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Control device and method for hybrid electric vehicle
Systems and methods for charging a fuel cell vehicle
Target regulation voltage setting apparatus
Control device and control method of hybrid vehicle
Refuse vehicle control system and method with footboard
Method, system, and apparatus for providing enhanced steering pull compensation
Arrangement for monitoring the location of a mining vehicle in a mine
Crop attribute map input for vehicle guidance
Method and start control device for controlling an automatic start-up process of a drive unit
Methods and systems for information capture and retrieval
Point of sale system interface for processing of transactions at a secondary transaction payment net...
Multilayered apertured film wrapping element for absorbent articles
Polymerization processes
Driving system of light emitting diode
Systems for allocating multi-function resources in a process system and methods of operating the sam...
Device and method for positioning and controlling railway vehicles with ultra-large bandwidth
Semiconductor optoelectronic device and method of fabricating the same
Detection of servo data for a servo system
Systems and methods for communicating a lossy protocol via a lossless protocol
Movable radiant heat sources
Display device and a method of manufacturing the same
System and method for food service storage bin monitoring
Automatic steering system and method
Method for implementing a remote display system with transcoding
Matching session records of network users with corresponding transaction data
Method of assigning objects to processing units
Finer grained point-to-point event propagation
Palladium solder
Apparatus and method for thawing biological materials
Process for the production of a radioactive aerosol
Managing electronic documents utilizing a digital seal
Proximity locator system
Control arrangement for a propulsion unit for a self-propelled floor care appliance
System and method for handling a storage resource error condition based on priority information
Sensor with layered electrodes
Flute controller driven dynamic synthesis system
Methods and systems for providing benchmark information under controlled access
Channel changing method in digital broadcasting service
Structured-document processing
Devices, methods, and kits for non-invasive glucose measurement
Application service provider and automated transaction machine system and method
Plants and seeds of corn variety CV688430
Mounting bracket for column assembly
System and method for teaching spelling
Method for temperature cycling with inductive heating
System and method for detecting, collecting, analyzing, and communicating event related information
Holographic display and controls applied to gas installations
Vehicle based data collection and processing system and imaging sensor system and methods thereof
Contact mapping using channel routing
Simulated neon illuminating sign
Plants and seeds of corn comprising brown midrib and gt1 genes
Method of treating fibroproliferative disorders
Synthetic microfluidic microvasculature network
Specific binding agents of human angiopoietin-2
Clear, impact modified, heat resistant polyvinyl halide compositions
Ethylene recovery from a polymerization process
MicroRNA molecules
Regulators of the non-genomic action of progesterone and methods of use
Compounds for a controlled release of active molecules
Method of addressing messages and communications
Intramuscular stimulation therapy using surface-applied localized electrical stimulation
Titanium oxide-based sol-gel polymer
Network and application attack protection based on application layer message inspection
Edible vaccines expressed in soybeans
Flat and collapsible mouse
Cradle for printhead cartridge having power storage interface
Discouraging unauthorized redistribution of protected content by cryptographically binding the conte...
Flexible material
Passive microwave fire and intrusion detection system
Laser assistant
Aza spiro alkane derivatives as inhibitors of metalloproteases
Detector for detecting the angular position of a rotatable shaft
AC-to-DC electrical switching circuit
Method and system for processing wireless digital multimedia
Method and system for handling multimedia calls
Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
Assembling verbal narration for digital display images
Media foundation media sink
Content and service delivery in telecommunication networks
Multi-media KVM switch
Method and system for presenting item information using a portable data terminal
Systems and methods for wirelessly marking media
Retrieving and providing contextual information
Media player
Method for preparing a composition for control of microbial contamination in drinking water
Chuck with internal geared tightening mechanism
Spool rattle
Piston compressor cylinder arrangement, particularly for a hermetically enclosed refrigerant compres...
Compositions and methods for inhibiting Wnt-dependent solid tumor cell growth
Raffinose synthase genes and their use
Bone treatment systems and methods
Apparatus and method for near-field imaging of tissue
Wound vacuum therapy dressing kit
Roll-to-roll fabricated electronically active device
Wired circuit board and production method thereof
Coaxial diffuse reflectance read head
Low-HAP and zero-HAP polyester resin systems and articles prepared using same
Power source system utilizing time detection means to provide optimum charge to secondary battery fr...
Tunable MRI enhancing device
Compton scattered X-ray visualization, imaging, or information provider in soft matter such as tissu...
Organic laser
Olefin polymerization process
Polypeptide films and methods
Apparatus and method for reading an optical code
Toner supplying cartridge
Inhibitors of cognitive decline
Apparatus and method for performing multiple exclusive or operations using multiplication circuitry
Hepatitis C inhibitor tri-peptides
Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, and image reading apparatus
Process for preparing nitrooxy esters, nitrooxy thioesters nitrooxy carbonates and nitrooxy thiocarb...
Substituted imidazole derivatives, compositions, and methods of use as PTPase inhibitors
Process for preparing nitrooxyalkyl substituted esters of carboxylic acids, intermediates useful in ...
Method and system for the prediction of cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia, and other diseased...
