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Apparatus and method for wheel alignment
Sanding tool with pivotally coupled head assembly
Low profile electrical box
Low voltage electricity distribution circuit
Storage drawer for hand-held power tool
Notched surface-mounted anchors and wall anchor systems using the same
Low-clearance light emitting diode lighting
Arched door frame
Tubular skylight dome with variable prism
Stud bracket for supporting reinforcing members in a wall structure
Siding hanger and method of hanging siding
Process for Production of Fatty Acids, Fatty Acid Esters and Sterolesters from Soapstock
Article Comprising a Polymer Substrate and a Co-Extruded Polymer Coating
Composition for Preventing and Improving Metabolic Syndrome
Health Beverage and Additive Mixture for Preparing the Same
Method for blending a beverage in a single serving cup
Steam -Heat-Only, Food-Preparation Bowl Structure and Related Methodology
Method of Flavoring
Food package having compartmentalized tray configured to stand-up
Aquatic Feed
Copper alloy and method of manufacturing the same
Metallic glass with nanometer-sized pores and method for manufacturing the same
Weld filler for welding dissimilar alloy steels and method of using same
Method and system for canceling setup of a packet-based real-time media conference session
Method and apparatus for extended management of state and interaction of a remote knowledge worker f...
Mobile communication terminal
Mobile device with selectable camera position
Using call establishment signaling to request data
Methods and arrangement for implementing an active call handover by employing a switching component
Position information transmitting method of mobile communication terminal
Over the air provisioning of mobile device settings
Voice containment device for a telephone
Electronic device with two-dimensional sliding cover and two-dimensional slide apparatus
Recognition of audio device in portable terminal
Wire communication terminal having LCD module
Echo canceller
Multi-handset telephone system
Providing user information and control over a contact within a contact centre
Telephone port allocation method
Methods, systems and computer program products for dynamic caller ID messaging
Billable activity processing
Method and system for call center screening
Biometric financial transaction system and method
Determination of the age, identification and sealing of a product containing volatile components
Systems and methods for evaluating the significance of differences in biological measurements
Method and system for analyzing reactions using an information system
Computer system for designing oligonucleotides used in biochemical methods
Adsorption, detection and identification of components of ambient air with desorption/ionization on ...
Wheat cultivar 00WB80404
Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH779391
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV721680
Inbred maize line PHEHR
Cotton cultivar DP 6222 RR acala
Soybean cultivar 6719331
Soybean cultivar S050229
Soybean cultivar 6836085
Stereoscopic three or four dimensional ultrasound imaging
System and method for diffusing image objects
Database visualization and searching
Method and apparatus for translating hand gestures
Method for fast manufacturing and assembling of hot runner systems
Fiducial designs and pose estimation for augmented reality
Exponential data transform to enhance security
Interactivity with a mixed reality
Acceleration of graphics for remote display using redirection of rendering and compression
System and method of applying force feedback to a manipulandum wheel utilized with a graphical user ...
Electromyographic (EMG) feedback during AMES treatment of individuals with severe neuromuscular defi...
Method and system for real-time event journaling to provide enterprise data services
Floating intrusion detection platforms
Method and apparatus for marking code for data versioning
Customization of search results for search queries received from third party sites
Query graphs indicating related queries
Representing style information in a markup language document
Digital fingerprint identification system
Word reordering upon bus size resizing to reduce Hamming distance
Method and apparatus for handling multi-volume datasets in a tape storage system
Message signaled interrupt extended (MSI-X) auto clear and failsafe lock
System and method for accessing and transmitting different data frames in a digital transmission net...
Automated spell analysis
Trust inheritance in network authentication
Network control system for a communication network
Transfer client of a secure system for unattended remote file and message transfer
Network device setup utility
Network proxy apparatus and methods
Method and system for lexical mapping between document sets having a common topic
Trusted transactional internet kiosk
Communication system for landline and wireless calls
Content identification through deriving identifiers from video, images and audio
Method and system for network access over a low bandwidth link
Emergency call methodology for VoIP communications
Internet telephone apparatus, adapter and server for internet telephone communication, internet tele...
Aggregate multicast trees for multicast virtual private networks
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing quality of service brokering in a netw...
Transmission format, communication control apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Systems and methods for remote viewing of patient images
Audio signal system for vehicle remote locking mechanism
System and method for broadcasting a message from a wireless communications device
Method for controlling network devices via a MMI
Source device and method for controlling output to sink device according to each content
Multimedia card interface method, computer program product and apparatus
System for storing and rendering multimedia data
Methods for transmitting multimedia files and advertisements
Method and system for providing a widget usable in affiliate marketing
Method for managing service context for paging user equipment in a multimedia broadcast/multicast se...
Messaging system
Shared knowledge in a telephone system
Multi-media method and apparatus for teaching language
Remote authentication of an object using a signature part
Method of producing scratch printing product by using scratch layer transfer sheet
Apparatus and method for sealing vascular punctures
Wireless data-transferring apparatus
Secure authentication and network management system for wireless LAN applications
Radio base system, transmission directional control method, and transmission directional control pro...
Radio base station receiver having digital filtering and reduced sampling frequency
Access point with orientation sensor
System and method of handling prioritized wireless calls for mobile devices operating in an analog o...
