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Food product comprising phytosterols
Oil in water emulsion
Water-soluble dietary fiber-containing composition and method for preparing same
Pet treats with rough surface texture
Carbon materials metal/metal oxide nanoparticle composite and battery anode composed of the same
Laser printer
MP3 player
MP3 player
LCD monitor
Personal digital assistant
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Phone-combined personal digital assistant
GPS personal locator phone
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Complex image player
Complex image player
Blu-ray player
Adaptive hybrid automatic repeat request method and apparatus
Panel form loudspeaker
Solar powered outdoor light
Battery lamp
Methods and systems for auto-instantiation of storage hierarchy for project plan
Systems and methods for marking ladders using sublimation heat transfer
System and method for reducing power consumption for wireless communications by mobile devices
Method and apparatus for reducing call setup time in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus to initiate point-to-point call during shared-channel delivery of broadcast con...
Intelligent roaming system with over the air programming
Data transmission method and arrangement using method calls
Computer-implemented method and system to support in developing a process specification for a collab...
Apparatus and method for remote troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade of implantable device syste...
Portable communications device
Method and apparatus for defining and executing features in a personal wireless handset
Process for making a fluoroelastomer
Fluorochemical composition comprising a fluorinated polymer and treatment of a fibrous substrate the...
Composition, wipe and method for cleaning, protecting and imparting gloss to a substrate
Coating composition comprising a fluorochemical polyether silane partial condensate and use thereof
Frontal patch on a disposable absorbent article
Micromirror array lens with free surface
Device and method for through the scope endoscopic hemostatic clipping
System and method for gesture interface
Medical device and methods of use of glaucoma treatment
Photopic detector system and filter therefor
Method of operating an endoscopic device with one hand
Stirred tube reactor and method of using the same
Visualizing ablation system
Epoxy compositions having improved shelf life and articles containing the same
Anchor for fiber optic cable
Apparatus and method for GPS-based digital compensation of radio frequencies
Phase step alert signal for GPS integrity monitoring
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
System and method providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
Method and system for managing data records on a computer network
Performing operations on a set of objects in a database system
System and method for automatic testing of output device capabilities via electronic document
Cash dispensing automated banking machine diagnostic system and method
Cash dispensing automated banking machine diagnostic system and method
Methods for improving the cracking resistance of low-k dielectric materials
Gate electrode for FinFET device
Spatially addressable combinatorial chemical arrays in encoded optical disk format
Nanoelectromechanical memory cells and data storage devices
Electronic writing and erasing pencil
TEM sample equipped with an identifying function, focused ion beam device for processing TEM sample,...
Method of treating polycythemia vera
Nucleoside derivatives for treating hepatitis C virus infection
Vasoactive intestinal peptide analogs
Electronic ballast for a lamp to be operated using iterative voltage pulses
Method and arrangement for supplying quiescent current to a vehicle having a multi-voltage on-board ...
Toner image transfer method, toner image transfer device and image forming apparatus
Communication device and communication method immune to burst error, program for executing the metho...
Oxidation of alkyl-aromatic compounds
Filter network combining non-superconducting and superconducting filters
Transmission line single flux quantum chip-to -chip communication with flip-chip bump transitions
High temperature superconducting tunable filter with an adjustable capacitance gap
High-temperature superconductor low-pass filter for suppressing broadband harmonics
Push on connector for cryocable and mating weldable hermetic feedthrough
Electronic equipment
Double flux quantum superconductor driver
Method for double-sided patterning of high temperature superconducting circuits
Switchable superconductive inductor
Filter device having independently adjustable filtering characteristics and method of adjusting cent...
Switchable low-pass superconductive filter
Microstrip filter cross-coupling control apparatus and method
Superconductor filter and radio transmitter-receiver
Conductive memory array having page mode and burst mode read capability
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Methods for making semiconductor structures having high-speed areas and high-density areas
Etch aided by electrically shorting upper and lower sidewall portions during the formation of a semi...
Method of making a trench MOSFET device with improved on-resistance
Method for controlling accuracy and repeatability of an etch process
Methods for the reduction and elimination of particulate contamination with CVD of amorphous carbon
Universal mid-frequency matching network
Thin film transistor substrate for liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Method for avoiding oxide undercut during pre-silicide clean for thin spacer FETs
Planarizing sacrificial oxide to improve gate critical dimension in semiconductor devices
Method of making a single-crystal-silicon 3D micromirror
Control of air gap position in a dielectric layer
Selective hemispherical silicon grain (HSG) conversion inhibitor for use during the manufacture of a...
Method for fabricating oxide thin films
Silicon oxide gapfill deposition using liquid precursors
Method of forming a gate electrode on a semiconductor device and a device incorporating same
Low-thermal-budget gapfill process
Method of forming integrated circuit contacts
Method for determining specifications of fuel cell power generation system and fuel cell power gener...