Random packing elements and column containing same
Contrast enhanced spectroscopic optical coherence tomography
Compressed porous materials suitable for implant
A/D converter
Semiconductor chip with a number of A/D converters that include a group of redundant A/D converters
Successive approximation ADC with binary error tolerance mechanism
Heat exchanger with side plate having pipe near bridge portion
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Vapor-lift pump heat transport apparatus
Fin structure for heat exchanger
Heat exchanger, especially charge-air/coolant cooler
Heat exchanger for multiple cooling loops
Refrigerator-oven combination for an aircraft galley food service system
LED lamp assembly
Method for obtaining a gaseous phase from a liquid medium and device for carrying out the same
Micro component steam reformer apparatus for producing a syn-gas from liquid hydrocarbons
Semiconductor-based porous structure enabled by capillary force
System and method of a heat transfer system with an evaporator and a condenser
Container-based data center
Case for a liquid submersion cooled electronic device
Orthogonally system arrangements for data center facility
Heat sink device for a display card
Hybrid immersion cooled server with integral spot and bath cooling
Heat sink clip and assembly
Electronic module with heat sink
Thermal dissipation heat slug sandwich
Roller for a printer and a method of cooling the roller surface
Composite decking material and methods associated with the same
Removable LED light device
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, liquid crystal display device, RFID tag, light e...
Functionalized block copolymers
Method of treating inflammation and autoimmune diseases
Ultrasonic multilateration system for stride vectoring
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Footwear outsole
Shoe outsole
Portion of a footwear upper
Portion of a footwear upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Fan variable area nozzle for a gas turbine engine fan nacelle with cam drive ring actuation system
Miniaturized microwave-photonic receiver
Aircraft auxiliary gas turbine engine and method for operating
Distributed and recoverable digital control system
External telemetry method
Dynamic non-linear display
Protective devices for aircraft fuel filler ports
Fire suppression system and method for an interior area of an aircraft lavatory waste container fire...
Unmanned helicopter
Multi-path inlet for aircraft engine
Passenger compartment
Translatable and rotatable passenger seat
Aircraft floor to fuselage attachment
Wire-strike defence system
Rib support for wing panels
Fabrication and installation of preformed dielectric inserts for lightning strike protection
Method and system for providing cruciform steered, bent biconic and plasma suppression for maximum a...
Self-powered spacecraft attitude control system and method
Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods
Method and system for handling gas diffusion through the envelopes of airships and balloons
Transportable wave generating module and watercraft
Adjustable barreling wave generating apparatus and method
Reconfigurable toy extreme sport hang glider
Moving toy utilizing magnetic force
Amusement apparatus
Pull toy
Flying arrangement
Transformation toy and related products
Multi-functional detached mobile phone
Toy vehicle with improved animated function
System and method for web based sharing of search engine queries
Customizable wobble objects
Method and system for configuration and download in a restricted architecture network
Mini sized side dump trailer
Self-charging RFID tag with long life
Flexible personal evaporative cooling system with warming potential
Simplified anemoscope
Impact force dampening system for use with a golf driver or fairway club head
Printing cartridge with radio frequency identification
Portable communication device and method of use
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor chip cut from the semiconductor wafer, and method of manufacturin...
Semiconductor storage device and production method therefor
Embedded metal heat sink for semiconductor
Stacked die packages
Package structure having semiconductor device embedded within wiring board
Thermal spacer for stacked die package thermal management
Multi-package module and electronic device using the same
Power semiconductor module and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Stacked semiconductor package and method of making same
Active device array substrate
Method and apparatus for irradiating laser
Apparatus and methods for optical amplification in semiconductors
Electrolyte transistor
Method of manufacturing laser diode packages and arrays
Opto-electronic board
Glass-based micropositioning systems and methods
Method for placing active circuits beneath active bonding pads
Game program and game device
Interactive game playing preferences
Revenue generating system and associated methods
Method and apparatus for associating symbols with a state of a gaming device
Method of playing a slot machine ("cumulative numeric awards")
Gaming device method and apparatus employing alternate payout features
System and method for performing bet protection
Method and apparatus for automatically operating a game machine
Method and system for time gaming with skill wagering opportunities
Electronic game apparatus and method providing a secondary game triggered apart from a primary game
Gaming device having apparent and final awards
Integration of casino gaming and non-casino interactive gaming
Video game control system and a video game control server
Magnetoresistive memory units as read only memory devices in gaming machines
Billiard game with chess indicia and method of play
Exercise device
Control of depth movement for visual display with layered screens
Methods and systems for providing programmable computerized interactors
Wireless communication system for communication among a plurality of mobile game apparatuses that ha...
