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Digital camera
Antenna for portable phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Mobile phone
Scheduled and autonomous transmission and acknowledgement
Plasma display panel television receiver
Transmit pre-correction in a wireless communication system
Smooth handoff via state exchange in wireless networks
Method and system for electronic compass calibration and verification
Label-free methods for performing assays using a colorimetric resonant reflectance optical biosensor
Metal re-sealable beverage container with pour spout
Method and system for presenting billing information according to a customer-defined hierarchal stru...
Wireless communication network with automatic threshold adjustment
Precise common timing in a wireless network
Providing guiding service by means of a wireless terminal
Method for multiple configurations of wireless network connection settings
Memory device
Method of fabricating polycrystalline silicon thin film for improving crystallization characteristic...
Flow-through optical assay devices providing laminar flow of fluid samples, and methods of construct...
Dielectrophoretic separation of stained cells
Method of decontamination of whole structures and articles contaminated by pathogenic spores
Wireless location determining device
High voltage generator for electrostatic painting equipment
Doppler tracking optical monopulse
Monitor interconnect compensation by signal calibration
System, methods and computer program products for monitoring transport containers
Screening method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing uniform isotropic stresses in a sputtered film
Method for evaluating relative efficiency of equipment
Method of prediction of NOx mass flow in exhaust
Connector header grommet for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for electro photographic image forming capable of effectively performing an eve...
System and method for monitoring the performance of a server
Increasing the level of automation when configuring network services
Transport vectors
Ultraviolet and visible-light-sensitive titania-based photocatalyst
Surface grafted metal oxide particles and compositions comprising the same
Apparatus and methods for detecting DNA in biological samples
Thermally developable materials with abrasion-resistant backside coatings
Tunable composition and method for chemical-mechanical planarization with aspartic acid/tolyltriazol...
Electrical machine with double-sided stator
Electrical machine with double-sided lamination stack
Electrical machine with double-sided rotor
All-weather energy and water production via steam-enhanced vortex tower
Boron complexation strategy for use in manipulating 1-acyldipyrromethanes
Composite structure and method and apparatus for forming the same
Systems and methods for solar distillation
Composite medical device with markers
Methods and personal protection devices for repelling insects
Foldable, expandable framework for a variety of structural purposes
Peer-model support for virtual private networks having potentially overlapping addresses
Method and system for monitoring a selected region of an airspace associated with local area network...
System and method for measuring latency of a selected path of a computer network
Exposure apparatus and method
Amplifying a signal using a control modulator that provides a bias resistance
Frit material and bonding method for microfluidic separation devices
Apparatus for enhancing exercises and methods of using same
Method for automatically creating a denture using laser altimetry to create a digital 3-D oral cavit...
Mini-dental implant surgical stent
Lighted ultrasonic handpiece and color code grip system
Ethyl 3-mercaptobutyrate as a flavoring or fragrance agent and methods for preparing and using same
One-piece ice cream scoop
Refrigerating device for storing and presenting ice cream
Triterpene derivatives and remedies for liver diseases
Marburg I mutant of factor VII activating protease (FSAP) as risk factor for arterial thrombosis
Methods for enlarging the diameter of an artery or vein in a human subject
Tubular stent with oval struts
Catheter balloon with ultrasonic microscalpel blades
Vascular occlusion systems and methods
Blood-flow-occluding, temperature-sensing catheters and methods of use
Assembly for crimping an intraluminal device and method of use
Arylpiperazinyl compounds
Gas discharge lamp dimming control method
Preparation of fluorinated anilines
Toner supply roller
Multi-antenna/multi-receiver array diversity system
Rotary valve
Aneurysm liner with multi-segment extender
Systems and methods for placing materials into bone
Systems and methods for reducing fractured bone using a fracture reduction cannula
Process and device for the treatment of atrial arrhythmia
Dual clamp assembly
Immunogenic peptides comprising a T-helper epitope and a B-cell neutralizing antibody epitope
Method and apparatus for controlling internal combustion engine
Fastening arrangement for a center console module of a motor vehicle
Method and system for implementing IS-IS protocol redundancy
Identification document including embedded data
Manufacturing system with intrinsically safe electric information storage
Circuit forming method
Systems and methods for sensor-based computing
Wireless base station to base station synchronization in a communication system, such as a system em...
Systems and methods for location of objects
Receiving/backscattering arrangement and method with two modulation modes for wireless data transmis...
System for interchanging data between at least two contactless data storage media
Tab plate
Method and apparatus for collecting liquid and extracting tea essence from a tea bag
Steam haircurler
Body air dryer
Triangular piezoelectric lighter head
Track luminaire
Light fixture ornament
Portion of light fixture housing
Fan light cover
Ball washer lamp
Wall lamp
Wall lamp
Light fixture
Flashlight body portion
Flashlight body portion
Spot light
Halogen spotlight with LED spotlight
Rechargeable halogen spotlight with LED light
Portable light source
Biotechnology information naming system
SQL debugging using stored procedures
Program-executing apparatus and portable information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for managing host-based data services using CIM providers
Configuration management utilizing generalized markup language
Selectively handling data processing requests in a computer communications network
System and method for leveraging procurement across companies and company groups
Policy-based management of a redundant array of independent nodes
Universal task management system, method and product for automatically managing remote workers, incl...
