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Recombinant coryneform bacterium and method for producing diodegradable polyester
Protein composition and its use in restructured meat and food products
Pastrami sausage and method for making same
Method for producing feed silage
Oil-In-Water Emulsification Composition For Boiled Rice And Boiled Rice Utilizing The Same
Exotic fruit juice and silver-containing beverage
Agent For Recovery From Cerebral Fatigue
Method for Untrafinely Pulverizing Oat Bran and a Beverage Composition Comprising an Extract Extract...
Beverage Production System
Device and method for distribution of condiments
Animal Chew
Composition for Soybean Protein-Processed Food, Paste for Meat-Containing or Meat-Not-Containing Pro...
Process for producing puffed snack and production apparatus therefor
Food slicer with a safety switch
Method for manufacturing animal feed, method for increasing the rumen bypass capability of an animal...
Use of o/w emulsions for chain lubrication
Baked type aromatizing compositions
Gene encoding glutathione synthetase from Candida utilis
Protein material
Process for the preparation of a foamed product and products obtainable by this process
Ethanol distillation process
Method and system for improving adherence with a diet program or other medical regimen
Covered kitchen utensil and a covering for a kitchen utensil
Spill resistant water and food dish for pets
Deer feeder
Video system for use with video telephone and video conferencing
Omni-directional camera design for video conferencing
Computer-aided detection of lung nodules
Method and apparatus for quality assurance and quality control in radiological equipment using autom...
X-ray generator
Radiographic inspection apparatus and radiographic inspection method
X-ray optical element
X-ray computed tomographic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
Portal imaging using modulated treatment beam
Image-based material decomposition
Breast image obtaining method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for sample formation and microanalysis in a vacuum chamber
Lens bonded X-ray scintillator system and manufacturing method therefor
Radiological imaging apparatus
Methods and apparatus for small footprint imaging system
Cerenkov x-ray detector for portal imaging
Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers and associated methods of synthesis and use
Portable digital detector system
Pet steps
Pet toy
Cholesteric liquid crystal optical bodies and methods of manufacture and use
Information device
Optical films for creating unique optical effects
Method and system for on-line measurement of thickness and birefringence of thin plastic films
Double-layer antenna structure for hand-held devices
Razor handle
Ophthalmic delivery device
Ophthalmic delivery device
Downspout guard
Zippered propane tank sleeve
Golf tee locator
Vehicle data kiosk
Folding and inserting machine
Dispenser of a container
Abrasive plate
Abrasive insert
T-handle hex wrench
Rack mounted door
Food serving utensil
Connector housing
Food processing container
Compact disc holder
Latency control circuit and method of latency control
Image diagnosis supporting device
Portable and on-line arsenic analyzer for drinking water
Method and apparatus for selectively accessing and configuring individual chips of a semi-conductor ...
Method and apparatus for estimating of fluid contamination downhole
Accepting bids to advertise to users performing a specific activity
Method and apparatus to prepare listener-interest-filtered works
Hierarchical determination of feature relevancy for mixed data types
Packet processors having multi-functional range match cells therein
Dynamic maintenance of web indices using landmarks
Method and system for management of multiple network resources
System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relation...
Method and system for providing cascaded trie-based network packet search engines
Feed forward clock and data recovery unit
Apparatus and method for non-invasive diagnosing of coronary artery disease
Catalyst and process for LPG production
Ni hydrogenation catalysts, manufacture and use
Additives for inhibiting the formation of gas hydrates
Process for isomerizing non-equilibrium xylene-containing feed streams
Compensation for frequency adjustment in mobile communication-positioning device with shared oscilla...
Technique for accurate estimate of large antenna inertial two dimensional orientation using relative...
Remotely driven system for multi-product and multi-platform testing
Context-sensitive attributes
Timing analysis apparatus, systems, and methods
Providing a presentation engine adapted for use by a constrained resource client device
Testing measurements
Electronic document validation
Liquid crystal display module having structure for preventing wires from being damaged and method of...
Fuser cleaning method and system in image-forming device
Testing a receiver connected to a reference voltage signal
Fuel cell
Asymmetric polyisocyanate monomers in urethane polymers and oligomers to reduce crystallinity
Method for detection of melanoma
Method of making carbon fiber-carbon matrix reinforced ceramic composites
Control method of a gap adjuster of impact crusher and a gap adjuster
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue
Recording/reproducing apparatus, data moving method, and data deletion method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Remote monitoring of computer programs
Dianthus plant named `DEVON ESTHER`
Thermal transfer device and system and method incorporating same
Optical switch and a control method thereof
Handle for dolly cart
Battery with gelled electrolyte
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device with dual storage node and fabricating and operating methods thereof
Magnetic resistance memory and method of writing data
Display device and display unit using the same
Plasma tube array
System and method for dynamic sequencing of a requirements-based workflow
Y-branch-based thermo-optic digital optical switches and variable optical attenuators with non-unifo...
Q-damping circuit including a high temperature superconductor coil for damping a high temperature su...
Fluorosulfates of hexafluoroisobutylene and its higher homologs and their derivatives
Flash spinning solution and flash spinning process using straight chain hydrofluorocarbon co-solvent...
