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Organic light emitting material and device
Organic electric-field light-emitting element
Organic electroluminescent devices
Electroluminescent device using metal coordination compound
Robust electrode patterning in OLED devices
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device
Thin film transistor for use in active matrix type organic light emitting diode device
Pixel circuit for light emitting element
Methods of assaying physiological states
Process for identifying similar 3D substructures onto 3D atomic structures and its applications
System and method for providing integrated communications and broadcasting service
Gluconobacter oxydans 2-ketoreductase enzyme and applications thereof
Polynucleotides encoding oxalate decarboxylase from Aspergillus niger and methods of use
Analysis using a distributed sample
Antibiotic agents
Use of ribofuranose derivatives against inflammatory bowel diseases
Chemically modified proteins with a carbohydrate moiety
Gelling agents or thickeners
NF-kappaB oligonucleotide decoy molecules
Antisense modulation of EIF2C1 expression
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Phosphonate compounds
Process to prepare semicarbazones' and/or tiosemicarbazones' formulations using cyclodextrins and th...
Universal support for nucleic acid synthesis
Modified polypeptides stabilized in a desired conformation and methods for producing same
Novel receptors
Novel human ATPase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (boris)
Humanized renilla reniformis green fluorescent protein as a scaffold
Process for the synthesis of oligomeric compounds
Novel 2'-C-methyl nucleoside derivatives
Floral organ tissue-specific expression of isopentenyl transferase
AXMI-010, a delta-endotoxin gene and methods for its use
Mevalonate synthesis enzymes
Mevalonate synthesis enzymes
Grapevine leafroll virus (type 2) proteins and their uses
Gene controlling flowering time and method for controlling flowering time in plants using the gene
Microspore-specific promoter and method for producing hybrid plants
Transcription regulatory gene and peptide
Microdialysis probe
Water purification system
Column packaging for chromatography
Fine filter for a fuel feed unit
Device and assembly for cross-flow filtration
Sludge treatment at a mesophilic temperature
Apparatus for three-phase separation during treatment of wastewater and sludge
Waste stream digestion method
High-affinity, low-molecular-mass displacers for ion-exchange chromatography
Apparatus and method for continuous electrodeionization
Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibition
Device and method for separation
Vented medical fluid tip protector methods
Method for treating waste by hydrothermal oxidation
Coal bed methane wastewater treatment system
Solid/liquid separation system for multiphase converters
Composition of matter and its use as a coagulant and flocculent
Septic battery
Lightweight neutron remmeter
Compass and communication system
Substituted 2,3-diphenyl pyridines
Low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamp, and method of placing mercury therein
Mercury dispensing device
Combination of materials for integrated getter and mercury-dispensing devices and the devices so obt...
Method of fixing mercury containing alloy within fluorescent tubes
Fluorescent lamp containing a mercury zinc amalgam and a method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a low-pressure mercury discharge lamp
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacture thereof
Device for dispensing mercury, sorbing reactive gases, shielding electrodes in fluorescent lamps and...
Low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with mercury-releasing metal substrate and method of makin...
Method for dispensing liquid crystal using plurality of liquid crystal dispensing devices
Display, its manufacture, ink coating apparatus, all suitable for narrowing display frame
Method and apparatus for supplying pellets to arc tube for discharge lamp
Fluorescent lamp and method for production
Method for the manufacture of mercury dispenser devices to be used in fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent lamp and method for production
Fluorescent lamp post-production heating structure and fluorescent lamp produced therefrom
Electronic ballast having timing unit correction
Luminary control system
Ballast circuit for operating a gas discharge lamp
Dimmer circuit arrangement
Transposed bi-directional scanning in a cathode ray tube
Dynamic focus voltage for a focus mask
Vehicular lamp
Dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor cell
Carbon nano tube field emission display and driving method thereof
Field emission display utilizing a cathode frame-type gate and anode with alignment method
Substrate having a light emitter and image display device
Pixel for an active matrix display
Voltage regulated light string
Operating method for the resonant operation of high-pressure lamps in longitudinal mode, and an asso...
High intensity discharge lamp electronics controller
Electronic ballast and controlling method thereof
Multiple-input electronic ballast with processor
Dimming circuit for a gas-discharge lamp
Discharge lamp ballast circuit
Convergence control apparatus for video display
Method for energy stabilization of gas discharged pumped in selected impulse following driven beam s...
Light signaling device related to the operating state of a system
Power supply for a hot-filament cathode
Fixed operating frequency inverter for cold cathode fluorescent lamp having strike frequency adjuste...
Overvoltage protection for hid lamp ballast
Device for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Power supply device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Direct-type back light module with photo sensors
Method and device for lighting high pressure discharge lamps
Supply circuit, in particular for a discharge lamp
Method and apparatus for secure data storage and retrieval
Data management system for automatically accessing, maintaining, propagating user data among plurali...
Organic electro-luminescence device and fabricating method thereof
Magnetic memory and driving method therefor
Method of making a gas diffusion media and quality controls for same
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Preparation of essential oil compositions for portable liquid disinfection
Optical fiber array with lenses
Routing method and apparatus
Method for superimposing a sequence number in an error detection code in a data network
Firing furnace for plasma display panel and method of manufacturing plasma display panel
Anode member for a solid electrolytic capacitor, solid electrolytic capacitor using the anode member...