Electronic trading system including an auto-arbitrage feature or name switching feature
Interactive broadcast system and method with different content displayed to different viewers
Wellbore instrument module having magnetic clamp for use in cased wellbores
Visual acoustic device
Vibration damping apparatus for windows using viscoelastic damping materials
Exhaust muffler
Sound absorbing material
Acoustic panel
Disk array apparatus
System and method for inserting numeric labels automatically
Method and apparatus for delivering barcode-to-dose labels
Delivery slip
Security system, especially for security documents
System and method for settling trades
Authoring system for combining temporal and nontemporal digital media
Method and arrangement for generation of a secret session key
Decryption apparatus and decryption method
Mechanism for protecting the transfer of digital content
Data obfuscation of text data using entity detection and replacement
Content usage device and network system, and license information acquisition method
Method for managing viewing of a particular content recorded on an information recording medium
Method and apparatus for establishing usage rights for digital content to be created in the future
Secure electronic commerce using mutating identifiers
Systems and methods for securely booting a computer with a trusted processing module
Methods for secure and bandwidth efficient cryptographic synchronization
System and method for three-phase data encryption
Method for generating and managing a local area network
Method and system for transferring software and hardware feature licenses between devices
Digital signature method based on braid groups conjugacy and verify method thereof
Mobile software terminal identifier
Message digest instruction
FPGA configuration bitstream protection using multiple keys
Generating a root key for decryption of a transmission key allowing secure communications
Multi-valued scrambling and descrambling of digital data on optical disks and other storage media
System and method for establishing temporary and permanent credentials for secure online commerce
Restricting communication service
Hydrangea plant named `Bombshell`
Bougainvillea plant named `RIJNBO710`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Fancy Yoursula`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zaprilou`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Swepu`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Sweor`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `SAKIMP008`
Gypsophila plant named `Esm Cold`
Alternanthera plant named `Raspberry Rum`
Bermudagrass `ST-5`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA08182`
Calibrachoa plant named `Sunbelkopawai`
Calibrachoa plant named `KLECA08187`
Campanula plant named `Viking`
Echinacea plant named `Hot Papaya`
Echinacea plant named `Adam Saul`
Echinacea plant named `Noam Saul`
Nemesia plant named `KLENH08446`
Nemesia plant named `Kirine-50`
Salvia plant named `Mes Pur`
Variety of Sutera plant named `Sumsut 06`
Light emitting device and compounds for use therein
Process for the selective catalytic hydrodealkylation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Paraffin alkylation process
Process to make base oil from thermally cracked waxy feed using ionic liquid catalyst
Method for the preparation of linear alpha-olefins and reactor system therefore with improved dispos...
Preparing a light-olefin containing product stream from an oxygenate-containing feed stream using re...
Hair trimming cartridge
Razor handle
Mascara container
Protective covering for an ear guard
Combined aquarium and animal exhibit
Pet carrier
Pet carrier
Pet carrier
Equine boot
Pet collar with embedded reflectors
Pet throw/chew toy
Storage chest litter box holder
Telescopic animal urine collector
Vacuum cleaner appliance
Vertically extendable storage bucket
Air flow drying apparatus
Trash receptacle
Dual-component cremation urn structure
Rosary device
Telephone system for communication through multiple lines
Method and apparatus for notifying called and/or calling parties of a call placement
Spatialization arrangement for conference call
User interface for call history
Automated method for determining caller satisfaction
Focused retrieval of selected data in a call center environment
Method to reduce acoustic coupling in audio conferencing systems
Method and apparatus for optimizing speakerphone performance based on tilt angle
Method of adaptation step control in echo cancellers
Maintaining line voltage during reset
Cordless telephone apparatus
Charging in a communication system
Data message processing
Method and system for indicating reception of an incoming call by a wireless device
Mobile communication device dynamic service application and dynamic service application scripting
Techniques for combining voice with wireless text short message services
Mobile wireless communication devices with quick-send features and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for coordinating internet multi-media content with telephone and audio communic...
Cable manager for network rack
Identifying temporal sequences using a recurrent self organizing map
Generating two-class classification model for predicting chemical toxicity
Method for developing a classifier for classifying communications
Process and heuristic statistic for prospect selection through data mining
Method for rule locating, ordering and combining in a polyhierarichical environment
Method and system to analyze rules based on popular query coverage
Responding to situations using multidimensional semantic net and Bayes inference
Proactive user interface including emotional agent
Systems for predicting sporting success conditions
Method for classifying data using an analytic manifold
Apparatus and methods for providing a homogenous I/O interface for controlling a heterogenous mixtur...
Target profiling in predictive modeling
Method of measuring a large population of web pages for compliance to content standards that require...
Apparatus and method for constructing learning data
Gene expression programming based on Hidden Markov Models
Method, apparatus and system for aircraft deicing and estimating deicing completion times
Method, apparatus, mobile terminal and computer program product for providing data clustering and mo...
Method and arrangement for configuring a device in a data network
Physical Activity Reward System
Bupropion Metabolites and Methods of Their Synthesis and Use
Dual-tip Catheter System for Boring through Blocked Vascular Passages
Method for experimentally optic transmitting information through an optic nerve
Early Treatment and Prevention of Increased Muscle Tonicity
Methods ofr the detection of gene trannscripts in blood and uses thereof
Method for the detection of gene transcripts in blood and uses thereof
Cold rolling pin system
Forwarding IM messages to E-mail
Network based proxy control of content
Micro-journaling of data on a storage device
System and method for delivering communication signals
Personal hair assistant
Gas distribution system for improved transient phase deposition
Refrigerant releasing composite
Wound dressing
Microwaveable food package
Adjustable display screen for a laptop computer
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information for subscribers that inte...
System and method for utilizing confidence levels in automated call routing
Method for flexible multiple broadcast service delivery over a WDM passive optical network based on ...
Method and system for regulation of endocrine and exocrine glands by means of neuro-electrical coded...
