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Adjustable bluetooth wireless earphone
Ozone functions handset
Hinge, and opening/closing type portable terminal device having the same
Enhancement of sound quality for computer telephony systems
Portable sealable telecommunications exchange equipment structure
Managing use of experts by callers waiting in a hold queue
System and method for an online speaker patch-through
Method and apparatus for data transport using label switching
Method and system for assignment of numbers as addresses for stations on a switched network
Method and apparatus for managing incoming and outgoing calls at an endpoint placed on hold
System and method for managing workplace real estate and other resources
Remote administration of computer access settings
Method and system for controlling access, by an authentication server, to protected computer resourc...
Installing software applications and associated data on mobile computers
Independent deferred incremental refresh of materialized views
Point in time storage copy
Method for perusing information
Using parallelism for clear status track processing during error handling behavior in a storage syst...
Method and apparatus for seamless management for disaster recovery
System and method for enforcing quotas on object creation in a replicated directory service database
Method computer program product and computer system for modifying roles that trigger application ser...
System and method for enforcing quotas on object creation in a replicated directory service database
Credentials and digitally signed objects
Management information to object mapping and correlator
Guaranteeing hypertext link integrity
Switch name, IP address, and hardware serial number as part of the topology database
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
Broadcast/communication unified passive optical network system
Method for performing external call forwarding between internet and telephone network in web-phone s...
Universal interface
System and method for providing location independent voice communications continuity through disaste...
Internet telephony arrangement and method
Method for call processing and link test in a VoIP gateway and system thereof
Adaptive quality-of-service reservation and pre-allocation for mobile systems
Portable high speed internet access device
Content provider secure and tracable portal
Network port profiling
Video mail server with reduced frame loss
Instant messaging system and method for remote networks using a sequential message handshaking proto...
Method to electronically track personal credit information
Methods of updating information maintained at an intermediary web site
Stratum disposal monitoring system
Process for the remediation of soil polluted by organic compounds
Ballasting system for on-site sewage treatment and disposal system
Method and device for drilling a hole in soil or rock material and for forming an anchoring
Method, apparatus and system for removal of contaminants from water
Shallow water riser configuration
Making a call from an address list or a call history list
Vriesea plant named `Style`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Power Yellow`
Verbascum plant named `Lemon Sorbet` Yellow`)
Heuchera plant named `Ginger Ale`
Penstemon plant named `Party Dress`
Heuchera plant named `Fantasia`
Penstemon plant named `Coral Carpet`
Fittonia plant named `Pink Star`
Sedum plant named `Bon Bon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Delichita`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Lydia`
Scabiosa plant named `Grand Stone`
Kalanchoe plant named `Jenna`
Phlox plant named `Candy Floss`
Floribunda rose plant named `Poulcas029`
Miscanthus plant named `Super Stripe`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange Yoroanoke`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Yoroanoke`
Phlox plant named `Wendy House`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mona Lisa Splendid`
Gypsophila plant named `Esm Cirque`
Method for using a signaling channel to set up a call request for a push-to-talk communication on a ...
USSD-facilitated call setup for push to talk over cellular (PoC) services
Method and system for coverage prediction in wireless networks
Location detection and network awareness for multi-mode/multi-radio mobile devices
Mobile communication system, mobile station and diversity handover branch control method
System and method for using licensed radio technology to determine the operation parameters of an un...
Portable electronic device and wireless connection control method therefor
Portable terminal apparatus and terminal apparatus
Active tunable filter circuit
Closed-loop antenna diversity in a cellular radio communication system
Encryption key setting system, access point, encryption key setting method, and authentication code ...
Counter initialization, particularly for radio frames
Method of link adaptation in enhanced cellular systems to discriminate between high and low variabil...
Modulator/transmitter apparatus and method
Method for reducing the radio channel the access delay in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for a fixed wireless broadband access and wireless LAN integration
Communication apparatus including a buffer circuit having first and second portions for alternately ...
Radio communication system with adaptive interleaver
Augmented reality presentation apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for quickly joining an online game being played by a friend
Cheater detection in a multi-player gaming environment
Gaming machine, server and program for card game
Method for monitoring early treatment response
Fully human antibodies against human 4-1BB
Composition for treatment of burns and wounds
Cryptosporidium parvum antigens, antibodies thereto and diagnostic and therapeutic compositions ther...
Formulation for the treatment of obesity
Two-phase oxygenated solution and method of use
Method of repelling insects
Sphingomyelin enhancement of tumor therapy
Topical application for treating toenail fungus
Gallotannins and ellagitannins as regulators of cytokine release
Method for manufacture of polyphenols by using grape seeds as starting material
Liposome complexes for increased systemic delivery
Treating viral infection at smallpox vaccination site
Contact-killing antimicrobial devices
Compositions and methods for treatment of skin discoloration
Exhaust muffler
Engine compartment cover
Engine air intake apparatus
Electret capacitor microphone and method for producing the same
Carrier structure
Drive system for vehicles
In-wheel motor system
Full function vehicle HVAC/PTC thermal system
Attachment and articles using same
Assembly consisting of a valve member and adjustment device for a vehicle servo-steering arrangement
Occupant sensing system and adjustment method thereof
Construction machine
Stabilizing device for a motorcycle
Apparatus and method for securing an axle to a frame
Retention for utility vehicle drive train sub-frame
Vehicular power transmission mechanism
Method and apparatus for controlling the speed ranges of a machine
Air intake system for off-road vehicle
Collision object protection assembly
Vehicle ignition interlock systems with multiple alcohol sensors
Transmission case and dipstick assembly
Front structure of motorcycle
System and method for data reconciliation
Personal information security and exchange tool
Inventory commingling and reconciliation of inaccuracies
Forecasting demand for critical parts in a product line
Method and system for adapting the execution of a workflow route
Systems and methods for home value scoring
System and method for transaction services patterns in a netcentric environment
Method and system for utilizing wireless voice technology within a radiology workflow
Identity based service system
Help center and filtering applications
Method of certifying transmission, reception and authenticity of electronic documents and related ne...
