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Reusable filter port assembly for installation on the wall of a bag
Apparatus for receiving and distributing cash
Electronic device with impact absorbing structure
Memory card
Resistive memory cell configuration and method for sensing resistance values
Method and system for providing a probe array chip design database
Exposure head and exposure apparatus
System and method for intelligent trap analysis
Field programmable gate array and microcontroller system-on-a-chip
Code reader display
Mobile information terminal equipment and portable electronic apparatus
Information processing unit and information processing related units
Optical lens and lens system
Imaging lens
Compact non-imaging light collector
Optical pickup lens device and information recording and reproducing device using the same
Method of performing the superposition operation of a Grover's or a Deutsch-Jozsa's quantum algorith...
Optical interconnect
Extended optical bandwidth semiconductor source
Gain flattening device for an optical fiber amplifier
Method and system for optical transmission adopting dispersion compensation
Waveguide-embedded optical circuit and optical functional element used therein
Projection system utilizing SLM pixels that include SLM pixel regions satisfying acceptable defectiv...
Zoom mechanism of imaging lens module
Lens apparatus and image-taking apparatus
Zoom lens optical system
Modular computer user interface system
System for generating electricity by using gravitational mass and/or momentum of moving vehicle
Smoke detector with sound quality enhancement chamber
Identification tag utilizing charge pumps for voltage supply generation and data recovery
Vehicle security system
Soft-error rate improvement in a latch
Methods and systems for automated pipeline testing
Deriving power for an external device from a fluorescent light power source
Arc lamp having window flange with slots
Nucleic acids from rice conferring resistance to bacterial blight disease caused by xanthomonas spp
Cyanobacterial nucleic acid fragments encoding proteins useful for controlling plant traits via nucl...
Glyphosate resistant class i 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase(epsps)
Carboxyalkyl cellulose
Sulfoalkylated cellulose
Cellulose ester having improved stability to wet heat
Novel proteins and their uses
2'-deoxy-2'alkylnucleotide containing nucleic acid
Modulation of oligonucleotide CpG-mediated immune stimulation by positional modification of nucleosi...
Process for production of steviosides from stevia rebaudiana bertoni
Anktm1, a cold-activated trp-like channel expressed in nociceptive neurons
Immunogenic muc1 glycopeptides
Method for making a mixed polymer network
Method of making carboxyalkyl cellulose polymer network
Crosslinked carboxylated polymer
Geranyl compounds
Starch derivatives and other derivatives, production processes therefor, and wound healing applicati...
Chemical compounds
Double-stranded ribonucleic acid molecules having ribothymidine
Methods and compositions concerning siRNA's as mediators of RNA interference
Amphiphylic peptide-PNA conjugates for the delivery of PNA through the blood brain barrier
Promoters exhibiting endothelial cell specificity and methods of using same
Double transposition methods for manipulating nucleic acids
Cross-linked chiral compounds and methods of making thereof
Antimicrobial proteins
Methodology for the detection of intrusion into radio frequency (RF) based networks including tactic...
Volatilizable solid phase supports for compound synthesis
Hot melt adhesive composition based on a random copolymer of isotactic polypropylene
Tear resistant adherent gels, composites, and articles
Soluble late transition metal catalysts for olefin oligomerizations III
Atmospheric glow discharge with concurrent coating deposition
Methods and devices for the long-term culture of hematopoietic progenitor cells
Device containing cytophilic islands that adhere cells separated by cytophobic regions
Catalytic surfaces for active protection from toxins
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Binding agents and binding agent compositions containing alkoxy silyl groups, methods of production ...
Copper modified catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation
Ceramic catalyst body
Treatment of gaseous emissions
Solubilized yellow dyes for inks with improved ozone and light stability
Inkjet ink, production method of inkjet ink, inkjet ink set and inkjet recording method
Portable gas fractionalization system
Single dose azithromycin
Frameless glasses attaching to body
Method for the synthesis of compounds of formula I and their uses thereof
Thiourea compounds and the pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Radiosensitizing taxanes and their pharmaceutical preparations
Treatments for neurotoxicity in Alzheimer's Disease
Ophthalmic and contact lens solutions comprising imidazole
Remedies for spinocerebellar ataxia and compositions for treating spinocerebellar ataxia
Epothilones C, D, E and F, preparation and compositions
Anthranilic acid amides and pharmaceutical use thereof
System and method for surface profiling a target object
Arrangement for the optical detection of a moving target flow for a pulsed energy beam pumped radiat...
Method and apparatus for metal target proximity detection at long distances
Method and apparatus for identifying a path between source and target states in a space with more th...
System for managing boot-up of target computers
Methods, systems and computer program products for distribution of application programs to a target ...
Method, system and program product for mapping data fields between a data source and a data target
Target hanger
Bioartificial device for the storage, cultivation and/or multiplication of cells
Closed end regeneration method
Method and a device for preparing a medical liquid
Ionic enhanced dialysis/diafiltration system
Generation of ion exchanger media
Water filter with integrated treatment media
Removal of metabolic components from blood
Crankcase scavenged four-stroke engine
Intake system for a vehicle engine
Management of multiple generations of backup data
Generation of optical signals with return-to-zero format
Method for the operation of a digital, programmable hearing aid as well as a digitally programmable ...
