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Microelectronic package having multiple conductive paths through an opening in a support substrate
Liquid crystal display for mobile phone
Inspection system for limited access spaces
Overlay target and measurement method using reference and sub-grids
Polishing pad surface shape measuring instrument, method of using polishing pad surface shape measur...
Electroabsorption modulator and method of manufacturing the same
Electrical/optical integration scheme using direct copper bonding
Waveguide for thermo optic device
Vacuum container for cooled magnetic resonance probe head
Mobility extended telephone application programming interface and method of use
Method and system for location based group formation
Push-to-talk signaling and media inter-working architecture
Architecture to facilitate interoperability and inter-working of push to talk technologies
Location based service (LBS) system, method and apparatus for authorization of mobile station LBS ap...
Method for transmitting an assignment through wireless transmission
Location determination and location tracking in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for determining symmetric and asymmetric crash events with improved misuse marg...
Method and system for automated location dependent probabilistic tropical cyclone forecast
Methods and apparatus for using black box data to analyze vehicular accidents
Method for performing periodic replication of data on a remote storage system
System indicating the presence of an individual or group of individuals
Integrated circuit memory device having delayed write capability
iSCSI system OS boot configuration modification
Logging of exception data
Personal firewall with location detection
Biometric multimodal centralized authentication service
Portion of a steering wheel based game controller
Portion of a pedal-based game controller
Communications monitoring, processing and intrusion detection
Methods and apparatus for verifying the identity of a user requesting access using location informat...
System and method to lock TPM always `on` using a monitor
Holder for an electronic device
Eyeglass display
Portion of an audiovisual communication device
Portion of an audiovisual communication device
Portion of an audiovisual communication device
Image for a portion of a display screen
Icon for a portion of a display screen
Media player
Media player
Portion of a media player
Portion of a media player
Portion of a media player
Truncated fragments of alpha-synuclein in Lewy body disease
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein named 158P1D7 useful in the treatment and detection of bladde...
B cell-targeted toxins for humoral immune response reduction and methods of use thereof
Polynucleotides encoding BSL3
ARF-BP1 as mediator of p53-dependent and independent tumor suppression and uses thereof
Preparation of optically active amines
Fluorescent protein from Montastraea cavernosa
Methods and compositions relating to modulation of hepatocyte growth, plasma cell differentiation or...
Beta-like glycoprotein hormone polypeptide and heterodimer
Transgenic organism expressing fungal MRP-like ABC transporters
MEN1, the gene associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, menin polypeptides and uses ther...
Isoforms of eIF-5A: senescence-induced eLF5A; wounding-induced eIF-4A; growth eIF-5A; and DHS
Nucleic acids having expression differentials between hepatoblastoma and normal liver
Enhanced silk exsertion under stress
Endothelial cell expression patterns
Soybean cultivar S040131
Soybean cultivar 3133014
Soybean cultivar 4136015
Inbred corn line G7905
Mounting device for a cable cup
Underwater exhaust system
Bit for excavation and compaction equipment for erecting piles, and excavation equipment provided wi...
Apparatus and method for deploying geotextile tubes
Waste water electrical power generating system
Water management system
Adaptive coupling and method
Reinforcing device and a bifacial reinforcing unit for earthworks and a method for the production of...
Two-wire power and communications for irrigation systems
Aquarium ornament
Transparent dog house
Animal containment and transportation apparatus
Equine back wrap
Control device for male canines
Device for removing wallpaper
Vacuum system
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Nozzle for electric vacuum cleaner
Mop head
Paint container cover
Suction sink center
Bottle return apparatus
Recycling bin
Garbage disposal
Garbage can
Induction type cover
Tricyrtis plant named `Taipei Silk`
Japanese maple plant named `Gwen's Rose Delight`
Miniature rose plant name `Poulpah024`
Apple tree named `CIVG198`
Myrica plant named `Soleil `
Geranium plant named `Maestro Lavender Blue`
Lupinus plant named `Persian Slipper`
Nectarine tree named `Royal Ruby`
Lobelia plant named `Kirilo-LV63`
Crystalline membranes
Reactor for chemical conversion of a feed with added heat, and crosswise flow of feed and catalyst
Photoactive compounds
Substituted anthryl derivative and electroluminescence device using the same
Processes for forming polypropylene from an oxygenate-contaminated monomer feedstock
Hydrocracking of diphenylalkanes
Method of making molecular sieve catalyst
Process for reducing fouling from flash/separation apparatus during cracking of hydrocarbon feedstoc...
Para-xylene process using perm-selective separations
Uses for cellulose-containing aggregates
Bone graft material incorporating demineralized bone matrix and lipids
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of ...
Encapsulated inorganic antimicrobial additive for controlled release
Topical treatment for dyshidrosis (pompholyx) and dry skin disorders
Composition for preventing atherosclerosis
Fixed-dried red blood cells
Compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses mediated by antigen-presenting cells
Preventing airway mucus production by administration of EGF-R antagonists
Biodegradable cationic polymers
Ultrasonic concentration of drug delivery capsules
Method for the antibiotic coating of bodies with interconnecting microcavities as well as coated bod...
Induction of a protective immune response through microprojectiles coated with a DNA sequence encodi...