Radiation durable organic compounds with high transparency in the vacuum ultraviolet, and method for...
Spatially-doped charge transport layers
System and method for cleaning in-process sensors
Manufacture of alpha-olefins
Polymer precursor dispersion containing a micropulp and method of making the dispersion
Process for efficiently producing highly plasticized polyamide blends
Glass laminates for reduction of sound transmission
Fluoropolymer low reflecting layers for plastic lenses and devices
Band with hidden pocket
Polyurethane foams for wound management
Easy install hinge connection
Adjustable neck brace
High altitude parachute navigation flight computer
Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for a robot
Tool position indicator
Mobile terminal, a method of operating the terminal, and information items for use therein
Self-referenced tracking
Process and method for safer vehicle navigation through facial gesture recognition and operator cond...
Navigation method for visual presentations
Vehicle navigation system
System and method for determining aircraft tapeline altitude
Imaging system
Navigation device which switches the feed to an interface of a central processing unit between digit...
Circuit and method for reducing power consumption in an optical navigation system having redundant a...
Data storage device with built-in data protection for ultra sensitive applications
Stability Margins and error recovery in servo control systems
Suspension Buckling Limiter
Vortex-flow vacuum suction nozzle
Return pole of a transducer having low thermal induced protrusion
Rapid cycle time gas burster
Rotating recorder with dual encoder arrangement having eccentricity compensation
Fly height adjusted sweep cycle for a disc drive
Method for sputtering magnetic recording media
Decorative golf club grip
Apparatus for transferring a fluid between a transport vessel and a storage station
Signal support assembly
Boat hull
Hull with propulsion tunnel and leading edge interceptor
Stabilizing surface for flight deck or other uses
Water sport towing apparatus
Floating LNG import terminal and method for docking
Apparatus for transporting boat lifts
Circuit arrays having cells with combinations of transistors and nanotube switching elements
Nanosensors based on functionalized nanoparticles and surface enhanced raman scattering
Integrated circuit package with carbon nanotube array heat conductor
Nanoscale wires and related devices
Non-volatile nanocrystal memory transistors using low voltage impact ionization
Fabricating carbon nanotube transistor devices
Sequentially charged nanocrystal light emitting device
Method of making and using nanoscale metal
Ultra-dispersed nanocarbon and method for preparing the same
Integrated circuit with metal layer having carbon nanotubes and methods of making same
Device for generating nanostructures
Lens barrel for camera
Method and apparatus for capturing images using a color laser projection display
Optical apparatus
Anti-shake apparatus
Lens-fitted photographic film
Mediators of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Cosmetic and cosmeceutical compositions for restoration of skin barrier function
Apparatuses having spool assembly for absorbing jumper slack
Advanced intelligent single telephone number routing
Convenience features in a method and system for providing enhanced caller identification
Resource reservation protocol based guaranteed quality of service internet protocol connections over...
Ring overlay network dedicated to carry broadcast traffic to DSLAMs
Conversion of petroleum resid to usable oils with ultrasound
Method and apparatus for graphically portraying gaming environment and information regarding compone...
Gaming device having a masked award game
Wristwatch and coupling assembly for releasably joining a wristwatch case to a wristband
Communication system
Communication system
Communication system
Authentication systems, wireless communication terminals, and wireless base stations
System and method for multi-level brightness in interferometric modulation
Autonomous optical wake-up intelligent sensor circuit
Personal verification device, card-type information storage medium, and information processing syste...
Communication system
Trouble-ticket generation in network management environment
Optical system, and optical apparatus
Power saving wireless telemetering system
Tamper resistant electronic tag
Security system and perimeter beam tower
Lighting control circuit for vehicle lighting equipment
Method and an apparatus for cooling an arc lamp
High efficiency radio isotope energy converters using both charge and kinetic energy of emitted part...
Photovoltaic device
Method of forming an oxide film
Structures and methods to enhance copper metallization
Structure and method for a high-speed semiconductor device having a Ge channel layer
Local area preference determination system and method
Practice sport projectile having a through hole
Tandem swing
Inflatable slide or bouncer
Gaming machine with action unit container
Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries
Symmetric poi
Mountable interactive toy animal
Connector for sports goal frame
Rewarding detection of notable nonrandom patterns in games
System and methods for randomizing playing instruments for use in online gaming
Identifying solutions to computer problems in main system by service system in distributed system la...
Trade-off/semantic networks
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of constraint solving
Genetic optimization computer system
Prevention and treatment for adult glaucoma
Method and device for enhanced blood flow
Urinary tract catheter
Wireless Electrode for Biopotential Measurement
RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using short interfering nucleic acid (siNA)
Novel human kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same, and uses thereof
Agent for Prophylaxis or Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome
Sulfonamide Compounds and Uses Thereof
Amino, Amino Acid or Peptide Conjugates of Retinoic Acid
Compounds Which Potentiate Glutamate Receptor and Uses Thereof in Medicine
8-hydroxyquinoline compounds for treating a polyglutamine (polyQ)-expansion disease
Huperzine a compound for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Novobiocin analogues as neuroprotective agents and in the treatment of autoimmune disorders
Compositions and methods for coating medical implants
Heterocyclic inhibitors of 11-beta hydroxyl steroid dehydrogenase type 1 and methods of using the sa...