Simulated circuit layout for low voltage, low paper and high performance type II current conveyor
Corona ion generating method and apparatus for the manipulation of molecules and biological cells
Optical switch and optical switch module
Integrated vane for use in wind or water and process for producing same
Waveguide devices incorporating Kerr-based and other similar optically functional mediums
Compositions to control oral microbial oxidation-reduction (Eh) levels
Process for the preparation of diisocyanates
Method of storing, uptaking, releasing of gases by novel framework materials
Ziegler-natta catalyst for polyolefins
Toner cartridge hopper with labyrinth channels for releasing air while trapping toner in cartridge
Switch structure of lamp unit
Antihistaminic piperidine derivatives and intermediates for the preparation thereof
High throughput microbalance and methods of using same
Polymers having ordered, monodisperse pores and their corresponding ordered, monodisperse colloids
Method of forming a current controlling device
Use of vascular endothelial growth factor, placenta growth factor or both for preventing or treating...
Methods of activating a receptor using amphiphilic drug-oligomer conjugates
Polyurethane, method for production and use thereof
Stable hydrate of a muscarinic receptor antagonist
Magnetically shielded conductor
Methods and apparatus for sensing a paper low condition for fan-folded tickets in a ticket printer
Ergonomic and functionally-efficient one-hand user input interface
Portion of a display screen
Methods and systems for synchronizing data streams
System and method for progressive stereo matching of digital images
System and method for progressively transform coding digital data
Method of speech recognition using variational inference with switching state space models
Speech-related event notification system
Extensible actions and container types in an extensible scene graph system
System and method providing automated margin tree analysis and processing of sampled data
Creating visual data models combining multiple inter-related model segments
Method for a computer using the system image on one of the partitions to boot itself to a known stat...
Preventing general purpose event interrupt storms in a computer system
Shared memory architecture in GPS signal processing
System and method for using voice-messaging system to place local and long distance telephone calls
Systems and methods for per use busy message
Infrared emitter
GPS RF front end IC with programmable frequency synthesizer for use in wireless phones
Method and apparatus for a target-initiated handoff from a source cellular wireless network to a tar...
Mobile terminal with a text-to-speech converter
Fast forward power control during soft handoff
Tower top cellular communication devices and method for operating the same
Communication devices with application shortcut keys and methods therefor
Language structure for autonomous cooperative control system
Adaptable wireless proximity networking
Method and apparatus for adaptive synchronization of network devices
Portable companion device only functioning when a wireless link established between the companion de...
Communication system and method using signal to noise ratio estimation for scaling in processing rec...
Systems and methods for generating prediction queries
Semiconductor chip and conductive member for use in a light socket
Led indicator lamp
Apparatus and method for increasing light output over operational life of arc lamp
Connector housing with integrated lamp and switch
Suspension lamp having quick connection function
Auto headlamp module with integrated photocell
Lighting fixture frame and mounting panel apparatus
Vehicular lamp
Light guide panel and method of use
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Lamp socket and socket assembly
Mounting structure for lamp wires of a back light module
Light source device with dual alternately-directed lamps that facilitate lamp replacement
Theatrical lighting control network
Lane tracking system employing redundant image sensing devices
LED warning signal light and light support
Method and apparatus for producing unique radiation spectra
Agastache plant named 'After Eight'
Radio-frequency digital/analog converter system and method
Dual-element microstrip patch antenna for mitigating radio frequency interference
Dual-polarized radiating assembly
Reflector for a mobile radio antenna
Serial communications link for a base stations
Dynamic allocation of radio resources in a packet switched communications-system
Synchronization signal for synchronizing base stations
Method for estimating channel parameters of radio channels of a W-CDMA mobile radio system
Transmitter having programmable transmission parameters temporally aligned with payload and method t...
Data transmitting apparatus and data transmitting method
Low noise, low distortion, muxable Gilbert mixer signal processing system and method with AGC functi...
Data processing device and method of controlling operation of data processing device
Radio communication apparatus and antenna control method
Fully integrated low noise multi-loop synthesizer with fine frequency resolution for HDD read channe...
Radio equipment capable of real time change of antenna directivity and doppler frequency estimating ...
Aircraft control method
Interference analysis for a mobile radiotelephone system with adaptive antennae
Hydrocarbon compounds, materials for organic electroluminescent elements and organic electroluminesc...
Solar powered light cross
Solar powered outdoor light
Compact light assembly
Light fixture
Light fixture
Portable hair dryer
Cosmetic appliance
Callus safety shaver
Sports sweat pad with hook and loop fastener
Birdcage attachment
Double jointed horse-bit mouthpiece
Combined pet leash and collar
Pet toy
Combination electric suction and collection household appliance
Waste can
Waste container stabilizer
Caddy for container
Frame for a collapsible wheel barrow
Combined escalator comb and floor plate
Casino game with hidden bonus feature
Recording medium, method of using a computer and computer for executing role-playing games
Apparatus and a method for more realistic shooting video games on computers or similar devices
Game machine system with server device, display device, and game executing device connected by exter...
Network game method and network game system
Cue stick bridge support
Secure printing over cable network to home printer
Non malleable encryption method and apparatus using key-encryption keys and digital signature
Encryption device using data encryption standard algorithm
Methods and systems for generating encryption keys using random bit generators
Method and apparatus for generating pseudo random numbers in a video device having an embedded ciphe...
Dynamically adjustable software encryption
Semiconductor memory device internally provided with logic circuit which can be readily controlled a...