G.P.S. management system
Methods and systems of insuring fertility care lifestyle affairs
Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatic creation of data tables and elements
Method and apparatus for limiting reuse of domain name system information
Forwarding to automatically prioritized IM accounts based upon priority and presence
Imager apparatus
Camera integrated with deformable supporting structure
Shutter device and image pickup apparatus
Camera apparatus having shutter control apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus
Multi-camera system and method having a common processing block
Method of providing photofinishing services
Camera system and power supply for optical recording devices
Electronic equipment with display panel and protective plate
Electronic endoscope with brightness adjustment function
Actuator for linear motion and tilting motion
Image pickup apparatus, image recording apparatus and image recording method
Liquid zoom lens
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
Focus control apparatus, image sensing apparatus and focus control method
Apparatus and method for deciding in-focus position of imaging lens
Monitoring camera device
Lighting system for shooting
Dynamic automatic exposure compensation for image capture devices
Electronic device, photographing control method, and recording medium
Optimizing use and performance of optical systems implemented with telecentric on-axis dark field il...
Light-emitting nanoparticles comprising octanol as a passivating agent, and method of making same
Nano-composite materials
Polymer coated SERS nanotag
Method of forming memory with floating gates including self-aligned metal nanodots using a coupling ...
Method of doping transistor comprising carbon nanotube, method of controlling position of doping ion...
Nanocrystal/sol-gel nanocomposites
Polymer-chain-grafted carbon nanocapsule
Stabilization of thermoplastic nanocomposites
POSS nanostructured chemicals as dispersion aids and friction reducing agents
Surface-decorated polymeric amphiphile porogens for the templation of nanoporous materials
Apparatus for in-situ microwave consolidation of planetary materials containing nano-sized metallic ...
Carbon nanotube based detector
Compound semiconductor-on-silicon wafer with a silicon nanowire buffer layer
Light-emitting device having semiconductor nanocrystal complexes
Nonvolatile memory device with nanowire channel and method for fabricating the same
Graded junction silicon nanocrystal embedded silicon oxide electroluminescence device
High-frequency structures for nanoelectronics and molecular electronics
Ultra-high frequency self-sustaining oscillators, coupled oscillators, voltage-controlled oscillator...
Liquid crystal display having a light guide plate comprising a plurality of dots embedded with carbo...
Thermally assisted recording of magnetic media using an optical resonant cavity and nano-pin power d...
Nanoscale manganese oxide on ultraporous carbon nanoarchitecture
Decorated Sole Elements for Articles of Footwear and Processes for Making Thereof
Controllable Joint Brace
Back Support System
Head Suspension Device Vertebral Decompression Method with a Teeth Guard
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Shoe sole and insole structure
Shoe insole with improved support and motion control
Tightening shoe
Shoe having retractable cleats
Pipe bending shoe
Fastener driving device with adjustable shoe
Traveling operation device and working vehicle
Holder for interior installations in airplanes
Jack extension system
Brake system for straddle-type vehicle
Construction machine
Golf training aid
Closing link for a bicycle chain
combination grip for an exercise device
Multi-directional body swing, turn and twist trainer with interchangeable and adjustable attachments
Ankle foot orthosis and method therefor
Pressing device
Tiered gate structure devices
Torsion spring probe contactor design
Covert alarm and locator apparatus for miners
Modulators of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
Alpha-Keto Peracids and Methods For Producing and Using the Same
Natural Fiber-Reinforced Polylactic Acid Resin Composition and Molded Product Made Using the Same
Thermostable Fusion Proteins and Thermostable Adjuvant
Integrated process for the production of vinyl acetate from acetic acid via ethylene
Blood Based Methods for Assessing Adolescent Depression in a Subject
Food content detector
Food content detector
System and method for determining a dosage for a treatment
Electronic document for automatically determining a dosage for a treatment
Method and system for leasing and sharing a group of goods by a group composed of matching number of...
Managing an investment vehicle
Method and system for providing personalized services to a mobile vehicle
Systems and methods for cross-intrabay transport
Monitoring of vehicle conditions utilizing cellular broadcasts
Vehicle control apparatus and method of suppressing vibration of vehicle
Variable passenger restraint controlled system
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a mobile unit
Bollard type barrier assembly
Method for effecting software maintenance in a software system landscape and computer system
Adjustment device for adjusting the relative rotational angle position of a camshaft in relation to ...
Collar and variable valve actuation mechanism
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Engine cylinder head structure
Homogenous charge compression ignition engine and controlling method of the engine
Intake air control of an internal combustion engine
Trichoderma reesei G/11 xylanases with improved stability
Systems and methods for price matching on funds transfers
Anti-crime online transaction system
Method and system for providing retail-item purchasing data in a computer network environment
Watermark embedder and reader
Preservation and improvement of television advertising in digital environment
Authenticity checker for driver's license, automated-teller machine provided with the checker and pr...
Systems and methods for interconnecting media services to an interface for transport of media assets
Apparatus, system, and method for authenticating personal identity, computer readable medium having ...
Method and apparatus for processing image, and printed material
Visual perception model for hi-fidelity image watermarking
Methods and apparatus to process video and audio media
Detecting compositing in a previously compressed image
Method, program, and apparatus for detecting specific information included in image data of original...
Human T2R65 taste receptor and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
Assays for identifying modulators of rhomboid polypeptides
Biological reagents and methods to verify the efficiency of sample preparation and nucleic acid ampl...
Live genetically attenuated malaria vaccine
Immunotherapy for prostate cancer using recombinant bacille Calmette-Guerin expressing prostate spec...
Extracts obtained from cell line cultures from plants belonging to the Oleaceae family (e.g. Syringa...