Pharmaceutical use of substituted pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines
Sex steroid precursor alone or in combination with a selective estrogen receptor modulator and/or wi...
Animal model for type II diabetes mellitus and Syndrome X and methods and uses thereof
Suture locking method
Suture locking device
Devices and methods for treatment of obesity
Intraosseous Device And Methods For Accessing Bone Marrow In The Sternum And Other Target Areas
Incontinence management system and diaper
Kit for Introducing an Intragastric Implant, a cartridge for introducing Such an Implant, and a Corr...
Musical personal trainer
Quantum memory fusion
Endoscope tool coupling
Stable Tablet Formulation
Gefitinib Sensitivity-Related Gene Expression and Products and Methods Related Thereto
Nananoic acid derivatives as dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Fast JPEG huffman encoding and decoding
User interface for a portion of a display screen
Filler panel with integrated dust cover
Base for a phone
Key-based secure storage
Method and apparatus for tracing a denial-of-service attack back to its source
Transmitter device firewall
Operation of trusted state in computing platform
Locally providing globally consistent information to communications layers
Method and apparatus for transparently sharing an exception vector between firmware and an operating...
System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
Systems and methods for managing a run queue
Method and system for creating a quality of service message
Scalable cross-file inlining through locality-based transformation ordering
Event driven graph explorer for model-based testing of software
Method and system for performing shapes correction of a multi-cell reticle photomask design
Integrated circuit logic with self compensating shapes
System and method for automatic insertion of on-chip decoupling capacitors
Efficient electromagnetic modeling of irregular metal planes
Methods of identifying synthetic transcriptional and translational regulatory elements, and composit...
Plants Having Increased Yield and a Method for Making the Same
Regulatory DNA Elements from Agrobacterium vitis S4
Artificial plant minichromosomes
Wuschel (WUS) Gene Homologs
Gene Encoding an Enzyme for Catalyzing Biosynthesis of Lignan, and Use Thereof
Identification of Therapeutic Agents Using Genetic Fingerprinting
Nucleic acids encoding a chimeric glycosyltransferase
Nucleoside Releasing Functional Unit Through Oxidation and Process for Producing Oligonucleotide Con...
Inclusion Complexes Containing Piroxicam, a Cyclodextrin and Arginine
Method for the production of plant seed with modified fiber content and modified seed coat
Bi-functional metallocenes, preparation process and use in the labeling or biological molecules
Probe for mass spectrometry of liquid sample
Kinase suppressor of Ras inactivation for therapy of Ras mediated tumorigenesis
Human transferase family members and uses thereof
Genotyping kit for diagnosis of human papilloma virus infection
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a novel estrogen receptor beta variant
Partial and full agonists of A1 adenosine receptors
Modulators of pharmacological agents
Polyene polyketides and methods of production
Production of vascular endothelial cell growth factor and DNA encoding same
Method for genotyping polymorphisms in humans
Bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family having enhanced transaldolase activity
Nitrile hydratase and a method for producing amides
Glycosyl hydrolases
Site-directed mutagenesis of Escherichia coli phytase
Human proteins responsible for NEDD8 activation and conjugation
Feedback-resistant pyruvate carboxylase gene from corynebacterium
L-amino acid-producing bacterium and a method for producing L-amino acid
Methods for producing .alpha.-substituted carboxylic acids using nitrilases and strecker reagents
BMP products
Method and system for detecting of errors within streaming audio/video data
Optically variable security attribute
Security imaging system
Alignment layer comprising a first and second sublayer
Method for transmitting signaling messages using alternate path
Methods and apparatus for performing speech recognition over a network and using speech recognition ...
DSL system estimation and parameter recommendation
Modular telecommunication test unit
System and method for measuring power of optical signals carried over a fiber optic link
Strip to point optical communication system
Discharging envelope detector
System and method for integrated telephony switching
System and method for providing a communication session
System and method for providing an automatic telephone call back from information provided at a data...
Method and system for independent participant control of audio during multiparty communication sessi...
Printer with speech transcription of a recorded voice message
Method of detecting remote ground condition
Method for the detection of impedances and for the qualification of the telephone lines
System and method for monitoring time-related connection data detected by a network node
Direct digital access arrangement circuitry and method for connecting to phone lines
Dual-use packet/analog phone or phone-adapter in a packet telephony distribution system
Mobile wireless internet portable radio
Methods and systems for automated analysis of signaling link utilization
Method for creating specific, high affinity nuclear receptor pharmaceuticals
Rice hybrid XL730
Inbred corn line PHEBA
Inbred maize line PH6MN
Soybean cultivar 26312034
Soybean cultivar 26143837
Soybean cultivar S050231
Soybean variety XB28T06
Soybean cultivar 4405070
Soybean cultivar S040125
Methods of protecting plants from pathogenic fungi and nematodes
Mice which are +/- or -/- for the elastin gene as models for vascular disease
Compounds for determining the activity of phospholipase A.sub.2
PRO4340 polypeptides
Failure mode operation for an electric vehicle
Augmented reality system
Electro-optic vision systems
Industrial robot
Apparatus for conveying liquid crystal display panel
Active edge gripping and effector
Device for laying line elements
Alignment method and mounting method using the alignment method
Process for lapping ring and pinion gears
Automating document reviews in a project management system
Method of automating place and route corrections for an integrated circuit design from physical desi...
