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Aircraft structural components
Aircraft having integrated electrochemical supply system
Systems and methods for modifying an ice-to-object interface
MEMS control surface for projectile steering
Delayed tail fin deployment mechanism and method
Apparatus for deploying wing of guided missile
Variable speed transmission for a rotary wing aircraft
Yaw control device for a nozzle having a rectangular outlet section
Aircraft safety seat
Wing panel structure
Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation
Lateral interface device with flexible housing
Dry tree subsea well communications apparatus using variable tension large offset risers
System and method for secure offshore storage of crude oil natural gas or refined petroleum products
Shallow/intermediate water multipurpose floating platform for arctic environments
Boat launching, retrieval, and transport method
Drainage pipe
Smooth interior water collection and storage assembly
Fluid distribution and collection in landfills and contaminated sites
Hinge-over riser assembly
Covering element for protecting structures against scouring and drag force
Modular retaining wall
Drilling riser buoyancy modules
Portable pipe repair system with electrically heated positioning member
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar light
Ceiling light
Lighting fixture
Solar shade
Hair clip
Safety razor handle
Soccer ball header
Pet bowl
Bath for animals
Blowing machine
Vacuum handpiece
Hand held carpet cleaning device
Recycling system
Bar guard
Enclosed track
Methods, system and mobile device capable of enabling credit card personalization using a wireless n...
Secure audio stream scramble system
Multiple factor private portion of an asymmetric key
Forgery-proof packaging material with a security feature
Method for protecting electronic device, and electronic device
Arrangement and method for adapting mobile field device
Playback of interactive television applications
Communication system, communication apparatus, method and program
Mobile wireless communications device providing enhanced file management and related methods
System and method for retrieving related certificates
Mobile terminal authentication method capable of reducing authentication processing time and prevent...
Hierarchical open security information delegation and acquisition
Use of variant and base keys with two entities
Network apparatus for accessing services over a network
Interactive content delivery methods and apparatus
Method and system for a runtime user account creation operation within a single-sign-on process in a...
Content reproduction system
Engine, register and methods for the same
Retrieval and transfer of encrypted hard drive content from DVR set-top boxes
Water quench fitting for pyrolysis furnace effluent
Photochromic compound and optical functional material
Fluids having partially hydrogenated substituted styrene linear dimers and method of making same
Phase separation process utilizing a hydrofluorocarbon
Microwave-based recovery of hydrocarbons and fossil fuels
Process of manufacturing para-xylene
Process for transalkylation of alkyl-aromatic hydrocarbons used in two reaction zones
Method and system for decoding tokenized Session Initiated Protocol packets
Method and system for multimodal presence detection
CCXML/Voice XML browser to implement an AIN intelligent peripheral with call handling functionality
Service provisioning system
Systems and methods for providing a telecommunications extension service for multiple telecommunicat...
Adaptation of the call sequence by analysis of the history of the preceding communication sequences
Methods and systems for releasing a voice mail system from a communication and further processing th...
Service and information management system for a telecommunications network
Method and system to bypass ENUM to reach a callee via a PSTN or a PLMN
Method and system for handling a queued automatic call distributor call
Method and system for distributing calls
DTMF tone generation in a media gateway
Adaptive communication systems and methods
Method and apparatus for DC feed
Speaker enhancer and method of use
Systems and methods for automatic generation of information for subscriber billing on a broadband wi...
Communication method operated by software and apparatus thereof
PDA carrying case
Call campaign methodologies
Transaction velocity counting for fraud detection
System and method for efficiently storing information related to a telephone number
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Computer method and apparatus for constraining a non-linear approximator of an empirical process
Multi-core stochastic discrimination
Method and system for indoor geolocation using an impulse response fingerprinting technique
Method for consensus decision making in a distributed system
Building support vector machines with reduced classifier complexity
System for folder classification based on folder content similarity and dissimilarity
Medical ontologies for computer assisted clinical decision support
System and method for managing a chaotic event
System and method for learning models from scarce and skewed training data
Method, program product, and apparatus for generating analysis model
Method for the computer-assisted evaluation of characteristic values of a technical system
Apparatus, system, and method for analyzing the association of a resource to a business process
Authentication for distributed secure content management system
Salicylate Conjugates Useful for Treating Metabolic Disorders
Use of creatine analogues and creatine kinase modulators for the prevention and treatment of obesity...
Method and Device for the Delivery of a Substance
Filling System and Method for Syringes with Short Needles
Endoscopic System For Attaching a Device to a Stomach
Durable fine wire lead for therapeutic electrostimulation and sensing
Gastrointestinal Prostheses
Topical Aminolevulinic Acid-Photodynamic Therapy for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
Near Infrared Microbial Elimination Laser Systems (NIMEL)
Lightweight implantable prosthetic device
Novel apoptosis inducing factor and method of inducing apoptosis using the same
DNA encoding chimeric toxin peptide fusion proteins and vectors and mammalian cells for recombinant ...
RNA Interference Mediated Inhibition Of Interleukin and Interleukin Gene Expression Using Short Inte...
Image data processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Printing system and printer
Computer based method for creation, personalization, and fulfillment of customizable art printed on ...