Light generation device for projector
Method of manufacturing image display panel and image display panel
Fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing fluorescent lamp
Water treatment system
Electrodeless discharge lamp and lighting apparatus using the same
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp and compact fluorescent lamp
Method for pre-treating epitaxial layer, method for evaluating epitaxial layer, and apparatus for ev...
X-ray fluorescence analysis to determine levels of hazardous substances
Coated particles with prolonged release and tablets containing same
Vegetable sterol ester-containing composition and additive that increases the feeling effects from a...
Inkjet recording element and method
Aliphatic diol-based polycarbonates, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Multi-bit electro-mechanical memory device and method of manufacturing the same
2-alkoxy-6-alkylphenyl-substituted spirocyclic tetramic acid derivatives
Aqueous dispersion of alkyde resin which is treated with an oxidizing agent and which has improved d...
Inhibited oxidation foil connector for a lamp
Designated MOSFET and driver design to achieve lowest parasitics in discrete circuits
Efficient large-scale full-wave simulation
Method and system for implementing edge optimization on an integrated circuit design
Circuit element function matching despite auto-generated dummy shapes
Embedded Test I/O Engine
(Al,Ga,In)N and ZnO direct wafer bonded structure for optoelectronic applications, and its fabricati...
Smart card receiver and system for pulsed RF fields
Fret protease assays for botulinum serotype A/E toxins
Use of a tospoviral nucleid acid molecule for broad-spectrum transgenic resistance against different...
Vibration welding apparatus and welding method
Image forming method and an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge
Shiga toxin B-subunit as a vector for tumor diagnosis and drug delivery to Gb.sub.3 expressing tumor...
Industrial syntheses process of high tran-1, 4-polyisoprene
Breathing systems with post-inspiratory valve fresh gas flow input, components for implementing same...
Method, Apparatus, and Computer Program for Binding Local Devices to User Accounts
Thermoplastic composite materials for wear surfaces and methods for making same
Coefficient estimation method and apparatus
Time-domain wavelength interleaved network with communications via hub node
Method and apparatus for call delivery
Network meta-data libraries and related methods
Peer-to-peer communication between different types of internet hosts
Composition and method for lubricating conveyor track
Physical states of a pharmaceutical drug substance
Process for producing 2,2,3-trimethylcyclopent-3-enecarbaldehyde (campholytic aldehyde)
Portable computing platform having multiple operating modes and heterogeneous processors
Method of fabricating hermetic terminal and hermetic terminal, method of fabricating piezoelectric o...
Method of generating and maintaining a data warehouse
Client side based data synchronization and storage
Displaying overlaid calendars
Electric field concentration minimization for MEMS
Scanner characterization for printer calibration
Arylamine process
Threshold modification for limit cycle removal in vector error diffusion
Sharpening a halftoned image
System and method of halftoning for multi-pass rendering
Print control apparatus, print apparatus, print control method, computer-readable medium and compute...
Communications terminal unit and method for controlling the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer readable medium, for generating an...
Hierarchical clustering with real-time updating
Document management apparatus, document management method, and storage medium storing program
Exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus
Displaying device and image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method multicolor image forming apparatus, computer-rea...
Fuser cleaning apparatus and method of operating a fuser cleaning device for use with an image formi...
Method and apparatus for providing emergency information to a mobile receiving device
Mobile communications device with security features
Method and system for providing performance statistics to agents
Method for managing hidden stations in a centrally controlled network
Self-guiding interface for customer service machines
System and method for generating transaction based recommendations
Performing a query for a rule in a database
Linker compound, substrate coated with the compound, method of producing microarray using the compou...
Treatment tool for cancer: RNA interference of BCAS2
Promoter for polycondensation reaction
Substrate polyeptides for von Willebrand factor cleaving protease ADAMTS-13
Lipolytic enzyme LIP2
Preparation of monoclonal antibody to N-myc downstream regulated gene 2 and determination of NDRG2 u...
Method and device for calculating a forward price for using links in a network
Systems and methods for shifting bids and offers in a trading interface
Method and system for implementing catalog inventory auctions in an electronic exchange
Computer-based right distribution system with password protection
Method and system for multi-enterprise optimization using flexible trade contracts
Method and system for multi-enterprise optimization using flexible trade contracts
Purchase and selling of exchange-traded shares in an investment company that issues a class of conve...
System and method of continuous assurance for internal control
Quantifying the output of credit research systems
Card-based system and method for issuing negotiable instruments
System, computer program product and method for managing bills issued from application service provi...
Method for designing spectacle lens, and spectacles
Sheet bundle printing system and sheet bundle printer
Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus equipped with the semiconductor device
Line head and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Method, apparatus, and program for measuring wavelength dispersion of optical waveguide
Synchronizing a channel codec and vocoder of a mobile station
Edge transceiver architecture and related methods
Dimension measuring apparatus and dimension measuring method for semiconductor device
Monitoring light pulses
Wafer level package for very small footprint and low profile white LED devices
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting devices with compact active regions
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Liquid crystal display device
Flexible electroluminescent capacitive sensor
Device for enhancing broad band fluorescence with low loss and biological or chemical optic sensor u...