8-(biaryl)quinoline PDE4 inhibitors
Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate crystal
Stabilization of antibodies or fragments thereof
Electrostatic spray device
Openable assembly with gripping aids and folding means
Refrigerant or cooling agent compressors
Apparatus and method for coordinating multiple e-mail accounts
Method and apparatus for injecting write data into a cache
Infiniband isolation bridge merged with architecture of an infiniband translation bridge
Starting a session in a synchronization system
Sliding member
Bearing assembly with anti-slip spring
Rolling bearing system
Sealing device for a wheel hub unit
Hydrodynamic bearing system
Linear guide device
Sensor for detecting a physical property between two movable bodies having high tribological strain
Multi-adjustable portable shooting bench
Recoil reducing accessories for firearms
Modular gunstock
Tactical jacket for a police officer
Non-blocking grooming switch
Wide-area intruder detection and tracking network
Ribbed mug
Compound, retardation plate and method for forming optically anisotropic layer
Systems and method for forming a servo pattern on a magnetic tape
Scanning exposure apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and device manufacturing method
Jointing holder for optical module for single-fiber bidirectional communication and optical module i...
Light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
High brightness phosphorescent panel
Routing method and apparatus
Pyrimidine compounds
Regioselective synthesis of CCI-779
Tumor suppressor gene
Procedure and controller for a packet-oriented data network for the transmission of data in variable...
Electrodes, electrochemical elements, gas sensors, and gas measurement methods
Multi-dimensional electrophoresis apparatus
Method of fabricating microelectromechanical system structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Seed layer processes for MOCVD of ferroelectric thin films on high-k gate oxides
Method for measuring substance and testing piece
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor
Clock signal initiated precharge technique for active memory subarrays in dynamic random access memo...
Solid-state image pickup apparatus for generating an image signal by adding outputs corresponding to...
Input/output block with programmable hysteresis
Surface acoustic wave device and method for manufacturing same
Photoreceptor belt tensioner providing low variation in belt tension as a function of belt length
Silencer for an imaging device photoreceptor
Optical recording apparatus and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Holographic recording method and apparatus
Image scanning apparatus
Job secure overwrite failure notification
Telepresence system and method for video teleconferencing
Systems and methods for improving calibration of a linear array sensor
Thiophene-containing compound and thiophene-containing compound polymer
Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S80`
Methods and apparatus for a discrete vapor-dispensing device
Mapping of client application variable to database storage location free of allocation to any partic...
Fast method for adjusting downlink transmitted power
Method and apparatus for managing adjunct access and leased facilities
NRZ-to-RZ conversion for communication systems
Monolithic waveguide/MEMS switch
Sending identification information of a plurality of communication devices that are active on a comm...
Method of determining the capacity of each transmitter antenna in a multiple input/multiple output (...
Method and apparatus for telecommunications using internet protocol
Method and system for tracking and correcting timing errors in communication systems
Wireless data transmission using time out control
Method and device for extracting data for attachment to a mail message
Inhalation apparatus
Jet singulation
Ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording apparatus using the same
Voting apparatus and method using personal computers
Synthesis of functionalized high vinyl rubber
Device and method for fabricating double-sided SOI wafer scale package with through via connections
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Plasma display panel having reinforcing barrier ribs with curvature
Polarizing plate and display
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Phase change inks containing curable trans-1,2-cyclohexane bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Rubber reinforcing steel cord, manufacturing method of rubber reinforcing steel cord and pneumatic t...
Use of heregulin as a growth factor
Methods and apparatuses for electrochemical-mechanical polishing
Method of forming self-aligned poly for embedded flash
Apparatus and method of color tuning a light-emitting display
Thermally developable materials processable at lower temperatures
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate and image forming method
High solids emulsions of elastomeric polymers
Vinyl acetate/ethylene and ethylene/vinyl chloride blends as binders for nonwoven products
Silver salt photo-thermal photographic dry imaging material, an image recording method and an image ...
Hair setting compositions, polymers and methods
Inkjet receiver media
Comprehensive dietary supplement
Plasma processing apparatus and method of plasma processing
Direct point-light type backlight module and liquid crystal display using the same
Method of handoff control in an enterprise code division multiple access wireless system
Hematopoietic stem cells and methods of treatment of neovascular eye diseases therewith
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Storage apparatus
Printed page tag encoder
Image input apparatus, program executed by computer, and method for preparing document with image
Method and system decoding user defined functions
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture to aggregate automated transaction procession
Emulating a database system
Configurable search tool for finding and scoring non-exact matches in a relational database
Engine method
Valve characteristic controlling apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Control structure for the adjusting motor of an electric camshaft adjuster
Engine valve performance controller
Valve and fueling strategy for operating a controlled auto-ignition four-stroke internal combustion ...