Emulsions of oil-in-water for cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions
Particulate acellular tissue matrix
Bioactive peptides, uses thereof and process for the production of same
Polypeptides of the IFN.alpha.-5 gene
PRO19563 antibodies
Nucleic acids encoding human TNF-.alpha. convertase
Antibodies against human parathyroid hormone related protein
Personal watercraft having a pole support
Rapid self-repairing and unsinkable watercraft
Floating combined cycle power plant
Submarine ejection optimization control system and method
Bimini top support frame with flush mount fitting
Device for shellfish farming
Floatation apparatus and method
Thermal/environmental barrier coating system for silicon-containing materials
Multipath resolving correlation interferometer direction finding
Fixing member, fixing apparatus and fixing method
Karaoke card
Dual saddle bridge
Magnetized frets for a stringed musical instrument
Strap attachment member
Musical accessory mounting device
Method and apparatus for teaching rhythm
Automatic accompaniment apparatus and a storage device storing a program for operating the same
Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
Vehicle armor
Integrated ammoniacal solvent extraction and hydrogen reduction of nickel
Exhaust gas purification device for an internal combustion engine and exhaust gas purification metho...
Process for the removal of oxygen from olefin-containing process streams
Reduction of oxides of nitrogen in a gas stream using molecular sieve SSZ-74
Process for eliminating sulfur-containing compounds by direct oxidation
Apparatus and catalytic partial oxidation process for recovering sulfur from an H.sub.2S-containing ...
Process for producing hydrogen peroxide
Process conditions for Pt-Re bimetallic water gas shift catalysts
Method of catalytic decomposition of water
Carbon black, electrocatalyst carrier formed from carbon black, and electrocatalyst and electrochemi...
Ru-substituted polyoxometalates and process for their preparation
Server for network game, network game process control method, network game progress control program ...
Game system, game device, and storage medium
Hockey training pucks and methods of using same
Input device with adjustable cable arrangement
Display, input and form factor for portable instruments
Monitoring of video or audio based on in-band and out-of-band data
Bi-level and full-color video combination for video communication
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Method and system for component sync detection and alignment
Foreground detection using intrinsic images
Audio module supporting audio signature
Signal processing apparatus for eliminating ringing signal and method thereof, record medium, and pr...
System for format conversion using clock adjuster and method of the same
Differential method for layer-to-layer registration
Playback apparatus, electronic camera apparatus, function expansion apparatus for electronic camera ...
Method and device for ensuring storage time for digital broadcast
Encoding method and system for reducing inter-symbol interference effects in transmission over a ser...
Portable information processing apparatus
Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on per...
System and method to subscribe to channel URL addresses and to provide non-programming-related URL a...
Clock recovery circuit and clock-recovering filter circuit
Control system for an at least temporarily four wheel-driven motor vehicle
Electrically assisted bicycle which enables aerobic exercise
Vehicle power transmission system
Steering system for off-road vehicle
Pedestrian protection airbag system
Starter with electric oil pump for hybrid vehicle
Four-wheel drive combine with slip control
Steering apparatus for electric industrial vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Steering system for automotive vehicles
Steering shaft support structure for vehicle for uneven ground running
Fastening for a safety belt buckle, which is equipped for measuring the belt force arrangement
Hub motor
Cooling structure for fuel cell vehicle
Parking assist control apparatus
Combined occupant weight and spatial sensing in a vehicle
Vehicle steering apparatus
Method for the evaluation of the mounting location of an acceleration sensor component in a vehicle
Occupant protection activation device
Stability control apparatus and load measuring instrument for wheel supporting rolling bearing unit
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Linear shock wave absorber
Air vehicle assembly and an associated control system and method
Method of joining structural elements in an aircraft
Aircraft door hinge assembly
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Attitude and antenna steering system for geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) spacecraft
Aircraft mode suppression
Aircraft leading edge device systems and corresponding sizing methods
Control system for a linear propulsor array
Localized heat treating apparatus for blisk airfoils
System and method of analyzing aircraft removal data for preventative maintenance
Pricing apparatus for resolving energy imbalance requirements in real-time
System and method for consumer control over card-based transactions
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using secure components
Distributed run-time licensing
License management system, license management device, relay device and terminal device
System and method for device-based access privilege to an account
Injection-molding cost estimation system
Apparatus, systems and methods for interfacing with digital scales configured with remote client com...
Resource classification and prioritization system
Generating contextual user network session history in a dynamic content environment
Non-transferable anonymous credential system with optional anonymity revocation
Secure data transfer method of using a smart card
Verifiable secret shuffles and their application to electronic voting
Method for authenticating a user access request
Apparatus and methods for determining at least one characteristic of a proximate environment
Faceplate cover
Frame for speaker device and speaker device
Sound attenuating cover for domestic air conditioner compressors
Systems and methods for controlling acoustical damping
Exhaust gas muffler
Methods and apparatus of source control for borehole seismic
Systems and methods for substituting virtual dental appliances
Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Apparatus and method for analyzing motions using bio-impedance
System and method for displaying images in an online directory
System and method for managing recurring orders in a computer network
Trading system and method for institutional athletic and education programs
Digital audio track set recognition system
Method for improving cache-miss performance
Astrological horoscopes
Method for communicating using pictograms
Lock-In Training system
Computer-based training system and method for enhancing language listening comprehension
System and method for redundant data transmission in a time division duplex data frame
Base station, radio resource control equipment, mobile station, communication system, and communicat...