Method for producing a microarray
Method of manufacturing ferroelectric layer and method of manufacturing electronic instrument
Apparatus for two-dimensional transducer used in three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging
Perovskite catalyst system for lean burn engines
Biaxially-textured film deposition for superconductor coated tapes
Component placement substrate and production method thereof
Monitoring device and security system
Methods and apparatus for online auctions and market-places utilizing program terms
Golf ball
Class structure based enhancer for data objects
Data compression method and apparatus
Methods of using an integrated development environment to configure business applications
Setting method of measuring apparatus, analyzing system, data processing apparatus, and storage medi...
Role based groups
Generating a word-processing document from database content
System for generating an information catalog
Method of synthesis and testing of combinatorial libraries using microcapsules
Rapid acting and long acting insulin combination formulations
Compositions and methods for therapy for diseases characterized by defective chloride transport
Arylphenyl-substituted cyclic keto-enols
Dispersion, microcapsule, electrophoretic device, electro-optical device, and method of forming a di...
Heat exchanger for high flow rate infusion
Rotary pulser
Input device for a computer system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, recording medium, and program
Beverage extractor
Electroluminescent materials and devices
Anthrancene derivative compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
Plasma display panel
Organic iridium compositions and their use in electronic devices
Light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and manufacturing apparatus therefor
System and method for payer (buyer) defined electronic invoice exchange
Multi-filter spectral detection system for detecting the presence within a scene of a predefined cen...
Anamorphic recording method and apparatus
Radiation detector
X-ray converter element
Intrusion detection using pseudo-random binary sequences
System, a tool and a method for communicating with a faulted circuit indicator using a display
Optically anisotropic body and liquid crystal display
Heterodyne laser doppler probe and measurement system using the same
Method for optical characterization and evaluation of optically variable devices and media
Semiconductor light-emitting device and its manufacturing method
Method and device for optically measuring a sample
Condensation particle counter
Electric generator for wind and water turbines
Access station for building monitoring systems
Plasma-tube antenna
Method, apparatus and program for image processing
Baselining amplification data
System and method for scheduling token arrival in a business process simulation
Methods and systems for server side form processing
Application sharing user interface improvements
Method for manufacturing a bearing ring
Tilt steering mechanism
Spindle and hub assembly
Linear motion guide system with highly-tight sealing units
Roller bearing for linear movements
Longitudinal plunging unit with cage securing means
Measurement of automobile exhaust flow
Visual group interface for group connectivity
Apparatus and method for product-line architecture description and verification
Automated file delivery systems and methods
Methods and apparatus for securing local application execution
Job scheduling management method using system resources, and a system and recording medium for imple...
Object transfer control in a communications network
Refrigerant compositions
Electroconductive thick film composition, electrode, and solar cell formed therefrom
Composite fabric with high water repellency
Hydroxylation of beta-dicarbonyls with zirconium catalysts
System for measuring a color property of a liquid
Method of producing adherent coatings on resinous substrates
Catalysts for catalytic chain transfer
Lower-color polytrimethylene ether glycol using hydride compounds
Solvent compositions comprising unsaturated fluorinated hydrocarbons
Chemical mechanical polishing method
Porous composite metal oxide and method of producing the same
Ceramic porous membrane and ceramic filter
Color enhancing emulsions
Light-emitting device with inorganic housing
Attachment means
Tufted laminate web
Cream jar
Wipes tub label
Base for luminary
Consumer package having a viewing angle dependent appearance
Method for application of disposable absorbent articles and providing a kit of a package and disposa...
Creping foil for redirecting dust
In vivo incorporation of alkynyl amino acids into proteins in eubacteria
Method of treatment using bisphosphonic acid
(20S)-23,23-difluoro-methylene-19-nor-bishomopregnacalciferol-vitamin D analogs
(20R)-23,23-difluoro-2-methylene-19-nor-bishomopregnacalciferol-vitamin D analogs
Treatment modalities for autoimmune diseases
Method of quenching electronic excitation of chromophore-containing organic molecules in photoactive...
Hydrophobically coated/treated metal silicate absorbent particles and personal care compositions the...
Toothbrush with polishing member
Pharmaceutical composition containing bakuchiol for treating woman osteoporosis
Inhibitors of melanocyte tyrosinase as topical skin lighteners
Unit dose laundry products containing fatty acid esters
Inkjet printer with capping mechanism for printhead assembly
Methods and compositions for reduction of side effects of therapeutic treatments
Laminated magnetic material for inductors in integrated circuits
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, electronic card and pad rearrangement substrate
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a multi-level interconnect with a diagonal wire
Semiconductor device, electronic apparatus comprising the same, and method for fabrication of substr...
Multi-component integrated circuit contacts
Microelectronic packages and methods therefor
Optical compensation sheet, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Compliant thermal contactor
Laminated electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Opto-semiconductor devices
Semiconductor manufacturing process monitoring
Speculative data loading using circular addressing or simulated circular addressing
Mapping transport streams
Tentative update and confirm or compensate
System and method for providing flexible signal routing and timing
Apparatus and method for testing and debugging an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for providing SEU-tolerant circuits
Debug event instruction
Efficient protocol for encoding software pipelined loop when PC trace is enabled
Adaptive therapy for disordered breathing
Method and system for pupil detection for security applications
Carrier particles for use in dry powder inhalers
Anti-microbial electrosurgical electrode and method of manufacturing same
Portable digital video camera
Video game accessory
Methods and apparatus for performing a pre-processing activity
Method and system for detecting a keylogger on a computer
Multiple band pass filtering for pyrometry in laser based annealing systems
System, method and apparatus using at least one flex circuit to connect a printed circuit board and ...