I-port controller
Greeting card device
Method for transferring destination guidance elements, vehicle navigation device and control center
Satellite radio real time traffic updates
Vehicle deceleration display system and calculation method
On-vehicle electronic control apparatus with timer-based power supply
Simulator for developing acoustic detector of underwater vehicle
Touch panel device
Ground plane compensation for mobile antennas
Method and apparatus for performing microcurrent stimulation (MSC) therapy
System and method for mining quantitive information from medical images
Selective estrogen receptor modulators
Polypeptide encoded by a polynucleotide overexpresses in tumors
Exendin agonist compounds
Methods of making and using theaflavin, theaflavin-3-gallate, theaflavin-3'-gallate and theaflavin 3...
N-(2-Arylethyl) benzylamines as antagonists of the 5-HT.sub.6 receptor
Substituted piperidines/piperazines as melanocortin receptor agonists
Methods of ameliorating symptoms of herpes infection using immunomodulatory polynucleotide sequences
Compounds, compositions as carriers for steroid/nonsteroid anti-inflammatory; antienoplastic and ant...
Fumaric acid amides
Alkylamine as an antimicrobial agent in ophthalmic compositions
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
CDNA encoding the human .alpha.2 .delta.4 calcium channel subunit
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
MID 4460, a human tyrosine phosphatase family member and uses therefor
Pharmaceutical formulation containing irritant
Multi-layered microcapsules and method of preparing same
Micronized eplerenone compositions
Combined tumor suppressor gene therapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of neoplasms
Method and device for treatment of respiratory tract disorders
Heat assisted magnetic recording film including superparamagnetic nanoparticles dispersed in an anti...
SERS-active structures including nanowires
Radio frequency device and method using a carbon nanotube array
Polyolefin nanocomposites
Nanofabrication of InAs/A1Sb heterostructures
Apparatuses and processes for synthesis of carbon nanotubes using inverse diffusion flame
Varied morphology carbon nanotubes and method for their manufacture
Combustion process for synthesis of carbon nanomaterials from liquid hydrocarbon
Preparation of hollow carbon nanocapsules
Dental compositions containing nanofillers and related methods
Golf ball containing graphite nanosheets in a polymeric network
Nanodisk sensor and sensor array
Apparatus for switching optical low pass filters for use in optical instrument
Camera that engages in a focusing operation through a contrast method
Optical device, optical device driving unit, and camera system
Battery monitoring system
Heat development apparatus and method
Developer agent for positive type photosensitive compound
Driver for opening and closing dual-blade shutter adapted to be reset without re-opening shutter
Blade driving device for use in cameras
Thin film structure having a soft magnetic interlayer
Overmold component seal in an electronic device housing
Transmission/reception integrated radio-frequency apparatus
Emergency alert system
Error rate control apparatus
Audio system and its contents reproduction method, audio apparatus for a vehicle and its contents re...
Node and onboard station for setting up at any time a call involving a passenger on a vehicle
Antenna apparatus with inner antenna and grounded outer helix antenna
Slide type mobile terminal and sliding mechanism thereof
Portable terminal
Foldable and portable mobile communication terminal
Apparatus and method for charging a mobile device from another mobile device
Method and system for utilizing smart antennas establishing a backhaul network
Antenna for wireless systems
Circuit for supplying ear-microphone bias power for ear/microphone in mobile terminal
Indication of user equipment capabilities before radio resource control connection
Mobile device with integral print apparatus and print media supply
Method of branding the keypad of a wireless device
Auto Focus and Zoom Controller for controlling multiple cameras
Analog to digital converter using sawtooth voltage signals with differential comparator
Magnetically shielded circuit board
Linear chemoselective carbosilane polymers and methods for use in analytical and purification applic...
Container, and related methods
Lightweight thermal heat transfer apparatus
Source side injection storage device and method therefor
Metal oxide particle and process for producing same
Disk cartridge
Unified routing scheme for ad-hoc internetworking
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and image forming system
Communication system
Electronic timepiece and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for tracking maximum power point for inverters, for example, in photovoltaic ap...
Protective enclosure for an interactive flat-panel controlled device
Portable computer system
Light separator
Pressure sensitive electrochromic device and method of fabricating the same
System and method for varying exposure time for different parts of a field of view while acquiring a...
Method for determining environmental brightness to control display brightness in mobile communicatio...
Image processing apparatus and method for converting data dependent on a first illuminating light in...
LED warning beacon
Determining leakage in matrix-structured electronic devices
Sample and hold system for controlling a plurality of pulse-width-modulated switching power converte...
Organic electroluminescent display device using low resistance cathode
Self-charging organic electroluminescent display device
Illuminating devices employing titanium dioxide photocatalysts
Apparatus and method for modifying a power flow in a section of an electric power line
Wind powered pendulating land sail electricity generation system
Marketing communication and transaction/distribution services platform for building and managing per...
Yoga grip block
Movable goalie
Combination pool table/ping pong table
Recirculating vertical wind tunnel skydiving simulator
Gaming device with moving screen simulation
Casino gambling machine with bonus round award redemption
Parallel games on a gaming device
Systems and methods for resolving a hand of blackjack that results in a push
Apparatus, game and method for capturing articles with coil spring
Surfer lift system
Card game and deck for use therewith
Bonus feature on starting hands
Collapsible game table
Table game
Method and device for playing modified games of chess
Fishing board game
Polyhedral puzzle
System for marketing leisure activity services through prepaid tickets
Horse walker/animal conditioning system
Antenna-mounted sign for vehicles
Asynchronous network collaboration method and apparatus
Automated web-based targeted advertising with quotas
Automatic generation of baysian diagnostics from fault trees
Supervised self organizing maps with fuzzy error correction
Method of integrating product information management with vehicle design
System for the assets identification and protection
System and method for customizing electronic messages
Method and apparatus for auto-configuration for optimum multimedia performance
Method and apparatus implementing a multimedia digital network
Setting up calls over circuit and packet-switched resources on a network
Terminal-based link adaptation scheme having a detector which monitors application signaling and a r...