Method of automatically fitting hearing aid
Segmented plate for assembly within a confined area having limited access
Dual-beam lantern-flashlight
Method for quantitative video-microscopy and associated system and computer software program product
Methods and apparatus for displaying a frame with contrasting text
Method and system for image segmentation
Optical inspection equipment for semiconductor wafers with precleaning
Office paper end-display shipper display
Apparatus for flatproofing a tire and wheel assembly
Discharge valve for compressor
Ceiling fan motors
Fan housing
Bore and shaft assembly
Liquid ring compressor
Bottom discharge seal section
Supplying water to a reticulation system from different sources
Jet pump with improved start-up properties and fuel delivery system equipped with such jet pump
Stencil printer
Life counter for flywheel energy storage systems
Side tables annotating an instruction stream
Control for printing and image processing
Detection of polymorphic virus code using dataflow analysis
Attrition resistant, zinc titanate-containing, reduced sulfur sorbents and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for diseases associated with amyloidosis
Construction machine using the method of controlling communications among electronic devices
System for allocating fuel stations to movable bodies
Solid-shaped detergent
Compact optical contour digitizer
Combined computer mouse and blood pressure sphygmomanometer
Electronic die positioning device and method
Function-based process control verification and security in a process control system
On-demand interactive magazine
Settop cable television control device and method including bootloader software and code version tab...
Interactive television program guide system with pay program package promotion
System for interactively distributing information services
Fast disintegrating tablet
Composition for creating vascular occlusions
Method of administering azithromycin
Moisture and density detector (MDD)
VP22 proteins and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting a device's ability to run at a selected frequency in a PCI non-in...
Method and apparatus for identifying multiple paths to a SCSI device using a calculated unique ident...
System and method for providing out-of-band notification of service changes
Methods and systems for defining, applying and executing customer care relationship plans
Method and apparatus for accurate fan tachometer readings of PWM fans with different speeds
Real-time processor executing predetermined operation defined by program correctly at predetermined ...
Image forming apparatus and image forming method involving application of a developing bias to a ton...
Magnetoresistive effect element and memory device using the same
Printed circuit board and method manufacturing the same
Systems for inspection of patterned or unpatterned wafers and other specimen
Exposure apparatus and method
Liquid crystal display device with a touch panel
High Q factor integrated circuit inductor
Magnetic field strength detector
Light emitting device
Surface acoustic wave device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film device, and manufacturing method of the device
Semiconductor device having hall-effect and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Exhaust gas purifying system
Image input apparatus and control method therefor
Method of interleaving a binary sequence
Zoom lens system and imaging apparatus having the same
Web browser apparatus and web browsing method
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Management system, management apparatus, management method, and device manufacturing method
Image processing apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus operable in two image formation modes using either one developing device or ...
Image ratio measuring method for image forming apparatus
Developing cartridge, side cover mounting method and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Printing a plurality of print jobs of a group in a designated order
Image forming apparatus
Image processing system, image data processing method, and storage medium
Disc data storage apparatus with structure for preventing cracked disc from jetting out
Method and apparatus for measuring heat flux distribution on object surface using temperature-sensit...
Optical beam scanning system for compact image display or image acquisition
Method and apparatus for recognition of writing, for remote communication, and for user defined inpu...
Read head for ultra-high-density information storage media and method for making the same
Polarizing property electrode for electrical double layer capacitor and manufacturing method of pola...
Feedback sampling control circuit for lamp driving system
Interactive robot, speech recognition method and computer program product
System for carrying an item
Robot cover
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing a multiple substrate carrier for fl...
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method and device for mounting several add-on parts on production part
Self-traveling cleaning robot
Method of determining the energy and water consumption of dishwashers, and dishwashers
Expandable drawer organizer
Image forming apparatus
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Condensed speaker system
Optical scanning device for reducing a dot position displacement at a joint of scanning lines
Method and apparatus for deactivating an EAS device
Inductor formed in an integrated circuit
Electromagnetic work coil
Flux pump having a high-temperature superconductor and a superconducting electromagnet which can be ...
Semiconductor memory device equipped with error correction circuit
Stateless mechanism for data retrieval
Automated method and mechanism for converting a single instance application to a multiple instance a...
Multi-function optical performance monitor
Enhanced method and system for providing supply chain execution processes in an outsourced manufactu...
System and method to customize bond programs compensating integrated circuit bonder variability
Optical signal receiver with RPM, data and data bar output
Methods of preparing electrochemical cells
Computer recovery method and system for recovering automatically from fault, and fault monitoring ap...
System and process for facilitating efficient communication of specifications for parts and assembli...
System for monitoring the performance of mobile telephony networks
Image processing method and system for extracting a string of points following a threadlike structur...
Optical system radial deformation adjustment method and system
Plasma display panel device and its drive method
Piezoelectric device, cellular phone system using the piezoelectric device, and electronic equipment...
