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Method for operating a diesel engine
Process for purifying a lipophilic fluid by modifying the contaminants
Process for purifying a lipophilic fluid
Water treatment device
Wastewater treating method and wastewater treating apparatus
Method and apparatus for separating oil and debris from water run-off
Method of making polyesters
Welded sample preparation articles and methods
Oxidation of heavy metal ions
pH stable activated carbon
Method of treatment of effluent stream
Treatment of a suspension in a bioreactor with integrated hydraulic bottom layer removal
Apparatus and method for remediation of a waste stream
Immersed membrane apparatus
Remote mountable filter assembly
Beverage pourer with magnetic enhancement
Flocculation apparatus
System and method for switching access paths during data migration
Storage system
System and method for storing and retrieving multi-speed data streams within a network switch
Credit sharing for fibre channel links with multiple virtual channels
Bone conduction hearing assistance device
Oscillation detection
Hearing aid and method for adjusting a hearing aid
Library accuracy enhancement and evaluation
System for scatterometric measurements and applications
Apparatus and method of assay in utilizing attenuated total reflection
High-throughput chiral detector and methods for using same
Polarization state conversion in optically active spectroscopy
Control of uncertain angle of incidence of beam from Arc lamp
Lysis reagent for blood cell analysis
Readable probe array for in-vivo use
System and method for analyzing a patient status for atrial fibrillation for use in automated patien...
System and method for analyzing a patient status for myocardial ischemia for use in automated patien...
Paper with pattern
Paper with pattern
Method for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Bumper system
Photocatalytic process
Electromagnetic driver for a planar diaphragm loudspeaker
Shock absorber
Bicycle suspension apparatus and related method
Front fork of a motor cycle
Rotary cam alignment system
Image display apparatus provided with an ion pump assembly arranged within an external container
Vehicle electric fan motor with universal mount
Peristaltic pump
Heat dissipation fan
Vibration damper with nested turbo molecular pump
Special fluids for use in a hydrostatic transmission
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Electromagnetic pump
Prevention of unpowered reverse rotation in compressors
Fluid dispenser calibration system and method
Method for pumping fluids
Centrifugal compressor with improved lubrication system for gear-type transmission
Charge/auxiliary circuit for reducing power losses in hydrostatic systems
Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing level bias function for branch predi...
Automatic assessment of phonological processes
Method for producing blends of phthalic acid diesters, decanols and tridecanols
Fischer-Tropsch process using a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst and zeolite Y
Method of manufacturing oxygenated fuel
Transportation fuels
Report system and method using prompt in prompt objects
Apparatus and method for coding and decoding irregular repeat accumulate codes
Managing and predicting risk for computer devices using exposure management techniques
Distributed expert system for automated problem resolution in a communication system
Systems and methods for authenticating documents
Portable data-processing terminal including a program competition manager
Method, system, and article of manufacture for remote management of devices
Methods and apparatus for generating programmable device layout information
Method and apparatus for resizing buffered windows
Use of NAND flash for hidden memory blocks to store an operating system program
Method, system, and article of manufacture for reserving memory
Caching bypass
SC6 for diagnosis of cancers
Method of testing myelotoxicity with the use of flow cytometer
Method for obtaining an active principle with immediate skin-tightening effect and resulting active ...
Preventives/remedies for thickened scar, keloid or chronic arthritic diseases
Methods of reducing .beta.-amyloid polypeptides
Control of sulfhydryl compound odor in organothiophosphate formulations
Herbal composition for treatment of digestive and urinary disorders
Method for preventing the adhesion of particles
Lipolysis stimulator
Culturing circular ssDNA viruses for the production of vaccines
Fluticasone lotion having improved vasoconstrictor activity
System for manufacturing controlled release dosage forms, such as a zero-order release profile dosag...
Position detection system, position detection method therefor, position detection communication devi...
Captured test fleet
Viewing a compartment
Traveling sprinkler incorporating automatic water supply valve docking station
Method of preparing multiphase laundry detergent and cleaning product shaped bodies having noncompre...
Washing machine
Optical transceiver and host adapter with memory mapped monitoring circuitry
High linearity differential transconductance amplifier
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Video surveillance device housing
Audio Video Furniture
Enforcing computer security utilizing an adaptive lattice mechanism
Network-based file scanning and solution delivery in real time
Hardware token self enrollment process
Interception method and system
Logged-in device and log-in device
Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television
Breast cancer screening
Methods of detecting inflammation of an epithelium layer in the oral region with a probe using diffu...
Pulse oximeter with parallel saturation calculation modules
Rotating gamma system visual inspection camera
Inbred maize line PH8DB
Plant fatty acid synthases and use in improved methods for production of medium-chain fatty acids
Method and apparatus for controlling communications
System and method for unfolding/replicating logic paths to facilitate propagation delay modeling
Optimization of the design of a synchronous digital circuit
Remote management commands in a mass storage system
Apparatus to reduce the internal frequency of an integrated circuit by detecting a drop in the volta...
Integrated circuit which disables writing circuitry to memory when the power drops below a power thr...
Secure computer system
Central processing unit
Receiver multi-protocol interface and applications thereof
Stochastic processor and stochastic computer using the same
System and method for cross-fading between audio streams
Sensor based approach recognizer selection, adaptation and combination
Automatic test equipment operating architecture
Semiconductor module
Tunable filter and method of manufacturing the same, and sensing device
Evaluating a multi-layered structure for voids
Monitoring a system during low-pressure processes
Semiconductor device
Test head for optically inspecting workpieces
High-reliable semiconductor device using hermetic sealing of electrodes
Semiconductor device
Circuit board with a thin-film layer configured to accommodate a passive element
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing same and thin plate interconnect line member
Conductor substrate, semiconductor device and production method thereof
Component of a radiation detector comprising a substrate with positioning structure for a photoelect...