Multimedia terminal for telephony allowing multipoint connections
Vehicle multimedia system having a safety interlock mechanism
Programmable 3D graphics pipeline for multimedia applications
Transportable DVD multimedia player
Keel guide system
Boat lift
Polymeric flocculant infused silt fence
Floating product removal
Reinforcing geotextile mat and embankment method using the same
Method and apparatus for drawing a mole through a composition
Method for installing a high or medium power cable in the ground
Compensating suspension element configuration
Inspectable tunnel for underground pipes and cables
Dynamic remediation of soil and groundwater
Interlockable drainage system
Manufactured caverns in carbonate rock
Aquifer recharge valve and method
Pile driver with energy monitoring and control circuit
Segment for rehabilitating an existing pipe and a rehabilitating pipe assembled using segments
User interface for transferring data with a communications terminal
Holographic data memory
Toy gun
Prefabricated housing structure
Location-based ad-hoc game services
Method and apparatus for playing a combination football/basketball game
Golf swing stance stabilizer
Gaming device for wagering on multiple game outcomes
Gaming device having a die or dice directly associated with the reels in the primary game
Using shared files in a game console or computer for cross-game state sharing
Combination pen or pencil and circular marking implement
Video game controller stand
Systems, methods and devices for trusted transactions
Chat interface with haptic feedback functionality
System and method for automatically linking items with multiple attributes to multiple levels of fol...
Electromagnetic tracking system and method using a single-coil transmitter
Implicit function rendering method of nonmanifold, direct drawing method of implicit function curved...
Interactions between simulated objects with force feedback
System and methodology for musical communication and display
Volumetric image ultrasound transducer underfluid catheter system
Thermal cracking process using tubes, pipes, and coils made of novel stainless steel matrix
Aluminum alloy pipe having multistage formability
Cast iron alloy
Undersaddle pickup for stringed musical instrument
Two-legged cymbal support for use with a cymbal assembly
Thumb pick for guitar
String instrument
Simulated stringed instrument practice device
Automated teller machine
Object lifting device
Movable container
Trash can
Expandable dish rack
Sponge holder
Portion of a portable cleaning machine
Container for a spray lance
Vacuum system
Litter pan
Toy for animals
Pet bed
Pet bed
Shell of helmet
Multi-functional cosmetic compact
Hair clipper
Razor handle
Razor handle
Razor handle
Razor handle
Automatic activation of touch sensitive screen in a hand held computing device
PDA with built-in voltage protection
Hearing aid storage case with hearing aid activity detection
Method and system providing user with personalized recommendations by electronic-mail based upon the...
Portable electronic devices
Method and system for providing a voice application bookmark
Method and apparatus for monitoring subscriber loop interface circuitry power dissipation
Adaptive scaling and echo reduction
Efficient echo cancellation techniques
Do-not-call compliance management for predictive dialer call centers
System and method for preemptive goals based routing of contact records
Method and system for selecting a preferred contact center agent based on agent proficiency and perf...
Method and system for inhibiting softswitch overload
Method for call establishment
Method and apparatus for automatically terminating a call
Methods and apparatus for selectively including an audio signal component within an audio output sig...
Method and apparatus for dial stream analysis
Saddle-type vehicle equipped with a navigation system
Wireless wafer carrier identification and enterprise data synchronization
Beam-shaping method
Route updating method for micromobility network
Radio bus system, radio communication apparatus and registration communication method
Integrated circuit transponder having a plurality of high-gain radio frequency signal inputs
Channel estimation method for a mobile communication system
Device and method for alerting user to interference
Wideband amplifier compensating input capacitance, radio transceiver, semiconductor integrated circu...
Direct conversion RF transceiver with automatic transmit power control
Smart amplifier for time division duplex wireless applications
Recursive resampling digital filter structure for demodulating 3G wireless signals
Multiple communication protocols with common sampling rate
Digital interface in radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Channel estimation apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for providing configurable layers and protocols in a communications system
Method and apparatus for mobile location center to mobile location center communication in the packe...
Voice-operated two-way asynchronous radio
System and method of securely installing a terminal master key on an automated banking machine
Reusable online survey engine
Audio data playback management system and method with editing apparatus and recording medium
Automated process execution for project management
Cut-list creation system, center server, advertisement creation terminals, computer programs, storag...
Electronic real estate bartering system
Electronic identifier payment systems and methods
System and method for processing protected video information
Method and system for limiting the use of user-specific software features
Self-service terminals
Dynamic computer software for trading securities
Process for creating a financial plan for funding of college education
Method for providing property rights based guarantees
Method and apparatus for encoding transactions for goods and services using an e-receipt
Method for selectively blocking remote purchase requests
Method, system and medium for remotely managing plural image forming apparatuses and plural types of...