System for updating an information state received from another computer based upon validation rules ...
Anti-piracy coding of motion pictures
Electronic stethoscope measurement system and method
System and method for providing a visual language for non-reading sighted persons
Toy projectile launcher with slidable outer cylinder and stationary inner compression member
Toy football and method therefor
Band switchable type tuning circuit of television signal
Method and apparatus for data reproduction
Method of sharpening image using luminance channel
Producing an extended color gamut luminance-chrominance digital image from a captured image
Method and apparatus for apparatus for generating three-dimensional models from uncalibrated views
Device for inspecting illumination optical device and method for inspecting illumination optical dev...
Security camera system
Image sensor
Method and apparatus for compensating for interlaced-scan type video signal
Storage of projected presentations
Video processing device
Television tuner including distribution connectors
Self-directing bus amplifier and method
System and method for color palette conversion from TV unsafe to TV safe colors
Method and apparatus for adjusting color edge center in color transient improvement
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Frame data compensation amount output device, frame data compensation device, frame data display dev...
Output selection device and output selection method for video signals
Video generation and capture techniques
Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
Epoxidation catalyst
Process for the preparation of lithium borohydride
Glycols as an adjuvant in treating wastes using the Molten Salt Oxidation process
Dry adsorption of oxidized mercury in flue gas
Methods for removing moisture from hydrogen halides
Removal of alcohols and water from a methylcyclopentadiene recycle stream in a process for the synth...
Process for mitigating acids in a system for separating aromatic hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon fee...
High capacity immobilized amine sorbents
Apparatus and method for producing activated carbon
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Lithium-containing complex oxide and method of producing same
Black composite oxide particle and method for production thereof
Method for production of hydrogen peroxide with improved yield and selectivity by direct oxidation o...
Method and apparatus for implementing a scene-graph-aware user interface manager
Intersection detection in panoramic video
Facial animation method
Novelty magnet for vehicles
Front lower frame of a golf trolley
Freestanding outdoor kitchen cart
Table waste receptacle
Combined refuse and recycling container
Trash can with internal storage cavity
Trash can
Dish rack
Paint brush holder
Bucket closure
Automotive washing device handle
Cleaning tool
Handle for a squeegee or the like
Cleansing article
Cleansing article
Cleansing article
Cleaning pad
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
Washing machine
Substituted bicycloalkylamine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Antiproliferative 1,2,3-thiadiazole compounds
Method and compound for inhibition of cell death
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
ALK protein tyrosine kinase, cells and methods embodying and using same
Fas peptide mimetics and uses thereof
Biosynthetic gene cluster for leptomycins
Human protein kinases and uses therefor
Replication competent hepatitis C virus and methods of use
Use of immunotoxins to induce immune tolerance to pancreatic islet transplantation
Methods of therapy for B-cell malignancies using antagonist anti-CD40 antibodies
Antibodies to CD40
Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-.alpha. modulators, synthesis of said modulators and their e...
Fused-ring pyridine derivative, process for producing the same, and use
Inhibition of Bcl-2 protein expression by liposomal antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
Mutant forms of cholera holotoxin as an adjuvant
Device and method for the harmonized positioning of wafer disks
Hand control system, method, program, hand, and robot
Transfer arrangement and method
Robot operating in association with interface surface
Station for inspecting the painting of motor vehicle parts
Debris sensor for cleaning apparatus
System and method for distributed security
Systems and methods for distributing and viewing electronic documents
Logic circuit with variable internal polarities
Encryption and decryption communication semiconductor device and recording/reproducing apparatus
Access-control method for software modules and programmable electronic device therefor
Authentication of remotely originating network messages
Information processing apparatus, executable module generating method, and storage medium
Method and arrangement for data communication in a cryptographic system containing a plurality of en...
Primitives for fast secure hash functions and stream ciphers
Infinite impulse response multiplierless digital filter architecture
Sampling approach for data mining of association rules
Substrate and method for measuring the electro-physiological properties of cell membranes
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH840481
Inbred maize line PH76T
Soybean variety XB24R06
Alfalfa plants having improved standability and methods for producing same
Alfalfa plants having improved fast recovery after harvest and methods for producing same
Methods for enhancing segregation of transgenes in plants and compositions thereof
Antibodies to a testis-specific differentiation-regulatory factor
G-coupled receptor showing selective affinity for ATP
Solution for the preservation of hearts
Pulse flow reaction
Process for producing olefins
Process for heat treatment of hydrocarbon feedstocks by furnace that is equipped with radiant burner...
Method and apparatus for steam cracking hydrocarbons
Methanol and fuel alcohol production for an oxygenate to olefin reaction system
Process for preparing styrene
Integrated process for aromatics production
Hydrogenation catalyst and hydrogenation process
Production of olefins from biorenewable feedstocks
Command-line interface system and method for JAVA message service mark-up language
Zero overhead resource locks with attributes
Runtime register allocator
Master slave serial bus apparatus
Intent based processing
Method and system for managing preferred web site links
Performance prediction method for hydrocarbon recovery processes
Interactive weather advisory system
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a locator service
Three dimensional balance assembly
System and method for selection based action bar
Method of designing and producing a mold
Implantable marker with a leadless signal transmitter compatible for use in magnetic resonance devic...