Method and apparatus for online geographic and user verification and restriction using a GPS system
Secure handshake protocol
Secure wireless local or metropolitan area network and related methods
Method and system of securely escrowing private keys in a public key infrastructure
Background transfer of optical disk to hard disk
Hierarchical feature extraction for electrical interaction calculations
Write-barrier maintenance in a garbage collector
Methods and systems for asynchronous catalog requests for system objects via secure table look-up
Modifying web page links for display on a mobile terminal to indicate the cache status of linked web...
Direct access from client to storage device
Fryer atmosphere control for mold form fryer
Method and an apparatus for processing blockfrosen raw materials into certain kind of "snow"
Frozen food retaining charcoal-grilled flavor and method for producing same
Producing hollow tubular fibers from legume hulls and utilizing such fibers for enhancing flavors an...
Process for the production of a dairy product containing gelatin and cream
Coffee extracts, their use as flavoring ingredients and as instant coffee type products
Coffee Sustitute Product and Process for Use
Ubiquinone-enriched foods
Sprayable cookware release composition with reduced heat induced browning
Preparation method for meat based products, with direct incorporation of olive oil and addition of f...
Novel canola protein isolate
Egg replacer composition and method for making a bakery product therewith
Instant modified flour
Method and apparatus for continuously producing a confectionery mass
Cohesive coating for snack food packaging
ATP extraction method
Crustacean meat extraction
Antiseptic bactericides and cosmetics drugs and food containing the antiseptic bactericides
Method for enhancing the bioavailability of ospemifene
Barrier material with nanosize metal particles
Money dispensing system
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Method of preparing storage phosphors from dedicated precursors
System and method for limiting use of a software program with another software program
Method for the separate authentication of a template and user data
Plasma display and manufacturing method thereof
Soft decision-based decorrelator for estimating spatial signatures in a wireless communications syst...
Catalyst containing microporous zeolite in mesoporous support and method for making same
Cross-point MRAM array with reduced voltage drop across MTJ's
Ferroelectric random access memory device and fabrication method therefor
Electrochemical sensor having improved response time
Method and a device for encryption of images
Medicament carrier
Text information browsing aid apparatus, digital content creation system, digital content distributi...
Foldable basketball game assembly
New Guinea Impatiens plant named 'Balcebpiel'
Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and uses thereof
Intracutaneous microneedle array apparatus
Maintaining coherency in a symbiotic computing system and method of operation thereof
Substituted polycyclic cyclopentadienes and method for their preparation
Use of vasopeptidase inhibitors in the treatment of metabolic diseases, nephropathy and advanced gly...
Optical pickup
Systems and methods for interpreting communications packets
Implement for demarcating an area, as well as a vehicle suitable for being used in said implement
Phosphate prodrugs of fluoroxindoles
Marine propulsion system with a polymer composite oil sump structure
Optical sensor and method for detecting projectile impact location and velocity vector
Phosgene having low content of carbon tetrachloride
Propylene polymer compositions
Pickup device and disk drive
Processing EEG signals to predict brain damage
Diffractive optical element, and optical system and optical apparatus provide with the same
Power supply device for energizing discharge lamp
Production methods of citalopram and intermediates therefor
Flexible subscription-based event notification
Magnetic recording apparatus and system for driving a magnetic recording medium
Tape library
Magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
System and method for exchanging tape cartridges between automated tape cartridge libraries
Multiple shroud bypass for bulk windage reduction
Continuous separator plate for use with a disk drive
Internal support member in a hermetically sealed data storage device
Actuator locking apparatus for hard disk drive
Micro-flexure suspension including piezoelectric elements for secondary actuation
Encapsulant for microactuator suspension
Shielded extraordinary magnetoresistance head
Graded laminated thin film poles and shields for magnetic heads
Methods and apparatus for defining the track width of a magnetic head having a flat sensor profile
Magnetoresistive read sensor with short permanent magnets
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor having a longitudinal bias layer in contact with a free layer
Disk drive unit, controller for actuator, and method for controlling hard disk drive and disk drive ...
Head clamping apparatus for magnetic disk tester and magnetic disk tester
Guiding a sensor using a broadly-curved lateral profile
Method of and apparatus for preventing generating of off-tracking in hard disc drive
Dynamic intrusion detection for computer systems
Compositions and methods for regulating autolytic processes in bacteria
Image object recording, compression, and encryption method and system
System, method and computer program product for selecting virus detection actions based on a process...
Method and apparatus for executing multiple JAVA(™) applications on a single JAVA(™) v...
Method and system for collapsing a graphical representation of related elements
System and method of evaluating the performance of an image processing algorithm
Encrypted compiler
Design instrumentation circuitry
Dynamic web list display
Page sub-component prerequisite control mechanism
Method and system and article of manufacture for an N-tier software component architecture oilfield ...
System and method for creating a performance tool and a performance tool yield
Method of accessing data and logic on existing systems through dynamic construction of software comp...
Method of controlling the binding of calmyrin to presenilin
Method for diagnosing an adenocarcinoma or a benign prostate pathology
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Lineage specific cells and progenitor cells
Compositions and methods using sub-PPM combinations of polyquaternium-1 and high molecular weight PH...