Method for producing substituted nitro benzoic acids by oxidation of corresponding nitro toluenes, n...
Sulfoderivatives of acenaphtho[1,2-b]quinoxaline, lyotropic liquid crystal and anisotropic film on t...
Automatic transmission
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Enhancement of performance of a conductive wire in a multilayered substrate
System and method for detecting and excluding outlier sensors in sensor-based monitoring
Operation support system for power plant
Developing method and apparatus using two-ingredient developer with prescribed coating of particles ...
Image forming apparatus and unit, and storage medium mounted in the unit
Optical device
Loudspeaker coil suspension system
Near-field X-ray fluorescence microprobe
Magnetic memory array with an improved world line configuration
Complexes comprising a prion protein and a peptidyl prolyl isomerase chaperone, and method for produ...
Hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition
Liver generation promoter
.alpha.1,2 fucosyltransferase
Method of water treatment
Anti-aging and wound healing compounds
Semiconductor device
Field effect transistors and materials and methods for their manufacture
Field effect transistor and method of producing the same
Bicyclic pyrimidinones as coagulation cascade inhibitors
Biphenyl and biphenyl-analogous compounds as integrin antagonists
Methods and reagents for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Coatings for implantable medical device containing polycationic peptides
Expandable stent and method for delivery of same
Anti-spray aquarium airlift tube elbow
Method and system for generating higher order modulations with QPSK modulator
Switching power supply circuit
Method and system for simplifying the structure of dynamic execution profiles
Extensive device for use with digital camera's display to be displayed in the same direction as the ...
Bag with wire frame construction
Apparatus, method and program for physical state controller
Voice activated commands in a building construction drawing system
Automatic address selection method
Portable device with interchangeable air cleaning modules for cleaning the air outside of an existin...
Thermo-conductive hopper for housing paintball mobiles in a heated environment
Tool for tensioning, slackening and opening spring-clip elements
Characterizing a cargo container
Error recognition for power ring
Electron beam apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Silicon on insulator resonator sensors and modulators and method of operating the same
Method of authenticating polymers, authenticatable polymers, methods of making authenticatable polym...
Mobile hydrogen delivery system
Floating solar pool heater
Low-color ultraviolet absorbers for thermoplastic and thermoset high UV wavelength protection applic...
Green glass composition
Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
Enhanced noninvasive collagen remodeling
Device and method for ensuring that a signal always reaches its destination after a fixed number of ...
Peripheral bus switch having virtual peripheral bus and configurable host bridge
Method and apparatus for a messaging protocol within a distributed telecommunications architecture
System, device, and method for localized information processing in a multiprotocol label switching n...
Internet security device and method
Method of measuring alignment of a substrate with respect to a reference alignment mark
Method and apparatus for measuring temporal response characteristics of digital mirror devices
Analog-to-digital converter including a plurality of amplifier circuits
Internal voltage reference for memory interface
Systems and method of a gated electrospray interface with variable flow rate for high throughput mas...
Multiple degree of freedom compliant mechanism
Methods and compositions for controlling biofilm development
Dual-mode electrosurgical instrument
Methods and apparatus for determining chemical composition of reservoir fluids
Brassiere for expressing breast milk
Method of manufacturing products of soymilk and apparatus of manufacturing the same
Pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted thienothiophene monomers and conducting polymers
Method for producing stainless steels, in particular high-grade steels containing chromium and chrom...
Method of modeling muscular tissue with active finite elements
Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
Heat trap
Process and system for managing and reconciling field documentation data within a complex project wo...
Removal of biological contaminants
Geranium plant named `Duemellina`
Zoom lens, lens unit, camera and portable information terminal device
Anamorphic converter, lens system, and shooting system
Optical wavelength switch having planar lightwave circuit structure
Optical pickup
Image pickup apparatus
Lens holder apparatus of camera lens module
Lens system and portable device employing the same
Imaging optical system and electronic apparatus using the same
Lens system for a motor vehicle vision system
Image display apparatus
Compact telephoto imaging lens systems
Diffractive optical device, refractive optical device, illumination optical system, exposure apparat...
Variable optical delay circuit
Drive controller for lens apparatus
Image display device, rear projection type screen used in image display device, Fresnel lens sheet, ...
Synthesis of oligomeric cyanate esters
Compact antenna assembly
Program control for resource management architecture and corresponding programs therefor
Sensor interface
Hyperbranched chemoselective silicon-based polymers for chemical sensor applications
Rhenium composite
High strain electrostrictive polymer
Apparatus for maneuvering a device within the interior of storage tanks
Doping-assisted defect control in compound semiconductors
Seed-specific gene promoters and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences encoding RAMOSA3 and sister of RAMOSA3 and methods of use for same
Indolopyrrolocabazole derivative and antitumor agent
Method of preventing modification of synthetic oligonucleotides
Novel steroid/thyroid hormone receptor-related gene, which is inappropriately expressed in human hep...