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with sparse spectral sampling and interleaved dynamic shimming
Direct Imaging of Neural Currents Using Ultra-Low Field Magnetic Resonance Techniques
Methods and apparatus for MRI shim elements
Magnetic resonance imaging involving movement of patient's couch
Electroluminescent display device
Current driver and display device
Organic electroluminescent display device including a dummy pattern for preventing short circuiting
Devices with multiple organic-metal mixed layers
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Organic thin film transistor with low gate overlap capacitance and flat panel display including the ...
Use of Ta-capped metal line to improve formation of memory element films
Process for preparing linear organic oligomers
Polymer dye and method for producing the same and its use in light-emitting diodes and other optical...
Organic light emitting devices having carrier transporting layers comprising metal complexes
High performance white light-emitting OLED device
Electroluminescent devices including conjugated polymers containing an azole structure
Dropsophila tumor necrosis factor class molecule ("DmTNFv2")
Aerosol drug inhibition of lung metastases
Establishing secure peer networking in trust webs on open networks using shared secret device key
Flash memory system and data writing method thereof
Network-connecting apparatus and method for providing direct connections between network devices in ...
Scalable wireless remote control and monitoring system with automatic registration and automatic tim...
Method and apparatus for estimating component concentration of a mixture
Apparatus and method for measuring speed of a moving object
Apparatus and method for measuring blood components
Optical-based sensing devices
Apparatus and method for controlling opening and closing of sub-body in an automatically and manuall...
Wireless communication system and method
Short message service between private wireless network systems in multi-zone arrangement
File downloading apparatus and method for mobile communication system
Method for controlling sleep interval in broadband wireless access communication system
Portable terminal capable of guiding user to invoke a function and method thereof
Fixing device and an image forming apparatus using the same
Shared high voltage power supply for image transfer in an image forming device
Electrophotographic printer
System and method for configuring a reconfigurable system
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method and system for reconfiguring a selection system based on layers of categories descriptive of ...
Method and apparatus for beam selection in a smart antenna system
Method of promoting erythropoiesis
Detection of extracellular translocated tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using...
Drill resistant lock
Integrated system and method for controlling telecommunication network data communicated over a loca...
System and method for java message service mark-up language
Method and apparatus for context enabled search
System and method for securing transactions in a contact center environment
Methods for the preparation of chemically misaminoacylated tRNA via protective groups
Phosphor panel
Accommodating diffraction in the printing of features on a substrate
Method and apparatus for volumetric cardiac computed tomography imaging
Automatic scoring in digital radiology, particularly in mammography
Shield structure and focal spot control assembly for x-ray device
Portable, digital X-ray apparatus for producing, storing, and displaying electronic radioscopic imag...
Digital image collector for X-ray systems
Radiation tomography apparatus and scan condition setting device
Electronic packaging and method of making the same
Wireless sensing washers for imaging device attachment
System and method for cooling motors of a lithographic tool
Tissue-like phantoms
Device provided with a dedicated dye compound
Homogeneous incorporation of activator element in a storage phosphor
Method and system for context-based automated product identification and verification
Lumping and delumping method for describing hydrocarbon-containing fluids
Method and a device for detecting discontinuities in a medium
Method and apparatus for measuring properties of concrete
Software for mapping potential distribution of a heart chamber
System for medical examination or treatment
Estimation of background noise and its effect on sonar range estimation
System and tracker for tracking an object, and related methods
System and method for imaging sub-surface polarization-sensitive material structures
Methods for testing durable optical elements
Resistive touch pad with multiple regions of sensitivity
Film having an imprinted antenna
Portable timer apparatus, home system and method of timing for an object
Spell checker with arbitrary length string-to-string transformations to improve noisy channel spelli...
Dynamic memory architecture employing passive expiration of data
Method and system for flexible and efficient protocol table implementation
Calculation method for division of digital data, calculation apparatus for division of digital data,...
High availability via data services
Mobile collection application
Document image decoding systems and methods using modified stack algorithm
Method and system for ground glass nodule (GGN) segmentation using a Markov random field and shape a...
Phone line supervisory controls
Radiation process and apparatus
Computerized method and device for calculating an orthogonal x-ray attenuation of a subject using a ...
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device in which write and erase threshold voltages are set at level...
Event queue structure and method
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Multivariate analysis of green to ultraviolet spectra of cell and tissue samples
Optical fiber ribbon with improved stripability
Method and system for simultaneously imaging multiple views of a plant embryo
Hearing implant
Method and apparatus for aligning timing intervals across communication system channels
Memory module decoder
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/r...
Optical film measuring device
Simulating topography of a conductive material in a semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for prediction of polishing condition, and computer product
System and method for calculating a shift value between pattern instances
Feature dimension deviation correction system, method and program product
Wireless substrate-like sensor
Apparatus and methods for detecting overlay errors using scatterometry
Liquid crystal display device with minimum ohmic contact between reflective and transparent electrod...
Transflective liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device, semiconductor circuit and method for producing semiconductor device
Apparatus and methods for cooling semiconductor integrated circuit package structures
Integrated circuit package-in-package system
Stress-free lead frame
Bipolar transistor with self-aligned retrograde extrinsic base implant profile and self-aligned sili...