Acoustic sensor
Light emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
Specimen collection container
Optically controlled optical-path-switching apparatus, and method of switching optical paths
Image forming apparatus facilitating removal of recording material from opening/closing portion
Image forming apparatus
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and functional device including the same
Moving image coding apparatus, moving image decoding apparatus, and methods therefor
Radiography apparatus, radiography system, and control method thereof
Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
Polarization beam splitter and optical system using the same, and image displaying apparatus, using ...
Scanning optical system
Image forming system, image distribution apparatus, and image forming method
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Printing apparatus with generating means for generating a mask pattern comprising a plurality of pla...
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing computer...
Information processor, printing apparatus, information processing system, printing method and printi...
Optical apparatus, method of determining position of optical element in optical system, and device m...
Stage apparatus and exposure apparatus
4-((phenoxyalkyl)thio)-phenoxyacetic acids and analogs
Crystalline forms of gatifloxacin and processes for preparation
Collecting agent comprising ammoniated compounds (primary, secondary, tertiary amines), for use in t...
System and method for trace species detection using cavity attenuated phase shift spectroscopy with ...
Apparatus and method for user-defined tunables
Stabilized coenzyme solutions for determining dehydrogenase activity
Device for cleaning pipette probes or stirrers
Method and a device for monitoring a medical microsample in the flow measuring cell of an analyzer
Diagnostic meter
Methamphetamine derivatives and conjugates for immunoassay
.alpha.-(N-sulfonamido)acetamide derivatives as .beta.-amyloid inhibitors
Salt suitable for an acid generator and a chemically amplified resist composition containing the sam...
Retardation film and process for producing the same
Imaging geometry for image-guided radiosurgery
Apparatus, system, and method for frequency stabilized mode-locked laser
Objective lens, optical pick-up device, and optical disk device
Adjustable speed drive protection
Technical facility having software stored on a computer of the technical facility
System and method for visualizing data in a three-dimensional scene
Method and apparatus for the three-dimensional presentation of an examination region of a patient in...
System and method for producing medical image data onto portable digital recording media
Medical image recording system
Image enhancement methods and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and methods for detecting overlay errors using scatterometry
Low profile speaker and system
Roofing component adhering assembly and method
Apparatus, system and method for magnetorheological clutch diagnostics
Image processing system to control vehicle headlamps or other vehicle equipment
Method and computer program product for combining resources of multiple BIOS ROMS and managing them ...
Method and apparatus for matching web service in applications using a data object exchange protocol
Techniques for selecting available subnets for delegation among dynamic host configuration servers
Method and apparatus for configuring a device that is non-conforming with a management system using ...
System, method, and computer program product for transferring remote device support data to a monito...
Method, system, and storage medium for providing a dynamic, multi-dimensional commodity modeling pro...
Defect size projection
Search-on-the-fly with merge function
Cameras, other imaging devices, and methods having non-uniform image remapping using a small data-se...
Light scattering analysis and measurement
Display device having multiple image display units
Multifunctional bracket
Sensor element for providing a sensor signal, and method for operating a sensor element
Image forming apparatus
Discharge lamp lighting control device
Graphics engine for high precision lithography
Dielectric element, piezoelectric element, ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus and manufact...
Information recording device and information recording method
Image-formation optical system, and imaging system incorporating the same
Olefin polymerization catalysts, transition metal compounds, processes for olefin polymerization, an...
Method for fabricating metal line in a semiconductor
Wastewater treatment and dispersal system
Immunoaffinity isolation of modified peptides from complex mixtures
Tissue volume reduction
Method for increasing yield in the production of polyvalent alcohols by splitting by-products contai...
Method and apparatus for joining adhesive tape
Porous diffusion media and bipolar plate assembly with anion exchange resin and devices incorporatin...
Catalytic reactor
Brazing product and method of its manufacture
Carbon monoxide converter
Solar cell array
Racquet sport score keeper and vibration damper
Intraocular lens
Matrix multiply with reduced bandwidth requirements
Vinyl polymers and processes for producing the same
Antilock and antiskid mechanical brake system for vehicles and method thereof
Bicycle frame with surfboard-shaped top tube
Manual propulsion mechanism
Multifunction hydration container accessory system
Apparatus and method for eye comfort
Trolley retrieval system
Folding frame for a tricycle, scooter or child's bicycle
Advertising medium for helmet or hat
Body weight-activated scooter
Loading pad
Centerless and openable tool carrier for processing of complex shapes
Foldable tool set with chain repair tool
Bicycle lighting set
Handrail for a treadmill exerciser
Printed wiring boards possessing regions with different coefficients of thermal expansion
Dimensional calibration standards
Process for producing fine particles of bismuth titanate
Carbon foam particulates and methods of using carbon foam particulates in subterranean applications
Method for reducing pollutant emissions in foundry practice
Apparatus for processing waste with distribution/mixing chamber for oxidising fluid
Method for the preparation of aromatic chloroformates
Silicoboroncarbonitride ceramics and precursor compounds, method for the production and use thereof
Process for producing perfluorodiacyl fluorinated compounds
Framework and methods for dynamic execution of digital data processor resources
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Crusher and mobile crushing machine equipped with the crusher
System, method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a MRI magnet warm bore
Method and apparatus of manual pre-scan spatial and spectral data acquisition
Radiofrequency magnetic field resonator and a method of designing the same
Reduction of susceptibility artifacts in subencoded single-shot magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for reservoir fluid characterization in nuclear magnetic resonance logging
Means and method of maintaining a constant temperature in the magnetic assembly of a magnetic resona...