Neisseria meningitidis antigenic polypeptides, corresponding polynucleotides and protective antibodi...
Recombinant expression of streptococcus pyogenes cysteine protease and immunogenic compositions ther...
Solutions and films of glycated chitosan
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of infection
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of infection
Compound having affinity with calcified tissue
Pyrroles substituted by oligonucleotides
Electrode for electric double-layer capacitor, and slurry for forming the same
Animals with high histamine productivity
Nucleic acids encoding opiate receptors
Evi27 gene sequences and protein encoded thereby
Polypeptide that interacts with heat shock proteins
2-aminocarbonyl-9H-purine derivatives
Remotely accessing a set-top terminal
Embedded processor with dual-port SRAM for programmable logic
Method and apparatus for accelerating detection of serial bus device speed signals
Communications interface for enabling extension of an internal common bus architecture (CBA)
Radiation monitor for ease of use
Hazardous material mail collection point-of-use
Wireless alarm system for contributing security network
MOSFET drive circuit, programmable power supply and semiconductor test apparatus
High reliability triple redundant latch with integrated testability
Automatic irrigation frequency adjustment for deep watering
Land mobile satellite-communication system
Methods and apparatus for a spread spectrum modulated backscatter electronic shelf label system
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device
Quality of service based media access control for mobile ad hoc networks
Nitride semiconductor element
Display expansion method and apparatus
Voltage-matched, monolithic, multi-band-gap devices
Esters of hydroxyl-substituted nitrogen heterocycles, processes for the preparation thereof as well ...
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
Disposable electrical device for releasing active substances
Electrostatic audio loudspeakers
Olefin polymerization catalyst system
Dual damascene method for ultra low K dielectrics
Coating of copper and silver air bridge structures to improve electromigration resistance and other ...
Alkaline cell with flat housing
Alkaline cell with flat housing
Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording ink set, ink cartridge, ink-jet printer, and ink-jet printi...
Process and apparatus for air forming an article having a plurality of reinforced superimposed fibro...
Method and apparatus for forming a core of plies, belts and beads and for positioning the core in a ...
Gels, composites, and health care articles
Warhead with integral, direct-manufactured features
Brewing apparatus hot water discharge head
Method of treating subject infected with Neisseria gonorrhea
Analogs of biologically active, naturally occurring polyamines, pharmaceutical compositions and meth...
Substituted aryl thioureas and related compounds; inhibitors of viral replication
Total synthesis of merrilactone A
PKB-3564 substance with neovascularization inhibitory activity
Method and apparatus for allocating entries in a branch target buffer
Combine having a system estimator to automatically estimate and dynamically change a target control ...
Method for determining a concentration of target nucleic acid molecules, nucleic acid probes for the...
Liquid-treating method
Apparatus for high-throughput production of coat material arrays, and analytical methods using such ...
Method and apparatus for separation of particles in a microfluidic device
Method and device for packing chromatography columns
Purification of substances by reaction affinity chromatography
Dialyzer and method for manufacturing the same
Implementation of microfluidic components, including molecular fractionation devices, in a microflui...
Filter device
Water activation device
Aquarium device with enhanced water filtration
Switching power converter
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating Bi thin film and device using the same
Process for making a CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
High performance MIS capacitor with HfO.sub.2 dielectric
Micro pipe manufacturing method
Test system, test method and test program for an integrated circuit by IDDQ testing
Substrate having a planarization layer and method of manufacture therefor, substrate for electro-opt...
Semiconductor device
Array capacitors in interposers, and methods of using same
Overlap stacking of center bus bonded memory chips for double density and method of manufacturing th...
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method of CVD for forming silicon nitride film on substrate
Image processor
Fixed pattern noise removal in CMOS imagers across various operational conditions
Optical structures for metal-enhanced sensing
Spectroscopic ellipsometer
Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring cell-by-cell hemoglobin
Method for storing thermoplastic preforms in a container
Electromagnetic drive type plunger pump
Fluid transferring system and micropump suitable therefor
Heat-dissipating fan
Vacuum preventing device for scroll compressor
Oil-cooled compressor
Vacuum pumping system
System and method of surge limit control for turbo compressors
Device for delivering and/or spraying flowable media, especially fluids
Method of adapting a downhole multi-phase twin screw pump for use in wells having a high gas content...
Liquid pumping device
Guitar body
Distribution apparatus for short time contact of hydrocarbon compounds with particles
Selective sorbents for purification of hydrocarbons
System for profiling objects on terrain forward and below an aircraft utilizing a cross-track laser ...
