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Apparatus and method for compensation of temperature drift of SAW filters
Sharply tuned bandpass filter
MEMS mirror
Optical system
Modular audio-visual device
Motion estimation using predetermined pixel patterns and subpatterns
Human c-Maf compositions and methods of use thereof
Membrane transportable fluorescent substrates
Treatment of diabetes with synthetic beta cells
DNA molecules encoding vascular endothelial cell growth factor II subunits
Materials and methods for delivery and expression of heterologous DNA in vertebrate cells
Cell separation compositions and methods
Use of non-peptidyl compounds for the treatment of insulin related ailments
Prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome and neuronal cell death with ADNF polypeptides
Treatment of hypertension using growth hormone in mammals subjected to fetal programming
Peptides for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other beta-amyloid protein fibrillogenesis dis...
Inhibition of irritating side effects associated with use of a topical ophthalmic medication
Cholesterol lowering supplement
Therapeutic agent for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Combination comprising combretastatin and anticancer agents
Excipients containing low residual solvent and method for producing the same
Convertible toy wagon
Jointed linkage system
Sailboat with offset boom
Rear grip apparatus for a personal watercraft
Multi-hull surface vessel with drag reduction on lateral hulls
Maneuvering of submerged waterjet propelled sea craft
Mooring pad for watercraft
Vortex-assisted pressure control at inlet of underwater launch system
Control system for positioning of marine seismic streamers
Manual hydrofoil and spar truss assembly for wind powered watercraft
Gunwale clamp, attachments, and support structures
Boat boarding device
Dock swivel step
System for transferring oil from an offshore platform to a tanker
Boat bow access ladder for trailer
Active-over-passive coordinated motion winch
Toolhead assembly for CNC machines having misalignment prevention means
Gripping mechanisms, apparatus, and methods
Ceiling and floor mounted surgical robot set-up arms
Robot apparatus, method of controlling robot apparatus, method of display, and medium
Palletizer system for selectively palletizing individual or pairs of objects moving along a conveyor
Quality of service based transitioning between alternate transport paths
System of secret internet web sites for securing user access
Book configuration and methods for same useable for teaching literacy
Process for producing an artificial bone model and an artificial bone model produced by the process
Conducting remote instructor-controlled experimentation
System and method for learning support using keywords
Pre-writing teaching aid and method to assist beginning writers in creating letters
Socket with double functions
Pole vault training device
Camera support and control device
Focus detecting device with photoelectric conversion portion having microlens and with light blockin...
Shutter for digital still camera
Method for a customer-controlled stuffed toy
Multimedia interface for a communications network
Service system
White and yellow page multimedia service
Quality of service extensions for multimedia applications in wireless computer networks
Transcoding multimedia data shuttle and archive
Headmount apparatus for attaching and supporting devices
Sealing for OLED devices
Data filter for haptic feedback devices having low-bandwidth communication links
Information processing apparatus, method and computer program for virtual reality aura setting
Method for correcting an adaptively sampled distance field
Design for a non-blocking cache for texture mapping
Panoramic aerial imaging device
System, method and article of manufacture for knowledge-based password protection of computers and o...
Method and apparatus for tracking objects and people
System for interactive display of a magic show
Internet web site with audio interconnect and automatic call distributor
Gateway system for voice communication and controlling method thereof
System and method for accessing the internet on a per-time-unit basis
Method of generating charging identifier in internet one number link you (ONLY) service
Method and apparatus for browsing objects in a user's surroundings
Methods and systems for enabling speech-based internet searches
Medical image management system
Apparatus and method for blocking access to undesirable web sites on the internet
Method and apparatus for providing backup internet access
Smart card controlled internet access
System and method of using the public switched telephone network in providing authentication or auth...
Method and system for sending secure messages over an unsecured network
Gypsum product and method therefor
Electrical power-generating device
Variable speed wind turbine having a passive grid side rectifier with scalar power control and depen...
Selectively activated electrochemical cell system
Slip-inducing rotation starting exciter for turbine generator
Generator stator voltage control through DC chopper
Method and circuit for optimizing power efficiency in a DC-DC converter
FET current regulation of LEDs
Voltage regulator with reduced open-loop static gain
Digital control system and method for switched mode power supply
Soft start techniques for control loops that regulate DC/DC converters
Voltage slicer and method
Reference voltage generator for hysteresis circuit
Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) bandgap voltage reference circuit
Current mode DC/DC converter with controlled output impedance
Voltage regulator with improved load regulation using adaptive biasing
Magnetically influenced current or voltage regulator and a magnetically influenced converter
Cable or module identification apparatus and method
High index curable photochromic composition and its process
Data download method through multimedia device
Method and apparatus for a service provider to provide secure services to a user
Method for file system replication with broadcasting and XDSM
Automated receiving and delivery system and method
Pen cartridge that transmits acceleration signal for recreating handwritten signatures and communica...
Apparatus and method for measurement of the magnetic induction tensor using triaxial induction array...
Optical devices using reflecting polarizing materials
System and method of processing solid waste
Analog signal interface for digital control
Electromagnetic radiation alerting device for use with a cellular telephone
Apparatus, method and system for correlated noise reduction in a trellis coded environment
Bist for parallel testing of on chip memory
Spirobifluorene compounds, electroluminescence polymer and electroluminescence element having the sa...