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Slurry composition and method of use
Control box for a compressor
Rack for screw capped tube
Rack for screw capped tube
Toothbrush sanitizer
Genital stimulator
Vibrating massage device
Therapeutic alarm clock light
Therapeutic thermal pack
Microcurrent pulse stimulator
Cover for a cervical collar
Orthopedic device
Joint pad with stitching pattern
Skin treatment article
Tooth clamp
Hearing aid earpiece
Contoured nasal air purifier
X-ray protection for internal organs in the pelvis area
Tip of a phacoemulsification needle
Medical vials
Nasal dispenser
Vitamin tablet
Portable telephone
Power transmission with bead drive
System and a method for observing and predicting a physiological state of an animal
Print blankets for use in electro-statographic printing and methods of using same
Electrical stimulation system and methods for treating phantom limb pain and for providing sensory f...
Vaginally administrable progesterone-containing tablets and method for preparing same
Adhesion and sealing of tissue with compositions containing polyfunctional crosslinking agents and p...
Device for medical provision
Apparatus and method for determining tissue characteristics
Array sensor electronics
Magnetic sensor assembly
Microwave ablation instrument with flexible antenna assembly and method
Antiangiogenic peptide agents
Adding microscopic porosity to the surface of a microcoil to be used for medical implantation
Alpha-fetoprotein Immu31 antibodies and fusion proteins and methods of use thereof
Cradle for remote control for electric home appliances
Conductive elastic component for electrically connecting an electronic device with a cradle
Lithium battery containing bismuth metal oxide
Negative electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and method for fabrication thereof
Cationic conductor, its intermediate, and lithium secondary battery using the conductor
Electrophotographic toner and production method therefor
Hair care compositions
Use of N-alllyl substituted amines and their salts as brightening agents in nickel plating baths
Photoiniators having triarylsulfonium and arylsulfinate ions
Liquid composition for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording ...
Method of making pigment dispersion containing a carrier such as castor oil or vegetable wax
Cosmetic case
Method and system for coating internal surfaces of prefabricated process piping in the field
System for attracting fish
Method and apparatus for detection of analyte using a flexural plate wave device and magnetic partic...
RFID tag, printing paper, printer, and RFID system
Portable handset having a radio frequency identification(RFID) function and method using the same
Postage indicia including encoded ink characteristic data
System and method for utilizing RF tags to collect data concerning post-consumer resources
Method and apparatus for executing applications on a distributed computer system
System and method for efficient and collective adjustment of sensor reporting ranges for long-lived ...
Image forming apparatus and transfer apparatus employing endless belt
Image identifying apparatus and method, order processing apparatus, and photographing system and met...
Assisting and monitoring method and system
Packaging that can be checked for tampering
Method and apparatus for testing RFID devices
Notification alarm transfer methods, system, and device
Signal detecting system using telephone lines for signal transmission
Radio IC tag reader writer, radio IC tag system, and radio IC tag data writing method
LED illuminated necklace
Alicyclic compound for optical material
Inorganic scintillator
Process for the preparation of glycolaldehyde
Modified cyclic aliphatic polyamine
1,2,4-thiadiazole compounds and arthropod controlling composition containing the same
Process for producing modified polyethylene resin
Polyester polymer and copolymer compositions containing metallic titanium particles
Catalyst for polymerization of ethylene, preparation thereof and use of the same
Photobase generator and curable composition
Low viscosity, highly pigmented oil based dispersions exhibiting a low relative interfacial tension ...
Method and fuel additive including iron naphthenate
Motor oil bottle
Nonhuman model animal of Th2-mediated hyperimmune response
Spinning reel spool
Fishing reel having shock-absorbing function
Spool oscillation
Housing for small pet animals
Live bait container with sliding door
Tackle container with interchangeable inserts
Fishing hook retaining apparatus and method
Fishing hook rig and lure container
Method for generating hypermutable organisms
Spinning reel
Computer system for determining a customized animal feed
Method and apparatus for calibrating circular objects using a computer tracking system
3D summary display for reporting of organ tumors
Surgical safety procedure and apparatus
Interchangeable surgical instrument
Fluoropolymers having pendant amidoxime or amidrazone structures
High melt strength polymers and method of making same
Epoxide polymer surfaces
Porous resorbable graft fixation pin
Multi-layer golf ball having velocity gradient from faster center to slower cover
Methods for controlling particulate migration
Coating dispersions for optical fibers
Photolabile esters and their uses
Single catalyst low, medium and high density polyethylenes
Nucleic acid constructs and cells, and methods utilizing same for modifying the electrophysiological...
Method and apparatus for mimicking respiratory sinus arrhythmia with cardiac pacing controlled via e...
Heart-activity monitoring with multi-axial audio detection
Heater for optical gas sensor
Enzymatic measurement of imatinib mesylate
Method for local heating by means of magnetic particles
Balloon dissector with cannula
Working tool for accurate lateral resection of biological tissue and a method for use thereof
Surgical system and method for connecting hollow tissue structures
Spectroscopic breath analysis
Compact text encoding of latitude/longitude coordinates
Transformation of images
Method of image feature coding and method of image search
Method and apparatus for reduced size image
Method for using customer images in a promotional product
Methods and apparatuses for generating composite images
Displaying digital images
Method and system for image processing for structured light profiling of a part
System and method for creating information handling system restore media
JPEG encoding for document images using pixel classification
System and method for ink or handwriting compression
Smoothing tile boundaries of images encoded and decoded by JPEG 2000
Apparatus and methods for digital image compression
System and method for dynamically switching quality settings of a codec to maintain a target data ra...
Self-healing cable apparatus and methods
Indoor optical fiber cable
Optical cable provide with a mechanically resistant covering
Method and device for assembling optical components or an optical component and a substrate
Optical component provided with demultiplexing function and wavelength dispersion compensator
Optical system
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
Fiber management access system
Overmolded multi-port optical connection terminal having means for accommodating excess fiber length
Device for the structured storage or handling of optical waveguides
Illuminated latch indicator assembly
WDM systems and methods
Arrayed waveguide grating device
Flat panel display module
Liquid crystal display device wherein the number of light emitting elements activated differs depend...
Liquid crystal display device
Remotely activated trail marker system and its method of use
Hand lamp, especially for magnetic crack detection
High power light string device
Light source unit, method of manufacturing light source unit, and projector
Actuator equipped with an electronic card with an arrangement for limiting electromagnetic radiation...
Light emitting diode strip lamp
Artificial grass for landscaping
Light emitting panel assemblies
Decorative lighting product and process of making
Methods and apparatus for illuminating environments
Vehicular lamp
Vehicle door handle device
Interchangeable flashlight-cargo lamp system
Structure for assembling a bulb holder with an outer shade
LED device with an active heat-dissipation device
Blister lights used for signalling and/or marking purposes
Quadrilateral symmetrical light source
Illuminable attachment for vacuum wand
Partial fragmentation and deformation bullets having an identical point of impact
Method and apparatus for an action system for a firearm
Controlled-harm explosive reactive armor (COHERA)
Bullet with spherical nose portion
Firing trigger operated bolt catch
Sensory systems employing non-uniformly spaced waveguide sensors for determining orientation and rot...
Muzzle brakes for weapons
Interchangeable sight system and method for removably mounting an optical alignment apparatus
Shotgun launching cup
Digital vertical level indicator for improving the aim of projectile launching devices
Magnetically readable card and a method of making a magnetically readable card
Combined mouth expanding and saliva ejecting dental apparatus
Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Shaped articles from cycloaliphatic polyester compositions
Neopentyl glycol containing polyesters blended with polycarbonates
Intervertebral allograft spacer
Optoinjection methods
Selective coating of medical devices
Temperature indicating electrosurgical apparatus and methods
Curable pressure sensitive adhesive compositions
Ink-jet recording material
Mixture for transdermal delivery of low and high molecular weight compounds
Skin lightening agents, compositions and methods
Aqueous pigmented coating formulation providing for improved opacity
Apparatus for facilitating medical waste disposal
Means and method for dyeing keratin fibres
Process for the preparation of stable polymer concentrates
Diaminopyrazole compounds and the use thereof in the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibres
Symmetric transformation processing system
System and method for analyzing a graphical program using debugging graphical programs
Automatic antenna diode insertion for integrated circuits
System and method for scheduled events to subscribe to live information topics
High level operational support system
Implementation and use of a PII data access control facility employing personally identifying inform...
Translation of secure communications for handshake protocols
Apparatus, system and method for quickly determining an oldest instruction in a non-moving instructi...
Method and apparatus for adaptive garbage collection
Apparatus, systems and methods for backing-up information
Use of tramdorins in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Scaffold and method for implanting cells
Methods of identifying reduced internalization transmembrane receptor agonists
Steroidal quinols and their use for estrogen replacement therapy
Male-female electrode joint
Perfume sampler vaporizer
Product dispensing package
Contour shelf
Nucleating agents for polyhydroxyalkanoates
Laundry treatment compositions comprising a .beta.1-4 linked substituted polysaccharide
Keratin dyeing compounds, keratin dyeing compositions containing them, and use thereof
Method for measuring concentration of nitrogen dioxide in air by single-wavelength laser induced flu...
Catalyst support method and polymerization with supported catalysts
Coated abrasive articles containing graphite
Multilayer, weatherable compositions and method of manufacture thereof
Toner, and developer, image forming method, image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the ...
Toner compositions
Passivative chemical mechanical polishing composition for copper film planarization
Access control
Mailing list server and mail re-sending method thereof
Processing packet sequence using same function set pipelined multiple threads spanning over multiple...
Data replication in a storage system
Scalable low bandwidth multicast handling in mixed core systems
Computer apparatus, terminal server apparatus and performance management methods therefor
Aerodynamic bearing assembly for spindle motor for hard disk drives
Linear guide unit and method for manufacturing the same
Split type connecting rod
Circuit to add and subtract two differential signals
Micro gear system operating according to the strain wave gear principle with hollow shafts
Air supply device
Cryogenic bearings
Tapered roller bearing
Fluid dynamic bearing having an acute-angled shaft recess
Fluid lubricated bearing device
Rolling guide device and manufacturing method thereof, and driving device including the rolling guid...
Linear guide unit
Guide rails for pull-out drawer/equipment
Anti-leakage device for lubrication oil in a fan
Make-break devices
Hand held RFID reader with dipole antenna
Electronically enabling devices remotely
Method and apparatus for neutralizing improvised explosive devices and landmines and mobile unit for...