Overflow control method for frame synchronization of base stations in wireless communication network...
Method and system of channel adaptation
Communication system supporting wireless communication of packet data and method and arrangement rel...
Monitoring in communication system with wireless trunk
Data communication for wired and wireless communication
Digital transmission of broadcast signals, including HDTV signals, over a microwave link
Device and methods for high isolation and interference suppression switch-filter
Predistorter for use in a wireless transmitter
System and method for obtaining comprehensive vehicle radio listener statistics
High frequency interference-cut filter circuit
Methods and apparatus for improving accuracy of radio timing measurements
Radio positioning systems
Method of controlling the relative power of radio signals transmitted in macrodiversity mode and a r...
Compensating for radiation pattern in radio system, and radio system
Radio communication apparatus and packet scheduling method
System and method for RF wake-up of implantable medical device
RFID device variable test systems and methods
Method and device for transmitting data according to a hybrid ARQ method
System, apparatus, and method for establishing circuit-switched communications via packet-switched n...
Method of providing digital electronic book
Method and system for providing a secure multimedia presentation
Displaying text of video in browsers on a frame by frame basis
Systems and methods for operating a peripheral record/playback device in a networked multimedia syst...
Multimedia speaker
Document sharing service for network printing
Remote database support in a multifunction office device
Mobile packet communication system
Apparatus and method for processing data call in private wireless high-speed data system
Method and apparatus for fast change of internet protocol headers compression mechanism
Saving information from information retrieval systems
Method and system for facilitating parts procurement and production planning across an extended supp...
Method and apparatus for automatically creating database for use in automated media recognition syst...
Method and system for improved internet security via HTTP-only cookies
Method and system for high-performance delivery of web content using high-performance communications...
Methods and computer program products for providing network quality of service for world wide web ap...
Editing files of remote systems using an integrated development environment
Universal media player
Method of preserving symmetrical routing in a communication system based upon a server farm
System, method and apparatus for selecting, displaying, managing, tracking and transferring access t...
Communication methods and apparatus
Web page display system
Portable high speed internet device integrating cellular telephone and palm top computer
Communications system and method for providing customized messages based on presence and preference ...
Audio teleconference system with wireless communication portable terminals
Systems and methods for arranging a call
Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted telephone calls
Method for carrying out predetermined actions by a receiving telecom device using an answer prefix
Telephone call dialling
Method of and system for providing services in a communications network
Method and apparatus for reducing echo and noise
Space-efficient ergonomic telephony keypad
Opening and closing device and electronic equipment using the same
Aliasing cancellation in audio effects algorithms
Method and system for detecting a preferred wireless network for a mobile device
Apparatus and method for deleting a text message received in a mobile communication terminal
Data transmission-reception system and data transmission-reception method
Method and apparatus for establishing an audio link to a wireless earpiece in reduced time
Call flow object model in a speech recognition system
Simulated trading system with awards to participants based on portfolio net profits
Automated bulk communication responder
Data carrier, method for the production thereof and gravure printing plate
Optical disc stacked removable label marketing system
Multi-label mailing form including certified self-mailer
Machine for machining large parts
Robot for marking an encoded surface
Robot cleaner and operating method thereof
Substrate carrier handler that unloads substrate carriers directly from a moving conveyor
Method of and device for re-calibrating three-dimensional visual sensor in robot system
Prefabricated in-wall water service box
Platform lift apparatus with integrated ladder for accessing attic storage space
Method and apparatus for controlling humidity and mold
Pyrazine-2-carboxamide derivatives
3-Pyridinecarboxamide derivatives as HDL-cholesterol raising agents
Glucagon receptor antagonist compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Sulfonamide derivatives
Techniques for gall bladder stimulation
Therapeutic Combinations
Amidomethyl-Substituted 1-(Carboxyalkyl) Cyclopentyl-Carbonylamino-Benzazepine-N-Acetic Acid Compoun...
Substituted isoquinoline-1,3(2H,4H)-diones, 1-thioxo-1,4-dihydro-2H-isoquinoline-3-ones and 1,4-dihy...
Heteroaryl Substituted Quinolin-4-Ylamine Analogues
1H-Pyrazoles Useful In Therapy
Compositions Comprising Nb-Dnj, Ne-Dnj Or D-Glucaro-Delta-Lactam And Their Uses For The Treatment Of...
Stereoisomeric Compounds And Methods For The Treatment Of Gastrointestinal And Central Nervous Syste...
Pharmaceutical Compositions Useful In Prevention and Treatment of Beta-Amyloid Protein-Induced Disea...
Arylamino-Arylpropanolamine Derivatives and Methods of Their Use
Soft sensor device and device for evaluating the same
Water pipe cleaning apparatus and method
Inflatable dancing toy with music
Card stack reader, card thereof, card case, method for manufacturing card, game machine using the sa...