Graphical data entry screen
System and method for providing a history list of existing imaging compositions
Bearing material for the manufacture of wear-resistant slide bearings made of a copper-aluminum-allo...
Fluid product distribution device and distributor comprising such a device
Methods and apparatus for integrating external applications into an MPEG-4 scene
Topically applied reconstituted ocean water mixture and method of producing and using the mixture
Low attention recording, with particular application to social recording
Biocompatible tissue for therapeutic use and method of making same
Automatic calibration of a wafer-handling robot
Metal ion specific capacity affinity sensor
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Optical device
1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyrimidine-2-one compositions, articles and therapeutic methods for upper airway b...
Spinal implant, driver tool and nut guide
Electronic program guide viewing history generator method and system
Electronic book player with audio synchronization
Niobium powder, niobium sintered body and capacitor using the sintered body
Fungicidal phenylimine derivatives
Particulate acellular tissue matrix
Intervertebral spacer device having a slotted domed arch strip spring
Physiological sensor combination
Aldehyde as perfuming or flavoring ingredient
Process for preparing certain pyrrolotriazine compounds
Multi channel imaging engine apparatus
Permanent magnet rotor and magnet cradle
Nanotube fiber reinforced composite materials and method of producing fiber reinforced composites
Method and system for inter-channel signal redundancy removal in perceptual audio coding
Gate valve apparatus
Drive for automated assembly
Vibration reduction in electro-optical readers
Mandrel-holding slide or sleeve pod for numerical-control machine tools
Hydromechanical transmission with differential steer
Formulation comprising an ionic compound, a polyionic polymer, and a block copolymer
Method of preparing modified cellulose ether
N-substituted 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinones and pharmaceuticals containing thereof
Human medical treatment by aerosol inhalation of immunoglobulin A
Hapten-carrier conjugates and uses thereof
Peptides which stimulate the expression of the cytokines of inflammation and promote tissue regenera...
Platelet immunoglobulin bead suspension and flow cytometry
Methods and compositions for use in the treatment of filovirus mediated disease conditions
Modulation of endogenous gene expression in cells
Reagents and methods for automated hybridization
A-form of cytoplasmic domain of nARIA (CRD-neuregulin) and uses thereof
Regulation of immune responses by attractin
Human cyclic nucleotide-gated channel polypeptide
Methods of treating peripheral neuropathies using neurotrophin-3
Therapeutic delivery compositions and methods of use thereof
Thiophene-based tricyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising same
JAK-3 inhibitors for treating allergic disorders
Pyrazole derivatives
Specificity exchangers that redirect antibodies to bacterial adhesion receptors
Low odor insulation binder from phosphite terminated polyacrylic acid
Vertically retractable door system for a stamping press
Customer-engaging food merchandising module
Disc cartridge with mounting part of shutter slide portion arranged on stage of another shutter slid...
Polarizing plate and method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display using the polarizi...
Process for vinyl chloride manufacture from ethane and ethylene with partial CHl recovery from react...
Process for epoxidation of a liquid olefinic organic compound using a supported nano-gold catalyst
Core configuration for a nuclear reactor
Method for wireless data transmission for adaptive multiple protocols
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Display system including functional layers and electronic device having same
Magnetic bit holder and hand tool incorporating same
Fluid separation conduit cartridge with encryption capability
Image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal display with a heat shield between the inverter and the backlight assembly
Flexible interface for controlling streaming data in passive streaming plug-ins
Process for the synthesis of 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-[2-((2R,4R)-4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydro-pyran-2-yl)...
Heteroaryl-fused nitrogen heterocycles as therapeutic agents
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Composition of crosslinkable prepolymers for biodegradable implants
Nanotechnology for drug delivery, contrast agents and biomedical implants
Combination dehydrator and condensed water dispenser
Cooling system with isolation valve
Apparatus and method for utilizing recirculated heat to cause refrigeration
Closed loop direct expansion heating and cooling system with auxiliary refrigerant pump
Antifreezing guard for pipes
Vehicle heating and cooling system
Insulated sub-surface liquid line direct expansion heat exchange unit with liquid trap
Heat-dissipation device
Heat exchanger of an auxiliary heater
Core structure of heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Electronic chassis and housing having an integrated forced air cooling system
Systems and methods for connecting an electronic apparatus to a backplane
Heat sink assembly with fixing mechanism
Micro-channel heat exchangers and spreaders
Apparatus and method for a cooling solution fastening assembly
Universal heat sink retention module frame
Portion of a shoe outsole
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Vapor permeable retroreflective garment
Footwear with knit upper and method of manufacturing the footwear
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Footwear sole structure incorporating a cushioning component
Shoe cartridge cushioning system
Footwear with a separable foot-receiving portion and sole structure
Foot cover
Skateboard shoe with sole of varying hardness
Device to allow physically limited persons to put on or remove socks
Enzymes useful for changing the properties of polyester
Driving force receiving member and driving mechanism
Color image forming apparatus, tandem type color image forming apparatus, and process cartridge for ...
Image forming apparatus
Common mobility management protocol for multimedia applications, systems and services
Low layer paging indicator processing system and method for multi-layer communication equipment used...