Rotating shutter for laser-produced plasma debris mitigation
Universal energy conditioning interposer with circuit architecture
Isolated (T1R1/T1R3) umami taste receptors that respond to umami taste stimuli
Optical switch
Optical print head
Micro-optical arrangement
Device transmission tracking
Arrangement for building a miniaturized fourier transform interferometer for optical radiation accor...
Single lens multiple light source device
Liquid crystal display device
Electronic imaging apparatus
Boronate esters
Optically pumped edge-emitting semiconductor laser
Optically pumped, surface-emitting semiconductor laser device and method for the manufacture thereof
Apparatus and method of measuring the flying behavior of a flying body
Member holding optical transmission line and optical module
Tilt sensor
Loading disc optical detection apparatus
Photoluminescent tile and method for fabricating the same
Processes for producing polymeric fluorescent material and polymeric luminescent element
Photo-luminescent pigment application
Apparatus for preparing hot beverages with a boiler and an assembly for inhibiting scale
Covering for a container of three tennis balls
Remote bladder venting and containment system
Mixed polymer network
Voltage stabilizing and surge preventing vehicle grounding system
Process for making fluorinated 4-azasteroid derivatives
Platinum alloy using electrochemical deposition
Workload scheduler with resource optimization factoring
Database management system and method which monitors activity levels and determines appropriate sche...
System and method for maintaining multiple devices with a single device identifier
Virtual columns
Synchronizing databases
Solvent system and ink made therefrom
Identifying and testing antisense oligonucleotides that inhibit telomerase reverse transcriptase
Diffusion barrier coating for Si-based components
Method of forming resistance film
Method of making a ceramic matrix composite utilizing partially stabilized fibers
Compositions for abrasive articles
Waveguide bends and devices including waveguide bends
Recording medium detecting system
Lithographic printing plate support and production method thereof
Display device having reflecting member with multiple reflecting surfaces
Composite camera system, zoom camera image display control method, zoom camera control method, contr...
Active matrix type display device
Image display device and driver circuit therefor
Method and apparatus for inspecting flat panel display
Electro-optical apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic instrument
Front plate and display device using same
Display device and electronic device
Bipyridine Derivatives
Heat-stabilised poly(ethylene naphthalate) film for flexible electronic and opto-electronic devices
Electronic equipment, driving method thereof and method of driving electronic circuit
Layout area efficient, high speed, dynamic multi-input exclusive or (XOR) and exclusive NOR (XNOR) l...
Methods for managing and developing sourcing and procurement operations
Quantization method and system for video MPEG applications and computer program product therefor
Automobile seat with adjustable-height seat pan having a seat belt attachment point
Vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Surface acoustic wave device, manufacturing method therefor, and communications equipment
Switching power supply unit for generating an output voltage stepped up from an input voltage
Surface acoustic wave apparatus and communications device
System and method of identifying and sorting response services mail pieces in accordance with plural...
Tri-mode clock generator to control memory array access
Tetrahydroxybenzene tetraester derivative and polymer thereof
Swaging tool
Collating machine for an electronic copying machine
Apparatus for applying pulsed charge to living matter
Expanding a partially-correct list of category elements using an indexed document collection
Generating with lexical functional grammars
Filter for replenisher toner particles
Document processing system and methods for reducing stress therein
MRC image compression
Glossmark images with clear toner
Communication terminal device and method of controlling same
Intelligent system network interface architecture for document processing devices
Method and apparatus for translating an arc definition into a series of conic curve definitions
Method for forming temporary image
Colorant compounds
Ink jet apparatus
Method and apparatus for updating rules and transmitting change notifications
Method and device for real-time shared editing mobile video
Method and meeting scheduler for automated meeting scheduling using delegates, representatives, quor...
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Removable divider construction for coil bound notebooks
Heating device for smoke generator
Blocked mercaptosilane hydrolyzates as coupling agents for mineral-filled elastomer compositions
Foaming cleansing preparation and system comprising coated acid and base particles
Method of recognizing fraudulent wireless emergency service calls
Enabling desired wireless connectivity in a high frequency wireless local area network
Optical coupler apparatus and method
Method and system for determining sequence parameters to limit cycle attacks in timed release crypto...
Method of transferring a packet switched to a circuit switched call
Method and apparatus for rescheduling a communication system channel after a channel property change
Cantilever light detectors having a mechanical cantilever to mechanically respond to illuminated lig...
Method and apparatus for providing an interactive language tutor
Adapting a communications network of wireless access nodes to a changing environment
Wireless communication system enhanced call recovery
Apparatus, and associated method, for facilitating dormant-mode operation of a mobile mode in a radi...
Scheduling system and method for a burst switch
Method for scheduling wireless downlink transmissions subject to rate constraints
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler providing consistent delivery
Functionalised polymers
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and formed article
Bidentate catalyst for olefin polymerization, methods of forming such and products therefrom
Method of packaging and interconnection of integrated circuits
Supported biofilm apparatus
Moldable construction incorporating non-olefin bonding interface
Instrument panel assembly
Personalized document and method for making same
Vibration and noise abatement pad
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the sa...
Dual media storage device
Probability of fault function determination using critical defect size map
Leakage control in integrated circuits
Method and system for context-specific mask writing
Method and software for generating enable and data input signals for flip-flops used for implementin...
Method and apparatus for designing a layout, and computer product
LSI design system, logic correction support equipment, logic correction support method used therefor...