Metal oxide semiconductor transistor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor laser
Epitaxial wafer and method for manufacturing method
Integrated circuit configuration with analysis protection and method for producing the configuration
Microelectronic imaging devices and associated methods for attaching transmissive elements
High bone mass gene of 11q13.3
Nucleic acids encoding esterases and methods of making and using them
Increasing life span by modulation of Smek
Communication between software elements
Adaptive acknowledgment delay
Increasing code separation between applications
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing asynchronous status messaging in a data s...
Information processing apparatus control method for external device having both a wire interface and...
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving business contact information in a computer system
Communications system with data storage device interface protocol connectors and related methods
Systems and methods for remote power management using IEEE 802 based wireless communication links
System process for analyzing the medical condition of a user
Method and apparatus for performing directional re-scan of an adaptive antenna
Time-matching system and time-matching method
Graphical user interface for system and method for managing content
Method and device for routing or compressing packets destination address containing classless addres...
Cascade system for network units
Method and apparatus for terminating selected traffic flows
Cyclical redundancy check using nullifiers
System and method for internet content collaboration
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
System and method for classifying and searching existing document information to identify related in...
Using text search engine for parametric search
System and method for decoding and analyzing barcodes using a mobile device
Fast magnetic memory devices utilizing spin transfer and magnetic elements used therein
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with improved antiparallel-pinned s...
Methods and apparatuses for forming an article
Gas-barrier material
CPP spin valve with ultra-thin CoFe(50%) laminations
Method of making a housing for drug delivery
Arylphenyl-substituted cyclic ketoenols
Active substance combinations having insecticidal and acaricidal properties
Propylcarbamate derivatives as inhibitors of serine and cysteine proteases
Phenylenediamine urotensin-II receptor antagonists and CCR-9 antagonists
Specific glucocorticosteroid compound having anti-inflammatory activity
Inhibition of allergic contact dermatitis by N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
Forming a chemically cross-linked particle of a desired shape and diameter
Mid-life vaccine and methods for boosting anti-mycobacterial immunity
Back-off timing mechanism
Processor with input data block discard mechanism for use in an oversubscription condition
Multi-threaded accept mechanism in a vertical perimeter communication environment
Method and system for load balancing an authentication system
Software tool for monitoring faults in an automation device
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing transactional quality of service
System and method for soft error handling
Change-driven replication of data
Microprocessor having a power-saving fetch and decoding unit for fetching and decoding compressed pr...
Apparatus, system, and method for passing data between an extensible markup language document and a ...
Full access to memory interfaces via remote request
Method to update a data structure disposed in an embedded device
Substituting parameter markers for literals in database query language statement to promote reuse of...
System and method for fluid distribution
Fuel dispensing system for cash customers
Optimization algorithm to optimize within substrate uniformities
Interpenetrating polymer networks using blocked polyurethane/polyurea prepolymers for golf ball laye...
Vulcanized rubber composition and articles manufactured therefrom
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of motor vehicle
Putting training device
Adjustable arc rotor-type sprinkler with selectable uni-directional full circle nozzle rotation
Hydrogen handling or dispensing system
Cap for an electrical connector
End cap for a package with flexible walls
Video endoscope apparatus
Endoscope reader
Methods and apparatus for palpation simulation
Fluorinated polyether polyamine and method of making the same
Curable dispersants
Thioether substituted imidazoquinolines
Electro-magnetic wave shield cover
Microstructured substrates with profile-preserving organometallic coatings
Method and apparatus for sterilely acquiring and separating a fluid
Method of forming microstructures on a substrate and a microstructured assembly used for same
Dynamic mixer
Tape application jig for pressure sensitive adhesive tape
Polyepitopic protein fragments of the E6 and E7 proteins of HPV, their production and their use part...
Liquid crystal display device of a horizontal electric field applying type comprising a storage capa...
Microelectromechanical systems, and devices having thin film encapsulated mechanical structures
Thin-film transistor, method for manufacturing thin-film transistor, and display using thin-film tra...
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Monolithic, combo nonvolatile memory allowing byte, page and block write with no disturb and divided...
Methods and compositions for stimulating bone growth using nitric oxide releasing bisphosphonate con...
Therapeutic method for treating bone formation diseases
Osteogenic fusion device
Polyether carbamate compounds, compositions containing such compounds, and methods related thereto
Mixing scheme and process for the preparation of a refinish coating composition
Colored compositions with substrate-hiding materials
Process for applying multi-component composite coatings to substrates to provide sound damping and p...
Cross-member for a motor vehicle front end module, and a front end module and a cooling module suppo...
Active energy absorbing cellular metals and method of manufacturing and using the same
Structures of brittle materials and metals
Process and apparatus for manufacturing a honeycomb composite material
Process for making a garment including an absorbent assembly
Engine system having carbon foam exhaust gas heat exchanger
State-based method and apparatus for evaluating the performance of a control system
System and method for vehicle module wake up in response to communication activity
Seat folding apparatus with a passive radio frequency link and foreign object detection system
Battery frame and battery
Break away grille
Side door latch pawl function augmentation
Powered running board with linear drive
Lock-up control for torque converter
Engine fuel control system
Extruded flexible self-locking trim cover assembly retention clip and method for using same
Method and apparatus for capturing the internal state of a processor for second and higher order spe...
Apparatus for emitting light with controllable degree of polarization
Integrated platform for passive optical alignment of semiconductor device with optical fiber
Lasers for synchronized pulse shape tailoring
Laser oscillator incorporating transverse mode rotation in the laser resonator
Laser and detector device
Semiconductor laser having an improved stacked structure
Semiconductor laser with integrated heating element and method of manufacturing same
Optical module
Optical devices having transmission enhanced by surface plasmon mode resonance, and their use in dat...