Air hockey table that produces atomized gas
Player key for an instant-win lottery ticket and method for validating same
Page or book for interacting with an animal
Historic wooden adventure system and figures
Novelty whistle
System and method for playing a role-playing game
Auto race track design
Human free-fall slide
Torso exercise methods and machines
Radiation tolerant electrostatic discharge protection networks
Using sound waves and photic energy for electric power
Amorphous diamond materials and associated methods for the use and manufacture thereof
Organic electronic device provided with a metallic heat sink structure
Local area warning system (laws)
Weather station apparatus
Tile lighting methods and systems
Digital imaging system having distribution controlled over a distributed network
Multiple resolution optical imager using single size image elements
Electro-optical measurement of hysteresis in interferometric modulators
Optical disk, thin plastic sheet, and method for affixing display sheet to disk substrate
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving power over optical fiber
Multiple channel wireless communication system
Single path front end with digital AGC in SDARS system
Apparatus for total immersion photography
Measurement and alignment device including a display system
On-line/off-line scoring bridge
Wireless irrigation control device and related method
Solar rechargeable LED spotlight
Communication system
Communication system
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of...
Telecommunications control system using data interchange
System and method for maintaining and publishing web site content
Method and apparatus for providing multiple vendor support to remotely monitored devices
System and method to provide integrated device, user, and account information to users
Method and system for providing static addresses for Internet connected devices even if the underlyi...
Folder synchronization
Method and system for automatic cache management
Methods and apparatus facilitating volume management
Arrangements storing different versions of a set of data in separate memory areas and method for upd...
Storage system and data management method
System and method for downloading security context elements governing execution of downloadable and ...
Process for managing and authorizing rights in a computer system
Autonomous network fault detection and management system
Method and apparatus for importing digital switching system data into a spreadsheet program
Computer program product, method, and system for hardware model conversion
Build automation and verification for modular servers
System for obtaining data regarding customer use of interactive television
Method and system for monitoring online behavior at a remote site and creating online behavior profi...
Method of wireless retrieval of information
Method of securely implementing a cryptography algorithm of the RSA type, and a corresponding compon...
Method and system for generation of cryptographic keys and the like
Information recording/replaying apparatus and method
Encryption transmission system
Authentication in a quantum cryptographic system
Quantum cryptography protocol
Narrow-band single-photon source and QKD system using same
Method and apparatus for symmetric-key decryption
User interface technique for selection and activation of wireless services from among multiple trans...
Nestable skeleton decryption keys for digital rights management
Distribution of secured information
Method and apparatus for processing usage rights expressions
Method and apparatus for providing secure streaming data transmission facilities using unreliable pr...
Security association data cache and structure
System and method for processing digital documents utilizing secure communications over a network
System, device, and method for controlling access in a multicast communication network
Method and system for authenticating service using integrated circuit card
Registration network for optical sensing device including printer as base station
System and method for authentication of JPEG image data
Portable network encryption keys
Method and apparatus for secure distribution of software
Electronic game and method for playing a game based upon removal and replacing symbols in the game m...
Method and apparatus for providing an advantage to a player in a bonus game
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways to issue a percentage of a progressive award based upon...
System and method for restricted telephone message delivery
System for providing network information service using CID-type messages
Air cleaner including constant current power supply
Complex home appliance and method of controlling and installing the same
Method and system for modeling energy transfer
Storage battery with auxiliary terminals
Universal serial bus charger for a mobile device
Critical state estimation system and method for secondary cells
Apparatus of controlling power generation of a generator
Power factor correction control methods and apparatus
Information handling system including a power supply unit with a power converter for supplying power...
Linear voltage regulator
Constant voltage regulator for generating a low voltage output
Temperature-compensated inductor DCR dynamic current sensing
Adaptive control loop
Power supply control circuit and control method thereof
Constant voltage source with output current limitation
Accumulated current counter and method thereof
Discharge device and DC power supply system
Power supply
Method for reducing NOx during combustion of coal in a burner
Carbon-containing hard coating and a method for depositing a hard coating onto a substrate
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Assembled hematin, method for forming same and method for polymerizing aromatic monomers using same
Remote controlling system for controlling electronic equipments within situation
Wireless scoring machine for epee and foil fencing
System and methods for detecting change in a monitored environment
Revealable RFID devices
Radar system having a plurality of range measurement zones
Display device and method of renewing display
Congestion Control Within A Radio Access Network
Apparatus And Method For Satellite Communication Installed In Terrestrial Portable Phone And Similar...
Transmission power management
System and method to remotely control the front panel of a multi-function peripheral from an embedde...
Digital downloading jukebox with enhanced communication features
Multi-biometric finger sensor apparatus and associated methods
Multi-biometric finger sensor including electric field sensing pixels and associated methods
Focus sensing apparatus, focus sensing method using phase-differential detection and computer-readab...
Lens mount and alignment method
Lens positioning systems and methods
Pseudo three dimensional image generating apparatus
Lens driving device, imaging device using the same, and small-sized electronics device using the sam...
Flash apparatus, image capture apparatus having a flash apparatus, and method of controlling a flash...
Adding metadata to pictures
Method for performing a measurement inside a specimen using an insertable nanoscale FET probe
Method for depositing carbon nanotubes on a substrate of a field emission device using direct-contac...
Nanocrystal-containing filtration media
Dispersion of nanowires of semiconductor material
Method for fractionating single-wall carbon nanotubes
Method for producing single walled carbon nanotubes
Method for producing metal oxide nanoparticles
Composition of matter comprising polymer and derivatized nanoparticles
Controlled growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Polymer-coated carbon nanotube
Nanocomposite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell employing the same
Method of selective formation of compound semiconductor-on-silicon wafer with silicon nanowire buffe...