Apparatus for efficient LFSR calculation in a SIMD processor
High wind load resistant sectional wood overhead door, assembly, and methods
Starting aid for low wattage metal halide lamps
Process for producing three-dimensional model, and three-dimensional model
Blue colored composition for color filter and color filter
Water-soluble polymer dispersion, process for producing the same and method of use therefor
Inkjet inks and methods of preparing the same
Ballpoint-pen ink compositions
Triarylsilyl(meth)acryloyl-containing polymers for marine coating compositions
Ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Rheology regulators such as ground natural calcium carbonates optionally treated with a fatty acid o...
Cationic microspheres and method of making cationic microspheres
Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
FinFET transistor device on SOI and method of fabrication
Method to assess organoclay exfoliation and orientation in organoclay/polymer composites
Chemical arrays
Ink-jet recording ink, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording method, ink-jet recording ap...
Aqueous dispersions of water-soluble polymers of N-vinylcarboxamides, their preparation and their us...
Alignable diffractive pigment flakes
Polyorganosiloxane emulsion composition and a cosmetic material made therefrom
Preparation of a granule containing protein, corn starch and sugar layered on an inert particle
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli vaccine
Airplane air purifier
Method for constructing a scotopic after-glow lamp
Method for automatically aligning telescope
High pressure mercury lamps and sealing members therefor
Isolated (T1R2/T1R3) sweet taste receptors that respond to sweet taste stimuli
Cell lines that stably or transiently express a functional sweet (T1R2/T1R3) taste receptor
Method and apparatus for composing a composite still image
Secure document printing
High-strength beryllium-free moulded body made from zirconium alloys which may be plastically deform...
Systems and methods for selecting a white point for image displays
Power supplying method and apparatus including buffer circuit to control operation of output driver
Multi-phase buck converter
Multiple voltage regulators for use with a single load
Power supply detection method, apparatus, and system
Concept for compensating piezo-influences on an integrated semiconductor circuit
Digital PWM controller for preventing limit cycle oscillations
Multi-phase switching power supply for mobile telephone applications
CMOS constant voltage generator
Voltage reference circuit
Brushless starter-generator with independently controllable exciter field
On-chip high frequency power supply noise sensor
Excitation controlled synchronous permanent magnet machine
Methods and apparatus for maintaining an approximate constant current output characteristic in a swi...
Method and device for providing the supply voltage for the loads of a vehicle on-board electrical sy...
Circuit arrangement for voltage adjustment
Fast charger for high capacity batteries
Output current sharing
Method and apparatus to charge a battery using determination of battery load current
Stable DC current source with common-source output stage
Charging and discharging control circuit and charging type power supply device
Bioactive medical films
Information providing device, information providing system, and information providing program produc...
Control device for fuel cell system and related method
Low-density part injection molding system
Internal combustion engine intake device
Cylinder head structure for a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Engine oil return system
Semiconductor laser element with optical waveguide layer having increased thickness
Tuneable unipolar lasers
Method and apparatus for semiconductor laser driving capable of stably generating consistent optical...
Laser module
Wavelength monitoring apparatus
Method and unit for setting a wavelength to a tunable laser
Laser diode driving circuit and laser diode controlling apparatus including the laser diode driving ...
Advanced high density data write strategy
Optical pickup device and diffractive optical element
Optical pickup device
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information o...
Laser micromachining methods and systems
Methods and apparatus for sensing multiple wavelengths simultaneously in a single wavelength sensing...
Methods for synchronized pulse shape tailoring
Halogen gas discharge laser electrodes
Semiconductor laser
Method for activating surface of base material and apparatus thereof
Diazabicyclic biaryl derivatives
Pyrrolo[1,2-b]pyridazine derivatives
Remedy for chronic disease
Method for identifying agonists and antagonists of the GPR45-like/GPR63 receptor
Methods for detecting the presence of or predisposition to autosomal dominant hypercholesterolemia
Health management support method, system and healthy life expectancy prediction data generation meth...
Cyclic guanidines, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Content identifiers triggering corresponding responses through collaborative processing
Workflow management system for generating output material based on customer input
Method of coordinately processing pieces of copy information and information recording/reproducing a...
Stealthy secret key encoding and decoding
Media file distribution with adaptive transmission protocols
Reproduction method and apparatus, and recording method and apparatus
Online and gaming kiosk
Lactobacillus strains and use thereof in fermentation for L-lactic acid production
High performance predicate push-down for non-matching predicate operands
Spreadsheet to SQL translation
Method and system for processing travel reservation data
Speech notification
Internal combustion engine and method of detecting abnormality of internal combustion engine
Valve assembly for an internal combustion engine
Variable valve operating device
Method for controlling exhaust gas temperature and space velocity during regeneration to protect tem...
Device for adjusting the camshaft of an internal combustion engine and a mounting tool
Device for the variable actuation of the gas exchange valves of internal combustion engines, and met...
Method for eliminating an unwanted signal from a mixture via time-frequency masking
Device integrated into a card to activate and/or deactivate a light, sound or light and sound module...
In-vehicle navigation apparatus
Navigational system and method for configuring a navigational system
Method and device for damping pendulum oscillations of a trailer
Wheel lift identification for an automotive vehicle
Device for a data and energy management in a vehicle
Vehicular interface including armrest control assembly
Method and system for remotely inventorying electronic modules installed in a vehicle
Vehicle controller and control method
Color vision vehicle wheel alignment system
Systems and methods for remotely maintaining network devices
Data format for efficient encoding and access of multiple data items in RFID tags
Data format for efficient encoding and access of multiple data items in RFID tags
Robot, radio detection system, radio detection method and recording medium storing radio detection p...