Bipod platform system for a camera
Image pickup apparatus with lens barrier device
Camera shutter
Industrial truck with a camera device
Exposure processing system, exposure processing method and method for manufacturing a semiconductor ...
Variable-power optical system and imaging device
Optical pickup device, and optical disc device
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, imaging apparatus and image processing method
Imaging device having an optical image stabilizer
Image stabilization apparatus and optical apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring an acceleration to determine a camera dome's required motor holdi...
Interchangeable lens camera, camera body thereof and lens unit
Automatic focusing methods and image capture devices utilizing the same
Optical apparatus, imaging apparatus, and control method
Digital camera module with focusing function
Image pickup device
Camera system
Viewfinder optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Microscope system and microscope observation method
Accessory unit and camera system
Person image correction apparatus, method, and program
Index-matching gel for nanostructure optical fibers and mechanical splice assembly and connector usi...
Metal nano-particles and method for preparing the same, dispersion of metal nano-particles and metho...
Manufacturing device and application device for liquid containing micro-nano bubbles
Process and apparatus for forming uniform nanofiber substrates
Nanostructure devices and fabrication method
Solar cell having active region with nanostructures having energy wells
Control of carbon nanotube diameter using CVD or PECVD growth
Method for making chromonic nanoparticles
Nano-based device and method
Surface-stabilized gold nanocatalysts
Semiconductor nanowire and semiconductor device including the nanowire
Nanotube- and nanocrystal-based non-volatile memory
Band engineered nano-crystal non-volatile memory device utilizing enhanced gate injection
Process for the treatment of a thin brittle metal strip and magnetic components produced from a stri...
Using quantum nanodots in motion pictures or video games
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method therefor comprising alignment films of oriented carb...
Interferometric analysis method for the manufacture of nano-scale devices
Nano-electronic memory array
Laser system for generation of high-power sub-nanosecond pulses with controllable wavelength in 2-15...
Walking assistance device
Ankle Brace Design for Optimal Fit to Either Right or Left Extremity Contours
Ankle stress relief device
Spinal Mobilization Treatment System with Multi-dimensional Force Application
Negative pressure wound therapy device
Breast Skin Care Dressing
Compressive head dressings and associated methods
Head trauma cap bandage and method
Windproof waterproof breathable seamed articles
Component for use in a shoe
Article of footwear with saddle
Slip on athleisure shoe
Two-person hammock providing independent stability
Hammock stand
Mobile stretcher
Enhanced sole assembly with offset hole
Flexible anti-nail protective footwear, flexible anti-nail protective clothing article, and methods ...
Footwear with longitudinally split midsole for dynamic fit adjustment
Post frame building bracket and method of use
Positive displacement sorter shoe
Turf anchor
Stand with a securing device
Hurricane strut for double entrance doors
Wing mirror unit
Self-piercing rivet
Turbo-engine and rotor for a turbo-engine
Low conductivity refractory insulation member with fiber mat
Lower extremity enhancer
System, apparatus, and method for fastening tissue
D-Amino Acid a Selectable Marker for Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Transformation
Impurities of Donepezil
Device for Controlling an Internal Combustion Engine
Vehicle Pre-Impact Sensing System Having Object Feature Detection
Vehicle Pre-Impact Sensing System Having Signal Modulation
Vehicle Pre-Impact Sensing System Having Terrain Normalization
Method of Processing Spectrometric Data
Method and System to Identify Utility Leaks
Evaluation of an Echo Shape of Filling Level Sensors
Scanner based optical inspection system
System and method for retrieving and displaying vehicle control unit data
Information management and monitoring system and method
Integrated sensing system
Vehicle control system
Automated manual transmission launch control
Method and system for controlling a transfer case clutch to protect against excessive heat
Control system for the parking brake of a brake system in a motor vehicle
Brake control apparatus and brake control method
Method for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Vehicle driving support apparatus
Ground incursion avoidance system and display
Navigation apparatus, driving direction guidance method, and navigation system
Guiding a drive path of a moving object in a navigation system
Map display device and map display method
Autonomous in-vehicle navigation system and diagnostic system
Computerized method and system for adjusting liability estimates in an accident liability assessment...
Dual toll system
Communication server switching controller
Portable multimedia player
Gaming machine with selection feature
Dynamic paytable for interactive games
Gaming device having an input device with a display device
Wagering game with advantageous symbol meter
Gaming console with transparent sprites
Gaming device with network port for selecting jackpot frequency
Game apparatus, game progressing method, program, and recording medium
Game program
Program, information storage medium, game system, and control method of the game system
Fencing card game
Game controller link mechanism joining a user-activated control and an analogue input device
Mission control system for game playing satellites on network
Central determination gaming system with a gaming terminal assisting the central controller in the g...
Geographic data collection using game play
Method of recording and playing baseball game showing each batter's last pitch
Image-based protruded displacement mapping method and bi-layered displacement mapping method using t...
Storage medium storage game image processing program, game image processing apparatus and game image...