Information rearrangement method, information processing apparatus and information processing system...
Efficiently displaying and researching information about the interrelationships between documents
Schema-based services for identity-based data access
Systems and methods for automatic repair and replacement of networked machines
Delivery point validation system
Storage medium for data backup and method for the same
System and method for optimally configuring software systems for a NUMA platform
System and methods for sharing configuration information with multiple processes via shared memory
Method and apparatus for data storage using striping
Exploiting popular objects to reduce mutator overhead
Systems and methods for synchronizing data objects among participating systems via asynchronous exch...
Administration tool for gathering information about systems and applications including the feature o...
Method and apparatus for confirming before sending an e-mail attached with image data
Autonomous eclone
System and method for reliably purging statistical records
Method and system for data processing with data backup
Optimizing the recording on a rewritable interactive medium of revisions to an existing project on t...
Method and apparatus for handling requests for files in a data processing system
Feature identification of events in multimedia
Internet security system
Internet modem streaming socket method
Using internet protocol (IP) in radio access network
System and method for providing desired service policies to subscribers accessing the internet
System and method of reducing data corruption due to recycled IP identification numbers
System and method for transmitting OPC data via data networks, in particular the internet, using an ...
Internet information displaying apparatus and internet information displaying method
Focused search method of fixed codebook and apparatus thereof
Methods and systems for advanced spaceport information management
Air quality monitoring systems and methods
Apparatus and method for preventing illegal distribution of digital contents by using a fingerprinti...
UMTS telecommunications system for enabling a mobile station to receive voice-over internet protocol...
Method and apparatus for facilitating handoffs in a wireless communication network
Image data outputting apparatus and image data outputting method
Wireless terminal-interoperable home network system and method controlling the same
Pair of slots for multimedia furniture
Distributed multimedia transfer
User request processing method and apparatus using upstream channel in interactive multimedia conten...
Transmission of data items
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, information processing system, mult...
Apparatus and method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for hub-based network access via a multimedia system
Method of realizing combination of multi-sets of multiple digital images and bus interface technique
Citizen communication center
Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video components of multimedia presentations by ide...
Supply of electric power using fuel cell and chargeable/dischargeable storage
Control system for a vehicle power supply and control method thereof
Blower having a carrying frame
Windrower cab mounting and suspension system
Hydraulic drive mechanism for mobile vehicles
Driver adaptive collision warning system
Vehicle ignition interlock systems having transdermal alcohol sensor
Method and arrangement for automated control of a vehicular drive train
Seat supporting structure in motorcycle
Steering control apparatus for vehicle and method for steering control
Pump unit and working vehicle
Vehicle driving aid apparatus
Energy storage disconnecting switch
Park/drive mechanical interlock system for zero turn radius mowers
Remote control inputs to Java applications
Mapping systems and methods
Vehicle drive assist system
MMS based photo album publishing system
Information processing apparatus and recording control method including erroneous-erasure prevention...
Contour-emphasizing circuit
Transparency and/or color processing
Vehicle identification method and device
Statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
System for installation
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for continuous synchronization of a plurality of asynchronous data sources
Electronic device
System and method for generating images
Multiple integrated machine system
Printer including video decoder
Display apparatus
Game ball having a thin cover and method of making same
Hockey game table puck with weighted perimeter
Gaming machine having a player time-selectable bonus award scheme
Wagering gaming and method of play
Method and computer-readable medium for deploying characters in a game
Video game apparatus, a character training controlling method, and a readable storage medium storing...
Friendly fire archery bow
Method of processing industrial and municipal, organic, rubber-containing wastes
Carbon black
Method for producing hydrogen and apparatus for supplying hydrogen
Process for the production of ammonia and Fischer-Tropsch liquids
Method and device for capturing ruthenium present in a gaseous effluent
Method for clarifying exhaust gas
Process for removing metals from liquids
Chlorine gas generating candle
Process for removing arsenic from aqueous streams
Cathode block for aluminum refining and method for production thereof
Treatment of solid containing material derived from effluent
Bonds between metals and polymers for medical devices
Ammonium dodecamolybdomolybdate and method of making
Hydrogen absorbing alloy and secondary battery
Erosion and wear resistant protective structures for turbine engine components
Performance data transmission controlling apparatus, and electronic musical instrument capable of ac...
Piano key finder and chord indicator
String tuning adjuster
Adjustable drum pedal assembly
Low friction system for snare drum tension adjuster
Tailpiece of a stringed musical instrument
Stringed musical instrument having harmonic bridge
Upright keyboard musical instrument
Musical instrument hanger
Typing practice apparatus, typing practice method, and typing practice program
Device for driving vibration source
System and method that facilitates customizing media
Handover in a mobile communication system
Channel request and contention resolution apparatus and method
Harmonic image-reject converter
Method and apparatus for detecting a radio frequency to which a broadcast receiver is tuned
Wireless receiver without AGC
Radio communication method and system for performing communication among a plurality of radio commun...
Portable interference-generating device for use in a CDMA mobile testing
Adaptive antenna control method and adaptive antenna transmission/reception characteristic control m...
Cooling system and image forming apparatus with cooling system
Background processing and searching for a communication channel
Frequency hopping system for intermittent transmission
System and method for identifying co-channel interference in a radio network
Transmission of voice over IP in wireless telecommunications system
Fixed cellular terminal with packet data transmission over analog interface
Method and device for canceling a land-groove offset component of a focusing error signal in an opti...
Television receiver and method for receiving broadcast signal
Communications monitor and control for consumer devices
SOC for integrating micro-antenna
Systems and methods for detecting software buffer security vulnerabilities
System and method to provide an interactive coupon channel a video casting network
Apparatus for and method of preventing illicit copying of digital content
Method and system to maintain portable computer data secure and authentication token for use therein
System and method for measuring reactions to product packaging, advertising, or product features ove...
Customizable electronic commerce comparison system and method
Dynamic operator identification system and methods
Data copyright management system
Electronic device with automatic capability for location-specific software configuration
Systems and methods for providing loan management from cash or deferred income arrangements
Method for reiterative betting based on supply and demand of betting shares
Electronic Billing with required viewing of supplemental information
Econometric optimization engine
Accounting system for absorption costing
Technique for transaction reconciliation
Method, system and computer readable medium for brokering the purchase and sale of glass cullet
Method, apparatus and system for retrieval of specialized consumer information
Molecular-sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Ethylbenzene conversion and xylene isomerization processes and catalysts therefor
Process for increasing production of light olefin hydrocarbon from hydrocarbon feedstock
Process for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes and/or dienes in an olefin-containing hydrocarbon...
Process for conversion of organic, waste, or low-value materials into useful products
Transgenic animals expressing transdominant negative retroviral nucleic acids and proteins
Germinal center kinase proteins, compositions, and methods of use
Production of TNFR-Ig
Mammalian myeloid progenitor cell subsets
Molecules of the pyrin domain protein family and uses thereof
Recombinant viral-based malaria vaccines
Reovirus for the treatment of neoplasia
Crystallization reagent matrices and related methods and kits
Smart supplies, components and capital equipment
Substituted imidazole compounds
Compositions and methods for treating HIV infection with cupredoxin and cytochrome c
Methods and materials for the synthesis of modified peptides
Immunomodulatory peptides derived from heat shock proteins and uses thereof
Tocopherols, tocotrienols, other chroman and side chain derivatives and uses thereof
Thiazolopyrazoles and methods of their use
Alkynyl compounds as non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Anti-infective phosphonate analogs
Big bore transceiver
Analysis of auscultatory sounds using single value decomposition
Acoustic fluid machine
Loudspeaker horn and method for controlling grating lobes in a line array of acoustic sources
Door trim speaker grille with electroluminescent lamp and injection molding method of making same
Equipment mounting rack
Equipment mounting rack
Equipment mounting rack
Equipment mounting rack
Equipment mounting rack
Portable winch
Mechanic's creeper
Cleaning trolley
Cleaning trolley
Cleaning trolley
Golf cart
Golf cart
Shopping cart
Rubbish bag holder
Scoop top container
Cleaning apparatus
Water bucket for portable irrigator
Cleaning tool
Scrubber holder
Toilet bowl cleaner
Input field indicator appliance
Modulation of a video signal with an impairment signal to increase the video signal masked threshold
Excising compromised routers from an ad-hoc network
Method for securing memory mapped control registers
Data recording method, data recording device, and recording medium
Secure video card methods and systems
Biometrics template
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, program-initiation error processing metho...
Data processing apparatus and method
Computer system and method for controlling output of reproduced video data
Portable information storage medium and its authentication method
Terminal identity masking in a wireless network
Method and application for authentication of a wireless communication using an expiration marker
Star pattern partial encryption
Method and apparatus for securing control words
Method and process for transmitting video content
New Guinea impatiens plant named `GruNeu 25`
Osteospermum plant named `GG DEL PB06`
Petunia plant named `PET0602`
Petunia plant named `PET0601`
Lavandula plant named `Boysenberry Ruffles`
Hydrangea plant named `ZORRO`
Lavandula plant named `Violet Lace`
Viola plant named `Lord Primrose`
Cranberry variety named `NJS98-23`
Geranium plant named `KLEP04131`
Hibiscus plant named `Tye-Dye Wind`
Nemesia plant named `Kirine-14`
Miniature rose plant named `Poulpar045`
Bermudagrass plant named `Premier`
Raspberry cultivar `Cascade Bounty`
Water screen
Pile anchor head for an underpinning pile and method of preloading the same
Repair jacket for pilings and method
Method and apparatus for preventing dock or structure piling uplift
Recovery of non-aqueous phase liquids from ground sources
Stormwater receiving assembly
Liquid level regulation apparatus
Transportation data recording system
System and method to enhance attitude estimation for transfer orbit maneuver
Programmable autopilot system for autonomous flight of unmanned aerial vehicles
Resin infused transparent skin panel and method of making same
On-board inert gas generation system with compressor surge protection
Frame assembly for passenger seat
Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods
Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential...