Wiring board
Insulated gate bipolar transistor having a reduced tail current and method of fabricating the same
Synthetic receptors, libraries and uses thereof
Photon reducing agents for fluorescence assays
Chimeric G proteins and uses thereof
Method of assaying pyrrole-containing biological compounds
Atmospheric pressure ion lens for generating a larger and more stable ion flux
Medicinal preparations
Method for treating post herpetic neuralgia by peripheral administration of a neurotoxin
Exposure apparatus and stage device, and device manufacturing method
Light-emitting apparatus and method for forming the same
Multiplexer for a piezo ceramic identification device
Efficient high-speed electric device using low-loss materials
PEM fuel cell stack assembly with isolated internal coolant manifold
Functionalized isobutylene-polyene copolymers and derivatives thereof
Miniaturized multi-layer balun
Method of manufacturing a fixed abrasive material
Area array package with low inductance connecting device
Fuel cell system for producing electrical energy
High recovery carbon monoxide production process
Lens system and method for power adjustment
Materials for making hydrophobic intraocular lens
Method and device for representing an operative field during laser operations
Methods of making ABA-type block copolymers having a random block of hydrophobic and hydrophilic mon...
Repulpable PSAs
Human aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase polypeptides useful for the regulation of angiogenesis
Radio terminal apparatus and its reception control program
Paper web draw-in device for a web-fed printing press
Printing group of a rotary printing press
Curved surface cutting processing method
Tensioning apparatus and method
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a detunable RF resonator
Squashed liquid NMR sample tubes and RF coils
Acoustically damped gradient coil
Automated poultry processing method and system
Creating and verifying electronic documents
IGF-I composition and its use
Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics
Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics
Hereditary hemochromatosis gene
Method and device for determining the segmental volume and electrical parallel conductance of a card...
Distributed multi-user replication-based system for real time data access during cardiology procedur...
Connection component with peelable leads
Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor antagonists and compositions and methods related thereto
Aqueous perborate bleach composition
Method for preparation of a photothermographic material with increased photosensitivity
Arylsulfinate salts in photoinitiator systems for polymerization reactions
Placing front instruction in replay loop to front to place side instruction into execution stream up...
Use of benzotriazole UV absorbers
Bit error resilience for an internet protocol stack
RFID tag and printer system
Smart label and a smart label web
Antenna device and wireless communication device using same
Switching patch antenna
Wireless anti-theft system for computer and other electronic and electrical equipment
System and method for facilitating delivery and return service
Method for the efficient reading of a population of radio frequency identification tags with unique ...
Printer cable and associated strain relief collar for creating a ruggedized connection for an electr...
System and method for verifying RFID reads
Hyperpolarized gas transport and storage devices and associated transport and storage methods using ...
Method of vapor phase catalytic oxidation using multitubular reactor
Production method of adamantyl acrylate compounds
Acetylene alcohol and method for preparing the same
Sulfamoyl compounds and agricultural and horticultural fungicides
Hydrotreating polyester precursors
Separation of polyolefins from nylons
One-part organopolysiloxane gel composition
Use of pyrone carboxylates for controlling pests
Y-zeolite-containing composite material and a process for preparing the same
Antibodies and utilization thereof
Liquid epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Method for producing cyclohexanone oxime
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element employing it, resist pattern forming method...
Process for producing (meth)acrolein or (meth)acrylic acid
Photosensitive film for circuit formation and process for producing printed wiring board
Tunable ferroelectric resonator arrangement
Animal pen flooring system
Method of manufacturing granulated body for absorbing excrement of animals
Apparatus and method for rotating avian enclosures
Reel unit for spinning reel
Weighted fishing leader drag apparatus
Platform link wrist mechanism
Method of drying a material having a cohesive phase
Coated optical fibers
Lyocell nonwoven fabric
Compound having an epoxy group and a chalcone group, method of preparing the same, and photoresist c...
Variable stiffness heating catheter
Reduced-density proppants and methods of using reduced-density proppants to enhance their transport ...
Long-lasting aqueous dispersions or suspensions of pressure-resistant gas-filled microvesicles and m...
Statistical method for assessing autonomic balance
Implantable cardiac device for and method of monitoring progression or regression of heart disease b...
Sensor and method for detecting very low frequency acoustic signals
Biopsy method
Non-invasive device and method for the diagnosis of pulmonary vascular occlusions
Method and apparatus for gauging severity of myocardial ischemic episodes
Abdominal belt with adjustable electrodes
Scanning probe
Method and apparatus for determining an ultrasound fluid flow centerline
Bi-plane ultrasonic probe
Ultrasound imaging system and method based on simultaneous multiple transmit-focusing using weighted...
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional signal conversion
Method and device for presenting digital images on a low-definition screen
Systems and methods for extracting meaning from multimodal inputs using finite-state devices
Method and system for determining and correcting image orientation angle
Evaluating method for testing of simple geometry and complete gauging of the work pieces with define...