Method and technique for the processing and display of wideband geolocation determination data
Handover messaging in an unlicensed mobile access telecommunications system
Method, system and mobile station for handing off communications from a cellular radio access networ...
System and method for providing automatic tuning of a radio receiver and for providing automatic con...
Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit for radio communication
Reduced adjacent channel interference in a radio receiver
Radio frequency identification (RF-ID) based discovery for short range radio communication with read...
System and method for integrating a fiber optic fixed access network and a fiber optic radio access ...
Radio access network system and a method of fault analysis for the system thereof
Method and system for enhancing bit rate in DMT quad spectrum systems
Method and system for frame formats for MIMO channel measurement exchange
Laser intra-cavity electronic wavelength tuner
Method for operating an RLAN arrangement
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Game system, game control method, and recording medium for the same
Pose detection method, video game apparatus, pose detection program, and computer-readable medium co...
System of relevant statistics for games of prediction using templates and presented in the form of t...
Media formatting and system for interactive game programming
Audio effect rendering based on graphic polygons
Game of chance
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
Polymer-based sustained release device
LAGE-1 tumor associated nucleic acids
Clathrate complexes formed by hyaluronic acid derivatives and use thereof as pharmaceuticals
Photosensitizer functionalised nanoparticles
L-ergothioneine, milk thistle, and S-adenosylmethionine for the prevention, treatment and repair of ...
Method to induce neovascular formation and tissue regeneration
Compositions comprising fusion polypeptides HIV-Nef and NGF, and methods of using the same
Insulin-responsive DNA binding protein-1 and methods to regulate insulin-responsive genes
Anthelmintic oral homogeneous veterinary pastes
Composition and process for stabilizing of biomolecules
P-selectin ligand protein
Scented tablet for toilet and method for scenting restroom effluent
Alcohol alkoxylate carriers for pesticide active ingredients
Chemical vapor deposition of antimicrobial polymer coatings
Hybrid adenovirus/adeno-associated virus vectors and methods of use thereof
Detoxification and decontamination using nanotechnology therapy
Process for screening chemical compounds for modulating the interaction of an EVH1 domain and a proc...
Intelligent efficient servo-actuator for a downhole pulser
Air exhaust/inlet sound attenuation mechanism
Rear muffler assembly
Borehole acoustic source
Air-intake device for internal combustion engine having noise reduction mechanism
Paint color selection system and method
Stabilizing hand grip system
Swimming exercising device
Method for modeling processes in airlines and other industries, including cost asssesment of service...
Secure online transactions using a captcha image as a watermark
Portable device for receiving media content
Survey generation system
Fully electronic identity authentication
Systems and methods for controlling the number of clients that access a server
Event-driven financial analysis interface and system
Automating business events
System and method for determining and/or transmitting and/or establishing communication with a mobil...
Copyright detection and protection system and method
Dialect independent multi-dimensional integrator using a normalized language platform and secure con...
Multi-site software license balancing
Shared authorization data authentication method for transaction delegation in service-based computin...
Hardware ID to prevent software piracy
Systems and methods for serverless software licensing
Apparatus for capturing on object scene
System and method for detecting ice formation on an aircraft
Autonomous in-flight refueling system
Window retaining system
Rudder unit connection to a fuselage without a bolt-fairing structure
Multiple attendant galley
Method of launching a catapult, catapult, and locking device
Method and apparatus for improving vehicle operator performance
Apparatus for controlling driving force of vehicle
Personal mobility vehicle with anti-tip suspension
Installation structure and method of vehicular suspension
Cooling structure for a continuous variation transmission system of an all-terrain vehicle
Vehicle control apparatus
Vehicular power unit supporting apparatus
Fuel injection system for a saddle ride type four-wheel vehicle
Passenger detecting device adapted for motor vehicle
Luggage storage device for a motorcycle
Radiator core support
Method for operating a hybrid motor vehicle
Electric power generation system for vehicle
Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
Shopping cart
Powered wheelchair
Track suspension system for a skid steer loader
Transmitting and recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus of information and ...
Information data processing apparatus
Laser light source, and two-dimensional image forming device
Method and system for displaying an analog image by a digital display device
Data transfer rate display selection
Portable information processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for increasing readout speed of a solid state imager
Method and circuit for scaling raster images
System and method for image coding employing a hybrid directional prediction and wavelet lifting
Method of volume-panorama imaging processing
Image processing apparatus and method, printed matter production apparatus and method, and printed m...
Digital watermark embedding device and digital watermark embedding method
System and method for providing terrestrial digital broadcasting service using single frequency netw...
Catalyst and method of making the same
Shaped catalyst particles for hydrocarbon synthesis
Electric reaction technology for fuels processing
Fine carbon fiber-metal composite material and method for production thereof
Solid crystalline COK-7, a preparation process, and use in transforming hydrocarbons
Nickel hydroxide and method for producing same
Inorganic metal chalcogen cluster precursors and methods for forming colloidal metal chalcogenide na...
Method of recycling an exhausted selenium filter mass
Method of making carbon nanotubes
Continuous mass production of carbon nanotubes in a nano-agglomerate fluidized-bed and the reactor
Method and apparatus for preparing a collection surface for use in producing carbon nanostructures
Carbonnitride nanotubes with nano-sized pores on their stems, their preparation method and control m...