Collision avoidance system for snowmobiles
Method for producing sheetlike detergent
Washing machine having detergent supply apparatus
Reliable multicast communication
Method for detecting defects that exhibit repetitive patterns
Single thrust magnetically biased fully recirculating self purging fluid dynamic bearing motor
Tooth bleaching compositions
Apparatus for a video game system
Digital video disk
File checking using remote signing authority via a network
Method and system for improved computer security utilizing dynamically variable security profile
Multi-leaf collimator
Derivatives of 3-hydroxy-pyrrole-2,4-dicarboxylic acid and uses thereof
Clock trim mechanism for onboard system clock
Preparation of metadata for splicing of encoded MPEG video and audio
Method and apparatus for defining an input state vector that achieves low power consumption in digit...
Computer performance improvement by adjusting a time used for preemptive eviction of cache entries
Network device interface for digitally interfacing data channels to a controller via a network
Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
Practical M-ary demodulator and method of operation for use in a CDMA wireless network base station
Efficient connectivity between multiple topology subnets via common connection network
Practical M-ary demodulator using hard decision circuit and method of operation for use in a CDMA wi...
Beam steering arrangements and optical switches
Compact optical signal detecting mechanism and optical storage device having improved signal quality
Multilayer circuit board, process of manufacturing same, board for multilayer circuitry, and electro...
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than...
Semiconductor device with via hole group generating high frequency electromagnetic bonding, manufact...
Vertically stacked semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of making the same
Microarray lead frame
High K artificial lattices for capacitor applications to use in Cu or Al BEOL
Multi-step plasma treatment method to improve CU interconnect electrical performance
Image forming method and apparatus for setting an image forming parameter based on a printing medium
Image developing apparatus, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and deve...
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus determining an indicating level of a utilized amount of a developing apparat...
Original scanning apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information processing method and apparatus
Information processing apparatus and system, information processing method and device driver
Sheet post-processing apparatus having offset mounting means
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Heating apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image processing system for preventing forgery
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming a...
Aberration measuring method for projection optical system with a variable numerical aperture in an e...
Welding apparatus and methods for using ultrasonic sensing
Broadband optical via
Beam-steering optical switching apparatus
Method for gesture based modeling
Updating electronic files using byte-level file differencing and updating algorithms
Method and device for detecting functional and metabolic data of a living organism
Methods for evaluating chemical components based on their proposed function in the product they are ...
Enclosure system for hot work within the vicinity of flammable or combustible material
Processes for immobilizing radioactive and hazardous wastes
Microencapsulation system and method
Secure server-based identification for simplified online transaction processing with palmtop compute...
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for dry cleaning
Robot cleaner and method of control thereof
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for wet and dry cleaning
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for wet cleaning
Autonomous surface cleaning robot for dry cleaning
Morpholoidally deforming toy
Fast swap dual substrate transport for load lock
Robot imaging device
Techniques for determining communication state using accelerometer data
Mobile robot having a humidifier therein
Fire-fighting robot
Industrial robot
Substrate processing apparatus
Vertically staggered pallet stacking assembly line and method
Cluster device having dual structure
Wafer transfer apparatus having two independently movable transfer modules
Cartesian robot cluster tool architecture
Cartesian robot design
Method and a system for programming an industrial robot to move relative to defined positions on an ...
Ultra low contact area end effector
Polymerization process involving diacyl peroxides
Closure security seal with time-recording feature
Method and apparatus for attaching a fin to a small watercraft
System and method for reducing drag and vortex induced vibration in marine applications
Gas-to-liquids facility for fixed offshore hydrocarbon production platforms
Folding deck
Bimini top main bow connector
Weathervaning LNG offloading system
Boat hull patch anchor and method for its use
Vessel protection device particularly suited for protecting docked marine vessels
Fender and management system thereof
End portion for a flexible fluid containment vessel and a method of making the same
Insert for forming a stern drive passageway in a watercraft
Passive target data acquisition method and system
Water craft apparatus
Achieving hydrostatic stability of a floating structure
Marine bottomed tensioned riser and method
Mooring line retracting/extracting fitting
Fairlead with integrated chain stopper
Hawser guidance system for quick release mooring hooks
Wireless remote controller for yachts
Watercraft stabilizing device
Tunable high temperature superconducting filter
Filter circuit and a superconducting filter circuit
Magnetic ferrite microwave resonator frequency adjuster and tunable filter
Duplexed front-end for a radio transceiver system
Filtering device and method
Signal filter having circularly arranged resonators
High temperature superconducting mini-filter resonator configuration with low sensitivity to variati...
Superconducting filter apparatus and wireless receiving amplifier
Thin film resonators
Dual operation mode all temperature filter using superconducting resonators
Resonator, filter, composite filter, transmitting and receving apparatus, and communication apparatu...