Optical pickup and optical disk apparatus
Illumination optical system, exposure device using the illumination optical system, and exposure met...
Printing method with selectable fast printing mode and apparatus for same
Broadband cavity spectrometer apparatus and method for determining the path length of an optical str...
Integrated optical biosensor system (IOBS)
Method and apparatus for detecting embedded rebar within an interaction region of a structure irradi...
Method and test form for equalizing the exposure heads in an exposer for printing originals
Laser scanning unit and tandem image forming apparatus having the same
Synthetic quartz glass optical material for YAG laser with higher harmonic
Heater device for heating a user's hands and feet
Energy translating mechanism incorporated into footwear for enhancing forward momentum and for reduc...
Cam cleat construction
Store counter display and backdrop area
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper
Portion of a shoe midsole
Portion of a shoe midsole
Footwear sole
Apparatus and method for modifying operation of an electric gun driver
Methods to support process quality and maintenance during control of an industrial process such as w...
Method for locating and tracking communication units in a synchronous wireless communication system
Optical projection system for computer input devices
Real-time UV spectroscopy for the quantification gaseous toxins utilizing open-path or closed multip...
High temperature crystallization of 2,4,6,8,10,12-hexanitro-2,4,6,8,10,12-hexaazatetracyclo[
Process for the manufacture of a ballistic-resistant moulded article
Method for using field emitter arrays in chemical and biological hazard mitigation and remediation
Anti-microbial electrosurgical electrode and method of manufacturing same
Well treatment system and method
Compressed gas BB airgun
Reloadable non-lethal training cartridge
Breech-block system for a firearm
Transmission, in particular an automated power-branched multi-speed gearing
Method for controlling the drive train of a vehicle
Local feature characterization using quasistatic electromagnetic sensors
Power train inspection system, power train inspected by power train inspection system, and control u...
High resolution image forming apparatus
Grating apodization technique for diffused optical waveguides
Optical modulator
Method and apparatus for machine vector loop extraction
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Method and apparatus for capture of grid characteristics corresponding to fluctuation events
Systems and methods for adjusting programming thresholds of polymer memory cells
Garbage collection of tombstones for optimistic replication systems
Document representation for scalable structure
Managing position and size for a desktop component
Dynamic wizard interface system and method
Verbose hardware identification for binding a software package to a computer system having tolerance...
Media streaming of web content data
System-wide selective action management
Process for the direct production of methanol from methane
Gaming apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling and preventing compulsive gaming
Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head, and ink jet cartridge
Process of making polymeric hydrogels by reactive extrusion
Polyester based cobalt concentrates for oxygen scavenging compositions
Methods of and apparatus for making high aspect ratio microelectromechanical structures
Fluorescence polarization imaging devices and methods
Method and apparatus for sensing hydrogen gas
Photonic crystal device for fluid sensing
Optical axis adjusting mechanism for X-ray lens, X-ray analytical instrument, and method of adjustin...
Passive broad long wave and mid-wave infrared optical limiting prism
Mach Zehnder photonic crystal sensors and methods
Method and system for spectral analysis of biological materials using stimulated cars
Transmissive optical detector
Semiconductor device, carrier, card reader, methods of initializing and checking authenticity
Fine-adjustment mechanism for scanning probe microscopy
Selective hydrogenation of nitro groups of halonitro aromatic compounds
Transition metal oxide-aluminosilicate purification media
Devices and methods for pharmacokinetic-based cell culture system
Microcantilevers for biological and chemical assays and methods of making and using thereof
Pattern generation on a semiconductor surface
Method of providing a user interface for a digital cross-connect system
Converting documents using a global property indicating whether event logging is performed on conver...
System and method for management of document cross-reference links
System verification using one or more automata
Methods and apparatus to enable code-based bus performance analysis
Electroconductive compound in flake form and electroconductive composition
Catalyst particle usable for dehydrogenation of alcohols
Heat system utilizing solar energy
Single-chip multi-port Ethernet switch
Node device
System and method for routing stability-based integrated traffic engineering for GMPLS optical netwo...
Packet transmission method
Rack architecture and management system
Extended computing system
Analog-digital converter with gain adjustment for high-speed operation
Voltage controlled clock synthesizer
Zero clock delay metastability filtering circuit
Encapsulation mechanism for packet processing
System on a chip for packet processing
Methods and devices utilizing rheological materials
Polymeric dental implant
Method for immediately placing a non-occlusive dental implant prosthesis
Interposable heat sink for adjacent memory modules
Heat sink assembly having a fan mounting device
Integration of planar transformer and/or planar inductor with power switches in power converter
Active cooling methods and apparatus for modules
Heat dissipation device having power wires fixture
Heat sink
Electronic device with waterproof and heat-dissipating structure
Configurable multi-level thermostat backlighting
Air-conditioning apparatus including motor-driven compressor for idle stopping vehicles
Shore power system including a HVAC system
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Connection between a cooled double-wall pipe and an uncooled pipe and double-pipe heat exchanger inc...
Heat exchanger
Universal fan for motor vehicle heat exchanger
Component for supporting a filter member, a device including a tubular filter member and said compon...
Fluoro and sulphonylamino containing 3,6-disubstituted azabicyclo (3.1.0) hexane derivatives as musc...
Spirocyclic cyclohexane derivatives
Opioid receptor antagonists
Preparation of quinoxaline compounds
Anti-dual integrin antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Treatment of methylated nucleic acid
Membrane receptor reagent and assay
Automatic variable resistance exercise system
Adjustable dumbbell
Dumbbell workbench
Oscillating exercise machine
Point-of-sale provider evaluation
Tripod type constant-velocity joint and image-forming device
Antibodies for use in targeted and temporary treatment of humans and animals
Guided capture, creation, and seamless integration with scalable complexity of a clock specification...