Machine and method for teaching music and piano
Music-piece retrieval and playback apparatus, and related method
Baby monitor having a temporary mute function and method of use
Disk for audio data, reproduction apparatus, and method of recording/reproducing audio data
Information terminal
Antenna for portable electronic device wireless communications adapter
Simplified amplifier providing sharing of music with enhanced spatial presence through multiple head...
Method and apparatus for automatically generating a general extraction function calculable on an inp...
Content data usage apparatus
System security agent authentication and alert distribution
Support structure for two or more flat panel display devices
Handheld toy communicator
Calluna plant named `Nr 5157`
Calluna plant named `Nr 580`
Lantana plant named `Bant Reda09`
Pelargonium plant named `Clip Velred`
Bidens plant named `KLEBF07003`
Grapevine plant named `95-133`
Angelonia plant named `Car Pink09`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Yochatham`
Echinacea plant named `Meringue`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Red Yosonoma`
Camellia plant named `Green 99-006`
Osteospermum plant named `Fidostpur`
Catharanthus plant named `Sunnichihoho`
Mandevilla plant named `Sunpararenga`
Geranium plant named `Figradol Red`
Geranium plant named `Figradol Purple`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoessex`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yopueblo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Pink Yosonoma`
Osteospermum plant named `Fidostwhi`
Lily plant named `Tiny Padhye`
Dynamic electronic program guide
Leaf-specific chlorophyll a/b binding protein gene promoter from oil palm
Zea mays NFB2 promoter
Method for producing cytosine nucleoside compounds
Non-antibiotic selection marker genes
Soybean variety XB49Q07
Soybean variety D4422957
Soybean variety D4201483
Soybean variety D4012368
Soybean variety 4158090
Soybean variety 4174206
Inbred maize line PHHCC
Inbred maize line PHDWD
Plants and seeds of corn variety LH401RR2
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV698533
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV961232
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH923156
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH440394
Tissue phantom calibration device for low level light imaging systems
Real-time gene quantification with internal standards
Method for identifying agents that interact with beta-site APP cleaving enzyme (BACE)
Programmable flying object
Figurine stand with vibrating action
Play set with toy vehicle-related assembly
Folding track assemblies
Lead-free free-cutting copper-antimony alloys
Doll urn
Gift wrapping package and method of use
Track roller unit
Manually operated electrical control and installation scheme for electric hybrid vehicles
Self-aligning fixed grille
Engine exhaust system for a vehicle
Adaptable remote control driving system
Fluid transmission with improved traction control
Turning control apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle limited slip differential
Equal response axle
Steering device
Vehicle steering apparatus
Flexible coupling of motor-driven power steering
Electric power steering device equipped with automatic steering function
Inertia actuator for seat belt retractor
Axle housing and spindle assembly
Joint seal
Kit and method for reconfiguring an electrical braking system for a traction vehicle
Apparatus and method for detecting position of mobile robot
Occupant information detection system, occupant restraint system, and vehicle
System and method for detecting and protecting pedestrians
Intelligent driving assistance method and system
Organic acid anion containing aluminum salt hydroxide particles, production method thereof, and use ...
Internal combustion engine and method of control
Hydraulic-pressure actuated locking mechanism and method
Variable valve operating mechanism
Valve timing controller
Engine valve operation
Valve timing controller
Control device of charge compression ignition-type internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable valve actuation mechanism
Method for estimating examinee attribute parameters in cognitive diagnosis models
Game apparatus, game control method, recording medium and program
Golf club information system and methods
Automated e-learning and presentation authoring system
Join paths across multiple databases
Extracting information from formatted sources
Indexing and searching for database records with defined validity intervals
Wait timer for partially formed query
Methods and systems for managing data
Clustered search processing
Query rewriting with spell correction suggestions using a generated set of query features
Automatic dynamic contextual data entry completion system
Method and system for learning ontological relations from documents
Fast identification of complex strings in a data stream
Method of determining access control effect by using policies
Data server, data management method, and data management system
Multidimensional data visualization using four or more dimensions
System and method for generating functions to predict the clickability of advertisements
System and method of operating a database
Distributing data across different backing data stores
Interface and method for exploring a collection of data
Method for managing contents of a web site
System and method for a query language mapping architecture
Fungal lipolytic enzymes, nucleic acids encoding, and uses thereof
Thickening systems and aqueous-coating compositions, and methods of making and using the same
System, method, and computer program product for receiving and processing payments
Authenticity validation system and method
System and method for a smart passenger travel kiosk
Systems, methods and apparatuses for brokering data between wireless devices and data rendering devi...
Systems and methods for improving collaborative filtering
System and measured method for multilingual collaborative network interaction
Method and system for personal policy-controlled automated response to information transfer requests
Identity system for use in a computing environment
Method, system, and apparatus for creating saved searches and auto discovery groups for a data prote...
System for modifying software using reusable software components
Secure server plug-in architecture for digital rights management systems
Method of sharing an item rental account
Transmitting data across firewalls
Automated credit risk management
Award system with increased payout options
Order system payment routing
Method and system for processing a financial transaction
Flexible billing adjustment system
System and method for locally authorizing cashless transactions at point of sale
Content sharing system and method
Performing horological functions in commercial transactions using time cells
System and method for inferring traffic legitimacy through selective impairment
System and method for tracking user activity related to network resources using a browser
Apparatus and methods for improving detection of watermarks in content that has undergone a lossy tr...
