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Service method in a mobile terminal
Mobile communication system having a direct and broadcast link
Transaction security apparatus
Interchangeable covering with keys for personalizing mobile electronic communication devices
Optical/radio local access network
Integrated filter and modular jack for voice over digital subscriber line service
Power up reset circuit for line powered circuit
DC/DC converter and subscriber line interface circuit
Half duplex device and signal processing method thereof
Dual hysteresis signal detection circuit
High density DSX system
Selective messaging in a multiple messaging link environment
Enabling caller controlled hold queue position adjustment
Queued task/queued resource state forecaster
Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network
Switching system with separate control connection to remote branch exchanges
Hydrogen storage metal alloy, method for absorption and release of hydrogen using the said alloy and...
Hydrogen storage material and hydrogen storage apparatus
Solution phase biopolymer synthesis
Carbon dioxide promoted dehydrogenation process for olefins
Selectivated metallosilicate catalyst composite for alkyl aromatic conversion, process for the prepa...
Integrated process for the preparation of alkyl and alkenyl substituted aromatic compounds
Styrene process with recycle from dehydrogenation zone
Process for the preparation of substituted fluorenes
Compositions comprising cyclohexamantane
Ruthenium compounds, their production and use
Chabazite-containing molecular sieve, its synthesis and its use in the conversion of oxygenates to o...
Viscosity modification of heavy hydrocarbons using dihydric alcohols
Method for the recovery of hydrocarbons from hydrates
Carnation plant named `CFPC Lani`
Coleus plant named `Balaublach`
Kalanchoe plant named `Zion`
Schefflera plant named `Fan`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Midnight Time`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Bridal Time`
Peach tree named `P.F. 11 Peach`
Carnation plant named `CFPC Lambada`
Zantedeschia plant named `Captain Reno`
Kalanchoe plant named `Mount Rushmore`
Kalanchoe plant named `Red Wood`
Kalanchoe plant named `Yosemite`
Rose plant named `KORquelda`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `KORcoluma`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ceregina White`
Peach tree named `P.F. 7A Freestone`
Hosta plant named `Independence`
Antirrhinum plant named `YACREY`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescamagno`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescamalve`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescasal`
System and method to support varying maximum cryptographic strength for common data security archite...
Data transformation apparatus and data transformation method
Digital signature
Method and apparatus for negotiating Diffie-Hellman keys among multiple parties using a distributed ...
Dynamic encoding algorithms and inline message decryption
Software modem with privileged mode decryption of control codes
Security protocol structure in application layer
Method of carrying out a safe remote electronic signing by cellular phone
Watermarking via quantization of statistics of overlapping regions
Managing private keys in a free seating environment
Key distribution system for protection of route-update notification in micromobility networks
Method and apparatus to maintain encryption synchronization in a multi-modulation TDM system
Message identification with confidentiality, integrity, and source authentication
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
System and method for preventing an illegal copy of contents
Cryptographic key split binder for use with tagged data elements
Inorganic bone adhesion agent and its use in human hard tissue repair
Nanopastes for use as patterning compositions
7, 8 and 9-substituted tetracycline compounds
Heterocyclylalkylamines as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Process for the preparation of 4-oxytetrahydropyran-2-ones
Icon for a portion of a display screen
3'-or 2'-hydroxymethyl substituted nucleoside derivatives for treatment of hepatitis virus infection...
Applying configuration group information to target configuration information
OSR-1 nucleic acids and proteins
Ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel and other localized nerve compression co...
Method for MRI scanning of animals for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
Analyte sensor
Analyte sensor
Mental and physical health status monitoring, analyze and automatic follow up methods and its applic...
Method, system, and kit for treatment of a patient's extremity
Multi-substituted selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Methods and fluorinated compositions for treating amyloid-related diseases
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating neuropathic pain and cluster and migraine head...
Novel pyrrolidyl derivatives of heteroaromatic compounds
Tissue transglutaminase inhibitors
Immunomodulation and effect on cell processes relating to serotonin family receptors and the blood-b...
Triazolopyrimidine derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors
Spinal ligament modification devices
A Small, Fast Responding Whole-Body Indirect Calorimeter
Compact apparatus for noninvasive measurement of glucose through near-infrared spectroscopy
Aminosterol compounds useful as inhibitors of the sodium/proton exchanger (NHE), pharmaceutical meth...
Beta 2-adrenergic receptor agonists
Compositions derived from quinoline and quinoxaline, preparation and use thereof
Acylated spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin-4 receptor agonists
Oxygen-impervious packaging with optional oxygen scavenger, stabilized thyroid hormone compositions ...
Methods for preventing and treating obesity in patients with mc4 receptor mutations
Aryl carbonyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Methods of using thiazolidine derivatives to treat cancer or inflammation
Benzoxazole carboxamides for treating CINV and IBS-D
Amide bridged piphenyl or biazaphenyl derivatives
Kappa opioid receptor ligands
Novel substituted diamine derivatives useful as motilin antagonists
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Galactopyranosides and their use
Method and apparatus for manufacturing panel products including a printed surface
Method and apparatus for a chaotic computing module using threshold reference signal implementation
Multi-layer coated porous materials and methods of making the same
Patterns of electrically conducting polymers and their application as electrodes or electrical conta...
Soluble CTLA4 mutant molecules
System and method for generating call records based on account codes
Distal protection device and method
Biphasic process for epoxidation of olefinic compound using chromate or dichromate catalyst
Semiconductor encapsulating epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing polarizer, polarizer, polarizer plate, and image display
Water free ubiquinone concentrate
Modular SMIF pod breather, adsorbent, and purge cartridges
System and method for increasing cellular system capacity by the use of the same frequency and time ...