High temperature superconductor tunable filter
Narrow-band filters with zig-zag hairpin resonator
Hybrid superconductor technology filter
Tunable microwave magnetic devices
Low-temperature high-frequency amplifying apparatus and wireless apparatus
Method and apparatus for minimizing intermodulation with an asymmetric resonator
Elliptical resonators and radio frequency filter formed therefrom
Resonator, filter, duplexer, composite filter device, transmission-reception device, and communicati...
High temperature superconducting tunable filter
Tunable superconductor resonator
Low loss tuners
High temperature superconducting structures and methods for high Q, reduced intermodulation structur...
Filters including a closed-slot resonator
Varactor tuning for a narrow band filter
System and method for caller control of a distinctive ring
Apparatus, system and method of double-checking DNS provided IP addresses
Virtual machine operating system LAN
Dynamic scaling back of latch requests for computer system resources
Data management application programming interface session management for a parallel file system
Method and system for minimizing the cycle time when compiling a program in a processing system
Global processor resource assignment in an assembler
System and method for smart graphical components
Method and apparatus for visually indicating the location of links within a web page
Random access time to data stored on LTO tape by incorporating stacked cartridge memory (CM) modules
Apparatus and method to write information to and/or read information from an information storage med...
Thermal and acoustical insulating shield
Potato cultivar FL 2072
Potato cultivar FL 2053
Cotton cultivar 00S07
Embryo sac-specific genes
Gene encoding a protein having acyl group transfer activity
Hybrid maize 34A15
Lettuce cultivar 50-0301019-B
Phytic acid biosynthetic enzymes
Cowpea cultivar 95-104
Cowpea cultivar 92-674
Plant UDP-glucose dehydrogenase
Transgenic plants compromising nucleic acid molecules encoding RAR1 disease resistance proteins and ...
Alfalfa plants having improved standability and methods for producing same
Alfalfa plants having improved fast recovery after harvest and methods for producing same
Slow-maturing, determinate peas
Method for enhancing cellulose and modifying lignin biosynthesis in plants
Expression of biologically active polypeptides in duckweed
Modulating plant alkaloids
Nanoparticle imaging system and method
Transistor with nanocrystalline silicon gate structure
Nano tube cell, and semiconductor device having nano tube cell and double bit line sensing structure
Magnetic carbon nanotube
System and method using self-assembled nano structures in the design and fabrication of an integrate...
Stabilized particle dispersions containing nanoparticles
Surface-modified semiconductive and metallic nanoparticles having enhanced dispersibility in aqueous...
Method for forming a patterned array of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Method for manufacturing nanophase TiC-based composite powders by metallothermic reduction
Gas/ion species selective membrane supported by multi-stage nano-hole array metal structure
Pattern recognition utilizing a nanotechnology-based neural network
Nanotubes for integrated circuits
Methods for producing composites of single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Systems and methods for nanowire growth and harvesting
Macroporous perovskite manganese oxides with highly ordered nano-pores and method of preparing the s...
Method, apparatus and product for manufacturing nanofiber media
Methods of forming three-dimensional nanodot arrays in a matrix
Ordered array of magnetized nanorods and associated methods
High quality colloidal nanocrystals and methods of preparing the same in non-coordinating solvents
Apparatus for using fluid laden with nanoparticles for application in electronic cooling
Formation of metal nanowires for use as variable-range hydrogen sensors
Auto focus apparatus
Electronic device, photographing control method, photographing control program, and processor
Image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus employing separate first and second battery storage areas
Image reading apparatus
Instant film unit
Thermal processor employing varying roller spacing
Light amount adjustment method for use in image exposure apparatus
Electronic equipment
Synchronizing shutter and flash in camera with switch closing member capable of elastic deformation
Lens barrel incorporating the advancing/retracting mechanism
Optical device having image blur prevention function
Camera and waterproof camera casing
Intra-oral camera and a method for using same
Thin imaging apparatus, a thin camera, and an imaging method
Imaging system with large depth of field
Distance measuring device
Lens apparatus, camera system, and camera
Shared attention detection system and method
Flashlight lamp circuit with automatic light adjustment
Image forming method using photothermographic material
GaN LED structure with p-type contacting layer grown at low-temperature and having low resistivity
Disposable, pre-sterilized fluid receptacle sampling device
Spiral wound hollow fiber potting
Positive type photosensitive resin composition
Inkjet inks comprising modified pigments having attached polymeric groups
'N-(2-chloro-6-methylphenyl)-2-[[6-[4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazinyl]-2-me- thyl-4-pyrimidinyl]amino...
Cinnamoyl compound and use of the same
Test specimen and production thereof
Positive-working, thermally sensitive imageable element
Insulating film and method of forming the same
Doped metal oxide nanoparticles and methods for making and using same
Beverage formulation and method of making such beverage that is derived from extract from coffee che...