Method for performing recoverable video and image watermarking which survives block-based video and ...
System and method for network-based object authentication
Embedding and extracting additional information in a document image
Data carrier comprising an optically variable element
Method and/or system for transmitting and/or receiving data
Geolocation assisted data forwarding storage
System and method of optimizing social networks and user levels based on prior network interactions
Protocol controller for a data storage system
Distributed processing when editing an image in a browser
Selective image editing in a browser
Inserting branding elements
Copy protection method for digital data stored on a medium
Hardware protection
Methods and systems for interacting with physical objects
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and liquid immersion lithography system
Exposure apparatus and method
Media access layer processors for network communications
System and method for assigning sequence keys to a media player to enable hybrid traitor tracing
Color selection scheme for digital video watermarking
Market system and method for promotion of innovations to efficient public policy
Wireless electronic prescription scanning and management system
System and method for wirelessly transacting access to a set of events and associated digital conten...
System and method for matching loan consumers and lenders
Application instantiation based upon attributes and values stored in a meta data repository, includi...
Personalized internet interaction by adapting a page format to a user record
System and method for maintaining presence and communicating over a computer network using the HTTP ...
Systems and methods for obtaining the metadata for an Internet radio station in a bandwidth-efficien...
Systems and methods for direction of communication traffic
Cascading network apparatus for scalability
Runtime adaptable protocol processor
Automatic configuration of local area network
System, method and apparatus for securing network data
Network connectivity and wireless status in a notification area
Interactive inventor's menus within a software computer and video display system
System and method for network image propagation without a predefined network
System and method of authorizing a set top box device in an internet protocol television system
Method and system for providing household level television programming information
Integrated internet camera
Method for converting, navigating and displaying video content uploaded from the internet to a digit...
Link2File automated computer location and linking system
Quick-freezing method and device for food with liquid surface contact
Apparatus and method for making filled-dough products
Food product timing system
Pizza box
Bottom mount refrigerator having an elevating freezer basket
Obesity treatment method
Highly selective molecular confinement for the prevention and removal of taint in foods and beverage...
Process of extracting citrus fiber from citrus vesicles
Surface pasteurization method
Oilseed processing
Reusable closures for packages and methods of making and using the same
Method of testing wheat
Materials and methods for efficient lactic acid production
Compositions for blocking the inhibitory effect of human CRP on human leptin
Method for increasing muscle mass and strength through administration of adenosine triphosphate
Use of organoclay in HDPE nanocomposites to provide barrier properties in containers and film
.DELTA.-4 desaturases from Euglena gracilis, expressing plants, and oils containing PUFA
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Transformed bacterium lacking selectable marker and overexpression of antigens in mycobacteria
Electroporation device
Clostridium perfringens bacteriophage and uses thereof
Clostridium perfringens bacteriophage and uses thereof
Biologically based test system
Compositions for DNA mediated gene silencing
Substituted thiene-3-ylsulphonylamino(thio)carbonyltriazolin(ethi)ones
Curved band-pass filter
Cerium batteries
Zinc/air cell
Self-orienting display
UV treatment of STI films for increasing tensile stress
Exposure device
Lamp electrode and method for delivering mercury
Shaped bodies that can be scanned by optical systems
Cytotoxin compound and method of isolation
Siloxane polymers with quadruple hydrogen bonding units
Use of aqueous dispersions for tertiary mineral oil production
FinFET with sublithographic fin width
Water-based process for the preparation of polymer-clay nanocomposites
Methods and apparatus for removal of degradation byproducts and contaminants from oil for use in pre...
Non-volatile MEMS memory cell and method of forming such memory cell
Thick film conductor compositions and the use thereof in LTCC circuits and devices
Measurement cell
Method of using guava extract and composition including guava extract
Inkjet printing system that provides improved mottle
Phosphorus-containing flame retardant formulation for cellulose-containing moldings
Colorant compounds
Propargylated aminoindans, processes for preparation, and uses thereof
Reactive hot melt adhesive with bituminous additive
Method and composition for forming protective precipitate on cement surfaces prior to formation acid...
Pulp and paper made from Rhodophyta and manufacturing method thereof
Agglomerating alumina dust for aluminum production
Process corner indicator and estimation circuit
Methods and apparatuses for transient analyses of circuits
Macrocell, integrated circuit device, and electronic instrument
Method and apparatus for automatically shaping traces on surface of substrate of semiconductor packa...
Method and system for representing manufacturing and lithography information for IC routing
System and method for varying the starting conditions for a resolution enhancement program to improv...
Light source module arranged in an image scanning device for scanning a transparent object
Compositions and methods for treating diseases associated with T-box and N-Myc
Ink tank and ink-jet recording apparatus
Device and process for processing organic waste
Bioagent air filtration systems
Method for coating a surface with a pattern of coating fluid
Three-dimensional net-like structure, and method and device for producing three dimensional net-like...