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Non-invasive method for disease diagnosis
Apparatus for treating fibrillation of at least one chamber of a heart
Multiblock robot system
Method and system for determining an efficient vehicle path
Waveform complexity detector
System and method for configuring a device to perform measurement functions utilizing conversion of ...
Creating customized internet access client user interface
Method and system for identification and maintenance of families of data records
Method and system for reliable device configuration in a computer system
Counter in CAM word
CAM with policy based bandwidth allocation
Building block removal from partitions
Method and apparatus for improving a progress monitor during a long computer process
Apparatus and method for adaptive address-based historical utilization recording
Acquisition method and device for seismic exploration of a geologic formation by permanent receivers...
Stethoscope with removable light assembly
Protective acoustic cover assembly
Silencer for vacuum cleaner
Device for noise structuring in a motor vehicle
Sound jacket for noise reduction in refrigeration apparatus
Method, system, and device for graphically presenting water temperature data
Flash EEPROM with function bit by bit erasing
Deposition method of insulating layers having low dielectric constant of semiconductor device, a thi...
Semiconductor solid phase epitaxy damage control method and integrated circuit produced thereby
Color image sensor on transparent substrate and method for making same
Semiconductor device comprising plurality of semiconductor areas having the same top surface and dif...
Electrically-programmable integrated circuit fuses and sensing circuits
Electronic device and leadframe and methods for producing the electronic device and the leadframe
Semiconductor stacked multi-package module having inverted second package and electrically shielded ...
Semiconductor device, semiconductor module and hard disk
Wire loop, semiconductor device having same, wire bonding method and wire bonding apparatus
Method of bonding a semiconductor die without an ESD circuit and a separate ESD circuit to an extern...
Selective solder bump application
Flip chip ball grid array package
Structure and method for field emitter tips
Method and system for determining transistor degradation mechanisms
Active matrix substrate and method for producing the same
Methods and apparatus for determining optical constants of semiconductors and dielectrics with inter...
Copper oxide monitoring by scatterometry/ellipsometry during nitride or BLOK removal in damascene pr...
Microelectronic devices and methods for packaging microelectronic devices
System and method for fabricating efficient semiconductor lasers via use of precursors having a dire...
Semiconductor integrated circuit, method and program for designing the semiconductor integrated circ...
Local coil unit for use in a magnetic resonance apparatus
Coil arrangements
Cooling of coils in magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging method with accelerated data acquisition
Method and system for rapid magnetic resonance imaging of gases with reduced diffusion-induced signa...
MR data acquisition method, MR image construction method, and MRI system
Inherent limitation of the reduction factor in parallel imaging as a function of field strength
Video game system auxiliary cover system
Board game
Bonus card game method
Tossing game
Portable bean bag toss game assembly
Wrist band call conditioner for friction game calls
Treasure hunt game utilizing wireless communications devices and location positioning technology
Game device, game region expansion and contraction method, game program and information storage medi...
Gaming machine with multi-dimensional symbols
Device and method for configuring a slot machine having a hot streak phase
Method and apparatus for a slot machine gaming device simulating a bank robbery
Video game with sub-display for tracking target
Method of choosing and distributing enhanced odds
Communication game system and communication game processing method
Collapsible backboard support assembly for a basketball goal system
Volleyball net pretensioned with rigid side strips
Key-operating device for a hand-held video game apparatus
Enhanced computer peripheral input device
Universal four-channel surround sound speaker system for multimedia computer audio sub-systems
Watching method of baseball using mobile communication means of motion picture
Vehicle data processing system which can communicate with information center
Acoustic device
Stringed instrument with adjustable string tension control
Guitar pick holder made of a flexible magnetic body
Performance device of music box or the like type
Media player with "DJ" mode
Method for producing playlists for personalized music stations and for transmitting songs on such pl...
Musical tone control system, control method for same, program for realizing the control method, musi...
Easily installable optical position transducer and keyboard musical instrument having the same
Method for synchronizing signals acquired from unsynchronized sensors
Electric steering system with mechanical back-up device
Air bag system in scooter type vehicle
Seated passenger's weight detection device
Control for electric motor in vehicles
Trailer based collision warning system and method
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle stability operator feedback system
Steered vehicle
Capacity indicating device and method thereof
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Layout structure of the fuel pump of a motorcycle
Rear axle for motorcycles having a transmission cardan shaft
Hydraulic four-wheel driving apparatus
Differential limiting control apparatus for vehicle
Satellite sensor housing
Traveling car
Control apparatus for an agricultural machine
Self-locating fastening assembly and method for integrating a monument within an aircraft
Modular overhead privacy system
Apparatus for aerial rearmament of aircraft
Device for closing parachute packs
Buckle for kites and the like
Reusable launch system
Multiple-antenna jamming system
Cycloidal VTOL UAV
Culture system for mouse tracheal epithelial cells
Relationship of ABC transport proteins with hematopoietic stem cells and methods of use thereof
Optimal windows for obtaining optical data for characterization of tissue samples
Methods for treatment of diabetes using a peptide analogues of insulin
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteogl...
Secretory thyroid stimulating hormone receptor, and method for assaying anti-thyroid stimulating hor...