Method for preparing citrinin-free Monascus biomass and use of citrinin-free Monascus biomass
Nucleic acid molecules coding for a dextran-saccharase catalysing the synthesis of dextran with alph...
Method and apparatus for recycling wash chemicals
Composition and process for removing arsenic from aqueous streams
Method for avoiding clogging of filtration membranes
Interfacial composite structure and method of making them
Method for storing silicon substrate having silicon oxide film formed thereon
Mixtures of reactive dyes and their use
Transgenic chickens
Method for producing organic acid salt
Compositions for removing metal ions from aqueous process solutions and methods of use thereof
Silyl-acetal compounds
Converting natural gas to longer-chain hydrocarbons
Process for the simultaneous production of xylitol and ethanol
Cellulose dope and method for producing the same
Method of preparation of high quality soy cultured products
Fungicidal gel and method for controlling nail fungi
On-site treatment method of food waste generated from collective residence or institutional food ser...
Apparatus for removal and destruction of ammonia from an aqueous medium
Enhanced air and water purification using continuous breakpoint halogenation with free oxygen radica...
Low temperature load and bake
Method for the purification of corrosive gases
In situ thermal processing of a heavy oil diatomite formation
Fluid treatment apparatus with input and output fluid sensing
Self-processing plants and plant parts
Method for producing diene compound
Phosphorus-containing polymers for optical signal transducers
Optical disk master, optical disk substrate stamper, process for production thereof, and magneto-opt...
Photosensitive resin composition for photoresist
Processing solution preparation and supply method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for downloading data to portable devices
Chord presenting apparatus and storage device storing a chord presenting computer program
System and method for dynamic note assignment for musical synthesizers
D tuner
Functional performance of keyboard musical instruments
MIDI scalable polyphony based on instrument priority and sound quality
Gaming device having a system for dynamically aligning background music with play session events
Electronic musical instrument
Array of equipment for composing
Musical notation system
Musical instrument stand with a self-locking neck lock assembly
Low noise vibrating string transducer
Guitar combo
Apparatus and computer program for detecting and correcting tone pitches
Apparatus and method for processing tone reproducing digital data against unauthorized use
Musical tone reproducing apparatus and method and portable terminal apparatus
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Waveform data analysis method and apparatus suitable for waveform expansion/compression control
Using a system for prediction of musical preferences for the distribution of musical content over ce...
Angle adjust device for a cymbal
Tuning device
USB hub keypad
Method, system, and program for accessing information from devices
Techniques for transitioning control of a serial ATA device among multiple hosts using sleep and wak...
Early data return indication mechanism
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium and program
Tape joint compounds with CMC thickener system
Air duct register
Backup shoe for microfinishing and methods
Built-in low-glare light fixtures recessed in ceilings and walls
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of o...
Method for recycling building materials
Polymer blends comprising low molecular weight nitrile rubber
Cleaning unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Method and composition for polymer-reinforced composite cementitious construction material
Adapter for mounting a faceplate of a first style on to an electrical outlet cavity of a second styl...
Surface-active siloxane photoinitiators
Effect-producing, aqueous coating material, method for the production and use thereof
Pesticidal and parasiticidal di-and trifluorosubstituted alkene compounds
Modified clays and methods for making and using same
Siliceous clay slurry
Multimer forms of acylphosphines and their derivatives
Calcium supplement for animals and method for making same
Particulate fragrance deposition on surfaces and malodour elimination from surfaces
Communication device using an UWB wireless wave
Inorganic matrix composite reinforced by ionically crosslinked polymer
Redispersible powder and its aqueous dispersion, preparation process and use
Composite deelectric material and substrate
Aluminum phosphate, polyphosphate and metaphosphate particles and their use as pigments in paints an...
Method for the determination of the CaCO3 content of a scrubbing liquid
Dental modeling and articulating system and method
Melt-spun multifilament polyolefin yarn formation processes and yarns formed therefrom
Melt-spun multifilament polyolefin yarn for mation processes and yarns for med therefrom
High strength beer having winey beery character
Multi-particulate, modified-release composition
Flue gas purification device having an essentially horizontal through flow
Purification device for flue gas with divided scrubbing liquid sump
Flue gas purification device
Material systems and methods of three-dimensional printing
Moulded bodies consisting of biological fibrous material and plastic
Flue gas purification device having an improved oxidation device in the scrubbing liquid sump
Photocatalyst-induced reduction of semivolatile organic chemicals absorbed in solid materials
Paper substrates useful in wallboard tape applications
Aqueous pigmented coating formulation providing for improved opacity
Primer for heat-curable silicone elastomers
Low profile reinforcing tape
Second national / international management and security system for responsible global resourcing thr...