Method and plant for the manufacture of polymer particles
Compressor nebulizer with a pressure gage
Hierarchical flow-characterizing multiplexor
Symmetric connection detection
Negotiation of datapath treatment for end-to-end interworked network traffic
Network support for secure caller ID
Signal identification method
Data-aided multi-symbol phase estimation for optical differential multilevel phase-shift keying sign...
Method for handling preprocessing in source code transformation
Methods and systems for estimating access/utilization attempt rates for resources of contention acro...
Strategic predistortion function selection
Method and server for synchronizing remote system with master system
Process to thwart denial of service attacks on the internet
Personalized video entertainment system
Box for perfume container
Peptide substance restoring respiratory organs function
Water-absorbing polymer particles delaying the decomposition of body fluids, composites comprising t...
Anhydrous protectant chemical composition
Method for making alkoxy-siloxane polyether carboxylates terminated with functional olefin groups
Clearinghouse for messages between disparate networks
Customizing the display of a mobile computing device
Search and find using expanded search scope
System and method for enabling a person to switch use of computing devices
Methods, systems, and computer program products for client side prefetching and caching of portlets
Sheet feeder with feed belts that move toward an away from each other
Post-processing apparatus
Liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Method and system for custom paper cutting
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using initial toner
Image formation apparatus, image formation unit, methods of assembling and disassembling image forma...
Developer transporting apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Image processing system that reduces image uneveness
Print job allocation system and method
Function converting apparatus and function converting method
Halftoning with color error diffusion of one separation based on color error diffusion of a previous...
Image reading apparatus for correcting images on both sides of a document sheet
Wide format ROB assembly
Communications terminal unit and method for controlling the same
Liquid delivery device and liquid delivery method
Method for adjusting ejection timing and ejection timing adjusting apparatus
Work sheet conveying and housing system and work sheet conveying and housing method
Data display method of data display apparatus, data display apparatus, data generation apparatus hav...
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Piezoelectric oscillation element and piezoelectric oscillation component using the same
Apparatus for and method of forming image using oscillation mirror
Light scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus equipped with such light scanning apparatus, and c...
Tilt control method and apparatus for optical disc recording and playback apparatus
Probe card having groups of probe needles in a probing test apparatus for testing semiconductor inte...
Switch lighting EL sheet and lighting switch and electronic apparatus using it
Method for manufacturing display device
Retardation film, polarizing element, liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal apparatus
Wiring, display device and method of manufacturing the same
Image display apparatus and method
Light pen
Image forming apparatus
Liquid droplet-jetting apparatus and ink-jet printer
Nanoelectrode array for electrochemical analysis
Alignable diffractive pigment flakes and method and apparatus for alignment and images formed theref...
Insulating-film forming composition, insulating film and preparation process thereof
Image forming method
Image processing method, image processor, and image processing program
Optimizing server delivery of content by selective inclusion of optional data based on optimization ...
System and method for network device communication
Increased performance of grid applications
Data-centric automatic data mining
Bicyclic heterocycles useful as selective androgen receptor modulators
Antiproliferative activity of the leiodermatolide class of macrolides
Absorbent articles with a patterned visible active agent
Compounds for treating tumors
Display model
Piston for a beverage infusion automatic machine
Machine for preparing beverages
Color-converting photoluminescent film
Display device
Display device
Display device
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Spectroscopic device
System and method for displaying images
Asymmetric reductive amination of keto acid derivatives for producing amino acid derivatives
Optically active, heteroaromatic .beta.-hydroxy esters and processes for their preparation from .bet...
Pointer illuminator
Device for monitoring a conveyor
Optical integrating chamber lighting using multiple color sources to adjust white light
Optical waveguide holding member and optical transceiver
Integrated neutron-gamma radiation detector with adaptively selected gamma threshold
Integrated optocoupler with organic light emitter and inorganic photodetector
Process for the collective fabrication of optical filtering components, and wafer of components
Dual cavity displacement sensor
Image input device, image input/output device and method of setting information for communication
Ion mobility separation devices
Methods and systems for simultaneous real-time monitoring of optical signals from multiple sources
Extended depth of field imaging system using chromatic aberration
Photon-based memory device and method thereof
System and method for re-using wavelengths in an optical network
System and method for managing simulation models
Case activated drum powder measure
Hydrostatic bearing
Supporting unit, and moving table device and linear-motion guiding device that use the supporting un...
Roller retainer
Bearing assembly and centering support structure therefor
Fluid dynamic bearing
Hydrodynamic bearing device and spindle motor that makes use of same
Fluid bearing device
Spindle motor
Bifurcated oil scavenging bearing compartment within a gas turbine engine
Sealing device for bearings having channels for supplying pressurized air to the tire of a vehicle w...
Thrust bearing housing for a gas turbine engine
Plain bearing between two parts which are movable with respect to each other
Filter catalyst
Multi signature verification system, electronic signature attaching apparatus, data addition apparat...
Multiple hierarichal/peer domain file server with domain based, cross domain cooperative fault handl...
Trust tokens
Substituted 1H-dihydropyrazoles, their preparation and use
Ionic liquids
Processes for polyurethane polymerization using polysilyl derivatives of germanium and tin as cataly...
Stabilized divalent germanium and tin compounds, processes for making the compounds, and processes u...