Protein C or activated protein C-like molecules
Mammalian proteinases; oxidoreductases; related reagents
P53 protein variants and therapeutic uses thereof
Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase protein, nucleic acid and promoter region thereof
mcFP encoding nucleic acids, polypepetides, antibodies and methods of use thereof
Compositions comprising multiple immunodeficiency virus subunits for inducing an immune response
Methods for coexpression of more than one gene in eukaryotic cells
Method for linking nucleic acids and/or glycosaminoglycans to polar/hydrophilic materials
Nav2 channel gene-deficient mice
Soybean cultivar SE73090
Soybean cultivar 0491738
Inbred maize line PH91C
Inbred corn line BE8736
Hybrid maize 33N09
Method and apparatus for reading reporter labeled beads
Arched structures and method for the construction of same
Mooring arrangement
Second stage swivel regulator
Configurable valve-electrical box for underground conduit system to distribute water to landscaping
Fiber reinforced composite liner for lining an existing conduit and method of manufacture
Method for offloading and storage of liquefied compressed natural gas
Method for lifting and transporting a heavy load using a fly-jib
Permanent and semi-permanent groyne structures and method for shoreline and land mass reclamation
Permeable water reservoir covers
Wave forming apparatus and method
Tension leg platform having a lateral mooring system and methods for using and installing same
Wedge assembly and internal anchorage using the same
Method for creating self-built customer hierarchies
Computer architecture and method for supporting and analyzing electronic commerce over the world wid...
System, method, and computer program for managing storage and distribution of money tills
Payment transaction method and payment transaction system
Automatic manhour setting system and method, distributed client/server system, and computer program ...
System and method for extension of group buying throughout the internet
Automated on-line experimentation to measure users behavior to treatment for a set of content elemen...
System and method for managing mail/bills through a central location
System and method for regulating the transmission of media data
On-line interactive system and method for transacting business
Method for authenticating at least one subscriber during a data interchange
Secure communications for a currency handling machine
Technique for handling subsequent user identification and password requests within a certificate-bas...
Remote administration of smart cards for secure access systems
National identification card system and biometric identity verification method for negotiating trans...
Method and system in a client computer system for generating and displaying a local server clock syn...
System and method for managing workflow using a plurality of scripts
Event notification within a local system
Window component extrusion
Glazing mullion
Tea light candle holder for a bottle
Champagne bottle light
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Electric torch
Lighting device
Donut shaped drop opal lens trim
Enclosed multicolored frustum shaped drop opal lens trim
Light fixture having a ring lampholder
Lighting fixture hanger
Bullseye ashtray
Racing helmet cigarette lighter
Hair comb
Mop plate
Dust pan
Method and apparatus for generating random permutations
Method and apparatus for providing bus-encrypted copy protection key to an unsecured bus
System and method for transferring electronic information
Method and apparatus for control of a subscriber identity module in a data communication system
Split-key key-agreement protocol
System and method for third party recovery of encryption certificates in a public key infrastructure
Method for improving the security of authentication procedures in digital mobile radio telephone sys...
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works
Evidencing and verifying indicia of value using secret key cryptography
Composite keystore facility apparatus and method therefor
Method of generating unpredictable and auditable random numbers
Data alteration checking apparatus and method and recording medium
Method and apparatus for use of a time-dependent watermark for the purpose of copy protection
Security keys for enhanced downstream access security for electronic file systems and drives
Hybrid Calycanthus plant named 'Venus'
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named 'Smiley Face'
Phlox plant named 'Junior Surprise'
Bracteantha plant named 'Flobragbi'
Heuchera plant named 'City Lights'
Production of stable olefinic fischer tropsch fuels with minimum hydrogen consumption
Critical phase alkylation process
Production of diisopropylbenzene
Multiple client remote agent network method
Method and system for automatic contact distribution utilizing presence detection
Contact routing system and method
Method for recognizing an off-hook condition on a single subscriber line with two terminal devices
Apparatus for reducing echoes and noises in telephone
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Apparatus of a digital echo canceller and method therefor
Echo canceller
Method and apparatus for digital near-end echo/near-end crosstalk cancellation with adaptive correla...
Cellular phone holder
Mobile phone with a hidden input device
Replenishment of pre-paid wireless telephone accounts using short message service (SMS)
Virtual subscriber network
Schedule management device and schedule management method and recording medium recording the schedul...
Apparatus and method for controlling multi-function device of mobile terminal
Personal wearable communication and speaker system
Extending hinged flip apparatus for a communication device
Disambiguation language model
Voice-interactive marketplace providing promotion and promotion tracking, loyalty reward and redempt...
Method and system for authorizing a commercial transaction
Control apparatus for controlling recovery of terminal-station apparatus from abnormality
Address reading method
Virtual test environment
Collection content classifier
Agent system for generating and executing a plan, and for re-planning
Custom rule system and method for expert systems
Automated document drafting system
Method for electronically packaging a user's personal computing environment on a computer or device,...
Cycloalkyl-substituted 7-amino-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid derivatives, process for their preparat...
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases
Modulators of glucocorticoid receptor, AP-1, and/or NF-kappabeta activity and use thereof
Therapeutic agents
Phosphorous-containing compounds with polymeric chains, and methods of making and using the same
Membrane scaffold proteins
Process for the synthesis of (7-methoxy-1-naphthyl)acetonitrile and its application in the synthesis...