Providing change information for documents
Method for automatically organizing a digitized hardcopy media collection
Method of integrating imaging products/services with non-imaging products/services in a single kiosk
Information processing device, method and program
Information processing apparatus, distributed printing method, and storage medium
Next-generation facsimile machine of internet terminal type
System and method for providing 1D and 2D connectors in a connected diagram
Image processing apparatus and method
Multi-function device with user selectable copy and scan mode
System and method for managing output path with context preservation
System for certifying whether printed material corresponds to original
Procedural computation engine for providing complex calculated data results to an object-oriented se...
System and method for providing fee-based data services to mobile users
Dicom print driver
Embedded interaction code document
Online method and system for converting any file in any format into a pdf file for various uses
Ion conducting composite membrane materials containing an optionally modified zirconium phosphate di...
Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
Retrieval of structured documents
Programmable calculation engine
Content bridge for associating host content and guest content wherein guest content is determined by...
Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
Management console providing an interface for featured sets of digital automation systems
Hmi system for operating and monitoring a technical installation by means of mobile operating and mo...
Method and apparatus for direction-of-arrival tracking and their application to beamforming at base-...
Method and system for the transmission of seismic data
Process analysis system
Pallet recycling system, radio tag, pallet, and management method and program
Radio frequency identification application system
Radio frequency identification-detect ranking system and method of operating the same
Externally adjustable endovascular graft implant
Game machine system
Dynamic traffic control method and controller
Method for allocating radio communication resources and network unit associated with a multi-carrier...
Mobile terminal and remote locking program storage medium
Synchronization of media gateways in an IP telecommunication system
Multiple intermediate frequencies receiver and a method thereof
Apparatus and method of detecting pilot carriers received on a fading channel
Multistandard SDR architecture using context-based operation reconfigurable instruction set processo...
Estimating the location of a wireless terminal based on calibrated signal-strength measurements
Distributed resource management for enhanced dedicated channel
Adaptive receive and omnidirectional transmit antenna array
Kalanchoe plant named 'LAUREEN'
'Lost Hills' female pistachio
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of turfgrass
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression
Transgenic plants carrying neoxanthin cleavage enzyme gene
Root-preferred, nematode-inducible soybean promoter and its use
Methods for enhancing insect resistance in plants
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding ethylene responsive element binding proteins
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding peptide transport proteins
Rice transposon gene
Transposase and method of gene modification
Transposase and method of gene modification
Animal model of ligand activated HER2 expressing tumors
Transgenic mice containing lymphoid-specific GPCR gene disruptions
Tr2, tr4, tr2/tr4 double knockouts and uses thereof
Methods for cloning mammals using reprogrammed donor chromatin or donor cells
Inducible small rna expression constructs for targeted gene silencing
Stable integrands
Method and apparatus for encrypting and decrypting data
Method for processing video pictures for display on a display device using self-priming and refreshi...
Two stage molded memory cards
System and method for streaming multimedia over packet networks
Signaling quality of service class for use in multimedia communicatations
Multimedia outlet box
Adjustable support for multimedia display device
System for rendering multimedia messages by providing, in a multimedia message, URL for downloadable...
Methods and systems for efficiently processing compressed and uncompressed media content
Method and apparatus for distributing multimedia to remote clients
Announced session control
Physical random access channel power control method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service
Lifestyle multimedia security system
Method and apparatus for providing common intelligent value-added service protocols for accessing va...
Method and device for retrieving data in low-power
Method and apparatus for multimedia system
System and method for variable size retrieval of webpage data
Multimedia information collection control apparatus and method
Automation and platform management system for naval vessels
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia service in a mobile terminal
Contents forming method and contents reproducing apparatus and method
Microstructured polymeric substrate
Graphite intercalation and exfoliation process
Method for preparation of poly(o-phenylenediamine) Nano-belt
High pH dispersible nano-aluminas
Control devices for evaporative chemical mixing/reaction
Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of forming Pr.sub.xCa.sub.1-xMnO.sub.3 thin films having a PrMnO.sub.3/CaMnO.sub.3 super latt...
Method for producing pigment nano-particles
Method for resecting the knee using a resection guide and provisional prosthetic component
Inhibiting the development of tolerance to and/or dependence on an addictive substance
INGAP protein involved in pancreatic islet neogenesis
Supplemented and unsupplemented tissue sealants, methods of their production and use
Controlled temperature cabinet system and method
Impatiens plant named `Imtrarepu`
Lilac plant named `New Patriot Variegated-Lilac`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrasalm`
Impatiens plant named `Imtrawhit`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Schretroje`
Lantana plant named `RIVRRED`
Torenia plant named `Dantopuremon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Danatdarpink`
Argyranthemum plant named `Cobwhite`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supa606`
Verbena plant named `Balazwilro`
Medical dispensing container
Method, system and computer product for parsing binary data
System and method for lithography simulation
Quick starting external programmer for implantable medical device
Method and system for processing data records having multiple formats
Isolation of a dual cox-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor from acacia
Aluminum / zirconium / glycine antiperspirant actives stabilized with Betaine
Cysteine derivatives
Cosmetic and/or dermopharmaceutical preparations containing leaf extracts of the plant Argania spino...