System and method for manipulating a skewed digital image
Pre-crash sensing system and method for detecting and classifying objects
Device and method for inspecting markings
Tone scale adjustment of digital images
Edge detection and sharpening process for an image
Multiscale sharpening and smoothing with wavelets
Decoding of predicted DC coefficient without division
Method and apparatus for compression using reversible wavelet transforms and an embedded codestream
Method of coding image data using region of interest
Optical amplifying and repeating method and optical amplifying and repeating system
Method and system for the controlled production of polarization mode dispersion
Method of manufacturing an optical fibre suitable for high transmission rates
Jacketed LED assemblies and light strings containing same
Laser light beam guiding device on a stone cutter
LED lamp
Staircase combination of the gang sockets
Reflector structure in a liquid crystal display and its fabrication method
Method and apparatus for producing untainted white light using off-white light emitting diodes
Adjuster for headlamp assembly
Vehicular lamp
Integrated pointer hub and warning indicator
Interior light assembly for vehicles, especially for motor vehicles
Polymeric articles having a textured surface and frosted appearance
Compositions and films comprised of avian feather keratin
Method for detecting an unsatisfactory condition in an implantable system
Heat sensitive flow meter and fuel controller
Systems and methods for amplification of a communication signal
Beam hopping self addressed packet switched communication system with power gating
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing fast and stable sheet transfer operatio...
Optical code division multiple access network utilizing reconfigurable spectral phase coding
Disk identifying device
Cell culture performance with betaine
Compositions and methods for the screening pro-apoptotic compounds
Receptor specific transepithelial transport in therapeutics
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Efficient two-step method of coloring and lightening hair with less damage
Fabric treatment device
Generic framework for embedded software development
Method and apparatus for identifying problems in computer networks
Light energy delivery head
Electrostatic discharge protection device for digital circuits and for applications with input/outpu...
Cooling system for a photocosmetic device
Method and apparatus for EMR treatment
Power supply circuit containing multiple DC-DC converters having programmable output current capabil...
Programmable subscriber line circuit partitioned into high voltage interface and digital control sub...
Method and apparatus for controlling output current of a cascaded DC/DC converter
Systems and methods for reducing harmonics produced by oscillators
Active area bonding compatible high current structures
ESD structure
Mode-dependent, multiple bias-driven battery switch for subscriber line interface circuit
Li-ion/li-polymer battery charger configured to be DC-powered from multiple types of wall adapters
Low-noise ultrasound method and beamformer system for doppler processing
Bipolar transistor for an integrated circuit having variable value emitter ballast resistors
Phase adjuster
Ground skimming output stage
Methods and products for producing lattices of EMR-treated islets in tissues, and uses therefor
Video line driver
CMOS-configured transconductance amplifier circuit
Method of manufacturing lateral MOSFET structure of an integrated circuit having separated device re...
System and method for efficient use of memory device bandwidth
Content delivery network map generation using passive measurement data
System for dynamic control of automatic gain control take-over-point and method of operation
Calculating circuit and method for computing an N-th root and a reciprocal of a number
Transactional message-queue communication for wirelessly networked devices system and method
Current driven polyphase filters and method of operation
Fuel lubricity additive
System and method for discovering frequency related spurs in a multi-conversion tuner
Surface mount MELF capacitor
System and method of eliminating or minimizing LO-related interference from tuners
Swapping a nonoperational networked electronic system for an operational networked electronic system
Surface mount chip capacitor
Surface mount MELF capacitor
Method of suppressing the oxidation characteristics of nickel
Content management system
Personal training device using GPS data
Injection casting system for encapsulating semiconductor devices and method of use
Method for manufacturing a fast heat rise resistor
GPS navigation device
Proximity detector in handheld device
Proximity detector in handheld device
System and method for passive detection and context sensitive notification of upgrade availability f...
Color management methods and apparatus for lighting devices
High-resolution rapid manufacturing
Persistent group of media items for a media device
Media management for groups of media items
Highly portable media device
Connectionless protocol
Techniques for improved playlist processing on media devices
Methods and apparatus for generating and modulating white light illumination conditions
Automatic switching between DSL and analog on a single RJ-11 DSL/analog combo modem
Methods and apparatus for providing automatic high speed data connection in portable device
Apparatus for air cooling of an electronic device
Manipulating text and graphic appearance
Cascade feature for creating records in a database
Power control methods and apparatus for variable loads
Reliable real-time transport protocol
Method and system for operating a portable electronic device in a power-limited manner
Online purchase of digital media bundles having interactive content
Methods and apparatus for controlling a color temperature of lighting conditions
Radio communication system using adaptive array antenna
Path searcher using reconfigurable correlator sets
Network blocking device for paid Internet services
Compensation techniques for group delay effects in transmit beamforming radio communication
Adaptive array antenna and a method of calibrating the same
Hybrid telephony device
Method and system for indicating link quality among neighboring wireless base station
Fast adaptive transceiver architecture with symmetric preamble design
Multi-path detection circuit and method for a CDMA receiver
Automatic transmit power control disabling
Method and system for improving communication
Methods and apparatus for network signal aggregation and bandwidth reduction
Location-based ringbacks
Log-based ringbacks
Schematic driven placement method and program product for custom VLSI circuit design
Method and apparatus for mirroring units within a processor
Branch prediction utilizing both a branch target buffer and a multiple target table
Superscalar microprocessor having multi-pipe dispatch and execution unit
Method and memory controller for adaptive row management within a memory subsystem
Method and apparatus for counting interrupts by type
Architecture for advanced serial link between two cards
Web server with automated workflow
Method and system of dispatching socks traffic using type of service (TOS) field of IP datagrams
Fast data copy using a data copy track table
System and method for authorized compression of digitized music
System and method for ordering items using a electronic catalog via the internet
System and method for improved matrix management of personnel planning factors
Electronic calendar with group scheduling and storage of user and resource profiles
System and method for simultaneous construction of physical and CAD models
Generalized software modeling tool
Apparatus and method for merging wireless telephone service with existing wired telephone equipment ...