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor VIII and neutral liposomes
Use of polysulphated cyclodextrins for treating osteoarthritis
Liquid pharmaceutical composition
Compressor pump
Pressure washer assembly
Solar cell module-mounting structure and solar cell module array
Resonant controlled qubit system
Semiconductor circuit and method of fabricating the same
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing gallium nitride compound semiconductor
Silicon optoelectronic device and light emitting apparatus using the same
Light emitting device using LED
High frequency semiconductor device
Vertical-color-filter detector group with trench isolation
CMOS imager with selectively silicided gate
Ferroelectric memory and electronic apparatus
Memory cell array including ferroelectric capacitors, method for making the same, and ferroelectric ...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with stable ferroelectric capacitor
Evaporation of Y-Si-O films for medium-K dielectrics
Semiconductor memory device having electrical connection by side contact
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device having high breakdown voltage, low on-resistance, and small switching los...
Active SOI structure with a body contact through an insulator
Temperature-sensing diode
Semiconductor device of transistor structure having strained semiconductor layer
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display
Combination insulator and organic semiconductor formed from self-assembling block co-polymers
Frequency hopping wireless communication system with filtered adaptive slicer
Method and apparatus to monitor pulmonary edema
Methods and devices for providing prolonged drug therapy
System and method for automatically detecting edges of scanned documents
Optical projection lens system
High current capacitors
Network device including reverse orientated modules
NAND type flash EEPROM in which sequential programming process is performed by using different inter...
Multi-axis wheel scroller and selector
Phase compensation method and optical storage apparatus
System and method for thermal management of CT detector circuitry
Method and apparatus for visualizing a 3D data set
Methods and systems for smoothing
Multi-leaf collimator and medical system including accelerator
Side-hole cane waveguide sensor
Methods and apparatus for forming an optical cable splice
Method and apparatus for maintaining a pre-determined ratio of a pilot tone power and a mean optical...
Led color specific optical toner concentration sensor
Method and apparatus for providing data logging in a modular device
Standard configurable universal serial bus (USB) device identifier
Slip sheet capture mechanism and method of operation
Rear floor part structure for vehicle
Camera with motor and gear drive system
Shoulder mounted support assembly to hold camera of camcorder
Camera shutter
Method and system for providing a printed image with a related sound
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Quantity-of-light adjusting apparatus
Monocular device and binocular device
Structure for assembly of binocular telescope with photographing function
One-time-use camera containing improved film element
Golf club head and method of manufacturing the same
Aluminum die-casting alloy
Device and method for frying products
Method for making a puffed food starch product
Process for preparing beads as food additive and product thereof
Composition comprising an enzyme having galactose oxidase activity and use thereof
Method of increasing the α-amylase-resistant starch content (rs content) of a polysaccharide, ...
Polyolefin compositions with improved properties
Heating cooker
Cooking device with a warming compartment
Cooking stove and method for production and components thereof
Adjustable cage feeder
Hot-fillable multi-sided blow-molded container
Dough handling apparatus
Nutritional composition for treating an immune condition
Method and apparatus for defending against denial on service attacks which employ IP source spoofing
Data-maintenance method of distributed shared memory system
Shared memory management utilizing a free list of buffer indices
Status register architecture for flexible read-while-write device
Method and apparatus for copying data between storage volumes of storage systems
Method and system for translation lookaside buffer coherence in multiprocessor systems
Method for bus capacitance reduction
Data dependency detection using history table of entry number hashed from memory address
Method and apparatus for merging contiguous like commands
Pop-compare micro instruction for repeat string operations
Recovery of data using write request copies in delta queue
System and method for optimizing fault tolerant storage controllers
Protected storage device for computer system
Storage system
Data integrity device providing heightened error protection in a data processing system
Computer system and a method for controlling a computer system
Distributed memory module cache command formatting
Electronic device for data processing, such as an audio processor for an audio/video decoder
Memory allocation method using multi-level partition
System and method for providing application services with controlled access into privileged processe...
Contrast-adjustable panels and displays via organic light-emitting devices
Method, server and arrangement in a communication network
Process for the preparation of linear low molecular weight olefins by the oligomerization of ethylen...
Curing light
Method and apparatus for measuring current as in sensing a memory cell
Triple metal line 1T/1C ferroelectric memory device and method for fabrication thereof
Removable labels for mounting upon or proximate to electrical and/or other interfaces
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Lithium-transition metal composite oxide
Method and system for data encryption/decryption in a client-server architecture
Sputtering target, Al interconnection film, and electronic component
Verbena plant named 'Kleve03327'
Drying resist with a solvent bath and supercritical CO2
Compositions of plant carbohydrates as dietary supplements
Hardware-assisted tuple space
Mechanism for bottom up shades
Analyte detection system with software download capabilities
Surface treatment of plastic material with an organic polymerizable and/or crosslinkable composition...
Process for the treatment of industrial effluents using marine algae to produce potable wafer
Bypass cable assembly for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Method of forming a semiconductor wafer having a crystalline layer thereon containing silicon, germa...
Isomer composition excellent in chemical resistance containing optically active trans-1-(2,2,6-trime...
3-Keto- or 3- oxime-ether-substituted benzoylcyclohexanediones
Fuel cell inverter
Polymer bound single-site catalysts
Method and apparatus for centeredly clamping a motor vehicle wheel on a main shaft of a wheel balanc...
Image-forming apparatus including inspection and storage of developing devices
System for adaptively deriving ECG chest lead signal data
High efficiency redundancy architecture in SRAM compiler
Method for operating at least one low-pressure discharge lamp and operating device for at least one ...
Surface acoustic wave filter element, surface acoustic wave filter and communication device using th...