Process for the synthesis of hydroxy aromatic acids
Methods for forming multilayer structures
Ring jet nozzle and process of using the same
Azeotropic compositions comprising fluorinated compounds for cleaning applications
Method for identifying articles and process for maintaining security
Increased ballistic performance of fabrics coated with polymer stripes
Catalyst-carrying filter
[1, 2, 4] Triazolo [1, 5-A] pyrimidine derivatives as chromatographic adsorbent for the selective ad...
X-ray detector with in-pixel processing circuits
Phosphate ester containing photoconductors
Micro-patterned SiO.sub.2/TiO.sub.2 films through photo and chemical reactions
Polymerization of macrocyclic polyester oligomers using N-heterocyclic carbene catalysts
Highly reflective mounting arrangement for LEDs
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp and backlight module using same
Assembling a packaged bundle using an adjustable multi-shelved product transporter
Container suitable for wet wipes and a corresponding refill pack with compatibility lock and compati...
System for pressurized delivery of fluids
Articles and methods for applying color on surfaces
Mascara brush
Portion of a sprayer head
Portion of a bottle
Dual colored chewing gum
Interlocking confectionery
Cosmetic container
Treatment with anti-VEGF antibodies
Diagnostic and prognostic tests
Expansion of definitive endoderm cells
Amino substituted diaryl[a,d]cycloheptene analogs as muscarinic agonists and methods of treatment of...
Methods for the treatment of sleep disorders
Pyrrole and pyrazole derivatives as potentiators of glutamate receptors
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one pigment and/or at least one filler surface-treated befo...
Mouthpiece devices and methods to allow UV whitening of teeth
Surface treatment of substrate or paper/paperboard products using optical brightening agent
Process for producing glycoside
Treatment devices for providing oral treatments and kits and methods that utilize such treatment dev...
Sheet-type patch
Fabric conditioning compositions
Highly filled unsaturated fluoropolymer compositions for cables
Low voltage sense amplifier and sensing method
Process device with vibration based diagnostics
Movement restriction device, movement restriction method, and processing device
Automated optical link power control
Paper tray, paper feeder with the tray, and image forming device
On-channel repeater
Signal downconverter
Power control for high speed packet data transmission
Method and apparatus to deliver drug and pacing therapy for treatment of cardiac disorders
Hydrophilic cross-linked polymeric membranes and sorbents
Method for creating perfusable microvessel systems
Bioactive polymers for imparting bioactive character to hydrophobic medical article surfaces
Generation of cartilage using magnetizable particles
Methods and compositions for modulating cell proliferation and cell death
Methods and systems for partial moderator bypass
Liquid-gas separator for direct liquid feed fuel cell
Reactor air supply system and burner configuration
Reaction device, and fuel cell device and electronic apparatus using the reaction device
Fuel supplying apparatus for a fuel cell which stabilizes fuel concentration
Liquid fuel mixing apparatus and direct liquid feed fuel cell system including the same
Electrochemical cell assembly
Nasal cannula assembly
Flame-retardant poly(arylene ether) composition and its use as a covering for coated wire
Wafer processing including dicing
Display packaging system
Tube for medical applications and circuit incorporating such tube
Transduction-protection device
Freeze indicators suitable for mass production
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Earth boring drill bits with casing component drill out capability and methods of use
Gas bleed assemblies for use with firearms
Light emitting diode for mounting to a heat sink
System and/or method for reading, measuring and/or controlling intensity of light emitted from an LE...
Relamping cartridge assembly
Low profile side emitting LED
Heat radiating structure for use in image projecting apparatus
Light-emitting diode lamp
Method for actuating headlights of a motor vehicle
Spring coil shunt for light string socket
Bike light
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Vehicle lamp
Solar light for home security signs
Vehicle lamp assembly
Backlight module and liquid crystal display device incorporating the same
Light guide device and back lighting module comprising the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Lamp-supporting unit, backlight assembly having the lamp-supporting unit and display apparatus havin...
Mountable power strips
Transparent material processing with an ultrashort pulse laser
Dispersion compensating method and dispersion compensating apparatus
Manufacturing method of optical-electrical substrate and optical-electrical substrate
Optical integrated device
Optical modulator and transmitter
Adjustable optical tap
Optical intermediary component and optical daughter card module
Thermo-optic devices providing thermal recirculation
Mounting system for telecommunications panels
Content distribution/reception device, content transmission/reception method, and content distributi...
Hierarchically compressing and coding and storing image data
Compression systems and methods
Low complexity and unified transforms for video coding
Error diffusion method and hardware architecture
Computationally enhanced image recognition system
Differentiating half tone areas and edge areas in image processing
Focus correction using fractional fourier transform operator approximations
Image processing device and image capturing device
Position measurement method, an apparatus, a computer program and a method for generating calibratio...
Image surveillance/retrieval system
Analysis of temporal change using dual or multi-energy decomposition images
EMG electrode apparatus and positioning system
Multiple electrode vectors for implantable cardiac treatment devices
Method and apparatus for atrial arrhythmia detection
Speaking period detection device, voice recognition processing device, transmission system, signal l...