Fraction collector for composition analysis
Structure having spatially separated photo-excitable electron-hole pairs and method of manufacturing...
Process for cleaning a surface using an aqueous composition containing a dispersed polymer
Stator for a line-start electric motor
Quick set-up tilt table
EDI and related stacks and method and apparatus for preparing such
Field configurable radiation antenna device
Mobile device battery
Tire tread
Glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthases
Apparatus and method for providing fireproofing to an aircraft auxiliary power unit
Image forming method using recycled toner
Cradle device
Method and apparatus for loading casings onto the stuffing tube of a sausage making machine
NO.sub.x catalyst and method of suppressing sulfate formation in an exhaust purification system
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R(GlcNAc to GalNAc) .beta...
Method of determining an analyte concentration in a sample from an absorption spectrum
Heterogeneous membrane electrodes
Genetically engineered P30 antigen, improved antigen cocktail, and uses thereof
Method and system for decoupling structural modes to provide consistent control system performance
Esterification catalysts and processes therefor and therewith
Pharmaceutical hazardous waste identification and management system
Perspiration blocking and absorbing apparatus
Activated polyethylene glycol esters
26,27-homologated-20-epi-2-alkylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human G-protein coupled receptor variant of HM74, HGPRBMY74
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
IL-17 receptor like molecules and uses thereof
Immunoassays, assay methods, antibodies and method of creating antibodies for detecting FGF-23
Nucleic acid ligands to integrins
Portable medication inhalation kit
Regulation of translation for recombinant protein production
Sustained release delivery systems for solutes
HIV protease inhibitors, compositions containing the same, their pharmaceutical uses and materials f...
Arc furnace electrode length determination
Product container
Bottle transition piece
Bottle transition piece
Soil redeposition inhibition agents and systems
Aqueous compositions for treating a surface
Zinc corrosion protection agents for treating glassware surfaces
Multi-region paper structures having a transition region interconnecting relatively thinner regions ...
Beam forming method
Backhaul multicasting using Ethernet-based radio access networks
Mobile communication system
Communication device and method of operation therefore
Method for initiating in a terminal of a cellular network the measurement of power levels of signals...
Method for operating in an 800 MHz trunked radio communications system by mapping channels to freque...
Handoff method for a communication system of a train
Frequency translating devices and frequency translating measurement systems with DC bias added to a ...
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
Architecture of reconfigurable radio processor
Method and apparatus for providing multiple quality of service levels in a wireless packet data serv...
Mobile robotic router with web server and digital radio links
User-attachable or detachable telemetry module for medical devices
Enhancing signals in a two-way radio system
Wireless transaction enabled handheld computer system and method
Electronic audio accessory for use with automotive stereo loudspeakers
Radio transmitter and receiver
Reduced complexity receiver for space-time- bit-interleaved coded modulation
Electrodes for microfluidic applications
Composition of matter comprising a dye
Method for fabricating a magnetic transducer using a slurry with spherical particles for CMP-assiste...
Process for increasing the selectivity of the hydrogenation of 4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane to 4,4'-d...
Particulate inorganic solids treated with organophosphinic compounds
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing silicon dioxide
Method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly
Method for producing an aqueous dispersion of particles composed of a polymer and a fine-particle in...
Label-free high-throughput optical technique for detecting biomolecular interactions
Photomask assembly and method for protecting the same from contaminants generated during a lithograp...
Imaging element with improved surface and stiffness
Tack free edge for pressure sensitive adhesive web
Nucleic acid fragments for the identification of bacteria in industrial wastewater bioreactors
Substituted barium titanate and barium strontium titanate ferroelectric compositions
Graft oligomeric electrolytes
3GT/4GT biocomponent fiber and preparation thereof
Internet file safety information center
Dedicated channel for displaying programs
Optical pickup device with elastic supporters and with dynamic vibration absorbing balance weight bo...
Apparatus for resource management in a real-time embedded system
Process control configuration system with parameterized objects
Method, system and program product providing a configuration specification language supporting arbit...
System, method and computer program product for publishing interactive web content as a statically l...
System and method for virtual router failover in a network routing system
System and a method for asynchronous replication for storage area networks
Platform abstraction layer for a wireless malware scanning engine
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Animated image for a portion of a display screen
Desktop tower enclosure
Computer system with an improved device and driver framework
Method and apparatus for implementing thread replacement for optimal performance in a two-tiered mul...
Wet wiping printhead cleaning system using a non-contact technique for applying a printhead treatmen...
Method and apparatus for enforcing capacity limitations in a logically partitioned system
Electronic calculating pen
System and method for using data address sequences of a program in a software development tool
Printer media feeder
Object-of-interest image capture
Method of forming a three-dimensional orthoscopic image from its pseudoscopic image
Image sensing apparatus and method performing blur correction using electrical coordinate conversion
Train simulator and playback station
Self-aligning bearing
Bearing structure for camshaft
Aerostatic bearing
Lounge valve mounting housing and assembly
Driving system for a separator having a centrifugal drum and a neck bearing
Tapered roller bearings and gear shaft support devices
Rolling element bearing for ultra-low viscosity fluids
Articulated seal
Thrust bearing
Separator, linear guide using the separator and linear motion apparatus
Vibration control arrangement for internal combustion engines
Dual station applicator wheels for filling cavities with metered amounts of particulate material
Hybrid-fiber coaxial network-based high-speed QoS transmission system for internet protocol broadcas...