Process for the synthesis of (7-methoxy-3, 4-dihydro-1-naphthalenyl) acetonitrile and its applicatio...
Process for the synthesis of (7-methoxy--1-naphthyl) acetonitrile and its application in the synthes...
Process for the synthesis and crystalline form of agomelatine
Method for evaluating a patients biological condition
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitor and an N-meth...
Pharmaceutical composition comprising a monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitor and a dopamin...
Novel compounds
Haloalkyl containing compounds as cysteine protease inhibitors
Methods and compositions using thalidomide for the treatment and management of central nervous syste...
Method of using 3-cyano-4-arylpyridine derivatives as modulators of androgen receptor function
Amidine derivatives for treating amyloidosis
Pyrrole compounds and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for the treatment of physical and mental disorders with low frequency, low flux...
Systems and methods for therapeutically treating neuro-psychiatric disorders and other illnesses
Method and system for assessing fall risk
Sutureless implantable device and method for treatment of glaucoma
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Portable percutaneous assemblies, systems and methods for providing highly selective functional or t...
Portable assemblies, systems and methods for providing functional or therapeutic neuromuscular stimu...
Polymer compositions and methods for their use
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Electrical devices and anti-scarring agents
Soft tissue implants and anti-scarring agents
Hall effect sensor assembly
Guide boot for a fiber-optic cable
Gaming device having a bonus scheme including a plurality of selection groups with win-group outcome...
Electronic gaming unit with virtual object input device
Switch for vehicle
Method and system for acoustic function control in motor vehicles
Electronically-active vehicle gear-shift knob
Several phase for a stator of an alternator for a motor vehicle
Automotive on-board antenna
Vehicle active network with backbone structure
Motor vehicle operating data collection and analysis
Detection apparatus for steering angle in vehicle
Polyoxymethylene resin composition and molded articles made therefrom
Video indexing using high quality sound
Self-regulating electrohydraulic valve actuator assembly
Electromagnetic hydraulic valve, in particular a proportional valve for controlling device for adjus...
Variable valve timing controller for internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling engine operation
Device for the variable control of gas exchange valves in an internal combustion engine
Camshaft adjusting device for internal combustion engines of motor vehicles
System and method for enabling statistical matching
Law retrieval system, law retrieval apparatus and law retrieval program
Method and apparatus for optimizing queries in a logically partitioned computer system
Biological data processing
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Printer driver log security verification for identification cards
Method and apparatus for exposing a latent watermark on film
Receive processing for dedicated bandwidth data communication switch backplane
Enhanced copy protection of proprietary material employing multiple watermarks
Modified dendritic cells and use therefor
Proteins related to schizophrenia and uses thereof
Assays for sensory modulators using a sensory cell specific G-protein beta subunit
Antimicrobial coated metal sheet
Isoreticular metal-organic frameworks, process for forming the same, and systematic design of pore s...
Gettering using voids formed by surface transformation
Functional fluorescent dyes
Process and material for producing IR imaged gravure cylinders
Ink set and image forming process, and water-based ink used therein
Alkylamine derivatives as antifouling agents
Modified pigment products, dispersions thereof, and compositions comprising the same
Enhanced polyisobutylene modified hot melt adhesive formulation
1-Butene polymer and molded product consisting of the polymer
Electroluminescent display device with desiccant layer
Mask cost driven logic optimization and synthesis
Interrupt throttling for inter-processor communications
Design and optimization methods for integrated circuits
Automatic method and system for instantiating built-in-test (BIST) modules in ASIC memory designs
Method and apparatus for determining viability of path expansions
Integrated excitation/extraction system for test and measurement
Memory card and memory controller
Communication device
Automatic closing door hinge, automatic closing door mechanism, and hinge of automatic closing door ...
Intaglio printing press
Curved back reclosable metal packaging unit
Recording tape cartridge
Airbag apparatus for automobile
Container of consumable supplies for a printer and printer utilizing the container
Method for fabricating large area flexible electronics
Adhesive or sealant composition including high efficiency heating agents and methods of use
Indicating device
Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method and retrieval program
Upstream data transmission
Multiple stage and/or nested predistortion system and method
3R optical signal regeneration
Pulse-width to voltage converter
Method for data rate selection in a wireless communication system
Structure of ashtray for automobile
Compositions and methods for releasing adherent deposits from surfaces and substrates
Detergent, cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
Aqueous cleaning and disinfecting compositions based on quaternary ammonium compounds including alky...
Burst ratio: a measure of bursty loss on packet-based networks
Electrical evaporator with adjustable evaporation intensity
Drive circuit of ink jet head and driving method of ink jet head
Printer solid ink stick removal access feature
Method for producing a polymer optical waveguide and laminated polymer optical waveguide with an ali...
Color-enabled electrophoretic display and medium
Lap top case
Antisolvent-laminate body
Display driver, display unit, and electronic instrument
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Preparation of nutrient rich salt of plant origin
MEMS optical switches with guaranteed switching status
IL-21 antagonists
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Laser transfer of organic material from a donor to form a layer in an OLED device
Device package with hermetically sealed cap and device encapsulation method
Semiconductor device, display device, and method of manufacturing the same
Dry etching apparatus, etching method, and method of forming a wiring
Organic electroluminescence device
Organic electroluminescence display panel and fabrication method thereof
Inspection method and apparatus for EL array substrate
Camera for getting information upon three-dimensional shape
Explosive fragmentation process
Self-assembled nano-phase particle surface treatments for corrosion protection
Protective overlayer for ceramics
Anti-reflective glass surface with improved cleanability
Electrostatic image dry toner composition, developer for developing electrostatic latent image and i...
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Process for producing a cyclic aliphatic oxime
Method and system for high-throughput quantitation of small molecules using laser desorption and mul...
Method of reducing pattern distortions during imprint lithography processes
Respiratory syncytial virus replication inhibitors
Single workpiece processing system
Variable focus lens by small changes of the equatorial lens diameter
Use of 2-alkoxyphenol-substituted imidazotriazinones
Rhamnose binding protein
Gene family with transformation modulating activity
Absorbent structure having improved absorption properties
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between source and target states
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Fire resistant glazings
Device for analyzing immunoassays
Apparatus and method of maintaining a generally constant focusing spot size at different average las...
Method and apparatus for scanning an optical beam using an optical conduit
Wheel-support rolling bearing unit and a method manufacturing the same
Wheel support bearing assembly
Journal bearing and thrust pad assembly
Method migrating open network connections
High performance multi-controller processing
Apparatus and methods for sharing cache among processors
Process for the high-speed rotary application of liquid, pigmented coating agents
Sheet material especially useful for circuit boards
Flexographic element having an infrared ablatable layer
Fluorinated photopolymer composition and waveguide device
Highly defective oxides as sinter resistant thermal barrier coating
Vanadia-titania metal molybdate dual catalyst bed system and process using the same for methanol oxi...
Electrically heatable glow plug and method for producing said electrically heatable glow plug
Complex motion toothbrush
Process for making sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Sheet having indicia registered with lines of termination
Fabric softening compositions
Compositions and methods for treatment of microbial infections
Semiconductor wafer thinning method, and thin semiconductor wafer
Transparent conductive film formation process, photovoltaic device production process, transparent c...
Process and apparatus for isotope separation in low-gravity environment
Method for producing an integrated circuit having at least one metalicized surface
Power system for a telecommunication facility
Device for converting solar radiation into electric power
Tide compensated swell powered generator
Triple redundant latch design with storage node recovery
Method of acquiring satellite attitude
Mobile application security system and method
Implantable penile prosthesis fluid transfer systems and methods
Process for the preparation of
Aqueous polymer blend composition
Dicing tape
Estrogenic compounds as anti-mitotic agents
Decorative sheet
Method for producing lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies
Submersible lantern
Candle holder adapter for an electric lighting fixture
Solar powered electric candle
Lighting fixture
Reconfigurable data communications system with a removable optical backplane connector
Opto-mechanical assembly
Hybrid electro-optic cable for free space laser antennas
Dry tube fiber optic assemblies, cables, and manufacturing methods therefor
Optical fiber, slanted optical fiber grating, band rejection optical filter, gain equalizing optical...
Chromatic dispersion compensation module
Optical fiber unit for air blown fiber installation
Photonic crystal device having variable bandgap, optical waveguide using the same, and optical multi...
Contoured electric fields and poling in polarization-independent waveguides
Multifiber connector, installation tool and associated methods of validating optical fiber continuit...
Parallel fiber-fan-out optical interconnect for fiber optic system
Optical device including dynamic channel equalization
System processing time computation method computation device, and recording medium with computation ...
Method and apparatus for modifying graphics content prior to display for color blind use
Method for improved automatic partial color constancy correction
Handwritten character recognition apparatus
Selective mesh refinement
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium a...
Bi-directional motion compensation method to reduce the number of registers
Size reduction method and device for compressed images
Method of spatially filtering digital image for noise removal, noise estimation or digital image enh...
Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure
Device for measuring the body temperature
Injector for liquid medicine
Reinforced multi-lumen medical shaft
Lancing device
Adhering therapeutic tool
Coaxial cable antenna for communication with implanted medical devices
Image search device
Organ-region-indication system incorporated in electronic endoscope system
Onium salts and the use therof as latent acids
Photocationic polymerization initiator and photocationically polymerizable composition
Tension activated, hydraulically controlled rope severing device
In vivo animal model of human leukemia
Automatic pet waterer
Animal feeder
Scoop for cat litter
Bird seed collector
Vibration sensor assembly and method for bark controller
Spreader and spreader assembly
Method of manufacturing a spinning reel rotor
Method and apparatus for compactly coupling an optical fiber and a planar optical waveguide
Optical waveguides and optical devices with optical waveguides
Method for rapid estimation of wire delays and capacitances based on placement of cells
Device for dispensing a liquid active substance
Silica glass substrates and their selection
Process for forming a pattern of fluorescent substrate and plasma display panel
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary battery
Method of evaluating antifungal agent
Heterocyclic derivatives
Adhesion promoters containing benzotriazoles
Acrylic latex composition
Chiral ligand
Apparatus for controlling a door
Embedded fiber optic demodulator
RFID tag, antenna, and printer system
Device for combining candy dispensers and health and beauty aid dispensers
Rechargeable lithium battery
Dual battery power system for an implantable cardioverter defibrillator with voltage booster
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Ink set for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Method and apparatus for preheating of a fuel cell micro-reformer
Anti-epileptogenic agents
Method for producing a high-molecular weight flocculant
Intravascular stent
Multi-lumen prosthesis systems and methods
Longitudinally expanding medical device
Substituted alkylaminopyridazinone derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutic...
3-Oxadiazol-5-yl-1-aminoalkyl-1h-indole derivatives
Method and device for use in micturition studies
Delivery of active fixation implatable lead systems
Method to create pacemaker timing cycles
Dispense molding method and apparatus for manufacturing cannulae
Method of making a catheter balloon by laser fusing wrapped material
Methods of isolating amyloid-inhibiting compounds and use of compounds isolated from Uncaria tomento...
Diagnostic and therapeutic methods using the H37 tumor suppressor gene
Multi-segmented deployable arched ramp
Power management system including a power controller for switching components to low or high power s...
Automated audit methodology for design
Method and apparatus for generation of validation tests
Multiprocessor emulation support using dynamic linking
Computer system upgrade method employing upgrade management utility which provides uninterrupted idl...
Thin walled compartmented tubular structure and its manufacturing process
Head coil arrays for parallel imaging in magnetic resonance imaging
Three dimensional MRI RF coil unit capable of parallel imaging
Time-variable magnetic fields generator for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Method/system for switched frequency ripple reduction in MRI gradient coils
Halftone generation system and halftone generation method
Lithography tool image quality evaluating and correcting
Decision making in classification problems
Optical scanning method, optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Modular printing machine system for printing on sheets
Method for converting the coordinates of image data by way of random offset of the picture elements
Device for cleaning printing cylinders
Method and device for winding up at least one paper web
Polymeric compound
High-purity lanthanum isoproxide and a process for producing the same
Emission source having carbon nanotube, electron microscope using this emission source, and electron...
Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlayer insulat...
Carbon monoxide detector
Permanent magnet and method for preparation thereof
Positive-type photosensitive resin composition
Method for a reliability assessment, failure prediction and operating condition determination of ele...
Transparent substrate comprising an antiglare coating
Resist resin, chemical amplification type resist, and method of forming of pattern with the same
Robust ultra-low k interconnect structures using bridge-then-metallization fabrication sequence
Top sprocket for a rear sprocket assembly and rear sprocket assembly for a bicycle
Exercise methods and apparatus
Sequential contraction muscle training device
Full-body accordion-motion exercise machine
Bicycle chain stay
Cycle pants with breathable saddle cushion
Mobile electrical power source
Bicycle handlebar extension with intergral armrest
Smart occupant alarm system
Computer-equipped mobility device
Universal mounting bracket for a vehicle-mounted equipment carrier
Hydraulically compensated stabilizer system
Bicycle trailer hitch
Mechanism for driving bicycles
Break apart bicycle
Truck bed storage apparatus and tonneau cover
Contoured metal eyeglass frames
Star block copolymers comprising polyisobutylene-B-polyacrylonitrile arms radiating from an aromatic...
Air scenting compositions and processes for use thereof in air scenting devices
Mold and method for casting ophthalmic lenses
Micromechanical resonator having short support beams
Process for treating a lipophilic fluid
Process for the continuous preparation of thermoplastically processable polyurethanes with improved ...
Conformationally constrained backbone cyclized somatostatin analogs
Optical recording medium, method for manufacturing the same and target used for sputtering process
Genes encoding carotenoid compounds
Apparatus for analyzing biologic fluids
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with contact body extending in direction of bit line to...
Slurry composition for use in chemical mechanical polishing of metal wiring
Printed circuit boards and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same and semiconductor device-mounted structur...
Microminiature power converter
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
LCD and method of manufacture thereof
Automatic remote firmware upgrade
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical informa...
Method, system, and program for controlling multiple storage devices
Basketball goal base pad
IL-12 as an adjuvant for Bordetella pertussis vaccines
Heterocyclic nitrogen-containing activators and catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Bit-rate-independent optical receiver
Regenerator for a wavelength division multiplex transmission system
Method and system of calculating lot hold time
Integrated transport system
Real time analysis of periodic structures on semiconductors
System and method for hybrid minimum mean squared error matrix-pencil separation weights for blind s...
Method and mechanism for database partitioning
Method and apparatus for managing a network using link state information
Method for using a portion of the system cache as a trace array
Integrating into an application objects that are provided over a network
Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a humidity control function
Method and apparatus for measurement of flow rate
Vehicle seat incorporated with an occupant sensor
Automated classifier and meat cut fat trimming method and apparatus
Device and method for transmitting data between a sensor and an analyser unit
Reduction of aggregate EMI emissions of multiple transmitters
Liquid crystal display with particular reflective switched states
C-peptide specific assay procedure
Method for the expression of proteins in in vitro translation systems with coexpression of folding h...
Machining jig
Robot and over-current protection device for a robot
System for estimating attitude of leg type moving robot itself
Robot apparatus
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Electrical charging system, electrical charging controlling method, robot apparatus, electrical char...
Robust sensor fusion for mapping and localization in a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) ...
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
Robot apparatus, control method for robot apparatus, and toy for robot apparatus
In-situ photoresist removal by an attachable chamber with light source
Process for the preparation of paroxetine substantially free of alkoxy impurities
Image processing method, apparatus, system and storage medium
Image formation system control method, image formation system, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus and processing method therefor
Image reading apparatus
Color image reading apparatus
Multi-beam light scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using same
Method of manufacturing diffractive optical element
Apparatus and method of detecting ground fault of solar power generation system
Image forming apparatus and the control method including a feature of detecting a remaining amount o...
Toner residual amount detection apparatus
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor, process cartridge and memory device
Image forming apparatus having change-over type developing device
Chimeric cell-targeting pathogenic organism and method of therapeutic use
Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Nasal passage cleaning composition
Fishing fly storage box with sliding cover
Device and method of monitoring grounding of personnel and equipment in ESD-sensitive areas
System and method for filtering query statements from multiple plans and packages according to user-...
Method for conducting capillary zone electrophoresis
Method and apparatus for monitoring detergent concentration in a decontamination process
Dual protocol layer automatic retransmission request scheme for wireless air interface
Decoding extended error correcting codes using soft information
Image on-demand transmitting device and a method thereof
Secure network file access controller implementing access control and auditing
Folder type time stamping system and distributed time stamping system
Methods and system for improved searching of biometric data
Compounds, compositions and methods to reduce SOx emissions from FCC units
Two stage process for hydrodesulfurizing distillates using bulk multimetallic catalyst
Process for the production of catalysts with improved accessibility
Guitar strap
Turbocharger apparatus
Underground storage tank metering system in a service station environment
Downhole pump
Thick matter pump
Horizontal two stage rotary compressor
Valve assembly for reciprocating compressors
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Multi-domain motion estimation and plethysmographic recognition using fuzzy neural-nets
Spatial filter source beam conditioning in ellipsometer and the like systems
Method and apparatus for finding the position of a mechanical axis of a limb
Anti motion blur display
Method for making an exposure adjustment on a rendered image
Cordless electric ratchet wrench
Bidirectional ratchet wrench with a ratchet assembly
Pipeline internal inspection device and method
Vehicle electric motor diagnosing apparatus
Heat sources with conductive material for in situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation
Feedback compensation device and method, and hearing aid device employing same
Hearing aid and a method for operating a hearing aid
System for reduction of undesirable brain wave patterns using selective photic stimulation
Centrifuge with separate hero turbine
Load driver with power storage unit
Voltage level converter device
Optical signal processing system
Factorized power architecture with point of load sine amplitude converters
Power regeneration circuit and power conversion system
Packet prioritization protocol for a large-scale, high speed computer network
Processing of unsolicited bulk electronic communication
Apparatus and methods for clot dissolution
Prosthetic vascular graft connector
Tamping mechanism
Stent with cover connectors
Antitumor effect potentiators
Jewelry ring and method of manufacturing same
Surface-active photoinitiators
Position detection apparatus and method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Image sensing device and distance measuring device using the image sensing device
Liquid crystal display
Sensor front-end with phase coding capability
Computer peripheral input system with two input types and method of data communication for the same
Method of reading memory device in page mode and row decoder control circuit using the same
Test circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit effectively carrying out verification of connectio...
Method for connecting gigabit interface converters with serial identification capability into an act...
Implicit addressing sequential media drive with intervening converter simulating explicit addressing...
Method of scattering fine particles, method of manufacturing liquid crystal display, apparatus for s...
Method for characterizing particles in suspension from frequency domain photon migration measurement...
Multi-layered unit
Memory device and methods of controlling resistance variation and resistance profile drift
Magnetic memory device, method for writing on the same and method for reading from the same
Low voltage non-volatile memory cell
Extreme ultraviolet soft x-ray projection lithographic method system and lithographic elements
Implantable tissue stimulating device
Implantable medical device with air core antenna assembly
Shift control apparatus and shift control method for a vehicular automatic transmission
Power transmission for a vehicle
Hydraulic pressure control apparatus and method for vehicular automatic transmission
Firearm cylinder indexing mechanism
Grip extender for handgun
Optic for industrial endoscope/borescope with narrow field of view and low distortion
Apparatus and method for treating containerized feed materials in a liquid reactant metal
Apparatus and system for spray coating an article
Vehicle powder coating system
Solid phase microextraction field kit
Steel reinforced concrete systems
Anti-explosive fertilizer coatings
Dual-energy electron flooding for neutralization of charged substrate
Electron beam exposure apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
System and method for monitoring the condition of a heat exchange unit
Air cushioned grippers for article holders
Quick action bar clamp with improved stiffness and release button
Golf club shaft
Golf club shaft and iron golf club set
Simulation method for estimating performance of product made of viscoelastic material
Tire information providing method and a providing apparatus
Pneumatic tire variable elasticity modules metallic band cord
Dynamic pitch correction in press cured power transmission belts
Hose construction containing thermoplastic quadpolymers
Programmable trimmer for transponder
Tire tread
Tread for a light truck or automobile tire
Runflat tire with sawtooth shaped insert
Dual height airspring having adjusted spring rate
Air spring upper retainer
Functionalized elastomers
Method and apparatus for cutting tire ply stock
All-terrain vehicle tire
Tire in with cavities in bead region
Vehicle rearview mirror system