Apparatus for forming nanoholes and method for forming nanoholes
Nanocomposite for enhanced rectification
Nanowire device and method of fabricating the same
Antisymmetric nanowire crossbars
Carbon nanotube devices and method of fabricating the same
Molecular-junction-nanowire-crossbar-based neural network
Ear compression device
Wrist support brace
Joint Aspirate Facilitating Device
Therapeutic Device for Treating Soft Tissue Swelling and Fibrosis
Liquidproof seam for protective footwear
Counter-mining using laser induced pressure wave
Portable collapsible tent
Height-adjustable work chair
Fixing element for inserting into a longitudinal cavity of a carrier
Method and apparatus for minimizing bed sores and lower back pain in spinal injury patients
Mattress pad
Multi-purpose cleaning accessory for golf equipment
Method and apparatus for removing dust from a workpiece
Stair-adjustable crutch
Method and apparatus for completing lateral channels from an existing oil or gas well
Wearable height adjustable equine leg rest
Proportional brake light display system
Self-regulating endless climbing wall
Chest-developing exerciser
Lumbar extension device
Recliner exerciser
Method for diagnosing atrophic gastritis
Electronically shaded thin film transparent monochromatic liquid crystal display laminated window sh...
Method and apparatus for synchronization of proximate RFID readers in a gaming environment
Modular shooting range
Method and gaming device of operating a multiple round game that includes diminishing selection sets
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Image identification system
Method for developing data warehouse logical data models using shared subject areas
Baseball cap with wide bill
Batting tee
Controller for engine having component
Overhead traveling vehicle testing and calibration
Integrated system for routine maintenance of mechanized equipment
Crowd control system for a loader
Failure determination system for stepless speed changer and failure determination device for start c...
Drivetrain protection and management system
Angular camshaft position adjustment drive
Dynamic optimization of prepared statements in a statement pool
Query runtime estimation using statistical query records
Multi-column multi-data type internationalized sort extension method for web applications
Phrase matching in documents having nested-structure arbitrary (document-specific) markup
Request for conformity system
Electronic watermark detection device and electronic watermark detection method
Digital watermark-embedding apparatus and method, digital watermark-detecting apparatus and method, ...
Methods and apparatus for lossless data hiding
Recording and reproduction apparatus, recording and reproduction method, recording and reproduction ...
Method of and apparatus for image processing
System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video using d...
System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video using a...
Digital representation of audio waveforms using peak shifting to provide increased dynamic range
Line card port protection rate limiter circuitry
Recognizer of text-based work
Treatment of ocular disease
Genetically modified tumor-targeted bacteria with reduced virulence
High clarity films with improved thermal properties
Acid-stable alpha amylases having granular starch hydrolyzing activity and enzyme compositions
Methods of ungulate nuclear transfer
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of elemental mercury in a gas sample
Antimicrobial medical device
Method for manufacturing insulating resin layer, substrate for electro-optical devices, method for m...
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
Self-degrading cement compositions and methods of using self-degrading cement compositions in subter...
High glass transition temperature copolycarbonates, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof
Reactive load resonant drive circuit
Integrated circuit and method for reading from resistance memory cells
Aqueous ink for ink jet recording
Cryptographic revocation method using a chip card
System and method for computer security
LED chip
LED chip
System and method for product yield prediction
Object observation apparatus and object observation
Electronic semiconductor power device with integrated diode
Device, method and program for estimating the number of layers BGA component mounting substrate
Semiconductor integrated circuit routing method and recording medium which stores routing software
Label free analysis of nucleic acids
Magnetoresistive element
Configurable logic circuit arrangement
Gene functionally related to dyslexia
Fungal proteins and nucleic acids encoding same
Covering material, corresponding manufacturing process and intermediate product
Purified polymeric materials and methods of purifying polymeric materials
Method and system for heating dies
Compliant thermal interface structure utilizing spring elements
Fuel cell system and method of controlling the same fuel cell system
Gun barrel assembly
Lead free reduced ricochet limited penetration projectile
Powder chemical feeding device for nasal cavity
Rocker-arm actuator for a segmented mirror
Method and apparatus for finding feature correspondences between images captured in real-world envir...
Method of uplink scheduling for data communication
Method and apparatus for detecting a three-state signal in a base station in a wireless communicatio...
Shogaol compound and tyrosinase activity inhibitor comprising the compound
Apparatus and method for tracing the distribution of diversely sourced internet content
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming program
Hologram recording method and hologram recording apparatus
Photoconductive imaging members
Printer wiper for printing on bichromal or multi-colored electronic paper
Segmentation method and system for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
Image display member, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program therefor
Electrostatographic developer unit having multiple magnetic brush rolls with a magnetic restrictor f...
Curved transfer assist blade
System and method for detecting and decoding semantically encoded natural language messages
Device and method for accommodating business process
Electrode design and positioning for controlled movement of a moveable electrode and associated supp...