Multi-thread parallel processing sigma-delta ADC
Combination infant seat carrier and detachable storable stroller support assembly
Medicament respiratory delivery device, cartridge and method of making same
Agents for improving lipid metabolism and reducing high blood pressure
Fat compositions for use in food
Slowly digestible starch product
Method for determining genetic affiliation, substructure and gene flow within human populations
Human transferase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Tetracyclicazaindoles and indolines having 5-HT activity
Treating arthritis with TNF receptor releasing enzyme
Antidepressant azaheterocyclyl methyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-6H-5-oxa-1-aza-phenanthrene
G-type peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis
Substituted heterocyclic compounds
Oxazolyl-arylproplonic acid derivatives and their use as ppar agonists
Aryl substituted 3-ethoxy phenyl trifluoromethane sulfonamides for the treatment of non-insulin depe...
Trifluoroacetylalkyl-substituted phenyl, phenol and benzoyl compounds and related methods of treatme...
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture and monitoring
Compact optical cable
Device for positioning and operating audio and video equipment
Ink-jet recording head, manufacturing method of the same, and ink-jet recording apparatus
Semiconductor laser driving apparatus with filter to attenuate enhanced frequency component and opti...
Q-switching method for pulse train generation
Optical information processor and optical element
Digitally tunable laser
Generating electronic carrier signals in the optical domain
Diode pumped, multi axial mode intracavity doubled laser
Method of transferring energy in an optical fiber laser structure using energy migration
Wavelength locked semiconductor laser module
Optical transmitter equipment and semiconductor laser device
System and method for using an output transformer for laser diode drivers
Integrated semiconductor laser device and method of manufacture thereof
High power laser having a trivalent liquid host
Laser light source
Solid-state laser device
Laser plasma generation method and system
Lossless optical splitter
Mode-filtering and mode-selecting method in multi-mode waveguide, and waveguide amplifier, semicondu...
Optical transmitter module
Hybrid disc and method and apparatus for discriminating same
Method of making an abrasive water jet with superhard materials
Uni-body piezoelectric motor
Process and apparatus for recording the deformation of objects
Method of and device for determination of penetration depth
Method and device for producing a profiled trim section for a glass pane
Bitline hard mask spacer flow for memory cell scaling
Method of transferring a moving web to a core and apparatus for implementing the method
Conversion of liquid filled gelatin capsules into controlled release systems by multiple coatings
Coated substrate
Ground wire insulator post for utility poles
Electric apparatus having a stator with insulated end laminations within the central opening of end ...
Air bag cover
Mechanism for guiding a sliding door, a sliding door, and a motor vehicle provided with such a mecha...
Mount for securing a part to a support and for positioning it relative to its surroundings, in parti...
Textile processing machine with a fiber conveying channel and a fiber-guiding surface
Dual flexure plate angular accelerometer
Ballscrew locking nut
Conformal airliner defense (CAD) system
Method and apparatus for installing and actuating movable airfoils, including canards
Interstitial regional aircraft boarding piers, and methods of using same
Modularized integrated aircraft seat structure
Derivative aircraft and methods for their manufacture
High altitude platform control system
Ram air parachute with tensioned top skin
Non-jamming, fail safe flight control system with non-symmetric load alleviation capability
Device for the recognition of residual synchronization errors of multiple slats of flaps placed next...
Golf putting teaching device
Putting instructor
Golf club head
Golf ball
Computerized system and method for practicing and instructing in a sport and software for same
Process for preparing nano-porous metal oxide semiconductor layers
Inbred corn line PHB6R
Light detection device
Diffraction-based optical correlator
Method and system for molecular array scanner calibration
Interactive system for presenting and eliminating substances
Diglycosylated erythropoietin
Tissue factor for influencing blood vessel formation
Citrullimycines, a process for their production and their use as pharmaceuticals
Synthetic peptides for demyelinating conditions
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses ther...
Composition and methods of using the Mirabilis mosaic caulimovirus sub-genomic transcript (Sgt) prom...
Methods for plant transformation and regeneration of Papaver somniferum
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Granule-bound starch synthase
Cotton cultivar DP 393
Hybrid maize plant and seed 39V62
Apparatus for remote installation of devices for reducing drag and vortex induced vibration
Motion compensation system and method
Shore protective barrier system
Gas recovery from landfills using aqueous foam
Rock bolt and method of use
Erosion control reinforcement mat
Method for producing a hydropower plant
Apparatus and method for refreshing a terminal display in a multiple information handling system env...
Method and apparatus for patching code and data residing on a memory
Device and method for information processing
Rapid fail analysis of embedded objects
Automatic positioning of display depending upon the viewer's location
Bi-static communication relay architecture
Method and apparatus for co-channel interference measurements and base station color code decoding f...
Remote console
Viable alternative to private vehicles in urban areas
Method of automating a loading and unloading of container ships in container terminals, and crane au...
Method for correcting position error in navigation system
Computer network monitoring with test data analysis
Volume detailed building structure
Method, apparatus, and program for separate representations of file system locations from referring ...
Data transmission apparatus and method with control feature for transmitting data or transmitting a ...
Systems and methods for modifying broadcast programming
Internet gaming system
Local network router and method of routing IP data packets
Home gateway server appliance
Optical adaptation layer frame for aggregating IP flows at edge nodes for sonet transport
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communicat...
Central office technician notification and information system
Integrated internet/intranet camera
System and method for automatic generation of dynamic search abstracts contain metadata by crawler
Communication device communication method, and communication terminal device
System and method for operating workflow
Remote hard copy apparatus control including firewall penetrating protocols
System and method for communications between a CORBA object request broker and a non-CORBA object re...