Imaging methods
Photo acid generator, chemical amplification resist material and pattern formation method
Photoresist compositions comprising resin blends
Photoresist composition and method of forming a photoresist pattern using the same
Photosensitive polymer, photoresist composition having the photosensitive polymer and method of form...
Photosensitive resin, photoresist composition having the photosensitive resin and method of forming ...
Electrode-forming composition for field emission type of display device, and method using such a com...
Chemically amplified positive resist composition
Inkjet-imageable lithographic printing members and methods of preparing and imaging them
Water soluble resin composition, method of pattern formation and method of inspecting resist pattern
Photosensitive composition for interlayer dielectric and method of forming patterned interlayer diel...
Photosensitive resin composition, electronic component using the same, and display using same
Water soluble negative tone photoresist
Photoresist composition, method of forming a photoresist pattern and method of forming a protection ...
Solid imaging compositions for preparing polypropylene-like articles
Resist composition, multilayer body, and method for forming resist pattern
Resist composition
1-4-Dihydropyridine-containing ir-sensitive composition and use thereof for the production of imagea...
Photoresist composition and method of forming resist pattern
Resist composition for liquid immersion exposure process and method of forming resist pattern therew...
Photosensitive coating material for a substrate
Soundproof material for vehicle and method of manufacturing the material
Vehicle acoustic barrier
Transgenic dunaliella salina as a bioreactor
Seed specific USP promoters for expressing genes in plants
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Carotenoids rich paprika cultivars
Development of a stress-responsive promoter from maize
Inhibitors of apoptosis proteins in plants
Plant vitamin e biosynthetic enzymes
Promoters for the expression of genes in tagetes
Polyelectrolyte nanolayers as diffusion barriers in semiconductor devices
Nanodosimeter based on single ion detection
Method for fabricating polybenzoxazole/clay nanocomposite materials
Polymeric encapsulation of nanoparticles
Water soluble nanoparticles of hydrophilic and hydrophobic active materials and an apparatus and met...
Catalytic three dimensional aerogels having mesoporous nanoarchitecture
Nanotube semiconductor devices and methods for making the same
Nanopastes as ink-jet compositions for printing plates
Method of manufacturing a polymethylmethacrylate core shell nanocomposite optical plastic article
Metallic nanowire and method of making the same
Method of fabricating patterned polymer film with nanometer scale
Nanostructured powders and related nanotechnology
Use of nanodispersions in pharmaceutical end formulations
Process of making hydrophobic metal oxide nanoparticles
Biocompatible cement containing reactive calcium phosphate nanoparticles and methods for making and ...
Method for making a carbon nanotube-based field emission display
Micro-casted silicon carbide nano-imprinting stamp
Nanocrystalline apatites and composites, prostheses incorporating them, and method for their product...
Nanowire target support and method
Nanoparticles and method for making the same
Preparation of high-strength nanometer scale twinned coating and foil
Electronic device and camera
System comprising camera and waterproof housing
Lens-fitted photo film unit, flash device, and lens-fitted photo film system
Focus control apparatus, image sensor, program and storage medium
Supporting structure for supporting a rotatable ring
Optical element retracting mechanism for a photographing lens
Taking lens apparatus
Optical apparatus, optical apparatus driving unit and camera system
Developing method and apparatus for performing development processing properly and a solution proces...
Dryer for a recording medium
Barrier device
Quick-release clamp for photographic equipment
Imaging system and method
Mobile equipment and mobile phone with shooting function
Lens-fitted photo film unit and printing method
Optical filter and optical device provided with this optical filter
Apparatus and method for obtaining three-dimensional positional data from a two-dimensional captured...
Automatic processing of photographs in a photographic laboratory
Digital camera having automatic exposure control for different photographing modes
Digital camera utilizing illumination from a flash light for focus detection and control
Optical device and method for selecting object of focus
Environmental monitoring and reporting system for the EPA cluster rule
Sulphonated multiblock copolymer and electrolyte membrane using the same
Ink composition for ink jet recording
Transcription factor modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Beta-peptoids with antimicrobial activity
Method of monitoring treating agent residuals and controlling treating agent dosage in water treatme...
Method of monitoring treating agent residuals in water treatment processes
Enzymatic production of glycolic acid
Detection of negatively charged polymers using water-soluble, cationic, polythiophene derivatives
Reagents and methods for predicting drug resistance
Nanofiber surfaces for use in enhanced surface area applications
Refined royal jelly
Waste pulp processing systems and apparatus
Dairy protein process and applications thereof
Method and formulation for treating Candidiasis using Morinda citrifolia
Methods and systems for modulating acoustic energy delivery
Organic EL display device and method for fabricating the same
Water treatment system and method
Activated carbon exhibiting enhanced removal of dissolved natural organic matter from water
Modified lipophilic polymers for the purification of water
Charged filtration membranes and uses therefor
Digitally controllable oscillator
System and method for aligning and mixing songs of arbitrary genres
Method and device for characterizing a signal and method and device for producing an indexed signal
Computing device to allow for the selection and display of a multimedia presentation of an audio fil...