Reconfigurable MEMS fabry-perot tunable matrix filter systems and methods
Compressed image processing method and image compressed image processing apparatus
Two-dimensional calibration architectures for color devices
Color saturation adjustment
Interspecific tree named `PLUMSWEET IX`
Image capturing device
Ground fault circuit interrupter with reverse wiring protection
Image forming apparatus with developing roller that rotates during standby to ensure toner uniformit...
Light emitting element
Processing method for glass substrate, processed glass product and stress applying apparatus
DC adapter and electronic apparatus using the same
Method for making a multilayer element with a transparent surface electrode and an electroluminescen...
Method of manufacturing optical element
Electrophotographic photoconductor and process for manufacturing the same, and image forming apparat...
Semiconductor light emitting devices and methods
Resist composition and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Waterproof structure of push button switch
Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Image display device
Digital circuit with smaller amplitude of input signal voltage than amplitude of power source voltag...
Pixel circuit, display device, and method of driving pixel circuit
OLED display with aging and efficiency compensation
Matrix panel display apparatus and driving method therefor wherein auxiliary signals are applied to ...
Flow-through, thermal-expansion-compensated cell for light spectroscopy
Method for assembling micro structures
Ink jet recording head having piezoelectric element and electrode patterned with same shape and with...
Method for deposition of inert barrier coating to increase corrosion resistance
Method for making a lithographic printing plate
Method for manufacturing substrate conjugate, substrate conjugate, method for manufacturing electro-...
Optical wavelength measuring device using guiding body and diffractive structure
Optical displacement sensor
Method for real time data replication
2-phenylpyran-4-one derivatives
Semiconductor workpiece
Curcumin analogues and uses thereof
Z-axis assembly of medical device programmer
Similarity searching of molecules based upon descriptor vectors characterizing molecular regions
Espresso coffee machine
Device for storing and displaying selected bar codes
Beam focusing and scanning system using micromirror array lens
Microarray detector and methods
Assay of isomerised and/or optically inverted proteins and protein fragments
Method for producing optically active IHOG and monatin
System and method for inspecting electrical circuits utilizing reflective and fluorescent imagery
Data formatting method for recording optical information using dummy data, and optical disk
Optical waveguide coupler for whispering-gallery-mode resonators
Optical device and turbidity detection apparatus using same
Ten inch diameter microstrip antenna
Communication system, method and controller for routing calls within private networks distributed am...
Multiple hypothesis channel estimation and prediction for OFDM systems
Cartridge holder
Arrangement for weapon
Rapid adjust muzzle system
Deconfinement device for the casing of a piece of ammunition
Linear motion guide unit
Thrust bearing
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductor device having oxidized metal film and manufacture method of the same
Cache apparatus and method for accesses lacking locality
System and method for selectively storing bus information associated with memory coherency operation...
Computer system capable of fast switching between multiple operating systems and applications
Computer image capture, customization and deployment
Biometric authentication for remote initiation of actions and services
Electronic device employing efficient fault tolerance
Abrasive agent
Method for making a lubricating fast setting epoxy composition
Chemical mechanical polishing systems and methods for their use
Toner compositions with surface additives
Cleaning composition and method
Method for making a fibrous structure comprising cellulosic and synthetic fibers
Element of a container for personal use
Backsheet for diaper
Microscale lyophilization and drying methods for the stabilization of molecules
Method of processing and testing powdered samples using immunochromatographic strip tests
Bridged ring NK.sub.1 antagonists
Photoprotective compositions comprising methyltrialkylsilanes containing a cinnamate, cinnamamide, b...
Self-assembling dyes
Device for laceration or incision closure
Electronic interlocking graphics panel formed of modular interconnecting parts
Red to near-infrared photobiomodulation treatment of the visual system in visual system disease or i...
Server and method for providing specific network services
Mounting system and method therefor for mounting an alignment instrument on a vehicular wheel
Extensible animal leash with exponentially-increasing restraint and incremental weight therefor
Mobile phone
Multiple-branch wireless receiver
Process for producing wiring circuit board
Method of purifying long-chain alkyl phenols and Mannich adducts thereof
Production, refining and recycling of lightweight and reactive metals in ionic liquids
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Compression treatment system
Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment
Methods of treating coagulapathic or thrombotic disorders
Estrogen receptor alleles that are predictive of increased susceptibility to bone fracture
Drosophila G protein coupled receptors, nucleic acids, and methods related to the same
Phosphinyloxy, oxime and carboxylic acid derivatives which are useful as carboxypeptidase U inhibito...
Method and composition for inhibiting or slowing blood coagulation
Cyclic urea derivatives, preparation thereof and pharmaceutical use thereof as kinase inhibitors
Dispensing device for drinks
Blender with safety grille for producing ice-cream and similar
Shaving, after-shave, and skin conditioning compositions
Medication for hyperacidity
Administration of leptin
Floor covering for an animal house
TRAP-coated bone grafts and prostheses
Method and pharmaceutical composition for treating inflammation
Dental and medical polymer composites and compositions
Method of bending sheet materials and sheet therefor
Method for electrostatic discharge protection in integrated circuits
Method of selectively inhibiting reaction between ions
Position detection apparatus, position detection method, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing me...
Method for operating a wiper system, and corresponding wiper system
Image pickup apparatus
Method and apparatus for single-photon source and quantum memory
Tone allocation in multipoint-to-point communication using orthgonal frequency division multiplexing
Systems for contention-based bandwidth requests in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system...