Method for removing sulfur compounds from fluids using compressed metal oxide composition particles
Method and apparatus for catalyst regeneration
Method for reducing a particle and nitrogen oxide proportion in an exhaust gas flow of an internal c...
Hydrometallurgical process of nickel oxide ore
Method for recovering rhodium and silver from hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen gas generator for jet engines
Devices for manufacturing carbon nanotube arrays
Alcohol steam reforming catalysts and methods of alcohol steam reforming
Process for cracking synthetic crude oil-containing feedstock
Process for producing branched olefins from linear olefin/paraffin feed
Biphenyl derivative, material for organic electroluminescence device, and organic electroluminescenc...
Fuel for jet, gas turbine, rocket and diesel engines
Deasphalting tar using stripping tower
Alkylated aromatic compositions, zeolite catalyst compositions and processes for making the same
Zeolite Y alkylation catalysts
Doped catalyst and improved process for treatment of hydrocarbon feedstocks
Integrated process to convert heavy oils from oil sands to petrochemical feedstock
Process for the production of benzene, toluene, and xylenes
Methods of increasing cerebral blood flow
Glucagon-like-peptide-2 (GLP-2) analogues
Processes for the preparation of 4-[[4-[[4-(2-cyanoethenyl)-2,6-dimethylphenyl]amino]-2-pyrimidinyl]...
Triazole derivatives and method of using the same to treat HIV infections
Cytolethal distending toxins and detection of Campylobacter bacteria using the same as a target
NRIF3, a novel co-activator for nuclear hormone receptors
Methods of assaying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor-mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a thiored...
Modular antigen transporter molecules (MAT molecules) for modulating immune reactions, associated co...
Methods and compositions for detecting the activation state of multiple proteins in single cells
Microwave-assisted peptide synthesis
MYH gene variants and use thereof
Pyridazine derivatives
Method for detecting activated CD3+ T-cells
Substituted pyrazole compounds
Methods for modulating eicosanoid metabolism
Zinc salt compositions for the prevention of dermal and mucosal irritation
Methods and compositions for regenerating tissue
Paper pallet
Belt tensioner
Motorcycle lift
Swivel hose reel
Foot pedal
Container for collection of items for recycling
Grease grabber
Pressure washer frame
Support for dust collector
Vacuum cleaner robot
Canister vacuum cleaner
Laundry appliance pedestal
Combined pet step and ramp
Compact portable animal washer
Pet feeder
Aquarium support configured as a grandfather clock
Golf glove with elastically attached finger retaining component
Protective face mask
Methods and systems for handling a work piece for a machining process
Information-processing device
Network intrusion detection and prevention system and method thereof
Method and system for a service process to provide a service to a client
Method for protecting against manipulation of a controller for at least one motor vehicle component ...
System, method and apparatus for secure digital content transmission
Method, system and program product for auditing electronic transactions based on biometric readings
Method and apparatus for secure communications
Secure key exchange with mutual authentication
Systems and methods for providing object integrity and dynamic permission grants
Locking programming interface
Method for generating asymmetrical cryptographic keys by the user
Technique for asymmetric crypto-key generation
Performing authentication in a communications system
Device, device control method, and program
System, method and program product for anonymous transfer of messages
System and method for performing security operations on network data
Method of ciphering data and/or voice call to be transferred in mobile communication system and meth...
Frame-accurate editing methods and systems
Composite pipe
Web free erosion control blanket
Earthen containment reinforcement system
Telescoping piling apparatus and method
Marine pipe laying system, method and hoisting device
Marking tape with passive resonant circuits and methods of use
Hydraulic injection of biocide into tanks
Method and apparatus for playing with pet
Verbena plant named `Duempdared`
Southern Highbush Blueberry plant named `Primadonna`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Duepetpasal`
New guinea impatiens plant named `Duepetbus`
New and distinct somaclonal variety of rose scented geranium
System for performing verification of logic circuits
Functional icon display system and method
Error handling policy
Methods and apparatus for integrity measurement of virtual machine monitor and operating system via ...
Method and software for store multiplex operation
State migration in multiple NIC RDMA enabled devices
Method and apparatus for device and carrier independent location systems for mobile devices
Sitemap access method, product, and apparatus
Method and device for processing messages of the SOAP type
Application programming interface for text mining and search
System and method for displaying market information and order placement in an electronic trading env...
Method for acquisition, storage, and retrieval of cell screening data on a computer system
Field focusing and mapping in an electrode array
Systems and methods for selecting stimulation sites and applying treatment, including treatment of s...
Conditional requirements for remote medical device programming
Tissue site markers for in vivo imaging
Push page user interface in a short range radio enabled mobile terminal
System and method for providing search results based on location
Capacitor switches for nmr
Method and Apparatus for Automatically Analyzing the Characteristics of an Elastomeric Material Incl...
Tomography System with Cooled Electrically Conductive Conduits
Organic light emitting device
Luminescence and color variation compensation in a flexible display
Active matrix display devices
Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
Organic electroluminescent display panel with dummy areas
Broadband light tandem OLED display
Performance enhancement layer for OLED devices
Thin film forming device, method of forming a thin film, and self-light-emitting device
Photo-reactive organic polymeric gate insulating layer composition and organic thin film transistor ...