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing system and method
Modified lysine-mimetic compounds
Methods for assessing p19-Arf interactions in cMyc
Methods and compositions for modulating prostasin
Methods for reducing or preventing transplant rejection in the eye and intraocular implants for use ...
Polymer blends from interpolymers of ethylene/alpha-olefin with improved compatibility
Processes for making temporary wet strength additives
Powder paint composition
Method for the production of conjugates of insulin-like growth factor-1 and poly(ethylene glycol)
Process for preparation of biodegradable polymers and resins from proteins, and plastics obtained th...
Modular fabrication systems and methods
Surgical manipulator
2D visualization for rib analysis
Folding pet ramp and steps
Fish net with length measuring scale
Fishing net
Fish alarm system
Protective mask and halter apparatus
Method and apparatus for picking up pet excrement from the ground
Animal litter collector
Growth of foreign cells in fetal animals facilitated by conditional and selective destruction of nat...
Removable cap assembly
Automatic pet watering apparatus
Method and device for removal of ammonia and other contaminants from recirculating aquaculture tanks
Frame element for placement onto an aquarium container
Small animal habitat
Rod-type finger pressure device
Thread sealants with engineered fibers
Insecticidally treated fabric having improved wash durability and insecticidal efficacy and method f...
Process for producing modified polymer rubber
Conductive liquid-crystal material, process for producing the same, liquid-crystal composition, liqu...
Multimodal polyethylene compositions and pipe made from same
Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass
Production of xylylenediamines
Borazine-based resin, and method for production thereof, borazine based resin composition, insulatin...
Radial anisotropic cylindrical sintered magnet and permanent magnet motor
Photomask blank, photomask and fabrication method thereof
Half-tone stacked film, photomask-blank, photomask and fabrication method thereof
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Signal carrying apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing a transparent bridge associated with a wireless mesh network
Universal emergency number ELIN based on network address ranges
Satellite information autonomous distribution satellite, satellite information collecting system, an...
Encapsulated cosmetic composition
Sorter handbag
RF-enablement of products and receptacles therefor
Transition metal fluoride: carbon nanoamalgam rechargeable battery cell electrode material
Lithium secondary battery negative-electrode component material and lithium secondary battery
Microfeature workpiece substrates having through-substrate vias, and associated methods of formation
Glucocortioid mimetics, methods of making them, pharmaceutical compositions, and uses thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Anode and battery
Lithium secondary battery having improved stability to overcharge
Feedthrough capacitor having reduced self resonance insertion loss dip
Polyaxial bone screw with multi-part shank retainer
Tool cradle
Antisense antibacterial method and compound
Analysis of polarization information
Substituted 4-phenyl piperidines for use as renin inhibitors
Reinforced closure anchor
Animal sorting paddle having a paddle head with an angled tip
Chemical compounds
Golf swing exerciser
Safety blood collection assembly
Handle for a medical device
Surgical drill guide
Multi-lancet cartridge for a lancing device
Dental implant fixture
Hearing aid earpiece
Hearing aid
Hearing assistance device
Dental delivery unit
Dental control unit
Dental matrix band
Medical transdermal patch
Neck brace
Messaging device
Dual foot massager
PCR plate
Blood testing chip
Screening device for sleep disorders
Systems and methods to compensate a frequency
Low-density lipoprotein receptor 6 (LRP6) as a mammary stem cell marker and related methods
Methods for the preparation of fibrous superabsorbent composite containing cellulose
Parallel MR imaging method with MRI multi-turn coils having different pitch/sensitivity distribution...
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance apparatus with RF amplifier(s) disposed within the spaced distance between the pr...
RF traps for radio frequency coils used in MRI
Electromagnetic moving system
Electroacoustic cable for magnetic resonance applications
High-throughput systems for magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance
Multilayer aligned-winding coil
Motor and manufacturing method therefor
Ink jet device with individual shut-off
Apparatus and method for pressing a cover onto a moving printing material block
Operating console for a printing machine
Apparatus and method for operating a folding machine for a web-fed printing press
Determining the risk of human anti-human antibodies in transgenic mice
Silica-loaded granular rubber and process for producing the same
Thermal vaporization apparatus
Warped stitched papermaker's forming fabric
Method and apparatus for testing catalytic converter durability
Copper powders methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Ablative thermolysis reactor
Catalytic nanoporous membranes
Bismaleimide prepreg systems
Combined bicycle pedal and lock
Vehicle frame with a rotation limiting mechanism for limiting rotation of a steerer relative to a he...
Sensor device
Fender fastenable to a bicycle bracing post
Saddle with quick-connection means to attach bicycle accessories
Exercise apparatus
Secondary battery module and end-plate used in the same
Electrode material for electrochemical element and method for production thereof, and electrochemica...
Body for an actuatable holding system
Bicycle parking rack
Apparatus comprising a passively-actuated snubber
Portable, remote, fast-fill inflator and nitrogen converter unit
Variable ratio floating suspension system
Protocol stack that offloads a TCP connection from a host computer to a network interface device
Semiconductor processing system with ultra low-K dielectric
Stable non-aqueous inkjet inks
Foldable intraocular lens and method of making
Optical device characterization
Method of designing multifocal contact lenses
Wavefront sensor having multi-power beam modes, independent adjustment camera, and accommodation ran...