System and method for providing image products and/or services
Method and apparatus for facilitating the selection of legal and legal-related service providers
System and method for processing information related to laboratory tests and results
Gene finding using ordered sets
Hybrid maize 37K84
Inbred maize line NP2467
Plants and seeds of corn variety I119135
Production of proteins in plant seeds
Plants and seeds of variety I322683
Plants and seeds of variety I161538
Plants and seeds of corn variety I390171
Plants and seeds of corn variety I325350
Plants and seeds of corn variety LHE323
Soybean cultivar SG1431RR
Enhanced transformation and regeneration of transformed embryogenic pine tissue
Plant sterol acyltransferases
Impartment of virus-resistance with the use of plant protein binding to plant virus transport protei...
Methods for producing pesticidal cotton plants expressing lectins
Method of selecting non-diabetogenic milk or milk products and milk or milk products so selected
UV excitable energy transfer reagents
Hepatoma specific chimeric regulatory sequence
Human ribonucleotide reductase M2 subunit
Mutation associated with epilepsy
Inhibitors of serine protease activity of matriptase or MTSP1
Catalysts or carriers which consist essentially of monoclinic zirconium dioxide
HCMS carbon capsule, electrocatalysts for fuel cell supported by HCMS carbon capsule, and method of ...
Catalyst for the treatment of organic compounds
Method of producing positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Proton conductor, production method thereof, and electrochemical device using the same
Thermocatalytic process for CO.sub.2-free production of hydrogen and carbon from hydrocarbons
Process for preparing MTT zeolites using nitrogen-containing organic compounds
Fine zirconium oxide powder and method for producing same
Production of high-purity niobium monoxide and capacitor production therefrom
Cathode composition for lithium batteries and method of preparing the same
Process for preparing hydrogen peroxide
Method for purifying gas containing hydrocarbons
Tough diamonds and method of making thereof
Production of lithium compounds directly from lithium containing brines
Method for treatment of flue gas cleaning products
Process for the utilization of vanadium from chromium ore as vanadium (V) oxide
Inhibition of the depletion of metal values from pregnant lixiviant solutions
Lane changing assist system for an automotive vehicle
Method for controlling a safety system in a vehicle
Control system and control method for motor powered four wheel drive vehicle
Vacuum distillation automatic sampler
Main frame for a tracked skid steer loader machine
Attaching structure for a seatbelt apparatus
Reversing mechanism for motorcycles
Hub motor formed in a wheel
Cooling system for electric motor of vehicle
Soil stabilizer with track apparatus
Power steering apparatus
Method for verifying predetermined bearing preload of differential assembly module
Probe head for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Superconducting magnet apparatus for MRI
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants
Diamide invertebrate pest control agents
Quinazoline ditosylate salt compounds
Methods and compositions for treating hepatitis C virus
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Compositions and methods for enhanced mucosal delivery of Y2 receptor-binding peptides and methods f...
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Odor neutralizers
Heat-sensitive recording material
Factor VIII remodeling and glycoconjugation of Factor VIII
Loudspeaker system with extended bass response
Compressor sound suppression
Method and apparatus for venting exhaust gas from an engine
Ultrasonic rod waveguide-radiator
Scheduling the recording of television programs
Intermission content
Programming toolkit for use in the development of knowledge enhanced electronic logic programs
Method and apparatus for accessing related computer objects
System and method for navigating content in an item
System and method for focused navigation within a user interface
Method and apparatus for clock and power control in wireless systems
Selecting next instruction line buffer stage based on current instruction line boundary wraparound a...
Method of efficiently handling multiple page sizes in an effective to real address translation (ERAT...
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, and data accessing method
Method and apparatus for efficient propagation of large datasets under failure conditions
Database query system and method
Apparatus and method for displaying numeric values corresponding to the volume of segments of an irr...
Post collision restraints control module
Interlock apparatus and method for supplying gas to a semiconductor manufacturing device
Two-dimensional depiction of components of a film extrusion system on an output device
System and method for managing document data, image forming apparatus and recording medium
Action stickers for nested collections
Markup language edit method, record medium recording browser, and print system
Method for printing a web page
Information dissemination multifunction device
Printer/copier having universal pointing device interface
In-mold indicia printing of plastisol parts
Article of footwear with exterior ribs
Sole with extensible structure footwear equipped with same and method for mounting same
Athletic shoe with visible arch bridge
Reversible fastener
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Heatsink for digital video recorder
Axial fan motor with a laminated casing
Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
Elastomeric gasket in gasket well of heat exchanger
Programmable thermostat incorporating a liquid crystal display selectively presenting adaptable syst...
Zone thermostat for zone heating and cooling
Method for controlling an air conditioning unit for an automobile
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and method
Heating and air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Tank for heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Composite heat exchanger
Unit-type heat exchanger
Integrated liquid cooling system for electronic components
Multi-level microchannel heat exchangers
Heat pipe type cooler
Cooling mechanism
Heat exchanger with thermal inertia for a heat transfer fluid circuit, particularly of a motor vehic...
Heat storage unit and manufacturing method therefor
Coolant regulating system for tractor trailers
Exercise machine and method for exercising the anterior deltoid muscle group
Adjustable exercise device
Weight selection methods
Stairclimber apparatus pedal mechanism
Leg curl/leg extension weight training machine
Device for obtaining a predefined linear force
Methods and apparatus for supporting selectorized dumbbells
Motocross exerciser
Continuously variable transmission
System for positioning user support of exercise device
Exercise apparatus
Water equipment attachment apparatus
Heuristic detection and termination of fast spreading network worm attacks
Methods and systems for repairing playlists
Method of metallizing non-conductive substrates and metallized non-conductive substrates formed ther...
Electrochemical device
Polymer sacrificial light absorbing structure and method
Switchable memory diode-a new memory device
Flat capacitor for an implantable medical device
Treatment devices providing targeted antimicrobial action
Alkylated urea and triaminotriazine compounds and phase change inks containing same
Polymerization of oxiranes with a lithium-containing initiator
Catalyst system for controlled polymerization
Permselective structurally robust membrane material
Surfactant-containing insulation binder
Therapeutic agents useful for treating pain
Method for treatment and repair of meniscal injuries
Apolipoprotein A-I agonists and their use to treat dyslipidemic disorders
Quinoline fungicides
Ion triggerable, cationic polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Techniques to create low K ILD for BEOL
Cultured cells from pancreatic islets
Peptides for enhanced cell attachment and growth
Recording material and image forming method
Porous fuel cell electrode structures having conformal electrically conductive layers thereon
Combination nickel foam expanded nickel screen electrical connection supports for solid oxide fuel c...
Hydrophilic additives
Ammonia fuel cell
Support and organic electroluminescence element comprising the support
Pulverulent polymers crosslinked on the surface
Functionalization of porous materials by vacuum deposition of polymers
Freeze drying for gas chromatography stationary phase deposition
Paper industry process belt with a surface structure composed of a porous membrane
Low pressure drop deep electrically enhanced filter
Devices and methods for treating defects in the tissue of a living being
Outboard motor enclosure and security arrangement therefor
Marine steering assembly with integrated pivot pin
Boat and method for manufacturing using resin transfer molding
Device for unwinding a wire providing data transmission of any type between two mobile elements oper...
Anchor comprising a shank
Extended semi-submersible vessel (ESEMI)
Frame for attachment to a dock structure having means to receive containers
Device for a wind power station placed in deep water
Launch and recovery system
Deflector devices
Inflating aircraft flotation device
Method and apparatus for controlling friction between a fluid and a body
Wide pleasure boat or cruise ship
Method and apparatus for aligning a cassette
Toner for electrostatic latent image development and an image forming method
Flying ski
Quill lock assembly
Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fix...
Monomeric and dimeric fluorescent protein variants and methods for making same
Homogeneous preparations of IL-28 and IL-29
Deglycosylated kringle 1-3 region fragments of plasminogen and methods of use
Nitrosylation of protein SH groups and amino acid residues as a therapeutic modality
Medical application of oxidized monoterpenes
Diamines having a CaSR modulating activity
Method of enhancing an ornithine-urea cycle in ruminant gut tissues to detoxify ammonia and increase...
Prophylactic agent of hypertension containing a conjugated fatty acid as an effective ingredient and...
Hexahydrofuro[2,3-B]furan-3-YL-N-{3-[(1,3-benzodioxol-5-ylsulfonyl)(isobut- yl)amino]-1-benzyl-2-hyd...
Dimeric compounds and their use as anti-viral agents
Dibenzo chromene derivatives and their use as ER.beta. selective ligands
Aryl-carbaldehyde oxime derivatives and their use as estrogenic agents
Phenylalanine derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diab...
HIV protease inhibitors
Vla-4 inhibitors
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Method for synthesizing derivatives of (2S,3AS,7AS)-1-[(S)-alanyl]-octahydro,-1H-indole-2-carboxylic...
Modified target enzymes having catalytic triads and uses thereof
Sputtering target for phase-change memory, film for phase change memory formed by using the target, ...
Tantalum sputtering target and method for preparation thereof
Two-component epoxy adhesive formulation for high elongation with low modulus
Use of depth filtration in series with continuous centrifugation to clarify mammalian cell cultures
Multivalent metal ion extraction using diglycolamide-coated particles
Filtration method
Water treatment device and water treatment method using the same
Vent for leach field aeration
Method for removing Cryptosporidium oocysts from water
Apparatus and process for water conditioning
Vertical gas induced flotation cell
Method for perchlorate removal from ground water
Regenerant reuse
Cyclic method for separating chemical elements present in an aqueous solution
Process for the recovery of surfactants
Carbon filtration process and apparatus for removing PCB's and other compounds from wastewater
Catalytic bioconversion of petroleum-contaminated wastes/wastewaters using kenaf core powder
Methods and apparatus for treating animal manure
Phased activated sludge system
Package assembly for piperazine-based membranes
Multichamber microdialysis device
Aeration tank control valve system
Address management device
Membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and process for its production
Refrigerant compositions comprising performance enhancing additives
LED package for backlight unit
Installation and use of removable heaters in a hydrocarbon containing formation
Device for calculating the quantity of light and method thereof
Real time immersion medium control using scatterometry
Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing ap...