Electronic control systems for construction machine
Method for operating a vehicle of a magnetic levitation railway
Container crane, and method of determining and correcting a misalignment between a load-carrying fra...
Sensor system for a cutting machine tool
Planar optical waveguide and method of fabricating the same
Multi-core optical fiber image amplifier and method of drawing
Apparatus and process for irradiating product pallets
Multiple description coding communication system
Parallel oversampling algorithmic A/D converter and method of using the same
Thermal recording media
After-recording apparatus
Multilayered ferromagnetic laminate having alternating cobalt alloy and iron-nitrogen alloy films fo...
Thin-film magnetic head having magnetic gap formed of NiP
Return pole field reduction for perpendicular write head
Spin valve sensors having synthetic antiferromagnet for longitudinal bias
Particle remover for data storage device and ramp having the particle remover
Method and apparatus for mounting a drive in a chassis
Voice coil motor coupling structure of hard disk drive
Perpendicular recording magnetic disk apparatus
Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Piezoelectric motor for moving a carriage along a guide
Library apparatus for cleaning recording medium and recording/reproduction device, and control metho...
Air bearing slider with three-projection trailing center pad
Method of controlling track seek servo in disk drive and apparatus therefor
Recording servo stripes onto a servo track
Disk drive having hybrid spindle speed control and related method
Disk drive using loopback to calibrate transmission amplitude
Mobile terminal synchronizing components of a document separately
Providing streaming media data
Method for forming a hard bias structure in a magnetoresistive sensor
Medical viewing system and method for detecting and enhancing structures in noisy images
Cyclic substituted fused pyrrolocarbazoles and isoindolones
Coatings for drug delivery devices based on poly (orthoesters)
Spiroazacyclic compounds as monoamine receptor modulators
Dipeptide and related compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Process for the detection of oxidative stress and kit for its implementation
Prevention of immunoreactivity by depleting or inhibiting antigen presenting cells
Determining vulnerable plaque in blood vessels
Method of manufacturing a heat transfer element for in vivo cooling without undercuts
Method and device for performing cooling- or cryo-therapies for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced rest...
Methods and devices for enhancing health, safety, and comfort on conveyances in relation to reclinin...
Stabilized dithiolene inkjet inks
Motion sensor engagement for a handheld device
Speech recognition system interactive agent
Method of semi-automatic data collection, data analysis, and model generation for the performance an...
Email sender verification system
Solid-in-hollow polymer fiber electrochemical devices
Programmable structure, an array including the structure, and methods of forming the same
Fluorocarbon polymeric compositions having hydrophilic functional groups and process
Oligomers and polymers containing sulfinate groups, and method for producing the same
Polymer-fluorosurfactant associative complexes
Disinfecting and sanitizing article for hands and skin and hard surfaces
Hard surface cleaning compositions comprising suspended alginate inclusions
Method for producing spherical activation carbon
Photoresist strip method for low-k dielectrics
Compositions and methods for capturing, isolating, detecting, analyzing and quantifying macromolecul...
Personal floatation device
Combined chemical and immunochemical fecal occult blood test
Method and apparatus for manufacturing sheet flooring by simultaneous multi-layer die coating
Chemical reactor and method for gas phase reactant catalytic reactions
Biological membrane filtration system for water treatment and a water treatment process
Image forming apparatus, recording liquid, conveyor belt, recording liquid cartridge
Ink for inkjet recording and method for inkjet recording
Method for billing IP broadband subscribers
Thyroid receptor ligands and method II
Lipoxin compounds and their use in treating cell proliferative disorders
Therapeutic compositions and methods of use
Inhibitors of histone deacetylase
N-hydroxyformamidine derivatives
Azasugar compound
Indole derivatives
Sulfonyltetrahydro-3H-benzo(E)indole-8-amine compounds as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Carboxamide spirohydantoin CGRP receptor antagonists
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment for urinary diseases comprising LPA receptor regulator
Compressor piston ball pocket coating
PWM power amplifier and method for controlling the same
Digital PWM amplifier with simulation-based feedback
Systems for pseudo-BD modulation
Class D-amplifier
Multi-channel, multi-power class D amplifier with regulated power supply
Resonant converter with outputs of different polarities
Mixed-signal system-on-a-chip analog signal direct interconnection through programmable logic contro...
Network-system, management-system, method and computer program product
Switching power supply circuit
System for displaying images
Reproduction signal processing apparatus and optical disc player including the same
DC voltage converter with several isolated regulated outputs
Multiple power supplies for the driving circuit of local word line driver of DRAM
System for injecting a by-pass fluid in a separation method in a simulated moving bed
Ceramic filter and method for purifying water
Plant matter packaging method
Method and apparatus for directly sampling a fluid for microfiltration
Underdrain system
Apparatus for directing fluids through a filter system
Sludge treatment apparatus
Multi-faceted intake filter for an aquarium
Ground water collection system
Organic waste management system
Filtrate immersed activation assembly for disk filters
Magnetic energy wave device
Process for producing a ready-to-use electrolyte
Rotary separator and method
Three-phase cyclonic fluid separator with a debris trap
Systems and methods for providing a multi-path network switch system
Method and apparatus for managing a storage area network including a self-contained storage system
Storage virtualization system and method having a virtualization switch
Disk array apparatus and data relay method of the disk array apparatus
Virtualized multiport switch
Method and apparatus for round trip delay measurement in a bi-directional, point-to-point, serial da...