System and method for tracking identity movement and location of sports objects
Surface-treated product, surface-treatment method, and surface-treatment apparatus
System and methods for integrating a payload with a launch vehicle
Foldable and deployable assembly of elements mounted on board a spacecraft
Apparatus and method for aerodynamic wing
Pressurized sonobuoy deployment system
Positioning system, device, and method for in-flight refueling
Method of operating a satellite for end-of-life maneuvers
Guided missile having a jettisoned protective cap
Transformable airplane
Adaptable payload apparatus and methods
Aircraft and detonative engine incorporating pulse detonation engines
Variable cam exhaust nozzle
Laminar-flow airfoil
Aircraft spiralling mechanism--c
Mooring facility for tethered gas balloon
Delta-winged hybrid airship
Rotating flying wing aircraft and control system
Lightning strike mitigation system
Low power ADC for imaging arrays
A/D converter with minimized transfer error
A/D converter with adjustable internal connection and method for the sameoperating
Managing timeline modification and synchronization of multiple media streams in networked client/ser...
Database system, particularly for multimedia objects
System for digital time shifting and method thereof
Optimization methods for the insertion, protection, and detection of digital watermarks in digitized...
Method for multimedia communication over packet channels
Phase plug with optimum aperture shapes
Liquid crystal display of transmission type
Formatting information to be written on optically writable label side of optical disc to minimize wr...
System and method for an improved light-emitting device
Process for producing optically active carboxylic acid substituted in 2-position
Process for preparing optically active 2-[6-(hydroxy-methyl)-1,3-dioxan-4-yl] acetic acid derivative...
Optically transparent nanocomposite materials
Dental light curing member and method
Optical bridge for chip-to-board interconnection and methods of fabrication
Polarization recovery system for projection displays
Quarter wavelength plate and projection type video display device using the same
Luminescent and illumination signaling displays utilizing a mobile communication device with laser
Arrangement and method for producing photogrammetric image records
Optically connectable circuit board with optical component(s) mounted thereon
Device and program for checking optical disks
Microelectromechanical device with reset electrode
InGaAs image intensifier camera
Method of fabricating a light emitting device
Rhodium and iridium complexes
Luminescence device and display apparatus
Organic light-emitting diodes and methods for assembly and emission control
Single/multiple beverage machine
Device and method for analyzing and representing sound signals in the musical notation
Method of making tungsten carbide based hard metal tools or components
Radiation treated ethylene polymers and articles made from said polymers
Biodegradable common bile duct stent and the method for preparing thereof
Die for extrusion molding of honeycomb
Extrusion die for manufacturing tube with small hollow portions, mandrel used for said extrusion die...
(20S)-1.alpha.-hydroxy-2.alpha.-methyl and 2.beta.-methyl-19-nor-vitamin D.sub.3 and their uses
Bridged diarylpolymethine chromophores
Processes for the preparation of substituted isoxazoles and 2-isoxazolines
Diaminothiazoles having antiproliferative activity
Skeletal-targeted radiation to treat bone-associated pathologies
Growth factor which acts through erb b-4 rtk
Human vanilloid receptor VR3 protein
Co-stimulatory polypeptides
Low molecular weight peptidomimetic growth hormone secretagogues
Peptides for recognition and targeting of GLIAL cell tumors
Biologically active raspailamide compounds
Inhibitors of checkpoint kinases (Wee1 and Chk1)
5-substituted isoquinoline derivatives
Azolo triazines and pyrimidines
Semiconductor processing apparatus
Image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and display apparatus
Apparatus and methods for texture mapping
Method and system for developing consistency of motion
Vertical die chip-on-board
Frequency-time based data compression method
Baggage transportation security system and method
Predictive malware scanning of internet data
System and method for interactive television
Digital TV system with synchronized World Wide Web content
Data output controller
Email routing according to email content
Extending an Internet content delivery network into an enterprise
Method for predicting file download time from mirrored data centers in a global computer network
Web-based customer prospects harvester system
Methods and apparatus for remote real time oil field management
Instructive out-of-service telephone lines
Bridging apparatus for interconnecting a wireless PAN and a wireless LAN
Object-naming network infrastructure for identification tags and method of operation thereof
Distributed lookup based on packet contents
Path selection methods for storage based remote copy
Processing by use of synchronized tuple spaces and assertions
System and method for providing a roster list of temporary contacts having expiration periods design...
Dynamic feedback for determining collection-set size
System and method for manufacturing a punch-out RFID transaction device
System for electronic barter, trading and redeeming points accumulated in frequent use reward progra...
Method of manufacturing an acoustic transducer
Structure for preventing the generation of standing waves and a method for implementing the same
Apparatus for increasing induction air flow rate to a turbocharger
Anisotropic conductive connector, probe member, wafer inspecting device, and wafer inspecting metho...
Light detecting device and method for mounting the same
Water-soluble distyrylbenzene chromophores for applications in optoelectronic technologies
Resin blends and methods for making same
Gas treatment device, methods for making and using the same, and a vehicle exhaust system
Ultra-low shrinkage composite resins based on blended nematic liquid crystal monomers
Method of synthesizing hybrid metal oxide materials and applications thereof
Exfoliating method, transferring method of thin film device, and thin film device, thin film integra...
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Electrophotographic toner, electrophotographic developer and image formation method using the same
Low temperature interconnection of nanoparticles
Method for preparing pure, thermally stable and high surface area ceria
Garnet phosphor materials having enhanced spectral characteristics
Portable telephone
Moire suppression method and apparatus
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Thin film transistor array substrate using low dielectric insulating layer and method of fabricating...
Portable information terminal apparatus, information processing method, computer-program storage med...
Power supply method and apparatus
EL light emitting unit, power feeding unit and EL light emitting device
Electroactive polymers
Fluorine-containing polymerizable monomer and polymer prepared by using same
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and fabricating method thereof
Debugging Method
Production control system, production control method and production control program
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof and display used this light emitting device
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Dynamic pixel resolution, brightness and contrast for displays using spatial elements
Programmer/feeder system task linking program
Modular robotic system and method for sample processing
Dc/ac converter and controller IC
Dc/ac conversion device and ac power supply method
Electric power supply unit having improved output voltage response
Motor with improved rotary shaft supporting structure
Wind turbine generator system
Pad rearrangement substrate
Seal and valve systems and methods for use in expanders and compressors of energy conversion systems
Interchangeable pen/stylus
Paper feed cassette
Icon for a digital camera
Image forming apparatus
Variable capacitance capacitor, circuit module, and communications apparatus
Reduced device count level shifter with power savings
Method of producing ceramic laminates
Switching to original modifiable instruction copy comparison check to validate prior translation whe...
Markup language visual mapping
Reed-solomon decoder and decoding method for errors and erasures decoding
System and method for dynamically moving checksums to different memory locations
Method and apparatus for locating a faulty device in a computer system
Data storage system having a non-volatile IC based memory for storing user data
Microprocessor having instructions for exchanging values between two registers or two memory locatio...
Methods and apparatus for pooling and depooling the transmission of stream data
Global query correlation attributes
System and method for measuring and monitoring wireless network performance in campus and indoor env...
Method for producing full field radial grid for hydrocarbon reservoir simulation
Space weather prediction system and method
Method and arrangement for guiding a user along a target path
Method and system for developing traffic messages
Device for the longitudinal guidance of a motor vehicle
Method and system for automatically locating end of train devices
Concatenated Point-To-MultiPoint (PTMP) broadcast messages displaying display messages in cellular p...
System and method for initiating location-dependent applications on mobile devices
Context aware computing devices having a common interface and related methods
Apparatus, and associated method, for allocating channels in a radio communication system responsive...
Numerical controller
Performance input apparatus
Color management system
Maleimide group-containing polymer particles and method of producing the same
Colorant compositions
Image forming method
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, method for producing the same, image forming apparatus and proces...
Fluoropolymer containing photoconductive member
System and method for measuring and quantizing document quality
Electronic component mounting circuit board and electronic component replacing method
Systems and methods for compensating for streaks in images
Flexible imaging member belt seam smoothing method
Color vector halftoning using a successive filling with improved color registration latitude
Controlling direction of satellite droplet ejection in ink jet printer
Systems and methods for generating analytic summaries
Rice .alpha.-amylase transcriptional enhancers
Hybrid maize 33D11
Hybrid maize 34F41
Inbred corn line N61060
Inbred corn line G0502
Plant retroelements and methods related thereto
Cloning and characterization of the broad-spectrum resistance gene Pi2
Poly ADP-ribose polymerase gene and it uses
Replication protein a binding transcriptional factor (RBT1) and uses thereof
Arthritis-associated protein
AGE-1 polypeptides and related molecules and methods
Hybrid molecules and their use for optically detecting changes in cellular microenvironments
Soluble complexes of amylod .beta. peptide and peptidyl prolyl isomerase chaperone and methods of ma...
Method of evaluation fit of raw data to model data
Educational prosthesis device and method for using the same
Birthday calendar
Beauty cap
Calendar-enhanced directory searches including dynamic contact information
Graphical user interface with a hide/show feature for a reference system in an insurance claims proc...
Semiconductor constructions
Method for grouping computer subscribers by common preferences to establish non-intimate relationshi...
Mobile wireless communications device comprising non-planar internal antenna without ground plane ov...
Method of playing instant game on wireless network terminal device
Computer networked game system utilizing subscription based membership and alternative methods of en...
Positive-return gambling
Pari-mutuel sports wagering system
Methods and systems for facilitating play at a gaming device by means of third party offers
Game system, puzzle game program, and storage medium having program stored therein
Torenia plant named `Dantomidmon`
Phygelius plant named `YAPYEL`
Nemesia plant named `Fleurame`
Rose plant named `Evera 121`
Compact Floribunda rose plant name `Poulpal024`
Rose plant named `Evera 134`
Calibrachoa plant named `Dancaldarpink`
Rose plant named `Evera 118`
Method and apparatus for rolled fingerprint capture
Multi-color multi-ply note pad
Method for particle production
Digital phase synchronization circuit
Information hiding system and a method of hiding information in a wireless communication network
Method and apparatus for dynamic biasing of baseband circuitry in a communication system receiver
Audible signaling device with determinate directional radiation
Electromagnetic shield with vee-slot panel joints
Light-weight signal transmission lines and radio frequency antenna system
Oxidation-resistant conducting perovskites
Non-reciprocal network element that produces an input impedance that is a function of the multiplica...
Parametric speech codec for representing synthetic speech in the presence of background noise
Connection admission control and routing by allocating resources in network nodes
X10 communication of one or more messages between one or more mobile communication devices and one o...
Methods and apparatus for protection against network failures
Notch filter system and method
Controller for an RF power amplifier
Power amplification by using different fixed power supply signals for the amplifier
Multi-photon endoscopic imaging system
Monoclonal antibody which agglutinates E. coli having the CS4-CFA/I family protein
Covalently fixed porphyrin polymer having porphyrin metal complex substituted with coordinating hete...
Animal model for allergic disorders
pH-sensitive block copolymers for pharmaceutical compositions
Pharmaceutical composition for boron neutron capture therapy containing triphenylboroxin
Formation of polyampholytes in the presence of a polyion
Targeted cytolysis of HIV-infected cells by chimeric CD4 receptor-bearing cells
Bacillus sp. D747 strain, plant disease controlling agents and insect pest controlling agents using ...
Methods and compositions for detecting larval Taenia solium with a cloned diagnostic antigen
Diagnostic test kits
Method to determine TGF-beta
Composition for domestic livestock grafting and method of making and using
Method of healing skin wounds in mammals and a composition therefor
Antimicrobial solution for both tropical and oral use
Methods and systems for operating aircraft landing gears
Actuator for an aerosol can device
Delivery of antihistamines through an inhalation route
Skin care products containing whole egg
Ethyl alcohol sensor and method of use
Complex hydrides for hydrogen storage
Method of producing single-walled carbon nanotubes
Process for the mass production of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Combined methane decomposition and ammonia formation cell
Method and a device for the separation of sulphur dioxide from a gas
Transparent polymer carbon nanotube composites and process for preparation
Strong acids, process for the preparation thereof, and uses thereof
Use of self-sustained atmospheric pressure plasma for the scattering and absorption of electromagnet...
Method of forming a joint
Macrostructures of porous inorganic material and process for their preparation
Recording tape cartridge with reel lock member
Apparatus for securing a bobbin of a reluctance machine
Bulk polymerization process for producing polydienes
Olefin thermoplastic elastomer composition
Resin-bonded graphite material, method for the production of a resin bonded graphite material and us...
Method of sludge recycling
Filter device
Hydrate-based desalination/purification using permeable support member
Method of making and using a filter in the form of a block of agglomerated copolymer fragments
Tool pot
Abrasivejet cutting head with back-flow prevention valve
Controlling emissions during asphalt paving
Process and apparatus for manufacturing powder rubber
Magnetic memory device and method for production thereof
Laser apparatus, exposure head, exposure apparatus, and optical fiber connection method
Method and apparatus for efficiently locating and automatically correcting certain violations in a c...
Non-orthogonal structures and space tiles for layout, placement, and routing of an integrated circui...
Method for determining the critical path of an integrated circuit
Optimizing IC clock structures by minimizing clock uncertainty
Method for generating a command file of a group of DRC rules and/or a command file of a group of LVS...
System and method for performing intellectual property merge
Layouts with routes with different widths in different directions on the same layer, and method and ...
Method for power consumption reduction
Method and apparatus for diagonal routing by using several sets of lines
Process and apparatus for displaying data on a specific area of the surface of the display in a comp...
Method of establishing benchmark for figure of merit indicative of amplifier flicker noise
Miniature tubular gas discharge lamp and method of manufacture
Combined therapy for treatment of HIV infection
Pigment dispersion and related method of manufacture
Deposition of samples and sample matrix for enhancing the sensitivity of matrix assisted laser desor...
Biodegradable polymer
ESD dissipative ceramics
Very low dielectric constant plasma-enhanced CVD films
Manufacture of electronic devices comprising thin-film transistors
Polymer based tunneling sensor
Magnetic enzyme detection techniques
Chitosan membrane containing nano-inorganic particles and the method for forming the same
Ion conductive block copolymers
Method for the production of metal-carbon composite powders
Langasite single crystal ingot, substrate for piezoelectric device and method for manufacture thereo...
Oral modified SSP-5 antibacterial composition
Method for cell culture
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Process for preparing tannate liquid and semi-solid dosage forms
One-time use composite tool formed of fibers and a biodegradable resin
Security system
Multiple pass Faraday rotation amplifier
Germicidal low pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with amalgam location permitting high output
Hemostatic compositions, devices and methods
Inorganic matrix compositions, composites incorporating the matrix, and process of making the same
Radio-frequency amplifier system
Display actuator
Selection of alternative image processing operations to maintain high image quality
Radiation therapy method with target detection
Image retrieving apparatus, an image retrieving method, and a recording medium
Color correction techniques for correcting color profiles or a device-independent color space
System and method for profiling digital-image input devices
Device and method for ferrofluid power generator and cooling system
Optoelectronic device having dual-structural nano dot and method for manufacturing the same
Precision integral articles
Capacitively coupled power supply
Internal power supply voltage generation circuit that can suppress reduction in internal power suppl...
Bias circuit
Voltage generator
Fast low drop out (LDO) PFET regulator circuit
Method of controlling an operation of a switch power converter
Real-time voltage detection and protection circuit for PFC boost converters
Systems and method for boosting output of an alternator
Multifunctional complex power supply device
Current detecting method and device for a DC-DC converter
Battery pack with a remaining battery power calculating function
Method circuitry and electronic device for controlling a variable output dc power source
Battery gas gauge
Defibrillator power source with replaceable and rechargeable power packs
Rotating electric machine for automotive application
Transformer inrush current elimination system
Electrical rotating machine control unit and power generation system
Calcium phosphate cement, use and preparation thereof
Method of an apparatus for testing wiring
HCV core protein binding agents for treatment of hepatitis C virus infection
Waveform data analysis method and apparatus suitable for waveform expansion/compression control
Music performance data processing method and apparatus adapted to control a display
Score data display/editing apparatus and program
Musical instrument capable of diagnosing electronic and mechanical components and diagnostic system ...
Musical score display apparatus
Alternating cymbals
Radiator grille for vehicle
Navigation system, data server, traveling route establishing method and information providing method
Vehicle drive force control apparatus
Seating arrangement with an adjustable seating segment
Drive assembly for a power closure panel
Center mount visor arm assembly
Data map forming system and method of forming a data map based on evaluation values
Motor vehicle occupant impact protection arrangement
Fuel injection control of engine
Transmission for a vehicle
Flexible touch-sense switch
Lane deviation alarm system
Spot welding assembly
Mirror actuator assembly with modular positional memory device
Automotive seat assembly with improved side impact rigidity
Trim assembly having an integrated grommet and method of making the same
Sliding sun visor
Time-released substance delivery device
Porous synthetic bone graft and method of manufacture thereof
Screws of cortical bone and method of manufacture thereof
Variable angle adaptive plate
Spurious free dynamic range in optical communications systems
Optical phased array transmitter/receiver
Dual-flow common combustor chemical laser
Cathodes for fluorine gas discharge lasers
Injection locking type or MOPA type of laser device
Extreme chirped/stretched pulsed amplification and laser
Implant damaged oxide insulating region in vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser including indium, antimony and nitrogen in the active region
Semiconductor laser diode with higher-order mode absorption layers
Near field optical apparatus
DPSS laser
Mechanical protection for semiconductor edge-emitting ridge waveguide lasers
Optical disc medium, optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus and method
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a mark...
Semiconductor wafer carrier mapping sensor
Optical disc device and control method using preceding sub-beam to detect a disc defect
Piperazine oxime dervatives having NK-1 receptor antagonistic activity
Substituted benzimidazole-, Benztriazole-, and benzimidazolone-O-glucosides
Substituted fused heterocyclic C-glycosides
Method for improving the function of heterologous G protein-coupled receptors
16002 Molecules and uses therefor
Pharmaceutically acceptable salts of sertraline and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Cyanopyrrolidides, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Substituted thiazole-benzoisothiazole dioxide derivatives, process for their preparation and their u...
Inhibitors of 11-beta-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase type 1
Fibronectin biopolymer marker indicative of insulin resistance
Fused bicyclic-substituted amines as histamine-3 receptor ligands
Methods of using isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Antigen arrays for treatment of allergic eosinophilic diseases
Menu display apparatus and menu display method
Ethylene polymers and copolymers with high optical opacity
Coupling member of a pipe coupling
Antisense restenosis composition and method
Phosphonate compounds
System and method using adaptive antennas to selectively reuse common physical channel timeslots for...
Mobile device base station for enhanced signal strength for on-demand media services
Methods for controlling apparatuses having an emergency alert function
Electrosurgical Generator Apparatus
Interventional magnetic resonance imaging based on global coherent free precession
Calibration method, and base station apparatus, terminal apparatus and radio apparatus utilizing the...
Reducing the effect of signal interference in null areas caused by overlapping antenna patterns
Radio communication system
Radio system with universal communication interface
Channel assay for thin client device wireless provisioning
Radio network controller, a mobile communication system, and a neighbor cell list filtering method
Base station transmission power control system, mobile station and base station
Mobile communication system
Cordless apparatus
Method for authenticated connection setup
Localization of radio-frequency transceivers
Radio frequency tuner
Circuit arrangement for a mobile radio device
Radio link quality determination in a wireless network
Turbo-code decoding using variably set learning interval and sliding window
Recording and/or reproduction apparatus, file management method and providing medium
Charging/discharging apparatus and method, power supplying apparatus and method, program storing med...
Method and apparatus for producing and distributing live performance
Audio processing and image generating apparatus, audio processing and image generating method, recor...
Information processing method, information processing system and information processing apparatus
Input pen
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Combined charger and connector
Systems and methods for ensuring atomicity of processes in a multitasking computing environment
Detection apparatus, detection method and electron beam irradiation apparatus
Information recording medium, storage medium, information reproduction apparatus and method, and inf...
Interacting with Internet applications via a broadband network on electronic input/output devices
Toothpaste dispenser
System for in-vitro fertilization with spermatozoa separated into X-chromosome and Y-chromosome bear...
Apparatuses for supporting medical equipment and methods of adjusting support devices
Voice and data encryption method using a cryptographic key split combiner
Method of fabricating thin film transistor of thin film transistor liquid crystal display and method...
Optical tunable filter and method of manufacturing the same
Superconductor transmission line
Superconducting filter
Superconducting filter device
Laser trimming to tune the resonance frequency of a spiral resonator, the characteristics of a high ...
Superconducting filter device
Systems and methods for signal filtering
High temperature superconductor min-filters and coils and process for making them
Ultralow temperature low noise amplification apparatus
Superconductive filter module, superconductive filter assembly and heat insulating type coaxial cabl...
High temperature superconducting structures and methods for high Q, reduced intermodulation structur...
Resonator and filter device
Superconductor filter
High-frequency device
Band pass filter
Method of fine tuning a thermally tunable superconductor filter
Production method for micro-strip filter
Filter circuit
Tunable ferroelectric resonator arrangement
Thrust reverser system electro-mechanical brake manual release mechanism
Ladder support bracket
Device and method for measuring constituents in blood
Composition and method for catalysis using bentonites
Computer system with processor cache that stores remote cache presence information
Pneumatic tool with integrated electricity generator
Multi-host environment with coordinated distributed logging for writes to a raid storage volume
Method and apparatus to stress test medicament inhalation aerosol device by inductive heating
Low equivalent weight ionomer
Tunable empty pipe function
Noise resistant small signal sensing circuit for a memory device
Foil seal lamp
System and method for deriving IPv6 scope identifiers and for mapping the identifiers into IPv6 addr...
Direct thermal imaging on plastic film
Recording material
Surgical method and apparatus
Primer composition and bonding method
Detecting spark in igniter of gas turbine engine by detecting signals in grounded RF shielding
Spark igniter for gas turbine engine
Memory controller for multilevel cell memory
Method of reconstructing data transmitted over a transmission path in a receiver and corresponding d...
Magnetoresistive sensor element and method for reducing the angular error of a magnetoresistive sens...
Hard disk drive comprising flexible printed circuit with damping material
Active read/write head circuit with interface circuit
Apparatus with head and head support device having rotation supporting point
Head slider and disk drive apparatus
Head slider having microactuator
Head gimbal assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic head slider and magnet disk apparatus
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing system
Soft magnetic film having saturation magnetic flux density Bs of at least 2.0 T and magnetic head in...
Hard disk drive for perpendicular recording with transducer having submicron gap between pole tips
Integrated chemical breather filter with high and low pressure surfaces
Dual mode servo pattern
Magnetic tape drive
Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with recording layer having predeterminded convex-conca...
Methods to determine gross and fine positioning on a reference surface of a media
Disk drive employing momentum based unload during power failure
Cash payment system using vending machine
Glial mitogenic factors, their preparation and use
Dishwasher machine detergents with low viscosity surfactants
Human aggrecanase and nucleic acid compositions encoding the same
Cell-free production of glucosamine
Insulin and albumin fusion protein
Method for producing proteins tagged at the N- or C-terminus
Antibodies specific for ungulate PrP
Inhibitors of the inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase SHIP2 molecule
Recombinant adenoviral vectors expressing chimeric fiber proteins for cell specific infection and ge...
Failure prediction notification printer and printer management server, failure prediction notificati...
Automated digital watermarking methods using neural networks
Digital asset management and linking media signals with related data using watermarks
Electronic watermark embedding apparatus and method and a format conversion device having a watermar...
Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium
System and method for processing network packet flows
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Combined printer and binder
Self-service kiosk
Noise suppression in beam-steered microphone array
Dynamic content generation/regeneration for a database schema abstraction
Method and apparatus for optimizing a data access customer service system
Search refinement graphical user interface
Computer implemented compact 0-complete tree dynamic storage structure and method of processing stor...
Virus checking and reporting for computer database search results
System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results
Serial data capture and processing
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Roller finger follower assembly for valve deactivation
Snowmobile fuel system sump tank
Motorized traction device for a patient support
Locking toggle assembly for jewelry
Cystine-knot polypeptides: Cloaked-2 molecules and uses thereof
Haptic interface for palpation simulation
Method and system for providing insurance
System and method for managing patient care
Method and apparatus for automated generation of a patient treatment plan
Method and apparatus for data management
Databases for assessing nucleic acids
Hip stem prosthesis
Bone implants
Polyaxial screw for acetabular cup
Internal adaptor for hip acetabular cage
Prosthesis for correction of flatfoot deformity
Tibial component
Knee implant
Interior insert ball and dual socket joint
Elastomeric spinal disc nucleus replacement
Intervertebral prosthesis system, in particular for the cervical spine
Facet stabilization schemes
Implanted prosthetic device
Articulating spinal disc implants with amorphous metal elements
Method and system for joint repair
System and method for reference count regeneration
Memory management
System and method for detecting memory management programming errors
Disk storage accessing system and method for changing access path to storage devices
Dynamic web page cache
Structure and method for efficient management of memory resources
System and method for optimizing clock speed generation in a computer
Device to selectively protect a reproduction of a disk, method of selectively protecting reproductio...
Storage control device having two I/O control units each having two or more AC/DC power supply devic...
Limited concurrent host access in a logical volume management data storage environment
Firmware algorithm for initializing memory modules for optimum performance
Use of read data tracking and caching to recover from data corruption
Abin-mediated hepatitis protection
53010, A novel human carboxylesterase family member and uses thereof
21612, novel human dehydrogenases
Human tumor necrosis factor receptor
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of prostatic acid phosphatase in prostate cancer
Method of obtaining immune cells from an animal
Isolated human protease proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses ...
DNA vaccine against proliferating endothelial cells and methods of use thereof
Immunogenicity using a combination of DNA and vaccinia virus vector vaccines
Fusion peptide containing human type-1 collagen derived peptide, preparation thereof, and skin anti-...
Fluorescent lamp electronic ballast
Image fixing device of image forming apparatus
System and method for molecular dynamic simulation
Process for producing polyolefin
Method for producing tetrahydrofurane copolymers
Birefringent optical film, elliptically polarizing plate using the same, and liquid crystal display ...
Methods and compounds for prevention and treatment of elevated intraocular pressure and related cond...
Optical information recording medium
Diversity receiver and orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signal receiving method
Decorin proteoglycan inhibitor of fibrinogen blood clotting
Fish hatching method and apparatus
Encryption method and apparatus with forward secrecy and random-access key updating method
Wire bobbin of the binding machine
Damping of vertical and offtrack dynamic modes gain at the slider in a disc drive
Mesh plane generation and file storage
Optimum frame size predictor for wireless Local Area Network
Geranium plant named `Pacham`
Broadcasting and conferencing in a distributed environment
Methods and devices for carrying out user authentication
Method and apparatus for computing the error locator polynomial in a decoder of a forward error corr...
Method and system for a cache replacement technique with adaptive skipping
Server, user terminal, information providing service system and information providing service method...
Programmable variable-length decoder
Method and apparatus for location search of portable device in wireless communications system
Elevator access control system and method
Cardiac event detector
Resonator device, filter, duplexer and communication device
Aerosol nozzle
Dosing device
Dynamical adaptation of memory sense electronics
Image exposing apparatus and image exposing method
Plasma display panel having improved efficiency
Method and an apparatus for examining an object by using ionizing radiation
Electrode for an energy storage device
Projection screen and method for manufacturing the same
Optical interferometer sensor array
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and process for its manufacture
Method for generating and displaying complex data utilizing color-coded signals
Asset recovery device
Scanner for x-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus with a nuclear medical diagnostic imaging apparatus
Methods, systems and devices for optimizing cardiac pacing parameters
Implantable medical device for treating cardiac mechanical dysfunction by electrical stimulation
Method of registering image information
Photoelectric conversion device
Cigarette saver and lighter holder
Base molding
Gun sight
Mobile gaming docking station and controller
Combined handle for a letter opener or a staple remover
Frame with two impressions and two picture spaces
Foldable transaction card case
Method and apparatus for determining weight of moving mailpieces
Architectures of sensor networks for biological and chemical agent detection and identification
Copyrighted data processing method and apparatus
Methods and systems for providing playlists
Vehicle-mounted apparatus and guidance system
Watercraft network
Fuse box for a vehicle
Refractive block and imaging systems for use in automobiles
Vehicle behavior detector, in-vehicle processing system, detection information calibrator, and in-ve...
Control apparatus for vehicle
Brake system with distributed electronic control units incorporating failsafe mode
Method and system for the regulation and/or control of an engine gearbox unit in a motor vehicle
Control unit for a load
System and method for operating a rollover control system during an elevated condition
Motor vehicle license plate with integral wireless tracking and data dissemination device
Method for carrying out a telediagnosis on a motor vehicle, vehicle diagnosis module and service cen...
Optical time domain reflectometer and method of using the same
Pattern forming method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Photosensitive resin, photoresist composition having the photosensitive resin and method of forming ...
Photosensitive resin composition and method of forming a pattern using the composition
Fluorinated compound, fluoropolymer and process for its production
Planographic printing plate material and printing method
Photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Hydrophilic film, and planographic printing material, stain-preventative member and defogging member...
Phenolic hydroxyl group-containing copolymer and radiation-sensitive resin composition
Planographic printing plate material and printing process
Chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning process
Resist composition and patterning process
Photoresist composition, method for forming film pattern using the same, and method for manufacturin...
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device ...
Norbornene polymer for photoresist and photoresist composition comprising the same
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device ...
Immersion topcoat materials with improved performance
Mass spectrometer interface
Tissue specific expression of antibodies in chickens
Magnetic polymer particles
Modified pigments having improved dispersion properties
Parenteral formulation of mycophenolic acid, a salt or prodrug thereof
C10 cyclopropyl ester substituted taxane compositions
Method of purifying/concentrating sugar chain with sugar chain-trapping molecule and mehtod of analy...
Method for extracting DNA from organisms
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Composition and process for treating acne
Vertical axis wind turbine
X-ray apparatus
Fluid filtration method, fluid filtered thereby, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing met...
Method and composition to reduce the amounts of arsenic in water
Devices and processes for removal of impurities from a fluid recovered from a subterranean environme...
Material for chromatography
Devices and processes for removal of impurities from a fluid recovered from a subterranean environme...
Modular fluid processing system with reversible plumbing connection
Compact water purification apparatus
Plating apparatus and method
Solar panels with liquid superconcentrators exhibiting wide fields of view
Crosslinked polymer, method for manufacturing it and use thereof
Method for producing semiconductor nanoparticles and semiconductor nanoparticles produced by the sam...
Methods to solve alkaline-sulfate scales and related-gases problems
Porous or non-porous substrate coated with an immobilized polymeric composition having sulfonyl grou...
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Electrolytic cell for producing charged anode water suitable for surface cleaning or treatment, and ...
Method and apparatus for inactivation of biological contaminants using photosensitizers
Organic porous article having selective adsorption ability for boron, and boron removing module and ...
Cross-flow filtration cassettes and methods for fabrication of same
Process for the preparation of crosslinkable materials based on organosilicon compounds
Polymorphs of bicifadine hydrochloride
Method of making pre-shrunk drywall trim device
Liquid composition additive to reduce curing time of surface coatings
Power tool
Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
Polymeric foam and scrim sheathings
Nanocircuitry for sensing, recording and outputting data
Hydrophobic starch having near-neutral dry product pH
Polyurethane-polymer hybrid-dispersion with enhanced surface properties, method for the production a...
Fluid loss control additive and cement compositions comprising same
Fire-resistant ultra-lightweight panel with three-dimensional surface design
Fire retarding, stain and/or mold protecting composition
Cement-based hydraulic flexible composites and package therefor
Controlled release of S-methoprene and other active ingredients with activated carbon
Materials and methods for drug delivery and uptake
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Method of controlling aquatic insects
Wire support
Compositions of matter: system II
Breakable odor control additive for animal litter
Methods of cementing in subterranean zones and cementing compositions therefor
Reducing cyanide consumption in gold recovery from finely ground sulphide ores and concentrates
Calcium polysulfide, potassium polysulfide, calcium thiosulfate, and magnesium thiosulfate as urease...
Absorber tower metal hood to concrete shell attachment
Wall stud
Mortar tile and method for production thereof
Novel glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Soybean cultivar 4713487
Soybean cultivar 4348019
Soybean cultivar S040122
Method and system for fusion and activation following nuclear transfer in reconstructed embryos
Developmental animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy
Apple tree named 'CIVG198'
Cotton variety FM 800B2R
Cotton variety FM 960B2R
Cotton variety FM 991B2R
Method for the rapid selection of homozygous primary cell lines for the production of transgenic ani...
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Method for preparing anti-MIF antibodies
Automated method for high throughput screening of nematodes
Methods for using artifical polynucleotides and compositions thereof to reduce transgene silencing
Access control management method, access control management system and terminal device with access c...
Plant transcription factor that is involved in sugar signalling
Method and apparatus for two-way transmission of medical data
Centralized access control system and methods for distributed broadband access points
Managing home inventory
Non-invasive measurement of fluid pressure in an adjustable gastric band
Method and system for improving adherence with a diet program or other medical regimen
Random copolymers and formulations useful for thermoforming and blow molding applications
Novel liquid preparation
Use of sphingolipids for reducing plasma cholesterol and triacylglycerol levels
Muscle building agent and preventive or remedy for muscle weakening
Modification of feeding behaviour
Novel caramel food ingredients, processes for the manufacture thereof, and nutritional products cont...
High protein nuggets and applications in food products
High protein nuggets and applications in food products
High protein nuggets and applications in food products
Sazon Delsol with spanish olives
Fabricated food product made from fresh potato mash
Fabricated food product made from fresh potato mash
Raw material for food containing soybean component, food containing soybeam component from the raw m...
Papaya puree and the use of the same