Agents used for dyeing keratinous fibers
Micronized vitamin C formulation
Light processing of selected body components
Regulators of the hedgehog pathway, compositions and uses related thereto
Wound and skin care compositions
System and method for redirecting network addresses for deferred rendering
Active noise cancellation for a vehicle induction system having selectable engine noise profile
Adaptive current limiter for wireless modem
Portable digital graphic processing device
User terminal antenna arrangement for multiple-input multiple-output communications
Keyboard configuration system
Process evaluation distributed system
Wireless handset communication system
Methods and systems for implementing personal dialing plans
Multi-function pointing device
Mobile electronic device
Charge card and debit transactions using a variable charge number
Mobile device and disk drive restricted from reading a data storage zone in a mobile environment
Electroluminescent conjugated polymers containing phosphorescent moieties and the application thereo...
Check book unit for use with debit cards
Helicopter force-feel and stability augmentation system with parallel servo-actuator
Adjustment mechanism for a variable-shape wing
Aircraft with topside only spoilers
Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft
Hydrogen-fueled spacecraft
Insulation package and use thereof
Interior seating architecture for aircraft
More aerodynamic wheel fairings for small airplanes
Aircraft engine rear suspension with thrust recovery
Missile control system and method
Penetrator and method of using same
Angular rate sensor using micro electromechanical haltere
Engine arrangement
Model controller computer interface
Cross-engine aircraft communication system
Process to control the trajectory of a spinning projectile
Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft
Very safe manned rocket and method of entertaining
Spacecraft disturbance trimming system
Autonomous satellite docking system
Inflatable wing with active canopy profile control
Supporting circuitry and method for controlling pixels
Robotic pest removal system
Joint locking device for a convertible roof system
System and method for load sensing using piezoelectric effect
Device for positioning a tool within a predetermined working area
High speed cleanup of removable storage device
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Site-specific recombination in eukaryotes and constructs useful therefor
Storage session management system in storage area network
Mammography operational management system and method
Power steering system for all-terrain buggy vehicle
System for manufacturing an implant
Structures for permanent occlusion of a hollow anatomical structure
Bone repairing material using a chondrocyte having the potential for hypertrophy and a scaffold
Knee joint prosthesis
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Method and apparatus for total disc replacements with oblique keels
Anterior impacted bone graft and driver instruments
Intervertebral spacer
Spinal fusion cage and method of use
Non-intrusive laser irradiation device
Method and device for treatment of medical conditions and monitoring physical movements
Middle ear multi-channel electrode
Method and apparatus for optimizing performance and battery life of electronic devices based on syst...
System and method for displaying battery status and other parameters of a portable electronic device...
Apparatus and method for generating a temperature insensitive reference current
Inverter controlling method
Inrush current prevention circuit for DC-DC converter
Sensor network system managing method, sensor network system managing program, storage medium contai...
Current source for generating a constant reference current
Temperature-independent amplifier offset trim circuit
Method and apparatus for trimming current limit and frequency to maintain a constant maximum power
Adaptive digital voltage regulator with same-cycle feedback
Digital multiphase control system
Switching power supply device and switching power supply system
High-speed PWM control apparatus for power converters with adaptive voltage position and its driving...
Systems for auto-interleaving synchronization in a multiphase switching power converter
Fast-disabled voltage regulator circuit with low-noise feedback loop and operating method thereof
Transient-phase PWM power supply and method
Apparatus and method for monotonic start up of a synchronous switching regulator
Three-phase ac generator for vehicle
System and method for precharging and discharging a high power ultracapacitor pack
Method for estimating states and parameters of an electrochemical cell
Secondary cell charger and charging method
Dynamic NV-RAM
System and method for analysis and adjustment of speech-enabled systems
System and method for determining characteristics of international calls
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid local telephone services
Vehicle detector system with automatic loop checking
Traffic control malfunction management unit with co-channel monitoring
Stabilizing support for opening- and closing-wedge osteotomies
EPROM file system in a gaming apparatus
Wall plate assembly
Transaction sets for automated electronic ordering of telecommunications products and services
Centralized biometric authentication
XDSL system having selectable hybrid circuitry
Method and system for generating a billing record
Stable high temperature sensor system with tungsten on AlN
Method of using a rule based script to describe gaming machine payout
Gaming device having an accumulating award symbol
Gaming device having an element and element group selection and elimination bonus scheme
Electrical connector attachment
Column mountable player tracking display