Optical delay circuit, integrated optical device, and method of manufacturing integrated optical dev...
Electro-optical device, manufacturing method of the same, and electronic apparatus
Method for measuring confidence of ball grid array model in surface mounted devices
Sputter for deposition of metal layer and fabricating method of liquid crystal display device using ...
Test system for camera modules
Composite tantalum nitride/tantalum copper capping layer
Direct contact semiconductor cooling
Single die stitch bonding
Enhancement of membrane characteristics in semiconductor device with membrane
Semiconductor device with triple surface impurity layers
Semiconductor devices having improved gate insulating layers and related methods of fabricating such...
Magnetic memory device and method of manufacturing magnetic memory device
Solid-state image sensing device and method of fabricating a solid-state image sensing device
Illumination devices comprising white light emitting diodes and diode arrays and method and apparatu...
Structures with seeded single-crystal domains
Angled wafer rotating ion implantation
Conducting-fiber deicing systems and methods
Artificial satellite
Platform and system for propellant tank storage and transfer in space
Pivotable pylon for external carriage of aircraft stores
Arrangement of seats for an aircraft cabin
Modular overhead stowage bin systems and associated methods
Long-haul airplane
Systems for actively controlling the aerostatic lift of an airship
Device and method for evacuating persons, for example from a multi-storey building on fire
Spectroscopic ellipsometer and polarimeter systems
Method and apparatus for detecting biomolecular interactions
Small-spot spectrometry instrument with reduced polarization and multiple-element depolarizer theref...
Discrimination device for types or configurations of discrimination subjects
Blood sugar level measuring method and apparatus
High power ultrasonic reactor for sonochemical applications
Gaming device for a flat rate play session and a method of operating same
Methods of conducting games of chance and gaming devices with multiple pay lines
Low noise ventilation system for electric motor
Stator for reciprocating motor and manufacturing method thereof
Swimming pool backwash assembly
Multi-chamber installation for treating objects under vacuum, method for evacuating said installatio...
Methods for detecting an abnormal condition of a blood pump system
Compressor unit comprising a centrifugal compressor and an electric motor
Double side action type reciprocating compressor
Fuel pump with filter-absent safety valve and universal inlet and outlet
Electric oil pump apparatus
Turbine type electric fuel pump for automobile
Technique for synchronizing faults in a processor having a replay system
Message digest instructions
Automatic control system and method for bottom hole pressure in the underbalance drilling
Apparatus and method for authenticating products
Process of obtaining an isoprene-enriched FCC C5 fraction and selective polymerization of isoprene f...
Fischer-tropsch process using a fischer-tropsch catalyst and a zeolite-containing catalyst
Sulfonylaminovalerolactams and derivatives thereof as factor Xa inhibitors
Catalyst-precursor for the production of maleic acid anhydride and method for the production thereof
Catalytic composition for the upgrading of hydrocarbon mixtures
Substituted piperazines
Compounds useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases
MAGE-A1 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Pipe gasket manufacturing and identification method with RFID tracking
Navigation system for a vehicle
Navigation system
Automated vehicle routing based on physical vehicle criteria
Handwritten and voice control of vehicle components
Vehicle headlight system having digital beam-forming optics
Detergent cosmetic compositions comprising an anionic surfactant, an amphoteric, cationic, and/or no...
Production of biofilaments in transgenic animals
Piezoelectric lighter
Data carrier for the storage of data and circuit arrangement for such a data carrier
Secure IPsec tunnels with a background system accessible via a gateway implementing NAT
Operating system upgrades in a trusted operating system environment
System to monitor, detect and analyze chemical, radiation and/or biological threats
Enhanced browser application for service related to the transportation of a message
Method and system for dynamic network intrusion monitoring, detection and response
Method and apparatus for content distribution via non-homogeneous access networks
System and method for streaming media server single frame failover
Method and apparatus for preprocessing and postprocessing content in an interactive information dist...
Method, system, and articles of manufacture for providing a servlet container based web service endp...
Methods and systems for applications to interact with hardware
Highly componentized system architecture with object mutation
Computer OS dispatcher operation with user controllable dedication
Flexible acceleration of java thread synchronization on multiprocessor computers
Method and apparatus for providing multiple data class differentiation with priorities using a singl...
System, method, and program for controlling execution sequencing of multiple jobs
Mechanism for managing parallel execution of processes in a distributed computing environment
Cardiac harness for treating heart disease
Electrode designs and methods of use for cardiovascular reflex control devices
Method and apparatus for improving specificity of atrial tachycardia detection techniques in dual-un...
Optically active substrates
Transgenic maize encoding an endosperm specific prolamin box binding factor peptide, which produces ...