Multimodal, deployable vehicle
Learning system and related methods particularly suitable for an organization's supply chain
Educational tool
Method and system for skills-based testing and training
Print media information systems and methods
Multi-functional fob
Pin holder structure of input/output plug
Data logging
Hazard countermeasure system and method for vehicles
Method and system for customized information handling system support updates
Data repacking for memory accesses
Real time production system and method
Enhanced position control of web pages
Computer system and method of displaying hypertext documents with internal hypertext link definition...
Method for remotely querying a blade server's physical location within a rack of blade servers
Method of updating cache state information where stores only read the cache state information upon e...
Dynamic client/server session recovery in a heterogenous computer network
Method and apparatus for providing random bits
Catheter and method for mapping purkinje fibers
Radiolocation in a wireless network using time difference of arrival
Mobile communications control method, control system and mobile terminal
Signal acquisition and processing method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging
Imaging Procedure and Magnetic-Resonance Imaging System for the Acquistion of the Longitudinal Spin-...
Gradient magnetic coil, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus h...
Display element and display device
EL display, EL illumination device and driving method therefor, liquid crystal device and electronic...
Organic light emitting display device with passivation structure
Light-emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Organic EL element and method of forming the same
Light emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Organic EL display device including a step alleviation in light emitting area
Organic light emitting diode display with insulating film which contains SiO
Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled mono...
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method with partition and emission regions to...
Organic light emitting devices and electroluminescent display panel applying the same
Organic element for electroluminescent devices
Display device having a DAC per pixel
Active matrix type flat-panel display device
Image forming apparatus
Methods and displays utilizing integrated zinc oxide row and column drivers in conjunction with orga...
Organic electroluminescent display device with projecting structure layer
Compound eye image sensor design
Flexible carbon-based ohmic contacts for organic transistors
Organic EL device
Printed circuit board
Oven system with automated messages
Method of preparation and use of coconut water in mamalian tissue nourishment growth and healthy mai...
Method for the production of protein preparations with essentially constant properties
Soy protein products and methods for producing soy protein products
Crunch providing chewing gum additive and method of making
Nocturnal muscle enhancing composition and method
Wastewater separator and method of using same
Child booster with spillproof tray
Alterable profile lid for beverage preparation
Loaf end trimming station for slicing machine
Drum for drum washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
Digital camera
MP3 player
Notebook computer
Keyboard for a handheld communication device
Portable phone
Portable phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable phone
Mobile phone
Mounting of optical components
Methods and apparatus for sharing slack in a time-partitioned system
Method for providing fault tolerance in an XDSL system
Method and apparatus for detecting biomolecular interactions
Benzimidazole and pyridylimidazole derivatives
Label-free methods for performing assays using a colorimetric resonant reflectance optical biosensor
Bearing locking collar with laminated plates
Method and architecture for logical aggregation of multiple servers
Adaptive filter
Decorrelation of signals
Noise tolerant voltage controlled oscillator
Virtual bracket placement and evaluation
System and method for abbreviating information sent to a viewing device
Media access control for MIMO wireless network
Multi-row lead frame
High temperature electronic devices
Apparatus for forming a pre-applied underfill adhesive layer for semiconductor wafer level chip-scal...
Technology migration for integrated circuits with radical design restrictions
Controlling diffusion in doped semiconductor regions
NROM memory cell, memory array, related devices and methods
Fuse structure
Semiconductor device for preventing defective filling of interconnection and cracking of insulating ...
Superjunction semiconductor device
Wiring structure to minimize stress induced void formation
High voltage device having polysilicon region in trench and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device
High-voltage transistor device having an interlayer dielectric etch stop layer for preventing leakag...
Increasing electromigration lifetime and current density in IC using vertically upwardly extending d...
Semiconductor substrate and semiconductor device fabrication method
Method of producing electron beam writing data, program of producing electron beam writing data, and...
Charged particle beam apparatus and method of forming electrodes having narrow gap therebetween by u...
Control circuit for semiconductor device having overheating protection function
Method and system for increasing tensile stress in a thin film using multi-frequency electromagnetic...
Method and apparatus for forming conformal SiN.sub.x films
Sharing information across wireless content providers
Subcutaneous cardiac sensing and stimulation system employing blood sensor
Wireless LAN utilizability detecting system and method
Method and apparatus for high throughput multiple radio sectorized wireless cell
System and method for providing interactive wireless data and voice based services
Cell phone parental control
System and method for determining when to exit a wireless communication coverage network
Apparatus and method for estimating a velocity of a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system
Method and system for frequency usage
System and method for fast network re-entry in a broadband wireless access communication system
Apparatus and method using release order messages to change the slot cycle index of a selected mobil...
Call transfer for an integrated packet and wireless service using a temporary directory number
Wireless access control method and wireless access system
Viral wireless discovery and configuration mechanism for wireless networks
Titanium-group metal containing high-performance water, and its producing method and apparatus
Analyte separation utilizing temperature programmed desorption of a preconcentrator mesh
Direct drive display with a multi-layer backplane and process for its manufacture
PRO7174 polypeptides
Nucleic acid underexpressed in esophageal tumor
Lithographic printing plate precursor and lithographic printing method
Process for producing toner
Method and apparatus for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Oral suspension formulation
Preparations for the application of anti-inflammatory, especially antiseptic agents and/or agents pr...