Light-emitting element and light emitting device using the same
Thin-film transistor including organic semiconductor and inorganic particles, and manufacturing meth...
Iridium-based luminescent compounds having phenylpyridine moieties with organosilicon group, and org...
Semiconductors and electronic devices generated therefrom
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Low voltage organic electroluminescent element
Organic electroluminescent device, method of manufacture thereof and electronic apparatus
Lighting apparatus and a display apparatus therewith
Fabrication method of a liquid crystal display device using small molecule organic semiconductor mat...
Organic electroluminescence display device
Method of driving electroluminescent device
Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method for a video conference system
Nutritional compositions for nutritional management of patients with liver disease
Method for preparing paclitaxel
NMR device for detection of analytes
Electrically non-conductive, nanoparticulate membrane
Functionalized nanosubstrates and methods for three-dimensional nanoelement selection and assembly
Nanoparticle assembled hollow spheres
Ink carriers containing nanoparticles, phase change inks including same and methods for making same
Particle shape characterization from 2D images
Methods of quantitatively measuring biomolecules
Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine
Card reader
Notebook computer
Mobile phone
Set of buttons for a mobile computing device
Subscriber in-house equipment for wireless broadband system
Bluetooth earset
Wrist type mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Communication device
Dual display hand-held electronic device
Mobile phone
Charger for headset
System and method for calculating and displaying volume to identify buying and selling in an electro...
System and method for displaying money management information in an electronic trading environment
Method and apparatus for monitoring and extracting information for use in a smart antenna system
System and method for optical network demarcation
System and method for maximizing the use of bandwidth optimization techniques in voice-over-packet c...
System and method for reducing power requirements of microprocessors through dynamic allocation of d...
Remote control
Level shift circuit with power sequence control
Layered crossbar for interconnection of multiple processors and shared memories
Methods of treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds
System and method for creating trade-related annotations in an electronic trading environment
Method for creating narrow trenches in dielectric materials
Electronic web sticky
Method for secure delegation of trust from a security device to a host computer application for enab...
System and method for translating and transferring files in a networked system
Flow token
Method of executing an electronic commerce sale from an affiliate web site
Image scaling arrangement
Method and apparatus for semi-automatic segmentation technique for low-contrast tubular shaped objec...
Method for identifying markers in radiographic images
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Classification system for consumer digital images using automatic workflow and face detection and re...
Angiography device and associated recording method with a mechanism for collision avoidance
Tomographic energy dispersive X-ray diffraction apparatus comprising an array of detectors of associ...
Orthovoltage radiotherapy
System including computed tomography device for image guided treatment
Method for inspecting ceramic structures
Method and apparatus for sorting materials according to relative composition
X-ray CT apparatus
Focus-detector arrangement for generating projective or tomographic phase contrast recordings with X...
Radiation mask for two dimensional CT detector
Control means for heat load in X-ray scanning apparatus
Scatter rejection for composite medical imaging systems
X-ray CT device and method of controlling the same
Voice over data telecommunications network architecture
Microscope illumination device and adapter therefor
Optical wheel evaluation
System and method for dynamic fast tobogganing
Method of adjusting linear parameters of a parametric ultrasonic signal to reduce non-linearities in...
Systems and methods for demonstrating authenticity of a virtual machine using a security image
Method, system and apparatus for simulating fluid flow in a fractured reservoir utilizing a combinat...
Bayesian sensor estimation for machine condition monitoring
Economical optical system to provide reasonable assurance of completed vend or vendible items from v...
Methods for treating and/or collecting information regarding neurological disorders, including langu...
Questions and control paradigms for detecting deception by measuring brain activity
Cardiac CT system and method for planning atrial fibrillation intervention
Channel selection
Ultra thin lighting element
Light pipe having an improved structure of prisms
System and method for image segmentation by a weighted multigrid solver
Flatware handle
Microwave cooking accessory
Sipper tube
Razor holder
Tweezer holder
Visor hat
Controller and resource management system and method with improved security for independently contro...
Gossypolone for the treatment of cancer
Hair styling iron
Hair styling iron
Hair styling iron
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Putter head
Electrical connector
Brake friction pad
Line-transfer device
Configuring a bounded cache prefetch policy in a computer system employing object addressable storag...
Configuring a cache replacement policy in a computer system employing object addressable storage
Service operation data processing using checklist functionality in association with inspected items
Determination of gas saturation radial profile from multi-frequency NMR data
MRI gradient coils with reduced neural stimulation
Robustly stabilizing laser systems
Reducing depolarisation
Detecting orientation of digital images using face detection information
Integrated assist features for epitaxial growth bulk tiles with compensation
Method of designing package for semiconductor device, layout design tool for performing the same, an...
Camera device, method of manufacturing a camera device, wafer scale package
Magnetic detection device connecting element and detection circuit and method of manufacturing the s...