Method of controlling a surgical system based on a load on the cutting tip of a handpiece
Antimicrobial coatings
Methods and devices for fabricating and assembling printable semiconductor elements
Multiphase mixing process using microchannel process technology
Fuel container and delivery apparatus for a liquid feed fuel cell system
Direct methanol fuel cell
Fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly, catalyst used therefor, and method of producing catalyst
Fuel cell and membrane electrode assembly
Diffusion media with continuous micro-porous layers incorporating non-uniformity
Method of making a membrane electrode assembly
Partial oxidation reactor
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Fuel cell system with integrated thermal-to-electric generating devices
Vapor feed fuel cells with a passive thermal-fluids management system
Membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system comprising the same
Fuel cell cartridge with reformate filtering
Multi-step system and method for curing a dielectric film
Method for treating a dielectric film to reduce damage
Method for improving mechanical properties of low dielectric constant materials
Biopolymer and methods of making it
EP2 agonists
Antiparasitic agents
Sub-millimeter and infrared reflectarray
Antibacterial agents and methods of identifying and utilizing same
Semiconductor element and method for manufacturing the same
Air filter
Mobile electron beam radiation sterilizing apparatus
Method and apparatus for eradicating undesirable elements that cause disease, ailments or discomfort
Light source device for producing extreme ultraviolet radiation and method of generating extreme ult...
Contact structure and semiconductor device
Systems and methods for electromagnetic noise suppression using hybrid electromagnetic bandgap struc...
High current capable circuit testing closer apparatus and method
Self-recovering current limiting fuse using dielectrophoretic force
Method for fabricating liquid crystal (LC) alignment
LCD panel transferring system and method for separating scribed panels from a substrate by descendin...
Lithographic apparatus with multiple alignment arrangements and alignment measuring method
Outcoupler with Bragg grating and system and method using same
Fault determination device and method of negative pressure generation device
Method and apparatus for operating a dual fuel internal combustion engine
Clostridial toxin derivatives and methods for treating pain
Functional role of adrenomedullin (AM) and the gene-related product (PAMP) in human pathology and ph...
Process for the production of biodegradable, functionalised polymer particles, and use thereof as ph...
Methods of using 1-allyl ergot alkaloid derivatives to treat migraines
Cationic hydrophilic siloxanyl monomers
Phenylglycinamide derivatives useful as anticoagulants
Process for identifying a ligand that binds to the NEP binding site for the SMR1 pentapeptide
Treatment of patients with dysfunctional cardiac sodium channels
Selected CGRP antagonists, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted monocyclic CGRP receptor antagonists
Power MOS device with improved gate charge performance
Image sensor having plural pixels adjacent to each other in a thickness direction and method for man...
High efficiency power controller for solid state lighting
Data demodulation using an asynchronous clock
Method and system for communicating with and tracking RFID transponders
Thermal transfer printing machine
Surface light source device of side light type, liquid crystal display and guide plate
Diffractive thin-film piezoelectric micromirror and method of producing the same
Optical microscopy with phototransformable optical labels
Process for the simultaneous production of xylitol and ethanol
Cathode material for secondary batteries with non-aqueous electrolyte, a process for preparing the c...
Polyester resins with a special co-catalyst for high melt poly and SSP reactivity with enhanced colo...
Method and system for verification of circuits with encoded signals
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing content synchronization or control amo...
Lost write detection and repair
Copy-on-write versioning of documents
System and method of curve fitting
Processing path-based database operations
Customizing and storing web pages for mobile on web
Encoding insignificant whitespace of XML data
System and method for multiple spanning tree protocol domains in a virtual local area network
Infrastructure for performing file operations by a database server
Capturing machine state of unstable Java program
Model-based pattern characterization to generate rules for rule-model-based hybrid optical proximity...
Multi-state EEPROM having write-verify control circuit
Distributed diagnostic operations system
Diaphragm and loudspeaker using same
Rotary process for forming uniform material
Screening method for the identification of a drug for the development of an agent for prevention and...
Fluid level detector and analyzer
Antibodies which are directed against the Marburg I polymorphism of factor VII-activating protease (...
Dual blade lancing test strip
Substituted quinazolinone compounds
Substituted imidazole compounds as KSP inhibitors
Image for a risk evaluation system for a portion of a computer screen
Methods and assays for detecting GP73-specific autoantibodies
Method and/or system for manipulating tree expressions
Conveyor ware washer and spray pipe therefor
Authenticity determination method, apparatus and program
Method and apparatus to maintain data integrity in disk cache memory during and after periods of cac...
Development apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method having control of cleaning depending on number of t...
Seal and seal assembly for an image forming apparatus
Multifilament AC tolerant conductor with striated stabilizer and devices incorporating the same
Sensor infrastructure
Ultrasonic brazing of aluminum alloy and aluminum matrix composite
Method and apparatus for calcuating color differences on measured evaluation charts to evaluate colo...
Image processing method and apparatus thereof
Communication apparatus and control method thereof
Interface device with network isolation
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing me...
Image encoding apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium