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Prismatic reflectors with a plurality of curved surfaces
Illumination apparatus
Adjustable reflector socket
Lighting fixture with enclosed wiring
Vehicular lighting system
Light guide member and illuminating device
Light device for automobile overhead lights
Light source
High mount stop lamp with printed circuit board
Outside mirror with blinker light for vehicles
Lighting device
Backlight for LCD's
Mounting method for optical member and optical module
Method for forming and apparatus comprising optical waveguides leading to a free space coupler regio...
Optical distribution device and light waveguide connector cable
Systems, apparatuses, and methods for managing cables with minimum bend radius
Images incorporating microstructures
Method of coding artifacts reduction
Masking tool
Method for determining skew angle and location of a document in an over-scanned image
Image conversion method and apparatus, image conversion processing program, and recording medium on ...
Apparatus and method for automated web inspection
Video compression system
Digital image compression with spatially varying quality levels determined by identifying areas of i...
Compression of digital data and coding of the compressed data in order to protect them against trans...
Method of processing digital data
Method and apparatus for generating video images
Method for determining a metric of non-sustained arrhythmia occurrence for use in arrhythmia predict...
Methods and apparatus for cardiac R-wave sensing in a subcutaneous ECG waveform
Implantable cardiac device having a system for detecting T wave alternan patterns and method
Receiver used in marker localization sensing system and having dithering in excitation pulses
Dermoscopy epiluminescence device employing multiple color illumination sources
System for pressure ulcer prophylaxis and treatment
Blood parameter measurement system
Signal processing method and device for signal-to-noise improvement
Balloons made from liquid crystal polymer blends
Substituted oxime derivatives and the use thereof as latent acids
Continuous bioreactor process for the preparation of polyester cyclic oligomers
Bait holder for a fishing lure
Fish or fish bait life preservation apparatus and method
Submergible terrarium
Foldable/collapsible structures
Fishing reel with uniform oscillation system
Method and system for solving finite element models using multi-phase physics
System for geometrically accurate compression and decompression
Oral bacteriotherapy compositions and methods
Hydrocarbon conversion process and catalyst useful therein
Malononitrile compounds and their use as pesticides
Process for producing modified polyolefin resin
Enhanced oxygen barrier performance from modification of vinyl alcohol polymers (PVOH) or ethylene v...
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Method for producing ε-caprolactam and method for reactivating catalyst for production of ...
Direct epoxidation process using modifiers
Polymerization catalysts for producing high melt index polymers without the use of hydrogen
Depth and concentration estimation
Rewritable optical recording medium, recording method on the same, and optical disc recording/retrie...
Conductive resin composition
Articles made from blends made from propylene ethylene polymers
Blends made from propylene ethylene polymers
Low cost RFID antenna manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Identification card printer ribbon cartridge
Infusion pump
Radio frequency identification devices, backscatter communication device wake-up methods, communicat...
Wireless communications systems, radio frequency identification devices, wireless communications met...
Non-visually identifiable fishing gear
Method and device for cleaning teeth
Systems and methods for tracking alcoholic containers
Isolation circuit
Method and apparatus to prevent unauthorized removal of a pedestal from a base
Method and apparatus to configure an RFID system to be adaptable to a plurality of environmental con...
Fuel dispensing system for cash customers
Livestock data acquisition and collection
Network router having an internal automated backup
Lithium ion battery with improved safety
Substrates, devices, and methods for cellular assays
Toner, image forming method and process-cartridge
Planographic printing plate precursor and planographic printing method
Method of use of peptide antagonists of zonulin to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes
Oral general anesthetics and metabolitically resistant anticonvulsants
Photoiniators having triarylsulfonium and arylsulfinate ions
Branched polymers and their conjugates
Method and apparatus for hydrogen sulfide monitoring
Positive electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery
Lithium-based active materials and preparation thereof
Use of rhein or diacerhein compounds for the treatment or prevention of vascular diseases
2-alkylated-cyclodextrin derivatives: reversal agents for drug-induced neuromuscular block
Cryogenic x-ray source device
Fused bicyclic pyridine derivative as tachykinin receptor antagonist
Multi-tip steerable catheter
Lead with distal tip surface electrodes connected in parallel
Device for cardiac therapy
Heating device and image forming apparatus
Wireless device connection in single medium wiring scheme for multiple signal distribution in buildi...
Program executing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium for interpreting and execut...
Safety controller providing rapid recovery of safety program data
Stepped sine wave frequency response measurement system
Data transmission method for a multi-protocol handheld field maintenance tool
Flexible web-based interface for workflow management systems
Method and system of managing software conflicts in computer system that receive, processing change ...
Automated tool for detection of potential race condition
Noise suppression in an open MR apparatus
Gradient coil/RF antenna unit and magnetic resonance apparatus employing same
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for liquid-solution
Parallel MR imaging with use of multi-coil made of plural element coils
Superconducting magnet apparatus and method for magnetizing superconductor
Stock lifter for metal forming dies and method for making the same
Adjustable stroke mechanism
Overload safety device in a press
Method of reducing the sucrose ester concentration of a tobacco mixture
Method and apparatus for controlling dispersion of molten metal in a mold cavity
Golf ball containing graphite nanosheets in a polymeric network
Nitric oxide delivery system
Amino resin crosslinked particles and producing process thereof
Process for preparing fluorohalogenethers
Porous low k(<2.0) thin film derived from homo-transport-polymerization
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Metallic hydrogenation catalysts, production and use thereof
Polymer-supported arylbis(perfluoroalkylsulfonyl)-methane
Moisture crosslinking elastomer composition
Catalytic conversion of hydrofluoroalkanol to hydrofluoroalkene
High performance fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin, method and apparatus for making the same
Network traffic director system having modules that implement merit or penalty functions involving s...
Headlamp for a bicycle
Safety storage device
Assisting apparatus for changing speeds in a bicycle transmission
Pedal structure for a bicycle
Bicycle ratchet bushing
Packaging comprising at least one carrier section bearing packaging item and method for the producti...
Two wheel steering bicycle with each wheel having its own steering control operated by rider's left ...
Adjustable air cushion bicycle seat
Load deformable bicycle seat
Adjustable bicycle seat post assembly
Front derailleur with annular chain guide, bicycle and method of operation
Elliptical exercise device and arm linkage
Segmented sheeting and methods of making and using same
Golf ball incorporating a polymer network comprising silicone
Micromesh interproximal devices
Multifocal contact lenses having a pinhole
Diffractive lenses for vision correction
Insertion device for deformable intraocular lens
Accommodating intraocular lens with integral capsular bag ring
Organic photosensitive optoelectronic device with an exciton blocking layer
Method for making thin-film semiconductors based on I-III-VI2 compounds, for photovoltaic...
Method of reducing photoelectric device leakage current in conjugated polymer and conjugated polymer...
Curable compositions
Sockets for microassembly
Method of forming composite insulating layer and process of producing wiring board
Method for producing an epoxide
Method and packaging for pressurized containers
Detection of endothelial dysfunction by ultrasonic imaging
Drug containment system
Methods for forming regional tissue adherent barriers and drug delivery systems
Pharmaceutical compositions containing compounds with activity for the enhancement of absorption of ...
Sustained release ionic conjugate
Liquid crystal display device having nut member fixed on housing
Optical waveguide coupler circuit device
Editing apparatus for an optical disk, computer-readable storage medium, and computer program
Magnetic tape recording apparatus and method, magnetic tape reading apparatus and method, recording ...
Method for production of support for lithographic printing plate precursor and support for lithograp...
Image forming apparatus with notification of remaining life of image forming unit and prohibition of...
Reg-like protein
Capture management improvements
Enic compounds, sulfur-containing polyenic compound, sulfur-containing polythiol compound, high refr...
Sample dispensing apparatus and automatic analyzer using the same
Thermal infrared detector and infrared image sensor using the same
Semiconductor devices having a non-volatile memory transistor and methods for manufacturing the same
Surface acoustic wave device having high dielectric strength and process for manufacturing the same
Image forming apparatus operable in a duplex print mode
Mobile platform local area network using direct infrared
System and method for accessing computer services via a wireless network
Biochemical examination method
Port replication in an electronic device that allows for a single network controller
Method and apparatus for extending communications over USB
Process for manufacturing resin-based composite material
Dual-glass fiber insulation product
Compression-cutting assembly and method
Method and arrangement for controlling micromechanical element
Method and apparatus for a wireless power supply
Diaphragm for speakers
Dynamic computing imagery, especially for visceral osteopathy and for articular kinetics
Geometric hashing method for model-based recognition of an object
Planar waveguide for heat assisted magnetic recording
Duel grounded internal antenna
Method for measuring formation properties with a time-limited formation test
Method and apparatus for attenuating sound from vibratory screening machines
Safety ski binding incorporating a toe and a heel binding and an electronic circuit as well as a dis...
Apparatus for cleaning a diesel particulate filter with multiple filtration stages
Doped semiconductor wafer of float zone pulled semiconductor material, and process for producing the...
Device and method for identifying defects during the feeding of a welding rod
Hand-held, ergonomic capacitive amplifier and hand-held tone generator to be used in conjunction wit...
Virtual cameras for digital imaging
Ultrasonic displacement sensor using digital signal processing detection
Dynamic multi-channel power equalizer and regulator
Self-tuned millimeter wave RF transceiver module
Apparatus, method and signal set for monoline serial interface
Extended temperature range thermal variable-resistance device
Modification of surfaces in order to increase the surface tension
Robot cleaner coordinates compensation method and a robot cleaner system using the same
Bimodal conveyance mechanism
Method compensating gyro sensor for robot cleaner
Systems and methods for dispersing and clustering a plurality of robotic devices
Security robot
Exhaust fan timeout system
Method of treating tinnitus
Device for turning objects
Lactoferrin in the reduction of circulating cholesterol, vascular inflammation, atherosclerosis and ...
Optical filter and process for producing the same
In-vivo diagnostic method by means of near infrared radiation
Ceramic material and process for manufacturing
MP121, a growth/differentiation factor of the TGF-β family
Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
Position detection method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for single-photon source and quantum memory
Device for controlling throttle valve
Methods and systems for precisely relatively positioning a waist of a pulsed laser beam and method a...
Generation and analysis of state of polarization using tunable optical polarization rotators
AOM modulation techniques for facilitating pulse-to-pulse energy stability in laser systems
Multi tier wireless communication system
Compensating for frequency shift and timing shift in frequency and time tracking loops based on mobi...
System for querying markup language data stored in a relational database according to markup languag...
Method for extending a network map
System and method for auto focusing an optical code reader
Third stream automotive color injection
Pull out drawer system
Ocular fundus auto imager
Apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern
Electron amplifier utilizing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for simultaneous chlorine and alkaline-peroxide production
Cleaning composition for neutralizing biological and chemical weapons removal agents
Neutron/gamma ray survey instrument with directional gamma ray sensitivity
Data synchronization systems and methods for PDAS
Purification method of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose phthalate
Fusion polypeptide suitable as a cytotoxin
Isoflavone-beta-D-glucan produced by Agaricus blazei in the submerged liquid culture and method of p...
Novel vectors for animal cells and use thereof
6R-(3,6-dideoxy-l-Arabino-Hexopyranosyloxy) heptanoic acid, preparation process for the same and dau...
Rapamycin carbohydrate derivatives
Nucleoside compounds for treating viral infections
Multi-unit complexes and uses thereof
Analogs of tRNA synthetase fragments and uses thereof
Anti-cancer phosphonate analogs
Method of treating/preventing mucositis
Heparin oligosaccharides
Production of mutant strain of aspergillus fumigatus, method of assay for inhibiting siderophore bio...
Junctional adhesion molecule splice variants
98 human secreted proteins
Kits for modulating angiogenesis
Polynucleotides encoding tRNA synthetase fragments and uses thereof
Contraceptive targets
Compositions and use of inflammation-20 (Inf-20) gene
Method of separating optically active dihydroxy-heptenoic acid esters
Compartmentalised combinatorial chemistry by microfluidic control
Thiation of carbon nanotubes and composite formation
Wireless remote vehicle signal indicator for supplementing existing vehicle signal indicators
Automated parking director systems and related methods
Photometric analysis of natural waters
Controller for photosensor array with multiple different sensor areas
High reliability triple redundant memory element with integrated testability and voting structures o...
Electronic timepiece with a date display function
Multi-signal transmit array with low intermodulation
Current interrupter assembly
Method and computerized system for reducing risk in an energy industry
Light emitting device having a pseudo-continuous spectrum and lighting apparatus using the same
Lanthanide doped TiOx dielectric films by plasma oxidation
Method and apparatus for solar power conversion
Air filtering chimney to clean pollution from a city and generate electric power
System for supplying electrical power to a load by a transmission path which has been split into two...
Magnetic motion device
Polyester film and method for producing the same
Pretreatment processing of metal-matrix carbide power for mold casting of products
Highly conducting and transparent thin polymer films formed from double and multiple layers of poly(...
Quad shaft contrarotating homopolar motor
Surface interaction region methodology for delimiting multipath propagation inquiry
Method and apparatus for simultaneous transmission of same frequencies
Fiber optic switch employing optical amplifiers
Dual band superheterodyne receiver
Wave plate mounting
Substrate independent distributed bragg reflector and formation method
Diffractive optical element for extreme ultraviolet wavefront control
Display optical system
Asymmetric optical focusing system
Endoscope objective lens
Optical cross-connect switch with telecentric lens and multi-surface optical element
Methods and apparatus for optical pulse generator with progressive phase shift
Closed-loop focal positioning system and method
Image-forming optical system
Optical system for providing a useful light beam influenced by polarization
Original reading lens, original reading lens unit, original reading device, and image forming device
Method for improving the imaging properties of at least two optical elements and photolithographic f...
Optical pickup apparatus for simultaneously reading data from a plurality of tracks of an optical di...
Method for optical data recording and reproducing
Multiplexer, demultiplexer and multiplex communication system
Compositions of marine botanicals to provide nutrition to aging and environmentally damaged skin
Acid cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical agents
Polyhydroxyalkanoate compositions for soft tissue repair, augmentation, and viscosupplementation
System and method for revealing remote object status in an integrated development environment
Method, system and program product for retrofitting collaborative components into existing software ...
Inferring data type in a multi stage process
Parameterization of programming structures
Attempting runtime retranslation of unresolvable code
Update package for offline synchronization of software updates
Methods and systems for patch distribution
Methods and instructions for patch management
Method and structure for autonomic application differentiation/specialization
Autonomic peer-to-peer computer software installation
System and method for hiding memory latency
Method and system for mapping threads or tasks to CPUs in a parallel computer
Method and apparatus for applying policies
Facilitating intra-node data transfer in collective communications
Unilateral web services interaction contract
Stream class driver for computer operating system
Optical storage media with embedded security device
System, method and program for identifying Web information related to subjects in a program broadcas...
Offline analysis of packets
System and method for reducing virus scan time
Secure image authentication with discrete level tamper localization
Method for ordering and consigning items
Method for signaling and processing incoming calls for a call center
White light-emitting device
Storage device having parallel connected memory cells that include magnetoresistive elements
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Thermal dispensing enhancement for high performance flip chip BGA (HPFCBGA)
Spathiphyllum plant named 'Mara'
Centrifugal pellet dryer with plastic wall panels
Pliable handle
Extracellular novel RAGE binding protein (EN-RAGE) and uses thereof
Method, system, and computer program product for the evaluation of glycemic control in diabetes from...
360 degree rotatable lifter arm for log singulator
High frequency switch and high frequency radio communication apparatus
Tissue penetration device
Fabric care composition
Dual use decorating device
Vision-based highway overhead structure detection system
Method of reducing bacterial proliferation
Method for producing porous polyimide resin and porous polymide resin
Method for producing (meth)acrylic acid esters
Multilayer ceramic condenser
Ultra-wideband communication through local power lines
Voice control system notifying execution result including uttered speech content
Wavelength selective switch
Optical waveguide
Infinitely variable, order specific, holistic assembly process control system
Target device-specific syntax and semantic analysis for a graphical program
Compact fuel cell with improved fluid supply
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and nonaqueous electrolytic solution
Catalyst component comprising magnesium, titanium, a halogen and an electron donor, its preparation ...
Method of filling a muffler cavity with fibrous material
Mineral fiber insulation batt impregnated with coextruded polymer layering system
Reinforced membranes for roofing and other applications
Glass for fluorescent lamp, glass tube for fluorescent lamp, and fluorescent lamp
Arteriovenous access valve system and process
Thrombin inhibitors
Sheath based blood vessel puncture locator and depth indicator
Substituted heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Arteriotomy closure devices and techniques
Amorphous polymeric polyaxial initiators and compliant crystalline copolymers therefrom
Flexible and conformable stent and method of forming same
Process and equipment for plasmid purification
Inhibitors of α4 mediated cell adhesion
Therapeutic tool for vascular diseases
Surface modification of substrates
Platelet adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists
Sol-gel process for the production of optical fiber preforms
Toroidal transmission
Endoluminal device having enhanced affixation characteristics
Folded mesh filter for particulates
Scanning probe microscope
Reference electrode having a microfluidic flowing liquid junction
Galenical formulations
Male contraceptive formulation comprising norethisterone
Delivery system for nucleic acids
Multicolor imaging using multiphoton photochemical processes
Diagnostic and protective antigen gene sequences of ichthyophthirius
Air-drying silane coating compositions
Supply detecting device for money or equivalents
Component control in a placement machine
Intelligent metering system
Reflective displays with color filter cross-talk compensation
Selectively overlaying a user interface atop a video signal
Pen out-of-proximity handwriting-recognition trigger
Method and apparatus for reducing image acquisition time in a digital imaging device
Indexing productions for use in a left-corner chart parser which parses input text containing input ...
Quality and rate control strategy for digital audio
System and method for visualization of continuous attribute values
Method and system for obtaining computer shutdown information
System and method for computer hardware identification
Optical modulators with coplanar-waveguide-to-coplanar-strip electrode transitions
Optical MEMS switching array with embedded beam-confining channels and method of operating same
Optical coupling device
Alignment assembly and method for an optics module
Wet-type electrophotographic printer with photocatalystic filter
Apparatus having endless belt with roughened guide
Method for simulating subsea mudlift drilling and well control operations
Optical disk, disk substrate, and drive
Cross point array using distinct voltages
Micromirror array for projection TV
MOSFET gate electrodes having performance tuned work functions and methods of making same
Substrate heater assembly
Method of fabricating a polysilicon thin film
Methods of controlling optical properties of a capping insulating layer on memory devices, and syste...
Method and composition for the removal of residual materials during substrate planarization
Reduced thickness variation in a material layer deposited in narrow and wide integrated circuit tren...
Chamber for uniform substrate heating
Method of manufacturing high-mobility organic thin films using organic vapor phase deposition
Top electrode in a strongly oxidizing environment
Dual-damascene process and associated floating metal structures
Methods of forming conductive material silicides by reaction of metal with silicon
Metal gate structure for MOS devices
TFT array substrate and active-matrix addressing liquid-crystal display device
Low dielectric constant film produced from silicon compounds comprising silicon-carbon bonds
Dipole ion source
Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Oligonucleotides for the amplification and detection of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) nucleic acid
GPRS network and method therefor
Gateway GPRS support node and method therefor
Method and apparatus of muting an alert
Call operation method for a communication device
Wireless device power optimization
Method and apparatus for transmitting real-time data in multi-access systems
Wireless LAN with dynamic channel access management
Multi-media synchronization system
Universal serial bus hub with wireless communication to remote peripheral device
Partially filling block interleaver for a communication system
Error estimation method and apparatus
User interface and method for viewing short messages on a wireless device
Method and apparatus for wireless internet access
Assembling frame for back light modules
Error-proof mounting assembly for twinkle light set to prevent mounting of a light bulb holder into ...
Lighting unit for flat panel display device
Apparatus and method for activating an inductance loop vehicle detection system
Arrangement and apparatus for optical beam transformation
Variation detecting apparatus, variation detecting method, and storage medium and system for storing...
Polarized-light-emitting waveguide, illumination arrangement and display device comprising such
Bacterial hemoglobin receptor genes
Insulating barrier, NVM bandgap design
Tunneling anisotropic magnetoresistive device and method of operation
Apparatus, method, and computer program for detection of server-like devices on a computer network b...
Method for direct voice telephone call using bluetooth terminal
Transceiver apparatus and method for efficient high-speed data retransmission and decoding in a CDMA...
Method for controlling power of TFCI field for DSCH in 3G standard mobile communication system
Content distribution system for generating content streams to suit different users and facilitating ...
Apparatus and method for identifying paper cassettes
Parameter generating circuit for deciding priority of master blocks and method of generating paramet...
Duty cycle distortion compensation for the data output of a memory device
Apparatus for loading a disk in an optical disk player
Coumarin derivatives useful as TNFα inhibitors
Back light module and liquid crystal display
Organic electroluminescent material and organic electroluminescent element by using the same
Luminescence device, display apparatus and metal coordination compound
Method for producing polymer-free area on a substrate
Organometallic light-emitting material
Organic n-channel semiconductor device of N,N' 3,4,9,10 perylene tetracarboxylic diimide
Organic thin film transistor array substrate
Shared pixel electroluminescent display driver system
Organic EL display device
Display device
Frame synchronizing signal detecting method for reducing occurrence of error synchronization before ...
Repeater for customer premises
Method of automatic frequency-setting for wireless microphone-receivers
Radio frequency switching apparatus and mobile telecommunication terminal using the same
Method and apparatus providing reduction in transmitter current consumption using signal derived fro...
Topology for a single ended input dual balanced mixer
Radio receiver and radio communication system
Method of determining electric field state of mobile station also in view of electric field state of...
Implementing simultaneous calls in a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for determining a location of a mobile radio
Mobile radio communication apparatus for selecting a high priority system at the time of turning pow...
External operating unit for a mobile radio telephone
Communication method using directional beam and radio base station
Communications system and method, wireless communications system, wireless microphone and wireless r...
Vehicle sulfur oxide trap and related method
Processing method for high pressure gas container and halogen containing gas filled in said containe...
Versatile portable cart
Cryptosystem based on a Jacobian of a curve
Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
System and method for selectively scrambling multidimensional digital frame structure communications
Secure parameter generating device and parameter generating method in algebraic curve crytography
Herbal composition PHY906 and its use in chemotherapy
EIA vaccine and diagnostic
Method for determining specific nucleotide variations
Anti-HIV agents with dual sites of action
Methods for treatment of acute lymphocytic leukemia
Method and composition for the diagnosis of equine infectious anemia virus disease by using the reco...
Retroviral protease inhibitors
Compositions and methods of double-targeting virus infections and cancer cells
Methods for preventing and treating cancer using N-thiolated β-lactam compounds and analogs th...
Device and method for data flow exchange between a client device and a server
Rock bit with channel structure for retaining cutter segments
Sum-of-absolute-difference checking of macroblock borders for error detection in a corrupted MPEG-4 ...
Autotrofic sulfur denitration chamber and calcium reactor
Process for producing silica-based film, silica-based film, insulating film, and semiconductor devic...
Processes for recovering oligomers of glycols and polymerization catalyst from waste streams
Water purification system utilizing a carbon block pre-filter
Chelating agents for heavy metal removal
Modular wastewater remediation system and method of using
Counter top water filtration system
Heparinase III and methods of specifically cleaving therewith
Zinc (ii)-rich natural materials using plant
Method of improving taste and/or flavour of foods and beverages
Liquid composition and method for evaluating sorption behavior of flavor compounds using the liquid ...
Toner and method for producing the same, and image-forming method using the same
Bioagent air filtration systems
Top mounted faucet assembly with air gap
Devices and methods using direct contact membrane distillation and vacuum membrane distillation
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Pharmaceutical formulations containing microparticles or nanoparticles of a delivery agent
Pharmaceutical formulations containing microparticles or nanoparticles of a delivery agent
Fluoropolymer dispersion and electrode composition containing same
Quantitative analysis of DNA
Antibody composition-producing cell
Antibody composition-producing cell
Polymeric emulsions for ink jet inks
Reinforcement of glass substrates in flexible devices
Selective filtering of wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting devices
Method and system for providing common read and write word lines for a segmented word line MRAM arra...
Addition of odorants to hydrogen by incorporating odorants with hydrogen storage materials
Medicament delivery and packaging
System and method for aerosol delivery
Fluorogenic dyes
Optical phase measurement of target
Method for manufacturing laminated film, electro-optical device, method for manufacturing electro-op...
Ornithogalum plant named 'Namib Gold'
Telematic method for real-time routing to stolen vehicles
Modular SCADA communication apparatus and system for using same
Mold wall, especially a broad side wall of a continuous casting mold for steel
Heating system of floating structure including heating panel having round to elliptic inner fluid pa...
Material for shadow mask, method for production thereof, shadow mask comprising the material and pic...
Polyvinyl alcohol film
Spectrophotometric system and method for the identification and characterization of a particle in a ...
Connective tissue growth factor-2
Amines substituted with a dihydronaphthalenyl, chromenyl, or thiochromenyl group, a pyridyl group an...
Curved wing board for a CT cradle
Laminated-type high-frequency switch module
Articles comprising a polyolefin-based element joined to a polyamide-based element, and process for ...
Materials and procedures for the purification of cells
Tube-filling machine and a method for tube end sealing in such a machine
Mineral matter analyzer apparatus and method
Reading chemical arrays
Ion exchanger
Process for preparing (-) menthol and similar compounds
Perylenetetracarboxylic acid dibenzimidazole sulfoderivatives containing oxo-groups in the perylene ...
Method for producing acrylic acid by heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase oxidation of propene with m...
Method of producing amorphous polyolefins with a wide mole weight distribution
Electronic apparatus using fuel cell
Sheet molding compound having improved surface characteristics
Method of making mineral fiber insulation batt impregnated with coextruded polymer layering system
Apparatus for detecting sleep apnea using electrocardiogram signals
Binding protein
Tabletop signaling device for restaurants
Manufacture of phenyl ethylamine compounds, in particular venlafaxine
Low cost thermal management device or heat sink manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based mate...
Nuclear power plant system and method of operating the same
Frequency tuning of photonic oscillator using amplifier bias voltage
Method for controlling the frequency dependence of insertion loss in an optical assembly
Apparatus and method for fiber optic link with built-in test
Light coupling and distribution system
Optical fiber coupling structure and method for coupling optical fibers
Fiber transition segment for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Gel-swellable particles and yarns in gel-filled buffer tubes
Cable having conduits for receiving optical fibers
Optical fiber for WDM transmission
Optical fiber feed-through
Aligning implement for optical fibers and optical fiber array fabricated by use of the aligning impl...
Integrated protection and control system for a power system substation
Method of assembling an actuator assembly of a disk drive and of reducing torque out retention value...
Spin-valve type magnetoresistance sensor and thin-film magnetic head
Method and apparatus for measuring write-induced pole tip protrusion
Method for servo pattern application on single-side processed disks in a merged state
Method and apparatus to control pole tip protrusion
Microactuator servo control during self writing of servo data
Disk drive having servo sectors that store repeatable runout correction values and related error cor...
Disk drive employing a non-volatile serial semiconductor memory for storing a control program for a ...
Disk drive having a disk including a servo burst pattern in which a phase difference between radiall...
Recording tape cartridge load and lock method
Disk unit with increased head-positioning accuracy
Disk spacer with gradually deepening groove formed only in a middle portion of an outer circumferent...
Disk apparatus having an improved clamp structure
Spindle motor structure mounted directly on a base plate of a thin type flexible disk drive
Apparatus for look-ahead thermal sensing in a data storage device
Slider with a slider ground pad electrically connected to write head poles and read head shields
Flying head slider capable of avoiding collision when loaded having an air clogging dished space
Head suspension with flexure-supported slider between first and second load bending portions
Head support mechanism and thin film piezoelectric actuator
Method and system for providing a dual spin filter
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head having a planar coil
Spin valve sensor for high areal density applications
Magnetoresistive device in a thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same having particu...
Magnetoresistance effect device, and magnetoresistance effect magnetic head
Magnetoresistive head with an intermediate layer between first and second magnetization free layers ...
Spin-dependent tunneling read/write sensor for hard disk drives
Method for forming magnetic gap of video signal erasure head, erasure head, and video recorder havin...
Magnetic-tape recording apparatus, magnetic-tape recording method, magnetic tape, and recording medi...
Packet data recording/reproducing system
Data management framework for policy management
XML remote procedure call (XML-RPC)
Methods and systems for partners in virtual networks
Methods and systems for using names in virtual networks
Method of splitting a multi-dimensional cube between a multi-dimensional and a relational database
Location services system that reduces auto-correlation or cross-correlation in weak signals
Asynchronous assisted GPS position determination
System and method for fast code phase and carrier frequency acquisition in GPS receiver
Data adaptive ramp in a digital filter
Method and apparatus for simultaneously retrieving portions of a data stream from different channels
Extracting fine-tuned estimates from correlation functions evaluated at a limited number of values
Method and system for joint decision feedback equalization and complementary code key decoding using...
Pipeline architecture for multi-slot wireless link processing
Method of making a housing for drug delivery
Electrotransport delivery device having improved safety and reduced abuse potential
Collaborative diagnostic systems
Evaluating graphic image files for objectionable content
Method delivering location-base targeted advertisements to mobile subscribers
Ontology-based parser for natural language processing
System and method for usage of a role certificate in encryption and as a seal, digital stamp, and si...
Method and apparatus for ethernet prioritized device clock synchronization
System and method for automatically classifying text
Window display system and method for a computer system
Etching method used in fabrications of microstructures
Silicon substrate as a light modulator sacrificial layer
Atomic resolution storage device
Method of analyzing a data set comprising a volumetric representation of an object to be examined
Data acquisition method and apparatus for MR imaging
Deep resistivity transient method for MWD applications using asymptotic filtering
Detecting natural gas pipeline failures
Error indication in a raid memory system
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from a rotary part to a stationary part of a data generat...
Method and systems using a set-top box and communicating between a remote data network and a wireles...
Reduced-size apparatus for non-intrusively inspecting an object
Microstimulator neural prosthesis
Methods and systems for finding value and reducing risk
FIR filter and setting method of coefficient thereof
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution and conc...
Transistor device having a delafossite material
Process and device for adjusting a movable motor vehicle part
Chair back monitoring device
Display device having flexibility and a winding axis that winds the two slidable plates
Adaptive optical system with self-referencing contrast control
Vented Capacitor
Image forming apparatus and density detection pattern forming method therein
Image forming apparatus for preventing image deterioration caused by fallen conductive brush and sca...
Carrier and clock recovery using universal frequency translation
Method for transmitting information
Particle beam processing apparatus and materials treatable using the apparatus
Medical decision support system and method
Apparatus and method for detecting radiation or radiation shielding in containers
Method and system for detecting suspected anomalous shadows
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, stage apparatus, and alignment method
Image discrimination apparatus and image discrimination method
Three-dimensional structure forming method
Non-volatile memory
Magnetic resonance imaging utilizing a microcoil
High resolution CT scanner
R-peak detection corrections for improved cardiac gated reconstruction
Radiation image formation system
Method for assisted beam selection in radiation therapy planning
X-ray therapy electronic portal imaging system and method for artifact reduction
Method and apparatus for generating x-ray beams
Dual-energy scanning-based detection of ionizing radiation
Stratified insole for the internal ventilation and control of the microclimate of a shoe
Boot mounted braking device for snow sleds
Bicycle pedal assembly having a pedal body that is formed with an integral front cleat-retaining mem...
Automatic processing method of photosensitive lithographic printing plate and automatic processing a...
Retracting mechanism of a retractable lens
Optical apparatus, shutter device, and camera
Development apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Modeless digital still camera using touch-sensitive shutter button
Support for hand held camera
Camera having proper exposure controlling function
Lens barrel incorporating the cam mechanism
Camera with indication of measure of focus as a function of focal distance
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
(Internet multimedia) Taylor made TV channel navigation system
System and method for resetting a platform configuration register
Arrangement of data within cache lines so that tags are first data received
Information processing device equipped with improved address queue register files for cache miss
Digital front end processor and audio decoder sharing a single external memory
Backup and retrieval of data storage using catalog data
Procedure to reduce copy time for data backup from short-term to long-term memory
Master-slave data management system and method
Use of read data tracking and caching to recover from data corruption
On-demand allocation of data structures to partitions
Storage virtualization engine
Processing device with prefetch instructions having indicator bits specifying cache levels for prefe...
Processing device with prefetch instructions having indicator bits specifying cache levels for prefe...
Apparatus for controlling multi-word stack operations using a multi-bank stack in digital data proce...
System, method and apparatus for conserving power consumed by a system having a processor integrated...
System and method for electrical power management in a data processing system using registers to ref...
Measure controlled delay with duty cycle control
I2C repeater with voltage translation
Disk array system and a method of avoiding failure of the disk array system
Redundant multi-processor and logical processor configuration for a file server
Multirow knotless suture anchor assembly
Methods, materials and apparatus for treating bone and other tissue
Acetabular rim cutter
Guide device for a surgical machining tool
Minimally invasive method and apparatus for placing facet screws and fusing adjacent vertebrae
Instruments and methods for bone anchor engagement and spinal rod reduction
Endoscopic surgical clip applier
Drive apparatus
Method and device for electro-acupuncture
Methods and apparatus for modulation of the immune response using light-based fractional treatment
Cochlear endosteal electrode carrier member
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Intraluminal therapeutic patch
Implant with trailing end adapted to receive bone screws
Expandable implant with expander
Semiconstrained shoulder prosthetic for treatment of rotator cuff arthropathy
Interactive orthodontic care system based on intra-oral scanning of teeth
Pitch perception in an auditory prosthesis
Whole-patient system for joint replacement care
Integrated circuit layout having rectilinear structure of objects
Aggregation of data from external data sources within an implantable medical device
Variable encryption scheme for data transfer between medical devices and related data management sys...
Catheter for neural blockades
Body electronic implant and artificial vision system thereof
Intravascular pump
Lead system for providing electrical stimulation to the Bundle of His
Method of applying defibrilator electrode pad with folded release sheet
Apparatus, systems and methods for use in three-dimensional printing
Ensemble-based analysis of the pH-dependence of stability of proteins
Tool for in vitro-in vivo correlation
Automatic planning and cueing system and method
Method for analyzing mass spectra
Method, device, computer-readable storage medium and computer program element for the computer-aided...
Database device & methods for managing and manipulating electronic titles
Dynamic reporting tool for a fact warehouse, a fact contained within the fact warehouse, and a metho...
Dynamic product association
Methods, systems and computer program products for associating records in healthcare databases with ...
System with user directed enrichment and import/export control
Data acquisition system
Computer-based system for automating administrative procedures in an office
System and method for distributing trusted time
Method, apparatus and software for business and financial analysis
Electronic system for collecting and automatically populating clinical order information in an acute...
ASICs having more features than generally usable at one time and methods of use
Method for performing full-chip manufacturing reliability checking and correction
Method and apparatus for upgrading implantable medical device operating software
Incentive rewards obtainable by a targeted audience tuned to a broadcast
Novel chemokine-like polypeptides
Gene reactivation by somatic hypermutation
Methods of embryo transfer
Constitutive expression cassettes for regulation of plant expression
Cross-incompatibility traits from teosinte and their use in corn
Nematode resistant transgenic plants
Nucleic acid constructs and methods for producing altered seed oil compositions
Composite construction element, in particular for manufacturing floor structures and wall structures...
Large high density foam glass tile
Floor structure
Disposable HEPA filtration adapter
Pre-blend cement compositions containing non-chloride accelerators
Preformed mixing bag for dry powder, apparatus, method and system for using same
Method for making dental prosthesis or dental prosthesis base material
Supporting device
Systems and methods for detection of dielectric change in material and structure
Resorbable ceramic compositions
Polypropylene fiber for cement reinforcement, molded cement made with the fiber, method of construct...
Stable multi-phased personal care composition
Polybutylene terephthalate resin composition
Adhesive composition for dermal patch and production process thereof
Method for the preparation of a poly (arylene ether)-polyolefin composition, and composition prepare...
Financial instrument for a specific deliverable product on a daily settlement basis
Method of making a dental product
Methods of measuring the diffusion rate and partition coefficient of an analyte into a polymer and m...
Ink-jet ink and recording material
Plastic fibers for improved concrete
Organometallic monoacylalkylphosphines
Cement admixture for improved slump life
Apparatus for measuring the concentration of a species at a distance
Adaptive computation of ranking
Peer based doctrine performance framework
Method of real-time business collaboration
Attachment system and method for attaching wall or floor systems to respective floors or walls
System and method of general purpose data replication between mated processors
Deep red phosphor for general illumination applications
Magnetic random access memory
Dynamical biasing of memory sense amplifiers
Copper interconnect systems which use conductive, metal-based cap layers
Fuel cell system heat recovery
Metered dose delivery device for liquid and powder agents
Assymetric inhaler
Convergence technique for model-based optical and process correction
Optical waveguide structure
Green emitting phosphor material and plasma display panel using the same
Pneumatic tire having a rubber component containing high impact polystyrene
Application service provider and automated transaction machine system and method
Method and electric furnace for melting vitreous materials
Retroviral protease inhibitors
Tertiary alkanolamines containing surface active alkyl groups
Optical fiber and optical fiber sensors
Solid electrolytic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Chelating carbene ligand precursors and their use in the synthesis of metathesis catalysts
Catalyst systems of the ziegler-natta type and their preparation
Bariatric sleeve
Apparatus and method for non-invasive spectroscopic measurement of analytes in tissue using a matche...
Moisture and oxygen stable composition and a process for obtaining said composition
Suspended squat rack
Method and system for controlling attacks on distributed network address translation enabled network...
System and method for measuring a plurality of physical variables from a remote location
Absorbent paper product such as napkin or handkerchief, methods for manufacturing such a product, an...
Flexural actuator and an actuator means fitted with same
Fluid flow control valves
Miniature auto focus voice coil actuator system
Conditionally illuminated keypad legends
Press apparatus, striker control modular tool apparatus and programmable method for punching apertur...
Communications node architecture and method for providing control functions in a telecommunications ...
Vehicle with an attachment
Thermoplastic polymeric compositions
Broadband light emitting device
Method for controlling machines and an information system for operating a machine
Satellite navigation system using multiple antennas
Fiber optic force sensor
Alkoxylated polyglycerols and their use as demulsifiers
Anisotropic films based on 1,8-naphthoylene-1′,2′-benzimidazole sulfonates and lyotrop...
Photovoltaically active materials and cells containing them
Light-emitting device having specific linear thermal expansion coefficient and gas barrier propertie...
Fuel cell stack with internal gas connections
Sensor ball valve safety interlock
Two-lumen catheter for distal protection in percutaneous coronary and peripherical intervention
Electroluminescent device having a thin-film layer, and electronic device having the electroluminesc...
Disc cartridge
Clathrochelates as olefin polymerization catalyst components
Extended binder compositions
Method of impregnating a mineral fiber insulation batt with extruded synthetic fibers
Quantum circuit design for grover's algorithm
Method and system for improved measurement of T-wave alternans
Grating sensor
Heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by α4 integrins
Soft-reference magnetic memory digitized device and method of operation
Sealed load cell
Side impact sensor systems
Sensor system, and sensor apparatus and reception apparatus used in the sensor system
Distributed RF coupled system
Method and apparatus for joint kinematic and feature tracking using probabilistic argumentation
Magnetic tape head with thinfilm thermosensors for head-media interface temperature monitoring
System output control method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for color-neutral brightness regulating of a light source
Method and apparatus for detecting power levels of varying envelope signals
Structured packing with increased capacity
Surface acoustic wave sensor
Memory array having a layer with electrical conductivity anisotropy
Method and system for incrementally maintaining digital content using events
Method and apparatus for caching subscribed and non-subscribed content in a network data processing ...
Kernel event subscription and publication system and method
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabetes
Pyrazolotriazines as CRF antagonists
Serotonergic agents
Fatty acid analogues for the treatment of diseases caused by the pathological proliferation of smoot...
Intermediate arylamine compounds
Halogenated selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Succinate salt of O-desmethyl-venlafaxine
Compounds with high monoamine transporter affinity
Dihydroxyphenyl compounds and glucoside compounds thereof
Drug targeting system, method of its preparation and its use
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and monitoring transplant rejection
IG lambda biopolymer markers predictive of Alzheimers disease
Biotin-peg-substrate for a lipase assay
Cat kidney disease marker
Industrial and/or household waste treatment method and an industrial and/or household waste treatmen...
Optical pickup objective lens system
Laser drawing apparatus, laser drawing method, a master for manufacturing hologram, and manufacturin...
Fiber laser
Phase-insensitive recovery of clock pulses of wavelength division multiplexed optical signals
Tunable filter
Laser wavelength locker
Fast wavelength-tunable laser system using Fabry-Perot laser diode
Fixed wavelength single longitudinal mode coolerless external cavity semiconductor laser system
Multimode semiconductor laser module, wavelength detector, wavelength stabilizer, and Raman amplifie...
Semiconductor laser device and manufacturing method thereof
Tailored index single mode optical amplifiers and devices and systems including same
Tunable semiconductor lasers
Microneedle array systems
Volume absorbing laser beam dump
Laser level
Systems and methods for generating images by using monochromatic x-rays
Integrating optical components on a planar light circuit
Using optical solitons to increase figure-of-merit of laser beam deflection devices
Image forming apparatus including a subsidiary transfer part having a fiber optic guide
Method for controlling a variable-reluctance machine
Heads-up display with improved contrast
Method of detecting an arc and protecting the load against said arc
Travel road detector
Deceleration control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Rear combination lamp for vehicle
Vehicle cockpit assemblies having integrated dash insulators, instrument panels and floor coverings,...
Positioning and clamping device
Automotive ashtray having an electroluminescent lamp and method of making the same
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst for internal combustion engine
Direct fuel injection/spark ignition engine control device
Electrical steering lock device and related method
Cylinder intake air quantity determination device
Damper actuator system
Boat propeller
Shift hydraulic apparatus for vehicular automatic transmission
Multistage automatic transmission
Stator mounting for a double rotor electric motor
Combustion control of internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method of forming channels in a heat-exchanging device
Sealed multilateral junction system
Use of a composite polymer-coated sorbent for separation, purification, desalting and concentration ...
Method of producing a hybrid matrix fiber composite
Multilayer circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
Disposable hard mask for memory bitline scaling
Method and device for deviated coring and/or drilling
Methods and devices for vascular surgery
Semiconductor wafer susceptor
Induction heating work coil
Structures for supporting multiple electrode elements
Contact metathesis polymerization
Positive electrode active material, positive electrode and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery...
Automobile beam
Cross-member at automobile front
Device for granulating a thermoplastic, which is extruded from nozzles
Installation for producing a spunbonded fabric web whereof the diffuser is distant from the drawing ...
Radiation-curable compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene-type monomers
Method for control of the travel movement of at least one service unit at a textile machine
Apparatus for preparing U-shaped spacers for insulating units
Anti-fouling coating containing copper and graphite
Etherified carbamate crosslinking agents and their use in curable compositions, particularly film-fo...
Open-end spinning rotor
Tunnel cladding
Grid casing for a container
Golf club with transparent grip
Explosive/energetic fullerenes
Artificial underwater memorializing catacomb and reef system
Rainwater recovery system
Apparatus and method for transporting water with liner
Concentrated buoyancy subsea pipeline apparatus and method
Marine seismic surveying
Tandem apparatus for bursting and replacing pipe
Subterranean structures and methods for constructing subterranean structures
Bonding anchor
Sheet pile
Method and apparatus for lining a conduit
Boat cleat and method of securing a rope thereto
Multilayered submersible structure with fouling inhibiting characteristic
Sea vessel retrieval of unmanned underwater vehicles
Tracking telescoping outrigger
Bidirectional adjustable boat cradle
Seafloor/surface connecting installation for a submarine pipeline which is connected to a riser by m...
Sheet pile for forming barrier walls
QuickFlush valve kit for flushing and winterizing of cooling system of inboard marine engines, power...
Method for producing ultrafine fiber and artificial leather
Tailcone assembly for a submarine countermeasure
Permanent magnets and R-TM-B based permanent magnets
Customized passive hearing protection earplug, use of the same and method for manufacturing the same
Mid-range loudspeaker
Distributed architecture for digital program insertion in video streams delivered over packet networ...
Automated trainee monitoring and performance evaluation system
Memory aid
Personality profile analytical tool
Method for enhancing memory and cognition in aging adults
Rosary chain jointing device
Method and system for simulation of surgical procedures
Virtual reality based prototyping system for medical devices
Birthing simulator
Endoscopy training simulator
Virtual OP simulator
Self-contained doppler effect demonstration
Method and system for achievement test preparation
Method and system for estimating educational resources
Inline help and performance support for business applications
Computer enabled training of a user to validate assumptions
Location determinative electronic training methodology and related architecture
Answer sheet adapted for computer scoring
Glass dry-erase board
Method of gravity distortion and time displacement
Internet studying system and the studying method
Apparatus and method for preventing water from escaping a shower area
Syringe loading devices for use with syringes and medical injectors
Uninterruptible power supply device
Method and device for determining the starting capability of a vehicle
Battery leakage detection circuit for electric vehicle and leakage detection method for electric veh...