Method for attaching chips in a flip-chip arrangement
Stackable integrated circuit structures and systems devices and methods related thereto
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Memory module that is capable of controlling input/output in accordance with type of memory chip
Adhesive sheet for laser dicing and its manufacturing method
Chip and wafer integration process using vertical connections
Bipolar transistor having variable value emitter ballast resistors
Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein and manufacturing process thereof
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
MRAM and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device comprising gate electrode
Monolithic MOSFET and Schottky diode device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Transistor of a semiconductor device
Self-aligned, silicided, trench-based DRAM/eDRAM processes with improved retention
Virtual private network for real-time data
Setting transmission length based on estimated error rate
Method and apparatus for providing intelligent error messaging
Network side channel for a message board
Host based automatic detection unit
USB hub, USB-compliant apparatus, and communication system
Programmable transaction initiator architecture for systems with secure and non-secure modes
Preventing change cycling using rules and redo tags in a redo log
High-voltage power supply control system and wireless controller and method therefor
Failsafe satellite pacemaker system
Transceiver device and fastener
Wireless cell phone
No-cable stereo handsfree accessory
Memory optimized pattern searching
Evaluating and generating summaries using normalized probabilities
Enhanced popularity ranking
Search engine with user activity memory
Associative matrix methods, systems and computer program products using bit plane representations of...
Method and device for scalable multiple match extraction from search data
Agent rank
Live presentation searching
Identifying a web page as belonging to a blog
System and method of accessing a document efficiently through multi-tier web caching
Indexing and searching of electronic message transmission thread sets
Page aggregation for web sites
Integration of multiple query revision models
Pressure sensor using field emission of carbon nano-tube
Mechanical memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Ion beam apparatus having plasma sheath controller
Method of making a textured surface
Pt/CeO.sub.2/electroconductive carbon nano-hetero anode material and production method thereof
Fluid enclosure and methods related thereto
Synthesizing a reference value in an electrocardial waveform
Method for suppressing impulse noise and device thereof
Conductive layer to reduce drive voltage in displays
Human monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells
Antibodies to CD40 and methods of treating cancer and enhancing immune responses
Melt spinable concentrate pellets having enhanced reversible thermal properties
System and method for coating an implantable medical device
Electro-optic displays
Microcapsule magnetic migration display
Thiazole compounds
PRO4356 polypeptides
Histidine-rich glycoprotein
Indolylpiperidine derivatives as potent antihistaminic and antiallergic agents
Indazolo-tetrahydropyrimidine-carboxamide derivative kinase inhibitors
Modified and stabilized GDF propeptides and uses thereof
Method of and apparatus for communicating data structures between devices in a networking environmen...
Index for fixed income securities market
Disc apparatus having blower for selectively directing air to pickup or loading device
Methods and apparatus for providing graphical indicators and inline controls for relating and managi...
System and method providing detailed network object performance information to locate root cause
Animation on object user interface
Automatic image capture for generating content
System and method of volume health checking and recovery
Systems and methods for verifying the trustworthiness of a file comprising computer instructions
Processor with power saving reconfigurable floating point unit decoding an instruction to single ful...
Efficient use of communication channel for periodic/occasional lower-priority and/or opportunistic d...
User interface incorporating data ecosystem awareness
Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressu...
Adjustable length and torque resistant golf shaft
Interchangeable putter system
Putting range assembly
Apparatus for strengthening vertebral bodies
Medical device packaging systems including electrical interfaces
Endoscopic light source safety and control system with optical sensor
Structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and methods for maki...
Formulation and presentation of medicaments
Shoe insole
Eyepiece unit for endoscopes
Fluoropolymer coagulation method and composition
Bacterial lethality test indicator and prompt response spectroscopic analyzer
Work table for endoscope
Color chart for adjustment of a color printer and a color monitor utilized with an endoscope
Structural improvement for alert system
Method, device and system of illumination-based disinfection
Heating element for liquid warming device
Fluoropolymer for making a fluoroelastomer
Signal generators for current-mode three-level digital amplifiers
Nested transimpedance amplifier
Buffer for A/D conversion
System and method for range measurement of a preceding vehicle
Dynamic synchronization of timing signals
Vehicular vision system
Selectable lane-departure warning system and method
Voltage driver circuit
Geometric ladder circuit with linear-in-dB transfer function
Phase locked loop charge pump reference current bootstrapping
High speed level shifter circuit in advanced CMOS technology
Alert system for a vehicle
Timing loop based on analog to digital converter output and method of use
Method and device for warning a driver
Differential peak detector
Production of packaged DNA sequences
Inactivating organisms using carbon dioxide at or near its supercritical pressure and temperature co...
Fabricating method for a liquid crystal display of horizontal electric field applying type
Dual seed semiconductor photodetectors
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Light emission device, method of manufacturing same, electro-optical device and electronic device
Field effect transistor comprising a stressed channel region and method of forming the same
Method to grow pure nanocrystalline diamond films at low temperatures and high deposition rates
MOS transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Nitrogen treatment to improve high-k gate dielectrics
Memory device and methods for its fabrication
Field effect transistor having a stressed dielectric layer based on an enhanced device topography
MOSFETs comprising source/drain recesses with slanted sidewall surfaces, and methods for fabricating...
Solar cell device
Method of forming a thin layer and method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor device using...