Abundant extracellular products and methods for their production and use
Process for preparing a non-woven fibrous web
Treatment liquid for ink jet, treatment liquid tank for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, ink tank for i...
Built-in self test (BIST) technology for testing field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) using partia...
System for providing a trustworthy user interface
Mechanism for dynamically-allocated variables in an arbitrary-context tracing framework
Method and apparatus for managing replication volumes
Adaptive thread ID cache mechanism for autonomic performance tuning
Chipset support for managing hardware interrupts in a virtual machine system
Apparatus and methods for developing conversational applications
Fixing device
Golf ball equator locating apparatus
Assembly for training hand/eye coordination
Methods for erasing bit cells in a high density data storage device
Thin layer semi-conductor structure comprising a heat distribution layer
Low temperature process for TFT fabrication
Projection display
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Flat panel display device with polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor
Methods for fabricating device features having small dimensions
Footwear mid-sole
Footwear outsole
Shoe outsole
Outsole of a shoe
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter system for three-phase electrical power systems
Abrasion resistant elastomeric compositions
Deposition products, composite materials and processes for the production thereof
Decontamination and contaminant processing system and method
Orthopedic foot devices
Article of footwear with sole plate
High voltage pulsed power supply using solid state switches
System and method for coordinating wire feeder motor operation
Process for short-time arc-welding and short-time arc-welding system
Welding gun with controller and method for using same
Device for controlled depth riveting
Mini desktop stapler
Conveyor for bar or pipe
Method of and system for sharp object detection using computed tomography images
Two step maskless exposure of gate and data pads
Shadow mask having a slot structure that permits electron beams to enter at increased angles
Gas powered gun with primary and secondary pistons
Hydraulic control device for vehicular automatic transmission
Air turbine handpiece
Reconfigurable motorcycle jacket
Automatic mapping logic for a combustor in a gas turbine engine
Torque converter clutch dynamic control
Personal transportation system
Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with highly maneuverable insertion tool
Methods and systems employing intracranial electrodes for neurostimulation and/or electroencephalogr...
Charging apparatus and image forming apparatus with plated electrode
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus having the same
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a detachable process cartridge and a lubricant
Apparatus and method for analysis of molecules
Optical switch and matrix optical switch
Thermally compensated fiber bragg grating mount
Optical transistor with sub-wavelength aperture
Intuitive tools for manipulating objects in a display
Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spel...
System and method for capturing kernel-resident information
Query of bios-stored value to determine user intent at return to active state
Systems and methods for providing time-and weight-based flexibly tolerant hardware ID
Media file format to support switching between multiple timeline-altered media streams
Parental controls customization and notification
System for designating grid-based database reports
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for a global video format schema defining metadata rel...
Distributed pre-cached query results and refresh method
Electric motor and apparatus for manufacturing electric motor
Organic electro-luminescent device, manufacturing method for the same, and electronic equipment
Hollow strandfoam and preparation thereof
Capacitance controlling process
System for forming a hollow body
Fiber extrusion pack including split distribution plates
Handheld extruder welding device
Storage device having a read circuit to detect a storage state based on interaction between a probe ...
Anti-reflective film and optical element having anti-reflective film
Programmable crossbar signal processor
Zwitterionic polymers
Hydrogels formed by non-covalent linkages
Integrin .alpha.-v .beta.-3 antagonists for use in imaging and therapy
Method for interconnecting electronic components using a blend solution to form a conducting layer a...
Electronic systems and component devices for macroscopic and microscopic molecular biological reacti...
Transparent polyolefin film having a UV barrier
Method and apparatus for controlling pests
Circuit chip connector and method of connecting a circuit chip
High durable, low-e, heat treatable layer coating system
Method of making fusion cast articles
Electrochromic mirrors and other electrooptic devices
Combined heat and power system
Solar dish concentrator with a molten salt receiver incorporating thermal energy storage
Solar thermal roofing
Preparation of CIGS-based solar cells using a buffered electrodeposition bath
Methods for forming strained-semiconductor-on-insulator device structures by use of cleave planes
Gas barrier film and method for producing the same
Solar power system and method for power generation
Skylight having a molded plastic frame
Virtual path restoration scheme using fast dynamic mesh restoration in an optical network
Method and apparatus for object alignment
Camera and control method therefor
Pixel correction processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, pixel correction processing metho...
Sigma-delta modulated power supply
Method and system for improving communication between logic elements in an integrated circuit
Reflective members for use in encoder systems
Method and apparatus for implementing a layer 3/layer 7 firewall in an L2 device
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
Algorithm pattern generator for testing a memory device and memory tester using the same
Configurable architecture for managing corporate and industry knowledgebases
Wideband signal generators, measurement devices, methods of signal generation, and methods of signal...