Alteration of oil traits in plants
One step process for the preparation of anticonvulsant derivatives
Benzimidazole derivative and use thereof
Substrates for .beta.-lactamase and uses thereof
Method and apparatus using XML for both a protocol layer and application layer
Reorganization and repair of an ICF catalog while open and in-use in a digital data storage system
Efficient synchronous and asynchronous database replication
Application service provider model for manufacturers product specification data
Method for managing pointers to external objects in a run-time environment
Method for verifying adequate synchronization of signals that cross clock environments and system
Feedback for data transmissions
Synchronized communication between multi-processor clusters of multi-cluster computer systems
Policy engine for modular generation of policy for a flat, per-device database
Use of cyclic redundancy checking for segregating control traffic
Method and system for adjusting the timing offset between a clock signal and respective digital sign...
Programmable transition state machine
Link layer device with configurable address pin allocation
Ultra-modular processor in lattice topology
State indicating information setting circuit and status bit setting circuit
Method and apparatus for configuring communication between devices in a computer system
Facilitating simulation of a model within a distributed environment
Method and apparatus for utilizing an existing product code to issue a match to a predetermined loca...
Systems and methods for configuring a test setup
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than...
Transmission line having a transforming impedance
Image formation apparatus having electrically conductive spacer and external frame
Semiconductor die package including carrier with mask and semiconductor die
Semiconductor device with suppressed copper migration
Semiconductor device and the method of producing the same
Semiconductor chip assembly with press-fit ground plane
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Surface mount package for a high power light emitting diode
Integrated circuit device
Electron beam system
Circuitized substrate with filled isolation border, method of making same, electrical assembly utili...
Circuitized substrate with split conductive layer, method of making same, electrical assembly utiliz...
Ultraviolet curable silver composition and related method
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric layer and a metal gate elec...
Coatings, coated articles and methods of manufacture thereof
Genetic analysis and authentication
Method for protecting a portable card
Surface acoustic wave device having reflectors with both open and shorted electrodes
Method and apparatus for controlling the washing step in a blood centrifugation cell
Coagulation-flocculation apparatus
Environmental remediation apparatus
Reduction device for nitrate determination
System for providing product environment information
Radio device communication setting method of switching from first setting information to second sett...
Cleaning device, process cartridge, cleaning member and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge having first and second rotatably coupled frames and electrophotographic image for...
Process cartridge, mounting method of electrophotographic photosensitive drum and replacing method o...
Image forming apparatus which includes an image bearing body surface potential detection feature
Image processing apparatus and method
Image compression method and apparatus, and image coding method and apparatus
Transmission of information to a reproduction device having user identification by organism informat...
Radiographic image processing method, radiographic image processing apparatus, radiographic image pr...
Method and device for communicating a message on a network and systems using them
Encoding information in a watermark
Method of using plural watermarks to prevent unauthorized image copying
Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Color separating-combining optical system, image display optical system, and projection image displa...
Image sensor and image reading apparatus
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, image pickup system, information pr...
Printing apparatus and method with a quiet mode
Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Method and apparatus for induction heat treating electrical contacts
Toggle fastening device and process for its manufacture
Image forming apparatus, process cartridge, developing unit, and image forming method
Portable pedestal electric heater
Structure of photonic crystal
Three-dimensional periodic structure and fabrication method thereof
Optical fiber with birefringence and large mode field diameter
Mobile GPS systems for providing location mapping and/or performance data
Optical junction apparatus and methods employing optical power transverse-transfer
Method for rapid prototyping by using linear light as sources
System and method for determining components of a blended plastic material
Arrangement for implanting a miniaturized cardiac lead having a fixation helix
Low profile cardiac leads
Electrode holder, headwear, and wire jacket adapted for use in sleep apnea testing
Acoustic device
Methods and apparatus for regenerating fuels in a solid generator chemical oxygen iodine laser
Film projector with high efficiency illumination
Industrial robot
Mobile robot and a method for calculating position and posture thereof
Device for self-determination position of a robot
RFID navigational system for robotic floor treater
Controlling the trajectory of an effector
Enhancements to mechanical robot
Communication robot control system
Robot system and remote operation system of robot
Industrial robot
Compact robotic painting booth
Autonomous inspector mobile platform
Cartesian positioning system
Planar robot with parallel axes and fixed motors for a water jet cutter
Robot arm having a wrist house movable mounted by holding means
Method and system for tracking software components
Dispensing container
Memory card authentication system, capacity switching-type memory card host device, capacity switchi...
(Substituted)acyl dipeptidyl inhibitors of the ICE/CED-3 family of cysteine proteases
Analog-to-digital converter capable of performing self-test
Oxadiazole derivatives for inhibition of gamma secretase
Medication compliance device
Multi-layer compensation film including stretchable barrier layers
Aqueous primary dispersion, substantially or completely devoid of volatile organic substances, metho...
Soluble polyimide for photosensitive polyimide precursor and photosensitive polyimide precursor comp...
Optical compensation sheet and liquid crystal display
Displacement sensor with inner and outer winding sections
Paper transport apparatus and paper transport method
Method and apparatus for performing limited area spectral analysis
Lithographic tool with dual isolation system and method for configuring the same
Coordinate input apparatus and control method thereof, coordinate input pointing tool, and program
RFID tag inspection system
Integrated circuitry for controlling analysis of a fluid
Method for determining density distributions and atomic number distributions during radiographic exa...
Magnet structure for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Determining structures by performing comparisons between molecular replacement results for multiple ...
Switching power supply circuit
Low drift superconducting high field magnet system