Mechanism to change firmware in a high availability single processor system
Method and system for creating and implementing zones within a fibre channel system
Method and system for measurement of dielectric constant of thin films using a near field microwave ...
Bulk amorphous metal inductive device
Battery cells having improved power characteristics and methods of manufacturing same
Refrigerator with modular water tank assembly
Generating and displaying spatially offset sub-frames
Polarimetric scatterometry methods for critical dimension measurements of periodic structures
Optical component for directing electromagnetic radiation
Circularly polarized light method and device for determining wall thickness and orientations of fibr...
Micro-processor programmable and selectable vending options and control
X-ray fluorescent analysis apparatus
Systems including differential pressure application apparatus
Apparatus for manufacturing wire wound filter screens
Ink cartridges
Vibration control unit and vibration control body
Air suspension system for motorcycles and bicycles
Active vibration suppression apparatus, control method therefor, and exposure apparatus having activ...
Multiple load path air spring assembly
Assistive walking device
Devices and methods for sensing secure attachment of an object onto a chuck
Objective, optical analyzer, method of driving optical analyzer, and microscope
Suspension apparatus
Method and an assembly for selectively adjusting the height and load capacity of a motorized assembl...
Vehicle suspension system and method
Suspension system for dump truck/paver truck hitch
Nuclear magnetic resonance device
Powered devices
Peristalic pump having hinged backing plate
High-pressure pump having small initial axial force of a clamping bolt
Fuel injector driver circuit with energy storage apparatus
Piezoelectric devices and methods and circuits for driving same
Method and system for pumping powder, and powder coating apparatus
Fast pump priming
Pressurizing pump device, liquid ejection apparatus and method of controlling pressurizing pump
Method and device for control of the capacity of a compressor
Turbo compressor system for internal combustion engine comprising two serially placed turbo units wi...
Unified shared pipeline allowing deactivation of RISC/DSP units for power saving
System for browsing a computer network
Substituted cycloalkanes, and use thereof as cationic polymerization initiators
Process for desulphurizing gasoline by adsorption
Hydroprocessing using bulk Group VIII/Group VIB catalysts
Producing low sulfur naphtha products through improved olefin isomerization
Selective hydrodesulfurization catalyst
Multistage removal of heteroatoms and wax from distillate fuel
Methods and apparatus for generating test instruction sequences
Context sensitive television menu
Interface for displaying and exploring hierarchical information
Program and method for displaying a radar chart
E.sup.2PR4 viterbi detector and method for adding a branch metric to the path metric of the survivin...
Apparatus and method for context-sensitive error event notification
System for automatically moving access barriers and methods for using the same
Switching device
Power telescoping vehicle mirror assembly
Sports bag with integral transportation system
Telematics system diagnostics logic analyzer
Cooperative vehicular identification system
Protease variants and compositions
Low-emissions diesel fuel blend
Detergent dispenser for a washer system
Expression of spider silk proteins in higher plants
WDM regenerated transmission system
Method and system for multi-level power management in an optical network
Optoelectronic marker for determining ownership of fiber optic cable
Optical fiber holding device and method for using same
Tubing wrap procedure
Optical fiber suitable for high-speed large-scale wdm system, optical transmission line and optical ...
Photonic crystal fibres comprising stress elements
Fiber optic cables that kink with small bend radii
Blazed grating optical fiber polarizing coupler
High bitrate transport over multimode fibers
Fiber optic circuit board link
Lithium-Niobate fiber optic sensor and system
Polarization-maintaining optical fiber
Electronic earplug for monitoring and reducing wideband noise at the tympanic membrane
Double-pass fiber amplifier
Optical attenuator element, and variable optical equalizer and optical amplifier that use this optic...
Method and circuit to implement digital delay lines
Computer controlled display device
Continuously variable transmission
Surge protector with a power bar extension
Optical data recording disc with protrusion between clamping area and center hole
Processor with several calculating units
Reducing false positive computer virus detections
Method and apparatus for cryptographically blocking network denial of service attacks based on paylo...
Control of authentication data residing in a network device
Information processing apparatus for secure information recovery
Security maturity assessment method
Method and system for a scriptable command line interface
Method and apparatus for dynamically determining information for deploying a web service
Curvature based method for selecting features from an electrophysiologic signal for purpose of compl...
Apparatus and sensing devices for measuring fluorescence lifetimes of fluorescence sensors
Method and apparatus for performing post-placement functional decomposition for field programmable g...
Configuration and/or reconfiguration of integrated circuit devices that include programmable logic a...
Method and apparatus for a command based bist for testing memories
Core-level processor lockstepping
Application processors and memory architecture for wireless applications
Device and method for small discontiguous accesses to high-density memory devices
Multiple logical input/output subsystem facility
Monitoring latency of a network to manage termination of distributed transactions
Dynamic modification of a subscriber connection
Resistance variable memory element with threshold device and method of forming the same
Electro-optical device encased in mounting case and projection display apparatus
Light emitting unit
High-frequency module and communication apparatus
Compliant contact pin test assembly and methods thereof
Contacting component, method of producing the same, and test tool having the contacting component
Electron emitter and light emission element
Laminated semiconductor package
Structure for cooling a surface
Circuit board for mounting a semiconductor chip and manufacturing method thereof
Selective post-doping of gate structures by means of selective oxide growth
Semiconductor light emitting element
Predoped transfer gate for an image sensor
Structure for amorphous carbon based non-volatile memory
Method of forming an opening or cavity in a substrate for receiving an electronic component
Circuit board and method for manufacturing the same and semiconductor device and method for manufact...