Path selection system
Front face of a vehicle wheel
User interface for computer display
Computing device mounting system
Managing periodic communications
Multiplier operable to perform a variety of operations
Floor cleaning machine
Carboxamide derivative, processes for producing the same, and detergent composition
Driving support apparatus and driving support method
System and method for determining a position of a vehicle with compensation for noise or measurement...
Canola event PV-BNGT04(RT73) and compositions and methods for detection thereof
Methods for preventing or treating ischemia-reperfusion injury of the kidney
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Eg5 gene
Configurable and customizable software application system and metadata
Controller equipment model systems and methods
Event based charging in a communications system
Scheduled retrieval, storage and access of media data
Automatic authentication selection server
Method for describing alternative actions caused by pushing a single button
Process of mild hydrocracking including a dilution of the feedstock
Selective hydrogenation process employing a catalyst having a controlled porosity
FCC separator without a reactor
Compositions and methods for treating pancreatic insufficiency
Enabling the use of machine-readable codes
System and method for converting a vertex program to a binary format capable of being executed by a ...
Multicast reception measurement system
Method for using shared library in tamper resistant microprocessor
Artificial lift with additional gas assist
Vessel and method of agitating a liquid
Process and apparatus for producing emulsion and microcapsules
Charging system
Leak detector comprising a vacuum apparatus
Double diaphragm pump and related methods
Turbo vacuum pump and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus having the same
High pressure pumping cartridges for medical and surgical pumping and infusion applications
Motor and electric pump
Motor drive control device and motor drive control system
Bearing alignment tool and method of use
Energy-efficient yankee dryer hood system
Self locking feature for containers
Shipping and display container with removable cover and the associated container blank
Double wall container with internal spacer
Phosphoric acid quenched creping adhesive
Absorbent sheet having regenerated cellulose microfiber network
Counting, viability assessment, analysis and manipulation chamber
Method and device for determining the motion vector tissues in a biological medium
Methods and apparatus for imaging and processing of samples in biological sample containers
Precise grayscale character segmentation apparatus and method
Methods to estimate noise variance from a video sequence
Generation and adjustment of a luminance correction curve to prevent saturation of the image during ...
Flexible joint for extended wear hearing device
Acoustic enhancement for behind the ear communication devices
Earpiece for a hearing aid and a hearing aid
System and method for assigning network device port address based on link rate
Method and system for processing network and storage data
Apparatus and method for generating pulsating noise in audio device
Apparatus for producing magnetized water
Filter device
Treating pollutants by phytoleaching
Method and apparatus for controlling wastewater treatment processes
Septic system remediation method and apparatus
Wastewater treatment system and process utilizing solids based bacterial colonization (SBBC)
Treatment of contaminated fluids
Structure and method for handling magnetic particles in biological assays
Method for improving the consolidation and dewatering of suspended particulate matter
Methods of and common gantry drive for single-pass cleaning of multiple stages of a material separat...
Step-up regulator with multiple power sources for the controller
Level converter
Digital-to-analog converter
Apparatus and method for controlling air/fuel ratio of internal combustion engine
Induction oven excitation arrangement for aircraft
Pulse amplifier
Audio power amplifier and a pre-amplifier thereof
Frequency-hopping carrier generator
Method for forming channel patterns with chromonic materials
Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Methods and systems for managing a network
Dilating fan duct nozzle
Sustained release of antiinfectives
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing data in a browser-based application
Universal biosensor and methods of use
Hemostatic compositions containing sterile thrombin
Sealed sample storage element system and method
Convenient detection method, detection apparatus and detection kit
Multi-layer catalyst for producing phthalic anhydride
Olefin polymerization catalysts
Process for making organofunctional silanes and mixtures thereof
Method for treating subterranean formation with enhanced viscosity foam
Process for the ruthenium-catalysed oxidation of alcohols by means of hypochlorite
System and method for short message service and instant messaging continuity
Method and system for automated intelligent electronic advertising
Flexible rule-based infrastructure for discussion board maintenance
Techniques for accessing a table
Interactive filtering electronic messages received from a publication/subscription service
Performing an operation on a message received from a publish/subscribe service
Ordering personal information using social metadata
Method and System for Determining the Delay of Digital Signals
Optical module and optical switch
Optical reception circuit and identification level controlling method for the same
Abnormality diagnostic device for air-fuel ratio sensor, and control method for the device
Method for diagnosis of functional faults in a functional architecture
Diagnostic data detection and control
Enterprise resource planning system and method for managing route transactions
Method for on-chip diagnostic testing and checking of receiver margins
Integration of cluster information with root cause analysis tool
Testing systems and methods for aircraft radios
System and method for filtering time division multiple access telephone communications
Fault-tolerant amplifier matrix
Reception circuit, radio-controlled timepiece, and reception circuit control method
Motion compatible sensor for non-invasive optical blood analysis
System and method for site specific therapy
Bipolar electrosurgical clamp for removing and modifying tissue
Tissue support structure
Three-dimensional fabrication of biocompatible structures in anatomical shapes and dimensions for ti...
Device for loading an embolic protection filter into a catheter
Preparation method of a hair dermal papilla cell preparation, composition and method for regeneratin...