Method for implementing an OAM function by exchanging request-reply packets between stations of a RP...
Signature matching methods and apparatus for performing network diagnostics
Hybrid data recovery system
System for constructing a network spanning tree using communication metrics discovered by multicast ...
Method and system for thermochemical heat energy storage and recovery
Densifier for simultaneous conditioning of two cryogenic liquids
Control of dual-heated absorption heat-transfer machines
Coaxial-flow heat transfer system employing a coaxial-flow heat transfer structure having a helicall...
System for securing personal cards
Wheel provided with driving means
Styryl dye
Security, identification and verification systems
Method and apparatus for hazardous liquid detection
Optical sight having a reticle illuminated through a non-lambertian light diffuser
Seismic analysis using post-imaging seismic anisotropy corrections
Angled-beam detection system for container inspection
Postal image augmented bio-warfare aerosolized agent trigger
Article comprising a fine-grained metallic material and a polymeric material
Imaging inspection apparatus with improved cooling
Epitaxial ferromagnetic Ni.sub.3FeN
Stab resistant and anti-ballistic material and method of making the same
Organic bistable element, organic bistable memory device using the same, and method for driving said...
Electroluminescent devices
Metal coordination compound, luminescence device and display apparatus
Electroluminescent light emitting device
Light-emitting component and process for its preparation
Organic thin film transistor including organic acceptor film
Organic electroluminescent display and apparatus including organic electroluminescent display
Display device and its driving method
Multimedia content production, publication, and player apparatus, system and method
Sequence-determined DNA fragments encoding SRF-type transcription factor proteins
Two-stage protective groups for the synthesis of biopolymers
Thermolabile hydroxyl protecting groups and methods of use
Phase isolation process for biomacromolecule components
Method for producing heart-specific fluorescence of non-human eukaryotic animals
Nuclear targeting by means of bacterial proteins
Drug Promoting Ceramide Transport, Base Sequence for Producing the Drug, Method of Measuring Activit...
Novel polysaccharide pro-drug 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) with enhanced target specificity for colorectal ...
Fluorescent Compounds
Use Of Phytoene Synthase For Controlling Transgene Escape
siRNA targeting phosphoinositide-3-kinase, class 2, beta polypeptide (PIK3C2B)
siRNA targeting transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 1 (TRPV1)
siRNA targeting intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM1)
siRNA targeting secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (sFRP1)
Nucleotide sequences mediating male fertility and method of using same
Isolated nucleic acid sequence conferring stress tolerance/susceptibility in rice
Plastid rRNA operon promoter elements for construction of chimeric promoters for transgene expressio...
Chemical separation method for fullerenes
Method Of Preparing A Smart Card For Use
Ternary SIM Card Delivery
Media cover for manufacturing a disk drive
Skin abrasion system and method
Dental phototherapy methods and compositions
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic composition against skin aging
Methods and apparatus for evaluating a credit application
Method, system, and apparatus for providing self-destructing electronic mail messages
Distributed ethernet hub
Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device
Semiconductor memory device with magnetoresistance elements and method of writing date into the same
Voltage generator circuit, method for providing an output voltage and electronic memory device
Semiconductor device and method for high-k gate dielectrics
Self contained breathing apparatus control system for atmospheric use
Torque limiter
Recombinant IGF expression systems
Film formation method and apparatus for semiconductor process
ASP business decision engine
System and method for remote monitoring and controlling of facility energy consumption
Engineered glasses for metallic glass-coated wire
Marker molecules associated with lung tumors
Optical filter element and wavelength division multiplexing optical coupler
Ultrasound sex determination for sorting of avian hatchlings
Hydraulic control
Highly sensitive proteomic analysis methods, and kits and systems for practicing the same
Antenna selection for diversity combining
Method for rapid generation of mature dendritic cells
Wired circuit board
Polymer electrolyte composition
Claim processing
Circuit arrangement and method for detecting a crest factor of a lamp current or a lamp operating vo...
Method and apparatus for testing network integrity
Method and system for adjusting the sensitivity of optical sensors
Fiber detector apparatus and related methods
Variable demultiplexer
Wavelength selective optical device and method of tuning a wavelength characteristic of the same
Optical fibers for high power applications
Suppression of transverse modes in bandgap microstructure optical fibers
Chromatic dispersion compensating fiber
Field-use apparatus for inspecting and cleaning fiber optic connectors
Optical fiber cable termination apparatus
Optical fiber measuring module having base member holding optical fiber cable
Optical interconnection for traffic between a pair of DWDM rings
Chirp managed laser with electronic pre-distortion
Reservation system for article or service, reservation method and program
Disc device, disk formatting method, and disk formatting apparatus
Head drum assembly for tape recorder and method of assembling the same
Disk drive having a disk medium with discrete track
Magneto resistive (MR) head
Superparamagnetic field sensing device
Ta based bilayer seed for IrMn CPP spin valve
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory having the same
Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane structure magnetoresistive element and head slider
Mounting device for disk drive
Editing device, editing system and editing method
Disk drive having anti-shock structure
Method of fabricating a narrow projection such as a write pole extending from a substrate
Recording medium cartridge and recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
Head suspension assembly with femto-slider and disk device provided with the same
Method and apparatus for data normalization
Piperazine melanocortin-specific compounds
Regulatory sequences for modulation of INGAP expression and reporter constructs
Benzimidazole and imidazopyridine derivatives and use thereof as a medicament
Cannabinoid receptor ligands and uses thereof
Manufacture of silicon-based devices having disordered sulfur-doped surface layers
Molecules derived from noraporphine
Method for minimizing filler agglomeration
Liquid transition metal acetylide chromophores
Semiconductor superjunction device
Chemical and biological sensing using metallic particles in amplifying and absorbing media
Customer service messaging, such as on mobile devices
Liquid crystal display device and gaming machine
Programmable logic devices optionally convertible to one time programmable devices
Machine translation using learned word associations without referring to a multi-lingual human autho...
