffic monitoring
File search method and apparatus, and index file creation method and device
Distributed-processing database-management system
Method for multi-class, multi-label categorization using probabilistic hierarchical modeling
Rotation detecting device and automobile with the same
Vehicle tire pressure monitor
Trimming materials for automobiles
Circuit for controlling voltage in a tire-based unit of tire parameter sensing system and associated...
Assembly comprised of joined conductive components having cataphoretic paint layer and process for m...
Casing structure of transmitter for use in tire condition monitoring apparatus
Process for producing a curved pane arrangement for a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle alternator
Method and device for monitoring the errors of an electronic control unit of an automated transmissi...
Electronic automobile anti-theft apparatus
Steering mechanism with planetary gear system and drive for impressing specific hand torque on the s...
Electric generator control method and apparatus, and vehicle equipped with such apparatus
Device to prevent sudden starting of automobiles
Cabled massive security barrier
Monitoring tool
Bio-energy muscle relaxants
Cysteine variants of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor
Substituted benzoxazoles as estrogenic agents
Substituted biaryl amides as C5A receptor modulators
Formulation for lipophilic agents
Neuroprotective dietary supplement
Process for purification of recombinant porphobilinogen deaminase
Methods and means relating to atherosclerosis
Methods for predicting drug sensitivity in patients afflicted with an inflammatory disease
Process for preparing hypoallergenic and reduced fat foods
Antiseptic compositions and methods
Topical treatment of psoriasis using neutralizing antibodies to interleukin-8
Anti-pro211 polypeptide antibodies
Methods for evaluating tissue morphogenesis and activity
Electronic device containing a carbon nanotube
Thermal interface with silver-filled carbon nanotubes
Polycrystalline optical window materials from nanoceramics
Composite of high melting polymer and nanoclay with enhanced properties
Interfacial polymer incorporation of nanotubes
Methods of fabricating non-volatile memory devices including nanocrystals
Coated carbon nanotube array electrodes
Surface-modified semiconductive and metallic nanoparticles having enhanced dispersibility in aqueous...
Amphipathic proteinaceous coating on nanoporous polymer
Method for assembling nano objects
Formulation of UV absorbers by incorporation in solid lipid nanoparticles
Hydrothermal synthesis of perovskite nanotubes
Carbon nanotube-based device and method for making the same
Mechanical method for generating nanostructures and mechanical device for generating nanostructures
Method of semiconductor nanoparticle synthesis
Non-alloying core shell nanoparticles
Head performance based nano-machining process control for stripe forming of advanced sliders
Patterned carbon nanotube process
Lens apparatus diagnostic system, diagnostic program, record medium, lens diagnostic system and cont...
Motion detector camera
Image pickup apparatus and power supply control method therefor
Auto-focusing lens with progressive variable focal element
Position control device, image blur correction device, and optical apparatus
Camera guard with bezel and ring
Photographing system
Replenishment system for a print media processor
Focal plane shutter
Method and device for rendering an image for a staggered color graphics display
Cellular telephone data communication system and method
Bus clock frequency management based on characteristics of an application program
Replaceable panel device for a handset
Portable terminal device
Mobile communication device having extendable display
Method and apparatus for optimized battery life and authentication in contactless technology
Access control method utilizing a key battery
Wireless headset for communications device
Wireless headset capable of automatic link connection and method for controlling the same
Communication terminal having a text editor application with a word completion feature
Providing multiple perspectives for a venue activity through an electronic hand held device
Antenna apparatus for base station and method of optimizing traffic capacity in CDMA communications ...
Method and apparatus for facilitating over-the-air activation of pre-programmed memory devices
Detachable radio module
Method and network element for connecting a subscriber to a cellular telecommunication network
Optical fiber coating composition and method of preparing a cured coating composition
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar pole light
System and method of automated invoicing for communications between an implantable medical device an...
Maintaining time-sorted aggregation records representing aggregations of values from multiple databa...
Solar tunable filter assembly
Method for modeling detection of camouflaged targets
Stacked microelectronic assemblies
Programmable image computer
Method for tracking the location of mobile agents using stand-off detection technique
Momentum estimator for on-station momentum control
Light emitting traffic sign having vehicle sensing capabilities
Wireless virtual campus escort system
Information transmission system and information transmission apparatus
Wireless cable replacement system
Vehicle back-up alarm system, vehicle, transmitter module, and method
Wireless danger proximity warning system and method
Fuse saving tester for fused circuit
Maximum power point motor control
Photosensitive control with dynamic calibration
Games grid board
Historic wooden adventure system and figures
Balloon inflating and illuminating device