Medical fluid container with concave side weld
Systems and methods for compensating brightness uniformity of backlit image displays
External electrode fluorescent lamp, method of fabricating the same and liquid crystal display devic...
Light guide plate having multi-periodic patterns and illumination apparatus for display device using...
Optic film of side-edge backlight module
Liquid crystal display device
Cables fixing apparatus for backlight module
System and apparatus for keyboard illumination
Sectional light-emitting-diode lamp
Filter for suspended particles, especially for use in clean rooms
Hand-held devices with touch sensing on/off operation
Lighting device and method of making
Light-emitting diode device and backlight apparatus and liquid-crystal display apparatus using light...
Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
Illumination apparatus for display device, display device using the same, and television receiver ap...
Liquid crystal display device
Light source apparatus
Thermal control of optical components
Bidirectional wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Laterally-confined holographic spectral filters
Hybrid planar lightwave circuit with reflective gratings
Wafer based optical interconnect
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements--claim set V
Optical device with a graded bandgap structure and methods of making and using the same
Backlight having all-in-one type light guide plate and method of manufacturing all-in-one type light...
System and method for generating optical return-to-zero signals with alternating bi-phase shift
System and method for robust lossless data hiding and recovering from the integer wavelet representa...
Systems and methods for displaying changes in biological responses to therapy
Image matching method, program, and image matching system
Image processor and camera system, image processing method, and motion picture displaying method
Scaling down of data
Memory and compute efficient block-based two-dimensional sample-rate converter for image/video appli...
Image processor
Digitized bank checks validated by digital signatures
Image processing device and image processing method
System and method for displaying and using non-numeric graphic elements to control and monitor a vis...
Constraint-based correction of handwriting recognition errors
Font identification system
Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide devi...
Model-based dissimilarity indices for health monitoring systems
Real-time customer service assistance using collected customer life cycle data
Managing patient bed assignments and bed occupancy in a health care facility
Implantable therapeutic device control system
Stabilized uncoated particles of reversed liquid crystalline phase materials
Anti-arrhythmic and heart failure drugs that target the leak in the ryanodine receptor (RyR2) and us...
Dip, spray, and flow coating process for forming coated articles
Supports for oligomer synthesis
Softening silicone formulations for textile finishing
Method of preparing electron deficient olefins
Decomposable resin composition and pattern-forming material including the same
Method for determining the characteristics of crude oils and mixtures of chain molecules by diffusio...
Method of making a polymer device
Lubricant compositions and methods
Antisense modulation of kinesin-like 1 expression
Base resistant FKM-TPV elastomers
Estimation of solitary pulmonary nodule diameters with reaction-diffusion segmentation
Ultrasound image enhancement and speckle mitigation method
Volumetric characterization using covariance estimation from scale-space hessian matrices
Fishing lure
Artificial bait
Spinner for fishing lure and with the spinner rotatably mounted thereon
Fishing lure
Pet seat arrangement
Spreading device for feedstuff
Ground feeder for round bales
Controlled magnetic braking of fishing reel spool
Oil-in-water emulsion composition
Device for use in detecting dangerous materials or illegal substances in shipping containers
Pet grooming tool and method of manufacturing pet grooming tools
Method for processing hydrocarbon pyrolysis effluent
Reactor with optimized internal tray design
Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element that used the composition
Polypropylene resin composition
Process for producing resorcinol-formalin resin
Aromatic polymer and producing method thereof
Polyester process using a pipe reactor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Promoters having a modified transcription efficiency and derived from methyltrophic yeast
Triterpenic acid derivative and preparation for external application for skin comprising the same
5-(1,3-Diaryl-1H-pyrazol-4-ylmethylene)-thiazolidine,2,4-dione derivatives useful as anticancer agen...
Anhydrous zinc antimonate sol and process for producing same
Network control apparatus, method, and program
Automatic microparticle mark reader
Motion capture using primary and secondary markers
System and method for associating handwritten information with one or more objects via discontinuous...
Reducing power consumption of a short-range wireless communication reader associated with a mobile t...
Rapidly deployable emergency communications system and method
System and method for providing differentiated service levels to wireless devices in a wireless netw...
Systems and methods for pharmacy claims-based condition identification proxies
System and method for tracking and managing construction projects
Presence information management system and presence information management server
Method and apparatus for recycling electrode material of lithium secondary battery
Equilibrated charging method for a lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery
Electrochemical high pressure pump
Radiolabeled compounds and liposomes and their method of making and using same
Prostaglandin derivatives
Fasudil-containing preparation and method of improving stability thereof
Substituted imidazole derivative
Electrolytic solution and battery
Alkaline electrochemical cell with a blended zinc powder
Positive electrode active material and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery containing the same
Tubing cutter
Growth factor-binding compounds and methods of use
Pacing management during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Remote sensing and actuation of fluid in cranial implants
Alpha-aminoamide derivatives useful in the treatment of lower urinary tract disorders
Uniform diffuse omni-directional reflecting lens
Cipher message assist instruction
Apparatus for enabling a trained dog to open a door
DNA chip based genetic typing
Pyrimidine derivatives for inhibiting Eph receptors
Site assembled pool
Mobile phone
Sealing device for medicine container or medical apparatus
Catheter anchor pad with release layer
Snap-over port cap
Syringe barrel
Microdermabrasion treatment tip
Handheld surgical depth instrument with cylindrical body