Method and system for music recommendation
Musical performance information compression apparatus, and musical performance information decoding ...
Electronic metronome
Laminated structure for manufacture of percussion instrument, string instrument or furniture
Musical instrument with detachable neck
Kit for applying surface indicia to a guitar body
String instrument with protective string cap assemblies
Reverberators for use in wide band assisted reverberation systems
Audio information reproduction device and audio information reproduction system
Keyboard instrument
Electronic percussion instrument
Interactive digital music recorder and player
Mixing system control method, apparatus and program
Dynamically changing music
Cup member for high hat stand
Inversely proportioned mouthpieces
Detachable stringed musical instrument pick
Reduced-overhead context-saving in static priority scheduled operating systems
Dedicated heterogeneous node scheduling including backfill scheduling
Enabling emulation of system functions by an external device
Memory device having different burst order addressing for read and write operations
Data memory controller that supports data bus invert
System and method for presence detect and reset of a device coupled to an inter-integrated circuit r...
Multiple configurable I/O common mezzanine cards
Data handling device
Managing bus transaction dependencies
Logical semantic compression
Internal communication protocol for data switching equipment
Scalable, space efficient, high density automated library
A-frame shear assembly for walls
Stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape and articles
Method of providing a fire barrier and article therefor
Preparation of gypsum compositions
Alternate morpheeins of allosteric proteins as a target for the development of bioactive molecules
Method and system for creating and maintaining customer tailored marketing plans
Intumescent electrical installation systems and processes for their production
Photocurable compositions
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for restoring beta-cell mass and function
Artificial testing soil and method of testing
Denture attachment, denture and process for producing the same
Flexible paint for walls and ceilings
Fiber reinforced cementitious material
Method of forming images or decorations on a support body
Material for promoting skin basement formation
Fire assembly for recessed electrical fixtures
Alignment plate for wiring device
Compositions comprising melt-processed inorganic fibers and methods of using such compositions
Two-component structural adhesive having high initial adhesion
Method of using abrasive product
Method for monitoring sensor function
Tyre for vehicle wheels and elastomeric composition
Polyesters and slurries containing microfiber and micropowder, and methods for using and making same
Vapor permeable liquid-applied membrane
Method and apparatus for increasing color gamut of a three color primary additive display device
Image processing based on ambient air attributes
Method of selecting colorant levels
Method of converting a color recipe
Four color digital cinema system with extended color gamut and copy protection
Temperature measurement using an OLED device
Display system incorporating trilinear electromechanical grating device
Decorating system for edible items
Printing system and method
Document image capture and processing method and apparatus
Printer driver, information processing device including the same, print control device, and print da...
Method and system for web-based print requests
Method and system for real-time end-user status and quality monitoring of printing operations
Apparatus and method for providing printer separator pages
Print control system, information processing apparatus, function providing apparatus, print function...
System and method for controlling operation of a printer by using an external memory
Intelligent print system and method
Apparatus and methods for distributing print jobs
Printing control apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for efficiently identifying differences between large files
Wrapper playlists on streaming media services
Menu entries for drop-down menus of graphic user interfaces
Communication system, computer comprising a peer-to-peer message filter and method for processing a ...
Dual protocol handheld field maintenance tool with radio-frequency communication
Motor vehicle load management system and method
Software defined radio unit and vehicular information system
Arrangement and interface module for connecting different radio telephones to operator components in...
Dynamic channel selection for RF telemetry with implantable device
Device for neuromuscular peripheral body stimulation and electrical stimulation (ES) for wound heali...
Circuit and method for controlling an electrosurgical generator using a full bridge topology
Multi-echo magnetic resonance imaging method and system
Extended microphone with lighting device
Cellular docking station
Integrated multi-band transceiver for use in mobile communication device
Mobile communication device cover and method for its operation
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Methods and apparatus for identifying asset location in communication networks
Method and system for allocating channels in a cellular communication network
Silent radio communications
Method and system for managing communication in emergency communication system
Radio frequency switch
Direct-conversion receiver system and method, especially a GPS receiver system with high pass filter...
Plant transcriptional regulators of disease resistance
Hybrid cotton plants and seeds, and methods and systems of generating same
Inducible deoxyhypusine synthase promoter from maize
Schlumbergera plant named 'THOR-KIRI'
Inbred corn line PHD90
Soybean variety XB24R06
Transcriptional activators involved in abiotic stress tolerance
Expressing TGF-beta proteins in plant plastids
Expression cassettes for vascular tissue-preferential expression in plants
Compositions and methods for plant genetic modification
Polynucleotides of DHA and isoforms of eIF-5A and methods of using same
Promoters functional in plant plastids
Enhanced amylose production in plants
Inbred maize line NP2467
Novel plant receptor-like kinases
Rice cultivar ' Banks '
Micro-fluid ejection device having high resistance heater film
Molehole embedded 3-D crossbar architecture used in electrochemical molecular memory device
Filter using carbon nanotube
Micromachined arrayed thermal probe apparatus, system for thermal scanning a sample in a contact mod...
Nano-scaled graphene plates
Method of forming buried isolation regions in semiconductor substrates and semiconductor devices wit...
Provision of carbon nanotube bucky paper cages for immune shielding of cells, tissues, and medical d...
Filter materials comprising a bipolar coating
Production method of gas sensor
Composition of nano-tube composite polymer electrolyte and fabrication method thereof
Field emission display and methods of forming a field emission display
Mixed zeaxanthin ester concentrate and uses thereof
Adipose tissue-derived stromal cell that expresses characteristics of a neuronal cell
Apoptosis related polynucleotides, polypeptides, and antibodies
Sunscreen compositions and methods of use thereof
2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico prostaglandin derivatives and methods for their preparation and use
Isolated human vCOL16A1 polypeptide and fragments thereof
Cleansing compositions
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides nucleic acid encoding
Serine carboxypeptidase hx (SCPhx) and compositions thereof
Cosmetic treatment using a new retinoid
Use of a combination of components with an inhibitory synergistic effect on calcium channels to prev...
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Access to applications of an electronic processing device solely based on geographic location
Cover for electronic device
Computer device, method and article of manufacture for utilizing sequenced symbols to enable program...
Asic expansion module for PDA
Docking station for wireless communication device
System and method for providing an electronic program guide of live and cached radio programs access...
System and method for locating and notifying a user of a person, place or thing having attributes ma...
Light extinction based non-destructive flying insect detector
Camera module with ambient light detection
Color OLED display system having improved performance
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display panel
Thin film transistor array for a liquid crystal display having a data line cross-connection
Liquid crystal display apparatus, driving method for same, and driving circuit for same
Polynucleotides and polypeptides in plants
ADAM-like protease disruptions, compositions and methods related thereto
Eukaryotic genes involved in adult lifespan regulation
Mammalian grainyhead transcription factors
Process for producing human-origin immunocompetent cell
Revisions of already sent messages in an instant messaging communication
Systems and methods for long-term health care with immediate and ongoing health care maintenance ben...
System and method for displaying a health status of hospitalized patients
Synchronization and calibration of clocks for a medical device and calibrated clock
Determining the position and angular orientation of food products
Difference correcting method for posture determining instrument and motion measuring instrument
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing of photocured objects using LCD panel as programmably variable p...
Osseoinductive magnesium-titanate implant and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for constructing a modular acetabulum
Total wrist prosthesis
Pair of intervertebral prostheses
Anti-infectious, biocompatible titanium coating for implants, and method for the production thereof
Implantable hearing system
Tissue augmentation device
Method of applying thermodynamic therapy for the rejuvenation of a subject
Adaptive radio transceiver with CMOS offset PLL
Multiplying current mirror with base current compensation
Intelligent power supply and control method thereof
Power supply apparatus provided with overcurrent protection function
Multi-output power supply and electronic device using them
Digital duty cycle regulator for DC/DC converters
Voltage converting circuit having parallel connected switching devices
Generating device having magneto generator
Battery cell monitoring and balancing circuit
Attachment apparatus with suction cup
ESP performance optimization control
Method and a connector arrangement for connecting and disconnecting a generator to a circuit with an...
Power output apparatus and method of controlling the same
Hybrid battery power source for implantable medical use
IP telephone with power source circuit
Power converting apparatus, control method therefor, and solar power generation apparatus
Thermal conductive polymer molded article and method for producing the same
CMOS bandgap reference with low voltage operation
Temperature sensing circuit
Parallel monitor circuit and semiconductor apparatus
Voltage detecting apparatus applicable to a combination battery
USB electrical connector
Machine for applying partly adhesive straps to relative products
Dynamic and adaptable system and method for selecting a user interface dialogue model
System and method for intelligent data caching
Spool assembly for absorbing slack of fiber optic jumpers routed through raceways and network equipm...
System and method for imputing data into a database
Architecture and interconnect scheme for programmable logic circuits
Competitive, matrix type game, play thereof as a bonus event to a primary game, and apparatus and sy...
Simulated wave water sculpture
System and method for implementing and accessing call forward services
Method and system to improve the transport of compressed video data in real time
Rubber modified asphalt cement compositions and methods
Gaming device having a probability-enhancing trigger symbol
Electrical connector with thermal sensor
System for selectively answering a telephone from a remote location
Transaction sets for automated electronic ordering of telecommunications products and services
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Gaming device having dual evaluation scheme
Power connector
Electrical connector with expandable tubular clamping sections
Method and apparatus for managing box-finishing machine
Built-in antenna of a portable wireless terminal for communication between mobile units
Mobile navigation device
Portable radio terminal unit
Integration of wireless LAN and cellular distributed antenna
Method for management of a communications module and device comprising such a module
Electronic device
Communication apparatus and outer-loop power control method
Group creation for wireless communication terminal
Mobile station and method of use in radio communications
Intercom system
Secure short message service
Location technology support determinations in wireless communications networks and devices
Radio communication system, frequency allocation method and frequency allocation device
Method for providing call processing service in traffic congestion state
HLR mated-pair auto cutover
Communication terminal apparatus, connection control method for the apparatus and program for the me...