Plasma processes for depositing low dielectric constant films
Method of forming gate stack for semiconductor electronic device
Methods for enhancing trench capacitance and trench capacitor
Thin film transistor panel and manufacturing method thereof
Catheter with sensor tips, tool and device and methods of use of same
Iminothiazolidinone derivatives as SFRP-1 antagonists
Protease inhibitors
Method of modulating tissue growth using Frzb protein
Method of coating with selectively activated dispensing head
Highly-mineralized osteogenic sponge compositions, and uses thereof
FGF homologs and antibodies thereto
Apparatus and method for supporting vertebral bodies
Glycoprotein synthesis
Smad6 and uses thereof
Compounds useful for inhibiting CHK1
Use of TGF beta superfamily antagonists to make dopaminergic neurons from embryonic stem cells
Vehicles for delivery of biologically active substances
Spine stabilization system
Glass run for motor vehicle
Electronic device containing group-III element based nitride semiconductors
Airbag apparatus
Electrode for p-type SiC
Resin pipe and resin molded component
Method for fabricating group III nitride compound semiconductors and group III nitride compound semi...
Light emitting device including adhesion layer
Light emitting element and method of making same
Method of manufacturing an optical module
Light source device with equalized colors split, and method of making same
Steering wheel assembly
Stamped airbag retention members and method of airbag assembly
Side airbag device
Pressure container
Method and apparatus for sensing distortion
Opening trim weather strip
GPS car cushion
Tire for motorcycle
Tire for motorcycle
Polymeric composition for seals and gaskets
Tire with rubber tread of circumferential zones with graduated physical properties
Tire for motorcycle
Belt coat composition
Leak down device for tire pressure monitoring system
Golf ball
Rubber composition for base tread
Golf club head
Methods and apparatuses for producing metallic compositions via reduction of metal halides
Golf club head and method for manufacturing the same
Composite electrode for light-emitting device
Alumina member and manufacturing method thereof
Cement for carbon articles
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Process for producing steel article
Removable covering for implantable frame projections
Heating hydrocarbon containing formations in a line drive staged process
Drain and strainer wrench
Mowing apparatus
Modulation of electromagnetic radiation with electrically controllable composite material
Extended drive plate rotary handle
Process for electrolytic coating of a strand casting mould
Method of making dense composites of bulk-solidifying amorphous alloys and articles thereof
Multi-material composite locking upright
Golf club with high moment of inertia
Cooler having an integrated seat
Vehicle side article transporter device
Valve mechanism lift adjustment device and method
Rear combination lamp for vehicle
Preceding-vehicle following control system
Harness routing structure for vehicle
Rear combination lamp for vehicle
Radiator grille for vehicle
Removable seat sensing system
Electric power generation control system and electric power generation control method for fuel cell
Driver assisting system, method for assisting driver, and vehicle incorporating same
Fuel cell system and method for removal of water from fuel cells
Semiconductor-based lighting systems and lighting system components for automotive use
Headlamp with beam patterns formed from semiconductor light sources
Trim panel including integrally formed members
Deceleration control apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Engine fuel pump control apparatus
Adjustable head restraint assembly for vehicle seats
Force sensor for the measurement of tensile force in a pulling means
Tunable light source apparatus, and adjustment method and control program of the same
Laser equipment
Adiabatically frequency modulated source
High power excimer laser with a pulse stretcher
Long wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Semiconductor laser diode array
Integrated modulator-laser structure and a method of producing same
Integrated circuit having on-chip laser burn-in circuit
Optical transmission module with digital adjustment and the adjusting method
Laser system
Laser drive device, laser light emitting device and laser driving method
Optical disk recording apparatus
Fastener element molding
Method and apparatus for automatically controlling output of laser diode
Laser power adjustment method and optical recording and reproduction apparatus
Interface device for optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Multi-axis prosthetic ankle
Article of footwear with gripping system
Shoe with wraparound lacing
Footwear with fluid-filled bladder and a reinforcing structure
Fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Footwear mold heating system and method
System and method for osteoporosis assessment
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled chamber with flexion zones
Footwear and insole therefor
Shoe upper
Article of footwear having a fluid-filled bladder with a reinforcing structure
Footwear insert
Device for suspending a foot within a shoe and shoes incorporating such devices
Method and system for delivery of location specific information
Methods of enhancing separation of primary reflection signals and noise in seismic data using radon ...
Method of scrolling that is activated by touchdown in a predefined location on a touchpad that recog...
Method and system to monitor movable entities
Dual substrate plasma panel based ionizing radiation detector
Resistance welding fastener electrode and monitor and method of using same
Beta defensin proteins
Method for detecting radiation exposure
Filtering apparatus, filter regulator for use with spray gun and spraying system using the same
Hand-operated pressure regulating valve for compressed air guns
Snowmaking process
Screw gun
Accessory tray for a pressure washer
Gravel pack apparatus that includes a swellable element
Wireline supported tubular mill
Arc fault circuit interrupter and method of parallel and series arc fault detection
Shift control device and shift control method of automatic transmission
Shift control device and shift control method of automatic transmission
Connection structure for automatic transmission
Resistive heater for thermo optic device
High voltage x-ray generator and related oil well formation analysis apparatus and method
Thrust correction
System for optimal alignment of a bearing seal on a shaft of a gas turbine
Method of programming memory device
Control of in-cylinder conditions of an internal combustion engine operating with multiple combustio...
Method and apparatus for a spacer for an electrode layer gap in a power source
Energy distribution network
Feedthrough filter capacitor assemblies having low cost terminal pins
Treating a tumor or the like with electric fields at different orientations
Ion generator and method for controlling amount of ozone generated in the same
Treating a tumor or the like with electric fields at different orientations
Magnetoresistive device, thin film magnetic head, head gimbal assembly and magnetic disk unit exhibi...