Dual purpose media drive providing control path to shared robotic device in automated data storage l...
Microstructure for use in Raman spectrometry and production process for the microstructure
Device in a process engineering column
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, order information file use method, ...
Information processing apparatus and method therefor, and recording medium
Cleaning apparatus
Developer regulating member with surface roughness parameters
Image forming apparatus and charging unit therefor
Image forming apparatus
Communication optical system and free-space optics communication apparatus
Information reproducing apparatus using maximum likelihood decoding method
Method and apparatus for reproducing recording mark below diffraction limit of light from optical re...
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and imaging system
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the system
Apparatus for controlling image processing and a method for controlling image processing
Option function setup method for information processing apparatus, and for image forming apparatus
Information processing device, information processing system, method for controlling information pro...
Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Solid state image pickup device
Image sensing system and control method of controlling to adjust a parameter of a camera apparatus
Image supply device, recording apparatus, recording system, and control method therefor
Apparatus and method for writing information to a designated information storage medium with an allo...
Multi-lumen medical electrical lead body
Optical waveguide apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Charging device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Polarization mode dispersion controller device and method for its operation
Optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Biphenyl compounds useful as muscarinic receptor antagonists
Digital transmitter system employing self-generating predistortion parameter lists and adaptive cont...
Driving device of light source for display device
Sensor calibration method and systems
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) viscosity sensor for fluid health monitoring
Heater for heating the dishwashing liquid in a dishwasher
Compositions and methods for TIGR genotyping assays
System for withdrawing small amounts of body fluid
Assay test system for regulating temperature
Antigenic composition comprising an HIV gag or env polypeptide
Process for the synthesis of (2S,3aS,7aS)-1-[(S)-alanyl]-octahydro-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid compo...
Cycloolefin copolymer heat sealable films
Multilayer optical compensator, liquid crystal display, and process
Liquid crystal display
Information storage systems
Optical data card reader
Monolithic integrated circuit having a number of programmable processing elements
Small planar antenna with enhanced bandwidth and small strip radiator
Adjustable mount for vacuum cup with offset mounting post and swivel
Encoder system
Method of reverting to a recovery configuration in response to device faults
System and method for management of data replication
Migrating data using an intermediate self-describing format
Method and system for using internal data structures for storing information related to remotely mon...
Forehead sensor placement
Systems, devices, and methods for selectively preventing data transfer from a medical device
Adaptive optics imaging system with object acquisition capability
Structure and methods of fabricating binding layers for a Li-ion polymer battery
Inspection device for transparent substrate end surface and inspection method therefor
Membrane electrode assembly of solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Carrier for electrophotography developers, developer prepared by using the carrier and method for fo...
Method of coating a cylindrical photoconductive element for an electrophotographic image forming app...
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Reflective liquid crystal projection apparatus with elliptical polarization
Integrated circuit and method for trainable control and operation of DC motor
.alpha. v integrin receptor antagonists
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Treating agent for elastic fibers and elastic fibers obtained by using the same
Non-aqueous ink-jet ink composition
Method of alleviating chronic pain via peripheral glutaminase regulation
Optical pulse shaper having hybrid planar lightwave circuit and free-space optics with MEMS piston-m...
Image processing device and image processing program
Input to output isolated DC-DC converter
Optical displacement-measuring instrument
Reflective type color liquid crystal device and an electronic apparatus using this
Method and apparatus for application building using build styles
Event moderation for event publishing environments
Presentation device
Liquid-crystal driver and liquid-crystal display
Image data correction method and apparatus for plasma display panel, and plasma display panel device...
Low coherence grazing incidence interferometry for profiling and tilt sensing
Projection exposure device
Method of manufacturing a display including chemically polishing, dividing and mechanically polishin...
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Real motion detection sampling and recording for tracking and writing instruments using electrically...
Mirror assembly for vehicle
Eddy-current-damped microelectromechanical switch
Plasma potential measuring method and apparatus, and plasma potential measuring probe
Collector for EUV light source
Polarizer, optical film, and image display
Method and system for patterning a dielectric film
Polybenzazole compound having sulfonic acid group and/or phosphonic acid group, resin composition co...
Membranes having improved mechanical properties, for use in fuel cells
Process for producing catalyst-coated membranes and membrane-electrode assemblies for fuel cells
Method of making a gas diffusion media and quality controls for same
Fuel cell stack and method of producing the same
Polymer electrolyte membrane and method of making
Anode-supported flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack and fabrication method of the same
Multifocal lens
Biocompatible inks, preparation, and uses thereof
Ultrasound probe positioning immersion shell
Method for determining distances in the anterior ocular segment
Method for designing color filters which improve or modify color vision of human eye, and color filt...
Work Based Clock Management for Display Sub-System
Multi-purpose polymers, methods and compositions
Method for distance alert and distance alerting unit
Bicycle generator hub
Folding pedal
Bicycle shift control apparatus with preferential shifting
Ergonomic seating module and seat fitted with said module
Portable water bottle, cup and dish assembly for humans and pets
Bicycle stabilizer wheel mounting bracket
Speedometer for a bicycle
Pulsed-inertial electric motor
Precursors for depositing silicon containing films
Angular ball bearing and rolling bearing
Silicone binders for investment casting
Lost foam casting pattern
Process for preparation of esters of hydroxy tiglic Aldehydes
Electric double layer capacitor
Method and reagents for detecting nucleic acid sequences
Antibodies directed to tumor necrosis factor