Method and apparatus for selectively retrieving information from a source computer using a terrestri...
Establishing consistent, end-to-end protection for a user datagram
Publishing layout wizard
Internal line control system
Reviewing and merging electronic documents
Noisy operating system user interface
Method and system for appending information to graphical files stored in specific graphical file for...
System and method for designing circuits in a SOI process
Method and apparatus for placing repeating flip-flop stations on signal lines within an integrated c...
Programming method and model for expressing synchronous, fine-grained parallelism
System and method for combinatorial test generation in a compatibility testing environment
Method of, system for, and computer program product for providing automatic identification of a comp...
Low impact breakpoint for multi-user debugging
Instrumentation of code having predicated branch-call and shadow instructions
Program optimization
Method and apparatus to facilitate sharing optimized instruction code in a multitasking virtual mach...
Method for implementing a variable-partitioned queue for simultaneous multithreaded processors
Controller for multiple instruction thread processors
Data type mapping for external callouts
Methods and systems for canceling requests for the transmission of data
Protocol agnostic web listener
Information processing apparatus
Digital camera with mode selecting device capable of displaying camera condition
Protection-cover opening/closing mechanism for recording/playback apparatus
Scan conversion apparatus
Apparatus and method for deleting sawtooth wave
Control system and user interface for network of input devices
Method for automatic extraction of semantically significant events from video
Image processing method and apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Strap design for tiled rear projection screens
Apparatus and method for motion detection of image in digital video recording system using MPEG vide...
Motion vector selection based on a preferred point
Apparatus and method for image coding using tree-structured quantization based on wavelet transform
Apparatus and method for synchronizing video and audio MPEG streams in a video playback device
Zoom microphone device
Method and apparatus for detecting moving object
Zoom lens system and camera having the same
Water projecting toy
Cable support apparatus
Automatic outrigger lock
Infrared friend or foe identification system
Downcomer for marine vessels
Boat plug key system
Protective bumper for towboats
Boat docking aid
Remote mooring pulley system
Submersible vehicle
Transducer mounting block
Canoe stabilizer having vertically adjustable buoyancy
Mooring cover and method of using the same
Marine vessel fuel overflow tank system
U-shaped float tube with stabilizing frame
Wafer transfer apparatus and device and method for cleaning robot arm in wafer transfer apparatus
Master transport apparatus
Integrated circuit architecture for programmable wireless device
Method and apparatus for distributing promotional material to a user in a commercial sales outlet
Method and apparatus for resolving protocol-agnostic schemes in an internet protocol multimedia subs...
Dynamically amplified micromachined vibratory angle measuring gyroscopes, micromachined inertial sen...
Autostereoscopic display
Apparatus and method of compensating for an attitude error of an earth magnetic sensor
System and method for providing interactive audio in a multi-channel audio environment
Information processing apparatus and method
Fast release clamp for a cymbal
Adjustable keyboard apparatus and method
System and method for relating electromagnetic waves to sound waves
Apparatus for analyzing music using sounds of instruments
Audio mixing console flight case
Method of producing guitar picks from identification cards
High-hat stand
Creating an html document from a source document
Stunt card and method for performing card stunts
Method of speaking instruction
Accelerated Experiential Learning (AEL)
Method and system for career assessment
Development of a cost effective, on-site personnel trainer for boiler operations
Techniques for delivering medical care by improving decision-making skills of medical personnel
Invisible ink quiz game
Portal assessment design system for educational testing
Interactive dialog-based training method
Point structured fitness system
Authorship cooperative system
Motorcycle wheelie simulator
Dyslexia glasses that remove the problems associated with visual dyslexia
Method and system for interactive teaching and practicing of language listening and speaking skills
Method and system for scheduled delivery of training to call center agents
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Textbook with supplemental multimedia capability
Accessibility of testing within a validity framework
Method of making wallboard
Non-lethal gamecock sparring match, equipment & methods
Rotor system for helicopters
Golf trivia board game for one or more players and method therefor
Method and apparatus for multi player bet auxiliary game
Decorative vent attachment
Puppet book
Doll and infrastructure therein
Wild game call
Fishing game device
Horizontal rotating amusement swing
Quick exchange infinity mirror display apparatus and method
Wheelchair glider
Exercise equipment
Moving reef wave generator
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with symbol generator and symbol terminating condition
Speaker verification method
Power supply for an automotive vehicle
Electromechanical switching device
Mobile receptacle, power feeding gate device, server device and power usage management system for ef...
Method for reducing the influence of a DC current component in the load current of an asynchronous m...
Residual capacity correction method for battery
Battery charger
Multi-series connection type battery cell pack for reducing self-consumption over a long period of t...
Discharge methodologies for optimizing the performance of lithium/silver vanadium oxide cells
Battery charger with a timed high-current stage
System and method for code division multiple access communication in a wireless communication enviro...
Hybrid synchronous/induction generator power plant
Switching regulator circuit
Method and circuit for reducing losses in DC-DC converters
Current sense apparatus and method using a combination of a simulation and a real sense for a switch...
Quasi-feedforward PWM modulator
Reference voltage circuit and method of generating a reference voltage
Back EMF voltage transducer/generator to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy for use in s...
Computer power supply
Semiconductor memory device having an internal voltage generation circuit for selectively generating...