Package for an implantable medical device
Multiple band reflector with metal and dielectric layers
Image-forming device having cartridge-accommodating section
Structured optical element and production thereof
System and method for selecting a view mode and setting
System and method for automatic item relocating in a user interface layout
Binary cache file format for themeing the visual appearance of a computer system
Systems and methods for controlling access to data on a computer with a secure boot process
Enhancing software integrity through installation and verification
Context sensitive labels for a hardware input device
Gaming device method and apparatus employing modified payouts
Gaming smart card
Apparatus for making a laminated core structure
Device for receiving envelopes
Method for the production of biodegradable foamed products
Direct epoxidation process
Packer cup for a packoff nipple
Fluorescence polarization imaging devices and methods
Multifunctional particulate material, fluid, and composition
Method of forming a carbon nanotube-based contact to semiconductor
Method of positioning patterns from block copolymer self-assembly
Pyridine and related ligand compounds, functionalized nanoparticulate composites and methods of prep...
Templated monolayer polymerization and replication
Device having spacers
Display device, manufacturing method thereof, and television set
Carbon nanotube nanometrology system
Diarylamine-containing compounds and compositions, and their use as modulators of c-kit receptors
Crossbar comparator
Amphiphilic molecular modules and constructs based thereon
Sensitive emission light gathering and flow through detection system
Magnetic film for magnetic device
Microelectromechanical device and method utilizing a porous surface
Photonic MEMS and structures
Emulsions for lignocellulosic products, methods of their manufacture, improved lignocellulosic produ...
Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Esters of 5-aminolevulinic acid as photosensitizing agents in photochemotherapy
Declarative configuration of enterprises services
System, method and program for allocating computer resources
Programmatic control of tasks in a programmable logic controller
Methods and apparatus for processor task migration in a multi-processor system
Sending notifications to project members in a project management system
Method and system for translating software binaries and assembly code onto hardware
System and method for comparing attributes of documents
System for controlling display content for multiple electronic display units
Method and system for transmitting information over a communication network
Synchronizing execution of graphical programs executing on different computer systems
Selecting optimal repair strategy for mirrored files
Energy storage system
Component with a reflector layer and method for producing the same
Heap bioleaching process
Device and method for detecting material by means of gravitational field analysis
Self-forming structures
Tensioned inflatable cover module
Total home energy management system
Method and apparatus for reducing back-glass deflection in an interferometric modulator display devi...
Method and apparatus for detecting severity of water leaks
ID label, ID tag, and ID card
Caching web objects transformed by a pipeline of adaptation services
Low-cost network system between a base station controller and a base transceiver station, and method...
Fibre channel over ethernet
Method, system and article for improved network performance by avoiding IP-ID wrap-arounds causing d...
Apparatus and method for controlling a demultiplexer and a multiplexer used for rate matching in a m...
System and method for providing seamless roaming
Optical lens system for taking image
Image pickup device and image pickup optical system
Data encoding/decoding method and related device capable of lowering signal power spectral density
Inverter apparatus
Differential amplifier
Combination I/O modules in a modular automation controller
Intelligent gas discharge lamp control circuit
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) and multilevel cache for use therewith
Semiconductor device having shield structure
Nucleic acids encoding functional splice variants of the .alpha.7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor s...
Power sprayer
Convenient ultrasonic inspection device
Double-gated non-volatile memory and methods for forming thereof
Substrate having silicon germanium material and stressed silicon nitride layer
Applications and fabrication techniques for large scale wire grid polarizers
Method of TEM sample preparation for electron holography for semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing a sintered compact for use as a cell culture base
Finger identification apparatus
Clip for heat sink
Heat dissipation assembly
Heat dissipation device having a fixing base
Heat-dissipating module
Motherboards with integrated cooling
Fan with spiral supercharging device
External heat dissipator detachably adapted to a heat source to force away heat generated by the hea...
Ventilating apparatus
Airflow control in heating and air-conditioning units
Reversing circulation for heating and cooling conduits
Vehicular air-conditioning system
Heat exchanger with perforated plate in header
Juxtaposing structure for heated ends of heat pipes
Cooling device and method of manufacturing the same
Compounds having reversible inhibiting activity of carnitine palmitoyl-transferase
Heterocyclic cannabinoid receptor antagonists
Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt
Quinoxaline compounds
Benzamidazoles, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Phenyl-piperazine derivatives as modulators of muscarinic receptors
Pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinoxalin-5-(4H)-yl)sulfonyls and carbonyls and their use as estrogenic agents
Combination of FBPase inhibitors and antidiabetic agents useful for the treatment of diabetes
Asthma preparation
FSH and FSH variant formulations, products and methods
Crystalline composition of farsenyl pyrophosphate synthase (IspA)
Breeding and milking cows for milk free of .beta.-casein A.sup.1
Cheese making process
Treatment of mucosal membranes utilizing phytoestrogen
Mutant Lactobacillus bulgaricus strains free from beta-galactosidase activity
Method for monitoring gastrointestinal inflammation in persons with inflammatory bowel disease(IBD)
Breast pump device with self-contained breast milk reservoir
Method and system for forming temporary images
Actuator latch device for hard disk drive
Magnetic disk drive apparatus with magnetic head sliders in a magnetic loop while in an unloaded sta...