Multipath processing for GPS receivers
Method and apparatus for processing custom time division multiplexed signals
Method and apparatus for managing congestion in a data communication network
Micropump check valve device and method of manufacturing the same
Charge-trapping memory cell and method for production
Ion beam device and ion beam processing method, and holder member
Method and apparatus to effectively reduce a non-active detection gap of an optical sensor
Self-supporting metallic implantable grafts, compliant implantable medical devices and methods of ma...
Dental implant system
Abutment screw with spring-washer
Biofunctional dental implant
LED illuminator with retro reflector
Material to prevent low temperature degradation of zirconia
Vaccine and method for preventing biofilm formation
Oral care malodor composition
Hydrophilic high density PTFE medical barrier
Apparatus for simulating interdental papilla
Transluminal mitral annuloplasty with active anchoring
Turn signal lamp, periphery monitoring device, body construction and imaging device for vehicle
Analyte detection system
Universal locking device for heat sink
Semi-compliant joining mechanism for semiconductor cooling applications
Three dimensional packaging and cooling of mixed signal, mixed power density electronic modules
Heat-receiving apparatus and electronic equipment
Cooling apparatus, cooled electronic module, and methods of fabrication thereof employing thermally ...
Fan holder
Electronic equipment including an apparatus for cooling interior of housing
Architecture for power modules such as power inverters
Thermostat with energy saving backlit switch actuators and visual display
Louver fin type heat exchanger having improved heat exchange efficiency by controlling water blockag...
Total heat exchanging element
Water-cooling heat exchanger and heat-dissipating device for the same
Integral fastener heat pipe
Temperature control of thermooptic devices
Cryogen/water heat exchanger and the application thereof to the supply of gas to an on-board power u...
Metering device for flowable products
Fluid-applying device and a method of applying a fluid to a teat of a dairy animal
Alkaline protease
Protection disks for breastfeeding mothers
Automatic dispensers
Method and arrangement for automatically verifying identities of milk producing animals
Method of milking and milking parlor
Collapsible furniture having resilient locking barbs
Phenoxy amine compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
PPAR-activating compound
Mitotic kinesin inhibitors
Macrolide analogs and methods for identifying same
Sterile low bicarbonate dialysis concentrate solutions
Acyloxyalkyl carbamate prodrugs, methods of synthesis and use
Drug/drug delivery systems for the prevention and treatment of vascular disease
Method for treating or preventing Alzheimer's disease
Intravascular device for axially stretching blood vessels
Methods and devices for the treatment of neurological and physiological disorders
Apparatus and method for making a hole in the dura
Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment
Medical examination apparatus
Apparatus and method of ordering state transition rules for memory efficient, programmable, pattern ...
Methods and systems for identifying manipulated articles
Method for reducing the receipt of unsolicited bulk e-mail and providing anonymity to an email-user
Device for transdermal electrotransport delivery of fentanyl and sufentanil
Electrochemical device
Method and device for non-destructive analysis of perforations in a material
Semiconductor device having reduced intra-level and inter-level capacitance
Sulfonated polyphenylene polymers
Polymerization process
Process for preparing graft copolymers and membranes formed therefrom
Composition for recovering hydrocarbon fluids from a subterranean reservoir
Pulmonary delivery of active fragments of parathyroid hormone
Methods for their manufacture of adsorbent
Composites pressure resin infusion system (ComPRIS)
Facing material with controlled porosity for construction boards
Damascene interconnection having porous low k layer with a hard mask reduced in thickness
Alkaline secondary electrochemical generators with a zinc anode
Method for producing a dialysate solution
Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing
Absorbent sheet exhibiting resistance to moisture penetration
Detection of microbe contamination on elastomeric articles
Tape application device
Facing material with controlled porosity for construction boards
Dye mixture and ink containing the same, inkjet recording method and image forming method
Adsorbent-formed object and an adsorbent unit
Multifunctioning method utilizing a two phase non-aqueous extraction process
Dry-cleaning article, composition and methods
Contact probe for a testing head having vertical probes for semiconductor integrated devices
Syringe/plunger coupling
Bioabsorbable, biobeneficial polyester polymers for stent coatings
Skin care compositions
Method and materials for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Process for preparing nitrile compound, carboxylic acid compound or carboxylic acid ester compound
NF-.kappa.b inhibitors
Fluoro- and trifluoroalkyl-containing heterocyclic sulfonamide inhibitors of beta amyloid production...
Pyrazole derivatives, their preparation and their use in pharmaceuticals
N-dihydroxyalkyl-substituted 2-oxo-imidazole derivatives
N-(substituted arylmethyl)-4-(disubstituted methyl) piperidines and pyridines
Pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-6-ones as GSK-3 inhibitors
GSK-3 inhibitors
Production of polyketides and other natural products
Non-imidazole compounds
Substituted 1-propiolylpiperazine compounds, their preparation and use
Circulating grinding plant comprising a mill and a sifter
Class D amplifier
Motor drive circuit
Low distortion class-D amplifier using carrier reference signal symmetry modulation
Class D amplifier
Error test for an address decoder of a non-volatile memory
Active type harmonic suppression apparatus
Switching power supply circuit
Frequency divider circuit with controllable frequency division ratio and method for frequency divisi...
Simple switched-mode power supply with current and voltage limitation
Pulse modulated power converter