Method of and apparatus for deriving information, electric appliance, image formation apparatus, and...
Systems and methods for integrity certification and verification of content consumption environments
Method and apparatus for remotely inspecting properties of communicating devices
Enhanced backup and recovery methodology
Process for the production of unsymmetric and/or symmetric dialkyl carbonates and diols
Video appliance, holding device, and manufacturing method of holding device
Plastic-based composite product and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Method to perform thermal simulation of an electronic circuit on a network
Mesoporous material with active metals
Multi-stage amplifier
Address mapping in solid state storage device
Voltage boosting device for a ferroelectric memory device
Security device having multiple security detection features
Virtual creature displayed on a television
Add-on card for wireless communication with power-managing circuit
Automatic channel generation for home network systems
Methanol reforming catalyst
Indications of secured digital assets
Jewelry alloy compositions
Device and process for metering breathing gas
Method and system for partial-order analysis of multi-dimensional data
Teleprompter device
Automated rip tide detection system
Pop beads having elongated necks
Directory management device and method
Devices, systems and methods for performing and practicing aerial maneuvers
Athlete training device
Skydiving simulator and skydiving training process using the same
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to medical procedure simulation systems
Modular electrotactile system and method
Image and audio data processing system
Apparatus and method for showing contour lines in modeling
Method of establishing a nuclear reactor core fuel assembly loading pattern
Flight control display for use in an aircraft cockpit and in aircraft simulation systems
Guzmania plant named 'Holiday'
Methods and clinical devices for the inhibition or prevention of mammalian cell growth
Scalable means of supplying power to a remotely controlled, semi-autonomous robot
Three dimensional protein mapping
Fluid detection system
Interactive television system and method for simultaneous transmission and rendering of multiple MPE...
Camera with an exposure control function
Airway alkalinization as a therapy for airway diseases
Instrumentation and method for implant insertion
Hierarchical connected graph model for implementation of event management design
Ephemeral list for object-action navigation
Information processing apparatus and method for generating derivative information from vocal-contain...
Method for altering storage organ composition
Electronic lockbox
Calcium phosphate cement composition and a method for the preparation thereof
Water activated release triggering mechanism
Helically formed stent/graft assembly
Active pulse blood constituent monitoring
Antigen associated with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Method and apparatus for versioning statically bound files
Traction motor fault detection system
Memory device having different burst order addressing for read and write operations
Modular dispenser
Method for the production of a valve
Monitoring bi-directional motor drive failure in electro-optical reader
Mangled strings for testing of internationalization
Dynamic image provisioning
Spindle with axially acting collet-opening device
Modified polyamides, compositions based on same and macromolecular compounds used to obtain them
Support apparatus for supporting components of dental material
Shampoo containing a cationic guar derivative
D-alanine racemase mutants of mycobacteria and uses therefore
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Modulators of leukocyte activation, BIC compositions and methods of use
Gene delivery vectors provided with a tissue tropism for smooth muscle cells, and/or endothelial cel...
Matrix metalloproteinase and tumor necrosis factor inhibitors
Thiazolopyrimidines useful as TNFα inhibitors
6-azauracil derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitors, compositions and methods of use
Compounds and methods for use thereof in the treatment of viral infections
CCR5 chemokine receptor-specific antibodies
Major neutralization site of hepatitis E virus and use of this neutralization site in methods of vac...
Electromechanical functional module and associated process
Apparatus, method and system for food management and food inventory
Vacuum heat insulator, hot insulating device using vacuum heat insulator, and electric water heater
Method for making polymer mixtures and compositions thereof
DNA encoding bovine immunoglobulin a inducing protein and uses therefor
Electrochromic contrast plate
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Data communication system
Pump source for lasers
Revised recapture camera and method
Catalyst composition for preparing olefin polymers
Cable modem having a wireless communication function
Self-calibrating, multi-camera machine vision measuring system
Order information acquiring method and order information controlling method for medical imaging syst...
Apparatus and method of forming image using rotary developer
Database of body surface ECG P wave integral maps for localization of left-sided atrial arrhythmias
System and methods for processing analyte sensor data
Mood based virtual photo album
Hepatitis C virus constructs characterized by high efficiency replication
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Methods and arrangements for providing a novel television and multimedia viewing paradigm
Methods for obtaining and using haplotype data
Gyrase inhibitors and uses thereof
Melanin-concentrating hormone antagonist
Synthesis metal nanoparticle
Cement system including a binder for use in freeform fabrication
Method for making a multi-pass exhaust gas recirculation cooler
Finned tube for heat exchangers, heat exchanger, process for producing heat exchanger finned tube, a...
Tank manifold for internally mounted radial flow intercooler for a combustion air charger
Building heating assembly
Cold plate with vortex generator
Aluminum radiator and method of manufacturing tank thereof
Heat exchanger, and method of making a heat exchanger
Mobile refrigerator with reporting system
Air-conditioning apparatus
Cooling device
Processor shroud adaptor for multiple CPU locations
Heat-dispersing module of electronic device
Footwear sole
Multi-purpose mat
System for modifying properties of an article of footwear
Pair of sandals
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Detachable straps connection to a shoe bottom
Nonbulky ankle brace for use with footwear
Polymer, processes for producing polymer, and composition
Apparel having multiple alternative sensors and corresponding method
Safety stock determination
IC card system and IC card
Methods and apparatus for authenticating the download of information onto a smart card
Payment instrument authorization technique
Profiling system for controlling access for a plurality of users to a plurality of objects located i...