Medical implant or device
System for magnetic resonance imaging
Method and Device for Evaluation of Bio-Psycho-Physical Influence of Radio, Television and Media Pro...
Bowling ball having an RFID tag
Hdspa Flow Control, Control Frames Rtt Measurement
Position Data Communication Device
Method and system for data transmission of multimedia broadcast/multicast service
Electronic Toll System for Traffic Routes, and Method for the Operation Thereof
Method for determining the local position of at least one mobile radio communication device based on...
Scheduling Mode Dependent Data Transmissions
Method and Apparatus for Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging
Radio base station receiver and program
Radio receiver for aviation communications and navigation
Integrated Multimode Radio and Components Thereof
Transgenic Non-Human Mammal Comprising A Polynucleotide Encoding Human Or Humanized C5ar
Search apparatus
Tissue scaffold
Scaffolds for organ reconstruction and augmentation
Demineralized osteochondral plug
Mandibular Bone Transport Reconstruction Plate
Prosthetic spinal disc replacement
Interbertebral Implant with Tiltable Joint Parts
Surgical spacer
Surgical spacer with shape control
Fastening assemblies for disc herniation repair and methods of use
Artificial spinal disc implant
Medical Devices, Drug Coatings and Methods for Maintaining the Drug Coatings Thereon
Medical Devices, Drug Coatings and Methods for Maintaining the Drug Coatings Thereon
Medical Devices, Drug Coatings and Methods for Maintaining the Drug Coatings Thereon
Interleaving.deinterleaving device and method for communication system
Method and system for supporting virtual mappings for shared firmware
Method and system for fast data access using a memory array
Compressed memory architecture for embedded systems
Virtual tape storage system having snapshot virtual tape library for disaster recovery testing
Migrating data in a storage system
System and method for providing user authentication and identity management
Telephone conferencing device
Conference phone
Correction of patient rotation errors in radiotherapy using couch translation
Systems and methods for non-intrusive inspections of high-voltage circuit breakers
Scanning arm and train inspection system by imaging through radiation having the scanning arm
Mammographic system and apparatus
Method and arrangement relating to X-ray imaging
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head, magnetic reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
Optical switching device using holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Method and system for reading optical information
Photodetector having an electrostatic recording body and photodetecting method thereof
Three-dimensional imaging system
Fast estimation of weak bio-signals using novel algorithms for generating multiple additional data f...
Moveable micro-electromechanical device
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet toy
Pet pendant
Pet collar with an embossed slogan for encouraging charitable contributions
Image forming apparatus
Enhanced optical coherence tomography for anatomical mapping
Technique for optimization of a simplified network model
Arc-machining power supply with switching loss reducing element
Uplight luminaire
Motorcycle frame cover
Swimming pool vacuum hose retainer
Clothes hanger
Hexagonal brush
Cotton swabs travel kit
Methods and apparatus providing remote monitoring of security and video systems
Electrical connector to terminate, insulate and environmentally isolate a temporary cardiac pacing w...
Method for radiation spectroscopy using seeded localized averaging ("SLA") and channel-address recyc...
Synchronous pseudo static random access memory
Specifying arbitrary words in rule-based grammars
Rating that represents the status along a specified driving route
Healthcare system supporting multiple network connected fluid administration pumps
Method and apparatus for a network system designed to actively match buyers and sellers in a buyer-d...
Business workflow database and user system
Azo dye, image-forming coloring composition, ink for ink jet recording, heat-sensitive recording mat...
Adhesive and pressure-sensitive transfer adhesive tape
Multi-lumen catheter with attachable hub
GMR head design that suppresses tribocharge during its assembly
Head assembly having microactuator
Suspension with stiffened end-tab for actuator in data storage device
Suspension, head gimbal assembly with multilayered plate suspension having ribs and disk drive appar...
Recording medium cartridge having an accommodation portion for a noncontact-type memory
Banded LZT CSS zone
Disk drive with cover plate having high stiffness
Transducing head
Light-weight flash hard drive with plastic frame
Portable apparatus having head retracting function and head retracting method
Higher flip threshold structure for in-stack bias layer
Wave torque retract of disk drive actuator
Longitudinal bias structure with improved magnetic stability
Falling sensor and the information processing device making use of it
Method of determining and applying adaptive track zero position and disc drive using the same
Clearance sweep test
Recording errors in tape drives
Servo writing a disk drive by integrating a spiral track read signal
Performing backup operations to peripheral data storage systems
Peripheral data storage system with multi-state user display
Servo writing a disk drive using correction values that attenuate phase error propagation
Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording head
Graphics processing apparatus, methods and computer program products using minimum-depth occlusion c...
Context dependent gesture response
Distinguishing tilt and translation motion components in handheld devices
Feedback based user interface for motion controlled handheld devices
Dynamic adaptation of gestures for motion controlled handheld devices
System and method for determining available capacity of a rechargeable battery
Methods of spread-pulse modulation and nonlinear time domain equalization for fiber optic communicat...
Device and method for millimeter wave detection and block conversion
Dual homing for DWDM networks in fiber rings
Optical performance monitor using co-located switchable fiber bragg grating array
Optical network
Fiber optic switch
Dynamic optical waveguide sensor
Optical fiber holding device, optical dispersion-equalizer, and method of manufacturing optical fibe...