Method and apparatus for generating a neighbor cell list
Pressure compensating device for optical apparatus
Objective lens driving apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Dual mode mirror imaging system
Aspherical lens with grating
Image display apparatus and head mounted display using it
Solid-state imaging apparatus
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Isolated polarization beam splitter and combiner
Microscope for reflected-light and transmitted-light microscopy
Ophthalmologic operation microscope
Condenser optic with sacrificial reflective surface
Dye-based filter
Variable-gain gain-clamped optical amplifiers
Wide-band fiber amplifier
Optical amplifier, communication system and method for control tilt of a communication system
Coordinated control of dynamic gain equalization in a wavelength division multiplexed optical system
Method and system for controlling amplifier power in an optical communications network having add/dr...
Optical wavelength shifting
Non-linear optical devices and materials therefor
Wavelength conversion device
Method for manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Method of manufacturing a carbon nanotube device
Four terminal non-volatile transistor device
Conductive transparent probe and probe control apparatus
Purification process of carbon nanotubes
Method for manufacturing carbon fibers and electron emitting device using the same
Heat emitting probe and heat emitting probe apparatus
Protecting software environment in isolated execution
Electronically verified digital signature and document delivery system and method
System and method for computerized global messaging encryption
Method and apparatus for performing accelerated authentication and decryption using data blocks
Gauging risk in electronic communications regarding accounts in ABDS system
Method for sustaining radio frequency (RF) based communications connectivity during network outages
Establishing secure peer networking in trust webs on open networks using shared secret device key
Simple encrypted transmission system suitable for intermittent signals
Data receiving method and data receiving unit therefor
Data multiplexing device, program distribution system, program transmission system, pay broadcast sy...
Hot-start navigation information distribution system
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights manag...
Limiting device function
Communication protocol for content on demand system with callback time
Key compression
Computer-readable medium with microprocessor to control reading and computer arranged to communicate...
Electronic information backup system
Protecting digital goods using oblivious checking
Method for authenticating a chip card in a message transmission network
Dynamic data structures for tracking file system free space in a flash memory device
Backup data mechanism with fuzzy logic
System and method for optimizing open shortest path first aggregates and autonomous network domain i...
Semi-automated linking and hosting method
System and method for delegation in a project management context
Dynamic content caching framework
Method and apparatus for archive data validation in an archive system
Hybrid transaction/intent log for data replication
Method of estimating path delays in an IC
System using graphic interface to perform stock management
Systems and methods providing dynamic spreadsheet functionality
Enhanced human computer user interface system for searching and browsing documents
Method for fault tolerant updating of an electronic device
Backup system and duplicating apparatus
System and method for managing uninterruptible power supply systems
Method and system for identifying a form version
Method and system for updating geographic databases
Method and system for resolving disarrangement in database
Maintenance support method, storage medium, and maintenance support apparatus
Distributed biohazard surveillance system and apparatus for adaptive aerosol collection and synchron...
Vehicular information and monitoring system and methods
Apparatus and method for bending and/or tempering glass
Optically modulated scatterer and array thereof
Bus system for transmitting optical signals
Method and apparatus to protect solar cells from electrostatic discharge damage
Electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Roof article transporter assembly
Electronic pace regulating, timing, and coaching device and system
Motor controller system for large dynamic range of motor operation
Electrical actuator having a direct current motor
Thermoacoustic piezoelectric generator
Energy harvesting for wireless sensor operation and data transmission
Floating electricity production unit
MEMS and method of manufacturing MEMS
Optical sensor system with built-in optical test capability
Super structure for roof patio solar plant
Solar based electrical energy generation with spectral cooling
Curable compositions
Receiver for facilitating the viewing of programs by a user
Map display method, map display device and map display system
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Information providing apparatus, server apparatus and information processing method
Fuel fluid coupling
Recording medium editing apparatus based on content supply source
Data processing apparatus
Electronic devices, methods of operating the same, and computer program products for detecting noise...
Data recording apparatus, data recording method, and optical recording medium including pseudo-erasi...
Rotary drum and magnetic reproducing apparatus or magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus using...
Picture drawing apparatus and picture drawing method
System and method for point pushing to render polygons in environments with changing levels of detai...
Image with depth of field using z-buffer image data and alpha blending
Printed built-in antenna for use in a portable electronic communication apparatus
Wide band antenna
Shell material for recording media
Audio player
Mobile flash
Bridging memory access across pre-boot and runtime phases
Integrated memory and method for checking the functioning of an integrated memory
Address translation unit performing address translation from virtual address to physical address
Storage device employing a flash memory
Method and system for allocating memory during system boot to reduce operating system memory resourc...
Dynamic TLB locking based on page usage metric
Method of controlling access to an address translation data structure of a computer system
Remote copy control method, storage sub-system with the method, and large area data storage system u...
Method and apparatus for asynchronous read control
Security for logical unit in storage system
Apparatus and method for interfacing with a high speed bi-directional network using a shared memory ...
Remote node accessing local memory by using distributed shared memory
Optimized high bandwidth cache coherence mechanism
External memory control device regularly reading ahead data from external memory for storage in cach...