Head gimbal assembly including a one-piece structural suspension and an accessory plate, and method ...
Integrated-lead suspension vibration-canceling member
Head apparatus having a slider with first and second positive pressure parts and a negative pressure...
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Magnetic sensing element including free layer having gradient composition and method for manufacturi...
Seed layer for fabricating spin valve heads for ultra-high density recordings
Filtering device for a magnetic disc apparatus
Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic pinned layer for pinning improvement
Recording medium drive including electrostatic actuator between head slider and recording medium
CoFe insertion for exchange bias and sensor improvement
Rotating disk storage device with mounting structure and enhanced fixing mechanism
Integrated servo and read EMR sensor
Adaptive disturbance repressing method and apparatus, and disk drive apparatus using the same
Actuator of hard disk drive having arm member with raised blade part
Head position control device and medium storage device
Scheduling of housekeeping operations in flash memory systems
Variable initial program voltage magnitude for non-volatile storage
Multiple pass write sequence for non-volatile storage
Disk drive employing error threshold counters to generate an ECC error distribution
Flash memory systems with direct data file storage utilizing data consolidation and garbage collecti...
Defective block isolation in a non-volatile memory system
System for performing data pattern sensitivity compensation using different voltage
Storage device fixture with simultaneous unload mechanism
Nonvolatile memory cell comprising a reduced height vertical diode
Method of making a semiconductor device having multiple die redistribution layer
Dynamic redundant area configuration in a non-volatile memory system
Methods of managing blocks in nonvolatile memory
Reclaiming data storage capacity in flash memory systems
Method for using a spatially distributed amplifier circuit
Device with load-based voltage generation
De-glitch circuit
Nucleic acid sequences and methods of use for the production of plants with modified polyunsaturated...
Statin derivatives
Neural regeneration peptides and methods for their use in treatment of brain damage
Methods of using 3-(4-amino-1-oxo-1,3-dihydroisoindol-2-yl)-piperidine-2,6-dione for the treatment a...
Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-D]pyrimidines as p38 map kinase inhibitors
Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-D]pyrimidines as p38 map kinase inhibitors
Substituted thiophenecarboxamides, their preparation and their use as medicaments
Methods for fabricating a coating for implantable medical devices
Use of an Opuntia ficus-indica extract and compounds isolated therefrom for protecting nerve cells
Coatings for implantable medical devices
Methods and compositions for inducing autoimmunity in the treatment of cancers
Anti-P-selectin antibodies
Electronic apparatus and method for symbol input
Telepayment method and system
Business processes based on a predictive model
Method and apparatus for the secure identification of the owner of a portable device
Data communications
Personal authentication method and device
Symmetric tags
Real-time virtual earth driving information
Elongate bi-lithic printhead with a support member
Preventing unauthorized loading of late binding code into a process
Systems and methods for categorizing network traffic content
Use of a bulk-email filter within a system for classifying messages for urgency or importance
Displaying users connected to computer servers
Message classification using allowed items
Electrostatic audio loudspeakers
Electrical passivation of silicon-containing surfaces using organic layers
Ink formulations, modified pigment-based ink formulations and methods of making
Ionically conductive clay additive for use in electrochemical cells
Absorbing organic reagents into diagnostic test devices by formation of amine salt complexes
Long-time stable water-repellent and oil-repellent surface
Optimization of gene expression analysis using immobilized capture probes
Utilization of discontinuous fibers for improving properties of high temperature insulation of ceram...
Thermoplastic separator for alkaline electrochemical cells and processes for the production thereof
Radiation curable phase change inks containing curable epoxy-polyamide composite gellants
Capped mesoporous silicates
Curb inlet filter
Method for the manufacture of electrode for energy-storage devices
Slide and kit for delivering implants
Implantable drug delivery device and use thereof
Dialysis catheter anchoring system
Twist-open dispenser with applicator & method of applying skin care products & method of merchandisi...
Fluid dispensers having removably attached dual applicator assembly
Mobile device with battery between input interface and print media cartridge
Ethylene (co) polymer and its use
Delaying swelling in a downhole packer element
Dust proof sliding device
Process for the preparation of a tetraalkylcyclobutane-1,3-diol using a promoted nickel-based cataly...
HIFU probe for treating tissue with in-line degassing of fluid
Ducted spinner for engine cooling
Lightweight, rigid composite structures
PWM driver and class D amplifier using same
Digital to analogue conversion
Distortion tolerant linear phase modulations
High efficiency power converter
Control circuit for converters
Power converter with emulated peak current mode control
Digital to analog converter and method for digital to analog conversion
High efficiency power converter
Method and apparatus for controlling a synchronous rectifier
Power converter system
Double-clamped ZVS buck-boost power converter
Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Reactor for solid phase synthesis
Solid phase extraction apparatus and method
Method for removing iron deposits in a water system
Plasma purification membrane and plasma purification system
Continuous multistage thermophilic aerobic and aerobic-anaerobic sludge treatment process
Removal of phosphorous from wastewater
Package dewatering wastewater treatment method
Tubular anaerobic digester
Device for receiving and separating chips and cooling liquid discharged from machine tools (drive)
Filtration device with releasable additive
pH stable chromatographic media using templated multilayer organic/inorganic grafting