Optical modulator
Process for preparing (S)-pantoprazole
Mouldable Biodegradable Polymer
Modular molecular clasps and uses thereof
Method for preventing colon cancer
Methods for Detecting and Analyzing N-Glycolynlneuraminic Acid (Neu5Gc) in Biological Materials
Polymorphisms in fatty acid binding protein 4 (''FABP4'') gene and their associations with carcass t...
Resin composition and multilayer structure
Production of Enzyme-Resistant Starch by Extrusion
Composition for replacing milk powder
Selective Withdrawal of Reducing Sugars During Blanching
Animal Feed Compositions
Frozen grits
Nutritional composition and method of making the same
Rosemary Herbal Beverage Powder and Process
Compositions And Methods For The Treatment Of Skin Damage
Method for selective isolation of valuable products
Process for the separation of phenol from phenol-containing streams from the preparation of Bispheno...
Lens drive unit
Removable cap assembly
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, and recording medium
Cradle for digital camera
Methods and apparatus for multi-processor pipeline parallelism
Traffic and geometry modeling with sensor networks
Stabilizers to inhibit the polymerization of substituted cyclotetrasiloxane
Method and apparatus for localized control of heat flux in thin cast strip
Particulate filter and method for treating soot
Multiple frequency inductive resistivity device
Aerosol collecting device for a chemical detector
Carbon dioxide delivery apparatus and method for using same
Accelerated low power fatigue testing of FRAM
Method for comparing contents of memory components
Multi-purpose tool
Point-of-sale promotions
Top bond pad for transducing head interconnect
Fluorinated Surfactants
Methods for synthesizing heterocycles and therapeutic use of the heterocycles for cancers
Drug Delivery From Embolic Agents
Method and Composition for Treatment or Prophylaxis of Amyloidosis Disorders
Methods and Compositions Comprising Protein L Immunoglobulin Binding Domains for Cell-Specific Targe...
Botulinum Toxin Treatment Of Spastic Bladder
Life Span Managment
Method for the Removal of Aloin, Emodin and/or Isoemodin from Aloe Vera by Treatment with an Oxidase
Hydroxylated polymethoxyflavone compositions
Bruise amelioration composition and method of use
Food Compositions and Methods of Treating Periodontal Disease
Removable antimicrobial coating compositions and methods of use
Use of gaseous nitric oxide as an anti-cancer agent
Membrane surface modification by radiation-induced polymerization
Detection of dysplastic or neoplastic cells using anti-MCM2 antibodies
Synthetic Bioelastomer
Member for producing a probe array and probe array producing method
Method Of Providing Bearer Certificates For Private Civil Security Benefits
Magenta Dyes and Their Use in Ink-Jet Printing
Method and Device for Dehydrating Co-Extruded Food Products
Use Of The Gene Ncsag4 For The Diagnosis And Prevention Of Neosporosis And As A Marker For Analysis ...
Apparatus for Treating Solutions of High Osmotic Strength
Use of inert, Porous Materials in Order to Reduce the Salt Content in Aqueous Solutions, and Method ...
Electrolytic Processing Apparatus and Electrolytic Processing Method
Total solution for water treatments
Point-of-use water purification method and apparatus
Method of Making a Non Compacted Paper Web Containing Refined Long Fiber Using a Charge Controlled H...
Methods and Compositions for the Enzymatic Synthesis of Gangliosides
Methods for Treating or Ameliorating Ghrelin-Associated Diseases and Disorders
Processing Method of Silicon Wafer
Process to produce 19-nor-10.beta.-carboxylic acids by fungal oxidation of 6-substituted-.DELTA.6-pr...
Substrate cleaning method
Modified membranes
Expandable polypropylene resin particle and molded object obtained therefrom by in-mold molding
Photocatalytic granular mixture for mortar and concrete and its use
Metal half wall and a connector assembly for securing studs of a half wall to an underlying support ...
Curable composition, coating composition, paint, antifouling paint, cured product thereof and method...
Adhesive Compounds of Butyl-Type Rubber
Scratch and mar resistant polymer compositions, methods for making and articles made from the same
Flame Retardant Polyurethanes and Additives Therefor
Oxidized guar for oilfield servicing fluids
Decorative flame barrier surface covering
Process for Producing Dental Prostheses
Halogen-Free Soft Wrapping Foil Made of a Polyolefin Containing Magnesium Hydroxide
Stackable inkjet recording material
Dry fertilizer with growth hormone-containing formulation and methods of use and making
Process for the recovery of elemental sulphur from residues produced in hydrometallurgical processes
Method and Apparatus for Controlling Metal Separation
Hollow strandfoam and preparation thereof
Reuse of waste materials via manure additive
Selective Separation of Used Fragmented Polymeric Materials By Using a Dynamically Stabilized Dense ...
Coated Paper as a Printed Material
Reusable duct wrap
Building Modules
System for pixel defect masking and control thereof
Libertia plant name `NNGF2`
Grapevine `90-3437`
Cactaceae plant named `Elsie`
Breading machine
Portable phone
Method and apparatus for generating magnetic field map and method and apparatus for checking pose of...
Mobile phone
Portable digital communication apparatus having improved grip
Mobile phone
LCD television set
LCD monitor
Slot-in type optical disk player
Standard cell, standard cell library, semiconductor device, and placing method of the same
Apparatus and method for controlling execute-in-place (XIP) in serial flash memory, and flash memory...
Wireless communication system
Communication method, communication device, and computer program