Adaptive seek control for maximum performance with minimal filter corruption
Failure isolation in a distributed processing system employing relative location information
Method and system for fast IP connectivity in a mobile network
Distributed document processing
Apparatus and method for synchronization in a multiple-carrier communication system by observing a p...
Approach facilitating the selection of various machine vision functionality from among different pla...
Signal detector employing a doppler phase correction system
Design verification system for avoiding false failures and method therefor
Method and apparatus for cleaning a charging device
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Technique for data synchronization in a multiple system vehicle architecture
Method and system for testing battery connectivity
Method and apparatus for providing personalized relevant information
Method and apparatus for handling requests for content in a network data processing system
Method and apparatus for handling memory refresh and maintenance operations
Method and apparatus for relocating objects within an object-addressed memory hierarchy
Pipelined instruction decoder for multi-threaded processors
Power management delay system using mouse pointer indicator to indicate power-up delay during poweri...
Method of manufacturing a surface acoustic wave device
Planar diaphragm loudspeaker and related methods
Speaker diaphragm
Method and apparatus for LWD shear velocity measurement
Electro-acoustic transducer with two diaphragms
Insert earphone
Thin enclosure electroacoustical transducing
Thermochromic cap
Two dimensional microfluidic gene scanner
Methods to treat undesirable immune responses
Targeted therapeutic delivery of vitamin D compounds
Method of cancer treatment
Process for manufacturing a toilet training article containing effervescent agent
25501, a human transferase family member and uses therefor
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Composition for the treatment and prevention of endothelial dysfunction
PRO1184 polypeptides
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Chemically-doped composite insulator for early detection of potential failures due to exposure of th...
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Coupling a tapered optical element to an optical fiber
Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
Calcium doped polysilicon gate electrodes
Microelectronic mechanical system and methods
Biosensor matrix and method for making same
Method for forming a cavity structure on SOI substrate and cavity structure formed on SOI substrate
Anti-stiction technique for thin film and wafer-bonded encapsulated microelectromechanical systems
Storage capacitor of planar display and fabrication method of same
Semiconductor device having a folded layer structure
Wire bonding method and apparatus for integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Shock hardened mounting and cooling of a semiconductor device
Dicing tape and die ejection method
Under bump metallization structure of a semiconductor wafer
Electronic parts packaging structure and method of manufacturing the same
Optical element holding device for exposure apparatus
Method of selectively forming local interconnects using design rules
Control of current spreading in semiconductor laser diodes
Integrated back-end integrated circuit manufacturing assembly
Methods for monitoring and controlling chemical mechanical planarization
Method for quantifying safe operating area for bipolar junction transistor
Apparatus for reshaping a patterned organic photoresist surface
Magnetic resonance system
Open mr system provided with transmission rf coil arrays
Superconducting magnet system with drift compensation
System and method for implementing calling card security and secured calling card
Methods and systems for providing communications services
User invoked directed outdial method and apparatus
Facilitation of a conference call
Voice chat service on telephone networks
Communication apparatus capable of automatic activation of forwarding setup instructed by remote acc...
Multiple routing options in a telecommunications service platform
Caller control of internet call waiting
Application-specific subnet for enhanced call processing
Apparatus and method for providing caller-specific data to agent station and for automatically launc...
Telephone-computer interface
Dual personality analog port
Removable hardware device authentication system and method
Single transformer hybrid system and method
Echo cancellation
Soft mute circuit
Telephone equipment compatible, twelve button alphanumeric keypad
Radiophone provided with an operation key with multiple functionality for handling access to a menu ...
Voice activated text strings for electronic devices
Wireless mobile device
Method and system for ergonomic assessment and reduction of workplace injuries
Real-time decision support system
Methods and apparatus for communicating information in a supervised learning system
System and method providing utility-based decision making about clarification dialog given communica...
Balancing personal vehicle
Engine arrangement for a four cycle engine
Parking assist apparatus for vehicle and control method of same
Shipping/operating envelopes for utility vehicles
Suspension module for use with an independent suspension including semi-trailing arms with airbag su...
Steering apparatus for vehicle
Motor vehicle steering system
Hydraulic power steering system utilizing fuel as a working fluid
Power steering system
Electrically driven steering apparatus
Steering system for vehicle
Adjustable steering column
Hood support mechanism
Vehicle impact sensing system
Vehicle control apparatus
Anti-theft system for construction machines and method for managing construction machines
Control system and method for onboard equipment
Torque sensing for a steering system
Vehicular steering device
Toroidal continuously variable transmission control apparatus
Hybrid vehicle and method of starting internal combustion engine mounted on hybrid vehicle
Method and apparatus for producing ammonia (NH3)
Method for preventing asbestos from freeing airborne particles
Process for production of hydrogen by partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
Method for leaching copper concentrate
CO2 separator method and apparatus
Manufacturing method of ito powder with tin dissolved in indium oxide, and manufacturing method of i...
Chlorotrifuorine gas generator system
Method for separating zirconium and hafnium tetrachlorides with the aid of a melted solvent
Composite and manufacturing method thereof
Method for preparing lithium manganese spinel oxide having improved electrochemical performance
Zeolite SSZ-61 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Microprojectile delivery system and particulate product
Method and apparatus for storing retail performance metrics
Date specific package delivery system
Heating cooker for commercial use
Digital data exchange system
Personalized presentation system and method
Method and system for conducting medical imaging transactions
Industry simulation environment