Providing contextually sensitive tools and help content in computer-generated documents
Presenting customized consumer registration information on behalf of a third party
Methods of annotating a collaborative application display
Optimization of service provider load balancing
Maintaining structured time data for electronic messages
Fiber optic probe tip
Optical waveguide coupler, sub-assembled optical unit, optical module and optically coupling method
Device for monitoring fluid status
Adaptive sensor model
Multi speed transmission
Optical pickup device
Time division multiplexing of analog signals in an optical transceiver
Laser printer apparatus with cartridge detector
Laser module, optical pickup device, optical disk device, focus error detection method and tracking ...
Mode-locked laser with variable pulse duration
Method and device for regulating the average wavelength of a laser, especially a semiconductor laser
Coherent light source and control method thereof, and display unit and laser display using them
Wide temperature range vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Adaptive laser diode driver and method
Nitride semiconductor laser device and semiconductor optical device
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Multi-beam semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser with reduced heat loss
Laser-diode-excited laser apparatus, fiber laser apparatus, and fiber laser amplifier in which laser...
Solid state laser
Fiber optic cable systems and methods incorporating a luminescent compound-containing layer to ident...
Bumper for vehicle
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Hydraulic pressure supply control in industrial vehicle
Sound increase apparatus
Independent suspension system for a wheeled vehicle
Independent suspension for vehicle
Method and apparatus for making a convertible top
Steep-back vehicle having an open body
Vehicle body panel with integral clip
Compact storable soft-top for a motor vehicle
Vehicle mirror system with control rise detent assembly
Cell body for fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
Non-ignition switch vehicle ignition enabling system
Rotor of axial gap motor and method of producing same
Data transmitting device and method for transmitting and receiving data and data communication syste...
Control apparatus and process for internal combustion engine
Car and trailer
Forming distributed gap magnetic cores
Installation of spliced electrical transmission cables
Reference leak
Recumbent vehicle
Rocker arm assembly for the rear derailleur of a bicycle
Semiconductor product including logic, non-volatile memory and volatile memory devices and method fo...
Laminated piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Resin compatible yarn binder and uses thereof
Date display for timepiece
Signal processing providing lower downsampling losses
Method for a space-efficient GPS receiver
Measurement fault detection
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display panel
Technique for forming a strained transistor by a late amorphization and disposable spacers
In-line process for making thin film electronic devices
Methods of selectively removing silicon
Cluster tool and method for process integration in manufacture of a gate structure of a field effect...
Memory devices with dual-sided capacitors
Production and applications for polyvalent vaccines against diseases caused by papilloma viruses
Detection of nucleic acids from multiple types of human papillomaviruses
Decision feedback equalization with fractionally-spaced feedback data
Radio receiver
Method and system for smart vehicle route selection
Text categorization method and apparatus
Method and system for generating user defined timeshared derivative electronic catalogs from a maste...
Lossy index compression
Systems and methods of retrieving relevant information
Association of security parameters for a collection of related streaming protocols
System and method for providing a dynamic user interface for a dense three-dimensional scene
Method and apparatus for performing network routing with use of power efficient TCAM-based forwardin...
Comprehensive front end method and system for automatically generating and processing photomask orde...
Efficient discovery of devices in a bluetooth environment
Method and apparatus for providing telecommunications over a cable network employing a wireless comm...
Method and apparatus for disabling the RF functionality of a multi-function wireless communication d...
Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
Wireless base station for reducing interference from a control signal emitted by another wireless ba...
Onboard wireless communication system
Conveying data between computing devices
Solicited authentication of a specific user
Service providing system
Camera based instant messenger client
Device in a memory circuit for definition of waiting times
Method for the detection and exploration of subterranean hydrocarbon deposits by receivers of acoust...
Method and apparatus for analyzing multi-channel chromatogram
Facial image processing methods and systems
System and method for efficient processing of XML documents represented as an event stream
Cookware handle
Mug with spoon holder
Plate and base assembly
Hobby knife
Tie-down bracket
Moving strap extender
Fastener head
Packaged tie-downs
Ink stick for a phase change ink jet printer
Exercise apparatus
Valve element for momentary high pressure valve
Decorative floodlight luminaire
Initializing, maintaining, updating and recovering secure operation within an integrated system empl...
Reflective polarizers containing polymer fibers
Composite polymer fibers
Light-guiding plate, lighting device and display device
Image forming device
Methods for designing roller cone bits by tensile and compressive stresses
3-D forward looking sonar with fixed frame of reference for navigation
Imaging device